UK parents raise their son gender neutral as a boy and a girl so he won’t “grow up aggressive”

I’m not exactly sure where to start with this one. Perhaps it’s comforting to know it’s not just Americans who do stupid things.

As reported by the Daily Mail, a young couple in the West Midlands of England are raising their son Max to be gender neutral.

In the morning, “dressed in a red checked lumberjack shirt and rust-coloured jeans, he shouted ‘beep beep!’ and giggled with delight while pushing a plastic motorbike around the living room of his family home.”

But in the afternoon, “he swiftly grabbed a blonde-haired doll, sat her in a pink plastic pram, and took her on a short walk, stopping only when it was time to pretend to breastfeed her.”

I have so many questions for these parents. Does your son have “gender neutral” genitalia? How will you potty-train him?

As a one-year-old, what other decisions do you think he should have the freedom to make? What if he doesn’t actually want to live in your house anymore?

Did the hamster, two cats and German Shepherd also sharing your home have the opportunity to choose their genders, and if not, why not?

When Max gets a bit older, will he be encouraged to wear sanitary napkins? Why is that any stranger than pretending to breastfeed?

And why did you name him Max? Why not Susan?

If you’re so worried about him being “too aggressive,” how about teaching him some manners? And isn’t it sexist to think only males can be “too aggressive?” After all, I know some pretty tough and bitchy girls (some might say I am among them).

I am aggressively angry at a culture that devalues and wishes to eliminate traditional masculinity. I will tell you, many bottles of wine have been emptied during conversations with various female friends who bemoan the dearth of manly men.

Yes, I am personally a beneficiary of changing attitudes towards women and women’s roles. I made the choice to work outside the home. I own a business. And a power drill.

I also recognize that a percentage of humanity – albeit a very small percentage – is transgender and suffers deeply because of it. For that I am sorry. The stories of those who must go through the process of transition in order to live contented lives are harrowing indeed.

But folks, humanity depends on having a fairly equal assortment of boys and girls. We’re not sea cucumbers.

It’s one thing to decorate the baby nursery in yellow rather than pink or blue. It’s quite another to encourage your one-year-old male child to pretend breastfeed his dolls.


  1. The sad and truly disturbing part of this is the numbers of people who actually see nothing wrong with this abusive behavior by these people. Odds are better than even that this little guy will spend a long time in either therapy, or prison after he/she acts out his conflicted psyche. Jackwagons…

  2. This is child abuse and the adoption agency need to investigate these parents!! Take the child before he is permanently confused!!!

  3. They said he plays with cars too but I didn’t see one boy toy in the whole clip! And the only boy clothes I saw was one flannel shirt. EVERYTHING else was feminine. He will be confused…

  4. Sheesh. Later, his friends will straighten him out. And other parents, hopefully will rip into these two misguided adults. He’s going to have an aha moment sooner or later, relative to his parents’ parenting methods. Hope he doesn’t get beat up on the playground in 4th grade like my son did. I raised both my children to be kind and to be courteous to their friends and classmates. My son learned the hard way that sometimes you have to stand up for yourself. And he did. He is still a kind person but he has boundaries and self-respect. Also, he played dolls with his older sister when they were young because he loved to play with her. They switched around periodically and played with trucks too. But no one encouraged or forced that on either of them. He dropped the doll thing when he was older in favor of GI Joe.

  5. Let’s sit the parents down for a minute and do a psycho-social evaluation on them. Let’s ask the father to dress up in a pink dress and paint and do the hole woman make up. Then ask the mother to do the man dress up OH, wait she already does. The question is, is she equipped or how is she for that matter and why on earth would someone want to raise a. never mind I have lost all sense of whatever.

  6. LMAO, another future book in the making. Some more experts who will soon be telling us what to think, how to act and changing the definitions of more words like that pesky word marriage . I mean she is 23 years old so I am pretty sure she has thing whole this figured out.

  7. Why do we need anymore messed up kids! This to me is discussing! Why would parents do this to their child! There are boys and there are girls! Poor kid isn’t going to know who the hell he is! Someone needs to smack them!

  8. It reminds me of a scene from Life of Brian where the man wants to be a woman & insists everyone call him “Loretta”. They get into an argument over him being unable to have a baby because he has NO WOMB, but they support his “right” to “want” to be a woman & have a baby. The movie was hilarious. Allowing your child to pretend to do something biologically impossible is NOT. Wear a pink tutu, play with dolls, avoid “boy” toys…. all okay. But taken to an extreme, ridiculous.

