Ted Cruz, Trump opulence and American fundamental ideals

Last night our family attended the Republican Party of Palm Beach County Lincoln Dinner hosted by Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

First of all, it was a grand evening in a spectacular venue, which is a testimony to the individual entrepreneurial spirit of Americans. An event where Senator Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and I were in attendance – that had to be on a White House target list somewhere.

Sitting beside my wife Angela, we smiled and pondered the greatness of America. The daughter of Jamaican immigrants and me born and raised in the inner city of Atlanta in the grandeur and elegance of Palm Beach Florida. We were amidst people from all walks of life, but what unified us last night was a commonality of principle and purpose, the restoration of our Constitutional Republic and the preservation of liberty and freedom for future generations.

The message from Senator Ted Cruz was so appropriate for the times. He spoke of three American fundamentals.

First, Senator Cruz addressed the ideal of liberty, which is the cornerstone of the American experience. It is liberty that enabled a tiny group of 13 colonies to make a stand against the greatest power in the world 237 years ago. It is the ideal of liberty that gave life to the grand experiment we call America. Not just a geographic territory with boundaries, America is a flame that burns in all of us, those born here and those who wish to come here. Liberty is an intrinsic concept that is part of our economic, faith, and personal lives. Liberty is an atmosphere that allows us to determine our own dreams and goals, and as articulated by Thomas Jefferson, is enshrined in those unalienable rights from our Creator — life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Liberty is what we see the people in Venezuela and Ukraine standing up for — it is the ultimate quest of the human race.

What do the progressive socialists offer instead? Subjugation and subservience to a governing structure that directs and determines what their life should be thereby restraining their liberty.

Second, Senator Cruz talked about opportunity, because where there is liberty there is opportunity. Liberty promotes the individual and creates an environment of investment (not the phony government definition meaning spending), but investment that harnesses ingenuity and innovation. Opportunity is what has made America the greatest nation the world has ever known. Opportunity says that no matter where you are born and regardless of where you come from, here you can find success.

Opportunity springs from your own individual drive, determination, and desire. Everyone in America gets a ladder of opportunity to climb with a safety net below for the occasional slip. Unlike other countries, there are no “classes” in America, just income levels that can be transited, up or down – and back up again. That is opportunity.

We need a government that enables the free market of ideas to flourish. We need a government that institutes the right tax, regulatory and monetary policies that set the conditions for opportunity to thrive. Opportunity is why refugees from the Vietnam War came here with nothing and now have successful businesses and second-generation college-educated children.

What do progressive socialists offer instead? Dependency — the chance to stay at home, work less, get a subsidy check from the government, and “find yourself.” Liberal progressives want to define your happiness and therefore guarantee it, rather than allowing its pursuit. They offer the welfare nanny-state, a life of shared misery disguised as shared prosperity and crony capitalism for their chosen friends.

Lastly, Senator Cruz identified the fundamental quality that makes us Americans: courage. It was an innate courage that inspired the Minutemen to answer the call to take up positions at Concord Bridge and Lexington Green.

It is courage that inspires today’s men and women to leave the warmth and comfort of their homes and stand guard as watchmen on the walls. They secure our liberty and opportunity. They extend the blessings of liberty to others — at least those who will accept this special American gift.

It is courage that enabled Americans to take a stand against tyranny wherever it has existed. Today, at this time, we must all find our courage to stand against tyranny right here at home. It is an ideological tyranny that seeks to restrain our liberty. It seeks to eliminate our individual opportunity and replace it with collective equality. And only American courage will win this day.

It is American courage that instills fear and respect in our enemies and bolsters the confidence of our allies. It is American courage that 69 years ago this week landed on the beaches of Iwo Jima, fought tirelessly, and a month later, raised the American flag, the symbol of our resolve, resiliency, and courage above Mt. Suribachi. Our children and grandchildren call upon us to display the legacy of American courage and make the stand against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

What do progressive socialists offer instead? A petty charlatan who has damaged our global regard, a liar and a manipulative violator of our constitution whose objective is to fundamentally transform the greatest nation the world has ever known.

As Senator Cruz so clearly articulated, the path before us seems so obvious: liberty, opportunity and courage versus subjugation, dependency and cowardice. Will Americans allow the “fundamental transformation of America” to fundamentally alter our ideals?


