Ethnic cleansing in NYC: Almost 50% of 2012 abortions were black

Horrific, horrific, horrific. According to the recently released Summary of Vital Statistics from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, ethnic cleansing is apparently occurring in the Big Apple.

In New York City, there were 56,000 black pregnancies in 2012. Of that total, 31,000 were aborted. That figure represents almost 50 percent of all abortions in New York City, despite the fact blacks represent less than 15 percent of the population. Read the report here.

Margaret Sanger’s grand plan for eugenics is a grand success in New York. It is progressives who fight most passionately for the policies and “freedoms” to allow this ethnic cleansing to occur. And conservatives are supposed to be the racist ones?


  1. I have been called racist so many times for telling the truth against Obama and some of his stupid ideas I have almost decided to just sit back keep my mouth shut and let them wake up one morning in another old Russia. I just don’t like the thought of my children having to live and raise a family in that kind of world!

      • sybill, I wont do it. I get upset and wonder why I am called racist when all I do is try to stand up for every American’s rights. I don’t look at color or ethnicity I look at what is right and wrong in this country because of the poor leadership and conniving administration that is running this country and every Christian (type of church doesn’t matter freedom of religion is what matters) and every citizen is about to lose our right to speak, bear arms, wear the American flag on our person’s, and every other freedom we have. I fear my children and their children will not enjoy the freedom and great country we once knew. I want our America back for future generations to have and to know. I don’t care what color the president is as long as he is a competent president! I would vote for Co;. Allen West in a heartbeat! He knows what this country needs and he knows God comes first then family and country!

      • Or it could be considered good, as there are at least 31,000 babies who won’t have to suffer a miserable existence due to a child parent or the environment they would have been born into.

      • or 31000 less democrats & welfare recipients… jussayin… for all you black Democrats… I dbl dawg dare you to do research on the history of the Democrat party and how they THREATENED the blacks to get the votes. ABE LINCOLN wrote the emancipation proclamation. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican. HE ABOLISHED SLAVERY, kept THE UNION together and ended the civil war!!! Don’t send me any hate mail for exercising MY 1st AMENDMENT RIGHT here. if blacks knew the history… I believe they would be prone to be conservative Republican or Conservative Libertarians.

      • I agree with you, it’s just the amount that bothers me. I of course believe in a woman’s right to choose. Have you thought that maybe since a large proportion of the black population is under the poverty line, that these woman simply couldn’t afford the have that child? Not all black woman are on welfare. To comment on Mirable, that is a completely ridiculous notion. EVERYONE is encouraged to use a condom, and or the pill or alternate form of birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

      • Have you thought that maybe since a large proportion of the black
        population is under the poverty line, that these woman simply couldn’t
        afford the have that child?

        It’s easier to assume that it’s all part of a vast liberal plot to kill off all of the minorities because…minorities overhwelmingly vote democrat…
        And to assume that minorities are so beyond stupid that you can ‘convince’ them to self-genocide by giving them condoms!

      • “The mass of ignorant Negroes still breed carelessly and disastrously, so
        that the increase among Negroes, even more than the increase among
        whites, is from that portion of the population least intelligent and
        fit, and least able to rear their children properly.”
        –Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood

      • I think SR read it correctly. If 31k were aborted out of 56k then presumably 25k were born. I wouldn’t expect though that a Democrat could do that level of math.

        Hey, grand idea – lets put this in as a common core math problem and see if anyone notices (ie liberals). There might be an outcry against common core… (while ignoring the genocide of course). Only 2 types of liberals, ignorant or evil.

      • When I read the comment initially I thought she wrote that it states there were more aborted than pregnancies.

      • By using a bit of grade school math, you can easily find that 31,000 abortions is more than half of the 56,000 total pregnancies. Thus, more babies were aborted than were born. This has been true in NY for nearly every year since 2007.

  2. Were is Al sharpie and all these so called concerned black leaders crying out of these mass murders just what thought hypocrites they should holding meetings protesting in streets blocking traffic but you won’t here crap from them it’s not there agenda HYPOCRITES.

  3. The reason we Conservative have to yell so loud when talking to a Liberal Progressive Democrat is because they are always running their mouths so much, the only voice they now hear is their own. Therefore, they think because they hear it so often it must be the truth.

    Forget using logic too. Logic to a Democrat is like speaking in tongues to them . . . .all you’ll get in response is, “Huh? . . What?’ repeated over and over.

    In all honesty though, you might get the occasional question, “Well? What about Bush?”

    Just smile and walk away . .they’re hopeless, believe me.

  4. I somehow don’t think this is “ethnic cleansing” Seems a vast portion of the (YOUNG?) black community doesn’t understand what birth control is, and have found an easy, “no consequence” answer to their problem.

    • Roll the clock back to the days of Margaret Sanger and the origins of Planned Parenthood. The story reads like a chapter out of KKK history.

    • The goal of “the Negro Project” from Sanger was to:

      1) cause certain races to reduce their reproduction much more than other races,
      2) Ensure that blacks never figured this out.

      Here’s a nice quote from Sanger herself:
      “The ministers work is also important and also he should be trained,
      perhaps by the Federation as to our ideals and the goal that we hope to
      reach. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the
      Negro population
      and the minister is the man who can straighten out that
      idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members”

      Rebellious? Maybe she meant “uppity”. Imagine, people may think that just because you’re telling a group of people that the biggest problem that black people have is (wait for it)… black people, they may consider you racist!

      Today, almost a half million blacks per year are terminated by their own mothers, with assistance from Planned Parenthood. The total since 1973 is right at 20,000,000 people. Apparently, if you kill off more of your race than the entire populations of the states of Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, and West Virginia combined, the Democrat party will let you have a half of a President! As long as that president is also radically for the legal extermination of his own (half) race. It also helps if that president says something like “I don’t want my daughters punished with a black baby”.

    • I wouldn’t think that is was a “no consequence answer”- there are Natural, Logical and/or Unintended Consequences for everything we do. It always finds you.

  5. Where is Rev. Al That Race-Baiter……….. The Dem Drones just don’t get it…….

    I used to want to go to NYC, You could not drag me there now…….

  6. Certainly this is the real reason Democrats fight so hard for abortion “rights” – their long history of racism and violence towards blacks.

    • These women choose to get abortions, no one forces them. It is not ethnic cleansing, and Republicans have a worse history with African Americans.

      • Hmm Republicans? The KKK was founded and formed by Democrats AGAINST the Blacks. Abraham Lincoln abolished Slavery and he was a Republican. So yea the Republicans have a worse history with African Americans. BTW I am a Democrat.

      • When the first KKK was formed by democrats its intent was to go after not only blacks but republicans who were helping blacks and a few republicans were killed

      • I’m sure the KKK who were formed by the democratic party to go after blacks and republicans and the democrats who philibustered blacks right to vote would eagerly agree with you

      • I’m sure that locating 70% of the planned parenthood clinics in black and poor neighbourhoods has absolutely nothing to do with it, right?

        When the number 1 killer of blacks –by far — is no longer “their own mothers, with Planned Parenthood as accomplices”, then you may have a point.

      • Lol, worse history? Care to back that up with facts.
        Supported Slavery, requiring a war to abandon the practice.
        Spawned the KKK, many prominent Dems were at the forefront of racism up thru the civil rights era (ie George Wallace, Senator Byrd etc)
        Sponsored and passed the Jim Crow laws, negating the 1865 rights that were gained from the events of the previous 4 years and taking 100 years to reverse.
        Tried to stymie the civil rights movement every step of the way, till it was inevitable, then larded on poison pills of entitlements which have destroyed the black community (ie all those cities the Dems controlled for decades but blacks are worse off in all of them as a result).
        Continue to use racism, fear of racism and race baiting to control and destroy the black community.
        What are you going to say the Republicans do to compare to all that? Oppose affirmative action? AA has helped undermine the ethics and work ethic of blacks by creating entitlements of achievement. Why try when its handed to you. More Democrat poison.

      • Why would I be kidding.

        The institution of slavery was championed by Democrats.
        The KKK was spawned by Democrats (guess you forgot that the governor refusing to let black kids go to the whites only school was DEMOCRAT George Wallace).
        Jim Crow laws – passed by Democrats during Reconstruction.
        Decades of Democrat rule in almost every major city, continually worsening plight of urban blacks – hardly coincidence there either.

        There’s no kidding about it.

      • Must apologize to you for my comment. My computer only showed the first sentence that you wrote. I can guarantee you I am NO Democrat and would never come to the defense of the Democratic party or anyone in it!!
        The only ones who conveniently forget the facts of democratic history are democrats. So I do hope you will accept my apology.

      • No problem, I sometimes miss the “more” at the end of posts in a hurry to scan the virtual ton of stuff I get to read every day.

  7. Horrific? Yes. Ethnic cleansing? No.

    Abortions are available and utilized by all races. 1/3 of white women got abortions in the same period. Less, but not that much less. All of these women are making choices to 1) get pregnant in the first place and 2) terminate the pregnancy.

    • Please note how 33% is a lower number than 55%. I know this is a difficult concept, but planed parenthood was designed to minimize the birth rates amongst those who the founder considered “social undesirables”.

      • No need to be sarcastic. I actually acquiesced to this fact in my comment: “Less, but not that much less.” So 5 out of 10 babies aborted is ethnic cleansing and 3 out of 10 babies aborted is some how not? I say neither is. It doesn’t change the abortion debate at all. Murder is murder no matter what color the victim is.

        For Sanger the whole “social undesirables” thing was pragmatic. Less of a drain on society financially, not necessarily a desire to see less of any one race.

      • Umm I’m gonna call you on that one because in the 70’s when planned parenthood really got going, the majority of people getting the birth control they gave were white.

      • Oh please… The eugenic views of the organization’s founders are very well established. She had a thing against slavs. (FYI slavs are “white”)

      • Also Slavs, Jews, Arabs, etc… Funny how people forget that the Democrats are racist against not just black people.

    • You seem to have missed a major point here, NY is only 15%, half of those are women, yet they are responcible for 50% of the abortions. thats sad

      • I’m missing your point, yes I am. Women are responsible for 100% of abortions. No one is debating that here.

        I’m totally on point in saying that this report does not show “ethnic cleansing”. It shows that black women are using abortion as birth control at a higher rate than white women. And I agree that the numbers are horrific and I hope the black community sits up takes notice. This suicide not genocide.

      • This is neither suicide nor genocide. It is nothing but murder: women choosing to kill the children in their bodies.


  9. Abortions should not be used as birth control. When a woman of ANY COLOR chooses to have unprotected sex, she knows she might get pregnant. STOP GETTING PREGNANT BY MISTAKE, and you won’t need to abort a baby so you can continue partying.

    • Of course not — it was only Sanger’s own words where she said that the entire black race would be better off if there were fewer blacks, and if they could convince blacks to not have so many children. Also, the very first of her “clinics” was set up in Harlem, which as we all know, is not predominantly one race over another.

  10. Sanger’s legacy today, which is being carried on by Planned Parenthood, includes the devastating impact of “birth control” on the black community. Planned Parenthood has continued the practice of targeting the black population. Over 30% of all abortions are performed on black women and close to 40% of black pregnancies end in abortion.

    Planned Parenthood successfully created a public image of an organization working to help the poor, while hiding the reality that it targets the vulnerable. That was Sanger’s plan from the start…………..

  11. How exactly is this anyone’s fault except the people with the unplanned pregnancy and the person who goes and chooses to terminate? This isn’t political except that there is a mixed race president who feels that the taxpayers should pay for these murders. I’m sorry, but these days, you can’t tell me that people aren’t educated to the consequnces of sex. Sorry, but if anything this is a black on black crime.

  12. I first read this a few days ago in another report and I was stunned, but since the report was calling the abortions “killing” I figured it was just more anti abortion hype from the extreme right just as the left pro abortionists always play down the numbers. But here I see it again and I check it out, and yea I’m shocked.
    The black community is only 15% of NY now narrow that down to just women. To be close to 50% of the abortions in one city speaks volumes. Can you label it ethic cleansing? Well thats probably a huge stretch, but NY is a democratic/liberal state. Starting back with republicans gaining the right to vote for blacks the democratic party has done all it can to keep black people in their place and voting for their party, so as extreme as it sounds it may be something to consider.
    As an Independent I prefer the conservatives approach to this subject, they advocate birth control and just plan abstinence, to me this is better then actually promoting abortion which takes away personal responcibilty.
    Heres what I think, I think the blame falls squarely on the backs of the black community itself. Just because a political party gives you the ability to do something or clears the way to make it easier “just for you” to do, does not make it the right thing to do. Between the black on black violence and this, your commiting genocide all by yourselves. You’ve been given every opportunity anyone else has, use it, stop seperating yourselves from the rest of the country, no one owes you anything, knock this crap off. Is this really the legacy you want to leave? Stop it, as a people you have too much to offer this country, your country, to waste it the way you are.

    • aborting a baby is murder. hello? how can ppl be that stupid? it has nothing to do with parties. its just one party believe that it is murder so they get labeled extreme right. it has to do with what is wrong and what is right. murder is WRONG. fornication is wrong. adultery is wrong. rape is wrong. all the wrong doers want to hide the wrong doing they’ve been guilty of when they get caught. it jas nothing to do with women’s rights or being in control of their body. it has everything to do with sin nature. the human condition of the heart.