  9. This unfortunate child is going to have issues in life and perhaps in his sexual frustration he will express himself upon others in a criminal manner … There is no telling what evil is likely to come of this because of his vile, evil perverted parents

  10. this is what they done in Sodium they was any thing goes Society ,God then Angels then sent godly people still the didn’t not turn back to Gods Laws last he sent angels to warn off the godly people he sent, and to give his law one last time some people left he knew they was very evil so God sent a great fire down and consume the whole city and until this day remains still are there Men are to teach their young boys to become young men , in this film of this couple she wears the pant you can see she is trying to lead he follows, this house ANGERS God they will not please God ,if the world folows suit and I see this starting Jesus return is soon

  11. This kid is headed for lots of trouble. He will most likely turn out to be a criminal. Poor poor little boy. Too bad his parents are complete morons.

  12. I wonder if this couple’s approach might not backfire. At some point this little boy is going to grow up and may become aggressive just to prove he’s not a girly-mon.

  13. This poor child is gonna be one confused puppy when he gets older. Not to mention all the teasing and humiliation he will be put thru by his peers. People just need to accept the fact that males and females are D I F F E R E N T with different roles in life. That doesn’t mean we are not equal. Please allow your children to embrace their sexual being , whether it be male or female. Both are important to keep the world turning as God intended.

  14. Well the bible speaks clearly on this issue . Seems to me he plays a lot with more girl stuff than boy ,and the one parent doing the most interaction with the boy is the Mom. I don`t think dad has any real say so in the matter.I also think that Mom has a real problem . I believe the woman wanted a girl so badly that she can`t except the fact that he is a boy . I don`t care what spills out of her mouth or his,it is all rubbish . I feel so sorry for that little boy .

    • There’s an old song by The Who that covers that, appropriately titled “I’m A Boy”. The problem here is that this is real life.

  15. Treating your kid like an “it” instead of a “he” or “she” is dangerous and stupid. If your kid is a boy, raise him as a boy. If your kid is a girl, raise her as a girl. Raise your sons to be good men and your daughters to be good women. If you’re encouraging your little boy to breastfeed his doll, you’re doing it wrong. So wrong.

  16. He’s going to be so confused and laughed at, mocked, and bullied as a result of these two misguided hair-brained parents. Poor kid!

  17. The Muslim terrorists who have INVADED England in the name of “multiculturalism” thank that family for making their kid easier to cower or kill…that poor kid has fools for parents. Sad and disgusting.

  18. Brits have long been short on brains and long on stupidity, their grandparents were smart decent people, but the new generation lack the intelligence to even know right from wrong in that country. socialism has taken it to hell.

  19. Think of the psychiatry bills that the tax payers in the UK will be footing for this kid. These adults deserve the monster that they will get.

  20. …unfortunately this child was born to a pair of parents that are “brain neutral”. Hope karma comes calling and he “gender neutrally” kills them both in their sleep. Or perhaps someone should just remove this child from this obviously damaging environment.

  21. Good Lord ! There is no ” FREEDOM ‘ IN THIS . He is being taught to be a transgender..this is blatant child abuse ! I hope someone in social service sees this and removes this child from these idiots !


  23. So is all the outrage because he pretended to breastfeed? Because I see a little bitty boy (nothing ambiguous) named Max (not ambiguous) who wears male clothing (not ambiguous) to play with trucks (nothing controversial there). Then, just like we teach little girls that someday if they reproduce, their child will be their responsibility, a little boy is learning that someday if he reproduces, that child will be his responsibility. He’s a little confused when it comes to how he’ll be feeding that child, perhaps, but (a) kids that age imitate mommy and daddy all the time, so maybe he’s seen mommy feeding a sibling, or himself, or just been around other breastfeeding moms and their kids at dinner time and hasn’t registered yet that not all of a child’s caretakers can feed the child that way. And (b) is it BAD to teach our sons that someday if they have a child, they will be responsible for it? I thought we wanted to REDUCE the number of single parent families and deadbeat dads? Do you really think a boy who acts out how to care for dolls, who is internalizing what its like to be an responsible for a little person, will be LESS likely to be a supportive, involved, loving father? Ridiculous.

    Reading this puzzles me, because it seems that anyone with any experience with children would realize that something like this happens ALL THE TIME with children who are this young. They don’t fully grasp which items are gender specific or sex-specific yet. They shouldn’t always, actually – a lot of it isn’t really age appropriate. Little boys in nurseries grab the dolls away from the girls, shove them under their shirt and shout “I’m having a baby” while little girls gently tell their dollies no, they can’t have another cookie. They’re imitating their parents, not choosing their future androgynous wardrobe.

    • Why would it not be just as advantageous to have him learn these things as the boy he is. Those of us who grew up being boys and being good dads didn’t need this to learn what it is to be a good dad. If you think making him act like a girl will make him a better dad you are just a silly as his parents. My guess his father isn’t going to show him to be a man and still be a good dad. Those non aggressive boys are real fine till you need someone to be a man!

      • Max’s dad is a wimp, he needs to grow a pair and tell his sick wife to take a hike. These parents are idiots. If they want him to learn how to be a good father. read the Bible to him and show him the Jesus is the role model we need to follow.

