Liam Neeson movie explains why Obama wants to decimate the military

The new Liam Neeson film reveals exactly why Obama wants to shrink the military – and accommodate more turbans, beards, and hijabs. We’ve got the good and bad guys all mixed up!

You know, I’ve always enjoyed Liam Neeson, since his 1995 adventure film Rob Roy where he portrayed the18th century Scottish hero Rob Roy MacGregor. And I even got my entire family of West women to sit down and watch the first “Taken” film, one of their favorites. So when I saw the trailers for Liam Neeson’s film “Non-Stop” I was kinda excited. Now, thanks to an article in, I’m kinda not.

**SPOILER ALERT** You can’t read the rest of this article without having it ruin the surprise ending for you. But after you read this article, I don’t think you’re going to want to see it anyway. Unless you want to get pissed off.

John Nolte writes at, “There is no question that “Non-Stop” is a well-made, involving, not-terribly-dumb action-thriller that delivers plenty of suspense and endears Liam Neeson further into the heart of those of us who love well-made, involving, not-terribly-dumb action-thrillers. “Non-Stop” is a good movie. Heck, it is darn near very good. But the left-wing sucker punch at the end is a new low, even for Hollywood.”

On an international flight over the Atlantic, burnt-out alcoholic flight marshal Bill Marks (Neeson) is hoping for a nice easy flight in first class. But he gets a text message informing him that one person on the flight will die every twenty-minutes unless $150 million is wired to an account.

People start to die. Marks is fingered as the hijacker. Who’s doing this? Why are they doing this? What is their motive?

Well, here’s the kicker folks. The villain is not a hijacker but a terrorist with a political goal. The terrorist is a 9/11 family member, yep, that’s right, a family member who lost a loved one at the World Trade Towers.

But that’s not all — after 9/11 this family member joined the military but found himself disillusioned by the “pointless wars.” So now we have a 9/11 family member, former US Army serviceman, who will be seen as having suffered from PTSD due to America’s involvement in a worthless combat endeavor.

But that is still not all — the 9/11 family member-former serviceman-turned terrorist is upset because America hasn’t done enough to ensure there will never be another 9/11. And so he figures if he can get an air marshal blamed for a terrorist attack forcing America to wake up. And who is his sidekick? Another former member of the American military. But the insidious left wing plot doesn’t even end there, as Nolte reveals, “The one passenger on the plane who is forever helpful, kind, reasonable, noble, and never under suspicion is a Muslim doctor dressed in traditional Muslim garb including a full beard.”

So now we know why President Obama wants to shrink the US military — clearly they are actually all a bunch of undercover terrorists who will eventually blow up planes and kill innocent Americans. Now I thoroughly comprehend why Obama has mandated the US military accept turbans, beards, and hijabs — they are the good guys.

I don’t hold any of this against Liam Neeson — well, perhaps I do. He should have read the screenplay and said, as John Nolte does at the end of his review, “screw you, Hollywood.”

And that’s exactly my sentiment. You’re not getting a dime from me to watch this FUBAR film.


  1. WOW, I was going to go see that as I WAS a huge fan of Liam Neesom…screw that! As a mother of a Marine, I am extremely offended and Hollywood can go screw themselves!!

  2. Just about anything coming from the left coast is liberal gibberish and nonsense.. Non Stop is non-stop gibberish and nonsense maximized. It is ridiculous that the leftist want to portray american soldiers as terrorists. I heard, today, the Obama administration is sending out notices to certain veterans under veteran administration care that they cannot own a weapon or face a class D felony. Perfect timing for this ridiculous movie release, don’t ya think?
    Feds send letters to warn those deemed ‘incompetent’ on firearms

  3. Liberals are constantly confusing sheepdogs with wolves. To them each veteran is a timebomb, each police officer a potential criminal, and the highschool football star is really a rapist. They think they are showing intelligence by going against common sense.

    • No – he thought about it after his beloved wife Natasha died. People who are in deep grief often say weird things. This is grief speaking.

  4. Sounds like a dumb movie, but how do you connect this to Obama? Did he finance it? Endorse it? Tweet about it?

    Your conclusion is off the deep end bro

    • It’s the mentality of liberals and changing the culture and please inform yourself about Obama’s foreign relations such as how he supported the Muslim Brotherhood and how he’s got Islamic groups such as CAIR ( Council for American Islamic Relations ) at the White House . And how he’s really pro Iran and Iran is going on to build its own nuclear weapons . Either Obama’s a fool or he’s evil . Period . Too many of his close people he grew up with are anti imperialists pro Islam . As in poor little Islam was victimized and now we have to reap the whirlwind . This is the group mentality that permeates from the administartion on down to Hollywierd who gives to to the political left . It’s the liberal mentality that military are puppets or are knowingly in on this . He, and Hollyweird are against Israel and its atrocious ” war crimes ” such as defending itself from terrorists targeting civilian neighborhoods . Hollywierd are very against Israel and pro Palestinian .

      • Frankie, there’s a lot there and I’m heading to bed but I just wanted to clarify something : Obama is actually aligned with the Iranian mullahs, and wants them to get the nuke? You didn’t say this but does he want them to detonate that nuke on US soil ?

        Also one of my best friends won an oscar last night! I’m being serious. It was awesome.

      • In terms of religion, Obama is aligned with anything not Jewish or Christian. He has had numerous Freudian slips (most notable with George Stepanopolous) where he clearly states he is a muslim. With GS’s coaching he walked it back. But remember, a muslim is permitted to deny his religion and lie if it advances islam. As for the film’s connection to Obama, it is connected by ideology, which trumps an email or twitter. The same useful idiots who made that film dumped millions into getting BHO elected. Birds of a feather crap on us together…

      • obammy is a muslim. If you notice that he is very chummy with Hollywood and has since the first time he was elected. The reason he is, is so they will make movies that obammy wants them to make. The really bad movies: sex, guns, abortions, killings and satan movies. This is so that he can have the young in his hands. If my children were at home I would tell them NOT TO SEE THESE SLEAZEY MOVIES. They are on video games. This is a way for obammy to get control of our children and grandchildren. He wants them to not obey their parents but to obey the government in what they say. How sad for all involved.