  13. well mr.west, it seem’s we need to teach the youth how to use birth control. we need to teach our daughters and SON’S to keep a leash on it until they are married and ready for a family. its a shame that our young black and white people are aborting their babys when there are loving people out there that would adopt. our youth no longer has any cares in what they do or who they hurt. if parents are not going to teach their kids safe sex at home then let the teachers do it and pass out condoms, birth controls or what ever other methods there is out there. you are in the position to get this ball rolling to stop the murdering of innocent babys.

    • birth control…. its another form of abortion FYI…. another form of population control. This is being used in other countries where they are given vaccination shots and soon discover that all of the girls receiving the shots, are missing periods and are not able to get pregnant.

  14. WARNING! You are being censored. Facebook is currently censoring this post from comments and likes. I checked and it is the only post being done so. I can comment and like all other posts.

    • Facebook is another branch of Obama’s censorship machine. I was ‘temporarily’ restricted from posting on FB pages back in November, and the restriction is still in force. It happened within a few minutes after I posted the question “How can you sleep at night knowing that these posts are all lies?’ on the page which Organizing for America has for ‘Barack Obama’.

  15. Wait a minute. What’s happened to individual responsibility for their actions. No one in this country is FORCED to have an abortion. Clearly fools in NYC are chosing this for themselves and since they are too stupid to do some homework before making that selfish choice maybe the abortion choice is the right one for them. Darwinism at it’s fines….THINNING THE HEARD!

    • Yes it is a choice but no one is telling these young girls the lose and pain they will always feel because of that choice… sad

      • Yes it is a decision to kill a little baby, but I honestly think some of these girl and I mean girls don’t really fully comprehend the reality of their decision because children are being taught these babies aren’t real yet. So they are making stupid choices that they later regret and I have seen it tear at their hearts… one of my best friends has become an anti abortion advacit and works with girl for adoption and support groups for the ones that hate themselves over their chioces.

      • Everyone I know who has had an abortion or multiple abortion have regreted it when they got older and wiser. I hope that everyone has a sence of humanity in them. Yes I hate paying taxes for dumb adults but not children. My research is life with friends who have made a terrible “choice”. I am a tax paying conservative who want partents to love their children enough to teach them right from wrong. I blame non parenting, and media setting a unmorral reality for these children.

  16. And yet blacks are adament about supporting the Democrats.. This is what Obama stands for. He said in a speech at a Planned Parenhood Gala before his reelection ” On the fundamental issue of CHOICE , I will not yield and Planned Parenthood will not yield”. These were his exact words! In another speech he made the Statement ” Of course I’m going to teach my daughters morals, but if one of them goes out and makes a mistake you think I want them to be punished with a baby”?. This is straight from the mouth of Mr. Obama. Does he see babies as mistakes?
    This is why we need to get the Republican Party back in the drivers seat. This administration is out of control Period ! I can’t say it enough.. We need to educate milions of Americans to the Liberal Democratic agenda otherwise we are looking at communismn on the horizon. One more term of Democrats in the White House and it’s over. Oh, by the way I’m black too so does that make me a racist? Wake up America Obama is NOT the man for the Job and the only reason he got elected is because so many black Americans feel they have to issuse payback to the “White Man” for one reason or another. The problem is when you vote Democrat you vote against yourselves.

    • Thank you so much for your eloquently stated post. I couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact, I don’t believe I could have said it at all. With me being white, I’d just be called out as a racist. (Furthest thing from the truth!!!)

    • Excuse me… Mr Ellis. Please be aware of your choice in using the word Republican or Democrat. They really are different sides of the same problem. If I were you, I would not support either. Your welcome for bringing this to your attention.

    • To expand on your point Mark, it is the Democrat party that insists on keeping black people in general, at the very bottom of the socioeconomic ladder. The plan, it seems is to encourage non-participation in U S economics (business ownership, land ownership, etc.) by providing basic staples such as food and shelter in exchange for political support. Generations of black children will pattern their lives in the image of their adult role models. Seemingly content to exist at the outer edges of society with little or no control over their own destiny. Liberal Democrats may argue that they are in favor of helping the poor, underprivileged black people with ever swelling social programs but I think they see it as a small price to pay for keeping the black people exactly where they want them. Well fed with free gov. food and never ending tales of social injustice and entitlement. I am not a black person but if I were, I am certain I would be disgusted by this blatant attack on black people by Liberal Democrats who claim to be doing them a service! I am Hispanic (Brazilian) and it is not much better for our people!

    • IT is HIGH TIME the black community demand to know who this guy is … The press has been keeping it from all of us … The American people need to know who this man is ,where he came from… If he is legitimate then he should allow a vetting process and not constantly resist through legal channels.

    • The term racist has been used over and over again for the purpose of intimidation of those cowards that respond …. One greater than all of us saw in his infinite wisdom the need to create three separate and distinct races of people each individual ,separate and EQUAL… and we all fall short of his glory… does his creation make him a racist..

  17. How do you fight this Mr.West? I can fight to defend you on the streets, I can fight to defend you from foreign invaders, but how do you fight to protect those who are hidden in the womb? Only a change of hearts and minds can do that. And that takes action from God.

      • Not to get too deep into this Ms. Virginia, what I see is a tiny life separate yet connected to the mother. Killing the most helpless only because it may be a burden on those who produced it. With that same set of logical thoughts what if we were related and I began to think of you as a burden, why not just eliminate you? It’s a “slippery slope” Ms. just hope that you don’t get caught on it.

        And quite frankly I find little children to provide the most joy and fun that an adult can have. When I see those cute little smiling eyes and faces my heart gets wrapped. :))) You may fight for the right to choose, but the choice is so contrary to joy and it’s true meaning as to break my heart for those who chose that path. I only had one child and I gave up my Military career for her. Now she’s 21 and my Navy buddies are all sending me retirement letters yet I made the right decision.

  18. A baby’s death is a tragedy. Failure in the family unit and society pushing freedom of choice is our down fall for all of ours tomorrows…. black, white, yellow every life is a merricale. Those mothers will always feel the lose of their little one, that is what pro abortion people forgot to tell them. We need to get back to valuing human life.

  19. All I can say is I am so, so sorry. I fear there will be no change unless it is an upswing of what is happening and that is heartbreaking.


      • Who pays for the disabled…and the elderly…or any other “inconvenient” or “unfit?” I guess you would just kill them off, too, since they often depend on support paid for by taxpayers…

      • I don’t think many folks are talking about killing the disabled and elderly, but I do believe we need a more in-depth discussion regarding our current social programs. I’m not sure people who have made good choices and work hard should be forced to pay for those who have destroyed their lives through bad choices and poor work ethics. I also think those who believe abortion is murder, should NOT be forced to pay for them via tyrannical taxation.

  21. Okay. so enlighten me as to how this is ethnic cleansing? I’ve never experienced a connection with anyone who has aborted their child but don’t you have to make a choice to abort your child? No one is forcing you to do it, right? If I’m wrong, tell me. So, IF this study is legitimate and representative of accurate data, then it’s not ethnic cleansing, its blacks deciding to abort their unborn children for whatever reason they choose. Ethnic cleansing would be if they were being marched to abortion clinics against their will and forced to abort. Let’s not sensationalize things here…let’s continue to report truth and let the facts speak for themselves. You are better than the typical media–don’t resort to their tactics…

    • Actually, since men may be forced to pay for their kids through the courts, now, some men actually force women to have an abortion. (they do it through threats of violence, usually). I would imagine that those men are the same race as the woman. So, I don’t see that as a racial issue. This report needs to have more facts and statistics gathered and reported rather than just rely on this one correlation.

  22. I’m curious about the spin on the percentage. While blacks may make up only 15% of the population, there are other factors to consider. Overall, what was the age demographic for all the abortions (regardless of race)? Overall, what was the average income level of all the abortions (regardless of race)? What percentage were single mothers (regardless of race)?

    Now, take those statistics and determine if blacks make up 50% of THAT population. If so, I’d say 50% would make sense. Therein lies the issue with this article, and most other politically based articles. The facts can be spun to support any agenda.

    I’m not really trying to judge the article, or the point. I’m simply questioning the actual disparity the given statistics suggest.

  23. With birth control so readily available and affordable, why in the Sam Hill are there so many ‘unplanned’ and ‘unwanted’ pregnancies? Isn’t it time to hold these people (both partners) accountable for being so irresponsible? Margaret Sanger may have been a proponent of eugenics; however, no one is forcing men and women who mate like cats and dogs without any sense of responsibility to do so. They do it out of their own free will, and an innocent baby always pays with his/her life for their actions.
    How about going after them??

  24. I use to be against abortion, but Im tired of paying for welfare if these babies had been born, cuz you KNOW we would be paying for them.

  25. Well, then, let’s stop paying for fatherless babies, too. Either mom names the baby-daddy (and we get him to ante up), or she gets no help at all.

  26. I think you are misusing the term “eugenics” and “ethnic cleansing.” These women are not being forced to undergo abortions – they are voluntary. Even more voluntary than surrendering your 4th amendment rights at the airport (yes, the screening and xrays are voluntary, but you can’t get on a plane unless you volunteer for the naked photo).

    Please don’t use these words out of context – it diminishes their importance when eugenics really does take place.

    • Agreed. I admire the Col and his boldness. However, I don’t need him trying to convince me that Margaret Sanger’s nefarious plan is alive and well in New York. As you said, no one is forcing these women to abort it’s totally voluntary. If there is a genocide taking place it is through our own race. I read some years ago the leading killer of black babies is black women via abortions.

  27. I guess Planned Parenthood is realizing its goal of offering self induced eugenics to the unwitting. Where are the usual racebaiters when it comes to this abhorrent practice?

  28. How is this considered ethnic cleansing? Sounds more like stupid women using abortion as birth control, who just happen to be black. If they want to risk their chance to have future babies… fine. That’s more stupid people who won’t be breeding.

  29. One statistic is missing. What percentage of total pregnancies in New York are to black women? If it’s the same percentage as the abortions then this has nothing to do with race and says more about not using birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies. It would mean that they are using abortion as birth control instead of the easier and cheaper methods of birth control (like a diaphragm, for example). Of course, if they can get an abortion for free then they really don’t have to worry about getting pregnant and they have no reason to use birth control. They can just have sex any time they want with no thought to whether they might get pregnant. I wonder just how many of them regret doing it later. Also, how many of those abortions are to women who are prostitutes?

  30. If these women were forced to have an abortion it would be ethnic cleansing,but to my knowledge the females are making the decision to abort. I am against abortion,but also don’t want a child in an abusive situation. Dear Lord, I hope these numbers are wrong. This president needs to address the problem with the black community leaders, pastors and town meetings.If 50% of the black pregnancies were aborted, what are the stats of the other 25,000 that gave birth. How many are being raised in a stable home (2 parents) how many are living off the system, The WOW factor should have everyone concerned for the future of America.

    • You do not have to have two parents to provide a stable home, but you do very much need some kind of support sytem in place.

      • Typically, the ideal home situation is one with two loving parents.

        One person may be wrong, or maybe your son has a problem with mom that he wants to talk to dad (or other mom) about.

        Bonnie, you really need to understand we are social creatures, dependent on a very specific social setting to thrive. When you do understand this, you’ll appreciate many things more, including problems that disappear in the proper setting.

      • No you need to understand I raised 3 daughters, none got pregnant as a teen, none broke the law, all turned out to be a benefit to society. But it would have been much easier if I had a support system in place.

      • Support system, for what a two parent household would/should provide. A support system for all those “Single” moms whose battle cry of I don’t need no man.

      • Your hatred for women is showing. When you start making men be responcible for what they produce then you can preech

      • When women start showing some sense who they procreate with AND stop looking for approval as well as start raising boys to become men, you may have a point, until then, the FACTS I stated stand. By the way, its preach, not preech. I bet you’re turning out some real winners. A nice batch of Parasitic citizens that, like momma, bring nothing to the table.

    • Remember, love, family, community, it’s all just a big fat white patriarchal construction of destruction, can’t you see the alternative is working out so much better?

  31. How sad that so many little lives were lost. I was curious about NYC having “less than 15% blacks.” I looked up the census data and according to the 2010 census, the city was 33 percent non-Hispanic white, 29 percent Hispanic, 23 percent black and 13 percent Asian.

  32. Lets see if I have this right. Blacks make up 15% of the new York pop. and produce 50% of the abortions. While all the other 85% of new York make up the other 50%. Some of you don’t see an outrages problem here. For some of you that don’t know, the black communities used to be very family base, a father, a mother and children all going to church and having high morals. But that was before the war on poverty. Now blacks kill blacks, blacks go to jail and kill their babies at an alarming rate.

    • I’ve been saying this, the corrupt are raising their servants, just in a way that’s so blatantly obvious they think it’s “help”. And other minorities and feminist are cheering this on. Can’t say we’re not easy to manipulate…

      • Strong families are essential. I have 7 wives and many strong sons an daughters though they are of little consequence. No abortions in our family and all are taken care from my oil profits and scholarly works on holy Islam.

