Harry Reid: Another great moment in Democrat hypocrisy

Just when you think liberal progressives cannot surprise you anymore, they exceed expectations. Consider this week’s appalling statement emanating from the mouth or some other orifice of Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Reid stood before the camera on the Senate floor, looked the American people in the eye and declared that the Obamacare horror stories are all untrue.

Basically, Harry Reid called those Americans suffering under the onerous legislative edict called Obamacare liars. What kind of politician – using the word in the most pejorative sense – would make such a statement? Only a progressive socialist hell-bent on implementing tyrannical rule — as Reid exemplified in his abject disregard of Senate rules by changing the filibuster threshold of 60 votes.

Since Reid spoke from prepared notes, his words were obviously intentional. What demented mind wrote those thoughts? It could have only come from the ignorance of a liberal progressive.

Here we go with the hypocrisy. Reid calls the American people liars. But who received the distinction of uttering the “Lie of the Year” for 2013? Who received three of the top six “Four Pinocchios” recognition from the Washington Post’s Fact Checker? Who said, “We have to pass the bill in order to find out what is in it?”

Senator Reid, tell me who recently said, “The CBO came up with the 7 million number for the Affordable Care Act” only to be revealed it was indeed Secretary Sebelius who said so in an interview? Who was it that came out on five Sunday talk shows in 2012 stating a crude anti-Islam video initiated a spontaneous demonstration resulting in the deaths of four Americans, including a US Ambassador? Who stood before the families of these fallen and stated it was a video that caused their deaths and that those responsible would be brought to justice. Who was it that some two weeks later stood before the UN General Assembly and continued to blame Benghazi on a video?

Senator Reid you are a liar. You are a member of a party of liars. You provide cover for a president who is nothing but a liar. Your actions and words are despicable and you are truly a living example of the most deplorable of creatures, a slithering snake.

America, if you accept this behavior, then you truly deserve to lose this Republic. I do not think there has ever been an instance where a US Senator, or any representative, has called the American people liars. Senator Reid, resign now, in shame of course. If not, then my fellow Americans, there is only one recourse: a change of power in the US Senate. Vote out every single Democrat Senator up for reelection in 2014.

I have yet to hear any Democrat Senator condemn Reid’s words which leads me to believe they are all complicit.

Email Harry Reid and Obama with a one-word statement: liar.

Senator Reid, we’re not awaiting an apology. We just want you to go resign. And take the rest of the snakes with you.


  1. Again you have spoken the truth Mr West. I cannot believe we have a country where 40% of the people vote in the trash we have in this administration.

    • Oh I can. They are ignorant and very misinformed. Most have been programmed from our wonderful (snick snick) public schools and our universities.. Dreadful thought isn’t it, but it so exists.

  2. Sir, as noted your words ring with the truth and honesty that is so lacking in DC. Mitch McConnell goes on Megan Kelly’s show to express outrage and make comments when he should get his ass up to that same podium and slam Reid with both barrels as an ignorant tool of the administration and a bald faced liar that he is. Stong words of condemnation are needed on the floor as opposed to being on a TV show. Christ grow a pair and speak up for us here. Forget this crap about my distinguished colleague from across the aisle…damnit do your job!!!!

  3. Isn’t there a saying a wolf in sheeps clothing? Well, Mr. Reid is the pack leader and he has truly just slapped America right across the kisser. He disgusts me.

  4. Well
    .. You can’t blame him for being skeptical.. after all. He doesn’t have
    to use it or force his staffers to use it. POS !!

    • You’re so correct! How would old dingy harry know since he voted so he wouldn’t have to be covered by o care.

  5. KEEP YAMMERING REID ! You are right , America is NOT for sale….Obama already bought the votes. You call others liars that bring their horror stories of how your force fed Obamacare has failed them. You are a liar just like Obama is .

  6. Yes he did, but he did us a favor! Their true colors are coming out and they showed how much they really care about the American People. If he did apologize, it wouldn’t mean squat! Let him keep talking!

