Help wanted: al-Qaida launching on-line terror magazine called “Resurgence”

In 2012, we were told al-Qaida was decimated and on the run in 2012. I don’t think a decimated organization is capable of producing and marketing an online magazine.

According to NBC News, “Al-Qaida has used a slickly produced video with audio from Malcolm X to announce the upcoming launch of a new English-language on-line terror magazine called “Resurgence.” If the magazine is launched, it will mark the first English-language publication from the central branch of the terror group. Al-Qaida’s media wing, as-Sahab, which released the 80-second video on the internet this weekend, has for years released messages from senior leaders of the terror group like Ayman al-Zawahiri.”

One of the integral aspects of defeating Islamic totalitarianism and terrorism is winning the information war. We must have a dedicated effort for defeating Islamist ideology, but it seems the U.S. is a bit behind the eight ball on this one.

As NBC reports, “The brief video includes the Malcolm X quote “talk the language that they understand” – with images of U.S. soldiers, Islamic militants, a purported attack on a U.S. base in Afghanistan and the Boston Marathon bombings.

My concern is that as we spend time focusing on Vladimir Putin and his actions in the Crimean peninsula and Ukraine, we are losing focus on Islamic terrorism. As we announce the decimation of our military capability, including State National Guard forces, the enemies of America are gaining renewed energy.

We are looking at the rapid evolution of full-spectrum threats to our ideals of liberty, freedom, and security. And that’s not including the growing aggression from China such as their incursions into the South China Sea and threats to Japan and the Philippines.

As I reflect back on CPAC 2014, a glaring omission was a conservative policy on foreign policy and nation security. It’s as if we have forgotten that the most important title for the president is Commander-in-Chief.

The new al-Qaida magazine seems to be a carbon copy of Inspire magazine, edited for the Yemen-based al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Inspire was allegedly the source of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s plans to build pressure cooker explosive devices. In fact the magazine’s most famous article was titled “How To Make A Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom.”

Sadly, the editor, American-raised jihadi Samir Khan, was killed in the same U.S. strike that killed U.S.-born radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen in 2011. Oh well. I’m sure another capable editor will be found.

Perhaps right here in the United States.

Evan Kohlmann, a terrorism analyst for NBC News said “clearly, al-Qaida’s central leadership is seeking to try and recruit Americans from within U.S. borders, including indirectly if necessary — the homegrown terrorism model.”

Weakness is indeed enticing. And after all, there are a lot of unemployed, discouraged American men these days.

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Keep up with the push Mr West, we need to be informed. Thank you for your diligence.

Sharron Frey

Thanks, Col. West! The U.S. government may be asleep at the wheel on this, but I can assure you, We the People, are not! And as a side note, you’d have my vote for Commander-in-Chief.


Thank you, Colonel, for pointing out what SHOULD be obvious – that the areas of foreign policy and national security are not for a one-man operation like that of the Obama administration.

The development of multiple full-spectrum threats from multiple geographic areas cannot possibly be appreciated and/or evaluated by a single individual no matter how mightily he/she is impressed with his/her intellect. We need a level of coherence and consistency which scares the absolute daylights out of the enemy when it is displayed.


Leading and protecting your country requires knowing “thy enemy” and what to do about them. LTC West seems to be the only one these days who knows and understands history and can articulate the importance of “knowing thy enemy” and then having solid strategic plans to stay ahead of them. Or in some cases, being rid of them altogether.


To me, a career military man, it is mind baffling that our leaders in Washington, DC and the American people are ALLOWING OUR ENEMIES TO GROW STRONGER, WHILE WE DELIBERATELY REDUCE OUR MILITARY CAPABILITIES. Will it take another 9/11 magnitude attack to bring the United States back to reality? As I type this note, the Fox News Channel is reporting a massive explosion and fire in New York City……..


Thought the same thing, Russia, et al, is a red herring. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!