Convicted al-Qaida spy works for IRS

We continue our efforts to expose the infiltration of radical Islamists in America, and especially the Obama administration. Unfortunately, we never have to hold our breath for long before another case is presented.

This time, via Investors Business Daily, we learn there’s more than a “smidgen of corruption” at the IRS — there just may be treason.

Mohammad Weiss Rasool, who was busted by the FBI several years ago for spying on behalf of al-Qaida, reportedly now works for the deputy IRS chief financial officer as a financial management analyst, drawing a lucrative salary at taxpayer expense.

So now, a Muslim man convicted of abusing sensitive government data has access to the sensitive financial data of millions of Americans at an agency known for abusing such information. Sounds like a perfect fit actually.

As we previously reported, the Obama administration had loosened immigration restrictions on individuals who had provided material support to terrorist activity.

Per Investors Business Daily, In the early 2000s, Rasool immigrated to the U.S. from Afghanistan and took a job as a cop with the Fairfax County Police Department outside Washington. He worked his way up to sergeant before authorities realized they had an al-Qaida spy in their ranks.

According to a Justice Department complaint filed in 2008, Rasool searched a national criminal database containing names of terrorist suspects and confirmed that FBI agents were tailing a Muslim pal from his mosque. When agents went to arrest the target early one morning, they found him and his family already dressed and destroying evidence. They knew they had a mole, and worked back through the system to find Rasool.

According to reports, Rasool at first claimed he didn’t know the terrorist target. He confessed only after hearing a recording of his message for the suspect, Abdullah Alnoshan, a close associate of al-Qaida cleric Anwar Awlaki, who had helped some of the 9/11 hijackers in Fairfax County, Va. Rasool finally pleaded guilty to illegally searching a federal database.

There is a den of venomous Islamic snakes occupying northern Virginia and at some point it will have to be rooted out. However, to have this individual now working in the IRS with such sensitive access is disturbing. Mr. Rasool, who is still at the IRS and goes by the name “Weiss Russell,” is a felon who should have been deported after completing his sentence.

I can already hear the responses from our progressive socialist friends. These are the same folks who went apoplectic about Halliburton and ties to Vice President Dick Cheney. So is infiltration of our government agencies by Islamists the goal of that bumper sticker, “coexist?”


  1. let us not forget: Mohamed Elibiary (google that name if you don’t know it) who is a Muslim Brotherhood supporter and believes America should be an Islamic country. More people need to know about these vile infiltrators and hold our traitors accountable!

  2. Wow! If the Obama administration does nothing about something as serious and invasive as this, as much as I hate to say it, I will be forced to blink.

    Come on people! This is just nuts, we need some bipartisan support on this one. At what point will progressives realize there ARE issues big and threatening enough to America & our way of life, to break their vow of unconditionally supporting their leader?!?

    • When they are pulled from the boxcars into the FEMA camps. They’re called useful idiots for a reason. They think if you take all the politically correct steps and don’t offend him or hurt his feelings then the Muslim terrorist won’t want to kill you anymore. There’s a plan.

  3. At what point does ineptitude become criminal?

    1) why was he not deported?
    2) who hired him? Do the even do background searches any more?
    3) does he still work at the IRS?

  4. Ah, THIS explains in spite of my 30 years of police experience and excellent resume I have not been able to land a job with the feds in spit of applying for over 50 different positions.

  5. Ah, THIS explains in spite of my 30 years of police experience and excellent resume I have not been able to land a job with the feds in spite of applying for over 50 different positions.

    • That’s because you are a man of morals and a good professional. You are not treasonous, you aren’t corrupt and above all not a follower of Mohammed or barry

    • Yep. Same here – 11 years in SOF SIGINT data analyst, top ten linguist from DLI, 8+ years OCONUS straight – cannot find work……. been wondering why…..

      • Y’know, about 400 years ago (if you ask Maxine Waters, anyway) a couple of guys got together and formed their own team… that worked pretty well for quite a while…

  6. I’ve lived in Md for 52 years Obama gives sanctions to these people. He’s got 2 Terrorists camp’s within 12 miles of the White House. The one is Hyatsville and the other is in Potomic Md, nothing but millionaires, polititions, ambasaders, and lots of people from the middle east. But don’t forget about the camp Obama has in Laurel Md.It’s probably less than 20 miles from the White House. Revolution

  7. Coexist? tolerance? So now that we know he is there why have they not arrested him and deported him? I will tell you why, barry is at the helm of this treasonous ship. How can we know all this is going on and no one do anything about it? I find this reprehensible and despicable.

    • Why isn’t he in Guitmo? He is a convicted terrorist! I truly believe it is getting very close to taking our country back. Lets all be real, neither party seem to care, with the exception of only a few. If we do not stand for something our country will fall!

      • Unfortunately the same person who is protecting barry, is the same person protecting
        Mohammad Weiss Rasool, That person happens to be the Attorny General eric holder

  8. not surprised…our Country isn’t what it once was. Sure we have changed for the better over the years with equal ops, rights, and being a Country that has allowed the citizens to be successful. The last 10 years or so has been a joke on so many levels. Until this Country has a leader that speaks on the behalf of we the people, we are in for headlines like this till the corruption that runs this Country is cleaned out! That requires We the People to be heard and actually be a part of the big picture. Do your research on your choices of politicians, don’t let them get away with corruption, write and speak out via phone, emails, letters to them. Go to rallies, initiate rallies when necessary. Just don’t sit on your bum complaining if you don’t even vote. We the People is a lot of people in this Country… and we can make make this Country great again but it takes all the villages to come together and unite. Stop with the racism cards, haters gonna hate crap, respect each other, have some common courtesy and decency towards others. There is not a single country in this world that runs on hate and discrimination that actually functions. But our government right now would like to see we the people fall off the cliff so they can be there to “catch” us and take our rights right out from under us, dictate how we will live, what medical we will be allowed to receive (oops that’s in the works; obamacare), when and what kind of vehicle we can drive/own (oil rights and drilling contracts), land we can purchase but then take away if the government deems necessary (oh wait that is in effect now) weapons we can own (they are working on it).

    Hmm, by the looks of it, the corrupt have already been joining forces right under our American noses quite nicely ~ Better wake up lemmings, there is no “catch” at the end of this cliff we are all blinding walking towards…

    • I have called and emailed my congressman, two of them and recieved no response from one(Feinstein) and a form letter fro m another. Cant wait for mid terms and 2016- THIS IS MY COUNTRY!!!!

