Is Facebook censoring conservative content?

Recently I sat down with our website editor, Michele Hickford, to discuss social media analytics and recurring trends in order for us to better address the issues that matter most to our readers.

She looked at best performing stories, posts, and numbers of comments. We noticed there has been a precipitous decline in views and shares of individual stories in the first week of March on Facebook. The issue is that Facebook manipulates what stories show up in users’ news feeds. So if no one sees our stories, they don’t get read.

Of course in one year we went from about 197,000 to over 925,000 page “likes” overall. But you just have to wonder if someone at the Zuckerberg empire is regulating our traffic – is Facebook censoring conservative content? What’s curious about this is many of our fellow members of the Liberty Alliance are having the same issue.

So during my morning run, some thoughts and perspectives ran through my mind.

There is no debate that I am a strong conservative in my political ideology and governing principles. I believe wholeheartedly in the free marketplace of ideas where ingenuity and innovation thrive.

However, it seems the success of our Facebook page is being seen as a lucrative revenue source that Facebook wants a piece of. What I find so perplexing is that Facebook bubba Zuckerberg is a pretty cozy fella with President Obama — the most anti-free market president we have ever seen, a true progressive socialist.

So why is it that Zuckerberg — and let’s be honest, any business person, — jumps in bed with liberal progressives? If Zuckerberg is looking to make a profit off the endeavors of my conservative Facebook page, doesn’t that go contrary to the political crowd in which he circulates? I always found it ironic that someone like Michael Moore would say capitalism sucks, yet he charges money for people to see his movies — hypocritical?

So let’s see here, Mark Zuckerberg now wants to make more money off a conservative Facebook page so he can make more money to donate to more liberal progressive causes and candidates. So they can espouse their anti-free market ideology and expand the welfare nanny-state and cause my taxes to increase in order to pay for more “free stuff.”

Why shouldn’t we be able to utilize the Facebook traffic for free? After all, isn’t that the center of the progressive socialist mentality — shared prosperity and economic equality and all that?

The only other explanation for what we’re seeing with our Facebook page would be a blatant attempt to censor our message and limit its promulgation — and that wouldn’t be nice, Mark.

The hypocrisy of liberals seems to have no end. They like to make money, but apparently they want to limit who else gets to earn a prosperous living. It’s like the old Soviet politburo establishment where the ruling elite lived under the mantra of “do as we say, not as we do.”

Liberal progressives accept certain elites in their sphere, such as entertainment and sports figures, but not us saps out here just working hard to make a living. I applaud what Facebook has done and the platform it has created. And I certainly wouldn’t want to limit innovators seeking to better their business model and make a profit.

But I do wonder if Facebook throttles back traffic to the Obama social media machine, or is that all gratis since they share the same failed socialist beliefs? And if it is given preferential treatment, does that run afoul of campaign finance laws?

The liberal Left controls the message of the mainstream media, no question about it. Thank goodness conservative voices have alternative ways to disseminate our message through radio, cable and satellite networks, social media, podcasts and on our websites.

But there is also no question the liberal Left will do whatever it takes to strangle our free speech when it conflicts with the progressive agenda.

Mr. Zuckerberg, you believe in the First Amendment, don’t you? They may come after us first, but they’ll be after you too. Think about that next time you’re at one of those swanky liberal cocktail parties, little bro.


  1. Im sure they are manipulating it and censoring it. I have seen where they have removed some people who are outspoken conservatives. When asked about it, they say it was an “accident” or something similar. I guess sort of like the IRS saying they aren’t targeting conservative groups. You think they will invoke the 5th amendment too?

  2. There is no question in my mind that Zuckerberg is censoring and modifying your traffic. Zuckerberg is for making money just as bho is, they are for spreading the wealth, just not theirs. Look at Putin, he is worth Millions and he didn’t get that way on his salary, just like bho. He believes in spreading the wealth, just not his. All the Big Dictators live the HIGH LIFE and beat up the poor with over charging, taxing etc etc.
    I think you would be better off not on facebook. That way no one can censor you, manipulate your traffic or govern how much you can make from ADs. We( your followers would follow you no matter where you posted.

  3. I know there is censoring because I follow quite a few conservative sites and some never show up on my page. I have to go hunt for them.

  4. Of course they are most of the liberals hate mongers cannot stand anyone disagreeing with their ideals of Marxism and communism

  5. I own a firearms manufacturing company and every time I post a photo of a new customer build, which I was sure would be wildly popular, I get about 80 views. When I post something funny or not gun related I get hundreds of page views.

  6. Colonel, I usually agree with you. While I agree with your sentiment in this article, you can do better in your tone and manner. You’re an educated man, and you can speak better than this article suggests.

  7. Censure and control is what the Democrat party is all about! Control and censure what others who oppose their views and ideals.

  8. “It’s like the old Soviet politburo establishment where the ruling elite lived under the mantra of “do as we say, not as we do.”” — And this statement, for the bullseye.

