Democrat Sink: We need immigrants to clean our hotel rooms!

We’ve got a little Congressional special election going on over on the west coast of Florida to fill the seat left by the passing of Florida Statesman Bill Young, Chairman of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. Republican David Jolly is running against Liberal Democrat Alex Sink.

And the liberal media hypocrisy in covering politics is in full flower. Sink makes frankly bigoted comments on the subject of immigration reform, but of course the media doesn’t call her out on it.

During a heated debate against Republican candidate David Jolly on Tuesday, Sink said “We have a lot of employers over on the beaches that rely upon workers, and especially in this high-growth environment, where are you going to get people to work to clean out hotel rooms or do our landscaping?”

Watch the video. You can’t make something like this up, folks.

Earlier this year, according to Newsmax, Sink called a Congressional Budget Office report indicating that Obamacare would reduce workers’ hours as being an “exciting prospect” because people would have more choice about how they work. “Over the years, particularly the past five six years when we’ve been in this horrible economic environment, I’ve had so many people express to me, ‘Boy, Alex, I’d love to start a business or I’d love to change jobs, but I can’t because I’ve got good health insurance at my workplace now. I’m stuck in a dead-end job I’m not very happy in, but I have to stay here.’ ”

Message to former Florida Chief Financial Officer Sink: the economy stinks because of the president you support and his policies – at least you are honest enough to admit that fact — but wait until all those employer mandate delays from his highness run out.

But can any of you imagine what would be the lead story on every liberal media outlet if the statement made by Sink was made by a Republican – even worse, a Tea Party conservative? Liberals are going nuts about two closed traffic lanes in New Jersey but could you conceive the “feigned outrage” over a statement such as Sink’s?

Of course, you don’t hear a peep about what she said. And those pesky FCC newsroom monitors certainly wouldn’t want her comments to be spread far and wide across the fruited plain, now would they?


  1. I think that was an insult to immigrants. What they are only good enough to clean hotel rooms and landscaping? What about so they can go on to school, get a better education to get a better job. The majority of our immigrants are Hispanics/Latinos. To me it sounded like she was saying those were the only jobs that could qualify for. Obviously that what she thinks of them since she said those words.

  2. The lady is nuts. I work in a hotel we have a lot of American citizens cleaning our rooms. We DON”T need these people.. My
    uncle owns a landscaping business Hires high school boys to help him. WE DON’T need these people.

  3. …this is Florida after all…enough lib and illeagle voter’s to toss this election when all of the conservative and Libertarian’s split the legit vote…wake up folk’s…you are playing their game!!!…

    • In case you didn’t know, Florida is not the only State that has Illegal’s nor the only State that had problems the last election.

      • I’m in SoCal…..last time I checked only bona fide CITIZENs are allowed to vote. My “legal” green card carrying British wife can not vote in our elections. Of course nothing stopped illegals from voting BO in I realize.

      • Is your wife one of the ones that has waited for 15 years to get her citizenship? We will have more illegal’s voting this November than the last election. He keeps letting them in by the boat full.

  4. She is a Moron! In North West Florida (Panhandle), we have plenty of House Keepers and Lawn people that are American Citizens that do the work. All the Democrats want to do is bring in Illegal’s and not take care of American Citizen’s. I hope they are all voted out in Florida.

    • Jolly called her comments “disgusting” and said her bigotry should disqualify her from serving in the United States Congress. He also said that her comments are offensive to immigrants, to non-immigrants and business owners. I agree.

  5. The hypocrisy is breath taking. I generally do not take sides in a politics because I feel both sides are bought. But I have to say with all honesty. I have heard the left constantly accuse the right of bigotry & racism, time after time. But I have seen a constant stream of videos & read story upon story about the left saying bigoted statements such as this.

    And this garbage about Ted Nugent ? They tore him apart over his mongrel statement. How can anyone allow this to slide & not call them out on it ?

