Why wasn’t this classified a “hate crime?”

I am no longer amazed at the blatant double standard in America when it comes to black on white crimes. A case that should have been clearly labeled a “hate crime” has received national attention is being forgotten — because as usual, the liberal media gave it little coverage.

In September of 2012, white University of Minnesota student Colton Gleason was walking with friends in St. Cloud when a car pulled up, and Jesse Smithers got out and punched him. The single punch killed Gleason.

The 18-year-old Smithers was sentenced to 10 years in jail. He originally entered a plea of not guilty but changed it to second-degree murder. Appearing in court Thursday, Smithers apologized for what he called a “complete accident.”

But Colton’s mother, Julie, disputes this claim. “Somebody didn’t just run over and hit a car and provoke an attack,” Julie said. “This was an attack that was meant to happen.” Colton’s father, John, believes his son was the victim of a deadly “knockout game.”

Probably the most disturbing aspect of this case and sentencing is that since Smithers has been behind bars for the past 18 months due to his sentence, he will be eligible for release in five years.

Could Colton Gleason have been President Obama’s Son? Where was Eric Holder and the US Department of Justice? Do any of you recall the outrage from the media and the protests held for justice in Colton’s case?

I would not be surprised if my anger at the sentencing in this case will be ridiculed by faux black leaders such as Jackson, Sharpton, and the NAACP as just a “ventriloquist’s dummy” being the “mouthpiece” for white folks.

But there is no denying the blatant hypocrisy regarding “justice” that’s supposed to be blind and equally applicable. What lesson has Jesse Smithers and others learned from this case? Can anyone tell me what’s going on in the Delbert Belton murder case? Oh right, his murder is forgotten too.

To the Gleason family, please accept my humble condolences not only for the loss of Colton, but for the utter disrespect shown to you and your family. Our courts, the progressive media and the black liberal “leaders” may not deliver true justice, but ultimately God will.


  1. I see nothing to suggest , it was racial , I think had the first victim of oppertunity been a black , he would have been the one punched

    • Apparently you have not been reading / watching the news…. so far, the knock out game has only been perpetrated by black thugs on whites. These young thugs pick out a white person – period. Get your head out of the sand.

    • Not to mention the game being targeted towards whites. I think he is also making the point that if a “white” man jumped out and punched a “black” kid and that kid “died” the hatred fueled racist remarks would not stop. Ultimately, white people can be racists but black individuals cannot be, huh? That is the point that is being made here.

      • Exactly! Imagine what would happen if the white person had exercised some self-defense (of any sort) and the black attacker had died! Oh yeah we all know what that would be.

    • The ONLY prerequisite in picking your victim in this game is that they be white. How is that not racial? Dude, wake up! And you might want to go back to class and learn a little grammar and spelling while you’re at it.

    • Have you even HEARD of the knockout “game”? Please, show me just ONE instance of the “game” being done by a black to a black. My hubby walks our dogs every morning in the park and I actually cautioned him to be careful because this “game” is becoming so prevalent.

      • No , I agree , there is a lot of black on white crime , and the liberals only publicize the few white on black ones , but do not make a case out of something that is not , blacks are stopping and punching blacks also , like all crime some can be hate crimes , I just do not see where this one was !

      • Kenton ? do you notice your screen name ? its fake so no one will know who makes those ignorant comments , that’s my REAL name , because Im not afraid to stand behind my words , google it , moron !!!

      • I agree with the under reporting and hiding but I live in Florida and see the blacks do this to blacks all the time ,show me this is racial , like all crime some is , but 100% is not , and I cant see YET !! where this is !!

  2. Allen, for a crime to be classified as a hate crime, there has to be evidence that it was motivated by hated for a group of people. All evidence here seems to point to a random attack.

    • While I understand that liberals occasionally inject race into the discussion of crimes that were not hate crimes, it’s fairly obvious that not all crime perpetrated by one racial/ethnic group against another is a hate crime.

      • Show us one time that there was white on black crime that was not listed as a hate crime. Give me an example when it is not shown that way in the news.

      • Akatom3565, that’s just absurd. Here is one: http://rollingout.com/criminal-behavior/white-men-raped-killed-black-teenager-charged-hate-crime/#_ but that’s just one of numerous examples. Hate crimes make up a tiny portion of all crimes. While hate crimes certainly get more media attention than typical crimes, it is disingenuous to suggest white people face poorer treatment from the criminal justice system. As Rand Paul has been saying a lot lately, it’s a shame our prisons are populated by disproportionate numbers of minorities due to harsher enforcement of marijuana possession and mandatory minimum sentencing laws.

    • Then why is always black kids doing these knockout attacks. It was no accident, it was premeditated. Show me the evidence of a white kid doing this.

      So all these knockout attacks, the victims I have seen are all white.

      Of course it is racial, why do people pretend it is not.

      Justice was not served in this matter. A young man was killed, and his
      family has to forever suffer the pain have no longer being in their lives.

      This young man, I am sure, did not expect to be killed when he awoke that morning.

      What kid of is Jessie Smithers do to such a horrible thing?

      Hate crime, Damn right it was.

      • gpop824, could you explain why it was a hate crime? There was no evidence provided that the perpetrator punched the victim because of his race. He never indicated a hatred of white people in the attack or otherwise.

      • Apparently you have no access to media reports or videos showing the Knockout Game or Polar Bear Hunting. Black on white crime plain as day.

    • hmm…show me one knockout game where the victim was black? show me one where the victim was white, and the thug was white. show me one where the victim was black and the thug was white. you cant, because the knockout game is only done by black thugs on white victims.

  3. There exists a code of silence about black on white crime not only in the US but also in the UK. The racial aspect is always discounted or not reported by Police or the news.
    The abject savagery of many of these crimes does not point to some “accident” but of vengeance and overkill.

    • Joe, for a crime to be classified as a hate crime, there needs to be evidence it was motivated by hatred towards a racial/ethnic group. There is clearly not evidence of that here. It seems obvious that not all crime perpetrated by one racial/ethnic group against another is a hate crime.

      • You keep saying “not all crime perpetuated by one race is not a hate crime”. It is in this case as he wasn’t attacking any other black kids. And no one is saying all crime is hate crime so stop saying that already.

        Again, if the races were reversed the charges would be different. And you know it.

      • Now Joe, it can’t possibly be a hate crime because only whites can be charged with that. Only whites can be labeled racists, remember?

      • Yep, that’s true. Only whites can be racist.

        And Obama and Holder are right.. the reason there are so many black folks in jail isn’t the crimes they may or may not have committed, it’s racism.

        Those huge white gangs in the inner city go unnoticed too… it’s obviously a huge conspiracy.

      • Black people are often racist. And they are charged with hate crimes when there is evidence the attack was motivated by racial hatred

      • LOL ! Good one joe ! Poor ,poor blacks got the short end of the stick eons ago. Guess what ! I am Cherokee and Irish .I could write a book on the atrocity’s done to my race eons ago but was taught that it is in the past, never forget it but learn from it ,move on and make a better life for those that follow. That is something that needs to be taught to EVERYONE !

      • A white person on black makes front page as a hate crime .YET
        A black person on white is called an ” accident ” and he gets only 10 lousy years….NO BIG MEDIA HYPE. This young man Colton did absolutely nothing to provoke this crime and YES it was a hate crime. Where’s Al Sharpton,Jesse Jackson ,Obama and all the other race baiters outrage about THIS CRIME ?

      • You keep stating that, but it just ain’t so. It’s widely known that the “knock out game,” also known as “polar bear hunting,” is black on white assault with serious racial undertones that should not be ignored.

      • So…kentonilford…IF THIS WOULD HAVE been a “white on black…’knock out game'” how much you want to be it WOULD have been classified a “hate” crime?

      • it was a hate crime, why jump out of the car to hit someone that is white? why did he not do it to a black person? it is a hate crime. people need to stop teaching their kids to hate for what happened hundreds of years ago. teachers need to start teaching the true history of the united states. whites was the first slaves in the united states and they was treated worse then black slaves was. a lot of this has to do with teachers not teaching right and parents teaching their kids hate against another person. i can not afford to be a racist person, i have spanish and black family members in my family. and i am white. i do not put up with racism, i do not know how to deal with it. i have yelled at two black men before for calling each other my N —-a. what kind of crap is that? its sick and sounds really gross calling names to others. we are all gods rainbow, he made us the way we are. hate crimes need to stop

      • Jane, it’s obvious that not all crimes perpetrated by one racial/ethnic group against another are hate crimes. There is no evidence here of anything but a random attack. If the perpetrator would have used a racial slur or otherwise indicated he planned to attack a white guy because of his race, then it would be a hate crime. Can you explain what evidence I missed that it was a hate crime?

      • Some people just do not get it. They think if they say the same thing over and over it makes it believable. They totally ignore others that make plain sense. Liberals are the worst at this tactic.

      • Are you saying that blacks on kill out of love? YOU are one
        of the people I would like to see fall victim to one of their “love

      • Why do they call the Knockout game “Polar Bear Hunting” in the Midwest? Why are the perpetrators black and the victims white, if it’s not racially motivated?

      • Kent is obviously a blissful idiot when it comes to reality, but rest assured, if he were to be knocked out by a group of thugs, I would bet he would consider it to be a hate crime.

      • Hey dufuss. Are you saying that blacks on kill out of love? YOU are one of the people I would like to see fall victim to one of their “love crimes.”

  4. I keep waiting for somebody to play the knockout game with me. I hope they bring friends too! I think they should all just be shot. There is no such thing as a “Hate Crime.” Crime is crime and people need to pay for what they do.

    • i carry wasp spray, it sprays from 20 feet away, and they have to go to the hospital for an antidote for being poisoned. i wont apologize, id rather be judged by 12, then carried by 6!

      • I have what can only be described as a phobia to any flying insect with a stinger. The whole lot of ’em have been combined into one very scary word – “stingers”. So, I know about the wasp spray, that’s what I use so that I can hide by the door and spray. I never thought about using it as a repellant for people though. We live in Kalifornia and getting a conceal & carry license is pretty much NOT gonna happen, this is a great idea!


      • Here in CA it was deemed unconstitutional so now you can carry a concealed weapon without a permit. Of course, I’m sure the gun control enthusiasts will appeal and whine over that one!

      • Actually, from what I’ve read, the California law as enforced in San Diego County, was ruled unconstitutional and the discretion previously used by the police chiefs there to select who may and may not have concealed carry permits can no longer be enforced as practiced in SDC and the rest of California. California is now a shall issue state in that if one has a clean background check and can meet certain training standards, that the person applying to carry concealed cannot be denied at the sole discretion of any police chief of county sheriff.
        That will hold until such time as the full 9th circuit hears the case and overrules or upholds it. It’s also possible that it will be appealed the Supreme Court since other federal circuit courts have ruled differently in similar cases.

  5. The Legal Industry FAILS again with more INJUSTICE but Im sure they will
    all get theiir disgusting pay check. The little animal has already
    seen too many days and taken too many breaths since he did this. The
    NUTJOBS are the ones who try to debate these hate crimes with some
    misguided legal logic in a miserable attempt at replacing a simple and
    clear moral judgement. Quit defending this trash and I don’t care what
    color it is.

    • Our justice system is supposed to protect the rights of the innocent (until proven guilty) but appear more and more to protect the accused at the detriment of the victim.

  6. How can you justify taking a whole life time of years away and only be sentenced for 10 years? Sickening and shameful. My prayers go out to the Gleason family!

      • Maybe this will explain it to you. Did you ever think that maybe there is a reason that hate crimes are usually tied to white perpetrator with any other race being the victim, but not the other way around. I was a LEO when the hate crime statutes came into play. They seemed to be designed to have a crime to charge someone with when there was no other crime either committed or applicable to the situation. Hate crimes became the last ditch effort to punish what was not punishable any other way. Tell me this, would two black teens beating up and killing a white man be a hate crime? If you take that same scenario and make the killers white, would that be considered a hate crime? We all know the answers to this because we see the bias everyday when the news reports these crimes. Look at this issue with out any political influence, does it pass the eye test for fairness and equality or is it just for white perpetrators only!

      • Kperk014 do you have problems getting what is intended as a statement on how the other side thinks anything goes, as long as it favors them? How about when comments or questions about Obama are played off as racist. If you read any of my comments you would know that I am far from liberal/communist party lines. They will go after anyone to get what they want, provided he or she is the right race. For some I would imagine it is retribution for things in the past, for others they now have their own people in high places to make them pay. White guilt led us down this path, and not being able to question his policies and the policies of Holder, the IRS. How about fast and furious, as a former LEO I find what Holder and company did to be beyond contempt!

      • Well I’m glad to hear that. Unlike some, I don’t have all day to go back and read all posts. We agree 150%.

  7. Mr. West is right on! Liberals are brainwashed, even here people make excuses for this crime, however, if the White boy jumped out of the care and killed the Black kid it would no doubt be a hate crime.

    • not all libs are like that. i am a dem and do not agree with anything they are doing and not doing. i guess i am now a dem/repub. god bless and i pray the libs open up their eyes to what is really going on.

      • that would be called a RINO, and they still side with dems/libs. Many of them sounds sincere, but when you disagree with them, they turn into something very ugly that we knew was hiding in there to begin with.

      • I think it’s time you reconsider who you’re in bed with. About 30 years ago, I did because I finally looked around and didn’t like who was pulling the covers off me. GET OUT OF THAT BED! If they don’t stand for what you do, don’t wallow in the human waste on those sheets!

  8. I really like all these comments but there’s a lot of racism on tv especially for example black history month, well I’m indian why don’t they have one for my heritage or my father he’s Italian why not for him. I’m not racist just wondering and thanks for sticking up for this human being I do feel that it’s a hate crime

      • Native American Heritage Month was this past November and the committee to get October recognized as Italian American Heritage Month is still working hard for recognition at the federal level.

      • Mr PC, that’s your opinion. I’m an American Indian. Anyone born in America is a native. Looking at it through your PC glasses, Indians aren’t native either. We migrated here from Asia. Don’t you just hate it when you pompously post and are wrong? LOL

      • Mr. PC? Politics have nothing to do with correctness. I am a member of the Seminole Nation, the only tribe not to be conquered, never to sign a peace treaty. Anyone born in America is a native, if you are speaking of citizenship they are “Native Born Citizens” to be exact. Unfortunately for you I was speaking of race and not citizenship. I
        use Native American because that is what it says on my passport and my Native American Tribal Identification Card. I find “Indian” inaccurate because it was the name given us by the explorers who “discovered” us due to their poor navigation skills. My post was not meant to be pompous nor a personal attack. It was meant to be informative.

    • I’m 1/8th Native Indian and, caucasian, and 100% American. We don’t have any “White History” month, “WET” (lol), etc., etc., etc. It’s racist to even think that way!

    • Are you Indian or Native American? Not trying to be a wiseguy or anything but there is a difference. BTW Native American Heritage Month was this past November.

      • Well Mr PC, that’s your opinion. I’m an American Indian. Anyone born in America is a native. Looking at it through your PC glasses, Indians aren’t native either. We migrated here from Asia. Don’t you just hate it when you pompously post and are wrong? LOL

    • Or a white heritage week. Spics and black is OK not white though. And why is there not a white caucus in congress, there is a black one. Racism in reverse!

  9. west is right about everything that is going on. i am so proud of mr.west. he see’s things the way they are ment to be seen. may god bless him for ever. he is a good person and i wish he would run for president. may he soar in what ever he does… thank you mr. west for speaking up on this.

    • A five year old girl was raped by a black thug and this week got two years community service. The judge told the parents of the little girl when the protested the sentance was not life in jail “Boys will be Boys” I would have killed the judge. I had a 14 year old raped and murdered and if I had had access to the black bastard who did it he would have been dead from a pick axe so far down his throat his arse would have felt it!

  10. Well said Mr. West. We will all be held accountable….if not in this lifetime, then in the next. My condolences to the parents too. This is too horrible.

  11. Liberals have convinced themselves that only white people can be racist. It’s the same thing with tougher gun laws, if you impose a 10 year federal sentence that makes it a felony to carry a hand gun without a permit (in effect punishing bad guys) the Liberals will say you’re targeting minorities because an overwhelming amount arrested, would in fact be minorities! So instead, they try to punish law abiding citizens, turning thier back on the endless cycle of violence! You can’t even mention it without being called racist!

  12. Don lemon & Marc Lamont Hill went on CNN and pounded the desk in outrage over Dunn getting life in prison for the Jordan Davis murder. But they have NOTHING to say about this, or any other of the murders of white ppl. White lives do not matter to some, especially those in the race grievance industry. Btw, 2 of the 5 murderers of young white couple Newsom & Christian (brutally abducted, tortured, & murdered by 5 blacks) will be released in 2019 & 2022. Some color blind justice.

    • All of America needs to be aware of what those five blacks did to this white couple. It was the most brutal, horrendous, satanic thing I have ever heard of. They had done nothing to warrant what happened to them. Those blacks should have gotten the death penalty. Actually, someone needs to make them suffer “something”. Look it up if you are not aware of it. It is mind-boggling.

  13. Allen West, if you PLEASE throw your hat in the ring, I would shout from the rooftops. I already sing your praises to anyone who will listen. We seriously NEED men like you in Congress and as the LEADER of our wonderful Country. Anytime someone accuses me of being “racist” because I despise our current pResident I tell them that if you, Condi, or even Cain had been on the ballot, you would’ve had my vote. IMO, the perfect Presidential ticket is you and Cruz. Wow, what leadership that would be!

  14. Nothing was made of it because the likes of Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson were not involved. See, it was not a black person that died. The most racist people on the face of the earth are Black Americans, they have and will continue to play the race card for as long as they live. The Black race will never grow up period.

    • My condolences to the family, no one should ever have to experience something like this. The prosecution failed the family when they accepted the plea of second degree murder. Having served overseas on several deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, I can give my honest opinion that I do not believe African Americans are the most racist people on earth. I also have it on good authority that Black is not a considered a race.

      • Maybe not on Earth but they win by a landslide in this country. Truly independent thinking black people like Colonel West, Ben Carson,
        Condoleezza Rice are a very small minority but hopefully growing.


  15. Not only did they kill him.. but potentially hundreds if people decades in the future if he had been able to have children.. grandchildren.. etc..etc.. they didn’t just kill him.. but generations that may have come from him. I hope they rot in hell.

  16. As I said once I will say it again, Col. West is everything that an American President should be! A leader of all the people! He is something that President Obama will never be! Col. West Gives me hope for the future of America! The people that don’t agree with him need to wake up!