    • Agreed, Reba. I, for one, am tired of this notion that someone can simply construct an “apology” and think that he or she deserve to be let off the hook without consequences. Where did this notion come from?

      • The People are calling for an apology. Personally if it was me, I wouldn’t be asking him to apologize, because I wouldn’t believe anything he said.

  7. But it really is more than just hypocrisy, isn’t it? Elite progressives are the end result of a long history of socialist death and destruction. They are immoral and self-serving. They seek power to control you. They do not care about you.

    • That’s right! Little by little the ones that voted for this Administration are waking up. They will not fix this train wreck and they don’t care who has lost their Health Insurance or what it has done to “Our Country”. He just insulted millions with that statement

      • I don’t know what Nevada or California is proud of. They like other States keep voting in the crap time after time. The States keep drowning in all the Liberalism and the taxpayers keep paying for it.

      • I know. It is so frustrating. I keep hoping that maybe this time voters will wake up and realize that they don’t have to submit to these tyrants and lunatics.

      • I think two things: (1) our election will be full of fraud again or (2) we will not have one because he will cal Marshal Law.

      • Real Nevadan’s didn’t reelect the scum-bag, the illegal’s and service worker union trash did..! He’s the biggest embarrassment the state of Nevada has EVER experienced…more likely, the biggest embarrassment the nation has EVER experienced. It makes me want to puke.!

  8. My main question to Reid is, why the hell would people lie about Obama Care? If it worked and millions of people didn’t lose their health insurance, we would be praising how well it worked.

    • It was one thing when it was just being reported they could just blame Fox News of lying. When individuals started coming out and talking about it on Fox News, then the truth of what was happening was being told. They don’t want the truth to come out and that’s why he said the American People were lying.

  9. This is one of the most moving articles I have read. It perfectly conveyed my own feelings about this enemy of all people. You know the expression use here in the south….”a pot calling the kettle black”. That is trite I know but is a simple way to describe the psychological act of PROJECTION. And almost as bad was his remark about the Koch brother being Un-American. I’m really a non-violent person but this whole thing just makes me MAD AS HELL!

    • This man has no business having anything to do with “Our Country.” We have so many crooks imbedded in “Our Country” because of this Administration; we will never get rid of them.

  10. I have listened to the accounts of those who have been able to speak out about the way Obamacare has treated them thus far. I see only truth and commitment in their eyes–no deception. For Harry Reid to insult them without any evidence or supporting information, is unforgivable. The first way to take his power away is to vote down Democrats running for office this November. The second way would be for the good Nevada people to retire him from office ASAP.

    • I can assure you the “good Nevada people” had nothing to do with Harry Gried’s reelection. On election day, every election day, the unions transport bus loads of hotel casino/service workers, (while still on the clock), to the polls to vote for such scum or loose their protected union jobs. It’s covered on the local news every election cycle….!!!

      • That is very true what you have said. I have been in Vegas when that happened. The people did not like reid and they wanted to vote for the GOP. The machines were rigged to have him office. The Unions did the same for obammy in 2012. What a horrible site all of this is playing. The Supreme Court said that obammycare is a TAX.


    Vice President Joe Biden’s message about ObamaCare to anxious Democrats gathered for the party’s winter meeting in Washington: “My central message to you is look: I think we should not apologize for a single thing.” Nothing? Not even a crashed Web site? Millions of cancelled policies? The “lie of the year” award? Skyrocketing premiums? Nope. On the contrary, Biden said Democrats should instead be heralding the health law that polls show dragging the party down in midterm elections and opening wide the door for Republican’s to take over the Senate. “We are too shy,” Biden improbably said. “We are not talking about [ObamaCare] enough, in my opinion.” This is part of a new motif from Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Whether they believe it themselves or not, the message is that problems with the law are not real. Biden, Reid, et al are telling Democrats to blow off deepening ObamaCare concerns, including the horror stories of actual Americans, and talk about the good things.

