Sorry Ukraine, America voted the wrong way in 2012

During his first term, Obama told then-Russian President Medvedev to “tell Vladimir I will have more flexibility after reelection.”

Last week, Obama demonstrated some of that flexibility, which in that case meant decimating our military capability.

Yesterday, Obama demonstrated more flexibility, which meant more empty words and meaningless threats. There will be costs for any military intervention into Ukraine and Crimea? Just sounds like any red line blather from the community organizer prom king.

Vladimir Putin is a steely-eyed former KGB agent. He knows America under Obama has no options and no guts. It has taken Obama almost two weeks to address the Ukraine issue. Obama already cancelled the missile defense shield for Eastern Europe.

Americans and our allies don’t trust Obama to lead anything bigger than a Gay Pride parade. Hillary Clinton offered Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov a toy reset button. Putin reset it to USSR.

Elections have consequences and the result is an absence of courageous American leadership. I humbly apologize to the liberty-loving people of Ukraine. The beacon of liberty and freedom that was American no longer shines brightly. Putin, you lucky rascal, your timing could not have been any better. America has no leader.


  1. These are sad and scary times. I find myself fearing for my granddaughters future more than I did for my children’s during the good old days of the cold war.

  2. Just think of the impact this will have on Iran if the U.S. does not support Ukraine! Iran will never give up their nuclear ambitions if the U.S. and E.U cannot stand by the agreement made by Clinton for Ukraine to give up their nuclear weapons. I’m sure Ukraine regrets that move now!

  3. Obama may try to diminish the power of our nation’s military, but God’s got an army that our haughty president cannot diminish, which invades on it’s knees. Time to wake up that army and get her assembled for battle against the dark powers that have invaded this great country.

  4. I saw this posted and I think it’s correct! “10’s of thousands will be enslaved! Elections
    have consequences! Megalomania from the top in Washington D.C. Ruled
    with an Iron Fist…. This man does not have the values of 90% of
    Americans…… The Main Stream Media has blood on it’s hands.
    They have been complicit in propping up this tin horn Marxist, selling
    him as something he is not! Putin is a KGB Thug!!!!! Everybody knows
    it…. There is going to be hell to pay for following the American
    Marxist! Allen West is correct”……

    • America is lost and will not be the great country that it was. Way too much indoctrination in our schools and propaganda from the media only reinforces the socialist agenda that tis being spread/taught/enforced!!!

  5. This will be controversial in the right, but what is happening now isn’t the result of America’s actions at all. The eastern/northern and western parts of Ukraine are too different in culture, religion, and history to remain together (east: Russian; west: Polish, Austrian, and Hungarian); they were lumped together after the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939, after which Ukraine’s boundaries were extended to where they are today. The question is now if a divorce will be peaceful or violent (I expect violent because eastern Ukraine, which is ethnically Russian, is where the natural resources are). I don’t think that the American public would support an actual invasion of Russia, which is what it would take to keep eastern Ukraine out of Russia’s hands…and eastern Ukrainians would likely take up arms against foreign forces as well. (This also addresses a post by @c4lcncpls:disqus; western Ukraine would welcome the EU with open arms, but eastern Ukraine would rather die than accept the EU.)

  6. (For those with twitter accounts, I have found that if you highlight/copy/right-click a quote as you are reading an article, a window pops up, allowing a direct post to twitter or Facebook. Don’t be put off by a return message like ‘could not reset’, the tweet *does* get posted …. update, just completed posting the #1A bullets and have 10 RTs/favs already! **__**)

    Thank you Allen West! – just tweeted this series of quotes (You write great #1A ammo! – they are tweet-size *bullets* !**__**) from this article:

    “Last week,Obama demonstrated some of that flexibility, which in that case meant decimating our military capability”

    @Allenwest ~ “Yesterday, Obama demonstrated more flexibility, which meant more empty words and meaningless threats.”

    @Allenwest ~ “… Costs for Ukraine?… Just sounds like any red line blather from the community organizer prom king”

    ” Putin is a steely-eyed former KGB agent. He knows America under Obama has no options and no guts.” ~ @AllenWest

    “Americans and our allies don’t trust Obama to lead anything bigger than a Gay Pride parade.” ~ @Allenwest

    “Hillary Clinton offered Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov a toy reset button. Putin reset it to USSR.” ~ @AllenWest

    “Elections have consequences and the result is an absence of courageous American leadership. I humbly apolo…”~West

    “Putin, you lucky rascal, your timing could not have been any better. America has no leader.” ~ @AllenWest via @po_st

    • Why, if someone sent a doll to Obama…Obama would lean it forward…and you know the rest of our Homo President!

