You’re worried about paying your bills? Silly you! Senate Democrats think climate change is your biggest problem. (video)

Let’s see, Putin is about to annex the territory of a sovereign nation. Our national debt is over $17.3 trillion and growing. Unemployment in America is at epidemic proportions. We are decimating our military capability. The CIA is spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee. And the massive new healthcare entitlement program called Obamacare is failing as enrollments languish and no one has any idea how many have paid. I could go on and on, but I believe you all get the point. And what is the most pressing matter for Senate Democrats?

Climate change.

Talk about a bunch of out-of-touch clueless chuckleheads.

As reported by Associated Press via “It was a lot of hot air about a lot of hot air. Democrats took to the Senate floor Monday night to talk about global warming and did not let up until morning. “This is where intractable, longstanding issues get solved,” he said of the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., called climate change “a question of our own survival” and said the United States and other countries have a responsibility to act “before it is too late.” After all, John Kerry put climate change right up there as a weapon of mass destruction.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., said the climate debate had drawn interest from around the nation and the world. The American people are listening,” Boxer said. “They care.” She added that the event should “wake up Congress to the dangers of climate change.”

No Ma’am, Americans are not listening to this drivel, they are talking about the most pressing issues of their economic survival and security. They are looking at your failures to get our economy going and the lack of a national security strategy

This political stunt shows the Democrats are pulling out all the stops to do everything to change the subject, especially in the month of Obamacare enrollment closure. If there’s one thing undeniable, it’s that Democrats know they are losing the debate and the conversation in America. What scares them the most is losing the US Senate and leaving the progressive socialist President Obama with no cover.

According to the report, Boxer and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., lead the recently launched Senate Climate Action Task Force (what a waste of time and resources), which organized the session. Whitehouse said the session was needed to highlight obstacles to climate legislation, including ads financed by Charles and David Koch, conservative activists who have spent $15 million on Senate races, mostly criticizing Democrats over Obamacare. The Koch brothers, whose interests include oil, chemicals, textiles and paper, have also spent millions on ads critical of action against climate change.

Consistent with Alinsky Rule 12, the Democrats have found their 2014 election cycle “boogeyman” to target and attempt to isolate, demonize, and polarize. Expect every single conservative running for office this cycle to have the Koch Brothers die cast upon them.

Senate Democrats have yet again demonstrated their collective incompetence. Their antics will play well to the mindless lemmings and useful idiots. However, for people who have given up on looking for employment, weather is the last thing on their minds.


      • I’ve lost count of the number of people on sites like this that tried to say the immutable laws of physics are wrong on some level, just because they consistently prove creationists wrong.

      • Creationists say the earth is only 6000 years old. Trees gain a ring for every year they are alive. As such, life cannot be less than 9000 years old minimum, as there are trees with 9000 rings. The speed of light is an irrefutable measurement. Nothing can change it. The absolute furthest observable object in the universe is 17.5 billion lightyears away. It has taken light from this object 17.5 billion years to reach us. It is impossible, by all the irrefutable laws of physics, for our universe to be younger than at least 17.5 billion years old. Even if god made the universe exactly as is, it still would have taken billions of years for this light to reach us, that’s how the impossible to argue speed of light works. And don’t even get me started on the sheer impossibility of the ark

  1. You’re spot on about the Koch. Bros. We’re 30 years late, but they’re the “Emmanuel Goldstein” upon whom the Left heaps their daily Two Minutes’ Hate. But I think it’s more than two minutes, too.

  2. All the things that we can do to improve the planet and don’t and then waste time on an issue that is beyond our control. Sun, Volcanoes, China & India beyond our capacity to manage, but we let children run out of control in schools and do nothing, but raise taxes.

  3. Are Democrats even aware that it was warmer in Roman times than today, based on fossils? Are they aware that we have had at least 2 ice ages, and this may be the end of one?

  4. ” We are not dealing with people who are authentically interested in science and in incremental changes in temperature and their causes. For them, the temperature data are just an instrument in their plans to change the world, to suppress human freedom, to bring people back to underdevelopment. Their ideas are the ideas of ideologues, not of scientists or climatologists. Data and sophisticated theories will never change their views. We have to accept that they have succeeded in establishing the religion of environmentalism as the official religion of Western society, as the religion which asks for a radical transformation of the whole Western civilization” Czech President Vaclav Klaus

    I have long contended that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a religious doctrine (Climatism / AGWism) which is a product of erroneous data, falsified data, and manipulated data, and that its High Priest AlGore is enriching himself exactly like a slick televangelist. When the EPA, along with the IPCC, either blindly or cynically promotes what is really nothing more than an unscientific faith-based religious belief, and spends tax dollars on supporting this religion, it violates the Establishment Clause of the US Constitution. AGW-ists are no different than the benighted Taliban espousing sharia. Or perhaps Three-Card Monte dealers scamming green-eco grants and carbon taxes to line their pockets. The Earth’s climate has been changing and going through cycles for 4.5 Billion years, and the IPCC is basing their scam on false and manipulated data covering mere decades? Spare us, please.