    • Uhm… Everything you said is wrong. They are raising him “Gender Neutral”. Yous specious rationalization reveals an ignorance early childhood developmental psychology which would define the term abysmal.

    • Jamie, have you ever thought of having your mouth stapled shut? You should try and then maybe you may have someone actually pay attention to anything you say. On the bright side I bet you have a really small texting bill. They are forcing THEIR ideals on him and he has no say in the matter and this world is not the kind little rainbow garden you have in your own backyard

    • Jamie, never once have I seen a little boy put a doll up his shirt and pretend to be pregnant. And I’ve been around alot of little boys for many many years. When boys grab dolls away from girls, typically it’s to throw it, make the doll fight, or just wants the toy that someone else has. That’s the way little boys play.
      Also, no normal kid thinks about breastfeeding. Kids imitate what they see, yes, but never once have I seen any kid do that. A one-year-old who plays that way, has been trained to play that way. This kid is being manipulated and confused because his idiot parents want attention and to be considered revolutionary.

  24. I am the eldest of 6 children, 5 of us girls. We were all breast fed and played with baby dolls. Yet it occurred to NONE of us to pretend to breast feed our dolls!

  25. See this is a form of child abuse .They are mentally abusing this child.Some people just do not deserve to have kids..Everything these idiots do they disclaim their own argument..That people are NOT born gender confused!

  26. Well, if this doesn’t further complicate his identity crisis nothing will. Don’t we already have enough men who want to be women and vice-versa in this world?

  27. So the doctors all say the first 5 years form his character for the rest of his life……what are these parents going to do when he attends school with boys and girls not boy/girls and comes home not knowing which way is up…..or are they going to avoid that issue by home schooling and screwing him up till he is 16/17 years old… There are many other things they can do to teach a boy not to be aggressive and they don’t include screwing up his head !!!!!

  28. Oh Great! This will probably be the next big “educational experiment” in our schools when Common Core implodes and our so-called educators want ANOTHER experiment on our children as the world educational ratings of our kids drops another 10 or so points, leaving us at the same level as third world countries….for a #1 in the ratings on amounts spent on education.

  29. Well that’s different. I saw a spot on TV not too long ago about a little ‘boy’ whose parents let him choose clothes of either gender, and he really mixes it up. When he’s questioned about his look out in public, he replies “I’m gender non-conforming” as if that blurb his ‘parents’ taught him makes it all completely understandable. Different doesn’t necessarily mean wrong, but being raised to believe that there are no boundaries of what others expect of you is a parenting fail.

  30. “gender neutral”
    I’m seeing mostly girl there: pink stroller, pink shirt, pink dress, breastfeed dolls (not girl or boy, but very perverse)..only thing missing is reassignment surgery and makeup.

  31. The parents are ignoring one basic facts of biology- this child has and will have more testosterone, that hormone that contributes to the development of masculine features, strength, and yes, aggressive behavior ( not to be confused with hostile and abusive behavior). Boys are just born different from girls and they may try to confuse him with the exterior “trappings’ of being gender neutral, BUT nature will be prevail. Poor child- lots of counseling in his future- not to mention trying to survive the bullying he will be subjected to. This is a HUMAN CHILD- NOT AN EXPERIMENT. They should be “investigated’ for child abuse.

  32. “won’t grow up agressive.” wanna bet – confusion brings frustration, fustration brings anger then bitterness then aggression then murder, of self or others. Parents are confused and neglect the natural intellegence they should be helping him with. The kid is starving for support and protection stregnth and honesty. This kid will turn on them when he realizes what hypocrits they really are…!

  33. CHILD ABUSE. The poor little BOY – he will VERY likely be TOTALLY mixed up and NEVER HAPPY. Just plain HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • U R wrong, Lungs. It is a developmental disorder which can be avoided by teaching, parenting, protection, and good mentor/role models who are of normal orientation. Not that parents are always at fault –sex is a carnal desire that can be exploited when parents aren’t looking. But it does help if a boy who is maybe not as macho as his peers and brothers, is made to feel just as manly by others in his close circle.

      • I realize you prize your Bible and may be afraid the realities of today may dispel some of the feelings from yesterday, but that doesn’t mean you have to deny a living God, especially considering the Bible was written by men who thought the world was flat.

        But the truth is that sexuality is innate. This is supported by tons and tons of evidence in the scientific community, not to mention the animal world. I seriously doubt you can change your sexuality and live as a gay woman, and the same goes for gay folks being straight. If what you say is true, why are there so many straight folks having gay babies?

        Being religious doesn’t mean you have to be in denial (unless you’re Catholic, I reckon….).

