VA employees actually destroy veterans’ records to ease backlog

There can be no debate that the Obama administration has a disdain for our military and its veterans. Now it seems we’ll no longer see Obama attend VFW and American Legion conferences — not that anyone will miss him.

Remember the empty promises about easing the veterans’ claims backlog? As a matter of fact, when was the last time you saw the FLOTUS and Dr. Jill Biden on a military base talking about supporting military families? Yep, the true colors of Barack Hussein Obama are as brilliant as ever.

But I’m not sure anything can be more disgusting and heinous than what the Daily Caller reported: Employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) destroyed veterans’ medical files in a systematic attempt to eliminate backlogged veteran medical exam requests, a former VA employee said. Audio of an internal VA meeting obtained by The Daily Caller confirms that VA officials in Los Angeles intentionally canceled backlogged patient exam requests.”

Apparently this brilliant method of reducing the backlog was conceived in November 2008 and put into full implementation in March 2009 under the purview of the Obama administration.

As the Daily Caller reports: “We just didn’t have the resources to conduct all of those exams. Basically we would get about 3,000 requests a month for [medical] exams, but in a 30-day period we only had the resources to do about 800. That rolls over to the next month and creates a backlog,” Oliver Mitchell, a Marine veteran and former patient services assistantsaid. ”It’s a numbers thing. The waiting list counts against the hospitals efficiency. The longer the veteran waits for an exam that counts against the hospital as far as productivity is concerned.” By 2008, some patients were “waiting six to nine months for an exam” and VA “didn’t know how to address the issue,” Mitchell said.

So, rather than figure out a way to handle the requests, presto change-o! The VA Greater Los Angeles Officials simply decided to cancel them. You can hear the evidence.

VA Greater Los Angeles Radiology department chief Dr. Suzie El-Saden initiated an “ongoing discussion in the department” to cancel exam requests and destroy veterans’ medical files so that no record of the exam requests would exist, thus reducing the backlog, Mitchell said. Dr. El-Saden, according to Mitchell, was “the person who said destroy the records.”

Mitchell tried to blow the whistle on the scheme to destroy veterans’ records and ended up being transferred out of his department and eventually losing his job. “I filed the initial complaint with the IG. The IG instead of doing their own investigation just gave it to the facility and made them aware of my complaint.” Mitchell eventually wrote to Congress about the issue in January 2011. Two months later, in March 2011, he was fired.

In April 2013 Mitchell received a letter from the U.S. Office of Special Counsel stating that OIG (Office of the Inspector General) found in November 2009 that “all imaging services across the country were instructed to mass purge all outstanding imaging orders for studies older than six months, where the procedure was no longer needed”. However, Mitchell contends that in Los Angeles, exam requests that were found to still be needed were “definitely” destroyed.

I believe this matter must be immediately investigated by the House Veterans Affairs Committee headed up by Chairman Jeff Miller (R-Fla). If a thorough hearing and investigation verifies this incident, the punishment should be heavy. It must send a message throughout the Veterans Administration that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. As well, there should be some sort of follow up investigation to ascertain if this is an isolated practice or promulgated elsewhere in the VA Hospital system.

Regardless, the fact that we are even discussing this issue is beyond believable. Veterans, if you have had any issue with your valid exam requests being delayed beyond a six-month point please let us know and contact the House Veteran’s Affairs Committee immediately. We owe our veterans a debt that cannot ever be fully repaid — but for goodness’ sake, we should at least try.


  1. My father gets rationed care from the VA. So I will not be surprised if….I mean when…everyone else’s Obamacare gets rationed also.

  2. Mr. West, I believe this may go a bit further. I am veteran that visits the VA hospital in Houston and, on occasion, I have missed appointments due to work or traffic. Each time that happens, I am simply dropped from further scheduling. If I really need to see a doctor, I must go to ER first and, if I am lucky, I can request a primary doctor to visit some 6 months from that point.

    • Think about it! If you’re late, what else can be done…. they take the next scheduled person! There’s no reason to be late to an appointment! Especially
      when VA is so very busy non stop! You have to be on time. Waiting another 6 months is because there are that many people ahead of you now that you were late, couldn’t be seen and had to be rescheduled! Makes sense to me!!

      • The problem is that they make you go through ER to “get back in the system” and it doesn’t make sense. Why not simply reschedule me? Why waste ER resources because I can’t make it. Also, if a boss sets my schedule, I can’t tell them no or I may be out of a job. An appointment with a doctor is not an emergency.

