Message to PFC Sheffey: why did you enlist?

I remember the 1700 hours retreat on military installations. It is proper military custom to stop cars at exit, and stand at attention and present arms while the colors play – and that includes civilians as well. Therefore, the event on Ft. Carson drew the ire of many — and the disregard of others.

As reported in the Washington Times by Douglas Ernst, “A Solider has infuriated the online military community by posting a picture of herself on Instagram hiding in her car to avoid saluting the flag during retreat ceremony, which signals the end of duty for the day.

An Instagram picture of PFC. Tariqka Sheffey has gone viral. Her post reads: “This is me laying back in my car hiding so I don’t have to salute the 1700 flag, KEEP ALL YOUR ‘THATS SO DISRESPECTFUL/HOWRUDE/ETC.’ COMMENTS TO YOURSELF cuz, right now, IDGAFFFF.”

Pfc. Sheffey is a member of the 59th Quartermaster Company, 43rd Sustainment Brigade, at Fort Carson, Colo., post spokeswoman Dee McNutt confirmed Tuesday, the Army Times reported.

PFC. Sheffey returned to Instagram to comment on the post on Tuesday, saying: “I seriously just want to say thank you to everybody who stood up to me today, like seriously. That s– to me was not that serious. I am not a disrespectful soldier and I really appreciate you all.” The soldier did not apologize for hiding to avoid the flag.

I think PFC Sheffey fails to understand why this was serious. It is an honor as a member of our military, whether active, reserve, veteran or Retiree to salute and pay respect to our American flag. For this young PFC to hide from rendering honor and then send out a disrepectful social media post flaunting her actions, only to double down on the same media is unconscionable — and it is a big deal. Why did PFC Sheffey join the US Army? And who were the individuals who supported her disrespectful actions?

If these small children knew it was proper to show respect to the American flag when they heard colors while they were playing, what was this Soldier’s excuse? I do not know if this Soldier has deployed into a combat zone. However, if this Soldier would hide in order to not salute the American flag, I wonder what this Soldier would do when bullets start flying and her battle buddy gets hit?

That is, if she would even have the courage to deploy. I believe an administrative separation is best for Sheffey. She can return to the world of disrespect. America expects more and she is hardly a Guardian of this Republic.

What do you think?


  1. Begins at the top, Colonel. The CIC shows no respect, and these sluggards feel they too can get away with it. Sadly, she will.

  2. Administrative separation?? Are you kidding?? She should get a BCD or, at a minimum, a Less Than Honorable discharge. No Article 15, no admin action, just out with the stigma that comes with a punitive discharge.

    • BCDs and dishonorable discharges require courts-martial. Article 15 is effective enough. take the stripes that she has and then admin-separation. Her DD-215 will show she served a short time and was separated as an E1. Any employer can put two and two together and figure out that she got the boot.

      BTW, anything less than honorable will strip away G.I. Bill benefits, which is the main benefit if you’re only serving a short time and not making it a career.

      • I know they require courts-martial. It would send a message that an Article 15 does not send. When I was in the Army in the 80’s, those soldiers that received Article 15’s sometimes wore it as a badge of honor (however stupid that was).
        I disagree that any employer will put two and two together. A DD-214 (not 215) is not required to get a job these days; and, there are multiple copies of a DD-214 (at least there were), one of which does not show the character of service. Many employers will not know this, and thus could be duped.
        In my humble opinion, admin separation is not enough. Courts-martial, BDC or less-than-honorable, military jail time, then discharge. She needs to regret her decision.

      • Typo on the 214.

        This type of offense isn’t exactly jail worthy. A simple loss of rank hits the wallet pretty hard – definitely enough to regret doing something stupid.

  3. I have a different question for PFC Sheffey, who plastered on social media photographic evidence of her disrespect for the most potent symbol of the nation she swore an oath to protect: Were you born this stupid, or did it take lots of practice?

  4. This is low as you can get discharge her out with no comp.why do these moron enlist but what do you expect when the commander and chief disrespect them.

  5. She probably can’t even recite the pledge of allegiance or knows the national anthem…typical of her commander in chief though, remember,meh wouldn’t place his hand over his heart…if obama had a daughter in the army, I’m sure she would look and act just like this lazy, disrespectful Soldier..

  6. I was thinking a tour in Iraq. Bring home one solider who has served his/her country with pride and honor. I’m reminded of the movie “A Few Good Men” where the Col. refuses to transfer the enlisted man. He declared it an opportunity to correct the accused and not take the easy road and send him elsewhere for others to deal with. This young lady made a mistake, she should do some real military time and in a war zone.

  7. As a retired veteran I am appalled and ashamed that many of our young servicemen and women have this self same attitude. Hooray for me, screw the rest. Unbelievable that this has happened, I hope a little trip to the RTB at Riley is in order to correct the attitude. For those who don’t know what the RTB is, it stands for Retraining Brigade aka a pre-Vietnam era Bootcamp.;

    • The RTB (a.k.a USACA) at Fort Riley shut down in 1992. It doesn’t exist anymore – it’s been torn down. They only have the new facility at Leavenworth now.

  8. My 3 year old knew to stop and turn towardn the flag in silence during colors. She even understood why. If a three old respects the flag and what it stands for, why in the hell is it ok for the kinder, gentler Facebook generation military to get away with something like this? BCD all the way and then send her to my now 8 year old for some schooling in respect.

  9. I’m sure she just needed a job. Probably had the same ethics if she had a job as a civilian. Yours truly, Never served but love our military.

  10. When she hides from the flag, she’s saying all military men and women that died fighting under that flag does not have her respect.

  11. Obama will want to appoint her as Secretary of Defense. She’s black, a female, and best of all she knows nothing about service to our country. Highly qualified, just like all of his other appointees.

  12. Every red blooded American should stand and salute/respect the colors when presented. This soldier is not a patriot and should not be in our army.

  13. She NEEDS to be booted out, plain and simple. She NEEDS to be made an example of. If she isn’t , this will only continue to happen. It will spread like a cancer. By doing what she did, she slapped EVERY SINGLE other proud member of our uniformed services in the face. She disrespected OUR CORE!! She must answer for her actions…. I pray for her sake, we never have the displeasure of crossing paths, I will not contain my disdain for her….

  14. Hope she quietly leaves the Military. She just isn’t cut out for it. Her president has just agreed to decrease our beloved Military. I would love for her to be first in line to go! We should hear no more from her.

  15. Good for you, sir for reminding this young woman why it is important to salute the flag at retreat or any other time. Unfortunately, all too often it is actions such as hers, rather than those who honour our country and its traditions that are held in highest esteem. Your worlds humble us and remind us of what is right and proper.

  16. I disagree with all that say bust her out of the service. If she hasn’t learned during basic the meanings and traditions of the service, a remedial training, along with being posted to the honor guard, forcing her to be front and center during it all the time. Some people are too stupid to get things the first time, sometimes it has to be ground into them.

  17. Well, if their going to slash troops, to create a smaller more elite army, than this will be an easy one to can. I’d make sure that all benefits are cut, and it’s a dishonorable discharge.

  18. Allen West is right, she needs to go. She is a liability and will have no ones back but her own and is a danger to all. Kick her out. Jens, I disagree with you, as someone could DIE due to her lack of respect for her part of the equation. Are you willing to take that risk to Grind it into her? I am not!

    • Her discharge should be as followed, marched to the main gate of Fort Carson escorted by her fellow soldiers with one of them beating a single beat on a drum. Her C.O. then stops the procession at the Main Gate where PFC Sheffey in her Dress Blues then gets stripped of her rank, her awards and decorations and given her dishonorable discharge. She should be drummed out of camp like they did in the Civil War and the old Army! If she had been a male and in Combat Arms especially the Cavalry then the ceremony would include the breaking of a saber in the old days.

  19. Quite frankly I think she needs to spend some time in the brig, take off the kid gloves. This is part of the problem with the U.S. today, we’ve all become wimpy about the repercussions if one doesn’t follow the rules. By releasing her from her obligation it’s teaching her the wrong lesson and she’ll continue to quit on anything she ever does in her life. She signed up, now teach her what it means to be a good soldier or citizen.

    • Just discharger her without a Court Martial or any Article 15, but before hand strip her of her rank and ask for repayment of all military pay and benefits as well as denial of post enlistment benefits. And like in the old days, her fellow soldiers should drum her off base/ out of the camp.

      • Strip her of her rank? She is a private, lol. How about a could swift kick in the privates for starters.

  20. There are other tax payer funded institutions where she can get uniforms, 3 meals and a bunk. Perhaps she’ll be trying one of those. They come in three sizes: county, state & federal.

  21. I would put her on the flag detail for a couple of years. Make her raise the flag for morning colors, and lower it at 1500. Can’t hide when your the one working the flag pole.

  22. This is what you get when you lower the physical, intellectual, and moral standards in order to recruit homosexuals and women. The attitude among blacks in the military has been a problem for decades. This sort of behavior doesn’t surprise me.

    • Heyyy, come on now. I take a lot of issue with your sentiments. You just degraded homosexuals, women and blacks. Please do not tell me you’re an angry white Christian, because you’re giving the rest of us a bad name. We (white Christians) are at war, but there’s no need to fight it with a slingshot.
      Little more tolerance, sir.

      • While I also disagree with most of what Victor had to say, it is a fact that they did reduce the physical standards years ago so more women could qualify to get into the military, just as they are beginning to do now so women can qualify for combat and just as they did so more women could be firefighters & cops. If a woman can pass the same physical standards as a man, then they are entitled to the job, but if not, the standards should not be changes just to accommodate them.

  23. dishonorable discharge. and no pension or benefits for her. These are not the actions of an honorable, loyal, serious and respectful soldier, these are the actions of a disrespectful, foul mouthed, lazy and dishonorable person, not worthy of the uniform.

  24. Maybe she should join our aerospace companies and change software everyday and test it around the globe until America goes broke.

  25. For 2 years i was in the 984th MP company and many times at 1700 I was one of the soldiers retiring our flag.. She does not deserve the honor of wearing that uniform. Put her out.

  26. Sorry all but you don’t throw people away for making stupid action or comments, you train them. If it doesn’t work by lecture, in the service there are plenty of ways to get the lesson taught. If she can’t handle it, then she can be admin’d out.

      • Said the exact same thing, just a little lower down the line. But glad others think like I do.

    • She threw herself away when she disrespected every fallen man and woman that gave the ultimate sacrifice. Don’t justify the behavior. In the end, there is NO excuse. None.

    • I understand the training thought process there, but disagree. This soldier, she had knowledge of her actions as she made comments on social media for all to FO. Her cognitive intent and actions removed her integrity. This has a high penalty, a fact in any organization and society -world wide. Cheating is cheating. Courage is doing the right thing when no one is looking. When cheaters get a reprieve from an indiscretion (any) – once integrity is lost – it is a monumental task to regain trust. Just the way it is.

      • Social media, was a foolish way to advertise her actions. To many comments have been posted, that in hindsight were not the brightest. Have you never made a mistake? I don’t agree with her actions and what she has said, but you don’t kick her out for this. No one died, unlike Benghazi, so take her, train her on why, give her remedial and honor guard duty. But you don’t give up on someone, just because feelings are hurt, and don’t get me wrong, I detest her comments. However; I am not so thin skinned that I can take to destroying someone’s life just for this. Education, not a lifetime of other than honorable discharge. Oh, and just in case you are thinking I got out on that, it was Honorable/Medical discharged, right I am a disabled vet. 😀

  27. This bimbo just made a facebook account about 5 hours ago and she is posting comments that others have said about her and she thinks its funny. Let me tell you something Tariqka Sheffey……you may be beautiful but you lack the other B word and that’s BRAINS. You are a disgrace to your uniform, country and your race. Hang it up girl, get out of the military, we don’t want to pay for your lazy ass anymore. We don’t need your protection. Hell my dog can lay down like you were and sleep and still protect me more then your sorry ass would ever do. Chances are good that’s what you would be doing if you ever saw battle. In my opinion you should be tried for treason right along with your commander in chief BHO.

