Obama and Hagel have surrendered our military strength

Image: Dana Summers

This week our president and secretary of defense — correct that to manager of appeasement — surrendered the military strength of the United States. This week Obama and Hagel told the enemies of liberty and freedom that it is open season. These two mental leprechauns have obviously never read the book by Niccolo Machiavelli, “The Prince” nor Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”. I’m sure they’ve never read Clausewitz or Jomini. So these astute fellas unilaterally decide that even in the face of a more dangerous world, we shall shrink our military capacity.

Image: Dana Summers

All those progressive socialist experts say we don’t need a big military. We can use our technology. To that I will respond that the most highly technical weapon on the battlefield is the individual well-trained warrior. We have been down this road before in America, as history does indeed repeat itself for those who fail to learn from it.

After World War I we decimated our military strength — true to form others increased theirs — namely Germany and Japan. World War II came about because belligerent Nations took the initiative. Our first major combat forays in World War II were not stellar: Coral Sea, Corrigedor, and Kasserine Pass.

After World War II we decimated our forces to the delight of the Soviets and their proxy, North Korea. Our first foray into the ground combat environment of the Korean peninsula was the utter destruction of US Army Task Force Smith. Even General MacArthur’s Inchon operation had to be delayed because only five years after World War II our Pacific theater operations did no have enough Marines and amphibious assault landing craft — simply unbelievable.

We witnessed a reduction in forces (RIF) after Operation Desert Shield/Storm and saw troop deployments and commitments increase.

I do not believe in, nor support, nation-building campaigns. I prefer a US Military that is based on power projection and strike operations, not a forward deployed force. We must streamline our acquisition process as it takes far too long to introduce new weapons systems. We should also examine SLEP (service life extension programs) before embarking upon massive billion dollar new systems. The A-10 platform that Hagel wants to cut is just as viable today as ever as a close air support system against massed Islamic terrorist formations.

Obama stated we are pivoting away from the Middle East — yay for Iran, Turkey, and the Muslim Brotherhood — and focusing on the Pacific Rim. However, we have shrunk from a 570 warship Navy to one of 283 heading to 230. I don’t believe the oceans have shrunk. Yet we see China expanding its naval capability — remember the last time an Asian nation built up its maritime force? Didn’t end well for the US.

Obama and Hagel provide no strategic vision for the 21st century battlefield, and running away is not an effective maneuver. What type of force mix shall we have allocated to our geographic AORs (CENTCOM, EUCOM, AFRICOM, PACOM, SOUTHCOM, NORTHCOM)? Where gaps exist we shall be exploited.

Is Obama doing this intentionally? There can be no other answer than yes. Why? Because just like Bill Clinton, spending on domestic welfare nanny-state programs is more important to progressive socialists — after all, they want power, they need votes.

Friday, I spoke at Faith Middle School at Ft. Benning Georgia to students in the 6th and 8th grades. Many of those kids had parents who were deployed or had been deployed. I looked into the eyes of those kids who are truly little heroes, giving up their moms and dads to serve and protect our Republic. I talked to them about looking my own two daughters in the eye and having to say those tough words, good bye.

I wonder if Obama and Hagel have the character to stand before those kids and tell them their Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, and Coast Guardsman matter not? Could he look those kids in the eye and tell them “Peace through Strength” is a dumb concept and that the world is safer without your parents out there scaring people? Could he look those kids in the eyes and tell them their future will be more dangerous and less secure?

Sadly, the answer is no, he could. Because Obama lacks integrity, character, and moral courage and finds it easy to look in your eyes and lie — even to children of our warriors. The American flag is being lowered and replaced with a white flag. But I for one will never surrender, never give up.


  1. WHAT IS REALLY SAD: he has won nearly every battle and will win the war unless we wake up and realize that HE is the enemy not the friend of America.

  2. Nothing good will come from the way our military is being treated, both active and retired and by significantly downsizing. It reminds me of the saying “something wicked this way comes”. You can feel it in the air. Things are popping all around us. Russia, China, North Korea and Iran all playing offense. A strong military with a strong leader is a good deterrent to those that prey on the weak. Who is to say that Putin wouldn’t have “taken a special interest” in the Ukraine if we had more conservative minded leaders that had more backbone in office. Now we hear even more empty threats coming from the Whitehouse. The criminal IMF bankers with the backing of the US funded and staged this coup d’etat in the Ukraine, Putin seems to be backed into a corner. It’s almost like the upper levels of the BOZO administration want to pick a fight. The losers once again will be our children and children’s children….

