Why I stand as a Guardian of the Republic

The reason why I make such a dogged and determined stand for America is because of what this country has done for me.

When I consider the incredible opportunities this great nation has afforded me over my entire life, it just makes my chest swell with pride — and unlike First Lady Michelle Obama, this isn’t the first time I’ve felt this way.

Sunday evening I landed at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut and was driven to Old Saybrook where I’m here to do the audio recording for my book Guardian of the Republic.

But what is so amazing is where I’m staying: the Deacon Timothy Pratt Bed and Breakfast in the lovely antique Library Room. In 1746 when this home was constructed no one could have ever imagined that 268 years later I would be sitting here documenting this phenomenal experience. Yet, here I am the kid from the Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta chilling out at Deacon Pratt’s place.

This morning I took a nice run down Main Street to the Connecticut River, crossed over Bridge Street and gazed towards the South Cove.

This, ladies and gentlemen is the true America. The exceptional America. Not the contrived “social justice” and “equality of outcomes” America into which Barack Obama seeks to transform our Republic. This is the America that says there are no limits on what you can do or what you can become as an individual.

This is the America Buck and Snooks West told me about as a child and made me believe that anything and everything is achievable, if only you dedicate yourself to working hard. This is the America that my wife Angela and I now tell our daughters Aubrey and Austen about, and prepare them for. This is the America that Dr. King spoke of because it is character that matters, not skin color.

This is the America that our Founding Fathers just somehow knew was possible. This is also the America we are challenged to preserve and defend. We must continue to talk about this America and the legacy of liberty and why it must be passed on to subsequent generations.

We must tell the stories of the sacrifices of previous generations that have enabled us to enjoy these blessings. We cannot begin to believe that all we can ever be are just subservient drones to a tyrannical government that does not believe in our individual indomitable American spirit. And we must once again restore the brilliance of that beacon of freedom of conscience and will that has drawn so many to our beautiful shores and graced those of us fortunate enough to be born here.

Say what you will progressive socialists and others with your incessant personal attacks. This America shall triumph, as liberty and freedom always have. This America will see a recommitment to its fundamental constitutional principles. This America will once again be that special place that holds respect, regard, and honor in the world.

I look forward to doing the audio recording for the book and its release next month because I get to tell the story about this America and why I shall always be a Guardian of the Republic.

(Liberals will be furious if my book debuts on the best seller list. Want to wind them up? Pre-order your copy now, and get a special poster)


  1. Your book is 224 pages and is still printed in large-typeface font!

    You must have really struggled to fill it with enough red meat for your (insane) base!

    There are pamphlets at dentists reception areas which are thicker than your book!

    • typical troll, put down and criticize. You have no debate worthy of any post. You cannot debate on any facts you have no stance on anything you want socialism and tyranny go to russia live there

    • Ahem, perhaps it is not the number of pages that truly count. For example, Obamacare at 2,500 pages (plus thousands more in regulations) can not compare to a single page treatise on liberty. I pre-order Col. West’s book because I support this gentleman warrior and all he has done, and will do, for America.

    • Really ?! Well authentic material may be more compact than a fictional work written by someone else….such as the ‘bio’ our fraudulent oval office occupier claimed as his own.

    • Bob,

      When you are a guest in someone else’s house, it would behoove you not to insult your host and badmouth his relatives. If you think LTC West’s readers are his “insane” base, then you are without the foggiest clue as to the actual political and philosophical composition of this country. Common sense, a return to Judeo-Christian morals, and restoration of the Constitution and Bill of Rights resonate with the VAST majority of human Americans.

      If you think the readers are insane, then why do you read anything here, much less post the kind of substandard comments that you do? You are an apparently lackluster “person”, with literally nothing better to do. The next time you want to criticize, condemn, and complain, go back to your “friends” and fellow dolts in the LameStream Media. Imbecile.


  2. Col West. In the 70’s The description Of Conn. would be dead on. However in this day and age they have turned into a socialist state, bordering on tyrannical. It is a shame that they have gone to the “dark side” I appreciate your stance and ask that you continue

  3. So proud of you! I love what you shared about how amazing it is that you are staying in that home. I have never been to CT but just hearing you write about it makes me wish to visit. Keep the faith and keep sharing it. I have faith in Americans that we will rise from this Marxist pixie dust being poured out on our Nation by Obama and his minions–THEY will not win, because freedom was birthed in liberty found in Jesus Christ and no matter how hard they try you can’t kill the Holy Spirit. Because of the faithful, those truly indwelled with the Holy Spirit, America will rise again to being a beacon for others.

  4. I hope you run WITH someone – especially in those gross blue states! Be Proud! Be Loud! but Be CAREFUL SIR!! Salute! 🙂

  5. “…unlike First Lady Michelle Obama, this isn’t the first time I’ve felt this way.”
    This is the first time I’ve ever been *ashamed* of the country…for letting the liberals get away with this socialistic coup.

    Colonel: I wish you’d run for POTUS with either Ben Carson or Jeanine Pirro as VP.

  6. You are grateful, and you know right from wrong. You love the Lord and you love America…plain to see, especially by comparison, but also in your actions and deeds. You have been trained to command and are very experienced at this. Sir, you are more aware of international tension and conflict than most people today who are in the political stage. Your children are mostly grown and are less vulnerable to the attempts to take you down by the media, and they are part of a military family who are “grown strong.” Who else but Allen West can we have in the next post as our President of the United States? We have a big mess to clean up! I forgot to mention that you are truly an African American, not an American African and as such, can be the role model that is really needed for African Americans to survive and to thrive as a culture in this country. They are killing themselves off and you know what to do about it!