      • We believe in having only one spouse. It’s against the law to be married to more than one person unless you divorce. If you truly love an individual, you shouldn’t share your body with others. I pray that you fill your heart with love and instead of so much hatred.

  33. Why is it your first response to attack the laws that protect the rights of individuals?

    This has nothing to do with any law, this has to do with those people’s choices. They are choosing not to reproduce. You can’t solve this with a new law. It has to come from within the black community. (Freedom = responsibility)

    Stop blaming everyone else for the shortcomings of your own (seemingly non-existent) community.

    • UUUMMMMMM Im pretty sure inorder to abort you would have already reproduced?? And abortion is done when someone is ALREADY pregnant so they have already made the choice to do the one act that causes reproduction…duh!!!!!

  34. Ya Allah! So many field hands who could be employed to skin mules, dig wells and shovel out camel stalls on my estate here in Basra. Well, I suppose I can still ‘acquire’ fat, middle aged housewives for the same tasks.

      • It is a shame you cannot get a man who would beat some sense into you, When Islam takes over, your trenchant mouth will be your undoing, kuffarin.

      • Because it is my right under your Constitution. Isn’t it wonderful how that works? Just like with the Islamic centers I am financing in your nation. Mash’Allah!

      • As it is my 1st Amendment right to inform you that he Prophet is eating pig feces sandwiches in Hell , as we speak, and you will join him soon…..

      • No, that is hate speech and Brother Obama (PBUH) will not tolerate it. When the North American caliphate is declared, I shall use the RPG on your doublewide trailer Inshallah!

  35. A recent news program said that 72% of black babies born are illegitimate. This goes along with the abortion figure – how can a single mom afford to raise a child in NYC? Especially if she already has one or more children? It’s reckless behavior on the part of both parents.

  36. Who is deciding on the abortions? Someone other than the mothers? Unless it can be shown that the black abortions are something other than personal choice by the mothers this article is BS and racist in it’s own way.

    • The question is, what circumstances are being created in New York City which are causing a disproportionate amount of black mothers to abort their children? I’m assuming white democrats are doing SOMEthing in terms of public policy which is causing this disturbing ethnic trend.

      • A disproportionate amount of people that don’t associate sexual intercourse with responsibility, consequence, or accountibility. Just “fun” or the cable is out. Quit murking up the water.

  37. It isn’t so much ethnic cleansing as it is using abortion as a means of birth control. Something that was not supposed to happen when the Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade according to the dem’s and feminists that really pushed for it.

  38. Abortion is a choice. These women made the choice to have an abortion. This is not ethnic cleansing. You fail to mention that the rate of induce abortions have decrease by 19 % since 2003 in New York. Everything is not a conspiracy.

















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  41. Allan,

    Somebody has been mucking out the statistical stables. The
    cause of Freedom is not advanced by taking unwarranted license with either
    analysis or conclusions. This is the “stuff” of demagoguery and social
    division. Such loose thinking will serve the cause of Freedom very poorly, if
    at all. Those inclined to take the time, should read the report. The numbers
    are bad enough without the defamatory rhetoric,
    “…ethnic cleansing is apparently” occurring in NY.

    • C David Brown, you said it quite nicely. Those statistics do not tell the whole story. 56,000 pregnancies out of how many people?. Is it 1% of the black population that is getting pregnant or is it 50% of the black population. Are the abortions repeat abortions or is it one per customer per year? So if one person had 3 abortions per year that would bring that statistic way down as far as percentage of population is concerned. Where is the “Ethnic Cleansing” if there are still 25,000 unaborted pregnancies that year. Again what percent of the population is that?

      • It’s too bad the trend from 2003 to 2013 was not included in the report. That might have lent some perspective. One of the problems for Republican/Right Wing politicians is trying to beat the socialists at their own game of spinning everything to suit their purpose. I think the Wikipedia definition of Demagogue and Demagoguery is right on the money. I am saddened that too many people of whatever stripe tend to listen to the last Demagogue to foam at the mouth.

      • Phillip, the Negro Project 1940 is/was abhorrent.
        The Tuskegee syphilis study begun in 1932 and finally wrapped up in the early ‘70s is another example of egregiously callous treatment of people regardless of race, creed, sex, or national origin. My remarks concerning LTC West’s article on abortion in NYC was aimed at the spinning of figures to promote a political agenda. Having perused the article, I find the data horrendous, but nowhere do I find support for the specious accusation of “…ethnic cleansing…”. It is this facile molding of the truth to tell the tale you want heard that is the stuff of Demagoguery. The mantel of Demagogue does not sit well on the shoulders of a man of Allan West’s stature.

  42. How many children does the average black mother living in New York have, as opposed to the average number of children born to white mothers? Have a look at that data and I can almost guarantee that if this is indeed “ethnic cleansing”, it isn’t working out too well.

  43. If the children were white, asian, hispanic, middle eastern, or from whatever race they may be…they are all children….does it really matter what color of their skin is…

    • Yes, but a disproportionate percentage are black babies being killed. Planned Parenthood was started by Margaret Sanger, a racist white woman, who wanted to control the population of (her words) “inferior races”.

      Liberals wouldn’t be so into killing babies if they understood the science and racism behind the history of abortion in the USA. Or maybe they would.. liberals seem to be about always taking the wrong choice.

  44. I’ve said for years that abortions were being used to reduce the population of blacks.

    Clowns like Obama see abortion as an opportunity for black women to not be “burdened” with children… me, I see dead babies. 🙁

      • People who can’t spell shouldn’t call others “idiots.” “You’re” is short for “you are” as in “You’re an idiot.” “Your” means something that belongs to you as in “Your spelling sucks.”

      • ibpilot hits the nail on the head! I don’t care about the murderer, I care about the victim. That’s the whole point of the pro-life movement if you ask me.
        Valerie, my dear, you are an idiot!

      • No, YOU are the idiot, sailon because you do NOT know how to read. I did not say anywhere that I was for abortion and that the baby is not a victim. Maybe after you learn how to read you should go back and see what I actually said. Read SLOOOOOWLY. Take your time. You will see that I simply said that people who don’t know how to spell should not call others idiots. If you weren’t so stupid you’d realize that I am 100% against abortion and am probably more conservative than you will ever be! However, what I am against is poor spellers and poor readers calling other people names. I have blocked you from my e-mail so I don’t have to read anymore of your S#%T!

  45. just bc all these black ppl are poor in new york and have an abortion cuz they cant afford to take care of a kid dont mean its ethical cleansing it means too many black ppl get prego that dont even want to have and raise their own kids DUH. It is not a race thing bc the ratio varies depending on where* you do the statistics- it jut vaguely states a pattern of poor black ppl having abortions thats all. Besides if it is race itd be the moms fault for the abortion after all she made the decision bu i seriously doubt they will hate their kid if their skin color is the same as their own just saying!

  46. For this to be Ethnic Cleansing, it would require the purposeful aggression of another ethnicity of people engaged in genocide. This is NOT Ethnic Cleansing, this is what happens when LIBERALS allow state funded abortions and a target group of society in that state uses abortion as a form of birth control. This has nothing to do with RACE, it has everything to do with the LACK of moral fiber in this current generation. LIFE is a wonderful CHOICE.

  47. The use of the phrase “ethnic cleansing” is irresponsible to say the least. Who forces a woman to go to a clinic for an abortion? Are unknown assailants putting guns to women’s heads and coercing them to go to the clinic? Are racist doctors invading women’s homes and performing these abortions against their will? I’m fairly certain that an abortion occurs when a woman chooses to go inside a clinic and allows the procedure to take place.
    Horrible reporting, inflammatory, insensitive and inaccurate.
    If you want to help to make sure that black birth rates remain stable or increase why don’t you investigate the reason why the women chose abortion?
    What services or support could be given so that black women feel more hopeful that raising a child will succeed? What better access to birth control or better education can be given so that an unwanted pregnancy doesn’t occur in the first place?

    • The social services are there, the help is there. Many young women now use abortion as their primary form of birth control, multiple aportions are not un-common.

    • how about they just buy some condoms and when they’re having all this random sex…they never use protection that’s my freaking beef!

      • The clinics do not get paid for handing out condoms. They get paid for performing abortions. That, my dear, is the point and that is why Planned Parenthood exists. There is no planning going on in Planned Parenthood.

      • If a woman goes to Albany Park womans clinic and asks for condoms, they will give them to her. What do you think? They will say no, go get pregnant so we can have more gov money? They already have twenty women in the waiting room any day in the week waiting for their abortion. Or they could run the place 24/7. And do MORE abortions.

      • Exactly right. The goal of big government is to grow. You’ve heard about the mega Planned Parenthood clinic being built in New Orleans?

  48. @Rachel Schuler. Do you even realize what you are saying? “Everyone I know who has had an abortion.” I personally know ONE person who has had an abortion. We are talking about 94,000 people, if not millions. We are not talking about one Christian high school senior who just won a math scholarship to Harvard and decided to give in to her boyfriend’s pleading on prom night. We are talking about thousands of people indiscriminately having sexual intercourse with no thought about anything but their instant gratification. They count on you to pay for the abortion and they count on you to feed the babies they allow to live. Take a reality pill.

    • So, should we conservatives take away payments for abortion (Family Planning), but pay for contraceptives like the birth control pill to prevent pregnancy in the first place? Would that not be a better option if we could get it from Congress?

      • You can’t legislate morality. This is a question of irresponsible personal behavior. You teach your kids to not play with matches. I had an acquaintance who played with matches and her dress caught on fire. She spent the rest of her life with scars on half her face. Those darn liberals.

    • So, Virginia, what are you saying? What reality do I need to understand? Sounds like a lose/lose if we pay for the abortion or we pay to feed their children. What’s the solution?

      • Personal resonsibility. If you don’t want a baby, don’t make a baby. And don’t jive me about accidents and unplanned and damaged babies and rape. I bet that is not 1%. People are slobs about birth control cuz they are irresponsible and have an easy out. If you don’t see that as a simple equation, then you are looking at it politically and not pragmatically. You CANNOT argue with, “If you don’t want a baby, don’t make a baby.”

      • No, I don’t argue with that at all. I just didn’t get your point. But how do you change that culture? People know what makes a baby. The more babies you make, the more money you get. Easy peasy. The children grow up seeing how their mother lives. I’d bet these kids are largely ignored and do not get the personal attention or guidance they need and deserve. And so as soon as the girls can make babies, they do because that is how you get money. And the boys join gangs and that becomes their family and that is how you get money. I think we can agree on what is happening. I just don’t see what can be done to change it unless there is a political and pragmatic answer. People on welfare are being robbed of the opportunity to be self-reliant and responsible, to learn how to support themselves and their families, and to take care of their property and belongings. We have robbed these people of the ability to form values and principles that sustain them.

  49. A multi-million dollar aborton clinic is being built in New Orleans, close to and with easy
    access from predominate black neighborhoods.

      • The 7000 foot plus facility on South Claiborne Ave. is being built by planned parenthood, they will seek a state license to perform abortions. The clinic will be the largest in Louisiana and would perform up to 30 abortions a day, (10,950) a huge increase in 3,496 abortions performed in 2013. Planned parenthood does receive federal funding.

      • How do the people feel about it and will Louisiana grant them a license? I would prefer none, but I would much rather have a State to monitor and watch a place than have back street butchers. Not happy about any Federal Funding, but maybe in time it will be done away with.

    • That is correct. But here’s an idea… DON’T GET PREGNANT IN THE FIRST PLACE! Don’t blame clinics after the fact. Hello, personal responsibility. Too far from blacks, racism. Too close to blacks, racism. *rolls eyes * No more blame. No more excuses.

  50. I am sorry but ethnic cleansing? NOT! No one forces a black woman to an abortion clinic! No one forces a black woman in the bed with strangers. No one prevents her from practicing abstinence or prevention! It is time for all blacks to take responsibility for their actions and stop this demonic and sick blame game. If any race is suffering elimination it is the white race from black on white crime, you have raped, beaten, shot murdered from white children on buses, to “knock out” on our elderly… every day on the news 5,6,7,murders nightly and that is just a couple of states. Look at the percent of white military killed vs black because their are more whites in military! Maybe there wouldn’t be so many murders if black men stepped up to the plate and took their anger out on the enemy of our country! Allen West you just lost my vote! You played a race card! Get your facts straight and teach abstinence to your people… we can’t afford the continuation of non legit children on welfare. Here in my state you can go to the grocery store and see single black woman with 4 or five children all different colors not one looks like the other and she pulls out 4 0r 5 food stamp cards and 4 baskets full of groceries. While I struggle with 50 bucks a week to eat. Then she has cell phone, fake nails, and get into a new Cadillac. It all sickens me!!!!!

    • He’s talking about NYC abortions, fed up. Not all areas are created alike. Blacks who have abortions in NYC are not accumulating children to accumulate food stamp cards, but it sounds like they are in your area. Ask yourself, do u want to be like those blacks in your area who have no hope of changing their squalor (in its own way) when u still do? I didn’t think (u’d want to be one of them).

    • Fed Up, you obviously missed the point of the article. West is holding up a mirror for the Black community to take a good, long look at their collective irresponsibility. He is blaming no one except them, and Liberal values.