    • Funny, were you not invited and you lost your invite?? And, what have you contributed? Better still, do you have a job and pay taxes???

    • Brendan: You sound jealous? He has been successful, everyone has a right to be rich if they have confidence in themselves and are hard workers….educated…sometimes…..poof to you, wish I had been invited….

      • Jealous?
        My problem with Donald Trump isn’t his wealth… it’s his insane rants and lies.
        It’s bad enough he pushed a conspiracy… he then lied and said he had secret proof, but never actually revealed it.
        Any serious politician would do well to stay far away from him if they want to be taken seriously.

  1. I read that and thought, Wow my son and daughter get those concepts! And they’ll both appreciate your thoughts. We get so scared that the American dream will die and our kids won’t even know what it is. But as I read this it really struck me, My kids have this! It is Not dead! Each of us just has to do our own part, struggles and obstacles, and all.

  2. Nice to have a night out and see how the other half lives. The difference between this party, and one of Obama’s soirees, is that the taxpayers didn’t have to foot the bill for Mr. Trump’s party.

  3. It was nice of Ted Cruz to praise those who put them selves in harms way by defending this country.
    He was right to praise the courage of those with the spirit to stand watch.

    His praise, however, would have been less hollow if he had actually had the courage to serve in the military himself.

    • I have read your posts now for awhile, You come off as a troll. You never have anything to add to the Theme of the current thread you post on. you always have a criticism. You are never positive. I do not know what the chip on your shoulder is, but maybe you should try to being more positive and less antagonistic, helping the cause instead of fighting against it

      • Criticism is part of the discussion on threads.
        …and when i hear that Ted Cruz (a man who never thought military service was good enough for him) is praising those who serve and associating himself in the same spirit, equating his opposing the administration to the courage of those who serve… I find that offensive and I am critical of it.

      • First of all it is only your opinion that it was not good for him and on what authority do you know that was his opinion of it?
        I have NEVER ever read that was his Opinion of the armed forces.I find John Kerry who served for our country and who is a known traitor and traitorous behavior, extremely offensive. I know you served and I find you more offensive than Cruz. You are no one to Judge Cruz on his ability to stand up for this country. Just so you know he is currently serving for the state of Texas and this country by being a Senator. You do not have to be in the military to serve this country

      • 1. I am not defending John Kerry.
        John Kerry is a disgrace. All the good he did while in uniform was undone by his actions afterwards. He dishonored himself and all those who served with his lies.

        2. As to what Ted Cruz said and where I am getting my information from… it is from the very article above these comments and what Allen West wrote about Ted Cruz’s statements.

        3. As to judging Cruz… yes… I have that ability and so do you. We all have the right to pass judgment on all our elected officials and be critical of what they say.
        Do not tell me I have no right to judge him simply because I judge him differently than you do.

        And finally, I know that you do not have to serve in the military to serve this country… but I find it hypocritical to lavish praise on our military when it is the popular thing to do while never having served.
        I also find his comparing his courage to speak out to the courage of those who risk their lives as being self serving.

      • I never said you were defending Kerry you missed the point of the post. I thank every Armed forces Uniformed person I come across not because it is “the in thing to do”, but because it is the right thing to do.
        I find your rant self serving, who are you trying to convince that your judgments are even close to correct. which they are not.
        As I said earlier I do not know what chip you have on your shoulder. however you should find a way to make peace with yourself over it. You have an underlying anger directed at others. Find a way to bring peace to yourself

      • Tihis Troll and this present Adminstration has no respect for our Milatery ! They have use them as pawns ! They have let go of some of the most talented Milatary in the world there deseprive purposes were not what they took that oath for!

      • Brendan, are you also making a few comments of obamma and HIS NON military experience? You know obamma who is decimating our military on a daily basis, obamma as CIC NOT wanting those who are overseas to have proper ammunition. obamma who has proven he is NO leader, obamma the communist in charge, causing four star Generals to take early retirement. There will be paypack to him.