    • Make sure that you can verify that it is actually HER on the account. Tons of trolls that would seek further humility at her expense. I honestly doubt she is laughing at this situation. In fact, she may not be smiling for awhile. RTB would send a clear message.

  28. I checked off and on all day for this article Mr. West. No excuse for this kind of behavior from any of our Armed Forces. She should be booted out with a dishonorable discharge. I’m sure the DHS would be happy to have her with that disgusting attitude.

  29. would not want her in my foxhole.
    i cant imagine signing up without having a tremendous love of my country.
    why is she there? whats the purpose?

  30. You are disrespectful and you do not belong in the military serving our country!!! My Son In Law is Military and would never pull that crap!!

  31. I was raised to respect our flag and love our country and I do. I also raised my kids the same way.. Why anyone would volunteer for the military and treat our flag so disrespectfully is just beyond my thinking.

  32. I don’t think she should be kicked out. Too harsh a punishment for something like that. It annoys me when people think that the first thing to do is kick someone out the military over something someone does even if its not detrimental. HOWEVER, there should be something done about her lack of respect. I like William Fuzi’s idea. Doing that would work alot better since she clearly feels she can hide so well.

    • I say let her go find some other way to make a living. They are downsizing the military by 100,000 troops – she should be one of them since she obviously has little or no respect for this country or its people or its emblem.

  33. It’s bad enough she shirked the salute. But uploading a selfie while doing it and bragging about it? Drum her out. Is the nation so hard up for military personnel that this level of trash needs to be kept in uniform?

  34. Dishonorable discharge with no benefits!!! I know a lot of patriots serving and I know none of them would serve with her…

  35. How would she feel if the nation didn’t salute her? I would expect more respect from a child than what she displayed. Or is she one who’s loyalties like many these days are greater toward the enemys of our nation?

  36. She is a disgrace and should be discharged. Should be dishonorable since she dishonored the flag. When I was in High School in the morning and at the end of the school day they would play the appropriate bugle call over the loudspeaker and no matter where you were or what you were doing, you stopped, faced the direction of the flag pole until the call ended, and if you goofed off, you would get hassled by your friends.

  37. Somewhere a real soldier sits in a wheel chair crying, because he cannot stand at attention to show his respect. That is the difference between s patriotic warrior and a uniformed bum. This female oxygen thief is a bum.

  38. This is an example of the deterioration of leaders in government. Obama has fostered an attitude of apology and contempt for American exceptional-ism. The fish rots from the head down.

    • That’s what I was thinking to Liberty. I’ve known quite a few people who did it for that reason or to avoid getting locked up for some trouble they got into.

  39. Awhile ago.I was on a Air Force base visiting my Grand-daughter…The taps started playing for the lowing of the Flag at the end of the Day…as I looked out of her kitchen window I saw a group of little children playing..When they heard the Taps they stopped and put their hands over their hearts and stood at attention..till the flag was down…No one told them to do that…How much more should our Military respect our Flag…This is a disgrace!!!!

  40. Court Martial her lazy disrespectful ass. No respect no maturity no clue.
    She doesn’t deserve the honor of serving. And she says IDGAFFF!
    DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE for you . I think a few charges can be tacked on, Levinworth should be your home. (If they take women)
    How can her Company trust her to have their backs?
    Mrs. of 39 yr Army Vet

  41. Her is integrity is lost – a fact she fails to realize. Its more than just personal opinion and laziness – its the lack of courage (doing the right thing when no one is watching). How can she be trusted with anything. So its bigger because is exposed that she was selfish enough to blow it off and tell everyone to mind their own business. Well by doing that she gets these retorts – I’m sure she’ll get the message henceforth and come to understand that sometimes the littlest things mean more than you think. If you’ve never served in the Military and support her – sorry but you don’t know.

    • Ron, I’m not so sure someone like that ever gets the message, because they don’t care about anyone but themselves. It’s the ME Generation way of getting in the faces of everyone else.

  42. This is all part of the hope and change “The One” spoke of when he was campaigning in 2007. He hopes he can destroy the military by enlisting people like PFC Shaeffey into the ranks and change our standing in the world from leader to lead from behind. I think he has achieved his goals, don’t you? What a disgrace to our country and our military this POTUS and this POS Shaeffey are!

  43. Ok…how many of you on here…are in the military…or a veteran?? Heres the deal…I am not mad at her…and I did 8 years in the navy…and a rour in afghanistan…do I love my country?? HELL YEAH!! there isnt a person who has or is in the military that hasnt dodged colors…either in the morning or at least once in their careers. Those calling for her to be dishonorably discharged…are going a bit far, in my opinion…should she be reprimanded….possibly…but discharged…no way…what is she guilty of?? I am not saying that her posting it was right…but I really think that this outrage is going a bit far…the bible says “let he that is free of sin, cast the first stone” and I will put my pay check on the line when I say that there isnt a military member, past or present, that hasnt stayed in the chow hall a few minutes longer, ran to the barracks, ran to or stayed in theor vehicle, or any other way of avoiding colors at some point in their career…I know I am guilty of it!!! So…if your going to call for her head….each and every one of you who have had a military career need to turn yourselves in and take your lumps…dont let her be the sacrificial lamb alone!! And to you mr. Allen west….I still have great respect for you…but are you really gonna sit there and talk abput thos and tell me you never did this?? For the record…I dont thonk she should have posted the pic and the comment…but thats not what everyone is pissed about…if it was…I would be on board with you all…but you are busting her about something that has been done many rimes before…and will continue to be done!

      • I am sure its not all…but thats what most are saying..kick her out….and a lot of those are civilian….if you have not been in the military…you have no clue…I am in no way directing that to you jens johnson…just a general statement….every military member has done this at least once…and most more than once!

      • I understand, just letting you know that others believe that it is not necessary for the first reaction to be bust her out, like you said. We didn’t have a 1500 colors, just 8 a.m. and evening taps, and I can’t recall evading it, but that was awhile ago. Usually was to busy seeing those in sick call for morning colors, and off base usually for taps.

      • Yes, I was in the Navy, not sure about the lol on the evening taps at sunset, I didn’t put a time on evening taps, as we all know it is at different times for when the sun goes down, and I usually was either grabbing chow or suds off base. So I was not around for it.

      • I was at Marine Barracks Hawaii, Guard Wahiawa. It was our privilege to do morning colors and evening colors at sunset. I do not recall any of my Marines evading this prideful act. The Marines tenth general order: To salute all officers, colors, and standards not cased.

        She should be reprimanded and made to do morning and evening colors, burial details, and duty at the front gate. I would be glad to come out of retirement to make sure her arm was parallel to the deck when she gives a proper snappy hand salute.

      • I am the daughter of a former Navy man. My son is currently serving in the Army. I’ve had to get out of cars when I was a child and we were on base. This so-called soldier needs to be OUT of the Army ASAP

    • Please don’t judge other military vets from your point of view. Most of us were not slackers when we were in the service. I never missed colors and stopped in my tracks when it occurred. You sound as if you were a slacker because you are going out of your way to defend her when, in fact, she doesn’t even know you are alive, or does she?

      • Lol…wow…she is a slacker for not getting out of her car for colors?? I AM NOT DEFENDING HER ACTIONS AS FAR AS WHAT SHE WROTE…SHE HAS TO OWN IT!! all I am saying is that those who are all up in arms about her dodging colors are hypocrites…as I am sure you all have done it before…you can say you didnt…and I cant prove it one way or the other….just saying that there are a lot that did at least once…and they werent/arent slackers!!

      • To reply, yes she’s a slacker for not getting out of her car. What do you call a worker who hides from doing their job? A slacker. Maybe even unemployed.

      • Retort point – is that you can’t compare this act with the acts of what you’ve seen in your past – they are very different – they weren’t malicious and disrespectful – In fact the many so called color skippers of your past probably wished to be as invisible as possible (aka. anonymous) eg, not bring attention to there laziness.

    • Yeah but when you did ditch colors – did you post it for the world and tell everyone to FO? She did it wrong, and is paying this price – do you get that. Free speech comes the the price of owning it. She is now owning it.

      • Ron…I totally get that…and for that I say she gets what is coming to her…but to call for hwr to be thrown out or put in levenworth is a bit much…I am just saying that for those who are mad cause she dodged colors…and were in the military or are still in is like the pot calling the kettle black!

      • Its the way she did it with cognitive thought, knowing what she was doing was wrong and did it anyway. She’s lost her integrity – that trust needs is hard now regained – a most daunting task for her. She is the one that displayed this behavior. The Army will probably give her non- judicial punishment and she will probably lose a rank and some pay. Yes that is appropriate. I don’t think they’ll kick her out but she’s got a long road as she DID embarrass herself, the US Army and Veterans of all service and wounded Veterans are unable stand for COLORS and salute the flag.

    • Shaun, you are wrong. Sure , I have seen people duck back inside a door at the first bugle note. I have also seen people (myself included) pop ot the door to honor the colors and all those before us. Maybe coming home a tad tipsy from the NCO club, the taps plays. we show respect then. I am a civilian now. When appropriate, I place my hand over my heart. I wish I could still render salute.

      • So…your sayimg you NEVER stayed inside when you lnew colors was going down..and made an effort to go outside if you were inside to render salute when taps was played?? I call BS…I am not defending her because she posted ot all over the internet…I am just simply saying that everyone who is mad at her for dodging colors…is going a bit far.

      • You still can, Michael.

        That law was changed. You are certainly welcome to render a military salute when appropriate. You always ‘could’… but it’s codified into law now that you may do so.

        If you choose to show respect with a hand over the heart, that is also acceptable. The choice of respect is your option.

    • The offensive thing about it is the fact that she showed such pride and pleasure in what she was doing, and she flaunted it. THAT, as much as anything, is what disgusts me more than anything.

    • You may have dodged colors, but I bet you didn’t take your picture and post it with text like she has and apparently continues to do.
      I don’t think a discharge is in order either, but because of the manner that she has acted strong punishment is in order. See my post below.


    • Ok Shaun I find your accusation a bit over the top yourself. I’m in NJROTC and so far have take EVERY opportunity to honor out flag each day. For you to then point fingers at other service men and women especially the ones I know I find to be very hurtful. She may not get a DD but I expect nothing less than demotion and extra work. Maybe loss of pay. But our guesses on one individual are MUCH more accurate that your guess on the ENTIRE USAF.

      • Hurtful?? Wow! First far from itet me say that I commend you for being in NJROTC…great choice!! Now…For me being hurtful…far from it…Did 8 years…and I know many of those that did dodge…myself included…but I am tired of my phone blowing up with responses…I said my peace…and I will leave it at that…

      • When you graduate and enter the military you may change your mind. You will find that that the Shaun Perry is correct about people dodging retreat. You will probably do it yourself, on more than one occasion. Hopefully, you will staying inside a few extra minutes to avoid standing in the rain during retreat as you walk to the parking lot and will not be showing the blatant disrespect demonstrated by her post, but the likely hood that you will miss at least one opportunity to stand and salute is very high.

      • Oh I completely understand that that there are some that have skipped their duties. For an over an hour we stood out in the down pour. NSUs were ruined. 5 Order of the Sentry. I just find the opinion that all or most of our AFs have done it a bit exaggerated.

      • Alec, I commend you for standing up for how you feel. I can remember as a child and when the tv would go off the air at night and they played taps or something I don’t remember, but my father as a Marine Veteran of WWII, would sometimes wake up from his sleep and jump out of bed to stand at attention. And Shaun Perry, if you are tired of your blowing up, turn it OFF!

