Government monitors to be placed in newsrooms? This is FUBAR!

Thomas Jefferson, author of our Declaration of Independence stated, “our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.”

Well the first amendment freedom enshrined in our Constitution – like just about everything else about our fundamental principles – means nothing to President Obama and his administration.

I hope you’re sitting down while reading this. The Obama Administration has developed a formula of what it believes the free press should cover, and is going to send government monitors into newsrooms across America to stand over the shoulders of the press as they make editorial decisions. As reported by Red State, the FCC has apparently already selected eight categories of “critical information” “that it believes local newscasters should cover.”

I truly wish this were a “tinfoil hat story,” but the Obama Administration’s Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is poised to place government monitors in newsrooms across the country which Red State calls an “absurdly draconian attempt to intimidate and control the media.”

In fact, it’s so absurdly draconian, even FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai fears the program could be used in “pressuring media organizations into covering certain stories.” As Commissioner Pai explains in the Wall Street Journal:

Last May the FCC proposed an initiative to thrust the federal government into newsrooms across the country. With its “Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs,” or CIN, the agency plans to send researchers to grill reporters, editors and station owners about how they decide which stories to run. A field test in Columbia, S.C., is scheduled to begin this spring. The purpose of the CIN, according to the FCC, is to ferret out information from television and radio broadcasters about “the process by which stories are selected” and how often stations cover “critical information needs,” along with “perceived station bias” and “perceived responsiveness to underserved populations.

The abject discomfort and disdain exemplified by President Obama during his Fox News interview with Bill O’Reilly was in full flower as Obama constantly blames Fox News for his travails. He evidently feels he is above reproach when it comes to being questioned on his policy and actions.

But the federal government has absolutely no business determining what stories should and should not be run, what is critical for the American public and what is not, whether it perceives a bias, and whose interests are or are not being served by the free press. But there’s no retribution when he summons liberal media personalities to the White House who then parrot his talking points. This is Orwellian beyond belief! In this universe of deceit, truth will indeed be a revolutionary act.

The progressive socialists have been down this road before, trying to force the Fairness Doctrine (truly oxymoronic) on talk radio where conservatives dominate. Now it seems there must be a government Kommissar controlling the news.

As Matthew Clark writes in Red State, “Imagine a government monitor telling Fox News it needed to cover stories in the same way as MSNBC or Al Jazeera. Imagine an Obama Administration official walking in to the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal and telling it that the American public would be better served if it stopped reporting on the IRS scandal or maybe that reporting on ObamaCare “glitches” is driving down enrollment.”

The fact this is even being considered should send chills down the spine of every American — well, at least those of us who believe in our Constitution. I dare any liberal progressive to support this endeavor. If you do, you are indeed an enemy of this Republic. Freedom-loving Americans who want to take action can go to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) website and join the ACLJ to take a stand. Sign the ACLJ’s Petition to Stop the Obama FCC’s Free Speech Monitors.

This, my friends, is unconscionable and obviously part of the “fundamental transformation” of our America. This is FUBAR!


  1. what? Have we lost all of our minds? freedoms? Does the men and women who came before and lost their very lives not mean anything to any of these people?

  2. Colonel West, thank you for your voice. It is comforting to know that someone of your experience and character sees that so many of us see.

  3. White apologists, voters looking to keep their place at the country food basket and free income and those with the love of control have convinced him that he is our King. With his pen and phone he will control us from sea to shining sea.

  4. Which ever media source is involved in the field test in Columbia, SC, should say hell no! You cannot allow this to start. Draw the line, people!

    • Yes, thank you Colonel West for being here for us. Thank you for your service in Congress. Hope to see you back in your seat you served so well…… if Messiah doesn’t come first! The meddling in the Mid-east and Iran itching for nuclear war is giving strong evidence that Messiah must come soon.

  5. Take note that a Federal Court has declared that bloggers are journalists, also. Therefore, it can be interpreted that posting to the internet is journalistic practice. Therefore, this rule would cover EVERYBODY posting here and elsewhere.
    You have a right to freely express yourself, protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. However, that freedom can now be controlled by certain bureaucrats of the Federal government.

    • Our freedoms are a threat to the New World Order crowd. They want to rule the entire world and they will if we don’t stop them now. Americans need to stop usurping the Constitution for a paycheck or one day they too will be a slave.

  6. This must stop now. Where’s Congress? where’s our reps? How soon before we have to take things into our own hands to rectify what’s going wrong, Very soon if we know what’s good for us

  7. This is a giant step closer to state run media and it is indeed chilling. As someone who is planning on entering the blogosphere soon, this is truly scary. I just can’t believe what our country has become.

  8. I live in Columbia, and I’m appalled that any local news outlet would stand for this. I’m a former Army journalist and worked along side these same reporters regularly when I was stationed at Ft. Jackson. It’s time that we start defending our Constitution before liberals sweep it completely into the pages of history.

  9. Arms registration. Government in the press rooms. DHS stocking up on ammo. TSA down your pants. USPS arming themselves. We know where this is headed.

    • And the stupid liberal comments here certainly make one wonder if they live under a rock and just come out for their handouts.

  10. Our government is a ruse. The ones really running the show are few and hidden from view. It’s up to us to stop being their sheep and take a stand.

