US Army troop cuts: Hagel and Obama seem determined to decimate our military capability

Early this morning I received an email from Mrs. Annie Shyne, a former constituent, whose son Nicolas received a nomination from our congressional office to the US Naval Academy where he is now a plebe.

She was distressed over the intentions of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, former US Army Soldier, to decimate our military capability with deep US Army troop cuts. Her email expressed concern for her son and his future as a commissioned officer in the Navy or Marine Corps. She was even more disturbed over the abandonment our military families will receive by way of cuts to commissary services and pay freezes. We recently reported the level of food stamp usage by our military families and its unconscionable increase.

Then this morning, I tuned in to hear SecDef Hagel attempt to explain this ill-conceived budget decision — which certainly has our enemies cheering. It seems Hagel, in his insidious and dubious manner, fails to realize that the most technologically advanced weapon on the battlefield is a trained, resolute, and determined warrior.

Instead of “investing” in the most important task of our federal government — providing for the common defense — we shall now focus on “investing” in the expansion of the welfare nanny-state. There is no doubt where President Obama’s priorities lie.

We have departed from the maxim of “peace through strength” to a belief in “appeasement through weakness.” Obama somehow believes kumbaya is a strategic objective. And don’t give me the crap about drones, because we learned during Vietnam that a president should not be directing strikes from the White House – implemented by another failed progressive president, Lyndon Baines Johnson.

We should be examining how we create the capability and capacity to meet the challenges of the enemy globally. That means looking at each geographic AOR (Area of Responsibility; CENTCOM, AFRICOM, EUCOM, PACOM, SOUTHCOM, NORTHCOM) and ensuring they have the appropriate level of force mix to meet the threats in their AORs.

We don’t need massive endeavors into new technologies, we need a massive focus on capability to meet and defeat the enemy by way of deterrence. Of course I support the defense industry, but the defense industry shouldn’t be the drivers of our national security strategy.

For Obama and Hagel to believe taking the US Army down to pre-World War II levels is a smart decision evidences their abject stupidity in comprehending the global conflagrations in which we are embroiled — the enemy has a vote. This whole inane statement about “pivoting to the Asian-Pacific rim” is more empty rhetoric as we decimate our US Naval strength while China builds theirs.

Barack Hussein Obama cannot be seen as a Commander-in-Chief and I will never refer to him that way. His fundamental transformation of America means weakening our nation and leaving our Republic less secure. I can just imagine how appreciative and elated his Muslim Brotherhood friends are at this point, to include Turkey’s President Erdogan, as well as the mad mullahs in Iran.

Why would any mother like Annie Shyne want her son or daughter to serve under this charlatan? The real “War on Women?” It’s the Obama vision to have more American mothers welcoming their children home in flag-draped caskets — as we’ve seen under his purview in Afghanistan, where deaths have skyrocketed.

This is my Army for whom I gave 22 years of honorable service and where I have a nephew and many a dear friend serving. I will be damned if I allow these progressive socialists to put their lives in danger. This, my fellow Americans, is why we need conservative American leaders who have served and are willing to lay down their life for this nation. Not some sorry Obama lapdog.


    • No, Robert. That would make them too weak and our troops would slaughter them in a week, just like Operation Desert Storm. The USA has to create parity by selling the Middle East weapons and giving them equipment so that it is a more even fight and battling goes on for years. This way the MIC is kept busy all that time, everyone has jobs and the economy improves…

  1. Is it a requirement that you be lobotomized to hold office in Washington!! Have we forgotten why Japan thought we were weak and attacked us in the first place? The world is in turmoil and we need a strong military presence at home. It is sad to say but that is what has kept us from repeating WWII. Only because we and others have to realize that the next war may take the entire world out. It makes these dictators think twice about starting global destruction.
    We are not going to survive another year under Obamas regime!! We are a juicy plum just hanging out on a limb just waiting to be plucked!

  2. So we are going to drop our troop levels to 500k while keeping DOD Federal workers to 400k….makes sense for planet Xenon

    • Here we go again, always blaming the Federal Workers and Benefit Programs.
      Why don’t you talk about the Real Reasons that are causing this? How about Obama Care, Vacations, Parties, and Positions they have in this Administration and the Cost? How about his traveling all the time, paying back the ones that help Him get Elected and Reelected, Pork, Energy Executive Orders and all the other Executive Orders he is signing daily? How about all the funding he keeps funneling to other countries and the Muslim Brotherhood? Get off your Bandwagon about Federal Workers and people who need help. Talk about what is really causing “Our Country” to go broke.

      • Not all Fed workers are living “high on the hog” most are far from that.I can attest to that. A one time 1% cost of living raise in 5 years? At least food, gas, electricity or anything else has not gone up.

