While Russia invades Ukraine, our gay military dances in drag in Okinawa (video)

Russian troops are invading Ukraine and we have no response. I suppose the Pentagon has more important things to worry about – like hair and makeup for our gay military.

According to Stars and Stripes, openly homosexual service members at Okinawa’s Kadena Air Base took to the stage and performed as “drag queens” and “drag kings” Saturday on a military installation in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender troops.

As World Net Daily put it, “Almost seven decades after being the scene of one of the most ferocious and protracted battles of World War II – a site of legendary valor and sacrifice on the part of American soldiers – some U.S. service personnel stationed in Okinawa today are treating the world to another kind of display: Gay and lesbian service personnel performing in drag, to raise funds for their activities, to a sellout audience.

Watch the video here. for sharing this jaw-dropping video.

In September 2011, on the implementation of the repeal of the Clinton-era Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, President Obama said: “I was proud to sign the Repeal Act into law last December because I knew that it would enhance our national security, increase our military readiness, and bring us closer to the principles of equality and fairness that define us as Americans.” However, the latest reports show that the rate of sexual assaults, and especially male-on-male sexual assaults, in the U.S. military has skyrocketed.

It’s obvious what defines “vital national security interest” in the Obama administration. A week ago Obama announced the decimation of our military – maybe that’s why these troops got their groove on.

I am kinda at a loss for words, but quite sure there are those of you who can fill in the blanks.


      • Really Ms. Smith, you speak for sexual deviates? So I’m going to get on a war ship and worry about 2 fronts? Have you been in combat ma’am? Ship to ship combat where the looser swims home with the sharks??? I have and people act a little funny under those circumstances. And the last thing I want to do is worry about someone who isn’t thinking clearly and a man who dresses like a woman doesn’t.

      • Then stop worrying about it. Some of the people on your ship were (statistically likely to be) gay too and you made it back okay.

      • I don’t particularly care what some people think about gays in the military. They’ve always been there and it hasn’t hurt us yet so get over it.

      • It didn’t hurt us until they came out legally. Now they’re flaunting their new-found Pride! It’s filthy and it’s disgusting!

      • Not gay but I served with people who were. And I’d trust them in combat more than I’d trust a shitbird like you.

      • Shitbird??? You are a cock sucker aren’t ya??? C’mon son tell daddy all about taking it in the rear.. So do you like seeing other men naked in the showers??? You know I actually feel sorry for people like you, to never know the warm caress of a good woman. Where’s the attraction in some big, hairy legged ugly man in comparison to some pretty little female?

      • Sorry do you need me to translate for you?
        Shitbird n. :A completely useless individual who is unaware of his/her own complete uselessness.
        Does that clear things up, shitbird?

      • Tough words coming from a fag with no balls.. What’s that you have some?? Well givem back boy cause I know their not yours!!! HAHAHAHA

      • Do you know what it’s like to be stuck in tight quarters w/ 30-40 men at sea for 6 months or more and one of them might have the “hots” for you?

      • Ms.Leah, what I’m not making myself clear on is that it’s not my safety I was worried about but the gay one’s. The men in my division would hurt someone like that. And in combat we can’t have personal division.

      • Every single woman in the US Navy knows what that’s like. They manage to do their jobs anyway. I guess they’re just made of tougher stuff than you.

      • Every Navy female is lesbian?? Wow! Are YOU ever demented! I’m a REAL woman and was tough enough for the Army. Sorry about you, though, you clearly have mental issues.

      • From the comment I was replying to: “tight quarters w/ 30-40 MEN at sea for 6 months.” Every woman on a Navy ship is in tight quarters with MEN who may or may not have the “hots” for them. I hope you didn’t have an MOS where reading comprehension was important.

      • Ms. Leah, We are the ones who have stood a line, We are the ones who have fired at the enemy. These liberal trolls are of the same ilk as those who spit at returning soldiers in the 60’s and 70’s. Let them live in whatever hell they have created for themselves and not let them drag you down into their despair.

        Thank you for your service Ms. I would have liked to known you.

      • You can use as much punctuation as you like, it doesn’t change the fact that you can’t handle being objectified and they can.

      • Attacking Real Men now are ya? You must be wanting a kiss..

        You must really be a dumbass, this guys saying he’d stand up for a fag, I’d just pushem overboard. You ever see a fag float dumbass??? HAHAHAHA

      • I’m starting to feel like we’ve got a real connection here. What’s your name lover?

      • You sure? You’ve been following me all over this thread. I think you might have a little crush.

      • I don’t have a small teetee, honestly there’s nothing small about me at all.. Most people consider me too big.. That sucks..

      • newsflash anonymous “vet” … there were gay men and women on your ship when you served. newsflash anonymous “vet” … there were straight people in this drag show. get over it. it’s called entertainment … you wouldn’t be bitching if it had been a dance or a concert, so don’t bitch about this. frankly, it’s NONE of your business what goes on in an NCO club on their free time. doesn’t affect you.

      • Why are you espousing to know something which you don’t? My first ship with which my icon shows me was a war ship, we had no women on board in the late 80’s, My second ship was a supply ship with which we had a mixed crew of men and women. So I was able to see the integration from an educated view. And as for non of my business? That which affects the cohesiveness of a unit is everyone’s business. You are the problem!!! You and those like you who would divide a Great Country with your filth and evil. I killed 136 men in combat, and I consider those enemy combatants less of a threat than you and your stupidity.

      • Looks like somebody’s compensating for possessing a shriveled manhood by having a big mouth. Did the nurse look at it and mock you about how small it was, and call you ‘Tiny’?

      • You Liberal/Commie spewing Bitch!!! You pretend to know me??? You think I would be entertained by such foulness??? None of my business??? Woman the only reason you can speak such is because of Men like Me!!! This Country and it’s principals have been mine and my families business since it’s beginning!!! We have fought in every War since the beginning!!! Would you have told George Washington “leave those British alone and mind your own business???” Would you have told Abraham Lincoln, “What business of it is yours if the South wants to maintain Slavery???” I’m sure you would have.. You better stop and think about what you spew before you do it especially when you have no idea whom you are spewing to!!!

      • Typical foul-mouthed, crude behavior from a man who is insecure enough with himself that he can’t admit there were gay people in his presence when he killed 136 men in his combat glory days. My uncle was Patton’s forward recon in WWII … was trapped behind enemy lines at the Battle of the Bulge (Patton came back for him personally). His father served in WWI. My own father served in Korea, and I have other family members who’ve served in the military since. Not a single one of them demanded that people fall at their feet and praise their service. They earned it, they owned it, they got it. I find that those “vets” who yell the loudest about their service and demand respect are generally players — wannabe’s who want credit for something someone else actually did. Your behavior is far more reprehensible than anything someone in a drag show can pull off.

      • I see it now, you resent those that have Honor and Integrity. You resent men because you are not one.. Well missy you need to get back into the kitchen and shut-up for this post deals with the issues of the Military, that which protects your commie/liberal ass and let those of us who know deal with the issues that matter. Wouldn’t your daddy be ashamed, I know I am of your behavior.

      • Alright I did lose it a little with Ms. Smith and I apologize. But really making fun of a man’s teetee is just uncool. I never fight with a woman or a fag.. 🙂 And honestly I don’t agree in either women or gays being in the Military because I hate to see either one get hurt. Did I mention I’m a 6’2″ 285lb Texan? And it’s me they would run to for help. Ok, go on with your insults but if you knew me you would like me.

      • bet not, dumb ass. they signed on to protect bigots like you. doubt they’ll run from a little hand-to-hand combat.

      • Almost without fail, those who call someone a “bigot” do so because they themselves are. You might want to edit your ugly little post, little Jen…

      • you “liked” my original post … you seem to be confused. you’re all pissed because GAY troops put on a drag show (alongside straight performers — no one is mentioning that of course). perverted this, perverted that … the perversion comes from people judging other people whom they’ve never even met. if this had been a regular dance or concert or other drunken hootenanny, none of you would give one rip. GAY GAY GAY … sweet JESUS they’re GAAAAAAAAAY! get over it little leah …

      • you’re kinda cool and all … making fun of a 1950’s pic of joan crawford. another military impostor … afraid to show his/her true identity … being all foul-mouthed with women. self-conscious, insecure, pencil dicked little boy who want to bang his mama but he can’t ’cause some other man’s doin’ it for him. 😉

      • I’m sad that I took an oath to protect and defend for YOU! You are not worthy to be an American!

      • I’m not sad I went to Iraq for YOU. You’re entitled to your ignorant bigoted opinion. Have a nice night.

      • I don’t think you know the definition of “bigoted”. If you had a moral backbone, the word wouldn’t even occur to you.

      • Doesn’t matter. You’re the Dinosaurs. We’re the comet. In another generation there won’t be any of you left.

      • You didn’t go anywhere for me, Paul. You went for a paycheck because nobody else would employ you!

      • I think that the only oath you took was that of a woman married to a Promise Keeper-you’re more likely a Keyboard Kommando and a chickenhawk to boot.

  1. Disgusting and embarrassing. We used to be known as the toughest, the strongest, the baddest in the world. Now we’re a laughingstock. Surely they can come up with a fundraising idea without sacrificing our nation’s dignity.

  2. It’s really nice to see that the US Military has absolutely ZERO standards these days. I hate to say it, but with our Military reduction we might be doomed.

  3. Yeah, I can just see them sashaying into a combat zone like something out of “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”! This is what social engineering has done to our military! Thanks, libs!

    • I served for more than twenty years and this Makes me sick. What have we come to. We have truly lost our way and our country.

      • I am ready to retire/get out. I’ve loved serving all of these years and had wished I could stay in, but no more. Enough is enough. I am ready to go. My only regret is who’s name/signature will be on my discharge.

  4. the video has been removed. I am sure the military doesn’t want this disgrace to get out especially as Obama guts the military, slashes their pay and Is trying to force them on obamacare.

  5. These people disgust me. I have a hard time believing that “they” joined up for any other reason than to flaunt perversion and their deviancy…because they can.

  6. For a video that’s been removed, I didn’t have a problem viewing. I’m so glad my military dad isn’t alive to see this. We have our priorities so wrong. Doesn’t anyone care what’s happening to our nation? America is steadily looking more like all the fallen great nations before, of centuries past. Will we ever wake up, all at the same time? Will we all. ever become united for one cause? Keep America free!

  7. Let’s send this sickos to the front lines, then watch them beg for mercy and try to run away from a fight. This is what is “protecting” or vital interests? Help us all. We are in deep dung.

    • They’re already forward deployed, if they were going to run they already would have. They’re serving their country despite all the bulls*** they have to put up with from people like you. What did you do for your country today?

      • Know-it-alls like you are transparent. And what you call bulls***, those of us with morals call justified.
        I served in the military. What did you do for your country today? Defending deviants doesn’t count.

      • Well nothing today but from 2004 to 2008 I was deployed 3 times. I’ve got dust on my boots and blood on my fingernails so I don’t have to listen to bulls*** from those of you with “morals.”

      • Well, apparently you will still have to listen, because we’re not going away. You want us to to see it your way, but you so called tolerant liberals are the last ones to display tolerance of those who don’t believe as you do. If our morals didn’t bother your sensibilities, you wouldn’t be here telling us how it does.

      • It doesn’t matter. We already won, otherwise you wouldn’t have anything to whine about. I’m here because I like a good argument and I have a particular distaste for Allen West. Why should I be tolerant of someone like you? Since when is tolerating intolerance a virtue?

      • What did you “win,” Paul??? Hmm??? I’m not at all surprised that someone of your metal dislikes a wonderful Patriot like Allen West.

      • You don’t like a good argument. You’re simply here to provoke people, to shove in everyone’s faces a deviant life style of which most people don’t approve of. Your distaste of Allen West is no different than your distaste of me or others who revile what you stand for, and you’ll just have to live with that.
        My question mirrors yours: “Why should I be tolerant of someone like you?” As for virtues, at least I have them. You don’t.

      • I’ve killed for my country, that’s my virtue. You’re just a loudmouth on the internet. Just like your hero, the disgraced LTC West.

      • Pot calling the kettle black? You’re a hypocrite. I guess it all depends on your definition of virtue. Deviant perversion isn’t one of them.
        LTC West was honorably discharged with full rank and privileges. It’s ignorant people like you who claim the opposite.

      • Bragging about killing is never a virtue. You’re a mental midget and a pervert! If you can’t HELP your behavior, then it’s considered mental illness. If you CAN help your behavior, then it’s considered choice. In either case, there’s no place for it in America’s military! PERIOD

      • Killing is what the military is for, dummy. It’s the only virtue that matters in terms of national security. Killers protect this country. The rest of you are just around to support those of who have what it takes to pull the trigger.

      • Uh huh, then there were “dummies” like me who made out your pay. Guess we weren’t necessary, you would have enjoyed going out there and killing as a treat! You’re a maniac and I’m glad you’re no longer in the military! I THANK GOD!

      • Well I don’t know if they were as dumb as you, but yes they were unnecessary. We could have done our jobs without them. You and them, were just a convenience. If our country required it we would have killed her enemies for free. I never enjoyed it but I did it and I would do it again if called upon.

      • Now you’re just posturing. As a former military person, there’s nothing you think you can tell me about it that I don’t know. I know that unscrupulous perverts disrupt military operation and moral. That’s a fact!
        You’ve done your best, but failed miserably to convince anyone here of the qualities of a creepy perversion. If you think public pressure and legislation can force acceptance, you’re wrong.

  8. Wonder who they sold those 400 tickets to – mil vs public – and how much of the proceeds will be used against their team mates.
    I don’t have a problem with gays being in the mil or elsewhere. I have a huge problem with them feeling entitled to using those positions as activists to exploit their Special Victims, Protected Class status at everyone elses expense.
    Get off your f’ing pedestal and serve. That is supposedly what you showed up to do. Not insist the mil take part in gay pride parades, run your flag up the pole, and then provide a shoulder to cry on when your diva drama doesn’t get the respect you feel it deserves.

    • how do you then explain the straight members of the military who dressed and performed with them? get off your own pedestal.

      • It says above, “Openly homosexual service members at Okinawa’s Kadena Air Base took to the stage and performed as “drag queens” and “drag kings”.
        Where do you come up with straight members performing? Making up facts?

      • Nice try. Reading the “Stripes” has for decades been equivalent to reading “The New York Times”. A Liberal biased rag. The above video makes no mention of straight performers. You wish.

      • please … like THIS blog you’re reading isn’t biased? LOL at least i’m not locked up tight like a drum, anonymous poster. real easy to act like a bad ass and mask your bigotry behind a fake name, ain’t it? why don’t you haul your anonymous ass down to your recruiter’s office and sign yourself up. maybe they’ll ship YOU off to okinawa and you can show ’em how it’s done! hope you know how to shoot! 🙂

      • You have funny perceptions of “acting like a bad ass”. You express your opinion, such as it is, making up facts, but if anyone else does, they’re “acting like a bad ass”. That just shows how immature you are in the arena of ideas.
        Second, I should but don’t really care what your definition of bigotry is. It’s a false flag, labeling people bigots as a synonym for “I don’t like your opinion”. I will continue to believe as my religion dictates. Homosexuality is a sin and has no place in our armed forces for uniform cohesiveness’ sake. So save your naive and ill defined adjectives for someone else who may shudder in his/her boots at the prospect of falsely being labeled a bigot.

  9. When addressing a higher ranking official, how do you address one of these people in the video. Also when approaching the enemy, they will be laughing so hard, they will drop their weapons and surrender.

  10. this is an obvious attempt to do the same thing in our military that dear leader has been so successful with in the general population–dividing it into groups, and then pitting them against each other. we once had a homogenous force, who were mostly conservative…and in just five years, obama has gone a long way toward destroying that. coupled with the purge of flag officers, and the reductions in force-size, we’d all better arm-up, because that ‘militia’ is all that will be left…

  11. The military is not the place to display your sexual preferences in this manner. It weakens the military and undermines the critical need, confidence in and dependence upon “got your 6”. We (our US military) are becoming a joke in the world and this will be the proof.

  12. Having spent twenty years in the US Army I was fortunate enough to know a number of gay soldiers. One…a good friend used to watch my children when I was deployed. But this is disgusting and beyond belief. Would it be any better if straight males and females worked in strip joints? Those involved in this type of behavior should be run out of the military. No honor, no integrity, no pride.

  13. Imagine what WHITE GENOCIDE would be like.

    You would have to flood ALL & ONLY White countries with millions of non-Whites.

    Then you would have to demoralise Whites by screaming the R-word at them if they objected.

    Then you would have to pass laws to FORCE integrate all those non-whites into every facet of White society.

    Then you would have to…oh wait. This is already happening!

    Diversity is just a GENOCIDAL SCAM!

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White

    • Actually white genocide would be like if you killed all the white people. Is that happening? No? Good, then shut up.

      • It is, in South Africa…or doesn’t that count? First they tortured/murdered all the non-ANC blacks, now they are butchering the whites. It’s only a matter of time…

    • Thank you! You have to be a special kind of Tea Party crazy to link Russian invasion of Crimea to a fundraiser on a military base in which 6 people dressed in drag.