    • What I take from the “ethnic cleansing” comment is that the effect of black abortions IS ethnic cleansing. The fact that black women choose to have abortions puts ethnic cleansing at their doorstep. Who made legal abortions readily available so that virtually any woman can get access? Yeah. When black women collectively realize what the democrats have done to their race, they should be very angry. They should be angry now because the democrats have created a dependent class of people along with countless single-parent families headed by unmarried mom. It’s unconscionable what has happened in this country. Social engineering is never a good idea and we may never be able to fix it. One thing is for sure: we will all be affected by it for a long, long time.

    • Who is this mythical woman you talk about? Where are you getting your stats on the murders, and why do you portrait black men as being angry killers? “Your people”, what is that supposed to mean? we can’t afford the continuation of non legit children on welfare. Are you saying it is the fault of the children? Are you saying that legitimate children are more deserving? Black children come in many colors not just the shade their mother is.

    • Has nothing to do with “Race”, considering that’s non-existent..

      LoL Stop believing in “Racist Evolution” ..
      You probably don’t even know how the concept of “Race” was institutionalized and why it’s completely immoral to use as a descriptive means to identify someone.

      Nation’s – hence: Nationality, or hence: “Nationalities” ..
      Culture – hence: “Different Culture’s” … – is the correct word your looking for.
      “Black” – hence: Evolutionalized Terminology; hence: Scientifically Inaccurate – means don’t use.
      African or African -American – is the right words your looking for.

      So to properly understand your word, or in the correct context of your statement; the sentence should of read this:

      “According to these statistics, “African-Americans” are the most irresponsible people; and it maybe due to Culture and Morally inept behaviors.

      It’s not the color, it’s not the “Nationality” itself, it’s really the Culture,
      Home Environment and or Moral Character that makes these
      “Negative Statistics” apparent or connected to African -American Communities.

      Why am I saying this?
      Merely because I hate the terms: “Race”, “Black and White”, and ignorance on where they come from and the fact people continue to use them is beyond ridiculous.

      It’s partially intentional and partially unintentional concept that has been persistently continued through “Evolution” sense the 1800’s, specifically sense “1859” under the creation from “Charles Darwin” …

      It’s an inaccurate perception, concept etc.
      It’s be proven inaccurate based on Scripture from Christian References along with Science to support it.

      Basically this long paragraph is to enlighten you on what words you are using, and why you shouldn’t use them.

      You can choose to stay complacent and ignore me, or you can reply back if your wanting more information, otherwise this is a friendly goodbye. 🙂

  51. Let me guess. Blacks are also having the most babies. Blacks are also having the most teenage pregnancies. Blacks are also having the most babies born addicted to drugs, Blacks also have the most AIDS/HIV.

  52. This horseshit is precisely, but not limited to, what gives conservative philosophy a bad name. Are you kidding me with this spin? You and Michelle Bachman should do your own radio show…you’d never run out of crap to spew.

      • So naturally, you’ll inhabit the role of genius with all the answers because quite simply, the picture that you are looking at is bigger than most? Did I get that right? I mean, I’m clearly an unequivocal idiot with marginal usefulness because a guy on a discussion forum had the prescience to consider me such….
        Would it ever occur to you that perhaps those stats tell us something at face value? Of course not, because the Stepford righty nut jobs like yourself are only gonna see what they want to see and eat only what is slammed into their pie holes by others just like them. At the end of the day, your “bigger picture” that you see is only your interpretation of what, in reality, is only the inside of your ass.

  53. West it could also simply mean that blacks in New York City have careless sex, rape more or black women are raped more by men in general in NYC. There are several ways to interpret this data. One thing is certain however to date no one has been dragged into an abortion clinic against their will… or I should hope not. Perhaps abortion has simply become more socially acceptable among blacks who also tend to be more democratic…. or perhaps the lower employment numbers of blacks has left them with fewer options for financially being able to chose life. Still, with Al Gore’s comments this week it is very clear that many climate change advocates on the democratic side view the solution to climate change being fewer polluters and therefore a smaller population. Gore was promoting smaller population size this week with emphasis on more clinics, etc… so if blacks are being targeted it is by democrats.

  54. Oh please, who is doing the cleansing? No one puts a gun to their heads. If 50% are Black what does that tell us? Blacks are 50% of the problem. Allen I’m a little surprised at you. This tells everyone one thing, Blacks are half the problem, which really doesn’t come as much of a surprise to many people.

  55. So, 50% of the abortions are decided by 15% of the New York population, and that population is the Black population. What does this tell you allen?

    • Hey, I’m “Irish” .. but not “Catholic” ..
      I’m Christian Non-Denominational or just Christian without any attachment to specific “Sects” …

      You realize she also wanted to get rid of the Mentally Ill or “Handicapped” babies, those that are “Feeble -Minded”, or in her words were “burden” and had a negative impact on “Human Civilization” …..

      She also didn’t stop at “Africans, and Irish” she included, I think a few others …

      Although her evil and instituted plan of “Abortion” worked, because she has caused the thousands roughly-millions of all Nationalities and Unique babies to be killed.

      I hope shes happy burning in “Hell” for her accomplishments of Murder.

  56. According to the law of the law, a women has to right to a safe abortion. You may call it whatever you want, but for the women who chooces an abortions, it’s her right. Why don’t you worry about the babies that are here now. The one’s in foster care, or in abusive households or abandoned and live on the streets. These are the kids who grow who looking for love and attention. These are the kids who join gangs, or become addicted to drugs and commit crimes to support their habits. These are the young girls who get regnant, drop out of school, only to become dependent on the gov. Unfortunately, they end up having kids who repeat the same cycle.

    I guess it’s easier to support something that can’t talk back, than to be responsible for a person who can.

    • Abortions are NOT women’s healthcare. they are the murder of little children. if you can sleep nights knowing that little children are killed by the 10’s of millions then you have no conscious.
      When women do not want children then they should learn to keep their legs closed.
      If they do get pregnant there is always adoption. Just because you do not hear on a daily basis the amount of children adopted or the amount people who want to adopt doesn’t mean they are not out there.

      You will find that the kids who turn to drugs have parents, some rich some poor. kids who turn to gangs have low esteem and self confidence and that can occur from poor parenting. Yes some do not have a father figure in their lives. It isn’t just girls who drop out of school. Government pushes for more people to be on the government dole. They tell women on welfare if you have more babies then you will make more money on welfare.
      The reason there are so many abortions is because it has become big business and the more abortions the more money gets allocated to those programs the more money those clinics make. So young girls are taught to go to planned parenthood and are told to abort the fetus.
      If it was truly Planned parenthood then they would help the girls be good mothers not abortion victims

      • As I have always said you have no facts to make a quality debate all you can do is try to put people down and in your case you fail miserably

      • Just because someone disagrees with you they hear voices? Please. You do your position no good by being insulting. In fact, you diminish your credibility. Try to be mature and engage in honest and forthright conversation.

      • Before you feel the need to hi jack post and insult me, I will advice you to do some research on what the hell before hand. The conversation I was have with Patriot started 3 DAYS ago with over 20 messages bet us. Of course you read 1 and though THEY MUST HEAR MY OPNION And this pp person is sooo wrong .!
        Doll, patriot is a wacky nutcase persistent loser. Check it out

      • If you would like to be insulted by me, keep up the nonsense. I haven’t highjacked anything. Unless there are rules I’m not aware of here, anyone can join in at any point. I don’t care if you and “Patriot” have a 300-day conversation going, if I want to interject a thought, I will. I gave you some constructive criticism to strengthen your case since your command of written English is not on your side and logic is a stranger in your thought process. But, hey, if your game is to alienate everyone who comes your way, go for it, toots! Good luck to you.

      • So you are saying it’s better that Planned Parenthood just be left the way it is? You would rather they continue making the millions of dollars that they do each year performing abortions than to have them do something truly constructive to help women become better and more responsible citizens? they should be teaching women how to plan to be parents, or how to avoid becoming parents before the fact of pregnancy comes into play. Isn’t that what “planning is?” It’s easier to create a budget and learn to live within your means than to rack up thousands of dollars of debt and then try to figure out how you’re going to get out of it, especially if you haven’t the education to get the kind of job that will help pay down that debt. If you would rather have an abortion than prevent the pregnancy in the first place, then you are already morally bankrupt. (I’m talking about those who use abortion as a form of birth control) And can you tell me it’s cheaper to pay for an abortion than it is to buy condoms? Where do they get the money for that?

      • Actually, PP does provide birth control, exams, STD testing etc.. it is not just abortions. I also think it is horrid that people use abortion as birth control.

      • It’s a sad situation all the way around. Children are not taught that it is both parties responsibility if they choose to have sex. Maybe when we get “Our Country” turned around, something can be done.

      • I totally agree, Planned Parenthood should either be dismantled or completely reworked to support women not victimize them

      • PP does support women. They offer sex education, birth control, STD and pelvic exams etc.. It isn’t all abortions.

      • You’re trying to tell me that the main thing they do is NOT abortions? they definitely make their money off abortions

      • Do you perhaps have the idea that women get pregnant by themselves? You say they should keep their legs closed. What about the guys who get them pregnant. Shouldn’t they keep it in their pants? Government does not push for more people to be on the dole, they are trying to cut it. TANF has a limit to how long you can stay on. Young girls are taught to go to PP and get abortions? Who is teaching this exactly? Planned Parenthood does a lot more than just abortions. I am not saying abortion is wrong, but I do believe it should be a legal option up to a certain point. Women do not make more money on welfare, TANF does not go up if a woman has another child, they may get more food stamps. Oh by the way.. do you sleep at night or do you stay up all night? Just curious about your second sentence.

      • “Government does not push for more people to be on the dole, they are trying to cut it. ” Politely telling you that you are not right. Politicians especially Democrats all are about bigger government and more people on the government dole.

        more people on the dole the bigger government gets and that is what liberals are for. Liberals believe that they are the only ones that can decide for you what is best for you. Please I implore you to do some homework and find out what liberals are for and against

      • Actually, I do my homework, I am a college student studying social work. Food stamps were just cut recently, TANF was cut in 2011,this month the U.S. gov’t proposed a cut in payments to private health insurers for 2015 in Medicare. Can you back up your “facts” or do you just spout what you heard on Fox?

      • Democrats are and have been spouting the same Rhetoric for over 100 years bigger government more taxes more people dependent on government. It has been what they have stood for since they were first founded. Recently getting more socialistic and down right communistic and if you think other wise you are just fooling yourself. The fact that you are a student in college and a product of “Liberal” thinking does not surprise me at all. I am a conservative 60 years old and have been around the Liberal mind set for as long as I can remember. There are more people out of work than ever before 92 million plus. More people on food stamps than ever before.
        The welfare system started with Johnson and has gotten worse not better with each Democrat President.
        I never ever watch TV. I get my news on line. If you still cling to your “democrats are improving the economy and making new jobs rhetoric, then you have been brain washed and or in denial.
        The ACA is destroying jobs by forcing companies to lay off workers and or cut full time employees to part time so they do not have to pay the extremely high cost of insurance. If you are getting your facts and figures from the government, they are lying to you and you believe them. They enrollment programs have been failing miserably and the reason that the 2015 figures exist is predicated on how many enroll now. It is not hard to find out all of this information. just google it. The ACA is a disaster and will remain so.

      • You really don’t know me at all. You and I will never agree either. I am actually a product of conservative thinkers, but as I get older, realize I am more open-minded. I am not a child either by the way. Not much younger than you. We just have different thoughts and ideas. Best wishes.

      • EVERYBODY…. PUT IT IN THE WATER OR GIVE INNOCULATIONS TO EVERY FEMALE OF CHILBEARING YEARS …once they get married or/and financially able to support a child they can get a shot to counter it… why kill or bring so many unwanted, unloved children into the world.? That is cruelty when it can be prevented.

      • and who is to decide who has to take it? Not all contraception is 100% fool proof either. I do agree that contraception is a great idea, but once you start mandating it for certain people, it becomes a violation of rights. Education is the key.

      • Abortion is legal. There is no ruling by any court that a fetus is a human life, if there was the state would be obliged to protect it according to our Constitution. Therefore, according to the State, there is absolutely no need for mandatory contraception to prevent abortions. This is a crisis of our culture on many levels. There are no simple solutions.

      • True, dhgealy. Including countless examples of others who were born into poverty and made some of the greatest contributions to mankind.

      • Dr. Ben Carson, for example. His mother had a 7th grade education, but she also had great morals and faith to want what was best for her children, and she expected a great deal out of them, to make sure they were able to succeed and not become a statistic of poor black society.

    • It may the law, but no one has the “right” to kill another human being regardless of where that person happens to be. If you kill a baby outside the womb, it’s murder. If you kill a baby inside the womb, it’s a woman’s right? This is insane. Just because it’s the law doesn’t make it right. This law is wrong and it will eventually be repealed. Not only is abortion immoral, it is the most depraved and heinous thing a mother could do to her unborn child. People are horrified if they see a pregnant woman smoking or drinking alcohol. Yet, that same woman can walk into an abortion clinic and it’s okay? We have allowed our values and morals to be compromised by politicians. I agree that we should pay attention to the children who are here. If we put all the money currently spent on abortion clinics toward children and women’s personal education and care, what difference could we make in this country?

