Obama vacations have cost you $18 million — so far

Lately, President Obama has been talking about “austerity” and cutting spending. What a crock.

According to a report by Paul Bedard in the Washington Examiner,
when you total all the reported expenses of the first family’s 22 vacations so far to Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard, Spain, Colorado, Florida, Africa, etc are combined, the estimate of Obama vacations reaches over $18 million when hotel and resort rent, security hotel and car rentals and airfare are included. Austerity?

As you may be aware, Mr. and Mrs. had separate Valentine’s Day vacations — y’all can do your own analysis on that.

But how does the Commander-in-Chief look into the eyes of the young men and women in our military on food stamps as he and the FLOTUS jet off all around the globe?

According to the Washington Examiner, Government watchdog group Judicial Watch has been “bird dogging” this issue. Concerned about the trip expenses and the administration’s lack of transparency on the trips, Judicial Watch has sought spending documents. They’ve had success on just eight trips and only received Air Force and Secret Service expense forms which total $2,417,595.47. Included is the $1 million tab for Michelle Obama’s 2011 trip to Africa, her $476,585 2010 vacay in Spain, the first couple’s 2009 New York City date night that cost $11,648 and the first lady’s 2013 trip to Aspen for Presidents’ Day costing $81,523.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said, “The Obama administration has simply stopped voluntarily producing information about the costs of the travel. It is radio silence. They are in cover-up mode.”

And a final bit of history regarding Obama’s budget proposal released this week. He and his acolytes say he’s driven deficits down to their greatest levels since World War II.

Ha. Let’s do a quick analysis. Obama promised in his first term to cut the deficit in half. The deficit that Obama “inherited” from George Bush’s final year was $458 billion, but every deficit in Obama’s first term was at or above $1 trillion. And for the liberal progressives out there who rely on Common Core math standards, a deficit is the difference between incoming revenues (which were at a high) and outlays (spending). The deficits have fallen over the last two years not because of Obama, but because House GOP held firm on the sequester cuts which Obama claimed would cause the sky to fall.

Income inequality, shared prosperity, economic equality, austerity, fair share, what a bunch of bovine excrement emanating from the mouth of the worst president America may ever know (at least I hope it doesn’t get any worse). As I have stated before, the low information voters will turn us from citizens into subjects.


    • Are you serious? Obama has spent more than the first 43 all put together! Bush went to his own ranch in Crawford, Texas, why can’t the Obama vacation in Chicago? We paid $12,000.00 for a flipping dress? What is wrong with you? America & American’s owe Obama NOTHING BUT A KICK IN HIS A$$ out of our White House!

  1. It’s a good thing they plan on cutting BAH, commissary, and Tricare benefits. I’m not sure we’d be able to fund anymore vacations while trying to help military families make a living…..

      • 50% White, and a whole lot of Arab, with a teeny bit of African Black.
        No life experience as an American Black, raised in foreign countrys. No struggle to rise above the crowd, raised in a White, communist, upper income home, and attended up scale schools.

  2. They took separate Valentines day vacations?….. really…… I really thought the gay thing was a joke with him especially when they did the side by side of him with Putin. Never in my life have I been so ashamed of my president, looking so weak when our neighboring super powers are flexing their muscles, but that my friends is enough to make Ru’ Paul suspicious!! we now officially have two first Ladies.

    • > “looking so weak when our neighboring super powers are flexing their muscles,”

      They only flex their muscles because they know Obama is weak. When President Cruz comes to office they will not do this any more – just as the Iranians handed over hostages when President Reagan defeated the useless wimp Jimmy Carter.

  3. Remember when the liberal media used to kill GWB for vacationing at his ranch in Texas instead of using Camp David? Where are they now I wonder?

    • I’m sure they will come out (B) witching about Bush somewhere complaining that we are making a big issue of Obama’s vacations. And if they do just ignore them..I plan on it.

    • With their head stuck up Obama’s behind is where they are! The only thing Obama goes to Camp David for is another golfing vacation.

    • Remember the daily death tolls? As though the filthy lefties were truly concerned. You can rest assured that that stopped the day Obama took office.


  5. The amount of hypocrisy in the media for not reporting this excesses has no limits, just like the shameful way the Obama’s shows to America by disregarding its values. They are without a doubt wannabe dictators. Michelle Obama is now worst than Imelda Marcos.

  6. He is attempting top bankrupt us, this is no surprise, taking a multi-million dollar Plane just to bring his dog BO is evidence enough. sending his wife on separate vacations at 20,000 dollar a night hotel room is beyond lavish. He is clearly being deliberate about wasting tax payer dollars

  7. They’ve abused the presidency as few others have. In addition to the costs cited here, many of the trips he’s taken that were supposedly official could easily have been handled without travel. Florida to play golf with Tiger Woods. Palm Springs to talk to the King for two hours. Really! Abusing the position to have fun.

  8. That sounds questionable… If he takes his family … who have no official function…. then it is a vacation for them His trip to Europe (business for him, not for them) followed by a trip to S. Africa was reported at $110M alone!

  9. they are both disgusting and he should never have been president, as I look at it he needs to pay every dam cent back to the Americans you paid the tab!

  10. Neuter the bastard…vote conservative…encourage your like thinkers to get out and vote them out! Kick both legs out from under this tyrant…then kick his sacks on the way down.

  11. Yeah, so how much have they really spent on vacations? I saw a report that said it was over $1B, at around the 18th to 20 vacation. They take so many, I have lost track. Now you guys are reporting it at $18M. And yes, there was one in CA recently reported to be $100M. So what gives? Which numbers are accurate?

    • Wow… thanks for that piece of information.
      I’m sure you did extensive investigating to find their hidden billions.

      Good work.
      For a moment I thought you might have just been some random person making unfounded crazy accusations on the internet.

      • Well considering the transparency and honesty of the Obama’s, that info is probably not readily available. Make no mistake, they’ve got plenty of money, and you know they do. They’ve got more money than you or I will ever see in our lives.

  12. F-UGLY and her Husband are just in for a real surprise. maybe. That depends if the new 2016 POTUS pardons them. On crimes committed against Americans.
    Point: F-UGLY was not elected. Her idiot was. I believe she should pay back the people and be arrested for misuse of Government funds.


      • I’m thinking they don’t have a personal home to go to. You NEVER hear of them going HOME for anything. Apparently they think the Whitehouse is their forever home??? NOT

      • Are you following me? Thanks, I’m flattered that I have picked up a website bird dog. Please do me a favor though. Just don’t follow too close . . .I get a little nervous if a stranger gets too close behind me.

        BTW Thanks for your military service. Don’t know where you’ve been or for how long, and could care less, but glad you’re back safe and sound in NYC.

        Now where was I ?. . .Oh ya, just don’t take any of this on-line stuff too seriously. It will make you old before your time, and try to keep your comments relevant to the discussion and try to avoid insulting people directly. It’s a waste of time and makes you look stupid.

        So you’re really a Democrat, huh?

    • Way to keep it classy.
      Next time you complain that conservatives are unfairly called racists, remember that you’re part of the reason that stereotype exists.

      • How many Presidents’ wives have you ever seen pictures of stepping off Air Force with tennis shoes,cut off shorts and a sleeveless sweatshirt ? This is not a classy 1st lady…this is GHETTO!

      • Yo Dip-Shit….my woman is a “lady of color”,and I am white! She grew up in the projects and went to college part time for”10 years” and earned her degree!
        She has more class and humanity in her little finger than michelle can even comprehend!
        You are the “true racist” because you look at the color of the skin vs what the person’s Character is!

      • Keep telling yourself that genius.
        If it was a white first lady you disliked I doubt you would have made the ghetto remark.

    • If that’s the case, then I’m glad I’m old and won’t be around to see the demise of what used to be the finest, free & strongest country in the world.

      • Susan . . .C’mon Susan . .you’ve got plenty still left in there. Give em hell. Tell them what’s on your mind. . .Bet you’ve seen a lot and are probably one of the few on here who can actually see the difference and make a comparison between the way it was and the way it is today. I know I can.

      • Ok SYG, yes, I sure as hell do have plenty left in me & I’m not so old that I invented dirt, but if I post my true feelings about some of these libidiots, I’ll sound worse than a sailor on deck that just got hit with wave wash! LOL. Ya know, one thing about being older is that I realize I can explain, very eloquently, the truth to low info voters, but I can’t make them understand. You can educate ignorance but there’s no hope for stupidity. And as I read through some of these comments, the conservative ones make perfect, logical sense to me, but the progressive, libtard idiots haven’t a clue about what this admin. is doing to them, and when they find all their freedoms gone…who do you think is gonna cry “foul”? Yep, you got it, the idiots. I remember when Ike won the election (and yes I was pretty young) but things got better in a hurry.
        With the dip-shit in the WH now, who’s destroying our military, our economy, our entire healthcare system and giving all our hard earned tax money to the lazy-ass idiots that just refuse to work, the next generation is going to find themselves living under communism. Idiots…there just isn’t any hope for them.

      • BRAVO Susan . . .I had a feeling there was something simmering under that quiet response that I read from you.
        It’s frustrating isn’t it . . .to know and see what’s coming and how the Left Wingers act like they have blinders on or only see things through rose colored glasses.
        You can tell, illustrate, talk till you’re blue in the face and all you get back is that “deer in the headlight stare” with the accompanying “HUH?” Love your openness and wisdom . . .Keep going strong . .sooner or later some of your seeds (words) will fall on fertile ground, and who knows . . .you might cause an awakening in a couple of the ditzy Liberals.

        BTW . . .July, 1941 . . . .I’ve been around the flagpole a few times myself . .ha ha ha ha
        Enjoy your day, and “give em hell”

      • SYG, I’m LMFAO!! The only seeds that might fall into fertile ground would be those that fell into someone’s head that had shit-for-brains. But yes it’s frustrating. When you can see where the country is headed and the low info libidiots just keep their nose up Barry’s butt. “HUH?” doesn’t begin to describe their ignorance. They also suffer from a severe case of apathy. They just don’t care, but they don’t even know what it is that they don’t care about. Sheesh…sometimes I wonder how the libtards even learned how to wipe their arses by themselves.
        BTW…maybe you did invent dirt…me–>Feb. 1947 🙂

      • Well I din’t invent it, but it was still warm when i touched it . . . .I’m a Pearl Harbor Baby . . .born in july . .bombed Pearl that following Dec.

        My younger sister was born April of 47. ha ha ha

        Hey I’m getting some cataract surgery in the morning. Maybe I won’t have as many misspelled words after it?

        I wonder what it’s going to take to wake these libtards up? Logic doesn’t mean a thing to them. I really think they feel confused when things start making sense. they’ve been living in the “PlayStation – Game Boy” fantasy world for so long, reality is foreign to them.

        Well another day another dollar the gov’t takes.

      • Good luck with the surgery. Not sure the libtards can be awakened, I think they’re in a perpetual state of hibernation. Haven’t noticed any misspelled words, but maybe my eyes are bad too. 🙂
        Nite to you too. Catch ya on the flip side.

      • BTW SYG, why is it when you try to talk to a libtard they give you that same look as your 13 year old that says “did you just grow 2 heads”? Fortunately (or hopefully) most liberals, like 13 year olds, grow up & get smart. 🙂

  13. There’s no such thing as being a little bit pregnant and despite what obama’s domestic terrorist pal Bill Ayers says, there’s also no such thing as being a “small C” Communist. You’re either a Communist or you aren’t. The obamas ARE Communists and they’ve been robbing and grinding down America. They need to be locked up before they lock US up.

  14. Note that every Christmas he and his entire family leave the week before Christmas and spend the rest of the month in Hawaii and do not return until early January. G.W. Bush always stayed in Washington, DC until the day after Christmas when he was president. Only on December 26th did he go to his ranch in Texas. He did this since many of the SS agents have young families. Because of the time frame they are in Hawaii away from their homes since Obama has been president, the Secret Service agents are away during the entire Christmas vacation time when traditionally kids are out of school and families spend time together creating family Christmas traditions with extended family and friends. This has happened for five years. What a chump Obama is. No, he is not a chump. He is a self centered spoiled brat who acts as if he is royalty. And he treats people like slaves whose only purpose is to attend to him.

    • I don’t like to think that he’s a “Reverse Racist” and is somehow justifying his financially ruining the county as some sort of twisted “Pay Back” for slavery? ?Something to think about. Stranger things have happened. The more money he spends, the more smug and happier he gets. Something’s up and I can’t put my finger on it.

      • Excuse me SYG, when did I call him a racist? I simply was pointing out that he is very inconsiderate and selfish. He has no consideration for the SS agents and their families as he pulls them out of DC every Christmas so he can romp in the waves of Hawaii. GWG loved going to the ranch but considerately waited until the day after Christmas. He got a break during the Christmas season, but his SS agents got to have Christmas traditions in their homes with their families. The money Obama spends is another example of his selfishness and, I agree, 18 million is too low based on other estimates I have seen. He is a spendthrift (with our money) during a time when so many American families are barely surviving in this terrible economy. Their suffering don’t mean a thing to him. Another example of his selfishness and lack of consideration is his foisting Obamacare on us while he and his wife and daughters are exempt. He is a self centered narcissistic brat. He needs to be impeached and we need to have a second American Revolution. And get rid of all Democrats and RINOs.

      • 1776 . . .Apologies . . .Deleted my comments from above under you. My comments were not meant towards you . They should have been over in the first column and were meant as a general comment towards Col West.
        My screw up Sorry. I reposted at top for Col West review.
        Again, not meant towards you.

      • ABSOLUTELY , ‘ I have been writing just about every day to try and promote what I call > OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP AMERICAN STYLE .. ) A Good old fashion ,’ MUTINY ..AND TAKE BACK AMERICA …..O-VOMIT BAMA ) aka > OBAMA . MUST BE ARRESTED , CHARGED ,CONVICTED for ALL HIS CRIMES ,ALONG with all his Corrupted criminal slime balls. ‘ His Administration & Muslim thugs .l the Clinton’s , Eric Holder N Piloski … and all connected , AN FBI INVESTIGATION should be mandatory . Freeze all these peoples wages and confiscate all their money . starting with Obama’s ,’ this money should be paid back into our system. and new book keepers & bankers of honesty appointed. WE need Christian honest system to bring this country back … That’s what this country built this country , ‘ and how the Constitution was written , Christian values ,morels and honesty . a new law should be passed ..that NO WAY SHOULD A IMMIGRANT COMMUNIST SHOULD EVER ,EVER BE GIVEN A CHANCE TO BECOME A PRESIDENT OF AMERICA . you all must learn this lesson ..a Tiger can’t change his strips ..neither can a liar change his Evil intent . He is either possessed ,’ or He is the Anti Christ , WE NOW LIVE in time of Revelations, ‘ join in prayer as ,we march as christian solders ,’ WE CAN over come ,and Satan’s Evil shell be wrapped in Chains for the 1000 years . Wow ,,wouldn’t that be nice ? ..God Bless America , ,in Jesus name I pray , Amen Amen Amen .

      • You’re a rightwing nut afflicted with a case of stage 4 Obama Derangement Syndrome.. I guess you want to throw out the Constitution and try Obama before a jury that has no one but rightwing nuts on it.

      • He encourages Racist’s and I don’t understand why you can’t put your finger on it. He is bringing our country down to its knees more and more each day. That is his intentions!

      • Almost well said Reba, but I REFUSE to go to my knees because of him. I will stand tall and fight as my father & grandfather before me did.

      • SYG, he’s the worst racist of all. He has turned our country’s race relations and accomplishments back more than 50 years in some cases. If I were to judge him on his character, he’d get a big fat -0!!

      • Apologies 1776 . . .for some reason when I was typing and making comments, I though I was over one more click into the first posting column. Didn’t notice I was actually under you and my comments were posting as a reply to you. Looks like I need to calm down before I write and see where I’m on the posting map. Again apologies. Didn’t think you said anything about being racist. My comments were actually directed towards Col West as a thought only and not responding to anything he said either.

      • Which is so funny since he is not even an American, He was born in Libya,so I guess he is vacating for all the Libyans who were abducted and sold into slavery. The most evil and worthless man on the face of the earth. The leaders of Syria and Iran have nothing on this bastard.

    • I wish I could comment on all the above comments, but they’re all so eloquent that further words would fail me. Well said everyone. I too, heard that the Africa trip was upwards of $100 million.

  15. And back in Lincoln’s day, the public was OUTRAGED that Mary Todd Lincoln bought a set of china for the White House to use to entertain guests. Prior to that, White House occupants, i.e., Presidents, had furnished the WH with their own personal belongings, which they moved out when they ended their term. Such a change!

  16. There’s gotta be a zero missing from the $18 million figure. Africa ALONE was estimated to have cost between $60 and $100 million. And we know how accurate the administration is when it comes to financial figures…the $800 billion estimate for Obamacare was waaaayyy off the mark, so it’s safe to assume the same for POTUS’s vacations.

    • This is the first job he has ever had and the first money that he has ever made. I want to know how much of the 13 million that he has aquired is money stolen directly from us.

      • Can’t wait til he’s out of office. No where to run no where to hide. The life they are living will cease. The income will plummet and they will be nothing but civilians. He will always be called the worst POTUS. I really don’t see how there could be another this bad…

      • Yes, they’ll be gone on a permanent vacation but the USA will be left in a BIG mess! It will takes decades to undo the damage done to our nation, and that’s if we don’t get another DemocRAT! The after effects will be a terrible burden for our children and grandchildren. 🙁

  17. According to Glenn Beck, who’s team is very resourceful, the real number is in the $1.4Billion range. But who keeping track…. Then there’s the almost non-stop campaigning that the American taxpayer picks up. Plus the cost to the host States and Cities.

  18. They did not get all the records needed to give a total. I can tell you for a fact it’s a hell of a lot more then what they are saying. You also have to take into consideration Michelle, 2 kids and a mother-in-law (which I haven’t heard about for a while now). Lots of other things go into travel and “We theTax Payers are Paying”!

    • This obviously doesn’t account for security detail and AF1 and AF2 flying them around. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour to fly those big planes. They take separate jets wherever they go, and even have the stupid dogs flown separately. I can’t afford to take my dogs on vacation with me, much less rent them their own special car with their own driver. Their first Africa trip cost over $100M, but I guess it doesn’t count because it was a “State Necessity.”

      • For Bush’s many extended stays at his ranch, taxpayers paid for room and board for dozens of staff, Secret Service, and Air Force One crew. It’s a lie that they take separate jets everywhere they go. It is also a stupid lie that the dogs always fly separately. There are always some staff that fly on a separate plane, and sometimes the First Lady and/or dogs will fly with them. The estimate on the cost of the Africa trip was based on an earlier estimate on the cost of Bush’s trip to Africa.. Laura Bush made several trips to Africa on her own, and the daughters joined her for a safari.