    • It is the intensions of the Administration to take down our Military. The ballgame has changed. Russia has evaded Ukraine and the President has gone to a cocktail party get together with the rest of the Democrats. Hell of a note, isn’t it?

  3. Someone at work asked me if I felt we (USA) was still a super power. I said no, we are not because our ‘leader’ is surrendering our status to China, Russia, Muslim terrorists, etc…
    I am a veteran…I served my country…now I feel as if it were in vain.

    • I think the term Super Power should be given to the people that has fought long and hard to keep this Country free until now. People will rise in time to defeat the treasonous wimps we have in the WH right now. America still America because of the people that live in it, not the leaders, but we do need some strong, smart and capable men to bring back the Country before is too late. I’m not American born but love this Country that has given me the chance to succeed, not the succes as an entitlement. I just wish I can do more for this Nation that has nurture my family and my soul. God Bless You and your family KMc1964 for your sacrifice.

  4. This was a part of Dick cheney’s military reduction budget 2000.
    “The plan would cut the budget by only 10 percent because it still allows for sizable increases in spending for the antimissile defense system, the procurement of new strategic nuclear weapons systems, the purchase of new conventional weapons and sizable spending on the research and development of new weapons”

  5. God bless Col. West. He’s looking out for us. I’ve come to the conclusion that incompetency ranks very high in Washington. Especially in the White House and in the Pentagon.

  6. Don’t ell me we don’t have enough money to pay our warriors, or for my wife’s meds [I’m 100%] when we pi** away billions in Sandland, on endless Presidential vacations and on pork barrel war toys we don’t need. And don’t get me started on tuition-free college and university giveaways to illegal aliens when my Green-Card stepson has to pay international student rates that are higher than out-of-state tuition.

    We need morality in government, a return to G-O-D and someone with enough brains to jiggle the system so that it can produce JOBS.

  7. Right on Col. Same song – different year – thank you for reminding us of the historical implications of what our current administration is not only im.itating, but trying to outdo in lack of understanding of how to properly protect this nation. Thank for the leadership role you have right now. But, I agree – it would be great to have you back in government again. Proverbs 3, vs. 5 – 6

  8. I predict that the military-industrial-spy complex will grow even bigger. It will be contracted out even more to Obama’s and Congress’ buddies like Booz, Allen Hamilton, the Carlyle Group and Halliburton.

    • We ARE the world’s military power. We spend more on defense than the next 10 countries combined even with this budget cut.

      • Let me remind you Paul: we are only as powerful as the man in charge. Simply spending the money doesn’t make us powerful. Under Reagan, we were The Superpower of the world.

      • No, under Reagan we were one of two global superpowers, the Soviet Union had enormous military power. I think what you’re trying to say is that Reagan’s willingness to use our military power made us safer but you’ll have to prove that and also prove that Obama is less willing to use the US military than Reagan was.

  9. LTC West: “Remember the last time an Asian nation built up it’s maritime force? Didn’t end well for the U.S.” -That is exactly what a lot of us have been thinking about. obama is one sorry disgraceful excuse for a humanbeing.

  10. As has been barry’s wish all along…to inflict damage upon and reduce the influence of what in his eyes is an evil colonial power…the USA.

    Never mind that after WWII America was the only nation armed with a nuclear weapon and the demonstrated will to use it, had an air force and navy that were second to none, and a hardened fighting force that was capable of fighting and winning on two fronts simultaneously.

    Any other nation in the history of the world would have seized dominion over the globe and dictated to the subjected nations what was necessary for their populations to remain in good standing within the Empire. Instead, America disarmed, the troops came home, restarted their lives, rebuilt and repopulated their nation.

    Yes, military readiness has been maintained. Yes, other conflicts have been engaged. But when the rubber meets the road, no other nation in earth’s history had the opportunity presented to America after WWII to establish global dominion…and America passed.

    This is why the libertarian and “progressive” view of American foreign policy is misguided and incorrect.

    The correct foreign policy is peace through strength.