      • Okay. Different subject, but I’ll play. Which government and what war? I’m not sure what your point is, you skipped from abortion to war — two completely different subjects in my mind. But as long as we’re skipping around, what is the point of your avatar? Is that a picture of you? If so, why is your face covered?

      • You said no one has to right to kill.
        Secondly, my avatar was a part of my Halloween custom . I wore the headdress, high heels and sash saying Miss Terrorist 2010. My room mate bf was Muslim . He got PISSED when he saw me. He said I disrespected his culture , I said he disrespected his culture when he started sleeping with a white girl.

      • Take a philosophy class to learn the difference between premeditated murder and killing in war. Not the same thing. At all. As far as your Halloween costume is concerned: you’re both right.

      • I don ‘t think a solider takes a philosophy class before they go into war.
        When it comes to facts on this particular web page , I read then, I always want to know more. How iare these women getting more abortions and why? It’s a tuff decision for a women to get an aboration . It is truly a mark of desperation . These reps never get into the story of why?

  57. They were all forced into having abortions by ‘white people’? THAT would be “ethnic cleansing”. Otherwise you’re sensationalising the topic with untruths and that’s poor reporting.

    • Spot on.
      Love the way the author cleverly calls willing abortions “ethnic cleansing” as a way to appeal to the black population. Talk about exploiting! If conservatives really want to stop the rate of black abortions, put money and time into creating better lives and financial stability for black women.

      • Yeah, I’d hide my full profile too (same as ‘M’) if I was making such comments too. Racism is the bread and butter of any self styled collective of group thinkers. This is about the targeting of an ethnicity because on the amount of melanin in a persons skin, or the shape of their eyes, nose, Et cetera. The targeting of minority neighborhoods by the abortion mills isn’t only based on per capita income, but on the makeup of the types of the ethnicities located therein (i.e. Margaret Sanger’s ‘Negro Project’ of 1939). BTW this isn’t a “Conservative” issue, but a life or death issue.

  58. that is so sad, and our great and mighty Governor wants pro life conservatives to leave N.Y. He says there is no place for us there any more.

    • I would love to see businesses, conservatives and independents leave. Then the rest of the country would see how socialism really works.

    • Who created the poverty? I think these women are victims of an agenda to make them dependent on the government. They look to the government for everything, why not on birth control, abortions, healthcare, etc?

    • Its not the effect of poverty. Its the effect of a devaluation of individual life. If those women had been taught to value life then the question would be moot. Yet every day they are bombarded with the “right to choose” and “its your body you can do what you want”. The bought into the “me” mentality of the 60’s and 70’s. However, when the kids from the 70’s grew up they started taking a look at their parents and realize that its not all about me. But when their kids grew up they didn’t have an example to follow. Their parents were still into “me”.

  59. since 23% of unwed black women under the age of 20 years old become impregnated in comparison to 7% of those of other races, the number of abortions will be greater. However percentagewise they are not.

  60. Eliminating the black race is what Margaret Sanger wanted. Maybe try putting some of her ugliest, racist quotes up on some billboards in NYC.
    The black women getting abortions would then hopefully realize that when they abort their children, they are doing Exactly what the sick twisted Sanger Wanted !

    • Not the point. Suppose 94,000 3 yr. Olds marched across the Brooklyn Bridge, each with a note pinned on them “feed me.” You are all so caught up in your religious and political issues, you are ignoring simple logic. If you don’t want baby, don’t make a baby.

    • And let’s not forget, for those who think Hilary should be our next president, (God forbid!) Hilary thinks Sanger was a hero!

  61. Oh my gosh. What in the world or who in the world is causing all these abortions. It just terrible. Please ladies think of the child you are nourishing inside your body. That baby is depending on you now and after she/he is born. that baby you are carrying is alive please don’t kill your baby.

  62. If you watch the youtube movie, “Age of Deceit: Fallen Angels and the New World Order”, everything they are doing will make perfect sense. This is not about being liberal or conservative….it’s about pushing an agenda.

  63. The Libs war on women (in this case, black women), continues to include those of child-bearing age. Instead of helping these women pursuit their dreams and learn to be independant, successful and self-respecting, they just want their votes and then shove them aside as if they are trash. It’s time for the Democrat Party to stop pimping out black women voters.

    • Thank you for being sophisticated enough to “read between the lines” Unfortunately, many are not. Therefore, this ridiculous argument marches on…UGH!

  64. Ironic how the libs want to eliminate guns to “save the children” but endorse indiscriminate slaughter of babies! perhaps we should expand the criteria to post birth, to say, 50 years. then they can just choose to eliminate those who would formulate an opinion that doesn’t agree with their position.

  65. This is not taking into account that many of the girls will find it difficult to carry a child afterwards. Untold numbers of unborn will never make it because of the death of their older siblings.

  66. It’s not a matter of planned genocide on your own race nor ethnical cleansing, we are living in a fallen world, where mothers kill their own children.

  67. Although I agree that abortion was proposed as a form of legal ethnic cleansing, I think this issue is more complicated than stating this is ethnic cleansing. Women who choose abortion, and fight for the right to have one, are disempowered people. They do not love themselves enough to have sex only within the context of a mature, stable relationship which embraces conceived children, they do not respect themselves to plan their pregnancies, they do not value themselves enough to cherish and nurture the life within them, they do not have enough faith to hold all life as sacred, they are not valued by the society enough to be nurtured to receive the best education and economic freedom that is available within the society. We need to address and solve these underlying problems that create the culture of abortion or we will never stop this terrible practice. Only conservative values can solve these things and, so far, I do not see conservatives putting forth alternative solutions to these problems.

    • You are making assumptions. How about the married woman whose birth control failed and they can’t afford another child? I agree with some of your remarks, but not all women are immature, in an unstable relationship, uneducated and poor.

      • Voluntary sterilization. But I see some of you prefer the murder of unborn children to that, with all of the usual, pathetic excuses that go along with it. Unfortunately there were ‘forced’ sterilizations going on in this country long before killing unborn children became legal, and they all gave the same inhuman excuses of “convenience”. Also, you may want to look up what Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s ‘Negro Project’, which she created in 1939 was all about.

      • Maybe all you fine young men should have voluntary sterilization also. Last time I checked, women didn’t get pregnant by themselves.

      • Voluntary sterilization to further decrease the black birth rate instead of tackling the underlying root problems that create a culture where abortion is preferable to birth control and giving birth? My kind of conservatives solve problems they don’t avoid them.

      • I did not making assumptions nor am I generalizing the situation to all women. I stand by my premise that tackling the problems that disempower women, especially women in lower socio-economic groups, will lead to a decrease in the abortion rate.That includes tackling the problem that single women are more likely to be in poverty and unable to support a child (or another child) and reversing the moral corruption that convinces women that pregnancy and motherhood is nothing special and that an unborn child is not a real living human. If we empower women the abortion rate will decrease.

  68. absolute claptrap. Blacks make up 27% of the population of New York City which is huge about 2 million and that is not counting the 2 to 3 percent of mixed races. Abortion is by choice. Possibly if young girls used common sense or birth control you would not see this amount of abortions. I have heard them speaking in the subways they count abortion as a means of birth control. Your point is not well taken. Would you rather they go on public assistance?

    • “Young girls” don’t get pregnant by themselves. Just saying, the responsibility for birth control should not be exclusive to women.
      Abortion is by choice and should not be considered by those who have them as a legit means of birth control.

    • This ethnic cleansing was instigated by a white racist and classist whose only ideas for “helping” the poor involved eradicating them.

  69. How many of these abortions are from mothers who simply cannot afford another child? They might have quite a few already and live in ghettos or slums and are on TANF. Who is going to pay for all those babies? Then we will bitch and moan about paying welfare and food stamps.

    • Justifying the murder of these unborn humans is disgusting and makes you complicit. You act as if pregnancy just happens. Opps, woke up pregnant today, nothing I could do about it. Abortion stops a beating human heart. There is no disputing that. If you are still ok with it, then lets start with you.

      • I’m not justifying anything, merely looking at both sides of the coin, which is something you obviously can’t do. Are you going to line up to adopt some of the children born when Mom’s birth control fails? I bet not. I bet you also vote to cut food stamps and medicaid don’t ya?

  70. Intheknow…if they can’t afford another child then they should keep their legs closed or use some kind of birth control.. Condoms are cheap and in most states you can get birth control pills free or at a very reduced rate.

  71. I see another instance here of using the statistics out of context. The report gives no data about why so many abortions of black babies occurred, just uses the numbers to further someone’s agenda to persuade readers that New York City is using abortion as a tool for “ethnic cleansing.” The phrase I’d like to use here is impolite at the least, so I will simply say that this is another shameful example of yellow journalism, and another attempt to further divisiveness between the races. Don’t just react to this article – think about it.

    • I have thought about it and the long
      term goal of the progressives is being realized. Margret Sanger was
      big in the eugenics movement. Lowering the population of less
      desirables was one facet of their plan. Classifying and devaluing
      certain segments of the population, all disguised as a liberating
      force for women, abortion the solution for poor people, it makes less
      of them. euthanasia another progressive idea is moving into dangerous
      ground in Europe right now, children can now ask their Doctors to
      kill them. This is all headed to draconian population control to fix
      all the worlds problems. all our problems vanish with 90% of the
      useless non-productive population gone.

      • It seems the majority of comments on this issue are being made by men who haven’t an idea of what it feels like to have a human developing within the body. I do know. It is wonderful and a privilege to bring a child into the world. Although there are many socio-economic issues surrounding abortion, the issue IS primarily one of morals.

  72. Allen,

    Thank you for pointing out the obvious. 100 years of progressive, racist politics has only hurt US.

    White or black, American politics are dangerous to Americans (US).


  73. This is on the population in part, and the lack of advertised alternatives in part. People should know better than to have an abortion, but when alternatives are not advertised (despite loads of unsold ad space on city buses), people cannot be aware of them. I have seen cards for pro-life centers inside buses, but people do not really pay attention to advertisements inside buses—only outside.

  74. Hahaha! Stop it, West, you’re cracking me up! Ethnic cleansing is something one antagonistic group commits against another group, based on ethnic characteristics. The abortions to which you are referring are choices made by the pregnant mothers, not some outside antagonists. As others have index that finding with a possible correlation to poverty, perhaps conservatives could be supportive of providing birth control, food stamps, free education, job training, and lovable minimal wage. But please, stop joking around with the statistics to imply an agenda that doesn’t exist within the findings; some people apparently think you are painting an accurate picture. It’s not nice to fool people with distorted notions.

  75. Abortion is murder; end of story. The fetus is not a squirrel, not a rat, not a cow, not an ant; It is a human being. People aborting and people supporting abortion will pay. There IS a life beyond this one and where you spend it will be decided by what we do here.
    Margaret Sangor was an evil woman.

  76. Am I missing the point here, but with abortion, the woman is walking into the clinic on her free will to obtain the abortion- no one is forcing her to have this procedure.

    • And as long as liberals and Democrats keep you convinced that’s the case, the cleansing will be a success. Make it easy and keep them poor, what better mix.

      • I agree with Loretta – who is forcing these women to abort their babies? This can’t be anyone’s fault but their own.

      • Let me clarify my point. When Democrats and liberals keep people in poverty with there policies, then it’s makes it easier to convince them that abortion is a reasonable alternative to birth. Of course it’s a women’s choice, but under better economic circumstances it more than likely wouldn’t be their first option. Abortion is big business, and the way liberals and Democrats demonize big business you’d think they would want destroy it. Of course with the hypocrisy displayed by them on a regular basis, one can only think they hate big business, but not when it benefits their agenda.

    • That’s what I was thinking. It would be different if they were forced against their will. I can see having regrets for their choices. But, the cleansing thing is a bit much for me. Goes more towards the family. and what is acceptable to the culture of blacks in NYC. 50% went ahead and had their children.

    • I don’t support abortion, but lets face it, the ones that are demanding the right to be able to do this is liberals not conservatives. Conservatives will have their children and take care of them. Liberals, hey maybe abortion is not such a bad idea, hey libs, go on and abort your children, pretty soon all of you will be gone. I am just being funny but in there may be a hint of truth in this.

    • Nice try. I have studied Ms Sanger extensively and am convinced she was a racist, a proponent of genocide (eugenics by another name) and a truly evil person. That the left and feminism embrace her so blindly says more about the bankruptcy of their racist ideology than they realize.

  77. “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger – 1922


  79. I would rather them abort then be dependent on the government to survive. It is unfortunate that people do not know what can happen when having unprotected sex. I believe that the parents are partly responsible for children that get pregnant at an early age, after your 18 your responsible for yourself.

    • I agree with you on aborting instead of being the taxpayer responsibility.We are paying for enough welfare kings and queens.That have nothing wrong with them besides being lazy and a drain on society.

      • I can’t believe you just said that. That is the trouble with our country right now. The pocket seems to be the number one priority. How can we justify murder of babies because our welfare system is a mess.

      • When they are out having babies to just more welfare doesn’t help that baby at all now does it.I am a disabled vet struggling day to day and have to pay to raise kids that aren’t my own.If it that important to you then how about you start giving up your paycheck every week to support them.