      • No. I expect no one here to respect me. Pointing out a “disconnect from logic” to a fervent group of idealistic nationalists does not tend to win one friends.

    • If he miscalculates, Putin sees THIS as the military he will have to face. So he can invade without fear. It’s what he sees… it’s what the Muslims see… it’s being broadcast worldwide. They no longer fear the sure, swift sword of American military might, because they focus on the gay blades flaunting their perversion and assume it represents of the whole of American military culture.

      That’s “what.”

  14. In case you just got to the comments section, let me save you some time by quickly summing up 95% of the comments for you:
    “Waaaaah! I think gay people are gross, and I wish it was 1950 again!”

    Yeah, that’s about it.

      • Are you still surprised?
        This is the most “loving” and “tolerant” minority group in the USA.


      (Isaiah 5:20-21)

      Enough said!

      • I have an old, old book of fairy tales, too. And it was written 800 years before the birth of Christ, so mine is older than yours. Here, let me grab a quote from it.
        “(M)any dead men’s ghosts will come to you, and you must tell your men to skin the two sheep that you have just killed, and offer them as a burnt sacrifice with prayers to Hades and to Proserpine..”
        – The Odyssey by Homer, 800 B.C.E.

        I think my quote makes about as much sense as yours.

      • The purpose of the military is to kill people and break their stuff. Its not to prance around in dresses like a fag. Although I guess that’s what you’d do if someone broke into your home. Put on a dress and let them rape you.

      • You’re awesome, dude. Sitting there at your computer, all angry, trying so hard to be manly, while your head is filled with visions of men prancing around in dresses and man-on-man rape.
        You’re a hoot.

      • I know I’m awesome and I know that you’re nothing but a little fag. No one has to even try to be more manly than you. I have more manhood in the tip of my little toe than you do in your whole body.

      • Ooooh. The “manly” comment really got you all riled up, didn’t it? Pretty much what I figured. Have some deep-seated issues you’d like to talk about Bull? Are your homosexual fantasies of men wearing dresses and getting raped getting out of control? Are these daydreams making it hard for you to concentrate on daily tasks? Is that why you are so concerned about showing everybody how manly you are? You can lie to yourself, Bull, but you can’t lie to me. I know you for who you are. A repressed, angry, and slightly homosexual male who has crossdressing and rape fantasies.
        It’s o.k. There are people who can help you. I encourage you to reach out to them. The sooner you accept who you are inside, the sooner you’ll find true happiness.
        Good luck, sweetheart!

      • Anybody who thinks some people crossdressing on a Saturday night in Okinawa constitutes an “agenda” is an irrationally paranoid, Rush Limbaugh’s ballsack-licking, Fox News puppet.

        Now get back to listening to the EIB. I hear that today Rush plans on spending a full 3 hours talking about what a bad president Obama is. How fascinating and informative! You wouldn’t want to miss a second of that.

      • Hey dumbass, it could be written a million years before it doesn’t make it truthful.. I’ll tell you what the truth is.. “You a DumbASS”!!! HAHAHAHA

  15. People are acting like they were doing this while on duty. Last time I checked troops that are stationed and not in an active combat zone are allowed to do what they want with their free time so long as it doesn’t break any laws. Don’t blame these troops for the puppet masters in Washington being ineffective. To try and draw a connection to their sexual orientation and their ability to perform their duty is simply incredulous.

    • Gays will do nothing to add to the effectiveness of our services, they will only be another distraction, making the job more difficult. DADT should have been left in place.

      • Robert Ray, there have been gays and lesbian in the military since WWII, Vietnam, Desert Storm 1 and 2. Your post shows how ignorant you really are. This is coming from a Retired Army guy. No, I am not gay or bi. But I respect their choices.

      • Your post shows how ignorant you are. In the past, perverts had to behave and conduct themselves honorably, or they’d wind up with fat lips AND be dishonorably discharged.

      • Did you read my post? Your answer does not at all reflect my comment. I served for 24 years, I know they have always been there, but not until now have they been so “in your face” and flamboyant. Their conduct in the video disrespects those who have served and still serve.

      • I have to respectfully disagree with you on this. These men and women were holding a performance in their own time not while they were in uniform. What is disrespectful is that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness only extends to some of our citizens and men and women in the military. I would never suggest that anyone has to approve of a particular lifestyle but at the same time we must constantly monitor our motives to make sure that we truly are keeping with the best intentions of the constitution that affords protections to ALL United States citizens not just the one’s we agree with.

      • You don’t strike me as someone who has ever served. So let me clue you in on something here. Being a member of the United States Military is not a venue to express your sexual preferences. We volunteer, and are there to train and fight wars. I could care less what their sexual preference is. Besides that., if heterosexual people were to take part in “drag queen,king” show like this, they would be ridiculed by others for being disrespectful, or sexist. But……… no one says anything to gays…… you can’t do that, you might hurt their feelings. The double standard today is just plain stupid.

      • Robert, first, yes I read your post. Second, thank you for your service. When DADT was removed, they did not have to live in fear or hide anymore. The video shows when they are off duty nor does it disrespects anyone. As long when they are on duty and conduct themselves accordingly. If they keep personal -personal and business – business. Understand your feelings and beliefs, but even though you feel disrespected, doesn’t mean it disrespects others, those who served and is presently serving.

      • DADT served it purpose. I was active duty when Obama repealed it, and it changed the atmosphere drastically. I had several subordinates who I suspected were gay, but that never mattered to me, they did their job. They were never in fear as far as I could tell, we all knew who they were. That goes for the entire time I was active (1990-2014) No one really cared. But now it’s “hey look at me, I’m gay”. And guess what, the leadership was hesitant to take any sort of punitive action against anyone gay, even though it was justified, because they were afraid of a CMEO investigation. I saw it first hand, numerous times. It created another unnecessary distraction. The job was difficult enough as it was, we just didn’t need it. 2% of the population is homosexual, but by the way the media and politicians give in to their “poor little me” routine, more people now resent gays than ever before. I am sick of it personally.

      • You do understand the difference of being gay and serving in the military and having a drag show to make sure everyone knows you are?

  16. Wow! As a retired Vet, I am disgusted. This is the kind of crap that DADT kept from happening. When I joined the military it was illegal to be gay, then it became optional, glad I retired before Obama and the Liberals made it mandatory.

  17. I get it.
    You don’t like gays.
    But linking what a few off duty service members do in their free time in Japan with what is happening in the Ukraine is nuts.

    • Many of these God-less souls are the same ones bitching about “Separation of Church and State”. Why are they using military installations, funded by tax payer dollars, to promote perversion???

      • Because that’s where they live. They’re military personnel, everything they do is “funded by taxpayer dollars” you nitwit.

      • You obviously understand only what you want to understand, nitwit. That’s precisely why it shouldn’t be done. For the good and discipline of all. I’m former military and in my day that would be considered misappropriation of government property. A punishable offense. I lived on military installations and there were rules to live by. Parties to fund private causes and conduct unbecoming were not allowed. That’s where we lived, Troll.

      • They might live there Paul, but that doesn’t give them the right to use a Military Facility for something like this. If it had been a fund raiser for someone in need or a Military Family that needed help, fine, but this is not what it’s about.

      • Didn’t know she was a woman actually. She’s still a nitwit though.
        It doesn’t bother me when you say that I’m gay. You understand that right? Feel free to keep following me around though sweetcheeks, you seem to be getting a real kick out of it.

      • It would be nice if you knew what you’re talking about. Government facilities are not to be used for private parties. It’s called misappropriation of government property. A punishable offense if anyone else was doing it. A military facility paid for by tax dollars should not be used to promote private deviant parties. I’m pretty sure you or people you know would be against a Christian function taking place in such a facility paid for with tax monies. Don’t be a hypocrite.

      • So if a Girl Scout troop on base sets up a table selling GS cookies. I can tell them to get the hell out, this is gov property ?

    • Oh really? Would you want to know the repercussions of innocent pictures like this – what do you think might happen to American soldiers if they should fall into the hands of some of our less enlightened adversaries??
      Gays and transgenders are tools in the hands of our enemies – tools to destroy the culture that protects them; just as blacks, women and all the other special needs groups are tools.
      But I get it – you can’t be bothered..You’ve got more important fish to fry: there is yet more tolerance to be extracted from society if we are to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth, isn’t there? Somehow there’s always something missing,when you are gay or ‘special’ – always that sense of being outcast, different, of not belonging, isn’t there?

      • Military cemeteries are full of gay, black and female servicemembers. Do you want to dig them up?

      • No – I just want them to realize that there is a time and place for everything. When you’re representing the US and the army your sexuality is of no concern. Can’t you read, for crying out loud?!?

      • Sure, I can read. If you are pissed that the gays are holding a show, then those WW2 vets hosting their own drag show must really piss you off.

    • The point is years ago you would have been thrown out of the service for doing something like this. Not applauded. The world sees our Military.

  18. Can you say “conduct unbecoming” I don’t care if your Gay,Lesbian or into goats just not so blatant while your in the military. You should conduct yourself with more integrity.
    Maybe its being in my mid 50’s but the military should look and act like they belong in the military!!


  20. Being a soldier meant being above reproach. It meant respect and upholding the highest standards on the face of this earth. I dont think it means that anymore, more like a political pawn.

    • After serving 7yrs in what was the greatest station I have ever been bestowed with, I have watch my military turn from a position of great standing and respect to one where soldiers are called heroes for not saluting the flag and patriots for dressing in drag while representing this once great nation.

    • Oblivious you never been stationed in the Philippines. I saw some CRAZY stuff. What women won’t do for a dollar!!!! And what some of my follow sailors and marines won’t take back to a hotel. The only highest standards were the condoms given away.


  22. Anyone who thinks it is a good thing for members of our military to behave this way, has NO business living in this once great country!

  23. There are no words… it is all within the plans of this marxist CIC to decimate the military and make it a joke within the world community.

  24. How sad that they have brought this to our Military Community. If you are Gay, fine, but you don’t have to flaunt it like you are in a California Parade. The Commander should be shot for allowing this.

  25. Canada is 64% Racist and 36% Diverse.
    The U.S. is 62% Racist and 38% Diverse.
    Australia is 69% Racist and 31% Diverse.
    Europe is 82% Racist and 18% Diverse.


    – Anti-racist logic

    “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

    • I don’t know where the percentages come from, but I don’t agree with them. I guess because I feel this is inappropriate behavior for any Military person to behave, I guess that makes me “racist”. Interesting! Percentages like this which I believe are wrong, is what makes racism live on.

      • In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites.

        Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.”

        Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE.

        That makes it genocide.

        “Anti-racist” is a codeword for white geNOcide

      • Whites only communities are illegal. Everyone should be allowed to live where they want. BTW, some of these Whites only communities were non Jewish.

      • Asian countries for Asians. Black countries for blacks. White countries for everyone!
        It’s genocide.
        “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

      • Ok. Whites, Blacks, Muslims and Asians are in Africa, Asians are all over So. Pac and Asia. Wite people only in Europe bec they’re not orginially fron N, S, Cen America. Tight fit.

      • Nobody is saying Asians/Africans will ever be a minority in their homelands
        So why are they saying White people will be a minority in EVERY White country in 2040?
        That’s because “anti-racists” only enforce Diversity in White countries.
        Because “anti-racists” want a world without White children.
        Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.
        Diversity is a codeword for White Genocide.

      • Then, drop the birth control pills and get to screwin’. You people don’t have much time left.

      • “Anti-racists” ONLY seem to exist where there are White people, They DO NOT Target anyone except White people FOR “racism,” Nor do they Protect White people FROM racism. “Anti-racists” are only satisfied that there’s no “racism” when there’s no white people. Everything they do leads to a world with NO white people. It’s genocide. “Anti-racist” is a code word for Anti-White.

  26. Our Country has completely unraveled! I am disgusted with this behavior, do what you will in your own home. You have no integrity or self respect, but choose to further poison our country and our youth.

  27. Putin is correct on this because one thing you can trust a KGB’er on is to recognize propaganda when he sees it (the old ‘takes one to know one’); this IS propaganda; it IS political; it is NOT about ‘human rights’; homosexuals are of ZERO use the Leftist Neo-Statist Marxists, unless they’re ‘loud and proud.’

  28. I am NOT anti-gay. But this is the US Military. This is not night club US. There is a time and place for everything and this is not it. The US Military is in the business of protection of the US people. It is very serious business, not fun and games. I will do my best to support any group of people against bulling, but wake up people. What the heck are you thinking; The Military is weapons & protection, please take the games someplace else. Here is need to be serious and very very respectful. These people are risking their lives for us. DO NOT disrespect our military and our soldiers or do something to cause them disrespect.

  29. West, what are you spazzing out about? It was a fundraiser for gay troops. The organizers hoped to sell 75 tix, ended up selling the hall out at 400 servicemembers. If you would have read STARS AND STRIPES, like I do, you would have gotten the right info. “The historic shift appears to be mostly accepted and embraced throughout the ranks despite warnings the DADT repeal could harm order and good discipline,” Stars and Stripes notes.
    BTW, I found old film of a drag show from WW2 soldiers Christmas party. Ft. Slocum 1941.
    BTW2, more and more sexual assults are being reported bec. people aren’t afraid to speak up. Thanks 2 dem female senators for that.
    Things sure are different since they “let you retire”.

    • ” However, the latest reports show that the rate of sexual assaults, and especially male-on-male sexual assaults, in the U.S. military has skyrocketed.
      Men were scared to report that other men were SEXUALLY attacking them before?

      • Most of the attackers have been sexually abused themselves. Their straight, but think they are gay for what happened to them. So they gravitate to more macho careers like the military. It’s really complicated. You can look it up, I don’t want to give wrong info. I don’t think it’s a gay problem, and God bless the one’s who report it.

      • Always an excuse. If you don’t like it, come up with an excuse. How about we all take responsibility for our actions instead. Our willpower should enable us to overcome urges which our brains (and the law) tell us are wrong.

      • It’s not an excuse for rape. That’s what I read on sex assults wwebsites. It’s sort of like rape in prison. Done by older superiors heteros men as a form of humilation and control.

  30. Ugh … Disqus sucks mud now more than ever! No down arrows counted, to make sure nobody’s feelings are hurt! How frikken PC!!

      • It highlights, but doesn’t register how MANY. Going out and coming back doesn’t change it … read what Disqus says about it … they did that intentionally so people wouldn’t have their feelings hurt by numerous down-votes.

  31. Nobody CARES what you ‘do’ in your bedroom except YOU, and whom ever else is in there! Get it, GOT it, GOOD! ENOUGH!

  32. Obama’s policies have degraded our military, in more ways than one, to be a laughing stock to the world. I’m embarrassed… I suppose this is what you get when you elect a man who prefers being on Entertainment Tonight and his top agenda is homosexuals/gay marriage and global warming. What a joke.

  33. I retired in ’10. I wish it was sooner, but man am I glad not to be a part of Obama’s military. I just wouldn’t fit in. What shall we do on liberty tonight? Well, there’s a drag show on base that 400 people are going to! Uh, no.

  34. I’m glad I got out in 2005. I couldn’t stomach the crap that goes on in there today. It’s just plain SICK!

    • …The rest of the Western world is miles ahead of us when it comes to this. We were the laughing stock when we did not respect gay service members.

      • Spoken like a true leftwing moonbat. You were OBVIOUSLY brainwashed by the Dialectical Process! Google it if you don’t know what it is! The “rest of the Western world” is mired in Socialism, FYI! The UK is struggling to get OUT of it and have realized that it is a wretched form of governing! If you like it, I suggest you move there! The rest of us want the Republic we had before Obama chose to become Dictator!!

      • The Brits are going to have quite a battle. Look up Paul Weston and he’ll explain it to you. Britain and America are tie together by the wrong pair of tits.

      • Hummm…. More like, the Republic we had before the zionists usurped the Federal Gov before 1913, and imposed THEIR FED and Rapine Tax on Labor… All, UN-constitutional, treasonous, and aimed at destroying America from within, to return it to the rapine vandalic bankstering mafia, the Rothschilds in London. Who own England since George III.

      • I spent 23 year in the military,if you were gay you had damn well
        better keep it a secret.
        This B.S. of running around shouting Hey Look I’m Gay makes
        about as much sense as someone having sex with his sister.
        They would both need a shrink.

      • Do NOT you know that “The mouth of FOOLS (like Megan) pours forth FOOLISHNESS.” – King Solomon (Proverbs 15)

        And she is not just STUPID but IGNORANT as well.
        One word — Indoctrinated and Brainwashed LIBERAL!!!

    • We already ARE the laughing stock of the world and have been turned into the biggest stupid power on the planet… Yeah, we have such great leaders, huh…. sickens me…

  35. This junk has no place in the military – or anywhere else, for that matter. All one has to do is look at what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. These cities and all their inhabitants burned to a crisp! We aren’t much different. This trash needs to be squelched. NOW!