      • You obviously never read the news or pay attention. Putin pointed out to the American public barry was shipping illegal guns from Libya to Syria. Putin went out of his way to keep barry from starting WW3 by pointing out barry was the cause of the chemical attacks on civilians.
        You know nothing about anything you post brendan. Maybe to appreciate us you perhaps should go to live in Russia

  7. I’m confused.
    What did Bush do when Russia invaded Georgia?
    Oh… right… nothing.
    This is a cheap BS shot Mr West.
    What would you do now if you were president Mr West?
    Would you sent our military into the Ukraine?
    What exactly is it that you would have done differently?

    • Bush kicked Saddam’s ass though. I think Mr. West is referring to the FACT that jimmy carter looks like Genghis Khan up against pussy ass , bitch made Barry Hussein Obama…………America looks/ is weak to the world with him as our president

      • No my family burned communist at the stake! pulled their finger nails out one at a time, You know a life long enemy……

      • Why don’t you spit Obama’s dick out of your mouth for a minute and say something that makes sense.

      • I’m sorry you hate America so much.
        Also, are you coming on to me?
        If so.. .sorry, I’m not interested.
        Cruise elsewhere.

      • Did you take the time to look at my link above that explains facts about who Barack Obama is? That is why I ask you! See educated red blooded Americans don’t defend a Communist Period!

      • David, the man does not know what an Amendment is. He was likely born somewhere else, like Obama and now he thinks the “new” America is great.

        He hasn’t lived here long enough to know exactly what great is/was.

        If nothing else, he either doesn’t know what the 5th amendment is (so doesn’t know how to answer your question) or doesn’t want to admit he knows it (and therefore doesn’t say “no comment”).

        Thus, he must be a Socialist, Fascist or Communist OR he would come out of the closet and tell us what he is without being embarrassed about it.

      • what has your mouth on barry’s dick have anything to do with Jilly hating America, nothing just like always brendan nothing meaningful to say so instead you throw out whatever pops into your head see if you can piss people off. grow up kid get an education if you are at all capable

      • When your grandparents are Communist, your mentor is a Communist, your mom and dad are Communist, the people you surround yourself with in your enter circle are Communist, chances are you are a communist! That is just the way it works!

      • Love you Brendan. You have the one “Obama got Osama” fallback position which is the one bright spot in his whole crap heap of an administration. Good that you have to that to cling to I suppose.

      • This is who your defending Brendan! You have to listen and learn! This is obama, this is who his family is, this is who his mentor is, this is who he surrounds himself with in his enter circle. These are the facts. Hell these people are even in his book dreams of my father…. Listen:

      • David, this connects to a u-tube site which deals with just two political things out of everything that I see: 1. guns, and 2. Benghazi. But, I don’t see anything else on Obama. Is this the link you had intended to post?

      • This might help, copy and paste this title into the youtube search box and the video should pop up. FASCINATING! MARK LEVIN: Who Exactly Is Barack Obama “Paul Kengor the Author interviewed by Mark Levin The Chief of Staff at the United States Department of Justice back when Reagan was President”.

      • Obama had nothing to do with Bin Laden… that hunt was started way before him and the ones on the ground gaining intelligence and the operators planning and executing said plan are the ones that got it done. The librarian at your local library had as much positive effort to do with catching Bin Laden as Obama did.

      • I don’t like Obama but I will give him what credit he is due. I give him ONE cheer (the SEALs of course, get three cheers, or even 33 cheers) for his role in whacking bin Laden – i.e., he stayed out of the way and did not SCREW THINGS UP (he could have) the way Bill Clinton did, SEVERAL TIMES, when we could have killed bin Laden or taken him prisoner but Bill (according to military aide Colonel Patterson’s tell-all book) frittered away the window of opportunity each time with extended windy discussions with lawyers at State and the Pentagon, seemingly trying to find reasons NOT to get him. Bill, in a rare moment of candor and truth after he left office and post-9/11, even ADMITTED that he dropped the ball.

