Black, pro-life, pro-marriage Democrat candidate gets cold shoulder from…Democrats

You just can’t make the Left happy! Democrats want a black, Republican-turned-Democrat candidate for US Senate in Mississippi kicked off the primary ballot.

According to a report by, Democrats in northern Mississippi are giving black candidate Bill Marcy a chilly reception after white Travis Childers entered the race. In fact, some Democrats present at a meeting last week where both candidates were present want Marcy’s name removed.

Marcy says, “I’m anti-establishment. I have as many Democrats upset with me as I have Republicans. The most important people I want to be happy with me are the people of the State of Mississippi”. Marcy says the vast majority of establishment Democrats (i.e. liberal progressive socialists) don’t like the fact that he opposes same-sex marriage and is staunchly pro-life.

What I find both ironic and hypocritical is that here in Florida the Democrats have welcomed with open arms a former Republican and Independent, Charlie Crist.

As a matter of fact, the Democrats gave Crist a speaking role at their 2012 National Convention. And even former Obama campaign manager, Jim Messina, has come on to support the Crist campaign as a consultant.

So why are the Democrats in Mississippi so upset with a former Republican running as a Democrat? Why aren’t they celebrating this as a rejection of the Republican party by a black candidate? After all, here in another southern state the Democrats are embracing a former Republican Governor of Florida who is now running to be a Democrat governor of Florida. There are no ruminations about removing Crist from the primary ballot in Florida. Of course he is white…

Seems there’s only one response: the Democrats are indeed racist. They truly do not want any blacks who don’t obediently follow their liberal progressive ideology.

So where is all the dialogue about the “big tent” on the Left? Is there no place in the Democrat party for pro-life, pro-traditional marriage blacks? Charlie Crist once claimed to be pro-life and pro-traditional marriage, but then again, the Bible in the Book of James warns us to “beware of the double-minded man who is unstable in his ways” — but the Democrats accepted him. Interesting?

The case of Senate candidate Bill Marcy — whom I’ve actually met, as it happens — is one that should receive more attention. Marcy’s story clearly shows the Democrat party — now owned by radical progressive leftists — does not welcome blacks who develop their own policy positions. It shows that the Democrat party is not tolerant. It shows that if Democrats want to see racists, they need only look in the mirror — and that they have established a place for “good, obedient colored people” in their party.

No wonder the liberal progressives despise Conservative blacks in particular. Even now, Rutgers University is seeking to rescind a speaking invitation for Condoleeza Rice.

As the Daily Caller reports, Professors at Rutgers stated the state University of New Jersey should not honor someone who “participated in a political effort to circumvent the law” and pleaded for the school’s board of governors to rescind Rice’s invitation to speak. The school newspaper, The Daily Targum, published an editorial that agreed with the faculty’s resolution that Rice should not speak at commencement and argued the student body wasn’t comfortable with anyone who has “questionable” politics. “The point is, we just don’t feel comfortable having politicians as commencement speakers at all. A commencement speaker is meant to be someone who has made some extraordinary and meaningful accomplishments in their lives to inspire a generation of college graduates. Rice probably has a lot of advice on perseverance, dedication and hard work that she can offer to this year’s graduating class, but what she chose to do with those qualities is certainly questionable to us,” the editorial stated.

Condoleeza Rice, Bill Marcy, Deneen Borelli, Tim Scott, Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Mia Love, and yours truly are examples of “bad negroes” who have earned the disdain of the progressive socialists of the Democrat party, as well as their black henchmen. The intolerant Left are the real racists and they daily provide examples of their long running hatred towards non-compliant blacks – lynchings –once literal, now covert, still the same result.


    • I think Mr. Marcy is trying to pull what the Democrats do to win a seat – switch parties. (Or, perhaps, he simply wants to represent the moderate to conservative Democrats in his district who have not yet seen the light). However, he is truthful about where he stands on the issues whereas a Democrat would be ambiguous or outright lie about where he stands on the issues until he is elected. Then the truth would come out – too late! Thank you, Mr. Marcy for standing on your principles, and good luck to you!

  1. Until he supports sexual perverts and the right of women to be able to kill their baby in utero, he isnt liberal enough.

