US energy security threatened by prairie chicken and sage grouse

Lesser prairie chicken

The Obama administration seems hell-bent on sabotaging domestic energy production, one way or another. As James Freeman writes in the Wall Street Journal, “Delaying approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, maintaining export limits and discouraging refinery construction haven’t stopped a revolution that will soon make the United States the world’s largest producer of crude oil.”

But the administration, goaded by radical environmentalists, has a new weapon to curtail production: more endangered species. Washington may add a record 757 new species to the endangered list by 2018.

Two range birds on the list—the greater sage grouse and the lesser prairie chicken— could severely restrict energy production across the American West. The prairie chicken roams the Texas range near the Permian Basin, and the sage grouse pecks in North Dakota near the Bakken shale. An Interior Department report claims the impact on the sage grouse of oil and gas operations is “universally negative and typically severe,” even though current horizontal drilling techniques leave only a small footprint on the landscape.

I always say there are three pillars of security: national, economic and energy. Energy security is a critical and integral part of the 21st century battlefield and indeed the linchpin between economic and national security.

The Obama administration is systematically destroying each pillar of our security: decimating our military, exploding our national debt, and now…the prairie chicken.

Are these people deranged?


  1. if the EPA had been around, the Hoover Dam, EVERY bridge, the east west railroad, damn near EVERY thing that has been built, would have NEVER been, cause it endangered SOME FU%#ING bird or insect!!!

  2. The Luddites have been desperately searching for something anything to stop America from drilling for our own oil. They want us to send our wealth to those who want us dead.

  3. “Green” windmill farms and now Solar focused energy farms in the desert are killing recorded numbers of birds, bats, including Golden and protected “Bald Eagles”.

    We are done as a country if we can’t get people in the Washington power bubble that are honest and put honor and integrity above party BS and ideology.


  4. All of this glacier melting, bird watching, and any other story to keep US american’s distracted from the real threats. Such as the decimation of our constitution and the collapse of economy. From the gold theft by Nixon and the congress putting the whole world into a fiat currency, meaning the dollar is not backed by gold or anything else other than the government saying it has enough gold to back the dollar. Who believes anything they say! The debt ceiling rises because there is no way to possibly pay the interest, let alone the debt itself.They have to borrow more because when they don’t all debts must be paid in full. The US owes so many bonds that if they were cashed in the monetary system will crash. They try to hide and drive down the price of gold and they manipulate the inflation numbers so radically that it’s SICKING! PEOPLE you had better get prepared for major price hikes unless we find common ground and unite against the giant machine that we have allowed to grow because of our selfish interests to maintain our own lives and not be concerned for one another. Blindly being lead my MONSTERS!

  5. This would not affect these birds one bit! It’s laughable! I’m from nd, they have so much habitat it’s unbelievable that they would try site that excuse! Wow libtards!

  6. OK people. Bitch if you want. It’s your right. In fact, I agree with most of this….BUT….I don’t want to hear any f**king excuses on November 5th for why you didn’t vote.
    Any questions?

    • You are absolutely right. Too darn many people are too lazy to vote or don’t want to have to choose a candidate from the publicity generated by the politicians. Everyone should know that it is entirely legal for politicians to lie in order to be elected. In civilian circles a person could sue for liable when someone lies about them in public, but politicians are exempt from liability suits when they lie and denegrate one another.

  7. So…complaining about all this isn’t going to help anything. We need action NOW…so…What can we do to stop this???!!!

  8. When does the military decide to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic? Has it reached a crisis enough against the Constitution where they will or will be they be such yes men by being so gutted by the military cuts they will never defend it? I say, they are yes men to afraid of losing their perks after possible retirement etc

    • I’m not too sure BP spill was actually an accident. It did happen on Earth Day and there are some fishy elements to the story.


  10. Folks Obama is just a mouth piece for the power brokers ! He is just a well groomed tool that’s walking in tall cotton ! At least for now . And when tools don’t work anymore or brake you throw them away !. We are upset , but at the wrong people !!

  11. “Are these people deranged?”

    No, they’re evil. The idea that “saving” some bird trumps energy production is insane. It’s not like the wildcatters are hunting them, they’re merely drilling into the ground!

    This, combined with the EPA diktats regarding miniscule amounts of sulfur are driving costs up without any tangible benefits.

  12. He is putting in place the necessary pieces to get us ready for the NEW WORLD POWER his main agenda since being put in power. U.N. and Bruessels demands it along with the rich Mr Soros.