    Problems? What problems? – Democrats may be better at controlling the media narrative than Republicans, but not even their usual home-field advantage with the press will let them do so this time. As Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., recently learned, the party is in desperate need of an answer to the question of how to fix what’s wrong with ObamaCare. Hillary Clinton sent up a flare this week, tacitly urging her fellows to start talking about repairing the law. Team Obama, though, is focused on staying chipper and attacking the GOP. It’s understandable that the president and his men would want to protect his legacy, but that’s not going to feed the bulldog in red states and swing states.

    “Imagine that – you have real problems caused by a bad law, and Mr. Reid tells you that what you are experiencing in your own life is a lie made up by propagandists

  12. Colonel, I have never disagreed with you ever before but I will make this one exception if you will allow me: Yes it IS a typo: The proper spelling is “DEMON-CRAP”, Sir!

  13. Stupid poors and their desire for basic health care! I don’t need no heath care, if I get sick I go to the emergency room. That’s freedom. No to death panels!

    • You’re an idiot liberal trying to masquerade as a conservative. No one is saying the poor shouldn’t have access to healthcare or health insurance, but Obamacare has HURT far more people than it’s helped! I personally know people who’ve lost insurance. I personally know people whose medication costs have SKYROCKETED because of this piece of refuse. I PERSONALLY cannot afford “healthcare’ under Obamacare because of skyrocketing costs. These stories are far more real than people like you or Reid want to believe.

      • Everybody needs to say, write, type or whatever obamacare and not ACA. obammy wanted this insurance then he will have obammycare on everything and it is not cheap or affordable.

  14. I am very thankful last night, as I was listening to the news and heard this jerk utter his words, that I was not holding a heavy object in my hand or I might not have a television today. I spent all of last year looking for work and the only people who would consider me were only offering part time hours and I know why, it’s called Obamacare! I finally gave up and took a part time job and I pray that someday it will finally work into full time. I got news for these scumbags, I can’t afford to sit home even if my insurance is free, and it most definitely is not, because insurance premiums are only one of the finances I have to worry about. Also, hopefully soon former Sen. Reid, my premiums on my COBRA plan increased dramatically because they had to comply with the ACA and not that I would want it, but the ACA plans were even more expensive. My reality is I am recently divorced, in my fifties, and now having to make it on low pay, working part time hours. I have health issues and can’t afford to not have health insurance and as a result of the ACA, I had to take out a lower premium plan this year, which means my out-of-pocket expenses will be much higher and I’m just hoping it’s a healthier year. This man does not deserve to sit in Capital Hill, he is nothing but an old Scrooge.

    • There are Insurance Companies available that are not Obama Care. I don’t know where you are located, but go out and look up United Benefit Health Insurance or just United Benefits.

  15. ‘lil toothpick ought to be broken in half and promptly discarded. So should obamacare. I know people who have already died because of obama and his obamacare. Brings new meaning to “over my dead body…” POS!!!

  16. Harry Reid, resign now. Impeach and prosecute Obama! Boat out the entire White House! Recall all appointments made over the last 5 years!

  17. I honestly cannot, in my heart of hearts, understand how people like reid, holder, pelousy and all the others can live with themselves, unless they truly believe the lies they spew each and every day ! There is no other explanation . . .

  18. We cannot believe one word that come out of Harry Reid’s mouth! He is a LIAR just like the POS POTUS! I am sure he was told by the Dictator LIAR AND THIEF to tell all of America that we are liars! But the only ones that have been caught lying are the DEMON RATS!

    • He does not have to be told by barry to lie. He is a devout follower of the POS in office. He would do it without provocation as he believes this will gain him. prestige and a place at the table when barry becomes emperor of the US.
      It sounds far fetched I do realize, however it is barry’s grand plan to do just that.