      • Such tired rhetoric spewed over and over, and what’s more it’s wrong. Why don’t you actually try to find some things out for yourself if you want to know, instead of swallowing and regurgitating the vomit of others like a dog? Nearly 3000 years ago Isaiah correctly wrote that the earth is round … a circle, a sphere. There is absolutely ZERO evidence in the scientific community that sexuality is innate. And you cannot separate God from science since he created everything. By the way, God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He doesn’t change with the prevailing opinions of the day, thank God.

      • Hardly rhetoric.

        And, besides, we are not a theocracy, so please keep your God in your heart. Your ilk’s fight to impede the individual rights of others is un-American.

    • If this couple doesn’t want their child to become “aggressive” they are going about it the wrong way. Because some day, he may well turn his agression toward them! (Both sexes can be aggressive at times). Children will play with whatever appeals to their curiosity. That’s fine. But a child needs the security of knowing who he is and what will be expected of him in life. He can’t just switch back and forth as his mood varies. He should not have to puzzle over a form that asks for his “gender”. When in school or later (perhaps) the military or a career, he will be expected to take a role appropriate to his anatomy, whether or not you think he should be. At least, he should not suffer from being “undecided”.

  34. To the unnamed young couple raising their son “gender neutral”. All you are doing is confusing your son as to his role in life as a boy someday to be a man. In the end your son will hate you for screwing his life up. Too bad the young boy wasn’t born to better parents. I hope you two liberal retards are reading this. If I was his grandfather, I would petition the state to take my grandson away from you to be raised properly. You may be screwed up, that doesn’t mean you son has to be raised in totally confusing way. This experiment is and will continue to be a failure.

  35. Dingbats. Wait until he shows up in elementary school wearing that get up. Are these parents going to teach him how to defend himself for the grief they put him through?!

      • Ok, I’ll give you elementary; but when he starts that crap in middle-school…he’ll be screwed…Just saying. Kids today are a heck of a lot meaner than when we went to school. They’re meaner than they were 10 years ago. What are they going to be like 10 years from now?

      • My parents allowed my sister and I pick out the colors for our bedrooms. My sister chose baby blue and I chose pink. Because in the first house we had to share a bedroom, my mother wisely painted the room purple. In the new house we each had our own rooms and chose our own favorite colors again. We did the same thing when shopping for clothes. My parents allowed us to shop the entire toy department. We had as many toy planes and cars as we did Barbie dolls and tea sets. We wore both dresses and pants. Little boys should be allowed the same freedoms that little girls have been enjoying for decades. My sister who was naturally more of a Tom-Boy in college fell in love and asked me for help in how to become more feminine and I taught her every thing I knew about all things pink. LOL She went on to steal my old beau from me. 😀 LOL Trust me… when this little boy grows up he will be who he is suppose to be and no amount of the color pink is going to change that. 😀 Would my sister have dating more boys in high school than I did if she had been more girlie… maybe. It is hard to say because she certainly dated a lot of very nice masculine boys who loved her Tom Boy side. She could play football and soft ball with the best of them and she was like their kid sister in many ways. She has a very beautiful and professional fashion sense today that is a perfect match of what I taught her and what she naturally loves. I can tell you right now that if the man I love were to want to wear pink… I would love him no less. If he took ballet lessons, I would love him no less. Because my parents brought us up gender neutral, even though I love pink, I also love marksmanship and I love that the man I love takes me target shooting with him and still loves me for being me.

      • Tom boys typically have identified as girls and married and become mothers –though more now are being encouraged to self-identify as lesbians and try that out in the absence of any interested male suitors –or attraction to them. (Just being heterosexual doesn’t mean you find every one of the opposite gender attractive.)

        Culture is telling our kids that if they aren’t stereotypically male or female they probably could swing either or both ways. And so the kids try things out –which affects their self-image and orientation –and some things especially for the boys become addictive promiscuity. “Orgasms that way.”

        Color choices are less of an issue for girls –because the very interest in colors is seen as a more feminine interest. Women HAVE enjoyed more latitude in toy and sports interests –but men with a weak sense of their own masculinity are vulnerable to homosexual exploiters –who do exist as the police dockets can tell you. We know of homosexual predators (married to women) who “do” boys. Like the Penn State coach. One we knew of in our local district chose to befriend fatherless boys in particular knowing they would be vulnerable in their need for male affection which they lacked.

      • What are you, like 12 years old? Your parents did ok with 2 daughters, however this is totally different from this situation. These “parents” are letting a one year old decide if he wants to be a boy or a girl. It goes much deeper than the color pink. They are ensuring that this child will be gender confused and this is child abuse. This isn’t a matter of making a girl more or less “girlie”. This is a matter of not allowing a boy to be raised as God created him. This will mess with his head for the rest of his life.

