Team Obama takes Obamacare show on the road for final desperate push

We are approaching the Obamacare enrollment deadline — just three weeks away as a matter of fact. And I figure things are going so well with Obamacare that we shall see yet another delay. Has it escaped anyone that this is no longer a law, but a manipulative edict? By gosh, how many machinations and revisions, delays, and exemptions have been handed down from his highness since March 2010 when this onerous legislation was passed –er, shoved through with non-standard procedures?

Well, the Obamas are hitting the ol’ propaganda button again – but I really don’t expect it to work much better than Hillary’s reset button.

According to Politico, “Mother’s Day is coming early to the White House this year, at least where Obamacare sign-up is concerned. Open enrollment ends March 31, and President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and top administration officials all have events this week that aim to reach America’s moms, who typically drive health care decisions for their families — including the young adult children who are a key demographic for the new insurance exchanges.”

Now you want me and the rest of America to believe this is all going according to plan for the Obama administration? This is flat out pathetic. No wonder Vladimir Putin has invaded a sovereign country and is about to annex the Crimean peninsula. The erstwhile leader of the free world is running around begging American moms to make their kids get health insurance — this is beyond unbelievable.

The idea is to leverage the mom voice to spread the word about the healthcare law and the limited time remaining to enroll. So let me get this straight, two weeks ago, Hagel told American moms that the Obama administration will be putting their sons and daughters in greater harm’s way by reducing military capability. But Obama will implore them to coerce their kids to sign up for his gimmick in order to make it solvent.

Obama, did a televised town hall last week and is planning to sit down with WebMD. He did a cringe-worthy interview with Zach Galifianakis this week. Also this week, Michelle Obama will join several groups focused on enrolling women.
What a dynamic duo we have occupying the White House.

But it’s truly a team effort, all hands on deck. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will be in Atlanta this week to reach out to women, particularly black women. And White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett will participate Wednesday in a Google+ hangout with Cosmo for Latinas.

Y’all smell that? It’s desperation from the gang that cannot shoot straight.


  1. This is too pathetic. If Obama’s health insurance is so great, better than the sub-standard policies we had before, according to the king, then why is he pulling out all the stops to try and coerce people into signing up? I believe Americans finally woke up.At least I hope so.

    • Yes, and if he thinks his plan is wonderful, why did he exclude himself, his family, and all of his kings men and horses too. Seems I remember what ever laws are written and passed are suppose to apply to all the people…..For God’s sake, what is going to take to stop this insanity?

      • I didn’t trust this guy even before he was elected. How can you put trust in someone that you know nothing about. I didn’t know who he was, where he came from or what qualified him to be the POTUS. It’s my belief that his healthcare law was never about better healthcare coverage for the people. I believe it’s all about controlling the masses. A good book to read, if you haven’t already, is “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky. There are 8 rules to turning a country into a socialistic state. Obama’s agenda seems to be following these rules. Rule #1 is about healthcare. Control healthcare and you control the people. I’m not sure how to stop the insanity or if we even can. But I think if we try and vote out all of Obama’s supporters and take back the Senate, we have a pretty good shot at impeaching him. With Reid and his Dems in charge, it won’t happen. Once we have control of the House and Senate, we can also repeal Obamacare. And all of his EO’s will come to a halt. He will have to follow the constitution. And he knows this. The Dems in the Senate know this. They are really concerned about November… they should be.

      • It is going to take Americans banding together and revolting as he is looking more like a dictator. First Americans have to become responsible patriots and not cowards.

  2. What a joke. I saw this video on another posting and when it first started I was trying to figure out what and where it was going. I was ready to turn it off. Then Obama brings ups Obamacare and the other guy starts out about the broken website then Obama says It’s working now. Give me a break. How many people are going to forget how Obama has lied to us over and over again? Then he’s trying to sell it with a bunch of negative comments being thrown at him. I picked up more on the sarcastic comments and negativity through out the whole video. And actually when Obama started talking about healthcare and all the reasons you should have it, I tuned him out because the other guy was acting negative and that’s what I picked up on. He just managed to reinforce and remind me of all the lies, issues and the fact that it’s costing people more money than what they had before Obamacare. And trying to get out to the Mothers,,,,,seriously,,,,,did that work before when Michelle had the mothers at the White House? NO!!! According to them Mothers make the decision on health care well mothers also watch the budget and what they have to spend on bills and groceries. Good luck with that.Let him show the video,,,it’s a great one for why you shouldn’t sign up for Obamacare.