    • How do you stop it? Unfortunately, the answer is with a 2nd Revolution. Nothing short of that will do at this point. Notice the quote was NOT “From time to time the Tree of Liberty must be refreshed by the (marginal change in institutional power structures (Republican / Democrat) that are virtually indistinguishable from one another)!”

  6. reba…NY is all but lost…Do not allow these Northern Lib’s to get comfortable down here or all you have worked for is for naught…

    • If you haven’t already, show them some proof, beginning with this video of Alex Sink. If they still refuse to wake up, it will come back to bite them. I’ve got a couple of kool-aid drinkers for inlaws and they’re juuust now starting to feel the pain, so it may take awhile.

  7. We have plenty of people to fill those positions if you would stop feeding them welfare checks and food stamps not to mention free healthcare that the tax payers foot the bill for! But the liberals need illegals so they can vote!

  8. Considering Leftists like Chris Matthews declared the words “Chicago” and “apartments” as being racist, Leftist Alex Sink’s comments are downright bigoted and evil!

  9. Now I like Allen West, but this little video is trying to discredit someone by taking her comment out of context……her final words we can hear are, ” we shouldn’t put employers in the position of hiring illegal immigrants “….. something we can all agree with.

    • true–but we should put them in a position to hire Americans and those who are here legally by not allowing those illegal immigrants to stay here illegally!

    • It was not taken out of context. The topic is amnesty, and those here illegally would have papers if they were granted amnesty. The argument is this: They would not need amnesty if they came here legally. If you look at the left’s take on this, the spin would be that employers would not have to hire illegals if you gave said illegals amnesty, then they would be legal immigrants. West is on point, because if a Republican said the same thing, in exactly the same identical wording, they would be called racists and bigots.

      • Sorry Bill, but I wasn’t there to hear the entire evenings discussion……only what was in the clip I mentioned…..and I didn’t hear her mention amnesty. Did you find a link to report more on what she said?

    • No employer is forced into the position of hiring illegals. They don’t have to. Minimum wage is paid to Americans every day for doing these jobs. Employers don’t want to pay for social security, workmans comp insurance, or medical insurance so they hire illegals. They choose to break the law and then whine that they’re not making enough of a profit. What’s really sad is that suckers like you fall for it.

      • Suckers like me? I’d like to see every illegal immigrant put on a bus and sent back to where they came from. What did I say that made you think I supported hiring illegals

      • ” we shouldn’t put employers in the position of hiring illegal immigrants “….. something we can all agree with. Since when is any employer put in such a position? Did I misunderstand what you said? If so please correct me. I agree with putting illegals on a bus, boat or plane to get them out of our country.

  10. Here’s an idea – require welfare recipients to perform some of these
    jobs that “Americans won’t do” (of course their employers would have to
    pay minimum wage, work comp, social security and medicare matching and
    provide health insurance) Cheaper for the HUGE employers to hire
    illegals and make you pay for those jobs that “Americans won’t do.”

  11. “We’ve got a little Congressional special election going on over on the west coast of Florida to fill the seat left by the passing of Florida Statesman Bill Young…”
    If you had REAL FREEDOM in Floriduh, one of the options on the ballot would be to hire nobody and leave that seat vacant.
    Surely fewer politicians would mean fewer screw-ups and who knows what savings for the people would be realized without the sweetheart deals politicians live for.
    Maybe Floridians would experience some actual liberty for a change.
    (Or we could argue about the alleged differences between Tweedle-Left, and Tweedle-Right.)

    • We could only hope it would work that way. I would like to see Bill Nelson go and a couple more. I would also like to see Governor Scott do more about the Fraud issues we had in the last election. I guess I’ll keep hoping!

      • Of course you have masters! You prove it by participating in so-called elections. You are one of the stupid masses who believe what you’re told, that if you cheer for a team on the left or the right, you’ll someday vote yourself a paradise of freedom and liberty at the expense of the 49% whose team didn’t win this time around.