      • David Frederick and Roger Smith,
        This is a promise from my generation to YOURS;
        You Will Never Suffer! I will make sure that when you are helpless and not able to take care of yourselves anymore that you will not suffer the indignity of being kept alive for some worthless ideal. I personally will not speak up for you or stand in the way of those who will liberate you from your poor quality life. I will fight instead for those whose lives would benefit more from the limited resources of our overtaxed society than old parasitic men who have lost the power to contribute.

      • Killing babies is not an answer. The babies are helpless and blameless. The parents need to show some accountability. I don’t have a paycheck and my husband is also disabled but that is not the subject matter here. There has to be another answer to the problem . Thank you for your service.

      • How can you justify black women shooting out one baby after another with no means to support them other then the working class picking up the tab? The only thing wrong with the welfare system is it’s to friggin generous! I’d be willing to bet if it was your pocket that welfare system keeps on digging into it would be considerably higher on your priority list too. And just how many kids are you responsible for making that the rest of us are supporting out of our own pockets???

      • I happen to be a grandmother. I had one child and raised him without welfare. Thank you. I worked hard all my life and believe in everyone being accountable for their actions but i still do not condone killing babies. So, you can relax. You did not contribute anything to raising my son.

      • News flash for you. The largest number of welfare moms are underage illegals! Go to your local health department and you’d be shocked. Kid is born here and automatically a citizen and mom receives free healthcare during pregnancy and has the nerve to complain because no one spoke Spanish. Welfare system has many problems.

      • How can you possibly say that you would rather have an innocent baby sucked out of their mother’s womb and torn to pieces, than pay a minute amount of money to keep them alive? I agree that it shouldn’t be everyone’s job to support those kids. But killing them doesn’t remedy that. A child doesn’t choose his parents. You can’t justify murdering a child because his or her parents are deadbeats. It is nothing but greed at its finest to wish a child was dead so you don’t pay pennies in taxes to support it.

      • Then join with me in denying the payment of benefits to anyone who does not earn them. That has to be our realization, that paying people to exist is foolish. A man will work if he has to. And when he commits a crime of murder, he should pay with his life. Quit pandering and start making souls responsible, here and now.

  80. HIs point is not the ones below, Allen West might agree with you, the point is that is horrible that we, as a society, allow the death of a group and we look at is at “it is better that way” These are lives and mothers!!! The education of these women need to change so this doesn’t happen to any human being, born or unborn!

    • My nephew’s ex wife let her boyfriend baby sit her two year old twins and one was crying so he threw her at the wall and killed her. The other HALF of life is death. Rich people have abortions for sex selection.

    • Diane, I am 82 years young and I can recall when abortion beyond the first trimester was a “no-no”. It then gradually was extended to the full gestation period and now they have “partial birth” (and I hear) “after birth” abortions. Where is it going to stop?—-when “Little Billy” talks back the first time, when 15 year-old John borrows the car without permission or when “Darling Mary” brings home a boy-friend of a different race?—-we have not yet seen the end of this travesty—as “Pandora’s Box” has been opened.

      • It has been 40 years since Roe vs Wade in which 55 million abortions have taken place. If you look at the Nazi’s, they murdered 11 million people (6 mill. Jews, 5 mill. anti-Nazi’s, gypsies, gays, mentally ill, ect), between the late 30’s & May 1945! ‘If’ the Nazi’s had continued with their murdering rampage for 40 years, then their total victims would be 55 million! INTERESTING! That’s what changed my opinion on abortion! Abortion needs to end NOW!!!

  81. Abortions tend to be the birth control of choice in the black community. Since this statistic is not unique to New York, it’s a nationwide problem that needs to be addressed.

  82. How long will the Lord God Almighty put up with this. The blood of the innocent is crying up from the ground. This is nothing but pagan sacrifice and we are supposed to be a civilized country. Please, please help stop this. So many say they don’t believe in abortion yet they voted in one of the most radical, progressive presidents who condones abortion just to get votes. If you voted for him and the progressive administration, the blood of those babies is on your hands too. You will answer to God one day. God how can you forgive our nation?

    • All those who voted for democrats became murderers because the platform of the Democratic Party was to push abortion. There is no salvation in the flesh for a murderer. Thus, there are millions who are all going to be facing the souls who were terminated and denied their chance to make the choice between God and Satan. And the irony is that millions of Muslims will have more right to eternity because they uphold the Ten Commandments.

  83. I am really shocked at the numbers but am not surprised! Planned Parenthood has been in the business of herding the poor into their centers for decades with their lies of “it’s a woman’s choice”, “it’s my body, my choice”. Choice be damned!!! It is a travesty and one that the United States and the world will have to pay penance for. The blood of the innocent is on the hands of every person of voting age in the United States. Remaining silent and hoping it will go away has been an ongoing crisis in our country and one that needs to stop!! May God have mercy on our country as we have committed sin against the helpless…..the “least of these”. Jesus said in Matthew 25:45 ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’

  84. Psalm 139:13-16 For thou hast possessed my reins:thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.
    14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made:
    marvellous are thy works;
    and that my soul knoweth right well.
    15 My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret,
    and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.
    16 Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect;
    and in thy book all my members were written,
    which in continuance were fashioned,
    when as yet there was none of them.

  85. I would be willing to bet that most of these abortions were performed on underage black girls ( middle school to high school age ) from single parent homes , more than likely where the mother is also very young !!!!

    • Not just black girls. I’ve delivered babies to just as many underage white girls. One in particular whose mom exclaimed how “she never knew how proud she could be for her child 18 y/o having sex”!

  86. Maybe the black women don’t want the babies and just want great sex without protection? This is less to do with ethnic cleansing and more to do with religion and their inability to properly discuss sex at an appropriate age. Treating it like it’s something unnatural for young teenagers to do. I was told before I knew what sex was, “No means no, wear a condom.” Guess what I did the first time sex was offered to me? I said no because I didn’t have a condom.

    Stopping abortion won’t change anything. It won’t stop these babies from being born into a world that doesn’t want them to begin with. These babies are a side affect of religious oppression and the conservatives approach to “abstain” or pretend sex won’t happen with their son/daughter.

    Sweden is far more sexually active than America, produces far less babies, and talk to their children far more openly about sex. Without shame. Guess what they also don’t have as many of… abortions.

      • No for years women have been lied to ……..that what they are aborting is merely a clump of cells….but with today’s technology,
        it is proven to be the most horrid lie of all……by the time a women realizes and decides to get an abortion… is a LOT MORE than a clump of cells….Life is in the blood……

      • You’re right and that’s why they no longer call the baby a clump of cells. Today there’s proof that life begins at conception.

      • I disagree with the assertion that women have been brainwashed into thinking of a fetus as a clump of cells. No one is confused that left alone they’re having a baby. It’s the reality of not having the resources to care for the child that makes the decision.

      • There is no rationale reason to murder. Selfishness, is what is amiss. And if you loved God, you would know that He can provide for you in any time of trouble. Again, the soul who murders is in more trouble than the soul who is murdered.

      • From the moment of conception, a soul is born. We were created by God in the first earth age, and because of the rebellion, we all have the obligation to come into this earth age and make a choice to love God or love Satan. It is simple. And all souls go back to God. Thus, the ones who are in dire trouble are those who murder the innocent souls who did not get to be born.

      • An argument of divine morality vs the natural world filled with animals, something humans are. I have no problem with killing in the right applications, it’s a necessary evil. However, everything in moderation.

        We will disagree vehemently on this, no point in continuing (I won’t, this isn’t the venue), but you are welcome too.

    • You omitted a key element,Randomly Inapprpriate, Swedes are WHITE, and have a totally different mindset. Unfortunately for the black community, welfare was and is a way of life, and has been for years. Check the stats, and you will find generations and generations of welfare families, passing the legacy to their children, and their children, and their children. Every baby born to a welfare mother, was rewarded with another monthly check, and no charge for delivery, drugs,after care, and just about anything the mother and child needed was provided.,”FREE”.

      • The Swedes have a totally different mindset because their culture is totally different. Their history, is totally different. I agree, the blacks suffer generational poorness, it’s an argument I bring up when people like to talk about desperation and the immigration system, since most Americans no nothing about what true desperation is. This blurs the line between what is legal and what is right for families.

        However, I disagree that this is something that cannot be changed by leaders in the black community. Something I don’t see happening. Black people in black ghettos are not going to listen to the white man telling them how to live. They don’t trust whites at the core. This is as much a societal problem within black culture.

        I also disagree that this is some insidious plot against the black community. I think this is just ignorance and indifference at heart.

        Social services should be offered in any respectable 1st world government, but there will always be a bottom, there will always be bottom feeders and governments need to think out of the box to move them up. Something, we don’t seem to have time to think about since we argue about many issues other than the root of the problem.

    • You are wrong. All souls are created by God, and He wants all of His children to have the same opportunity to be born into this earth age. To be able to make the choice between Him and Satan. So, all children or babies are wanted, by God. Thus, if you love God, you also love all of His creation.

  87. The Democrat plantation is the covert home of Sanger and Eugenics. Seizing both health care and educations makes the psycho-physical management of the HUMAN HERD closer to reality. As soon as the fact that there are unborn humans can be eradicated then the total control of the individual from preconception to post cremation will be within sight!

  88. And we’re all going to be paying for it now thanks to Obamacarre.

    You’d think the normal race baiters would be all over this. But no. Planned Parenthood (the name still boggles the mind) is a money maker for the democrats and especially the black president in the white house. I wonder if future generations of blacks will shame this generation, along with democrats, for the genocide of their brothers & sisters that will never be? And while we’re at it, Hispanics need to get with the program as well….or not. But, don’t say that other people are trying to keep you down or being racists against you when you’re ok with killing off your future generation.

  89. How can you live with this? New York and blacks should be ashamed but no it’s their RIGHT to kill so says Rove vs. Wade. Great law, yea right. Never will understand how a civilize society can kill their own babies. Goes against common sense. God Bless the believers. I agree the baby is cute but what about all those DEAD BABIES THEY WERE CUTE TOO ,but we will never know how great they could of been because selfish people like to kill the gift from GOD.

    • The real losers are those who commit the murder of their own child. They have that murder against them, and no one can have salvation in the flesh if they commit murder. Thus, they lost their free pass into eternity. Now they have to face the millions of souls who were killed through abortion, since they are as guilty of all of them as they are of one. And voting for democrats now is a murder sentence. Since they put abortion as their platform, and the sin of murder is their banner. I would hope you know that you will not be able to have salvation in the flesh, and must face those whom you supported the murder of, if you vote for a democrat.

      • Dorie never voted democrat and never will. Starting to hate most republicans too. Tea Party all the way.

  90. The culture of many of these women (and men) who abort their babies is the culprit. Their foundation and family values need changed before there will be any change in the stated statistics. I have doubts that this will happen…it’s unfortunate..

    • That happened with Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. Apparently the black culture was very cohesive till then. I remember the fathers started leaving, the family so the women could get their welfare checks. I think from there it’s gone down hill for marriage & family.

      • Agree…and we might mention, too….it is not only the unborn that actually suffer, but the mothers-to-be are the ones who suffer the most. Not only does their environment often rule against them but they must live with aborting (murdering) a life they produced. If they have no conscience or value system, perhaps they have no feelings.

      • Throwing the black man out of the house as the price for “elevating the lot of the black woman” was a cynical and racially hateful move to emasculate the black man . No wonder that he has descended into the despair of the chronic underdog. Reparations are called for . Preferably as encouragement by financia/ behavoral reward system and mentoring to stay in school, and receive compensatory training . Get rid of the antihuman welfare restrictions.

  91. To restate that abortion equation, it means that there are about 5 times as many black abortions in New York, than for other races. I do suggest all racial “communities” look to their own problems first and then pass along their findings and experience to others. I further suggest we all acknowledge that sooner or later we are going to be forced to explore “population control” and the sooner we start the better. The first item on the agenda should be “education”, of both males and females—there wouldn’t be any problems if the males would keep “it” in their pants. Then, there must be a far more civilized way of controlling births than barbaric abortions—perhaps a mandatory “pill” for both males an females. Also, a fetus is NOT part of the female body, as it only “originates” when her “detached” (free floating) egg is fertilized by a male sperm. The fetus has its own blood supply and it just “fed and housed” by the female until birth time. And that very instant the egg is fertilized, all of the “elements” are in place for the development of the child. Every female contemplating abortion should be required to be informed of that concept along with being required to view an ultra-sound of that “living but unborn” child moving about in her womb. I sincerely believe if those two things were accomplished, the abortion rate would be cut in half—then we can get back to the long-range “population control” issues.