  3. We could cut hundreds of lines in the budget. We could also start with the insane spending of the Administration; cut him off at the knees. I’m not talking about cutting the help people need, I’m talking about his Green spending and other stupid Executive Orders he is pushing through every day. How about cutting the Pork and all the funding we keep sending to other countries that don’t give a damn about us. If this is allowed, “Our Country” is screwed.

    • seems obvious to me that any cut the military takes should equal the same percentage cut to the pentagon and other support agencies….

  4. Just prior to WWII the US had about 150,000 men in the military. Japan and Germany did not fear us. In fact, because of our military weakness the Japanese expected to negotiate a treaty after the attack on Pearl Harbor. In those days a recruit could train to operate a tank or aircraft without much training. Today military equipment is much more complicated, and expensive, the training takes considerably more time. Unfortunately the present administration believes a smaller military will keep us out of war, when in fact it invites aggression.

  5. CHUCK HAGEL was made secretary to gut the military. barry has no respect for the Country, the Constitution The Bill of Rights, the military or we the people.

    He wants to destroy this country as we know it and this is part of how it is going to get done. He wants WW3 so we lose and get taken over. This is not fiction, anyone who has paid any attention to barry’s actions can see this a mile away.

    It was aid by Sun Tsu that you maintain peace through strength. That has never ever changed. It will never change.
    It is clear to me barry is following through with his plan to destroy this country as we know it.

    • Yes he was and look at the ones that voted for him. Look at who Obama is
      bringing in under the Radar and Borders. Look at the Camps sprouting up in the United States. Now, are they going to quit taking new recruits in?

      • I meant will all Services, Recruiters stop bringing anyone else in. Yes, I believe that and I also believe he is cleaning house again. I guess we could look at it this way; maybe some of them will wake up and realize what is really going on.

  6. First of all, james5 sorry, I hit the down error by mistake. I believe he wants to invite aggression as he has already done things to invite it in our own country.

  7. I look at it this way. This is proof that the United states isn’t headed towards communism, because after these cuts, the government won’t be able to fend off a revolution.

    • That is what the presidents private army (DHS) is for. They have hundreds of millions of hollow point rounds intended for use here at home. Why do you think government agencies have been training with “no more hesitation” targets (civilian targets like kids, young mothers, elderly people etc)? It is so when the order goes out they (DHS agents) will go ahead and shoot Americans who refuse to give up their weapons or will not go to re-education camps voluntarily.
      I pray that I am wrong, but why else do they need thousands of rounds for every field agent in every agency?

      • They bought up the ammo to remove it from the market, and raise the price. Hollow points won’t penetrate body armor, so no good in battle.

      • Hollow points are excellent against the general population. All they have to do is keep the military out of it for even a few days and all that will be left are the small number of truly prepared.

      • If it worries you that much, then get prepared. When the time comes remember my name, and come stand behind me. I’ll be with the rest of my Marine Corps brothers in the front.

      • Thanks for the offer.
        I am one of the prepared, so IF it comes down to it I will hold my fort until the military sorts itself out.

        ALL military people need to ask themselves this question.
        IF it comes down to it, how many in the military will keep their oath to support and defend The Constitution and how many will decide to obey the orders of those appointed over them? I know that about 25% will never disobey an order, no matter what that order is or how unlawful it may be.

        Then we will see. Those that stand with the Constitution will have me watching out for them, those against it better pray they have better snipers.

      • Hollow points are not meant to be used in ‘battle.’ They are ILLEGAL in international warfare. That leaves the US population as the intended target. But, yes, they are removing it from the market so it can’t be used on the ones who will be sent for We The People.

  8. Hagel is a pansy just like the pansy president, except one seems to be black, and the other white. Both pansies got together for strength, and to destroy America. They both knew that there would be no opposition, except for the people. The “people” have been discounted long ago by our career politicians who pass on their elected seats to their family. The “new” American people are also weak pansies. The strong America as I once knew is dying with each and every WWII veteran. Keep voting for your fellow pansies new American voters, and kiss your weak behind goodbye.

  9. If an action does not involve transfer of money from the working class to the underclass, obama has no interest. His only focus, in all matters, is the socialist ideology.

  10. Defense cuts are a matter of simple math. Get rid of the Civil Serpents. I’ve heard the continuity BS for ever. Let the military be strictly soldiers, sailors and airmen. Get rid of the dead weight.

    • Here we go again, always blaming the Federal Workers and Benefit Programs.
      Why don’t you talk about the Real Reasons that are causing this? How about Obama Care, Vacations, Parties, and Positions they have in this Administration and the Cost? How about his traveling all the time, paying back the ones that help Him get Elected and Reelected, Pork, Energy Executive Orders and all the other Executive Orders he is signing daily? How about all the funding he keeps funneling to other countries and the Muslim Brotherhood? Get off your Bandwagon about Federal Workers and people who need help. Talk about what is really causing “Our Country” to go broke.