  9. They regularly censor conservative thought on their own sites. Go to the “official” Twitter or YouTube pages of the president and try to post a conservative comment. It will never see the light of day. And considering the freedom of information act, any comment made on their official site immediately becomes public property. To delete them is a crime.

  10. Unfortunately this sort of “censorship” is and has been commonplace for many years. It’s just part of the political battlefield tactics. I have been seeing that most of the front running candidates have much of the same platforms in place from which to base their ideas and political agendas. There really is only one thing of importance, IMHO, that will set one apart from the others, and once that candidate adds that to his/her platform, that candidate will get my vote. But, I truly don’t believe any candidate has the intestinal fortitude to add this to their agenda, and that’s unfortunate, because this one added policy would put that candidate into the White House. Do a survey and you will find that the vast majority of Americans would support and vote for a candidate who would publicly present a plan to put all politicians on the same playing field as the citizenry. No automatic retirement pay for life, just because you have been elected to office, same insurance policies as the general public…..heck, let me cut to the chase…same everything and include term limits, same as the President. IMHO, this is the only issue that hasn’t been addressed and it’s the only issue that would be a shoe in for a candidate. Just my humble opinion, from ground zero, from what I see and hear on a daily basis,regardless of which city or state I am in. And if I don’t hear a candidate address this lop sided, illegal issue, as a Patriot, it is my duty not to vote for a candidate, not even the least of all evils. At this time in the history of our Nation, America is not America anymore, and it is solely the responsibility of the Politicians who put their self interests first. .

  11. The uber wealthy don’t concern themselves with matters of American interest as they lounge on palm strewn beaches in faraway places.

  12. Col. West, your question about Progressives who criticize capitalists being first in line to make money in our “evil” capitalist system reminds me of what my conservative friends in Vermont and New Hampshire have told me about lefties from New York and Massachusetts who build first (or second) homes in VT or NH and then use “environmental concerns” to block other people who also want to build homes there. The “good for me but not for thee” mentality runs rampant in Progressives. They operate on an “I’ve got mine, but you can’t have yours” mentality in pretty much everything. I mean honestly, do you think Moochelle Obama eats only healthy fruit and veggies? Heck, Barry still SMOKES! But they preach to the rest of us about how we should be required under law to “live healthy.”

      • Just over the past two days, I have shared two of A.W.’s articles and both were never allowed through to my timeline. It is time to start writing discontented e-mails to the FB administration to find out what is going on. I may come back here to share what they say, if it is something meaningful but, I doubt a response will come.

  13. I had the same thought this week!! I shared some CPAC goodies and barely got any feedback, especially from my uber-conservative friends. It was very unusual, but like you said, not surprising.

    • you have to constantly check that all your ‘friends’ are set to ‘receive notifications’ from as futtbace is constantly turned that off

  14. I’ve been hearing complaints from conservatives about Facebook for years. They seem tp primarily target people who are vocal about Christianity, immigration, abortion and Islamic Jihadists..

    Not sure what system you’re using, but it’s fairly simple and inexpensive to set up a WordPress Membership site (or to add it to an existing site) that will do most of what Facebook does, without the data mining or data targeted ads.. The problem is getting enough active members to make it interesting.

    • Well for Starters Be Linda, The
      country is in trouble and that’s your comment “Spelling” ???? … Here you go Be Linda …. You asked for it !!!

      You will be the first to go …. Don’t take my word for it, hear it from their own mouth!

      Please don’t be a useful idiot, do your homework.

      I don’t mean any disrespect Be Linda OK, Just listen what they have planed for us all !!

      Please click on the links …Episode 8 – Starring Yuri Bezmenov,
      Obama, John Kerry, Jim Wallis, Hillary & Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Nancy…

      Clicks on the links to learn what were up against.


      Agenda – Grinding America Down – Free Movie – How we got here.

      # 1 –

      Here is a copy … Please help me post it everywhere.

      Being tolerant has made us seem foolish in the eyes of the elite.
      But we are on too their game. We need to take a stand, before we are finished.

      Watch the video, do your homework, and pass this information on to everyone you know.

    • Is that the best you have? Oh ouch, now we are goners! Thanks for pointing out that some people either can’t spell or perhaps had typo’s in their posts. You must feel really proud of yourself now that you have saved the nation from the big bad speller….

  15. Stories like these remind me why i deleted my FB account back before the sellout of everyone`s info and the IPO purchase`s..
    Sadly there is No way to just delete your account, the only option is “deactivate” and there are a couple of levels of that feature now..

    If you are one that chooses to do this then you will need to manually delete everything from your account, change your login name to some gibberish and also change the email addy to something else (maybe create a new disposable email for this).. Once you change the email it will force you to login to the new email and verify it, do so and then deactivate FB, login and verify once more and then its as gone as possible aside of maybe writing a letter to FB demanding it be deleted which they would probably just ignore(those dead ghost accounts add up to how many real user`s “per FB” are using the social media site).

    • You can’t delete, only deactivate.It goes into hibernation. Once you use it again, everything “They” want to be there is back..