  19. Jackie spent money but it was class. She did not have unpteen persons in waiting to help her wipe her nose and her tail Jack didn’t have unpteen czars to skirt around WE THE PEOPLE. HOW have we allowed this current crud to happen? And it ain’t over yet, folks….

    • It is just beginning, Anyone who thinks that obumma will leave in 2016 is nuts. By late next year we will be living under martial law and he will declare that it is to dangerous for him to leave office. Wait and see, it is going to happen.

      • Bury your head in the sand, but next year when this happens remember that I told you it would. Sheeple are so stupid. Liberals would not know the truth if it bites them on their butts.

      • Yes…and if Mitt were our President, he would not have taken one, either. And I am very confident that he would NOT have wasted our money on tripping like the current residents of the WH do.

  20. Sure the vacations are a scandal to be sure, but presidents do need them. In Obama’s case, the longer he takes on vacation, the better off we are, unless you are an American Ambassador in Libya.

  21. George and Laura Bush had date nights in the WH dining room…they were aware of their position as servants of our great country. all of their good deeds were done quietly, not bragging on late night TV or Hollywood parties. Nor did Laura or Nancy Reagan feel the need to be fashionista’s as they had more important assignments as first ladies….more importantly, they had class as did Jackie Kennedy.

    The Obama’s travel around with their entourage who take over cities, towns and islands like mobsters. Their kids have no personalities and act like elitist brats as did Chelsea Clinton. Their loathing for Americans is never more evident as when they are on vacation flashing their pseudo royality on their peons.

    • The Bush and Reagan families had a lot of respect for our country, our flag, the leaders of the rest of the world, and valued our service men and women. George and Laura still support the African AIDs/HIV foundation that they started, donate thousands of supplies to that nation to combat malaria, hunger, and other diseases, support our injured service men and women through donations, running marathons, and bike-a-thons.

      The Obama’s give a few thousand to the Fisher House to help injured service men but do they ever meet with them? Do they ever put a face to them? I haven’t read a single article about that. I’m sure if they did, it would be splashed all over the front pages plus all over MSM, but it’s been pretty quiet in that regard. I believe that, to them, the Fisher House is only a tax deduction.

      • Only the stupid defend a Dictator who listens in on them. Only the Stupid look at the colour of a person to determine if they are rich or poor; intellectually inferior or superior; able-bodied or physically incapable! Democrats are stupid Racist bigots & have been since their inception by that slave owner, Thomas Jefferson!

      • You are ignorant. How about the luxurious accommodations? The expensive venues the wardrobe, etc. how many vacations have the typical American family taken in 5 years? I guess it must take an enormous amount of energy to destroy a nation that’s why he needs so much rest. What a disgrace .

    • Coming from a poster that most likely called for the lynching, burning, hanging etc etc etc of George Bush for 6 or 8 years. The simple fact that you still defend this awful, lying president makes your views irrelevant. Unlike filthy lefties like you, our first reaction to someone we disagree with is not to shoot them.

      • I never called for the “lynching, burning, hanging, etc.” of President Bush or any public figure so I guess my views aren’t “irrelevant.”

  22. Colonel West, I am a white Republican, Conservative Redneck though my cultural background has seen Paris, South Korea, Germany, Canada and Mexico, Brest on the coast of Brittany France. I consider my self multinational culturally and am a dual service veteran of over ten years being both Air Force and Army. I would love to see you run for president. I mean it. In years past the GOP has put up bad candidates left over right. As your running mate, I would suggest Condolesa Rice. I know I have the spelling wrong but she served G.W. with class, dignity and was a truly great lady. I trust you Sir to bring us back from the brink and lead us back to Constitutional Government. I believe in you and I think you know other announced or imagined candidates could not be better than you. Thank you for your service in the Military, our Congress, and in now, our hour of need. I want to Draft you as our next president of the United States.

    • Very well said Victor. Condolesa Rice is my husbands favorite for VP. She wouldn’t take any crap off anyone and she also has morals and ethics, Thanks for your input.

      • While Condi Rice won’t do it, she would be awesome as President. Smart as a whip! Respected around the world! As the Republican candidate, being black and female, the Dems wouldn’t have a China man’s chance. Certainly takes the white racist crap out of the ammo for Libs! Who the heck come close to beating her? Joe Bite Me? She would wipe the floor up with the racist punk! Hellary? Hellary would probably commit suicide! I say Condoles Rice for President!

      • You really do make a compelling point. And it would cetainly take the wind out of the libtards sails. If that was my conservative choice, I’d go for it.

      • Currently we have a President who no one respects. Most scaring being our enemies. The Marxist in Chief in many respects is winning (his war) on America. There comes a time where we as a society better WAKE UP quickly to defend against the onslaught of the rabid Marxist in Chief intends to whip America into a frazzle! There is no wavering in what he and his Puppet Master have in store for America. It is their committed mission. With Putin laughing and sneering at The Bozo in Chief, so does the World. I saw a video of Ronald Reagan today showing him telling the drivers at a NASCAR race; “Gentlemen, Start your engines!” Reagan was a LEADER. He was respected around the world! Most importantly by America’s enemies! We are witnessing an intense and internal desire by the Marxist in Chief to gut America to the bone…and laugh and snicker! The Republican Party better get and be prepared to WIN BIG in November. America is dangling from a thin frayed chord. The Republican Party better grow some steel veins real quick and FIGHT for Freedom, Liberties, our Constitution, and our Bill of RIghts! Now is The Time!

    • I second his nomination – but rather suggest as running mate, either Nikki Haley, or Michelle Bachmann over the anti-semite Rice.

  23. While maybe not a vacation, his visit to India cost taxpayers over two billion dollars for the rent on the Taj Mahal…..little extravagant, don’t we think?

  24. I wish someone would break this down,in comparisons to other presidents and even using there current economy and cost of living break down to the Obama’s, because without that, who can really say. Did Bush spend half, almost as much? How about the Clinton’s, the Reagan’s..my guess is Obama, being he doesn’t go home or to a ranch he owns himself,
    like others, but instead, rents in Hawaii and that alone will tip the scales on expense.

    • If you went to work in a town that hated you so much that you received death threats every day from the people who wanted to “rule from day one” (Valarie Jarrett’s famous quote) and you could do business in PEACE from your home in Texas – where the Cost of Living was CHEAPER & the cost for protecting you was too… would you stay “in the Bunker” of the White House or give the Taxpayer a break?
      NOW, keep in mind there are FAR LESS death threats to the Dictator – because Bill Clinton proved that fascists WILL state “He just threatened my life” to their SS guards – whose obligation will be to “arrest the threat”.
      Clinton used that many times against citizens who dared to criticize him to his face in a public forum.
      NO ONE who opposes the Dictator on genuine concerns, wants to see the Dictator dead! BUT we want to see him arrested, tried & convicted for treason!

      • …and i recall a vendor refusing to shake Hillary’s hand while on one of their caring listening tours. The vendor was audited after the camera caught monicas bf’s co-conspirator wife say a few words to ss.

      • Why does the current president even have secrect service people? Nobody wants Biden to take over his job, so he’s safe. The only smart thing BO did was to find a bigger idiot for his VP. If you look back, that’s been happening quite a bit over the past few years.

  25. Anyone watch Blacklist on NBC tonight, (Mon, 2/24)? Notice Sen Ted Cruz & Ret LTC Allen West “cameo stills” at FBI HQ’s photo shopped hobnobbing with a high profile national security threat/historical artifact thief (character name: Madeline Pratt S1/Ep14)? Hmmm? Of ALL the politically relevant people to pick from…I call foul!

  26. I would agree to pay for a Funeral for these two scumbags, but it would consist of only throwing both of them into a pen of pigs to be devoured! Where are the L.H. Oswalds when America truly needs one?

    • We sure don’t want that to happen because they (libtards) would put him on a pedestal and worship him forever. He needs to be thrown in prison with Hilary and Holder for conspiracy and treason!

      • Only the Ghetto Scum and true retards will do that, the ones who already contribute nothing to our society, so to hell with them. Let them put him on a pedestal, only the very uneducated and ignorant do such things. Course, I would be happy to see him tossed in Gitmo or any prison also, but I would much rather see his head explode on National TV during one of his LIES. Big gusher of red spray of hair, teeth, and eyeballs, yep, I would just hope I was recording it at the time so that I could watch it over and over, the Day America Rid itself of a Tyrant!

      • Let the LIbtards and Homos put him on a pedestal, but it will at least be a dead pedestal, lol! Only the Entitlement Leeches and the truly Mentally Challenged, or the Ghetto Rats, will put him on that pedestal, and they contribute nothing to our society anyway, only suck from it, so let the animals act like animals and worship the dead HomoBoy as much as they want!

  27. I don’t like to think that the POTUS is a “Reverse Racist” and is somehow justifying his financially ruining the county as some sort of twisted “Pay Back” for slavery? ? Just saying, and something to think about. Stranger things have happened. The more money OBAMA spends, the more smug and happier he gets. Something’s up and I can’t put my finger on it. I have a hunch, but not concrete.

  28. How the hell could the American Voters put this lying POS in the white house!!!! Nothing but a community organizer who never held a real job. He has devastated this country and continues to do so and no one does a god dam thing about it!!!!!!!!!

      • That and the dead that voted aren’t all that smart so don’t be to harsh on them.
        It is the golden triangle. Dead people voting, corrupt poll workers and rigged machines. Ooh wee , a communists dream.

      • If all the Republican officials in all the states controlled by Republicans are too stupid to take evidence of vote fraud to a Republican federal judge, then Republicans are too stupid to govern.

    • It doesn’t begin to compare. Bush vacationed at his ranch and many times those were working vacations. He would invite heads of state to the ranch for a more relaxed atmosphere, just as Reagan did. He usually stayed at the WH on holidays so his secret service people could enjoy holidays with their families.

      • Bush also signed bills at the White House and not in front of a select group for a photo opt. Bush did close the White House to visitors.

    • It no longer matters. Even if Bush was wrong, duplicating (actually exceeding) it by Soetoro does not make it better. It’s the difference between putting you hand in a fire or having done it in the past. Right now is far more important than what was.

  29. come on…! since when vacationing with Air Force One is cheap?
    i drove trough by Bush Jr. ranch in Texas during his presidency and back then he installed fiber optics in the midlle of freaking nowhere for the Western White House!!! …..how much do you think it cost to keep him in vacation there?

    • A lot less than it costs to shuttle the king and queen (especially with her 22 staff members) all over the world every time they sigh.

  30. 18 million? get real. That doesn’t even begin to touch it. The Africa trip was close to 100 million, plus Michelle had darling daughters added as senior staff members on her expenses. I’m guessing she’s added them on every trip. That’s just the one they got ferreted out on.

    Estimates were his trip to India were almost $2 billion and that won’t be far off since he booked three hotels completely. Plus he had all his food flown in from the United States for him and all the dinners served for guests, the two mile, concrete, bomb proof tunnel he had built to protect him so he could go sight seeing. Good to be king. In addition, the hotels had to be booked well in advance for security and they had been booked previously and he had to change plans and postpone trip. Booze worth thousands of dollars a bottle. This just on one trip. Of course, he timed that with some conference with another so he could write it all off as business, like the trip to Rio for the carnival. Schedule a meeting and it’s business.

  31. typical low life’s…pretending to be special–never would have gotten to where they are on thier own–it will all catch up to them, it always does. I hope their daughters watch and understand how arrogant and worthless thier parents are, and take a different direction for themselves—doubtful though–Chelsea is like her parents-married into a criminal family—-God help us all!

  32. George W. Bush spent 879 days on vacation during his presidency. Hypocrisy much?

    Just out of curiosity, how much have the Bush wars cost us in dollars (not lives)? Anybody got the numbers for that?

      • If it wasnt for idiots like Clinton, there would be no need for the wars. Clinton sat on his ass while we were being attacked by terrorist in the 90’s. We knew about Osama Bin Laden for years and did nothing. You dumbass liberals don’t want to hear that thou. Those are facts and we all know you morons don’t deal with facts.

      • Idiots who saved the economy. When did the terrorists hit the towers? Was that during the Clinton years, I’m having trouble remembering.

      • Remember when Clinton was ordering cruise missile strikes to oust taliban training camps and hillbilly republicans claimed that he was deliberately causing a “distraction”.

        I can read too.

      • It always amazes me to see comments on a conservative page like yours! I guess you feel the need..no it is your duty to protect a president that is totally destroying this country! Obviously you believe in Socialism/communism too! Move to Russia..we want our country back!!

      • Saved the economy? You do know that Clinton is responsible for the housing market crash of 2008? Go look up Community Reinvestment Act. Yeah, giving loans to people that cant pay their bills was a great idea.

      • I seem to remember President Obama being in charge when bin Laden was killed. Bush said “I’m not worried about him”

      • Typical that he would take responsibility for Bin Laden but not Benghazi. By the way, Obama didn’t get Bin Laden, you can thank the military that you lefties love to hate. Im sure you would rather burn our flag thou. That is what you leftist nuts do best.

      • Let me get this logic straight. If a President spends $18 mil on vacations the next logical thought would be “at least he didn’t go to war!!” With that process it would appear America would have been better off if FDR went on vacation instead of participating in WWII.

      • And Obama’s war, how is that going for ya? Is that one working out better? Never fear , he will cut the military so much we will never be able to go to war or even protect what we have.

    • Bush went to his ranch for a working vacation. His wife went with him. This cost us very little. You are an example of the low information voter West just talked about. You know the sound bite and nothing else.

    • Why don’t you look at it this way? “What Difference Does It Make”? “Our Country” war is called 9-11, because we were attacked on our own soil. I can’t believe anyone has a problem with us defending ourselves.

      • Hi Reba! I’m curious about that self-defense claim. Why exactly did we attack Iraq? Is that where the terrorists were?

      • Hi Douglas! You know “Our Country” did what it thought was best at the time. Was I there, no? Do I have all the facts on both sides, no? I don’t think it is right for me to say we did right or wrong. Were President Bush and his Administration perfect, no? I will say this! I would take President Bush over president Obama any day. Why, President Bush stands behind “Our Country” and “Military” and president Obama does not.

    • Heard anything lately about all the deaths in Obama’s war? NO, wonder why? There have been more deaths with Obama at the lead then there was when Bush was in but there is absolute silence on the issue.
      The new ROE’s are taking the lives of our military in never before seen numbers but yet, no one is paying any attention to it or questioning it.
      Most transparent pResident ever, Braaaahaaaahaaa.

    • You are the one with the hypocrisy. just one article would tell you…but how about this last paragraph for starters that I didn’t know about:

      For example, the Washington Post in June revealed the Obama family’s African vacation was slated to cost between $60 million-$100 million, according to a “confidential internal planning document.”

      Part of the expense the purchase of nearly 4,000 “room-nights” for one stop in Johannesburg and close to $2 million for car rentals.

      The cost of trips that are purely personal, such as daughter Malia Obama’s 2012 spring break trip to Mexico that took $115,500 from the U.S. Treasury, are not always fully disclosed.


      A comparison of 3 years showed this (KEEP IN MIND THIS WAS WRITTEN IN 2013):
      In his first three years, Obama and his family enjoyed 16 vacations.

      In 2010 their trip to Hawaii cost Americans $1.5 million. The president and his wife also enjoyed a “date night” in New York City for about $240,000.

      In 2011 Obama’s travel expenses were $1.4 BILLION. In comparison, the royal family of England travel cost only $57.8 Million.

      In addition, the Obamas’ Christmas holiday was for 17 days, totaling $4 million.

      In contrast George W. Bush stayed nearby at Camp David over Christmas so his staff could enjoy the holidays with their families. President Ronald Reagan spent $1.3 million per year for travel.

      This year is the worst, and it’s only half over. The trip with his family to Africa has been predicted to exceed $100 million. And he just ended his vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.

      BTW, Here is a list of foreign dignitaries who visited the ranch while Bush was on “vacation”:
      Russian President Vladimir Putin, November 2001
      British Prime Minister Tony Blair, April 2002
      Saudi King Abdullah, April 2002, April 2005
      Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan, August 2002
      Chinese President Jiāng Zémín, October 2002
      Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar, February 2003
      Australian Prime Minister John Howard, May 2003
      Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi Jun’ichirō, May 2003
      Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, July 2003
      Mexican President Vicente Fox, March 2004, March 2005
      Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, April 2004
      Spanish King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía, November 2004
      Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, March 2005
      Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, April 2005
      Colombian President Álvaro Uribe, August 2005
      German Chancellor Angela Merkel, November 2007[11]
      Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, February 2008[12]

      I don’t recall Obama seeing anyone in Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard.

      Need more to contradict your statement? BTW, too, don’t try to change the subject on cost of war, because you know Obama will have outdone Bush in that area as well. I just don’t want to spend any more time showing you truth. Try doing the research yourself for once instead of listening to hypocritical idiots on MSNBC.

      • Wow, you’re right! What an incredible display of Googling. Obama is paying for the war that Bush put on a credit card. Democrats always have to be the fiscally responsible ones, cleaning up Republican messes. It’s a tough job and we don’t get enough thanks!

      • Federal law (written over 20 years ago) requires security and support staff to travel with the President, and for Security to travel with immediate family members.

  33. 18 million. Let’s be conservative and use 1/2 that or 9 million. I’m 65 and never used a fraction of that in all my vacations put together but I’m not a parasite feeding off the blood of working Americans.

  34. Is the president going on vacation really the biggest concern in the big scheme of things? There are multi-trillions of dollars to REALLY worry about. Of course it’s expensive for him to travel…he’s the PRESIDENT. Stop comparing your petty vacation expenses to that of the president. That is all.

    • Of course, $18 million is a drop in the bucket compared to the TRILLIONS he has added to the debt. The very same person who wants to “lead by example”. Then tell me, if you publicly waste the taxpayers’ money and fail to deliver on the dozens of “promises” he made to the American voters not only in his first term and now his second term – why would anyone take him seriously? Only the people still drinking the kool-aid and lining up at the unemployment / welfare office. The next thing will be the extension of 99 weeks of unemployment… How long is everyone willing to let the majority of the country sit on their ass and continue to collect their hard earned money?

