GOP midterm strategy for success against liberal onslaught

My friends, brace yourselves for the typical liberal progressive onslaught in the upcoming 2014 midterm elections. Will the GOP midterm strategy effectively combat the lies?

According to an Associated Press report, The White House political office, shuttered by Obama three years ago, is back and in full swing. The six-person team set up shop last month, ahead of midterm elections in November in which Democratic losses could render Obama’s final years in office an exercise in futility. Working out of the same building that houses Vice President Joe Biden’s staff, the office provides real-time, constant communication between the White House and the myriad political groups working to elect Democrats this year.

Sounds to me like we’re going to see a full throttle push between the White House and on-the-ground leftist groups such as Organizing for America, as well as Planned Parenthood, SEIU, the AFL-CIO, and the NEA/AFT teachers unions.

Interestingly, AP reports that while Obama is still his party’s top fundraiser, polling suggests that he might be more of a liability than an asset in areas where Democrats face tough races. Some have even said they’d prefer Obama stay away. Can’t you just hear the introduction at the events: “Ladies and gentlemen, the Liar of the Year, oops, I mean the President of the United States.”

Democrats know fewer voters turns up for midterm elections – and it will be primarily Democrats who don’t show up because Obama isn’t at head of the ticket. Obama and his minions fear a repeat of the “woodshed” whupping he took in 2010. The message will be simple, “Get out and vote and save my sorry arse.”

Look for fear tactics such as “if Republicans control the House and Senate they’ll impeach the first black president” and everything will be rooted in racism — aimed directly towards the constitutional grassroots movement, the Tea Party. The liberals will go for issues they believe will demonize conservatives as mean, angry, and hateful (income inequality, minimum wage…) They will do everything possible to disseminate lies about Obamacare, the economic situation, and employment failures. Not a thing about policy – all politics.

The GOP must be on offense and not allow the merry band of liars and data manipulators to gain the initiative. We need a “Red Cell” to predict moves and deny them maneuverability. At the same time, the GOP needs to be promoting legislative solutions and cast Obama as the “No President” who only wants his way, not the American way.

The first thing I’d do is launch a school choice and charter school campaign in our inner cities. I would remind blacks it was President Obama who cancelled the DC school voucher program in 2009, while sending his daughters to Sidwell Friends. I would remind the folks in Louisiana it was President Obama who unleashed Eric Holder and the DOJ against the voucher program in their state. The bottom line is President Obama and Al Sharpton stand with the teachers’ unions, not your children. And all the while, I’d remind folks who Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is not supporting floor time for Republican Senator Tim Scott’s school choice legislation.

That’s what I’d do for starters.

Every decision in Washington DC is guided by one of two things, either politics or policy. The latter requires the ability to lead and govern using the legislative process of this Constitutional Republic. The former simply utilizes poll-tested marketing sound bites to manipulate the electorate. As President Obama and the Democrats confront the impending challenges of the 2014 midterms, how do you think they’ll be guided?


  1. True Charter not those run by the CCSSI agenda. Common Core connected Charter schools are run by the same leftist that wrote Common Core. Follow the Money!

  2. Remember. Liberal Scientists at Harvard and UCSD have genetically identified themselves. DRD4. Knowing this. That they are genetically different from non Liberals, should be all the protection you need to defeat their irrational arguments and behaviour.

  3. I hope GOP Candidates will evaluate these ideas from Col West which I consider to be WINNING ideas

    and especially listen to the people who are revolting against the Obamacare BULLSCHMIDT .. look how Ben Sasse of NE is doing in the polls there! (He is a GOP Candidate for US Senate)

  4. GOP absolutely MUST show dems as the party/administration of “NO”. List every single piece of legislation passed by the House, but then buried by Harry Reid. Keep pounding that message to the low information voters.

  5. We MUST convince the TP and other third party “voters” that they MUST stand behind the Republican party to take the helm – otherwise they WILL be forcing the liberals down our throats just like they shoved BO at us!