  44. A few days of k.p. garbage can duty, a lot of extra p.t.and a couple of months of walking guard duty on that flag in full dress in all weather will help. Plus 6 months loss of on base driving privileges. Don’t give her a seperation that’s the easy way out.

  45. PFC Sheffey should be made to go to the Smithsonian Institution to see the tattered U.S. flag that was the original first flag raised on Iwo Jima. That was one of the very bloodiest battles of WWII, and many American lives were sacrificed in order to be able to raise that flag. I thank God that PFC Sheffey is very much the exception, and not the rule, in our nation’s military today.

  46. Change her MOS to 11B. And ship her Ass too the Front Lines and put her on every Patrol that leaves the wire. She better hope someone has her Back or Hope someone doesn’t shoot her during a Fire Fight.

    • Surely you are trying to get a rise out of the females on this post, right? I’ve known several Military Women who could probably put your happy ass in the ground and then some. I hope you’re not married, never get married nor are you ever in a Supervisor Position.

    • Obama is probably not to blame here but then again maybe she is following suit. This likely would have happened under any Commander in Chief. Sadly it happens but I do like the Obama blame thing. He is destroying this country!

  47. Well she is getting her 15 min of fame, which is probably what she was looking for. “Look at all the people talking about me.”

  48. Her actions and posting them on the net brought disrespect upon herself, her Unit and the United States Army. She should be punished under the UCMJ for her actions. I would recommend a stint in the disciplinary barracks for some refresher general military training.

  49. In many years on military bases I have seen people avoid retreat on many occasions, but I’ve never known any of them to them brag about having done so. I have much more of a problem with her disrespectful post and lack of remorse than with her failure to salute the colors.

  50. i think she is shameful, disrespectful and needs a kick in the butt. you NEVER EVER DISRESPECT OUR FLAG AND OUR COUNTRY. you need to apologize to our country for acting like an idiot. you are a role model and a representative of our country. now woman up and act right

  51. I disagree about “enough said” that is the problem our country is having now., So few people has a back bone anymore to speak the truth. They worry someone may get upset and they may not like me any more. The American voted twice for this commander in chief. Many voted for his skin and not the many inside of it. Must you continue to cover your eyes to the fact that he is not a leader and never will be. He is here to destroy, put him out of office.

  52. This Soldier will be the first in line with the EEO or IG when she does not get selected for promotion or re-enlistment. I am saddened by the number of respondents who admitted that they who ‘hide’ from Retreat. Shameful. If not a patriot, why serve, find a job somewhere else. The military is not a job it is a profession, a way of life. I hope this Soldier’s chain of command takes this infraction seriously and provides this Soldier the extra training that she rightfully deserves. Is this someone that you would want to be an NCO and lead Soldiers?

  53. I have seen soldiers struggle to stand up from a wheel chair,to show honor to the flag..This little girl is not Military Material and probaly could use some conseling on growing up..This Old Vet agrees with Allen West..She just needs to go Home and finish growing up.

  54. That’s why America needs a FEW GOOD MEN!! No more allowing traitors, saboteurs or leaches who join for all the wrong reasons! Stand up for America or stand down and get out of the military and out of the country! Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country!!

  55. Obviously, we haven’t heard if her chain of command is going to do anything to her or just sweep this under the rug. I think she should get an article 15. She should get 14 days of extra duty (preferably doing morning colors & evening colors). Then 14 days restriction to base and forced to stand and salute during morning & evening colors. Then stripped of rank and ran through basic training again. Because it’s obvious she didn’t learn anything the first time. If I were in her battalion, she would definitely be hating me.

  56. I think she is just taking the hint from many of our political leaders who have no respect for our traditions or our military. Our Commander in Chief disrespects our nation so why wouldn’t some of his troops. So ready for a giant change in DC. We need leaders like the Honorable Allen B. West to help bring patriotism back to this nation.

  57. Obviously, she joined for the benefits and not the responsibilities. I think she deserves a dishonorable discharge. She is a disgrace to our country.

  58. a huge part of the problem is that when the military recruits, they promise roses and college educations ….. not a greater pride and respect for America- and then when the soldier is asked to do something for the country, they feel abused

    when the army called for my sons during each of their junior years in high school, i didn’t even hand my boys the phone – serving is a privilege and an honor – but a soldier needs to know the truth about what he/she is signing up for – and help to understand what role they will be asked to play

    and it isn’t all about a free education

    • Yes, my nephew was promised the moon from the Recruiter. Every time he came back from a meeting and told us what he was told, we sat him down and told him the truth. I encouraged him to go to Community College, get a part time job and wait until we had a President that gave a damn about “Our Country” and “Our Military”.

      • Sadly the current Commander in Chief is banking on parents like you to do just that and that being to talk your children out of enlisting. Remember that serving is now about you or better yet in the words of the immortal JFK, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country”.

      • You very well might be right. My family has been in the Military since the beginning of time and this Administration has no concept of what our Military is about. In fact they don’t give a damn about our Military or anyone else for that matter. I love all of our Military PERIOD!!! Why in the hell would I want anyone to serve under a man that does not give a damn about “Our Country” and “Our Men and Women”? Not only him, but the Generals and others he has put in charge? Let our young join the “Patriots” if they want to serve “Our Country”. They would learn what “Our Country” is all about, because they will not
        learn it in our Military today.“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what can you do for your country”? Best statement ever made in “Our Country” and we all ask daily what we can do. No answer yet! If you served, thank you for your service.

  59. At first, I thought DD..after further thought, she has a 4yr commitment, and the rest of her time should be spent in drill, the field, and every detail that can be given. my Air Force job(dont hold that against me Col. West! lol) was POL, Petroleum Oil and Lubricants(JP-4 jockey!) also know as Painting Oddjobs and Landscapping! I believe I would call this Conservative Sensitivity Training!…I might add a extensive tour of Arlington, Iwo Jima and the Arizona Memorial among many sites, will make this little snot-nosed kid into a soldier, an adult….and a American!

    • Give her the lowest paying job that the Army has to offer. Then when her time is up, give her a dishonor able discharge for disrespecting her country and those who died fighting for her freedom. What a low life little Generation Y-er. Shame shame on her.

      • The military doesn’t pay by job. It pays by paygrade. Also, if you were going to discharge her why would you wait until the end of her enlistment.

        She will most likely get an LOR or ART 15 depending on how her commander feels about it. Then with the large force reduction going on she will most likely be separated.

  60. I hope she gets a dishonorable discharge because she is not good enough to be in the Army. What a disgrace she is to our flag and our country.

  61. This Tariqka Sheffey MUST have been paying attention to Michele Obama who said “All this for a Damned Flag?” -BOTH make me violently ill

  62. This POS clown should be civianized. She wants to act like an irresponsible selfish brat; and no soldier should be endangered or corrupted by her. She’s only there to collect a check and get schooling paid for. Throw her out.

  63. My father was in the military when I was a child. We lived on NAS Oceana, a jet fighter base in Virginia Beach, VA. We used to play in the quadrangle behind the houses all day long, all summer long. At sunset, we could hear the bugle call evening colors. We all, without exception, stopped, came to attention and faced the direction of the flag, which we couldn’t even see until the final bugle call called . I cannot remember ever NOT doing this when outside during colors. It would not even have been allowed for others not to show the respect due, and we thought nothing of it. It was natural, and normal to respect our flag, our country, and our parents – some of whom had or would be killed in the line of duty was we were growing up.

    PFC Sheffey is a disgrace, and cannot even see the reason for this respect that even some prepubescent children knew and understood. The military would be better off without her. Most likely, the USA would be better off if she never reproduced.

  64. No… to the dishonorable discharge.

    For those unaware… the dishonorable discharge is a punishment restricted for exceptionally felonious violations of the UCMJ. It involves going to Courts Martial.

    This offense… while outrageous in its level of abject disrespect to all those, military and otherwise, who’ve sacrificed for the liberties we enjoy… doesn’t rise in severity to justify, what is, in civilian equivalence, a felony conviction.

    Yes… Article 15/Non-Judicial Punishment is appropriate for consideration.
    I’m with Colonel West… it’s time to consider administrative separation… and I would consider administrative separation in lieu of further punishment.

    Some people don’t belong in the military. Pure and simple. The ones that do not… it’s easier and cheaper to cut your losses, collect all US Government property from em, hand em a bus ticket and a DD 214, and ship em home. Get em out of the way of the people who DO want to be there, and WANT to serve and earn their pay with distinction.

    Dodging having to render honors to colors… that’s one thing. It’s not something to shout to the world or to make a spectacle of. As another poster said, many in the military have done that same thing QUIETLY and not out of ‘disrespect’.

    When you throw a big spotlight on yourself, like, “Hey… look at me! I’m dodging the colors! Ain’t I cool! How’s this for a selfie?!?!” That’s B.S. and it IS exceptionally disrespectful. “Prejudicial to Good Order and Discipline” describes THAT behavior perfectly.

    Her attitude is what puts me off… in a HUGE way. I don’t see how you correct that… because the attitude comes from her foolish heart… and it’s not until she has an experience that really makes her reflect and internalize her own love of country, and regard for those who sacrificed for it… that her attitude will change. I’m not sure asking the Army to ‘wait’ for that epiphany to happen, is fair to the Army, her fellow soldiers, or the taxpayers whose money is going into her pocket.

    Hence, again, I agree with Colonel West… fit her with a DD 214 and a bus ticket home and be done with it.

  65. She needs to be discharged from the service. We have too many honorable young men and women out there to taint the Army with the likes of this spoiled brat.

  66. If there was ever a time when she was needed to help out her fellow soldiers in a confrontation…Do you want her to “have your back” ? Or will she be in the jeep taking her picture?

  67. Wow, if we had as many people making a difference as we have judging others the world could possibly be a better place! To fight fire with fire has never been the answer, If she was wrong then fine she was wrong but to display the same, if not worst level of ignorance is counter productive!

  68. WHAT??? That is the U.S. flag, not “American” and it the added gold fringe means it represents federal marshal law!!! How can you pretend not to know that?? How can you pretend that you don’t know young people sign up for the military for a PAYCHECK?? I used to like you but now I am starting to see you are another shill just like Alan Grayson. You’re ALL phonies. You talk about rights yet everytime people use freedom of speech, you people lash out and make a new “article” about it. It’s childish and pathetic and you all will pay for your crimes against humanity. You’re all criminals and the two-party system is a SHAM. LEAVE THIS HONEST YOUNG WOMAN ALONE! ATLEAST SHE HAS THE COURAGE TO SAY NO!!! UNLIKE THE REST OF U.S. AMERICANS!!!

    • You are truly in need of an instant trip to a third world country if you do not like America’s rules. PFC dumb ass signed on the dotted line and that means she agreed to follow all United States regulations. She did NOT and should be punished. If she wants to mouth of she needs to sign up for Obamacare!

    • Stick to the subject. It’s not about the two party system. It’s about following simple basic rules. If she’s can’t be loyal to OUR flag, then whose flag is she loyal to? I’m tired of these younger folks who have no basic loyalties to this country using it for whatever THEY want. Give her the boot and she can NOT hang her flag up outside her home on Holidays.

    • Once you put on the uniform some of your right get put on hold, ie you dont have freedom of speech to the extent of a civilian, it in the fine print, she partly broke a law, ie the ucmj, and if she get convicted and get less then honorable discharge she going to be hurting, if you cant stand the punishment dont do the crime

    • Wow the gold fringed flag conspiracy theory…. i’d say 99.9% of all flags displayed with fringe is done out of ignorance to that notion, and done with respect to glorify old glory.