        That having been said, insider revelations have since come out showing just how close we came to NOT killing bin Laden – despite the egotistical Obama’s vainglorious empty, self-serving boasts AFTER THE FACT of how crucial a role he SUPPOSEDLY played in making it happen. Both the Iranian-born White House mole Valarie Jarrett and that great supposed foreign policy “wise man,” Giggling Joker Joe Biden, were DEAD SET against it and seemed to have Obama’s ear. It was ONLY through the White House office politics of more clever players, like Leon Panetta, then-chief of staff Bill Daley and even the ever-opportunistic Hillary Clinton (!), managing to out-maneuver Jarrett and Biden and keep those two OUT OF THE LOOP on what was happening, and then convince the diffident, uninterested, wishy-washy Obama that whacking bin Laden was eminently doable and would be politically advantageous to him, that the thing got done at all. Obama, practically presented with a fair accompli, signed off on it and came in from playing golf for the famous photo op in the Situation Room while the killing went down. Biden later admitted that he had been WRONG – but Jarrett was reportedly pig-biting mad at having been out-maneuvered and made to look like a fool and sought her revenge in the months that followed – notice that NONE of the above three are still in their White House jobs, having all SUPPOSEDLY left for “personal reasons.”

      • Of course you do.
        I’ve read through your posts.
        You think everyone who disagrees with you is a communist.

      • It doesn’t connect David. Just tell him he is a follower/believer of the Paul Alinsky Socialist philosophy. That explains Obama’s every move while in office.

      • He would not know who Saul Alinsky is and the words Rules For Radicals is probably not in his vocabulary!

      • If you don’t want the information most of us have on who obama is, look stupid or lie about being a supporter of obama. The link I asked you to listen to is a interview with Paul Kangor he has written extensively about obama’s family and who his mentor really was! He did incredible research on this and the youtube link just gives you facts. But if you like to read here is a link to buy the book! Its called The Communist

      • Brandon is not a communist he is just a loose cannon on a pitching deck. Dumb as a post and twice as thick

      • hahaha… seriously?
        It’s on me to disprove a crazy conspiracy that offers no evidence?
        He wrote that Osama was already dead before the raid.
        I rightly mocked that… and you think it’s up to me to disprove a baseless claim>

        Let me lay it out for you.
        If I say there is a magical pink elephant that lives on the moon and you disagree.
        It is not up to you to disprove the existence of a magical pink elephant on the moon… it is up to me to prove the existence.

        When someone claims that the Bin Laden raid was fake and he was already dead… it’s not up to me to disprove a claim… it’s up to the person making that claim to provide evidence.

      • Let me lay it out for you, barry did not do a thing to “get” bin laden. it was intelligence, a doctor pointed out where bin laden was and the generals and the seal team that planned and put the plan of attack into action, all barry did was give the okay.. It didn’t matter who was president t the time.

        Like no way out you are an embarrassment to your relatives

      • Phony Patriot,
        Please learn how to read. Your response has nothing to do with what I wrote.
        You are having an imaginary argument.
        I wrote in response to a poster who alleged Osama was already dead before the raid.
        You defended that point by suggesting I could not disprove that conspiracy theory.
        I responded by saying the burden of proof is on the person making a conspiracy claim.
        And now you responded by insulting me and changing the subject as though all of what you are responding to is a different point.

      • You are a very confused young man. you do not like the answers given so you project change the subject and really do not have a grasp of any of the arguments you try to make

      • Brenden, excuse me,,,are you trying to say that obamma is the one that got bin laden, think you best get to the truth, during the time of the raid that a SEAL team was executing, they had to WAIT because obamma was out on a golf foray… He should have been in the situation room but his golf was more important, he was told several times to come to the room, (you know pics are important) but he refused and kept golfing, so finally his leader had to go to him and DRAG him kicking and screaming back to the situation room, and then he had to phone President Bush to ask him if he thought he should give the orders to proceed (you know, if it went wrong he could blame Bush) and President Bush said absolutely, so Obama gave the order to get bin laden. Oh and this item did not come out on FOX, so do not blame them for the leak about obamas call.
        Poor Bremdan, like most of the gimmie gimmie and takers, he has his head hidden in the sand.

      • barry didn’t do a damn thing to get bin laden. He would have been gotten anyway. They had been onto him long before barry came into power. All barry had to say was yeah ok do it.
        barry is the biggest pussy in the world. he cannot stand up to anyone or anything on his own.

      • all you can do is project, you spout crap with nothing to back it up. In short You are an unintelligent fool You are too stupid to be ashamed of yourself. You are an embarrassment to your parents.