  9. I continue to ask, why the heck isn’t this guy our president instead of that Kenyan born, radical Muslim we have living in our White House? Obama has done more toward wrecking and ruining our nation than all of the other elected officials ever before him all rolled into one. And why is he still there? Why has he not been impeached?

    • Probably because he’s neither Kenyan-born, nor Muslim, nor radical. Read something with some facts in it, please.

      • Sally==please, are you kidding???? you dont still drink that koolaide??? i thought by now that ANYONE who could read, with a “smidgeoen” of objectivity could look at the mountains of evidence, both straight forward and circumstantial that show the true history of Barry Soetoro….

      • Leftists close their eyes to the truth. I can’t even call them liberals any more. JFK was a liberal. Today’s Democrat Party is Communist.

  10. GEEEZZZ! Why don’t we just unlock all the national databases, hand the sign -ins over to all these dirt bags and close up shop? The IRS already has significant issues with the truth and now this…sadly, I’m not surprised anymore by the actions of our administration. Sickened yes, but not surprised.

  11. Why won’t these articles go Viral, it’s not Anti-Islam, it’s pro American to protect OUR country. How many millions of Social Security numbers does he have access to, to possibly find and leak to al-Qaida to get benefits directly from our government. And most importantly, WHY ISN’T THERE AN AMERICAN IN THAT HIGH PAYING POSITION?

  12. Let this be known Allen, That Obama doesn’t think they are terrorists, they are freedom fighters fighting a just cause against the United States. Makes me sick but you have the platform to let this be known. PLEASE READ>

  13. I fail to understand why, when these people are captured, that they aren’t interrogated on the scene and then left where they are found. They are not soldiers of any army, wear no uniform and carry no official ID. They are not protected by the Gerneva Conventions or the Hague Convention. Once they are pumped for all their information, they should be executed, not taken to Gitmo and later released or worse yet, read their Miranda rights. That is a formula for failure. Our own POTUS is the worst of the lot. Either we fight to win, or we shouldn’t fight. There is no substitute for victory. We seem to have lost sight of that truism.

  14. OMG this just has to stop now. And elections, IMHO, are just not the answer because we will just get more of the same crap in office. And if you ask me then what do we do, well, sadly, you just don’t have a clue. Our country was not founded by people who asked what do we do and, IMHO, it will not be ‘saved’ by those who do. We must be proactive. Learn from Egypt to start.

      • I do. I truly do. I love my country and want to see it regain it’s strength. And from the bottom of my heart I hope it will do something. But I can’t help but feel we also have to do more. We have made this happen both by elections and by what we do with our young at home. Have you seen the young people today?? It terrifies me that they will be our leaders! And we have done this. And I’m not that old (58) but it scares me. My sons were not raised like that!! Even tho they chose not to go into the military but college, they are by no means of any words like the kids I see today. We need to educate the young or we will go down that slope no matter how hard we, the people like you and I, try. I really don’t mean to sound maudlin. It’s just MHO.

      • We also have to stop the brainwashing by Liberal College professors in many US Colleges. It is a huge problem & un American.

      • That, my friend, is easier said than done. But that, too, is a slippery slope because of the free speech amendment. Tis a very tough problem and needs to be addressed with care.

      • I do. I truly do!! But I fear that it just might not help!! We have done this to ourselves by voting the way we have with our heads in the sand and by raising our children to be, well, wanting to say the least.
        Have you taken a good look at the younger generations today?? It scares me to death to know that they will be in charge one day because they just don’t have a clue. If there were a draft today, how many would go or run?? My sons are not like today’s generations, not by a long shot. If it came down to it, they wouldn’t whine like babies or run away, which I fear most of the young people in this country would do because of the way they have been raised. Hell no. They would stand with me first in line. I’m only 58 and my sons are in their 30’s but I raised them with a belief in this country, in themselves, in the difference between right and wrong and good old family values (not necessarily christian values btw). This, among many other things, is lacking in the younger generations. And because of this, I fear for the future of this country.
        It’s the young who will one day be our leaders. And if we don’t change their environments now in the homes, schools and universities then I truly despair.

  15. I am Muslim and I don’t accept these terrorists to be even in the country or have any access to any information specially in this sensitive position, they are effecting every innocent muslim in the country

    • Then get out of the organization that supports them. There’s no such thing as a moderate or peaceful Muslim. You’re with them, or you’re against them. Choose a side. Good or bad.

    • My B.S. Detector just went off. What is an “innocent Muslim?” One that denounces the Quran as it calls for the elimination of all infidels? In other words, beheading of Christians. One who hates and denounces followers of Mohammed because of the child raping evil pedophile that he was? You mean one of those innocent Muslims?

    • They are indeed. You have a right to worship as you will. I do not agree with you, but it is your choice. I cannot change you, only you can do that. If you do not choose to do so, it is between you and God Almighty. It is none of my business after you receive the Word, for it is out of my hands. I go about my business and you go about yours, but does not make us have to be unkind one to the other, personally.

    • Not only are they affecting Muslims, they affect us all. There are more people than just Muslims in this world. Know that. God made us all and meant for us to be kind one to the other personally. Christians will NOT allow any people or political agenda disguised as a religion to make war with them without us going to war with them. Right now Obama is messing everyone up in this country–those who came here to have a better life, as well; but know this: We are NOT going to give our country to anyone and that means we intend to keep our arms and stand up for our rights and our country. We will do what we have to do to keep our Constitution and the Law of this land. God already pronounced a WOE on lawyers, now I see why.

  16. Azza, I feel for you as you are right most the disgusting Muslims give you all a bad name, However, how can you even want to remain a Muslim knowing their ideology and what they do and believe in doing? What part of being a Muslim do you idolize? I see nothing good from the beliefs of Muslims. Seems all evil and inhumane, even the way Muslims treat women.

    • These are whom the Lord will be fighting when He Jesus, the Son of God comes back. He is fighting Muslims as they are worshiping the anti-Christ, Islam. Islam is the anti-Christ and the bands on the heads and arms of those who worship the anti-Christ read that allah is the only God.

    • The word “love” is not there one time. It is a false way, the Gospel is readily available for all to hear. No reason to follow a false way here in America.


  18. “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” – Obama 2012 (September) address at the UN.. #Islam is NOT #thereligionofpeace #tcot

  19. WHY wasn’t this manimal deported after serving his sentence? And then to employ him within our “government” in such a sensitive area? What is the name of the person responsible for hiring this criminal? We want names.