  3. Obamacare was never about insurance. It is about destroying the middle class, through exorbitant expense. Destroying small businesses that drive the economy. Putting people out of work so they have to rely on “BIG GOVERNMENT” to survive. Controlling the population by medical extortion. According to Agenda 21 and the “New World Order” there can only be one billion people on the planet.
    It is euthanasia in Belgium and Health panels here. The website is to stall everyone so they have no insurance so if they cannot afford the healthcare then they die. Sebelius already tried this with a young girl and had a Judge not stepped in the girl would have died

    • I personally know of people who already died because of the obamacare scare. They’ve got to “thin the herd” so it will be easier for them to “control the masses”.

      • Well those people you personally know didn’t do their search bec there is plenty of financial aid for those can’t afford care. Soc Sec, Medicare, private organizations like Susan g Konan for breast cancer, gov programs like the Patient advocate found, even visit pal programs . I can’t believe no one told them about this. Unless you are making it up just to prove your point .

      • I guess you will never know unless you get some terrible disease and keel over before you get help.

      • Well Philanthropussy, you’re right, all of these programs are already in effect to help people that don’t have insurance, so then explain to me WHY WE NEED OBAMACARE..??!!!!! You just proved, in your own words, that we DON’T need a government healthcare system…do you even analyze your own comments…or are you just a typical liberal, so busy defending the kenyan that you don’t care how stupid you sound..? Just like your king, you have ZERO credibility…time for you to leave.

  4. These BOZOs don’t realize that Americans are sitting tight, HATING this Obamacare BULLSCHMIDT and just WAITING for a chance to send elected Reps to DC who will REPEAL THE TRASH
    #BeClingers ————-> #AmericaRISING

  5. Obama says they have signed up 4 million. And we know 6.5 million have lost insurance. That leaves 2.5 million MORE without. And now we find 900,000 of Obama’s 9 million haven’t paid (so they don’t have HC). What a putz.
    Keep up the good work, Col.

      • If you want to hear protests, just listen to everyday people…they’re ALL talking about the healthcare disaster that is “obamacare”. They may not be organizing into large groups, gathering on the White House lawn, getting stoned, and acting like a bunch of crybaby liberals…but they’re talking about it, you just have to stop living in denial about your king, and start listening to the people around you. The biggest problem with the kenyan’s supporters is their chronic case of selective hearing.

  6. The only thing obama really knows about moms is mommie jeans. There’s pics to prove it. Apparently he can still fit into Michelle’s old jeans but she can’t.

  7. So when the republicans ” push” to promote their issues is different? Anti gun control? Anti Obamacare? Do you remember the ” blame Obama ” for the sequester? Why is it you let the reps side? How many times did reps call on you to promote issues in your congressional district?

