Bravo-Foxtrot-Oscar: Taliban will resurge after US drawdown

Last week, the Pentagon issued a report based on an independent study on the future of Afghanistan. As reported in the Washington Free Beacon, the Taliban will resurge in Afghanistan following the drawdown of U.S. and allied troops in Afghanistan later this year.

That is what I call a Bravo-Foxtrot-Oscar (Blinding Flash of the Obvious).

The report says the Taliban are expected to regenerate their capabilities in sanctuaries in Pakistan as military pressure on them declines. Over the next three years, the Taliban will expand control and influence in areas left undefended by U.S. and allied troops. They also are expected to “encircle key cities and conduct high-profile attacks.

This is truly dire news for President Obama and his proposed “zero option” force posture for Afghanistan – how’s that working out for Iraq? It seems former SecDef Gates’ assessment of Obama is true: his heart is not in it.

No wonder Karzai is letting Taliban prisoners go free.

A few of us who served in Afghanistan have been chatting via email about what the future holds for that country. When I was there during 2005-2007, several members of our advisory team had served in Vietnam in combat. One had served as a Special Forces team member and worked with the mujahedeen, training and advising, during the Soviet-Afghan War. While we were there in southern Afghanistan based out of Kandahar Airfield (KAF) we would often talk about the similarities to Vietnam. How in Vietnam we initially had the “strategic hamlet” that put forces out in the countryside with villages and denied the enemy access. Then we shifted the focus to larger bases and larger scale operations.

We would sometimes sit outside the “hooch” and thought about how we saw KAF expand to the point where there was a bus service to transport troops. We would look around at how many troops were on KAF as opposed to how many were actually out “Taliban hunting.” What we saw in those years was the transition from a US-led operation in southern Afghanistan to a NATO-led mission.

Mission responsibility was divided by province and then by nation. Canada had Kandahar province. The Netherlands had Uruzgan province. The Romanians had Zabul province. The British had Helmand province. I just have to tell you, if we’d fought World War II that way, lots of folks would be speaking German today.

Each country had its own rules of engagement and employment and there was no resource sharing. The enemy quickly learned the TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures) and where the gaps existed for exploitation.

We focused more on COIN (Counterinsurgency) operations than CT (Counterterrorism), which meant nation-building and supporting central government institutions. We failed to understand the culture was not about Kabul, it was about the tribal elder at the local level.

Here is what should have been done in Afghanistan, and can still be done now. The United States — let’s be honest, we are the coalition — should establish a cross-border engagement zone into Pakistan. In military terms, you cannot control your AO (area of operations) unless you interdict the AI (area of interest). We must control the AI and let it be clear that we will engage enemy forces operating there. That does not just mean drones! And we don’t need to coordinate — i.e. tell — anyone the depth of that AI. We need to focus clearly on CT. It is all about finding the enemy, fixing him in position to negate his repositioning, engaging him with all available weapon systems (screw this restrictive ROE nonsense), destroy him in place, and pursue him (No sanctuary! That is the purpose of interdiction into the AI).

Our footprint in Afghanistan does not need to be large, but it needs to be robust and effective. Most importantly, we need civilian leadership dedicated to bringing the Islamist terrorist forces to their knees. That is what the Afghan culture understands — relentless warriors, steely-eyed and determined to destroy the enemy. That is how you get respect.

And we don’t need some mammoth Afghan National Army — that can also be a smaller, well trained, and thoroughly vetted force. Empower the tribal elders, not the corrupt central government. Find younger leadership who want a better future for Afghanistan — and that includes women.

In Afghanistan, all is not lost. But what we have lost is strategic courage in Washington DC.


  1. That “man in office” does not have the where with all to be serious enough about this situation. Sorry to say, but he is a LOSER!!!!!

  2. Col. West does not have to influence, all you have to do is pay attention, research, and use common sense to come to conclusions. If it quacks like a duck, probably a duck.

  3. Mr. West Sir. barry has said when things start going bad he will side with the muslims.
    He said this in his book. HE will side with them, not us. If he is not a card carrying muslim I would be extremely surprised. Since the pictures of him in Muslim garb are all over the internet and only true muslims may wear them.
    He has not want to deter the Taliban from taking over any country as he sees it as their right. barry’s attitude is, who are we to dictate to them what they should and should not do.
    His attitude toward our country is that we were founded on the backs of the black slaves and muslim immigrants.
    All we are doing in Afghanistan is securing the poppy fields as it is their number one export. and that is costing us lives, for now good reason.