  20. Read “The Muslim Mafia” or “Infiltration” if you are not scared to learn the truth about how bad the Muslim Menace really is

  21. Crap, obummer is guilty of treason too. The Gop (goofy old puppy dogs ) for the most part barking a lot but when the impostor occupying our WH jumps, they tuck their tales and run. GOP, IMPEACH THE DEVIL !

  22. Alarmist hyperbole.
    He was convicted of misusing a computer… and for that, he should not have the job he does.
    Yes, he used a computer to see if any of his friends were being checked up on.
    Totally illegal and should not be working in a job now where he again has access to personal computer records.

    but he was not an Al Qaeda spy.

    • Not an Al-Qaeda spy. Is that all you have? He was using that computer to keep an Al-Alaki spy from being exposed. Or, doesn’t that fit into your criteria as someone who should be working at the IRS with access to unlimited data on all Americans?

      The issue is Obama’s easing up on America’s terrorist network, as we wouldn’t be having this conversation if that wasn’t the case.

    • Not only checked up on, he also alerted the ‘effen terrorist, according to the Justice Department complaint.
      Hmmm…if you aid a terrorist with data normally impossible to access unless (you cross your heart and hope to die) swear an oath under penalty of the law; it usually means you are willing to do the time to further your cause. It’s a good thing I’m a PC type of person, or I would ask why you would post that kind of dead-from-the-neck-up response in what seems to be backing this scum up.

  23. Thank God we have people like Col. West to expose what the media ignores. Put this article about the IRS felon on CNN media and see how they react!
    This Wednesday is the annual Muslim Day at the Minnesota Capitol where CAIR and radical MAS will lobby our state Reps and Senators for “social justice” for muslims. How can we educate these elected officials on the insiduous propaganda CAIR and MAS so freely wield? Suggestions welcome!
    We just had our police chief endorse ” Wear the Hijab Day” and the city endorsed “Muslim girls only, closed public pool swimming day_ to be sensitive to _their__ culture of Islam rules.
    Most don’t know the hijab head gear wasn’t typical until the Muslim Brotherhood ordered it worn in the late 1970’s_ it is a control thing from them. The Berkah black hooded capes were worn in Muslim countries well before as in abeyance to the Q’uran, but not the hijab for women. So, what’s next? FGM day or “Day of cabbies can’t drive you if you have a gift bottle of wine or “Marry a 12 year old Day”?? all because the Q’ran endorses this? Oops, they have already done these things. Side note: Last month another imam in Australia was arrested for marrying a 12 yr old and having sex before and after the marriage. he said he was entitled per the Q’ran.

  24. Thank you for exposing this. Have you talked to any of the Reps or Sens about this? Or would it not do any good? I know there are still a FEW good ones there. My rep, Mr. Roe, is one of the better ones. Of course, Ted Cruz would be the perfect one to run with this, or Sarah Palin. I KNOW it’d get all over the msm if she started throwing this out there. God help us, is all I can say.

  25. Why are the people in congress letting this happen? We know this is not right and no one is doing anything about it… The people themselves can not impeach Obama and no one in the government seems to care… Obama is appointing all muslim brotherhood supporters in high offices and most of them are the ones who are trying to over throw our government and take control of USA. So what can the people do.?

  26. Ok, Col. West… I have to ask… Can we start the impeachment process already?! What Obama has done to this country is a lot worse than a little freaky deaky in the oval office and I remember that getting Clinton booted out of office…. This guy is SOOO much more dangerous to our nation than any terrorist…. He’s like the “SUPERTERRORIST”

    • Sure, a George W. Bush, even the revered Ronald Reagan would have had impeachment proceedings mounted against them in their first terms for but a “smidgen” of the defamation of office Obama has overseen.

      The X-Factor here is the man’s skin color and the reluctance by the press to be other than joined at the hip with their ‘rockstar’ ally.

      Skin color has been a symbol of discrimination for so long now that America is blinded by it; for better, or in Obama’s case, worse.

    • Just so you know President Clinton was not booted out of office and was not found guilty by a Senate trial. The House Impeached him and the Senate found him not guilty. ”
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, was impeached by the House of Representatives on two charges, one of perjury and one of obstruction of justice, on December 19, 1998. Two other impeachment articles, a second perjury charge and a charge of abuse of power, failed in the House. He was acquitted of both charges by the Senate on February 12, 1999.”

  27. Col West – Please get this message “Out there” by any means possible, Greta, Bill Oreilly, Sean, Megan – any show on Fox, They are the only Channel who attempt to TELL THE TRUTH! At times even C.N.N.

    • O, reilly says he believes Obama birth certificate is real so I guess he is afraid to say that it is not I have check them all out and they are fake

  28. That is his plan to get most of the bottom of the barrel to work in the gov. positions to detroy america like the ones that he put in our national security and arms forces getting rid of out high ranking officers and put gays and lisbian in our services

  29. I love the idea of getting this message out to as many as possible. That way, those who care will get the message. Unfortunately the majority of Americans are oblivious to the political situation whether it be from repetitiveness of the “news” or they don’t think that it affects them and are happy walking through life with their “horse blinders” on. Fact of the matter is that in general, the publics political memory is 6 months at best in normal times…

  30. No PRESIDENT can be impeached without help from the Senate. At this time the Senate is mostly Liberal. So vote the liberals out and put TRUE CONSERVATIVES IN. Of course that might be too late. To understand what is happening one should go to youtube and watch ( ZEITGEIST: THE MOVIE | 2007 (HD) also (Who Controls The Children (schools dumb down kids deliberately) Uploaded by James Colgan

    • One more time, these people are NOT LIBERALS, they are MILITANT PROGRESSIVES (socialists) and they seek the destruction of capitalism and our Constitutional Republic ! You give Americans a false sense of security by calling them “merely liberals” !

  31. Look, Al cia dha is funded and manipulated if not out right controlled by our CIA. The CIA is the enemy of America and at the heart of any successful terrorist plot. Until you politicians get as brave as JKF in mass then articles like these will do nothing to solve the problem…only frustrate everyone. If you really want to fix the problem then end the CIA and the Federal reserve system. Take back our country from the global Bankster terrorists. If this is not your endgame then the rest is futile. If all our patriotic politicians stood up in mass and held a press conference with stacks of evidence against the banksters and the CIA and the rest of the criminals sitting right next to them in the halls of congress, the game would be up overnight. But it will take a mass coming out of the closet or else just a handful would be killed off rather quickly.