    • U.S.A. will probably be destroyed by God just like Sodom and Gomorrah. Every great nation has fallen, it must be our turn. I pray that Jesus comes before it happens.I do not want to be here when it happens.

      • obammy has wanted to destroy this great nation from within since the first time he took office. He hates this nation so bad. Sodom and Gomorrah is already here and it is the worst of any century. Mitt Romney could have saved it from the whore that is going on here, but it wasn’t his turn as the people was not ready for him to become president. The people of the USA had to go thru a cleansing. The homo’s are so bad and sickening. They are only a few, but the rag media is putting everything out about them. obammy is homo and he is pushing it to the hilt. Other nations do not like it, as in Russia doesn’t like it and many more nations condone it. The only way that we can get rid of it, is to have someone in the Senate that has some back bone and fight like hell to get rid of reid and obammy. The 2014, elections is the time to get rid of the demo’s and having the GOP/Tea Party in. Then they can house clean the leaders, but in 2016, their should be some good people to get in, but obammy has changed all of the rules of law, the constitution and he has said that he is going to run in 2016 and 2020. He can’t do either, but if the demo’s win in Nov. 2014, then we won’t have a USA. It will be a COMMUNIST nation. With this war for Urkaine then don’t let any of your family go into the service. This military isn’t the same as it was. It is very evil, thanks to obammy, the dictator in the w/h.

      • Mr. Romney would have been a uniter, people would have had jobs, obammycare would have been corrected and not have millions of people without insurance and this country would not be communist/socialist. obammy wants this country destroyed and apparently you do to.

      • Where do you get your info (or, disinfo)? From NYTimes? Washington Post? ADL?

        Mitten is associated with greedy ashkenazi business partners with all the breaks on their side, and who go about buying out small industries HERE in the US., then reduce the quality of their products for the sake of profits, but actually to make these companies go BROKE for no-sales.

        But since the new bosses wrote the rules of operation, the Mitten Rottens WILL get their severance CEO pay in the millions, sucking all the leftover money, and throwing a finger to the workers, who, in the last instance i checked, were left standing by themselves with NOTHING to hold on, since their job was the ONLY factory in their rural area. Pitiful. And treasonous.

        Next? The Mitten Rottens went to CHINA, and mounted a similar operation with Chinese slaves, and will now turn around and ‘proudly’ as only a PUNK like him and his associates can be, SELL Americans their Chinese slave goods at American prices… HOW patriotic!

        i followed the debates of Ron Paul, and this Mitten is not worth using as a shoe at the piggery.

      • Mitten Rotten is just another Manchurian Candidate like Obongo the illegal alien from Kenya, a subversive for Zion, to destroy this country from within. NOT!

  36. We have military men and women coming home in body bags or severely injured for life and this is what is going on in our military. I am disgusted and ashamed and once again, this ads to us be the ‘laughing stock’ of the world! God help us and I pray He comes soon.

  37. ONE year ago, at the 2013 at the National Prayer Breakfast, Dr. Benjamin Carson Said:

    “Why is it so important that we EDUCATE OUR PEOPLE? Because we don’t want to go down the pathway as so many pinnacle nations that have preceded us. I think particularly about ancient Rome. Very powerful. Nobody could even challenge them militarily, but what happened to them? THEY DESTROYED THEMSELVES FROM WITHIN. Moral DECAY, FISCAL irresponsibility. THEY DESTROYED THEMSELVES. If you don’t think that can happen to America, you get out your books and you start reading, but you know, we can fix it.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTdtL-hirRg#t=17m00s

    People, the destruction of America ALREADY is going FROM WITHIN. Did not you get yet? Demoralization is starting in the kindergartens with the so called sex “education”.

    “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and PRAY and seek My face, and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, then I will hear from heaven, and will FORGIVE their sin and HEAL their land. 15 Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer made IN THIS PLACE. (2Chronicles 7:14-15)

    • Reinforcements on the way…!
      ● The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America – (Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt)
      ● The Hidden Tyranny – (Harold Wallace Rosenthal)
      ● The Jew Media Octopus – (Incogman.net)
      ● The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – (Zio-Psychos)
      ● Imagine a World Without Jews – (Carol A. Valentine)
      ● The Rothschild Octopus – (Vlada Sindjelic)
      ● A Real Case Against the Jews – (Marcus Eli Ravage)

  38. When I was in the service being homosexual was illegal.
    Now the military says it ok.
    Same sex marriage was against the law.
    now the military says it’s ok.
    I just pray they din’t make it mandatory!
    What the heck is going on and when will it stop????

    • When Americans REVOLT against ZOG. Aren’t these creeps the polluters of this nation with their pornography, pedophilia, homosexuality, trashing of marriage, attack on Christianity, perversion of youth and children, ad nauseam? Focus on THE enemy, not on its scapegoats or false flags.

    • Oh, my Dear. You gave me a good laugh up to tears. Thank you.

      1) Quote: “I just pray they didn’t make it mandatory!”

      — No, do not worry. It will not happen, but you will accept the same-sex “marriage” VOLUNTARY, because this and ONLY this “marriage” will have the “marital” benefits, and hetero-sexual MARRIAGE will be penalized.

      2) Quote: “What the heck is going on and when will it stop????”

      — WHAT the heck you slept so long. But thanks to God you finally waked up.
      Good morning, Dear.

  39. Gangs on base in Okinawa mean our service members must travel in 3’s when leaving their bunks, chaplains rare, and food arrives addressed to “prisoners or the military.” Radiation is an issue on that base after Fushima. Why are they promoting debauchery?

    • By ‘russian’, you wouldn’t happen to be an exiled ‘russian ashkenazi’?? Would make a LOT of sense, since you “LOST” Russia after the commie-bolshevik-soviet regime FAILED. Now, go grab YOUR gun and fight Putin….

      • No, my dear. WHY to fight Putin?
        I am so sick in the last three days to listen the INTENTIONAL lies and the LIES by ignorance even by Rush, Hannity and Levin.
        They do NOT know the TRUTH, the history of that region and WHY and WHO want to divide Ukriane and the Ukrainian People’s take on the situation. It’s just AMAZING!!!

        Rothschilds and ALL his Puppets want to divide Russia and so Ukraine. They HATE Putin and therefore can’t stand Putin. They want to be the Lords of Russia and Russia to be their Vassal. Russia is very rich by natural resources.

        And the second reason they hate Putin is because Putin issued international ARREST WARRANT for Rothschild & Financial TERRORIST George Soros.

        Capiche, Amigo Mio?

        “You SHALL know the truth, and the TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE.” — Jesus Christ (John 8:32)

        And the TRUTH is – the Dirty Politics by the LIES, the WHOLE Lies and nothing, BUT the LIES!!!

        Motivation: Power and GREED!!! Very familiar Historic scenario.

        Abrazo y Besito.

      • Sorry, dear, but you MISSED THE SARCASM. First, this ‘russian’ MUST be an ashkenazi pariah who fled Russia AFTER his communism failed, and landed in NY…. Then, HE wants Allen to go and FIGHT PUTIN, NOT ME!… Finally, i CHALLENGE this ‘russian’ to go HIMSELF and fight Putin. Putin would whack his bottom, if not his crackhead, so hard, he would be out of commission in the blink of an eye…. But ALWAYS, ‘these’ are pushing OTHERS (dummies) to do THEIR wars FOR THEM… (expletives deleted)!!

      • No, a woman must NEVER say ‘Sorry’. Instead, just smile softly and say ‘Oops!’ (UNLESS, she just ran over someone crossing the intersection, while she hanged on the cellphone…) *(ﺓﺓ)/*

        And the ‘smile’ was there, but not the ‘Oops!’…

        (“expletives” against the animals…) which i ‘deleted’ myself, not wanting to scare the population… and get my rear kicked out AHEAD OF TIME….

      • Your theory about “woman’s” sorry is too complicated.
        Without Vodka it’s hard to understand with my poooor Ingles.

        Re: “expletives” >>> It’s good that you are deleting. We can’t be banned. Who will fight Deranged and PERVERTS???

        PC Police is everywhere. Censoring is everywhere.
        Somewhere I read that Putin is Put Forth for the Nobel Peace Prize. Is that joke or what?

      • OK. slowly, so you can translate as you go….

        🙂 <> :-)))

        And this is “Oops!”, instead of sorry “Sorry!”… Capisco?

        As for the “accident” at the intersection… forget it… He survived…

        (expletives) = (censored) = (%@&!#*~) = (de-natured English)

        “Putin…Nobel”?? Hope NOT! NOT until he ‘accomodates’ all the zionist scoundrels at The City, tel aviv, and the DC Latrine, where they belong!

      • There Is a GOOOOOOD news: Crimea votes UNANIMOUSLY to JOIN Russia. I am SOOOOOO happy for Crimea.
        PRO-RUSSIAN sentiment
        all across in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. I believe in Putin. There is no doubt that he will “accommodate” ALL zionist scoundrels (but you know that I am disagree with you just on ONE subject – Israel)

        Check ALL links I provided:

        P.S. Just, please do not attack KG. The attacks turn people of.

      • THANKS. Got to go and retrieve the news and spread around the globe, to chagrin and diarrhea of the zionist mafia.

        As for YOUR ‘israel’ (actually, the zio-mongrels’), there is a time to seek, and a time to find… Surprise, surprise!

      • Get ready for 4 links, in your email…. Then, send me back YOUR link to “Crimea votes unanimously to kick kikes, etc…” by EMAIL, coz i lost it???

  40. obama says he supports LGBT’s and yet he’s never shown any sympathy or concern over the unsolved murder of his gay friend Donald Young in Chicago. At his own convenience, he seems to be able to turn his interests on/off like a lightswitch. LGBT’s in the military should not trust him and neither should anyone else for that matter.

  41. I am so sad and embarrassed by what has become of our military! There are good men and women, to be sure! However, to permit this kind of tomfoolery is NOT strong military code Nor does it manifest a positive environment. it’s obvious by what our Iillustrious Commander in Drag has done…he doesn’t care about what happens to our military nor this once great country! It has been no secret of his disdain for it and our country…it was his m.o. when he ran for the presidency, and no one either cared or wasn’t paying attention and voted him Iin not once but TWICE!!! Way to go…you must be thrilled with the outcome!!!

  42. Nothing here vilolates UCMJ, its being done off duty hours not at the expense of the Military. Probably being held at the service members club which is open for anyone to use for free btw. What people do on there own time is there business. As a self pro-claimed moderate Republician some of you right wingers need to pull your heads out of your 3rd point of contact. More important things for service memebers to be worried about right now.

    • There is nothing more important than the psychological well being and morale of our military. This stuff decimates it. And btw, “moderate” Republicans are destroying this country as surely as Obama.

      • Your use of the word “extreme” tells me you have not checked your facts, history, or the current state of affairs. But then, a liberal cannot be bothered to do any of that when the talking points are published everyday in nearly every newspaper. But to answer your question….YES.

      • The ‘extreme left’, actually the crypto zionist bolshevik commie mafia usurping powers at the DC Latrine, is the one which helped sink America into the darkest, filthiest, Black Hole ever. But from the tinniest spark of Freedom and Sanity the Republic will raise again… After the Beast is cast into Abyss, for EVER.

      • A “moderate” republican is just a run of the mill democrat in a 3 piece suit. And you are absolutely right!

    • Eliot…we (Sailors) used to cross dress during our Crossing the Line Ceremony (crossing the equator). There were beauty pagents (I was a contestant and lost), contests, and general fun. On ocassion we went too far, but there was always an “old salt” who pulled us back. Then someone posted a video of a fashion show where guys and girls dressed as the other…all voluntary. A parent and other non-military got “offended” and everything was changed/stopped. Now something like this is officially sanctioned? Traditions be damned…we’re politically correct so we don’t hurt feelings and make anyone feel left out! Yep..glad I hung up my cover years ago. No way I could lead this Navy. I pray for those who are…

    • As with an off duty police officer, when you are on deployment you are never fully “off duty”. Besides, who decided which actions are small wrongs and which are big ones. Trust me, the actions here and an “it’s no big deal, we have bigger fish to fry” attitude is far more debilitating than anything you could imagine. The false “president” knows this as well.

    • Jump school must have changed since I went since it “used to be” your 4th point of contact………………..what color hats did you instructors wear

  43. truly degusting, immoral is the commander in chief no values, no honor, no honesty and it is reflected into our military and our schools. churches are being sued if they speak out about this abomination and yet we sit and only write of the things we must actively do to correct such atrocities and take back what is ours that being our dignity and self respect our moral values that has rooted away to bring us down to such a lowly state of excepting perverseness in our land. may God have mercy but I tremble for my country knowing God is just and that justices will not sleep for ever.

    • A strong and forceful leader who has the ability to coordinate, must emerge to return America to its strong and rightful beginnings.

  44. George Soros and Obama’s book, ”rules for radicals” was the trigger for this= ‘divide and conquer’.

  45. are you kidding me the president is gay that’s the reason why we have this in our military its getting crazy outhere

  46. This going on while Russia invades Ukraine? Yes Russia is sending in troops but what is our forces going to go in without authorization no. To be honest Ukraine is in the realm of influence for Russia they do not want us coming in making moves because if we gain influence there they see it as a threat. It’s all about fighting for those in wars for superpowers and will always be.

  47. This makes what is left of our decimated military, a laughing stock of the world. I feel SO SORRY for our good military men and women who have been forcibly invaded by Mudslime and limp-wristed fools. I especially hate that these goons and fools are being paraded on display to the world to prove America is gone.

    • Can you tell the number of ‘mudslime’ honchos around Obongo? Maybe if you count the number of zionist ashkenazi bolshevik pro-israHell commies, and include these in your comment, it will sound more realistic, and actually, patriotic. Obongo is a half-bred ashkenazi, not Arab.

      And while ‘military America’ might be ‘gone’, American civilians make for the largest army in the world, 146 Million of them, with 326 Million guns that the bolsheviks in Washington only DREAM of grabbing (NOT!), and enough to quell ANY wet dream by these animals polluting our political cesspool.

  48. There was a time when this would have been considered prejudicial to good order and discipline but that time is long gone. The society as a whole has been convinced that this is somehow a “good” thing. Time of course will tell and the US and the West will wind up on the ash heap of history. License is not liberty, not that I think anyone understands that anymore.

  49. On the Ukraine, stay the hell out. We are supporting the side that staged a coup against a legal, democratically elected government that did something we did not like. There were Constitutional means to change the Ukrainian government which the West ignored and helped subvert. Had the Russians done this to Mexico, I wonder what our response would have been?

  50. Image is still important and I am sorry to say drag queens, while the may be amusing to some, do not project an image to honor and respect that most of our current and past military deserve.

  51. There is a time and place for such nonsense and frivolity, a US military base is not the place and this is definitely NOT the time. No wonder world leaders have absolutely NO respect for our military…

    • I agree with half of what you said… Okinawa is definitely not the place. Is there really ever a “right time” for an open and “in your face” display like this? What if I suggested that we hold a loud and proud celebration of heterosexuality?? Could we sell tickets? Raise money for a church? Oh wait – what was I thinking? We’d be charged with pornographic displays for profit, or accused of “gay bashing.” Heaven help us……

  52. Russia was not invading Ukraine but don’t think Ukraine won’t push that idea when it suits. Cameron, our coalition leader sent vague Hague to offer up support to a neo-nazi government that suspiciously is best friends with Israel but detests Russia so much it banned the language. The military exercises in Ukraine are over but that did not stop the ‘honest’ mass media from deliberately exaggerating claims, just enough to make enough money for their mates at the stock exchange and Wall Street. I have seen Fox News headlines, propaganda. Russia’s currency suffered when it tried to prop up Ukraine now it’s our turn. McCarthyite thinking needs to go, it is costing us too much.

  53. Why on earth is this even allowed on a military base!!!!! This is beyond ridiculous. You can’t preach Jesus Christ but you can dance around in drag. Sodom and Gomorrah coming to fruition.

  54. ..but don’t pray. This is the problem people have concerning Liberalism & so called Gay Rights. They have to take things to the nth degree. That’s the problem! People really couldn’t care less with what you do in the privacy of your bedroom. People care more about what you are doing in public & that goes for every living being on the planet.

    • I agree. As long as you can, AND WILL, do the job to accepted standards and do it in the way duty expects of you, I have little, if any, problem with you. But when you are defending my nation at any level, you better be all GI!

    • People also care about what they’re legalizing to force the acceptance of normalization, and forces the risking of the lives of our troops by taking the focus off of surviving and seeing to it that their peers survive while defending America, because now they’re forced to sleep with and shower with men who have already publicly shown that they’re sexually attracted to other men.

  55. All part of Obama and the Democrats plan to ruin our Military,…need to go back to “Don’t ask/Don’t tell”

    • NO, end the bull krap, and dissolve ALL standing armies, as UN-constitutional as they ARE. All wars are of rapine and oil; by, for, and of the ashkenazi Rothschilds (RAT-a-childs) in London. The world rapine central bankstering Mafia, owners of the FED, and final collectors of their Rapine Tax on Labor, OUR labor. Until Americans KNOW, and REVOLT against these animals, all these petty but deadly false flags and pinko revolufias won’t end.