      • Wow……….so why vote eh? It’s futile……marx has a better system then right? Where the proletariate don’t have to bother with such things as voting.

      • I see you’re going to hold on to this idea that I’m a Marxist in spite of the fact that Marx was a statist and I’m an anarchist. Anyway, yes by all means, please continue to vote. It’s working so well and if you don’t vote those evil others will take power. Rinse and repeat. Vote for your liberty…oh wait, liberty isn’t on the ballot.

    • I’m far from stupid Federal Farmer. I vote for the person who stands by our Constitution, Freedoms and our Rights as American Citizens. Individuals that want “Our Country” to excel and be for everyone, not just a few.
      You don’t vote?

      • Oh I used to vote, but then a smarter man than I explained to me that voting is violence. It was an attempt by me to use the violence that is government to force you to comply with my wishes.

        “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”
        George Washington

        I understand that you want America to be a better place for all involved, I want that too. But you’re going about it wrong. More government always means less liberty and fewer freedoms. It’s the very nature of the beast.

        The best you can do with voting is vote for the person who says he’ll stand by the Constitution or who says he’ll fix whatever he’s told you is broken.
        (I didn’t mean you were stupid, only that the collective is.)

      • I spend a lot of time researching before I vote. My biggest complaint is, “We the People” don’t have rights to recall anyone that is elected. I would rather vote and have a say, then not do anything. It’s our system, not perfect, but our right. What other options do we have other than letting the illegals and far right class rule again?

      • Well, we have the option of doing the same thing over once again and to expect different results.
        I’m no spring chicken and I didn’t just become of voting age. Each election I’ve participated in or experienced has brought us fewer liberties. I henceforth refuse to participate in the actual polling ritual. It is no privilege to be able to democratically vote on who will rule me and eat out my substance.

      • Yes, but I’m praying we have individuals that stand for what we believe in and is willing to stick their necks out for it. If we don’t vote, we are giving the other side a chance at the victory just like the last election.

      • There is no “other side” there’s only the people vs the ruling class. But you go ahead, do it a few more times. It’s bound to get better next time.
        Like a slot machine.

      • So by not voting you basically are saying that you’ll let every other voter, metaphorically, beat the hell out of you and you’ll allow yourself to be bullied by the government without a say. That makes you either brave or stupid. Guess which one most people would pick? YOU are part of the collective whether you vote or not.

      • So voting has prevented you from being bullied by the government? Voting has secured and expanded the liberty taken by the forefathers? By voting, we all attempt to “beat the hell out of” our neighbors and friends using the guns and police powers of the state.
        And by voting (because really there’s no other method) we show the government that we consent to their rule.
        Whether I vote of not, the government will continue to strip me (and you) of our liberties…this is what government’s do!
        (Read the founding documents if you doubt me.)
        You’re arguing basically the same thing I am: We’re doomed. The only difference is, you believe that you can somehow stave off your slavery by begging the Master to whip the other slaves and leave you alone.

  12. I’m trying to figure out what she said wrong – and this question is asked in all respect.

    Alex Sink’s entire quote from the 30sec soundbite is

    “Immigration reform is important in our country. It’s one of the main agenda items of the Beach’s Chamber of Commerce, for obvious reasons. Because we have a lot of employers over on the beaches that rely upon workers, and especially in this high-growth environment, where are you going to get people to work to clean out hotel rooms or do our landscaping? And we don’t need to put those employers in a position of hiring undocumented workers and illegal workers.”

    FL’s 13 Congressional District, Pineallis County, is a vacation destination. Most low-paying jobs at their beaches are held by hispanic laborers: Service Industry (line cooks / bussers / hotel workers – not waitsfaff, of course who are predominately white as the face of business to tourists) and landscaping. The largest number of hispanics in this labor force are currently undocumented workers.

    The overwhelming majority of Pineallis County businesses are owned by white residents. These business owners are paying undocumented workers these lower wages that are bringing them to the Pineallis Co. in the first place (vs. paying a liveable wage to current Pineallis Co. residents).