  32. Thank God for Col. West. I would never have heard about this “Snake” on the main stream media. Is Valerie Jarrett in on this somehow? Would like to know.

  33. What do you expect with your so-called wantabe president is a muslim.It don’t surprise me one bit .There’s probably a lot more in there than we know about.We are living in very trying times. Things are going to get a lot worse before they start getting better.Time will tell the truth of it all.

    • It really troubles me to say this. He is the real President. If we do not get him out before the 2016 election. The next President will make Obama look like a girl scout. W Bush started it Obama took it a lot higher. The next President R or D will make be worse.

      • Well, aren’t you the bright smiling optimist. What in the world gives you the idea he is ‘the real president’? That phone birth Certificate. A new document has surfaced since the ‘death’ of the woman in Hawaii who had been suppressing it, that shows Obama having been born in Kenya and registered in Hawaii. I could go on but the important thing is to get rid of any and all Democrats in political office.

        The party is corrupted at the top and has to be cleaned up. We cannot do anything when you have fools who have been convinced that Sharia law is a harmless thing. That thinks we need more ‘tolerance’ for Muslims who want us dead.

  34. We all know treason is being committed in this administration by at least Holder a couple others. What is lacking is a Congress with the intestinal fortitude to push the issue. Oh yeah – and a muslim-infiltrated FBI & IRS, a CIA run by a muslim convert which makes him a traitor (no muslim acknowledges anything but their quran as law) … the list goes on…

    • We would be as well off not having a Congress with Obama as President. They jump when he says jump. They ask sir how high.

      • The only phrase here that appropriately involves the question “how high?” is, “let’s start hangin’ em”.

  35. How can these people gain high level jobs in government and Americans cant? Who recruits and who hires these people? What standards are followed and who set these standards up? Too many questions and why are these people hired knowing they are a security risk? We need answers.

    • Standards, WHAT standards. Are you crazy, don’t you read what this so called president is doing. Him and all his insane appointments and advisers can make anything happen, generals thrown out, military standards totally turned upside down, institutions corrupted, and used for attacking enemies, such as the IRS. The list of his unconstitutional and treasonous acts is endless.

  36. Sir, Islam may be the single greatest threat to all of Christianity! You, Col. Allen West, are one of the few visible PATRIOTS to attempt to drive this threat home to all of America! No true muslim believer can take an oath of allegiance to our country or to our military. Their religion/cult forbids it. They can, however, lie to any and all non-muslims. They do so regularly, as with the Fort Hood terrorist who was never a true member of the American Armed Forces!
    Infiltration of the “enemies” homelands is the method used to put Murdering Jihadis in place through out the globe. Sadly, our potus is part and parcel of this conspiracy. Aiding and abetting muslims at every turn! Muslims should be deported when found, then BANNED from every non-Islamic country as the CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER THEY ARE!

  37. COL, the saddest part is the likes of this man are being imbedded into many high ranking civil service positions. Not appointee positions, but permanent civil service positions.

    How, I would ask, did Rasool pass a required background check? Analyst or not, he is required to have one. As you know, the Clinton administration played games with BI’s for those working in the WH. The game? For those they knew, they just never did one. What is required of the lowest ranking soldier, is disregarded for those who are gaining access to the highest level security data.
    What is taking place with this administration is treason, and the Republican “elite” does nothing more than worry about the next election. I would strongly recommend that they do their sworn duty, or, get out of the way.

    • Quit blaming “the Republican “elite””. The Republicans have NO POWER as long as Harry Reid runs the Senate and the Democrats hold the majority there. They CANNOT do a thing about any of this as long as that is the case, and a comment like yours makes them look worse than the Democrats / “progressives” who are responsible for the insanity we’re witnessing. Short of violence, the ONLY WAY to stop any of this is to vote out any and ALL Democrats in the 2014 elections because, whether you like them or not, every one of them votes in lock-step with Obama and Harry Reid. There’s the problem– help fix it or shut up.

  38. And … Obama has weakened our Military so much that a Russian has said that Russia is capable of turning the USA into Radioactive Ash. Obama is not just a Muslim … he is a Communist, too.

  39. Obama’s security advisor Valerie Jarrett is just as bad. She is Iranian and is imbedded with the Muslim Brotherhood and pulls most of Obama’s strings. Secret Service calls her the “night stalker” because her late night visits to the Obama bedrooms.

  40. I wonder if the white house helped him get the job ? Americans are without work and muslims get gravy, high paying jobs. Thank all the Obama voters you without jobs.

    • All the Obama voters didn’t want jobs anyway, they wanted handouts! They didn’t care if someone out there DID want a job!

  41. This and all the other things of late that fail to surprise me any longer just make me sick. Our country will soon be lost if we fail to act to remove this one and all the avowed progressives (progressive is cover for communist/socialist) from our government. Operation American Spring, May 16th, 2014. We are on our way to start the cleansing of our nations capitol.

  42. I hate the fact that about 1 BILLION our tax dollars have gone to fund the Obama’s lavish vacations, however I would love and welcome our tax being spent if it were used to buy the whole Obama family 1 way tickets to Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya………

  43. The Govt..IRS..CIA… our representatives….all are the real mob. I feel helpless. It has gotten so bad…I believe it is too late for people to band together to clean out what we have & start over. I’ve been preaching this for 45 years.

      • It is a grassroots movement planning a mass march on Washington, much like the demonstrations in the arabian “spring” and Ukrainian vein which brought significant change to their governances. This one has chapters in almost every state and is committed to non-violent confrontation and change.
        Google it and visit the web site for more information.

      • Do you really consider MB and/or neo-Nazi governments an improvement? That’s the “change” that was effected, and of them all, ONLY Egypt has thrown theirs off, for all our operatives are STILL trying to reinstate it there too… The military in Egypt realized their duty was to the people who were out demonstrating AGAIN, against Morsi this time, and stepped in on behalf of the people and land they love. So far, OUR military brass hats seem to be only aiding and abetting, and getting our best and brightest killed in foreign wars…..

      • No, Sandra, I believe I was simply implying to another repondent that people enmass can effect change. In NO WAY would I suggest that MB or any fascist regiem is better!