  11. Wow, West, it must be so sad to be out of the loop. You said you had to tune into hear Hagal, you mean all you got was his vioce mail?
    Modern warfare has changed. Let’s use tech, drones, robots. Intel gathering .

      • Ah, let the delusional Demwit talk. The more they talk, the more they display their ignorance of the facts. It’s like a free, laugh-a-minute comedy show. Example: She can’t even correctly spell Chucky’s last name (“Hagal”?). Those big 5-letter words are so confusing to them. If I was that stupid, I’d probably wrap my head up so no one could see my face, too.

    • Let us kill our enemies on our streets with guns as well. That include all that follow the Quran and Hadith teachings about the infidels and what to do with them. No high tech needed when you fight animals disguised as humans.

  12. I will never call this President a Commander-in-Chief, either. Cutting our troops to the levels to which he is suggesting will not only put this country in danger, but those who are left in Afghanistan will be placed in immediate danger. So much for “Leave No Man Behind” under this President, it seems he could care less. Each passing day, my disgust for this administration grows stronger as our country weakens.

  13. The only think that will stop this imposter is going to be impeachment. He is going to be the death of us all by enemy hands. We had better gear up and be ready to defend ourselves. Because the way its going we wont have a military, and our cops and other at home forces are NOT on our side. We need to be ready, He is letting the m. brotherhood in by the thousands and they are setting up cells here in our own back yards. I must be honest, I am scared half to death.. I have kids to take care of, and I will do anything .. ANYTHING.. To keep them safe. He needs to gtfo of office!! Sick of this crap hes doing. Sigh..

    • I don’t think the Senate will ever impeach Obama and the old guard Republicans will try their best to make sure the Tea Party doesn’t win enough Senate seats in November. We should be scared and mad.

  14. I sure hope the army strong is not as weak minded as you Allen…Or the army deserves to be defunded. they are not using there most powerful weapon…..their brain! The Navy has been saying for years, “we do not need more money for ships and expansion when we already have billions of dollars sitting in the water looking pretty. The army has been getting money to build tanks and other land mobile transports that are just siting there rusting from lack of use….if the solders don’t keep them oiled tested. the budget they cut is not taking money away, but just not adding money to a stagnant pot. The operational budget is fine. the fringe officer party budget is what is being affected. Just because you want a raise for your new pool or to buy a 2nd or 3rd home, just so you can say I have one is not a reason to increase the military budget. We could cut the military budget increase by half and the USA will still have the largest military in the world. Try having the Pentagon and the other US forces leaders manage the money better for the betterment of the enlisted. Stop sitting on the money for “just in case”! By the way, in case you want to know Allen, these thoughts were expressed by the military Chief of Staff back before President Obama first took office. As a Marine, I actually read the military correspondence within the military. NOT from the useless lobbyist and congressional members looking to make a name for themselves.

  15. You can say that again Col. West. I am dumfounded at what’s happening to this nation. And we have 3 more years with this guy? Heaven help us. 2014 kick the bums out and let the conservatives in. Term limits. Please.

  16. All of you politicians have snookered a large portion of the American public. Obama should have been gone as soon as Hillary Clinton and her election staff discovered in 2007 Obama has no verifiable background. Plus, he doesn’t even have the legal right to sign the name Barack H. Obama, II on any legal document.
    All our republican representatives knew this as well as we did. Look at the mess we are in because all too many voters do not vet and ask the questions of the people they vote for. They just send them more money every election cycle after hearing what they wanted to hear without action after the election. Damn all of you for allowing this to happen to our country.

  17. I predict they will PRIVITIZE larger portions of the military-industrial, surveillance industry and ENLARGE it through private contractors. Since 9/11 military spending has DOUBLED; most going to private contractors through the military-political revolving door. Contractors like Halliburton, the Carlyle Group and Booz, Allen Hamilton are running the military machine and they are not about to let profits drop.

    • You are right and Contractors have sucked the Budget dry year after year. A few years ago, they started cutting back on them and using the Military and Civilians to do the job and it worked out fine.

      • Needs more money to give to the useful idiots that voted for him and some new blood. All he needs is 53% of the voters, Hillary wins and its game over for America.

      • Oh I get it. Another bait and switch just like obamacare. ( If you like your plan, your doctor you can keep it. ) Then after the game is over,the gov’t will take the military out of the hands of privitization. And America gets suckered Big Time, Again.

  18. Mr. West, I hope you don’t feel that your 22 years were wasted. I am sure you had a positive influence on many good hearted American folks while working with you. Please continue to do your work and help us break free from this monster in the White House.

  19. And I am sure as soon as the troops are gone he will replace them with islamic muslims and our lives as we know it will be over. Congress should have already impeached him and Holder and Hillary and anyone else that backs him.

  20. Well if he is taking apart our army why did he need so much ammunition. Why have we seen so much military vehicles being transported across this country. Something is very wrong with this picture. I have a grandson in the Marines and a granddaughter in the Army, and I am very concerned.