  5. I did not read the article, sorry Col.West. The Democrat party is deflecting! That’s all they do. Front page of FOXNEWSdotCOM why did the Inspector General of the CIA investigate Benghazi, because he was told not to. It is a deflection away from the ACA, it is a deflection away from the further encroachment of c.a.i.r. What does bho not want us to know about the IRS debacle? Or more importantly, deflection of bho’s changing the laws illegally. Supporting terrorism.
    Climate change is just a load of deflection crap

  6. The left is just using global warming as a Trojan horse. Inside it is packed full of communist laws and ideas as well as increased dictatorship, such as an international gun grab as well as revoking private land ownership. Anything green is a ruse to deceptively pass laws that are unconstitutional.

    • If anyone thinks they own their home and land they should see what happens if they don’t pay their property taxes.

  7. If any of these fools actually looked they would see that most glaciers from 1850s retreated about the same or more, than the last 20 years.

    Their facts, as usual, are anything but factual.

  8. Glaciers do this. Historically, Glaciers have done this. As time goes on; Glaciers – wherever they may be and whatever shape they may be in currently; will continue to do this. What pathetic morons. Or is it we, by continuing to elect these dopes…?

  9. These people are so far out of touch they should be wearing space suites. The reality of it however is that it is a continuation of diversion and distraction from what is going on in this country.

  10. If only it were possible to FIX stupid… apparently none of these idiots realizes that at one time, nearly all of the north American continent was covered by glaciers.

    Fear not, my fellow citizens… we may not be able to FIX stupid, but we can FIRE it the next time it’s up for re-election!

    Fire away! The hallowed halls of government need to be replenished with people who actually LISTEN to their countrymen and have our national priorities in the right order.

  11. If you wish to discuss “climate change”, then let us also include public discussions of the military seeding the heavens with who knows what, while creating all these chemtrails. Why snow that fell on my hometown this winter turned black without leaving any water residue when torched. As a kid I used to suck on snow all the time just so long as it wasn’t yellow, and even the clean snow this winter was not any I’d want to ingest ever again. Yet I am certain many children still do.

  12. You’re worried about paying your bills? Silly you! Senate Democrats think climate change is your biggest problem !!!
    incorrect ,my BIGGEST Problem is those morons telling me what my biggest problem odd to be

  13. Climate change is inevitable with or without mankind. What do they expect? For weather to stay the same? Idiots. It’s a pitch for more money and more control even after all else they try to do fails.

  14. The biggest embarrassments to me as a Californian are Feinstein and Boxer: the sheeples choice. Thank you Allen for fighting the good fight!

    • In the last days good will seem bad and bad will seem good to those who are blind. A great division is spoken of, lawlessness, children against parents, people against their neighbors, etc., It is coming down, folks. What we are fighting are powers and principalities…come quickly Lord.

  15. No they are not listening. They had a poll today showing this issue is way below other important things. So climate change is not at the top of the list, folks.Issues like jobs,debt,taxes,and family are. These clowns need to realize how stupid they look spending all their time on this issue.

    • It looks stupid to us, but it is part of their agenda to destroy America. They have a good grip on it. They know exactly what they are doing. It is like wounding a great creature with many spears and allowing it to bleed out.

  16. Anything that freezes will thaw. Given time, many things will freeze. Relax and embrace change. As they say…. FORWRD.

  17. This is an ongoing diversion. They hope we forget about: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, the DHS, the EPA, Obamacare…..

  18. If Mr. West and Trey Gowdy got together they could straighten out this mess. I think they would make an awsome President and VP. Louie Gohmert should be in there somewhere high up as well. There are a few good men. There are more, Just keep them blooming out. Trey would be a good President or should be over the Justice Department. Mr. West would be a good President or VP. Mr. Gohmert should be a good VP or something. Anything, most likely. Take your pick. They give America hope.

  19. Expect every single conservative running for office this cycle to have the Koch Brothers die cast upon them.
    Expect every single conservative running for office this cycle to have the Koch Brothers die cast upon them.
    Expect every single conservative running for office this cycle to have the Koch Brothers die cast upon them.
    If they cast the Koch die, then every Conservative should research, find every good and noble thing that the Koch brothers have done, are in the process of doing, and throw it right back in their collective progressive faces.

  20. Sorry about that. I didn’t realize that every copy and paste from the article would show as they weren’t showing when I first attempted them.

  21. They want bogus global warming, now being termed bogus “climate change” to be accepted as fact, to enable the progress of their Communist/Socialist agenda! Actually, Kerry is supportive of the destructive government programs such as “sustainability,” also known as “Agenda 21,” which calls for eugenics to lower our population and also complete Communism so that people will not have the right to own property or start a business, etc. This is what Kerry and the rest of the Obama “team” is all about!

  22. follow the money – an attempt to separate us from as much money as possible, in the form of so-called “carbon tax credits” that companies must purchase (not to stop “polluting” – just when they do emit carbon, pay the gov’t). But they will only pass it along to you and me … largest money grabbing scheme they’ve ever thought of yet.

  23. Is this the hearing that was postponed because of another blizzard that hampered the U.S. in the worse winter in years?

  24. I had a burger on my table, and I walked away for a few minutes. I came back, and the burger was gone. That burger could only be gone for one reason. Forget the guilty-looking dog in the corner. It was….climate change. Things cannot just be somewhere, and then gone later. Not a chance….


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