      • F/B belongs to The Owners. If you use it, You play be their rules. Do you have family members using F/B, or JUST your Mom? I never put ALL of my info online.THEY do, and you never know what they are going to do. Some family members lie and say mean things, that hurt people.

      • That`s why i changed everything to Gibberish/fake info before i deactivated it.. Atleast whatever info it is storing has nothing to do with me. I got out before it hit the Stock Mkt, finally got mom out 2 weeks ago..

  16. I had Face Book ONLY after My Space changed their format.
    I was banned from Face Book when I began to upload articles about Obama the first time he was in office.
    Later, I created another account from my other Yahoo Account because some of the blogs only had Face Book. By this time, my major email account became Gmail.
    When I received an Invitation TO ME in my Gmail —- FROM ME from my Yahoo account associated with Face Book….I shut down my Face Book Account.

    That really worried me. How did they know about my Gmail Account?!!!

  17. In all honesty FB is how I see most of your stories come through now that I think about it. That being said it does not mean that they do not manipulate the flow of traffic and tag people with specific terms to later identify/persecute people for particular ways of thinking or belief.

    knowing a thing or two about the IT industry and supporting these companies in my personal jobs I can tell you that while they preach safety, security, and the benefits of them collecting the metadata for YOUR benefit. It is a load of crap, the data in the wrongs hands for the wrong reasons will ultimately end up causing the exact situations that our so called (by the media and president) “outdated” Constitution and Declaration of Independence is meant to protect us from. Unlawful searches and seizures of personal properties without naming the specific place and item to be searched and seized. Its just to hard for them to request the information when they can just take it.

    • The info collected isn’t “real” if they are censuring certain other info. Just think of all of the revenue lost, misspent, wasted. It’s your money they are wasting. Just saying.

  18. Well, if you can PROVE that they are censoring your FB page, I’m done with FB, & will cancel my account. I only have it anyway so I can stay in touch with family that lives in other parts of the country. I have threatened this in the past, & have let them know it too. So if you find that they are, let us all know. The only way to shut up these liberal hypocrites is to hit them where it hurts~their wallets.

  19. Face book and all the other online social media operators should consider themselves common carriers of information thus eliminating tilting their point of view one way or another. Never mind what the subject matter is just post it when it arrives on their servers.If they did that more segments of society would post their views no matter what they are. The more people entering a discussion like that would be a sure increase in revenue. Pissing off a huge number of users is shooting yourself in the foot. Facebook should have that pointed out to them and tell the politicians to go to hell.

  20. FB does this to quite a few conservative pages…..Breitbart…comes to mind. They don’t want conservatives to be heard or read, apparently.

  21. Although I “Like” your page, Colonel, I rarely see your Facebook material in my news feed. I do see other Conservative friends share your material. I share most of your articles from the Facebook link on your mail. Thanks for being a voice of honesty and reason, in an information world dominated by Liberals!

  22. Col. West you are just now experiencing what many of us have encountered for the past two to three years – actually it ramped up prior to the last election. It was an obvious form of social commentary censorship. If you read further in to the face book agreement – you will note that they reserve the right to limit, edit, restrict posts as they see fit. The fact that we have the freedom to utilize the medium of expression does not necessarily mean that have the ability to control who may see it. When you factor in what the mainstream media is doing to manipulate information through the television it not too difficult to notice that it indeed encompasses social media outlets as well. Facebook started as simply a way to “connect” yet has become a powerful tool for those that indeed prefer that research and information is controlled and moved in certain directions that benefit corporate interest. It is indeed a “brave new world”.

  23. There are many people, besides conservatives, complaining about the FB change in what is showing up in the newsfeed. I see it as a control issue over all FB users. I would not be surprised to learn FBs reaction to certain key words trigger minimizing conservative information. FB may be free but is it really? They use your data and dictate how your information is to be fed to others.

  24. I have had trouble with mine since the Duck Dynasty fiasco. It hasn’t worked well since, with anything I try to share from recipes to Christian to conservative.

  25. If they ever do decide to “redistribute wealth” I would sincerely hope that the Dems make Zuckerburg pay through his nose– to the point where he has no more money than the rest of us working stiffs! Only then will he bear any responsibility for his actions in supporting the Left! Are you listening Obama??? Go after him– I’ll develop a lot of respect for you if you do!

    • “If they ever do decide to “redistribute wealth””
      ?? I thought this has already been going on for awhile??