      • There is proof in Egypt that 0bama promised the Muslim brotherhood the Sinai peninsula in return for their help in overthrowing the secular leader of Egypt. Hillary Clinton was in on the plan. If Egypt asks for the two of them to be extradited I think we should grant the request.

      • To the average “Joe” winning an Oscar doesn’t mean a thing. It’s like Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize, for just showing up. Actors / to “pat” each other on the back for showing up and reciting lines somebody else wrote for them. Same thing as Obama and his teleprompter. It doesn’t take brains, just a third grade reading ability.

      • He is very evil and he knows what he is doing. He is out to destroy the USA and everything in it. He has learned about socialist/communist when he was going to Columbia college. Instead of being in the classes of school, he was studying off campus on how to destroy the USA and how to have the USA be solialist/communist country. He is mad at Putin for Ukraine, but he is going to do the same thing to the people of the USA. I think that he funny. People in the world do not trust obammy at all and Kerry is a puppet to obammy. No, Putin and the rest of the world are laughing there heads off over the jokester or the dictator in the w/h.

  5. Obama is doing it.
    he is spying on americans as our economy sinks out of site . and supplying guns and money to the people who hate us.

  6. Is that what this steaming pile of Hollywood Communist propaganda is about? You have to be kidding.

  7. He’s a communist and all of his people are hard core atheists , communists . He was trained by Saul Alinsky , who wrote Rules for radicals and dedicated it to the ” first rebel ” the devil . He was mentored by Frank Marshal Davis a card carrying communist . Bill Ayers is a homegrown terrorist and blew up things in this country . That’s the type of people he’s had all around him . How about Ezekiel Rahm who wrote how governments should forcibly sterilize women and this euthanasia advocate had such a role in writing end of life guidelines in Obamacare .

    • Frankie, I’m just trying to figure out how the movie is connected to Obama, as the author suggests. Unless it was intended to just be inflammatory and ludicrous, that works too.

      Where in obamacare are the end of life guidelines? I’m legitimately curious. I’m not sure how 10,000 pages gets analyZed that thoroughly

      • Hambone…the “end of life” guidelines are not defined or outlined. Your later life (end of life) care is judged and deliberated by a panel of non-medical persons. They will decide if you;re too old for a particular surgery or treatment. For instance, they will weigh the value of transplanting a heart in an 70 year old vs a 35 year old. The older you get, the LESS you can expect!

      • Brickerman, can you tell me where to find this info? Since you say it isn’t defined or outlined anywhere I’m just curious where you got that idea.

      • Written by none other than 0bama’s 0bamaCare Czar Dr. Zeke Emanuel…Yeah, Rahm’s Brother…It called :
        “The Complete Lives System” and it is the blueprint for the Medical Accountability Review Board in 0bamaCare. All Zeke did was change the name when he put it in 0bamaCare…HHS has written 20,000 pages of regulations and shows no sign of slowing down. Now you know—- look it up.”The Complete Lives System”

      • Oops, didn’t mean to “step” on your comment. But, I do believe it was renamed the Independent Payment Advisory Board when it was inserted into Obamacare. The admin made a big production of “taking out” the death panels when Sarah Palin exposed it, but that is about as true as the hoopla they made over “taking out” taxpayer funded abortion.

      • Both Boards are in there…
        One determines if and who gets what ” acceptable” treatments…IPAB focuses on reducing the rate of growth in per-capita Medicare spending.
        And you didn’t “step” …The more people that know about this, the better…

      • I had to look up the real name of the other one… It’s not like they make it easy to find….The United States Preventive Services Task Force

      • I thought you might be legitimately curious. Well , the left are working together both media and politics flow from an ideology and real actions from one to the other . Money does flow from there by the boatload to democrats . It’s a rare Hollwyweird bird who’s a conservative . It shows up in movies . It’s mostly one sided but not all . If you’re giving out money for those political / social platforms then why wouldn’t you make a movie that espouses your beliefs ? If you believe in homosexual agenda , abortion or global warming you’s make a movie about it . It’s called social engineering , propaganda or just sharing your beliefs .

      • All of these horrors stories of peoples going up and deductibles
        going up, out of pocket going up. Those are individuals trying to follow
        the law, and they are finding that they can’t afford it, because
        Obamacare is destroying the individual insurance market, not the evil
        insurance companies. They simply are complying with the law as well. An
        example. Wall Street Journal by Edie Littlefield Sundby. “You Also Can’t
        Keep Your Doctor.” And this tells the story. And, by the way, do you
        know what this story is? This is the story that Sarah Palin told us all
        those months ago about death panels, and people laughed. People started
        insulting her, laughing at her, impugning her. People started saying,
        “There she goes again. This absolute lunatic broad doesn’t know what
        she’s talking about.” And she nailed it.

        If this isn’t a quasi-death panel, I don’t know what is. This article
        is a gut punch to Obamacare. “I had great cancer doctors and health
        insurance. My plan was cancelled. Now I worry how long I’ll live,” by
        Edie Littlefield Sundby. “Everyone now is clamoring about Affordable
        Care Act winners and losers. I am one of the losers.

      • The IPAB will be able to stop certain treatments its members do not
        favor by simply setting rates to levels where no doctor or hospital will
        perform them,” Dean wrote in The Wall Street Journal.

        “Getting rid of the IPAB is something Democrats and Republicans ought to agree on.”

        Read more:

        Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

  8. Now I and all my Veteran Brothers have become the Terrorrists….. incredible stuff!! Thanks for nothing Hollywood! Liam I’m disappointed……

  9. More liberal crap, this is why I never go to the movies. Reverse reality, make the good guys bad guys and the Terrorists the good guys. Yup the bad guy saves the world from the good guys. Liberal socialist/communist propaganda

  10. Conservatives will have to learn that there is no point in complaining about the destruction of America and then financially supporting and encouraging those celebrities actively engaged in that destruction.