      • When watching Obama & Reid I feel like I am watching the ventriloquist & his DUMMY! I am not sure which is which though!

      • Barry is the puppet of the Saudi’s and Valarie Jarrett. Dingy Harry is a minion, he falls all over himself trying to get a seat at the power table. When Agenda 21 is in full force. If the day comes that it happens. Conservatives are not about to let this happen without a fight.
        I hope this answers your question

  19. I couldn’t watch the video, as I’ve seen it so many times, and it makes me literally sick to my stomach. It still amazes me how this administration lies about “everything.” I sure hope every republican gets out and votes this year. If we ever needed the takeover of the senate seats it Now

    • I haven’t seen or heard the video as I need to buy some speakers that work. They started to lie about everything before the first election. Lie is number one priority. Except the whole world knows that they lie and do not trust obammy what so ever. He tears this great nation down and he has earned the liar of the year. He earns the distinguish of blaming someone else for everything he does, but can’t take the blame himself.

    • Remember the Rep who yelled “you lie” and the shocked and disapproving look on Nazi Pelosi’s face? Turns out the gentleman was right and in spades.

  20. It is so sad that this man is so out of touch with reality. All of these politicians need to get out into the real world and find out what is real truth is. Perhaps they all need a break, get a real job, pay real taxes and after two year, reevaluate what’s going on in America. Because bad things are happening to hard working people.

    • I wished he was just out of touch with reality. This administration is far from it. They want their base to believe all the millions of Americans that lost their Health Care that were paying for it themselves, are lying.

  21. There is something wrong with Harry Reid! Seriously, he sounds like Mickey Mouse. Listen to him, Really, there is something bad wrong with him, he has lost his mind!

    • I admire a man who shoots from the hip. Reid, however, shoots from a nearby orifice. The one that smells like a dumpster on a warm Sunday morning.

  22. reid, it is so very hard to listen to you talk any more. You and obammy are the greatest liars on earth. No one believe anything you both say. You both are laughing stocks of the earth. How sad!!!! Since you are getting so senile, you ought to quit your job and pelosi ought to join you. All of you are so pathetic and you are not doing this GREAT COUNTRY, THE USA any good. How about your Bishop and Stake President, what will they be saying when you are totally ruining the USA. reid, this is not what God wants from you. Are you afraid of man–obammy OR are you afraid of your GOD? Wait until you die and God will ask you what you did to his nation the USA. You have destroyed it. OH, BY THE WAY, YOU AND OBAMMY’S obammycare has affected so many people with their health. They can’t get any insurance. They had the best insurance for them and you taketh away from them. You will be charged for murder for a lot of deaths because people cannot have insurance.

  23. Message for senator Reid:
    Beware the three percent – we’re coming for you as soon as the first shot is fired by your side.

    It was just 3% of the colonials that took down a tyrannical king and his rubber stamp parliament, it’ll take no more than that to take down those that want to replace him with the same tyranny and oppression.

      • What strikes me as just as nutty as the left is the folks on the right stooping to their level and calling them names. Useless at best, destructive at worst. Kindergarteners arguing over who’s dad can beat who’s dad, using every childishly foul word they can think of … no one wins and everyone still feels mad when it’s over.

        I wish that people would use reasoned argument instead because just calling them names will do nothing to further the cause. All name calling does is put the independents off listening to us or anyone, thus allowing the left to win using their mind-numb loyalist base.

        So, lets talk civilly using logical and reason argument to make the case, and win over the deciding votes to the cause of conservatism and returning to a constitution-based limited government.

        We all know who and what they are, so lets do something about it and not just talk among ourselves. Discuss things from a conseravtive point of view without being “preachy” about it with those independent and undecided people out there… let them decide for themselves that they are conservative, and as it stands, the only established party that represents their views is the Republican party.

        ..or, we could carry on as we have – and lose yet one more election to the progressive socialists.

        You get to choose. Please do choose wisely.


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