    • Obama is training his own private army… seems like the same thing Hitler did… He is also cutting the SSA.. so looks like we old folks and the Military need to clean up the mess Congress and Obama has created… l personally think Obama is creating a revolution to start here on USA soil… But he will make it look like We The People started it… Just like Hitler did… Let’s vote the crooks out and remember to vote just for the true Oath Keepers…

      • Let’s vote the crooks out and remember to vote just for the true Oath Keepers. Now that’s the billboard I want to see.

      • Yes, and always remember this includes the ones the have been approach by Mike Zullo or others with the Sheriff Joe kits to help expose Obama. Especially the ones that said, they see this as a Tin-Foil Hat issue and it would ruin their political career. Self-Serving basturds they are.

      • Dusty Fae I will agree with you in prayer that we are able to vote these people out in this election, and that Obama is stopped before it is too late. I also pray these Promise keepers fulfill their oaths.

    • I live in the Norfolk VA area and many here think Obama is trying to make it unattractive for many of the next generation to freely want to join our armed services, except for the useful idiot voter base. The next issue for Obama will be to lower the standards for basic training. English not required and free expression will be the dress code.

  21. Colonel West, As a Veteran Myself, I know how Veterans feel about ANYONE screwing around with Veterans, and You have stated plainly how you feel about Constitutional Rights and Government Tyranny. Read this article at this link, about a small California City that has threatened to arrest a Marine Veteran of Multiple Combat Deployments because in the words of their own City Council representatives sent to harrass him “We don’t like you are what you stand for”. I hope you will look into this, and use your Networking and Your Pulpit to address this Outrage.

  22. I would love to see some of the White Elephant material garbage cut but I am for a recruitment increase. That is how you get things done. I am also in agreement of evaluating our world positions. I support an AC Fleet for Watch & Observe for the ME area (When we have troops on the ground there, they make way too convenient of a scapegoat.) If the ME ever gets out of hand again, advise them that no half measures will be used to deal with the matter.) We should also let Europe deal with the mess that is Africa.

  23. Why is it the military has to cut its funding while the dhs is building its capabilities to defend what is or will be left after it is done with destroying its own people? Why are foreign troops being brought in to suppossedly train on American soil – Dont they have enough soil of thier own?

    • The DHS is the Administrations Private Army. The Foreign Troops are here to work with the Administration and DHS. Don’t forget about all the Muslims Obama is bringing in, they are also here to help him take over.

  24. On the other hand, if we would protect our borders, and stop interfering in other people’s business, maybe we wouldn’t need to spend quite so much on military things.

  25. These ill-targeted cuts will escalate a nuclear war in our lifetime…To suggest that in these uncertain times we should reduce our fighting force to an army of one is ludicrous. This is a strategy that only our enemies could embrace…We are under attack from within, and our forefathers forewarned us this may occur…The question is will enough true Americans pay attention…or will they instead, play with their newest IPhone apps?

  26. I believe that it is Obama’s plan all along to take down the USA! He wants to be a “RULER OF THE PEOPLE”! Which is also why he is allowing all of the Muslim’s to just move in! WE MUST FIGHT THIS TERRORIST in the White House!

  27. Thank you so much Honorale Allen West. You have the guts to say aloud what many think and you are not afraid of using the right words to define Barack Hussain Obama and his cronies on the extreme left and the muslim world.
    America, and its faithful allies, desperately need your clarity, your deep perception and your leadership to face a dangerous world.
    BGU Sir, you have my highest esteem.

  28. Dear Col West, I completely agree with your assessment of the dangers ,that this RIF brings to our country. There will be many who will try us out at reduced troop strength.Pray for sense to return to our government. Perhaps impeachment is the way to go.

  29. Hagel is like obooboo he’s just another puppet on a string that is in the WH to cause trouble.All I have to do is get a glimpse of this so-called pres. and it makes me sick. I can’t stand to see his or his ol’ladies face.They are nothing but puke.I agree obooboo is no type of commander or any kind of chief.We will get a true commander-in-chief but it will be awhile yet.When we do I just hope and pray he will do the right thing and totally destroy the person we have in the WH AT THIS TIME.Don’t buddy buddy up to him and by no means don’t dare offer him a hand shake. Steer clear of him and don’t get near him .He is poison to this Nation and the people of it.

  30. How much are we spending on nations that give us the finger? Cut some of that.
    How much are we paying to feed and house illegal immigrants? Cut all of that.
    AND, if they are going to colleges and universities, charge them international student rates like my step-on has to pay because he is a resident alien.
    And, since I am 100% disabled as the result of wounds received in combat in Vietnam, can my wife get her eyeglasses from the VA, as she could before the Anointed One brought malignant Progressivism into this nation?