      • First of all, are you interpreting my OBSERVATION as an endorsement?? That would be an interpretive problem at your end, as there is no hint in that brief statement.
        Secondly, are you not aware that children do fight? Another child may talk about it at home, hear his parents’ retort and interpret that as an excuse to attack – verbally or physically – if the kid upsets them. (I was a cop for more than a few years, so this is not some benign observation.)
        Thirdly, I did not restrict this to kindergartners or first graders: I simply said the child would “show up”-the parents may want him to establish/begin friendships before they “test the waters” with their attempt at reprogramming Nature.
        Finally – and I am showing my age here, perhaps – when I was a kid not a single boy would wear pink. Had we that color in our inventory of clothing and even considered wearing it, we would first hear those haunting words, “Pink, Pink – You stink!”

      • Do you think Chesty Puller would wear pink?
        (By the way, “your” is possessive and not a contraction of “you are.” “You’re ” is the contraction of “you are.”)
        You’re welcome.

      • You will never get rid of all the bullies –you don’t need to paint a target on your kid’s back by raising him deliberately to be gender confused, gender neutral, gender obsessed, and homosexually oriented. Help him know that he is all boy–affirm his gender as something GOOD –it’s great to be a boy–great to be a girl –great to know the difference and be glad for what you are!

  36. Concern was my first reaction when I first heard of this story however after viewing the video which only plays half way for some reason? anyway… after viewing it the mother said something very important… she listens to him. There is nothing wrong with the color pink…. little girls wear baby blue and navy blue and no one thinks anything is wrong with that. Little boys should get to wear pink if they want too. It is silly to think that if you put a world champion boxer in a pink shirt that he would be any less of a man. Like wise if you put any of the world’s most beautiful women in a navy or baby blue shirt they certainly will not be any less of a woman.

      • He is A YEAR old and pretending, play acting at something he saw a person he loves do.
        The real problem is the people on here that think a 1 year old wearing pink and plying with a doll will make him bi-polar or turn him into one of those “gays”. Seriously, you people need to expose yourself to science occasionally

      • Amy, you need to expose yourself to social science and know that children do learn gender identity unconsciously from parents who teach it unconsciously. Colors just help –I would agree that a color preference means NOTHING for a toddler –but don’t ask him for his favorite –don’t encourage pink as his favorite –don’t highlight that he likes feminine things and colors and don’t give him girl toys. E.G. –boys sometimes get into mom’s make- up table –and I would discourage gently–“O you don’t want girly things –those are for Moms and sisters and girls –let’s get you some real guy stuff! like Dad’s. You’re a boy like Daddy. ” he needs some messy tactile fun stuff, too –clay, shaving cream and an empty old fashioned razor to “shave” with like daddy –mud pies –finger paints –and cookie dough and baking can be a neutral activity that lets him be artistic with gooey stuff –like ladies get to do. Parents cultivate the child’s sense of who they are –and what their gender roles are.

      • Try again–Rosaria Butterfield taught a class about homosexuality –at Columbia U –and became a Christian. She doesn’t believe we are “born that way.” –except to the extent that we are all “born that way” as sinners who can be tempted in many various ways.

    • A baby is a tabula rasa –to some degree (blank tablet on which others write.) When it comes to gender, don’t claim to “listen” to your kid. He knows nothing of gender at first except what he is TAUGHT. Teaching is your job –yes, we can learn SOMEthings from our kids –but they learn what they are, who they are –from us. And they do have natural abilities for us to identify and develop –but we don’t just let them wander through toddlerhood without knowing which gender they are –which parent they are like gender wise. They are to learn the purpose of their given gender and be glad for it.

  37. And when the little boy gets a little older and is completely confused as to what gender he is, will they let him choose, and if he decides he’d rather be a girl, then they will let him mutilate his body to be something he isn’t. And they will claim he was born that way. This is just another example of really bad parenting which there is way too much of these days.

  38. well my friend those kind of stories will happen all over the world because the Spirit of Anti Christ is here and its getting bigger as the days goes by, its going to get worse, not better

  39. . These parents should read the Bible. Where it says man shall not lay down with man. That he should have the options sex. Or they trying to make their son go both ways.

    • It’s a huge jump from wearing a tutu to sleeping with men. And if I am not mistaken everyone in Jesus’ time wore what were essentially dresses. Do you think that led men to lay with men. I think what they are doing is bazaar but I also think you are who you are. Even if you are a boy in a tutu.

      • O mi gosh –a huge jump? Wearing Biblical garments in the middle east is not –was never –the cross dressing forbidden in Scripture. Just as wearing jeans today is not cross dressing for a female. Wearing a tutu IS cross dressing –an outfit only girls wear — except for comics and the gender-confused. Parents are not to enable gender confusion in their children –that’s irresponsible and abusive. He needs to know he is a boy like Dad –who may someday marry a lady like Mom –a prince to find his princess –so he can someday also be a father and husband. They are setting him up for a lifetime of being a misfit. It’s one thing to say you “are who you are,” but another thing to not know who and what gender you are and to not know what roles go with your gender. To think that you are like Mom and can breast feed. Absurdity in parenting! Child abuse!