    He has no wants or desires to stop, impead, or destroy the Taliban or Al Qaeda for that matter

    • Bolstered by his constant references to the “Holy Quran”, but never mentioning the Bible or Torah, simply referring to them as “scripture”

  4. ROE has killed a lot of our guys. If a guy is shooting at you from a building… blow up the building. No third party permission required or desired.

  5. Obama would rather reek in the millions he has accumulated while president (even as the middle-class stagnates and the poor get poorer) than risk anything for the U. S. He spends MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars on silly trips that could easily be handled without such large expenditures. He recently went to Palm Springs, spent two hours with the King, then played golf with friends for the vast majority of his time there. To Florida to play golf with Tiger Woods. He does nothing for the country, ESPECIALLY if it involves fighting the Muslim population anywhere head on. Where has he done that? Why doesn’t he put pressure on U. S. Muslims to take up the fight against extremism? Where has he done that? U. S. Muslims are Muslims and their Koran says “Kill the Infidels” and the vast majority of us are, in their words, infidels. Why would they defend infidels? They won’t and he does nothing.

    • this is what happens when IDIOTS put a neighborhood rabble rousing Socialist in office!!! Totally Incompetent! MANY DIE!!!!!!!


      • your comment makes not sense at all! You are ok with guns being bought by the bags full here and innocent people getting shot for walking down the street too slow, but you pick and choose false info to believe about the president trying to prevent killings around the world based on promises that presidents before Obama, had put in place and now he has to oblige them. Don’t believe the stupid Right’s manufactured or twisted lies.

      • Also like a typical liberal all you can do is criticize instead of coming up with alternatives. You are so quick to come to Obama’s defense. You have been brain washed into believing he is the second coming. When in actuality he is destroying the very country you think is needs to be changed to a socialist or communist country. This country will not exist if you keep supporting the man who is trying to destroy it

      • I don’t want to get into a gun right’s debate… but I feel that people that are against guns have forgotten that the first American revolution was fought with personally owned firearms and some of the first shots were fired defending those firearms…
        You don’t gain freedom by trusting your government to protect you… it’s the exact opposite; You gain freedom by defending your ability to to defend your freedom

  6. I’m not a military person , nor savy in this area, but West makes so much sense here. So frustrating that after
    much time and human expense only to have the place, and it’s hapless peoples, back to square one.

  7. I’m not a military person , nor savy in this area, but West makes so much sense here. So frustrating that after
    much time and human expense only to have the place, and it’s hapless peoples, back to square one.

    • At one time I would have agreed with you, now, I want our men and women home. I’m tired of seeing them killed for a president, elected officials and some people in our country, that doesn’t give a damn about them

    • And Square One is the Pre-Stone Age which is why we didn’t carpet bomb them to begin with. After all how can you bomb someone back to the Stone Age whose “civilization” has as yet to reach that point?

      • Doesn’t matter, What does matter is the fact that all you can do is criticize and add nothing of value to the thread. That and you are obviously impressed with yourself. You along with your liberal friends will be screaming for help when you realize that your hero Obama has betrayed you and the muslims are at your door step

      • Think about how many muzzie owned gas stations there are in this country. If they as a group, shut down the pumps (and the govt. didn’t react) it would have a crippling effect. Think about that.

      • Don’t have to think about it, that IS GOING to happen. barry already has EO’s covering it. He will shut down the refineries and stop transportation of gasoline.
        Even if you had a gas station you could but it from when they crash the dollar you won’t be able to afford it

      • You are so busy falling all over yourself with your stupidity that you didn’t even bother to read my answer to you. I have four and I am a Roads Scholar and you are a total moron

      • I guarantee you mine is bigger than yours! You might want to request a refund because you definitely over paid for your education.

      • Just because you have a doctorate does not mean you are any better than I am nor does it mean you have any common sense

      • If you went for a higher education so you can spit them out like a shield to a bad argument… you’re not that intelligent. … and you probably wasted a lot of money…

      • Hi Arthur! I’ve got all the arguments. Give me a tough one. It’s OK to be smart. Try reading a book sometime, you might learn something. Life isn’t all about NASCAR and guns.

      • How many PHD’s does it take to cover a jerk? Apparently it takes a couple in here. Doctorates in what? Certainly not Military iIntel, or Methods of Conducting Warfare. Perhaps a Phd in “Art Appreciation of the old masters technique of applying pigment.” Gimmme a freakin break. Just another Liberal educated blow hard waving his sheepskin around hoping to get respect from first year students . .oooooo ahhhhh Look . .he’s go a doctorate.
        Hey Douglas. . .Do you still cut the crust off the edges of your sandwiches?