  31. How much are we spending on nations that give us the finger? Cut some of that.
    How much are we paying to feed and house illegal immigrants? Cut all of that.
    AND, if they are going to colleges and universities, charge them international student rates like my step-on has to pay because he is a resident alien.
    And, since I am 100% disabled as the result of wounds received in combat in Vietnam, can my wife get her eyeglasses from the VA, as she could before the Anointed One brought malignant Progressivism into this nation?

  32. Well said Colonel !
    Also, I disagree with the impending decommissioning of the A-10, one of the best weapons we have for close air support.
    Nothing in the arsenal can take it’s place.

  33. July 2nd, 2008—Obama delivered a speech in Boulder, Colorado in which he promised the creation and establishment of a “Civilian National Security Force.” He further promised it would be “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the US Military.”

    This may be the way he ensures his “Homeland Security” force is stronger than our military which doesn’t seem to be loyal to him in the way he desires.

  34. AMERICA! There is not much time. The Marxist in Chief is going to simply skip over 2nd World status and wallow us in 3rd World status.

  35. Insanity! This government has to be overthrown.Why not propose decreasing civil service salaries 35%. If these bureaucrats object let them go elsewhere.

    • All members take the Oath to uphold and defend The Constitution of the United States against all enemy’s Foreign Or Domestic…..I took it and in my mind it means Forever, not just until my time served is over.. AND WE do have a “Domestic Threat” IMHO..The Big “O” has systematically been decimating the Upper Ranks of OUR Military from the time he entered office:
      BELOW ARE THREE NEWS ITEMS (You will never see in the lame stream media)
      Because they refused to agree to FIRE on Armed American Citizens and this is still Happening !!!!! Please go to the link below and listen to what Jim Garrow has to say in the video below…….Thanks !!! Dog……

    • Because cutting the DoD budget to the limits imposed by the budget that Congress passed doesn’t really count as a threat to the Constitution. It’s kind of the opposite really…

  36. The Definition of Impeachment is:
    To charge (a public official) with a crime done while in office.
    To the 99% of people who are so ignorant, it is NOT removal from political office
    but simply a trial in the Senate for misconduct while in office for
    “high crimes and misdemeanors,” according to the Constitution. This
    makes removal from office only POSSIBLE.
    Mr. Boehner and the House of Reps. Must first Impeach….
    Then the Republican’s must have a Majority of the Senate to bring The Big “O” to Trial of any wrong doing, secondly He must be convicted of a charge to be removed
    from office…U.S. Constitution, Article II, section4
    The Constitution gives the House of Representatives
    the sole power to impeach an official, and it makes the Senate the sole court
    for impeachment trials. The power of impeachment is limited to removal from
    office but also provides for a removed officer to be disqualified from holding
    future office. Fines and potential jail time for crimes committed while in
    office are left to civil courts.

    • There will never be a “trial in the senate” as long as the dems hold the senate majority. If you all want change, then by God vote the dems out of office.

    • We agree, the same as Nixon, but you have to start somewhere. And Clinton was able to pull as much stuff, once he was impeached. Obamq needs to be cutoff at the knees, before he can do anymore damage.

  37. Col. West needs to be out and about making himself known to the American voters! America wants a hero, and Col. West acts and talks as one should. We still have right at 2 years with “Mr. Fundamentally Change America” to continue to take us down. Pray people, remind GOD of HIS promises(Isaiah 43:26), HE wants us to call on HIM!! Never in my life would I have thought Hagel would go the way he has…

  38. For those of you that are stuck on Benefits and Federal Workers, you need to step out of your box. This is the biggest problem Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party has. If you have ever worked with the Federal Budget and understood it, you would see the waste for yourself. Everything plays a factor out of each and every Organization in the Government. The waste starts in Washington, with our Elected Officials. (1) Funding for Pork (2) Funding sent to other Countries (3) Funding for Travel (4) Funding for the Administration (5) Number of Personnel the Administration has (6) Number of Personnel Obama and Michelle has (7) Funding for Travel (8) Funding for Obama Care (9) Funding for the Executive Orders (10) Funding for Paying back the ones that helped Elect him (11) Funding for Illegal’s (12) Funding for Big Business (13) Funding for Unions (14) Funding for IRS (15) The Lost Billions that are not accounted for. This is just a start folks. The Military Budget does have waste, but the idiots cutting back the way they are, are insane. Then again, they know exactly what they are doing by cutting our Military.

    • Reba we don’t appreciate being talked down to. We know all about the subjects you brought up, why would you make such uninformed assumption, you have n idea what we know or think. It is more likely you should be directing that at the democrats. They can start cutting in those areas first and quit attacking the military all the time period.