  11. Thank you Colonel for the review of the movie. I shall not see it since it is a politically correct piece of crap movie.

  12. Well, since you put it that way, neither will I.. Its just too bad now we cant have a movie that blames the right guys. And todays younger generation will believe anything as long as its not commonsense! Sad indeed.

  13. Dear Allen West,

    Thank you for your service. I enjoy the arts (Theatre Major) as much as anybody. There is another film that explains the Liam Neeson actor/Obama philosophy on life. Liam Neeson portrayed Kinsey of the many Kinsey Sexuality Reports who took his subjects from prison and tried to pass them off as clients from mainstream society. Much damage came from them. Well, we all know that the resident Obama views human sexuality as a free for all.

    Palin/West 2016

  14. That is wrong no matter how you look at it! That movie will not be viewed in my home by anyone I don’t care who they are!

    • Lets get real here, Coulter would not have written something like this. What are you, a troll trying to foment hate against an Alli of the right?

  15. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve always liked Neeson and his role in Schindler’s list was exceptional. I won’t be watching this most recent piece of crap though.

  16. Mr West you are so right about this film…and as far as I am concern Liam Neeson should have had respect for the men and women that keep him safe and turn this film down ….!!!! Instead He soul his soul for money….PERIOD!!!!!

  17. Aside from the actors, most of whom I have never seen as anything but empty shells, who is the producer, director and writers? who floated the loan to make this film? They are the ones who if known should be getting knocked on their backsides by every other person they pass on the sidewalk.

  18. Considering that Neeson has joined Satan’s legions in all but name, it is not only not surprising, but completely predictable, that he would appear in a film that demonizes our heroes and favorably depicts our enemies.

  19. It seems that a couple of years ago when he spent some time in Turkey making Taken 2 he was very enamored by Islam and was contemplating converting. Maybe this is why he agreed to star in this movie as he has a soft spot for Islam or maybe is did convert.. I googled it and found a ton of stories on how he was considering converting, but nothing saying that he had. Needless to say he is off my list of ‘to watch’ actors.

  20. The sad thing is, I can understand (to a degree) the feelings of the terrorists in this case. The U.S. certainly has not done enough to combat terrorism, and we as a people need a wake-up call. As for actually acting as the terrorists are described in this article, that would be definitely going ‘way over the line and I would be the first to call for the death penalty for them … preferably by *public* execution, all the better to send a signal that terrorism from any source will not be tolerated.

    And no, I will not be going to see this movie.

    • Combat terrorism? LoL You need to research who the terrorists really are. Not only don’t we combat it but we perpetuate it by being the terrorists. False flag keeps the military employed and citizens prisoners by diminishing one right after another under an assumed protection from the boogieman. Each time CIA, FBI, U.N. (the real terrorists) initiate a false flag event we citizens get to incur things like the Patriot Act and NDAA. Terrorism is a joke. It was created from the same dirt bags who created Al Qaeda and those who infiltrate nations and start fake wars.

      • I am glad that I finally got to a comment by SOMEONE that has their head screwed on straight. I don’t disagree with a majority of what Col. West said, except his tone in the article did NOT seem to carry any indication that he (personally) disagrees with ANYTHING that has been done militarily by the US GOV/Military in OUR names since 9/11. Being a former soldier myself, I am not one for sending our youth to war to be fed into a meat grinder – and TO BE the meat grinder against so many helpless and (mostly) blameless civilians that did no harm to them BEFORE the soldiers invaded their countries – just to perpetuate the endless wars that the Banking-Military-Industrial Complex needs to keep making billions/trillions and to keep themselves in control of this world. I’d love to hear Col. West comment on THAT situation, and see if he comes to the same conclusion that MG Smedley D. Butler came to right before WWII, when the Fascists tried to take over our country. Oh, that’s right, they have finally FINISHED the job after 9/11 and several of the other false-flag events that several people have mentioned already.

      • Thank God there are some people here who still remember how to think. (Whether politically to the right or left is irrelevant.) As we created Al Qaeda and Taliban to successfully destabilize the Soviet Union by breaking it financially, the same machine is now being turned loose on America. We murder our allies Hussein, Mohamar nand Hosni only to destabilize those regions. Why? To hand over to the Muslim Brotherhood? To ensure obscene profits for the “Military Industrial Complex” that Ike Eisenhower so long ago warned us about? Or both? And to generate future profits by demonizing countries like Iran and North Korea, the former a western ally with very western values but suffering now under the yoke of Islam and the latter a noisy but toothless paper tiger? And support evil crooked regimes around the world? And ensure the financial ruin of America by grossly overspending money borrowed from China to wage false wars that our grandchildren will be paying for? And Afghanistan? Historically the burial ground of foreign armies? As Walt Kelly’s “Pogo the Possum” said; “We have seen the enemy and the enemy is us!”

  21. Like Coca Cola, universities and sportsteams and American movies, Muslim(ism) is snaking in the hero spots. Turn it all off. None of it is good.

  22. Ditto for me as well. Anymore there is very little desire to see anything that comes out of Hollywierd to the big screen. More often than not there is a veiled if not sometimes overt leftwing prgressive message woven into the plot line.

  23. Good Muslim(?) helps alcohol soaked Flight Marshal against disillusioned victim of Muslim attacks on 9/11!!!! Disillusioned victim/military vet turns terrorist(!?) against fellow Americans with help from another disillusioned American Vet(!!!!!)! Right up their with this administration saying “ALL VETS SUFFER FROM PTSD AND SHOULD BE DENIED THEIR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS! IT WAS OKAY FOR THEM TO USE ALL KINDS OF WEAPONS TO FIGHT AND BE MAIMED IN ISLAMIC COUNTRIES BUT WHEN THEY GET HOME THEY ARE ALL CLASSIIFIED BY OBAMAO’S GOONS AS “CRAZY”!! Hollywood can keep this one and Liam Neeson lost another fan!