    • Please do some homework .. this (Ukraine ) is the same CIA MOSSAD thing pulled in Egypt Libya and Syria ..Its about gas lines and central banks .. google what our founding fathers and Andrew Jackson. Lincoln and JFK had to say about central banks

  56. What’s next. Are we going to have to pay for sex change operations or are they going to claim disability & need to be Med-Boarded out because they are trap in the wrong body? Either way it will be our dime. This is the can of worms that smart people didn’t want open. Nobody cares that your gay as long as you are doing your job. Everyone has to use decorum in the Military!

  57. And people wonder why Putin and Karzai and Iran and Maliki and all our other loving ‘friends’ thumb their noses at us… Welcome to the new americuh……

  58. Hey Michele, I looked through My Medi-Cal Brochure and YES it will Pay For Sex Changes,, I couldn’t believe it,, And on The Peoples Dime,, The New World, This is whats going on now,, Talk about Time For Change,, And FAST….

  59. Apparently we have a misunderstanding here. The Military is NOT a social club!!! It is not an experiment for flakes and fruits of every kind!!! It is not a play toy to be played with!!! It is the FRONT LINE DEFENSE for this Country!!! If you want to dress like a woman do it at HOME!!! If you want to be a “sexual deviate” Leave it at Home!!! The Military is a STRICT Regiment of PROFESSIONALS acting in such a Manor!!! Do you think Russia will let you act like this??? Hmmm.. I think Putin has made his views clear.

  60. Funny that your posting policy does not allow for vulgarity, when the actual post is all about the vulgar.

  61. male-on-male assaults. We have many men of outstanding character in our military – But this is going to make them think twice about (re)enlisting.

    • … and the Congress women are carrying on about sexual assaults on women increasing in the military (even though they’re the ones who now allow men and women together in combat…. never even questioning the soundness of always having them separated in barracks and showers for that very reason), but they don’t tell you that since DADT was repealed, sexual assaults on men have increased more than those on women.

      • These congresswomen are “carrying on” about a violent act that shouldn’t be a part of the military . Women in the military join for the same reason man do and it make my sick how the victims have been treated. I hope you are not suggesting women can’t serve with men bec men can’t control themselves around women.
        Male and make sexual assaults in the military are done by Herero men in superior position as a form of humiliation and control, like in prison

      • You are over reaching. WHO but a lesbian would DARE match ‘her’ self to a MAN?? Well, if they go in voluntarily amongst the ‘starving’ MOB, let them get IT. Else, be WOMEN, stay home, take care of the baby, and stop pretending otherwise.

        THIS, the ‘masculinization’ of women, is another fabrication by the maggots of humanity, the ashkenazi parasites trying to destroy not only the US since their fail at the Revolution, but the entire planet. For a ‘muslim’, you are living in Cloud Nine…

        ● truthtellers.org/alerts/judaismhomosexuality.html

      • Gotcha, shameless pink homo zionist troll..! Now, you COULD try with your buddies a “transgenderization” (what??) and join humanity….

      • Arguing reasonably with WOMEN and WINNING, is not out of this world, really. Arguing with Left Lezbo Tards (translation: leftist lesbian retards), THAT’s another story. Agreed. But, doesn’t a drop of water drill a HOLE in a ROCK, given enough time…? Developing…

      • You are a cutie, but sex in the ranks has been going on since they put women onboard.. And I appreciate it too.. Use to we’d have to waits months to get to shore for a little “huggie kissie” but now it’s a bloody love boat.. Only problem when you get tired of someone your still stuck on ship with them.. That kinda sucks..

      • Perfectly aware of that honey . I was on a ship for 4 years. When the ship goes out, the rings come off.

      • Ms. Pussy, that’s exactly why I didn’t get married when I was in.. You didn’t really do that did you???

      • WHAT!!!!!! Are you kidding me ??? After all the crazy acts of weekend love and love at first sights and ” we have so much in common ” and he’s shipping out next week so we are getting married today ” and “I know it sounds crazy but…..” And ” we got drunk in Vegas”.
        By my complete stupidity stayed very single . But I will stay, a groom wearing dressed whites in sharp

      • It’s a joke about crazy rich people who leave lots in their will to their to their animals . So the comedian said what do you call a generous cat. The little kid I sometimes babysit goes nuts over it.

      • Yes in 2/86 then BEE until Aug. In /88 I was in Ft Waldon Fl. going through EOD..

        Where you on the Holland AS-32???

      • No one even cares “why women join the military… That’s not the discussion. Sex is a powerful instinct under any and all situations. Unless you live in a cave you must’ve noticed the huge numbers of orphans (left in foreign countries from American heterosexual military, conceived during war). Have you not noticed that men and women have always (until recently) had separate barracks and showering facilities for the very purpose of avoiding sexual activity, sexual harassment, sexual intimidations, sexual abuse, etc. as much as possible? Now that men and women are in combat together with no separate facilities, YES, I do think that it invites such things… and I also think that the proof of this is the increase in sexual abuse of women SINCE this was enacted!

        Furthermore, I think that the increase in sexual abuse of men (increasing even more than the sexual abuse of women has increased… and because men are much less apt to report sexual abuse than women, I think it has happened even more than we are aware) is the result of repealing DADT (which was one of the last deterrents of this type of thing for fear of being exposed and having disciplinary action taken). Now we have men sleeping and showering with other men when they’ve already admitted to being sexually attracted to men. Are we to believe that only heterosexual men have consensual sex with, sexually harass, sexually intimidate and sexually abuse those to whom they’re sexually attracted?

        So what I’m suggesting is that the stupidity of inviting trouble by legalizing these two actions is putting the lives of our military at risk (heterosexual and homosexual males and females). And then when we see that sexual abuse has increased among men and women, we all sit around pretending that these actions had nothing to do with it. Then please, by all means…. tell us what your answer is to these dramatic increases?

        And please don’t try to tell me that men are just so saintly that yes, even during the heat of battle (that these men who can normally be aroused by a monkey’s drawing of a naked person), that these people would never be aroused when experiencing this in close quarters, and that when being sexually aroused by people with whom they share
        bathrooms, showers, changing quarters, etc. (these people whose emotions are running all over the place at these times) would not be tempted or succumb to sexual activity (and in some cases by whatever means available to them)! If this is what you’re saying, then I do not believe it, and no matter what you say, neither do you!

      • Great . I stopped reading after the first para. If you don’t want to believe anything I say, then, if you ever see a female service member go up and ask her a couple questions . That’s how I handle situations . You can even look on line for female vet groups.

  62. “I was proud to sign the Repeal Act into law last December because I knew that it would enhance our national security, increase our military readiness, and bring us closer to the principles of equality and fairness that define us as Americans.”….HOW does this fallacy enhance any of the false presidents statements? This is disgusting, but a perfect example of liberal “fairness”. This must be accepted, allowed, even honored but DO NOT DARE to posses my style of anger and contempt at so gross an escapade as what is presented here. This bastard president” and all his attending perverts have decided what America should be and to hell with such small roadblocks as majority rule, Constitutional rules, public outcry, rule of law and so on. ccfnw has a good idea here. And it should fall right in with liberal beliefs. ALL of them go to the front lines. Liberal orthodoxy says that evolution (survival of the fittest) is the law so why would they not appreciate a chance to demonstrate that their people are fully the equal, or perhaps more so, of our REAL troops. I’m freaking amazed at how many ignorant, selfish, lazy bastards still believe in this douche! I get more and more fed up each day!

    • UNTIL you unmask the puppet master pulling the strings of all the marionettes on the comic stage, you will be punching into a smoke screen, instead of the ugly face of an intestinal maggot eating away country, religion, constitution, freedom, and life itself. When you do, FLUSH THEM ALL!

      ● truthtellers.org/alerts/judaismhomosexuality.html
      ● Know Your Enemy – (Delia Mares)
      ● Proof of Conspiracy Against Religions and Governments of Europe – (John Robinson)
      ● Gentile Children Have Sex With Dogs – (Rabbi Boruch Lesches)
      ● The Hidden Tyranny – (Harold Wallace Rosenthal)
      ● The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America – (Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt)

  63. I repeat, (speaking in general) I do not believe that these people care about anything except forcing people to accept their dangerous and abnormal choice of sexual lifestyle. This entire country could go down around them, and as long as those who overtook us will let them do what they want and pretend it’s normal, they could care less.

    • Look behind the smoke screen or wall of deception, and realize WHO, and WHY: (before links and poster are banned)

      ● truthtellers.org/alerts/judaismhomosexuality.html
      ● Know Your Enemy – (Delia Mares)
      ● Proof of Conspiracy Against Religions and Governments of Europe – (John Robinson)
      ● Gentile Children Have Sex With Dogs – (Rabbi Boruch Lesches)
      ● The Hidden Tyranny – (Harold Wallace Rosenthal)
      ● The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America – (Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt)

  64. In today’s world no matter what horror or crisis we are being forced to deal with, the focus has to come off of that and onto what form of sex it takes for these people to achieve orgasm… and since they want to have sex with other men, why do they try to pretend that they’re women?

    • BECAUSE Homosexuality is a MENTAL Disorder – in 80% it’s a Psychological problem.


      • Here’s one other for you: FACTUAL, proven by a number of individuals, different times, different places, but SAME arrangements…

        One admitted homo, with a personal aversion to women, short, heavyset, lame, and accustomed to people helping him at every instance, was ‘envisioned’ with the right technique, as a THUG, over 6′ tall, bully, rapist, side-road robber, and *missing or closed left eye*… EACH and every time he volunteered, EXPECTING a different ‘result’, but failing every time… Before previously unknown spectators…

        PROVING, in this one life, he was being ‘reprimanded’, punished, or lectured, or whatever, for his most recent wrong doings in his most recent previous incarnation… IN FRANCE!! And everybody agreed, and so did he! BE-ware, “for as you sow so shall you reap”!

        How many of these vulgar homos on the streets of Frisco or Tel Aviv, ARE previous women rapists and today they cannot ENJOY the company of a NATURAL complement to LIFE??

      • a LIAR you are, because

        “You are of your father the devil, and the DESIRES OF YOUR FATHER YOU WANT TO DO. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does NOT STAND IN THE TRUTH, because THERE IS NO TRUTH IN HIM. When he speaks a LIE,
        he speaks from his own resources, for HE IS a LIAR AND the FATHER OF IT.
        (John 8:44)

        And WHAT will be YOUR and YOUR DADDY end we know:
        “Then the devil, who had DECEIVED THEM, was thrown
        into the FIERY LAKE of burning sulfur, joining the beast and the FALSE PROPHETS. There THEY WILL BE TORMENTED DAY and NIGHT FOREVER and EVER…And anyone whose name was not found recorded in the Book of Life was thrown into the lake of fire.”
        (Revelation 20:10, 15)

        P.D. DEPRAVED, I am NOT religious, I am a believer in God, His Son and Their Holy Word.

        It’s you one, who is religious, and YOUR religion is Satanism.

      • Oh come off it. I’m a secular humanist. I don’t believe in little satan. The satan i believe in lives only in the evil mendacious hearts of people like you.
        And don’t think for a moment that wasted a moment reading your scripture quoting.

      • Who are you to castigate this woman as evil?
        Lord forgive you, you are full of bile and hate, revilement and revulsion, spittin’ and foamin’ at the teeth.
        The kinda throwaway hatred you exhibit just in the short few times I seen your mewlings shows me just the color and character of your black heart.
        You’ll neither bend your knee, nor crook your neck.
        But you WILL burn in the Judgment.

      • Christ came for the lost, and the broken, and the contrite of heart. He did not come to “Castigate” those whom He came to save. This “alondra” and her toaddie heroay are not representative of Christianity but of satan and his condemnation of man. God gave up Christ for the World and any who should seek Him will be saved. Including the Thief on the Cross..

      • True, but the World knew Him not.
        And our Lord did many times castigate and reproach the faithful and the sinner alike, no one preached more on Hell and the Judgment of God than He.
        There is always a better day and I don’t want you to take my witness as wickedness, but I will shout out from the rooftops to warn of sin,
        Not cause I wish suffering and death ‘pon the sinner but that he may be set free from the slavery of his sin like I was.
        That he might accept Christ and put His pruning shears to his fruitless branches. As He continues with me, by the Grace of God I’d have to him.
        For the wages of sin is death, and every sinner is dead lest he repent and come to Christ.
        This woman does Christ a disservice with her ill-spoken words but In my ignorance I imagine that she is at least trying for the poor wayward souls on the highway to hell.
        Did Christ not command us to preach everywhere we go?

      • Eli, Christ who was God in the Flesh did command us to go unto the World and Preach the Good News. That Salvation is offered to the Jew and Gentile alike. But how do you preach repentance to those who have no interest in being saved? For if the Holy Spirit does not convict the heart then are you not truly “Casting your pearls before Swine?” Did Jesus Who was God in the Flesh castigate the sinner? (Well the only instance I can think of is the crooks in the temple, but He was basically pissed at those who had turned His Father’s House into a den of thieves) No, He offered life to those who would accept and wept for those who wouldn’t. Are We greater than our Master to cast stones at the sinner? Or do we feel sorrow for those who will perish in Hell and will not accept the truth.

      • So you’re saying a) you’re a Calvinist, (which changes nothing) and b) That you refuse to call out sin when you see it.
        It saddens my heart brother, to see sin, sometimes when I see someone in a position of power preaching death with a sneer on their faith it moves me to anger.
        Brother I do not judge, but I do have the Holy Bible, my spiritual medication book to tell me who needs what prescription and where.
        And it’s always the problem that they got a bad heart and they need a heart transplant for the One who didn’t, who Has already volunteered His heart and is waiting in the operation room, His chest sewed up and strong.
        You got to get your case diagnosed right, before you can be operated on….
        But absolutely brother I feel the same way, “cultural Christians” who say the worst things, take our Lord’s Holy name in vain and spitefully wish Judgment on another.
        Before I got saved I became a ‘cultural Christian’, full of ignorance but no longer an-out-and-out infidel, I sorta felt Christianity was good if you do it the right way, of course I was the one who decided what “the right way” was…
        dirty hypocrite that I was…but I was rebellious in all things and put myself before God.
        And In my ignorance I said some things like that, I’d never read the Bible, never hardly been to church, I’d merely gone from being a Christ-hating heathen to a Christ-rejecting heathen.
        But the Lord came into my heart, I knew I was wrong, and I was convicted as to my sin by the same kinda preaching, hellfire and brimstone if you wanna call it that, that old time religion. It was just so different, there was the ring of truth about it, the Lord’s Blessed Truth.
        I got saved, and now the Holy Spirit’s come in and’s doing a work on me, lopping off my vile, black, pus-laden, decayed fruitless branches, and pruning the branches that do bear fruit that they might bear it more abundantly, praise God.
        So you raise a good point, and I’ve thought about it, and I wonder if the Holy Spirit worked inside me to convict me of my sin to get saved.. By Himself.
        Or would I have ever made it if the Lord did not work through the brethren also… To preach to my wicked ways.
        I guess my question is brother, Does Christ work through the brethren or not?
        And if you dislike the message then how would you preach it?

      • Hey Eli, I enjoy talking to you by the way..

        Ok, first question calling out sin, and my thoughts… I am ex Special Forces and I carry a concealed weapon at all times. Plus I train 4 times a day and have for 37 yrs.. But I don’t train for me but for those who might need me. If I see someone in trouble I stop and help not for glory or reward here but to Honor He who saved me. If you are a thief, cheat, bully, murderer, lier, I will call you out on it. But sins against yourself and your own body, ie.. drugs, alcohol, Mcdonalds, inorganic food, Homosexuality, adultry. I will comment but I can’t force you to stop. I have beat-up a man over the abortion issue but he attacked me for my stand against it and I’m sorry it felt good looking at the shock in his eyes when he looked up at me from the ground and when he could get his breath back scream that he thought pro-lifers were pacifists.. (plus he was bigger than me so I didn’t feel like I was bullying.. )

        And of course I believe that the Holy Spirit works through the brethren, it was fellow believers that would witness to me when I was younger as well as God talking to my spirit in that still small voice. But to come at me yelling and accusing me would only turn me away from you and your message. If you are of Christ you will show compassion for those that are lost and if God is working on their hearts then they only need direction with the Truth of God from His Word for it is complete. But you know as I that not all will be saved and this world will be their only happiness…
        Did not even judas reject the Living God who was there to Witness the Truth unto him in Person? Yet he did not receive the Word and he went where he belonged. Even as I write this I feel sorrow for those like him.

        I can tell you are a good Brother Eli, keep your heart on Christ and witness strong. I hope the Stars and Bars has no racial undertones Brother, I love the flag but I hate Racism. 6th generation Norwegian Texas “redneck” whose grandmother had me convinced that black people came from cain and apes, but the Living God gave me the Truth and allowed me to see my Brothers of all colors with Love.