  2. Col, if Mr. Marcy isn’t willing to ascent to the slaughter of black babies and the perverse lifestyle of homosexuals, he has no place in the anti-life party, the Democrat Party. And yes, Democrats are indeed the racists among us. Always have been.

  3. Wow. Shane on Rutgers as well. What she chose to do with those qualities is questionable? They think that becoming National Security Advisor and later Secretary of State is questionable? That shows just how far left Rutgers is.

  4. Man I love West…former military guy who is an @ss Kicker and conservative. I was in Iraq during his tour. I was a Marine and heard about him. I will always support him. He is an American in every sense of the word.

  5. The democrats have always been racist. Black or White democrats do not like People who think for themselves and do not follow the narrative given them. They do not want educated Black People in their party. They are against anyone who is smarter than they are that’s why the dumb down the kids using common core An ignorant population is the easiest to control. I hope that Mr. Marcy kicks Butt and wins the office

  6. Add my name to the list. I’ve been off the plantation a long time now and “I ain’t going back!”
    No way I want to face my God as a racist, progressive, lying knee gro.

    • Flavius – so good to hear this. It’s too bad that so many blacks don’t realize that they are being led back into slavery as they follow the two-faced progressive Democrats. I think the really sad part is that everything about this administration’s policies, from abortion to welfare and beyond, are hurting blacks and minorities the most and few of them can see it. They don’t know American History or the history of the Republican and Democrat parties. Keep up the good work sharing your insights and wisdom wherever you can! You are blessed to see through to the truth and God has work for you to accomplish. God bless you!

      • Something to keep in mind: I want you to look at where Backs are in regards to the social numbers compared to all other ethnic group. In almost every demographic Black are at the bottom or very negative numbers: Blacks: children born out of wedlock 78%,they are at the top when it come to who commits the most violent crimes;13.6 percent of the U.S. population, they account for 50.3 percent of all diagnosed cases of HIV, “72 percent of black mothers are unwed, African American students attend high schools in low-income areas with dropout rates that hover in the 40-50% range.” The number of incarceration for young Black men, the number of Black on Black crimes (homicides) and abortion don’t get any better. I know I don’t have to go into the unemployment rates. The surprising thing is pre 1960 every one of these numbers were positive. In fact, Dr. Walter E. Williams writes in his book “Race &Economics,” that as a percentage, before the nineteen sixties and passage of the 1964 Civil rights bill, the number of Black marriages and intact families out paced Whites.
        What i am saying to you is when Blacks were oppressed they reached out to God and He brought them up out of Egypt. On the other hand, they ushered Him to the door and told Him his services were no longer needed because they had big government and the Democrat party. The cause is not racism either. If Blacks can graduate from Harvard University in the 1870s they can do it now regardless of how other people feel about them.
        Black people can scream racism all night and all day but the children being murdered and the babies being flushed down the toilets or being used as fuel to heat the abortion clinics are their own and no government legistlation can fix that. God Bless.

    • I totally agree with Carolyn. I don’t see color, I see people who will be nice to me, or not. If a person smiles at me, I like them until they prove me wrong, no matter what color they are

  7. Notice something: Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr, Walter Williams, Shelby Steele, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Dr, Martin L. King Jr, Condoleeza Rice, Col, Allen West…the list can be longer. What do these people have in common besides the obvious fact that they are all Black and conservative/Republicans?

    All of these people are among the best and brightest in their fields and command the upmost respect. But that not where I’m going.

    What I want you to notice is that non of these brilliant people have a left wing, Democrat, progressive counterparts that command the same degree of integrity and respect. In other words, the Democrats can’t put together a list like this one.

    If you go back in history, the list is even more impressive: Booker T Washington, Frederick Douglass, A Phillip Randolph, George Washington Carver,….

    Why it turns out that way I’ll leave that up to you. I have my own theory.

    • Every Black man or woman that wasn’t an athlete and made name for themselves with matters of importance and longevity were Republicans. Charles Barkley, who is a Black man, an outstanding athlete, and a was a Republican until the appearance of Barack Hussein Obama. Who he had never even heard of but because that he leaned to being Black, Charles too changed status and voted for him for the explicit reason that Obama was Black. I wonder just how Sir Charles feels about the total failure that is Barack Hussein Obama.