      • Hi SYG! You’re seem like pretty smart fellow too, how’s about we have a rational discussion. You appear to be a grown man who would be above such insults. Say, are you a married man?

      • you don’t even know how to delete or edit a dumb post and you call yourself an intelligent person, You sound like Wile E. Coyote “Super Genius” dumb ass

  8. Colonel West, I have nothing but respect for you and your continued service to our nation. As a retired service member who has son’s in the military I must respectfully disagree with you. If we are not willing to chase down and kill our enemies where they hide….Pakistan, or anywhere else then we need to get the hell out. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the people of that region if they aren’t willing to stand up for themselves. If we can’t stomach the effort to kill the bad guys then we need to leave. I am not wiling to shed mine or my son’s blood for people who aren’t willing to do the same and are not willing to stand on our side with strength of will. I am tired of the USA having to protect everybody else. If they are not willing to stand strong with us then we do not need to stand with them.

  9. The problem with your take on this “BFO”, as you call it, Afghanistan back out, is that the USA is not there to conquer that country, we were there to push back the terrorism groups, but you can’t do that without COIN. Can you mr. military? We are a “part” of a coalition, not THE coalition…but for some reason were are always the first called to step up and take the lead, then criticized about how we do it….after being call in such short notice or without getting a full understanding of what our goals are. Since you are so hopped on the US staying in a civil war zone, send your son over there to for the taliban to use as target practice, instead of letting the Afghan troops that we supposedly trained protect themselves. Since we can’t fight an enemy you can’t really see, “counterterrorism” why should we be the unappreciated disposable shield? The President isn’t just blindly backing out, he is pulling out our citizens slowly but surely, allowing them to put forth the effort to begin to protect themselves. YOU and those like you complain when President Obama sends troops somewhere or brings them home. MAKE UP YOUR MIND….YOU CAN HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!!

    • Obama sends troops in because he wants them killed. He has no regard for our troops or it’s veterans. In fact he has no regard for you this country, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

      • You’re too much. Really. I’m getting a kick out of reading your posts and the posts of your fellow “patriots”. Super America! Constitution! Benghazi! Our guns! Freedom!!!

    • Vincent, why are you so angry? This site supports our Military 100% and then some. We want our Military home, because we don’t have a president, elected officials or even some people in our country, that support our Military anymore. We don’t complain if it is the right thing to do, but it is no longer right. Why you ask? Because our Military does not have the support they should and are dying daily.

  10. LTC West, I recommend you come out to Ft. Polk to inspect the SFA-AT training going on out there. You will be encouraged to see what we have learned. There is a class of advisors coming in April who could learn from a veteran advisor. Do you think the Army will let you come visit?

  11. …my beliefs won’t allow “Hatred”, but I totally think he is only faking a presidency, he is a dictator at best and a “king” at worst and needs to be removed ASAP!

  12. I generally agree with everything you say….but think less of you to hear words like “screw”. I know times are tense….but I will not support anyone who uses crass language.

    • Godislistening . . . .Are you serious? Using the word ‘screw” is crass language.
      CRASS |kras| adjective, lacking sensitivity, refinement, or intelligence: e.g., The crass assumptions that men make about women. Col West didn’t cuss, swear, or use any form of vulgarity, and simple said “screw’ the restrictive ROE nonsense.” Do you even know what that means? If you do sir, I say to you, shame on you for knowing what words like that imply. Perhaps YOU sir are the crass one for applying a meaning that you carry around in your head ready to ponce on an innocent person who has no intention of being insulting like you are. I say to you kind sir, take the plank out of your own eye before you ask him to remove the speck that you seem to think is in his eye. You sir are also a poor witness of your faith. Perhaps a conscientious objector also. Sit at home and let other’s fight for your freedom to criticize.

  13. So, you suggest we invade Pakistan… and then what?
    Let’s say we take your advice and invade Pakistan and it doesn’t escalate into a larger war… do we occupy Afghanistan and Pakistan indefinitely?

  14. Allen West, you know that Obama will do everything he can to support the enemies of the US. He is an islamo-fascist. He is a muslim and all true believers must destroy Christians and Jews. Obama is interested in putting the muslim brotherhood and the taliban back in power. We have no hope unless the US can prosecute Obama and his minions for treason. You sir are an honorable man. I know why you don’t come out and say these things about Obama. You would have a target on your back and Obama would attack you by calling you racist, paranoid and a woman warrior. They would do everything to discredit you. But I’m pleading with you sir, there has to be some way to convince people that you are not paranoid when you say that Obama is islamo-fascist and explain exactly what that means. I am no one of any notoriety. I try to tell as many people the truth as I understand it from the writings in the qu’ran and Obama’s books. Unfortunately, there are too many people that are too busy to read these books for themselves. Unfortunately, if people don’t educate themselves, it’s already too late to do anything. You are one of the smartest and most honorable men in politics. Please sir, gather together a group of people that can spread the word far and wide the real truth of Obama’s plans before it is too late. I am not wise in the ways of getting things done in politics. I am however tenacious. Please help people such as myself, make an impact by contacting our representatives with actionable correspondence demanding that they bring Obama and his many minions up on treason charges. I truly believe that the next 2 years are our last years as a reasonably free nation.