      • Well, it makes no sense to me. Dropping them from scheduling makes no sense – a regular doctor does not do that AND you are suggesting that every appointment is six months out – which means no service. Most medications have a 30 day revisit. If Jim Wilson had made his appointment it would still be six months out. There are 300 million non military in this country – they aren’t waiting months for an appointment – at leas they weren’t before they got herded into limited facilities with a limited number of doctors.

  3. If you want to know what Obamacare is going to be like, just ask a Veteran about the V.A. I have no doubt that this policy extends well beyond just L.A.

  4. My father was a Korean Vet and Vietnam Vet and served his country for 22 years in the Air Force. He as continually pushed off and given bad doctors until finally they gave him a decent one who seemed to care. However, that doctor was replaced and he was given one who immediately said my Dad (not even checking the records) needed a special test he wanted to administer and my Dad protested, but was told the doctor will decide for you what is best and did the test after hinting of delaying any treatments. My Dad died from that test he did not want after stroking out on the procedure. I just found out about it recently. Is that the kind of care we are giving to the people who sacrificed so much for us? Plus our family sacrificed already waiting for my Dad to come home alive from a war that was never supported. Now we have no father for the past 6 years and my Mom who was married to him for 53 years is alone for the first time in her life without her partner.

    • I am so sorry for your whole family. I can’t believe what Obama has done to this country. well, of course he had plenty of help. I just hope and pray we can get our country back.

  5. My mother died waiting for her benefits. This now makes sense. Until I began this process for her I had no idea what the VA puts people through. Two years of one piece of paper at a time. Now the VA had enough information on her to check with SS and see if they wouldn’t provide some benefits – all they did was create a problem with that agency and then they came back asking for more information. I was told when I started that they would give me the run around but I had no idea. A disabled Vet could not navigate this agency on his own and I guess, if my mother is an example, that’s the intent. Run them around until they die.

  6. The problem is further up the chain of command. Destroying records to maintain quota numbers is wrong (dastardly, in fact), but this is indicative of the much larger problem. They didn’t have the resources to provide care… that’s on the President and Congress for not allocating the proper resources. They get punished in one way or another if their numbers don’t agree with some ignorant bureaucrats formula. That’s not only on the bureaucrat but also on the President and Congress for putting some idiot bureaucrat in charge.

    I listened to a story about a VA call center employee hanging up on an elderly Vet because they are required to average 3 minutes per call and he was still asking questions at 7 minutes. He called a different department and found someone helpful enough to spend her day wrangling with that call center to get his questions answered… He later found out that the lady who helped him did so at her own peril of falling behind on her own quotas but was committed to serving him anyway. A mixed lesson in that is that quotas are unhelpful towards good service, and honestly, there really are VA workers dedicated to serving our Vets.

    The quality of care and level of service varies greatly from VA center to VA center and VA Hospital to VA hospital. It shouldn’t. All of them should be excellent. All of them should have the necessary resources. All of them should employ people who are dedicated to serving our Vets and their families and who understand that they are indeed there to serve those who have served all of us…. but gee whiz. How many people actually understand the word “service”? How many people in our society today actually want to serve others and be proud to do so?

  7. Vets are not looking for a handout, they just want to make sure their families are taken care of in the event that they can no longer care for them themselves. Not everyone is as privileged and well taken care of as Michelle obama’s elderly momma Marian Robinson.

  8. There is a HUGE reckoning to be paid by this EVIL Obama Administration……. and I hope that day of full payment is not too far distant …

    May Divine Providence watch over this Republic as the work is done to bring about the REMOVAL of her domestic enemies, who are SQUATTING in DC …..

    #BeClingers ————————> #AmericaRISING

  9. Most of us vets just want to be healthy and get proper medical treatment for our injuries. I have a great surgeon…my primary physician through the VA however is less than ideal. My first appointment was 4 months out, and my follow up appointment is another 4 months. If this is medical care, I’m terrified to enter an e.r. with VA.

  10. He made sure that the military didn’t get to vote in 2012, he has made it very plain his lack of respect and loathing for the military. If every family who has or had a military person made sure they went to the polls and voted against the Democrats and RINOs who are going along with our corrupt commander in chief, we can get rid of them and replace them with people who respect and care for our military.