    • President or not it should not cost anyone OVER $81,000.00 for a freakin’ vacation and that is for 1 yes I said 1 vacation….Stop comparing petty vacations REALLY…I do not know about you but ALOT of hard working families can not even afford to take their family on vacation and when they can they have to save for over a year just to do anything worth while….The first family is supposed to represent our country, but yet they spend more on 1 vacation then ALOT of families that work their asses off make in a year. Our deficit is the highest that it has EVER been. We have families that served THEIR/OUR country and put their lives on the line everyday living on welfare and the 1st family is taking SUPER expensive trips . Just ONE of their freakin’ vacations could pay at least 2 salaries. It is not the fact that the President and the 1st family take vacations that is the problem, it is the amount of vacations along with the amount spent on each and everyone that is the problem…

    • You rally are confused, aren’t you? You have no concept of what this article is about and will never wrap your head around it while cheering madly for the big eared idiot and his progressive ways.

    • confused is correct. The President actually does pay “market value” for his and his family’s vacations. This includes retail values for airfare, the rooms they occupy, their food, etc. Taxpayers foot the bill – as they have for every President – for security, press and staff to travel and stay with them.

      I doubt these facts will mean anything to 90% of the folks in this thread however. Look what website it’s on? LOL who needs facts when ObBuMeR!?!

  35. These two ghetto rats are nothing but elite welfare parasites! No class at all and not capable of running a taco stand….let alone this country!

      • Doug. Racism my azz! No RACE is mentioned, so I guess you read it wrong. mister and missus obutthead are raping this country…and should be thrown out of the white house so we can fumigate it. It’s painfully obvious that you are on the dole, right along with them. What are you going to do when the money runs OUT?

      • Don’t use coded curse words “Denver Kitty” it violates the Posting Policy above. Also, work on your grammar and punctuation, the rage seems to be making you slap at the keyboard rather than type.

      • Racism….where? The only racist comment is yours!
        You are screaming racism as a false defense of the indefensible!

      • My dislike of President Obama has nothing to do with his race. I think he is a weak and incompetent president. I don’t agree with his positive view of socialism, Marxism, or Communism (whatever word you choose to use). Entitlements will ruin us; they cannot be sustained and it turns us into slaves of the government. We need our allies in this turbulent world and Obama has managed to alienate most of them. As others have said, you are the one who inserted racism into this discussion. So who is the racist?

      • Socialism, Marxism, and Communism are not interchangeable ideologies. “Entitlements” will not ruin us. Slavery will never return. Also, you guys are definitely not racist.

      • Slavery does exist now in many parts of the world. There are governments that will make you disappear or end up in a jail cell because you have disagreed with the one in power. North Korea being one of the worst. Of course the words are not interchangeable, but all three believe in taking from one person and giving their earnings to someone else.

      • Douglas, as a black conservative I fail to see the racism. Honesty sucks sometimes. What does your Liberal bible tell you to post next?

      • those inhabitants of the white house would have every bum they could think of living in every spare room just to show off. It’s a wonder we don’t hear of former best friends and classmates coming to visit. I live 8 miles away and have never received an invitation. I consider that a badge of honor because I wouldn’t want to be in the presence off their filth.

      • oh there it is…RACISM…such a sad thing you have to play that card when the truth comes out…maybe we don’t like his politics..does not make us racist..heck, I voted for two black guys in the last two elections…wrote them in…Cain and Keyes…so because they are Conservatives does it still make me a racist because i think The Bog O is a worthless Socialist who should be impeached ?

  36. Everybody is still afraid the discuss the elephant in the room, except maybe Ted Nugent. No one wants to get labeled “far right nut job.” This is just more of BO intentionally destroying the nation in every way he can using he Alinsky principles of Socialism.

      • Jesus, to many of us, is worth following and not to be compared to anyone else in the same sentence! Thanks for mentioning Him although you don’t (chose) to believe.

      • While the teachings attributed to Jesus of Nazereth are mostly commendable, he was not a deity. He was simply one of many prophets in that area of the world at that time. He certainly bucked the system, but he was not a god.

        The gospels are not eyewitness accounts, they were all written at least 50 years after the death of Jesus. They disagree on several key points. Kind of strange, considering that you’d think something as important as god appearing in human form on Earth would be worth getting your story straight. You would also think that such an event would be recorded outside of a small bubble in the Middle East, especially considering that humans already inhabited most of the Earth 2,000 years ago. Yet your god chose to focus on a small tribe in a tiny portion of the entire planet?

    • Yep….Alinsky has his infiltrated followers sitting right in our administration. I am currently reading Hillary “Killery” Clinton’s college thesis on guess who…none other than Saul Alinsky! If more folks would read about him you can easily identify Alinsky’s tactics being implemented now. Let this also be a “heads up” concerning “Killery”, another demon to deal with as there are “seriously disturbed” folks out there that are rooting for her as President in 2016….Dear God, forbid!

  37. Mr. West, your last sentence sums all this mess up perfectly. A good majority of Obama “supporters” have NO IDEA what they are even supporting and certainly if they believe they have a clue, they have no information to back it up. The “dumbing down of America”. Well, like the old saying goes, “the strong survive”. So stay strong conservatives, it’s only a matter of time……we shall prevail just like Alice Herz-Sommer survived the holocaust. Apparently, we haven’t suffered enough yet, but if she and so many could survive THAT Hell, we will do so as well. God Bless…..

  38. My one pleasure is that the Lord will repay…. These two individuals have no love for this nation. They hold it in contempt. For that reason alone, he is not fit to be President, now as to his willful misuse of public funds at a time of extreme hardship, he should be hung by his toes….

      • No, I will not be surprised when I die and return to the same state of existence as I had prior to birth.

        Yahweh was the Canaanite god of war who was chosen to be the sole object of worship by the Israelites, in order to justify their conquests. If you want to be honest with yourself, research Canaanite polytheism.

        It is undeniable. The Old Testament is full of slavery, rape, and genocide, all justified in the name of Yahweh. He was just one of many gods in Canaanite society, which is why he says things like “WE shall make man in OUR image” and “You shall have no other gods BEFORE me”.

        To deny this is to espouse a high level of cognitive dissonance.

      • You have no truth in you, I’m going to throw my pearls to swine. You have not the history, or have any understanding of scripture. You had behind a false name, a pretend to think anyone should care what you think. Jesus is my Lord and Savior, creator of heaven and earth, and I’m am blessed to be his daughter. You make all the tripe you want to.

      • No, Cynthia, I do have the truth, you just don’t like it. I have both understanding of scripture and of history, as a former Christian of 30 years who has read the Bible in its entirety and studied and debated the topic extensively.

        Don’t believe me? Here are some lovely verses from your “holy book”:

        Numbers 31:17-18
        Deuteronomy 22:28-29
        2 Kings 2:23-24

        Those are just a few quick examples. I can provide more if you’d like. And don’t give me any excuses about that being the Old Testament – refer to Matthew 5:17. Sorry, at no point in time is a supposedly loving god excused in condoning or committing acts of genocide, rape, or slavery, even if such a deity exists (which he doesn’t, as I explained regarding his roots in Canaanite polytheism).

        You’re the one buying the tripe, Cynthia. Sorry you were likely indoctrinated as a child. You can break free of the lie any time you wish. I can provide much further information if you’re willing to actually learn instead of clinging to your deeply held beliefs.

      • Darn you’re going straight to hell. But for those who may be reading what you posted you child of Satan, don’t you dare take the Lord’s word out of context.

        Num 31:16 Behold, these caused the children of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to commit trespass against the LORD in the matter of Peor, and there was a plague among the congregation of the LORD.

        Num 31:17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

        How hard is it to figure out, that if you cause others to sin against God, God wants you dead. He has the right to remove the traitors from his people. He created them. He gave of breath of life and he can command that they die.

      • And your next problem is that if a man has taken a woman’s virginity, he becomes responsible for her.

        Deu 22:28 If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay hold on her, and lie with her, and they be found;

        Deu 22:29 Then the man that lay with her shall give unto the damsel’s father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife; because he hath humbled her, he may not put her away all his days.
        You don’t like that God get’s to set the rules do you? That does make a child of Satan.

      • That verse is Moses commanding the Israelites to murder their enemies and take their virgin daughters as spoils of victory. How is this morally justified, and why would a god command such a thing?

        I’m not going to hell. Such a thing doesn’t exist. Sorry, but it is simply illogical that a deity would allow us to exist as individuals against all odds (your parents mating at the exact time for the sperm & egg that created you to meet, traced back through all the generations etc.), yet punish you infinitely for a finite crime. It would have been much easier for such a deity to have never allowed your existence at all, after all, if you don’t exist you can’t be rewarded or punished. Nonexistence > Eternal torture.

      • Of course I do. I have control over my own actions. I have control over my mind and what I choose to accept or reject based upon logic and evidence. I’m not the one simply going with the first story my parents told me.

      • Do you realize, you could have a stroke at any second, a heart attack, a seizure. Non of us in control and I wouldn’t test God with that one.

      • Sure, I realize that. I don’t live my life in fear, worrying about things that MIGHT happen. I certainly don’t worry about what happens to me after I die. The people I leave behind, sure, but there’s no reason to believe that your death is any different that prior to your birth.

        I’ve already explained why hell is improbable and why the god of the Bible doesn’t exist. If there actually is a god, and he actually cares about how you live and has some sort of existence for you after death, perhaps you’re only angering him by believing in a false god. It’s just as credible as me being punished for not believing in any gods.

      • Each of those verses, has a whole story behind it. And you pull a verse out of context. The Lord does like those who practice and teacher others to follow the ways of Balaam. He was a son of Satan, a liar from the beginning. You are lost and the truth was never in you. You had religion you never had a relationship with Jesus Christ.

      • The entire Bible has a story behind it – it’s called worshipping one of the gods of Canaanite polytheism and using him to justify their conquests and atrocities, as well as to explain things which they didn’t understand. It is no different from countless other invented religions used for similar purposes.

        Any time someone points out the undeniable flaws in the Bible, you always claim that it is “metaphorical” or “out of context”. Sorry, but there is NO context in which these actions are permissible. If someone today told you that God commanded them to rape a girl, pay her dad 50 bucks, and marry her, you’d call them insane and imprison them. But since it happened 3500 years ago, it’s OK?? Talk about moral relativism…

        Also, stop blaming my opinion on “the devil”. Knowledge is not evil. Ignorance is.

    • “Posting Policy
      We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior. Thank you for partnering with us to maintain a courteous and useful public environment where we can engage in reasonable discourse.”

      • I am guessing you have dreams at night of your god Oboofer slamming his tool into you from behind? I hope your mommy changes the sheets for you.

      • Not really. See, I don’t agree with everything Obama does, I just thought he was a better choice than Mitt Romney. But you people are incapable of understanding such nuance. I’m am quite heterosexual and married, not that there’s anything wrong with being gay.

        I am guessing you have dreams of waging an armed rebellion against your own government? Somewhere an overpass is missing its idiot.

      • Well Atheist I am so glad that you informed me that I had a therapist!! You have so much insight via your own stupidity and that validates why you are so oblivious to real world situations!

      • At least the “magic man in the sky pulling strings” is a hell of a lot more credible than your savior Obama and you for that matter. Further, I will not waste my time anymore on the likes of you because you are a libtard. Libtardism is a serious mental disorder that brings doom and destruction on innocent people because you all live in the sense of false entitlement. Now go away little worm I have better things to do!

      • 1. Obama actually exists
        2. Obama is not “my savior”. Why are you incapable of comprehending that his views and policies simply align more with mine than Mitt Romney’s did? You people are so delusional. I’m sure next you’ll tell me I’m a lazy moocher looking for a handout?
        3. Libtard? Not only is such a term demeaning to those with mental retardation, it’s just stupid. You’re just name-calling because someone has a different opinion than you. Instead of trying to understand my views or agree to disagree, you resort to sophomoric antics. Grow up.
        4. I do not have any “false entitlement”. I’ve worked full-time since age 15, put myself through college, and got a decent job. I earned everything I got. However, I realize that not everyone has the same opportunities in life, regardless of how hard they work. I also realize that humans have dignity and in the richest country on Earth are at least deserving of basic needs. You lovers of social Darwinism would sooner see those you deem lower than yourself rot in the gutter. You’re a bunch of sociopaths.

      • Oh I see you think it’s alright to label people with different views sociopaths. However, you tried to lecture me for using the term libtards. Double standard much?

        What gives you the right to say that God or any other spirits are not real? Are you an authority or just because you don’t believe that makes you right?

        Obama’s policies align more with you. So again, you think your opinions are superior over everyone else. Ok, whatever!

        You work for a living ~ so what. Do you think that you are the only one? As per your accusation (again you assume and label) that we are barbaric because we conservatives want less government. That we want those less fortunate to “rot in the gutter.” You could not be further from the truth. With that being said, I am sick of seeing people that are capable of working not doing so because it’s easier to sit at home and take from taxpayers. I have no problem giving someone a hand up but now it’s just hand outs. There is a difference. Those that will willingly live off of the backs of hard workers are egregious.

        Further, I retired from the military, sustained a broken back and a crushed foot. I’ve given my all to this country and it’s beyond the time that others need to step up to the plate and contribute instead of just take.

      • No, I think it’s alright to use words appropriately. Perhaps you should look up the definition of the word sociopath. It means you do not have empathy for others in society. When you oppose social welfare programs that provide basic needs for people and keep them from having to turn criminal in order to survive, especially alongside policies favoring the wealthy, that’s an apt description. It’s not an insult, but then again, you probably think the word “ignorant” is an insult, too.

        Nobody gave me any “authority” to speak about the existence of deities, I am capable of thinking for myself and forming an opinion using all available arguments and evidence. I can confidently say that none of the deities that humans have worshipped are real. I cannot say with 100% certainty that no such creator figure exists, but I find it unlikely given the lack of empirical evidence.

        I never said my opinions are superior. As I stated, I try to educate myself on all available arguments and opinions and evidence on any given topic and form an opinion. My opinion is always up for alterations based upon new information. I simply said that given a choice between Obama and Romney, Obama was the better choice from my perspective.

      • Enough said? What the hell was that video? Who was that lady? For all anyone knows, she was a paid actress. That’s not journalism, that’s propaganda. Even if people like that exist, they are in the minority.

        Like I said, you don’t care about other people, only yourself and your family. While my family of course comes first, I understand that it is to society’s benefit to help those who are in need. I’m not saying that government aid programs are perfect, I think there could be better oversight, but their existence is necessary. You’re still living under the myth of Reagan’s “welfare queen”. Nobody is living a life of luxury getting food stamps. However, there are plenty of corporate executives and wealthy people getting fat off of government subsidies and tax loopholes which Republicans refuse to address.

      • I knew you were a typical democrat ~ you can talk/convince yourself of anything. Thanks for giving me such a good laugh. Now go off to liberal land and see what ideas you can all come up with for us taxpayer’s to provide you with your utopia.

        Annual Government Entitlements: 2.116 Trillion

        Annual Military Budget: 603.99 Billion

      • A college-educated, full-time employed, tax paying citizen is a typical Democrat? Hmm, then how come you’re always claiming they’re a bunch of lazy moochers? Weird.

        Yes, I can convince myself of anything which is supported by evidence, facts, and logical argument. You, on the other hand, are convinced of anything simply because you saw a meme on the internet or heard it from a right-wing talk show.

        You’re going to need to provide a source for your numbers, there, and also a breakdown of what “government entitlements” means, because you’re damn right we’re entitled to Social Security benefits and unemployment benefits – we all paid for it while we were working. Or do you call your insurance company after an accident and tell them not to bother paying your claim?

      • You know what, I will not waste my time with you as you are just what I said, TYPICAL!!! You know that the numbers are right and since you are so smart being college educated ~ go look them up for yourself. I have a masters degree and I don’t sit in the idiot tree.

        I am entitled to my Social Security because I paid for it. MOOCHERS who do not work and will more than likely never work don’t deserve to get to sit at home and do nothing but breed making even more moochers to suckle off of the government teat. I don’t feel sorry for them. If you don’t work then you don’t eat. It should be just that simple.

        In closing, for your viewing pleasure, please observe the following:

        You will love her so much I’d be willing to bet you’ll make a donation to help her out!

        Just so you can see how much these recipients of our tax dollars appreciate our efforts check this out!


      • You will not “waste your time” with me because you have no logical rebuttals against my arguments. You know I’m right, but choose to maintain cognitive dissonance to continue believing the narrative you’ve been fed. Please, cite your source and the breakdown of the numbers. Unless, of course, you just pulled them out of your backside.

        Please, tell me how many people reach the SS eligibility age who have never paid into SS and are not permanently disabled? Like I said, you continue buying into the myth of the welfare queen without realizing that it doesn’t exist. Nobody is living it up on welfare.

        Yes, I am aware of that woman with all those children who feels like society should pay for her actions. See, that’s what you do, you find one example to prove your point, then act as if that’s the rule, not the exception. You are beyond intellectually dishonest. Yeah, maybe when you guys abolish the minimum wage, she can get a job making $2/hour and support her own family.

      • Go to Detroit, Oakland, Montgomery, Alabama, Little Rock, Arkansas, Pine
        Bluff, Arkansas, Valdosta, Georgia and find your lovely welfare
        recipients. Go and get a good dose of what you are paying for. Live among them and see how safe you feel. Get those you owe me attitudes. Go ahead. Go get a taste of what they will do to Section 8 housing. You are delusional if you think they appreciate it. They do not. It’s rampant. Deny and live in your little dream world. I can find you examples ALL F’IN DAY LONG! They are leeches off of society. Nothing more. Now run along college boy and go get your share of these people. You are going to be in for one big rude awakening!!

      • So what is your alternative plan? In Typical conservative fashion, you have none. Just like the ACA. Your alternative is to make these people fend for themselves, which is going to lead to crime. Crime is going to hurt people, and it is going to put these people in prisons, where it will cost EVEN MORE to feed, clothe, bathe, and house them. You are delusional if you think this is the better option.

        But to you, this is “logic”.

      • So, instead of providing a source for the data you previously provided, or addressing anything I just said, you’re going to post a study that shows something I already know, and which I already told you (poor people vote Democratic because Democrats fight for the poor)? Gee, it’s not like the wealthy vote Republican because the GOP fights for corporations and tax breaks…

      • So you believe that Democrats care about you and fight for the poor. Ok, I’ll play your silly game. Democrats need you to be poor and work really hard to keep you that way.

        I’ll pick one Democrat ~ Nancy Pelosi.

        Nancy Pelosi has an annual income of $803,700.00 and a total net worth of 35.2 million dollars. She’s filthy rich but opts for the following all at the expense of the taxpayers:

        Between March 2, 2009 – June 7, 2010 she flew a total of 206,264 miles in a military aircraft logging 428.6 hours. Cost of travel expenses for two years $2,100,744.59 and add in 101k per month to stock her plane with food, drinks and liquor and chocolate covered strawberries. That’s 85 trips at your expense.