    • Bravo Ken! People do not want to educate themselves , they roll their eyes at you if you try. But wait until it is out their front door!!! This country is on it’s way out if we continue on the path we’ve been led. It may already be too late. My tears fall for all the men and women and family members who have fallen , fighting for this country that in the end will be all for not! THAT IS A BURNING SADDNESS IN MY HEART TOWARDS WHAT IS HAPPENING !

    • Ken, I have no clue where you are getting your information, but you are so far off base that you lose all credibility. You suggest that people take the time to educate themselves, and I agree with you, and endeavor to read and absorb as much as I can (from numerous sources). It’s your conclusions that I have a problem with. I too have read the Quran….or at least enough of it to know that Islamic terrorists have and are distorting the writings of Mohammed to fit their political agenda. They are able to manipulate the uneducated to follow them like lemmings over the cliff. Contrary to what Allen West would have you believe, most Muslims just want to live in peace and raise their families. I have worked with and employed several professional engineers who happen to be of the Muslim faith, and I have found them without exception to be intelligent, soft spoken, honest, family oriented people. I’ve also read Obama’s books, and see no evidence of the “Islamo-fascist” that you accuse him of. Where is your evidence?….and while you’re at it, please shed some factual light on his treasonous acts. I think that you’ve been spending too much time watching Fox News, and urge to to find some new sources.

      • First and foremost Wayne, I have nothing to prove to you. You made several accusations about me that you have no way to confirm. I too know muslims. Many are as you said.

        I am curious, however that you think I exclusively get my information from Fox. Who would you have me watch? MSNBC?

        Obama has numerous islamic connections. One that is particularly interesting is Valerie Jarrett who has been given unprecedented access to our nations secrets.

        Obama has droned an American teenager along with other Americans.

        Obama is trying to take over 1/6 of our economy while at the same time, he is driving this country into debt that we cannot even begin to pay back.

        Obama changes laws without the approval of Congress at will.

        I could go on for hours, but why don’t you do your own research? Research his connection to the Taliban, the muslim brotherhood, the middle-eastern islamic financial firms.

        So sir, if you are a patriot, why don’t you try to see the truth in what is being said. We are in mortal danger and you don’t help by trying to tear a no body like me down.

        Furthermore, Allen West is a true patriot. He has huge amounts of research backing him. He is extremely courageous being that he is a black American patriot willing to stand for what is the truth. Consider the extreme danger he puts his family everyday.

        I’ve read the qu’ran and it is clear as to what its teaching are concerning the infidels. Any true believer of islam has no recourse to get to their paradise but to follow the qu’ran’s teachings. Therefore, islam is not a religion that has been hijacked as you seem to allude, it is a violent cult. Of all the religions that I have studied, islam seems to me to be viol. It is not like Budahism, Daoism, etc. which have a poetic and peaceful tone.

        However, I am Christian. I have no illusions that the Old Testament is full of violence, but Jesus is the light and my savior. Jesus is love and peace. Therefore, I hate no one, including Obama. But I deeply love my country and I hate what Obama and his minions are doing to my beloved nation.

        I have but one question for you Wayne. If you found that Obama is what I say he is, and he takes measures to further consolidate power and continue to set dangerous precedence by his lawless stroke of his pen, would you ever admit you were wrong? Would you take up arms to defend you nation? I truly hope you would.

      • Hi Ken,

        Forgive the time that it took to respond. I know that you have nothing to prove to me. I also don’t mind that you’re not a fan of the president. But I DO mind if the reason why is a falsehood. Fox News is without a doubt biased in their presentation of the news, and has consistently distorted and misrepresented facts. MSNBC is without a doubt more liberal in there bias, but much more scrupulous about getting the facts correct. I don’t recommend a steady diet of either for obtaining the truth. The computer is a wonderful tool for learning, especially if you can sift through enough information to weed out bias in either direction. I have found that & are very useful in this regard, as the quote their sources and can be verified. Another great place to learn is good ol’ Wikipedia. There is a wealth of information there, again with sources.