  26. FB is censoring conservatives. Not only are they not posting, when I was told by FB I could have more than one account and set up Prudence so I could communicate with my conservative friends, suddenly everything goes back to my local account. I live in a small county, know most everyone, and the majority, actually the younger folks are very liberal. I was making people angry with my conservative feelings, even criticized for being an Ayn Rand advocate. So, to keep up with what was going on in town, I created the new account. Now, I can see no posts from all my cons. friends, it takes me back to local account. I do want to mention however they are not only not posting, they are putting people in “time out” for discussing our Bill of Rights and Constitution. Anywhere from 3-10 days at a time. So it got to be a joke when we didn’t hear from these people that they had been put in “time out’, always given a reason for the restriction, and days later we were told they had been on restriction! I read further down that gmail and Google were connected in some way and don’t you know, when I purchased a new computer in February ’13, for conversion sake, I set up a new gmail account, BUT they will not allow me to use my email address of 30 years, they keep me with the P. Rightwinger email address from FB! It doesn’t make sense. I have been a loyal Google user, not any longer, things will change there in the next week or two. Also, I swore by Snopes when I had a question. Please don’t go there! Bashing conservatives and painting barry a Saint! I started using computers in the early 70’s and I didn’t care who saw what, and protected accounts I did not want people seeing. I will stay with FB so I know what is going on in town, and all my friends around the world. As for discussing politics I will be doing it directly from emails until I find a conservative discussion group I can keep up with. There is one out there, set up just like FB, but it was tedious having to go to another site to talk. I will have to look that one up and go back to it. All my conservative friends were going over to it, but I think they found it tedious as well. We conservatives have to hang together and hang tough to be heard. We’re in this thing together! God bless America.

  27. facebook is not the whole internet.
    It is a company run website that can promote any position it wants.

    The CEO of facebook can use his company however he wants and people are free to boycott or support it.

    Do you hate capitalism?

  28. Oh, your probably on to something there. I have just Lately aquired “followers” from Disqus. These fellows seem to be hard core lefties. Perhaps they may learn something from following me around. Oh, BTW – ” Welcome Aboard my follwers”. And Happy Learning. Glad to help out a fellow human being improve themselves, it’s called individual empowerment, the true American Way!

  29. Go to John Boehner’s Speaker of the House ( USA) Web site and Post Post Post! Tell it like it is…. you’ll find alot of company! Get it documented on record! Spread the word.

    • I remember so many people had complaints about Wasserman-Schultz that it ended up crashing her Facebook. Too funny.

  30. I was just removed from Facebook. I guess they don’t agree with my political views. I’m not the first one that has been removed I have heard other people say the same thing. So much for Facebook.

    • I am sorry. WND is another one that censors and they have been doing it a lot here lately. Last year there was no such thing as WND and then it grew. Now they are censoring everything you say. People have said a really bad thing and they don’t even say anything to them, but me I have been telling things the way they are and they put a message under my name. I haven’t gone back to see if they deleted the whole thing. obammy doesn’t like OUR FREE SPEECH. I had free speech way before he or his parents were born.

      • You are correct. I ran into the same problem. I try to just talk sense. I speak of Americans coming together and reasoning things out, stopping all the hate and name calling, stopping all this left and right garbage, and start acting civilized. My posts are always censored on Drudge, WND, and FB.

      • I haven’t been on FB only a few times and I have problems. I had to get FB and tweet in order to make a comment or post on different websites. I self taught my self how to use FB and tweet. So I don’t know if I’m doing things right or wrong. They won’t let me make changes to my I.D. I would like to delete the information on FB, but they won’t even let me do that.

  31. FB was definitely censoring during the last primaries and election campaign and no doubt, still censoring. They work with all the Leftist Mcclatchey news groups so not surprised.

  32. The answer Col. West is yes there are 92 % of all people in the states that are above 18 are linked to Facebook if they are on the net. Kind of an easy way of making a few lists now isn’t it .

    • It’s a great way of making lists. That’s Facebook’s entire business model, Google’s too. But if you’re suggesting that the federal government would need their help then I think you’re wrong. They already have the SSA, IRS, Census. If the feds were to put all the information they have about you together in one place it would be a much more detailed database than anything Facebook has got.

      • Due to things of another nature I am not cleared to discuss this other than one word Echalon , Key words used in your post… FB connected over a year back .Be smart to drop it there..

  33. I am not sure if you are aware of this, but there is something we can do as those who have “Liked” your site. On the Like button on your page, we can hover our mouse over the button and are given some options. If we select Get Notifications, I think it will probably override any method Facebook may use to cloak your articles. I find that if I don’t do this, I may go several days before I see a post from you. Then I go to your timeline and see that you have made several posts. After I checked that box, I seem to get pretty much every activity you do.

    Perhaps you can make your other subscribers aware of this. Just a thought.

    Thanks, Fred

  34. I am glad that I did not renew my facebook page because someone has tap on my page but there is another similar that is tea party community that’s where I go now I realy don’t care about facebook any more

  35. Does anyone know how to start a conservative version of FB? That would be the key. If there’s a site out there, please post what it is as a reply. Thanks.

  36. Lately a Facebook popup has prevented me from posting anything negative about Obama, Michelle, Harry Reed and other Democrats. I wish someone would start a community where comments are not censored unless they consist of filthy language. I switch from Facebook in a heartbeat!

  37. I’ve noticed my news feed has changed to mostly posts from one source. This feed from Mr West has been virtually eliminated, many others as well like Mr Vallely’s, the Kitchen Cabinet etc all missing.

  38. I read FB to see what’s going on with groups and people with whom I’ve connected. To get into meaty issues on FB is a nonstarter because of the blase attitude of fam and acquaintances. The attitudes have become more depressing than encouraging. FB is social and that’s what people I know want, food, the secret Ellen never told her fans, Garden’s of Time. Get off FB and start your own FB type conservative outlet.