  69. Notice the trolls on here that start off with “I use to like you Col West but…” or “I usually agree with you Col West but…” bbbbut, but what?? Message to trolls: Take your sorry Communist butts and get out of our Country. As for PFC Sheffey, her C/O is probably going to be sorry.

  70. We have a commander and chief that does not salute the flag, has had the flag removed or moved out of the view of the camera during speeches and interviews. Has our soldiers protecting opium fields in Afghanistan, ties their hands on the battlefield, has now spent more then 20 million in 13 states sealing his records, documents brought forward showing he is not an American but came here on a foreign student visa and the military and the people of this great nation want to punish her for emulating the commander and chief? Really? If anything people should be speaking up to stop them from going after her until every last one above her has been charged the same! PFC Sheffey is a young misguided girl caught up in the social media frenzy! Few people these days are born with honour so must be taught what it means it is obvious to me that has not happen in her civilian life or her military life. So yes lets just continue on in the new American way of giving a pass to those at the top and punishing those at the bottom it seems to be working so well thus far (tongue in cheek). I was raised in a military family, my brothers all served, my husband, all three sons have or are serving. I live close enough to a military instillation to hear the colors morning and night and I still stop every time I hear it, but that is how I was raised I was taught the meaning of respect, honour and duty. We can not say the same for the generation we see today. PFC Sheffey is not the problem but a symptom of a greater disease, one that is close to destroying this country. We have the Muslim brotherhood in the white house, the pentagon, NSA just to name a few. We have terrorist training camps all across this country of which our government has not taken action. Nothing happens in the government by accident it is this way because it is what they want! So yes my fellow countrymen keep watching what the right hand is doing so you don’t see the knife in the left hand coming for your back! Don’t blame PFC Sheffey for acting like those she’s forced to follow.

    • I agree with most of your post but right now, PFC Sheffey poses an immediate danger to the rest of her unit and needs to be kicked out and ASAP, which in the military, may or may not happen all that quickly or rather, not quick enough for those having to serve beside her.

      • She poses an immediate threat not only to those in her unit but the military as a whole if she is punished or discharged ASAP as you suggest so that the whole situation just goes away. PFC Sheffey’s behaviour, appalling as it is needs to be taken all the way to the white house and the commander and chief to be held accountable for his actions that directly impact if not instigate her actions. Yes she did this in a public social forum but the commander and chief disrespects and dishonours the American people and our Military in the media on a global scale on a regular basis. I am not held under the illusion that he will ever be held accountable but I still hold out hope that the brass in the military still have a pair as well as a spine to stand up to this traitor and chief not just the lowly PFC’s. They need to publicly place blame at his feet for the hardship and danger he is placing each and every service member in by his actions. He is not above the law or even military regulations and it is time they put his feet to the fire. What ever punishment is given to PFC Sheffey needs to placed on him as well. Obama not only owes Sheffey an apology but the military as a whole for he is directly responsible for our current military condition and attitude.

  71. She says “it’s easy to raise one middle finger than five saluting the flag” on the top of her FB page. What a lowlife. She obviously has no respect for this country. If she thinks having a regular job is going to be any easier when you have such a bad attitude, I have to say that would be wrong thinking.

    • I just looked at her FB page…..OMG — She is so disrespectful toward the US in general. A pic of a woman in uniform giving tongue to the MIA/POW image, and also stating, “It’s easier to raise a middle finger than five to salute the flag!” WT…? So I ask, why does she even WANT to “serve?”

  72. I believe she is the creation of the Obama Administration’s “Anything Goes In the Military” attitude since Obama himself is a disrespectful SOB. The best thing our country can do is to Impeach Obama and to give this young person some hard labor discipline.

  73. She is a disgrace to the uniform.
    The only good that will come from this is that her disrespect is matched only by her stupidity… in that she was stupid enough to post this online.
    I’m sure her chain of command will make the short time she has left in the Army miserable.
    I’m also sure every other soldier on that post that she interacts with will also make her miserable.

  74. She deserves an immediate transfer to the most dangerous post …. no wait she would probably get people killed. trying to duck out of duty. A dishonorable discharge is in order and have the rest of her enlistment in Ft Leavenworth?

  75. I never put on the boots of any honors, I tried in 91′ but was denied over a bogus medical reasons, but with ALL RESPECT to my fellow countrymen, and ALL respect to ALL MILITARY men and women, and to UP MOST PRIDE AND RESPECT TO MY COUNTRY AND FLAG, to not honor the flag is sickining to me, I was raised with true respect and Patriotism, and honor towards my God , Country, and Family. This ” child” as you said in your responce, needs to be discharged from her duty because she has dishonored many fallen soldiers, and many vets that gave everything so she can have that opinion, but display of her true thoughts of these men and women who truely are Patroits , her display needs to be shown on T.V. with a yellow strip down her back and her uniform stripped of all patches and make her walk the walk of shame on her way off base, so everyone in this country can witness her disgrace.

  76. Not trying to defend her but maybe she has reasons to feel this way? Our service men & women are sent off to war for poppy & oil fields not to mention for those who profit off of war! I personally dont hate my flag NOR my country but at the same time dont fall under the catagory of what i see is a false sense of patriotism…by “worshipping the military industrial complex” & deeming everyone who dont as UnAmerican…My thoughts are this: i dislike the usurfers & those who”ve hijacked my country but not the republic its self…but i have to be honest i dont get that warm fuzzy patriotic feel any longer when i see my flag or here our anthem! It makes me weepful for the america we lost… under our current country we live in i might as well be flying the redyellow sickle & playing the russian anthem? Because what we got is all that wrapped up in the red white & blue! Yet i still believe theres hope for it & LOVE IT! Till then my flag is a yellow flag that reads “dont tread on me”!

    • Anthony, you must remember some key points here (and I have to remember that you may not have served and therefore cannot relate).
      1. Most service members enlist to make a difference.
      2. When rendering honors (reveille, retreat, taps, etc), it’s not to pay homage to the military industrial complex as you stated. It’s so that we can pay our respects to the symbolism of our nation, our flag, and the freedom the represent (regardless of who’s in what political office or what they’re doing).
      3. Rendering honors during any of these military events provides us (service members AND civilians) the HONOR and opportunity to REMEMBER all of those who’ve served, been wounded and or DIED in the voluntary service to our NATION and her citizens.
      I say again, this may not be something you can relate too if you’re tied up entirely with our political leaders and the actions they are taking.

      • toby, you are wasting your time trying to make Anthony understand what the flag means to most of the members of the military. I served twenty years and every time they raised or lowered the flag, everything and everybody would freeze and salute. today at seventy one and being out of the service, I still get the lump in the throat and moisture in the eyes when seeing the flag being proudly displayed and honored. non military personnel will never understand or even try to realize what the flag and its honors mean to us.

      • I just crossed over my twenty back in July David and I can totally relate to “…the lump in the throat”. It may be a waste, but the trainer in me still tries to educate…lol.

  77. Anthony, you clearly have never served. I have, and i think this is VERY unAmerican. I joined the Marines to defend my family and my beliefs, I joined so that I can say I did more for my country than 98% of those who choose to do nothing more than bitch about how things are. I did not join for oil fields or poppy. I joined for my brothers and sisters in arms and it pains me to see people like you who clearly love your 1st Amendment, yet have no clue what it takes or what it means to fight for something bigger than yourself.

  78. See, the fact that she skipped out doesn’t bother me so much. On one hand, I want to brush it off as someone using their First Amendment rights, even though I think it’s stupid. On the other, I want to ask her why she’s even in the freaking Army, but I imagine I already know–she’s another one of these “progressive” (read: regressive) types who think rules, tradition, and codes of conduct are stupid, and thus don’t have to be followed… unless they’re the ones making them, of course. What bothers me is that she then had to make this disrespectful, immature, and selfish action PUBLIC for the entire world to see. PFC or LTC, she is representing our military with her idiotic little cry for attention here–and that’s all this is about: drawing attention to herself. I’m sure she thinks she’s showing how oppressive and strict the Army is, and thinking she’s making a big statement about how it’s okay to not like America or some crap. And that’s all it is. Crap. Sorry, but while I may be a civilian, I don’t see where this type of person belongs in my country’s military, and I sure as heck don’t see why I gotta help pay her salary.

    • SandOriaKnight, what you do not understand is that when a Service Member enlists, they voluntarily relinquish some or all of the rights accorded to civilians. The First Amendment is a prime example of this. A Soldier no longer has the freedom of speech. It’s in the enlistment contract. It states on the back of the document (and remember, this is VOLUNTARY):
      “My enlistment/reenlistment agreement is more than an
      employment agreement. It effects a change in status from civilian to
      military member of the Armed Forces. As a member of the Armed
      Forces of the United States, I will be:
      (1) Required to obey all lawful orders and perform all assigned duties….”.

      Stopping all actions (walking, driving, talking, etc) and going to parade rest, then attention and saluting during the end-of-day retreat is an standing order on EVERY military installation where retreat is rendered.

      • Oh, I don’t disagree with you at all, and I realize that God-given rights are sacrificed when one enters the Armed Forces. Forgive me, I was attempting–foolishly–to try to see into the mindset of yet another ignorant, disrespectful, dumb liberal. It tends to boggle the speech a bit.

  79. What must be remembered and many do not understand is that when a Service Member enlists, they voluntarily relinquish some or all of the rights accorded to civilians. The First Amendment is a prime example of this. A Soldier no longer has the freedom of speech. It’s in the enlistment contract. It states on the back of the document (and remember, this is VOLUNTARY):

    “My enlistment/reenlistment agreement is more than an
    employment agreement. It effects a change in status from civilian to
    military member of the Armed Forces. As a member of the Armed
    Forces of the United States, I will be:
    (1) Required to obey all lawful orders and perform all assigned duties….”.

    Stopping all actions (walking, driving, talking, etc) and going to parade rest, then attention and saluting during the end-of-day retreat is an standing order on EVERY military installation where retreat is rendered.


  81. I think if America continues in this direction, with people like Obama leading the armed forces, she will probably make General.

  82. Please do not deploy they do not need more useless things on the battlefield..Article 15 & Adm discharge with no possibility for re-enlistment. Grow up little girl.

    • No Article 15. She dishonored the flag she is supposed to be defending. Therefore a dishonorable discharge with the loss of any benefits!

  83. Conduct unbecoming. This little lady will learn to regret her behavior as she gets older – and hopefully matures.

  84. I have missed hearing the music at 1700, but when I saw others stopped, I immediately stopped my car and rendered proper military courtesies! NEVER have I tried to hide in a car or dodge into a building. This “soldier” (and I use the term loosely) should be stripped of rank, discharged, and escorted to the gate! If the command staff doesn’t do this, they are complicit in her actions! Shame on them ALL!

  85. This young lady needs to get closer to some military action – not as a battle buddy, but in a capacity where she can see first hand those who give of themselves to defend the American flag and America. Perhaps as today’s equivalent of a medic (so-called in my war, VietNam). It doesn’t take but a few minutes to completely change ones life and outlook.
    Put her back out on the street, and she’ll be a liberal for life. Teach her what it means to be a patriot and she will learn (like all those before her) to love and defend America.

  86. Think about it? She is too stupid to be depended on in a time of crisis.. Seriously, Who would want this broad watching their back in a time of war?

  87. Sir while I agree on quite a few of your posts this one I do not. This is not in your pay grade this is what you have Staff NCOs for you appear to be jumping on the band wagon step back and reassess your position.You know what I was a dumb no sense having young Marine at one time and on Camp Pendleton it was common occurrence to see many Devil Dogs try and get out of doing colors. For some reason I didnt look at it as the disrespectful act that it was, somewhere along the line I had lowered the gravity of my stupidity. Given todays technology would I have flaunted it probably not. Then I was educated by a SNCO who was just talking about what he saw and I felt a sting and after that day I still ran but I ran to get my cover on get outdoors and salute the flag. This Soldier needs to be educated and she will be a much better Warrior people asking to kick her out for this are going overboard…………… instead of sitting here adding to the victimization lets teach the Soldier what right looks like.