      • Cynthia, I’m not talking down to anyone, nor was my statement an uninformed assumption. My post is based on other post and no one talks about the things I listed, only Benefits and Federal Workers. it is well known that Republicans/Conservatives and the Tea Party always go for Benefits before anything else. I direct it at all parties, because they are all to blame for the mess we are in. I am a staunch Military supporter and I do not agree with the cuts, period. Yes, there is waste that can be trimmed, but there is more behind the Administration than cutting back.

      • Reba you said Republicans conservatives and Ta Party you said nothing about any other parties. There is nothing behind this administration but destroying and disarming this nation, so of course they would cut down the military. Now if you’re on the side of the military, you don’t attack they only party that supports them. As for cutting Benefits, that’s propaganda. It was Bill Clinton who cut welfare. How old are you and how much have studied?

      • As for being on the side of the Military Cynthia, it does not matter what party you are in. I know people that are Democrats whom support our Military just like Republicans. It doesn’t matter what party you are in, because even some of our Republicans don’t even support “Our Military”. I also left off the Democrats to make a point Cynthia. The point is this; the Republicans/Conservatives and Tea Party can only mention Benefits and Federal Workers and they never get to the real issues of funding. The Democrats will never do anything, but spend on what they want and make it hard on everyone else. Not that it matters Cynthia, since I’m entitled to express my opinion as a Conservative or anyone else. You seem to have a problem with a Conservative thinking different than the standard Republican/Conservative, Tea Party thinking. I’m old enough Cynthia and have studied plenty. As for my background, I have almost 40 years in Government Budgeting.

      • Reba, your last statement explains it all. You started by blaming republicans, conservatives and the Tea Party. You’re a troll.

      • I would laugh if your statement was not so sad. Do you realize that you just called every Federal Worker, Every Military Personnel a Troll? You are very narrow minded Cynthia. Let’s agree not to agree and leave it at that!

      • Not so Reba, just you. I have a grandson in the Marines and a granddaughter in the National Guard. You can see who I am, I’m obviously not a troll, hiding behind a false name, with no picture. When I make a comment to you it has nothing to do with any other military, how do you jump to that conclusion? And Patriot you too are wrong. I support Colonel West, and appreciate him commenting on the idiot Hagel, who want to destroy our military. The subject here is not government waste, it is the dismantling of our military. If you did work for the government, you would not be comparing apples and oranges. Government waste and disbanding our military are two different. Stick to the subject.

      • I have stuck to the subject and still am and just because you are a “friend” of Allen B. West doesn’t make you right. In fact you are off the mark by a long shot. We are talking about Hagels dismantling of the military under the guise of budget cuts, you obviously did not read my post or you would know that to be true.
        You do not ground an A-10 for the budget, but spend 100,000 on toilet seats. don’t look now cynthia, but your ignorance is showing

      • Cynthia, I also have family that served and does serve in the Military. I’ve been a Military brat my whole life. I’ve supported the Military my whole life and in my career. I never said I don’t support LTC West. I might not always agree with him and that’s my right. The subject is Government Waste. Where do you think the funding is going? Why do you think they are cutting the Military? The Budget is what funds the Military and everything else! Instead of cutting out the fraud and abuse, they are cutting the Military and dismantling it so he can spend it on the Programs he wants to. That is what I am saying. Why cut the Military when they can find the funding in the waste and abuse. Instead of throwing accusations at individuals, read what someone is saying. Tell LTC West, since he worked for the Government, he is comparing apples and oranges. I would love to know his response (from him).

      • They do and have cut the military budget, Carter cut the budget and so did Bill Clinton. You are beginning to sound like a troll Cynthia, There is no need to put someone down just because you do not agree with them.. The Rino’s of the Republican Party are really Democrat lights and yes they are for cutting the military. True conservatives do not want the military’s budget cut. Yes there is waste in every department. in every part of branch of government I have experienced that myself.
        There is cutting out the waste and there is cutting the meat of the budget. Democrats cut the meat from the budget while GOP goes after the fat and waste

      • Patriot, yes we have cut the military, we didn’t dismantle it and build a special army for the President, disguised as homeland security. I am a member of the Tea Party, and you are plain stupid if you think, that cutting the military by 75% is ok, especially at this time in history. Ask the Colonel if he agrees with you and Reba. DOUBTFUL. And just how much did you contribute to Colonel recount in the election that was stolen from him. He can confirm mine and my loyalty. But who are you two????

      • I do not like you tone, You come off as very surly and arrogant which I have no doubt you are. Self righteous is no way to go through life.

        barry did build an Army for himself in the DHS. If you doubt me read

        Read it and weep. Just because you counted ballots does not give you special privilege for anything and who I am doesn’t matter What does matter is you are very wrong about so many things. So get off your high horse. Stop being so self righteous. You are an embarrassment to the Tea Party, if you carry on like you do.