    • When the Republicans “push” to promote their issues (as you say), it’s not to cram unwanted and unneeded programs down the throats of the American people…it’s in response to, and in defense of, attacks by the current (and past) administration on our Constitutional rights, and by the way, why is it that whenever our country’s Constitution comes under attack, there’s always a self serving liberal administration leading the charge..?! Did you ever see any Republican organization “pushing” for anti-gun control when the 2nd Amendment wasn’t under attack…? Did you ever see any Republican “pushing” for anti-obamacare when we weren’t having a government controlled healthcare plan shoved down our throats, and our private healthcare options weren’t under attack. I know how much you hate to hear this, but the sequester IS the kenyan’s fault…and you’d have to be blind as a bat, eight shades of stupid, and drunk on the koolade, not to clearly see that. He cites lack of money as the reason for the sequester. He guts our military, reduces benefits to people that EARNED them, feigns a government “shutdown” so he has something else to falsely blame Republicans for, etc., etc., etc., all because of “lack of money”, but at the same time he’s giving BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to the UN EVERY YEAR, he gives BILLIONS EVERY YEAR in aide to foreign country’s that have never been our friends, that hate us, and would love to kill us, he gave Egypt 6 F-16 fighter planes, at a cost of MILLIONS to the American taxpayers…the list goes on, and on, and on. And let’s not forget all the vacations the kenyan takes, and michelle’s world tour, which has run the tally for taxpayers up into the BILLIONS…all the while treating our national treasury like it’s their personal bank account and vacation fund. There has NEVER been a Republican president that has abused his position, and spent taxpayer money on his own pleasure, anywhere near the way the kenyan has…and if there ever had been, the liberal media would have CRUCIFIED him. If you want to talk about letting someone “slide”, look at your own party, and the media sources that kowtow to them. You’re damn right we blame obama, because it’s clearly HIS fault. And don’t even try to say that we let the Republicans slide…in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a firestorm facing the Republican party right now, because conservative constituents watch their representatives VERY closely, and call them to task for their actions…and not only are we in their faces when they screw up, we make damn sure they understand that they won’t get re-elected if they forget who they work for…unlike liberals, who can see that their representatives are making a mockery out of the Constitution, and fools out of their voter base, but keep re-electing the same idiots because they “should get another chance to fix things, they just need more time”. Your king wouldn’t know the truth if it was the size of a barn, and fell on his head…as a wise man once said…”Don’t LISTEN to what a politician SAYS…WATCH what he DOES”…and this is where liberals ALWAYS drop the ball. At a voter rally for the kenyan’s last election, a middle of the road media group walked around the mass of people that had gathered for the event, and they asked several of them questions about the kenyan, his job performance, why they were voting for him, etc…EVERY one of them could cite the PROMISES that the kenyan had made to them, but only a VERY SMALL number could cite anything that the kenyan had actually DONE, good or bad. Therein lies the problem…liberals vote for what they can get (personally) from the government, damn the torpedoes…conservatives believe in personal responsibility, and achieving success through their own hard work, and they vote for what will improve the country as a whole, stimulate the economy, and facilitate the American dream of “Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness”. Freebies from the government will never make a person, or a country successful…that only comes from hard work and diligence, the things that really built this country, and made America great and admired the world over. Liberty is just another word for freedom, and people should have the freedom to choose their own health care. Understand this, when the government controls your health care, they control your life…literally. And if you really understood the kenyan, and his REAL agenda for America, then you would understand that socialized medicine is one of the major “must do’s” in the scheme to transform America from a thriving Constitutional Republic, into a third world socialist disaster…and history WILL put the blame for the fall of America at the feet of the kenyan…RIGHT WHERE IT BELONGS..!!!

      • Excellent post. Glad you “get it” and still believe in a Constitutional Republic, as I think the majority of us do. I can hardly take this kenyan’s commie crap anymore but as an American who also still believes in keeping these United States of America a Constitutional Republic, it would be against my principles to ever surrender to a communist agenda, especially that of the kenyan invader in our White House.

  8. I saw the Interview on the news this morning.I saw where Galifianakis

    asked obooboo if he liked knowing he would be the last black president to ever be interviewed and obooboo asked in return if he liked knowing that he would be the last president he interviewed(with that smart ass grin on his face) .obooboo didn’t seem to like that remark one bit,But the best thing that happened was that their back drop feel down and there on the mantle was a picture of Washington.That goes to show how much he hates the U.S. He is a racist from the drop of the first day in and before entering the W.H.

  9. As evil dictators do, obama kills people and blames THEM for it. If they don’t sign up for his obamascam and die, he blames THEM, the victim, for not obeying him. Sounds a lot like what psychopaths say, “gee, if they just hadn’t of gotten in the way of my knife, they might still be alive…”

    There is both a tyrant AND a psychopath in the White House, his name is “Barack Hussein Obama”.

  10. Most embarrassing interview ever! I don’t like this president for his policies but as a Very Conservative Tea Party follower, I was humiliated for the president and the position he holds!

  11. This commercial for obama care was embarrassing to watch and a disgrace for a person that holds the office of President of the United States to participate in.

  12. What a totally inappropriate waste of my time watching this piece of garbage. I’m still waiting for impeachment proceedings to start…what do I hear…Crickets. This resident of the white house needs to go now!

  13. I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked and outraged to see that Americans aren’t signing up by the millions to pay higher premiums than their policies which were cancelled so they can proudly have their money ‘redistributed’ so that millions of others won’t have to pay anything and millions of others can receive subsidies from their overpriced premiums. Shocked and outraged I am!!


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