      • I was hoping not; it didn’t sound like your usual positions. But then the outcomes of any and all demonstrations against government tyrannies in the past 50 years haven’t been particularly positive. The last time that has worked to the benefit of the people was in India, and even that was kind of mixed. I’ve come to believe that it’s been something that was “allowed” to make us THINK we could address grievances, while the elites consolidated their positions. I wish mightily I could feel more positively; but look at what happened in our own history with vets’ marches for redress; following both the Civil War and WW I. And I know the Pentagon has a workable plan on file; because they used it when Fonda and hippies invaded DC back in ’71! I was dating one of the gun captains who was in charge of the machine gun nests in the top of the Washington Monument; others were on the WH and in and around the Capitol building and SCOTUS; I watched SDT company polishing their bayonets on the sidewalk near the base chapel, waiting for the bus to take them on into the city. And I genuinely suspect there will be at least a reprise of that if not of the earlier events when vets marched seeking redress from our governments.

      • I know what you mean! I think Coxie’s army was one of the last successful movements of this type in America and even that took about 10 yrs AFTER MacArthur’s troops rode through their encampment as I recall.
        I had the “privilege” of driving an ambulance from Bethesda NNMC into and around the “operational zone” during the MLK riots in DC. I was (then) appalled at the pace with which 101st Airborne and NG units were emplaced. Only on later reflection did it occur to me about “contingency planning”.
        What gives me some hope with this movement is the organizational operations coming from flag level retired and separated veterans, the use of veterans for planning and logistic support. I also am impressed with the numbers of veterans who have committed to long term “occupation” and understand they will be completely non-violent for the duration. There is also enough disabled participants involved that there is a special unit which will be detailed to their transportation, care and special needs.
        My hope is that it is of significant numbers to awaken the few remaining politicians and bureaucrats who are not totally braindead and/or power mad to the depth AND breadth of the frustration and fear for the direction of this country over the past 20-30 years. Then, once awakened, those along with newly elected patriotically serving politicians redirect the nation’s path back from the destructive and unnecessary “fundamental transformation” of the recent administration.

        Semper Remedius,

      • I think so; and it wasn’t until well after FDR was in office that they did get any restitution and resolution on it, IF I’m recalling correctly.

        I know about GEN Vallely and LCOL Riley; and was following the planning, until very recently when I realized exactly what they were intending to do, and the memories of what I’d seen and knew from the ’70s came roaring back. Right about then every single alarm bell in my head began screaming. I’m sure you know about those; they tend to keep you alive in dicey situations when you heed them. This thing is too well known and that includes the NSA, so all of the regime in DC. If I seriously believed there was a politician in DC that wasn’t on board with the NWO and the agenda to install the one world government as soon as possible, I’d agree with you in that hope, I’m waiting for Cruz’s mask to slip, as it’s bound to do. For one thing he’s way to “hungry” for the WH, and not eligible. Rand Paul is his father’s son more than he seems to let on, but it shows now and then. And even Bachmann is now talking about how amnesty is the “right thing to do”. I’m really worried for all those planning to go for this.

      • Are you sure we are not twins or doppelgangers? We think so much alike!
        I too was very concerned for the attendees, but now see that there is a large degree of planning for safety contingencies and medical logistics are being adressed as well. Still, I do remain concerned. There is no doubt in my mind that all of the alphabet agencies are in full suppression and disruption mode as well as looking forward to unleashing their formidable forces.
        I also agree that Cruz has a problem, though I think it involves his dual citizenship more than his conservative credentials. I wonder if we will see a congressional resolution regards Cruz’s eligibility such as we saw for McCain with his birth in Panama Canal Zone. Granted this is a legally diferent issue since McCain was born to 2 American citizens in a US military hospital on a US military base while Cruz was not so born (1 American, 1 Canadian parent and born in a Canadian public hospital as I understand it). I personally don’t buy the theories of so many of the self appointed “constitutional experts” who have the most forgiving and naive definitioons for “native boen citizen”. This is why I find Obama’s placeof birth being accurately pinned down so critical as therein lies a constitutional question which has yet to be resolved!
        I have been watching, but am yet hesitant to fully commit to LtCol. Allen B. West and Dr Ben Carson. I would like to hear more from those who served with and under LtCol. West as to his style of management and conduct under stress. (It can’t be worse than we currently experience!) I feel comfort knowing that he has “seen the elephant” (no pun intended) inside the beltway and recognize his vulnerability due to his lacking re-election.
        I don’t see Dr. Carson as top of the ticket due to his lack of political experience. (Though you and I know there is nothing more political than running a department in a hospital!) He may well have good interpersonal and management skills, but his lack in foreign policy experience religates him to a second tier post such as a Secretary of HHS or Education or some such other Department or vice-President.
        I wish I had a better grasp of both men’s position on amnesty, but believe I have heard they are not so “forgiving” of the illegals yet neither has come right out to disavow amnesty. Hope they do soon.
        I will continue to pray for those who attend and hope eyes are opened and safety and sanity reign.

      • All the safety precautions in the world won’t protect them if O and friends decide they’re ready and this is just the excuse they’ve been LOOKING for to slap martial law fully in place {it’s never been fully retracted since Lincoln instituted it in 1861}. What I’m concerned about is that they may well be massacred en masse. Between Obamacare and the cuts to retirements and so on, it’s clear that O wants all of us dead, because we are a threat to his agenda.
        As for Cruz; it’s his lust for the office he KNOWS full well he’s not eligible for, because he was born in Canada to a non-citizen father; his glib statement of relinquishing the Canadian citizenship is NOT a solution; it doesn’t erase the fact that he’s not natural born; only native by virtue of the fact that his mother had been a citizen and lived in the US for 5 years past her 14th birthday. That’s what makes me question him; if he doesn’t respect the Constitution on that point, on what others will he also not respect it? That the Dems did it with O doesn’t mean it’s now okay!
        Carson on a ticket with Allen West, yes; or Mia Love on a ticket with West I can see. But the PTB keep pushing Cruz, and I can’t vote for him, when I KNOW he’s not eligible.
        Now about that doppelganger thing…. probably not, unless one of us is really confused about gender, but similar training and experiences apparently produce similar thinking processes…