    • You have learned nothing from our discussions. always negative. You think you are so smart let’s see you post some good ideas. Oh wait, you have none all you can do is criticize. Applying sanctions ending programs that encourage economic growth. Dependence on our what and grains. Lot of things he can do but you do not put any effort into anything but criticism. Moron

      • You’re a hypocrite.
        The majority of what you write can also be seen as critical and negative.
        But if I dare lay criticism that happens to disagree with your s it is unacceptable.

      • that’s because you are an unintelligible troll. You see things your way not the right way just your way. there is constructive criticism and destructive criticism and you never make constructive criticism in any way. I am no hypocrite but you are a moron

      • That’s what you think, again you read into things that just are not there. You do not have to agree with me on anything but you never give constructive criticism

  8. Should we recommend a military coup to throw out Obama? Furthermore would they do it? Are they just as corrupt as Obama and perhaps receiving money from Obama campaign funds so as to keep them happy with Obama in as President?

    In other words, has Obama bought off the military brass while at the same time clearing out the top officers whom he does not like? What can We The People do about this every increasing predicament (widening gap) between the government and us people?

    Should we try to overthrow the government much like the Ukraine did? And, how vulnerable does something like THAT leave us, just as the Ukraine was made more vulnerable by outside invasion by Russia?

    Is calling our Congressional representatives or petitioning them with our grievances going to have any greater effect than in the past which was just a promise from one House member of impeaching the POTUS?

    Finally, how did the American people get so screwed? Was it the voter fraud… and if so, then how did we ever let enough of it take place to make a difference in such an important vote?

  9. People continue to remark that Barry is blundering, while Rome — the world — burns. Ie, as Putin invades the Sudetenland and the world hurtles towards another world war.

    The real theatre is that Barry isn’t blundering — he is aiding and abetting. He is, in my firm opinion — and events of the last 6 years support me 100% — an agent of Putin, a mole, the culmination of a decades long effort of the Kremlin to get control of the White House. His announcement (via Hagel) of dramatic cuts in the Army and Air Force only days before was a signal to Putin that he could go full steam ahead.

    Virtually everyone disagrees with me on this. Too unbelievable, they think. Too Hollywood. Too conspiratorial.

    You haven’t integrated enough facts.

      • You mean the acknowledged card-carrying Communist friend of Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Dunham, who was the young Obama’s earliest political mentor during his formative years in Hawaii? THAT Frank Marshall Davis?

      • Not Really!!!! When he was supposely going to classes at Columbia, he ditched these classes and was doctrinated to the communist rule from early in the morning to late at night, 7 days a week. That went on for many weeks. He went to Chicago to meet other communist people and look at him now. He is ruining the country he hates. mmmoooccchhheeellllll hates this country to. obammy is very evil and he is destroying our country. America better wake up, or you will be going into the Fema Camps. He as given our sovereign rights to the U.N. We have no laws no more as he signed a paper to give the USA to the U.N. The laws that we had is trumped by the U.N.

    • Great point Robb. I totally agree he is aiding and abetting. That’s really the only logical choice when all Odickwad’s actions and decisions support a weakened US.

    • If you look at the big picture is like an intricate soap opera! Timing is everything. Coincidence…no. It’s chess….checkmate

  10. Bad Vlad has taken Obama’s measure and has concluded that he is an empty suit.
    We get a chance to correct that in 2016.
    Think you might be interested in that assignment, Colonel?

    • i don’t understand why we have to wait until 2016…. he needs to be impeached and tried for treason along with the rest of his goons.

      • You’re an idiot. a resolute moron. still nothing meaningful to add to the debate. go play in traffic

      • Fascism:
        a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator
        controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to
        disagree with the government

        I am not for a dictator controlled government. I am, if you must know, for less government and more freedom.

        however, seeing that you are an advocate for the authoritarian socialist scum of a president we currently have, that makes you a communist and fascist. you apparently like someone telling you what to set your A/C on or what you can drink, what you can eat, or what doctor you can use. You apparently enjoy authoritarianism. so, again… you are a fascist by definition. Words have meaning even though they are trying to alter them… invest in a dictionary.

        #flipyourflag we are in distress!

    • Typical of a troll criticize, but do not say anything meaningful. You cannot argue on true facts or Ideology. go home little one mommy is calling you

  11. putin is a slow motion hitler….putin is gonna put the evil empire back together again—he practically said as much 20 years ago.

  12. obama’s Communist mentor (and admitted pedophile) Frank Marshall Davis would have probably had this to say: “there goes Barry, being his old Black Power dashiki self again”.