    • Settling for less than acceptable is never good enough. pressure on the right Senator does get things done of they are republican or conservative. You should not have to fight for your rights, but that is what it is going to take. Now that this has come to the public eye maybe something will be done in your favor.
      Thank you for your service and sacrifice

  11. They
    destroyed most of my records too. Mine has a whole 6 pages now. Pisses
    me off because my back injury is from when I was on active duty but since those losers destroyed my records I can’t file for disability for my back.

    • First, Thank you for your service Ms. Liddel, it is appreciated. The destruction of records is unforgivable. You deserve better

  12. This has been an ongoing problem way before Obama took office. Most comments on here are from people who didn’t serve at all. People if you don’t know what a vet goes through, I suggest you keep your comments off this board.

    • you do not know that for sure. People have a right to express their feelings.
      Thank you for your service. I have friends who are veterans as well and yes it has been going on for quite sometime. however long it has it is wrong

      • Yes I do know cause I’m an 8 year vet who served in the marines and I get my services by the VA in Texas. This has been an ongoing problem way before Obama took office and everybody on this board seems to be blaming him for this. The services here at Texas areuch different than in other states and I’m not 100% happy with their services but I must say this that I’m pretty sure that I’m more than 90% satisfied with the services I get from the VA for my service connected disability.

      • What I was referring to when I said you do not know for sure was the amount of people who post here are or are not vets. The rest of your post I appreciate hearing

      • When u read most comments on here, they are by someone else who had a sibling who served. Yet if u read my first comment I said, “môst comments on here r by people who didn’t serve.” I never said “every comment on here.”

      • I do realize that, I am just saying you told them not to comment but I am saying they have a right to comment the more people who know about your plight the better off you are. Better to have people help your cause than to disenfranchise them because you are upset and frustrated

      • Your right, a person has the right to express themselves. What I was referring to is for people who don’t know or are not part of the system of the VA, to not say something without being a veteran who uses the system for their healthcare. That is what I was referring to. You know a lot of people want to say something when they have no idea what is going on just because it’s news to them.

      • the more that learn the better off you are. If you teach the unknowing, the may become part of the solution by applying pressure to congress or the senate. The more people you educate the better your chances of improving the system

      • I understand brother. All people have a right to express their feelings and the more that know about this the better it is for us. They can’t hide it anymore. My total time in service was 18 yrs. 6 months, 21 day. I got medically retired and just recently put on PDRL. I have my complaints about the VA as to why they think physical therapy will repair a torn meniscus and a torn ACL. But what can you do brother. I am 100% disabled all service connected. I also receive CRSC. So I can’t complain to much but I do realize that there needs to be some reform of the system as I don’t want to see any of my brothers or sisters that have served this great nation to be left wanting from the very country they protected. That is disgusting. The other thing that bothers me is there is no integrity in the system. I miss the Corps values that were instilled in us. I still have them but civilians ( Most) do not. Do the right thing even when no one is around. By firing the guy that blew the whistle on this whole thing is despicable!!!

      • Thank you Sgt. Humphries for your service. My husband has the same issue torn miniscus that requires surgery sustained during deployment. All he gets is therapy that is not needed and has sometimes intolerable pain and sleepless nights. Thr Army was a family to him and to us. Civilians have no idea what it’s like to live in our shoes. The sacrifices we ALL have to give. Sometimes we are made to feel like all we do is complain that is not the case. We are fighting for what was promised to us. Sacrifice today we’ll take care of you tomorrow. Still waiting for my husband to be taken care of.

      • Thank you for your service, from a Civilian. You need to change your sentence, because it is not accurate. A lot of Civilians were raised in the Military, married to a Military person and worked a long side the Military. Yes, some of us know exactly what is like to live in your shoes. There will always be post from individuals that do not agree with us or does not understand how we feel, but they are entitled to their opinion.

      • I was just reading how Hagel was explaining to the troops how the massive cuts to the military was better for us. Now they are going to combine the three types of Tricare and jack up our co-pays and premiums. All this so lazy civilians who don’t want to work can get their entitlements promised to them by this administration. I am at the limits of my medication I am serious!!! The way this country is being dragged down it makes me sick.It is our duty to remove a corrupt Government but nobody is doing it. Check out this link and tell me what you think.

      • I was my sisters and my mothers health manager for three years. I understand the frustration of not getting services needed

      • MarineVet; people blame Obama because he has done absolutely nothing to fix the problem, and has indeed acquired an antagonistic posture toward Veterans and The Military. If you are defending him, you are defending the sonofabitch that is purging our Military of Senior Experienced Patriotic Officers and Enlisted NCO’s. Maybe you want to rethink your comment.