  24. Well, now that we know Liam Neeson is a practicing islam muzzie, doesn’t surprise us he did this movie. We were very upset to learn one of our favorite actors is an enemy of us. We will not be spending any more money of any of his movies. What a huge disappointment that so many despicable people are working OT to destroy America, our Military & Veterans. Making a mockery of the victims, losses, pain & suffering so many went thru on 9/11 by doing a film that depicts them as possible ‘terrorists’ is deplorable!

    • So disappointed. Liam Neeson is so good in so many movies. Why resort to this? I truly thought him to be a fully saved Christian. So good in the “Pilgrims Progress” and “Christiana” movies, as well as “Kingdom of Heaven” and others. Greatly disappointed.

  25. I was lo0oking forward to seeing this film until I read this article. Now, as Lt. Col. West puts it, they’re not getting a dime of my money. I have also been very fond of Liam Neeson as an actor over the years as has West. However, since I recently found out that he is not only a Muslim sympathizer but would convert if it wouldn’t hurt his career, I don’t think I’ll ever pay to watch another of his movies again. That’s probably why he made this film – because, according to him, Islam “Has all the answers”!

  26. I vote that we move Hollywood to Iraq. Well, except the five or six actors who actually have a spine. To me this is actually worse than James Cameron speaking about how Avatar shows how the military is the root of evil in society.

  27. My wife and I saw this film last weekend. We both like action/drama type films and we like Liam Neeson. Granted we could not figure out the villain/s until they revealed themselves but we never made the Muslim Dr the biggest suspect, although of course he was a person of interest. Anyway, we really like Col West and value his opinions very much and wish he would get elected to high office to help protect our Republic. (White Folks in Flyoverville)

  28. Liam Neeson should have elected not to participate in this left-wing Hollywood movie that is intended to be Anti-American military and anti-American in all respects.

  29. Of course it is a ‘drama’ a work of fiction but the american people are so easily brainwashed- they cant separate fiction from reality.

  30. “We have met the enemy and…….HE is US” (Pogo – circa 1960)
    No movie for me, No Liam Neeson, No money to Hollywood……..!

  31. I haven’t been to a movie since Titanic came out in the 90’s.I want waste my money at the theater to see a movie that I know is nothing but garbage. I did saw the mini-series The Bible,but I want be going to see Son of God at the theater. They changed some of the scenes JUST BECAUSE THE CHARACTER DEPICTED AS satan LOOKED LIKE OBAMA. Who are these people kidding.That was one of the main things in the Bible that Jesus was put up against was to show that HE could withstand any temptation from satan.So why would you want that removed from the movie.There is another article listed here titled If obama isn’t in charge. Who is ? I’ve got a pretty good idea,but it’s not a good one.We are now being tempted ourselves on a daily basis and if we don’t stand tall and steadfast everyday then we may fall.We have got to stand against ALL that is evil and defend what is ours.There is way to much evil in our lands today,but with GOD we can defeat evil no matter what it may be.God is in control of all things.It states clearly in the Bible that we have power over all evil, but there are conditions.We have to trust and believe in God with all our hearts in God. God will never leave us or forsake us.There maybe times when we do things God may not like,but God will love us no matter what we do for we all are God’s children.

  32. No surprise here seeing how Liam Neeson remarked on how he contemplated converting to Islam while filming “Taken 2” in Istanbul, Turkey. He was over taken and fell love with the supposed melodic call to prayers echoing throughout the Istanbul and the magnificent sights of sky piercing minarets. If only he had done a little bit of research he would have come across the atrocities committed against Christians before during after the fall of Constantinople and how this “magnificent” muslim city truly came to be. Then again most Hollywoodies seem to simply disregard painful truths like that.

  33. How quickly the left wants to rewrite history. Disgusting. A slap in the face to the families of the victims of flights 93, 11, 177, & 175, and the 3000 that died on the ground.

  34. The POTUS,……………Has a extensive Documented RECORD of ERRORS and Failed Leadership.

    The CONGRESS………Failed to ASK to Clarify or SEEK RESOLVE. to any of the FACTUAL ERRORS

    The COURTS ………….FAIL to INTERPET the Law,,,instead, they just Make New Laws, there-in VALIDATING the ERRORS.

    We The People ……….HAVE THE, “POWERS of Our VOICE,”… and… “EMPLOYMENT of The Constitution”, and The Bill of Rights”, …AND… WHEN appropriate… TO… Halt, Restrain, and REMOVE, any-ONE, or ALL …of those NOW Serving in the Three Branches of Our Government, …”That are DESTROYING the FOUNDATION of Our Nation”

    “November 4, 2014, MAY BE TOO LATE”, …PERIOD.

    And, now what do WE do now.

    PRAY’… On bended knee, We are taller than trees….PRAY for Our Great Nations RECOVERY from the existing Liberal, Socialist, Marxist, and somewhat Muslim, IMPACT on Our still FREE NATION, and That We might Praise and Thank Our Creator, for This Gift We Call, “America”.

    FLY, OUR COLORS, VOICE OUR CONSERNS, in “NONE VIOLENT”, PRESENTATIONS to Our GOVERNMENTAL … Elected Leaders, e.g., … The POTUS, his Administrative CZARS, and The DEMOCRATIC led SENATE, and BY ALL MEANS, “VOTE”, …Our CONSCIENCE, … for those that PURPORT return To Our Nations CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION, …Prayerfully Prescribed by Our Fore,and FOUNDING FATHERS Measures, in the form of, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence. …PERIOD



    “Obama’s DEEDS”, by Speech, Letter, Decree, Executive Order, and … his FAILED
    LEADERSHIP, promulgated by his Administrative CZAR’s, AND The Democratic Senate, “IS a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER”…To Our Great Nation …PERIOD.


    Please SHARE…

    We Can Take America Back…PERIOD.

    Operation American Spring ~ May 16th 2014 in Washington DC… JOIN US!!!
    JOIN US! ….”Operation American Spring May 16th 2014”,
    Washington DC, (www.patriotsforamerica.ning)……. CALL TO ALL PATRIOTS:

    May God continue to BLESS OUR AMERICA, undeserving as we presently are.

    Robert David Hummel USA RET,. Inverness, FL.

