Latest Obama budget is a fiscal death sentence for America

I remember being on Capitol Hill and receiving President Obama’s budget resolutions. I don’t think his budget received one vote in my two years there. And it seems that streak will continue with yesterday’s release of the next Obama budget.

Recently the Washington Post described Obama’s foreign policy as being based on fantasy — same for his budget resolution, ridiculous fantasy. Obama has proposed $3.9 trillion in his new budget, which reflects where his spending priorities lie. Obviously he doesn’t believe in fiscal discipline or responsibility and his budget proves it.

As reported by, “President Obama unveiled a $3.9 trillion budget plan on Tuesday that drops earlier proposals to cut future Social Security benefits and seeks new money for infrastructure, education and jobs training — handing Democrats running for re-election a political playbook but angering Republicans who called the blueprint “irresponsible.”

There is no doubt this is nothing more than a campaign document to try and give Democrats a boost in this election year. It will be used to demonize Republicans once again – Saul-Alinsky style — as mean, rude, nasty, and uncaring. But how can anyone believe that Obama and the Democrats care about the fiscal future of our Republic?

Consider the following factoids; The President’s budget increases spending by $791 billion over the budget window and by $56 billion in 2015 above the Murray–Ryan spending agreement that he signed into law just two months ago. Just more of the typical beltway two-step.

Obama has said that we have been living in an “era of austerity” — well someone forgot to tell him that since 2009, the Obama era, we’ve added $6.8 trillion to the debt and spent $17.6 trillion. But that’s just for starters. Obama’s new budget adds $8.3 trillion more to the debt over the next 10 years and cumulative deficits would amount to $5 trillion, while gross debt climbs to $25 trillion in 2024.

And what will fuel all the new Obama spending? President Obama has already increased taxes by $1.7 trillion. Now, he wants another $1.8 trillion on top of that. Roughly half of the new tax hikes would be dedicated to new spending rather than deficit reduction.

Most damaging is the fact that the current net interest on the debt which is $223 billion a year will explode to $812 billion in 2024, ten years from now. Keep in mind, net interest on the debt is on the mandatory spending side of the US budget and cannot be touched. It is a reflection of increased fiscal borrowing. Lastly, the Obama budget NEVER balances, it just fiscally decimates these United States of America.

Obama’s budget is not worth the paper it’s written upon — it is a fiscal death sentence for America. All it provides are empty talking points for liberal progressives running for office. It is a blueprint of lies.

After 5 years this hasn’t worked which means we’re all clearly insane: continuing to do the same thing and expect different results.


  1. Muslims running the Government, Gays running the Military, More debt than any other administration in History, Foreign embassys ignored, Health Care in the toilet, Illegals granted amnesty, Monsanto poisoning the food, Jihadest training outside Houston Tx and in 35 other US locations, Threatening other governments with empty threats, Making underhanded promises to foreign governments.. What am I missing??? This is a “change” I could have done without.. Think I’ll go for a six pack while it’s still legal and I can afford it.

    • IMHO, you are missing two things. 1, Ovomit has committed treason and deserves to be executed by the laws he violates. 2, We the People are the only ones who will remove him from office, but only if we act. That means we all have to quit complaining, put down our beers, turn off the tv’s, and do whatever it takes to get him removed from office. See my post above for my suggestions. If you have more, please post them for we MUST find a way to remove him from office or ALL of his criminal acts.

      BTW, thank you for your service.

  2. You are talking on the premise that bho cares about our country, economy, it’s people and the future of our country(not his, his is in Africa). The further in debt he sends us the better he likes it. He has nothing but contempt for us all and shows it every chance he gets and no one calls him on it. As I said get rid of the bum from office and the muslims and commies out of this country and we will be just fine

  3. Admission to failure is being financed again by including $5.5B in new budget to bail out ACA insurers. Obamacare belongs on the scrap heap along with the many illegal executive orders he has penned against the citizenry. Flood the courts with lawsuits for his over reaching and not upholding his Presidential Oath of office. We the people must stop his unamerican dismantling of our democracy before it is too late to make a difference!

  4. Well People, the hippies marched en masse on Washington to protest the VN war, The Farmers marched to fight unfair legislation, We’ve had several Million Man Marches for one thing or another, even the spoiled no-work generation marched on Wall street. why can’t We march to save the country We live in??
    i guess soon We’ll have to cuss the politicians like the Russians do Eh- Comrade..

      • Yes and if enough people do not attend that event, it will send a message to our Military that we are not willing to stand with them when the time comes to take our country back. How can we expect them to stand up for us if we are not even willing to sacrifice a little to attend this important event in our nation’s history?

      • So if you go that will be one more we can count on. Be positive, not negative. There are enough of us going follow the links that have been put up and you will see some answers to your fears.
        I understand your trepidation, however they are not fears of the amount of people already to go.