  13. This is certainly not an isolated incident. This has been going on for many years within the Veterans Health Administration. I can attest to that as once serving as a Veterans Healthcare Advocate who blew the whistle on the VA. Sadly, nothing changed as a result. You know my story too well Congressman.

  14. They have given my one appointment in the last year. I should have had at least ten. I cant get anything out of my case manager, If I had known the crap that you have to wade through as a vet well, idk. You get told you get these awesome benefits and you grt an advantage in the civilian world cause your resume has military on it. Seems like most people dont wanna hire vets, benefits yeah they are there but you cant get to them. I dont know what is going on anymore and as soon as everyone knows you were in the military suddenly you are the ptsd freak. I loved the Marines best and worst four years of my life. I would do it again, I just didnt know the price to serve was so high nowadays.

  15. When I retired from the Marines in 2010, my peers told me to make copies of my entire health record. I did, I made 3 in fact. Every time I go to the VA, I get a copy of everything they did or write and put that into my files. I agree that what they did/do is insulting, horrible, and disgusting. I also understand that some people cannot or do not want to maintains copies of their own records, but I am not going to trust anybody with mine. I hope those that did this kind of crap are dealt with severely, and I am absolutely sure that our President did not order it and is not accepting of this type of behavior. And yes, it was most likely happening before his watch too.

    • You did exactly what every person should do. I have copies of everything
      through my career and all my medical records, including labs and all test. Just like you, I get copies of every visit. These are your records and you have the right to have copies. You have to take responsibility for yourself and not trust anyone else to do it.

  16. While I am no fan of the current administration, I note the lack of contempt in a majority of these posts for the OIG which failed MISERABLY in their duties! If the OIG isn’t going to perform the way it is meant to or with any common sense, then what good is it and why are we wasting tax-payers’ dollar to fund it? The VA has had major issues in handling our Vets’ medical treatment for DECADES – it is no secret – and every time something get fixed there, dozens of other things are overlooked. To say that both the OIG and the VA need to be gutted and restructured is a huge understatement – but don’t hold your breath on that happening in either case.

    • I guess if its not been your family member that has been raped or killed? I don’t believe we’ve been put on this earth to become “voluntary victims”.

      • Ex-congressman West was an office in our military when he committed this atrocity. No member of his family had been raped pr killed. His conduct was an embarrassment to our nation.

  17. I have used the VA in Anchorage Alaska for many years. They are nothing short of incredible. While visiting family in Michigan I found it necessary to call for an appointment in Detroit. Being originally from Detroit and knowing how badly that city is now doing my expectations weren’t high! The service from the Detroit VA hospital was as good as Anchorage. They were so professional and courteous.

    • They may be courteous, but they are slooooooow. My VA claim in Anchorage will be 3 years without being processed this May. I contacted my Senators and Congressman to see what they can do. Anchorage is as bad as any, and it started right after Obama was elected. Prior to that…they were quick.

      • I’m sorry your experience hasn’t been the same. Try Don Young,
        I suspect that you will get a better response than with our Senators.
        Good Luck…

  18. This is another BS story created for vulnerable people and those who want to believe everything that is negative about the current administration. If this were true, wouldn’t mainstream media have a field day with it???

  19. So HOW is President Obama the head of the destruction of records? Can he now KNOW everything that everyone in the world is doing and stop it?! Please get a grip. Stop wasting time blaming President Obama for everything under the sun and speak to the real issue. The person who did the destroying is at fault.

    • He Is the President and it is his responsibility to make sure the Heads he put in those positions keep him informed of what is going on. If they don’t, then they should be fired. This has been going on for many years and no one has an excuse for it not being cleaned up. The individuals that are responsible for this should be fired and never be able to hold a job in the Government again. You can scan records into the system before they are destroyed, but you don’t destroy records to cover your ass. All of the VA top positions need to be fired and individuals need to be put in that can fix it and fix it the right way.

      • You are so right Reba. They should ALL be fired and be heavily punished!!! Its way past ridiculous!!!!!

      • Yes, they should be. I was in a hurry when I posted because I had a Doctor appointment, but I was so mad about this. Then I remembered later just about every time we did renovations in the building and the walls came down records were found. Some records that we had turned everything upside down to find and never did. A couple we knew exactly who did it and if they still worked in the building, the Commander brought them in. Now the walls are done where you can’t drop records down them, but they still can be put up in the false ceiling’s which are checked occasionally now. It’s not acceptable to do that to Budget Records, but it is totally unacceptable that our Vets Medical Records have been destroyed. Like I said, you scan all records into the system prior to destroying. I think any patient should be given the option of keeping them after they are scanned in.