  17. You have hit upon the reason that I believe in God. I don’t have any special insight. He didn’t come tap me on the shoulder or whisper in my ear. I simply believe because I have to. I have to believe in ultimate justice. How else could I cope with the unending litany of injustice that occurs here every day. I take solace in the fact that I believe that all sinners will be punished.

  18. Prosecutors are elected most times or atleast the head prosecutors so they are not going to stir the voter pot, the media can’t get readers by reporting just the facts without the drama. Seattle is being more progressive in charging these types of crimes as what they are… but this was a “game” these kids are playing, not a racially motivated hate crime, the prosecutor also has to go for what they can get a conviction on & until we as a nation learn to look at both sides of the issue it is still going to remain a open gaping wound.

    • I don’t know what news articles you people have been reading or watching, but the “knockouts” that I have heard about involved black on white. I don’t know if there is a pattern to these “games” but something is rotten in Denmark. ANd when does second degree murder garner a 10 year sentence?

    • In my utopia, people like you would be the ONLY victims of these “racially unmotivated” crimes and I would love to be there to watch and cheer.

  19. You know, I have got to the point where I am beginning to despise blacks! I know there are some good black people, but when they remain completely silent except for a few, then it just tells me that Blacks accept this double standard that perpetrates and encourages their poor behavior and bringing them to the point of just being effing animals that need to be executed.

    Sorry, but that is how I am feeling. I just don’t trust Blacks or Liberals.

    • I can see not trusting liberals, but really? “Blacks”? People are people. There are good and bad in every race. I would suspect that the “blacks” you don’t trust would be the “Liberal Blacks”. So how about quit focusing on race and just say you don’t trust “Liberals”. White, black, green, or purple…. a liberal is a liberal.

      • Conservative white Americans have a problem with great men (and women)
        like Allen West. If I have to use his race, I would call him a great
        black man. However, then how do you describe beings like obama, holder,
        shelia jackson lee etc. Doesn’t seem appropriate to use the same
        descriptive term for them. It would be like not being able to find a way
        to come up with different descriptions for a piece of granite and a
        piece of excrement.

      • That statement makes him prejudiced. Think of it this way- 9/10 times you eat at Subway, you get diarrhea. Would you eat there again, giving them the benefit of the doubt? 8/10 personal experiences with blacks have been unpleasant. Why would I bother wading through the crap? Life experience solidifies my opinions, and I “pre-judge” people. Yup.

      • Unfortunately the majority of blacks have caused whites to feel that way. I used to be a fairly liberal man thru the ’70s but the “not too” sharptons, the jackassons, the obamas etc have made me a staunch Conservative American. CONGRATS!.. you bunch of race-baiters.

      • Really? Saying you don’t trust anyone then makes you a….What? You don’t trust women makes you misogynistic? Saying you don’t gays makes you homophobic? Please.

        When was the last time you went to a black neighborhood? And would you? If you were in the city and you saw a group of black youths jiving and shucking and doing whatever, would you approach them or would you seek some alternative route?

        If you don’t go to black neighborhoods or would seek some alternative path when you noticed a group of black youths, does that make you a racist? It would tell my you don’t trust them.

        So, are you intelligent when you decide to stay away from black neighborhoods or seek an alternative route, or a racist. I would think you stupid if you went to a black neighborhood (assuming you are white) or decided to approach near a group of black youths.

      • I know what he meant though. Conservative white Americans have a problem with great men (and women) like Allen West. If I have to use his race, I would call him a great black man. However, then how do you describe beings like obama, holder, shelia jackson lee etc. Doesn’t seem appropriate to use the same descriptive term for them. It would be like not being able to find a way to come up with different descriptions for a piece of granite and a piece of excrement.

      • How is this an oxymoron? An oxymoron is an “expression with contradictory words: a phrase in which two words of contradictory meaning are used together for special effect, e.g. “wise fool” or “legal murder”

        Yeah, so this is Allen West forum and the venue within which this information came. Should I respond on another site?

        Look, I said there are some good black people, and I do have black friends believe it or not. But guess what? Many of them have told me (and I heard Jessie Jackass mention the same) that if they see a group of black youths on a street they tend to go to the other side or stir clear altogether. I would assume they don’t trust them.

        Let me ask you this T.Cobb. Would you go to any black neighborhoods? If you were in the city and saw a bunch of black youths would you walk up to them or pass them, or would you find an alternative route?

      • I found it oxymoronic because it came across as you being a “xenophobic black lover”. That may have not been your intent, but it was perceived that way. I am glad that you found a few good black people to be “friends” with. I would go any city in America and not adjust my course of direction. Black youths should have learned by now that THEY are the ones that should be afraid of middle age white men because no court in America will convict you of murder if you are standing your ground, especially one in Florida. Let me ask you this DrCrimwitt. These black friends that you have, do they come to your house? Do you go to theirs? Do you know their kids names? Do you hang out with them outside of work? If so they are true friends, if not they are just acquaintances.

      • Xenophbic black lover? Okay. Considering the Obama’s and Holders decree to lessen any punishment on black youths for any crimes they commit, I don’t think these black youths give a rats ass about middle aged white men because the evidence is out there where they have attacked middle age and elderly white men. And I really don’t trust most Judges, for they are as well beholden to the regime.

        As for my black friends, I have one of their kids over right now and they call him T.J. The other is Deshawn. And they too, understand my feelings because I talk with them about it (the parents that is). But what difference does it make if they come over, if I know there kids name or even hang out with them? Would that make me a racist if I didn’t?

        Again, as for the Xenopbic (I don’t fear other cultures although I might disagree with them) black lover (Does respecting Allen West, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, etc.) that is reaching for something just to justify your statement, which has no validity in fact.

        You can still admire and respect decent black leaders, but I can say with the use of victimhood that the black community pushes to get special treatment and uses as a way to commit crimes against Whites makes me distress them. It doesn’t make me a racist. But you can believe whatever you wish about me.

    • This is the result of our political climate and the biased media that we live with today.
      I fully believe that the Obama white house and the justice department are trying to drive a wedge between the white and black people in this country, I also believe the purpose of this is to create civil unrest so that Obama can declare martial law, that is his last chance to destroy our Constitution and remain in power beyond 2016!

      • I’d say “there is no try”, they’ve DONE it. Martial law, did you see the article about what Snowden said he’d do if our pResident declares martial law? It’s on Glenn’s site. I dunno how much I believe the threat, but the threat is there nonetheless. If Oblamer does that, I think I’d start making sure I had plenty of ammo and my guns were cleaned, because the S is gonna HTF!

  20. It seems that you are reading more into this. Why is it a hate crime? Did he approach the young man saying racial slurs? Did he mention to his friends that he was going after a white person? Why is it a hate crime? Did he “profile” him? Did he chase him down because he looked suspicious? Just because the victim is white and the perp is black or visa versa does not equal a hate crime. Grant it he should rot in jail not because of a hate crime but because he took another person’s life. You preach about black leader, such as Jesse Jackson, provoking the black community. Well, you are doing the same for the white community. I see no difference between the two of you.

    • Ya know, you’re right in that this article says nothing more than a black guy got out of his car and punched a white guy. However, when it walks like a duck & talks like a duck (knockout “game”), it kinda makes you believe it’s a duck. This “game” has become so prevalent that this type of attack brings to mind one thing.

    • does any of the knockout games( of which I have heard of only one white and all the rest are black) there is always 2 or three black guys that come walking up, but no mention of hey white boy, they just slug him all black on white not racism at all huh.

    • So it makes it less grievous of a crime if they just jump out and attack a guy minding his own business? There are many things in the Zimmerman case that were not the best courses of action, but when it came to defending himself, everybody on the left was yelling hate-crime and wanted him dead (remember the tweets from black Americans who wanted Zimmerman dead?). Yet in this case, there was no 911 call, there was no confrontation. Just a young man minding his own business when a horrible excuse for a man jumped iut of a vehicle and punches this guy so hard that it kills him… Yet nobody is crying out to crucify him. I think the fact that this occured makes it worse than the Zimmerman case and he should have gotten 20+ years with no possibility of parole!


      • Ok… first, cool it with the caps. There is a key on your keyboard labelled “Caps Lock”. Please press that and type normally. Secondly, I have NO IDEA what you are replying to me on. I seriously, don’t understand how what you said relates to what I said. I said nothing about the jury listening to or not listening to Al or Jesse. I didn’t even mention them at all. Secondly, I didn’t bring up “stand your ground” because that wasn’t even part of the defense and is irrelevant as the defenses case was self-defense (which is different than “stand your ground,” look it up if you don’t believe me).

        So please, turn off the Caps and explain in a cogent, non-hostile form what you are responding to me about.



    • Simple, If a white person had done this. Exact same way. It would have been tried as a hate crime, the media would have been all over it. The NAACP, AL, Jesse, and all the others would be demanding it to be tried as a hate crime. Holder himself has said many times. The Dept Of Injustice as I call it. WILL NOT prosecute any black who attacks whites as a hate crime.

    • Take off the political glasses and look at this crime . Then look at other crimes similar to this where the races are reversed. The proportional amount of charges in similar crimes committed by whites where they were charged with hate crimes versus crimes committed versus whites. Tell me what pattern you see!

    • doc, if the dead person here had been the black guy you sir wouldn’t have bothered posting at all, In your mind it would be a hate crime all the way to the bank!

    • Doc, the issue is that only White on black crimes are treated as “hate crimes.” If one were to research Hate Crime prosecutions, the vast (overwhelming majority) of cases would be aimed at white perps who attack minorities. In any other category, under an intellectually honest inquiry, such a huge disparity would be seen as racist on its face. However, due to the slanted coverage by the media and the race-baiting hype of Jackson, Sharpton, et al, the only Hate Crime that is allowed to be mentioned, much less acknowledged, is that alleged to have been committed by whites against blacks.

    • So let me get this straight, you think this isn’t a hate crime? How do you come to that conclusion? This black kid pulls up, jumps out and, with one punch, takes the life of this young man. Who by the way, never saw it coming. Didn’t have a say in whether he wanted to die thst day. Do you think this black kid did this killing out of love or by accident? Why this young white man? Why didn’t he just kill a black person instead? Why the white kid? because hates whites, it’s that simple. If he had taken the life of one of your family, would you still say it wasn’t because of hate? I think not. You would be trying to make sure this kid never tasted freedom again or the death penalty…which is what I would be seeking, if it were my child he killed. It was HATE pure and simple!

    • Your blog makes you look like a complete idiot who is completely brain dead! You need to get off your jackass and lie down on the ground and let him ride you seeing as you are the jackass. To me and many other Americans yes it is a hate crime. You don’t hear white people bemoaning every time they are attacked by a black, but if it is the other way around friggin Rev. Jackson and Rev Sharpton, and I use the term Rev. loosely for both of them pitch a bitch and cause an uproar. You don’t see the difference because you choose not to. Now take a look at your black on black crimes. I hope you someday will have enough sense to understand what and why these problems are going on and hope you help get them fixed instead of pissing and moaning about it. And lastly, “My best friend is black.”


      • You’re wrong. Do some research and stop reading your racist literature. It’s gang initiation. But it’s still wrong and people who partake in it are stupid.

    • I don’t see and haven’t seen any white “men of God” like Jackson and Sharpton pretend to be, call for demonstrations, Dept of Justice investigations, or Charging Racial crime

    • Hey DUMMY, did he kill the guy because he loved him? People like you are pushing this country towards a race war because you continuously scream blacks can do no wrong. Well, whites, Hispanics and Asians are getting pretty darned tired of hearing this and this from a man who was fairly liberal thru the ’70s until people like YOU turned me into a staunch Conservative. YOU and everyone like you could learn a heckuva lot about being a man (or woman). Unfortunately you’d rather stay what you are.

  21. Some blacks just like some whites are racist. It’s unfair to lump everyone together. However I do believe this was racially motivated because every case like this that I have seen of this knockout game has been black on white.. These kids need to find something of interest to occupy their free time instead of playing these dangerous games. If they made a harsh example of a few of them maybe the rest of them would stop being so destructive and turn their lives toward education or something worth while. This young man should be made to do a few years of community service when he is released from prison……. I too would vote for Allen West, but after what we have been through with this current administration I’m afraid it would hurt Mr. Wests chances.

  22. I can’t believe what I’m hearing. So some of you people think that this wasn’t a part of the Knock out game? HOW? The black guy on purpose drove up to the white guy, got out of the car and hit him once to carry on with his day. Which is EXACTLY what the knock out game is all about. But yeah, you’re right! This has NOTHING to do with that. Come on people get your heads out of your asses. Most of you all are scared to say it but I will. Since Obama got in office, the blacks sure have acted like they run the town! Let a white man drive up and for no reason hit and kill a black man and tell me it wouldn’t be on Fox news? Everyone is supposed to be equal and through out my life I have tried my hardest to not go by color but when stuff like this happens it sure does make it hard! Nobody owes a black man ANYTHING. No one owes a white man ANYTHING. All you have to do is look at the news. How many times do you turn on your news and see whites killing whites? Every single night on my news a black man has robbed or shot someone and they wonder why the world is like it is today. You can come at me all you want that’s because you’re scared to have your own opinion. I’ll sit back and laugh at the ignorance and go to bed happy. America is doomed!!

      • I’m going to hound you because I can’t stand racists, black or white. You KNOW that guy who shot Davis will be killed in prison before he will get to enjoy his first meal paid for by the taxpayers.

  23. In both crime and law, hate crime (also known as bias-motivated crime[citation needed]) is a usually violent, prejudice motivated crime that occurs when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her perceived membership in a certain social group. Examples of such groups include but are not limited to: ethnicity, gender identity, language, nationality, physical appearance, religion, or sexual orientation.[1][2]
    so, that’s pretty much the exact opposite of what appears to have happened here.
    so, I suggest a title rewrite: Man killed. Murderer tried, found guilty and sentenced. Where is the outrage?

    • Look up the real numbers, the bias is there or choose to stick your head in the sand. Ah what do I know right, my years in law enforcement doesn’t mean anything to the “true believers”!

    • Since robbery, revenge, jealousy, nor gangs figured in the crime, to what would you attribute a black guy suddenly stopping his car and punching a white guy walking down the street minding his own business? The same needs to happen to you by another ethnicity-I’d sacrifice 5 years of my life to get rid of someone with your DNA.

      • AMEN. If the fan is indeed a white liberal, it is my fondest dream will come true where he and all his ilk will be beaten to death by the very garbage they love and protect so much.

  24. If you compare crimes and how the crimes are charged you can see for yourself that there is indeed a difference in how hate crime charges are filled!

    • why bring up George Z. ?? Why not bring up the fool in Florida, cant remember his name that fired 10 shots at 4 black youth for loud music, four of those shots fired as they drove away and the jury could not say it was murder!!! That man was not some little fella and if I had been on the jury would have found him guilty on all counts.

  25. BET (Black Entertainment Television) is on TV everyday. If anyone even mentioned starting WET (White Entertainment Television) how far do you think they would get? Same difference. The pendulum has swung in the other direction. Maybe one day we will realize it is not about black or white, it is about love.

    • WET? Sounds like a porn channel. How about we don’t hyphenate and just have television? I agree with your point, as I have made it numerous times with friends. The left would pitch a fit.

  26. First of all, NOTHING should be considered a “hate crime.” We cannot read the minds of criminals. The crime should be prosecuted based on the facts of the case, period. This is especially true because, by definition in the hate crime statutes, nobody can commit a “hate crime” against a white male unless he is gay. Otherwise it is open season against white males. Let’s get rid of ALL “hate crime” statutes and judge crime based on the content of the offense, not the color of the skin of the criminal or the victim.

    • But don’t things like “Stand Your Ground” laws also rely on the mindset of the killer? And same for intent, in distinguishing between 1st/2nd/3rd degree murder or manslaughter. If the punishment can be lessened because of the person’s thought-process during the incident, why can’t the punishment be increased as well?

      • Frankly, I think “stand your ground” laws are stupid also, unless it allows a person to defend their lives and PROPERTY, meaning their homes. So honestly, if someone is verbally abusing you on the street, you can’t shoot him. If he pulls a gun on you in the street, you can shoot him. If he breaks into your house you can shoot him. If he stands in your yard and yells at you, you should not be able to shoot him. You should have to prove there was a direct danger to yourself or your family. And there is a whole lot more to first, second and third degree murder than what is in someone’s head. Usually the prosecutor can show by the ACTIONS, which charge should be assessed.

      • I said, under the current statutes there is no such thing as a hate crime against a WHITE man unless he is gay. Because under the affirmative action laws, a white man is not a protected minority unless he is gay. Please read my post before you criticize. Thank you.

  27. a complete accident….the car stopped…I fell out…my arm flew forward and I accidentally hit and killed him!!!!! 10 years out in 5…..absolute BS!!!! Hopefully somebody accidentally puts a shiv in this thugs gut!

  28. Colonel, ALL crime is “hate crime. This is a heinous crime that has been committed by a dehumanized human being courtesy of Democrat policies. This young man should be worked with (by someone of your caliber) to see if he can be brought back to humanity. If he will not (repent) he should be executed. It is that simple. If he is released in 5 years and he has not turned to God, he will kill again.

    BTW someone of your caliber, NOT you. In 2 years and 10 months, I hope to be calling you Mr. President.

    • I watch ID a lot and there’s one preview that they keep saying the murder was motivated by greed. Well DUH! What is greed other than “I want … to he|| with the rest of ya?”. That pretty much sums up ANY crime.

    • I’m sure Colonel West knows all crime is hate crime. He’s just highlighting the fact that it isn’t used when describing black on white crime. I guess you’ll be a racist and vote for that white woman with Benghazi blood on her hands. Mr West has MY vote.

  29. I believe that Dr King was right in his exclamation….

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. …”

    But sadly, I think that message has been twisted and perverted to promote one race over another by a lot of the elected leaders of today. And so many of the presidents most ardent acolytes are more than willing to pull the race card out of their pockets to make headlines and cause heartache and strife to promote themselves and their cause.

    The article above is another in a long line where the media is silent because…maybe they don’t want to ruffle the feathers of their bosses?

  30. The one thing that has not changed is that you can NOT discriminate against a black. If you do say the truth then the likes of Al Sharpton will get on his orange crate and scream about the injustice done to the poor black lad that was taking up for himself even if evidence shows different.