      • I’m with you 110% on the Cruz issue! That is precisely my point, even with a “Congressional Declaration of Eligibility” the lacl of Constitutionality is NOT overcome! I remain concerned that O’s getting away with it will be used as yet another unconstitutional excuse citing that it is now “precidence”. What the regressives [sic] refuse to acknowledge is that precidence has no basis in the Constitution, only in common law! Certainly that O has gotten away with it does not in any way make it constitutional, right, moral nor legal for him or any other to follow on!
        A West/Carson ticket is, in fact, my current preference. I will have to do more research on Mia Love. I simply do not know her or her credentials. I have never thought of gender as a thing for consideration when assessing a candidate for qualification for office! (Probably a result of all those years of working so closely with all those super professional and competent RN’s! Just too many GOOD, competent, capable, caring, problem solving women out there to pass up!)
        Forgot about the doppelganger thing; probably was thinking about alternative dimensions, but I think gender comes into play there too!
        I share the concern about a massacre as do many of the potential participants. Being veterans in the main, most have not only seen, but actually touched the elephant. Therefore, their attitude is that, having already sacrificed, they would prefer to continue the sacrifice if it leads to a satisfactory outcome!
        I am afraid I discount the probability of martial law, not because I do not think it will happen, but rather because I am convinced it is inevitable under the current administration. All they need is ANY excuse! At the least, an “American Spring” would put the world on notice and may even take the strategic initiative and the propagandistic message away from the current plotters in the administration. I also think that while many would die, an American “battlefield” may be necessary to knock the complacent fence sitters from their seats of comfort. Do I relish it? Of course NOT! But if it is inevitable (and I am beginning to think it may be), I would prefer to be in control of the timing and the message.
        Do I think this is the best method? Absolutely NOT! Do I see it happening? Yes. Do I hope it is successful? Again, yes. Do I pray level heads prevail and it is accomplished with nonviolence on both sides? MOST ASSUREDLY!
        I cry again for my country and her patriots. I pray I do not need to mourn more, but I believe the country must be retaken or our prior patriots died in vain!

      • I agree on the “precedent” move; look at who they keep floating on the “straw polls” around on conservative sites, along with Cruz…. Jindal, Rubio, {both I KNOW are ineligible, for all I wish Bobby wasn’t; because he’s a smart young man, and good leader}, Haley from SC {whose eligibility is questionable}, Christie {NO conservative at all}, Palin {forever tainted by her run with McCain and the media hatchet job, insofar as drawing independent voters}. Think they don’t intend to try to get one that is ineligible on that ballot to “legitimize” O’s tenure? I do; same as a lot of other illegal moves being made. Priebus will be leading the way, insisting it’s necessary, with Pelosi, Reid, et al cheering in the wings. Mia Love ran for Congress last cycle and what she was saying was right on the mark. Another we could try for is Michelle Malkin; that little lady tells it like it is! Put her on a ticket with West and just stand back and watch the apoplexy begin…. An American woman of Asian descent, and a black man. I fear libs’ heads would explode. At least the campaign would be entertaining.
        I know the bulk of those involved are vets; not all, however, and again the bulk are combat tried vets at that. I know they’re committing to stay there for as long as it takes. I also know O has been looking for an excuse to clamp down on all of us, especially the vets. That was what’s been behind demonizing us to the public via the media for the past 5 years now. I just can’t shake the feeling this is going to go sideways. You’re likely right that it will take that to wake up the fence sitters; and those who thought foolishly no such thing could happen in America; but it also will deprive America of many who would have been her defense against this nightmare, because the “sleepers” mostly will be in the way, not helpful. And you know that as well as I do.

      • If those alarm bells really work, sandraleesmith46, they should be screaming any time FDR is mentioned.

      • They do, as well as Wilson, LBJ, and any number of other globalist/communist sorts. Even Lincoln and his Congress were serious parts of this problem! But it actually goes back to before the first colonists sailed from Europe!

      • I’m sure you’re correct about that, sandra, since the Pilgrims famously tried the communist system for the first year or so after landing in America and nearly starved as a result. However, It wasn’t until the late 1800’s with the writings of Marx and Lenin that the concept became somewhat formalized, I think. In any case, it is a doctrine of misery and death which, apparently, has gained much acceptance among our politicians recently, particularly those of the Democrat persuasion.

        I think most Democrats claim that party not for its precepts but, rather, because their fathers or grandfathers credited FDR with saving the nation from the Great Depression and practically worshiped him for it. In my opinion, the credit was undeserved, but it provided a secure base for “the party of the working man”. (Jeez, what a con that is!) The way you referred to FDR in your previous post made me think that you were glorifying him; hence, my snippy response as I believe few, if any, deserve glorification.

      • Not hardly! He did give the WW i troops the money promised them, finally, which was what I was referring to only. But that was AFTER vets had made two previous attempts, one after the Civil War which Grant had quashed, and one shortly after WW I, which troops led by MacArthur and Eisenhower also quashed, in both cases violently, resulting in injuries and deaths. And even that was part of his socialism program.
        As to communism, it actually predated Marx by some three centuries. He was paid by the actual developers to codify their system and publish it as his work, as part of their long-term agenda, because he was an appostate Jew, and later Lenin, Trotsky and others, also apostate Jews, were tapped to to lead the overthrow of the Czar and establish the communist state, for the purpose of ultimately blaming “the Jews” for all Europe’s troubles, which succeeded, and is being resurrected yet again, today, by the same group of instigators, for all the majority of those being used to foment that hate really have no idea for whom they’re truly working in doing so.

      • It’s late, but I think I agree with what you’re saying… having a bit of trouble with punctuation but think I’ve got it now. Your last statement about the majority of those fomenting the communist resurgence while not having a clue is right on point. Regrettably, a good many of them are right here in the good old USA and, unfortunately, occupy positions of the highest authority. At present, the nation’s future appears rather gloomy, though the recent proliferation of serious scandals may serve to arouse a few of them… hopefully, enough to result in a turnover of the Senate majority in November if we can ‘true the vote’.

      • It was the rising anti-semitism, to which I was referring. Communism never left the US, despite McCarthy’s efforts in the early fifties.
        Relying on the elections will change NOTHING, not even faces in most cases; but NO ONE gets onto a ballot at the national level without signing onto the agenda and hasn’t done in a century. Those who ACT as if they’re opposing it are doing exactly that: ACTING, as in performance art, grand Guignol for the “kiddies”, nothing more. That’s why exactly NOTHING has been done about a single one of the scandals, and won’t be!

      • Hoping you’re wrong but becoming more and more convinced that you’re not. It would be a blessing never to have to look on the face of Harry-the-Rat Reid again, though. That one result would make the election worth while for me.

      • Doesn’t make me happy either, but reality is what it IS, and ignoring it is why we are where we now are!

  44. He is not a convicted felon, nor with Al Qaida. He was never convicted for spying, nor was he charged with it. Do some homework before repeating paranoid gossip!

      • If it’s the lunatic fringe, what are you doing trolling on it? Oh that’s right, it’s what libs do.

