Cost of manure hits record high of $32,400 at Obama fundraiser

Talk about the high cost of living – here in Florida, you can get a generous bag of manure at Home Depot for about five bucks. But in Washington, DC it will cost you $32,400.

According to The Hill reporter Justin Sink (no relation to defeated Democrat congressional candidate Alex Sink), around 40 Democrat donors paid $32,400 per ticket to benefit the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. The event was hosted at the Manhattan home of private equity fund Blackstone Group President and Chief Operating Officer, Tony Jones. In attendance at the event along with President Obama was New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. This was the president’s second fundraiser of the night, following a roundtable discussion hosted by the Democratic National Committee where approximately 25 supporters contributed up to $32,400 to attend that one as well.

Gee, I thought Obama and DeBlasio hated those mean old one-percenters. And where were the “Occupy Wall Streeters” complaining and protesting their beloved progressive socialist President and Mayor hanging out with the stinking rich? I’d like to know the names of everyone who attended in full disclosure – so I can steer clear of them. I suppose no one between canapés discussed the fact that Obama and DeBlasio have an average approval rating somewhere around 39 percent.

Now, I don’t know this Tony Jones fella but one thing is for certain, I would never let him manage my investments – if he thinks pouring more money into these failed policies is a good idea.

According to Sink’s report, Obama told Democratic donors that policy priorities like infrastructure and immigration reform would be “non-controversial” in a “normal political environment.”

I concur, except under Barack Hussein Obama the “political environment” in America is anything but “normal.” Obama complained that lawmakers in Washington put a premium on saying “no” because of their electoral interests — but how many times has Obama unilaterally delayed, provided exemptions or granted waivers to Obamacare – like that’s not about “electoral interests?”

“Man, it would be a lot easier if I had a Congress that was serious about America’s future,” Obama apparently complained. As if his recent budget we discussed here is remotely serious about the economic future of America.

But what is this crap about “if I had a Congress?” Mr. President, may I remind you that Congress belongs to the people. They are elected representatives, not your obedient legislative servants.

That statement alone gives you a bag full of everything you need to know about the mindset of this despotic tyrant.


  1. I’ll take the Home Depot product, at least it is useable in some way whereas the BS that BO spews is totally useless everywhere!

  2. “I thought Obama and DeBlasio hated those mean old one-percenters.”

    They do when it is not to their advantage. but when the 1%’rs are giving them money, they are all for the necessary evil!
    They are also for spreading the wealth, yep EVERYONE ELSE’S wealth, not they’re own.
    So if the Democrat party is millions in debt who exactly is getting this money? bho? the democrat party? c.a.i.r.? the rebels in syria?

    • Nope.
      Steer is appropriate.
      What is a steer?
      A. A Bull (male cattle).
      What is manure?
      A. fertilizer created with animal feces. aka sh*t.
      So they’re paying that ridiculous amount for bulls**t.


      The fact that I have to explain this… >.<

  3. ” ‘would be non-controversial’ in a ‘normal political environment’ ”

    Ooh Ooh Ooh so this is when he called 61% of Americans who DISapprove of his FAILure “RAAAAAA-CISTS ?!” These clowns have so debased the term “racist” that now when someone shouts it out in support of this colossal FAILure of a p-Resident, no one even turns their heads anymore.


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