  40. He may not be aggressive but he may end up with emotional disorders, bi-polar tendencies, gender confused which may al be the reason he becomes aggressive or a danger to himself or others!

  41. This method of training little Max to not be too agressive will likely work as well as it did for that guy in Silence of the Lambs.

  42. I see nothing here that says that just teaching the child to be a loving caring person should be the whole story? What has color got to do with it? Pink blue purple yellow green orange white black chartreuse are colors not genders!!!!!

    • Winnie –we TEACH gender identity to our children–usually unconsciously. But in this case, the parent is deliberately neutering her child –unfair to him. Truly, most women are not attracted to men who have wimpy mannerisms and attitudes. These parents are setting him up to fit in only with the gays and transgenders, et al. –or to fit in with girls AS a girl.

      • The substitute term ‘gender’ instead of ‘sex’ is becoming a construct of liberal mockery. All children are basically aware of their ‘sex’ (genitalia) seeing as it is a physical rather than a benign application. Most children have no idea of what gender (brain) really means until, I might suggest, they become aware of their clear sexual understanding. Their brain gender is in flux for a few years and until then easily molded.
        For these parents to raise a child in direct conflict with HIS actual sex to me is child abuse. He is a boy physically and they would want him to become transgendered – a learned behavior – and even perhaps a homosexual – is not a matter of nature but one of nurture.

      • I use the word gender which denotes either feminine or masculine without denoting the sex act. The word sex –meaning male or female –also denotes the act of intercourse. So i use gender to denote ‘sex’ and don’t care what liberals want to mock. My brother and I took baths together and thought nothing of it –ages 2 and 4 maybe –thereabouts. Our big joke was to wear the wet wash cloth over our privates and pretend we were going to Jay cees –(my father was in the jr. chamber of commerce at the time) we’d stand up and the wet wash cloth would cling and then soon fall off –and we thought this was just hilarious! to be exposed at jay cees. Totally natural, innocent, silly, childish –we weren’t interested in our differences as a boy and a girl –just took them for granted. But we did know he was a boy and wore boy clothes and had boy toys and I was a girl with my dolls. We shared a bedroom until early elem. school. We just knew what we were. He was like his daddy and I was like my Mommy. By first grade I knew I was a princess in search of a prince! Somehow we never were confused to think that WE were to be each other’s prince and princess –we were to grow up and find our own. We got along like most brothers and sisters: cat and dog. THESE parents above –are DELIBERATELY tampering with their child –encouraging his confusion. And doing nothing to help him identify with his same gender parent.

      • Barbi, I think you missed my point. Gender has become a substitute for the actual genital sex. I was not addressing the sex act.
        What has happened is that gender has become a social construct as exampled by trans-gender an idiotic term if I ever heard one. But some are making it out that people are having gender changes when in fact the brain is not being changed at all, it is the genitalia which of course is sex.
        Gender is brain and sex is genitalia. Might we be clear on that?

      • That’s new to me –I see the child’s “sex” meaning genitalia as determining gender. Most all people are male or female (with few inter-sex genital or chromosomal abnormalities.) What happens between the ears to cause homosexuality or gender identity disorder is not gender –but mental illness (in spite of the APA’s attempt to normalize it with a statement.) If you mean that parents, et al will give the child his mental awareness of his gender, yes, we agree on that.

      • Not really sure what is your point. There are separate and distinct issues here. One’s brain can be a gender in flux and even for the intersex a genitalia/chromosome variation being a biological variation of sex.
        Of course gender is between the ears but to accept it as being an equal substitute for the term sex is rather silly.
        Are we now to address heterosexuals as heterogender or how about homosexuals as homogender. Perhaps we should look at all humans as if bi-gender since gender has become an equal term with sex?
        Again, brain is gender and genitalia is sex.

    • It is a parent’s responsibility to teach, groom, and prepare their children to be the adults they will, one day, become. A boy will become a man and a girl will become a woman. It is very disturbing, in my opinion, to allow a little boy to nurse a doll. He will NEVER be able to breast feed. If the parents are trying to let him experience a “mother’s” role……and explain to him that it is a “mother’s” role, that’s a different matter. When my little sister and I played house, as little girls, I always made her be the man. She is still mad at me about that and we’re in our fifties.

  43. This is just so wrong. We do teach gender identity from infancy up and these parents are damaging their child. This is child abuse in my opinion.

  44. There can definitely be some psychological damage in this childs life. The confusion is unfair and for a child to rely on their parents so heavily, this is truly sad. I am eager to learn how this turns out later in life for this child. Will someone with a psychology background please chime in here…

  45. Moderator –why did you moderate out my comment on this thread in which I tell that my MD husband who was a research assistant in genetics doing PhD work –notes that there is no gay gene discovered yet? You moderated –said so –and then deleted. Why? I was responding to someone who said that this sort of parenting couldn’t possibly inspire homosexual orientation because gays are born that way. I was on topic –so why moderated out???