    • If she’s isn’t patriot enough to stand for our colors, which she swore to defend, then she isn’t patriot enough to wear the uniform. I have and will always stand and salute our flag as any true American does! Its called respect!


      • Yes allllll violations of stupidity should be handled with a discharge. Thats smart be tough on them that will teach them. Hmm wonder who else has committed violations. Guess in my many years of proudly serving I should have been kicked out years ago

  88. She should have experienced a “Blanket Party” that evening soon after lights out! Then let the ‘brass’ sort out the rest of her punishment. That this did not happen speaks loudly about her company members and today’s military. USN TD2

  89. Zero defect mentality helps no one. Good to see that our country is full of so many pious high and mighties………….

    • So in the name of not having a “zero defect mentality” everyone should be able to flaunt rules and do whatever they want with no punishment? Do you have any critical thinking skills or is it required to give them up when you become a new age liberal?

      • Where did I say no punishment…….kicking her out serves no one what this soldier needs is good staff nco fine tuning. Some of the suggestions here appear to be using a shotgun to go after a fly…overboard.

      • Where in your post did you say you were talking about kicking her out. Your post implies no punshment. Second, im in the military, and regardless of what ‘should’ happen, we all know theres a difference between a mistake made in military only environment and one made in public. As much as you think a good SNCO can fix this, she took it out of the SNCO hands by airing it in public. Her lesson isnt just about disrespect to the flag, its about social media, and it may take a hard lesson like discharge to learn it. Better now at the beginning of her professional life when she has time to recover than later when she doesnt. Im not saying thats the right answer, but its an arguable point.

      • Going public definately adds to the gravity but this is Enlisted business as taxpayers you pay for the Staff Ncos to handle this and do as they see just. I am going by what i see here which is a PFC being stupid which doesnt surprise me ,does this act alone deserve a Discharge ……no it does not. Iam not defending her what iam saying is you are going to far on this one act. I used to do it where I would bolt indoors before colors im not proud of it now but I got schooled by a Staff NCO then I still ran but I ran to get my cover and get outside to stand tall and salute. If she is beyond help then she does her four and deny renlistment


  90. read a bunch of the comments and most just want her gone. which I agree with. this girl has a great future and will make tons of money, while being on her knees. she can hang around military bases and make money on her knees even while the ceremonies of the flag are taking place. I do think that she should be given a dishonorable discharge, what she did showed she has no honor. too many scumbags leave the service with general discharges. some deserve them, while others should have been punished with the dishonorable discharge. but businesses don’t ask about military service anymore. used to be that was one of the first questions when applying for a job. if you didn’t have an honorable one, you usually didn’t get the job. today with the ignorance that abounds in our society thanks to the teachers and their unions, there is not much hope left for the country. want proof, look who is in the white house, voted in not once, but twice, even with the disaster he has made of the country.

  91. IMO this is not a matter for the brass, the media and the public at large. This is a matter of discipline to be handled by those who serve with her. Do you recall the scene in Full Metal Jacket where all the members of the unit dropped bars of soap in a sock and used it to pound on the guy who kept screwing up? If she didn’t get that sort of “thank you” for the first pic her failure to apologize in the second post should have assured it. That unit should be pulling double duty for the next month. Bet that pretty face ain’t gonna be seen on social media for a while.

  92. Immediate administrative separation, preferably general under honorable conditions, after reduction to E-1 under Field Grade UCMJ Article 15 proceedings. I don’t believe she would fight it.


  93. DD would be my choice. She dishonored our flag so a discharge is in order. She is a volunteer so just go. No loss for the Army .She’s not much of a soldier ,I would bet any how….BYE BYE.

  94. This is not the only outragous pictures I’ve seen. Check out, WIS NAT GUARD members take pics around caskits and Staff Serg Cherish Byers tongue kissing the POW symbol. Run all these people out of the military. Post their names and follow them around forever . These ass [email protected]@les think they are bring funny and only their friends are going to see their pics. Fools, why do you think they call it social media. It goes all over the world including to people who don’t think you are funny. YOU ARE FIRED”

    • Awesome well said, I never thought I would see the day we agree but you are right. She should be either court martialed and discharged or just discharged.
      If I were in her squad I do not believe I could ever trust her in battle

      • What I’ve read is that their cases are under investigation . I want them all the make a public apologies. To the families of the dead they disrespected and the women who took the pic of her kissing the MIA symbol, apologize to all the Nam vets.

  95. and please tell her – we don’t give a F about her either – she should be court marshaled immediately – she took an oath to defend and protect the constitution and the flag is a symbol of that…. our tax money pays her wages – get out and move in with the other person that took an oath to our constitution and plays his own game …. shameful POS

  96. Absolute disgrace. She has no business being associated with our fine military men and women. She is no patriot, she is a pathetic piece of crap. Boot her ass out. She is an insult to the military and to the USA.

  97. I saw give her a dishonorable discharge after a Court Marshal. If she won’t serve under the flag and render it the honor it richly deserves she doesn’t deserve even an administrative discharge.

  98. When I was in the military (1 or 2 years back , before pfc sheffey was dropping a mess in her pants if you were caught trying to hide during COLORS, you were given an Article 15 by the Brigade Commander

  99. Dishonourable discharge and a charge of Conduct Unbecoming…. (if they even have that in the US military) as a minimum.

  100. When you raise generation after generation in a public education system that doesn’t, teach personal responsibility and integrity, what do you expect? Our military will continue to degrade as long as we have to rely on this type of person. They join for the job not because the love their country. They have no conception of what it is to have loyalty and respect for their country or those who sacrificed in it’s defense.
    Some will say it’s the parents job to teach these things, which it is, but when the parents were raised in the same system, they don’t understand what it is to be personally responsible, or to act with integrity, let alone even know what the meaning of the words are.
    I have served my country, and will fight to my dying breath to save our republic, but I fear it may already be too late. We have slept too long and ignored the liberal menace far too much to be able to defeat it easily. I hope I am wrong. I fear it will take a Russian type civil war to take back our beloved country. That would be a terrible thing, but necessary to defeat the hoards of hedonistic God mocking mongrels that inhabit the seats of power in America today.


  101. Not only is this little twit a disrespectful soldier but she is a disgrace, and it’s not deserve to wear our country’s colors! she should be stripped of her uniform and given a dishonorable discharge immediately…Volunteering to serve our country is not a joke! Wearing our uniforms is not a joke! Saluting our flag is not a joke! My eldest son served in our military and from the moment he joined, he was proud to serve, proud of our flag and proud of his uniform! he never took one moment for granted, he never took one moment left in serious! that my friend is a respectable soldier! I will not give this person to respect of putting PFC in front of her name. This is not a game!

  102. Disgraceful, rude soldiers don’t deserve to serve! I wonder what kind of job she could keep in the civilian world with that attitude!?

  103. Maybe if it came to a fire fight her unit could hand her over to the enemy as a hostage in order to give themselves a better chance of getting out alive and not have to worry about her sorry ass.

  104. While I am not going to be screaming for her head on a stick, I do think that at a MINIMUM she should be given a Field Grade Article 15. For those non-military, that is 45 days extra duty 45 days restriction lose of 1/2 months pay for 2 months and rank reduction one or more pay grades. I say back to E-1. As icing on the cake, she should have to do a 1500 word essay on what the American Flag stands for and why it is important to render the proper honors. If she continues to demonstrate that her IQ is lower than Corky’s from Life Goes On, then by all means give her the boot. Sometimes all a soldier needs is a nice swift kick in their fourth point of contact.

    • I agree with everything you suggest. Except the essay. For one, it would not be heartfelt. She’s proven she has no love of God or country. And secondly, she probably can’t string 1500 words together to make an essay, unless half of them were profane. She needs to go.

  105. They need to first make sure she’s PV-Nothing, then transfer her to an infintry unit thats going to deploy and make her ass go with the grunts. Bet she comes back changed or she don’t come back at all. I’ve always hated these pretty little girls in the army that think they get special treatment cause they are a girl or think they are to pretty…. Sigh…

  106. This is what I think…..She should, right now, be discharged without honors from the Military. Is this Obama’s “new army”? I could NEVER trust her to have my back and the military should feel the same way. She has a very bad attitude and obviously does not love God and her country. I wish her well – let her go hang with her buddies back home and I pray that she will find God first. Continuing in the Armed Forces could be detrimental to other soldiers.

  107. You can’t claim to not be a disrespectful soldier when you are acting disrespectful in the uniform of a soldier. You posted a picture and bragged about your disrespect. You showed lack of judgement and actions less than honorable. You should be embarrassed by your actions.

  108. Col. West. Our own courts have banned the wearing of our national symbols in a California school district so foreign nationals can celebrate their own holidays. We are coming apart at the seams and the disrespectful soldier is only a small example.

  109. Wow I’ve never seen so many hateful people in my life, this is the youth of our nation, there are positive’s to most anything in life. She did join the Army, what are most of your kids doing? I don’t condone what she did, but I don’t wanna hang her from her feet as someone said! Allen West you should have someone reviewing these comments and deleting them. I spent 21 years in the Infantry, been to combat and been a Drill Sergeant, she needs an Article 15 from her chain of command, but dang.

    • Don’t kick her… Make her suffer, sweat, bleed and cry…. Like all real soldiers have… Give her a chance at PV-Nothing again!

    • Disrespect for the Flag and our country is a big deal ! You have got to be kidding. I don’t believe you were ever in the military.

      • I didn’t say it wasn’t a big deal, I said people are HATEFUL, HER GRAY MATTER SCATTERED THROUGH A MINE FIELD, HANG HER FROM A TREE!!! Your taking up for those people? What you don’t believe in giving people a chance? I don’t really care what you believe, I didn’t join the Infantry to seek your approval, or for you to wonder if I’ve seen death and destruction all so you can sit at home blogging!

      • Let me guess your a female with a combat patch? What’d you do? Sit a FOB all day… Smh… Females in the army what a joke!

    • You idiot, it has always been the youth of our country, that serve in the military. She joined to get an easy paycheck, that is clear. If she won’t salute a flag, will she cover her brother or sister in the militaries back. Probably not. And no they don’t need to review these comments. We have free speech here. If she is too stupid not to know to post a facie like that, she is too stupid and immature to be in the military.

      • Wow, I think your more disrespectful than this PFC, you resort to name calling then you act like you have some kind of clue as to what the military does and how easy it is to earn a paycheck and I use the word earn loosely with you, because we probably didn’t earn it. I guess the Soldiers that died, lost arms and legs got it easy to. You should shut your face hole, I never once said this girl acted appropriate, but I know DAMN well she doesn’t need her GRAY MATTER SCATTERED IN A MINE FIELD OR HUNG FROM A TREE. You disgrace me! UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

      • You just as disrespectful as this PFC, maybe even more! You have no freaking clue as to what I’ve done and what my brother’s in arms have given up for your freaking freedoms, nothing easy about this freaking job and the easy f’n pay check you talk about. I didn’t serve 21 years in the Infantry to have some OLD Lady tell me I joined for a paycheck, It’s sad to see you never grew up and matured in your old age.