        So she lives a life of luxury AT THE TAXPAYERS EXPENSE. She also has a chauffeur and a personal chef compliments of Joe Taxpayer.

        Now please tell me how you think that Democrats are fighting for the poor. What they are fighting for is to keep low info voters in the dark and they continue to rake in millions upon millions of dollars off the working mans back. This is just ONE politician. It’s not just Dems that are guilty of it. This administration is the epitome of milking the taxpayers.

        I would also like to add that her office that taxpayers foot the bill on in San Francisco is a little over $18,000.00 per month. That is an annual cost of $216,000.00.

        Tell me where do the cuts need to be made? If there were not all of these benefits to being a politician do you think they would make it a career?

      • And yet again, you’re the one playing games. You’re picking out 2 Democrats and making a big stink about their expenses to do their job. Yes, all politicians spend lots of money. Yes, they all should remember that they are supposed to be public servants. Then again, we keep electing people who are already wealthy and already know how to take advantage of people. Republicans are also using their power to gain wealth. You know, like Dick Cheney did with Halliburton, or Rick Scott tried to do in Florida with drug testing, or like John Boehner is trying to do with the Keystone XL pipeline.

        If you want to argue that the whole system is corrupt, fine. But don’t sit here and act like only Democrats are frivolous with tax money or use their positions for their family’s benefit. Yes, Democrats do fight for the poor, because they want to raise the minimum wage, they want to address income inequality (for example, the ratio of the average worker’s salary to CEO pay has gone from 1:30 to 1:1,000 or higher just in the past 20 years). The Republicans only care about making the rich richer. At least the Democrats actually fight for the people who elect them, and don’t believe that “money is speech”, thus helping to usher in the plutocracy.

      • DID YOU EVEN BOTHER TO READ WHAT I WROTE. No you didn’t or you would have seen where I clearly stated that Democrats are not the only ones doing this. You are blinded by your own B.S. You go willingly like a veal goes to the slaughter. You believe only what you are compelled to believe. Rock out. While you are a Dem I will still be a Republican and I will still have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and you will wonder why you don’t have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Sit back and see what the government can do for you! I worked for MY money and I am tired of giving MY money to slugs that are too sorry and stupid to get off of their collective tails and get busy while the stupid government convinces stupid people that they are working for you. I will depend on myself. I would highly suggest you get in touch with good brokers at LFG, Morgan Stanley and start putting your little nickles and dimes away. That is if you can keep your beloved democrats out of your wallet.

      • Funny, then, how your examples were that of two Democrats and no Republicans.

        Sorry, I am not led by anyone. I am an independent thinker. I’m actually not even a Democrat. Like I said, many of my views best align with those of the Democratic Party, and on most occasions I will vote Democratic given only two choices. However, I don’t blindly defend a stance or a person simply because they have a “D” next to their name. I’ll call them out just the same. The GOP is the party of religious fundamentalists, the ones who believe whatever they’re told on Sunday, the ones who Jesus himself called “sheep”.

        I work for my money, too, and have have no problem with the societal contract that we all make when we choose to live in a civilized society which requires me to help care for the less fortunate. You readily admit your greed and unwillingness to help others.

        And you have the gall to be offended by the term sociopath.

      • Oh and one other thing ~ I hope you have a lot of kids. Based on your
        position I hope that they wind up living off of you until they are 30
        years old. I want them to drain you dry wherein you will never be able
        to retire. I want them to reside in your basement with no ambition or
        desire to get anything out of life with no morals and no work ethics. I
        want you to foot the bills for them to make a pretense to go to school
        so they can party and smoke dope wherein they promptly flunk out and
        have to continue to sponge off of you! You’ll wake up one morning
        wondering what the heck happened. Then refer back to your little
        position because this is what false sense of entitlements will get you.
        Have a nice evening.

      • I already have 3 children, thanks. They will be raised to be responsible, to work and earn things honestly, and to think for themselves.

        But thanks for your loving, Christian sentiment that my children fail and ruin my life. Typical of your kind. You guys root for America to fail so you can say that you were right.

      • You’re welcome! Are you sure you are not a Republican. I saw your comment that you are going to raise your children to be responsible, to work and earn things honestly, and to think for themselves. That’s not the democrap way. Democrats want you to be dependent on the government or is that what you terms as responsible?

      • I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat, as I’ve already explained. I’ve also already explained that Democrats and progressive do not want anyone to be “dependent on government”, but we understand the social contract that exists when you choose to live in an altruistic society. It is simply a fact that in a capitalistic society, there will never be enough jobs for everyone, and not all jobs will pay enough to support everyone. There simply must be safety nets in place – we cannot accept social Darwinism.

        If you find such a stance to be untenable, you are simply a sociopath.

      • So what you are saying is that if someone doesn’t agree with you that makes them a sociopath. You really are a special kind of stupid. Why don’t you just go live in Detroit ~ a liberal’s utopia.

      • No, I’m not saying that at all.

        What I’m saying is that if you don’t believe it is the duty of society to protect those who cannot protect themselves and care for those who are less fortunate until they can make it on their own, you are a sociopath. You have no regard for other human beings outside of your little circle.

        The fact that you would so willfully misrepresent what I said says a lot about you as well. No, Detroit is not a “liberal utopia”, Detroit is a case of corruption, poverty, and collapsing industry. But that’s too hard for you to comprehend, so you point to the fact that the poverty-stricken people tend to vote for Democrats and try to claim that this is what Democratic policies lead to.

        Perhaps you should have a look at the states which lead in poverty, teen pregnancy, and obesity and let me know who is running those.

      • Detroit is a design by DEMOCRATS I know that’s hard for you to grasp but that is exactly what it is. Now as per your statement that I don’t believe4 that it is the duty of society to protect those who cannot protect themselves and care for those who are less fortunate ~ that is a crock. I never said that. You are doing the democrat twisting again. I believe in giving a hand up NOT HAND OUTS. There is a difference. Those that use the government entitlement programs as a career choice have got to be stopped. Making a mistake in having a child at the ripe old age of 12/13 out of wedlock is just that a mistake and one should help that person to achieve so degree of self preservation. However, when the same mistake is made over and over again, that’s not my problem and nor should I be expected to pay for it. It’s habitual at that point. Since you are not a PHD and have no credentials to give a diagnosis of one being a sociopath I suggest you stow that crap.

      • I know correlation and causation are hard for you to grasp, so I’ll break it down yet again: people in poverty tend to vote for Democrats because the Democratic platform includes government aid to those in poverty. You are claiming that Democrats cause poverty, when in fact, the opposite is the case.

        I’m not twisting anything. You have clearly indicated that you do not want the government funding safety nets for the less fortunate. If they don’t work, they don’t eat. I’ve already explained to you that such an approach leaves no options but crime, which then forces us to imprison people at a much higher cost than welfare. However, you are impervious to logic, so you seem to have ignored me.

        One need not be a psychologist to use the term “sociopath”. Unless every conservative using the term “libtard” is well educated in mental retardation?

      • Not hard for me ~ hard for you. Detroit is poverty stricken, Montgomery, Alabama, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Little Rock, Arkansas, Oakland, California and the list goes on and on and on. All run by what ~ DEMOCRATS!!! You are not qualified to render a diagnosis of sociopath! It would be illegal for you to do so. People vote Democrat because they know the “free” stuff comes into play. I’ve raised two attorney’s, one mortician, and one accountant. I didn’t pay their way through school. I made them pay their own way because they would value it more and take it more seriously if they had to go out and get it for themselves. It’s amazing how that works!

      • You’re hopeless. Even when I spell things out for you in plain English, you still stick to your political narrative rather than admit you may have been mistaken and may have learned something new.

        The states that lead in poverty, obesity, teen pregnancy, and lower education are all southern, extremely conservative, red states run by Republicans. Look at all the red state governors refusing the Medicaid expansion even though thousands of people are going to go without health care, just so they can make a political point. They are literally using people as political pawns, because they are ruthless sociopaths out to stick to the party line rather than cooperate with a Democratic President.

        You believe that everyone who votes Democrat is looking for a handout because that is the baseless narrative you’ve been fed since the Regan presidency. You’ve eaten it up just like they wanted to, and meanwhile the GOP turns around and subsidizes corporations and cuts taxes on the wealthy. It’s amazing, I vote Democratics most of the time, and I’ve worked my whole life for everything I’ve earned. So much for your lame stereotype.

      • But I’m not mistaken. You are and as you grow older you will finally figure that out. Must run as I have to attend the wake of my most esteemed, successful and republican partner at my old law firm.

      • Your immaturity is showing. Let me leave you with this, I’d much rather be a sociopath than a socialist. Socialism seems to be the goal of which you wish to attain. Your beloved Dems are working hard at getting you there.

      • Immaturity or not, that is irrelevant to the argument.

        What is relevant is your continued reliance upon logical fallacies. Pure capitalism is a disaster. Pure socialism is a disaster. We have a balance of the two, and that’s all Democrats want. Your hyperbolic narrative about Democrats and socialism is not rooted in reality.

      • Wow ~ whatever Democrat that was assigned to wash your brain did a really good job. What is relevant here is your wanton lacking to realize that you’re full of poop, Most Dems are. How you could even begin to think that socialism in any form is a good thing validates all that I’ve tried to tell you. You don’t want facts, you want easy. Good luck in your quest for that.

      • Do you drive to work, or anywhere else? Do you like having police and fire protection? Do you like having fresh water delivered to your home? Guess what – all socialism.

        You are so full of fear and paranoia pumped into you by your right-wing masters that you cannot even think logically. Just as we don’t have a true democracy, but rather a democratically-elected, Constitutionally-limited representative republic, we also don’t have a true capitalist or socialist society. It is a blend of both, like I said. You guys just want to privitize everything, and we, knowing what greed and social Darwinism lead to, think that we as a people should be the ones to provide certain services, like education, prisons, and social safety nets.

        I deal only in facts. You deal in propaganda and hyperbole.

      • You’re brainwashed pure and simple. Just because I’m not foolish enough to buy into your b.s doesn’t make you right. We pay taxes for those services your twit. I’d be willing to bet you would sign away your right just so long as the government was willing to take care of you. Margaret Thatcher said it best, “Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money!” Now go away, you bore the hell out of me with your dear leaders dreams of his father!

      • …and again, nobody is advocating for pure socialism. Feel free to read and comprehend words next time.

        Also, I see you have the art of projection mastered. I think its a requirement nowadays for all conservatives.

      • Please send me your mailing address so I can send you a box of Pampers, a pacifier and a baby rattle. Those are things you’re going to need on your little make believe path.

        Projection mastered? In your case you have stupidity mastered. That’s a trademark for your kind! Nice try on twisting the subject matter.

      • Actually, I could use those things for my infant son. Incidentally, his diaper needs to be changed frequently for the same reasons as your arguments.

        Yes, conservatives have mastered projection. They take the worst of themselves, completely ignore that it exists, and accuse their opposition of having such qualitites. It’s all quite Orwellian, in fact. My commentary has proven that I am far from stupid.

      • Wow let me know when you get back into some realm of reality. The diapers would be for you because you are full of “it: and desperately need a way to contain “it!”

        Democrats embrace socialism and believe the government owes them and thus make themselves slaves to same. You’re pitiful. Your commentary proves something alright, that you are delusional and that is all it proves.

      • I do live in reality, I don’t ascribe to propaganda or ancient mythology. I deal only in empirical evidence and facts. I don’t have an “agenda”, other than accepting facts and rejecting unverified claims. I’m not a progressive because I need to force any personal opinions, but because that is where logic and decency have led me.

        Democrats certainly do support many programs that could be described as democratic socialism, but certainly do not wish to enshrine a socialist state, regardless of how many times you shout it from an overpass.

      • Jesus Christ go to your minimum wage job, pay for your useless Obamacare and get back to me when reality finally comes into your grasp!

      • Well, I’m certainly glad you have compassion for those who work so hard for so little thanks to the policies you support.

        But as for me, I’ll keep working at my job for a Fortune 100 company, who provides great health insurance.

      • …and I’ll sit here and watch my investments skyrocket all the while enjoying being retired at a very young age because I embraced conservative values.

      • You know how “I got mine?” BECAUSE I WORKED FOR IT. I didn’t approach life like you losers expecting someone else to take care of me. I worked my a double s off to get to where I am. That’s what it takes. All you Dems are PO’d because you want what we have and can’t figure out that it takes work and lots of it.

      • And again, since you apparently ignored me the first several times I explained this, I’ve worked full-time since age 15. I’ve earned everything I have, too. So you can take your tired narrative and shove it.

        You really think someone is going to retire comfortably on government entitlements? Hell, your party wants to even cut Social Security. You won’t be happy until people are dying in the streets. But by all means, enjoy your luxurious retirement, because clearly you never used any public infrastructure or resources in building your wealth.

      • They don’t work so where would a retirement plan come into play? Your statement is ignorant at best. My party wants to cut Social Security ~ your dear leader bled it dry to pay for his O’welfare Healthcare scam. Get real. You don’t know me to assess my feelings to declare that I won’t be happy until people are dying in the streets. However, I fully believe that if you don’t work you should not get any entitlements unless you are elderly or have a debilitating condition by no fault of your own. I don’t need to explain myself to you. It’s enough that I have it, you want it and whine because I’m not willing to hand it over to you to make your life easier.

      • This has gotten to the point of absurdity. “Dear leader”? Hilarious. No, he’s the twice democratically-elected President of the United States. And no, I don’t agree with everything he does. Funny, I seem to remember a certain party who would become immediately irate when anyone would dare insult his predecessor in office.

        The policies you support tell me everything I need to know about your psyche, as does all the propaganda that you cite to me.

        This conversation has become entirely pointless. I have no desire to be further inundated with easily debunked propaganda and nonsense. I’ll be ceasing any further replies. Have fun obstructing Obama for 2 more years, you’ll need the practice for 2016.

      • Obama has soiled himself. You know it but refuse to acknowledge it because you hope in your infinite stupidity that he’ll be able to work all the magic that he promised his sheeple. Here we are five years down the road and all the Dems can do and have done is continually blame Bush for Obama’s inability to lead. He’s made America the laughing stock of the entire world but you would rather drink his toilet water after he used it multiple times in lieu of admitting he’s a total fraud and mistake.

        As per him being duly elected, I guess so when people can vote multiple times and the dead rise from the grave to vote as well.

        Democrats are running scared because of this O’care crap and I’m laughing my collective tail off. Some people (of course not you) have realized what this idiot has done to this nation. It will all come full circle.

        Grow up little boy because there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

      • Nope won’t need any practice as your boy in the WH is finished! He’s just a failed tenant and nothing more!

      • A president who gives respect will get respect! We don’t respect him as any president of ours, don’t you get it….must we always have to break it down for you Obama “groupies”?

      • I am not an Obama “groupie”, but of course you turn anyone who decries calls to assassinate the sitting president an “Obama groupie”.

        This has nothing to do with “respect”. It is treason to call for the assassination of any president. Why do I have to break it down for you “patriots”?

    • U.S. Code› Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 41 › § 871
      18 U.S. Code § 871 – Threats against President and successors to the Presidency

      (a) Whoever knowingly and willfully deposits for conveyance in the mail or for a delivery from any post office or by any letter carrier any letter, paper, writing, print, missive, or document containing any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States, the President-elect, the Vice President or other officer next in the order of succession to the office of President of the United States, or the Vice President-elect, or knowingly and willfully otherwise makes any such threat against the President, President-elect, Vice President or other officer next in the order of succession to the office of President, or Vice President-elect, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

      (b) The terms “President-elect” and “Vice President-elect” as used in this section shall mean such persons as are the apparent successful candidates for the offices of President and Vice President, respectively, as ascertained from the results of the general elections held to determine the electors of President and Vice President in accordance with title 3, United States Code, sections 1 and 2. The phrase “other officer next in the order of succession to the office of President” as used in this section shall mean the person next in the order of succession to act as President in accordance with title 3, United States Code, sections 19 and 20.

    • Past presidents weren’t running the debt that this administration is.
      Who is going to count the votes in the 2014 mid-term election ?
      Spain,…..again ?
      I found it curious that Michelle Obama took a trip to Spain prior to the 2012 election.
      Why is a company in Spain counting the votes for an American election ?

      • BS. There was not a peep to be heard from any of you when Bush was taking his vacations. The debt run up under Obama is a direct result of Bush tax cuts and his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

        I don’t know how you people even stay upright with all that spin.

      • You can continue to put blame on the past but Obama has been in office for over five years and can you honestly say America is in better shape or is it the blame game again????

      • Jan, I’m not trying to “blame” anyone, I’m just stating facts. What Allan West and his type are doing is laying the blame on Obama for the current state of affairs. Sorry, but the tax cuts passed during the Bush presidency and the two wars we entered are vastly responsible for the current deficit. It’s simply fact. Granted, Obama didn’t repeal the tax cuts or get us out of the wars soon enough, but had we not been there in the first place, it wouldn’t be an issue.

        Stop trying to make this a blame game. I don’t care who was president when these things happened, the fact is they did, and those are the actual cause of current problems. Unless you care to explain exactly what Obama has done to drive up the deficit outside of these factors?

      • The question is What has Obama done to drive down the deficit? He has had five
        years. Can you honestly say our country is going in the right direction with
        Obama? Again what are is qualifications. What on his resume did people like you see that he was the one to run this country. Obama has had a few great moments
        but if I were in battle I wouldn’t want him along side me. You do believe he
        lies RIGHT?

      • Jan, at the polls, we had 2 choices: Obama or Romney. I’m not claiming that Obama was the greatest possible choice or that I agree with everything he does. I do believe that he was a better choice for our country than Romney, a guy who made a living by buying up companies and liquidating them for profit, a guy who thinks that almost half the country doesn’t work hard and just looks for a handout while he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

        It’s funny how Republicans didn’t care about extending the debt ceiling or worry about spending when they held the Presidency, but now that Obama is there, all of a sudden we have to slash spending, even though it was Bush-era tax cuts and wars that got us in this deficit so deep. Obama can’t repeal the tax cuts because the GOP would never approve in Congress, and he couldn’t just pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan and leave them unstable. It is amazing that you nitpick social welfare programs like unemployment insurance and food stamps, yet have no problem spending billions on wars, tax cuts for the wealthy, and subsidizing corporations.

      • again we are living in the past blaming everyone else. One simple question what is he doing now to make this a better country.

      • Oh, I see. So, even though the root cause for current issues lies in the past, we’re not allowed to speak of it? Since it was a Republican in office when the debt spiraled out of control, we can’t look backwards, only at who is there now?