  46. I guess what these people are really saying is that they DO NOT WANT genetic grandchildren. That is IF this child ever gets the opportunity to reproduce………

  47. I hate it when I’m right. I wish someone would prove me wrong. I keep saying this is the tittybaby generation who is offended by everything. This just proves my point once again & it’s much worse than originally anticipated! This has got to be one of THE most ridiculous things I think I have ever heard about. Atleast my generation had a backbone. (My best friend use to send me fathers day cards & call me on fathers day. I’m a single mom to 3 boys for 23yrs. with no help from the father & no child support. He moved out of the country so he wouldn’t have to pay child support. My best friend use to tell me that I had more kohone’s than most men he had ever met or known!) Call me crazy but you can raise perfectly normal children without having to raise a child like this. This kid is going to be so confused & those that grow up around him are going to be even more confused. That little boy is going to be bullied & picked on because of these two nincompoops raising him like loopy loops! Nuts!

  48. This is ridiculous, perverse, and most of all, pathetically selfish. These “parents” are weak-willed, clueless idiots who think they can project their utter inability to define a role in life onto their poor unwitting son. I almost moved to England – and the West Midlands (Kidderminster) at that – in 2011. I am seriously grateful I did not.

    England is no longer the England of WWII. It is a sad shell of a once-great nation, overrun by hand-wringing sissies and well on its way to being dhimmified by radical islamists. Pathetic.

  49. God made 2 distinct sexes for a reason! Just because current society chooses to rewrite the “playbook” after having served for 2000+ years to guide humans, does NOT mean this is a wise decision!

    Man has gone off course…God help us all!

    • The playbook plan for gender actually goes back 6-10,000 years, BTW. “Male and female created He them; in the Image of God he created them.” And Jesus repeated this and said therefore “man is to leave his parents and cleave to his wife.”

  50. This social experiment is going to bite everyone in the arse. These parents SHOULD be arrested for child abuse, but since it’s part of the progressive agenda, they will be commended for their efforts to the movement. Disgusting.

  51. This is NOT what the majority of parents mean when they tell their kids that when they grow up they can be anything they want to be. The only “dress” this little boy should’ve ever worn was a Christening gown.

  52. We brought our sons up neutral with dolls and trucks to be good fathers and they turned out to be male orientated with their transformers ect, our daughter had a truck so as not to be sexist and she is a girly girl she wants to do law and was a store manager, she did not turn out to be a tom boy like me, she must be a throw back as she is very feminine, leave this child a lone with his tu tu, you media because he will be ok as long as his parents love him which is the key element to becoming an autonomous adult.

    • Toys are less the issue than encouraging your boy to think he can nurse the dollies -and wear a tutu. They are making a confused child who will have very little chance to fit in with other guys or be attractive to most girls –and will have other abnormalcy as a result. If he wants to transgender some day, or is homosexual, don’t be surprised. Transgendering children are set up for a lifetime of surgeries and hormones and people who won’t accept them and share dorm rooms–can’t marry or date without disclosing the fact of one’s genetic identity and infertility. And that’s as it should be –no one should have to be in intimate quarters or intimate relations with transgenders or homosexuals unless they choose to be. This gender bending is problematic and will always be so. you can’t make people like it or accept it. And you hurt your child to raise him as though gender doesn’t matter –such that he doesn’t identify with other men as a boy–or women as a girl.

  53. As a parent I find this ridiculous and reprehensible. It is nothing more than child abuse. If the child is a boy let him be raised as such and same with a girl. Let them decide what toys they want to play with. To twist their fragile minds with gender bending crap is morally wrong and disgusting.

  54. This doesn’t seem like child abuse at all. Why do people feel the need to raise a boy with boys toy, girl with girls toys only. I grew up with 4 girls and 1 boy. What do you think the house was filled with? I also have
    a friend that grew up with 9 brothers and she was the only girl. How do you think we came out? Stop judging people so damn much. Thats whats wrong with this world! To many judgmental people. And most importantly, his parents are BOTH spending time with him!!!

    • Ms Diana — the first “pregnant man” –the transgendered female to male who became a father by mothering a child by artificial insemination –reportedly–was also raised with just father and brothers. She was even a beauty contestant once –but got derailed when a boyfriend said she wasn’t feminine enough for him. So she partially transgendered and married a woman. The absence of a parent CAN influence a child’s gender identity. “He” has since divorced and married another woman. Nice for the child.

      The issue isn’t the toys –toys are just one way of helping a kid know that he’s a he –or she’s a she. We don’t need to ENCOURAGE a child’s lack of gender identity –such that he doesn’t know the first thing about being a boy instead of a girl -and doesn’t know the difference in his pre-school years –and then finds out he’s a misfit with the guys because his parents didn’t clue him in.!!!