      • The Republican party stopped being ‘conservative’ long ago, and it has become nothing more than an extension of the Democrat party. ‘Republicans’ like John McCain or Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, or John Boehner) are not conservatives. You can’t ‘change’ these men or any other phony Republican anymore than you can change Obama into a conservative. These men need to be replaced with true conservatives (Tea party conservatives), like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Trey Gowdy. What you are seeing is a struggle to wrestle the Republican party away from the phony Republicans (who are almost as liberal as the worst Democrat) and put it back in the hands of true conservatives

    • Fight the RINOs in the primaries, but if they win there, support them in the general election as vigorously as you opposed them in the primaries. The worst RINO is still better than a Dem.

      • I don’t know this statement is true? Remember the Pennsylvania senator who change affiliation from republican to Democrap without asking the people who He was suppose to be representing,He is dead now,

    • Elvaria, the GOP is only an extension of the Democrat party. They only pretend to be opponents, but are always willing to roll over and go along with the liberal agenda. The only solution is to send more true conservatives to Congress. The Tea party is a movement which adheres to the conservative values that the GOP used to represent, but which they abandoned long ago.
      We need to get rid of phony conservatives (like John Boehner, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell) and replace them with people who are willing to stand for what is right for this country ( like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Trey Gowdy)

    • Sorry. You seem to have it wrong. The republican hacks should stand behind the Tea Party and support those of us that will no longer vote for another RINO. It is time the republicans came back to their roots, and got rid of the liberal in their own party. Conservatives capitulating will just to put more liberals in the congress and we will be right back where the problems began. Too many repubs / aka dems lite.

  6. Then, with all the disgust of liberalism – get on the Republican band wagon just to defeat them! If third party advocates don’t understand how their 3rd party voting will DESTROY this country, they are not looking at reality. It must be done in the correct manner or we will loose this country forever!
    The TP has some great ideas and they must change the outlook of the Republican party, not defeat it and force liberalism on the country! PLEASE!

  7. Many good suggestions are being made but may fall on deaf ears if any ears at all given the left owned MSM. Finding a fix for this problem would be truly revolutionary.

    • Simple: It is time to do away with the secrecy of our vote and to demand a ‘receipt’ which can be used to settle any disputes.
      Have you ever heard of any dictator losing an election? Once in power, elections are only a formality, and that is because it is impossible to prove fraud when the vote is secret.

  8. Working out of the same building that houses Vice President Joe Biden’s staff, the office provides real-time, constant communication between the White House and the myriad political groups working to elect Democrats this year. Isn’t this Illegal?

  9. As the left confronts the challenges of the 2014 midterms they’re likely to be guided by what’s already worked for them. I’d say expect the race card, voter fraud, disinformation, wealth demonization, environmental nonsense and good old ‘get off your butt and go vote for us’ on local broadcast media. It all boils down to lies and deceit. Denial of maneuverability through lies can be accomplished with truth, if the truth is unleashed in a timely manner. It must be unexpected and preemptive, because once a lie has circled the globe, the truth is just getting it’s shoes on.

  10. I read an article where the GOP claimed that the party would die if they didn’t pass an immigration bill that would please and draw in the Hispanic vote. The last time I checked the LEGAL American voters still outnumbered the LEGAL and ILLEGAL Hispanics. What makes our politicians think that their obligation is to please one race over all the others and to pander to a group of people who aren’t even LEGAL citizens? Any politician no matter what party who supports these lawbreakers over American citizens is in for a rude awakening! I see no reason for anyone to base their campaign on anything other than enforcing our current immigration laws and closing our borders. Everything else, the economy and jobs etc. will take care of itself when 20 million illegal aliens are gone.

    • As one of the peasants, I say we should do away with the secrecy of the vote and demand a ‘receipt’ which can be used to settle any dispute. Have you ever heard of a dictator ever losing an election? Once in power, elections are only a formality.

  11. Question: Since the voting machines are owned by a liberally owned company, will we ever have a truly, “we the people” fair election again? The “electronic” votes via tablet are just as manipulative. We need to go back to the paper ballots with people from Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party counting the votes.