  35. What do you expect from Hollywood. The US…we’re the bad guys. While the bad guys are fighting for freedom, these fat cats sit back and produce trash movies like this under the protection of the “bad guys.” What a bunch of losers.

  36. We have, for quite awhile now, stopped seeing any movie in theaters, or rentals, or “gift” passes. We also do not subscribe to, or counter purchase any magazine, book, newspaper, or program that we find detracting from American truth. This has been for, at least, the last 10 years. We still have a varied social life, read and view TV programs that we enjoy (we did have to give some of them up because of the liberal friendly plotlines)

  37. Poor Liam Neeson. He is the typical libtard selling his soul to the devil for mammon. Now, this none practicing Christian has been having a crisis of faith, and has even contemplated embracing Islam. Sadly, his children are the victims of his stupidity, as he is leading them down the wrong path. He will have to account for his stupidity when he stands before God.

  38. This article is one of the stupidest articles I’ve ever read. I saw the movie. It was great. The ending was not un-patriotic…it was a plot twist you weren’t expecting because the “bad” guys were not the usual terrorists. And yes, there was a Muslim who was on the good guys’ side. SURPRISE…all Muslims are not terrorists, and dare I say are probably as nice and more honorable people than many Republican Christians I know.

    • The reason you enjoyed seeing a 9/11 survivor & an American Military member as the Terrorist is because you are obviously a DEMONIC LIBERAL DEMOCRAT/COMMUNIST that hates America, Christians who by the way don’t murder their children, unmercifully beat & kill their wives & call it honor. They don’t train up their children to hate Jewish or others & send them out to blow up innocent people in the name of Allah. Today movies & TV shows coming out of Hollywood are political GARBAGE. FULL IF PROPAGANDA TO SUIT THE LYING DEMONIC DEMOCRAT/COMMUNIST PARTY.
      Which means Poverty, Tyranny, & Slavery!

    • either they are terrorist or they support terrorist, that is in the stupid book that they follow, there is no other way for a true muslum.

  39. I am in film school and to hear about this film it sounds ridiculous. Thanks for the heads up. But for me why the military is being reduced, honestly I see the government hiring all of the ex-military, giving them a pay raise and putting them to work in the DHS or what I’ve come to believe is the civilian military force that has been put in place to suppress the American people when the SH%T hits the fan. They are already trained and once they see they’ll be doing the same job as before, paid way more than they were in the military, then they will be very willing to do what Big Bro wants them to do. I hope this isn’t a spoiler alert but just my observation. Would love to talk with you some day about a movie project I’ve been working on.

    • Very few veterans would ever consider abrogating their oath. you will not find but very few in 0bama’s civilian army.

  40. Sorry to hear that Liam Neeson, of all people, has apparently gone over to The Dark Side (“Star Wars” buffs will get the allusion). I too admired his portrayal of the Scottish freedom fighter Rob Roy, as well as his towering portrayal of Holocaust hero Oskar Schindler. I wonder if Neeson has somehow fallen under the pernicious influence of his mother-in-law, the abominably Leftist Vanessa Redgrave – this film seems like the kind of left-wing agitprop that she would support.

  41. I recently heard about an article where the embodiment of Rob Roy states Islam is the answer.
    Honestly, I was so disgusted I did not read the article but what Western adult could say such a thing? A murderous psychopath maybe but not a self respecting Irishmen.
    Ignorance is not a valid excuse. From 9/11,Fort Hood, to the Boston Marathon TERRORIST ATTACK a reasonable person should see a trend and want answers.
    Yet we live in a time when a massacre in China from knife wielding Muslims, is only reported without the who or why.
    Then it goes away never making it passed Breaking News. China endures Islamic terror attacks often but who would of thunk it?
    ‘It would of been reported if so many attacks had happened….right’??/???
    Nope and not a chance

  42. Liam Neeson is a muslim convert. I watch nothing he is involved in any longer. I too enjoyed many of his previous movies, but he has lost his way. Nice ending there, Col. West: “FUBAR”.

  43. Liam Neeson said in an interview after Narnia was finished that Aslan could have been an archetype for Mohammed.
    He’s a freaking moron.

  44. A complete;y implausible plot line delivered to “useful idiot” audiences in an attemempt to “Change their minds” to have them believe any negative fallacy about anyone in the the US military and those who survive Moslem Terrorist attacks.

    Just Holly Wood and Liam Neeson prostituting themselves to CAIR.

    Before the Last World War Hollywood’s Liam Neeson types were praising Nazis and Hitler….here we go again.

  45. Liam Neeson might be an okay actor—but, that is all he is good for…..reading someone’s else’s script—-for he can’t “Think” (is stupid) or else he is one of those evil filthy Marxist fanatics, who wants to enslave us all… he eats cake.

    What is it Neeson, are you just plain stupid or evil?

    • he is just like most of the “actors” they are pretenders, they are good at pretend not good at doing, while there are a few that are the exception the rest are what they are, phoneys.

      • LOL. True, but as an Artist, I know the power of media and the Leni Riefenstahl crowd who try to normalize “Snow is Black” and “Up is Down” “for the children”, and for their future “utopia”, where “Slavery is Freedom”.

      • But actors are not part of that picture, they are just mimes, not innovators.And nobody in their right mind would be influenced by anything out of Hollywood. And media must be filtered by logic. And only good sources chosen, not extremist ones.

      • I definitely agree that Logic and good sense should filter media. It is getting much easier now to do, too.

        Most actors are a dime a dozen, true, and it is getting more and more so.. with digital film. There are many films now that people can’t even name the “actors” who were in some of their favorite films.

        Star power used to carry films. I think that is ending, although bad actors can still destroy a good script.

      • Yep, bad actors sure can demolish a good script 🙂 I could never name the actors. Not really important. Like Hitchcock once said, big name actors can just get in the way and detract from the story so he preferred anonymous faces, though he did use some big names. I have no idea who is who in Hollywood now. However, I will never forget those when I was a child, like Bogey, Lancaster, Peck, Stewart and several incomparable lady actors. My fave movies are Margaret Mitchell’s GWTW and Nell Harper Lee’s TKAMB. (Am in awe of those 2 women.) Now I like foreign films with subtitles and have no clue who the actors are and really don’t care. I only care about the narrative, which, if good, seems to come across regardless of language.