  55. This little freak will make a fine bachbazi as his life will be a shambles. Rest assured when us Muslims finish taking over the heathen island apes in the UK we shall put an end to their deviant, homoqueer behavior once and for all.


    • Seriously? While St. Paul in the Christian New Testament said that homosexuals deserve death–he went on to make a long list of sins common to humanity which deserve death–and so it is that “The wages of sin is death [ we do all die -we are all under this death curse for our sins] –BUT THE GIFT OF GOD IS ETERNAL LIFE THRU JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD.” Jesus said to “return good for evil” and “Let He who is without sin cast the first stone…go and sin no more.” We are not to approve sin or the people who approve such sin –but we are to teach the Good News that repentance and faith in Christ’s death on the Cross puts us RIGHT with the Creator –“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

      So what is important for those of devout faith in the Creator is that we TEACH truth and discourage our law-makers (thru legal and life-respecting means) from teaching the masses that it’s ok to re-define marriage and morals.

      • The writers of the New Testament did not see it as your prophet did. They wrote in Isa’s day –as eye witnesses to His crucifixion and resurrection. Do you not believe that Isa is returning? I hear that Muslims believe this –as Christians do –as Jesus predicted about Himself. The Son of man will appear in all his power and glory in the clouds –He will sit in his throne and all the nations will be gathered before Him –and He will separate the people –like a Shepherd who separates the sheep from the goats –the sheep to His right and the goats to His left. And the goats will be sent into the Hell prepared for the hypocrites and evil-doers –darkness and weeping and gnashing of teeth.

        Why should I believe the prophet who came later –who did not rise from the dead or perform miracles? who wrote his own book –rather than to believe Jesus who wrote nothing about Himself –but others wrote about Him as witnesses to His sayings, His miracles and His resurrection.

  56. Poor kid, I feel for him, he is going to be one screwed up individual. I raised two sons and neither one of them has turned out overly aggressive and both are very masculine. Some people are really losing it. Personally, the guys that make me still turn my head aren’t the ones wearing tight fitting jeans and swinging their hips as they walk, but the ones who still look and behave like real men.

  57. Yea – ’cause women are “never aggressive”. Not passive aggressive. Not violence by proxy aggressive. Not social whisper campaign character assassination aggressive.

    Nope and if you talk about stereotypical negative female traits (like we certainly can with males) then you’re just a woman hater.

  58. A one year old child isn’t old enough to know what he / she wants to be. He / she should be raised according to the physical attributes they were endowed with by their Creator. These parents are guilty of child abuse. They are mentally abusing this child and he will be screwed up in the head for the rest of his life because of them. CPS needs to step in and take this child out of the home and put him with responsible people. These young parents are at the height of the idiot range. God made them male and female…period.

  59. It normal for little boys to play with dolls and sometimes play “Dress Up”! I have eight grandsons, all roughhouse boys, but each one of them, when small, played with dolls at one time or another. But, dressing your son as a girl on a daily basis shows some type of sickness on the part of the parents. Only thing that will make a child behave and act decent is through discipline! Children are not disciplined enough today so we have a lot of kids today that run wild, aggressive, end up in trouble, all because of weak parents who never correct the way their kids act and let them do what they want. I found out, from experience, if the palm of my hand is warm, then their little butts are warm, and they will act accordingly next time! Got four of them, and ten grandkids, all of them drug free, do well in school, and obey their parents and grandparents, as it should be! And none of them will ever be encouraged into some sickness like these parents are with their child. I feel sorry for that kid!

    • I agree with you Bill 100% parents are always thinking they are abusing their children or making them hostile by spanking them that the kids become wild stupid on drugs and into all kinds of trouble. Get a life people discipline your child and they will grow up the right way!!!

  60. This is child abuse. These two parents need therapy themselves. They do not have the necessary empathy to responsibly raise a child. They are quite literally sociopaths who value their political perspective above the life of their own child. May God protect him from their cold indifference to his needs.

  61. These imitation human beings need to be neutered , the child placed in a normal-“daddy is a man and mommy is a woman” -home (screw all you homosexuals-you should not be allowed to have children either), and never allowed to have any children by adoption or other way. This kid is going to be so fucked up when he hits puberty the likelihood of suicide is a given.

  62. Wisdom and Knowledge and Truth intentionally denied a child. Worse, these mentally ill “parents” (child abusers) are teaching him LIES!!!! that he should “nurse” a baby?? That pink and blue has no tie to girls and boys—why make him so ignorant of sex differences so he is devoid of Knowledge of cultures.

    How evil to demean masculinity and male bodies to pretend there is NO meaning or Truth in Science or Biology. These people are very evil male-haters. Those Feminist baby-killers are doing such great work training our children with Planned Parenthood to hate masculinity—that which gave us the greatest government in the history of the World and the ideology of Freedom.


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