    • Why? When the people who want to hear his message ARE on FB! There are MILLIONS of us who WANT to get Allen’s and ALL conservative messages that we have signed up for. Social media does NOT just mean idiotic mindless stupid crap. I don’t give a flying rat’s @$$ about Ellen or Oprah.
      They aren’t social, they are freaks.

  39. These liberals are so sure that their pie in the sky pot smoke induced ideas are correct that they cannot allow anyone to voice a different feet on the ground real experience idea to be seen……and right now people are willing to settle for that?

    • “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” ~C.S. Lewis

  40. I am with you 100% Col. West, I find sometime when I want to share one of your stories I have to try to share several times before it will repost…. However, I do not give up so easily and I saw an article that said that Facebook was going to edit all articles about the 2nd Amendment. I am very worried about our America! We have to enforce voter ID, period, there is so much voter fraud going on it is a disgrace. I really believe that Romney won the last election. All electronic voting machines need to be checked before using. We have SAD, SAD, SAD days in America now.

  41. I agree, I tried to comment and share and could not post. Message read I posted something offensive. All I said was I wish someone would put Pelosi to sleep all


    • I’m sure they are censoring! I’ve been saying a lot worse for months now and instead of suspending my account because I want to see Obama, Holder, the Supreme court, and others tried and executed for treason, they keep suspending me for making to many friend requests to people that don’t know me. It just happened again yesterday and I have not made a friend request for over 6 months?

      • Max out your ‘friends’ list to whatever it is now… 4000 or 5000. Then take the setting OFF public and set it to private. I don’t get suspended for ANYTHING I put on my page because it is not public. HOWEVER, I have enough friends sharing from my friends list to actually have an impact on the public. :o) try it.

  42. It’s not just FB…many sites such as Mother Jones, HuffPo and others routinely censor views that don’t follow their liberal leanings, some, have been doing it for years…Their hypocrisy in claiming that they are the true protectors of our freedom is astounding…the scariest part is, I think they truly believe it. “For the greater good”, or “By any means” aren’t just slogans with these people…I blame their teachers…

    • “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” ~C.S. Lewis

  43. I too have noticed the influx of pages wishing to be accepted or liked due to their liberal content, a person (Wendy Davis, Mark Udall etc.) and especially Obummer wanting me to join his cause. I usually leave a comment (sarcastic and biting) but will not subscribe or like the page. I believe that they know who you are, what you like, you political leanings and so on and bombard you with this crap. So I believe as is noted in the article that I do not put it beyond them to do this crap. A small skirmish but we will win the battle.

  44. I have had a similar problem with Facebook not letting me comment or even “Like” some conservative posts. I have asked my Facebook friends about it but they seem to think it is a glitch. Now I’m beginning to wonder if this is an “intentional glitch.”

  45. sorry, but i have grown tired. It used to be that I was hopeful that something would happen to a man who is a president acting like a criminal. Oh sure, people are talking about it, but doing nothing, promising to make things right, asking you to sign this petition and that petition, over and over, with no action at all. ever. But they’re on TV talking about this and that and how it’s wrong. What happened to morality? What happened to people keeping their word or being responsible for their actions? I’m tired of the lies of the Democrats, the actions they take and then lieing about them. Even the Republicans are doing it now with the pleading of the 5th instead of telling what happened in New Jersey. When will it stop? Never? Is it all just bullet points for re-election? When will our panty wearing President take action and do something that is RIGHT for the country? When is the last time you remember so many people being out of a job and it being ‘whitewashed’ to the point that you should be ‘thankful’ you are unemployed. REALLY? Don’t get me started. This isn’t the America I was brought up in.

    • We have NO President. Obama is a foreign agent disguised as a President. Didn’t you know that? The answer to your question is NEVER. America has no President to work with. America is fighting a war within. America is in deep doo doo. We do, indeed need some leadership like Mr. Gowdy and/or Mr. West. One or the other could be President and one VP or Justice. Boy, they are good.

      • That’s the problem. They just may be TOO good. The democrats have mindless voters who swallow all the horsecrap they are fed and live in la la land. If we aren’t very very careful, we will be taken by another government. Then everyone will be screaming foul. Why does it have to get to that before people wake up? Allen makes sense. He is an extremely balanced person with etiquette, brilliance and testosterone. I agree he would make a great leader. Just think the democrats will win again like Crimeans voting 100% to join Russia. Nothing is 100%, doesn’t anyone know that? The democrats cry foul if we force voters to prove who they are. well, they may start forcing air passengers to prove who they are now before they fly. Makes sense to me. The precidence has been set, now let’s follow through. And, thank you for your feedback, blackyb.

  46. Mr. West, you misunderstand the ability of the Libs to be so casually hypocritical. As far as they are concerned, it isn’t hypocrisy when you are a member of the Master Race as the rules don’t apply to you.

