I am a product of school choice. Why do black Democrats fight against me?

Why did the first black president and the first black attorney general sue the state of Louisiana to block school vouchers for its students? The U.S. Justice Department argued that the voucher system was negatively affecting racial imbalance in schools, essentially reversing integration. Yet, an overwhelming majority of the students benefitting from Louisiana’s voucher system are either black or Hispanic.

We must continue to fight for equal education opportunities. I am personally challenged to share, educate, and empower my community to promote and foster school choice. Minorities – blacks especially — continue to suffer from being trapped in sub-par school systems.

According to Education Week, 1.8 million students drop out of school before receiving a diploma and less than 70 percent of black students are graduating.

I am a product of school choice. As a recent law school graduate, I am convinced that my mother’s ability to choose the best schools for me prepared me for undergraduate and graduate school.

My mom sought schools that challenged me and stoked the burning desire I had for learning. She was my mother, and my teacher. I would complete my assigned schoolwork and then, her assignments. This usually resulted in me rewriting my spelling words, almost doubling the amount of time my teachers had assigned. I read several books a week and reworked every missed math problem.

But my mom was the exception to rule. She was blessed to be able to send me to the schools of her choosing. Yet so many kids aren’t as fortunate. But because of politics and posturing, most moms and dads don’t have that same freedom that my mom had.

Standing in the way of progress on education are liberal Democrats who continue to argue against a parent’s right to choose the best education for their child.

But why is that?

Allowing parents to choose where their child is educated should be as American as apple pie. More choices would mean more competition and would expose unproductive, failing schools. Liberals and Democrats oppose this. But what’s so bad about a little competition? After all, we promote the idea that our kids are working hard in school and are preparing themselves to compete for jobs in a global job market. So why not apply the same standards of competition in every school system across America?

Our current situation is far from perfect but it can certainly be improved. Let’s stop protecting a failed system. We have thrown money at this problem for years and it’s not getting any better. The status quo only hurts kids. And there are viable solutions that work.

For example, BASIS charter schools seem to have found a formula that works, merging Europe and Asia’s best practices in humanities, science and math with America’s spirit of creativity. BASIS operates 13 campuses in Arizona, Texas and Washington DC which consistently rank among the best in the nation. But it was free-market ingenuity that created the successful BASIS system, not government mandate.

Our education system should be equipping the next generation of leaders to be successful, contributing members of society – not teaching them how to be dependents.

No president or politician should have the final say when it comes to a child’s education. That burden belongs to parents and local representatives.

But don’t tell that to the current administration. The nation’s first African-American president cancelled the voucher program for DC schoolchildren, while sending his daughters to private school and unbelievably, 35 percent of Congressional Black Caucus members exercise private-school choice. Yet these actors rail against parents’ freedom to choose?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character is the true goal of education.”

Every parent or guardian in America should be empowered to make the choice of how his or her child is educated. All children should know their education is not different or less valuable just because of their neighborhood or socioeconomic status.

Our children deserve better than this. America can certainly do better than this.


  1. I personally believe many programs advertised to help ‘minorities, especially blacks’ are designed to keep them on the ‘plantation.’ They find a way to grow dependency on government programs, push for satisfaction in a minimum wage of $15, and recent studies show more black children were aborted in NYC than born. LBJ made comments to this regard in the 60s. Sad.

  2. I don’t always agree with every point a writer makes, but here I do agree 100%. God bless you, Chelsi Henry, and God bless your mom!


  4. Spot on, Ms. Henry. Democrats have been at it for years now and not speaking up and stopping them is largely the reason why our Country is in such a sorry state. American kids are getting shorted -and it’s intentional. Parents and citizens had better start raising heck over this and accept nothing less for their children, OUR children, the future of America.

  5. The reason the Dems fight is because they are the racists in this country, not the conservatives. They do NOT want a black person succeeding. That’s why they fight. Democrats were the ones that started the KKK, a Democrat is the one that started Planned Parenthood, with the idea of killing as many blacks as possible. When the law that gave blacks rights, not ONE Democrat voted for it. And, the carpetbaggers were all Democrats also. This is why they are trying to change what the history books say about the past of America, they don’t want their voters to turn against them.