  31. If he killed my son and this was the “justice” the courts handed down, I would be waiting for Smithers the day he walked out of prison. Nuff said…

      • Geuss what they will have to go the the prison where that man will be living out the rest of his day to serve their justice. Not in 5 years like that piece of trash got.

      • I wish you would shut your trap about jordan davis. You know darn well that guy will be killed by blacks as soon as he goes to the joint.

      • Nooooo I doubt that will happen. He will most likely be locked up somewhere the common criminal won’t. I will not shut up about Jordan Davis. I’m sorry of the truth hurts.

      • You’re the racist. You wouldn’t care if this kid was Black, would you? I on the other hand thinks regardless of White, Black, Hispanic or Asian, if you kill someone and were not in immediate defense of your life, you need to spend more than 50 years….if it’s murder 2 and murder 1 should be life without parole.

  32. This “Game” has been going on for a while, usually targeting women. No one called it a hate crime when women were the targets but now that it’s a black on white thing it is suddenly a hate crime. Women have been hospitalized because of these attacks, why wasn’t it called a hate crime then?

  33. People like Mr. West GET ON MY NERVES! Why? Because he is purposefully exploiting racism on the WHITE side to gain political ground. Why do I say that? Because he is using this case to inflame… NOT to enlighten (and, sadly, SO many yahoos are falling for it). By his question, he is implying that HE “knows” what this case SHOULD have been classified as. He apparently doesn’t, however. Since Mr. West apparently doesn’t [know enough to explain WHY it wasn’t classified as a hate crime] because if he DID he would have written as to THAT… versus some malarkey that only serves HIS ego… let me help those who don’t know… but want to… understand: A hate crime, by definition, must be racially, sexually, disability, or otherwise discriminatorily motivated. The “knockout game” isn’t motivated by any of these factors but is based on the premise of someone proving HOW HARD THEY CAN HIT someone (a stranger). Doesn’t matter WHO they hit… or their race, sex, disability, etc. The SOLE issue is HOW HARD the hit is (supposedly, enough to knock the person out, but not enough to kill them). The young perp here apparently didn’t know his own strength (I am SURE he never DREAMED he would hit someone hard enough to kill them, but…). Based on the DEFINITION of a “hate crime”, it should be obvious… to Mr. West, at least, if not to anyone with enough sense understand the definition… AND comprehend the U.S. legal system (which you would think Mr. West could do)… that there wasn’t enough EVIDENCE for the case to BE classified as a hate crime… else the DA wouldn’t have taken offered the “2nd degree murder” (non-premediated and based on wanton and reckless conduct… which the Knockout Game certainly is!). The perpetrator initially pleaded “NOT guilty.” Had the WHITE District Attorney thought she had enough EVIDENCE to classify it as a hate crime, she would have sought that ruling. She would have taken the matter TO TRIAL, on the “not guilty” plea… and PROVEN that that race WAS the motivation here… NOT prowess, ego, machisimo… and just plain ol’ stupidity. But she COULDN’T… and she knew it. Because NO WAY would any defense attorney worth their weight in salt have let this BE classified as a hate crime. Because it WASN’T. Do I think the young man responsibile should have gotten off? Absolutely not… at least, not for many years. He took a life… even though he did so as a result of utter stupidity (as is ALL taking of life, if you get right down to it… particularly those classified as “casualties of war”), he should have to pay for it with (some of, if not all) of HIS life. What he should pay, however, should be the choice of the family of the victim FIRST… and THEN the state, only IF such family declines to choose. Otherwise, the state is also guilty of murder, at least in the eyes of God. Because it is only the family of a victim that has the GOD-given right to decide the fate of the killer.

    • You have no idea that this kid Colton wasn’t picked out because of his race or not…period! People like you get on my nerves!

      • Delmer Dumb-butts like you are the very people I wish would get it right in the face from this walking garbage because you are always defending them. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, knucklehead.

    • okay, so I’m a white guy. by your logic, let’s say I want to show off how well I can shoot a gun, just as this kid wanted to show off how hard he could hit someone. and let’s say I decide to show off my abilities by shooting another white person. no way that would be a ‘hate crime’, right, since I’m white. but let’s say I decide, just to show off my skill, to shoot a black person. and here’s the truth. there is no way I would escape being seen, legally and publicly, in any other light than having committed a hate crime. your logic is not logic at all. personally, I don’t get the whole ‘hate crime’ thing anyway. I think the very act of committing a crime shows hate toward the victim simply because the perpetrator is invading another person’s life and his right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. but that’s an aside. in today’s world, this crime is clearly a ‘hate crime’, but the trouble is, that sort of thing is pretty much brought into play only when it’s some white guy as perpetrator and some minority the victim.

      • Wait that 60 year old white man in flordia got 60 years. So 60+60=120 guess what he will die in prison for shotting a black kids. Guess that disproves that. How about during they riots black people drug out a white pregnant woman from her car and beat her. Causing her to loss her child she was 6 months, how long did those black people do. Does really countbecause they were rioting.give me a break.

      • What freaking country do you live in, child? But of course he probably wouldn’t because obowelmovement, holder, jackasson etc would publicly and without consequences, incite the black panthers to kill him.

      • Mr. West said h’e angry at the double standard. There is clearly a double standard, as the news article there proves.

    • AGuest is a coward. You are a tom negro too cowardly to call out blacks when they are wrong. HOW MANY BLACKS OBAMA CALL OUT ? HOW MANY WHITES. I hope we meet and you push me

    • Simple!It would only be considered a hate crime if the white guy had a gun and shot the black guy….ask George Zimmerman! Oh! It was only a punch, don’t fear for your life!

    • The assumption when crime is black on white is that it is NOT racially motivated. The assumption when the crime is white on black is that it is racially motivated. The point of this article is that the media seems to help perpetuate this myth. Do you remember the Zimmerman coverage? Zimmerman was not charged with a hate crime by DA and by your logic this would mean that it was not a hate crime. The justice department did not like the result of the trial so they got involved to see if they could find enough evidence to charge Zimmerman with a hate crime…No charges were filed. So clearly there was no evidence to suggest that Zimmerman killed Martin on racially motivated grounds. This did not stop the media and liberal black leaders from painting Zimmerman as a racist and convicting him in the court of public opinion as a perpetrator of a hate crime. Anyone who does not think there is a double standard when it comes to this issue is not paying attention.

    • BS and you have to be intelligent enough to know that. There is no way ON GODS GREEN EARTH you could switch the colors and NOT HAVE IT A HATE CRIME. To argue that would make you a liar regardless of what any law states or otherwise. The double standard is past obviously true and people have died before from doing the same thing so the ignorance of that doesn’t give someone the privilege to whine I didn’t think waaaaaaaaaaa. Purpose is to knock some one out just hard enough LOL – ARE YOU KIDDING ME. You mean like hey I shot him judge but I was only trying to clip his right ear and never meant for the bullet to pierce his Carotid artery eh eh eh waaaaaaaaaaaa.

    • Sorry, calling B.S. on that. The victims are chosen because of their light skin color. Polar Bear Hunting, knock that White boy out!

    • George Hernandez was tried and convicted of murder and a hate crime by the liberal press and the race baiters. This “white” on black attack was the focus of attention for months. When a jury heard the FACTS he was acquitted. All Mr. West is pointing out is the hypocrisy where white on black crime – or charged crime – is front page news while black on white relegated to the bottom of page 8 – if at all. And where’s the rage about black on black?

    • Wrong show you where the black kids playing this deadly game is hitting another black person? They ar singling out white people. Sad thing is that the 1 white stupidass that did what these teens are doing holder is filing hate crimes on. Go figure

    • here, I fixed some of your bogus statements.”The “knockout game” IS motivated by these factors AND is based on the premise of someone proving HOW HARD THEY CAN HIT someone (a white person, every single time its a whitey).

  34. Allen, thank you for being man enough to call out a situation that is clearly a case where Black people are mistreating Whites, or any other color unjustly. Malcolm X was one of the few men i know that would do the same.

    You have all of my respect, thank you so much.

  35. I fundamentally don’t belive in “hate crimes”…..or even special circumstances when it involves Police. Principally speaking we are supposed to be a society based on equality and justice and law it matters NOT why a violent crime was committed (excluding self defense) and to go down that road of catagorizing is to do an injustice to another who’s cirmcumstances did not fullfill an “approved” box. A violent crime, un provoked that ends in the death of another warrents the death penalty… period.

    Case in point..on display

  36. WEst, if the police had proof that the crime was racial motivated, they would have used it. Other than that, it’s speculation and that has no place in the Amer justice system. So the pres, Holder, NAACP, etc has no need to get involved.
    Also, why do you always highlight blk killing white crimes? I told you about Kenneth Chamberlain, a retired marine who was shot by cops. That was definatly racially motivated bec the audio from the attract was caught on tape.

      • Mississippi Tree Emblem? I’m white and have no idea WTF that is. But I see you like to use this as a green light for you’re “tolerance”.

      • Oh please share me. According to YOU, the knockout game is a term blacks use to hunt white people. If that’s true, whites must have a name for hunting blacks .
        Plus, if you don’t know what the term means , why do you think it’s bad? You could have easily looked it up. Do you make it a habit of commenting on things you know nothing about?

    • Don’t be so naive, intentional or otherwise. These “innocent children” are constantly getting away with racially motivated crimes, especially under this administration because the DOJ is turning a blind eye. It started with Holder dismissing the Black Panthers after they had been convicted of voter intimidation and has gone steadily downhill since then.

      Schools are told not to punish minorities.

      What kind of signal does that send?

      It’s almost impossible to prove these knock out games are racially motivated even in areas where it’s almost all black on Jew and yet if it’s white on black here comes the media.

      • You do know you are crazy, right. You can not prove anything wacky thing you said . You mean to tell me in our Amer court system there is a bias towards Blks? Meaning judges, no matter who voted them into office or appointed them are bias towards Blks? That juries, no matter the sex, race or life experiences are bias towards Blks? That defense lawyers who represent white victims are bias or know of a bias and go alone with if ? That sir is some crazy conspiracy .

      • In the Trayvon case he was absolutely guilty of robbery and breaking and entering but the police had an agreement with the school that they would no longer arrest black kids

      • Who Obama? He spoke after the verdict to show his disappointment in the situation . A lot people were angry , O said he understands bec he was a blk kid at one time in his life was preceded as a criminal and dangerous by some white . . He said Martin could have been his son bec his blk son would be walking down a street in a hoodie and perceived as a danger by some white people . He also said to respect the verdict. I’m very glad he said those words.
        I wonder if saw West walking sown the street wearing a hoodie, what you would think? Of course if West was pulled over by the cops, he would’ve the first one to pull the ” do you know who I am” card.

      • First off, don’t call me idiot. I have never insulted anyone on this website and never attacked anyone for their views.
        Secondly, where did I mention his name? Why do you people always jump to conclusions? Relax .

  37. Sounds like this article was written by a KKK member and his entourage is backing him up with not a lick of knowledge of law. Stupid as hell.

    • Black on white killings are highlighted here because they ( for the most part) are not covered by the media. It is the same way that I understand why people of color need there own television stations and caucuses, because they are not represented in main stream. Do you understand?

    • Talk about someone who must have spent all his welfare checks and foodstamps on crack! Dude that has to be THE dumbest statement I’ve read since I read some obama quotes. May someone of a different race beat your sorry butt almost to death. You’ll get no sympathy from me, stupid as hell.

  38. Any “Hate Crime” is in direct violation of the 14th amendment.

    “…nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    Equal protection! Does not matter who does what to whom we all should have equal protection under the law. The way it stands in most states is you are best protected (more penalties for those who would wrong you) the more minority you happen to be. A gay black muslim woman in a wheelchair would be the pinnacle of this I suppose. If such exists. I digress.

    As it stands you cannot be charged with a hate crime IF you ARE a minority. At least it is very rare. Call it what you will but that’s what it is – it is revenge for crimes of the great grandfathers of the culture who you MIGHT just be a part of.

  39. Of course it was a hate crime. You don’t just walk up to someone and hit them as hard as you can and kill them, because you love them.

  40. I don’t think it’s a race crime. The knock out game is used in gang initiation..Also Blacks don’t just use it, Hispanics use it as well. I have seen plenty of non-Whites become victim of it. I am Black and was almost victim to it. I think the game is ridiculous and this criminal should have served more than 10 years in prison.

    Regardless of race, we cannot have people shooting someone or knocking them out because they feel like it and getting out of jail too soon to do it again. All of this race baiting needs to stop. We need to work together to fix our country instead of blaming one another.

    • Down votes don’t like to hear the truth. Research this gang initiation. You will see for yourself, Whites are not the only ones targeted. Do I think that justifies taking this young man’s life? Hell no!!

      • Yeah Jean Look the parents of this victim in the face and tell them that the perpetrator should not give his life for taking their son’s

      • Hopefully he’ll get out of prison in a few months and knock your dumb ass out, if the rest of the country is lucky. It’s always been my wish that the people who want to protect racist, criminal trash will soon become one of their victims. Sorry but you will deserve it.

      • Yea and maybe Dunn will get out and shoot you. I’m not defending him. I’m stating that sentence disparity between Whites and Blacks need to stop. This guy needs to serve as many years as Dunn…life. I’m not the racist. I think you’re the confused one looking in the mirror,

      • I remember you gin. You’re a racist from way back. zimmerboy is a communist liberal just like you so yes, he probably would take a shot a me. haha

      • This was not a gang initiation though and gang initiations do not change the fact that had a car load of whites stopped and killed a black male, it would have been considered a hate crime. These knock out crimes need to be classified as felonies with minimum sentences required. Several people have dies already and more will die unless we lobby for change in the law.

      • It’s the calling card of one. However, it doesn’t excuse this disgusting and niggardly behavior. I think there should be stricter sentences for this law and also for people who use thr color line to violate Stand Your Ground and self defense laws. I can understand where you are coming from.

      • Jen do you know the percentages of this knock out game. Is there more non whites or are there more whites being knocked out.

      • Back in the 1990s, it was another name and most Blacks didn’t report the crime. Living in the ghetto, some Black people would just deal with the uncivilized Blacks. I could try to find the original name and look for the data regarding it. I cannot tell you hoe many times, my own people broke into my family’s apartment that my mother worked hard to furnish.

    • One of the best responses I have seen ! “Together” seems to be a forgotten mentality. Just too many ‘i’s in this TEAM … America has forgotten that TOGETHER this country was founded, not by him or her but by US….

    • I’m not voting up or down because I agree with most of what you say but this is very definitely a race crime …… unless you just want to totally ignore the crime statistics in this collapsing country.

    • Agreed. I come from a city where we had to learn this the hard way. And it took too long. The fact that race wars still exist in this country confounds me. We are all in this ship together, and if we don’t start acting like a team against ALL crime, we will sink.

    • I agree totally We need our black leaders IE obama oprah jackson and so on to began correcting this racial tension we have in this country today. I hope you agree

      • Both deaths, that of Jordan Davis & Colton Gleason, were premeditated murder & should be prosecuted as such. And a 10 year sentence that lets the perp walk in 5 years IS NOT justice. If not the death penalty then at least life without parole would seem to fit.

  41. If you kill someone rather with intent to punch them or shoot them-This case or Jordan Davis, you need to serve life in prison. You had your mind set on doing bodily harm to them that could be potentially lethal. You succeeded in the lethal administration of the punishment and that’s murder. I don’t care if the person is White, Black, Hispanic, blue, purple,,,etc.

  42. Just today a white man here in Baton Rouge died of injuries he recieved after being attacked by 2 thugs. They stated they just wanted to see who could throw the hardest punch.

  43. Harry Houdini was killed by someone who punched him in the abdomen when he wasn’t prepared for it. Not sure how that applies here…I just think it’s crazy for kids to think it’s a “game” to punch strangers. This is just one more story to prove it.

  44. Why did he only get 10 yrs and be able to walk the streets again in 5??? This is outrageous! You are right, there will be justice from God if not our courts.

  45. The very nature of the crime supersedes the crime itself, these kids who participate in this crime should be punished to the fullest extent of the law with intent tacked on…unless 5 years is as good as it gets for aggravated assault? Not good enough. This boy died. What goes around comes around, and one day, this individual will get his comeuppance.

  46. Evidently only white people kill from hate…….there is no Dept of Justice anymore…..just a corrupt bunch of liars snd cheats, just like our once elegant whitehouse.

  47. AS far as I am concerned the justice system and the media (since the victim was hwite) failed this family…myself I would simply take justice into my own hands and the Smithers family would be then planning their sons funeral.

  48. It’s only a hate crime if it’s white on black. Get over it America. This is how America rolls now. And you’ll only see the two reverends when the shoe is on the other foot.

    • Yeah because white people are haunted by the images of their ancestors’ corpse hanging from trees, in America, while a community of black families gather around and pose for a picture! Damn it is so hard to be white in America!

      • Haunted why haunted when it gives people like yourself the audacity to believe it is ok to kill White people simply because what happened to your ancestors? give me a Frigging break it is 2014 not 1960 or even 1860 welcome to the real world where your feelings of victimization by people long dead and gone are rediculous and pointless and only a excuse for thuggery..

  49. Or it could be that America has because so used to the black on white crime that there is a certain amount of desensitization that the liberal MSM and race-baiters won’t use it because it won’t inflate their ratings and therefore, their profits.

    • OMG I’ve noticed how hard it is for white people to be white people in America too! Like you are right–reverse prejudice happens everyday! Like I can think of a million examples of the supremacist becoming victimized and forced to experience the effects of being oppressed. White men do it to white women like ALL THE TIME. Oh and your second comment informed your readers on how you really feel–the audacity behind your honesty is just–thank you.

  50. MMM…reminds me of a local crime . A group of black youth’s came upon a white law student calling his GF on a bench outside a club . They tried to rob him , and a 15 year old shot him in the back as he ran . He got life , but , a recent supreme court ruling said sentencing a minor to life was unconstitutional , so , he’ll be released at 25 , just as full of venom and hate as he was when he pulled the trigger . Oh , he’ll be in the news again , after destroying some other lives . I’m sure it won’t be his fault . He came from a broken family . How many teens have a warrant out for them with ” no known address ” ?

  51. A complete accident my ass. What he did was Cold Hearted Murder. This little want a be THUG chose to Kill a White Man. And this Black Thug Needs to be put out of his Misery. Same thing should be done to him. I do not care if he is Black or White. you choose to play this stupid game. And you kill the person. Then you get same treatment. but you do not get to live. You go to prison, and let the inmates know what you did. Then they give you there kind of Justice. DEATH!! Black RACIST THUG.