      • Did you read the article? He is a criminal and was charged and convicted of it after confessing to an illegal search of a federal data base. Go away troll.

      • Did you read it? Do you know what he was convicted of?
        Guess what?
        He wasn’t an Al Qaeda spy like the headline states and half the retards commenting think.

      • I sure did. Did you read my comment?

        “Rasool finally pleaded guilty to illegally searching a federal database.” Now what is your next ignorant question?

      • Brendan for you to know that as fact you would need to know all al Qaeda operatives. Either you are a paid disinformation worker or dare we say al Qaeda supporter trying to be a saboteur and cause doubt in folks minds who’ve not studied islams history and actions since it started.

        I do recommend for everyone to do their own research so you will know for a fact what is fact or not and then no disinformation spreader can make you doubt truth because you haven’t done the study. I also recommend reading the quran, hadiths and suras. Then you are armed with the full facts and will not be thrown about by disinformation gamers online.

      • If he is a criminal, why is he still a sergeant in the police force at the time of the article? If he has a criminal record, what is he doing working for the IRS currently?
        Something definitely smells here. He shouldn’t even be in this country.

      • In a poll taken among Muslims on the subject of Islam, over 80% said Suicide bombing is acceptable for Jihad. I agree that Islam is a death cult and not a religion. Anyone who isn’t afraid to look can see that if the Muslims killed every so called infidel, they would go to work killing each other. They already do that in every Muslim land. Eventually there would only be two Muslims left, both proclaiming their way to be the TRUE religion, and then there will be just one. The last Muslim.

      • Over 80%?

        And where did you pull this magical poll from?
        Who decides what a true religion is?
        What death cult do you belong to?

      • It was a University study. There most likely isn’t such a thing as a true religion since they have all perverted the teaching of the founders who received their knowledge directly from the source. At their source the religions are all the same. There is only one truth. No one decides. When you have a direct experience of God, you know. If you believe without knowing you must be careful because you may be led astray. Religion can serve to spread a message of sanity and love or a message of hatred and madness. The differences you perceive between them is where they have gone off-track. I belong to nothing or no one but God.

      • Study up flat earther. The guy plead guilty, he admitted the charge. He should be under the federal prison not drawing a tax payer supported salary.

    • Fairfax Cop Who Tipped Terror Suspect Helped Kill Training Program

      by Steven Emerson

      IPT News

      May 9, 2008

      A Fairfax County Police sergeant who
      admits tipping off a terrorism suspect that he was under FBI
      surveillance also helped kill what had been a successful intelligence
      and terrorism-related training program within his police department.

      Sgt. Weiss Rasool was sentenced to two years probation
      on April 22 after pleading guilty to illegally accessing a police
      database to run license tag numbers for a friend who thought he was
      being followed. Those tags traced back to FBI agents who had Rasool’s
      acquaintance under surveillance as part of a terrorism investigation.

      The Washington Post reported
      that Rasool cried during his sentencing and apologized for what he
      called “errors of judgment. But I never intended to put anybody’s life
      at risk.” The Post further reported:

      “The target was arrested in November 2005, then convicted and
      deported, according to court filings in Rasool’s case. Assistant U.S.
      Attorney Jeanine Linehan said that the target and his family were
      already dressed and destroying evidence at 6 a.m. when agents arrived to
      make the arrest, indicating that they had been tipped off.”

      Now the president of an Arlington, Va.-based counterterrorism
      research center is asking Rasool’s bosses to reconsider their 2006
      decision to cease using training programs offered by the center.
      Complaints by Rasool and an officer from another local agency that the
      training was anti-Islam prompted Fairfax County police to break with the
      Higgins Center for Counter Terrorism Research.

      In a letter to Police Chief David Rohrer
      written two days after Rasool’s sentencing, Higgins Center President
      Peter Leitner said Rasool’s complaints were unfounded and harmed his
      company’s reputation:

      “We were deeply disturbed and offended that the leadership of your
      Department sided with Rasool and essentially blackballed our non-Profit
      (sic) organization from teaching within your Academy. Several scheduled
      classes were cancelled and we were never invited back…

      We were dismissed without recourse, suffered financial and
      professional reputation losses, and the resulting pressures caused
      serious damage to our ability to function properly. All on the basis of
      spurious charges made by someone who later proved to be unreliable — at

      Leitner said he has received no response to his letter.

      “This is precisely why Fairfax PD needs our training,” Leitner told
      the Investigative Project on Terrorism in an e-mail. “They need to learn
      about 5th column activities and penetrating agents. It also shows how
      ignorance and/or political correctness at the local level can jeopardize
      national security interests and assets.”

      Though he pled guilty,
      prosecutors still complained that Rasool was not playing straight with
      them. They originally argued that Rasool deserved a sentenced at the low
      end of the federal guidelines. That changed after a defense sentencing
      motion cast his actions as a simple administrative oversight, and that
      had he submitted a relevant form, “it is possible the case would not be
      before the Court today.” Prosecutors then argued
      Rasool was not taking responsibility for his actions, saying he even
      claimed not to remember tapping in to the federal database and that he
      initially denied knowing the suspect or calling him. He confessed only
      after hearing a recording of the call.

      “[A]s I told you, I can only tell you if it comes back to a person or
      not a person and all three vehicles do not come back to an individual
      person, so I just wanted to give you that much, uhh ok. Hope things work
      out for you,” Rasool said in a voice mail message to his friend that
      was intercepted by federal investigators.

      Rasool’s attorney argued he was responding normally to a citizen’s
      concern that he was being followed. “Rather,” prosecutors responded,
      “the evidence is that the defendant was advising the target that he was
      being following by government vehicles.”

      In their sentencing memo to the court, prosecutors made clear the severity of Rasool’s breach:

      “The defendant, through his experience with the police, had a basis
      to believe that the leasing company was used for federal law enforcement
      vehicles, but despite that, relayed the information to the individual.
      The defendant also checked his name and other names multiple times in
      NCIC without a legitimate law enforcement purpose to do so and to see if
      he or others he was acquainted with were listed on the Terrorist Watch

      The defendant’s actions damaged the integrity of the NCIC system and
      jeopardized at least one federal investigation. The defendant’s actions
      could have placed federal agents in danger. The FBI has had to undo the
      harm caused by the defendant.”