      • Come on Randolph, keep it civil, especially when you know little of what you speak. Without taking sides for or against any religion, all “Holy Books” decree for their “people” to “go forth and procreate”—–well “they” have done that and now logic, reason and common sense dictates that this great planet will feed and house only so many people. At some point that issue has to be addressed and I believe we should start working on it now. If we wait until the NWO, socialists or Muslims take over, you can rest assured it will be the poor, uneducated (and non-Muslims?) that get eliminated. Right now, both the U.S and Russia have shrinking “white” populations, but many (most?) of the 3rd world and Muslim countries have birth rates that far exceed America and starvation and housing already is rampant in Africa and many countries. Working on the problem before it becomes a crisis, hopefully will assure us of an equitable program. By the way, you don’t think the United States and many other countries are sending spacecraft into “outer space”, just because “it is there”? This has little or nothing to do with “being free”, as the more free we become the more rational (and civil) we must be. And Randolph, if you would have done your homework, you would know I am a staunch Republican and a strict constitutionalist, and I have probably over a thousand conservative posts in the web—check with “Discus”. You know, with “Google” and the several other search engines out there, one has to “work at it” to remain ignorant on most any issue. I also note, other than your single “idiot” comment, you did not address any of my other remarks.

      • Bill, it may come to that but I hope through educational processes and reviewing all of our options, there will be a less barbaric way of controlling or at least modifying population growth. There are, as we speak, many studies on the internet massaging this issue, some of which have workable ideas.

      • God created only so many souls, and He created them to live on this planet. Thus, He would not have created more souls than the earth could house. No doubt, there is third world issues, that if we get involved with, we will be blamed for the end results. The over-population of countries is because people used children to work and support the family. Thus, they had large families. With progress, countries do not need the added support, and thus, the family downsizes on it’s own. The real problem in this country is that this generation is so stupid, they do not know how to think without a machine in their hands.

      • Dorie, I am sure you are a very nice person, but you lack logic, deductive reason and plain common sense. Every “space” on this planet has limitations as to how many people that space can support, whether it be a car, a living room or bedroom, a house, an apartment, open land, etc.—and every animal requires nourishment, water and clean air. I have been to India, Africa and other 3rd world countries and there already is too much starvation and “space caused” problems. India has not budged an inch off of its “cast” system. And, without taking sides for or against any religion, I am sure your God provides a “soul” for every person (I don’t know about other animals). If we don’t control the population, nature will do it for us in the form of plaques, starvation or cataclysmic events and yes, WARS. I recall hearing a diplomat from India say the best “birth control” for his country was to install country-wide rural electricity and give the lower casts TVs, movies, radios and cell phones—then they had “other things to do”, than go to bed. I believe this great country should eliminate the “tax credit” for more than two children. Already, the “white” birth rate in this country is below that required to maintain a stable population ,but the minorities, by far, overshadow that problem.

      • dondehoff- your an arrogant individual. You talk down to people like you know it all. It’s already been proven that the entire population of the earth could fit in the state of Texas and on the island of Crete.

      • Ray, if you’re going to criticize someone, it’s more effective when you use correct English. Also, how can such an obscure claim be “proven”? Don’t you mean “estimated”? You also don’t take into account that the population of the world is in constant flux.

      • Ray, I surely don’t “know it all”, which I am, everyday, willing to admit. However, there is far more to “stacking people” in a space as they must have housing, water, food, medical care and freedom to exercise, along with somewhere to go to school, work, sleep, store their food and deposit their “wastes”, One could put all of their children into one large trash bag, but that would not be living. I was one of 12 children and just 5 male kids, between the ages of 4 and 15, in a single bed-room, is less than desirable. Again, I don’t know everything, but in my 82 years of life (next month), I hope I have picked up some logic, deductive reasoning and common sense—and stacking all of the citizens of the world into Texas and Crete, contains none of those attributes. And, if “that” “looks down” upon you, I suggest you might have a “problem”.

      • What is the break out on the over 50% non-black abortions?? Were they White, Mexican, Arab, China, what Percent??? This is the story not black abortions.

    • I remember backalley abortions in my generation and I too am of the ” Vietnam ” era,. I watched the love children and their drifting from partner to partner. Life was so fleeting and cheap! This is what the ” Nam ” war taught ” U. S. and it went downhill from there, to where we are now., single parents, player father’s, babydaddys”, children ” raising ” children. We HAVE to get Beyond COLOR or we will get NOWHERE!! 1865 is so gone….. Yet we keep it 1 DAY away!!

  92. This is exactly how the so-called “progressives” intended it. They view blacks as their property. And they don’t think there ought to be so many of them. They are the party of slavery, the KKK, busing, and Affirmative Action, after all.

    • Who are these mother’s who seek out and request these abortions? Are people or persons responsible twisting their arms to get these abortions? Why are their so many women (unmarried) getting pregnant when there are a multitude of processes available that would prevent these unwanted pregnancies? Somebody illuminate me on these question. When they are answered, you might be able to seek out a reason for this overabundance of black babies being killed.

    • I do not know the actual numbers and woke 15% might be low, is says New York, not new York City. Ever within the city it is very much so a huge mixture, there are millions of middle Eastern, millions of Asians, millions of blacks, millions of whites (to include every different nationality with light skin which divides that number by a huge amount)…. New York is more than just the bronx and ethnicity is more than just black and white. I would have to say is probably closer to 20% but no where near what you are insinuating. The percentage of the population of blacks only makes the percentage of total abortions that much worse.

  93. Do you know what the abortion people want from the masses? Silence! Silence while they carry out their mission, the genocide of our citizens, focusing on the black community. How long will you keep giving them what they want? In the mean time, over 1.2 MILLION babies PER YEAR are murdered. About 1/3 of them are black babies. This is Black American Genocide.

    Our national population is about 100 MILLION less today than it should be because of abortion over the past 40 years. That means there have been about 33 MILLION black babies murdered in that time frame. 100 MILLION, that equates to about 20% of our current population!!! They have exterminated that many babies!

    Worldwide it continues at over 1 baby every SECOND of every day. About 80 per minute. Sickening. And much of the world remains…..SILENT. Guilty by reason of silence in the face of evil.

    • And the black population continues to overwhemingly support Democrats who favor abortion over Republicans who oppose abortion – go figure!!!

    • If you say 1.2 million babies are killed and 1/3rd are black babies does that mean aprox. 2/3rd are a mixture of other nationalities (minorities)? Or is it that 2/3rd s of these babies are white.? If so, then I’d say that the white race is being erased not the black race. But….. isn’t it time to look beyond COLOR and look instead at numbers?

  94. Hitler is condemned and he should be, but the Democratic Party is celebrated for this genocide on their strongest voting block. Not that this is good for Republicans, truth is truth.

  95. They’re standing on the corner and they can’t speak English. I can’t even talk the way these people talk: Why you ain’t, Where you is, What he drive, Where he stay, Where he work, Who you be…
    And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk. And then I heard the father

    Everybody knows it’s important to speak English except these knuckleheads. You
    can’t be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth. In fact you will never get any kind of job making a decent living.

    People marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an education, and now
    we’ve got these knuckleheads walking around. The lower economic people are not
    holding up their end in this deal. These people are not parenting. They are
    buying things for kids. $500 sneakers for what? And they won’t spend $200 for
    Hooked on Phonics.

    I am talking about these people who cry when their son is standing there in an
    orange suit. Where were you when he was 2? Where were you when he was 12? Where were you when he was 18 and how come you didn’t know that he had a pistol? And where is the father? Or who is his father?

    People putting their clothes on backward: Isn’t that a sign of something gone wrong? People with their hats on backward, pants down around the crack, isn’t that a sign of something? Or are you waiting for Jesus to pull his pants up? Isn’t it a sign of something when she has her dress all the way up and got all type of needles [piercing] going through her body?

    What part of Africa did this come from? We are not Africans. Those people are
    not Africans; they don’t know a thing about Africa. With names like Shaniqua,
    Taliqua and Mohammed and all of that crap, and all of them are in jail.

    Brown or black versus the Board of Education is no longer the white person’s
    problem. We have got to take the neighbourhood back. People used to be ashamed.
    Today a woman has eight children with eight different ‘husbands’ — or men or
    whatever you call them now. We have millionaire football players who cannot
    read. We have million-dollar basketball players who can’t write two paragraphs.
    We as black folks have to do a better job. Someone working at Wal-Mart with
    seven kids, you are hurting us. We have to start holding each other to a higher

    We cannot blame the white people any longer.

    Bill Cosby

  96. Unless they were marched into these clinics at gunpoint, I don’t know how you can call this ethnic cleansing. That doesn’t even make sense to me. These women obviously consent to abortion or they wouldn’t get one. I hate when people, I don’t care who they are, twist the facts to prove a point. In this case there is no point. I sometimes think that no one wants a solution to this abortion issue because it detracts from other issues. Pass a law to make voluntary abortion illegal after 10 weeks. That’s plenty of time to make up your mind. Medical abortions leave up to the Doctor’s and the government stay out of it. There, I just solved the problem in two sentences. Now move on.

    • Libtards have also convinced Hispanics to be pro-abort and pro-contraception. Libtards want to genocide anyone who isn’t white. It makes me sick.

  97. Well Colonel these stats speak volumes to the level of decay we have come to… If it is not and out of wed lock birth it is an abortion …. this does not bode well for the community…. It is about time some one stood up and, I cannot think of any one better than YOU… The black support of the democratic hand out is a result of good folks being silent and those who are blessed taking their blessings and leaving,this is not unique to the black community …. I grew up in a housing project we were not poor we just had no money… I got an education and grew up in a household where there was Mom and Dad and RULES… With my first job I left the community never to return but the memories remain and the lessons learned from the street were valuable ones …. survival …. these kids are barely equipped to accomplish that without going outside the dictates of civilized society… The Sharptons and Jacksons who are supposed to be men of God and want to be REVERED have made a terrible mess of the black community all for their personal gain …. Just look at them Jacksons son had a seat in congress he is now in Jail ..Sharpton is a charlatan and tax cheat… The black community is very much a part of the fabric and culture that is America with numerous contributors to the arts,and sciences not mention the military ,of which I thank you for your contribution… Do what you can and do it quickly time is running out…

  98. shame was a good thing, .. when there was shame. back in “the day”.
    and btw. black women have apparently not learned how to ” take control of their bodies”

  99. It isn’t ethnic cleansing unless it was non-blacks that forced the blacks to have abortions. If the decisions were made by the “parents”, then it is merely a choice. Could it be that the average intelligence of prospective parents is rising, such that they are now making informed decisions about their futures and that of their baby? This could be very good news.

      • There was an organization in the early 1900’s called, “The American Eugenics Society” and Margaret Sanger was the person who headed it up. Later she was responsible for the establishment of Planned Parenthood.

      • Have you read the book, “War Against the Weak….America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race”…..if not, you will see more of what was going on early in 20th. century within the American Eugenics Society and what the mindset of the people leading it were like.

        As for a need for eugenics to be practiced again… actually has never stopped… has just gone underground so to speak and is not talked openly about. Go visit a hospital some time and see how ‘underclass’ patients who are critically ill are treated……or NOT treated would be a better word. Also, patients who are considered a burden on society… or way up in age. These things are practiced under the radar in this country now, but are openly practiced in most European countries. This is one thing I know what I’m talking about!

        Re: your statement about the planet being over-populated and people starving. Why would eugenics be a practice you’d have no problem with? Doesn’t it stand to reason that if people are starving, they wouldn’t need to be euthanized because they would die anyway from starvation. Besides, who gives people that carry out eugenics the right to end someone else’s life just because it’s feasible at the time and they assume the power to carry it out? Isn’t that playing God?

      • What is the purpose of human life? Is it to overpopulate the Earth, and have much of the population randomly die off from starvation? Or is it to try to improve life and propagate the species? I believe the purpose of life is continuous improvement of humankind. We are so far below our potential and drifting backwards in many ways, IMO. I welcome any approach that will get us back on track and flourishing well into the future. And I don’t hold human life to be as sacred as some do. I look at the Earth as a garden that must be continuously tended: cultivated, fed, and weeded. And I am very militant about the quality of my life. I do not look well upon those that I think are wasting theirs. You might consider that supercilious, but I give myself the latitude to believe that I know what a decent life is.

      • Well, we all have our opinions and sometimes we have to agree to disagree. I won’t belabor my point any longer because I can see we have differing opinions.

      • I agree with you. I was reading about Romanian orphans today – how many of them were simply abandoned in orphanages, and literally left 24/7 in cribs, without any stimulation whatsoever. Suffice to say, they never developed normally, and many had not only smaller brains (grey matter didn’t grow) but suffered from severe mental and emotional problems.

        Now what kind of life is that?

      • It is very hard to argue with abortion in the face of such atrocities. As much as I am against government regulation, I think there needs to be control over who is allowed to have children; even to the point of pre-testing prospective parents. The consequences of failure are far to devastating. And beyond that, with the latest in prenatal testing, why should parents be forced to birth a handicapped child? That is yet another quality of life issue.

      • You didn’t do much research then sir, there’s a reason that skintones was greatly talked about and it certainly wasn’t about “equal opportunity”. Try searching “negro project” etc. but really all you have to do is listen to her own words regarding this issue. Just saying… Peace

      • Without being a fly on the wall throughout all their discussions, it is impossible to know exactly what their motivations were. They could have been well meaning philanthropists, or they could have been Hitlers. I think that eugenics will begin to be practiced by humankind soon, when we finally overpopulate this planet to the point where half the population is starving. It is inevitable, and I have no problem with that; as long as it is not race based.

    • Blacks have been brainwashed by liberals to have lots of free slutty sex and then to genocide their own race.