      • Young man or woman, you are the one showing disrespect. My late husband served two tours in Vietnam. He than served thirteen years on LAPD, Detective Norman Eckles, he was shot and paralyzed in 1983 and died in 1989. I have two son-in-laws in law enforcement, one was on LA Sheriff’s Rob Pavlik who was shot five times in 1999 and had to retire off. And the other is currently a Sergeant on Folsom PD so I won’t give his name. I have a grandson in the Marines and a granddaughter in the army. Again I will not apologize to anyone who makes an excuse, for the dishonorable behavior reported here. To say it is youth, as if they don’t know better is ludicrous. She knew exactly what she was doing that is why she was hiding. It has always been the young who enlist or are drafted, do they all behave this way. Absolutely not. And if you think after 21 years in the infantry her behavior is acceptable, I will tell the vast majority do not, but thank you for you service.

    • Hateful people? They certainly have just cause to berate her. Just because you are young or immature does not excuse you from disrespectful behavior. This is a big problem as it is. Too many young people (definitely not majority) are disrespectful of everything. She certainly does not deserve any special treatment, an Article 15 would be justifiable.

    • Really? You’d be willing to let her slide with a slap on the wrist? Would you be willing to go into combat with her in your squad? If she ducked out on a simple ceremony, what would she do when the shooting started? I wouldn’t count on her for anything more than a few snide comments.

      • Well if it was up to me and it is NOT, I wouldn’t have women in the Military period much less fighting in combat along side of me. All the while millions of men sit around discussing the topic all while to scared to fight for this country! Women shouldn’t fight our wars! BS All I was pointing out is she doesn’t need to be put in a mine field, hung from her feet etc. If you just read the article and my comment you missed the point. Read the comments of these people, down right hatred, I”m not against kicking her out, trying to rehabilitate, it’s not my call! Not your’s either!

  110. I am sorry she has no concept of military conduct, and she should be court martialed first and then dishonorably discharged. Why because she is stupid enough to do a facie, and post it on line. She would not have the back of my grandchildren in the military.

  111. I completely agree with you, Colonel. A separation from the military is probably the best thing for her. It is not a right to serve in the military, it is a privilege; and one she no longer rates unless she atones for it. Her actions are a degradation of the core values and good order and discipline the military instills in its ranks. I agree with all of the comments that she is young, it was a stupid thing to do, etc., but as a fully trained soldier, if she has not yet learned respect and discipline, she should not be in the ranks of the world’s finest Army.

  112. In my 10 years of service at every opportunity I went out of my way to be where I could stand and salute the Flag at retreat. It never got old and it was NEVER something I ran to avoid. And every single time I got chills as I stood there at attention and saluting knowing what it meant.

    This Sheffey doesn’t deserve to wear the uniform.

  113. This woman is a result of our culture…It is a culture that shows no respect. I would assume this girl only got into the Army for the job, the training and the benefits. Hey were a nanny state now, even our military is becoming a bit of a babbysitter

  114. But I’m sure she’ll take the money on pay day, what a f%^^$$## waste of flesh in a military uniform. Remove yourself from the uniform you disgraceful *&%$#^&*(. A BCD, no veteran benefits, and good kick in the rear is what she needs, and also the morons who she says stood up for her.

  115. Oh please, I was in the military over 25 years ago and watching soldiers run for cover as 1700 hrs approached was comical. Eventually the base commander required every squadron to have personal outside during this time for show.

  116. Immediate disciplinary action, a couple months in Leavenworth, and a BCD…that is the least she deserves.

  117. Dereliction of duty… Never once did I fail to stop and render a salute to the colors at 1700 retreat. I always considered it my duty and an honor. It’s been nearly 50 years to the day(March 5th,1964)since my enlistment, and I still can hear Retreat in my mind and feel the pride in my flag and country as it plays.

  118. I am a veteran and I still stand and salute the flag today. I will not say that at first I had rage for what this young lady did but then I thought what has brought us to this point. Then after laying out a time line of when I served till now when this young lady is serving I have come to feel sorry for her and many more like her. When I was first in school we started our day with the pledge of allegiance and then a prayer. By middle school we said the pledge and then a moment of silence in which you could prayer or just stand there. Before middle school was out it became just the pledge and anything about religion had been removed. It was once talked about in science with the big bang theory but not no more. But also in the last few years I have found that many schools don’t even say the pledge anymore because it has the word GOD in it. So what are we really teaching our young generation today but exactly what this young lady did. We no-longer teach respect for the flag or America so how can they really have respect for either.

    • It depends on where the schools are located. We are in Orange County, CA, where a significant population is conservative. Our schools still begin with the pledge of allegiance. We are also a military town hosting a naval base and Joint Forces Training Station. Sadly, most counties that are progressives have pretty much did away with all that.

      • It was CA that just was in the news for the school making students turn their shirts inside out because they had the American Flag on them doing the Mexican Holiday. But the Hispanics can wear the Mexican flag on Flag Day because it don’t specify the American Flag. So again what are we teaching our kids?

  119. This individual, is lacking a brain…. because she is hiding in her car, does not mean the flag is not there… she decides to hide yet she post her location, and why she is doing it?! then why hide just have the courage to do it in open day light… so lets see she has no brains, and she is a coward… I certainly hope she has not only been given dishonorable discharge, but that this post goes viral…. since I would not want an employee that does this… oh wait she is probably one of the many parasites that decides to go on welfare… She is a disgrace and worthless

  120. Col West, I’m afraid this story will get lost in the media. Please update us when you hear what comes of this disrespectful individual. Thanks for all you do. Maj Woodall (AF Ret)

  121. This is an American? More like a self centered, disrespectful, arrogant, lowlife who is woefully uneducated regarding our country. They should kick her out of military,
    as appears she is only there for the “perks” and money.

  122. I agree with your assessment. Sadly as a civilian I think her disdain for America will only intensify. I am sure she would blame everyone but herself for her separation from the Army and she will be another disgruntled minion. My opinion, I don’t know this person but from her response to the public outcry i think I have basis for my deduction.

  123. Once again I have to look at leadership and where they faiIed to instill proper discipline in their troops. Seems the have been way too many leadership failures making the headlines lately. Sad.

  124. I think she needs to be disciplined in some manner, including some retraining in basic military respect. You’re either a soldier (in your heart) or it’s just a job or means of obtaining a benefit. Sadly there are many who enlist but never see it as becoming a real soldier.

  125. She’s a private! Where are her sergeants? She needs to beat her face and fall in to the company retreat formation. What, you say they don’t do that anymore. Start it! Remember Gunny Highway in “Heartbreak Ridge.” Young troops need leadership not condemnation.

    • You are not allowed to use push-ups for discipline unless that is one of his/her PT weaknesses. Now it’s counseling statements and corrective training till you can’t type anymore to create a paper trail of patterns of mis-conduct.

  126. Discharge her, remove any military privileges she may have earned while in and then forget her name! She wanted attention, she got her minute of fame so now let her go back to her life as a civilian and let our heroic military members go on to achieve the great things we know they are capable of without her there holding them back!

  127. I agree with you on creating an administrative separation for Sheffey. Maybe she just joined to get the benefits the military offers, but has no idea of what it really takes to be a soldier.

  128. What I think is she is a woman and so absolute squat will be done about this by the military. IPH something IS done about it then phemales in congress and other areas will get involved and DEMAND she be reinstated.

    Say hello to the end oph the US Military…

  129. She deserves at the minimum an article 15 and loss of any rank she has. Then force her to attend every formation for 90 days without missing. I would even add that she stand at attention and salute the flag for an entire day with only a five minute break every two hours.

  130. This is disgusting. When a service member acts in this way, it is my personal opinion they should still carry out their contracts, at basic pay regardless of deployment, with no benefits afterward. That should instill enough respect into them. The prospect of no pension, no VA healthcare and a bill for any benefits, education etc etc already received will serve as a good example of what happens when you are an ungrateful, selfish, and frankly disgusting human being while serving out great nation. And for the record, if she is deployed to the front lines, make sure she cannot hide away, put her right on out there.

    • There is another great tradtion we have Mr. Tomlin, and that is our compassion and ability to forgive. Might be better served here. Just a thought.

      • Compassion and forgiveness… hilarious. Americans are well known for compassion and forgiveness… when it suits. I love this country, but oh my word are we quick to forgive only when it meets our own ends. If a general did this, most would only be too happy to jump his ass, so why do we hold a PFC to a different standard? Sorry, no…

      • As a veteran, I believe I speak for a great many here when I say that anyone sho show a total disrespect for the flag, their oath, and their service should not be treated as anything other than a total washout and immediately discharged with prejudice.

      • Kurt, Would you want to share a foxhole with someone who disrespects the flag to this extent? Would you want her having your back? Ask yourself that in tune with your comments.

  131. My guess as to why she joined the military is that she just wanted to live off the government and American taxpayes. I’d be tempted to try her for treason.

    • Treason lies only with giving the enemy aid and comfort. This overgrown brat should be given a dishonorable discharge so as not to be able to collect ANY benefits of her service.

  132. “A person of character in peace is a person of courage in
    war. Character is a habit, the daily
    choice of right and wrong. It is a moral
    quality which grows to maturity in peace and is not suddenly developed in war.”

  133. I think that is a little extreme sir. I’m thinking reduction in rank, extra duty, and made part of the flag honor guard as corrective training might show her the rich trations our military has, and why we salute and honor the colors.

  134. She probably joined just for the GI Bill. Kick her out with an administrative discharge with a stipulation stating she will not be able to join ANY branch of service in the future.

  135. I totallyree with you Col. She should be let go from the service. I doubt if any of her outfit will have any respect for her now and would not wnt to serve with her.

  136. If she had been in the Marines her punishment would be a whole lot worse then evidently the Army did, if any. Discharge her with dishonorable discharge.

  137. She is a ghetto rat scum leeching from the government table. She needs to go back to the ghetto and learn some real respect from some of our injured veterans.

  138. As a combat vet myself, US Army 02 – 12, OEF07-08 I find this soldiers blatant disrespect UN-becoming of a Soldier in the US Army and does not deserve to be a member of our military. If she lacks the discipline to stand for 1 minute to observe the colors then she lacks the personal courage to do the right thing in peace or in war. She should be discharged immediately for her blatant, in your face, disrespect. I would also have a long chat with her NCOs. Anyone who would say “oh it’s not that serious” lacks the character that is expected of our military personnel.