      • haha…. now a quote from someone who made a difference: Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.Henry Ford

      • Yep, Ford did make a very big difference. He morphed from a Nazi sympathizer to the Nazi’s worst enemy. It was not heroic army generals like Patton who defeated the Nazis. It was the high-speed production line techniques of the 2 Henries, Ford and Kaiser that enabled factories to bury the Nazis alive under American military hardware on land. seas and sky.

  46. Liam Neeson is a convert to Islam. He announced it himself. It appears Allen West is not up to date re the plays going on in the cinema arts.

    The military is being attacked by the CIA, just as it did in the 1950’s when it came into being on the carcass of the OSS. In Asia, it participated in the elimination of what was left of military intelligence to gain access to the fabled drug routes of the Golden Triangle to finance its activities. It won that battle and it has gone on to decimate the military ever since, especially in the Contra Wars in Central and South America. The CIA is the eminence gris in Washington and the White House in particular. The last four presidents we have had all came from that org. The CIA takes its ploys from the British Secret Service which was initiated during Disraeli’s stint as Prime Minister. He and his close associates furthered the interests of their creation, a secret service that served a political agenda, not a nation by enlisting authors, playwrights and the stage to make spies, detectives heroes because they were more intelligent and cerebral than any military personnel. They transformed English Literature into tales of daring do by Sherlock Holmes, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Jesuits so illegal in Great Britain and won against Britain’s military. They then transferred their operation to the USA concurrent with the assassination of Lincoln, using the Pinkertons to morph into our Secret Service. The rest is well documented in the changes wrought in American Literature similar to those done in England in all the pulp fiction that was the craze of the late Nineteenth Century and have continued to swamp the written word, the plays, both stage and screen with great heroes like oo7, written by an admitted alumnus of the Brit SS and latter day copies written by alumni of our SS who even managed to become Senators!

    The pen is mightier than the sword and Col.West is too late, has too little troops to stop this juggernaut. The CIA has finance, corporations and contract mercenaries now running our international false flag events and they can pay off anyone in Congress when they want to! The SS is not interested in winning skirmishes and certainly not wars. That is why we have not won one since WWII. They are interested in destabilizing nations. They want global control.

  47. Sun Tzu explained why Obama is wreaking America’s defences.

    Sun Tzu > Quotes > Quotable Quote

    “Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

    Sun Tzu,

    The Art of War


    Read more quotes from
    Sun Tzu

  48. im a bit more inclined to believe that the military, over time, has been polled randomly and in the questionaires they were asked if they would open fire on US citizens engaged in constitutionaly legal protests and the response was a majority in the negative. this is also why a lot of career officers have been forced to retire. having mentioned in the wrong circles that they will not order troops to fire on citizens. strictly IMHO

  49. It’s very simple Obama is overturning our military to suit his agend. If he can make the military smaller with as many Muslims as he can he already has the D.O.J., Homeland Security, IRS and Parks & Services armed and on his side. So from there it’s an easy task to completely overthrow our Government and become a complete and total “Dictator” ! If anyone in the history of this Country needs to be impeached he’s the one
    and that doesn’t nearly go far enough either a life sentence in Prison or the firing squad would be the right call.

    • i could go along with the firing squad, but would prefer a rope, never a live sentence that would just be another drain on the taxpayer.

      • I agree but a life sentence would be better than nothing at all like what Congress and The House are doing right now. Now on the other hand I would love to be a member of that “firing squad” and pull the trigger on that S.O.B.

  50. Movie actually looked uninteresting to me from the trailers. How does such a plot device even work? Even the largest 747/787 is still an enclosed space with no personal privacy. How does one kill not just one person but numerous people in such an environment without notice? It’s impossible without more than 2 conspirators. You would need at least a dozen in on the plot to even HOPE to succeed in secret.

    But after reading this, I will actually boycott this film. Sometimes I go see movies that are not bad but not really interesting with friends who want to see them, but this one I will vehemently refuse to see if asked.

  51. If BHO succeeds in shrinking the military, the bright side is there will be less military to attack American civilians, thus evening out the playing field a bit, should that ugly scenario ever arise.

    • he won’t need the military he has 15000, newly armed IRS black panthers ready along with 3 million “refugee” terrorist, and it that isn’t enough then he can always call on the UN to back him up, they would like nothing better than destroying the united states, they have been working on that every since it was started.

      • We can pray that our Military that is getting out,, our Vets and Civilians are joining the Patriots and Militia.

      • So, you are saying the ones that were kicked out by this administration, are not joining our Police Forces?

      • How are they going to beat 30 million well armed, pissed off Americans? No fcking army in the world would dare to take that number on and hope to suceed.

      • well another arm chair Rambo speaks, but you don’t even realize that there is no way to get even a tenth of that amount of people organized and under one command, when this thing hits its the only ones that will be organized are those the ones that have been training for the last few years, and that sure doesn’t include any militia with their beer drinking outings in the woods to get away from the wife.

      • sc, you should really stop underestimating or making assumptions based on a small comment. How do you know I’m not in an organization? How do you know that my local militia is not or hasn’t been training for years now? Do you really think that we don’t communicate? Ever hear of HAM radio? I know some units that are connected from the Michigan border, to the upper peninsula and can group if necessary in a matter of 24 hours. Granted there are a few so called militia units that like you say, drink beer, head to the woods and fire their guns once a week or so, but they’re few and far between. Todays militia has been training hard for the last 10 years at least, seeing the way the political wind has been blowing. So try not to make assumptions based on a blog.
        As for getting 10% of that number in the field, I’ll settle for 3% the same that the first revolution saw.