    • This is EXACTLY right. It is past obvious the rule of law isn’t in force any longer. Someone murders your kid and you are gonna, what? wait 10 years for him to get a 10 year, time-served sentence? Of course not. You are going to kill him. What could they do to you? Take away your son?

    • There is not justice to be received from the law these days – better to wait it out, hope they slap him on the wrist and turn him out to the streets for you to eventually torture and kill on your own. That is the only justice these days.

  52. I’ve never understood that whole hate crime thing. Violence is violence, no matter who it is perpetrated against. The additional penalties that have been added for the “hate crime” statutes out to apply to all violent crime, not just a select group.

  53. I’m not even sure if this is worth the time to write and yours to read, given how ingrained the opinions of my fellow commenters seem to be. First, this was a horrible, savage crime — whether it was playing the knockout game or not.

    But it’s hard to believe it was motivated by race. Even in the knockout game scenario, the game is to knock someone out, not someone of a different race. Where do we see the motivation for this being a “hate” of someone because of color?

    Even beyond that, this completely lacks any sort of understanding of race in America. The point is most of us already assume Colton could be “my son” (referencing Obama on Trayvon Martin) because was a white teenager — the normal standard. With a black kid, things are assumed (I see the word “thug” being spread liberally in other comments, an attribute assumed of nearly all black kids, not just the actual thugs) because of his or her race.

    Or we could just keep shouting about how he’s a “BLACK THUG” [sic] that deserves to be killed (lynched? — doesn’t seem that far off for some of you)..

    • Basic logic you TOTALLY lack logic! Why is it so hard for you to believe this was racially motivated??? Could it be because the vast majority of knockout game victims are white and the scumbag attackers are black???? Or is it that you are stupid enough to believe their is no black on white crime??? Why don’t you try carefully removing your head from your ass….but don’t hurt yourself.

    • I am experiencing this very similar confusion as well–guess that makes two individuals who TOTALLY lack logic and need to remove their heads from their asses. Unfortunately the individual who chose to respond only wanted to insult your intelligence rather than provide an essential perspective to help you understand. But hey, guess its better to not expect too much from others these days.

    • White men and women of all ages are the victims of this game being played by Black teenagers. They are making this a racial issue by targeting white people. As for calling them thugs anyone, black or white, doing these things to innocent people should be labeled a thug…..

  54. As for Eric Holder’s lack of involvement, I suspect that could be because it’s a STATE crime and not tried in FEDERAL COURT! Please people, get your NEWS from a reputable source that has half a clue about what they are talking about. If this Allen West can’t figure out why federal law enforcement is not taking action in a state issue, why would you believe anything else he writes.

  55. It’s really gone too far! I am sick of this double standard. Young black Americans ride around with bad tags, music so loud the streets quake from three blocks away, a cloud of weed smoke coming out of the window, but cry RACIAL PROFILING when they get pulled over by the police! Well I tell you what, if I were a police officer I’d pull you over too so does that make me a RACIST? For over a year now almost every weekend a crowd of young black teenagers descends on the Country Club Plaza ( A very prominent shopping district in Kansas City), and reek havoc, and when they get arrested they cry RACISM!
    The President of this country disregards our constitution with executive orders, sends billions worth of weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood, let’s four American’s get killed in Benghazi, unleashes the IRS on businesses who don’t support his cause, wants to put FCC agents in TV stations to stifle real reporting. So now his approval rating is way down and what does he do? HE CRIES RACISM! Well here’s a newsflash MR. President. YOU WERE BLACK WHEN YOU GOT ELECTED in 2008! When and where does this all end. I’m sick of blacks who are so fast to blame the “white man” for all of their problems. I am a proud black American Republican and have never been slighted because of racism. NEVER. You know why?, because at a young age my Mother taught me the importance of respect. She taught me the importance of getting an education. Is it the “White Man’s” fault that so many of us drop out of school, get hooked on drugs, get pregnant over and over again by different men, don’t communicate the English language with any amount of fluency? No it’s your own fault! Now back to this incident (sorry as you can tell this is a topic that gets my blood flowing). Why was this not considered a hate crime? Because law makers are so sensitive to blacks crying racism that they let these senseless crimes slide. You were right when saying that if they would have tried this as a hate crime the Shaprton’s and Jackson’s would have come out of the woodwork. What is this mess about? Black people thinking we are owed something for slavery? Well check this piece of information out… I am American, my parents were american and my grandparents were american. Yes Blacks were pulled from the jungles in Africa and brought here as slaves, but no man that is alive now was on any of those slave ships so I’m tired of hearing about that too. So please stop trying to get revenge for that !! It’s time that we educate as fast as we can. If we don’t the Democrats get back in the White House and this country of ours will be ruined.

    • God Bless you Mr.Ellis. As a “Non racial” New yorker, I am always numbed by the level of ignorance. I hate NOONE! God bless everyone. What did this poor lad do, to deserve to die?

      • He did nothing Barry and that’s why the person that did it deserves to spend the rest of his days on Prison. 10 Years? 10 years? That is Ridiculous!

    • Mark, you have so much common sense that is missing in our elected officials! I wish you had been the first black president instead of the Marxist muslim occupying the Whitehouse currently.

    • Mr. Ellis.. words fail me, I have no words that can say just how proud I am to have served over 30 yrs in the Military .for an American such as your self .you made it worth every minute. and Col West …I would serve under your command any where any time Sir. ( USMC = 9yrs, ARMY =over 20 yrs )

    • I agree with you. America has come a long way from those days. The road ahead will be treacherous, unless we can get this generation to wake up and realize that there is more to life than hating

    • Very well stated Mark D. Ellis! One thing that keeps ringing loud and clear is that certain groups (in all walks of life) will continue to add fuel to bring forth hatred. I am of the human race who believes “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”. It is such a shame that people choose NOT to learn from historical mistakes. May God bless you ten fold for your true spirit…Mr. West, you have my vote 🙂

    • I couldn’t have said it better. I too miss the uniformed service, Air Force Veteran. We have all at one time or another been treated badly because of race, yes even white men, it’s called affirmative action. I especially miss the military because while there is some politics for promotion, it is mostly merit and hard work. I remember looking around and seeing my peers being from every walk of life. I served with all ethnicities, immigrants from eastern Europe and Latin America, even a few gays. We all did our jobs and all that mattered was that we watched after each other as though we were family, because we were family. We need more people like you sir and Col. West and others who are willing to stand up on principles and not chase ghosts for significance when all we need is opportunity for all.

  56. Because. This is 2014 and we know Young Black Males are not a violent segment of the Negroid Population…Besides due to Political Correctness, only White people are capable of being Racist.

    • No gun involved..did you read the article…this was Physical, but go ahead and try to use lidtard logic to justify it..better yet, speaking of guns, why don’t you go wash your mouth out with a revolver! Yea I said it!

      • Allen Haynes you missed what Doc was trying to say……he knows there was no gun, but you jumped on a band wagon before understanding the meaning of his words. It was a comparison between outlawing and banning different items that left thinks one kills ( guns ) but other doesn’t (black teens) because news never jumps on the truthful issues

      • Allen Haynes where is all the hate coming from? It seems every reader fully understood what Doc was talking about but obviously your reading comprehension is minimal. As for you suggesting someone committ suicide is beyond words. You sound like a low information robot of the Democratic party.

      • Doc did NOT say a gun was involved, if you knew what the government is trying to do to gun owners you would realize that he is just making another comparison to people trying to outlaw personal firearms. And yes, I carry concealed and have no problem using it if warranted.

      • Thanks Rudy for poitnting that out, I agree, I misunderstood the comment. I sent DOC an apology and retracted my statement. I have a CCP also and don’t leave home without it.

    • Someone needs to hold the parents of these children responsible. Parents need to stop and teach their children no matter what race or religion humans are all people and no one has the right to harm anyone. That young man took a life and for the rest of his life he will be reminded. I hope he sees the light and makes that step to try and save another child from walking in his steps.i still have hope for American children of all colors.

    • Doc, I owe you an apology, I miss read what your comment..i retract my prior comment ..I agree, guns are not the problem..People are the problem

  57. What the real shame is besides the death of Colton is that shameful acts are being protected as if it was alright to kill someone. What has happened to God and Justice?

    • Well one of them can’t because he was killed by the other..What does the Bible say is the punishment for murder? Regardless of who loves who, people need to be taught a lesson and the Double Standard is injust.

      • I understand and agree, but I think that drrabbit is articulating a Christian principal regarding redemption, which is applicable to all imprisoned souls. And yes, if the hate crime designation is in place, it must be without regard to race.etc.

  58. This bastard needs killed, PERIOD! Keep condoning all this ad it WILL get worse, it’s time to put them down just like the mad dogs that they are! Semper Fi.

  59. God Bless you Col .West …. For your honesty ,I have no respect for Jackson or Sharpton as for their one sided view ! You your self have gained more respect in past 3 or 4 years with the American people and the world for your honesty ! ..Then Jackson or Sharpton could get in a life time ..Keep up the good work for America and all its people ,


  61. The short answer might be that this case was disposed in a plea bargain, which likely wiped out any hate crime enhancement (although why the plea bargain was offered is curious, as well as why Jesse Smithers was the only one charged). However, I would think that the more serious problem is with Minnesota law itself, which likely needs to be revisited to simplify the definitions of murder and manslaughter and impose a sentence with a maximum of life for murder regardless of degree (Minnesota does not do so). Even if Smithers were charged with second-degree murder, he’d be released by age 42 at the latest.

    The real problem is that many laws were written in an earlier time and do not take into account the possibility of the bare fist’s use as a deadly weapon.

  62. What about the Australian college baseball player that was killed by 3 black kids because “they were bored”? Very little mention of that killing in the media. TALK ABOUT HYPOCRISY.

  63. This is just disgusting to see. It’s happening all over the country. There is no black or white or green or blue a hate crime is a crime a murder is a murder. Punish to the fullest extent of the law and throw away the key.

  64. It has become evident that at the present time, that Liberals and those in the Liberal media who level charges of “hate crimes”, are in fact the ones guilty of that charge. They are selective in who that charge is leveled against, and it is motivated by a hatred based on race. That example is never more evident than now, where the hatred is directed to Caucasian individuals, and clearly masked or completely ignored by the Liberal media.

    Racism and bigotry is wrong, no matter who displays it, yet that simple truth has all but been ignored by Liberals both in and out of the media.

    • I agree with you ronaldus but, while that might be helpful to you. How can that ease the pain of this young man’s family. If you got a call, telling you that your son had been murdered by one of these evil things, would your reaction be that God will have the last word? These evil things won’t be with God, they haven’t ever been taught about God. Once in jail, they will go further into evil by learning all about muzzies, and there will be no chance of redeeming them.

  65. I bet if the white kid had a gun and shot him in self defense, it would have been considered a hate crime. I just don’t understand this double standard of racism. African Americans can have black history month, but if we had white history month that would be racist. African Americans can have their own tv channel BET but if we had a white channel that would be racist. This double standard has to stop. It’s crazy, we just all need to learn to get along!

    • If you want everyone to learn to get along, then stop complaining that Black people have their own channel and history month.

      • Equality is not just a word. All sides should have the same rights as any other. When you allow certain color only rights you are showing preferential treatment to one over the others.

      • Gee, I remember watching FAT Albert on TV years ago. Seem to think it was ALL blacks in that flick and no one seemed to mind. Maybe you should only see in black and white…. Or live life like a worm in the ground with no sight and sense of color.

      • I know, I get that. But Blacks are not the only ones who have a history month. Also, since when is it racist to have a White channel? No one said that, it’s just someone making assumptions. As a White person, I am not offended of feel less than because there is not a White channel or White history month.

      • I was not complaining, just saying that there is a double standard. I don’t care if there are a hundred channels like bet, I have watch bet myself. The point was if we had a white channel we would all be called racist.

      • well bart, Zimmerman was not white and he shot a DOPE HEAD PUNK in self defense while the pot smoker was trying to kill him.

      • After or during the act of getting his (Zimmerman’s) face bashed in! I call that SELF DEFENSE. And, didn’t Z have blacks in his family tree? Or was that masked out by the MEDIA who goes for sensationalism to sell their news!!!!

    • It’s called white guilt and it’s seldom regarded as being real and yet it is the main cause of societies double standard. Racism in this country is still alive and kicking and both the liberal and conservative media fan the flames. This murder was indeed a tragedy and should have been treated as a hate crime. However, white guilt prevented that from happening and crimes similar to this are swept away from the publics eye on a now much too frequent basis. What a shame that my European Ancestors bestowed upon me many generations later having to endure a double standard I had no hand in creating!

  66. This administration needs a ‘Secretary of Hate Crimes’. His purpose shall be to downplay and censor reports of black on white hate crime, while pushing for ample and frantic coverage and hyper-prosecution of any crime committed by a white which even MIGHT possibly be a hate crime.

  67. Anyone who thinks there’s something wrong with having a black history month but not a white one isn’t very well-versed in American history. What this young man did was stupid and horrific, but that doesn’t mean that locking him up for the rest of his life is the answer. Instead of just ever-expanding the prison-industrial complex, let’s spend that money addressing inner-city poverty, access to proper nutrition and education, etc. Let’s make it easier for the middle class to live so at least one parent can be home occasionally to raise their children. It’s interesting the name Allen West has the same number of syllables as Uncle Tom.

    • Bart – you actually finish your stupid opinion with that….So he’s an Uncle Tom because he see’s double standard and speaks about it…that’s amazing! What this man did was stupid and horrific and he should have been charged with a hate crime. He sought out a white person and once targeted with forethought acted and killed him. Single punch or a gun doesn’t matter the weapon a man is dead (killed) because he was white.

    • Your thinking is part of the problem. No one is held accountable for there actions. When you are held accountable and punished to the max maybe then and only then will people think about there actions and the result of their actions. It is the standard now to blame anyone or anything for a persons actions.and not hold them accountable. Do you think this person really thought that randomly hitting someone was OK! He needs to be held accountable to the max and maybe his buddies will think about the consequences before going out and doing this again! As for your opening statement why should there be a black history month, it only goes to promote racism. You are an American, not a Black American, Mexican American, Asian American or any other ______ American. You should just be an American! If you don’t want to be an AMERICAN and you don’t like the way things are in this country(or were) then move somewhere that as the same ideals as you and quit complaining!

    • WELL Sir, Here is what should be done. This BLACK GANGBANGER PUNK should be taken to the nearest tree and HUNG for MURDER in the FIRST DEGREE as this was PLANNED AND PREMEDITATED. The worthless BLACKS in the car drove around and found a white guy one got out of the car and punched the white guy killing him. MURDER PLAIN And simple. iF THEY WOULD START HANGING THESE PUNKS THIS KIND OF STUFF WOULD STOP.do not pat them on the back and telling them do not get caught next time.!!!

    • I never said it was wrong to have a black history month or the bet channel. I just know if whites had them we would be called racist. as far as Zimmerman I don’t believe it is wrong to defend yourself against anyone of any race. was it right he shot someone, no! but I do believe he did it in self defense!

      • Zimmerman shot ONLY ONCE to terminate the assualt! How many times did travon smash Z in the face? Maybe if Z had not shot travon, he would be DEAD!

    • I totally agree that locking up this kid and others like him is a total waste of time, money and will not accomplish anything. Him and others like him, should be executed @ the most convenient time and @ the least cost to the state. FEAR is the greatest deterrent to crime that there is.

    • The reason they have to build more prisons is because we no longer have the death penalty. In states where they still have the death penalty, the endless years due to appeal after appeal allows one sentenced to linger for years on death row. Adam West is not an Uncle Tom. He just sees things as they are. I would suggest you write to the fake so called Black leaders like Jessee Jackson, the Rev. Al and the NAACP and ask them to find solutions to the problems that plague the Black community instead of spreading racism, which by the way, is making all those suckers rich! No one encourages people to make their living on the welfare rolls rather than work nor can you blame anyone for the 72% illegitimacy rate but those who keep having babies so they can continue to get that welfare check. The fact that young Blacks drop out of high school, get into selling drugs to make a quick buck is no ones problem but their own. Blaming Whites for these problems just is a way of deflecting on the real problem. We were poor and living in the housing projects in the Bronx until I was fifteen, but the difference is my father had not one, not two, but three jobs and got his family out of that situation. In seven years he didn’t have a day off! So stop blaming others for the laziness and self entitlement of some people. The welfare system needs to be revamped because it is riddled with fraud. People need to get out there and work. The government isn’t giving these folks all that free money. It’s the working class that pays their taxes and were tired of supporting laziness.

    • How much more money do you want? We give food stamps, housing vouchers, medical and cash. To people living in these places.

  68. all killings are hate crimes. why do we need the media, commentators ans politicians to fuel the fire of racism with this “hate crime” terminology?

  69. This has to stop: Whitey needs to get training in use of hand gun get a CCW license carry a gun defend self and shoot to kill not injure. The mindset should be ELIMINATE THE THREAT not INCAPACITATE THE THREAT.!!

  70. Col. West. First, I want to thank you for your service in the armed services of this great nation. Now, as a citizen, I ask you to shut the hell up and do some REAL work in congress, instead of taking opportunities to make comments like this. The American people need people who lead, not divide. Congress controls spending, and yet what have you done to decrease it the way it NEEDS to be? Nothing, that’s what. Instead, you’ll bitch about the debt ceiling that is in YOUR CONTROL. Pass legislation to shrink expenditures across the board, not impish cuts to social services only. Why not cut some out of the defense budget, or do you not have the balls to do that, sir? You, sir, are a partisian HACK. If you can’t compromise like the founding fathers, then get the hell out of congress. If not, then just shut the hell up, Col. Do your job or get out.

      • No this person just talks trash about people who do not agree with the liberals and does not bring real substance to a discussion. Just read all their other comments they have made on other things. This person is a perfect example of what divides this Country.

    • Allen West is a true patriot, a voice of reason in a politically wrecked country, and a great example for not just for the African-Americans of this country, but to us all. What have YOU done for your country???

    • I’m a bit late getting to read this, but do you not read or watch the news ?? Everyone knows Col. West is not in congress. He was cheated out of his re-election bid, this is my opinion !! He is using his notarity to try and make a change in Our Country !! He is bringing a lot of information to the forefront so that people that have not heard it can read and make their own opinions !! I applaud the good work he is doing. I am slightly biased, I was assaulted and injured in a robbery attempt by a teenage black person. I swore it would never happen again, therefore I carry a weapon now, I am to young to die and too old to fight or take an ass whooping. I try to control my feelings as much as possible, but I am uncomfortable around groups of young black teenagers. But on another note I would vote for Col. West, Dr. Carson, or Connie Rice with no second thought because they look at the people not the races. For shame you speak without knowing the truth first. Read or watch the news, check the internet, get educated on whats happening before you try to put someone down…..