  7. Then you need to stand and lead from the front and there’s only one position where you can do both…get into the White House….

  8. And this is CT that is going to confiscate guns if they are not registered. Are you going to speak anywhere while you are here? I’d love to see you!

  9. OH..Ok, so all this gibberish you’ve been woofing has been about selling your book.?!! Now there’s an example of a hypocritical, what did you call it Mr. West, “socialist progressive anti-free market capitalist. You are no better then the rest of the “left” who you say look to benefit from the american anti-free market protests. But then, it is ok for you!

    • It’s a Conservative’s way to earn the money to pay for things like living expenses and running for elections, with goods, services, and ideas of equal value to the populace that buys them. But Liberals don’t know about earning what you get, they just lie, con, coerce, tax and steal. We understand your confusion, but you underestimate Americans. We’re not sheep. Russia would be happy to have you.. or maybe not.

    • Vincent,

      The only one plying gibberish in here is you. Go back to MSNBC. No one is waiting here with baited breath, for your next “insightful” comment. Bugger off, now.


  10. Why are some people calling Allen West an African American? Stop with the PC bullshit! Colonel Allen West is either an African or an American. There is no such thing as an African American. Were his parents born in the USA, grandparents, great grandparents etc. Then by all definition he is an American. My heritage is Irish, German & Cherokee Indian, but I do not refer to any of my ancestors race to describe my own! I hope & pray that we can turn America around after all of the bullshit that Obama has thrown on the American people. The March on WDC is coming up soon to take our country back from the ILLEGAL usurper in the White House!

    • I too am of mixed heritage, German, Dutch, Scottish, Irish, English and American Indian (Lakota Sioux and Iroquois) and I agree with you Janeen I consider myself as a PURE AMERICAN who’ll stand up am welling to go down fighting for the freedoms that my ancestors have fought and died for. On Dec 20th, 1963 I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC and Janeen that oath was not for the time I was in or for my career IT WAS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. My Mother, Grandfather and Grandmother, and several other relations raised me to uphold the beliefs that my ancestor cherished and to be willing to fight for those God given freedoms.

      As the saying below is states, I wish people would teach this to our children and carry it with them all the time. (Feel free to copy this and keep near at hand to remind you that people like Col. West and I have and are willing to give up to protect this wonderful nation and its people.)

      It is the VETERAN, not the Preacher, who has given us FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

      It is the VETERAN, not the Reporter, who has given us FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.

      It is the VETERAN, not the Poet, who has given us FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

      It is the VETERAN, not the Campus Organizer who has given us FREEDOM TO ASSEMBLE.

      It is the VETERAN, not the Lawyer, who has given us the ARIGHT TO A FAIR AND SPEEDY TRIAL.

      It is the VETERAN, not the Politician, who has given us the right to vote.

      It is the VETERAN, who fights under the Flag.
      It is the VETERAN, who salutes the Flag.
      It is the VETERAN, who eventually has his coffin draped with the flag.

      So, folks next time you see a VETERAN, walk up to him or her and thank them for their service and their sacrifice!

      May the Great Spirit watch over you and yours and guide yours and their steps for all eternity.

      US Combat Veteran:Vietnam, ’68-’69; Door gunner, 228th Avn. Bn. (ASH), 1st Cav. Div. (AM) and former Armored Cavalry Scout (19D30) and damned proud to have served and would do it again if this wonderful country and its people ever needed me. (However, not under BHO and his Socialist Regime.) Enlisted into the Army Dec. 20, ’63 at the age of seventeen and retired from the Id. Air National Guard Apr. 1, ’92 as an E-6.

  11. According to their website, looks like you had the best room in the house, Sir. Bet you were tempted by that candlelit homemade breakfast they served. Also bet you asked a lot of questions about the history of the house and gave them a history lesson as well in return. You certainly have class. Thank goodness you are not a metro-sexual. We would have been bored by that. Good luck with making the audio for your book…looking forward to it!

  12. Yes, you are a patriot, perhaps our best hope for restoring America.
    If only you had the courage to even look at Sheriff Arpaio’s FRAUD evidence, you’d be a national hero for deposing Obama.
    But alas, even you are afraid of exposing what you know, what EVERYONE in Congress knows.

  13. Mr. West, are you considering running for the POTUS ? There are a great many of us that would truly appreciatet it. We need you to bring this once great nation back to what she once was. Thanks for all you have done, you have my vote alongside many many others.

  14. And this is my Rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My rifle, without me, is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will… I will defend the Constitution of the United States of America. I have sworn this. So help me, God.

    • I too have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. I pray God will give us strength and determination to triumph over evil. Regardless of any and all things God is in control and all we must do is keep the faith and put on his armor. Praise be to God the Father…Amen!

  15. Mr. West my hat off to you and may our great God keep you safe until we win this battle. May God bless you , your family and all those that are behind you on this struggle. The battle is not over yet until we get the tyrant that is running our nation now and all his followers and supporters. Mr. West, are you considering running for the POTUS ? There are a great many of us that would truly appreciate it. We need you to bring this once great nation back to what she once was. Thanks for all you have done, you have my vote alongside many many others. You can count on my vote.


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