        Obama helped get the ACA passed. Everyone having access to health insurance is making this a better country. Speaking out for equality for homosexuals is making our country better. Obama has other ideas, too, but the Tea Party takeover in the House of Representatives has tied his hands, he can’t get anything done.

      • First of all ACA is a joke. I personally have experience of how much more expensive ACA is compared to what I had and I was told I could keep my old plan. And as far as speaking out for equality for homosexuals I don’t know if that is making this country better but I sure hope its getting the good awareness it deserves we all need to get along. Now bare with me. I have been hired to to manage a large corporation and have been in charge for 5 years and I am not getting the job done on what I said I was going to do in my interview. So now I share with my boss the fellow before me had made such a mess of things I cannot do anymore then what I am doing. I can’t even get the people that work in the corporation to agree with anything I want to change for in my mind will make things better. You see I don’y think my boss would put up with me not getting the job done and I’m sure when I tell I can’t convince the others in the corporation to follow me. Please does this make since to you. A leader doesn’t make excuses he or she gets the job done. So you voted for this guy and that doesn’t mean you have to put a blind eye on his ineptness

      • Jan, even if your anecdotal evidence is true, that is not a valid way to criticize the entire program. It is going to help millions of people, in fact it already is, such as children being able to maintain coverage under their parents’ plan until age 26. It was obvious to anyone paying attention that you wouldn’t be able to keep your existing plan if it did not meet the requirements of the new law.

        Ending the persecution of homosexuals and granting them equality under the law is very much in line with the spirit of our country and the Constituion. Homosexual couples are already raising families, the only thing banning marriage equality is doing is preventing these families from having the stability and security that comes with legal marriage. It is definitely an improvement.

        Again, I’m not saying that Obama is the greatest President ever. However, to compare his re-election to somebody who works a typical job is just foolish. We have 4-year terms, regardless of how things are going, outside of impeachable offenses. Hell, we have the least productive Congress in the history of our country, thanks in large part to the Tea Party takeover of the House. If anyone should be fired, it’s them.

      • It is obvious you are a strong believer in Obama and there is no reasoning with you. Just remember this he is not the man for the job. He has proven that he cannot get the job done and if you believe he was the lesser of two evils you are admitting he is evil. and as far as congress remember he has a pen and a phone he doesn’t need congress his words not mine. . Where do you get your information on the Tea Party has taken over congress you have no proof of that.

      • How is it obvious I’m a strong believer in Obama? I’ve stated several times that I don’t agree with all his policies and that I don’t think he’s the greatest President ever. However, he was the better choice of the two candidates, so you pick the best available.

        I’m not “admitting he’s evil”, I was using a figure of speech to describe having a choice between 2 candidates where neither one is the best option.

        You’re right, he doesn’t need Congress for actions that can be taken via executive order. And before you go spouting off about “tyranny” and “dictator”, please refer back to the number of executive orders used by former presidents. You’ll note that Obama has not utilized this power exceedingly in comparison.

        Where do I get my proof that the Tea Part has taken over the Congress? Do you not remember the government shutdown? That was a direct result of Ted Cruz and the Tea Party demanding changes to the ACA in order to keep the government operating. In the end, no changes were made, like Obama and the Senate said would happen, and the government was shut down for 2 weeks for no reason other than politics. Additionally, Speaker Boehner refuses to stand up the Tea Party members in the House and bring issues up for a vote that would likely pass – such as immigration reform.

      • I’m pushing no propaganda. That’s the job of Fox News and the Tea Party. I simply gave you a readily available source. Do you deny that people like Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Marco Rubio, and Michelle Bachmann are members of this extremist fringe?

      • you are so wrong and ate up with this administration. Your words tell it all. If you Think people like Marco Rubio is one of the bad guys you have a lot to learn. Remember you cannot change the stripe on a zebra and you do not have an open mind. you cannot see all the wrong that is going on in our country today. You have your blinders on and a very narrow minded liberal Sorry it had to come to this at least I will listen and learn you refuse to do that. It is your way and no other. The history books will prove that this time in America was the worst we have every experienced. I will not comment on any of your future comments. Good luck to you I hope you open your eyes before its too late,

      • Jan, if I’m wrong, you can’t just declare such and expect anyone to take you seriously. Feel free to cite sources or provide evidence proving why I’m wrong. Otherwise, it’s just your opinion and easily dismissed.

        I have not “eaten anything up”. I don’t have “blinders on” and I am not “narrow minded”. You’re simply throwing out cliches as if they actually mean something. Again, please provide valid logical reasons why any of these accusations are true.

        I really don’t think this time in history will ever be viewed as the worst we’ve ever seen. Remember, we had a Civil War? Slavery? Oppression of women? Oppression of laborers? Oppression of blacks? Oppression of homosexuals? And guess who fought for the rights of all those groups? People with progressive views. It is the conservatives who fight for the status quo, who fight for the ruling elite, who don’t want things to change. Yes, anyone who fights against social progress is a bad guy, there is no doubt.

        You have a lot to learn, and there is plenty of history to learn from. Quit repeating past mistakes.

      • What does this ruling have to do with the current administration? This was a SCOTUS ruling, with the conservative judges in the majority and Bush appointee Alito writing the majority opinion. Do you think you can just blame everything that happens that you don’t like on the President just because you don’t like him?

      • EVERY president has inherited debt…and did you not even read the entire article or was it just too long for you to comprehend?
        “The deficit that Obama “inherited” from George Bush’s final year was $458 billion, but every deficit in Obama’s first term was at or above $1 trillion.”

      • WOW! Go figure! Maybe we can get a “libber” here to answer that question. They might suggest that is just one of our many “conspiracy theories” like Dinesh D’Souza’s uncovering of “the real” Obama.

    • Doc…Please don’t ask that question! I certainly don’t feel like hearing the stats on George Washington compared to who next, Abe Lincoln? The (p)RESIDENT needs to practice what he preaches which IS NOT EVER going to happen.

  39. it’s embarrassing to this country, well, embarrassing to any Patriotic Conservative…
    The ultimate question should be…. Why is the American Taxpayer paying for any public officials vacation? I think that’s what needs to be answered….

    • The ultimate question should actually be, “Why is your feigned outrage just starting now?” This number, while high, pales in comparison to GWB (your real Patriotic Conservative). Why no issues when he was in there?? Too much bald eagle milk going where your brain used to be?

      • It will never cease to amaze me how you idiots on the left equate someone flying to his own home and staying there for three weeks each summer is somehow a more expensive vacation than ostinky going all over the world. The outrage by you left wingers is pure devil worship, seriously. Everything is turned on it’s head by you people. Yes means no and no means yes. Up means down and vice versa. You people are seriously crazy, honestly I mean that, crazy.

      • Uh…you mean the President who took working vacations at his own ranch ??..the one that had an office set up for him to do day to day operations at while he was there and ho extra need to set up offices all over the world in ever changing places…

      • Your time of the month?? Feel all nice and cozy now that you had your little rant. This story is in regards to your god and king, obama. Not gwb. Did you happen to read my last statement? “Why is the American Taxpayer paying for any public officials’ vacation? I think that’s what needs to be answered….”
        feigned outrage? Didn’t think I sounded “outraged” I thought I sounded more disappointed or disgusted. Not outraged.
        As I stated, the taxpayers should not be footing the bill for any politician’s vacations.
        gwb as president? An embarrassment. The man couldn’t even pronounce nuclear correctly.
        Now, troll, if this story compared both of them, and stated gwb spent more on vacations (which from what I could hunt down, is true), I would have posted exactly the same thing.
        Do yourself a favor the next time you feel like you need to try to act (type) intelligently, Read from the first letter to the last. Try to actually understand what you are reading, then don’t post, you sound like a progressive socialist. Oh, and why don’t you give your name to someone that would use it with pride. Maybe progressive pete would suit you better. Now, go back to your mommy’s basement, probably known to you as your “man cave”, and play a few levels of the SIMS..
        Now, I know you’ll have to respond to this, please do, I could use the laugh..
        Then I will ignore you..
        3……………..2…………………..1………………..failure to launch….

      • Your time of the month? I love it! If I was a women’s libber my head would probably explode, but I just think it’s funny. My husband always says the biggest mistake was when they gave women the right to vote, which always get a good laugh.
        Your post was well said, but I had to read it through tears of laughter running down my face. I love trolls, they’re so entertaining. BTW, you’re right, GWB didn’t pronounce nuclear correctly and it always bugged the crap out of me.

      • Thank you. I’m glad your weren’t offended, and I knew the thinkers here wouldn’t be. You gotta have a sense of humor when dealing with boneheads like that.. They always make me smile…
        I love it when they put on their big boy pants and try to sound intelligent without actually knowing what they’re talking about.
        Too bad they are allowed to vote and procreate..
        Have a Blessed night.

      • Because you can’t cry over spilled milk, even if it’s eagle’s milk! Yesterday IS GONE, folks! We have been to trusting of our Presidents but it’s a new era now and we’ve gotten wise to all their tricks…they have deceived us at every interval they could.when we closed our eyes and became consumed in our own lives. The internet has opened up the additional resources and multiplied fast, mass communications in spreading such information.However, just like the Yin and Yang, the internet gives them the ability to spy on us.

    • Although Barry supporters will try to convince us that The Obama’s are picking up the tab! Ha!ha!ha! Comedians, aren’t they?

  40. For those of you that are stuck on Benefits and Federal Workers, you need to step out of your box. This is the biggest problem Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party has. If you have ever worked with the Federal Budget and understood it, you would see the waste for yourself. Everything plays a factor out of each and every Organization in the Government. The waste starts in Washington, with our Elected Officials. (1) Funding for Pork (2) Funding sent to other Countries (3) Funding for Travel (4) Funding for the Administration (5) Number of Personnel the Administration has (6) Number of Personnel Obama and Michelle has (7) Funding for Travel (8) Funding for Obama Care (9) Funding for the Executive Orders (10) Funding for Paying back the ones that helped Elect him (11) Funding for Illegal’s (12) Funding for Big Business (13) Funding for Unions (14) Funding for IRS (15) The Lost Billions that are not accounted for. This is just a start folks. The Military Budget does have waste, but the idiots cutting back the way they are, are insane. Then again, they know exactly what they are doing by cutting our Military.

  41. He spent twice that using HAARP to create the fake snow from the contrails to get revenge on red states like Georgia and Alabama, Why hasn’t he been impeached for this yet, or at the very least investigated?
    The MSM is all over Chris Christie for whatever it is he supposedly did but yet nothing at all about a blatant attack on Real American citizens that actually caused damage and cost lives.

  42. Seriously guys, JamesPiekko1 is right, it’s all about the contrails. Also, part of “Obummer’s” plan is being carried out by the fluoride in the water supply. Read up sheeple!

  43. I, for one, stand in salute!

    |* * * * * * * * * * OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO|
    | * * * * * * * * * :::::::::::::::::::::::::|
    |* * * * * * * * * * OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO|
    | * * * * * * * * * :::::::::::::::::::::::::|
    |* * * * * * * * * * OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO|
    | * * * * * * * * * ::::::::::::::::::::;::::|
    |* * * * * * * * * * OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO|

  44. “Low information voters”, Allan? Funny you should mention it, because studies have consistently shown that people who get their news from Fox News are less informed than those who get information from other news networks, or even people who don’t watch network news at all! In addition, Fox News has won court cases defending their right to lie.

    So, given the choice, I’d much rather be a “low information voter” than a “high misinformation” voter, because at least ignorance can be cured. Misinformation and propaganda will be defended wildly by those who hold it to be true. You know, like yourself and your minions.

      • Why your adorable, in your self righteous mocking.. Funny you mention, and I quote, “It’s cute watching them try to think for themselves.” When the left marches in step with the whole socialist idea of big government knows what is best for the masses, not really a movement that wants people to think for themselves they hate it when that happens.. See the irony there?. Again so adorable.

      • It is cute watching you try to think for yourself. It’s great!

        Also, you don’t need so many periods in your sentences. Grammar and punctuation matter my friend.

    • So a past congressman, military Col-retired is misinformed, but someone on the outside like you knows it all? That is how it works? OH gosh I feel so much better knowing low information voters have zero information, AGAIN. Who do you think conduct the polls supposedly calling Fox News viewers the least informed? Twitter types maybe? Social media types? I am so sick of people like you making stupid blanket statements that are so patently false as to be punishable by banishment to the unicorn city from which they came. And I rarely watch any news on TV. I learned to read and examine years ago, hence I knew obummer was worthless long before he ran for POTUS.

      • Yes, because such a comment clearly indicates that you are a thoughtful, well-informed individual. Sure, prop up Allan West’s credentials like it gives him credibility, but continue referring to Obama as a “community organizer”, while ignoring the fact that he is a Harvard-educated former senator. Hypocrite, much?

        You miss the point. Fox News is the propaganda arm of the GOP, and Allan West is a contributor to said network. Reliable studies have shown what I said to be true, and it isn’t surprising to anyone who takes an unbiased view. The very fact that Fox News won the right to lie in a court case should concern anyone who thinks they are credible.

        I’m not making blanket statements. I am presenting facts and evidence. You seem to be incapable of understanding trends. The study doesn’t mean that EVERYONE who watches Fox is less informed, only that those who do TEND to be less informed.

        I never claimed to know it all, but if you’d care to disprove anything I’ve said, feel free.

    • Please site this study you make mention, The Fox news viewers being less informed than other viewers. Please state the “propaganda” you feel the network is pushing, please share a “lie”. Because what you are doing here is called starting a rumor, trying to fit your particular narrative.. keeping pushing your rumors and innuendo.. so darn helpful.

    • Yeah Prototype Atheist ~ Obviously that is why Fox news has been rated the number one news network for 145 consecutive months. Please, go sit in a corner and suck your thumb!

      • He has no answer on why fox is number one because he watches the mainstream media which only tells what they want you to know.

      • Clearly you are a beacon of intellect with such a comment…

        Please, would you care to present the logical progression that correlates ratings to the veracity of their content? In case you don’t know, popular consensus is not a valid argument. Would you care to explain why Fox News would argue for the right to lie?


        The ratings of Fox News are very easy to understand. They are not news, they are infotainment and propaganda for the GOP. They present stories as “fair and balanced” and “no spin” in true Orwellian fashion, then proceed to offer only the right-wing take on things. They lie, they omit, they misinform. They are the one true source of information for conservatives, as such people consider other news sources to be “liberal media”. Therefore, left-leaning people are spread across many other news outlets, such as CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, network news, etc. Fox pretty much gets all the conservative viewership, and they are also included on the basic cable package, whereas other cable news outlets are not.

        Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      • And why is that Susan? Your brain too full of misconceptions and lies regarding atheists?

        Did you know that atheists are more likely to have a higher IQ and to have completed a higher level of education? Perhaps that’s why you’d rather not engage me in an intellectually honest discussion?

      • No, I’d rather not engage in any discussion with you, only because you’re an idiot. And a mighty arrogant one at that. You have my sympathies for your lack of faith.

      • You claim I’m an idiot, yet you’ve done nothing to prove such. You’ve simply stated such as your lone argument and declared it truth. Everything I posted was based in fact and logical deduction. Your immediate response wasn’t to critique my comment, but simply to hurl insults. That’s pretty telling.

        I’m arrogant? How is that, because I presented factual information that clashes with your worldview? Please, you claim to have a personal relationship with the creator of the universe. That seems like the height of arrogance to me.

        You have my sympathies for your delusional acceptance of Iron Age mythology.

      • I am a molecular biologist, not a climatologist. But I assume by your comment that you are also a climate change denier. This shouldn’t surprise me, as you prefer to get your information from puppets of the oil industry rather than experts in the field. Any chance you doubt evolution, as well?

    • Studies? Did the government conduct this study to find a way to impugn the only network not willing to carry water for them? It’s funny isn’t it that Obama can blame ONE news network for all his poor poll numbers? Poor guy…if only fox would comply he’d have the ENTIRE country hood winked once and for all.

      • No, the government did not conduct these studies, and a quick Google search for “Fox News viewers less informed” will net you numerous sources which you can cite for the study in question. Feel free.

        Funny how you claim that Obama is trying to “hoodwink” America when the “news” source you’re defending has won the right to lie in court. Again, Google “Fox News can lie”.

        Seriously, do you enjoy being willfully ignorant?

      • The point you’re making is funny given the lies that have come DIRECTLY FRM OBAMAS MOUTH. Please…I don’t rely on Fox The way YOU RELY ON THE GOVERNMENT. AND I can find ANYTHING I want in GOOGLE..that’s for sure.

      • So, then feel free to find the facts that I’ve presented you. I didn’t say that you rely on Fox, however, Allan West is a contributor to Fox and supports it, and many of those who share his beliefs do as well.

        I do not rely on the government. That is a false narrative concocted by places such as FOX NEWS to drive your hatred of anyone who disagrees with you. I have worked full-time since age 15, earned an advanced degree, and am employed by a major corporation and earn enough to support my family.

        But continue on with your delusions.

      • False narrative? Geeze you talk out both sides of your mouth..I’m in my fifties and was a life long democrat till the lies and FAUX war on women NARRATIVE became THEIR weapon of choice to use to divide this country. The left has hijacked the Dem party…the hatred comes from you & your like for those of us who refuse to fall in line like pathetic sheep. Stop blaming fox …I left this party way b4 FOX started spot lighting the lies. It started with the SAINT of the party BILL CLINTON. He’s a disgrace as a man, a husband, a father to a DAUGHTER AND as a POTUS. I will NEVER believe anything this admin OR MOST establishment politicians try to sell me…I’m sick of the lies frm BOTH parties..they are not working for the people but rather for THEMSELVES.

      • You are delusional. As is typical, in your old age, you have become embittered that the American utopia of your youth (which never really existed) is changing and you’re nostalgically longing for its return at the expense of progress.

        Yes, your false narrative, that anyone who isn’t a conservative lives off the government, but of course there’s no Republicans who do. It’s just like when you blame Democrats or liberals for abortion, yet completely fail to accept that plenty of conservatives also have abortions.

        “The left” has not hijacked the Democratic Party. In fact, the Tea Party, the fascist movement within the GOP, has hijacked their party. There are plenty of conservative Democrats, there are no progressive Republicans.

        Funny how you can rail against an entire political party because one guy got a BJ from a woman who wasn’t his wife. Mark Sanford? Hello? Stop trying to claim moral superiority, you’re embarrassing yourself.