        I don’t expect to persuade you to my world view, and I don’t have the time or energy to refute your “hours of talking points” but I will take the time to address the first three. If I’m successful, maybe you’ll see a pattern.

        In regard to Obama’s alleged Islamic connections, you mentioned Valerie Jarrett, but said nothing else about her. It’s common knowledge that she was born in Iran, of American citizens. Her father was a physician, working in a hospital there. It should be noted that this was long before the revolution that ousted the Shah, and brought Khomeini and his theocracy in to power. Iran was a strong ally back then. At any rate, she moved away at the ripe old age of five years. Reading through her bio, I see no red flags, either in deed or by association to give me pause. In fact, she went on to be an accomplished and educated woman.
        Here’s a good source:
        If you have knowledge from a reliable unbiased source that indicates otherwise, please share it with me.

        As for your observation that Obama droned a teenage boy, you are correct that it happened, but fail to mention that it wasn’t intentional, and Obama has acknowledged that it was a mistake. If you held other presidents to the same standard (screams for impeachment) as are coming from the Tea Party, no one would be able to hold the office for a year, much less a term. And to be sure you understand that I’m not with the president on all of his actions, I’d like to point out that I believe the drone program should be cut way back. I believe that we create more enemies than we kill….and we need to re-take the moral high ground.

        As for your assertion that Obama is trying to take over 1/6th of the economy, I assume that you are referring to the ACA (or Obamacare). There is no government take over. The system still uses private insurance companies to provide coverage. The whole purpose of the act is to get coverage for (and payment from) the millions of people that didn’t or couldn’t get coverage. If you look back to when the ACA was being discussed and formulated….the President did have the Republicans at the table, but they were not of the mind to make this work. Do you remember when Mitch McConnell vowed to to everything to make Obama a one term president, and Rush Limbaugh was hoping for the president to fail? You also should remember that the President DID compromise on one huge issue that doomed the legislation to just a step in the right direction, rather than bigger and better law that it could have been, I’m speaking of the public option, which was a total deal breaker to the few republicans that finally voted for the law as it now stands. There was a huge amount of dis-information dumped on the public from the very well financed insurance & pharmaceutical lobbies to protect their interests. Cries of “socialized medicine” and “death panels” created a fervor and fear among many that seem get all their news from one source. If you look back to where we were in 2007, before Obama had even been elected, We were paying almost TWICE as much per capita, for health care compared to any other system in the world…..Yet over 45 million of our fellow citizens either could not afford, or had been denied coverage. We ultimately paid for their health care anyway…in the most expensive way possible….The emergency room. (this is one reason that an aspirin can cost $100.00 in the hospital) The expense was unsustainable. Every civilized country but the United Stated utilize a version of the single payer model for health care delivery, and they are actually getting better outcomes than we do in the richest country in the world. We are ranked 30th in the world in infant mortality rates…by far the worst ranking among civilized countries. Obamacare is certainly not perfect, but could be made better if Republicans would spend their time working with the Democrats instead of just voting over and over to repeal or de-fund it. It’s also a fact that this law was originally conceived of by the Heritage foundation, which is of course a conservative think-tank, but anything that Obama is for, the Republicans have to be against. If you think that they are looking out for you instead of the special interests…you are gravely mistaken.

  15. Leave now or 200 years from now, the result will be the same. I could never vote for you as President Allen, you are too much of a warrior. I would certainly support you in any other office–Senator, House, etc.

    • “…you are too much of a warrior.”

      Yes because this Country needs more spineless “Community Organizers” to keep backing up and drawing new lines in the sand, retrograding like the Pot Smoking Professor in ‘Animal House’.

      This Country needs a WarFIGHTER for a President. Just because Allen West is a Warrior, doesn’t categorize him as a “WAR MONGOR”.
      Good Leadership knows WHEN, WHERE, and HOW MUCH firepower is needed to end agressions.

      And just so you understand, Politicians DO NOT fight wars; THEY have TWO JOB Descriptions regarding WAR. DECLARATIONS and FUNDING. That is it…..After that, WARFIGHTERS take the helm, gloves OFF and SUPERIOR FIREPOWER COMMENCES until the enemy is GONE or cries “uncle”. Preferably the former as opposed the latter. THAT is War………

      Afghanistan SHOULD HAVE been done in 2003, ARC LIGHT the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan 7 days a week/ 24 hours a day and slowly move WESTWARD and SOUTHWARD until the enemy was backed up against the joint forces. THAT would have been the Correct Operation; instead, we agreed to a ceasefire allowing 9 more years of OBL and the taliban and Al Queida.