      • I enjoy the over use of the exclamation marks!!! They really add emotion to what you are typing!!!! He was cheated out of his election bid? I think you misspelled “tossed out of congress by the people.” So you think he was cheated, and as you state “This is my opinion” it is? No kidding. Yeah, you are slightly biased, but at least you admit it. I’m white, middle aged, and I’ve been mugged three times in my life, all in the south. Each time it was from white teenagers, yet, strangely, I’m not afraid of white teenagers….isn’t that strange? Maybe you have deep rooted issues around those that aren’t just exactly like you. As for him not being in congress anymore, I simply could not care any less. So I missed that in the news. Pardon me for not paying attention when conservative hate mongers are no longer in the news. And also, I own multiple guns, I have a concealed permit, and carry quite frequently since being mugged so many times, and I’m an avid shooter. I’m a former police officer, and I’m a democrat. So much for your hateful stereotypes, bubba.

  71. Most of these thugs are fed with food stamps, housed in section 8 housing and cared for with medicaid. In addition to significant prison sentence for murder, we also need to demand our money back from their caretakers and then ban them from receiving more benefits.

    Why should we be forced to pay to house, feed and care for these animals when we get this in return. Ban the entire family from all social services for life. The ban should extend to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and the families of any baby mommas.

    • The vast majority of welfare goes to feed hungry children and put a roof over their heads. It is REMARKABLY difficult for a single male with a criminal record (or “thug” if you prefer). If you have a problem with social services, improve the society instead of labeling an entire group of said society as “animals.”

      • That’s my point. We are forced to feed them while they are hungry children, and this is the result. I’m not talking about taking the benefits from the criminals, I’m talking about taking it away from the people that raised them.

        No one in their families should be eligible to get another penny, and every asset of the family, right down to their sneakers and flat screen TVs, should be seized and sold at auction in an attempt to pay us back.

        I doubt the thugs got the benefits themselves, but their caretakers did while they were growing up. They took our money in the form of benefits and did nothing but raise worthless thugs.

      • They aren’t their belongings. Someone else paid for everything they have. It’s just time to claim it back. It belongs to the taxpayer if they were forced to pay for it.

      • You don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Even if it is FROM ASSISTANCE. Once the money is in their hands, it’s theirs with no stipulation that it’s a loan. Why not stick to topics that you actually have some f-cking understanding of instead of just talking out your arse?

      • Blaming society, are we? That’s far too common and far too easy an excuse. How about people be responsible for their own damn actions? But yes, I do agree with feeding people that would otherwise starve.

      • During the last several decades, productive taxpayers have had trillions of dollars of their family resources confiscated to support and increase numbers of the least intelligent, least productive, and most criminally violent members of our society. This multi-trillion-dollar dysgenics program has made many cases like this one possible. This is what we have paid for.

      • And just how do we go about “improving” society–by giving thugs free reign on the streets so they can “knockout” any white person they see? Welfare is a way of life for many of them so they are able to roam the streets with impunity while the rest of society works to make a living to support them.

      • These past three years I have seen enough of the welfare state here to know “animals” gives too many of these animals too much credit. I have seen the abuses of the system. I have seen the lazy, do nothing, you owe-me-everything attitude milked by the generational takers who don’t give a damn about bettering themselves or the world around them. I walk into the store at least once a month with my list and my budget and price shop and buy what I can afford, and see the dolled up, Iphone toting family with 5 kids in tow at 10pm, with two carts loaded with stuff I can’t afford, swipe their LINK card, and then load it all into their pimped out SUV with the 24’s and the $3000 stereos. Maybe you haven’t been exposed to it. I have. One of the complexes I service (78 units) pays two guys between 2 and 5 hours a day to clean up the filth they leave from the night before. EVERY DAY. Beer bottles, cans, broken glass, furniture, needles, trash, whatever. And we owe them that? Sorry, sell it somewhere else.

      • this is truth i see it everyday . most are discussting and will steal everything not bolted down and leave trash everywhere ,cut you off in traffic and slam on their brakes the list goes on and on….there is no common courtesy with these types of people only take and bitterness.

    • I pray that it comes fast and gives the family and the young man some justice since the courts FAILED to! I agree, justathinker, completely.

  72. Give this jackass life in prison for what it was – murder, plain and simple. Where is Al Not-So-Sharpton on this one? “Rev” (I laugh at that part) Jesse Jackson? Obama? Holder? Oprah? Anyone? May the victim rest in peace until the Lord returns, may his family find peace and comfort, and may the Rat B*st*rd aggressor get what he deserves.

  73. It has been ingrained in American society that a ‘hate crime’ is non-existent if it is perpetrated toward Caucasian males. It defies all logic; as hate is hate no matter the color of your skin or ethnic background. At the highest levels of government, AG Erik Holder has demonstrated this time and time again.

    • Don’t say that it defies logic because it really doesn’t. The logical explanation is that the people at the highest levels of government and the people who own the propaganda networks hate heterosexual gentile white people, especially Christians. What we are seeing is the logical result of that hatred.

      • Once again the Highest Levels of Government are run by White Men. The Propaganda Networks you speak of are owned and operated by White Men. Do you have anything to say that has a factual nature to it??

      • You probably don’t want to consider what I have to say so perhaps it would be best to let a Jewish man in the media business explain to you exactly who controls the propaganda networks. Google “Joel Stein Who Runs Hollywood? C’mon”.

    • The whole subject of hate crimes leaves me at a loss. Why is it worse if you kill somebody because of their skin color, than if you kill them because you don’t like the way they walk? Seriously. Murder is murder, no matter the skin color of the killer or the victim. Why does skin color make it worse. It’s just stupid to me.

      • AMEN! And this law would never have passed if they hadn’t shoved a bill to fund the Troops in with it. Republicans had to vote “Yea” or look like monsters for not funding our troops! I think “The People” should INSIST that ALL bills are voted on separately instead of bundled into one big package with progressive crap stuck in it! This makes me furious! And I couldn’t agree more…murder IS a hate crime. You don’t usually murder someone you like! Progressives / Communists are the most irrational, mentally ill people on the planet!

      • Boy you got that right. An old friend that I went to school with unfriended me on facebook because I’m very conservative and he’s a progressive. Lyndon Johnson was his favorite president and this guy is a Vietnam vet, as he will tell you ad nauseum. He’s also very pro union. Irrational and mentally ill sums it up pretty well. LOL

  74. This was a completely unprovoked murder. The white victim did absolutely nothing to cause anyone to be angry at him. The murderer will probably be out in five years. A white man named Michael David Dunn shot a black fellow named Jordan Davis after he said the black threatened to kill him and pointed a gun at him. The gun was not found by police, or even looked for apparently. Mr. Dunn may or may not have been telling the truth, but his past included no indications of violent tendencies. He was convicted and faces at least 60 years in prison, but the Florida State special prosecutor Angela Corey wants to get his sentence increased because she is not satisfied that the punishment is enough for this man who may have faced a credible deadly threat when he killed someone. I suppose Mr Dunn must be experiencing “white privilege”.

      • Mysterious detour? They drove maybe 50 yards to the adjacent parking lot. I am very familiar with the area and even if they had driven to the nearest hospital Davis would have died.
        Also to say the gun disappeared is just as ignorant as saying there was no gun. The investigation was questionable and as such we will never know if there was a gun or not.

      • If you believe Dunn, the gun disappeared. Personally I have a hard time believing that he just started shooting because of the loud rape music. That stuff is obnoxious, but I think he was threatened. As the story of Colton Gleason’s death and many others like it demonstrate (plus USDOJ statistics), it’s foolish to disregard a threat from a car full of young African thugs.

      • I have no doubt he was threatened. I live in Jacksonville. I have been threatened with being shot for simply trying to change lanes in traffic.
        I know the area where it happened and the layout of the shopping centers. I think it’s very possible if there was a gun it was ditched when the boys drove away and it’s a coin toss as to whether or not they had a gun. The police definitely dropped the ball on this. They left the question of a gun being present open ended.
        That being said we do have a lot of wanna be thugs here. Davis was the only one who had an issue with the music being turned down. I have no doubt he was trying to act ‘hard’ to impress his buddies but I don’t think turning the music down was an issue for anyone but Davis.
        I’m more concerned about the white thugs around here than the black thugs. Our white people are CRAZY. For the most part black folks here are down to Earth with a few exceptions depending on what part of town you are in. Where these kids were, Davis was just trying to act tough for his buddies. There aren’t many thugs on that side of town, if any. It’s yuppie-ville over there.

    • Dunn was convicted because he shot at 3 people who he was not engaged in a confrontation with and because he shot at an occupied vehicle. 4 charges there is no disputing his guilt on. Corey is not looking to get his sentence increased, she is looking to convict him on the charge of 1st degree murder for which there was a mistrial.

      • I understand why Dunn might have felt that he was in a confrontation with everyone in that car. It’s very common for blacks to attack in packs. If he is telling the truth about being threatened and seeing a gun, he probably figured the others in that car would be against him. Perhaps his biggest mistake was asking black thugs to behave in a civilized manner.

    • The Facts are that his next door neighbor came forward and said that he was not surprised by Dunn’s actions, He called Dunn an arrogant, Bigot and he often spoke about carrying his gun and how he could not wait to use it if provoked in any way. The neighbor is white in case you are wondering. In his police interview he stated he “thought he saw a gun barrel or it could have been a stick”. Other witness at the scene reported none of them saw a gun, the other witnesses being other white people at the convenience store. There was no Gun Dunn after firing 10 rounds into a car fleeing the scene then went to a Motel and ordered pizza and never called 911 to report he had to defend himself against a credible threat. Once again Just the facts…not the hype

      • I read what the neighbor said and apparently he said a lot of bad stuff. If what he said is true, there must be many other witnesses who would back him up. If he’s lying, maybe not so many will. If all the stuff the neighbor said is true, he just may have crazy enough to shoot without being threatened. On the other hand, there is also the possibility that he could be a crazy white fellow who actually DID receive a death threat. According to USDOJ statistics, blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.

      • If what I’ve read about the case is true, Dunn deserves whatever punishment he gets. Once the assailant (assuming there was an assault, which is in doubt) starts to flee, the threat is gone. He kept shooting when he should have only been calling 911.

  75. REVERSE racism at it finest! BTW, I want a WET (white entertainment television network) but I am SURE that would be considered racist!!

  76. this is so unfair, it is okay cause the boy is black (could have been Obama’s son) what he said about trayvon. So it is okay cause a black boy killed a white. we must get rid of the government employees we have. what a travesty. blaten racism reversed would have been on every station.

    • You do know that the only white that has ever done this was arrested and charged with murder don’t you?! It was proven the young man was mentally handicapped but that did NOT make any difference. You also do understand that self respecting white people are not low down and dirty enough to do anything like this don’t you?! If not for blacks constantly whining and crying about being oppressed and disrespected there would be so few accusations of racism as to be non-existent. But they have to do something to cover for the fact that they WILL NOT, in most cases, get an education and then a job so as to support themselves and crying racism is their smoke screen. I wonder how such a fine, upstanding, moral, America protecting citizen such as Allen West and other TRUE Black Americans can stand to see what’s being done to their people by the race baiters?

  77. A common law court would handle this appropriately. Bring back common law court systems and correct the country’s falter with common sense logic that. National Liberty Alliance check them out.

    • It would be a Grand Jury of your peers white and black would have nothing to do with it, a simple answer of common sense of just and unjust. Be a people not a citizen, let the government serve its people, not dictate what its citizens are permitted to do, for as a people we are not subject to that authority.

  78. The black “community” has been using the controversial and adversarial phrase “Just Us!” for so long that they have come to believe that the courts are meant only for them to gain justice!

  79. This is a hate crime but the incidents in Florida involving the senseless MURDER of young black males is not? Allen B. West, you really have sold your soul to the white devil! Allen B. West is not representative of the African American community. He hates his own kind and wishes he was born white so that he wouldn’t have had it so rough as a black man. No matter how hard you try Allen, you’ll never be able to wash the black off. No matter how you try to parade around in your white hood, you’ll still a n****** to redneck white folks any day of the week, any time of the day. #DaveChappelle, I found your #ClaytonBigsby! http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/82404406/

    • You are an evil, soul-less racist. If your pseudonym has any truth to it, your heart is black too. Give me one true patriot like Allen West instead of a thousand haters like you.

    • I don’t always agree with Allen about everything, but I think he’s a pretty decent fellow. Perhaps the problem with the African community is they choose collectivist despots for their leaders. Most blacks would never vote for Allen because he doesn’t happen to be one of those. More than 90% of blacks usually vote for the politicians who promise to confiscate wealth someone else earned and redistribute it. That kind of politician naturally enslaves the populace. Ironically, the only way to give black people freedom in the long term may be to take away their right to vote so they won’t choose slavery for themselves.

      • No, they are not all animals any more than all of us whites are bigots. They are individuals, and some behave like predatory beasts, as some whites behave like bigoted fools.

  80. For this to meet the legal definition of a hate crime, Jesse Smithers would had to have singled out Colton Gleason because he was white. But according to the 2010 census, 84.6 percent of people in St. Cloud, MN where this happened are white. That means 8 or 9 out of every 10 people near where the assault happened where white. So it would be hard to prove that the white guy was singled out because of his race. And the justice system actually does have to prove things — it can’t just make stuff up. That’s the real reason why it’s not classified as a hate crime.

    • He could have been shouting “I hate #%^&* white people!” and they wouldn’t have been able to prove that he chose his victim because of his race because he could just say he hates blacks and asians too. Of course if it had been a white-on-black murder Eric Holder would make sure it was classified as a hate crime because the victim would have been one of “his people”.

    • That’s pretty weak, Ricky. Would you be using that line of argument if the races were reversed in an 84.6% black city? There are also approximately 5146 blacks in St. Cloud or 7.8% of the population, so there would be no shortage of black victims for Jesse Smithers to choose from.

      • Does anyone here believe this was a Hate Crime? Did you even watch the video of the story itself This was simply a stupid act that did turn accidentally fatal. When people punch some sucker punch or otherwise they never think that person may hit their head and crack their skull. The Two elderly men down here in Florida fighting at the Movie Theater did not think it would happen when one got him and that same accident happen both in the 70’s. They were both white, that was not a hate crime either just stupid violent actions that accidentally turned deadly. If you paid attention to the story on this site you would see the friend that the guilty kid was hanging out with at parties and there were Several White Kids, the 2nd photo of his White Friend with his arm around the kid. If this kid hated White People, He would not have a White Friend??? Does anyone here have ANY common sense?? There was no mention of the story that the kid was on a hunt to Kill a White Person, Wanted to do harm to a White Person, NOTHING No indication what so every from any part of the story…I think you people just want to spread you prejudice about Black People and Ironically you do on a Site where there is a BLACK Man and his is stupid enough to think that you think he is ok!! Carry On Low Information Humans, Carry on.

      • Anything’s possible, but “the knockout game” and polar bear hunting are established facts. Both involve black males victimizing mostly white people and since this incident followed the modus operandi of the knockout game it’s reasonable to assume this was racially motivated. And just because the black assailant put his arm around a white kid or two doesn’t mean he wouldn’t harm whites. I mean, you’re dealing with a violent black male and they are capable of anything.

        Further, the media actively suppresses facts that might prove it was an anti-white hate crime or would cast aspersions on the character of the saintly black race so white people don’t reach the wrong conclusions or think bad thoughts about afro-mericans. .

        Carry on Mr. new black panther, carry on.

  81. These savage beasts ruin society no matter where they are in the world. They are unemployABLE anyway, so they get a financial “knock out game” played on them all through life which serves them right.

      • Based on crime states – and the ruin of large parts of almost every large City in America. You need to get out more – and think more.

      • Well what would you call people who would attack and beat up or kill an elderly person just for the fun of It? Savage beasts is as good a name as any. If you don’t think they are savage beasts, just what would you call these “little angels”???

  82. The “knockout game” is one of many names given by American news media to assaults in which, purportedly, one or more assailants attempt to knock out an unsuspecting victim, often with a single sucker punch, all for the amusement of the attackers and their accomplices.[1] Other names given to assaults of this type include “knockout”, “knockout king”, “point ’em out, knock ’em out”, “bomb”,[2][3] and “polar-bearing” or “polar-bear hunting” (allegedy called such when the victim is white).[4][5][6] Serious injuries and even deaths have been attributed to the “knockout game”. Some news sources report that there has been an escalation of such attacks in late 2013, and in some cases the attack has been charged as a hate crime, while some politicians have been seeking new targeted legislation specifically against it.[4][7][8] However, other media analysts have cast doubt on this and have labeled the trend, although not the attacks themselves, a myth[9][10] or an example of a panic, both with racist undertones.[11][12] Liberal analysts claim that their conservative counterparts falsely promote a view that the “knockout game” trend is real[13][14] and conservative analysts claim that the liberal media does not report on it due to the racial implications it may have

  83. Oh West, don’t get anger at Sharpton. You know what he wrote in a oped for the Huffpost????
    an “alarming trend that is spurring outrageous incidents across the country. It is deplorable, reprehensible and inexcusable.”
    “It is insane thuggery, and it is unequivocally wrong. These kids are
    targeting innocent people, and in many cases specifically targeting
    Jewish folks,” he said. “We would not be silent if it were the other way
    around, and we will not be silent now. This behavior is racist, period.
    And we will not tolerate it.”
    See you guys do have a lot in common. Now, do that fist bump thing and hug it out.

    • Lol… they were the one’s to incite this violence in the first place with Trevon, it’s the same as the gov. do, they create the problem and when the problem happen, they go to the people and said ” I’m the government, I’m here to help”
      Jessie and Sharpton do the same with the black community, I call them racist pimps, because it’s what they are, the build and incite violence against white, so they can keep getting rich on their people, and them after incite the crime in their community ( only by color, not by values ) they go there and said ” I’m Jessie/Sharpton let me help you to give justice, and place a law suit ” so well play and how sleep is the black community, to follow this truants, corrupt and fraudulent suppose leaders… they are a joke…RACIST PIMPS!