  139. I am the first to admit that I do not trust our government whether it be local, state, or federal nor am I a fan of war or any extreme violence unless in defence of a REAL threat. However I do support the men and women of our military and admire they’re selfless commitment to this country and the flag is a symbol of the sacrifices these people make everyday.
    I know the “1700 flag” is a reference to the flag lowering at 5 p.m. every evening at U.S. Military establishments but when I saw this post I thought to myself “Why would you swear an oath to honor & protect then mock the symbol so many have sacrificed for”. Then I relized a few things that may sound a bit harsh & a li’l over the top so if you are offended, upset or have any other issues with this or anything else I post TOUGH S***!
    PFC Sheffey obviously doesn’t understand the words sacrifice, loyalty, honor, & respect witch tells me that PFC Sheffey is not only arrogant, pathetic, and sad but is also a liability due to the fact that she apparently can’t “SACRIFICE” a few moments to salute the “retreat” flag to “HONOR” the soldier & the P.O.W. who never made it home & show some “RESPECT” to the veteran who survived unimaginable hells or the Mother receiving a folded flag as the Father watches his only son lowered into the ground.
    I believe those 4 words are essential to a persons character in order to develope & solidify “TRUST” in any relationship especialy if you just so happen to make a wrong turn & wind up in a war zone. PFC Sheffey exhibited non of those charactoristics but did prove to be a bit juvenile & irresponsible…
    The history of this country is no where near perfect by any means but we’re not the only one & in a lot of cases no where near as bad but the flag symbolizes to the individual. For some it represents pride, honor, freedom, for others oppression, tyanny, greed.
    For me the flag has represented all of these at one time or another along with sacrifice, individuality, & mercy but no matter how pissed off & frustrated I get at most of the idiots running this place I would never dishonor the people who trully & selflessly gave there all wether they held a pen or a rifle, from past to present. These people are owed a well deserved gesture of appreciation.
    I think why I find this so offensive is not her ditching formation or even the selfie but the fact that PFC Tariqka Sheffey not only smirked about not having to salute the flag but some hours later posted a video stating that its not that serious & thanking the people who stood up for her witch makes me wonder if any of her supporters would really share a fox hole with her? “SELFIE!!!” as an I.E.D. go’s off…
    In my not so professional opinion I feel that PFC Sheffey is about as useful as a Proctologist with poor depth perception. She has no respect for the flag & the country it represents & showed a blatent disregard to every American, living or dead who have gone the extra mile for the love of “NOT GOVERNMENT” but country.
    just sayin…

    You can also read this @ and/or

  140. The other message she is sending out to ‘friends’ is that this is NOT a big deal, laughable, not worthy of respect. Has she no knowledge of the many lives behind her that disagreed enough to loose their lives? The flag is a SYMBOL of why we live in this country. It carries with us the very history written and unwritten of struggle, of promise, of hope. I saddens me that this young soldier sees this as a prop, useful as a ‘selfie’ to promote her ideals through misinterpretation. Through her immaturity she’s tried to devalue every field dotting markers with flags waving and the loved ones whom, until they were placed at rest, visited those whom gave up their lives. She mismanaged an attitude with selfishness of the many loved ones whom still risk their lives wearing an internal uniform whenever seeing the flag wave. This flag which represents the United States bridges a gap of earned respectability, lends credence to stories shared with grandchildren on knee, reminds us that as a Republic, we have freedoms worth fighting for. While this young soldier is part of the military she has promised to honor and respect, she must surely know that this action cannot be allowed to slip by with a snicker and excuse of ‘whatever’. She REPRESENTS our country, and the internet is worldwide. What image is she projecting to others whom may have thought of her as a leader? That it is OK to dis the flag while hiding, and no one is allowed to dispute this action? If she thought this was OK, then why not do it without hiding? I think her punishment should be equal to if she did this in front of officers, then while still standing in front of them texted the same with the photo attached.

  141. gorry, I’m for dishonorable discharge….on the spot……She obviously has total disrespect for her flag and all who have died for what it represents….she’s gone!!!!

  142. I would have to go with dishonorable discharge. This girl (she is certainly not a woman) has donned our nations uniform, and taken an oath only to disrespect our flag, and show her true colors. Someone like her in a combat zone would mean certain death for anyone depending on her. She is a disgrace to her family, and this country, and that is how she should be viewed and treated.

  143. Here you are seeing the result of not educating our kids in schools in the sacrifice of Americans down thru history..The kids don’t even know how to say it! We no longer stand and pledge allegiance to our flag….is it even displayed in the classrooms anymore?… They don’t even know what the Holocaust is…………..!!!! Or why we entered the WWI or WWII……None our our young people will feel the need to fight for our country because this president has backed down and apologized from Iraq, Middle East, Afganistan…..there is not a country in the world who respects this country. We are no longer a military might to be dealt with. They know we are a nation of soft individuals who don’t want to work and sure don’t want to go thru basic and risk their lives….

  144. Sir, if she were my responsibility and I learned of this I would not discharge her or even bring her to your attention. She isn’t properly trained. That would be my fault. We don’t want to fail where her parents failed. It would not take much to modify her attitude and behavior if her immediate superiors simply use the tools they have in the military to fix the soldier.

  145. For lack of a better title I would call this individual a dismal failure as a human being, she does not deserve the respect given a member of our military nor should she be given the rights guaranteed her by the military court in her court martial, since she does not respect the flag she has essentially rescinded her citizenship in this nation and should be treated as an enemy combatant and jailed or sent back to her country of origin which apparently she will choose as she is no longer going to be receiving pay or benefits offered by our armed services, or our country! She may extend herself to the third world pit she finds herself accepted by and ask of them the honors befitting her traitorous behavior.

  146. Why is she there? I think that her superiors should do the most possible punishment. She is a disgrace to the country.

  147. She was obviously trying to get male attention. Why else would her pose be as it is? But she picked the WRONG place and the WRONG item to be disrespectful of. She is a fool. She needs to be busted back to private and have a serious section 8 imposed on her. Standing at attention at the bottom of the flag pole for 2 days ought to do it. ‘with the occasional potty break’

    • Ronald Porupsky, you sir are an IDIOT!!! where do you get off insinuating that Allen West ever disrespected his country while serving. Get you facts straight before blowing smoke out your arse!!!

      • Forced to retire from the military for torture tactics isn’t disrespecting my country?

  148. I agree with Mr. West, an administrative separation would be in her and the militaries best interest! She has no right to wear the uniform of the United States Military!

  149. Unfortunately, I see this disrespect in so many young people and soldiers in public. She should be educated in how many people died so our flag can fly over a generally free country. She could easily have been born in a country that has no respect for females, where they are treated as property. Or she could be in a place where she could be executed for disrespecting the flag. Respect is a necessity in the U.S. military, otherwise, it does not function properly. I think she should be sent to retraining brigade if she wishes to remain in the service of the U.S.

  150. As a Viet Nam Veteran I can only say that Mr. West put it a lot nicer than I would have. She is a product of the “Me Generation” and has not earned nor deserves my respect. This PFC should be separated from service. She is far from the belief of “Duty First” and the sense of both honor and respect for the flag, the country, and her fellow soldiers.

    • With all due respect sir, I must disagree. She is not the product of any such generation, but poor decision making. I am not much older than her and I served honorably in the Marine Corps. The liberal media will tell us that she is a product of her generation or poor parenting. They will remove the blame from her and cast it elsewhere.

    • Long term, she will learn there is a cost, especially with a BCD. Jobs will not be forthcoming, unless she is happy at Burger King or Mickey D for life flipping burgers.

  151. She should be chaptered immediately. Additionally, a long hard look at the command climate of that post should be taken. She didn’t just figure out that she was breaking a regulation she either was taught this behavior or watched it being done and not corrected.

  152. The military is not a place for someone who has a child like mindset! Respect for the US flag is not a game. The PFC made a complete fool of herself and should be receive a dishonorable discharge!

  153. Okay with me, Princess. No skin off my back. Your name, rank and unit are out there forever. You will GAFFFFFF how your fellow soldiers will treat you now.

  154. First deny her automobile access on post then UCMJ to the maximum. Restriction to barracks and duty station, Extra Duty including daily being outdoors from 0545 to 0615 and 1645 to 1715 as she obviously needs some remedial training and forfeiture of pay and benefits as she obviously isn’t earning them.

  155. As a former NCO in the Army I would not push for PFC Sheffey to have an admin. separation. I would push for a field grade article 15 and see her stripped of her rank and give 45 days restriction and 45 days extra duty. I would see to it that her extra duty was preformed at a national cemetery helping with grounds keeping so that she could learn from those who have given everything for this country.

    • Dan, as I stated earlier, an Article 15 would be too weak a punishment. Take away her future lifelong privileges with a 208 discharge and let her learn what cost there is to showing this sort of disrespect.

      • I agree, to heck with taking care of graves, or raising or lowering the flag. She would be cursing and whining the whole time. Showing more disrespect for our military. She needs the full measure of military law.

    • I agree with you Dan.
      I was an NCO in the Air Force and I think that she should be demoted and given detail in raising and lowering the Flag everyday until she respects Old Glory.

    • Amen brother… a most appropriate result for an action that was less than honorable. BTW, where is the NCO supervisor… seems there was failure in leadership along the way too.

  156. I really don’t think America expects much any more. Everything has changed so drastically as far as respect and honor are concerned. If our leaders do not honor the flag or the military, how can we expect the people to.??

    • Your blame our government for her actions is idiotic. Shes a grown woman who can make her own choices..she’s a coward and I’m glad she’s outed..what a poor excuse for a member of our military. Hope she gets repromanded for being at the very least disrespectful. I have friends who lost tgeir kids at war and she did this? Disgusting!!!

    • I’m sorry Lynda, you are so wrong. Maybe this President has shown disrespect to the flag, but the rest of this nation expects a lot more. That is why there is such an outcry of anger. Because there are a few idiots in the world don’t put us all in the same box. It is the those who want a free ride with benefits, are the ones causing all the problems.

  157. With all due respect to the flag and my country and yours, I completely agree with Allan West. The degree to which an administrative separation seems a little meek to me. A BCD (208) Bad Conduct Discharge would carry more through the rest of the PFC’s life, reminding her of how little respect she showed and showing the same to her when she looks for a job better than flipping burgers.

  158. My thoughts exactly, why join if one feels this way. My parents instilled upon us the respect of our country and the flag at a very young age. I have displayed the flag that was draped over my Dad’s coffin at his military funeral ( WWII Vet) and It is one of my most treasured possession, incased and protected. God bless America. Love her or just move.

  159. Send her to Afghanistan and put her to work under Sgt. FRAG. Problem solved That is as much respect as she showed for the flag, the nation, and the branch of service.

  160. Her main problem is – she has NOT been taught to respect anything or anyone. A very common problem in the day we live in.

  161. The problem with ppl joining the military today is they aren’t joining for honor. They’re joining because the recruiter promises money and benefits for joining. If we get rid of $20k+ sign on bonuses plus $80k to spend on college classes you’ll see real soldiers enlist that want to join for the honor that was intended to defend our country.

  162. She should be given a Discharge immediately. One thing for sure, it should not be an Honorable Discharge! What a piece of S— she is to me!

  163. SHAME on her & our Government for letting such people like her in our Military 🙁 AMERICAN means just that AMERICAN!!! If you ain’t with US…You’re AGAINST US!!! WHERE is her LOYALTY??? CERTAINLY NOT AS an AMERICAN!!!

  164. Disrespect…..disqusting….. If your such a “pretty girl” why dont you become a model… oh probably because you couldnt cut it… If you took the oath to serve our country, do it!! Or get out and become another looser check collector. Sad times we live in…

  165. I bet there are lot of pranks going on in the military, not so graceful nor honorary either. However most woun’t ever hit the news, yet they should. Just saying.

  166. I think her post needs to be closely examined. Did she thank those who stood up TO her or was is a typo and she meant FOR her. If people stood up TO her and explained the importance of saluting at 1700, and she THANKED them for that, then I would suggest she may have learned a lesson here. As she continues to explain that she didn’t think it was that serious, you might be able to read into that as NOW she does understand the seriousness of her actions. If it was a typo and she thanked people for standing up FOR her, then perhaps she still doesn’t understand.

  167. What the post said….if she felt the need to go hiding when it was time to salute flags, I wonder what she would have done on the battle field when bullets were flying? Discharge!

  168. An apology because you are caught is not much of an apology. If she hadn’t been challenged she wouldn’t have apologized. She apologized out of fear. And to the guests who is afraid to even post a name…..respect is earned not given freely. This young woman, dishonored, the flag, the nation and her fellow soldiers. She deserves the condemnation of this nation. If you take it lightly so will more youth.

  169. All this outrage over this incident. I agree, it is a serious breach of military protocol. Where is the moral outrage over the sexual assault epidemic the military is going through? Why isn’t that trending on social media? This girl made a mistake…give her chain of command a chance to correct the behavior and RTFO. How about getting pissed off at the things that REALLY matter?

    • I believe this does REALLY matter! But perhaps you are right in feeling the other matters more. Hopefully Allen can write or re-publish an article about s.a. Maybe best if he has a female soldier to address that issue. As a woman, I cannot imagine the betrayal I would feel if I were a victim. Thanks for speaking up……but this disrespect deserved to be covered too.