      Take some notes from the Greatest Generation and the “HOW” of conducting WAR and look where Japan and Germany are now. Yet because of Political correctness and the WANT of being “LIKED” instead of being RESPECTED, which is what America USED TO BE. We treat those who desire to destroy us like whiny children of the playground of life fearing that we upset their “Helicopter Mommies” should we become too mean.

      Yes I WOULD like to see a President West, I would be satisfied with Speaker West, or Senate Majority Leader West at least the pendulum would have swung back in the correct direction and others might take note and find THEIR SPINES and Testicles (for those so equipped).

      Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

    • You are absolutely correct in your first two sentences, but I’ve seen him in action as he served as a Congressman in my district, and I absolutely, positively, and sincerely hope that his days as a public servant are over.

  16. I personally think we should go back and kick their asses soundly , pull no punches just kill untill they are exterminated , no more problem , let the military run the show not politicians

  17. Let’s see, WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam had several huge differences besides less effective and suicidal ROI. In those wars, unlike all the wars in the islamic countries, Soldiers and Marines (even airmen and sailors) could have a beer. I say no more wars where we can’t have a cold one after a day of hunting and killing the bad guy’s. Screw correctness, War is killing. A tank rolling up your street will make a bad guy rethink his views and plans. I say stay out of beerless countries. Period.

    • OR, drink beer there anyway. To heck with them, we are there to help or stop a threat or tyranny
      , We should set our own rules.

  18. Dip all of our ammo in pigs blood. Dig a trench. Kill them all, with pig blood coated ammo and bombs and dump them in the trench and cover them with slaughtered hogs. General Jack Pershing did it that way and we had no more problems with Islamic terrorists for many decades. Do it that way and they believe they will not go to heaven. If they are fighting in order to get to heaven then fight back to prevent them from getting to heaven, according to their beliefs and they will run home with their tails between their legs. Use their religion against them. That is more powerful than any other weapon.

  19. While I would agree that Obama’s heart is not in this, neither is America’s. Americans have watched for 13 years as we’ve muddled around in Afghanistan under two Presidents, and for what? If it was for 9/11, why are we still there? Oh, to prevent the next 9/11? Then let’s invade Germany because the Hamburg cell was responsible for 9/11. You can’t fight a decentralized movement with a centralized mindset.

    Enough of the imperialist foreign policy. We need to stop trying to control the world.

    • We went Afghanistan to avenge 9/11. Our mission was completed when we destroyed the Al Qaeda training camps in short order. We did not go there to fight the Taliban and change their way of life. Our mission was changed when we decided to nation build.

      • Well, the idea of nation-building was implied in OEF, otherwise it would have just been an air campaign. From the start, we had an idea of how to rebuild Afghanistan in our own image and who we wanted to lead the country (Karzai).
        We also didn’t limit our enemies list to AQ – the Taliban were very much considered our enemies from day 1.

        So from the start, nation-building WAS the mission.

  20. The U.S. supplied the Afghan and Al Qaeda fighters with stinger missiles to fight the Russians. If we just stayed out of it and minded our own business, 9/11 might have never happened and we would not be there now. We just keep interfering in someone’s else’s war. We are not God. Our military is for our own protection, not someone else’s.

  21. We should just get the hell out of there, it’s a hell hole not worth anything, let the people sort it out for themselves, and if they raise their ugly heads again and attack us here, nuke them, then in 40 years they’ll be our strongest economic ally. Harry Truman got it right and saved millions of lives by swiftly ending the war with Japan with two bombs. If there ever was an enemy that really deserved to be nuked back t the stone-age, it is the Taliban, they are vicious subhumans. We need a commander in chief with some balls to do it. Anything less is surrender. Look at America now, we cower in fear of this small band of goat herders. The whole policy of surge and then draw-down is an embarassment. Grow some nads and be done with them once and for all. Level their mountainous cave hideouts so it takes them decades to dig out. Teach them the high price of attacking America once and for all.

    • That is exactly what needs to happen. Plus we need to close our boarders to this element. We are soiling this nation by allowing it here. We also need to get rid of the 22 (i)slamic jihadist training camps rooted in this country! Yes , they ARE here and have been for years , and yes our government KNOWS about it! Every time that story is made public it is quickly buried again. These murderous animals have been fighting for thousands of years with not only between themselves but all around them as well, and will continue to do so until the ultimate stupidity happens. They get nukes. You cannot make back yard treaties with them! It has not worked , it does not work and it will never work! There can be no peace on this planet if they are allowed to flourish. Beat them back into their holes and close them over once and for all.