      • The troops who are deployed DO NOT eat 3 hot meals a day. Outside groups organize and gather donations to send everyday supplies to our troops that our government won’t provide them to ensure they have what they need to perform their duties. How much money is wasted on weapons given to terrorist and to remodel mosques across the world? How much of our hard earned taxpayer dollars are being wasted paying corrupt governments in the middle east? How about the base commissaries which Obama wants to/has closed that provide groceries to military families at a better price? What about the fact these men and women aren’t getting pay increases as though their contributions to our defense isn’t worthy, but other government employees are? What about the Veterans who can’t get the medical care they need and their claim process has been made more difficult and longer to get through? Ted Cruz is one vote in the Senate but with his words and his intensions he honors them. If the military was important to Obama he would make sure the honor the troops deserve is given.

      • Yes , they DO get three hots a day… Only if they are out of the wire do they have to MRE it. Some don’t get three hots but the majority do. I concur with most of the rest of your post.

      • This thread is not about Obama.
        And Obama, unlike Cruz, did not compare his public service to those who serve in the military.

        That said, I believe all our leaders should have some military time under their belt… especially anyone who wants to be commander in chief.

      • Military service never put you or anyone else in any position to account yourself better than any other citizen. It’s you actions and words that elevate or destroy you. Did all of your family serve? If not then doesn’t that make them the same as Cruz since they mention you with pride and how you served? Or do they?

    • And, of course you have served?? But I bet you praise that coward imposter in DC? Sounds like the typical rants and raves of a “welfare troll”.

      • Do you always assume anyone with a contrary opinion worships Obama and is on welfare?

        1. I am a proud Army veteran.
        2. I am a tax paying, hard working, home owner.
        3. I did not vote for Obama. I am not as critical of him as many of the extremists here are, but i am critical of him.

        Life must be simple for you if you can just assume away anyone who you disagree with.

      • It doesn’t take courage to join the military. That said Sen. Cruz made his life choices putting himself where he desired to go just like the rest of us. I too served. Calling people here extremists shows how left leaning you truly are. You should just let the grownups talk.

  4. As long as whoever runs for President sticks to the basics of what the Constitution and the Bill of rights stands for. There is no way he could lose unless the voting is rigged.
    It is great to hear from Senator Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson and yourself. Since all we hear from the propaganda machine that is the Main Stream Media and how everything is becoming something we do not want.
    Today the Ukrainian Congress voted out the President. It takes awhile to et resultys but at least they are doing the right thing.
    We need to get Conservatives to organize and stand together and rid ourselves of the oncoming dictatorship of barry and the democrats.

  5. I, for one, am hoping that candidate Cruz chooses Col. West as his running mate in 2016. That would create a landslide victory.

  6. The Allens are a very good looking couple! Wish them well to the White House! With Cruz, Carson with him is some office. We need new blood in the offices that are now being filled but not working.

  7. Inspiring article. I also would support a Cruz/West candidacy. At a minimum the country could sure use Allen back in Congress along side Ted.

  8. Cruz, great retelling of American history. It’s great the know Canada is teaching foreign history. Also, West, you hang out with Trump? You know the reps are all over of Bill Clinton for his indiscretions, but you seem to forgotten Trumps 2 year secret affair, with Marla Maples, that broke up his marriage.

    • But Trump was not president, pussy, presidents should show examples…Trump can do as he pleases, this is America…be careful Allen…..one wrong slip and the public will be all over you, hope you and your wife had a wonderful time with Trump….have her write to us women on her issues and thoughts….please….we would like to know her better…thank you…

  9. Allen: The Government has taken $2.00 from my 600.00 a month SS, what are they using it for? I also tried to get food stamps, they offered me $15.00 per month? I’m white and 81, used up all my savings I saved all my life for…too expensive to live….now what do I do? Please acknowledge my simple request….answer, please….r

  10. West attending the Republican Lincoln Dinner…that gets my attention. Trump being the host…sort of gets my attention, too. West being at a function with Ted Cruz also in attendance, now THAT REALLY gets my attention! Two very loyal God-fearing, Constitutionalist Americans. 2016 ???

  11. “An event where Senator Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and I were in attendance – that had to be on a White House target list somewhere.”

    Cruz has the White House’s attention but seriously the rest of you? You’re not really that delusional are you? Nobody at the White House gives a s*** about Allen West, Ben Carson or Donald Trump. You are not Obama’s nemesis Allen, he doesn’t even know you’re still alive.


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