      The Higgins Center had offered courses for years without any
      complaint, yet in June of 2006, that all changed. In a letter dated June
      26, 2006 to Academy Director Major Tyrone Morrow, Higgins Vice
      President Brian Fairchild indicated six officers in total lodged
      complaints against his programs. But the complaints did not reflect the
      program’s actual content, Fairchild said, noting that statements used to
      illustrate Islamist ideology come from the Islamists themselves. In
      addition, instructors repeatedly make clear that the Islamists
      expressing radical ideology do not reflect the general Muslim world:

      “It appears that these officers misunderstood and/or are confused by
      the content of our courses which is solely to educate officers about Islamist terrorists and the international revolutionary Islamist movement
      that creates and supports them. We are surprised by the assertions in
      these complaints, because, in order to ensure that such
      misunderstandings do not occur, we clearly define our terms in lecture
      supported by PowerPoint slides.

      In our seminars, we never criticize traditional Islam or Muslims.
      Quite to the contrary, we definitively and repeatedly state that the
      overwhelming majority of the 1.3 billion Muslims worldwide are fine
      people that have nothing to do with extremism or terrorism.” (emphasis
      in original)

      In one complaint, Fairchild noted, the officer praised Sayyid Abul
      Ala Maududi, who founded the Pakistani Islamic group Jamaat e-Islami in
      1941. Maududi, Fairchild wrote, considered non-Islamic governments to be
      evil and sanctioned their violent overthrow.

      “One of Maududi’s direct quotes concisely describes his views:

      ‘Islam wishes to destroy all States and Governments anywhere on
      the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of
      Islam regardless of the country or the Nation which rules it. The
      purpose of Islam is to set up a State on the basis of its own ideology
      and programme, regardless of which Nation assumes the role of the
      standard bearer of Islam or the rule of which nation is undermined in
      the process of the establishment of an ideological Islamic State.'” (emphasis in original)

      Rasool was under federal investigation at the time. In addition to
      running the license tag numbers, he admitted improperly accessing the
      National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database 15 times in 2005-06,
      checking for his own name and the names of acquaintances. “The defendant
      did this in an attempt to determine if he or others were registered
      with the Violent Crime and Terrorist Offender File, which is a category
      of records maintained within the NCIC system,” the plea agreement

      In an interview, Leitner expressed frustration with the way Fairfax
      police officials treated him and his company. He called the complaints
      “nebulous,” and said he was never given a full opportunity to rebut
      them. “It was very star chamber like.”

      Another officer who joined Rasool in complaining about the Higgins
      program works for an area sheriff’s department, Leitner said. That
      officer claimed to be a representative from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Leitner said.

      In November 2006, Fairfax County Police Chief David Rohrer attended CAIR’s 12th
      Annual Banquet at the Marriott hotel in Crystal City. He credited CAIR
      with “helping police departments to better understand the Muslim
      community,” adding:

      “As we go forward, let us choose to make a difference and embrace a
      vision of peace and unity and hope. And let us choose for us and our
      children hope over fear, caring over indifference, tolerance over
      intolerance, acceptance over prejudice, and understanding over

      Among those writing to the sentencing judge in support of Rasool was
      CAIR governmental affairs director Corey Saylor. “I have always found
      Sgt. Rasool eager to promote a substantive relationship between the
      Fairfax County Police Department and the local Muslim community. His
      efforts played a significant role in improving trust in a time when
      mutual misunderstanding could easily severe (sic) all positive ties
      between these two groups.”

      Another letter of support came from Tyrone Morrow, the training
      academy major to whom Fairchild wrote his letter of appeal in 2006.
      Morrow, now retired, told the court he used to supervise Rasool and
      found him “to be of sound character and reputation.”

      Despite his plea to a misdemeanor, Rasool remains a Fairfax County
      police sergeant although he is under an internal affairs investigation.

  45. Reliable intelligence reports also indicate that members of the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood also have high ranking positions in guess where? Homeland Security that is supposed to protect us. Nice to know the Foxes are guarding the hen house.
    Not to mention that the supposed Islamic civil rights group CAIR has been shown to be a front for the terrorist group Hamas.

  46. I fear that we will not be able to get this administration out of DC in time to save America from permanent damage.
    This should be on the front pages.. but for the sleazy liberal news agencies .. I wonder if they would hire this spy to work at their news place.
    What is wrong with people ??? Can’t they see what Obama is doing to the USA? God help us.

  47. The first Muslim that needs to be gotten rid of is Obama himself! He is the cause of this Insanity! He said himself, in one of his books, that he would “Stand with the Muslims” if the winds changed. Well, they changed in 2008 and he is standing with them, providing them with weapons, money, helping them any way he can, even at the expense of American lives, as in Bengazi. We truly need a Cleansing of our Government and Nation! Islam should not be allowed within American Borders! Freedom of Religion, Yes, but this sick Death Cult in incompatible with our Constitution, our Laws, and our Way of Life! Allah is nothing more than Satan and Muslims are his sick, perverted children.

  48. Nothing this administration does EVER surprises me,when we have a moosssllliiimmm living in OUR HOUSE,its only a matter of time before he brings all of his buddies aboard,we NEED to dump this potus wannabe,that I wouldn’t allow to pour water for my dog,hey obozo,tell moochelle ,you know,the one with the big a$$ and the uuuggglllyyy face to STAY IN CHINA…

  49. Our Congress needs to impeach this president, prosecute Eric Holder, and otherwise uphold the rule of law. PERIOD! And the American people must boldly tell them as much.

    • Conservatives and Libertarians have been telling Congress this for some time but congress is either too corrupt or too cowardly to act.

  50. The only GUARANTEED Government intrusion into our personal lives is the IRS! Our country was not founded for this but for true FREEDOM! Close the IRS! They are abusive, crooked, grossly mismanaged, sent over 4.3 Billion of our tax dollars in fraudulent refunds per year to illegal aliens alone and cost a whopping 13.3 Billion dollars to do it! We don’t need them! If we institute a “flat rate” sales tax we can cover our Federal “Legitimate” Expenses much more efficiently! The point of sale merchant then makes weekly deposits to our Treasury. We don’t have to keep endless receipts, have the Fed’s checking our books constantly and life is simpler and better! This is ridiculous! We have a right, Endowed by our Creator, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! We must fight, be brave, against ALL evil! Never run nor even lag behind! If we would win for God and the Right just keep on the firing line!

  51. Muslims ought to be banned from serving in our government, changing our laws to suit their own and turning our law into sharia law

  52. BO/minions, are gathering the ‘Mother-Load’ of all info data on every American before he leaves office! !! Just imagine WHAT he could do with it!!!


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