    • What a moron – Nuke them???? I think we should nuke Texas instead because there is nothing but a bunch of red neck hillbillies living there who abuse women, gays, prisoners, latinos, blacks, etc. etc.

      • Really??? That all you have??? LOLOLOLOLOL
        I would kick your teeth out if you had any you cowardly hillbilly. Since WHEN did ANYBODY from your camp give a SHI# about “rag heads”???? People like you would not even patronize a small sorcery store run by Afghan immigrants!!! Moron

      • And you are a – [email protected] – who is not smart enough to figure out that todays COMMUNIST is TERRORIST!! Texas – what a redneck hillbilly state that EXECUTES more people every year than the Taliban!! LOLOLOLOL

  22. War is hell. I’ve always said make is as much a hell for the other guy as you can and you’ll win. Making war fun for the other guy won’t (which is what the current ROE does). Relentlessly hunt them down to the ends of the earth and kill them where they are. If you do this good enough, the war will be won quickly and not dragged out over 10 to 15 years.

  23. Well DUH! They have our withdrawal date marked on their calendars. It will be the same as what happened in Iraq. Their president will also roll over to the Tailban. He’s just our puppet now, and not a very good one either. Wake up, America!

  24. All good arguments and I agree totally…the problem is they are made from the point of view that all the administrations INCLUDING the united nations wants this to end. They don’t. The money that if flowing from these “conflicts” is HUGE and if we have seen ANYTHING about this POTUS he is all about spending as much money as possible. This war is being run the way it is because it is expensive, so the heads of the military industrial machine are making HUGE money and that is filtering right into the OBAMA and US CONGRESS’ pockets. This is probably the only bi-partisan action that goes on there. The majority of people in government don’t give a rip about the soldier, sailor and airmen that are getting wounded and killed. The proof of that is most of their families are living on FOOD STAMPS. No, we are leaving it this way so that in case a new war can’t be found to feed the industries of war we can go back. The “Let them eat cake” attitude and mentality of this administration is disgusting and the fact that the press has abandoned the people should be giving rise to eliminating the powers that be in the press.

  25. Afghanistan has to stand on its own. If it can’t it will fall on its own. We do not owe these people anything. They need to take personal responsibility for their own country. After 13 years of “helping them” what is proposed in the article is to be there another 100 years or so. I have a cheap way to resolve this. You get your buddies together and take care of this problem yourself. You don’t want the Drone’s because you love the thrill of battle. So Join up with the Afghans or start you own force but leave my great grandchildren and tax dollars out of this.

  26. At least Allen West didn’t have to serve that 11 year Court Marshall for beating up an Iraqi police office but got a $5000 “get out of jail free” card. Honorable service indeed.

  27. At least Allen West didn’t have to serve that 11 year Court Martial for beating up an Iraqi police officer but got a $5000 “get out of jail free” card instead. Honorable service indeed. Also eagle motorcycles!

    Good point Guest. Fixed that spelling for you.

  28. First of…NONE of that is even going to be on the table if we keep cutting the military, ergo the newest trend of the Obama administration…cut the military below its knees as often as possible…AND…please, let the military BE THE MILITARY..throw out these nonsensical ROE (rules of engagement)—you want your soldiers to fight and come home alive–right?? So, let them BE!!!

  29. Man, I remember back when criticizing a sitting president during wartime would straight-up get you kicked off country radio.

    Those were the days.

      • Thanks for the tip Philcoppney. Any concrete suggestions for me? I’d like to bring more to this comment thread than the typical ignorant, bellicose vitriol. Your comment wasn’t very funny either, I must say.

      • Doubt you are capable, given what I have seen of your commentary. Seems all you wish to bring is division and vitriol.

        Keep trying though.

      • I’m trying. But this place is too much. Seriously, look at yourselves. You’re like a caricature of conservative views. I mean the fellow you’re fawning over felt the need to pose for his book cover with a motorcycle with a flag and an eagle. Not only is he a G-d fearing American Patriot, he’s got the gear to prove it!

      • I don’t remember fawning over anyone. You make a lot of assumptions with very little information. I am personally not a huge fan of Mr. West, however, when it comes to military matters he does have significant experience and should at least be heard. But you can’t get to that point as you feel it necessary to hurl around insults at vast portions of the population you don’t even know.

        One could surmise using the liberal logical test of inductive reasoning (aka “I found one, therefore all must be”) to characterize you as a petulant little twit, but I won’t. That would make me no better than you.

      • But you are better than me, I’m sure. Stand firm patriot! Defender of freedom! Real man of action! Caller of names!