    Her question’s real: where will the labor force come from? It’s currently undocumented hispanic workers cleaning hotel rooms and mowing lawns / trimming palm trees at their tourist areas. Once immigration reform pushes employers at the Pineallis County beaches to hire documented workers, where will they find the workforce?

    People want to say ‘kick all the illegals out’ – but the’y’re coming here because Americans are hiring them to work for less than they can hire other Americans here on our soil. Once we can reform immigration and produce an actuall working documentation system, where Will those same employers get their workforce? Americans won’t work for those old wages: they aren’t now. These business owners will have to raise their wages to liveable levels and hire either American workers or continue to hire the then-documented non-Americans with higher wates (b/c the documentation process itself will dictate that a liveable wage is necessary).

    • Wow Kurtz. Really? You don’t see anything wrong about her statement? Would you have felt the same way if Mitt Romney would have said this very same thing during the last election? Something tells me no. The liberals would be so crazy and jumping up and down screaming about stereotyping from the “evil, rich white guy” that you would have to kill them to shut them up. It’s all about the double standard my friend.

      • Did you even read past my first sentence? I made a very clear explanation of what I saw in the video, and what I researched about FL’s 13th, which is Alex Sink’s district.

        Feel free to attack me with your remarks, but my comment is Reasonable, and doesn’t overreach.

        Based upon the content of the entire 30 second video, not just the piece cherry-picked for quotability, Alex Sink does in fact know the demographics of her County, which she was referencing.

        If Mitt Romney had been specifically talking about the Cubans and Dominican in Jamaica Plain MA that feed the service industry workforce in downtown Boston, I would have said the same thing: this person understands the demographics of his region.

        But he didn’t, did he? He pandered to his Campaign Donors w/ the 47% remark in an overtly candid manner that clearly illustrated his self-perception of his own wealth and his peers over a larger base of unfortunate US citizens.

        And if you’d read the Rest of my earlier comment, you’d see that Alex Sink’s reasoning is in line with inspecting the problem: American business owners’ contribution to the illegal immigration problem through their willingness to underpay undocumented workers vs. paying American laborers a fair wage.

        But yeah. Your opinion GOOD. My opinion BAD. You am Right. Me am Crazy Liberal.

        Because that’s what we’re programmed to do here: always see another perspective as the ENEMY, and then reacting with vitriol. Without actually contributing to a dialogue. You know, just like the Founding Fathers intended it.

      • I can tell you that AMerican citizens will do that labor, just as they do in the UK. This whole “who’s going to do our menial labor if the illegals are gone” mantra is a strawman argument on its face. The other one is about them “picking fruit” which also the majority of illegals are NOT doing. Most here in SoCal are taking the teens fast food jobs and store retail.

      • They’re called seasonal workers and most of them travel from Mexico to the U.S. and back all year. They go with the flow of work. They have green cards to work at this specific job. They do it legally. My ex has some cousins who do it.

      • I don’t have a problem with them farming, as long as it is controlled. I have a problem with illegals.

      • Believe it or not most citizens of hispanic descent do too. My ex’s family used to say that illegal mexicans make the mexican americans look bad, they take away jobs, they treat mexican americans like dog doo(not his word mine). He was a cabinet maker-designed and built them and he worked for a few companies that hired mostly illegals. He quit those few companies because he wouldn’t work with them. He doesn’t hate being Mexican but he does love this country and feels like it’s being ruined by illegals.

      • I hope he doesn’t hate being Mexican, it’s his heritage. It is being ruined by Illegal’s and what makes me madder than that, is the fact we have people that have been waiting years to become a citizen of our country and still are not taken care of. I hope they learn to vote for Conservatives.

      • Yeah, except these same Americans have had the opportunity to get in line and do this same work for Decades, but they are Not.

        Or, you know, this thread would be a liveable wage argument and not an immigration one.