      Black sluts just aren’t very smart, that’s the problem.

  100. I have to ask; are black women just more likely to choose abortion over adoption or keeping the baby? Or are they not being counseled on their options? After all, nobody is forcing abortions on them. Either way, we have free will.

  101. I am kind of shocked on this post. I am behind you on almost everything. But this left me scratching my head. I have to say that the Title of the Article got me. But when I started reading it I was like what? This is of a case of people not being held accountable for there actions. In that they sleep around and get pregnant. And instead of having the child and raising it they get an abortion. This is there choice. This is an Abortion issue not a ethnic cleansing as you call it. SMH

    • I (sort of) understand what you are saying. However, I see a culture of female sexual bravado happening in our country. I have sat and listened to the conversations of some of my young, single co-workers. Their morals are deplorable! People can stand on their soap-box all they want but when it comes down to it, we are all judged by our own actions. Part of our personal responsibility is to educate ourselves. When we remain ignorant and defiant, that is a combination that allows us to become slaves to those that would manipulate our ignorance.

      • Women do not deserve sexual freedom. I agree. Especially those black sluts. They should be forced to raise a kid every time they spread their slutty legs.

        Glad we are on the same page here.

      • Dear Ms. Kristy Jones,
        It’s all due to proper education. Seek out ‘The 7 Noahide Laws.’ There is a Hollywood movie debuting on March 28, 2014 titled: ‘Noah.’ I hope it’s faithful to ‘The Torah’s’ morals. Thank you
        [email protected]

    • Dear Mrs. Johnson,
      If you view this story on an individual basis, you are correct. If one views it on a universal, organized basis you are wrong. If one is concerned with the welfare of Afro-Americans or others children and the sanctity of life, you are wrong.

    • “This is an Abortion issue not a ethnic cleansing as you call it.”

      Actually it’s both issues, but certainly it is covert ethnic cleansing. If you read the book, “War Against the Weak…Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race,” by Edwin Black you will see. It gives the history about Eugenics in America that started back in the early 1900’s. Margaret Sanger was the person behind it, but when the practice fell into disfavor with the American people, she just started a new program that today is called, Planned Parenthood.

      • Eugenics doesn’t only target the black race…..which incidentally it’s been doing since the early 20th, cent, It also targets others who are considered ‘undesirables’, e.g. the mentally retarded, also people considered simpletons, and people with deformities etc. This is nothing new and I’m surprised you haven’t heard about it.
        As for Obama wanting to commit genocide on the “entire” black race… must understand that Obama is nothing but a puppet for the elites of the NWO and follows orders to usher it in. Even Henry Kissinger mentioned about reducing the world’s population way back years ago. Bill Gates has also talked about it and there’s even a YouTube video where he made a speech to an audience and actually mentioned using vaccinations to do it.
        You might also be interested to know that even though these practices have been going on historically across the country, NC paid reparation money not that long ago to several black women who had been forceably sterilized way back in the past. So this is not something new…’s been going on for a very long time.
        Again, Obama is taking orders from the powers behind the curtain, however I’m convinced he enjoys every minute of wielding the power that has been given to him. These Psychopaths have no conscience.

      • Very good point. FDR was behind polio vaccinations – and it is not a secret that he wanted to kill off half the world. The New Deal was part of that plan.

    • Not only people not being accountable for their own actions, but a society of progressiveness who advocates it through “Planned Parenthood” (an oxymoron if ever there was one),

    • According
      to ‘The 7 Noahide Laws,’ the oldest civilized laws known to mankind,
      abortion over 40 days is considered murder. This time period is when the
      brain waves start in the fetus. These poor fetuses have no counsel,
      their mouths are silenced. Where is their ‘Day In Court?’ They want to
      live also, just like their father and mother. G-d brings down the souls
      and puts them into bodies. Since HE does this HE can support anyone, any
      way HE wishes. It’s all in His hands. The ‘socioeconomic’ fear does NOT
      exist, it’s a figment of man’s imagination, not based in reality. Who
      feeds all the lower creations? Who fed them before mankind appeared on
      the scene? Abortion over 40 days is TRUE MURDER AND BULLYING! America is guilty of mass murder, on a far greater scale than Syria. The ‘Moslem’
      countries have a much lower rate of murderous abortion than we….’the
      truth hurts.’
      Thank G-d, I’m a grandfather.
      [email protected]

      • This time period is when the
        brain waves start in the fetus

        Brain waves that are mere precursors. Until they have stationary neurosn and bilaterally synchronous brainwaves they are non-sentient creatures.

        They want to
        live also, just like their father and mother.

        How can they want to live if they are essentially mindless?

        G-d brings down the souls
        and puts them into bodies.

        What happens to the souls in the case of twins when one embryo splits into two? or three? And then they re-combine, forming only ONE embryo. What happens to the excess souls? And if God only ever wanted ONE embryo in the first place, then why go to the effort of creating twins or triplets that will simply become one a couple of days later? And separate embryos fertilized by different sperm will often join, forming one person with two sets of DNA. Does that person have two souls?

      • Souls are immortal.So, why does God go through all this? Why not just send all of the ones that end up becoming one embryo to heaven straightaway?

      • the spirit is individual life in a human body…and Siamese have 2 spirits …there are 144000 souls and God, Almighty

  102. I have thought for quite some time, that the liberal demand for abortion clinics called “women’s health care centers” and the taxpayer funding of same was a sinister way to limit the numbers in the “underclass”. As the article points out, a large percentage of abortions are in the black community, and not just in NY, but every major city. Genocide? most likely, and shrouded in the “do- gooder” label of WOMENS HEALTH CARE.

  103. The left has granted ‘freedom of choice’ to the gestating mother. So, it’s not the govt causing the statistics, it’s the mothers-to-be that are committing this genocidal behavior. Abortion among all humans of all ethnicities is all part of the left’s population reduction plan inching us to their new world order.

    • that is stupid….if these blacks would be in Africa, the mortality rate of those that survivied the womb would be very high…they get provided FREE food and shelter in America…. whereas there is none provided for them in Africa

  104. People tend to miss things when they read these types of articles. In this case it has nothing, or very little to do with “freedom of choice”. These actions are obviously not “forced” upon people, as we are a free country. These things happen as a result of deceit, lies, propaganda. People are being tricked into falling for these schemes – often the trickery comes from much higher than the local office – the abortion clinic has no idea what the real purpose is, they just perform their job. It IS ethnic cleansing; it IS genocide – but do not dismiss it based on personal freedoms, because there are many factors altering our perception of choice – and those factors are not just co-incidence, it’s a planned process with a specific goal.

    • That’s cuz black women are stupid sluts right? No doubt it’s all part of Obummer’s plan to wipe out the black race so the demcrap party can get more votes!

      It’s all clear now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • This is a crime against the innocent! Who can not defend themselves! Black or White… GOD is not a Respector of Persons (Skin Color). Please remove head from buttox and look at this from TRUTH and GODS HEART for his PERFECT BLACK Creation!
        By the way, my skin color is not Black

      • no, it’s because too many unwed women who have no conceivable way to provide food or shelter for a child, get impregnated … 23% blacks in comparison to 7% other races

    • I somewhat agree with your statement here janus, it’s mental assault to tell someone that they can’t be successful with kids, that they are dumb/lazy for “getting themselves” pregnant, etc. So, then, that feeds on an insecurity that you won’t be accepted by society with a child, and thus perpetuates a cycle of self hatred and ultimately self destructive behavior.

  105. All abortion clinics must be required to consil the lady proposed to having an abortion and be given every opportunity to allow the fetus to develop. It is a life at conception and that indivisual developing has a right to life under the constitution. The mother that proceeds to have the abortion must be told that they will bare the responsiblity morally for having played the largest role in their choice to kill the life developing in their womb. That said, the people that perform the abortions could certainly skip over the conciling and abort with no hesitancy for women that they deem as having a child that may not be as admirable as another’s. God knows what is in the hearts of everyone and these inactions that push toward the action of killing his precious creations will eventually be reckoned with, not by him but by the spirit that has inspired it.

  106. Sad but notice no mention from the jacksons nor sharptons of this world but then all this kinda fits in with their mantra of “do as thou wilt” cause ya gots a right to choice….in my oplnion these guys dont CARE period and they only care to be looked up to as leaders and any $$ they can get. How can democrats ignore this now.

  107. I have noticed that black men are gravitating towards mix marriages with Spanish and white women, in droves. Almost all, don’t abort their children, so, the black race is not in peril of disappearing any time soon. Apparently margaret sanger didn’t have a plan B….Good..

  108. Has it not occurred to Mr. West that most, if not all, can be prevented by birth control? Maybe, just maybe, the population he is speaking about is on the poorer end of the spectrum.

    • Allen West is a brilliant man, I’m quite sure he is aware of birth control and he is incorporating all blacks who had children, not just the ‘poorer end’. The poorer end has access to birth control – they receive welfare, Medicaid , food stamps, apartment subsidies, baby sitting expenses (if they work-ha, ha), it’s all free – and they know it and abuse the system. They get pregnant, they abort – who needs another inconvenient mouth to feed? Of course, if they are 18 and want to get out from Momma & 6 other siblings all by different fathers, they get pregnant and the government does the rest..apartment, etc. as mentioned above.
      NYC schools freely give out ‘morning after’ pills to all girls over age 14 (& their parents don’t know it.
      Live in NYC for a while – it’s a toss up who are winning, blacks or Muslims- it’s a 2nd Mecca and home of the knockout punch. Lovely people everywhere.

    • Reddkle, I know this seems impossible, but you have to research it to believe it. It’s statistical fact. The more people using birth control, the more people get pregnant. You see, people believe BC is 99.9% effective. That’s not true. But because they feel “safe” they will engage in sperm to egg intercourse.

      SO, over the years, even passing out free birth control has created more pregnancies than ever before, and it’s not in relation to more people in the populace as a caveat.

      If you put a safety net, imagined or real, more people will engage in the risky behavior because the perception of danger is removed.

      I wish people would read past headlines, all of us, and truly dive into issues so that we can put them all into proper perspective.

  109. Some convoluted logic to end-up calling liberals racist. Is there some liberal death-squad kidnapping people in the middle of night to force them to have abortion? They choose it out of their own free will and as authorized by law. Which means it’s not anyone’s business. Can we keep the holy sanctimony for sunday service?

    • They also target black people with condoms and the pill. Because black people – even MLK – were too mentally retarded to know that they were being genocided with the offer of condoms on pharmacy shelves!!!!

      Pure evil i tells ya.

      • MLK is about the only one that talked with any sense… he was a born-again Christian. …and a descent human being…he did not leave his offspring fatherless to be supported for their every need by the rest of societies working class people while he went out and impregnated more women.

    • How many of the pregnancies do blacks account for….a whole lot more than all the other races put together…they have an unprecedented amount of children bearing more children….and who pays for the upkeep of all these children…their food and shelter and things necessary to survive?….if people had to work and provide for their own, they would stop having so many fatherless children

  110. For those who watch the liberal media (low information). Margaret sanger was the founder of feminism in America. She spent her life tying to get congress to launch planned parenthood. Her idea was 1. to eradicate what she called “the weeds of society” meaning black people. 2. ban marriage, by making sure that all children had sex before marriage (sex education). So yes progressive socialists like sanger and the people of planned parenthood, were/are tying to genocide blacks and other races. Hitler burned her books because he thought she was too “radically racist”.
    But since she is feminist/socialist, her books are distributed in every college in America. They are required reading for many young feminist groups in colleges. No, they probably don’t push the anti-black books as much as the books that preach feminism.
    Carl marx said in the 1880’s that for American socialism to succeed, they had to incorporate the black rights movement and feminism. That is amazing when you think that the mother of American feminism absolutely hated blacks and the democrat party used to keep them as pets. . ok I guess they still do.
    Since planned parenthood (sex ED) has entered our schools, teenage pregnancy has nearly quadrupled. So democrats need a method of reducing the numbers of blacks (abortion).
    The head of planned parenthood in the 70’s said that pregnancy was an abnormal condition of the female body. He compared it to a disease that should be eradicated.
    This kind of progressive nuttiness, is what Obama’s mother meant when she announced to her friends after graduating high school “I will always sleep with black men only”. her parents raised her in schools that had Marxist teachers. She believed that by having more blacks in America, socialism/Marxism would succeed. Sadly at the same time other groups in the democrat party were trying to eliminate blacks. So the social democrats seem successful but they created a country of double standards, lies and discontent.
    1. democrats claim to love blacks, but they place 72% of abortion clinics in black neighborhoods (blacks are 29% of pop).
    2. democrats are famous for protecting workers unions, but they allow unlimited amounts of illegal workers to come to America. And passed NAFTA so corporations could produce unlimited products in mexico and ship them in.
    3. democrats claim to hate the rich , but their leaders are the 1% (Pelosi, Clintons, Kerry are all multi-millionaries/billionaires)
    4. democrats champion environmentalism, but these fabulously rich people leave huge carbon footprints.
    5. democrats claim to love the poor, but their 100 year history of massive taxes and regulations have doomed most americans to poverty.
    I know, I know, i’m a racist and its all bush’s fault 😀


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