      • I care less who you are and in what you believe as well as I care less if you will not read the Scripture.

        For me you are a dismal miserable devilish Satan’s bastard.
        So KEEP howling at the MOON, “a secular humanist”.

      • You have nothing to do with God and everything to do with Satan!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!! YOU PERVERT THE WORD OF GOD FOR YOUR OWN SATISFACTION!!!!

      • You, Deranged Maniac,
        First PROVE that I “PERVERT THE WORD OF GOD” and indicate WHAT exactly is my “SATISFACTION”.

        You, sick Psychopathic MANIAC, lost not only your sleep over me, by your life. You just can’t accept my contept for you and my rejection of you. So notheng else you can do, but just weeping and gnashing your teeth, Satan’s bastard.

        Advice: Sick Psychiatric help. And good one.

  65. Sure it played in Okinawa and it would probably play in Peoria but how about we have them try it in Benghazi?

  66. One wonders what great U.S. military leaders of the past like General Patton or Admiral Halsey would have to say about this turn of events.

  67. When I was in the military, even heterosexual displays of lewdness, and “PDA” (public display of affection) were chargeable offenses. Just shows this “community” not only wants their “rights”, but will push it in our face, publicly, constantly, and obviously defy discipline and decorum. What’s next is multiple partner “marriages”, and of course many in this “community” support NAMBLA…their being so visible about it is unbecoming, but I doubt any commander now will have the courage to do anything about it!

    • First, read the name tag of the ‘commander’. He may be a plant of the destroyers of nations, running this country into a cesspool, for a century already…
      ● truthtellers.org/alerts/judaismhomosexuality.html
      ● Know Your Enemy – (Delia Mares)
      ● Proof of Conspiracy Against Religions and Governments of Europe – (John Robinson)
      ● Gentile Children Have Sex With Dogs – (Rabbi Boruch Lesches)
      ● The Hidden Tyranny – (Harold Wallace Rosenthal)
      ● The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America – (Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt)

  68. “Those of us still serving have been ordered to “shut up and accept it”
    it’s coming from the top. Just like being forced to shower in an open
    shower with openly gay service members. Does no one understand the damage
    this is doing to our National Defense.”

    Not my quote but from a Soldier who has rank and seniority. THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE TO SHUT UP AND ACCEPT IT!!!

      • That’s silly unless the black men were gay.. Gay means they want to play with your ding dong!!! Would you like to take a shower with a bunch of woman who want to be muff kissers..

      • Ms. I can restrain myself to if I’m not attracted, I tell you what lets you and I take a shower on ship together and if I’m not attracted to ya I’ll leave ya alone. If not.. Well pucker up baby..

      • Hopeless case, real army men won’t dare touch you or your stinking pink canvas… they will dump you at the pig pen… if you are lucky.

      • Harvard, eh? You sound more like tel aviv latrine, but Harvie is polluted by your kind, your DNA, and your tax leeches. No merit.

      • Pity on the JWO, having to use the scrub at the bottom of the barrel to win American hearts, LOL!!! Flush yourself!

      • Are you hard when you write these sexual fantasies? Like “The Apostle” you can’t see anything except through the lens of your degenerate compulsions.
        You should hire a shame surrogate who can feel that vital human emotion for you, since you are a dirtbag in adaptable of it by yourself.

      • Oh-My-Gog! Homotard Melanie Jacks-on on the attack! Everybody take cover, coz she IS dangerously ‘sexy’ when high on coke!

      • “Disgusting”?? You were watching your reflection on that spit-mirror on the floor, AGAIN?? Flush yourself, pink Marguerita Jacks-on!

      • Hey, BM, this Philanthropussy IS a homosexual zionist TROLL passing for a ‘muslim’ girl… Read ‘his-her-its’ posts, and they all try to debunk Americanism, male-hood, freedom of choice, heterosexuality, in favor of the JWO-Protocols-Talmud Agenda! Lock-‘him’ up!

      • By your “5-2” ‘record’, you could be a newbie on the Net. Not my fault! Get used to ‘texting’ online, slang, cliche’s, Spanglish, and other niceties of ‘modern’ life, or you will miss your enemies by a MILE.

      • Hey, watch a demon coming out of your muffler!! LOL!! what an idiot!!!! Oh-NO! It’s bOObs6969! HAHAHA!!!

      • And why should they accept, in either case?? JUST because an ashkenazi infiltrator in the US Gov, and their masters at The City in London, fabricate all these wars and FORCE all these situations UNDER the guise of ‘patriotism’, ‘terror’, or any other dung that comes to mind??…

        To HOMOGENIZE humanity and create their WET DREAM, the “Global Village”… Where these leeching maggots would reign ‘kings’, feeding on the cattle (goy) on the world pasture…
        ● “IMAGINE all the people, living for the day…” – JOHN LENNON (anarchist, atheist, global villager ASHKENAZI)

        If in ‘normal’ life, or in a country not overridden by fabricated ‘multiculturalism’-my-foot, by these SAME ashkenazi subversive traitors, locals do NOT want to intermingle with other races, religions, whatever….
        ● Jew Conspired Open Immigration, 1914 – 1965 (Balder.org)

        …much less, with homosexual plants by the SAME ashkenazi destroyers of nations…
        ● truthtellers.org/alerts/judaismhomosexuality.html

        …then WHY won’t these ‘locals’, nationals, Sovereigns in their own country, can’t be allowed to make THEIR own PERSONAL choices?? Of course they CAN! Just go after ALL these intestinal parasites and flush them off their lives for good and for ever. “Beast to Abyss…” And it WILL come to pass.

      • GOTCHA!! Another pariah ashkenazi zionist TROLL X-Posed!!! Not only, betcha you are wearing PINK underwear!! LOL!! Sicko!!

      • GOTCHA!! Pariah ashkenazi zionist TROLL on the tread!!! Not only, betcha your PINK underwear is full of IT!! LOL!!

      • Shuddup, stupid, am gonna pee on my pants! HAHAHAHA!!! Get a job as a CLOWN, and make a living, ashkenazi demented parasite!!

      • But your daughter Carrie REALLY wants to go to the prom …

        BTW, you’re a deranged anti-Semite dirtbag stewing in your own impotence and obsolescence. Have fun, the walls are padded for your safety.

      • HAHAHA! And you are the laugh of the Latrine, in case you haven’t noticed, degenerate dung-bag. Judging from your picture, you had, usual for you latrine dwellers, your mirror in front of you, while you toed your reply to me, ‘sharing’ your fetid ‘qualities’ on Gentle Gentiles. Failed.

      • Wow! Did YOU reptard notice?? Your trailing maiden with a roll of tissue paper, bOObs6969, is cheering your putrid comments! Already in bed, HIV pinkos?? You are NOT ‘semite’, those are the Palestinians. Dumbtard ashkenazi pink parasite.

      • The things of Man will no longer concern you!!! You’re concern will be evading terror beyond comprehension!!!

      • Talk all you will about our old servicemen, but you know em not.
        We used to march into battle singing “I Am Bound For The Promised Land” Stars & Stripes Forever and the like, nowadays the man who done something like that would be seen as a stranger if not ordered to stop by his political commissars.
        Would these boys (and sissies and women too) die to make sure that ol’ Glory never touches the ground?
        I think not.
        And yet we were told this whole time by ungodly, unmanly activist groups that we must take in all this trash, that any opposition to this is racist, sexist, whatever you will, and that the standards would never drop.
        Immediately the standards dropped, every woman who enters boot camp graduates, yet they can’t even pull their own dang weight, every homosexual is glorified while every believer is reviled and revoked.
        but I don’t worry brother, for this is all foretold, the time of Christ is near, and He is almost come.

    • UNTIL you ‘goys’ (cattle) open your eyes and see the truth, then open your mouths and X-Pose the ‘brand’ of leeches and traitors (always pushing others in front of them to hide their true ‘skin’) dismantling America, YOU ARE cooperating with their scheme, knowingly or not. “Ignorance of the Law is NO excuse to violate it.” R+C

      • You will have eyes but they will be of no use to you for the darkness you are heading to is complete!!!

      • LOL! The only darkness is in your bottom crevice you just crawled out from! LOL! Stupid! HAHAHA!!!

  69. Russia has REAL MEN……so when it invades the USA, it will win…..and these creatures will be the first ones shot down

    • You do you are very PLENTY of website for Russian women looking for Amer men. These are professional college educated women who see no future in “Putin’s country ” that they sell themselves for the change to get the hell out. Russian men are hyper masculine , lots of physical and substance abuse. So sounds like you like them big , strong and abusive.

      • And what would you drink, pinkie Phila, Kool-aide?? With your pinko rags, these Russians would probably throw you out of the car before they vomit… They wouldn’t degrade their barf, would they??

      • HAHAHA! he’s going to watch you SCREAM when you get whipped with a bamboo cane!! NO, not IN, but OUTSIDE, ACROSS!! LOL!!

      • Yes I know. But people who write me long post and repeatedly write terrible post of loney people who just want to be heard . My conversations with them gives me the opprtunty to be a self absorb a-hole and friend to the friendless.

      • As the Rich man begged for a drop of sweat from Lazarus you dream of such things as these!!!

      • Hey, crackhead, your nanny is calling you for a change of diapers, and a pound of cocaine! Go SNORT, and simmer down, punk! HAHAHA!!!

      • EASY. Russians survived the onslaught of your cousin bolshevik genocidal murderers, and at this point, hold the key to stop your ashkenazi rapine vandals at The City, tel aviv, and even at the DC Latrine. While the kosher infiltrators were dismantling America’s defenses, Putin peaked them out with unstoppable missiles. Heard of ‘SATAN’, the 10-warhead nuke? Repent and grow MANLY, before the time comes…

      • Do not wait for me! JUST open your mouth and swallow it ALL! All YOURS! LOL!! And share with bOObs6969, he LOVES it!!

      • Now, did you sneak into the warden’s office and are using HIS computer to troll and mess the internet forums? Go back to your cell, demented zionist punk! IDIOT!!! LOL!!

      • OOOH-WOW!! And HOW do YOU lesbotard know it, since they won’t mess but with GIRLS, not with criss-crossed pinkos like you?? Read too many comic books, trollie?

        Russia has helped TWICE this country by parking warships in Canada and California, on occasion of the Independence War, and the Civil War; both, no thanks to YOUR overlords, the RATachilds in London. And most likely, Russia would help the US if attacked by the same leeches of humanity, again.

        And Russian women leave because the country was drained both of MEN and MONEY, by YOUR same leeches in London, during YOUR bolshevik invasion and massacre of 66 Million CHRISTIAN Russians, and the commie ashkenazi ruling of Soviet Russia.

        But there is a time and a place for EVERYTHING, even, PAY YOUR DUES to Karma and the Devil…

      • Demon do you not know that you are the devil’s??? And soon you will be him and terror will feel your tiny soul!!!

      • You are INSANE! Call the wagon and GO! But go to toilet first and flush yourself! HAHAHA!

        And let bOObs6969 wipe you! He LICKS professionally! HAHAHA!!!

    • Thanks, but it may not be necessary. You see, in the US, there are 146 Million armed civilians and ex-mil. IF, repeat, IF the SHTF, since these maggots in power are COWARDS by nature, IF, there will BE plenty of very pixxed Americans to settle the score, behead the Beast from Babylon, and cast it into Abyss to fulfill the Prophecy. SO BE IT!

    • Ms. I’ve met your Russian men and if I could find a sober one I might agree with you. As it is between our gays and their drunks I think they’ll loose..

    • The US has real men too, Do not judge us by bho. I worked with a guy who was in Spetsnaz and he retired.Trust me we are as much men as they are

      • Once maybe, now we are a nation of sissies sinking in sin.
        It will be a great mercy when God finally destroys this nation He once so loved.

      • How do you know that God wants to destroy us? Not save us?
        If I were you I would not be so presumptuous. If he wanted us destroyed he could do it in the blink of an eye. Stop being so negative. A miracle takes time. to make, have patience or learn patience. Roman Empire was not built in a day but was destroyed very quickly. Do not despair. Just pray for our saving the Country, the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. Thank Yoiu

      • Brother I pray for it everyday, and so the brethren have for 3-5 generations now, and it ain’t getting no better.
        Now with man it is impossible.
        But with God, it’s true, all things are possible.
        If a man can be born again a great nation can rise from the ashes of which it has become of itself.

        On the other hand brother I think it presumptuous to say that God would destroy us in a second, and not grant a nation that He breathed life into, cherished and raised up unto the pantheon of mighty empires, that he wouldn’t grant that nation these many chances we have had.

        But brother I see the rapture drawing nigh, and the fire shall come down from Heaven and the earth will melt away. How many signs have we seen thus far?
        Was Sodom ever this wicked?
        Lord forgive our nation, but I think rather than holding up this wicked world now we weigh it down with our wickedness, it’s time to go up yonder or down below.

      • It is in his hands and only for God to decide. Presumptuous? hardly. I just know his power.
        Everything in it’s own time. We shall see what happens. I do not presume he will end it all. I have no expectations. One way or the other Brother we will not be able to stop or help what he is going to do.

        God help us all

      • Are you two finished? Get a room, already. A big one in the Echo Chamber. since apparently God will be accompanying you.

      • That ‘s funny. The very fact that people like you think you’re going to ‘heaven’ negates the very existence of that fantasyland.
        The festering yeast infections crusting over in the folds of your fat would be far worse than the sulphur of Hades.

      • Hey, blower, why don’t you use a BROOM, instead of fingers? More like your size… To fly away, naturally…

      • M Jackson, humm does M stand for Moron?
        Typical of a troll who has nothing to add to the thread but a childish post. Get over yourself and go play in traffic, that would be more useful than your childish post

      • No, “M” stands for ‘Melanie’. Transgenders also change their names, not only their sex bags. What she fails every time is to say that she is a zionist, ashkenazi paid troll to infect all patriot, Christian, Constitutional forums. Paid, with OUR Tax Robbed money.

    • Happy about this fantasy off yours, are you? Change your screen name to Patriot of Hate. Or just move there, if you’re too anxious to wait for the Invasion.

      • Hey, el-suck-o homotroll, change your ‘name’ to “Blowing-in-DUH-wimp”, more befitting…Wait, not, how about, “Blowing-in-DUH-Pink”… eh? Better?

      • Your lousy attempts at gay baiting are really pathetic. You’re not good at it. Like a fly hitting the screen door.

      • HAHAHA!!! your stupid Bubbling name is enough to tell what kind of homosexual you are, idiot retard! Betcha you are swimming in dung from your mattress mates, putrid retard ashkenazi parasite! HAHAHA!!

      • homotard ashkenazi inbred parasite homotard ashkenazi inbred parasite homotard ashkenazi inbred parasite homotard ashkenazi inbred parasite HEY watch your tongue!!! It’s licking your mate’s dark crevice, putrid zionist, and IT hasn’t FINISHED dropping yet!! HAHAHA!!!!!

  70. “Homosexuality is not NORMAL, On the contrary it is a challenge to the norm. Nature exists whether academics like it or not. And in nature, procreation is the single relentless rule. That is the Norm. Our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction. NO ONE IS BORN GAY. the idea is ridiculous. Homosexuality is an adaptation, not an inborn trait.” – Lesbian Activist Camille Pagilia.

    At least she’s honest..

    Look all you that are attracted to the same sex, I’m sorry you have that attraction. I don’t hold it against you, I have my own issues. But I don’t like seeing PDA’s of either sex. Really?? If you can be making out in public why can’t I just whip it out when ever I feel the urge and pee in public?

    • Camille Pagilia has never spoken for the homosexual community, her contrarian views are intensely personal and skewed, and in no way have they ever reflected the truth about her fellows.

      I respect your feelings on PDAs, and trust that you extend this aversion to displays by straight couples too. But please don’t feel sorry for us.
      We’re doing just fine, thank you, and there’s nothing but blue skies ahead. It’s good to be gay, so save your pity for the self-haters like Camille, Robert Lopez, Doug Wainmaring (Google them) who act as mascots for the right-wing haters and grovel at their feet in hopes of a condescending pat on the head and maybe a scrap or two to fall from the table that they wi never be invited to sit at.

      • Quote: “…please don’t feel sorry for us.”
        WHO is feeling “sorry” for you, Mentally PERVERT and Sexually DEPRAVED?

        There is just DISGUST and CONTEMPT for you. That’s it.

      • Right back at you, cvnt.
        Typical christian hatred. Wipe off your drooling snout, heave your lard-ass up onto your cloven hooves and make your way to the loving arms of Westboro.
        How will you answer for all the people that you drive away from Christ by your horrible example?

      • I already told you, DERANGED – it’s NOT hate. It’s just disgust and contempt. WHEN you LibTard just stop to change the definition of the words. I am not PC, lard-ASS

        WOW, Satan’s bastard, first you are mocking Lord, and now
        you are appealing to the Christ’s name.

        WHAT a Demonic HYPOCRITE.