        Your “‘”who’s going to do our menial labor if the illegals are gone’ mantra is a strawman argument on its face” is itself a strawman argument.

    • That’s why the illegals need to be kicked out. If you could pay someone (example)$2 an hour to mow your lawn or be required to pay a citizen minimum wage which would you choose? Corporations don’t want to pay minimum wage because they don’t want to have to provide health insurance, social security, pay workmans comp insurance, etc. It’s all about the money. What you fail to realize is that once these people have a green card or become citizens they will no longer work at these jobs. They won’t have to. They’ll get educational grants and move on and up. I’ve seen it many times and when it’s done legally I have nothing but praise for a person that accomplishes it. But it should not start for anybody who is here illegally because they’ve already broken the law of this country and I, personally, don’t believe they give a damn about the United States. My best friend became a citizen seven years ago and it was the proudest day of her life. I will never forget it when she said ” this is my country and I belong here.” We laughed and cried and actually made fools of ourselves because everybody else was so solemn but the emotion was so high we couldn’t help it. Those are the kind of people I want to become citizens. The ones who really want to help this country while living in it. Not the ones who want to help just themselves. That would make them, OH MY GOODNESS, a corporation!! Just my weird sense of humor. I hope you see my point though.

      • As a naturalized citizen of the United States,
        one with an American Serviceman as a biological father, did not actually have
        to go through the naturalization process, but chose to prepare for Citizenship testing as a means of thanks to this country for offering its opportunities to me (and at 14 years old, mind you), I know more about it than you think.

        Probably just as much as your friend.

        It’s not just the workers needing to get papers. It’s not like snapping a finger and getting that one hot button will shoo the illegal immigrant boogeyman out the door. The working visa / immigration process itself needs to be improved between the US and our southern countries. It’s in . People are spending almost half of what they’ll earn here as illegals just to risk their lives for transportation to get here in the first place.

        You think this is about income tax or something? Who in their right minds would choose Paying to travel in cramped, overheated vehicles across the desert, or to risk death walking across it, or risk drowning, or to be shaken down / robbed / raped by bandits over a legitimate working visa program? Even after taxes, the $ immigrants could send home to their families would still
        eclipse the poverty most of them are stuck in south of our Border.

        But yeah, you mentioned corporations, as if I was attacking some vestige of Capitalism (both of which I never mentioned). Take a look at the flyers on the Border Towns
        in Mexico. See who’s advertising work over there – at wages lower than liveable in the US / very competitive for Mexico/Central America, and where those phone numbers / addresses lead here.

        It’s not some chicken or the egg kind of thing. Both parties are just as culpable.

        Btw, not everyone who gets the proper documentation is to work in the US is going to hop on the BootStrap Train to Self-Made Man Town. Look at our High School and College Graduates here. Heck, even the Grad School grads. Plenty of them are either out of work or stuck in menial low paying jobs.

      • You need to reread what I said. the corporations don’t want the illegals to leave. And while I may feel sorry for any person from a poor country it does not give them the right to break the laws of our land. You don’t see that with unemployment so high the illegals are taking jobs away from citizens. My friend is a vietnam war baby and didn’t have the privilege of coming home with her father. She came over here legally, through the right channels and worked hard to become a citizen. She never depended on welfare like a lot of these now illegals will and she is a success story. She owns a small business and it’s hers.

        People are spending almost half of what they’ll earn here as illegals
        just to risk their lives for transportation to get here in the first
        place is a stupid statement. I’ve lived in Mexican neighborhoods in CA, was married to a Mexican American, and most of the illegals lived like cockroaches so they can save their money and go home and retire. Most of them don’t want to become citizens and those that do don’t plan on doing menial work when they do become citizens. So you’re supposition that they’ll be stuck still doing menial jobs is as wrong as it gets. They plan on using the system just like any other citizen who has the right to. My ex used to say that illegal Mexicans make Mexican Americans look bad and he couldn’t stand them.