        Gutting the Military is the worst thing barry can do and his aim is to destroy this country. He formed the DHS Army to quell unrest when he crashes the dollar. He is gearing up for a Ukraine like event, which is trying to force upon us. He is Gutting the military and fired the general’s who he knew would be his opposition to taking over and desolving the Constitution and Bill of Rights. You are just kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

        I suggest instead of sitting around on your laurels to do some real investigative reading as to what is really going on. Try

        reading these articles and wake up

      • Ms.Banks Reba is not talking down to anyone. You may know all about the subjects she has brought up but I do not. You assume too much. As you know ass/u/me us making an Ass out of U and ME. She nicely explained what she knows to be true from her experiences and I appreciate hearing them as well.
        I have followed Reba’s posts for awhile now and see no attack of the military as you say, It sounds to me like you are projecting. If you do not like someone’s posts then do not read them.

      • Patriot that’s your opinion. She was putting down, conservatives and the tea party. She probably has not sat down and spoken to anyone from the Tea Party, we are for less government, and government waste. That has nothing to do with the topic, which is about Chuck Hagel, cutting the military by seventy-five percent. She is obfuscating to draw your attention away from the real subject. Is there waste in the military? Yes, but that is not what this is about. I’ll stand firm in my convictions. You just keep falling Reba instead of the Colonel, that will you get you real far.

      • Like a typical self righteous person you read into things what you want, hear things that you want to hear. Whether they are right or wrong. You stand firm in your stupidity and arrogance just because you are a cared carrying member of the tea party does not make anyone less of a Patriot nor being a Tea Party member make you any more right.
        Deflecting is what you do, projecting is what you resort to. Whether it is the LTC, Reba, you or anyone else. I am a man who makes up his own mind. I do and have done my homework on issues and obviously you have not.
        Reba has not put down anyone. Educating people is what she and I do. My suggestion to you is to start learning and deciding for yourself. Instead of running what you are fed.

    • While in the USN for 13yrs. Of my many duties was supply procurement for our regional dental lab, there was so much duplication,and waste. One quarterly inventory I identified all the waste/duplication saving roughly 200K, presented my report,then was ordered to spend it on useless items such as manhole covers,mops,buckets etc….”Just spend it so the budget doesn,t get cut” was the watchword.Administratve costs should be looked at first,not our defensive assets. This administration intends to weaken our nation, and our allies, both economically and defensively . Sadly, it appears they are accomplishing thier obvious goals. This administration,and thier fellow-travelers are a “clear and present danger”!

      • You are absolutely right. At the end of the Fiscal Year if you don’t spend your Budget, sometimes it is cut. Instead of spending it on Programs that need it, some Departments blow it. We were very strict on our Budgets, because of the Programs we had. Instead of the funding being rolled over each year, our Laws dictate that it has to be Obligated. That has always been a problem and always will be, unless it’s changed. Yes, our Administration intends to weaken our nation in every way. They will take our Military down to nothing in order to get that and more. We can only pray that our Elected Officials fight tooth and nail to stop it and the Military and People raise hell to our Elected Officials. I’m afraid though; that the Democrats did this is order to get their way in other areas.

    • By Benefits do you mean government handouts or earned/payed for benefits? There is a very big difference between the two and I believe most conservatives and Tea Party people support earned benefits. They just don’t support extensive, extended handouts.

      • Maybe I’m not making myself clear. There is earned and unearned. The problem is how can you cut benefits of any kind without cleaning the system up first? When you cut Benefits across the board you are going to hurt the individual’s that paid in as much as the one that did not. If you don’t clean up house and find the fraud and abuse by the Administrators and Receivers you will never correct it nor stop it. We lose “Billions” in the system and can’t account for it. I would think any person would want to clean the system to find all the Tax Dollars that are being abused. The flip side of this is our Economy. People are without jobs, can’t find a job and that’s even the ones that worked there whole life and have lost everything. When you stop the Benefits, they lose their shelter, food and everything else. In turn, they are on the streets. I would much rather see the system fixed, funding and fraud found, then we can help the ones that really need it and force the ones that are milking the system to work. Sure, it will take time, but in the end it will be worth it. I hope I have cleared up any confusion.

      • I agree that there are billions of dollars spent every year by the government that should fall under the fraud/waste/abuse category. However that will never change as long as politicians can make politics a lifetime career.

        Here are three things I feel would make a huge difference:
        1. There should be 8 year term limits
        2. There should be mandatory 5 year minimum jail
        sentences for any politician caught in any kind of
        corruption. Any kind.
        3. A politician and political appointees should not be able
        to invoke the 5th amendment and remain in office,
        Those 3 things would be a very good start to cleaning up the government and getting spending under control.

        As for the people without jobs. Many of them really do want to work, but are unable to take the jobs that are available. Many unemployed don’t want to work because they get more in unemployment for 99 weeks than they would in the mostly low paying jobs that are available.