        P.S. I do not have to bring people to the Christ. My job is to EXPOSE Satanic worshipers as yourself. Swallow it. And your vulgarity just PROVES that you are a LOSER, and a BIG lard-ASS LOSER.

      • You witch will burn, your heart is black and soon your soul will be on fire. Your time is short!!!

      • Hey, homosexual retard, WHY do you zio-pinktards INSIST in ‘sharing’ your putrid lifestyle, acrid humor, pestilent traits, inbred disqualifications, infectious fluids, hypocrite innocence, and cynical hatred, with US beautiful, resourceful, intelligent, Gentle Gentiles, you scum drooling faggot? Keep it all to yourselves, repugnant neanderthal crossbred swine.

      • Hey, homosexual retard, WHY do you zio-pinktards INSIST in ‘sharing’ your putrid lifestyle, acrid humor, pestilent traits, inbred disqualifications, infectious fluids, hypocrite innocence, and cynical hatred, with US beautiful, resourceful, intelligent, Gentle Gentiles, you scum drooling faggot? Keep it all to yourselves, repugnant neanderthal crossbred swine.

      • With every word you write demon you will receive much more of your due. And I will be there to witness your terror and pain at the Judgment seat!!!

      • Hey, ziotard, WHY do you waste to much SPACE and BANDWIDTH?? It costs money, and you are used to get everything from the tax robbed payers in the US! Shame, CHEAP punk!

      • These two are of Satan not of God, God did not intend for you to be attracted to men. Sin has entered into this world which brought about injustice and death. But God made an offer of life for all who ask. But with that offer comes change and a rebirth into life as it should be. Reach out to the true and Living God for He is your Judge and ask to be healed. The choice is yours, take life and find it more abundantly with Christ.

      • Thank you for your measured reply. I don’t accept your beliefs but I appreciate the fact that you do not evangelize from a place of personal hatred.

      • You who pervert the will of God, will you never cease!!! With every line you write you increase the level of Hell you will receive!!!

      • Yeah, that got your loins to tingling didn’t it?
        Do you want me to continue our discussion or do you want me to just bend you over and plow you right now? Seems butt-sex and soiled panties are an obsession of yours.

      • How CUTE! Pinko bOObs6969 to the rescue AGAIN with plenty of tissue paper!… Mouth-full Jacks-on, and your mouth is FULL of it! Not unusual with degenerate descended monkees from planet of the neanderthals. Flush yourself, tel aviv swine. Marguerite Jacks-on meets HIV perv bOObs6969 under a ‘soiled’ mattress… LOL!!

      • But notice how retard homosexual bOObs6969 keeps quietly in the backdrop… He still has a BOOT down his throat, and fears another up his…. nostril? He is DONE. i would say MORE, but am talking to YOU, and i don’t want to be kicked out just YET….

      • The deranged can’t give “downs” now, but giving “ups to my opponents he is showing that he is here.
        Isn’t Psychopathic MANIAC? Totally – 200%. Sick PERVERT.

      • What Me Worry? Just to know he has a boot down his throat and whatever he tries to post will backfire on IT (homotard), EVEN, she had to change her pathetic monkee Avatar, makes me VERY happy indeed.

        The JWO proves it has LOST already, with all these homosexuals toeing on their keyboards trying to shake a world that just flew out of their filthy rapine paws. i sleep QUITE well, don’t you, Queen Alondra?? You SHOULD! To Gehenna with them ALL!

      • I am glad you sleep good. I am tired. For me it’s not enough 24 hours. The day should be at least 36 hours. I am receiving too many replies, but I am responding less than 60%. And too little time on research. I am talking with Spain, Ukraine and Israel. Each conversation about 1 hour.

        I do not know what JWO is. Can you tell me here or in e-mail?

      • I will give you a GREAT recipe for a SOUND, RESTFUL sleep, in spite of all the Cow Dung we have to step on in these forums, with so many filthy swine from the latrine… On email.

        As for the ‘JWO’… my-my…. are we going to lose the battle after all….?? Dear Alondra, this is the ONLY time i am glad to use the WRONG, FAKE, word…. Here: “Jew World Order”… of course! Coz even “New” (NWO) IS deceiving! It’s The Plague, and no one else!

      • So now you lose your ugly banter??? In Hell you will be too busy screaming to worry about it!!!

      • HAHAHA! Dummy! YOU really thought i would give YOU anything GOOD??? Dumbo! i give you bOObs6969, but UP back THERE, idiot!!

      • You are giving religion a FETID smell, crapo! Flush off, punk!

        HAHAHA!!! And the other crapo, homosexual bOObs6969 is UPing your…. REAR! LOL! Retards!!

      • i just reported you to the FBI, and my General Arpaio. You are trying to terrorize me, while am trying to clean the mess after you punk libtard zionist pests!

      • Now i got some goodies for you on Ukraine…

        “Kiev Violence A False Flag”

        “A leaked telephone conversation reveals that the snipers who shot at protesters and police in Kiev leading to charges of criminality against the deposed Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych were hired by U.S.-backed opposition leaders.”



      • WOW, you went on that site?
        I did quite four weeks ago, but they still talk about me.
        Two days ago I got this link in my e-mail box:

        Start here and scrol down. I do not know who sent me. It was anonymous. I have suspission about one poster, but I am sure.

      • Went to the site to pick info TO DISCREDIT THEM. Already sent you excepts of homosexual bimbo BEN CRYSTAL. He can’t hide his ziotic affiliation and servitude. Junk joint, should read the funky comments, all lesbo libtards.

      • yes, got the link. Thanks. Not to the site yet, you keep me busier than a zionist ashkenazi employer…….. *(ﻗ ﻗ)/*

  71. ‘Steadfast and Loyal’? More like silly and miserable.

    Go back to the past era you feel comfortable in, Mr. West, and stay there.

    • And what would the military of the dumbass failure at Annapolis who couldn’t even follow orders and got his ass shot down over Vietnam be if he’d become POTUS? Please enlighten us, moron.

      • Sorry, Obummer did not get OBL. Our Seal Team got him following G.W. Bush doctrines still in place.

      • I bet you make all the people scream in your house ugly cause you ugly you ugly and you stupid to!!!!

      • at any rate, it was your breed infesting the Tarnished House since 1913, who has allowed the predations and criminal wars by, of, and for, your overlords the ashkenazi RAT-a-childs at the City.

      • That’s not theory. Obummer said so himself as well as his inept WH Press Secretary Jay Carney.

      • Come off it! Osama died of kidney complications back in DEC 2001… WHEN were you born?? And the mere pics of the alleged Osama are SO discrepant with the REAL one, your mere siding with the headlines makes a fool of yourself.

        As for you homo traitor Bush, he an bro Marvin allowed the rigging to the WTC by Mossad. Yet, to pay for all his crimes against this nation. But will.

      • Is THAT the ‘best’ the failing zionist JWO can come up with?? Not only retard IQ-70 monkees, but ignorant homotard pinkos to top??

      • You’re way off base, bud. I condone neither homosexuality, nor nonsense conspiracy theories.

      • the only conspiracy is the one still going on by your puppet masters from tel aviv, the DC Latrine, and The City in London. Failing, though, worldwide. Here, enjoy your weekend:

        ● A Real Case Against the Jews – (Marcus Eli Ravage)
        ● Final Judgment – (Michael Collins Piper)
        ● How Jewish Manipulation Killed Thousands – (Matt Hale)
        ● High Priests of War – (Michael Collins Piper)
        ● Kerry’s Jew-Ridden State Department – (Realjewnews.com)
        ● How Israel Caused 911 – (David Duke)
        ● Simple Arithmetic vs. the 6 Million Myth – (Liberty Bell Publications)
        ● The Hidden Tyranny – (Harold Wallace Rosenthal)

      • Antisemitism is considered a form of racism and you’re wasting your time if you think I’d consider believing that trash.

        Your delusions of conspiracy theories have nothing to do with the article above.

      • Your beliefs couldn’t blow a leaf on the ground, dummy. ‘anti-shmuck-ism’ is a dumb worn out CLICHE, and your breed is NOT semite, but yaphethan. So your whining has no merits. If you need more proof to shut your mouth, just say it.

        ●1001 Quotes By And About Jews – (Willie Martin)
        ● ADL, Zionist Policies Raising Anti-Jewish Sentiment – (Leland Lehrman)
        ● Architects of Deception – (Juri Lina)
        ● A Real Case Against the Jews – (Marcus Eli Ravage)
        ● Final Judgment – (Michael Collins Piper)
        ● From HoloHOAX to Organ Trafficking – (Rehmat.com)
        ● High Priests of War – (Michael Collins Piper)
        ● How Israel Caused 911 – (David Duke)
        ● How Jewish Manipulation Killed Thousands – (Matt Hale)
        ● Jew Conspired Open Immigration, 1914 – 1965 (Balder.org)
        ● Kerry’s Jew-Ridden State Department – (Realjewnews.com)
        ● Rule by Secrecy – (Jim Marrs)
        ● Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism – (Rabbi Stephen Weiss)
        ● The Controversy of Zion – (Douglass Reed)
        ● The Golem, A World Held Hostage – (Michael Collins Piper)
        ● The Hidden Hand – The Secret World Government – (Cherep-Spridovich)

      • It is said that life is like a mirror…What you see is what you get. In your case, you’ll need rubber boots, overalls and a squeegee to see yourself in the mirror through all the B.S. you spout. —Goodbye.

      • Humm! ‘GonePhishing’? No need to travel, dummy, just bend over and munch… You are up to your waist deep into it.

      • GoneFishing, could not find the original post that you replied to me. However, here is my reply to you. You are the one that is ignorant. The video showed when they are off duty and during their free time. If they were doing this while on duty, that is another matter. You are being ignorant of that. Not sure if served or not, but if you have, I bet you had a bi-gay person that covered your back while pulling field duty (aka war games). From your reply to me, you implied that you would cause harm to these service members just because you are homophobic. That is a definition of being a bully and a very immature little boy you are. I do not care if that person that I am sharing a foxhole is gay, bi, ST8. just as long he protects my back from the enemy as I protect his. People like you do not belong in the service because of lack of maturity and too dumb to understand.

      • From personal experience, let me explain why you are wrong on so many levels. I had a homosexual platoon sergeant making advances on me for months. So much so that it affected my job performance. How do you fight back against someone you’re subordinate to? You can’t just walk away as you could in a civilian job. Thank goodness it somehow reached the attention of my company commander. And I’ll never forget his words. “My hands are tied. There’s little I can do. Your platoon sergeant is a minority and a decorated Vietnam soldier”. But he ended up transferring me into another platoon…leaving the next victim after me open for sexual harassment.
        So, the ignorance, immaturity and the one too dumb to understand lands on you. “Homophobia” is a fake word, contrived by deviants, in an attempt to shame anyone not recognizing their lifestyle. It has nothing to do with a “phobia”. This perversion is a moral and performance killer, affecting the readiness of military personnel. It’s really a shame that proponents like you condone homosexual activities and purposely misconstrue what others say about it. I never implied I would “cause harm to these” deviants…oops, “service members”. You purposely threw that in to strengthen your BS argument.

      • Hey, failed retard troll, Obongo didn’t kill no Osama. Read the waves, dummy. As for McSquawk, he is as guilty of the dozens of dead at the USS Forrestal, and the downed pilots at N Vietnam, after he SQUEALED under ‘pinch ribbed’ ‘torture’… ta-ta….

      • Yes he did, moron. Or at least, Navy SEALS under his command and watch did. Please stop being a deluded moron who’s been beset by Obama Derangement Syndrome.

      • NO, he did NOT, retard IQ-70 zionist homo troll. i have the OFFICIAL PICTURES, dummy, and so does the rest of the non-kosher world. Talk to your wailing wall, maybe it will pay attention, and drop a brick on your crank head.

    • Disbelieve if you will brother.
      One day soon we will all we come before the Judgment seat of Christ, and your smart-alec attitude will get you nowhere there.

      • Maybe not, but when the Beast is cast into Abyss, to fulfill the Prophecy, most assuredly you and the very FEW of you zio-nazi leftovers will whine an moan for the 243rd and LAST time. Cheers!

      • “See how they yell and moan (and fill their adult pampers) as they descend into The Pit?”. END of a pathetic era. Madame Jacks-on.

      • Oh-but she IS ready (see her practicing ‘blow-ing-in-duh-wind?). That’s where she prefers it…. And brags about it…

      • I’ve read your post and you have been found wanting, I will
        see you on the other side at the Judgment Table. You are the worst of cowards you hide behind anonymity to attack others.

      • I have read your post, you Jezebel!! You use the Word of God
        to insult and harass others!!! You will have no place at the Fathers Table!!!
        “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ 23″And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’

      • You think life a funny joke but my friend you are dead already, for you have chosen your sin over your Savior.
        Your choice will be written unto your name and you will carry it to the lake of fire.

        Did you honestly imagine you can sin in wickedness your whole life and yet be rewarded in the end?
        No, our Lord is loving, Our Lord is Just, and for they who have forsaken Him they will be forsaken also.

    • Rednecks? How about your pathetic and lame ‘comments’, ashkenazi zionist trolls? If you had 5 cents of brains, you would be digging up in the Negev before SATAN scorches your big foul mouths. And something else.

      • I’ve read your post and you have been found wanting, I will see you on the other side at the Judgment Table. You are the worst of cowards you hide behind anonymity to attack others.

      • Keep speaking for yourself, dummy, but the whole town KNOWS you are a tel aviv Gay Parade drag queen who gets filled to the brim up and down and keeps begging for more!! HAHAHA!!! Dumb homo idiot!!!

  72. Actually I have to say. If I saw a bunch of these people armed to the teeth. I would run and hide forever. This should be posted for all warriors around the World to see. LOL. They will run into the first cave they find. This could seriously work.

  73. Why is there so much anger and condemnation here? For those of you who are Christian brothers and sisters why have you no compassion for those that are lost? Which one of you will cast the first stone? I do not pretend to understand why a man would be attracted to another man, but that is no reason to hate them. I have said a few inappropriate things here for which I am sorry. The most misquoted verse of the Bible says, “Judge not lest ye be Judged”. The meaning behind this is if you put yourself on the judgement seat don’t be a hypocrite and be guilty of the same crime. Being as I am not a homosexual but I have had sex with women I was not married to I cannot Judge either. And sexual immorality is wrong no matter how it’s done.

    • “…WHO JUSTIFIES the WICKED … is an abomination to the LORD.” (Proverbs 17)

      You are WRONG.
      All sins are equal in G-ds eyes and ALL sins ARE recognized as such. (1Corinthians 6:9-11; Galatians 5:19-21; Ephesians 5:3-12)

      But FORNICATORS, nor IDOLATERS, nor ADULTERERS, nor THIEVES, nor COVETOUS, nor DRUNKARDS, nor REVILERS, nor EXTORTIONERS do NOT screaming that their “human” or “civil” rights are violated and discriminated and do NOT demand that people accepted their Behavior as a norm and do not demand any rights/privileges/ freedoms. Don’t you see the difference?

      P.S. “FLEE SEXUAL IMMORALITY. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he WHO COMMITS SEXUAL IMMORALITY SINS AGAINST HIS OWN BODY. Or do you not know that YOUR BODY IS THE TEMPLE OF the Holy Spirit who is in you (Christians), whom you have from God…” (1Corinthians 6:18-20)

      The God’s Word says:
      “You shall surely REBUKE your neighbor, and not bear sin because of him.” (Leviticus 19:17)

      “If your brother trespass against you, REBUKE him; and IF he REPENTS, forgive him.” (Luke 17:3)

      “Woe unto them that CALL EVIL GOOD, and GOOD EVIL; that put DARKNESS for LIGHT, and LIGHT for DARKNESS; that put BITTER for SWEET, and SWEET for BITTER!” (Isaiah 5:20)

      “Whoever knows the RIGHT thing to do and fails to do it, FOR HIM IT IS SIN.” (James 4:17)

      And WHAT is the RIGHT thing to do for Christians?
      Do NOT be silent in the face of evil, because

      “Silence in the face of evil IS itself EVIL: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

      And you, my dear man, changing the definition of the words as Liberals do.

      The TRUTH the call “hate’, “hate speech”, “bigotry”, “judge-mentality”, etc.

      So, let’s call a SPADE a SPADE and not a RAKE, and put happy face above just for the PERVERTS feel good.

      Sorry man, but you are preaching the Joel Osteen’s gospel of appeasement and not the Jesus Christ’s Gospel.