    • The ‘secret vote’ is Obama’s most powerful weapon. It is the most powerful weapon of any dictator. Have you ever heard of any dictator or his henchmen/women ever losing an election? Our only hope is to do away with the secrecy of the vote and demand a ‘receipt’ which can be used to settle any disputes.

  12. The Voter Fraud will be at it’s worst this Fall! That is all the left has left! The question is WHO IS GOING TO BE COUNTING THE VOTES??????

  13. The one point that Mr West makes that is absolutely correct is that Democrats, as a whole, usually have a low turnout during midterm elections.
    It used to be that all parties had a low turnout during midterms and other local elections.

    This is where the Tea Party has been truly successful,
    They may not represent a majority of the population.
    They have a huge voter turnout for local elections and tip the scales.

    The Dems will lose because they have been unable to fire up their base and get them to turn out for local elections.
    It doesn’t matter that the Tea Party and other conservatives are not the majority of the population.
    What matters is that they are the majority of the voters on these smaller elections… and that is how they will defeat the dems.

  14. Obama is a sociopath. A textbook example. He lies without remorse or conscience.
    Nothing is ever his fault.That is how sociopaths operate. Lie, deflect, blame.
    He will lie, cheat, steal and murder if it furthers his destructive agenda.

  15. Yes impeachment in no way will ever be accepted as racisim by sane Americans, and we still way out number the insane one’s. If you don’t count the fact we voted is sorry arse in, lol, well we think we did anyway. In any respect to, On every level you can, as Son’s of liberty, engage tyranny, In excélsum præ régibus terræ, qui missus est a nova. Virtute et armis. Pugna fit in occulto, quia omnem orbem sic iterum auxilio Dei; May 16th, 2014 Operation American Spring, be a part of American history. God Bless America

  16. Is this going to be as big as the ‘stampede of elephants’ which was supposed to crush Obama in 2012? Don’t get your hopes up, because it is not going to happen. Obama learned his lesson well after the ‘shellacking’ of the 2010 midterms elections, and by January of 2011, he had ‘outsourced’ the tabulation of votes to a company in Spain called SCYTL, under the control of George Soros. I am not sure if this was only for presidential elections, but Democrats pulled all the stops to make sure Obama would not lose. There were enough ‘questionable’ results to put to doubt the legitimacy of the election (such as countless of precincts in Pennsylvania in which Romney did not receive a single vote, and others in different states in which the number of votes counted was higher than the population of the precinct), and the fact that there were no efforts to explain those ‘voting irregularities’ makes it even more worrisome.
    I am certain beyond any doubt that the 2014 midterm elections will result in Democrats not only retaining control of the Senate, but in regaining control of the House. As long as we hold on to the notion that our votes should be ‘secret’, liberals/socialist/communists will never lose their grip on this country. Has any dictator EVER ‘lost’ an election, once he comes into power? The ‘secret vote’ is a dictator’s most powerful weapon!! The U.S. is no different from any other country which has fallen under communist control: everyone complains about Obama’s power grab, about his violation of his oath of office, about his bypassing Congress, his abusive use of executive orders, yet, everyone is sitting around waiting for someone else to ‘do something’, and no one can figure out what to do!

    • Not quite right some tea party members are making some noise but basically we need to take back the senate and after we can start to reverse all of this madness.O am sure you know pessimistic opinion NOT good this time We need to see optimistic blog’s.You remember the Democraps said Al Gore won the election so many republicans didn’t went to vote because the believe the democraps lies.
      The bigger problem I can see is the Republicans not together,this an old Roman rule very effective divide them and rule them.
      I hope your prediction is wrong!!!

  17. Hey LTC West,What will the Dems be running on…? their good looks and charm…?
    Not for our side,the Peoples side ,’Fore…We are TP & We are all Sarah Palin… ~ !