      • if that is so then i saygood for you, but you may as well know that your “ham” is not secure, you may as well be on your cell or regular phone the NSA is not so stupid as to over look something as large as the radio operators.
        I know the next thing your going to say is we have a code, that is funny those people have been braking codes for the last 100 years, starting with the first world war, then the O.S.S. of ww2, word of mouth is fine but very limited, also subject to quislings and traitors, or someone just wanting to make themselves feel important. but i hope you and whoever will join the march to Washington on may 16th as that may be the last chance to make a difference, if it turns out badly then you and i both know what the next step will be. Nex Ut Totus Tyrannus.

      • I understand what your saying, Ham is not perfect, but its far better than a cell phone with built in GPS. Hams are also harder to track when they’re portable units. No we don’t have a code. Look, I pray this never comes to fruition, but we as Americans all have to be prepared to do whats necessary to protect our family’s and secure liberty for our future generations. I have a grandson that isn’t two months old yet, and I wonder what kind of country he’s going to be living in. And it scares me.

      • Unfortunately John, it will happen, look at the last two civil wars we’ve had, I count the Revolutionary war as a civil war by the way, because brothers and fathers did fight each other over the right to be free. I also count it as a World War because at the time the French, Spain, Portugal, India, and England were involved, those were the leading country’s at the time militarily speaking.

      • Yep. Did happen in my own family. Split my family. Half chose to fight with Washington against Brits and half chose to stay “United Empire Loyalists” fighting with Brits against Washington. After end of long wars of Independence in late 1700s and war of 1812 reaching its conclusion in 1815, the half loyal to Britain were burned out of their homes and farms and forced to move to Canada. Blood lost and suffering on both sides. Similar differing loyalties split families asunder with American civil war too, but my family had little involvement, if any, with that. However, the new scenario envisioned by current doomsayers seems to differ in that it pitches government against all civilians regardless of their loyalties or ideals. Founding fathers seemed to foresee this and placed checks in constitution to prevent such a scenario succeeding. Thus, though such a scenario has succeeded in past in some countries, I doubt it ever will in America. It is no longer a choice between ideals, but a choice between family and an apparently evil tyrannical government. Also the somewhat rebellious nature of Americans. I think then the military’s loyalty to family would trump its loyalty the government. (Hopefully.)

    • Since HHS is buying up all the ammo, our guns without bullets will be useless. Better turn your lawn mower blade into a machetti.

      • HHS is not buying up all the ammo! That is an overly-circulated urban myth. Joe Public is buying and hoarding many times the normal amounts used for hunting and practice. Ask any Bass Pro employee how quickly they run out of of trucks of ammo as soon as they come in. To regular people, not HHS. In many instance people are “bragging” on line how many thousands of rounds they have at home. For what? For whom? Their great great grandchildren? In other countries there is no ammo shortage, as people only buy what they need and no more. What is all this paranoia about? Attack of Zombies? They don’t exist.

  52. @sc.Good grief, far too much paranoia going on here! 15,000 armed IRS “black somethings”? and 3 million? “refugee terrorists”? significantly changing the balance (even after BO reduces US army from 520,000 to 450,000, if ever) is a joke! The 10% reduced army will be just as deadly, or more so, as before, due to new advanced weaponry available only to them. Who is going to attack a populace as armed as the USA? No one! Not even the UN, whose armies are contributed mainly from civilized countries like European, Britain, Australia and Canada. They (along with US army) would simply refuse en masse to fire upon American civilians! All this silly SHTF paranoia only benefits manufacturers of firearms, ammo, “prepper” gear, shelters, supplies and seemingly endless literature (and ads). This has nothing to do with politics at all. It has more to do with scams to part people from their hard-earned money.

    • Fundamentally transforming our military is only one necessary aspect of fundamentally transforming America. You really think this is a prudent measure in favor of a republic?

      • “Fundamentally transforming America” is not involved. There is nothing sinister at all about wanting to save taxpayer’s money (that we borrow from China) without any loss of military strength as fewer soldiers with better training and weapons will likely be stronger than ever before. As long distance fighter-bomber planes gave way to more efficient missiles, the military will become more modern and proficient with fewer soldiers, but more specialized ones like marines, S.E.A.L.S. and misslie/drone pilots.

    • And you sound like all the other leftwing commies, that want to shoot down any chance of us stopping what the other commies on the left want. And that`s total control of America, they wont stop until they get an armed population in an uproar. And the way they are arming the IRS, HHS, what for and why would they need AR15 training. See Obama has told us what he will do and he is doing it, and the uninformed sheep on the left and the right still dont get it. Him and his leftwing buddies in the senate straight lied the whole time the AcA was being drafted, they lied as it was going through the house and senate and they lied untill the “” truth came out””. Only this time America or most of it are sleeping again, and it might cost us our lives and liberty. Ask your self why American Gov would have Russian and Chinese troops trainning on American soil. And allowing a massive immigration into are country at a time like this.

      • Wow! “Name calling” is much easier than expressing logical thinking. I am no “Commie” though I do appreciate the complement 🙂 Afraid I must admit that I am politically farther to the right than Attila The Hun. (And the Tea Party.) I have no use for left wing bleeding heart liberals, but will acknowledge a good idea if it should come from there. I am not such a paranoid loony that I am blinded to seeing merit where it exists. And the extremist news sources you cited to me are of no relevance to me. I prefer BBC, Rueters and Al Jazeera. Yes, Al Jazeera, it is noted for telling unbiased truth, not just a narrow extreme left or right viewpoint. Or articles about attacks by (mythical) Zombies and silly SHTF stories. I can be right wing and still logically think for myself. To each his own.

      • Wow! “Name calling” is much easier than expressing logical thinking. I am no “Commie” though I do appreciate the complement 🙂 Afraid I must admit that I am politically farther to the right than Attila The Hun. (And the Tea Party.) I have no use for left wing bleeding heart liberals, but will acknowledge a good idea if it should come from there. I am not such a paranoid loony that I am blinded to seeing merit where it exists. And the extremist news sources you cited to me are of no relevance to me. I prefer BBC, Rueters and Al Jazeera. Yes, Al Jazeera, it is noted for telling unbiased truth, not just a narrow extreme left or right viewpoint. Or articles about attacks by (mythical) Zombies and silly SHTF stories. I can be right wing and still logically think for myself. To each his own.