  11. this to me is a sign of mental health in crisis we have a president who want to destroy the foundation core of what this nation stand for and we the people let him do it that is sick I am sorry I feel this way this is murder in my book he and his administration should be in Jail long time a go

  12. You speak the truth Col. West!
    But what do you expect from a community organizer and a sergeant.
    Hagel was appointed to do the Obama’s bidding.
    The king hates the military.
    Stripping $716 billion from Medicare and now hollowing out our
    military to expand entitlements on the backs of seniors and our men and women in uniform is an outrage.

  13. Obama may try to diminish the power of our nation’s military, but God’s got an army that our haughty president cannot diminish, which invades on it’s knees. Time to wake up that army and get her assembled for battle against the dark powers that have invaded this great country.

  14. West , you said Friday you were speaking to kids at a school in Ft Benning. Why were you in DC railing over the reps ruining the Military Spending Bill? You are the one who supports the military. Where was your outraged when the bill failed? Is bec the reps unnecessarily tagged on sanctions for Iran ? Where are the phone calls to senators or personal appearances to their offices. Or a press conference on the steps of the cap surrounded by disabilied vets . You know Walter Rred Militray Hospital is particularly right down the steert. You weren’t even on FOX.
    Instead you were talking to kids. Sounds like Bush on 9/11.
    I think you should take some hints from Al Sharpton . Now he wants to spotlight something and get the media involved.

      • Well, he was and still has influence . He knows how gov workers and who to talk to to get things done. He’s on FOX, the no. One cable news channel. And he could have easily gathered vets and had a press conference to expressed his outrage . I think he didn’t ‘t do it bec he didn’t want to admit it was the reps fault.
        He rails against Sharpton, but Sharpton knows how to get things done.

  15. For fifty years the DNC has used the exact same tactics used by common drug dealers who front load freebies to hook their victims for life…Until we force them to stop, our nation will continue it’s downward spiral. Cruz/West 2016 Our kids deserve much better.

      • Either way, but we need someone near the WH who understands the threats we face…Obo the Clown really believes that world leaders look to him for guidance…when in fact, he’s a running joke and the American people get the brunt of it…

  16. It is disgusting to have our political servants of our federal government of our country misuse the money collected from us the American tax payer. This money is entrusted to them to defend our sovereignty , this is the primary job of the federal government. The social programs that these servants shell out our money to pay for are designed to keep people from excelling in life by suppressing their will to achieve. I

  17. Capt, It’s time to bring back Army aviation. Ground support should be in the hands of the ones being supported. A-10’s and maybe another smaller prop propelled frame in large quantities would be good for all.

    My dad was a P-38 pilot in the SWPO in WW2. He was always interested in the various wars being fought around the world. He would explain how the Argentinians could have sunk most of the British fleet, if they had used their air power more intelligently during the Falklands war.

    Weakness causes agressors to act. We must be second to none and benevolent.

    • I don’t know how much have changed since 1989 but when I retired from the Army in 1989 the Army had more “boats” than the Navy and more “aircraft” than the Air Force. I do agree with your opinion that the A10 Warthog should be under the control of the Army and a representative number under the control of the Marine Corps.

  18. Nor will I. And at 75 I can still shoot well and will defend against Obama’s thugs armed takeover of this nation.

  19. Ask the French how well surrendering works for you. Only the US won’t be there to bail us out. Problem with giving away an inch is the cost of taking it back later. This is what happens when folks with zero military experience run the military. Hit your knees and pray.

  20. Wow, it’s almost like people think we still don’t outspend the next 27 COMBINED in military spending. Come fiscal conservatives, where are you?

    Trim the fat. No more $5000 hammers and $200 lightbulbs.

    • That’s right! If you don’t clean out the garbage it will keep stacking up. Until
      we have someone willing to have honest auditors without an agenda go through every government agency and clean house of all the fraud, waste and abuse it will never end. Billions of tax payers money is missing and abused. Money we need and that could be used for our Military and other needs.

      • To your point… neither the Bush nor the Obama administrations will appoint Inspector Generals over defense spending, thus allowing corrupt industrial/military spending to flourish. Both the Republican and Democratic parties are scamming the “Useless Eaters/Low Information Voters” of America.

        Where is Pat Buchanan when you need him?