        While I agree that the two-party system is a big problem, you cannot equate the two parties as being the same. There clearly is a lesser of the two evils, and it isn’t the GOP. The funny thing is that you call us sheep, yet I’ve proven that your #1 conservative news network lies, and there’s the fact that Jesus himself called his followers sheep…

      • Your research is crap…your link doesn’t match what your mouth is spewing… try again…oh and by the way, your use of the word “Christofascist” is a lovely made up term that you must be so proud of. My parents grew up under Mussolini’s FASCISM SO I know what the word really means. The left/progressives are the ones selling a utopian world that doesn’t exist..I knew this well before my OLD AGE SET IN. You remind me of my pot smoking brothers who believe the democrat party is the answer to it all …clearly their brains have been fried to a crisp. I was a democrat by my parents standards of what the democrats once were …they are no longer that party of the people (really they never were) but during the Kennedy era we thought it was. My parents were conservative hard working entrepreneurs who came here to escape true FASCISM…of which your claim that the TEA PARTY is …is total and utter lies spoken from an atheist who shows your Hypocracy and the intolerance of the so called tolerant. This is my last reply to your stupid idiotic postings…clearly your intent to try to sway people to think like you koolaid drinking progressives is moot…on Fox anyway…maybe you should work for CNN …I hear peirs Morgan had such bad ratings that he was let go..you’d fit right into their narrative. Too bad obama can’t commandeer Fox though, but I’m sure he’ll think of some way to stop the flow of free speach somehow.

      • First, it’s not “my” research, I didn’t do the study. Second, it isn’t “crap”. The states on that list have long been leaders in poverty, lack of education, obesity, etc. You can deny reality all you want to your own detriment.

        Christofascist is not a term I invented. It’s been around a while, and it is quite fitting for the extremist element of the GOP. You know, the people who want to discriminate against homosexuals, erect Christian monuments on government property, outlaw a woman’s right to choose based on their chuch’s teachings, etc.?

        Mussolini has nothing to do with progressives in America. This is a Constitutionally-limited democratically-elected representative republic, not a totalitarian dictatorship. Additionally, fascism is a rigid nationalistic ideology where dissent is not allowed. Hmm…which current party in the US is always spewing terms like “un-American” and “patriots” while refusing any challenge to their religious beliefs?

        I’m not selling any utopia that can’t exist. I’m simply fighting for freedom and liberty, you know, those concepts that were the founding principles of the US? You guys are the ones advocating for oppression, intolerance, and putting non-violent people in jail.

        Yes, your parents version of the Democrats was no different than today’s GOP. If you knew anything about US history, you’d know that all the Southern white evangelical racists bolted from the Democratic Party to the GOP after the Civil Rights era. See link below.


      • Lol…my parents version of the GOP turns out..was in line with their beliefs mine are more libertarian/constitutionalist YOU are NOT for the constitution if you support tha lawless disregard of this administration. The job of the POTUS is to defend the constitution and enforce laws…he’s hell bent on removing powers from the states which will infact turn us into a socialist Cuban style government…you progressives think you can do it BETTER than the countries that have tried it. The fact that we have a constitution is to STOP the power over reach of politicians. I will not read your garbage you post AND I will never stop fighting for tax money to STOP paying for abortions. Now…I’m done with you…don’t bother trying to feed me more of your crap cuz I’m logging off and will go back to listening to Glenn Beck on the radio. DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD! Long live the TEA PARTY!

      • Have you ever had an original thought? Seriously, all you’re doing is parroting back nonsensical right-wing talking points.

        Funny how when the Constitution is interpreted in ways you disagree with, suddenly I’m “against the Constitution”.

        If you think Obama is a socialist, you don’t even know the meaning of the word. Yes, he supports many socialist-style programs, like food stamps and universal healthcare. So what? Our country has always been a blend of socialism and capitalism. You like having roads to drive on, don’t you? Water delivered to your tap? Police and fire protection? All forms of socialism. Get over it. Stop trying to act like progressives want to fundamentally change our style of government – we don’t.

        You won’t read my “garbage”. Not surprising, you prefer to live in an echo chamber that simply reinforces your existing beliefs. You’ve apparently never heard of the Hyde Amendment?

        Wait, you seriously listen to Glenn Beck? No wonder you’re so delusional…

      • I am also talking about lying. Like Fox News, who many conservatives turn to for information, and who have won the right to lie in court. I’ll stay on that subject all day.

        But I see I’ve struck a nerve with your religious beliefs.

      • Haha ..you advertise your atheism and then try to invoke Jesus to what…get me outraged? Lol..you left wing progressives are so predictable. YOU are why I left the Democrat party…you brag about how college educated you are and then pretend to be so tolerant of all others. I grew up with four brothers who sound exactly like you. they demonized my parents for working hard(after they emigrated from ITALY and know what fascism is) they are pot smoking left wing progressives who are so quick to point the finger while claiming to be so tolerant…you are just like them. And believe me it’s the worst criticism I can give.

      • …and who said that, Terry? I didn’t, but of course instead of addressing the issues with Fox News that I presented, you immediately bring up what you perceive to be “liberal media”, as if I was defending them. I was not. All cable news is now infotainment, rather than actual news, sadly. All they care about is ratings. However, Fox is by far worse in that they lie and misrepresent things far more often. Again, this has nothing to do with the fact that they are conservative, it has to do with the fact that they are not a trustworthy source of information.

  45. So what you’re saying is that the Obama family still has 2 million to go before they reach the 20 mil that Bush spent on plane trips to his ranch alone? But those were working vacations, so those were fine, right?

    • That is the liberals fault for passing it in the first place, if they were bipartisan and did everything that we demanded of them we would never would have to “waste” taxpayer money trying to stop liberalismistic laws from liberaling.

  46. Funny how the President feels not a twinge of personal responsibility to use discernment in this situation, when so many are hurting. Course with his mind set he is not unlike Marie Antoinette, let them eat cake.

  47. So Bush spends 20 million to fly back and forth from Tx, Bush has taken about 4 times as many vacation days as Obama — and every time the TeaParty tries to repeal Obamacare symbolically the cost was 1.45 million x 40 some odd times. You people are such hypocrites – big word ask someone what it means.

    • Oh once again a liberal or a RINO is trying to bring facts into an argument like this. Well sir.. we do not tolerate such things here, I actually have an allergy to them and my gut feelings get gassy when they’re near.

    • 20 million flying back and forth? Really? Where did you get this figure? What we do know is Bush didn’t take lavish vacations staying at expensive resorts he went to his family home..He would also work from his home.. what a concept. The Obama family feels no need to restrain themselves setting up lavish golf games with Tiger Woods, or sending their girls to exotic locals with friends. exboyracer, you changed your argument to talk about Obamacare, your point was lost in your inability to make a clear sentence, your train of thought getting derailed by your two dollar vocabulary word.

  48. Not just their vacations but Obamacare is costing taxpayers millions, 92 million unemployed, 52% of our nations citizens on food stamps, businesses have closed their doors, the poor are poorer and the lies from this POTUS just continue. Food stamp recipients got a 10% increase; our military members got their benefits cut. And BUSH had ZERO to do with this.

  49. exboyracer – No matter which prez spends how much, does that make it right ESPECIALLY in this economy when more American jobs are needed? Now I’ve got 2 words for you to look up: Tea Party. Do you even know what the Tea Party is? It’s not an official party such as democrats or republicans. It’s a grass roots organization of people who stand up for the Constitution, therefore they may not care for Obamacare, they have not voted on it or anything else. Do some research.

    • No, the question is how many males he’s boinked since being in our WH. His “golf buddies” are all homosexual, too. That’s why he’s so bad at golf….he’s not golfing.

  50. So you acknowledge the deficit has fallen under Obama, but just don’t want to give him credit for it? Can you tell us what happened to the deficit, the last time a GOP President took over from a Democratic administration?

    I am pleased that you give credit to the sequester, since it was Obama who proposed the idea.

    “Washington Democrats’ newfound concern about the president’s sequester is appreciated, but words alone won’t avert it. Replacing the president’s sequester will require a plan to cut spending that will put us on the path to a budget that is balanced in 10 years. To keep these first responders on the job, what other spending is the president willing to cut?” –House speaker John Boehner

    Perhaps we could start by not buying and maintaining thousands more tanks than the army wants or needs, for billions of dollars?

    Also, why is it that the GOP can’t figure out what you have written, while still ignoring the possibility of increasing revenue, that any grade school math student could? R – S = D. There is an “R” in there. What do you know! It’s not only about spending, it’s about revenue minus spending! Why are spending cuts to food stamps and social security the only thing that gets considered? Why not increase revenue? Oh no, that would require wealthy people and corporations to pay taxes at a rate equal to or, gasp, more than the rate poor people pay. One in four corporations pay no tax and the average rate is 12.6%. But politicians who refuse to acknowledge this truth have no responsibility for the deficit? Can we cut our way to prosperity and a growing middle class? Recent history would suggest that we can’t.

    • Wow! Words fail me. I’ve heard some stupid ideas, but I give you the first place prize. Just for kicks, take a look at the graph that shows how the entitlement programs have far outpaced the military expenditures. Chilling. Who do you think is going to protect you when Russia or China wants to take over our country? Those on food stamps and unemployment with no military service? DUH!!

      • Chilling is the word, I agree! As long as they have their entitlements in place they won’t bother our liberties have been taken away by obamacare and soon our militaries capabilities will be diminished!

        Very scary things going on!

      • So, you want to cut off the American People that are in need without fixing the real problems. How about the Military that is on Food Stamps? How about the American People start raising hell about the Fraud in our Government that is going on? How about Elected Officials try cleaning up the Fraud that is going on? The latest:
        How about? $100.0 Billion that’s with a “B” in Improper Payments in 2012. That’s not even prior years or 2013.
        I wonder how many people were Illegal’s that this Administration is lending a helping hand to.
        How about creating jobs first so individual’s can find work? Then clean
        out the ones that can, but don’t work.
        How about all of you and our Elected Officials try some common sense?

      • As a matter of fact, YES! Every entitlement program should have reasonable limits. Every time you have a baby out of wedlock you don’t get more money…1st baby ok, second one, half that amount & after that nothing (or hold an aspirin between your knees)! Unemployment? How about proving that you’re looking for a job, drug testing, community service and a limit of no more than 26 weeks. If we had a president that had half a brain he would have dealt with ALL the fraud & abuse long ago. Our military should be well paid and the strongest in the entire world. I too am tired of all the fraud & corruption so don’t whine to me, do something about it. In order to have common sense, you’ve first got to have an administration that isn’t corrupt, which we don’t have right now.

      • Unfortunately we don’t have a President or Elected Officials worth a flip. It’s all of the Elected Officials responsibility and the American People responsibility to make sure they clean it up. It’s the American People that need to start calling for the Elected Officials to do something about these areas. I’m all for our Military being paid what they are worth and to have what they need. There are plenty of areas that the Budget could be cut instead of creaming our Military. I’m not whining to anyone, nor am I downing anyone. I’m trying to open people’s eyes to more issues then Benefits. We all are tired and worn out from all of this.

      • I posted my reply to you as a reply to myself! Must be late in the day & my brain is tired of working. Please see my post to you above your last comment.

      • My apologies if I offended you. That was not my intent. I totally agree with what you are saying. Perhaps I misunderstood at first read. Yes, it is the duty of our elected officials to clean up the fraud, abuse and corruption, but this administration is so corrupt that there is no one to do the job that isn’t involved in the corruption.
        At times, being just one person, I feel helpless to do anything & therefore feel very frustrated.
        This latest debacle with AG Holder, telling all the state AGs to interpret the law according to their own preferences just blows my mind and makes me wonder where this is all going to stop. Someone HAS GOT to stand up and stop it or the demise of our country is far too near. Being from a Navy family, it breaks my heart to see what this pres has done and continues to do to what used to be a militarily strong, ethical, free & good country.
        Any suggestions?

      • My post ended under the wrong one also. What is so stupid and why wouldn’t you want to clean house from all the fraud that is going on and finding Billions that has gone missing? If you don’t clean house, it will continue to keep going to individuals that should not be receiving it, mostly Illegal’s. It’s a step by step process to find the problems and clean them up so the system will run the way it is supposed to. Susan, what I’m trying to say is there are many areas in the Federal Budget and plenty to find funding in, instead of our Military and Benefits. The Fraud Waste & Abuse is going on in a lot of Departments. When you say Food Stamps and Unemployment, yes there are a lot of people without Military Service and there is a lot with Military Service that falls into this category. Just because someone does not serve, does not mean they don’t serve in other ways. There are also a lot of people that did work and no longer do not have a job with no fault of their own. It’s the Economy that the Administration has created. It makes so sense to throw everyone into one pot. Who is going to protect me? Myself and the other Patriots, as I assume the same for you!

    • The Trans Pacific Partnership Obama was trying to “fast track” through is designed to kill the remainder of our middle class and worse. He “sells” it like the best thing that can happen to America,….as he gives our sovereignty to foreign corporations. Research it! Between that and his ObamaScare…America continues to get raked across the coals!

    • Yes, Sequester was Obama’s idea, but, when it was time for it to kick in he was dead set against it. He was for it because he felt it would cause the Republicans to give in to what he wanted. I guess you just forgot to further explain your Sequester statement – not.

    • Eating their lobster while our military men and women are resorting to food stamps????? Who do you pay gratitude to,… The Obama’s for all your years of sleeping in peace every night?

  51. Uhm, sure they have. The Obama’s pay for their own lodging, souvenir money, etc. The cost to the taxpayers is the security detail. Just like every other leader in the world. I suppose quite a few people would welcome the Obama’s to vacation without the secret service.

      • Yea, they also get to fly in Air Force One. They pay for their own food, they pay for their lodgings, and assorted other things that people who are on vacation also pay. The taxpayers pick up the tab for the secret service and the expenses associated with them.

      • The President receives a Budget for his Travels. It covers the Plane, Maintenance, Fuel, Pilots, Co-Pilots, Crew and Stewardess and a form of Housekeeping and other Services. The Travel Budget also includes: Lodging, Meals, Dry Cleaners, Car Rentals and anything else they might need within reason. Basically, a hell of a lot more than the average person when he or she travels that is in the Government. Throw in the Family, Secret Service, Staff, Per Diem and anyone else he decides to bring along. I’ll give you a good example: When Michelle stayed behind after he came back at Christmas, they should have covered a lot of the cost themselves. We will see if they do. So, it’s just not the Secret Service that is covered.

      • I call it abuse of power and taxpayer funds. They are entitled to vacation and breaks, but it’s the extravagance of it, that ticks me off.

      • You are correct on this for when the President does official travelling. When he’s on vacation, he’s responsible for lodging, meals, car rentals, and everything else that is of a personal nature.

        And of course when the President travels, there is Secret Service, Staff, and whomever he decides to bring along because the President never really gets a day off.

      • Yeah, like “Bo” the dog flying in a separate jet…WTH? Or Malia going to Mexico for Spring Break and 12 of her friends get to tag along!! That’s some serious, and conservative budgeting, there! (*sarcasm)

      • I thought I recognized some pretty good sarcasm. I must have missed the spring break thing. That’s pretty disgusting.

  52. Presidential travel is expensive. That’s simply a fact of reality. The
    president has to be protected, escorted, and monitored by the Secret
    Service and any costs associated with this are considered acceptable.
    This is true whether the president is a Republican or a Democrat. None
    of these costs should be shocking or news to anyone, especially anyone who supported George W. Bush’s travel habits.

    Bush spent $20 million in taxpayer money just on his Air Force One flights to and from Texas. That’s not including any other costs associated with the 1,020 vacation days he took during his presidency. During Bush’s presidency, the cost of operating Air Force One ranged from $56,800 to $68,000 an hour. Just one trip to and from his home in Texas cost at minimum $259,687 in taxpayer money, and he took 77 of those trips. He is the most expensive vacation president in U.S. history. Obama has a lot of jetsetting to do if he wants to catch up to his predecessor before the end of his presidency in 2016.

    • Actually, I agree with most of your first paragraph.
      Second, not all of the cost was submitted so the $18.0M is not the correct total. The problem is not trips that are done for “Our Country”. The problem is with their extravagances in their vacations. There is a big difference in cost in the US versus Overseas. There is a big difference in Lodging Cost between Bush’s Home and Obama’s Hotels or whatever. There is a big difference in Fuel cost since he has been in office. There is a big difference in the number of personnel that traveled with Bush versus Obama. Bush traveled with his wife and Obama travels mostly with his wife, 2 children and mother-in-law. Other times, they travel separately to High Class areas. So I would say, Obama jet setting is a lot higher and will go over any President prior to him, once all the cost is factored in.

    • Bush not only vacationed in Texas, he did govenment business in Texas…….he met with heads of state there instead of the white house…….AT their request.

    • Bush was corrupt and crooked, too, and it shouldn’t always be assumed that we like Bush because we can’t stand Obama. During Bush’s term people weren’t being foreclosed on, laid off from their jobs or had to take extreme pay cuts or forced to take a loss of hours in order to keep their jobs.The “economic suffering” hadn’t occurred yet. True, HIS hands were FILTHY in having let such corruption take place against American citizens while others filled their pockets, it was part of THE AGENDA and it shall remain the same with Obama. Barry schmoozed us with his charismatic lies and broken promises which HE NEVER INTENDED TO KEEP! He is a “user” of all the fine opportunities America offers, all the while he continues to destroy our political system, and country. He is a TRAITOR to us all but even more appalling to those who have laid their lives on the line to protect our liberty, our country and our Constitution! HE PROMISED US THAT OUR MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN WOULD ALWAYS BE TAKEN CARE OF! The Obama’s should SEQUESTER THEMSELVES or better yet donate their vacations monies into A VETERAN’s FUND…it’s our money anyway! Of course, Obama supporters constantly try to convince us they pay for their own trips…yeah, sure! Now, let’s see the stupidity that faces us, once again, when 2016 rolls around and we witness folks chanting, “Hillary for President”! Just while we are thinking it couldn’t get worse and we’ve finally gotten rid of Obama….here comes “Killery’s” gang!! Oh, Lord….don’t let THAT happen!!

      • So you really don’t mind that big corporations and the very rich pay so little to nothing in taxes and the very well-off republicans in the house cut programs to help the very people you talk about above? Blinded by hate is never a good thing…

      • The very rich pay plenty of taxes because they’re always the first ones on the list of whose taxes to raise. The problem with income equality is that it’s wrong. Why should the person who works the hardest get paid the exact same as someone who works the very least?

      • That’s not what income inequality is about. Income inequality is about closing the gap between the ultra-rich and the average person, not redistributing all wealth to all people. Things like raising minimum wage, increasing the tax rate on the wealthy, policies that encourage investment and spending rather than hoarding cash in overseas accounts.