  53. Liam Neeson was killed early in “Kingdom of Heaven,” but the Christian Crusaders, especially Knight Templars were the bad guys. Saladin was an honorable hero. I guess I will have to watch it again with this in mind. Hollywood is such a propaganda tool. “Useful Idiots.” Future victims. Watch for “Reichstag 2”

    • Saladin (leader of Arab army though not an Arab himself) was a great hero. Read History. He and the Templar Knights leader Richard Coeur de Lion were enemies during the day and like brothers in the evenings after the evening truces. Saladin greatly admired Richard and wished for Richard to marry Saladin’s own sister. During the first crusade, the Knights spared no one, not women and children, even sheltering in churches. The horses were said to be knee deep in human blood. During the Crusaders final defeat, Saladin commanded his army to spare all civilians, women, children and anyone sheltering in churches. And if a Crusader were to drop his sword, he became a civilian and was not to be harmed. Talk about CLASS! Read history, real history, not what is written here. And what the hell does a simple actor like Liam Neeson have to do with any of this??? Did Anthony Hopkins become Hanibal Lecter by playing the part? I don’t think so.

      • John, I agree with you on this that Hollywood is entertainment, nothing more except to the masses of “Dumbed Down Education” and all the things that follow it, brings many to the steps of celebrity for information and a chance to involve in it as THE COMING. How else can you explain the love affair with BHO and his informative speeches aplenty. History is being re-written in the classroom today and a generation from now won’t even know who we once were. But they’ll always remember Hollywood.

      • All nations have always rewritten their history to look “better than they really are”. (Thus there are now many versions of WW lI.) Orwell’s “Newspeak” was tried in Russia and generations of kids lost their history (for a time). But, like PT Barnum said, “…… but you can’t fool some people all of the time”. People (especially Irish) love and will search out their past, in spite of what is being taught in schools. (My entire family are educators.) And real history will be remembered and BHO forgotten. As to Hollywood, I now only watch foreign movies with subtitles for their excellent stories. Hollywood now seems to excel only at personification of cartoon animals. Yep, we do remember the “old” Hollywood, I am 77 and still remember seeing (and crying) at age 4 watching “Dumbo” being parted from his mom.

  54. Question: Why do Americans seemed scared silly of the “SHTF”, Zombies and other unsubstantiated apocalypses in (of all places) “the land of the free and the home of the brave”? This destructive “prepper” paranoia seems absent in other countries. And why accept Hollywood’s version of history (or anything)? It is only entertainment, nothing more. Real history is available by reading authoritative books.

  55. I will wait for the book online. Yes, Shindler’s List was done very well and human contemplation relevant. Have a nice Day 🙂

    • Thousand of history books in public libraries. Shindler’s List was a wonderful story and movie. But any actor could have played the part as well. No need to deify any particular actor such as Neeson for that. It was the narrative and resulting good script that counts.

      • People ‘whoever’ conclude ‘whatever’ as they do from ‘where ever’ they read. As seemingly what might be concluded as a Reply to my previous message, that I wrote “Shindler’s List was done very well” doesn’t make “deify” implication to any of the actors in the movie.

        All characters appearing in this message might be fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

      • I know your were referring to movie and not actors. I was speaking in a general sense. Remarkable story and movie. I may not express myself very well, but had to learn to read to pass exams for my engineering degree. Had no time to read history then but I can now. Sorry if I mislead you. Love your “Caveat Lector” closing quote, one of my faves, afraid I use it a lot too 🙂

  56. Obama? Terrorists? Insurrection? Zombies? SHTF? You want somthing “real” to worry about, then how about a full-force Yellowstone super-volcano eruption which would probably kill billions, like 90% of all people on earth. The rest might perish in a famine during ensuing 10 years of dark nuclear winter. Much of North America will be uninhabitable for years after (not that it matters then). The largest imaged magma reservoir in the world. Yellowstone has reached the start of its next eruption cycle and is in the works, folks. Cheers.

  57. All I see are “John Stacey” comments, which by the way, are ridiculous. Our country is coming to it’s knees if we don’t protect it. Our government, however, can take us out. Too many of us believe in protecting ourselves. Now, let’s discuss your zombie friends

  58. All I see are John Stacey comments, which by the way, are ridiculous. Our government is using whatever it can to bring us to our knees. But, we will protect our country with our constitutional rights – bear arms to protect ourselves and our family.

  59. We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics. Funny how that works.

  60. Vladimir Putin on Muslims

    No wonder he was selected by Forbes as the most powerful person in the world!

    This is one time our elected leaders should pay attention to the advice of Vladimir Putin. I would suggest that not only our leaders but every citizen of USA should pay attention to this advice. In addition all of Europe should listen as well.

    How scary is that? It is a sad day when a Communist makes more sense than our LEADERS but here it is!

    Vladimir Putin’s speech

    On August 04, 2013, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, (Russian Parliament), and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia:

    In Russia, live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, it should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslim’s then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law.

    Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant themspecial privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. We had better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over Russia. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Muslims.

    When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslims Minorities Are Not Russians.

    The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five-minute standing ovation.

  61. My wife and I saw Non Stop last week and we liked it, for the most part. Like all Hollywood flicks, it inserted many overreaching, hard to believe antics, but I looked at the 9-11 hijacker as a nut and his ex-military accomplice, as a guy wanting to get rich quick, not as a PTSD suffering soldier….I’m a really conservative guy and I hate it when politics are inserted into TV programs I like and into movies, but it escaped me this time that it was a liberal Hollywood shill.
    You couldn’t really text in flight and move money into and out of offshore accounts, as they did in this film. But it all ended well and Liam Neeson played the alcoholic, loser part to a tee, but he was still a good guy determined to save the lives of the passengers on his flight and in the end he did just that. I recommend you go see the movie and draw your own conclusions. I almost ALWAYS agree with Mr. West, but not this time….and I think he would make a great VP candidate in 2016.


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