  47. EVERYONE!!! THE PLACE TO GO IS TEAPARTYCOMMUNITY.COM > They are the group who jumped out of FB and started their own site. PLEASE PLEASE check it out. I joined there Feb 2013. We have 140K+ members and 3/4 of those came when they started the site. Today I am going to FB and jumping out. I can’t stand this BS anymore. So…..check it out okay!!

    • I’m all for sites where like minded folk can learn from each other to be able to share the truth with the less informed. That is why I belong to Freedom connector. However these sites can be no more than a Preach to the Choir room, or a mutual bitch session. I reach out to the social networks to educate all who will listen. I believe many of us who do that are a big reason why Obie’s approval rating is so low today. Yes, I’ve encountered difficulties with FB, but I don’t give up, and finally get my info communicated, to family and friends new and old, and if any of them can’t handle my post they can hide it or unfriend me. I believe Im reaching more than I lose.

  48. What Obama has done for the rich is keep the economy in a suppressed state which in turn helps keep wages low and that is why the stock market is doing relatively well while wages aren’t budging.

      • raising the minimum wage causes jobs to be lost to the public, it’s a scheme. Taxing the ‘rich’ is also a scheme, since most of the rich democrats owe more in back taxes than they will make this year. Ovomit is all about bringing in those illegal aliens, giving them amnesty, causing lower wages once again… despite the new minimum wage putting small businesses out of business. It’s a vicious cycle. Go troll on your own progressive pages where you all can live in lala land. You are NOT welcome here. None of you have a decent grasp on economics 101.

      • Hahahaha!! That’s actually really funny, telling me I’m not welcome here in the comments section of an article about a website censoring people’s opinions. You’ve got a great sense of irony my friend! Wait, that was a joke right?

      • Raising the minimum wage is an issue to appease the ignorant, because it does is provide an incentive for corporations to hire fewer people and improve efficiency. If you want to put more money in the hands of more people; strengthen the middle class, They WILL spend the money on goods and services which will hire more entry level workers, unfortunately Obama has been waging war on the middle class driving them to poverty. The funny thing about “taxing the rich” is they always have a way out since they can afford accountants to find those loop holes that just happen to pop up. Why do you think Democrats (and Republicans for the most part) don’t want a flat tax? They tell the ignorant “we’re taxing the rich” while providing them loopholes for campaign donations.

  49. Facebook has made some changes to their algorithm recently that make it harder to promote your brand. They value posts with commentary or links to different sites more highly than a series of posts with little text and just a link back to your own website. In short, they’re not interested in helping you draw people off their site over to your own site. This is not a conspiracy. Facebook is not obliged to help you advertise your commercial website. If you want to reach people you have to pay.

  50. The only solution is for libertarians and conservatives to leave the page, start a new page and Facebook with become the pmsnbc of the online world.

    • There is a site called “Libertyheads” that has the same style and basic process so the culture shock would be a minimum. It devotes itself to allowing the free voice of Conservatism to present itself to the world and judge ONLY the level of harshness used to present it, and NOT the ideal! I love it! I hope you’ll all try it as well. At minimum it could be your second go to for comments and info, until you realize you don’t really NEED fb anymore!

  51. @gonecrazytoo:disqus Sheridan and his little cowboy hat doesn’t know what he is talking about… He is wearing Obozo goggles….. I wouldn’t be surprised if the government actually owns Face Book just to ‘legally’ collect peoples information… Think about it.. It’s treasure trove and why the heck would FB buy the other crap social media for billions? I had never even heard of it before… Sheridan… why don’t you get off the 25 cent Walmart horsey and mosey on home… paht nah…..

    • You wouldn’t be surprised if the government owned Facebook? A company listed on the NASDAQ with a market cap of over a hundred billion dollars? You think it’s equally likely that it’s all some sort of front for the CIA/NSA/IRS to collect information about how much you like cat videos and your cousin’s baby pictures? I guess I must be wearing goggles or something. The only other possibility is that you’re an idiot.

      • They may not own it, but I’m sure Zuckerberg is more than happy to share who is posting on conservative pages, so he does have a point.

      • No, he doesn’t have a point. You’re just adding your own idle speculation to his. Two idle speculations don’t equal a fact.

  52. To the fevered Liberal mind “Free Speech” is restricted to only those who agree with them! Find us away around FB and we jump his listing ship ASAP!

  53. I have shared Conservative posts on face book and nearly always get a line at the bottom of the Share pop up bubble that you must ok first in order to complete the share that says something to the effect of “Some people may not see this because of it’s privacy settings.” I do not get that on any other share! I am certain that fb has NO problem messing around with conservatives communications. I believe they are always liking for new and innovative ways to do that!

    • Why is it that leberals control the vast amount of the media, Hollyweird, and academia? Using this power they have reshaped America and made it worse.

      • I know, but darn it, I love keeping in touch with my fam and friends. I especially LOVE meeting like-minded political ppl. I’d miss it too much. It’s amazing, too, how many of my friends I’ve grown up around that I’ve helped awaken to the political crap going on. I don’t think I’d have been able to make such an impact without FB.