        Besides, where did you ever get the idea that just because someone has a lot of money, they worked really hard? Wages for the average worker have lagged far behind productivity in recent decades. If people were actually paid based upon their productivity, we wouldn’t have the situation we do now, where average CEO pay went from a 30:1 ratio in comparison to the average worker to where it is now, 1,000:1 or higher in many cases.

      • They EARNED that money….Personally I am tired of MY hard earned tax dollars going to people that does not earn it…I would be considered in the Lower Middle class and I have NO problem with Big Corporations and the Very rich paying so little in Taxes…
        Big Corporations and very wealth are the ones EMPLOYING citizens of this country.

  53. Wow, did you just discover Presidential vacations cost money when a black man started taking them? How about the Bush family’s MULTIPLE Africa trips, each of which dwarfed this total?

  54. I always like the “Bush did the same thing” defense. If you didn’t like it when Bush was in, why is it ok now? I say it was wasteful and extravagant under both and embarrassing on an international scale. There is irony coming from leaders saying they want economic equality while they spend millions that could be helping the unfortunate on vacations. Why can’t they be limited like the rest of us with vacation days? They are government employees after all.

  55. That figure of 18 million is way low. The one trip to India was one BILLION and the trip to Africa was 100 million, so I think the figure is maybe the cost of his golfing at each vacation. You never heard about GWBush spending and going, so much. He generally went to the ranch or to Camp David which is much lower cost.

  56. Well, really, what else do you expect from the “King” and “Marie” Obama? They consider themselves American “royalty” ala the Kennedys and the Clintons. Sadly, even if the Republicans manage to take the House completely, it won’t matter if O’Bolshevik continues to legislate through Executive Orders and ignore Congress completely. We’re in a catch 22 situation I’m afraid.

  57. Mr. West should be thanked for his effort to inform the citizens of the United States about what is happening to them. Unfortunately there are too many people who do not listen to the news and pay little attention to politics and thanks to them we may wind up being subjects to the leader of the United States at some point in the future.

  58. Perhaps his vacation time should be calculated in the same way as the military, 30 days a year and you pay your own expenses. This may cause a change in his plans.

    • He does “technically” pay his own expenses. The first family is supposed to pay for their own lodging, food and entertainment. However, since they refuse to produce receipts we have no idea whether this is true. They also have the habit of masking pleasure as business which then transfers the tab to you and I. Last, the cost of Air Force One as well as other aircraft used to fly support staff, lodging and food for Secret Service and other personnel is all at the expense of the taxpayer.

      Basically, even if he does pay his hotel and food bill, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the bill the taxpayer gets.

  59. “During Bush’s second term alone, Laura Bush made five “goodwill” trips to Africa. President Bush made the trip twice during his presidency. Here is former First Lady Bush at an event the night before their trip in 2008, “Tomorrow, President Bush and I leave for what will be my fifth trip to Africa since 2001, and his second trip to Africa since 2001. I’ve seen the determination of the people across Africa — and the compassion of the people of the United States of America.”

    Wow, that’s a lot of trips to Africa. In 2007, Laura Bush also took her daughters with her, and they went on a safari.”


  60. “Washington – August in Washington means time for vacation.

    Congress has left on a five-week break. The Supreme Court reopens in October. Now it’s President Barack Obama’s turn.

    On Saturday, Obama begins a nine-day vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., where he spent summer vacation in each of the first three years of his presidency. He skipped his annual Vineyard vacation during last year’s re-election campaign.

    Here’s a numerical look at vacation time taken by Obama and his predecessor, George W. Bush, according to CBS News White House reporter Mark Knoller, who tracks presidential travel. The numbers do not include visits to the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland.


    —14: Number of vacation trips taken by Obama since he took office in January 2009.

    —92: Number of days, all or in part, Obama has spent on vacation.

    —57: Number of vacation trips taken by Bush at this same point in his presidency.

    —50: Number of visits Bush made to his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

    —323: Number of days, all or in part, Bush spent at the ranch.

    —7: Number of trips Bush made to his family’s compound in Kennebunkport, Maine.

    —26: Number of days, all or in part, Bush spent in Maine.”


  61. The Liberal trolls who post on this site should all huddle together, douse themselves with gasoline and light their Bic. I would pay top dollar to witness that flame out.

    • This is the response you just posted to one of my comments (edited for filters):

      “Little wet panties girly boy, you would have made a much better abortion. You know when you are kissing your sk*nk-ho wife you taste the creamy j*zz she swallows from sucking the Marxist in Chief’s unit. It must be so tasty for you and her. Go whack off on your Oboofer poster.”

      And you call us “trolls”. Laughable. You are now also calling for anyone who presents an opinion different from yours, regardless of its veracity, to kill themselves.

      Look at the conservative compassion on full display.

  62. Add the vacation expenses of bush & bho together & it probably would not exceed the expense of palosi’s private trips home every week on an Air Force Jet,not counting the cost of hauling her family around indulging in fine foods and alcohol At least boehner takes public flights home.

  63. It’s infuriating that our military personnel in non-war situations have to use their rations because they can’t depend on the gov’t to fly in or ship food. It’s infuriating that our military personnel have to scavenge for metal to build replacement parts for broken down machinery and equipment because the gov’t says it costs too much to send parts. It’s infuriating that Obama has made their jobs more difficult because of all the red tape of gov’t documentation and permissions. I’ll be happy when Obama is out of office because hopefully then history will bring to light all the scandals and wrongs he’s committed that our media has been trying to cover up since day 1. And if Hillary is voted in, I’m getting on the fast track to expatriation.

    • Thank you, thank you. Very well said. Fact is, our SFB pres has increased his priority entitlement programs 4X what they used to be just a few short years ago & decreased our military to a devastatingly low proportion to what it needs to be. I heartily agree with everything you’ve said & I applaud you for saying it. Not everyone has the guts that you and I obviously have & that’s pretty sad. BTW, if you get on the fast track to expatriation, call me.
      (SFB pres= shit-for-brains pres) 🙂

  64. Wow, another article to fuel anger and hatred. What can I say?? CONTEXT CONTEXT CONTEXT!!! Compare costs to previous presidents perhaps? Maybe? Why do you think the Republicans in the capitol have not been going ape-poo poo over this?
    Stop letting Democrats or Republicans or other special interest people from pushing your buttons with half truths, out of context reporting, and other crap reporting thats sole purpose is to incite anger and hatred.

    • Other Presidents used Camp David for their ‘vacations’ and for their leave time for the most part. Camp David is paid for and secured specifically for Presidential family and Presidential purposes. This article is to open the public’s eye to what is going on. The liberal media does not report the whole truth, if any truth at all. If the public is incited with anger and hatred then they need to DO something about it and vote out the people that allow, accept, or comply with this kind of misuse and abuse of position and American tax dollars.

      • Nope. Nope. Nope. Facts aren’t just what you wish was true. Bush went to Crawford. Reagan spent a lot of time at his ranch in California. Clinton used Camp David a little but he hardly ever went on vacation. GW Bush spent 349 days on vacation, Reagan spent 180, Clinton only spent 84 and Obama is at 96 as of now.

      • President Bush spent 32% of his presidency on vacation,
        1,020 days on vacation in an 8 year period. Bush’s frequent trips to
        Crawford, Texas cost taxpayers upwards
        of $20 million which doesn’t include the cost of the many safaris in
        Africa. Let’s not forget, Bush began wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and
        presided over the loss of 4 million jobs. The debt when Bush left office
        was $10.6 trillion.

    • Sorry, but it’s not half-truths or hatred, it is the truth. Omoochelle planned the trip to Africa for her & her kids until there was so much outrage that she had to cancel, then a week later our SFB pres decided he needed to make a trip to his homeland and visit Kenya so THEY ALL got to go. DUH! Consequence? I think not. In fact, she admitted in a public speech that Kenya was her husbands homeland and he was pleased to be able to visit it. Sounds to me like you’re the angry one. Perhaps because you didn’t get to go?

  65. Sir, with all due respect. I think you are forgetting about the ONE HUNDRED MILLION dollar junket to Africa they all went on, on our dime. This should say $118 million.

  66. I, too, have to say that the Africa trip with his children being listed and paid as “senior staff” tallied around $100-million alone. Its numbers were published by many reputable sources. So, add that to your $18-million and we have a far more believable number. Wake up, AmeriKa!

  67. The picture is of the five first line US nuclear carriers docked together in one place. Just like Battleship Row, Pearl Harbor , December 7, 1941.

    This picture was taken the other day in Norfolk , Virginia .
    Obama ordered 5 nuclear carriers into harbor for “routine” (?) inspections.
    Heads of the Navy were flabbergasted by the directive but had to comply as it was a direct order from their Commander-in-Chief.

    The carriers were all pulled out from the MIDDLE EAST and the Afghanistan support role leaving our land forces naked and exposed!

    NORFOLK, VA. (February 8, 2013). This is the first time since WWII that five nuclear powered aircraft carriers were docked together.
    USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77), USS Enterprise (CVN 65), USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), and USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) are all in port at Naval Station Norfolk, Va., the world’s largest naval station.

    Knowledgeable Sources stated that this breached a long standing military protocol in the Navy meant to avoid a massive enemy strike on major US forces.
    (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Ryan J.

    Obama is ‘Commander in chief’.
    This ordering of most of the Navy’s capitol ships into one place is unprecedented since Pearl Harbor !
    This could be the creation of a false flag atomic incident too stupid for any enemy to pass up.
    And this is the man most voted for

    • It’s hard to believe that Obama is stupid enough to do this and think those carriers would be safe. They are PRIME targets to all of our enemies and taking out several at once would be a major victory for them. Obama HAS to know this. Yet he ordered they be clustered together like that. Makes me think he is trying to get them destroyed or is just completely incompetent as head of the military.

      If Obama really ordered this, he should be removed from office as either complicit with our enemies or grossly incompetent to run our military.

      Or perhaps he was protecting someone from our carrier forces and withdrew them to allow them freedom of movement and action. Again, is he complicit with our enemies? I do not trust Obama as far as I could throw him. I’m pretty certain he does not have this nation’s best interests as his goal. He wants to change the character of our country to something that most of us do not and would not like or want.

      In any case, I will be glad the day Obama is no longer occupying the White House and bringing disgrace, hatred and ridicule to our country as he helps our enemies and either ignores, insults or hampers our friends. The country will be well rid of him when he’s gone. It will take a long time to undo the damage he’s done with the Democrat party’s help in congress. If another Democrat is ever elected president this country is bound to become the very antithesis of what out founding fathers created.

    • Actually, Jan, it wasn’t taken the other day. That’s actually an urban legend. My source in Norfolk (I’m in Richmond) went by the base the other day and there’s only one carrier docked at Norfolk. Also, my grandson is stationed in Norfolk so between the two sources that are actually right there, I believe them. I also researched it and it is an urban legend. But…when I first read it, I too went apopleptic!!

    • This is the first time since WWII that five nuclear powered aircraft carriers were docked together. – Must be a valid news source as the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier was commissioned in 1961….

  68. Why is it that they get to take 22 vacations on our quarter when most of us struggle to even afford one a year? Many of us haven’t had a vacation in years. I think they need to keep their butts in DC until we can be rid of them permanently.

      • The point that is being made is the hypocrisy of him telling everyone to buckle down and stop spending so much while he takes lavish vacations……

      • so that makes it right? We need a leader in the wh not someone that cannot get the job done and blames his ineptness on everyone else. Just because you voted for Obama doesn’t mean you have to keeo drinking the kool aid

      • These FOLKS (Obama’s word) have their liberal blinders on and wear their industrial strength presidential knee-pads. Forever spewing the same old garbage and looking for someone else to blame their inadequacies on.

      • And…they are so desperate and unhinged that they’ve been reduced to constantly blaming Fox News for every one of their failed programs (which is all of them, really). What a sad bunch of losers.

      • Susan, I believe it’s liberally laced with Vodka and fairy dust. It never ceases to amaze me at how naive liberals are. May be book smart, but sure missed out in the common sense department.

    • President Bush spent 32% of his presidency on vacation,
      1,020 days on vacation in an 8 year period. Bush’s frequent trips to
      Crawford, Texas cost taxpayers upwards
      of $20 million which doesn’t include the cost of the many safaris in
      Africs. Let’s not forget, Bush began wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and
      presided over the loss of 4 million jobs. The debt when Bush left office
      was $10.6 trillion. The problem is, Obama makes his expenditures
      public, while Bush, and many others, have hidden what they’ve spent on
      the tax payer’s dime so we have no real figure to compare it to.
      Personally, I prefer transparency.

      • You love transparency and support Obama? You sure have a weird view on transparency. Maybe you need to learn how to use a dictionary. We have yet to see his college records even. Everything about this man must be negative as everything about him is either hidden or covered up by his party minders and his media cronies.

      • The moocher Obama family spends that on one vacation and while Bush had ‘working’ vacations, you can bet no physical work is ever done by the entitled BO and his wife the Mooch! You liberal defenders sure have a limited understanding of ‘facts’!

      • Yeah,, Bush had “working vacations.” He was so busy working on clearing brush, etc that he was oblivious to what was going on in New Orleans after Katrina hit. And for his many extended stays at his ranch, taxpayers paid for room and board for dozens of staff, Secret Service, and Air Force One crew. You have a very limited understanding of facts,

      • Oh. Sorry…I can’t use the “o” name and the word “great” in the same sentence!
        When I read your “Damnyankees” name, I was confused. I like the avatar “Don’t Tread On Me” (also my motto), but I’m also a born & bred damnYankee (MA & ME) currently exiled in VA. Unfortunately my hubby is from TN and didn’t know damnYankee was actually 2 words until he met me. So with a southern boy and a Yankee girl, I guess you could say we have a mixed marriage. 🙂 (But I still love him inspite of his heritage).

        BTW, “o” and “great” are so far apart they don’t even belong in the same dictionary!

      • Thanks for the laugh. I’m the Southern girl and he is the damn Yankee. (Yep, I still love him in spite of his heritage).:)

      • Yep, we make it work. Your husband from the South and lives in the North and mine is from the North and lives in the South. I’m glad he likes the Florida warmth.

      • Truly funny. I am a Cardinal fan and my wife is a Cub fan so we too are a mixed marriage. Fortunately we are both of the conservative persuasion so have learned to adjust. Escaped from the cesspool of Illinois to the sanctuary of Florida where there are actually two opposing political parties and our votes have a chance of counting. We do not live in Miami-Dade, Broward nor West Palm counties where the opportunity for democRAT voter fraud exists.

      • Actually originally form the cesspool of union mentality and democRAT governance, Rock Island County, but Stan Musial was my earliest baseball hero. Kind of dates me doesn’t it. Also a fan later of Ernie Banks in those days before steroids. Bob Gibson another.

        Actually attended SIU in the early 60’s, but was already a Cardinal fan by then!

      • My cousin from STL married young and moved to Moline where her husband owned a implement/farm equip. sales dealership. . .She came from a long line of Conservatives but gradually changed to very liberal views. . They did well, and retired to Southern Florida where she took her liberal views with her. . We were best of friends all through childhood, but her views and 2x votes for Obama bin Lyin’ kinda hampered that ! . . . Stan Musial was always my hero too. . . He used to come into his restaurant and make the rounds with all of the patrons. . On many occasions I had the opportunity to chat with him for a bit. . He’d pull up a chair and sit with folks for awhile.. . . Stan “The Man” Musial was truly a gentleman and very worthy of being looked up to, so you must be a fairly good judge of character. .In my book, if any one player epitomized what a true and pure baseball hero was and should be, it was Stan Musial.. . I’d be a Cardinal fan no matter where I lived, it’s in my blood !

      • How do people like your cousin cross to the dark side? Majority of dems I know are that way through the accident of birth? I do not personally know anyone who votes democRAT by choice.
        I graduated from MHS and retired in 2001 from John Deere.

      • That is a good question. . . The only answer I can come up with, at least in her case, is that as a child she was taken care of by her father, married young to a go-getter that was able to afford her the socialite lifestyle without ever having to lift a finger. . . She never had to work and therefore never understood what it was like to depend on yourself and have to live with your decisions, good or bad. . . In other words, she lost all contact with reality ! . . Her hubby enabled her by catering to her every whim. . . It seems as if the liberal/progressive affliction can only survive in the wealthy domain of those who are ignorant of life due to wealth OR in the lower income or those on welfare due to absolute dependence on others (you + me) for their survival. . . The folks “in between” have to figure out what really works, as we have no safety net other than ourselves and we are FORCED to make good decisions. . . I was lucky to be able to retire from my business early in 2005, and we had already moved 5 years prior about 50 miles south of the Arch where my wife and I have a farm where we raise Tennessee Walkers in the middle of nowhere. . . Liberals don’t fare well out here. . . I think I’ll stay here if for no other reason ! . . . I believe liberals/progressives really have a mental disconnect due to a brain disorder much like the two cows I overheard talking the other day. . . Leaning over the barbed wire fence I heard one cow say to the other, “This whole Mad Cow thing has really got me worried”, the other cow replied “Ahh, I don’t think it really affects us chickens !” . . . Guess which cow was the liberal and most likely voted for Obama bin Lyin” ! . . . Liberals are like speed bumps. . . You either go around them or straight over them. . . Makes me no difference.

      • Come on L.A. . . . .. How can my post be so far away from where it was posted and should have remained ? . . . . Don’t make me come in there !

  69. That amount isn’t that much compared to other presidents. Why should President Obama be held to a higher standard. He is the President.

  70. $18 million??? Where did that number come from. Africa alone was near $100 million. Please tell me your not running point for Obama Mr. West

  71. Every time I see a picture of Obama with that big smile of his, I feel like he is laughing at the American people and everything he has been able to pull off at our expense. His legacy deserves to be known as the most anti-American administration in American History.

    • He IS laughing at the American people jaswim, and it absolutely infuriates me. We deserve far better than a community organizer for a president. His legacy will be exactly as you have described, but I’d also add that it will include being the most lawless, corrupt, dishonest, deceitful and unconstitutional in ALL of history. In fact, he doesn’t deserve 1 square inch of space (or even any mention) in the Smithsonian’s American History museum, or any other museum in this country. UGH! That person is despicable.

    • I believe that’s called hallucinating Jaswim. No matter how much anyone of you tries, it will not change what is. Our President is an incredible human being.

  72. Mr. West, he looks into the eyes of the young men and women in our military on food stamps as he and the FLOTUS jet off all around the globe with utter contempt! He could care less about them or anyone but himself.