  84. This knockout game is also know as polarbear hunting.. figure it out. That is what it needs to be called to bring attention to the matter, because it is a racist motive to attack whites

  85. Honestly reading stories like these just disgust me. Since when was knocking someone out even considered a “game.” I mean, this poor guy died and the courts are really just going to give this Jesse kid 5 years in jail because it was an “accident.” Give me a break! This doesn’t teach any of these kids a lesson. If he killed someone he should receive a death sentence!

  86. Whites are considered on the kill lists by blacks. It time to straighten people out. Anyone, no matter what race, kills someone, stands trial for murder. This is not a sport to see how many whites, or blacks you can kill. What is wrong with you? Blame the whole white race for some unrighteous act against blacks, from years gone by? Well I am sorry you suffered these injustices, but whats done is done, and I can only apologize now. Heal and be whole, forgive and be at peace. Teach your young people that you are only going to hurt your families more by your actions, end up jail for a long time, or be dead. Is this what your parents would want? Think carefully. Dead is forever.

    • You’ve made some excellent comments. The only one I take issue with is being sorry they suffered these injustices. Today’s blacks are so far removed from the days of slavery that it is no excuse for their behavior today. In the same breath, I nor any of the white race today own slaves nor have we ever owned them. As for slavery, it was the black race that sold their kin into slavery for a profit so this would mean that today’s blacks have themselves to blame for slavery if you want to put it all into context.
      We (blacks and whites alike) should all teach our children to respect each other and ask God’s forgiveness and pray for healing.

    • The white people did not make blacks slaves they were brought from other blacks transported here and resold. We did not start the cycle and in other country’s it still goes on

  87. White people need come to the realization that the majority of blacks hate them and wish them physical harm. Integration is a complete and abject failure. 95% of black America voted for Obama who had a long and sordid history of radical black nationalist activism and sympathies. Therefore, on some level they are all responsible for the death of Colton Gleason and other hapless whites who are brainwashed into thinking that blacks don’t pose any danger to them.

    • I have to said that this is not truth, besides fraud, corruption, crime and other things, we know that were blacks that voted republican because it’s what they are, it’s no way in hell by the numbers, to believe that by the black vote ONLY, 0-bama got the power, even if all about 13% of the black community vote, where is the other 40% come from? other minorities and the majority white, it’s the only way… this crime and others is a national crime,under your logic, the entire country is guilty of this crime, the country has not tell people to kill, each of us make choices, with consequences. I know many black people who follow the law, raise their children properly, they work and are responsible.I know some whites that don’t… We can’t generalize, but in this and other cases, we know that they are black teens the one’s to attack people in the streets, kids that has not good parenting, that live by the system, who’s most lately has been raise by criminals in the street, with one parent or many… it’s out to us, those that know and those in their community responsibility to help them to get of that mentality of entitlement, they are slaves of different kind with the same master. The democrats… they should read and learn the truth of their own history, they are supporting their killer, their enemy, they will be destroy if they don’t learn, together we can help, if we are not to stuck up and think not of race, but as in AMERICAN, they are Americans too, abuse and use by the system… to help America we must help it’s people.

      • The point was/is that the vast majority of blacks voted for a man (Obama) who loathes white America and the American system. Most blacks judge people strictly by the color of their skin and not on the content of their character and that will never change. The conservative “race doesn’t/shouldn’t matter” spiel does not appeal to non-whites.

        Racial identity politics is here to stay, so whites better jump on the bandwagon or be dispossessed in their own country.

  88. An old African war saying says “In war, do not kill your foe. Drive him from your land, wound him, but if you kill him, you just make enemies of his sons,”

  89. What can be done? Can there an award for the Jesse Smithers for white studies students.
    If anyone cares to study the George Zimmernan fiaasco I think they would come to the conclusion that George Zimmerman was not given a fair trial. One contest innocence or guilt, but the facts reveal he never had a chance at a fair trial because the media and other groups keen to make the case black racism by white man discarded the truth and altered the evidence in order to make Zimmerman guilty in the media before the trial.
    With kind of blatant racism we, the white will have no peace until, forget that we can have race relations with people who no interest in them.
    The black race has made their existence predicated on the ancient truths and today’s lies. They are a people of little effort and great hunger for the free government entitlements.
    Until, as a race they do not continually need special help at school, at work, at even being employed, white people have no chance, for have tired of the idea that slavery continues to be a legitimate reason for their inability to achieve.
    If they are content to blame the white man for their society’s collapse, so be it. However, no model no matter how creative can blame the white man for a 73% illegitimacy birthrate. Poverty begets poverty and success begets success.
    The black race pulls the rest of the population down through their unwillingness to even support their own children. Somehow this problem is the problem of the government,, read white people, for white people pay the vast majority of taxes in this country.

    Piss us off, really piss off the white race and see what happens.

    • If the media in this country were truly doing its job, the white race would be on a war path today. It could be the reason the media plays down the black-on-white crime wave sweeping this country – but why? It is a delay tactic at best. What are they hoping to delay long enough for? What else is the media hiding that might be just around the corner?

    • Uh maybe you haven’t heard but Zimmerman was found not guilty.So if the trial was not a fair one, are you saying he really was guilty

      • Cute, Doris, but ZImmerman should have never gone to trial… That he did, and the media was all but agitating for his conviction is the point he was trying to make.

  90. The latest statistics that I’ve seen reveal that there are 39 violent black-on-white crimes for every violent white-on-black crime. Yet, everybody is so scared of being called racist for mentioning this sad fact that it’s totally ignored or hidden by the main stream media and it’s black race baiting masters!

    • I’m glad the blacks on my block and with whom I interact regularly are nothing like the knockout thugs. Colonel West is a national treasure, because he can speak truth without risk of being attacked as a racist.

  91. Mr. West, this article is simply a ton of pandering tripe. It is really shameful the way you cater to the bias and prejudice of some white people, bias and bigotry that is clearly in evidence in the comments to this article. You ought to deal in more truth. For starters, the knockout game is a myth which has been debunked. If you are going to decry the media as biased and deceptive, don’t be selective, call it out when it promotes bogus info about blacks. Every case where it was supposed to have happen has been shown to be bogus or complete fabrication

    Furthermore, there is no double standard when it comes to crimes like this. None at all. In the Zimmerman and Dunn cases for example, average African Americans asked for accountability, not hate crime prosecutions. The issue in incidents like Zimmerman and Dunn is whether there will be any accountability for criminal acts where blacks are the victim.

    Whites are often quick to say silly things like blacks don’t care about crimes where the perp and the victim are both black, but that only demonstrates how little they know about the black community. Mentoring programs, community centers, churches, and more are all involved in finding ways to keep our youth out of trouble. The fact that we have not solved it has no bearing on the level of concern within our community about crime problems. People use ridiculous terms like black on black crime, racializing crime, when in fact, the majority of crime is intraracial. Despite that fact, no one goes around talking about white on white crime, but no one sees how foolish that terminology is.

    Again the issue is about accountability. In the crimes that happen in our community, if the perps are caught, there is typically no issue of that. If they get caught, they go to jail. Whenever whites point to a crime like the one committed against Gleason, their only complaint is that it didn’t get any publicity. This is stupid on two counts. 1. if you wanted it to receive lots of attention, then draw attention to it. That’s what African Americans did about the cases we thought needed attention. 2. Whites didn’t draw attention to these cases and they did not for one simple reason; they didn’t have any concern that there would not be accountability for the crime. They didn’t think that the person arrested might be let go by a jury or not investigated at all. Because the fact is, in nearly every case that whites will cite of a crime with a white victim and black perpetrator, the perp went to jail.

    In any event, it is really despicable the way you are catering to the bigotry of some whites with an article like this. The comments on this article are filled with bigots generalizing about blacks in foul ways. Do you read the comments that people leave on your site? Do you figure when they are talking about black people as nothing but low lifes and parasites that they don’t include you? You’re the exception to them perhaps, but they certainly include your relatives, your black friends and extended family when they fill your comments with denigration of blacks.

    You served our country. I value that. My family, my black family, is full of people who have served (WWII, Korea, Iraq, Civil War). Did you serve to come home and promote the kind of bigotry you encourage on your site? You don’t even challenge the many blatantly bigoted comments that appear here.You exhibited courage on the battlefield abroad, but yet show no courage at home to answer blatant bigotry. It is shameful.

    • Mr. Political Season,
      Do you live in a cave or what? The statistics don’t lie, and neither is Mr. West. Your statement of the knockout game being a myth is ludicrous. It’s very real and more than a few white victims have been murdered due to the black thug knock out “game”. The media is biased and haven’t given the news in a fair manner. As for bigoted comments, they come from all races and it has been my observation that there are many more blacks being racist than are whites, hence, the knock out “games”.
      No amount of community programs is ever going to take the place of parents in the home who will raise their children to respect authority and human life. The problem with youth today is that they have no discipline and or self respect, and without this they don’t respect others.
      As for your comments about “if you want publicity then draw attention to it”, this also is ridiculous because the only ones who can do this and be heard are the blacks. If a white person brings attention they are labelled racist. Political correctness has done this country in.
      As for accountability, I believe that race shouldn’t even enter the picture. If a thug (white, black, pink, purple, red, yellow, blue, etc.) harms another they should be jailed for a long long time and if it ended in murder they should be put to death immediately, no jail time for the tax payers to support them, a bullet and be done with it. There is no rehabilitating these animals.
      As for your comments about / to Mr. West, you owe him an apology. He’s a war hero, and a good moral man who is not afraid to speak the truth. He’s the kind of man that should be in the president’s office instead of the marxist that is in there now. If Allen West ran for President, I’d vote for him.

    • You sound like a person that does not like it when truth is told you also sound like a obama supporter when he has done nothing hurt this country and the people in it black & white

    • I guess you don’t live in the real world, but on some fantasy planet your racist liberal brain has conjured to alleviate your guilt for perpetuating the illusion that everything is a coincidence. You suffer from headupazz syndrome and should have it looked at by a obamacare professional.

    • I am not worried by your obvious tunnel vision and unfettered and clueless bias. First of all , I am a Senior Citizen and if I am assaulted then it is a “hate crime” in my City. Second of all. I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon and if I am assaulted and only then . I will shoot the person.I t is just that simple.

    • Debunked? You, Sir, Madam or “other” as the case may be, are an out and out liar. “Knockout” is as much a fact now as job discrimination, segregated waiting rooms, toilets and water fountains were in the 1940s and ’50s. We (white conservatives) helped get rid of that abomination over the objections of your beloved Democrat Party. We now ask you (black liberals) to step up and straighten out your youth, before we are forced to do so. The thug culture common in part of the black community is of benefit to no one, least of all to you and yours.

    • Lets see.. a group of youngsters in a car going by….folks on the street.
      Car stops, kid jumps out and punches ‘anyone’ and OOPS, they died. What an accident!! Crapola!

    • Political Season… While I do like your writing of smart man, I can’t by any count be bias as I have been see much in your community. I can’t for the simple fact that I have two grand kids that deserve the truth, and the truth is not portrait here by your words the right way.
      No one, not two or more crimes against unaware pedestrians, has been classify as “racist” by the media, because political correctness, because we have a person seating in the people’s house that “look black” and it’s racist today to said the truth.
      You have compare the case of Trevon Martin, my grand daughter place a total black picture in facebook in support of him, because her black friends, has one, ( she’s like BAMA, half and half, but sure don’t look black, and she’s more black than the man call from some president, who happen to be Arab more, and of islamic education, no bias here, I’m not black or white American and I have no desire for racist, is in my humble opinion ignorance, but I will not allow anyone to play that deception on any of mine ), I told my grand daughter to remove the picture and her comment for such support and explain to her why.
      Mr political season. Crime or good deeds, is NOT done by the color of the skin, but by the person, just happen that some people has place a copyright on playing the race card to silent the most people, including blacks… just happen that for the last 4 years, they are way to many knockout games, but only people has start paying attention, since the issue of Martin, young black thugs, has decide to take it to the streets and attack people in the name of retaliation, not because Trevon, but because they are already creating crime, but they feel in the need to do it in the open, after all, it’s Obama who said that “Trevon can be his son ” which has incite more violence, it’s no wonder that many blacks believe that they have some rights against other, because “their president” look black like them.
      Bias is to said that were not calls for retaliations, this are your words. “Furthermore, there is no double standard when it comes to crimes like
      this. None at all. In the Zimmerman and Dunn cases for example,
      average African Americans asked for accountability, not hate crime
      prosecutions.” which I have to said, that maybe we don’t follow the same news or someone was to busy to support this crime by the color of the skin of the thug in the case, because the Black Panther, were place a bounty to catch Zimmerman dead or life for 10000 dollars, I wonder what this is, besides being illegal and crime in itself, I do believe also that the black panthers, has call for the “killing of white people, with blue eyes” I want to know what this is in your eyes, or maybe like I said, you’re to busy to coverup the truth of what “the black community is doing against it’s own people”
      Trevon Martin was a thug, he didn’t buy skeetles and ice tea ( of a particular flavor ) to eat like any kid would do, but to make a mix that will produce a drug, that bring allucinations and one he was using for over a year, Trevon was spell from school for 10 days’, they found in his back pack stolen items, drugs and other things. that don’t talk for a well educated kid, nor someone without violence, I have personally read the post of Trevon in fb and twiter before were put down, how he talk about attacking “white people” and how good feels to do so. He was a criminal, the people decide so, was a court day and the only one’s who make this to be racist and hate crime, where none other but Eric Holder, Bama, Sharpton, Jessie, the NAACP, some Chicago pastors, that should be more worry about fighting the crimes of young blacks in the streets of Chicago by young blacks, as well his mother, who start making business on the ignorant, in her son dead, before the body was cold.
      It’s about 13% of black Americans in this country, not all of them are criminals and thugs, in fact it’s very small fraction of that 13%, but compare to the 67% of white people in the USA, one can said that most crimes are commit by those of the 13% race, many of them came from the suburbs, they depend on government and do nothing to better themselves.Why? because the “racist pimps” I just mention that need of this uneducated youth to perpetuate the race card, so they can get rich on their people. You write intelligent, yet bias, it’s people like you and Allen West who must speak the truth of your community, to empower your people, not to keep them in the bottom, as crime and ignorance does.
      You like it or not, “the knock up game” is well and alive, not a myth as you try to portrait, it’s people dying because of it, and it’s people who start know of this danger game, by thugs ( all of which are black, except one in Texas done by a white boy to a black man, to find if the news will report it or not, and report they did, even called racist, but not those of blacks against white, it’s never racist when black people attack for being racist )He proof his point, and so it’s you. This black thugs, are creating Zimmermans, people is going to be armed, and what seems to be dangers for elder, women and children by this ignorant bunch of youth, that has nothing better than knock people down, is going to end up in a war zone, if the black community don’t take upon themselves to stop this crimes from their own homes, it’s no set of values in this children raise by the streets, and the lack of responsibilities of their parents, any of this kids should stay inside their homes in late hours, their parents should know where they are, and if they commit a crime, the parent should be jailed with the kid, so they start teaching their children right.
      My husband who’s black, has talk me many histories about “black mothers of his youth ” David Shapele and others has talk about them too, what happen to the black mothers of today that don’t raise their children, because they are more busy on their games, beauty salons etc.?
      That is the true crime commit against the black youth, it’s no parenting, and most women has no men besides them… work on that, and more than half of the problem will be over. Stop being so bias.
      Crime have no color, but this particular crime, is done by none others than blacks. PERIOD. It’s no profile, it’s a fact.

      • Just because some of us dont agree with you and believe there is a double standard does not make us bigots, It makes us truthful white and black.

    • Wow, you must be swimming on the kool-aide. If you actually believe that the “knock out game is a myth”, you are the one that needs to be woken up. Why is that the black community doesn’t pull itself up and demonstrate to it’s younger generation that being able to stand on your own 2 feet is a worth while endeavor. Being free from the governments bonds is a worth while pursuit. But no, you keep up the distraction that all of the problems are caused by others and not by your acceptance of voluntary bondage. You whine about how your ancestors were taken into slavery by the white man, yet fail to realize that he was sold into slavery by his fellow black back in Africa. By doing this they were able to make money and remove a possible foe in one fell swoop. All I ever hear is how bad you have it hear in this country, I know that I will be shouted down but at this point I am fed up with listening to the BS. If your ancestor had been left in Africa, you wouldn’t exist, because he would have been slaughtered and your ancestor would have never been born. Sorry but the Democrats have kept you in voluntary slavery for the last hundred years. If you want to be free, stand up and quit allowing them to buy you off. Quit voting for more slavery! Take Col. West as an example of how you can move forward and quit calling him a bigot. You are one of the problems in your community because you ignore the facts that keep hitting you in the face. Wake up and take responsibility.

    • Look, this author is not saying all blacks just 53% of black males don’t graduate High school, 73% of black women have babies out of wedlock 60% of black males by the age of 25 have been or are in prison, 39.8% of blacks are on welfare. Do you want more statistics. I’m a gambling man, I go with the numbers
      now have you have any proof of your accusations ?

    • Mr. Political Season, I have to start by saying that your writing is extremely well thought out and the kind that gets the most attention from the thinkers in any crowd (which generally does not involve racists of any color). I can say that, as a Libertarian, before the Treyvon Martin verdict was issued, I made a prediction and I was dead on. The prediction was: One side will win (not sure which) … and 49.5% of the people will think just was served … and 49.5% of the people will feel it was a terrible misCarriage of justice. The other 1% (that included me) will understand that George Zimmerman was the only living person who knew what really happened … but we all knew that the other 99% were completely convinced that they understood it all and that “their side” was 100% right. My other prediction was that it would be used to take away Liberties and to further restrict and villify firearms. Every one of my predictions was correct … and would have been had the verdict gone the other way as well. I did find it dis-heartening that when interviewed, an Illinois State Rep could speak about the Trevon Martin case in great detail, but could not even name any of the names of the 17 teenAgers killed in her district in the last 12 months (all African American). So there are serious issues with the race-baiting and the prioritization. I believe that 10 years (which could be as little as 6.5 in the end) for this depraved and callous an action is the wrong message to be sending. I applaud the people you speak of with mentoring et al in this community, but if you do not see this community having more of an issue here … then you’re eloquent speaking abilities belie an inability to deal w/reality. I am seeing federal stats saying violent crime is down, and I’m speaking to police who say they’ve never seen it anywhere near this bad … so … since I tend to not trust our gov’t … I believe this is case where “figures don’t lie, but liars figure”. I wish that, in your post, you would have added to your credibility by allowing that a 6.5 year term for this cold-blooded murder was far too small. I encourage you to clarify your statement with that addendum.