  13. You are aware that the people you call “liberty-loving” and apologizes to are Neo-Nazis, right? So this is a Nazi blog?

  14. From another site, not friendly to the US:

    “Let each define their own future, within or outside the Russian Federation, free from coercion.

    But there is absolutely no positive part to be played by a duplicitous and power-hungry US administration stoking up trouble in yet another part of the world.

    The anti-war movement has long warned that the conflicts in the Middle East and south Asia, dreadful as they have been and are, would most likely only be the foothills of a still bigger war unless the US drive to world hegemony was decisively challenged.

    We are now out of the foothills and progressing towards a situation that more unmistakably bears comparison with 1914.”

  15. It’s easy to talk sh** Allen. What would you do? Are we going to go to war with Russia over a country that isn’t even in NATO or the EU? If not, what have we got that they need or want? Do we have a carrot? Do we have a stick? Real foreign policy experts are discussing all of this right now but you’re just taking pot shots from the peanut gallery.

    • Paul –
      Former President CLINTON (and the UK Prime Minister) signed a treaty in 1994 with the Ukraine promising to PROTECT their borders from invaders. So, does the US just RENEGE on their promises or do they fulfill the treaty they signed? Or is it okay to lull other countries into signing treaties with the US, allowing these countries to take us at our word, ONLY to turn about and RENEGE on our promises?

      • That is interesting but I looked into it, so did every serious news agency. The Budapest Memorandum obliges us not to attack to Ukraine and to seek UN Security Council action if nuclear weapons are ever used against Ukraine in exchange for them giving up their nuclear weapons. It’s not a defense pact and we are not in any way committed to defend their borders. Interestingly Russia is also a signatory to that agreement so I guess Ukraine could get their nukes back if they wanted them.

      • Are you kidding? Ukraine could just ask for their Nukes back? SERIOUSLY? You think Putin will just hand over nukes to the opposition party? OMG! I can’t believe you wrote that.
        Ukraine TRUSTED the UK and the US and de-Nuked themselves believing that they would be protected. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? No wonder NO ONE trusts the US Federal Government! We reneged on our word (which means NOTHING), our word now means NOTHING.
        SHAME ON YOU for having NO morals, no values, no ethics, no character whatsoever. Is that what you are going to teach your child in the future? That hey, Dad just gave his promise, he gave his handshake to do something in the future. But hey, it isn’t convenient for me to carry out my promise, so I am going to turn tail and run?
        The Ukraine is militarily vulnerable because the US and the UK made promises to help protect them by giving up their nuclear arsenal. Instead of protecting themselves, they are now extremely vulnerable to the Russians. They relied upon US to help them because we said we would.
        The Ukraine took us at our word. WE LIED. They are now without adequate defenses because we RENEGED. It is OUR fault, Paul and the only thing you can say is, “I guess Ukraine could get their nukes back if they wanted them”.
        Oh yes, Putin will give them back and I have Beach Front Property in Las Vegas I can sell you. OMG, I just lost IQ points reading your post…

      • No of course they’re not getting their nukes back, that was sarcasm. Jeez don’t get so worked up.

        This is why conservatives can’t handle complex issues, as soon as I point out that the facts aren’t on your side you start attacking my character and bringing my kids into the conversation.

        You can read the the Budapest Memorandum yourself if you like. Our promise to the Ukraine isn’t at issue because we didn’t promise to defend Ukraine. We just didn’t. That’s what mutual defense treaties are for. We don’t have a mutual defense treaty with the Ukraine. Are you getting this?

      • BTW, a nation does NOT just give up their ace-in-hole (nuclear weapons) unless they were given promises for protection and sovereignty. Make no mistake about that, Paul, people just don’t roll over for nothing. Remove the wool from your eyes before it is too late…

  16. well the president is Gay after all this country is no longer the supper power bottom line and if there is a war going on this country we’re screw big time, and furthermore the Anti Christ will appear shortly it just take a few days but it will come

  17. This article is right on the money. But I believe Putin is trying to reverse the clock back to before even the USSR. He wants to rebuild the Russian Empire and make himself the equivalent of a modern czar (and I don’t mean like Obama’s ‘czars’).

  18. Complacency in the U.S. is pathetic!! Why are so many so afraid (here) to stand their ground for the Country we all Love!!!!!??? Red lines, purple lines…does it matter? obama has yet to show any leadership capabilities whatsoever. He is daily weakening our military, degrading our Flag…and morally spitting in the faces of Christians all over the world. How did this happen to our America? How????


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