      “Between GOOD and EVIL there is NO reconciliation.” – Alexander

      • Missy, I’m gonna hold my tongue here and try to be civil with you.
        1. comparing me to joel osteen is a hit below the belt!!! I live in that “weenies” area and fight against his false preachings constantly.
        2. So you are telling me you are without sin? Then you are a lair!!! for all have sinned and fallen short.
        3. Jesus said I come for the sick, the healthy need no Physician.
        4. Obviously these are not brethren and so do not care about your rebuke. for these commands are for believers.
        5. Did you even read what I wrote before you spewed? Compassion for the lost is what we must show.
        6. I’ve beat-up people for less.
        7. if you are to Judge me harshly you better know what your talking about and you better be right for you yourself are facing condemnation for accusing a believer.
        8, I have known my Lord and Savior since I was kid on the streets of S. Dallas in the 70’s and have studied His word and Apologetics for over 20 years.
        9. To have written so vehemently against me i can see only Satan and legalism in your heart. You dear lady need to calm yourself and seek the Lord and His Truth for Hatred is all I see in you.
        10. We are in Grace and to witness as such to the lost and unbeliever. The Law was never intended for us but was for God’s chosen Abram’s seed.
        11. Joel osteen really??? He knows nothing of Christ or Salvation and he obviously doesn’t care. And to compare me to him when I have been fighting directly against him is beyond believe.
        12. Finally, You missy who have cast so many stones go back and read my post. and think about what I said. for if Christ is truly in you you will feel shame for your rant.

      • WOW!!! The SKY is falling! The sky is falling!
        Macho, what caliber is your gun? You almost kill me! It’s scary. It’s really scary.

        WOW, now I have Tachycardia per your culpa, Gringo.
        WHAT Machismo!!!

        Do not you know what Scripture says about anger?

        “Be angry, and do not sin. Meditate within your heart …
        and be still.”
        (Psalm 4:4)

        “Be angry, and do not sin”: do not let the sun go down on your wrath, nor give place to the devil.” (Ephesians 4:26-27)

        You need to take the Anger Management classes and learn how to (1) recognize that you are angry; (2) calm down and (3) how to deal with the situation.

        Sorry man, You aren’t on the battle field, so stop to shoot.

        I state by my statement: You are preaching the Joel Osteen’s gospel of appeasement and not the Jesus Christ’s Gospel.

        Now I have no time nor willing to address your each and every point of your Narcissistically indignant rant. But tomorrow I’ll try.

        For now good night and have sweet dreams. And do not forget to take cool shower.

      • Lady I think your nuts so go take your meds and stop listening to Joyce Myers..
        Really you want to Use David in anger management?
        Psalm 5: 8-10
        Where is my sin woman? In pointing out your hateful rant to those that were lost? How does the non-believer repent? You throw scripture that does not apply. And passive aggressive insults to one you don’t know. I’m guessing and pretty much assured that you would have been throwing rocks at Jesus and the woman on John 8: 10-11.
        Now hear me and listen woman for this is the last correspondence I will have with you. I want you to look up 1 Corinthians 14: 34

      • First you have to find yourself, and only then to talk about the “losts” and to “lost”.

        Your Narcissistic arrogance blinds your mind, Macho.
        “You boast in your ARROGANCE. All such boasting is
        – James 4:16

        John 8:10-11? Really? Then STOP to throw YOUR stones of YOUR fury at me, Mr. Self-Righteous.

        You are a Sick Narcissist Hypocrite, seek help.

        And preach 1Corinthians 14: 34 to your wife, Macho. Or you have husband? Who knows?

        WHY did not you take my advice and did not take a cool shower?

        Bye-Bye, Macho. The advice is the same: take the Anger Management class and STOP preach Joel Osteen’s gospel – gospel of APPEASEMENT.

        And remember: “A man’s PRIDE will bring him LOW, but the humble in spirit will retain honor.” –King Solomon (Proverbs 29:23)

        P.S. My teachers are: Tony Evans, Charles Stanly, Ravi Zacharias, Greg Laurie and other wonderful Evangelical Preachers.

      • Obviously you failed.. Jesus should have been your guide.

        Go back and read Colossians 4:5-6 Your response and attitude turns non-believers away and is un-Biblical. Do not use any more insults for it is not worthy of any believer to do so.

      • WHO are you to speak for Jesus Christ?
        Go back and read WHOLE Gospel, and stop to preach joel’s gospel. It comes from Satan.
        KEEP your advices for yourself.
        P.S. Point at my “insults”, Hypocritical Macho.

      • I forgive you Alondra, I am sorry for my snide comments I was wrong to do so. I will pray that you will receiving understanding and knowledge.

      • HAHAHA!!! What a brain polluting and tread polluting trail of pollutant trash!!!! Oops, Reba, watch out, there goes another ‘pop’…

      • heroay, it’s ok, I understand your pain. I wish the best for you, I hope someday you will find peace in your life.

      • you to stup stupo stpid to have a brain retard!!! pop what are you like old??? so what’s heroay a fag afag afag a faggot you like anal warts !!!! oh you are an anal wart!!! ahahahahah

      • Hey, homotard ziotroll, before you talk take that donkey banana out your mouth, you are choking your fractal brain! HAHAHA!! dumb idiot homosexual retard inbred ashkenazi parasite scum! LOL!!!

      • All fussing aside you know what’s funny is that some of my PowerLifting team mates in Houston attend osteen’s services and I’m constantly arguing against his feel good prosperity preaching. And for you to hit with me with him was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. I actually met him while I was working security at the airport and I was not pleasant. Also I know Dr. Tony Evans I use to live near his Church years ago. In S. Dallas. and I know Greg Laurie and I listen all day to his mentor Chuck Smith and have since 91′. Try listening to R.C, Sproul of Ligonier Ministries. He’s really good.. Have a nice day sweetie.. 🙂

      • Oh, and it’s Jesus the Christ of Nazareth. Christ is not His last name dear just one of His Titles..

      • Dumbtard fake, letter ‘J’ was not invented by your tribe until the 12th c AD, so how could the Christ be called ‘jesus’, dumbo??

        And he was of the Nazarene SECT, dumbo, so he was called iessu, issu, iesa, ieshoua, yeshua, THE NAZARENE, irreverent dumbo! Nazareth did not exist in the ancient maps UNTIL the 5thc AD, when the Roman Church re-baptized the village en-Nasira as “Nazareth”. Because Christians were asking WHY “he was called THE NAZARENE”…. NOT, “OF Nazareth”… DUHmb?

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      • I am preparing e-mail for you with the links on Ukraine. In 5-10 minutes I will send it to you.

        Leave alone this nauseated scumbag. His life is just to troll me
        and people who supported and defended me on PLD.

        Check this: This link I received anonymously on Wednesday (I
        have my suspicion who sent it to me, but not sure). Jeff is stating the fact, that Psychopath is trolling him on the other Web. I checked and it is indeed – the filthy demonic PERVERT is harassing Jeff. http://personalliberty.com/2014/03/01/heres-your-horror-harry/#comment-1268067525

        After you receiving this, I will delete link. In 5 minut check your e-mail. Chao.

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      • This is the worst I have ever seen the blog section on this page.
        Very hateful all around and uninteresting.

      • And you are amongst the worst of the hypocrites who can see a speck on a Gentile, but not the POLE in the mouth of YOUR tribesman. Eh, dumbo?

      • I have read your post, you Jezebel!! You use the Word of God to insult and harass others!!! You will have no place at the Fathers Table!!! “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did
        we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in
        Your name perform many miracles?’ 23″And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’

      • Oh, you are welcomed, Deranged Psychopath.

        Continue to troll me and read my posts. This is just a way for you to find out what the Holy Scripture says about Filthy PERVERTS and DEPRAVED like you.

        But why did you change your moniker and avatar? I know who you are beast666 and whom you worshiping.

        So keep weeping and gnashing your teeth, Satan’s bastard.

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    • That’s right brother.
      The world hates righteousness as the darkness hates the Light.
      But it is precisely because I have compassion, love for them that I warn them of the penalty of their sin.
      For the approach of our Lord draws near.

      I would have to truly hate the homosexual man to know what he does will lead him on to the lake of fire and yet goad him on into that pit.
      And why would I do that? To massage my own narcissism? To get the approval and exaltation of the world? Dirty rags and dry ashes on the tongue, my rewards await up yonder.
      The world has always hated our Lord, even as they knew Him not, I shall never be a part of the world.

      So I weep over the lost, just as my Savior done before me, oh if only my enemies could be transfigured as I was… They know not what they do.
      Now I said my piece,
      God bless you now, have a fine un’

      • I like you Bro… Thanks for actually reading and not accusing me of being a prosperity preacher.. joel osteen really???


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        And tell your rear guard to wipe you after you finish dropping on the living room… bOObs6969 homotard sticker.

    • Mmm… you sorta sound more like the other side… WHY all the excuses for these wimps and their puppet masters, the zionist garbage ruling this country since 1913? Nobody hates these retrogrades, they make themselves hated with their callous disregard for HUMAN and CHRISTIAN morality, customs, and decency, if you or them know what it means.

      And you pretenders quoting the bible (which, O.T. or N.T.? Because there are TWO, not one) always try to defend the scum of the earth, whether in sexual depravity against NATURE, or the parasites from Shinar destroying every country they set their paws on. Like the US, at last instance.

      As for your sexual, marital, or else, ‘sins’, those are YOUR problem, not MINE, nor anybody else, that we can use you as ‘model’… Go preach at the flea market, you may find some homos praising your “kind heart” for these.

      • Because I was once a lost sinner and was found. I know what hate and anger can do and I know what love and forgiveness can do. I can grab a 250lb man and shake him like a rag doll, I have seen fear and hate, and I chose love and forgiveness because I was shown love and forgiveness.

      • Yawn… You sound ‘tough’. Did you know that the heavier and taller, the noisier they fall? Ancient history.

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      • A change of hearts and minds, everything broken can be fixed. With God nothing is impossible..

      • I condemn YOU for not doing as Jesus would do. That is what Christianity is ALL ABOUT. Hypocrites like you only send souls away from salvation. Jesus stated VERY clearly how he HATES hypocrites.

    • Vet4U….. Just because someone say sthe “odd balls”….since one cannot call them queers, are sinners, does NOT mean they are judging them. The word of God judges them, and just because someone calls their attention to their sin does not mean that that someone is judging them.

      People MUST start calling white, WHITE, and black, BLACK rather than some “:Politically Correct” LIBERAL APPROVED, term!

      • Thanks David, the point I’m trying to make is that their sin is no greater than any other, sin is sin which separates us from God. I’m not saying don’t point it out but do it as one wanting to help a fallen brother. And quite frankly I needed Jesus as much as anyone. But if you came at me in person cussing and acting ugly I would hurt you. But those who came to me came in a manor that was honest but not insulting or abrasive I would listen to. The point being do you want to be a jerk or someone who wants to help. To all homosexuals, fornicators, liars, thieves, cheats, murderers, blasphemers, and such… STOP IT!!! It’s a destructive lifestyle and God has so much more for you. No one is born a Christian, homosexual, adulterer, thief, murderer, cheat.. We each choose that path, but to those on a destructive path you must show them by love and actions the way of the Truth. Jesus brought unto Himself those that were His not by condemnation but by being who He is. And if He is our Master then who can be greater than his Master. We are a Witness to the truth, and joy in knowing our creator makes us different than the World. When we act as the rest of the World then what separates us from them. We are told to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. How do we show love when we curse those that are fallen? I do not condone sin, but I know I was once a sinner and I have compassion for those who still are.

      • I respect you, BUT: I am so sick of hearing people talk about choice. Being gay is not a sin. It is what one does that can be sinful. I am a Forensic Investigator. I have studied Forensic Science for two decades. I am gay. I did NOT chose to be. I tried not to be. I was standing on the bridge thinking about jumping when I was 17. I wanted to be “Normal” like my peers. I dated girls and it was revolting! I know for a fact that Gay males have a broken x Chromosone, I CHOSE to be straight, but am not. A couple years later I founf a medal on the ground. I picked it up and it said “Be what you are.” Many married straight couples have oral and anal sex. That is called fornication. Jesus did NOT say it was ok to fornicate when you are married. Having sex for fun or something to do is also sin. We are told to have sex for pro-creation.

      • Hey Dave, I’m sorry that you have those feelings but the Bible say’s in Leviticus 18:22 “That a man shall not lie with another man as with a woman”. I don’t know what you go through being attracted to another man, I won’t pretend to understand but I can say I have temptations too.. But I don’t act on them, because I am a Christian I want to Honor God in my actions. I have lived on both sides and have done a lot of bad things in my youth as a thug in a rough neighborhood. But when Jesus got my attention I set my focus on learning about Him and His ways. We are all tempted to do evil for it is attractive but we are humans not animals and we can overcome these issues. And if Christ is our focus then He will give you the ability.

        And Dave really? You need to get away from the Catholic Church..

        The Bible says that marriage partners should offer their bodies to each
        other in marriage and should not deny each other except for a short
        season for fasting (see I Corinthians 7:5).
        God made men and women sexual beings. He made our nervous systems
        capable of receiving pleasure from the sex act. Sex in marriage is good
        and holy and ordained of God.

      • David, you are RIGHT.
        The Liberals and GLBT hate Bible – the God’s Word, but they like to quote this two Biblical lines, which are taking out of the context and misused and abused by them:

        1) “Judge not, that you be not judged.” (Matthew 7:1 — NKJV)

        But Bible says that we should judge (rebuke), but we have to do this un-hypocritically and by God’s standards:

        “You SHALL SURELY REBUKE your neighbor, and not bear sin
        because of him.”
        (Leviticus 19:17)

        “Judge not, that you be not judged. 2 For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. 3 And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye? 5 HYPOCRITE! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. — Jesus Christ (Matthew 7:1-5)

        And this is what God’s Word sais about the “christians” who justifies SIN:

        “He WHO JUSTIFIES the WICKED, and he who condemns the JUST, both of them alike are an ABOMINATION to the Lord.” (Proverbs 17:15)

        2) “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:39)
        This ONE line is taken out of the context of the Jesus Christ’s
        Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) where he explains WHO is “your neighbor”.

        Liberals’ “love” means “tolerance” and acceptance what is wrong, immoral and deplorable – a deviant and unnatural behavior in everything.

        Each time I am called ‘hater’ for calling a Spade a Spade and not calling a Spade a Rake and for not putting a happy
        face on just so Perverts and Depraved could feel good about themselves.

        The Holy Bible says:
        “Woe to those who CALL EVIL GOOD, AND GOOD EVIL; Who put DARKNESS FOR LIGHT, AND LIGHT FOR DARKNESS; Who put BITTER FOR SWEET, AND SWEET FOR BITTER! Woe to those, WHO ARE WISE IN THEIR OWN EYES, and prudent in their OWN SIGHT!” (Isaiah 5:20-21)
        Enough said!

        And the Holy Bible even says us that the Homosexuals’ faces are testifying AGAINST them:


        Very soon the child molestation will be recognized as another sexual “ORIENTATION” and bestiality as well.

        David, please check this link on “Judge not, that you be not judged.” http://www.bereanbiblechurch.org/transcripts/matthew/som/7_1-6.htm

        God’s Love & Peace be with you and in you.

      • That’s quite a mouthful Ms., so I ask you a question I asked another fella, what are your face to face actions with a homosexual you don’t know as a Christian? Do you start a fight? Ignore them? Scream at them? What do you do? And what about the person having sex with anothers spouse? Do you kill them? Tell them it’s wrong? Tell the other spouse? Tell them they are going to hell and they have no repentance? I’m just curious and can you respond without writing a book?

        Oh, and not being insulting like the rest of these responders. Wow what war zone this page is.


      • Quite the post full of hatred and fear and ignorance, with the diingenuous “god’s love and peace be with you”. I guess that wish is only for those that think and look like you?

  74. I am at a loss for words too, Mr. West. All I can do is shake my head wondering why Americans are allowing evil from every direction to undermine our once great Nation. It has been a terribly sad 5 years for America — and we have 3 to go. Will we survive?

    • Bah-humbug! You must a 6 year old school child. How about the last 100 years of zionist occupation of America? Including all the sacrifices to Molech, in their wars of rapine using American fodder to accomplish their criminal goals and gains?

      • WRONG, dumbtard, that’s your inbred condition for at least 4000 years, and only ONE of your ‘other’ 20 ‘malfunctions’, kosher certified swine!
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      • ‘B’? you must have had a buddy ashkenazi ‘teacher’ and exchanged ‘favors’ with Dunce-Wan, right?

      • STOP watching yourself in the spit mirron, dumbtard zionist troll, while you toe on your keyboard to ‘share’ your IQ-70 idiocy on the Net! Flush yourself DOWN!

      • You know who created the idea for asexual reproduction? YOUR BOYFRIEND!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! DUMASS!!!!

      • Ah yes, the Jew-Conspiracy crowd. I was wondering how long it would take them to stink up the comments with their stupidity. Nietsche actually had a great bit about why you anti-semites are so pathetic in his Geneology of Morals, but I’m not convinced that you’re literate enough to read Green Eggs and Ham.