  5. We need to bring Sheriff Joe of AZ to Washington to arrest Obama. Non of the politicians that are supposed to represent us will speak for us on the floor of the house. Everyone of them including Allan West knows Obama usurped the office of the president by duping the American public with phony ID. Damn all of them in November.

    • Since they all know Ovomit is a criminal yet none of them do anything about it as their sacred Oath requires them to do, they are ALL guilty of being his accomplice and ALL need to go to the gallows with him. That is the law though it is up to We the People to enforce it for they are all traitors and complicit in his many crimes, including treason.

  6. foodstamps, welfare, disability, doesnt anyone work anymore. Deport the illegals, get ride of welfare and foodstamps, let the freeloaders do the menial jobs, time to work. dont work dont eat, simple as that.

  7. How the h-ll do you use the word, “Budget” to describe this!? LMAO, I’m thinking, the Tax and Spend plan, is more accurate.

  8. what in sam hell is this . ? nut doing ] when will this all stop if america falls’ it will be her own fault for letting sit like this happen in america

    • Betty, you are absolutely correct. So may I ask what have you done besides voting to attempt to stop Ovomit? Have you filed charges against him for treason? I did. Have you charged congress with Misprision of Treason for ALL of them failing in their sworn duty to defend the Constitution? I did. Have you signed up to attend the march in DC May 16 for Operation American Spring? I did. I do not mean to single you out, only to point out that many of us are frustrated yet few are willing to take definitive action to even try to stop him. The Constitution says We the People are the ultimate power in the US, despite the feds telling us otherwise. It is high time that We the People stand up and ACT as you said, for if we do not, you are right that it will be OUR fault when America collapses. I for one would rather die than have that happen as my children and grandchildren will be slaves and will know I did nothing to even TRY to protect them.

      “Live Free or Die” is not just a slogan of our Founders. It applies every bit today as it did then. Even though we all would prefer that we not have to do this, we ALL have to decide whether we will ACT or whether we are content to allow the destruction of America KNOWING it is coming. I hope enough people decide to act for if not, each individual who does not act will have a share in the blame for the collapse of America.

  9. Considering the situations America has faced in the last 5 years and the decisions made it is considerably discraceful as to the outcome of thought that is in our future.

  10. Some economists say our debt is really closer to 200 trillion dollars. This can never be paid off. How do we stop the evil banksters (Rothschilds, Soros, Rockerfellers, etc) that control our government, judiciary, military, media, and corporations? They start wars and fund both sides, reaping huge interest profits that the taxpayers are enslaved by. They own all of the Central Banks in the world and only a handful of countries do not have a Central Bank (Iceland recently was able to shut down their Central Bank). They own most of the money in the whole world and are not satisfied. They hate humanity and have evil scientists creating ways to either kill us or mind control us to enslave us. This is what we have to stop. Short of an act of God, how do we do this? With all of the immorality and the fading away of the fear of God in this country, are there enough godly men and women to lead us? Will enough of the remnant wake up and repent and beg for God to help and protect us? Not just America, but the whole world?

      • True. People need to wake up and repent, fast, and pray. They need to read Iron Mountain documents and Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars to understand what catastophic evil is controlling everything.

  11. The saddest part is even if the Tea Party/conservatives/Republicans can get excellent candidates and work hard for their election, it will all be lost if the corrupt voting machines and polling places aren’t stopped….I believe that Romney would have won if we had a fair election in 2012, the fraud was so outrageous and blatant to get a second term for the Obamination.

    • lokiswife, Pardon me for disagreeing but it is not “sad”. it is criminal due to the rampant, blatant voter fraudas you correctly stated. So where is the gop? We all know that voter fraud was widespread and rampant, yet not a single member of the gop has so much as lifted a finger to even challenge Ovomit. The same cowardly gop has not done anything to stop Ovomit ANYWHERE in 5 years, despite their all knowing he is not a lawful potus, he is a fraud, a traitor, a murderer ( see Benghazi & Extortion 17) and much more.

      Since the gop has done nothing, does that not make them complicit in his crimes? If it does, as I believe, is it not time to charge the gop? Perhaps by charging them we can force them to take the steps needed to imprison Ovomit for his crimes.

      • It is sad that we are being sold out by corrupt forces and if we don’t get fair voting, all our work will be for nothing. The GOP is Democrat-lite or RINO, they have sold us down the river by not standing up for America so we not only have to fight Democrats and their corruption but also the Republican party who is refusing to work with the Tea Party who is what the Republicans used to be before they turned into a group of spineless whiners.

    • Everyone needs to demand from their Elected Officials, Paper Ballots. As long as Electronic Machines are involved, we will have fraud and no control over our elections. I’m even for the Governor’s having the National Guard monitor the Poll’s. Also, individuals can volunteer to help the Supervisor of Elections Offices monitor the voting polls.