    • When an incompetent is in charge, he is incapable of recognizing competence or of diagnosing INcompetence, and the result is that he hires people who support his political views, but who can’t do the job.
      THAT is why Obama is directly responsible for this mess, along with every other boondoggle and debacle his monstrosity of gov’t healthcare will create. His view and understanding of government are roughly equivalent to the view and understanding a 7th-grader has of urban architecture.
      Every kid thinks after he’s made a couple of nice drawings of buildings that he should be an architect, because he can design beautiful buildings as well as anyone– until he finds out he that knows absolutely nothing about physics and dynamics, engineering, materials, costs, estimating, politics, Uniform Building Code, the Americans With Disabilities Act, budgets, scheduling, working on deadlines, getting along with others, and on and on and on…
      This is the point at which our Clueless Leader-in-Chief finds himself, without the necessary humility to admit the same.
      Yes, the people at V.A. who did this need to be summarily fired. But this problem won’t go away without competent experts to solve the problem, and Obama hasn’t the necessary ability to recommend the appropriate remedy.

  20. Kathleen Lathrop, you are kidding about Cox being “fair and balanced” aren’t you? This is the network that lied to their viewers on election night 2004. They led their viewers to believe that Romney was winning until they could no longer. A female reporter for Fox, (can’t recall her name at this moment ) was extremely embarrasses by this, and knew the truth, and finally said she could not continue with this ruse. So much for Fox being honest, fair and balanced.

    • FOX was purchased and is now owned by a liberal. What FOX will report on is going down hill. Bill O’Reilley is a closet Obama worshipper. Next the PC gay community will hound me for using the word closet.

  21. TO ALL VETERANS: As Mr. West said, contact House Veteran’s Affairs Committee, Chairman Jeff Miller) R-FL). Be very detailed, specific of your complaint and keep as short as possible, because there will be thousand’s of request going to him.

  22. Thank its time for the media to get involved and disclose the Department of Vetrans Affairs and VA system that is broke, misleading, waste of tax payers money, I seen it and been a victim.

  23. This is disgusting!! And that’s putting it mildly. 75% of those men and women never asked to be put in the position, and We of Society must bear some of the blame as well.
    I’m a Vietnam vet (class of 68), and was always told that they would take care of me when I got back home.
    George Bush often (and still does) visited Vets and their families when he dwelled in the Oval Office. Harry Truman and Ike did the samething as well. Reagan would have been in that mix as well. The thought of sending a young man or a young lady into mortal combat has to weigh heavy on one’s heart, and these men walked that line with us. I’d imagine Abe Lincoln is rolling over in his grave!
    Gary Totty

  24. The VA cannot keep it’s promises. No matter how much money congress dumps into it, it will never be all things to all veterans in every location. The model needs to be changed. Services should be outsourced to private sector health care providers. I’ve been waiting for a dental exam since 1999. ^ months is the average wait time to see my own primary care physician. And since most doctors don’t work there longer than 6 months, I almost never see the same doctor twice allowing for no continuity of care. I’m basically starting over with each new doctor and to still be at square one trying to get treatment 17 years later is simply unacceptable. I’ve got so many horror stories from the Houston VA hospital it would be impossible to list them all here.

  25. ALAN,




  26. Sounds like Dr. Suzie El-Saden needs to be fired as well as anybody else who went along with this plan. Not sure what a VA radiologist in Los Angeles has to do with the Obama administration though. Still it must be his fault somehow….

  27. If they were waiting months for even a test, they were living like we all will be under Obamacare – I guess we can figure when there is a backlog our records will all be destroyed, as well. The people who voted for this devil are worse than idiots; I can’t think of a name bad enough for them that I can post on Facebook.

  28. Again, thank you Col. West for this valuable information. It certainly is disgraceful what if happening here. What is happening to our country? Is this going to be the next Cuba or No. Korea where people in charge do what ever they damn please? So many devious and corrupt acts since Obama has been in office.

  29. I am not amazed at any low thing the VA does. My sister and I had to literally rescue our father from the tender mercies of the VA. He was dying of neglect, had never seen his doctor, and when I saw him he looked like he had already died; scared me to death. When I walked into his hospital room he cried. His care went to a REAL doctor and he lived an additional 11 years. I wouldn’t give them a dog to “care” for.