    • According to testimony before congress last year, the number of men seeking counseling for rape outnumbered women. I see little mention of the type of schooling being received by our young men and women which encourages them to think of others as objects to be conquered, abused, trifled with, and on down the line. Disrespect for the flag, assigned duty, and common decency are all steps on the path to degradation of society overall, and individuals personally.

    • Is it broke? YES….did you touch it? YES…..DUMB ASS! Does anybody know? YES……You’re TOAST! The Military WASN’T BROKE till some D.A. TOUCHED IT! Bring back TRADITIONS and stop trying to make it METRO-SEXUAL and call it BETTER! It was fine when I was in and we didn’t have as many problems as you do now, Potsie…
      Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis
      USMC 77-86

    • She made a mistake? Is that what her CHOICE is called, a mistake? No, it isn’t a mistake. Her CHOICE to be an insolent, lazy, dishonorable, disrespectful b***h is just that, A CHOICE. She knew what she was doing and DID NOT CARE. She is the Poster Child for the rude, vile, lazy, self-absorbed, self-centered BRATS that are the younger generation of the USA. They believe they are owed everything, they are entitled to everything without working hard for it. Give them what they want because they act just like this in order to get it. And I disagree with you over the seriousness of this incident. Once people realize they can get away with this type of insubordination, they will continue to do it until someone drops the hammer on them (and not just a slap on the rest). Sorry, but her Insolent Behavior DOES MATTER just like the sexual assault epidemic does.

  170. At first I’m thinking time in the stockade & a duck dinner for “conduct unbecoming” … but I’m not sure that would teach her & others a lesson.

    Perhaps having her write a lengthy, public essay as to why we honor our colors everyday would get her to understand history, freedom, and the honor bestowed upon those who sacrifice everything so we can exercise our daily freedoms.

  171. I’m ashamed to be a citizen of a country allowed to degenerate so much. It started with no prayers in the school. Then, we all somehow allowed some liberal judges to outlaw saying the flag salute. These things, thank God, were taken for granted when I grew up. But of course, now it IS only a privilege. Too bad she couldn’t realize that.

  172. This young lady needs an Article 15 to get her attention. Some extra military instruction might do the trick. If not, then she should receive an administrative separation.

    • A good attitude adjustment is – twenty trips around the parade field with a M-1 carried at port-arms; does wonders. Witnessed that a few times at NTC-San Diego. ’62

  173. 2 additional tours of basic (as a trainee) then finish her enlistment burning crap cans at a forward firebase, then a Dishonorable discharge so she can’t avail herself of any VA benefits!

  174. At the very least, this is “conduct unbecoming”, but I’m sure that term would be lost on her. Since she chooses not to respect the flag, she should be adminstratively removed from the military, although this may be what she actually wants. He behavior tarnishes the many good people who are serving and have served. Personally, she sickens me. Get rid of her; it’s no loss.

  175. disgrace; our government through common core has robbed our young of values and morals along with the ability to respect themselves and others. the meaning of our old glory is now being trampled under foot by a generation that has no real ideal of what she has under gone and stood for so they have the luxury of being self centered in a proud brotherhood of arms

  176. The thoughts running through my mind can’t be posted here. That insolent little brat needs to be stripped of her rank and summarily discharged!!!!!!
    20 years USN

  177. I don’t know if this warrants an administrative separation under the UCMJ but I do think it warrants at least an Article 15 and some remedial training in proper military respect.

  178. Selfies illustrate a larger problem with the young generation…. they are selfish! 100% selfish to always post selfies. Its me me me and I wouldn’t feel comfortable going into battle with someone who idgaffff about anyone but herself.

  179. As a Marine who served in Vietnam it was an honor to be able to stop what ever I was doing and salute the raising of the colors in the morning and again in the evening for the lowing of the colors. To this day I still feel the same way about our colors.This person Sheffey, I won’t use her rank, because she doesn’t deserve it, should be discharged from the military as dishonorable.

    • Semper Fi, Marine. As I told RichN0MN, this person would not want me as her Section Leader because every unpleasant detail that came alone she would (volunteer) end up on and every day at dawn she would have to render Honors to Old Glory, doing the same at Retreat and when Taps are played she would also render Honors.

      May the Great Spirit watch over you and yours and guide yours and their
      steps for all eternity.

      US Combat Veteran: Vietnam, ’68-’69; Door gunner, 228th Avn. Bn. (ASH), 1st Cav. Div. (AM) and former Armored Cavalry Scout (19D30) and damned proud to have served and would do it again if this wonderful country and its people ever needed me. (However, not under BHO and his Socialist Regime.) Enlisted into the Army Dec. 20, ’63 and retired out of the Id. Air National
      Guard Apr. 1, ’92 as an E-6.


  180. A separation from the Army should unquestionable. If she doesn’t support he flag and that which it stands for, then how are her fellow soldiers expected to feel she has their backs.
    Now the root cause here- From my earliest days in school (I was a war baby born in 42) I stood every morning in class before math or history , with hand over heart pledging alegience to the flag and the country for which it stood. America. It’s not done any more.

    Since that time schools and government has removed God, America and the flag for which it stands from schools, Courts, government facilities and public squares and venues. We were a proud country of American men and women. The men who had served and risked their lives on the battle grounds around the world in WWll . The women doing their part manufacturing weapons and ammunition in the factories for the boys over there. Now we have this pfc hiding in her car purposely just she she doesn’t have to show respect to the flag representing the country she is allegedly serving. Were has this country gone? Where is this country going?

  181. I’ve served proudly for 18 years, two more to go. I have tours in Central America, Europe, Afghanistan, Iraq, and various bases in the US. I enlisted in the Army after failing to succeed at college. Once in, I managed to earn a 4-year scholarship and a commission. I’ve led men in combat. To a man, each would without being ordered or coerced stand and salute the Colors proudly.
    This young person demonstrates that she is neither a Soldier or a lady in her actions and her posts (words). If I were the CSA – she’d be gone. Let’s see if the CSA or her chain of command has the balls to do the right thing. My guess – she’ll receive a company grade article 15 and have to teach a class to the real Soldiers in her company or platoon about how not to use social media!
    Our military is not the great bastion of American beliefs and values it once was thanks to progressive and statist agendas to tear apart the fabric of this once truly great nation. I am confident we can win it back, but my fellow Americans need to wake up. Big government is not good. Government welfare and entitlements are not good.

      • Believe me; it’s from the bottom of my Heart, even though I don’t feel thank you is enough. I always try to tell the ones on post if I know they have served or are serving. Even when I see an Active Duty or Vet out and about, I thank them. I’ve been a military brat my whole life and would not take anything for it. I’m sorry you have 2 years left under our ungrateful administration.

    • USCinMind, you are a true patriot, thank you for your service. I had 18.5 years Reserve service and 20.5 years Active service (long story) which included a tour in Vietnam as a combat medic, held every rank from E-1 to E-7 and O-1 to O-6. This soldier would not want me presiding over her disciplinary hearing.

      • RichN0MN, she defiantly would not want me as her Section Leader, she’d get every unpleasant detail (legally done) that you as my Colonel asked me to find some volunteers to perform. (LOL!)

        May the Great Spirit watch over you and yours and guide yours and their steps for all eternity.

        US Combat Veteran: Vietnam, ’68-’69; Door gunner, 228th Avn. Bn. (ASH), 1st Cav. Div. (AM) and former Armored Cavalry Scout
        (19D30) and damned proud to have served and would do it again if
        this wonderful country and its people ever needed me. (However,
        not under BHO and his Socialist Regime.) Enlisted into the Army Dec. 20, ’63 and retired out of the Id. Air National Guard Apr. 1, ’92.


    • Thanks for your service, Sir. I too served this wonderful Nation for most of my adult life and am proud to stand and render honors to Old Glory. However the some of the military of today under bho have deteriorated to a bunch of pansies. This moron needs to be reduced to the rank of Private E-2 with extra duty of having to stand Retreat, Taps and The Raising of the Flag everyday for 6 months and for the next 6 months Retreat everyday.

      May the Great Spirit watch over you and yours and guide yours and their steps for all eternity.

      US Combat Veteran: Vietnam, ’68-’69; Door gunner, 228th Avn. Bn. (ASH), 1st Cav. Div. (AM) and former Armored Cavalry Scout (19D30) and damned proud to have served and would do it again if this wonderful country and its people ever needed me. (However, not under BHO and his Socialist Regime.) Enlisted into the Army Dec. 20, ’63 and retired out of the Id. Air National
      Guard Apr. 1, ’92 as an E-6.


  182. Isn’t there someone who can get her out of the military? If so, DO IT! We have a president who doesn’t honor our flag and I also want him out, same thing.

  183. I believe she should be Demoted to private class only & Dishonorably Discharged immediately. But in this administration they seem to delight in disrespect. The armed forces NEED to regroup & stop changing the rules to appease an arrogant administration. According to the Constitution the president is Commander in Chief in name only he can with Congress approval enter war but not command how the services operate on a daily basis. What hats, uniform, procedures it is bunk. Stand up and retrieve your freedom back in this Country because supposedly we are helping other countries keep their freedoms. Am I wrong? I am sure if I am I will be reprimanded but my heart is full and I am so disappointed in their rush to change to appease the president. All dead soldiers are crying in their graves. The services have become a joke whats left of them.

  184. This is the type of attitude most young people have these days. They feel entitled to disrespect our country, society and others but if anyone looked at her wrong and she felt “disrespected” even without cause, we would be expected to run to her immediate defense. She is so wrong and should bear some consequences to her actions. Perhaps if she had when she was younger she would have learned to respect. She gets no respect from me.

    • I don’t think a dishonorable discharge is deserving of the situation, but definitely she needs to be counseled on the matter and as a punishment should be required to be present at all retreats for a month if not more. She needs PME, Professional Military Education, something that she’s forgotten since basic training that she needs to be reintroduced to, and that’s honoring the flag and what retreat represents.

      • I agree a DD is overboard, but I do think she needs to be re-educated on what rendering honors is all about. Her 1st Sgt needs to take her aside and really lay into her about this, and perhaps even have her actively participate in reveille and retreat ceremonies for the next few months. Perhaps then this young soldier will understand why this is an important part of the military’s traditions, customs and courtesies.

  185. This is very upsetting for sure. I remember when retreat would play and most people would run inside to avoid the whole thing. I and a few others would grab out hats and run outside so we could participate. Most looked at us funny, but I felt it was appropriate, so that’s what I did. I was proud to be in the military, but many did run in doors. It was odd to see more people scrambling to get inside and the few of us fighting them to get out. I to this day don’t understand the logic behind why people find it an inconvenience to render a salute for a few short minutes.

  186. If she found it so hard to stand and salute something so integral and fundamental as colors, what else would she possibly be negligent about in future? If any employee doesn’t like the company he/she works for and can’t adhere to basic protocol, leave. To use an analogy.

  187. An undesireable discharge would be fitting, in my opinion. I remember two people receiving those when my ship was in Bremerton, WA. for overhaul. They were issued brown trousers, yellow shirt and brown shoes and escorted off the ship and out the gate, with a ticket home.

  188. She should have to be part of an Honor Guard that folds the flag and hands it to a grieving family member in grateful appreciation.

    • If I were a grieving family member I would be offended if someone such as that person touched a flag that draped the coffin of my loved one. She isn’t worthy of that honor.

      She needs a dishonorable discharge and should be ineligible for welfare for any reason for 5 years, no matter how many illegitimates she squeezes out.

  189. I agree with sport1. As a retired veteran I remember being a young Staff Sergeant and in charge of a funeral detail team. Once the flag was folded it was my responsibility to hand that flag over to the loved one. I can say that all my Soldiers gained so much respect for those veterans, families and the COLORS. At first they had an attitude about the detail; a month later they respected the duty. Her chain of support should assign her to that detail. Trust me, she’ll have a change of heart. It changed my Soldiers lives forever.


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