      • Within the mist of his “I have a Dream” speech Dr. King said that he dreamed of a day when his four little children would be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
        If you notice, the majority of Blacks today act like he never spoke those words. Also, notice how Representative Maxine Waters is now telling her constituents “If that was a White man in that White House, we would be marching!” Believe it or not but it was a Jewish Rabbi that taught me just how insignificant the color of my skin was. On a list of a 100 most important things in my life, I would have to list race as 99. There are just too many other things in this finite time that we have to spend on this earth that are more important.
        Don’t get me wrong, I would be a complete fool to think that when I walk outside I don’t know that the color of my skin is the first thing people see. If you are Black then you also know that if you are among Whites, it seems to be real difficult for them to put it out of their minds. I have to remind them that the color of my skin doesn’t mean anything until “they” bring it up.
        But what I know is that what Christ and King tried to teach us was that once you get passed the color of your skin, then what? Who are you? What are you?
        Why doesn’t skin color prevent one young Black man from putting a bullet in the head of another young Black man. Why doesn’t skin color tell a young Black man that he needs to respect Black women and take care of the children he fathers and a husband? You see where I’m going?
        I notice now that a lot of Blacks aren’t defending Obama like they did at the beginning. Now, their defense is lackluster or they don’t talk about it at all. God Bless.

      • Sir Charles must have some regrets as he ain’t talking about it anymore. Funny, the title of his book is, “I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It”. {^_^}

      • His and many other prominent Black Americans that supported Obama before, their silence now speaks volumes.

  8. Thank God! It’s only a matter of time if black conservatives keep practicing their conscience and using their brains the tide will turn. We NEED all of you to turn this country around.

      • This is the very definition of playing the race card.
        None of Bill Marcy’s detractors are bringing up race… they are pointing out that he is a Tea Party Republican who appears to be running as a Democrat, not because he has changed his political views to align with the Democrats, but because it is a strategic maneuver.

        Yet Mr West, in his piece above, directly calls Democrats and liberals racists for not embracing Bill Marcy.
        It is an absurd distraction and blatant playing of the race card.

        It’s unacceptable when liberals do it, accusing anyone who disagrees with a black liberal as racist… and it is also unacceptable when conservatives do it.
        Mr West is also a hypocrite for playing the race card after writing so many articles attacking Obama supporters for doing the same thing… dismissing any detractors as racist.

      • What do you mean it’s unacceptable when liberals do it? They do it constantly and don’t get called on it. Mr. West is merely giving them a dose of their own medicine. BTW, don’t you mean attacking Satan supporters?

      • As I wrote above… it’s unacceptable when anyone does it.
        That’s my point.
        Perhaps you are familiar with the expression “two wrongs don’t make a right.”
        Just because liberals wrongly call their detractors racists, even when race is not the issue, does not make it okay for conservatives to do so.

      • I’m sorry but you obviously don’t recognize irony and sarcasm. He’s not really playing the race card. He is pointing out that Demonrats don’t like ANY black person who doesn’t think and act the way they are told. That’s simple fact. If that’s not true, point to one black person the Demonrats are nice to that doesn’t adhere to their party line and one black person who does adhere to their party line who they don’t support. If you can do that convincingly I will concede your point. Until then, it’s not playing the race card if it’s a fact.

      • That is an idiotic request.
        You are asking for an example of the Democrats supporting someone who opposes them.
        No one does that and that has nothing to do with race.

        That would be like asking you to give an example of the Tea Party supporting someone who opposes all their views.

      • Hows that an idiotic request? You obviously misread the request. Roy didn’t mention anything about someone who opposes all their views. He stated, “point to one black person the Demonrats are nice to that doesn’t adhere
        to their party line and one black person who does adhere to their party
        line who they don’t support.”

      • Unacceptable to who? It sure is acceptable to the liberal DemocRATS. Ever hear any of them saying its unacceptable? Read some postings on Politico or Huffington Post and see if its unacceptable or not. Better yet, call some of those folk out and tell me if its unacceptable or not.