    • You and your wretched black supremacy is going to meet with divine vengeance. Jesus destroyed your black ancestors in Egypt for enslaving and killing whites Moses was delivered by Jesus from the genocide Pharaoh committed against whites 80 years later Jesus sent Moses back down to Egypt to visit divine vengeance upon that nation 40 years later the whites were brought into the holy land where your black ancestors the canaanites had passed the line with Jesus and they wrre destroyed for their devil worship. Your ancestors the canaanites also inhabited Sodom and Gomorrah where roving gangs of black faggots tried to gang rape angels and those Angels turned that valley into the Dead Sea the destruction of Babel ,Egypt at the Passover, and the destruction of the land of Canaan are all memorials of Divine vengeance against blacks for their horrible bigotry , slavery and murder of anyone who wasn’t black, and alll of this is coming to this nation very rapidly. From the beginning of Obsmas homosexual dictatorship Jesus sent those same Angels back down to this country so it os already too late for Obama and his gang of black supremacists you blacks will reap the sure reward of your racism, one more thing ” Atlanta shall fall just like Jericho ” it is the capital of the black soviet state in the south established by the bisexual communist MLK who incited hate crimes against white people and worshiped Lucifer

    • Seems as though most of the bigotry on this site comes from trolls , and they are called on it . Filled with bigots ? Nope . If you truly believe there is a problem , you should ask Col. West to employ a moderator or two .
      Don’t forget – It is far better to starve a troll . No matter how much fun the alternative can be .

      Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry !
      No season on trolls . Though there should be a reward for their live capture , and delivery to a re-education center .

  92. Political Season: As long as black America continues to listen to imbeciles like Jackson, Sharpton, Holder and Obama they will be viewed as the victims they love to claim to be. I’m old enough to remember when blacks had everything that was important and yet they had nothing because of a corrupt and incompetent government. They had church and family even if their government didn’t view them as equal. Those elected officials holding black America down were almost exclusively Democrats and yet blacks support that deplorable party almost exclusively. Since the passage of the Civil Rights Act that was almost defeated by the Democrats the government has seen fit to greatly enhance the burden on blacks with the failed War on Poverty. Billions spent that created generations of people living in almost total reliance of government welfare programs. The unemployment rate among blacks is higher than any other demographic. The percentage of black children born out of wedlock and without a father to guide them is the highest of any other group. Black children fail to graduate high school at a rate higher than any other group. There is nothing I have accomplished in my life that a person of any color couldn’t accomplish with hard work and persistence. Equality of opportunity is there for all if they are willing to work hard. The Progressive Democrats believe in equality of result forcing society to pay for those unwilling to make in on their own because Democrats don’t believe blacks can make it without their help. Allowing the government to support you is the last thing anyone should want. I hate hyphenated characterizations of Americans but black seem to love the term African American. We are all Americans and all in this together. Yes there will always be morons out there judging people by skin color but I don’t know any and the only time I here the “N” word is when I listen to black rappers. If I were black I would work with my community to rid it of drugs, gangs and government dependence. I would create businesses that employed young people to give them a start in life. They would learn all the important lessons of self sufficiency and independence. I did 26 years for my country and fought next to every color that exists in the human race and I don’t recall anyone caring about skin color. When a crime is committed the “perp” should be held accountable no matter who they are. The America under the Clintons, Bush and Obama has become lawless. Those three Presidents couldn’t have been more unsuitable for any position of public trust. Under Obama and Holder it’s actually impossible for a white person to have their civil rights violated by a black person. Certainly you see the insanity in that reality. By far most deaths of young black men are caused by other young black men. That is a statistical fact. Your criticism of West was misplaced. You should look around and wonder why black America finds itself at the bottom of the ladder. The answer is clear to me that as long as they rely on this incompetent and corrupt government they will remain third world.

  93. I’m trying to figure out where the accident part comes in. Did he get out of the car to say hello and tripped over the tire and stopped his fall with the victims face. What needed to be done was to establish this “game” was racially motivated. 10 years for callously taking someones life is a joke and indicative of the times we live in.

  94. Mr Allen wouldn’t be surprised if Rev Sharpton were to ridicule him for his stance?

    Actually, Rev Sharpton has publicly said Black-on-White knockout cases deserve the same condemnation as the other way around.

    Mr Allen needs to update his talking points.

    • You actually believe Sharpton,??!! Sharpton is nothing but a lying racist Tawana Brawley incident was a complete lie , another incident of a white jeweler in NY. driving his car and hit a black kid , black kid died , thiswas a ttragic accident , but what does Sharpto do heincites riots and violence and incited the murder of four white people, which was just fine with the justice department.If a black person decides to just murder a white person this racist communist government will award him with a tv show where he can now incite murder and violence and hate crimes over the national airwaves, and further the governments plan for genocide of white people

      • I remember Tawana Brawley, she claimed she was abducted, sexually assaulted, smeared with feces, tossed in a garbage bag. It was later proven that the whole story was fabricated. To this day she is still paying monies to the attorney general(?). She still stands by her story that she a victim.

    • Right… IF he said that where is his “television tour” condemning this cowardly attack? I don’t remember sho said it, but this quote sums it up for “Rev” Sharpton: “Your actions speak so loudly I cannot hear what you say.”

    • And where is Mr. Al to condemn this murder? Update your own talking points.
      Big Al is where he always is, making up some alleged racial “crime” that didn’t happen. Can you say Tawana Brawley? Mr. West is right, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Big Al condemned this article. What would be a surprise is if Big Al ever forgot to play the race card.

    • If Worthless “AL” said that then paste a reliable copy of his statement and like Eric said, where is his condemnation now.

    • It should be 1st degree murder, the thug had already planned it that he was going to do the knock out game to the Whitey. He drove around to find his victim and killed him..it is 1st degree murder. I wish the victim’s father will able to reciprocate the same favor to this black thug ovomit’s son when he got out from jail and to see how the justice will turn out. F,,,all the damn NAACP, eric asshole-der, and Ted Nugent is right when he called ovomit- a subhuman d…

    • Mary, it’s unfortunate but there are worthless individuals in society created by equally worthless parents and in this case, growing up on the Democrat plantation and most likely without a father. I would be curious as to what the other boys in the car have to say, if they say it was planned then it is 1st degree and he should be killed.

    • I find your inability to spell the word “dying” offensive.
      The rest of your comment makes me think you are just a troll trying to make conservatives look stupid.

      • Brendan
        Or make us all look like a bunch of white racists! O’Dumbo.Holder, Sharpton, Jackson & the rest of the Communist Dumbocraps do a good enough job of instigating racism. The “messiah stream media” thinks all conservatives are racist. We don’t need racists on the site proving their point.

        I don’t think the young thug (that is NOT a racist work, never has been, never will be) was given the sentence he deserved either but I have the utmost respect for Col. West & ALL the Conservative blacks who stand up for their principals instead of their race & it’s embarrassing to me as a white person that people use racial slurs on these sites.

      • People
        shouldn’t attack a grammatical error when someone is making a point, go
        for the content instead. Everyone misspells here and there and it
        should be overlooked out of respect and you marginalize yourself by doing dumping on him. It’s been my experience that it
        usually happens when one wants to marginalize someone they disagree
        with. I am seeing more and more of this behavior in the comments section
        of news items and always speak up. It’s the same for someone that uses
        all upper case text…………just ignore it because in reality no one
        is really yelling are they?

      • People shouldn’t attack a grammatical error when someone is making a point, go for the content instead. Everyone misspells here and there and it should be overlooked out of respect. It’s been my experience that it usually happens when one wants to marginalize someone they disagree with and you only succeed in marginalizing yourself. I am seeing more and more of this behavior in the comments section of news items and always speak up. It’s the same for someone that uses all upper case text…………just ignore it because in reality no one is really yelling are they?

  95. this is a travesty of justice. The moron will be back on the streets with a NU edumacation before he is 30 (at the latest). Maybe someone will punch his ticket before he’s released. My condolences to the family. As a citizen, I apologize for this injustice.

  96. Stop calling it a “knockout game.” Call it a “deliberate act of murder.” When you call it a game, it gets diluted into one of those “boys will be boys” incidents and sounds like an accident instead of what it was, a deliberate act of murder.

  97. An accidental hate crime? Hmm…
    A Liberal revisionist’s work is never done.
    They’re simply never, ever, satisfied with plainly stating the truth, and letting the cards fall where they may. It’s always someone else’s fault… Their first inclination is to justify with a lie, because it’s what’s the loudest voices in their community do, which in their mind, makes it acceptable.
    Never an ounce of accountability from these cowards, they would rather ambush an unsuspecting person just for fun, then live up to their full potential as a proud role-model for the next generation. They’d rather inspire fear, than real admiration.
    A litany of excuses led up to this tragic loss of life… From, the dog ate my homework, to I deserve what I take, right on up to society is to blame, or the Devil made me do it. Always an excuse, never an ounce of morals, ethics, compassion, empathy… Just hate, and blame!
    Being encouraged to “get even,” certainly weren’t the inspirational words needed by a people seeking an outlet for their frustrations. But then trying to sell accountability, to people who are merely looking for someone to blame, isn’t an easy task. It is the cowards way to choose blame, in order to escape accountability. Those who have focused their entire existence, and bet the future of a nation, on blaming others, are at fault, and we too bare some responsibility, for letting the get away with it. They provide no moral compass, encourage no empathy, and gain only from the division of a nations people. At this, they have succeeded spectacularly.
    Wrong, is wrong!
    We have failed miserably, to teach out children well if they can no longer distinguish right from wrong.
    There’s no honor in blaming others for your actions, and it’s a poor example to be setting for our children.

  98. Blacks and Whites will NEVER come together because of the ignorant Whites and ignorant Blacks in each race. The white race afraid that Blacks are taking over. The Black race afraid that Whites are oppressing them and holding all the power. All of you need to get it together. FOR when God comes back no gun or knockout game will stop him from cleaning the evilness from this world. Whites, stop generalizing all Blacks. Blacks, stop generalizing all Whites. To all the whites who preach White genocide, get a clue. You’re the majority of the population and if you are so worried about “white genocide”, Blacks are the least of your problems! Get rid of the sentence disparity within races. Stop judging others based on what you see on tv! Blacks stop using “the white man is evil” as an excuse and strive for better. Again, I’m speaking for some not ALL Whites and Blacks.

    • Are you Rodney King’s daughter? can’t we all get along. The Sharpton’s & Jackson’s are getting what they want that blacks not be charged for crimes and do less time when they are. Obama is getting in the act now talking about giving less time for drug offences and giving pardons. We know Holder won’t charge blacks. As far as TV, the black guy or gal is the good cop, the judge, the DA, the doctor, the pilot, very rarely the bad guy. Read the newspapers all over the country and you see who is doing the crimes. You mentioned God, He gave us free will. Unfortunately to many are guided by the devil, Hollywood, rap music, politicians and to many liberal people. God also said an eye for an eye. My heart bleeds for the Gleason family you may recall what this story is all about not injustice against blacks where there is none. He is getting a light sentence for murder, there’s the injustice. Keep voting in liberals and it will get worse.

      • I don’t know where you are from, but Blacks serve harsher sentences. I think you are delusional to think Blacks are portrayed as good. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Most Blacks are discriminated against because Blacks are portrayed negatively by the media. Hell, I’m Black, well educated, sweet, considerate, diligent YET it always feels like I will be deemed as a Shaneqia. Yes there are bad Blacks just as there are bad Whites. “Blacks commit the most crime” are subjective statements. There are Whites who commit crime and some don’t get caught as some, rare occasion Blacks get off for a crime.

        I think this guy should serve a much harsher sentence. The fact that some of you guys attack my character shows that you think I support innocent people being knocked out. I don’t support that neither do I support innocent people being shot. I DO NOT agree with using violence because you are upset about being poor. I feel like that negative energy can transferred into positive energy to change your life.

        And being a liberal, listening to rap or rock doesn’t associate you with the devil. What associates you with the devil is having a cold heart and not possessing a soul. Being a member of a certain race doesn’t automatically make you bad.I don’t think all Whites are evil. There were Whites who helped Blacks in the struggle and they were Republican.

    • They will never come together as long as the black race allows itself to be kept seperate through race baiting and preferencial bias.

  99. Another son? … Mr. Smithers could have been Mr. Obama as a child… Based on the language of previous situations – it’s slick – and compassionate.

  100. Hi Allen,Im with you,This should have been classified as a hate crime,and this thug sentenced accordingly.holder and Obama (after all this thug was like obamas son,,if he had one) sure love to play the race card,along with the other hate whitey reverands………

      • I think the point is that we see all kinds of reporting in a racial manner (pointing out the victim was black)when the crime involves white on black EVEN when there is also no evidence. But when and if a black on white crime is even reported theres no mention of anything. For instance, the so called knock out games, when it finally did get reported it was groups of blacks attacking whites and Jewish, thus they also called it Polar Bear games. Of course now all the idiots who “wanna be black” have also joined in, see how they actually caused the worst kind of racism? But most of the media didn;t dare point out that fact and the ones who did were immediately called racist.

  101. Hate crimes must be very specific to be charged as such. There must be proof that a person was targeted for his race, religion, or sexual orientation. I do not see that here. I see photos of a black boy who had white friends, which actually goes against a hate crimes charge. This would never hold up in court as a hate crime- there’s simply no evidence.

    • So are we to believe that this guy “loved” the guy that he picked to do harm to? If the situation were reversed, it would be considered a hate crime, double standard, double standard.

    • So why did the liberal media and liberals play that card before during and after the Trayvon Martin case? This is about media bias not legality of the charges.

    • If there was no evidence,and it would not hold up in court???, Someone should have told Jesse Smithers because he pleaded Guilty Second Degree Murder and i an sure he had an attorney help him decide. ( Where Is The Justice?? )

      • He pleaded guilty to murder because he did murder him, although it is anyones guess if that was his true intention. There is no evidence to make this a hate crime, which is most likely Henry why he did not plead guilty to a hate crime, and most likely the reason he was not charged with one. It seems pretty obvious his intent was to punch the boy and drive away.

      • This article asks why this man wasn’t charged with a hate crime, and I am merely asking what evidence there is to support that charge? Nothing I have read or that Mr. West has provided here points to a hate crime. There is a very specific definition which must be met, and apparently it wasn’t met, or there would have been that charge. I think West is a race baiter, and is trying to stir up anger when he knows full well that there was no evidence of a hate crime. He is an educated man who knows what he is doing. Pandering to white anger is despicable and I find West to be a self-serving, phony, irresponsible hack.

      • There is no doubt the man was guilty of a crime, and I never suggested he wasn’t. What I said, if you were to read with comprehension, is that there was no evidence to charge him with a hate crime.

  102. What people fail to understand is that ‘Human Souls’ don’t have a color. When we die we are all the same and are judged accordingly. So when that time comes, skin pigmentation won’t ‘get it’ and only your mental condition and your actions will be used to judge. I really wish these people can find their connection to God and see the big picture before it is too late. This life is not their reality, the next one is it.

  103. The Gruesome Story of a Murdered Tennessee Couple You May Have Never Heard – But That You Will Never Forget

    Aug. 13, 2013 10:37pm Jason


    • WenPap; I read this story a while back, and cannot get it out of my head. The fear this young white couple must have felt from these 4 or 5 black thugs must have been insurmountable.

      • Why would their fear/terror be greater because the thugs attacking them were black? That’s what you imply…it was so much ‘scarier’ because the perpetrators were black…if they were attacked, beaten, raped by 4 or 5 ‘thugs’ of any race or complexion, the experience would be equally horrific and the results just as tragic!

      • But that is the point when was last time you heard of a group of white thugs doing this kind of thing? Not in my life time so that is atleast 40 years.some ans i do mean a few f-up black teens have whites weary of blacks. And that is very unfortunate because I know alot of wonderful black people.

  104. I am so tired of blacks getting the double standard while they sit back and constantly whine. And then guess what. Not one riot of white people tore up the town after it didn’t turn out as the wished it could.

      • It is against the law to seek justice without due process. Holder would hate it if anyone went around his worthless a$$ to do what’s right. If I were the father of that young man that was murdered I would be thinking of ways to exact revenge after that punk leaves the system. Maybe catch him alone, stun him and then transport him to a place where his screams would go unheard as he was hung up from a tree branch and gutted like a dear.

      • Yackety yack makes about as much sense as what you just said, look in the mirror if you want to see shameful. If anyone did that to one of my kids or grand kids they would get what they deserve. You touchy-feely types are the reason murderers get off with a slap and it takes 10+ years to execute filth.

  105. Allen, indoctrination into agenda thinking has done much to hurt everyone. I appreciate your objectivity as I have been following you for some time. We have been taught how to recite, encouraged to take sides, but little has been done to teach Americans how to think. While so many take a stand on the soapbox, few realize the cognitive distortions they promulgate… thanks for your work.

  106. Why do we need to classify crimes as “hate” crimes? They are crimes and that should suffice. The courts should determine the punishment to fit the crime based on the circumstance.

    • I was against any so-called hate crime laws in the first place. We have laws against everything they now call hate crimes. It was just another way to politicize by the Democrats to get votes.

  107. Remember that well known African American’s like Allen West are now speaking out and by example showing other blacks that it’s OK to disagree with the bought and paid for so-called black leadership. Hopefully the CBC will become populated with thoughtful black representation soon to correct what their predecessors did out of greed.

  108. I like his point of Obama not coming out that Colton could have been his son – because given a white mother and had he married white to mother of his own children – who’s to say he wouldn’t have resembled Obama’s child – reverse racism. You are a true American and one of the most upstanding men this country has Mr West

  109. Why would it be classified as a hate crime? This didn’t happen because Gleason was white; it happened because Smithers is an ignorant coward.

    • How do you, or any of us for that matter, know that the car did NOT stop by a white guy? Maybe the idiots in the car were looking for an “easy” white victim. No one even considers that possibility, most likely due to the victim’s skin color. Your misguided question only goes to further show the double standard that has Col. West and the rest of us all riled up.

    • The victim was picked because he was different looking than the attacker.

      This makes it a racially motivated hate crime – just as it would if a straight person attacked a gay person because they looked gay, a white person attacked an Asian person because of their ancestry, a Muslim person attacked a Jewish person because of their religion, or a Hispanic person attacked a black person because of their skin color.

    • You are right. The knockout game is about finding a weaker victim. Because you attempt to assault the wrong person, it may lead to them being the opposite end of the knockout.