      • I also agree and I think a law should be passed that the American People have a right to recall an Elected Official that is not performing his duty after he Swore he would. Yes, they are many that want to work and the system prevents it. I’m not down on all of the unemployed, because I know many that have been pounding the pavement for a very long time. The system does not help people to get them off the rolls, because this Administration wants them dependent on the Government. A bigger problem to me is illegal’s that are sucking us dry and that to me is a bigger problem than our unemployed. Until it is cleaned up, nothing will work the way it should.

      • Besides their illegal use of the American welfare system, the illegal aliens invading our country are also a big part of the unemployment problem. Yes some of the jobs they take are hard to fill when you pay minimum wage or lower (agriculture in particular comes to mind) but millions of illegals are taking jobs that real Americans need.

  39. I firmly believe that Obama has never had any intentions of leaving his office. He has been carefully preparing the ground for a “Marxist/Communist revolution and military takeover of this country from day one”! Everything he has done points towards this single goal. Purposely weaking our economy, destroying our relationships with former friendly nations like Isreal. Weaking our military positions throughout the world, as he did by removing defensive missle sites from Poland to please Putin. We got nothing in exchange except more argession by the Russians in Syria. Obama has agreed to “hand over our national sovernity”, along with our constitutional rights to the U.N.! Obama is “surrendering” America to the world, inviting them to start W.W. III and invade the U.S.! Obama litterly, “harbors a deep, burning hatred, for America”. Always has, and always will. He is intentionally plotting and “getting his revenge”. And the whole Democrat Party and our National Media are helping him do it, every step of the way!

  40. Honestly, I am not concerned about cutting the number of troops. If our presence in over one-hundred nations with boots-on-the-ground is lessened, we will not need the numbers we currently have. If the two issues coincide, then let it come. Cutting troops and cutting duty-stations should go hand-in-hand. If not, then it is a worry. Why do we need boots-on-the-ground in over one-hundred nations? Were we requested to occupy so many countries? We have become an occupier just like the Soviet Union did with the Eastern Bloc in decades past.

  41. I’ll admit it. I’m an Army hater. During my Air Force career I had a lot of bad experiences with them and am convinced they’re a lousy organization with some real knotheads. Generally speaking, they do a lot of things badly. Even so, I recognize they have a vital role to play in the nation’s defense. Part of that means having enough people and gear to do the job. Sufficiently fund them or lives will be lost.

  42. First this story is completely wrong in their facts and the media is spinning it this way because unfortunately most Americans don’t know any better and think that we are actually going to cut the Army force to pre-WWII levels. The facts: Fact No. 1. In 1940 to 1944 the Army numbered 269,000. Fact No. 2. In WWII the Army numbered 8.266 million. Fact No. 3. The Army is going to cut the force to between 440 and 445 thousand which is in reality cutting the force to 1996 – 2005 levels. Not really a very impressive cut just the media is making it seem like it is a drastic cut. Do however keep in mind that Obama did promise in his first term to cut the Military by 50% which he is slowing but surely attaining that number and then some. With the Army cut (if it goes into effect) he will have cut the total Military number by 5%. Individual services cut since Obama took office are as follows: Army -18%, Marines -9%, Navy -2% and the Air Force grew by +.3% as far as equipment goes this administration has cut that by about 25% bringing the total cuts to the Military to 30%, keep in mind that when we cut our forces and equipment by that promised 50% the United States will be open to attacks by foreign enemies that will yield a 2% sucess rate for them and every attack will dimish our nation’s defenses leaving us open to greater threats. All this we have to thank Obama’s Adminsitration and the Rock Heads that we the people have elected into office to make us “safe.” Source: US Department of Defence website.

    • So if each foreign enemy attack only has a 2% success rate won’t every attack diminish them more than us? Also, we haven’t been attacked by a foreign military since 1941 so there’s that. And I’d love to know where you got that 2% number.

  43. Since Obama and Hagel seem hell-bent on reducing the size of our military, meaning essentially firing a good chunk of the current active duty personnel, perhaps they can
    start by kicking out the slacker idiot who not only deliberately ducked out of
    the traditional evening lowering of the flag by hiding in her car – but who
    then took a selfie while doing it and proudly posted it on social media,
    BRAGGING so the whole world could see what she had done, as if she were SO COOL
    – and then told anyone who didn’t like it to keep their objections to
    themselves (sic) “cuz, right now, IDGAFFFF.”

  44. Maybe some of the cuts could be made in the countries who are our FRIENDS, and where we maintain military presence!! If the purpose is to DEFEND our country, how abiout doing something about those countries who HATE us!!!!! Those countries are the ones most likely to attack us. If we are going to have military bases in any country, maybe we should make friends with CUBA and put another base on that island!! It is much closer to us than all the countries who would really be a threat, and if we don’t eventually get a diplomatic relationship with them, how do we know North Korea will not? I’d much rather have Cubans our friends than North Loreans 90 miles from us!!!!


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