      • ‘xactly!


        I do not think West is playing any “race card”; I think he is pointing out though analysis what must the only credible reasons that the Dems are not embracing Marcy; well, two reasons really: He is not in lock step of supporting infanticide, cleverly re-named “abortion” or “family planning”; and he is not for homosexual marriage.,

        So, it I am to believe that DNC plank that they are a “big tent” party and allow all views, then the only other reasonable reasons is that Marcy is black. Period.

        Just to be clear, “playing the race card” is defined as someone’s race being the reason for not debating and/or disagreeing with opposing ideas solely on the premise of the race of the person(s) that is being disagreed with. This is used all the time; oppose ObamaCare based on sound premises, and liberals will not want to discuss the premises, they will simply state that one is opposed to ObamaCare because he is black. Oppose welfare, disability and other transfer payments to those not employed on a list of sound premises, and liberals will not debate the premises, they will cite that since the majority or recipients are minority and illegal aliens, the one against these programs is racist against blacks, Hispanics, et al. Oppose public school funding increases while performance standards are lowered, and one is obviously racists.

        You get my point, I think; West is NOT playing any race card here.

      • The word “racist” is the democrats very mantra. It is branded into their epidermis. It is their marrow and their plasma.

    • No he’s not. Bill Marcy is not a Liberal Ideologue, therefore he is shunned by the hardcore lefty-loons. You better wake up, there are too many low information voter types like you out there. Mr. West is a stand up guy, and would never pull the race card like Sharpton and Jackson do. He is simply pointing out the hypocrisy from the left. Get a clue dude.

      • Seriously?
        A political group doesn’t support someone who doesn’t share their politics and you think that’s racist?

        Low information voter?
        You sound like another sheep, repeating talk radio catch phrases.
        Your messiah Allen West is a hypocrite.

      • You don’t get it do you? I have read some of your worthless posts, and it’s clear that you are just another Liberal Lunatic. You are not capable of an educated debate, the name-calling makes it very clear. People like you are the problem in this country.

    • Republicans, the true Patriots, don’t act. They re-act. The very word “democrat” is nothing more than a synonym with the words socialist, progressive, communist, controller, and dictator. Wake up, Brendan. Rinse the sleep out of your eyes and maybe you’ll see a little clearer than you do.

    • You read the article, know what the Democrats do, and have done for decades, and ALAN WEST plays the race card? You hear Sharpton and Jackson, to name a VERY few play the racebaiter game and ALAN WEST is playing the race card? Are you truly that ignorant or is this a cover for lack of political knowledge?

      • Two wrongs don’t make a right.
        I agree that Sharpton and Jackson are opportunists who play the race card.
        But just because one side does something wrong, doesn’t make it okay for the other.

    • YOU’RE playing the race card by saying Allen West is playing the race card…. how’s that? Allen West has the personal experience of being a Black conservative; do you? I have the personal experience of being an Hispanic conservative, do you? We can call people out for being racist, unlike the libs, who spewed out the most hateful, anti-Black venom at Christian Blacks who supported Prop 8 in California and don’t have a leg to stand on. Look it up…

  9. In the comparison between Crist and Marcy the difference is very stark and overt. In the case of Crist, they are embracing someone who is just like them – a man with no principles, no values and no character who will say and do anything, including adopting a party line in direct opposition to everything he claimed to believe as a Republican, in order to get elected to an office he held once and accomplished nothing while he was there. They reject Marcy because he is a black man who dares to think for himself and espouse his own positions even if they conflict with those of his party. In other words, he does have principles that he refuses to jeopardize for politics. The only thing I can’t figure out is why he changed parties? It doesn’t sound like he fits in as a Demonrat at all.

  10. bill Marcy who ran twice as rep congress on 10 and 12 and lost? Who was endorsed by Palin and the tea party and still lost? Who wrote a book comparing Demos to the Nazis? He’s running as a demo now ? Interesting. He’s keeping his political views but calling himself a demo? And you are surprised the MS demos aren’t buying it? As he said, ” he believes he’ll be elected with support of black voters. Wow, he wants people to vote for him bec he’s black . That sounds like it could work, just ask Obama.


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