  30. We need a leader Mr. West. Its time to take back our country by force. There are many who are waiting for a plan to eliminate the threat to this countries constitution and way of life. Just saying……

  31. I would say I was shocked, but I’ve had my entire medical record shredded not once, not twice, but three times, by two different VA Med Centers and one (Atlanta, not LA) VA Regional Office. My PCM (at the VA) had his Nurse ask the people in Medical Records why, and they said it was SOP to shred Vet’s Medical Records as soon as they receive them. Lucky for me I have my entire record scanned into electronic format, so they shred ’em, and I print ’em back out.

  32. I’m not a veteran and I don’t make that statement with pride. I regret I didn’t serve. The treatment given to our veterans is an embarrassment! It’s beyond disgraceful you have your benefits cut while corporations are getting subsidies and tax breaks while recording huge profits. I would be honored to shake the hand of every one of you in Washington on May 16th.

  33. We’ve tried to warn you! Giving the federal government charge of medical care for even PART of America has overwhelmed them to this point, and somehow O-Care is still ongoing… This is criminally negligent, and those responsible need to be fired on the spot.
    Yeah, Obama kept his promise to reduce the workload and streamline the process all right… FOR THE V.A. EMPLOYEES! Now are you starting to get how this guy talks out both sides of his mouth, America?
    Obama will once again claim that he “wasn’t aware” of any of this, but that he will get the people he really should be firing to “work toward a prompt solution” and blah, blah, blah…
    Here’s the problem: When an incompetent is in charge, he is incapable of diagnosing incompetence in the people he is in charge of. Consequently, instead of filling positions with competent people who will then execute their jobs competently, he hires people who support him, regardless of their inability to do the job. The end result of their monumental stupidity and majestic incompetence is to conceive of such brilliant ideas as reducing backloads by pretending they have no patients!
    As bad as I’ve always known it is going to get, I never even considered that a federal agency would stoop to such a level. This is a surprise to even as die-hard a pessimist as I, so that should tell you something.
    These people have certainly killed people by their nonfeasance. Remember how offended Democrats were about the concept of “death panels?” Well, here they are, albeit in a different form. I believe most opponents of federal healthcare had the idea that denial of treatment would have been an active process, rather than that they would simply delete files to make patients go away. This is utterly dumb-founding. Heads must roll, all the way to the Oval Office.

    • I totally agree with you. I tried to warn people what was going on in 2008 and 2009. They wanted obammy to take care of it and not Bush. obammy did alright. This has been his plans when he was in Congress. Get rid of all of the military. Downgrade the USA military and get rid of it. Do whatever you can to the military. The last few days he is getting rid of more of OUR MILITARY. He is Hitler in force with destroying this great nation. He uses the Blame game. You foolish Americans who think he is a great person, has been purely brainwashed to how great he is. HE IS NOT WORTH NOTHING. HE CAN’T EVEN DO ANYTHING FOR ANYBODY, EXCEPT TAKE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AND GO ON SPEND, SPEND AND HIS FAMILY GETS TO GO TO VERY RICH NATIONS AND SPEND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. HOW do you like that. Then he wants to GET RID OF OUR MILITARY. If we had a war on our nation we couldn’t even fight anyone. It is bang, bang you are dead. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT IN THE U.S.A.?

  34. There is NO EXCUSE whatsoever, for the VA or any other people funded program, to “lose” or destroy records. The people doing this, ALL need to be imprisoned for destruction of vital records.
    I’ve truly lost faith in the bigger share of humanity. These people are supposed to HELP, not hinder. I gave up long ago, after being denied. These incompetent a-holes can all rot in Hell.

  35. You folks have the nerve to be surprised at this? With the crap that’s been forced upon the VA in the last few years, what the hell did you expect? The VA has been handing out disability to a record number of “vets” with such bogus crap as sleep apnea being the latest handout. Of course every person who has ever served in the military for any length of time is going to jump on that bandwagon to get their share. I have a family member who has done the same thing and is now collecting nearly $1200. a month and he’s much healthier than I am. At least he served 6 months in Vietnam so deserves it more than a lot of these other who are now claiming all they can get. Congress caused this mess but of course they’re not going to take any of the blame for opening the doors so a whole new set of claims can be filed. I worked for the VA for 20 years retiring as an Admin. Officer. I’ve been told many times to do things that were illegal or unethical by my superiors, but, fortunately, I knew enough about the regulations to know I had a right to refuse. The people who are really to blame for destroying those records will probably never be punished as scapegoats will be found while the real perps will go free. I’m just disgusted that from the President on down everyone is demanding the VA clean up a backlog that would never have existed in the first place if they had not instituted all those brand new benefits which created an avalanche of older veterans re-filing to get their piece of the pie. Put the blame for the cause of the mess that ended in a criminal act where it truly belongs.

