Common core math explains Obamacare results!

This morning while sitting in the Palm Beach International Airport awaiting my flight, I had an interesting thought about how common core math explains Obamacare.

As I understand it, common core math is not based on a student getting a correct answer, but just showing how they got an answer. Remind me never to cross a bridge built by an engineer trained using common core math. With common core math, if you can show how you came up with 12×10=100 you can pass — of course you will have difficulty with simple fiscal tasks, but then again common core math is ready-made for liberal progressives.

And that leads me to the symbiotic relationship between common core math and Obamacare. Yesterday President Obama stood before his darling little angels of Organizing for America — after all they are doing god’s work, freaking unreal. Obama was just ecstatic telling the gathering of mindless lemmings that due to their efforts they have 4 million signed up for Obamacare.

Ok, here is where common core math steps in. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is on record stating that the goal for Obamacare signups by end of March was 7 million — oh yeah, she tried to say that number came from the Congressional Budget Office. I guess another part of common core is that lying equals the truth.

Of course, we have no way of knowing who has actually signed up or even paid — a minor detail indeed. But get this equation, the goal was 7 million, but due to the Obamacare rule, some 6 million Americans lost their healthcare insurance coverage as of October first as they were not compliant with the “law’s” standards. So actually, that put Obamacare in the hole for 13 million.

President Obama in one of his patented “I can change a law all by myself” moments, in December ruled that those previous “junk policies” were now ok and demanded they be restored. So how many of those 6 million have been restored Mr. President?

So for all your little cherubim in Organizing for America, that 4 million number is about as empty and worthless as the MP3 full of speeches you gave to Queen Elizabeth. That number is reflective of someone who achieved an “A” in common core math.

So back to my trip – I’m traveling to Georgia today to speak at two County GOP events in Lee and Muscogee. I am truly excited to be going back to South Georgia where I have so many fond memories as a kid.

After landing in Atlanta I will head down I-75 and will trek through Peach County (Ft. Valley) where my Mom grew up attended Ft. Valley State College (now University) and the resting place of my maternal Grandad. I am looking forward to getting some “real” pecan pie (pronounced PEE-can). Friday evening I will be over in Columbus Georgia — last time there I was blasting from C-130 aircraft as an Airborne and Jumpmaster School student at Ft. Benning back in 1984.

One good thing about being back down in South Georgia, they can sense bovine excrement, and the smell emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania is rather pungent.


  1. Common Core and Obamacare have a lot in common, 1) Both were sold to the American public based on lies, 2) One will destroy our healthcare system and the other our education, 3) Both have an agenda that is not in the best interest of this country, and 4) Those passing these laws will be exempt from the negative effects. Those in power will not be required to take out an ACA plan and their children will attend private schools where 2+2 will equal 4 or be marked wrong. Their children will receive the best education while ours are dumbed down so that their children can be our new future leaders.

  2. My daughter is literally near tears trying just to understand the STUPID questions asked in Obamacore teaching. When I try to help, the instructions themselves are so ridiculousily incompetent that I have a lot of difficulty even knowing where to begin. Ultimately, common core is NOT about how to get a right answer or even the steps to get one – it’s about making all kids fail equally. Wilkommen, Herr Citizen.

  3. I have seen a lot of dumb democrats in my life time as I am older, but this bunch in DC right now, have to be the dumbest, most ignorant, non sense talking bunch I have seen since the civil rights movement! Do they even have college degrees to come with math like what is in Common Core?

  4. The smell from DC is so bad that it has drifted clear out west!
    I read many newsletters every week, I have seen so many posts by parents about Common Core. Parents hate it, it is so involved that a parent who learned math many years ago in school is unable to help their children with their homework. It calls for logic that kids don’t have until several years later, if at all.
    I mentioned doing a quick check on the kids’ books by going to the index, looking for references to Tea Party, conservatives, Republicans and the Constitution. Read just those pages, how they treat those four groups will tell you how the rest of the book is skewed. Parents posted back that they don’t see their kids books, the schools only send home homework pages. They don’t want parents to see what the kids are being taught!

  5. In foreign countries dictators survive because the lead a country of ignorant uneducated people. barry is trying to do just that. dumb down the kids of the next few generations as it is much easier to control uneducated people. That is the purpose of common core education

  6. These things can only happen when people choose to not think for themselves, believe everything they hear and read from a group that figured out they could control us by controlling how we vote. As long as the majority wish to be sheep we will have trouble with this country.

  7. If anyone cant see that Obama is trying to weaken this Nation in every way he possibly can then that person is gullible and stupid. Everything he does is absolutely backwards from the reality we have known for over 230 years.

  8. I want to know why a KNOWN National Security threat is allowed to stay in the White House and dictate to this Country? He got rid of every General until he had one that would agree with every change he is making in the Military. Then he did the same with Education, the Economy and every other Government department that we shouldn’t have.

  9. It’s up to the parents of children to take back there schools. Fight the Elected Officials in large groups demanding that your Children Education goes back to the old way of teaching. The Testing and Common Core is unacceptable as well as the School Books now. Our children are not taught the History of “Our Country”. They can’t even tell you about the Wars our men and women have fought to keep us free. They are only teaching liberalism in school and getting away with it.

  10. Parents should be going into every single school and having a “common core” BBQ…burning every single page of this demented CRAP.

  11. Common Core is an attempt to put the final nail in the casket of education in our country. The dumbing down of America has resulted in citizens who have no knowledge of our amazing history, founding fathers or original intent. This has led to the low-information voters who are followers of whatever the MMS spews out as news. Common Core will crowd out local control of schools if it gets its foot in the door of any state.

  12. No offense..but spell check can NOT help you! Help yourself!

    I know the liberal schools did not teach you……but please take a minute to learn something today and stop the liberal spelling nazis forever!!

    THEIR is possessive..THEIR books, THEIR lives, THEIR children..
    (THEIR has ‘her’ in it to remind you that it belongs to SOMEONE)

    THERE represents a “place”..over “THERE”, under “THERE”, on “THERE”…
    ( THERE has ‘here’ in it to let you know it is a PLACE)

    Put THEIR books over THERE! (Put her books over here)
    THERE is a chair over THERE!(Here is a chair over here)


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