Gross mismanagement of foreign student job program poses security and economic threat

If we learned only one thing from the Islamic terror attack of 9-11 it should have been to maintain tighter control of our student visa program.

Unfortunately the sound bite mentality and culturally short attention span even extends to our homeland security.

Thirteen years later, and we’ve completely taken our eyes of the ball regarding the foreign student work program. Tens of thousands of foreign students are unaccounted for in the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program. Beyond taking jobs from U.S. citizens, the mismanagement of the program poses a serious security threat.

As reported by Iowa Watchdog, “The federal government does not know where tens of thousands, 48,642 to be exact, of foreign students in the OPT program are located, who they are working for, or what they are doing while in the United States,” according to Sen. Charles Grassley. The Senator requested the GAO investigation amid complaints of employers hiring foreign students and passing over American citizens.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents interviewed by GAO acknowledged that “foreign students approved for OPT present a risk for becoming overstays because they are allowed to work and remain in the United States for 12 to 31 months after graduation from school.” OPT regulations allow unlimited numbers of foreign students to work as “candidate H-1B workers,” directly competing with qualified Americans, according to the Immigration Reform Law Institute.

But even assuming not a single one out of 48,642 unaccounted foreign students poses a security threat, the OPT poses an economic one. David North, a policy analyst with the enforcement-oriented Center for Immigration Studies, said “there’s a major reason for worrying about U.S. employers getting a huge bonus for hiring (OPT students) over citizen or green card workers. There are no payroll taxes for up to 27 months with the OPT workers, on either the worker or the employer. It works out, over the full length of time at an average estimated salary, to a bonus of $10,000 per such hire. And all that money is taken away from the Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance trust funds.”

You just have to wonder, what is going on in the US federal government? It seems every time you turn around, we’re giving advantages to everyone other than Americans. This foreign student job program has to be put on hold until there is full accountability. At a time when millions of American citizens have simply given up looking for jobs, we should not be giving advantages to workers from abroad. I recommend contacting your Senators and Representatives and asking them where they stand on the Optional Practical Training program. I wonder how many even know what it is?


  1. The resident of the white house has said he is not going to prosecute illegals. HIs A.G. has said he will not prosecute either. We are looking at a totally lawless administration. Ruling by caveat and enforcing laws in favor of ruining the USA as we have known throughout our lives. When are the lemmings / followers / uninformed voters going to wake up and realize this is going to hurt them? You know, when the wealthy are taxed into oblivion, where do they think the money will come from? Can’t get much water out of a rock… Just saying.

    Semper Fi

  2. Even if students on OPT or other guest worker/trainee status are given a waiver from Social Security and Medicare taxes, the program should be modified such that the employer pays those taxes on every employee regardless of their immigration status.

  3. Great! Shouldn’t Homeland Security keep track of foreign nationals. Oh that’s right it’s only ex-military, and conservatives that are on their terror watch list. How could I be so stupid.

  4. Why didn’t our “media coverage” Front page obamas happy news last month when he upped the flights coming directly into this country -from Saudi Arabia from (about) 10 to 17 direct to L.A. for foreign “STUDENTS” – how are our walls crumbling and why is he still in power? Ok so, I must be making stuff up cause I haven’t seen or heard it only once on like a Public radio program and of course they were happy like “the more the marrier”. I shut off news for days at a time. Just to reajust my head from being blown away by the Idiocy we are surrounded by— all this for what? a free cell phone? Lord help them see the evil before it’s too late. Which is probably to late – see you in another week or so……….. Thank you Col. West keep up the great work and the voice.

  5. This is scary along with all the muslim brotherhood terrorists they brought over,at last count 350,000 have been relocated into the US.Training camps all over the US totrain for what?Jihad against Americans.Homicide bombers will begin showing up in shopping malls ,sporting events and anywhere else a crowd of people will be together to make as big an impact as possible..

    • And why are these muslim bastards here? Have you seen Detroit Michigan lately????? Detroit is owned by muslim terrorists, the population seems to have turned into towel heads overnight. Oh and don;t even try to go there unarmed during one of their towel head festivals, they will beat you down and the police will do nothing. Time to find another country to live, Mexico is looking better every day.

  6. Disgusted with our governments negligence, but as someone who recently searched for work for 1 year only to end up with part time hours at a low paying job after spending thousands of my hard earned money for college, I can tell you I am just as mad at every business owner who pushes for hiring foreign workers over Americans so they can pay less. Is it not enough that so many of our jobs have been outsourced, replaced with modern technology, we have to compete with illegals, and now this? Thanks for selling the American Dream to foreigners and in some cases, the enemy! Not!

  7. HHS is waaay too busy keeping track of homegrown terrorists, you know, returning war vets, second amendment advocates, gun owners, Christians, TEA Party members – all those evil people who want to destroy the United States. People like YOU.

  8. I went traveling around the US last summer. I was taken aback by the number of foreign workers in the National Parks. They thought it was an excchange program. To me, that means American kids are going to their countries to work. No, not so. The amusement parks such as Kings Dominion in VA also have a lrge proportion of their workers from foreign countries. My kids would have loved to work there, but the jobs were limited. With so many of our teens and young adults unemeployed, how can this be justified? So tired of this nonsense….Pray for the USA and her survival.

  9. They don’t need to put this program on hold. They need to abolish it along with H1B visas which are being used to displace tens of thousands of American workers every year.

    The H1B visa sponsors just use them as cheap foreign labor who can’t quit unless they want to go back home. So they have to usually work for less than half of what an American would have to be paid to do the same job. They are used to take jobs from Americans. And only the H1B visa sponsor benefits at the expense of an American worker and the foreign worker. The customer might get a slight break on price, just enough to cut out someone who is using an American worker but nowhere near the difference in the two salaries. And, of course, there’s the tax advantages that you and I are also expected to make up the difference on.

    Call your congressman and demand the the H1B visa program be shut down permanently or require that it only be used for doctors which was its original purpose. To provide more doctors so rural areas would have local medical care. The problem is that we do not accredit most foreign medical schools and most doctors from abroad must go back to school to practice medicine in the US. So the H1B visa program is a complete sham.


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