    • You are just passing the buck and trying to blame the victim… The VA staff OWE a duty to serve the military… If they don’t like their jobs, then there are plenty who will be happy to have a well paying job… But don’t blame the veteran’s for the apathy AND CRIMINAL ACTS OF THE VETERANS…..

    • I commend you for keeping your Ethics, but who are you to say whether a Vet needs help or not? You did not go in there place, nor did you see what they did, nor do you have their injuries. Yes they are people in every system that makes the rest look bad, but until you walk a mile in someone’s shoe that was there, how dare you. If your family member is collecting, then maybe there is another reason other than being healthy than you. Yes, the Heads will let it roll down hill as always and they will be protected unless someone can get to the truth. Maybe someone will have the balls to do the right thing. The fact is, it can be cleaned up with the right people and these people need to work with the workers.

    • Frankly, you’re part of the problem, Barbara – not the solution.

      I never deployed, I still have 3 herniated discs in my lower back, 3 large rods in my right hip, and chronic pain that I didn’t have before I joined.

      I often wonder how people like myself – who are the result of training injuries – are looked at by the VA. I did my part, I served my country, I never gave up – and I passed all of my initial training, not until AIT was I hurt.

      It’s good to know that I’m looked at as trash who is just milking the system, though – lord knows I’m just getting my piece of the pie. It’s not like I’d rather be able to lift weight, walk normally, and go a day without intense pain instead of the whopping $900 a month.

      Your statement is just as much of proof of what’s wrong with the VA as all of your complaints are, and that is that employee’s at the VA have intense disdain for the Veteran’s they’re supposed to be serving. Period.

      • Jason,
        First, I would like to send my heart felt thanks to you for your service. Secondly, I would like to add to your comments to Barbara. My Dad has spent the last 10 years going to hearings and submitting documentation upon documentation of his service injury and the resulting constant pain he now is in EVERY day of his life (even though he’s on Oxycodone and Fentanyl patches for the pain). And he has been continuously turned down and had to appeal. So, Barbara, he is NOT collecting disability for some “crap such as sleep apnea”. He collects NO VA Disability at all!!!! That’s our countries thanks for his service!! Guess they are waiting for him to give up on his appeals or die first!! As Jason said “Your statement is just as much of proof of what’s wrong with the VA”.

  36. The VA has been working to deny claims for much longer than the Presidunce has been in office , but , as he is the one responsible for now , it is on him to repair the VA . In addition , I’ve written to the Chairman of the House’ Veterans Committee and my own rep , with a solution to the problem .
    If the military was responsible for ratings exams , that would take some of the load off the VA , and see to it that vets started receiving benefits from the day they are discharged . Which would beat the hell out of the present system .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry

  37. Umm. My name is Jeff Hintzman. Over 24 years in the United States Army. My close family have served 0ur military since 1778, yes 1778 and still serving. I have all my info. First off Clinton and her past staff must do some jail time and yes you know why. Next the white house belongs to the people. Not to the current white house staff. They continue to go against legal laws. And against our founding fathers. It makes me sick daily.( All Veteran organizations) Must gather as one and go to the front doors of our white house to correct the USA. I can see one day the White house maybe taken over as in other countries because of our very corrupt government. Maybe beyond my life time . However the day will come. Jeff United States Army, Ret. DAV, USA, HD soft tail duce
    The people are extremely tired of our governments crap way before I existed.

  38. If my father, a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam War, was still alive today, he would be totally disgusted. How can anyone with a conscious intentionally destroy the records of those who have put their lives on the line for our freedoms and now desperately need our help. Only the lowest of the low take such actions. As for the President, my father, who passed away at the end of 2010, could see through this man’s agenda and what he represents early in his Presidency, before I was able, and he warned me about what we could expect under his leadership. So much of what my dad warned me of has played out before my eyes. This President, based on what he has allowed to happen to our soldiers during his watch as well as his recent policy making decisions, tell me that he has no respect for our armed services. There have been plenty of corrupt Presidents throughout American History, though Obama seems to be taking it to the extreme, however, I believe he is the only President that has so disrespected those who have served that he does not deserve to have Commander-in-Chief as part of his title.