        So what if the system is broken. You can choose to blame the system for a law breaker doing wrong but I choose to blame the criminal. Free thinking, free willed people are responsible for their actions and breaking the law to get here is morally and legally wrong.

        My friend was born during war time and was so poor she had to dig in the trash to find two mismatched shoes to go to school because you weren’t allowed in without shoes on. She knows what hunger and desperation are like and she still chose to come here legally. I have the utmost respect for any human being who perseveres through whatever life hands them and still does things the right and legal way.

        You, and correct me if I am wrong, seem to think that because someone is desperate it exempts them from following any rules. If that’s the case then my father should have robbed banks to pay for my sister’s brain cancer treatment when I was a child. But he didn’t. He worked two full time jobs and my mother worked one. We learned you get what you work for. We never heard the word welfare or state help and we had no health insurance. It was a cash world for us. I’m not as old as my post may imply but I still hold these values. I believe if I can’t afford it you don’t need it. My husband and I have raised our children the same way and they know that a roof over your head, food in your mouth and clothes on your back are all you NEED. Anything else is icing on the cake.

        I stood in line at the Social Security office for my, then, 62 year old father in law behind a women who had just gotten a green card and listened to the rep question her. She had never worked and needed disability because she had just a green card. She was honestly disabled. She was told she had to live in this country for six months before she could collect disability. My father in law had worked since he was 12 and it took him three years to get the disability he earned. So where does the money come from for those that didn’t pay into the system? How long before the
        camel’s back breaks?

        Yes, I say kick the illegals out. I say if they don’t like the conditions in their own country they need to fight to change them. I say we cannot be responsible for the welfare of the world when we are not taking care of our own properly. I say amnesty is a one time pardon and our government just keeps using different names for it so they can do it again and again and again.

        As a country we are a laughing stock to the rest of the world with this because there is no other country that would allow it.

      • And you need to re-read what I wrote.

        Your friend and I have more in common than you think. I was born in the Philippines, the son of a prostitute to an already married US Serviceman (which also became my origin for legal status here), a product of his Vietnam War liberty victory laps. I was shipped over here at a year and a half and bounced around foster homes until I was finally adopted by a family that slipped into near poverty from a life tragedy within the next year.

        I’ve experienced just as many demeaning (yet character building) events as she. I’m very sure she and I can trade woeful stories (much more than You and I ever could) about the horrible crap we endured, and how much we’ve accomplished since for days on end.

        I didn’t make a case to excuse illegals.

        Just as how you misread my statement about “half their earnings” then labeled it as a stupid statement. I fully understand that the illegals send their money home, and often go back themselves.

        While you were looking down your nose at those people “living like cockroaches,” did you ever once ask them what they did to get here in the first place? Because I have. Many of them.

        It costs a lot of money (at least for them) to get smuggled across our border, to hook up with a Coyote on our side, and to make the contacts that will get them work. Not every illegal’s immediately getting hired in the border states, esp since there’s a proliferation of undocumented workforce here. The majority need to go north or east to find work, and getting to the right place costs money.

        And all those dangers I wrote in the process – they are Real. Read NarcoBlog some day. Death is wholesale south of our border, and illegal migrants are easy, desperate targets flush w/ cash in comparison to other people down there. The cartels and bandits rob / rape / kill them with just as much as they do their rival gangs.

        Fixing the system Does matter. Because beating your chest w/ a no-forgiveness attitude, blaming the criminal is a Paper Tiger. It doesn’t accomplish anything. Hell, more illegals have been deported under Obama’s watch than any President so far, and it’s not making a Dent.

        Sure, compare being an illegal alien with robbing a bank to pay for your sister’s brain cancer all you want. But if your family lived in Mexico, and paying for her treatment meant sneaking across the border b/c the Mexican Government was too inefficient / corrupt to issue a working visa, you’d already be risking your lives to make it over here with your father making money to send back. And in comparison, you’d definitely appreciate it if just getting here in the first place were easier, even if it meant filling out paperwork.