    • Col West lost his reelection by voter fraud. I cannot prove this but that is what I believe. God has better plans for Allen West!

      • His area had 175,000 registered voters, but turned in 244,000 votes. and the Democrats didn’t see anything wrong there…

      • Thank you for the info. I live in northeast Florida and did not always hear the details. I have been voting by mail since 2004. I hope this is more trustworthy than the machines.

      • Anyone remember paper ballots and purple thumbs? You didn’t have voter fraud with that system.

  12. COL West:

    Sir, if you really want to stop Ovomit, why not take bold action as you are accustomed to doing? Why not start a movement to have Ovomit charged with treason for you surely know he is guilty of that crime many times over. One state rep in NH, Harry Accornero, has taken that bold step and a candidate in FL, Joshua Black, has called for Ovomit to be executed according to the laws he violates routinely. I too filed charges
    of Treason against Ovomit as have others I know. Will you do the same, or are you satisfied to play the game but do nothing that will remove the traitor from office, one
    which he occupies unlawfully?

    I mean no disrespect but the time has past where following traditional methods will do anything to stop Ovomit as he has proven that he believes himself to be above the law.

  13. Terrible terrible terrible, West I fell our outrage. I just wonder were this outrage was last week when the reps torpedoed the military vet’s bill? The bill designed by demos to fund health care , job training and support the VA. The reps high jacked the bill by added sanctions for Iran. Where were you when you heard the bill failed? I think you were at Ft Bennington, talking to pre schoolers. Did you call Sen. Burr of SC who said ” the bill could already overburden the system “. ??? I think the next day you went jogging or the party at Trump’s.

    • Sweetie, The gov’t is already 18 Trill in debt., obama wants to add another 3.6trill to the pile. We’ve overspent, soon when that debt bubble bursts your dollar wont buy toilet paper. Where does it stop? The Ship is sinking with a 12′ hole in her side and making the hole bigger only makes it sink faster. We need to shore it up, We might have to run aground to fix her. If We don’t then We will all be swimming with the sharks..

      • Then YOU tell the vets to stop yapping about getting a job or poor healthcare or Va backup . Also the new vet leaving the military don’t hope for any gov help right now. buy your our Aner flag on the fourth.

      • Believe it or not , me too. I took some classes at a comm college paid by the navy. But some other vets depended on that money. If the reps said , too much money so let’s deal. I would have said great, but they didn’t . Sections had nothing to do with vets. Not fair.

      • Ah sweetie, life’s not fair.. Sometimes it comes at you hard but character is what pulls us through and faith for me. 🙂 In the 90’s I had two business’s that were rocking all because the Navy taught me how to work around the clock and be consistent. I was offered a CIO position in Dallas at the end of the 90’s if I dropped my other accounts, I took it. In 09 I was outsourced from that position and lost everything due to loss of income and bad investments. I ended up in a storage unit in Houston, I have family but I wouldn’t burden them, or the VA. again the Navy training kicked in and I pushed forward. The essentials were a place to sleep, a place to train, and a place to work. Within a year I was Captain of a Ship living onboard and making a lot of money again. I had never drank, never done drugs, didn’t do any thing wrong. It was just life.

      • Yes doll, I know. I was raging out at politicans like West who use the troops for photo ops and screw them when they can. If the reps had problem with the $$$, then negotiate . Plus Bad PR. Obama just announced reductions and reps torpedoed military spending bil.

      • Whoever told you that life was fair, lied to you. It isn’t and it never will be. It takes “thinking outside the box” to be successful and if there’s something you don’t like, don’t just bitch about it, do something to change it. You are, after all, in charge of your own destiny.

      • Thanks Oprah. I completely agree with you, but guess what? People don’t. And when I say people , i mean 75% of people . They do what they can to survive and their goals change as kids come along, they age , etc. just happy with what they have .
        What I raging about is all these politicians who love to hold up these HERO troops for protect our freedoms and never missing a photo op with them abd then let them down. If the reps thought it was too much money, how about doing some negotiating with the dems?
        Also, West at Ft Bennings surrounded with troops, do you know how quickly he could how put a press conference together and made a statement?

    • Mr. West is entitled to go where he wants and speak to who he wants. There was outrage over the Military cuts and still is. It’s not acceptable what this
      administration is doing and especially to fund their pet projects on the Military back.

      • Then tell him to stop yapping about COLA and military beniies. And stop taking pics with troops if he can’t stand up to the reps or even speak up against their behavior. All he is is a opportunist.

      • I personally would like to see several individuals talking to the Country. It’s already March and we don’t hear squat from them about anything except on quick news clips. They are not going out to the communities and talking about what the hell is going on.