      • I’ll communicate with my friends. Politics is a dead issue when you are dealing with dead head.AOL/Huffington post kick me off all together.Black Entertainment and New blocked me.They can trash us bu we engage them. That’s the reason they think everything is rosy under Obama.

      • LOLOL!!! You’re banned from Huffingpuff too?!?! Cool! Glad I’m not the only one!

      • being a conservative black, I was tearing the asses of black liberals on Huffington Black Entertainment and New. The idol whorshippers of Obama. I write something and they flag. other people report I’m abusive.When he was running, you couldn’t write out his full name, being it closely resemble OSB. I contribute the conservative at all. They even close my aol account. messed up my e-mail and contacts.

      • Site you should look at is You won’t have so many as you would with those dead heads.

  54. I’m getting the same thing as Libtardharvestor. I’ve about had it with Facebook. Is there another form of media we can use?

  55. Thanks Col. for keeping us up to date. Zuckerberg is brainwashed like the rest of the progressives. Saturated with hypocrites.

  56. This is a serious compromise on our right of free speech if anyone can confirm that Facebook itself prevents/limits content perceived to be conservative in nature in any way. In a similar vein, there had been ridiculous suspensions of a number of Facebook users in because of political correctness – punishing people for using certain words regardless of context, yet there had been suspicion that certain kinds of people are not punished for the very same offense.

    Having said all that, what can we do? Sue?

    • No, you can’t sue. Facebook doesn’t owe you anything, you don’t pay them to use it. If they decided tomorrow to ban every conservative from the site it would be perfectly legal. They’re not going to do that of course and this whole thing is just an exercise in right-wing paranoia, but if they did it would be completely legal.

      • Quit them. Western Journalism is good. WND is good. Just try to be not to ugly in your speech. That Tea Party Community and Patric Dollard is good. Go to Pat He is an alright dude.

    • Go to Tea Party Community Hub where you will be appreciated if ButtBook wants to treat you like a second class troll-type or something.

  57. They make racist remarks and we challenge. Americans Against the Tea Party can’t challenge them. huffington, i have run out of time outs.

  58. when obama first running Facebook and Huffington, you write Obama’s name if was even close close to his Al Qaeda name sake. nothing negative and they would have you re-write it. But Ohhhhhhhh you could drag Bush through the mud.

  59. Conservatives need to start finding ways to purchase media (tv stations, newspapers, social media networks) to stop this kind of leftist censoring and propagandizing. Until that happens, we have so few outlets who are ethical enough to report the truth on a consistent basis…backed up with facts, that the viewers of only the leftist reporting will not see that but which those outlets want them to see or hear.

    • I think one of the bigger problems, besides media, is the left wing indoctrination of young adults by leftiss academia. We can’t be guaranteed that life will show them the truth that idealist utopianism is impossible.

      • This is why Children need to hear the TRUTH when they are young. If not they will believe ANYTHING while they are searching.

      • You are right. The left is for abortion and murdering babies. How LOW can you get? Those people are insane.

  60. Facebook does absolutely, somehow I had the Lezbian page continually coming up and commented on some ridiculous behavior and was shot down. I am relatively new to fb and probably “liked” something that keeps this site showing up. I will be dumping fb and stick to sites of conservative value for the bang to my buck….Heritage…The Blaze…Swindoll…Thank you Mr West.

  61. The left claims to LOVE diversity. But, diversity of thought? Not so much. Remember, socialism requires that we all be like-minded; have the same world-view. Without intellectual homogenity socialism can’t exist. Thus the thought police. Leftists disgust me.

  62. My main profile got the axe because a few Liberals got irritated by my posts calling them out. So I’m functioning from this profile. I had to search for all my favorites such as your Facebook site and add them here. Conservatives and Christians are being targeted and censored more so than any group of people.

  63. Mr. West, I have been missing your updates, now I understand why. The only advise that I can share with you is, be careful saying negative things about Mr. Obama….you could be labeled a RACIST….. (sarcasm font off)

    All jokes aside, Sir, I would LOVE to see you in the White House in ’16!!!!!

  64. During the 3 months prior to the election, when I would try to post any articles or opinions that were slightly neg. to the current administration, it my computer would freeze up when I would hit the POST button. A lot my my conservative friends have said they have had similar issues. Ironically after the election was over, the problem disappeared. I guess I’ll soon be visited by you know who…

  65. I too believe FB is messing with anyone that opposes Obama.
    I’m an opinionated person and I don’t worry about being politically correct. For this I have been hounded, called vulgar names, and have even been threatened bodily harm, but I will not back away from those that want to take away one of my God given rights. In fact, I usually double my efforts instead. If your goal is to shut me up, the worse thing you can do is to tell me to shut up cause that just lights a fire in me.
    With all that said, I have had my FB postings deleted and not by anyone who has the management tools to do so, but by some magical hidden anti-free-speech ghost. Plus, I have had my computer attacked multiple times costing me hard-to-come-by money each time, and I am sent a multitude of Virus infected emails on a daily basis. All done by those that claim to be champions of free speech. Whenever a liberal says to you that they would defend your right to free speech, don’t fall for it. They really mean is “we would defend your right to free speech as long as your speech is approved by one of our fine Liberal minders”. They love to tell everyone what to think!
    This is just one of many reasons why I completely support Operation American Spring. We must restore Constitutional rule of Law and weed-out the enemies of freedom from the political class.
    For God and Country!