      • No, not my best. I’m fighting with one half of my brain tied behind my back. Bring something to the table.

      • Come on, you can do better than this. I mean you must be a genius, and your under standing of military matters must far exceed those of Mr. West. You are obviously smarter than everyone else here. Pleas do enlighten us with the light of your wisdom.

      • Thanks! Also, it’s spelled “Please”. I’ll give you that one for free, the rest are going to cost you.

      • No wisdom, beyond that of the spell check? You are smarter than a computer right? Do tell, what should all the country bumpkins think?

      • Yes. I am smarter than a computer. What sorts of wisdom are you interested in? I’m like a wisdom dispenser. I’ll hook you up.

      • Now you are just toying with me. Surely your understanding of the military situation in the middle east is superior to Mr. West. What should we be doing there, so we will know what to think while we listen to country radio?

      • I’ve had a swell time chatting with you, but I’m afraid you’re not helping me make my posts any funnier. I hope you have a wonderful day. Hug your children.

      • My Child is in Afghanistan protecting you and your right to post worthless staw man attacks. I would love to hug him.

    • Referring to obama as a ‘wartime President ” requires a suspension of reality that no intelligent person should be willing to make. He is a fraud and a coward

      and if you feel any different, so are you. and you statement about Allen West below is equally ridiculous.

  30. Every time our military makes headway in these wars, Obama pulls them out before they’re finished and the enemy retakes whatever our men/women fought and died for. What I would like to know is why we send people to die if we do not expect to win? Furthermore, to tell us that we want to give these countries freedom and Democracy when we don’t even have it here in America any more, is an absolute nightmare. We need to say what we mean, and do what we say…. don’t blow smoke…………

  31. I too can see that last Marine and when I do I get sick to my stomach. South Vietnam should have maintained their freedom and would have if our defending force would have been allowed to complete the mission we were sent there to do. Well guess what The US Government is doing it again. Grow a pair Washington and finish what America set out to do.

    • If washington wanted to be done with that war by now they would have. ignorance allows people to not see the want of money that war brings

    • The Viet Nam war was a civil war between the north and south. We lost 58,000 troops fighting a war we should have never entered. The U.S. is a trading partner with Viet Nam now. So what did we accomplish, other than getting our troops killed and wounded ? We should never go to war unless we are threatened and then, victory must be complete as in WW-2.

    • Obama has no balls and is too busy destroying the UNITED STATES of AMERICA from the inside. He has no interest in Afghanistan. He is a politician that is only looking out for himself and if he can’t make money then he just doesn’t care. He is not for the people or the constitution just himself and his Muslim brothers……….

  32. Correct. It is all about Money. Did you know President Bush, George w. brought the Taliban into America to build a oil pipeline in Texas. The Taliban made contracts with Haliburton, ran by Dick Cheney, to build pipelines for Bush. Research and you will find it.

  33. Since WHEN did Allen West or any of his followers ever give a SQUAT about the Afghan people. Are YOU telling me that Allen West or his right wing wacko mindless robots who cannot think for themselves are willing to give their lives for Muslims?????? You people are just not happy unless you are KILLING someone in the name of “freedom”.

  34. COL. West, I am WHOLLY on your team! I read “Shadow Wars”…which, BTW, tells EXACTLY WHAT happened to Russia, AND the USA, AND that your estimation & that reports declarations are 100% ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!

    We’ve been conned!

    And Obummer [B.O. da stink’s uh D.imwit C.ity] knew these facts, and the driving force behind this “stink’a” is destruction of the “American Way”:

    The values, the principles, and the Faith of the America that the Founders established, and our Declaration of Independence declares are right, and that our Constitution enumerates and guarantees!

    Until we, as a PEOPLE, return to standing upon those principles, we will simply sink deeper, and deeper, into the bog of despair & degeneration, in which we now slosh around.

    I PRAY that you, and those of us standing with you, can help us out of this slimy, slithering, reptile ridden condition, and back upon THE ROCK, and THE STATUS of a Nation ruled by LAW & ORDER!

    • I listened to “Shadow Dancing” by Andy Gibb, and that let me know EXACTLY WHAT happened when I was dancing across the floor, got to give me more.

  35. I agree with what you are saying but this – “Here is what should have been done in Afghanistan, and can still be done now. The United States — let’s be honest, we are the coalition — should establish a cross-border engagement zone into Pakistan I found a little offensive. Tell this to the families of Aussies, British, Romanian etc who died over there – a little sensitivity goes a long way.

  36. I think we should develop robot super-soldiers, send them back in time, and wipe out the terrorist training camps before they have a chance to attack!


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