      • Yes it is. The Republicans are missing a chance of stating facts on what is happening in “Our Country”. Their 3 minute bite segments on the News are nothing and do not reach all the people. I’m a firm believer if they will go out into the communities (like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and others), they would get somewhere.

      • Their time on FOX is okay, because it reaches one part of the population. The other population has to be reached by hauling your ass to the communities. We are in election mode now and will have to wait and see what effort they put into reaching all people. I’m afraid they will shoot themselves in the foot.

      • First, I don’t wear a burka. 2, this is my country so I can express myself as I please . You must be on a break at the iphone factory in China right?

  14. There is no thought of the future by our politicians on either side of the isle, and surely not by our King and the kings who came before him. There is no thought for America in the halls of congress what so ever, people talk about the entitlement population in this country, but the biggest takers are our politicians, all of them??????!!!!!!! we have no real leaders to lead us out of the darkness and to do what is right!

      • I do not take pride in calling any leader a king in my beloved America for we left the King 200 years ago and paid a great price for doing so, but history has a habit of repeating itself???as it seems so today! I think of the Romans, Greeks, Vikings, Persia, Assyrians etc and all of these societies fell? When Roman finally fell the world was thrown into the Dark ages ,1000 years went by before we even came close to their level of living & that is a scary thought. Humans haven’t learned anything except how to war better with smarter tools of the trade, yet America has genuine people who give & give and love their country but throw their hands up in the air for no one listens in the halls of Congress???????????????????????????????????

  15. Obama quit governing in August of 2011, after the debt ceiling compromise. Since that time, he has campaigned, campaigned, and campaigned. The scary part of all of this is that we are in a time when everything is imploding domestically, with anemic growth and being unemployed is the new normal. Everything has blown up on the international front, between al-Qaida re-constituting itself, Russia taking the Crimea and seeking to regain much of what was lost when the USSR collapsed, to China becoming more aggressive. Right now, everything is going against the United States. Despite that and because of it, we have no President. Instead we have an incompetent, arrogant, ignorant, narcissistic, spoiled, petulant punk in the White House who is doing nothing but campaigning, trashing our constitution, and playing golf on our dime. The next three years cannot go fast enough.

    • And while the entire world is going to hell in a hand-basket, Barry was having another one of his weekly celebrity parties last night at the WH (and again, on our dime). I am so disgusted beyond words that sometimes I can’t even think straight.

      • Look at it this way Susan; if he is partying and or playing golf; he’s not signing Executive Orders. LOL

  16. Perhaps
    someone from the Democrat National Committee could tell us why 7 of the 8 most prosperous individual states, with
    significant budget surpluses and low unemployment are led by Republican
    Governors exercising conservative policies with a common sense fiduciary
    responsibility to improve the lives of their states citizens? The budget surplus of the one state on the
    list led by a Democrat, West Virginia, will expend its budget surplus on
    cleaning up the toxic chemical spill caused by the now bankrupt Freedom
    Industries. Of course it is becoming
    apparent that Freedom Industries has been a major contributor to candidates’
    political campaigns and in return West Virginia’s regulatory agencies’ blind
    eye has overlooked all of Freedom Industries environmental and safety
    violations. In fairness, Freedom
    Industries contributed just as much to Republican and Tea Party candidates
    simply as a hedge to have influence with whoever happened to be elected.
    Will they claim it’s Bush’s fault?

  17. In 2013 lobbyists pumped $3.21 billion into the pockets of our elected representatives. When Emperor Barry took office in 2009, his net worth was reported to be $1.4 million. At the end of 2013, it has been reported that his net worth has grown to $11.8 million; an amazing feat considering those 5 years were some of the worst economic conditions in history.

  18. What MOST people don’t know about,or think about ,is that 1 billion dollars is :1 thousand million dollars.the Obama budget is raised 791 THOUSAND MILLION dollars,all this and cutting our military to pre WW2 size,is this guy crazy or what??? there is NO WAY that the money we have borrowed,can EVER BE REPAID,The INTEREST on this borrowed money is NOW 223 THOUSAND MILLION,and by 2014 the interest will be 812 THOUSAND MILLION.Im not sure of the entire tax,being paid in by the taxpayers but,it is in the neighbor hood of 3.5 trillion dollars,IF this figure is correct,ALL of the taxes paid in,in the NEXT 5 years,will NOT be enough to pay off THIS ENORMOUS DEBT..Even if the government cuts OUT ALL SPENDING………

  19. Allen West was on Phil Grande’s news program today. He had some very interesting things to say about Putin and the Russian situation. Go to Phil’s website at, go to the archives and listen to today’s 3 pm program. You don’t have to be a member of Phil’s gang to listen to the archives or his program live on the radio at 3:00 eastern time.


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