  39. While in West Virginia in ’98 while under contract @ the Center for National Response I started having some palpitations and chest discomfort. I went to the Beckley VA and found my enzymes up. They kept me over night then evacuated me to Ashville NC VA where they placed a stent in my right mid coronary artery. They then set up an appointment with my VA in Loma Linda Ca for follow up. It is of note upon discharge from active duty I got my PA from UCLA in ’72 After 30 + years of private practice I feel I should be able to make an informed opinion regarding my care.
    Loma Linda has me in the agent orange follow up group, and done very extensive lab, MRI and x-ray diagnostics. My current diagnosis are ASHD and diabetes (both agent orange related.
    I can truly say my care at these three facilities has been exemplarily.
    I was wounded in Nam so I am a priority 3, but NEVER have any difficulty seeing a specialist or my primary.

    • First and foremost, Thank You for your service to our country that is now going down the tubes with this current administration. I am happy that you got great service but it does not take away the fact that there is “at least” one bad VA Hospital out there doing something that is very unforgiveable. We should not ever condone this or ever allow it to happen again, EVER!!

    • You were fortunate that you were sent to Ashville NC VA, one of the better VA’s in the country. You could have been sent to Atlanta VA where you probably would have died waiting while they went through “protocol” and then been told that you should have thought about having the procedure before moving.

  40. The name of the Greater LA Radiology Department Chief is SUZIE EL-SADEN. Hm, shouldn’t that be a clue. With a name like that, she is almost certainly a muslim!
    At the same time, my heart goes out to all you brave Vets.

  41. We just all need to join our local militias and then take back our House and remove all the anti-Americans squatting there. They dishonor our heroes and EVERY DAY get closer to enslaving American Citizens while attempting to destroy American Values and give our country to ILLEGALS and MUDSLIME. This old lady has had enough of the BS from BO and would celebrate if someone removed him, permanently! Of course, I am not alone in that opinion.

  42. Every departments in the United States
    government has been systematically taken over by forces hostile to the American
    spirit!! This is been a coordinated effort that began during the protests of
    the Vietnam era!
    America lost that war in great part thanks to the liberal who refused to allow the military to do what was needed! now it appears we have also lost United States of America!!

  43. People, we are talking about 1 VA hospital. I’ve had the pleasure to receive treatment at 3 different VA hospitals (Jesse Brown, Zablocki, Tomah) and have had nothing but the best care. Sure there have been some bumps in the road, but 99 percent of the staff really does care. As far as vets faking injuries and problems to get disability, sure there is..there’s always people willing to take advantage of any system..look at welfare, Social Security, or Unemployment insurance..but for those of us who have fought, and been injured, or those injured in training, the system will work. I was injured twice overseas and was denied twice..but, after appealing twice, I was granted my disability. The thing that I’ve always found interesting is that those that complain the most typically don’t deserve it, and those that deserve it typically don’t complain. Semper Fidelis

    • I am glad you received good care. Yes there are many good folks out there but the fact that one VA Hospital took this action still is a HUGE problem and is more then just a “bump in the road” and should not be swept under the rug. I might add, so far as we know it is only one VAH. Thank you for your service but as you would on the battlefield, be aware, keep your eyes and ears open at all times and be ready for anything because with this current administration anything is likely to happen, and I don’t mean for the good either.

      • Dad, thank you for the reply. I concur, my experience is a VERY small sampling of the VA system. I posted primarily to attempt to state not all experiences with the VA are negative. From what I have personally seen, some of the mal-treatment is a self inflicted wound-the Vet was abusive, demanding and just a plain alpha hotel. That is not to say there should be reciprocation on the VA’s part, but partially understandable. Another thought, my records reflect my background in the medical field and could possibly affect the lever of care I receive.
        As for the destruction of records in LA that is reprehensible!!.
        Our present administration has shown repeated times the total disregard for our warriors, our Constitution and our great country. George W., while certainly not perfect, proved beyond a shadow of a doubt to me where he stood in relation to our military.
        E-mail me direct and I’ll share my thoughts vision of where we are headed ([email protected])

  44. This, along with 3/4 trillion taken from our seniors marks the beginning of Obama’s death panel. All while killing babies for a profit.

  45. Honestly, this practice did not just occur over the course of 1 or 2 decades. The whole problem is our government uses the “bonus” program to justify its numbers required game. If it were me I would pay a man and woman the money that they deserve and cut out all scheming practices to entice the practice of falsifying documents to justify my bonus money.


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