    • “Truth is more hated than lies” (Machiavelli). If you look at history for thousands of years—truth has always annoyed the evil/powerful and proud—-they would kill Socrates, Jesus, Apostles—-anyone who dared say the “Truth” about Good and Evil. It hasn’t changed one bit.

      Zero and his minions have actually brainwashed the ignorant masses into believing “Evil is Good” (Slavery is Freedom/Marxism) and the Good are Evil.

      With the brainwashing and help with media to normalize and glorify evil and dysfunction to our children……people don’t use “Reason” as adults—-they “feel” what is Right. With Aristotle. the Father of Logic, erased from minds—we no longer have a standard and Virtue (Excellence) in our so-called “Justice System.” It is a joke. We promote Evil in our “Justice (virtue) System.

      Only Lies are allowed in the public square……God/Objective Truth is censored from the public square–while Satanism/paganism/Atheism is being enshrined in law which is flipping Good and Evil.

  66. Let’s see….who owns fb? Mark Zuckerberg. A jew.
    Who owns all the News media? Other jews.
    Who owns all the American film industry? More jews.
    Who’s run nine our federal reserve? Two jews. One is Israeli.
    Anyone seeing a trend hear???? Who do we need to get rid of due to their monopoly over the gathering and decimation of information??(information is power, right??)
    Zuckerberg gets his marching orders from Israel! Look it up!

  67. BTW, while it may or may not address Mr. West’s concerns, the simple fact that we have to be attentive to whether or not we have the “GET NOTIFICATIONS” under the word “LIKED” on Allen’s, or any other FB page that you’ve “LIKED” is checked and whether it stays checked. If you once were getting the posts and now don’t, go back and recheck to see if it checked.

    Put simply, if it doesn’t have a check mark beside it you won’t get the posts regardless of what the page is related to.

  68. I am reminded of American History by this story. Very shortly after the Boston tea party Our Founders held a meeting to discuss what should be the colonies next move there were those who were there that argued that we should not help Boston at all for fear of Great Britain punishing them the same way that Boston was punished. Well of course that didn’t sit to well with our patriots! One of them (I can’t remember which one been to long since I studied!) Stood up and said this……Should we stand by and do nothing to help our sister Boston? allow Providence or Salem to become more preeminent? The way of kings and armies has always been to divide and conquer. I believe that we all know how this ended! Had our Founders not stood shoulder to shoulder as one we would probably still be English colonies our Founders knew we had to stand together or be defeated. Americans of all political persuasions must stand together and battle this evil in the District of Criminals if that means the liberals want this evil then let THEM die for it, But as for the rest of us we have to stand together, there is strength in numbers!!

  69. I was just flagged and unable to post or like anything on facebook for about 24 hours because I commented on something here last night and said something about the head idiot in charge, you know who and where at this time.

  70. I have had an increase in liberal agenda related topics showing up on my wall as well as anti-gun related material. I DO NOT support Hillary Clinton and I DO NOT support gun control, so why am I getting these suggested topics as if I would like to see this crap?

  71. jerks blocked me for 6 months..I was a Democrat who didn’t agree with what they are doing, was attacked by other Dems on FB, where they called me a liar, and the next day I was banned. Still not totally free to post on political pages on FB. To hell with the Democratic party. Voted that punk into office the first time, and DID NOT make the same mistake in 2012. Actually, with all the new reports of voter fraud popping up the last few weeks, it wouldn’t matter how anyone voted.

    • funny thing about this is, I think Senator Baldwin from the state I live in is the one who had me blocked. All I did was told the Dems they weren’t going to bully me like they try with everyone else, and no swearing involved. The subject was Obamacare, and I said that they had ended my insurance coverage, then they all started calling me a Republican telling false stories. When I told them I was a Democrat at the time…boom…libs started striking every which way. Baldwin asked if anyone was affected adversely by it, and I answered truthfully. She’s got a few more years before her names on the ballot again. Her day is coming..there is no way I would have been banned by FB for what my reply said, so I know it had to be someone high up to get me banned this long.

  72. Facebook, without a doubt, censors conservatives on the FB page much more than it does liberals. Conservative’s lives have been threatened, along with those of their families. Liberals are constantly calling conservative posters every nasty, derogatory name they can think of, yet most of those posts are never removed. But Conservative’s posts are constantly disappearing and no one can figure out why, or what they said to cause this. And it seems with every week, it keeps getting worse.

  73. I keep getting posts deleted and banned from posting because I am helping to expose the truth about islam. Even though my posts did not contain “hate speech”, just truthful comments, it keeps happening to me and many others. Either there are muslim trolls who report the posts, or FB is on the side of the muslims, but either way, this is UNACCEPTABLE!


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