        Not every person who comes here illegally is a cockroach. Not every person that already lives here is a paragon of society b/c he or she is America by Accident of Birth.

        And your perception that we’re the Laughing Stock – yes, we are, in so many ways you’re not even aware. And one of them goes right back to the system. Other countries have efficient working visa programs in place, and their instances of undocumented workers is Exponentially lower than ours, even before you get to their (from our perspectives) aggressive attitudes towards deportation. You know why they’re so good at kicking illegals out? Because there’s so Few of them in the first place: most immigrant workers Can get working visas in other coutnries! Our contrast in that area alone makes us a Laughing Stock as well, friend.

        I also do appreciate that we can have this conversation, even on this page. Just in case you haven’t noticed, both sides of Politics and Media are aggressively programming Americans like us to view people who don’t share political attitudes as Enemies (not to mention all other points of available conflict). Which is the exact opposite of being an American in the first place.

        I welcome this conversation we’ve been having, and mean all my expression of opinion with respect.

  13. What she said wrong was “where are you going to get people to clean hotel rooms or do our landscaping. I’m a white woman who’s done it and I’ve known a lot of white women who’ve done it.. I know a lot of white men who are landscapers. What she’s saying is that only illegal immigrants will clean hotel/motel rooms. The reason that most companies hire illegals is because they can pay them below minimum wage. What happens when all these undocumented workers become citizens? Do you really think that they’ll still be willing to work for next to nothing? This has been done before. Making illegals legal and nothing changes. It’s still the illegals doing the menial jobs. Giving illegals amnesty once again, because that’s what it really is, is only going to cost the taxpayers more for welfare services, social security disability, social security retirement and the ACA. This does not solve any problems it just makes the ones we have larger.

    • I agree with your whole statement and I’m against amnesty of course, but last time I checked amnesty doesn’t equal citizenship. They still can’t vote “legally” until they go through the process of becoming citizens. Of course, that didn’t stop illegals from voting in the last two “elections” we had either. We just need to do massive deportations after closing the border…..for real.

      • I agree with all your statements. By letting them go through the citizenship process we are telling them that if you break the law it pays so let’s invite our illegal cousins over and do it again. It’s turned into a never ending cycle. Amnesty was supposed to be a one time thing and it’s turned into Dem’s way to get more votes. It’s not about the people anymore and it’s financially killing this country. By the way I’m not a Rep so if you get angry call me something else.

  14. What happen to following the Laws on the books? Instead our administration has opened the flood gates to everyone. Our administration takes care of everyone, but the American Citizens. Why is that so acceptable?

  15. “Where are you going to get people to work to clean out hotel rooms or do our landscaping?” How about every single idiot that has ever voted for a Democrat. That would be a great start..!

  16. what happened to going to employment office and signing up to work, if you didn’t take a job you were penalized a certain # of weeks, There is too much money paid out to physically able people not to work.If they don’t want to work let them starve.

  17. KICK the illegals out of our country! I am sure that there is more than enough UNEMPLOYED that would gladly take any job! She is pushing for America to let the illegals that have came to this country to be given green cards! I say since they have already broken our laws they should NEVER be able to stay on American soil! All illegals need a one way bus ride HOME!

  18. The Chamber of Commerce , representing big business ; other associations and businesses themselves spend millions lobbying Washington for cheap labor . And , to help , the Presidunce raises the minimum wage for some federal employees .
    sink , and creatures like her , are fully aware of the impact of their words , and speaking to an audience that views themselves as privileged , deserving of servants .
    And those pesky nigras and the Irish are just too uppity to know their place .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry !

  19. She took the Florida State retirement system and screwed it over royally. Made bad investments that caused the system to lose tens of millions of dollar. It is a matter of public record. Why doesn’t the media go look that up and dig it out of the closet????


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