  13. None of this surprises me coming from the Chicken in Chief in the white house.
    Derail America where ever however it can be done is barry’s mantra. This went on with Nuclear power stations. Natural Gas pipe lines have been in place in various places in this country for 40 – 50 years and never had a problem. The Alaskan Pipe line has not impeded or hurt any animals let alone endangered species. This Pipe line is no different. This is a grass roots effort against The US to become independent from OPEC. The would mean the US would not be held under anyone’s thumb.

    We could be Economically free of creditors demands, Debt free, Lower taxes in every category.
    These wild birds fly and would NOT be hindered by a pipeline that travels under ground. They are out of their collective feeble minds

  14. They are not deranged, they are marxists with an extreme hatred of everything this country stands. They will do whatever is necessary to bring the US to its knees in order to bring in their marxist slavery state. History is irrelevant in their demented eyes.

      • The most obvious difference is one is called chicken because it has bare legs like a chicken, where most grouse have curly feathers all the way to their feet. Its hard to tell the difference until you lay them side by side after shooting them, while your plucking them for BBQ and beer. 😀

  15. I’m beginning to feel like an endangered species but who the heck cares…certainly not the tree huggers. I’m beginning to believe the world would be better off if all humans just died out and left the animals and trees to inhabit the land.

  16. These are the same people that used the spotted owl in the 80’s to fight the logging industry in the Northwest. To hell with the facts, spotted owls nest anywhere they please; the industry planted 3+ trees for every one they cut; and the suicide rate in several logging based counties skyrocketed. How would you handle being a 3rd or 4th generation logger and having your children come home from school and call you a murderer. The spotted owl was chosen because it was cute and provided a very sympathetic creature to force the government to act. It was shameful what they did, shameful what they are doing now.

    • Oh,we have met the enemy, he is the “anti-human, anti-progress, anti-technology and anti-science people, we call progressive socialists”
      Some of that I quoted from one of the founders of Greenpeace who left the group and now travels the world trying to expose their anti-human, anti-capitalism agenda.

  17. The prairie chicken can learn to survive, if they can’t learn,
    tough there to damn dumb to exist.
    It’s time to put the human animal first, the rest have been
    adjusting on there own for ever.

    • Isn’t it interesting that liberals worship at the alter of evolution (The fittest survive). Except when it comes to spending trillions to feed and cloth their helpless useless followers. Or spend millions to protect a prairie chicken (they are in Nebraska too) whose entire reason for existing is to be BBQ’d and eaten by me?
      But, when I exercise the steps of evolution I am called a hater and destroyer. I bet when mammals wiped out the dinosaurs they didn’t have to listen to decibel 9 progressive whining while they dined on the last pterosaur. And what should we think of native Americans who ate every last Mastodon , sabor tooth and giant sloth into extinction? Oh wait they get a pass, because they are minorities. As they eat the last of the whales in northern Canada.

  18. But you know its funny with all the alternative enregy they are trying to come up with , they don’t seem to be too concerned with the havoc that the windmills are wreaking on Bald Eagles and other birds of prey being killed by the props … makes you think a little doesn’t it?

  19. In Wheeling WV we endured flooding after Spring thaw and every heavy rain upstream. Why? There was a wildflower they hadn’t seen elsewhere. Therefore our homes were flooded periodically. Water came rushing down Wheeling Creek and backed up from the Ohio River and met in our neighborhood. Sigh.

  20. I was grateful for pilated woodpeckers, like Woody the Woodpecker. Because I had a picture of them in my tree they couldn’t build condos 30 yard behind my house. It was supposed to be a protected reserve.

    • ….and thanks to Oblahblah’s trickle up poverty that endangerment of the Working, Free Americans (AKA middle class) is occuring at an ever increasing speed!!!

  21. Species go extinct, that’s nature and tough crap if they die off. They’re suppose to, just as man will eventually die off and end. I can not see the logic in keeping us dependent on foreign oil just to save a few birds. Hell lets all go out there and help them along, shoot as many as you want, kill them off and poof, no problem. BUILD THE DAMN THINK ALREADY. How long do you think Canada is going to wait while this goatfcking president sits on his brains and panders to the environmentalist.

  22. Right!! And the Alaskan Pipeline was supposed to devastate the caribou herds, too. Funny, didn’t turn out that way, though. Guess they couldn’t read?

  23. Ansar Al Sharia, continues to recruit and train fighters, for the Syrian Proxy War, with CIA covert help. Obama’s promise to find those responsible for the attack, and bring them to justice, is not just a lie, a cover-up, but an on-going, day to day treason, with more dead each day.


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