    • You are all Sarah Palin?
      Are you saying you all don’t know history, blame the media for your own failings, and repeat internet rumors as facts?
      Actually… that sounds about right.

      • At least we know how many states there are and my wife and I haven’t lost our law licenses through shady conduct. As far as rumors go, I check them out but it is apparent that you don’t and I guess you think that all the Scandals are phony. The liberal media is so far up his butt, they can’t see daylight or report a factual story. It is also apparent that you don’t have the intellect it takes to rationalize a comment.

      • What a crazy rant.
        You are arguing with me about Obama’s scandals… yet I wrote nothing about Obama.
        My comment was in reference to a previous poster who wrote about Sarah Palin.
        Yet somehow, you got mad at me about Obama and started ranting about Obama.

        I guess you will always be right when you argue with people if you make sure that your argument has nothing to do with what the other person is talking about.

  18. Let’s see! It’s almost March and there is time the citizens of each State could demand from their Elected Officials. Everyone could start demanding to their Elected Officials to go back to Paper Ballots. Demand that all voting issues are handled in the United States and byAmericans. Demand your State have Voter ID. Demand that anyone caught helping individuals commit Voter Fraud or committing Voter Fraud themselves, goes to jail. You could volunteer at their Supervisor of Elections Office and help monitor Voters during elections. I for one would welcome The National Guard at Voting Precincts this Election. Demand your State have Voter ID.

  19. If you write the word Democrat or mention a Democratic congressperson with a D behind their name, add “party of Obamacare” to that word or that D. Since the Democrats voted it in without reading the bill posted online for months before the vote, they should get the blame for the stinky mess they have created. Don’t let them blather their way out of this mess….

  20. I would also engage them on Benghazi, true Americans will never forget and the democrats have done everything they could to cover for Obama and Clinton. Lies and more lies.

    • I don’t recall you guys getting all worked up over any of the numerous deadly attacks on U.S. embassies & consulates during the Bush administration.

  21. By fear. Fear that the voters have their number and their numbers up. They will throw every lie, spin every story, demonize every Republican, use the race card every time they don’t have anything else. republicans are gonna have to stay on the issues and failed policies, ficus and fight back with truth about the economy, foreign policy, Obamacare, FCC, NSA, IRS, Benghazi, TPP, DHS, gun control, every single issue!.


  23. What scares me is his arrogant statements that he is willing to go around congress to get what he desires.
    It’s almost as if he knows that the next election is already rigged in his favor.

  24. If the left cheats as much as it did in the last election–and gets away with it again–there is no hope for the right. How do we stop the cheating? ID cards OK for booze, but not for voting?

  25. The main problem with the United States is that you directly elect the President. Rather than it being a CEO of government / administration, the Presidency is a tool of the political parties. It’s all just wrong. I am an Australian and live in Australia and we are a Constitutional Monarchy and held a referendum under our constitution in 1999 to see if the majority of the people in the majority of states wanted to become a Republic. It was defeated mainly because the majority of people did not like the idea of a directly elected President as that would put them politically at odds with the CEO of government / Administration (The Prime Minister, leader of the political party in power). We as a nation are yet to revisit the question of becoming a Republic (?), but if we do we will have to look at a process that might involve the government and Opposition parties nominating a number of candidates and also nominations from the community for President and when one candidate achieves say 75% endorsement from all parliamentarians and registered voters, they are elected. The other thing that caused concern is that here, many believe that if we had a president instead of Queen’s representative, it would be predominantly a ceremonial role with no place proposing public policy, no Executive responsibilities or orders and no responsibility for the countries military. Thats where the United States experiment with democracy is all wrong. The President is now a defacto monarch driven by ideology.

  26. Sir, I have no desire to take up my arms again. so please become our president and stop the progressives from destroying what men and women died to protect. Please before it is to late and I and others that love freedom are forced to rise up, and say NO MORE! Let the our honored dead slumber after having paid the price needed, For soon they will be turning in thier resting places as our land will be torn assunder. Be the voice that speaks for us and lights the way back before we say NO MORE.


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