  110. I suggest if people want change that you all spam(altho this really isn’t “spam”) the White House facebook page with articles of this nature. I do it myself.

  111. Our families are all mixed with various ethnicities. It may be a dark skinned person, or an Asian, white people marrying into black families and Mexicans marrying Europeans, this is really all about who the enemy really is.
    Angry Black people do not know who their enemy is anymore. They think it’s white people because of slavery, but I don’t know a single white person who ever owned a slave. Most white people aren’t ‘white’ anymore than blacks in America are all ‘African’. Am I supposed to hate my nieces and nephews, my cousins and my aunt’s husband because they are different than me? They are my family. No amount of race baiting or fear mongering will ever change that. We have adopted biracial children in our family, their own parents did not want them, or could not care for them. Are you going to say that because of the color of my skin I am prejudiced?
    The enemy are the race baiters and those who make you think YOU can NOT get anything more than the Government gives you, and that everyone else is out to get you. Wake up America. We don’t care who you are or whom you love or what color your skin is, stop this insanity. The enemy is yourself.

    • It is very naïve to assert that because you demonstrate a high degree of tolerance and understanding, everyone else in America is that way. Skin color does affect nearly everything in this country–from social and public perceptions to law conception and enforcement. You must be able to see the forest (the pervasive system of national racism) despite the trees (fair-minded individuals of every complexion)…racism is an American institution; it is intrinsic and systemic. Please read Michele Alexander’s “The New Jim Crow”–the statistics support the facts, as do the everyday lives of people of color…I am a woman who is African-American, American Indian (Lakota/Choctaw), and Caucasian (French-Irish) and I bear witness to it everyday…

      • But no matter what you say, the truth is that about 85% of murders of blacks are committed by blacks; and the frequency of black attacks on white victims far exceeds the frequency of white attacks on blacks.

      • I am white Irish American, don’t know what else, but that does not matter really. I am very disappointed of our government and especially our make believe president. since he took office he has divided our country more than it has been in 25 years.

      • I live in Flint, MI. I am white, I get victimized and treated badly by other races all day long. They cut me in lines I stand in at stores, then look at me like “what are you going to do” I can not walk down the street, there are no more children playing on the play grounds or enjoying life. I am a prisoner, I have to live in fear,That someone will take what little I have, because they feel they deserve or I owe them something. I go for a job interview, black people get chosen ahead of me for the simple fact the business doesn’t want to offend anyone. And, yes I am moving…just like everyone else..then they label me with that to..it is called white flight..I am persecuted everywhere I go

      • Maybe there is another reason. An Asian girl was offered a position because she couldn’t handle the same amount of work that I was doing, she played the gender card and race card. I was upset because I work very hard at work while she would moan and cry about how hard the work was and would take selfies lol. I’m not going to say all Asian girls are like that.

    • To give people some idea of how horrific the black race has been , ..the first record of slavery and genocide ever recorded on this planet was idone by blacks against white people , it was done in Egypt and was so Satanic Jesus showed Abraham in a vision 400 years before , the horror of a great darkness and the smoking furnace , was the bondage the Blacks would fasten upon whites and lest any should ever forget it , the very first commandment given on the tables of stone Jesus gave to Moses contains that very sin of the Black supremacist government of Mizraim, who is Egypt , ” I AM the Lord thy God , which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt , out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt no other gods before me. ” and the horrible vengeance against this satanic crime in the plagues and finally the Passover is an eternal memorial of divine wrath , it continued on at the Red Sea , with the destruction of Pharaoh and the entire Egyptian army, and the 40 years later it continued on in the land of Canaan against the test of the wicked blacks -the Canasnites and the Philistines ,…what Obama and all these evil black supremacists are doing is exactly what their ancestors did in Babylon , Sodom and Gomorrah and in Egypt, and what Jesus did to them back then is coming again to this country

      • Man’s inhumanity to man knows no ethnic or national boundaries. Shem, Ham, and Japheth were BROTHERS. That makes us all cousins. duh.

      • The communist black supremacists do not subscribe to your beliefs , they believe and teach it is their right to rule , they are racially superior to all races and whites arethe enemy for he is keeping the black man down. Blacks are the true perfect race hel in bondage by the mo fo white devil, he must be exterminated from off this earth and all his white notches are your sex slaves to be abused at will

  112. Answer: Because of a double standard, by liberal black and white leadership, liberal media and liberals in general. These same people call Mr. West a lapdog to white folks just because he is a conservative and black! We must work to turn such hypocrisy around!

  113. Any crime committed in hate is a crime against humanity. Regardless of what color the skin of the victim. Seems like initiation type crime. I feel it can no longer be about hate for a skin color or race but humanity as a whole. If we are to stop seeing color or race first we need to stop focusing on it first.

  114. The whole point behind hate crimes is to legalize the extermination of white christian people the bible has already been classified a hate book by communists it is now banned in Hong Kong this is so blatant what is going on in this country every abomination found in the Bible is a plank of the communist political platform , the abortion laws are genocide laws and it is communists who pass them , the democratic party is completely and wholly communist , civil rights , affirmative action , NAACP , Southern Poverty Law , CIA , State Department DOJ , and the President are all completely communist , it has been the policy of the DOJ for decades they will never prosecute any hate crime comitted against a white person it is the communist plan to wipe white people off the face of this earth ..why ? Because white people are the children of Shem, Semitic, Jesus has used white people more than Japheth , Brown’s, and
    Hamitic, Blacks, to preach the gospel around the world , and Lucifer has used blacks more than any other people to further his kingdom of wickedness .

    • Where do you get all your information from, the planets from afar, please stop it cause maybe just maybe someone with be calling you a stalker haha

      • Ignorant fools like you will find out soon enough just like they did when the flood came , and also when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, so mock all you want , soon enough you will never mock anymore, these black supremacist racists will be right there with you….cast into outer darkness …weeping and gnashing of teeth….

      • You are wilfully ignorant , ” if you were blind you should have no sin , but because you say you see , your sin remains” John 9:41

  115. Most white people are mentally ill cowards too afraid to say in the OPEN what they say at home or mumble to their family. Nearly all white politicians have sold us down the river. The democrat party is GONE. Forget them. Republicans are bad enough. Until actual politicians are elected in large quantity who speak of the millions of white people who have been murdered, raped, assaulted, robbed, harassed due to black thuggery and racism, in the OPEN and something is done about it, it is OVER. The gov’t has been replacing white people for decades now. Look at the census stats. and you can see the massive decline percentage wise in the white population since 1970. Mr. West is a TRUE America loving patriot FIRST. I would vote for him over basically any politician. As usual the white politicians HIDE while a black one has the courage to speak the obvious! This case was yet another racial hate crime murder NOT called it and Mr. Gleason will be forgotten in short time while Rodney King and Zimmerman keep going on and on… The agenda is obvious and whitey is the target!

      • Political correctness is a mental illness. This president received 60% of his vote from white people. Too many White people say nothing when whites are victims the nation over and actually promote themselves to be discriminated against by voting for politicians who want to displace them. I would call that a mental illness!

    • Your comments Rich, are very racist in that you make white politicians to be the problem, when in reality, people of every race are part of the problem. The bible explains it best with its exposure of humanity’s sin problem. You damn an entire race with your comments. Your comment that “most white people are mentally ill cowards” is an incredibly offensive comment and completely racist. To me, white people are behind most of the accomplishments that have brought people out of the third world and why so many people in the Western world live in complete comfort relatively speaking than to people in other parts of the world.

      From all the statistics about Black Americans, I have plenty of evidence to support an opinion that most Black Americans are lazy people who constantly play the victim card and who are mostly on welfare, too lazy to do anything else. Over 70 percent of Black American births are to unwed mothers. From watching the movie, Precious, last evening, I could conclude that most Black American males do incest and father children with their daughters, which would be a false and unfair conclusion. But if I made comments about Black Americans the way you do about white people, people would consider me racist and therefore lacking critical thinking skills, even if there is far more evidence for me to make negative comments about Black Americans than for you to make such negative comments about white people.

  116. You can thank the panty waisted judge and slimy defense attorney, and greedy prosecutor for his being given such a light sentence.

  117. The power of one, set the example for others to follow. I read once that you should do good to those who do evil to you, that you should bless those that curse you. I’m held accountable for what I do and say, not what you do and say.. Since I am white any crime done to me is not a hate crime, and since I don’t commit crimes I create no hate crimes. Point solved.. :0)

  118. This needs to stop, we are all one race the Human Race. The only reason the liberals white, black and brown, play the race card is to make money off of it. As long as they can keep people hating each other they will make money on the publicity. If you commit a crime you should pay for it, period. If you commit murder, unless it is self defense, you should either be put to death or stay in jail forever.

  119. The apology was a lie, it was a hate crime, but the media only thinks whites hate blacks, not the other way around. The bible says those who say they see when they don’t are blind and naked still. I must agree the media is morally and spiritually naked and bankrupt.

  120. As a child of the 50’s and 60’s, I can honestly state that the tides have turned. The Black community as I see it is more prejudice against whites, than the other way around. Just an example: I know many whites who carry on friendships with black friends, and the subject of color never comes up. Let the black people carry on in conversation with their white counterparts, and the subject of color always comes up….never fails…not in all communities, not saying in all social settings, but in my community.

  121. There is a lot of racial statements made on this one site by both races, which is the reason this country is were it is now. Both sides want justice for crimes committed against people in their perspective races. One negative statement against the other race don’t help the cause. To assume blacks commits the most of crimes in this nation is not a true statement, likewise to assume all whites are racist is not true either. The truth of the matter is that all races commit their far share of crimes and have their far share of racist individuals which is clear by some of the statements made here. I am not as educated as you guys but I do have some common sense and understand that attacking innocent people of another race just brings on hate from someone who has never done anything wrong to me. Colonel West has a valid point in calling out the liberal media for not giving this story the same amount attention as the Tray von Martin case. At the same time African Americans are outraged because twice in Florida two young black youths are killed by a white person and no justice for those two senseless murders. This is not a hate case. If those two cases are not a hate case. Smithers plotted to commit a crime of violence is true. Some are saying premeditated murder, which is a good call for those looking for the maximum sentence. But asked yourself was his intentions to kill the youngman? Secondly the prosecutors in Florida tried both their cases on 1st degree murder which may have gotten the two defendants the death penalty. If they had tried the cases on 2nd degree murder maybe they would have won and got a life sentence. Now this case was plea bargained down to 10 years for the simple fact he intend to inflict pain on the victim which could have resulted in death and he knew this, the defenda, prosecutor, and the victim family had a say in this sentence. Now hold on a minute when a person drink and drive and kills someone they don’t get charged with murder because there was know intent. Could the District Attorney sort of placed this stupid act of violence into that context of the law. Does not mean that some sort racist reasoning was the reason for the lack of justice. The numbers don’t lie when a minute man kills a black man his chances of getting the death penalty is less, then when a black man kills a whiteman. We complain about these three murders and give them all the attention because on both sides of this issue we have hate and passion for our race. So we find ourselves saying these things about another such as these n _ _ _ _ ers need to die in the streets, kill wh_ _ _y. Most of us in America don’t care about your race. We just want the justice system to be fair and for you race baiting people to not bring the rest of us into your hate war. I don’t care for Obama and Hillary equally. So for me to dislike a person stupidity plays a major role not race or skin color. So me being an uneducated person I wish you all a blessed day and may God bless you know matter what your race maybe.

    • “To assume blacks commits the most of crimes in this nation is not a true statement” It is uncomfortable to have your head so solidly in the sand or under a rock.. To make that statement shows that you have NO clue or never read a newspaper or watch the NEWS programs…. And it invalidates the rest of your statement, I won’t even read further it is a waste of my time.

    • Your butchery of the English language aside, FBI crime stats are more than enough evidence to the contrary of your apologist statement of “To assume blacks commits the most of crimes in this nation is not a true statement,
      However, at the waaaaay way bottom of your statement, ” Most of us in America don’t care about your race. We just want the
      justice system to be fair and for you race baiting people to not bring
      the rest of us into your hate war.”, shows that even someone who makes one silly unsupportable comments can make an equally smart comment.

      • It is amusing to see you ridicule someone else’s command of the English language in a post which displays an utter disregard for the rules regarding direct quotations, or representing something as a direct quotation. Distorting quotations involves not only a poor command of the English language, but also some fundamental dishonesty.

      • Anne, since you want to defend your dishonesty, could you find in the post from dumbfounded where it is he included the language which you put withing quotation marks, as if he had written it? Specifically, can you find where he wrote: “To assume blacks commits the most of crimes in this nation is not a true statement, However, at the waaaaay way bottom of your statement.”

      • dumbfounded

        4 days ago

        There is a lot of racial statements made on this one site by both
        races, which is the reason this country is were it is now. Both sides
        want justice for crimes committed against people in their perspective
        races. One negative statement against the other race don’t help the
        cause. To assume blacks commits the most of crimes in this nation is not
        a true statement, likewise to assu….
        There ya go dumbass.

      • No, Anne, PART of what you quoted was in what he had written, but the part between the word “However” and the end of the sentence, which is where you put the closing quotation mark, was not. In other words, you either deliberately lied and misrepresented his quote, or you butchered his quotation, perhaps by accident or perhaps because you do not know the rules of presenting quotations. One way you are a liar. The other way, in the very post where you criticize him for his “butchery of the English language,” you… butcher the English language.

        Now rules of grammar aside, his central point, and the one which you so strongly challenged, was that those contending blacks are responsible for “most of crimes in this nation” are wrong. And on THAT point he is unarguably correct. Check the FBI’s crime stats instead of merely referencing them and you will see that he was correct. http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2011/crime-in-the-u.s.-2011/tables/table-43 Or just apply some simple logic to the demographics of the U.S. (blacks make up less than 13% of the U.S. population https://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/2012/tables/12s0006.pdf ), and the error your position arguing that he is wrong would be apparent… unless, of course, you are incapable of rational thought on the issue, a problem which afflicts many racists, regardless how good their grammar happens to be.

      • 13% of the population commits roughly 41% of armed robbery; 57% of murders, per the Uniform Crime Reports and Nat’l Crime Victimization Surveys( published by the Feds).
        Your need to throw out words like liar over and over, and incapable tells any one reading these posts as to what YOUR issues are.

      • I AGAIN reposted what the first guy wrote, IN IT’S ENTIRETY, since you apparently got bored and stopped reading.
        AAAAAAAAnnnd, for the libtard WIN of I do not agree so I am gonna label you a raaaaaaaaaaaaaacistttt……idiot.

      • That was a rather predictable response, demonstrating your two greatest skills: a lack of reading comprehension, and the inability to write a coherent sentence. Though nothing in what I wrote would indicate that I am liberal (and I am not), you call me a “libtard,” and do so in a post which might best be described as gobbledygook.

      • dumbfounded

        4 days ago

        There is a lot of racial statements made on this one site by both
        races, which is the reason this country is were it is now. Both sides
        want justice for crimes committed against people in their perspective
        races. One negative statement against the other race don’t help the
        cause. To assume blacks commits the most of crimes in this nation is not
        a true statement, likewise to assume all whites are racist is not true
        either. The truth of the matter is that all races commit their far share
        of crimes and have their far share of racist individuals which is clear
        by some of the statements made here. I am not as educated as you guys
        but I do have some common sense and understand that attacking innocent
        people of another race just brings on hate from someone who has never
        done anything wrong to me. Colonel West has a valid point in calling out
        the liberal media for not giving this story the same amount attention
        as the Tray von Martin case. At the same time African Americans are
        outraged because twice in Florida two young black youths are killed by a
        white person and no justice for those two senseless murders. This is
        not a hate case. If those two cases are not a hate case. Smithers
        plotted to commit a crime of violence is true. Some are saying
        premeditated murder, which is a good call for those looking for the
        maximum sentence. But asked yourself was his intentions to kill the
        youngman? Secondly the prosecutors in Florida tried both their cases on
        1st degree murder which may have gotten the two defendants the death
        penalty. If they had tried the cases on 2nd degree murder maybe they
        would have won and got a life sentence. Now this case was plea bargained
        down to 10 years for the simple fact he intend to inflict pain on the
        victim which could have resulted in death and he knew this, the defenda,
        prosecutor, and the victim family had a say in this sentence. Now hold
        on a minute when a person drink and drive and kills someone they don’t
        get charged with murder because there was know intent. Could the
        District Attorney sort of placed this stupid act of violence into that
        context of the law. Does not mean that some sort racist reasoning was
        the reason for the lack of justice. The numbers don’t lie when a minute
        man kills a black man his chances of getting the death penalty is less,
        then when a black man kills a whiteman. We complain about these three
        murders and give them all the attention because on both sides of this
        issue we have hate and passion for our race. So we find ourselves saying
        these things about another such as these n _ _ _ _ ers need to die in
        the streets, kill wh_ _ _y.

        SINCE YOU APPARENTLY GOT BORED AND STOPPED READINGJes with a Beard- “Most of us in America don’t care about your
        race. We just want the justice system to be fair and for you race
        baiting people to not bring the rest of us into your hate war. I don’t
        care for Obama and Hillary equally. So for me to dislike a person
        stupidity plays a major role not race or skin color. So me being an
        uneducated person I wish you all a blessed day and may God bless you
        know matter what your race maybe.



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    • Trayvon Martin wasn’t murdered. A jury of his piers, a trier of fact made this determination and it is not for us to second guess them. The fact that Martin was pounding Zimmerman’s head into the pavement and Zimmerman was screaming for help might have had something to do with the verdict. But the media rather than present the facts twisted them and then they told outright lies. The pic of Trayvon shown by all media outlets didn’t begin to resemble the huge hulking man seen in the 7-11 store video. Likewise, NBC television edited out the dispatchers question of what race he was on the 911 call in an effort to make Zimmerman look racist. You may think because I’m white I’m standing up for the white guy in this case. Not so. I’m one of the million or so people who signed the online petition for Zimmerman to be tried. This was based on my belief that when an armed guy kills an unarmed guy it should go to a jury.

      Now far more important a quick look at FBI crime stats will tell you blacks choose white victims far more often than the reverse. They are not publicized because they fit no political agenda. I posted a comment earlier explaining my belief for why the media does it’s best to deceive rather than report so I won’t repeat it here. But if this nation is going to survive we’re going to have to get over our petty differences real fast.

    • IDIOT !! TRAYVON got what he deserved for attacking an innocent Hispanic. He was a DRUGGIE, Thief, and kicked out of school multiple times.
      Do pull your head out.