      • What to do with creeps like YOU? Cry, Laugh, or ‘Blow the Horn’?? (on your neanderthal face). For someone to refer to demented Nichas as something ‘great’, means you are a zionist bolshevik ashkenazi pretentious but dumb and FAILED troll. Here, swallow. When you choke, just flush yourself down…

        ● “anti-Semitism” invented by ‘jew’ agitator M. Steinschneider (en.metapedia.org)
        ● A Real Case Against the Jews – (Marcus Eli Ravage)
        ● The Hidden Tyranny – (Harold Wallace Rosenthal)
        ● Kill the Best Gentiles – (James W. von Brunn)
        ● Revenge of the Neanderthal – (Willis A. Carto)
        ● Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism – (Rabbi Stephen Weiss)
        ● The International Jew – (Henry Ford)
        ● The Jewish Religion – The Plot Against Christianity – (Elizabeth Dilling)
        ● The Talmud Unmasked – (I. B. Pranaitis)

        Is this HOW you can BLOCK REALITY and the Truth?… Pity.

        ● Research Finds New Ashkenazi Mental Illness Risk.pdf

  75. The comments on this topic are so foolish. I’m just going to leave this one comment, not bicker back and forth about it. I have nothing against anybody who is homosexual. Really none at all, but to have our American troops dressed like this and acting like this is an insult to our armed service’s and the uniforms that they wear. Do this on your own time. Not on OUR time while in OUR military. This is complete disrespectful & shameful behaviour. You are there to serve your country, not shame them!!

      • As members of the U.S. armed forces, they are on duty 24-hours a day until discharged. Hard to believe that you call yourself an Army veteran and don’t know that.

      • You have no idea what you are talking about.
        Do you think we are robots who are put into storage when dismissed for the day?
        We are not talking about soldiers deployed in a war zone.
        If we are not deployed or in the field, our free time when dismissed for the day or the weekend is our free time to do what we want the same way civilians do.
        We eat out, go to bars, strip clubs, movies, concerts, go on dates, play in bands, and so on.

        If some gay service members want to take part in a variety show on their own time… so what?

      • The gist of your point?
        What you wrote was flat out incorrect.
        Service members are not on duty 24 hours a day until they are discharged.
        Unless you meant to write something else, there was no “gist” to miss.
        I can only read the words you write, not what else you may have meant to… and those words were flat out incorrect.
        If there is some subtext you are trying to convey, perhaps you should come out and just say it because you’re not making sense.

      • You didn’t think the military owned you (you committed yourself when you enlisted)? You didn’t think you represented the military, in or out of uniform for the duration of your enlistment? You don’t think “free time” could be rescinded at a whim? You didn’t think you could be Article-15’d for what you did off duty? If you did, you were and are ignorant and mistaken.

      • Off duty and out of uniform, I was held to the same standards as a civilian.
        I could only be disciplined if I broke the law… otherwise, as long as I was out of uniform (not representing the Army) and not traveling too far from the base, I could say and do whatever I wanted.

        If I did something illegal, like getting into a fight or driving under the influence, the military could impose additional punishment on top of what the civilian courts did.
        But, to repeat… while off duty and out of uniform, I had the same freedoms off post that civilians had.

        i also never said free time could not be rescinded, so don’t try to argue against something I never said.

        So just as a soldier can, while off duty, go play guitar and sing onstage at a bar… the off duty gay service members in this article are free to perform in drag.

      • You ought to read up on the UCMJ, even though you no longer serve. It’s a lot less forgiving than civilian law than you think. Your assertion of saying and doing whatever you want out of uniform is wrong. That’s covered by your company SOP’s as well as under the UCMJ, enforceable by company commanders, provost marshal and courts-martial. As a former MP, I know what I’m talking about.

      • GoneFishing is the type of small-endowed imbecile that has to submit everyone to his inadequacies. Now he/she is going to point out that I can say this because he/she fought for my liberty.

      • I have to input on this… Yes, you are “free” to act as you please as long as you do not violate anything regulations set forth in the UCMJ, which DOES set limitations, rules and regulations for ALL members of the armed forces in or out of uniform. You are not a civilian out of uniform, you are still a member of the armed forces and as such are held accountable for your actions the same as you would be in uniform. I would assume your military training included becoming familiar with the regulations underlying your contract with the US Gov’t.

      • YOU are not correct. Off base and in civilian clothes you have certain civilian liberties. Drunkeness is NOT ok, but there is absolutely NOTHING against partying and having a good time. You make the Military sound like today’s Democrats.

      • Brendan you really need to read dear…As a US MILITARY MEMBER you are 24 hours a day 7 days a week a US MILITARY MEMBER always on call, always ready to be deployed! Liberty is liberty, however you have to be ready if you are called up in a moments notice…Gone Fishing is 100% correct!

      • You are completely misunderstanding.
        I never suggested that being off duty also meant one could not be immediately called back.
        The argument here has nothing to do with that.
        It has to do with what service members are allowed to do while off duty.
        they can go to movies, drink at bars, perform in variety shows, and countless other things that the poster i was responding to claimed they could not.
        I never said a service member could not be called back.

        You are completely misreading my posts.

      • Brendan I am a US Navy Vet of 11 years, I WAS NEVER OFF! You are relived of duty but ALWAYS on Call…so there is no such thing as free time unless you have a leave chit in and even that can be revoked!!! Might wanna look up your UCMJ sweetie! I don’t really give a crap about this show or about gays. I have friends and family members who are gay. This is the only comment I actually have LOL!!

      • hmmm times have changed then. My husband was military and if he got a sunburn from being on the beach all day, he could have gotten in trouble. And he could not do ANYTHING in his free time like a civilian. The government owned him.

      • I agree. I think homosexuals are wired to be homosexuals like heterosexuals are wired to be heterosexuals. I think in both groups there are those that have major character flaws like violent or evil. And I think over time, the population of homosexuals will out number heterosexuals. People will still have sex and reproduce. My question is–if an when homosexuals are the majority, will they accept heterosexuals? I think people like to be with peope who are like them and behave like they do and relate. I like being heterosexual. And anyone can be homosexual. But I think the key is –I may not totally get it like a homosexual might not totally get it the other way.

  76. Satan is not fighting Churches, he is joining them. he does more harm by sowing tares than by pulling up Wheat. he accomplishes more by imitation than by outright opposition. There are two of his demons who are attacking anyone who disagrees with their misinterpreted Bible verses that go by the name of “alonda and heroay” from now on they shall known as the “Witch and heresy”!!!

      • BEWARE!! This site is crawling with homosexual retard ashkenazi parasites!!! With diapers full of waffles!!

      • Hey bud, looks like I missed a party.. I was reading these posts and was sickened. I’m curious is that the way you always talk? If you get insulting I won’t respond.

        Oh and I’m curious how would you approach a homo if in person? if you’re a Christian what do you do? Do you start a fight?

      • While you sound centered and experienced with life in your first post above, now you sound like lost in the forest. And if at your age you don’t know who these dung mouthed asses are, you are too innocent to be in the premises:

        They are homosexual ashkenazis, so-called ‘jews’, whining at their lost chance to secure their wet dream ‘Jew World Order’ (what??), with so many ‘adverse’ circumstances turning back on them, mainly, the intervention of Russia-Putin on their stomping grounds, and draining their chance of final world domination, never mind their inability to disarm Americans and duplicate their bolshevik massacre of 66 Million Christian Russians.

        As for ‘the way you talk’, depends where the other person is standing… on the ground, or inside the sinkhole of a latrine. The trick is not descending to the level of a tape worm in it, but come out un-smeared and un-smelly, if you get the clue.

        To your other question, i do not approach homos. Do you? There is such thing as mutual attraction, and mutual repulsion, Christian or not. As to ‘start a fight’… with a homo?? What kind of question is that? Do you? Over what? Never mind.

      • I am one of those homo’s and I have stomped many a homophobe! You honestly would not want to meet me. You would have a BAD and short misserable life. I don’t “act” or talk “gay”. I work out and look just like any other Firefighter! I wont even reply to them. I am sure they didn’t complete school.

      • What do you believe the definition of “homophobe” is? And if you “stomp” someone for being a “homophobe”, wouldn’t that count as a “hate crime”?

      • Some homophobes are that way because they have been violated by a gay person. I know of serveral cases. So before you are angry with homophobes, maybe you need to try and understand why. Their fear of gay men might be justified.

      • I asked Dave what he thought the definition of “Homophobe” was. I never made a claim about being angry with Homophobes, one way or the other. I also asked “…if you “stomp” someone for being a “homophobe”, wouldn’t that count as a hate crime?” It does sound like Dave is angry with people who are not “with” the gay agenda. Of course, I could be confused by the constant misuse (and overuse) of the term “homophobe”.

      • TC RM, I don’t think anyone making that comment, except you. What, exactly is the fight about, here? Some of this discussion is pure nonsense looking for a fight. I am an imperfect Christian, but I do not believe calling names is helpful
        no matter what your persuasion is………

      • Mark, your question was not directed at me, but I am responding, because a GOOD FRIEND of mine does happen to be of the “persuasion” being discussed. He and I have many areas we can/do agree upon, and we do not feel the need to make this particular subject an issue that effects our relationship. I respect him and his “comfort zone”, and he respects me and mine…… There is no “in your face” kind of stuff…….

      • HEY HEROGAY!!! LETS SING!!! THE FREAKS COME OUT AT NIGHT, THE FREAKS COME OUT AT NIGHT!!!! Is withchie woman your MAMA??? EWWWW!!!! No wonder you dont put a picture up YOU IS UGLY!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! DUMAZZ!!!

  77. A societal acceptance of same sex relationships gives vulnerable
    children the impression that same sex relationships are good, moral and
    healthy. Not only does the Bible condemn such behavior, but medical
    professionals have affirmed that these kinds of sexual relationships are
    unhealthy. A society that accepts immoral relationships cause children
    to stumble into immorality. Jesus Christ said that “if anyone causes one
    of these little one’s to stumble, (sin) it would be better if he put a
    mill stone around his neck and throw himself into the sea.” Matthew 18:6
    Acceptance of these unnatural acts sets a society up for gender and
    sexual confusion, which brings about widespread immorality, which tears
    the family down

    • Hey Archie bunker, same-sex marriages ARE ethical, moral, and healthy. Your bible will also show you 17 references that you shall stay within your race. I bet you approve of mixed race sex. Hypocrite.

    • Hey USNavyvet, I couldn’t have said it any better. Our country started pulling down God’s hedge around our country, first by taking him out of our schools, and then forcing us to accept blasphemy via our government. I am praying for our country, that God will heal our land. And, as a reminder, for those who do not believe in God, one day you will, and you will be on your knees when you do. God bless us all.

  78. And once again, we see the same age old bigoted intolerant responses we saw in the 50’s against another, then undesirable element, who fought to the death to gain equal treatment as a member of the general populace. This is NOT Uganda, but it could be with the attitudes of the prevalent posters here, who seem hell bent on damning ANYONE who does ANYTHING that goes against their version of the truth (call it religion or a moral standard, it doesn’t matter) Any ideal that says you are damned as a human being if you don’t agree to that specific set of rules and regulations of that single group is doomed to fail if it cannot possibly succeed over time it cannot adjust to the current societal changes. The freedom to live and enjoy life as an INDIVIDUAL within a community is what should be the goal without all the hate and contempt. But all you self centered bigots go ahead and make it well known who you are, so we can be sure weed you out of existence. Its happening… so either learn to except what society decides for itself or simply fade out existence. Change will come regardless of you excepting it or not. This applies to everyone!

    • Sounds like you are saying that religion and morals don’t matter. Maybe this is why sexual assaults seem to be on the rise.

      • I think people have the freedom to accept or not accept peope. Most of the time, if we are honest, we do more of tolerate vs. accept. In fact, we probably tolerate the behavior of peope we claim to love.

    • Aren’t you damning people as well? Most people just want to get on with their life. The world is being led by the nose by gays, liberals, atheists etc. Why do OUR rights have to be violated. I am not a bigot or racist – but I am told daily by the above groups that I am one. I am tired or being bullied.

      • You are not a racist if you are proud to be white. You are not a bigot if you are proud to be heterosexual. You are not a bigot believe in traditional marriage. You are not a bigot if you are Christian.
        People are confused.
        It is when you hate or dislike a person specifically and only because of their race or gender or age or religion or sexual orientation. ( I will say that the behavior of some of these groups might turn you off or even scare you, but it does not make you a bigot or racist.)

    • Wow. here is a question for you. Where and when do you draw a line? There are muslims that marry girls as young as 6 years old and consummate as early as nine yrs old. The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). As of 2005, a newspaper report stated that NAMBLA was based in New York and San Francisco. NO say it is not so. You sound like this would be a good idea. I use this example, to combat the ” OH now your stretching it, being Stupid. I work at a prison, which out of around 1055 inmates we have a good 80 or so that are pedophiles. They believe it is ok to rape kids under 12, that is what they love to do. It consumes their every thought. As time goes on we see more and more come to prison. By your standards they should have the freedom to live that way.

      (call it religion or a moral standard, it doesn’t matter) Any ideal that says you are damned as a human being if you don’t agree to that specific set of rules and regulations of that single group is doomed to fail if it cannot possibly succeed over time it cannot adjust to the current societal changes. your words not mine. One last time, where do you draw the line?

    • Some people need extra attention to be happy in life and will do everything and anything for that attention. Sometimes the actions are positive and not harmful to other people. That’s fine. However, when the actions are negative and harm other people, that is not good at all. Some people need special treatment or they don’t feel loved. So they act a certain way for that special treatment. No problem if the actions are not harmful to others.

  79. My question is, is it a mere coincident that while some members of our society are getting more rights, others are having theirs taken away?
    If you want to be gay, that is your business, but I just read an article about the military taking away the right to be a Christian, or rather making policies that people cannot tell. Why is that ok?
    I have always had a live and let live policy, but now only certain members of society can do ANYTHING they want while the rest of us have to really watch everything we do.
    I think this was predicted by many people.

    • Are you serious? You read an article (on the internet, no doubt) that said the military is taking away the right to be Christian?
      For the love of Pete – you’ll believe any old thing the internet spoon feeds you, won’t you?

      • Back in October, when Republicans forced the government to shut down, some military clergy were not allowed to perform services. Why? Because the government (being shut down) was not allowed to pay people for their work. LOTS and LOTS of government employees were not allowed to perform their jobs. It had nothing to do with Christianity – it had everything to do with the budget. And we all know that the Republicans don’t want the federal government to pay for ANY services if it continues to increase our national debt. And that includes religious services.

        To any rational person, this was clearly not an attack against Christianity. It is what the government was forced to do under a Republican-led shutdown. Lots of government employees were not allowed to do their jobs. If you think this is a case of that evil Muslim Obama attacking Christians, you’ve been drinking way too much of the GOP Kool-Aid.

      • Partially true, but not in all cases. Also, if someone has a differant view point from yours, it does not make them Republican. As both are corrupt with no concern for the citizens of the country they pledge to serve.

      • All poiticians care about their staying in power. Obama is a huge power hungry man. That might be the white in him or something. lol I am kidding. Corruption in power and power hungry people come in all races, gender, political parties, religions, sexual orientation, ages, and blah blah blah. Poor people will seek power in their world. People in prison will rise to power within their own little circles. Face it, Obama seeks power by giving free stuff to the poor and low income and communities that he needs thier votes and support to stay in power. He doesn’t care what he spends or does. He gets a thrill off of blowing money out his butt. He loves it. And he will have a hard time relinquishing his power.

      • Republicans did not shut down the government. The lack of leadeship did. Obama is supposed to be a leader. If the federal government shuts down, it was his fault. End of story. Hey it would have been Bush’s fault, right? If the Obama fans give Obama credit for taking out OBL, then he has to take blame when things don’t go well. Bush was blamed for 9/11. So I blame Obama for the Boston Terrrorist Attack. Bush was blamed for Katrina, so I blame Obama for Storm Sandy. But truly, if Obama kept his promise about reaching across the party lines and working in harmony and leading, the government would not have shut down. And look, Obamacare is a mess.

    • Christians need to push back. I would like to add –have you have googled images of the gay parades around the country? Then google other parades and compare? What I observed was that in the gay parade the participants are obscene and nearly having sex in public. Most of the costumes are “goddy” and very sexauly explicit. My conclusion is that there is a large group of people can defy the laws pertaining to PDA and public sexual acts because of their sexual orientation being non straight. I really don’t give a rats butt what gender you want to screw, but I do think that you should not be above the law because you are gay. If a parade of straight people behaved like the gay do in their parades, straight peope would be arrested. Equality doesn’t mean special treatment.

    • JG, while I appreciate your opinion the ever growing U.S. Military version of the Hunger Games has started, and I can assure you that we as a military power are shrinking drastically. Given the opportunity to fight along side the unfit and infirm I would likely choose the nearest trained and skilled person to pick up a weapon or in my case a tool box to fix aircraft. Their sexual orientation in my opinion doesn’t weigh in on how well they can operate and function effectively as a part of the military, and would not deter or sway them from their oaths taken to defend our nations interests regardless of personal beliefs. Of course this is just my opinion, and I can not speak for an other persons that serve in the military. All the same I gladly serve with people of many generations, races, belief structures, and sexual orientations happily knowing that they stand with me in arms. If any nations peoples believe we are less than warranted to earn their respect its because our nations ability to sustain a military might has lessened, IMHO of course.