    With as many people out there that have had their lives ruined by this man, I just can’t believe he’s still breathing or in charge. The cost of their security details in and of itself must be staggering. I certainly don’t wish him any harm (everyone knows Biden wouldn’t be any better) – I’m just making an observation.

    My personal opinion would be he needs to be impeached for war crimes and he and his wife deported back to Kenya or anywhere other than the United States of America.

      • Susan, I am really just one more anti liberal. I cannot think of even one politician who runs under the democRAT label that I can find any real use for. About half of the republicans fall under the same banner.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more, and you’re also right about the RINOS. I guess I’m just another one of those “lunatic Tea Party Patriots” but ya know what? I’M PROUD OF IT. At least I know that I have ethics, morals, integrity and all that other bothersome stuff that libtards can’t stand. 🙂

      • Bless you! Thank God there are many of us who pay taxes, love our country if not the current government and see through the smoke and mirrors of the lies spun by Obama and his official liar, Jay Carney and the liberal lap-dog media wing of the RAT party.

      • re: “About half of the republicans fall under the same banner.” . . . . . . More like 3/4 plus are RINO’s to a certain degree. . . . Of course Boehner, McCain, McConnell and the rest of the obvious RINO’s are ever present , but even Rubio and Rand Paul have given me cause for concern. . . I don’t know what’s up with Paul, but not quite the shinning example he once was. . . I hope my concerns are ill-founded regarding his “warming up to” Mitch McConnell, but it certainly is cause for concern.

  73. I think you need to research some of these before you post. Obama isn’t a
    big spender. President Bush spent 32% of his presidency on vacation,
    1,020 days on vacation in an 8 year period. Bush’s frequent trips to
    Crawford, Texas cost taxpayers upwards
    of $20 million which doesn’t include the cost of the many safaris in
    Africs. Let’s not forget, Bush began wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and
    presided over the loss of 4 million jobs. The debt when Bush left office
    was $10.6 trillion. The problem is, Obama makes his expenditures
    public, while Bush, and many others, have hidden what they’ve spent on
    the tax payer’s dime so we have no real figure to compare it to.
    Personally, I prefer transparency. http://www.allenbwest.com/2014/02/obama-vacations-cost-18-million-far/

  74. http://www.allenbwest.com/2014/02/obama-vacations-cost-18-million-far/

    think you need to research some of these before you post. Obama isn’t a
    big spender. President Bush spent 32% of his presidency on vacation,
    1,020 days on vacation in an 8 year period. Bush’s frequent trips to
    Crawford, Texas cost taxpayers upwards
    of $20 million which doesn’t include the cost of the many safaris in
    Africa. Let’s not forget, Bush began wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and
    presided over the loss of 4 million jobs. The debt when Bush left office
    was $10.6 trillion. The problem is, Obama makes his expenditures
    public, while Bush, and many others, have hidden what they’ve spent on
    the tax payer’s dime so we have no real figure to compare it to.
    Personally, I prefer transparency.

      • heres an article read it if you want proofs just google how many holiday days did president bush have and you will get all the answers you want . maybe its not the answer youd like but its whats posted as truth so there! I just love that Google thing they know it all.

        According to one source, George W. Bush spent 879 days at his Crawford Ranch. This doesn’t mean this was a vacation for him, he constantly flew in staff member, held press conferences, and met with 18 world leaders at the ranch. Another source reveals that during 2 terms as President, Bush spent all or of part of 487 days at Camp David, on retreats and made 77 trips to his Crawford Ranch, in Texas, where he spent all or part of 490 days, on his Ranch. The total number of days of vacation or retreat President Bush took, while in office over a period of 8 years was 977 days, or 32% of his total time in office, was spent on vacations or retreats.Whichever source is accurate, he spent approximately 1/3 of his time away from the White House. That does not necessarily mean that he was not available if needed

  75. Well I propose this; How about instead of sitting at home breeding they have to report to the county, city or state agency and contribute something to earn what they take? I don’t care if they are cleaning windows, mowing, picking up trash (that we the taxpayer’s have to pay someone to do) and contribute. Why not put in mandates that government assistance will only take care of your child as in one. If you continue to crank out kids that you cannot afford it shall not be the burden of the taxpayers to support them. That would be a monumental start. Stop giving incentives to be enslaved to the government. Why in the hell are we supporting ILLEGAL aliens?

    • I suggested before that the system needs cleaned up. Until then we will beat our heads up against the wall. Start finding the Billions that are missing, the fraud that is being committed in all systems. The Illegal’s are sucking our Country dry and it’s getting worse by the day. Until that is stopped, the system will never be fixed. I agree the system is broken and able body individuals should be doing something, but when you have Elected Officials that have no interest in anything but spending, nothing will change. Our Administration only wants to spend and could care less about the Taxpayers money being abused nor do they want anyone to know where it’s going. They are bringing in Refugees and letting Illegal’s in left and right and we the Taxpayers are paying for it on top of everything else. We need someone strong that is willing to bring in ethical individuals that can Audit each area of the Government and find everything that is wrong. Not individuals with a beef and agenda, but just to do the job. Find out who let this happen and prosecute them. Find the ones that committed fraud and prosecute them. Once that is completed (yes, I know it will take time), then they can start fixing the programs. We need someone that will bring our jobs and factories back to the United States. Without jobs, all the Americans that are unemployed will never be able to get off the rolls. This Administration has no intentions of cleaning up anything!

      • Reba you are 100 percent correct! Last year I paid in over 87K in taxes. It chapped my backside to say the very least. Especially when I go to the grocery story and see EBT cards paying for their groceries and they buy beer and sodas with cash. How does this happen. If you are so destitute that you need money to buy your groceries there should be no non-essentials! This administration is spending more money on food stamps than ever before and will gut the military to cover the cost for that and Obamacare. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Illegals are pouring in and we the taxpayer’s are expected to pay for it. It’s ludicrous.

        After I retired from the military I worked as a paralegal for several years. I had a case where a woman was facing federal charges for drawing welfare, food stamps, had section 8 housing, etc. She claimed 3 kids that didn’t even exist. It took them 13 years before they caught on to what she was doing. This case stands out in my mind because I will never forget her telling me that she felt like she was entitled to it because she wanted her share of the pie. Of course she didn’t say that to the judge. Heck no, she went in promising to pay it back and how sorry she was. The only thing she was sorry about is that she got caught. This happens all the time and I’m sick of it. It’s not right that I had to work and they don’t have to.

      • Stockard, I understand what you are saying. Unfortunately there will always be individuals that are abusing the system. All of us are sick of paying Taxes for a broke system that our Elected Officials will not clean up. I still say, our number 1 problem is Illegal’s versus our unemployed. The Illegal’s are making it hard on every American Citizen. Until someone does something about it, it’s just going to get worse. Obama keeps bringing them in and no one is trying to stop it. This Administration wants every American to be dependent on the Government and the ones that are not, he is trying with everything he has to bring us down. I suggested before that the system needs cleaned up. Until then we will beat our heads up against the wall. Start finding the Billions that are missing, the fraud that is being committed in all systems. The Illegal’s are sucking our Country dry and it’s getting worse by the day. Until that is stopped, the system will never be fixed. I agree every able body individuals should be doing something, but when you have Elected Officials that have no interest in anything but spending, nothing will change. Our Administration only wants to spend and could care less about the Taxpayers money being abused nor do they want anyone to know where it’s going. They are bringing in Refugees and letting Illegal’s in left and right and we the Taxpayers are paying for it on top of everything else. We need someone strong that is willing to bring in ethical individuals that can Audit each area of the Government and find everything that is wrong. Not individuals with a beef and agenda, but just to do the job. Find out who let this happen and prosecute them. Find the ones that committed fraud and prosecute them. Once that is completed (yes, I know it will take time), then they can start fixing the programs. We need someone that will bring our jobs and factories back to the United States. Without jobs, all the Americans that are unemployed will never be able to get off the rolls. This Administration has no intentions of cleaning up anything! I hope I didn’t repeat myself!

      • Stockard ex military here too 40 years and when you say Obama is screwing the military and gutting the Military to do it? what rank or grade were you? most young privates to sargeants with families collect food stamps because they dont get paid enough, we have to gut other services just so our military can eat, I dont know where you been hiding but go to a town or city around a military base and find the food bank or food pantry and on delivery and pickup day go see how many military families are there collecting free food so they can survive, or end of month go to local supermarkets and watch military wives use food stamp cards to buy groceries for their families.

        I mean these families the man is fighting for his country and they have to depend on food stamps and food banks to survive? something wrong with that picture and they arent down right dirty good for nothing low down bums lazy scum they are military men whose families need help.

        And I do agree there are people who abuse the system there are people who abuse any and all systemns in the world we can never make anything prefect.

        I see posts about illegals taking good American jobs, what? where? when? really?
        Im sitting here enjoying some fresh seedless grapes I bought yesterday at our local Costco store from California, you gonna tell me Americans help pick those grapes? if you do you get the Bullshit award of the year.

        All the fruit and vegetables in Californiaw are picked by illegals hell would freeze over before destitute Americans did that back breaking manual labour bending over all day getting paid by how much you pick not by the hour.. if it wasnt for the Illegals we wouldnt have any fresh fruits and veggies in our supermarkets and grocery stores,.

        Same thing in the resturant and cafe business you will never see a White American be a dishwasher, they are usually Asians, Blacks or Hispanics or illegals

        Then I see folks say we need someone running the country to bring businesses and jobs back to America, really ya wanna know why America has no jobs and isnt getting any really soon?? Go look in a mirror, thats why!

        Its the people is the reason we dont have any good paying jobs., you love all those cheap pricedll crap we by from China, Ive mentioned to numerous folks why bitch about jobs just buy made in USA and we will create jobs and their reply is” ohhwed love to buy made in the USA but its to expensive we cant afford it” of course its more expensive because American companies try and pay a descent wage.to their workers.till we wean ourselves of aqll that cheap crap we will never get industries back to America, and many say well ya Obamas sending companies away with taxationand rules and regulations,thats all crap too, when a company has highw ages and cant compete they have to find a country where wages are compareable to theor competitors now if all American worjkers would work for $800 to $12.00 a day im sure every corporation would stay in America but they cant do they they have to pay what $14.50 and up plus benefits healthcare etc they cant compete, yet all you supposed smart educated intelligent folks cant and dont see that?

        Im retired military I get full pension and I get social security pension plus my investments, i paid over $37,000 in income taxes in 2013 or last year, thats more then many familes make in fact in many cases more then 2 working families make, and living in the great state of Montana is cheaper then many mid country states , so I too pay my fair share of taxes and Im not upset folks collect welfare, thats what we do, we are a christian kind caring sharing community we help our Brethern stay afloat and survive and sometimes even to get a head and do better.

        I always live by the Motto ” do unto others as you would have others do unto you”! and its worked very well all my life try it never know may work got you all too.

      • I don’t even know how a person making minimum wage lives on it today. Hell, even Middle Class is having a hard time. I just know with all the fraud and abuse going on in our country is hurting us. The whole system needs to be cleaned up.

      • Just because I’m a Conservative, does not mean I can’t see both sides of our Elected Officials. They both are in bed with a lot of people.

      • Just because I, too, am a Conservative, doesn’t mean I have to let people make stuff up.

      • Nope, me either. I try and look at both sides of the issues. When a politician lies, he has lost my trust.

    • “According to the Department of Health and Human Services, in 2009 the TANF rolls were 31.2 percent white, 33.3 percent black, and 28.8 percent Hispanic.”

  76. Remember that time the Bush administration lost $18 BILLION dollars in cash in Iraq. That’s billion, with a B.

    In 2004, the Bush administration flew twenty billion dollars of shrink-wrapped cash into Iraq on pallets. Now the bulk of that money has disappeared. The funds flown into the war zone were made up of surplus from the UN’s oil-for-food program, as well as money from sales of Iraqi oil and seized Iraqi assets.

    Forget the fake outrage of this article, weak sauce.

    • There is always Fraud and Abuse by Contractors and Military in any war or conflict. Doesn’t make it right, regardless of who does it.

      • No, I’m trying to tell you that Fraud/Waste and Abuse is everywhere. Contracts’ being worked overseas is always an issue and has always been. There will always be individuals that do things they shouldn’t. I would say it’s more on the Contractor side then the Military, but it does happen all across the government. I’ve seen it happen with Contractors, Military and Civilians in the United States and have known about it happening overseas and worked it before. I’m very much a Military Supporter!

      • it’s the military-industrial complex that is to blame. Look up what Eisenhower had to say about it.

  77. Oh and one other thing ~ I hope you have a lot of kids. Based on your position I hope that they wind up living off of you until they are 30 years old. I want them to drain you dry wherein you will never be able to retire. I want them to reside in your basement with no ambition or desire to get anything out of life with no morals and no work ethics. I want you to foot the bills for them to make a pretense to go to school so they can party and smoke dope wherein they promptly flunk out and have to continue to sponge off of you! You’ll wake up one morning wondering what the heck happened. Then refer back to your little position because this is what false sense of entitlements will get you. Have a nice evening.

    • Still beating that dead horse?

      “For example, an 11-day trip by then-President Bill Clinton to Africa in 1998 involving about 1,300 people cost $5.2 million a day, according to the federal Government Accountability Office, which adjusted for inflation.”

      • Yup. And we’ll probably continue to beat that dead horse until Omoochovomit & her lying, deceitful other half is out of office. Any more questions?

      • The inly thing you’ll get is the satisfaction of beating a dead horse. Useless, worthless exercise.

  78. “Let’s do a quick analysis. Obama promised in his first term to cut the deficit in half. The deficit that Obama “inherited” from George Bush’s final year was $458 billion”

    CATO: The 2009 fiscal year began October 1, 2008, nearly four months before Obama took office. The budget for the entire fiscal year was largely set in place while Bush was in the White House.

    • KInd of hard trying to balance the budget or cut the deficit when , when you have a 1.7 trillion dollar a year country to run and you have 450 Billion dollars to run it with because the countrys economic situation was taxes paid were down 68% from 2008 .
      Now people have stated well do like we did and companies did they cut costs annd made things balance but yes it can be done but govts not a company or a person, when everyones hurting and losing their jobs their homes their self esteem credit rating human dignity,

      The govt job to help its citizens to get through the rough times with extra unemployment insurance benefits and bailing out the banks, personally id have said let them fail but if that had happened the United States as we know it today would have failed and wed be a 3rd world failed country because those big banks would have dragged every corporation, company, and bank down with them, and many of you folks here bitching today wouldnt have a pot to piss in let alone what ya have today because those bank failures would have gobbled it all up. and destroyed every other bank and credit union in the country and all your so called savings and whatever you had would be seized and gone.

      Remember the dirty 30s when folks wandered from town to town state to state looking for workj any work they had no homes their personal possessions were loaded in their cars igf they had one, if Obama had let the big banks and AIG insurance fail thats what the USA would be like today, our economy would have collapsed and wed be living like they did in the 30s

      And I used to also listen to good old fox news channel until one day I caught them lying on another sight and I started watching and sure enough they made it a regular thing so I quit watching them and never regretted it.

      Below is my proof the videos ,I saved them as my proof otherwise im just a windbag with no backup.

      Here is what Laura Ingraham said abot American ambassador who was killed in Bengazhai he was fdragged threough the street, which he wasnt he was found on the grounds of the consulate by friendly libyans and rushed to hospital where he died.


      Heres Sean Hannity admitting they used fake tape on a program


      this is the first video that got my attention as to how fox news lie to their audience and most folks believe what theyhear did and when I heard whole speech I was floored


      heres a video where they lose all credibility in 93 seconds,


      Here is what fox news sounds like to non Americans, scary


      Now is this the fox news you watch well I changed maybe you shgould too they say Fox viewers are the dummest in country


      Thank you for your time and consideration

      • Read the Great Deformation and you’ll see how the economy wouldn’t have collapsed.
        Think back to the “Happy Days” – corporate taxes were 30% of the nation’s income, the top personal tax rates were @ 90%.
        Want that level of prosperity again?

      • Well Tom Thank Ronald Reagan for F**king everything up, I agree when tax rates were such dad worked mom stayed home raised the kids they had a nice home a descent car they could afford a vacation or two a year to go visit family and friends and the govt functioned quite nicely thank you., but we will never get it because the GOP and Democrats are too indebted to their corporate and banking friends to make the changes neccessary for this country to thrive again. and also remember Tom this was before all our stores were stocked with items made in Japan Korea and China, what we bought was mqade in USA and we were proud of what we had and made no more now made in USA costs to much we all love those cheap items we buy from China.

      • I also see comments about welfare and food stamps and what folks would do to earn them.
        Im old military retired in 2006 after 40 years and most younger servicemen who are married their families have food stamps, so should their wives have to go out and work and where do they leave their kids? we expect their spouses to defend our country but we dont pay them enough to live so what should they do.

        Ya dont believe me then go to towns and cities which surround military bases find the food banks or pantries and see how many military mothers and wives are there for handouts, its a Bloody disgrace,then folks like you folks do come onto social media sites and make rude and cruel remarks about people using food stamp cards to buy beer a steak smokes etc, which is wrong Ive seen them cards and they are for food only and most supermarkets keep it that way.

        One time way back in 2003 or 2004 was in a supermarket and the lady in front of me started really making a big scene about the lady in front of her and what she bought and she was using one of those food stamp cards, well when shove came to push the lady being accused of abusing her food stamps showed us all her card wasnt a food stamp card was a debit card from a local credit union, its front was sort of what those food stamp cards look like and im sure in many cases where folks swear they saw something they didnt because many banks have different fronts on their debit cards so you can get a card with anything ya want now on it, and id say simply most people just mind your own business , thats trouble with America today no one trusts anyone because everyones always wanting to know everyone elses business

  79. and just think of how all that fuel they used did to the so called Climate Change , could have driven several thousand cars for and not bothered the air as much

  80. And, now their going to China. Are the daughters “Senior Advisors” again? Does anyone really pay attention in the lame stream population and media.

  81. Worst president in the history of our country. Seems that the Democrats would have wanted their mark on history by electing the first black man to be someone who could be looked up to in the history books. Someone who our children could say, “I want to be like President Obama someday.” But what they got (what we got) is a film-flam, liar who is taking advantage of all of us and will be nothing more than a “joke” in the history books.

  82. Everyone on here is comparing the “Democrats” to the “Republicans”. 98% of them are nearly indistinguishable based on their voting record, the rhetoric is just different! Wake up my fellow Patriots

  83. Good Day,,, Mr name is Mrs Nancy Alfred, Am from Florida, I had a serious quarrel with my husband due to my parent, my parent never liked him to be my husband, but i love him so much that i will rather die to let him go off me, that was how i met