    • sha49tn…..Thought you may want to know that actually it was the republicans that were carpet baggers. We have all been taught what many call “revisionist history” Abraham Lincoln was NOT the “savior” of the Union; He was the destroyer of our Republic. The Republican Party has always been the party of the obscenely wealthy elite. They want us to believe that they are a “conservative” when really they are laughing at us behind closed doors. Now that we have the internet the truths are finally seeing the light of day they have been hidden from us FAR too long. John Wilkes Booth had personal reasons for wanting Lincoln dead, John Wilkes Booth was from Baltimore (or at least his family lived there) Please read what Abraham Lincoln did too Maryland during the war I think a lot of peoples eyes will be opened up!!

      • I’m afraid you are the victim of disorganized revisionist history – how exactly did Lincoln ‘destroy our Republic’ ?? He knew he had to keep the country from splitting into two, in so doing, slavery was ended. His intent was to save the Union, not specifically free the slaves, but slavery had to end for that to happen. And it was Southern democrats that started the kkk, voted mainly against the civil rights act of 1964, have kept black families down by perpetuating welfare, instead of making it easier for them to be self-sufficient ! They need victims to keep up their socialist notion of utopia, an impossible situation !
        Pray tell what is wrong with becoming wealthy, by virtue of your own hard work and dedication ? You really believe that taking money from ‘the rich’ and ‘spreading it around’ is good, instead of providing incentives for businesses to thrive by growing job opportunities and letting people discover their own potential for self-sufficiency ?
        It’s not the purpose of a government to make sure everyone’s life is pain-free and easy, or to redistribute the earned money of workers to give to those who don’t feel like working, which is what we have heard from democrats lately. Who ever heard of ‘job lock’, or politicians saying if you’ve been laid off, you can concentrate on what you really want to do, since we’ll take care of you ! You cannot run a country like this ! There has never been a time in history when you were not expected to grow up, get some kind of education, and become self-reliant !

      • I’m afraid that you have been misled…..The Republicans started this and the Democrats have took it over and built on what “The Party of Lincoln” started. Doe’s Nobody Question WHY John Wilkes Booth killed Abraham Lincoln? We have been told for hundreds of years that he was on the south’s side when it came to his views of the war How odd that his family came from the North what could the North have to say against Lincoln? The North fought to free the slaves didn’t they??? At least that is what my school history books said. To The Victors of ANY war They are the ones who write the history books, look, All I’m trying to say is…..No one is ever ALL right and no one is ever all wrong live and let live.

  6. Black people who are poor and not adequately educated are more likely to vote Democrat. A black person who is able to provide for themselves and even be successful mat consider voting republican. So why would dems do things that may lead to fewer black votes? The dems have every incentive to keep as many blacks as possible dependent on the gov’t.

  7. The best antidote to this “pity party” of blacks is a mother (or father) who won’t let the kids get away with it, a parent who pushes the kids to do their schoolwork, to get an education and be decent and responsible people. For those lucky kids, there is still the American dream; for the rest of the kids it is a life doomed to welfare and the ghetto.

  8. There are many reasons democrats hate you for one they hate anyone black or Hispanic receiving an outstanding education because they know that this is the foundation that will make or brake you in life. Another reason democrats also hate anyone white black Hispanic oriental Native American too for being successful and independent of the government because they use welfare(food stamps,medicaid) to keep us dependent on the government. But one lesson need’s to be learned here also Talk to the people who are running for office ask them if they support term limits if they give the same song and dance routine and not a straight up no mark that person on your list and warn your friends and family NOT to vote for that person and WHY, also one more VERY important question for the person running for office ask them their personal stand on campaign finance reform specifically Eliminating super PACS as well as all corporate donations our “leaders” have forgotten who they are supposed to be serving…..US.! NOT the super elite 1%er’s of BOTH Democrats & Republicans. We as a republic MUST get back to our Constitutional foundation.

  9. we need to get to the point that we only see if a person is a citizen or not. the color does not matter as it leads to a bias and quota’s based on that bias.
    the only trigger needs to be if they are a citizen or not.


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