      • True, but it also starts at the lower level. It is the responsibility of each Commander to make sure that those that fall under him are responsible for what they budget. Each Comptroller is responsible to call them on it if they see crap in the budget. When you work a Government Budget and list it line by line, you can see everything. If you roll many things into that line, you can’t see everything. If you are a good Budget person and know your programs you will see and know what your people are doing. It’s called, having ethics in what you do.

      • 22% of the federal gov spending is defense. That number goes down to 13% when you include state and Local government

      • You are correct based on my link. I didn’t notice that when I posted it. However, even at 22% for the federal level, it is less than the 26% spent on health care and the 25% spent on pensions. I don’t recall health care or pensions referenced in our Constitution. National Defense, however, is specifically required.

  21. There are so many ways to increase spending for our military but our present administration has hidden agendas. We all can sit around and bicker and complain but where is it getting us? Too afraid to impeach for fear of a race war and God is waiting for us to include him in our decision making. If we should ever overcome our fear of political correctness then all of this mess can be stopped and the U.S.A. could lead once again. All of this was predicted long ago but we have been too blind to see it and/or do anything about it. We are allowing the minority to rule the majority. Name calling and accusations only creates more frustration. It is put up or shut up time.

      • Perhaps we spend more because we have more to lose, plus the fact that we are providing protection for not only the United States but also most of Europe, much of the middle east along with Japan, the Philippines and much of the rest of the free world.

  22. The illustration should show a window, and outside that window one would see Pelosi, Reid, Hagel, Rice, Jarrett, Kerry and other left leaning individuals including many republicans all walking around with Vietnam era type signage protesting the military .

  23. As it goes “Peace through Strength”. Period! And I mean peace on our terms,that being a country with a government and educational system that reinforces and expounds on the tenets of “Life ,Liberty and the Free Pursuit of Happiness ” With the jokers at the top now we will,no doubt, see peace under the tenets of Communism.

    • didyewvote,,,,,,hum…you are here so it must be that you are posting about yourself,,,obvious, one of the gimmie gimmies and does not want to lose all your freebees,,,,,,,If you were 1/100 th the man as Col. West, you would have something to brag abpit/

      • Hey Flaming Alta: Talk about ignorance! You make some interesting assumptions merely because I disagree with your pathetic little world view. I’ve gotten no freebies from this or any other government, I’ve worked all my life and paid all my taxes. It’s time someone took the bloated military-industrial complex to task. Eisenhower warned us about this eventuality over 50 years ago. The military has become a welfare program for both industry and the poor, uneducated, unemployables of the nation. It’s time we dealt with our crumbling infrastructure and created a new WPA instead of devoting our time to imperialistic sabre rattling.

      • Yep, exactly what the Soviet leader had in mind when he coined the term useful idiot. He was speaking about you and your ilk.

      • rothschild & his puppet’s finance both side’s of all the war’s, so what do you expect in the next one ?

  24. I received the message below from Twitter when I tried to tweet this article from Col West (not sure if this is a problem is just kicked in and affects everyone or just me:

    Oops! A URL in your Tweet appears to link to a page that has spammy or unsafe content.
    Learn more

  25. There’s so much stupid in this article I don’t even know where to start.

    “After World War II we decimated our forces to the delight of the Soviets”
    So what’s the alternative, we should have kept 12 million men under arms, continued building ships and tanks as fast as we could and just kept going into more debt to pay for it all? Also decimate means a 10% reduction. We did waaaay more than decimate our forces, we cut them by over 80%. Because the war was over and no nation could possibly afford to maintain a force that size in peacetime.

    “Yet we see China expanding its naval capability — remember the last time an Asian nation built up its maritime force? Didn’t end well for the US”
    Yep, they’ve got one carrier, planning to build a few more apparently. But their naval fighter is still not in production and they have no airborne refueling capability, no airborne radar, and no catapult launching capability. They’re not going to be a threat to a US carrier battle group any time in the foreseeable future, even if the F-35 gets cancelled, which it won’t. Also all asian nations are the same for purposes of comparison, roger that.

    “Could he look those kids in the eyes and tell them their future will be more dangerous and less secure?
    Sadly, the answer is no, he could.”
    Did you seriously just confuse “yes” and “no?” This article has been up for days. I don’t even know what to say…


  27. I never fail to be amazed and amused by the ignorance and total lack of sophistication of the lemmings on the right.


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