  11. The immigrants that came in from socialist countries to escape the pressures and tyranny of their government need to be made aware of these things and given microphones and megaphones. The ones that fled their homeland for the freedoms they expected in America should be the head of the line in sounding the alarm, letting America know that the final destination is something to be feared, resisted, fought against before it becomes to late.
    Fought against in the legal sector, fought against with our votes, and as a last resort fought against with our lives. For the last stage, any former marines, I got your back, Corpsman J here!.

    • FUBAR is half right. The solution is not to have communist censors installed in newsrooms of conservative news outlets. But, to think so identifies you as a liberal trying to make an impression on a conservative site. LOL!

  12. You knew it would happen.. There are always those in History who try to impose their will against others. Freedom must be fought for by every generation or we lapse into mediocrity. And the greater the challenge the greater the victory.

    • Clear out a broom closet and show the government monitor to his new office. Give him unfiltered internet and plenty of snacks and drinks.

    • I don’t think it could be any clearer. If this is allowed to happen the United States of America will officially have FALLEN . I feel sick to my stomach.

    • When Obama starts floating the idea, it’s already planned for sometime in the future. This one requires nipping in the bud by citizens and news outlets.

  13. You will never see this story published in the Legacy press and you will not hear any negative information about it except from perhaps FOXNews.

  14. It would seem to me that these news agencies woud have to agree to submission. Even if the FCC attempts to make this absurdity part of a licensing issue, it is immediately deniable. Watch and see who caves on this and gladly steps aside for Obama’s Getapo.

  15. The tree of liberty must be refreshed time to time by the blood of Patriots and Tyrants. I am afraid the time is drawing near.

    • There are 80 million gun owners in the US. If just 10% of them form a militia, that’s more than the US military. I’m just sayin’……

  16. Our free press has been compromised for quite some time now, but this is a final nail in the coffin. Truth will have to hunker down on the internet right next to the conspiracy theorists and whackos. Confusion is everything to them. The obedient television consumers will believe what they’re told, and the rest of us will have much more homework to do.

  17. AS a forem Broadcaster. Orwell was right It just took 30 years beyond 1984 to get here. This madness has to stop. When will the American People stop this from happening. We are losing Freedoms everyday.

  18. Why do you people have a problem with this? You do have a right yo change the channel. You have the right to call BS when you srr a blatant lie. The thought police will not be knocking down your door. Quit using 1984 as a model, because this is even further back in Karl Marx’s doctrine.

    • The thought police are knocking on Television’s door, and they have access to millions of living rooms. You’re telling me it ends there?

    • The bigger question is….WHY DON’T YOU? Are you that pathetic you need the Govt to tell you what you are allowed to hear and think? Please! Move to China.

      • Wow…I’m so impressed. That was the most witty and intellectual, fact-rich response EVER! And I do believe that makes YOU the troll, douchebag.

      • Do you even know what a troll is? It is a person that sows discord on the internet by starting arguments with deliberate intent to provoke a response with something off topic.
        If you read the article, you would know this has nothing to do with thought police nor China. It has to do with govt monitoring the news media. The knee jerk reaction is that the govt will tell the news media what to say, which is false. As long as consumers pay for cable this cannot happen under law. The FCC has no authority. Furthermore you making the direct attacks such as ‘move to China’ and calling me a ‘douchebag’ are personal hits and either speak of your intellectual capacity or prove you are a liberal. Because that is what liberals do.

      • I know what a troll is…that’s how I identified YOU. And if you don’t think this is the thought police, they you are also naive. Don’t tell me you are buying into the “this is just to make sure minorities are represented” nonsense. What a joke. The FCC will do whatever King Barry tells them to do. They are on the same page. Sure, cable isn’t considered “over the air”, so by definition the FCC can’t monitor them. But since WHEN does this regime follow the LAW? Um….NEVER. They can and will monitor both TV, newspapers and cable if no one stops them…and no one will.
        And if you think I am a liberal…then you need to put down the hash pipe. You might as well just call me a Communist.

      • Ha ha ha ha ha…everything you just said I agree with. I work for the government so have a far better view than you….and unfortunately because of testing cannot touch a hash pipe. I was put on the street last year by King Barry and the bumbling congressional cockass and the sequester. A year later and much fighting with the entrenched liberal bastion got my job back. So…..while I could very well bore you with my educational and military background I will not. Just know that you aren’t the only one who feels this way and unfortunately if you wish to change ityou have to run for offiCE. Government employees are forbidden from doing so. Therefore it is up to you. Good luck.

    • What everyone fails to realize is this practice took place in the fifties and sixties with no detriment to what was heard. With cable TV though, the government has no say what you see or hear because you are paying for it. Besides, if your panties are up in a bunch about this, start pressing friends and neighbors to vote for those that want to remove all this indoctrination stuff. Be realistic…blogging does nothing, it is the ballot box that does it all.

      • Ballot box? Seriously? That is so “fixed” now by the socialist it is hardly an option. I would call it what kind of rigged it is but some may get their panties in a wad.

      • Read what you wrote…that is surrender. Nothing in that entry says you are prepared. Nor is there any form of a solution. Sorry, not trying to goad a fight, its just we all need to be a little more about the solution and less the complaint. Otherwise we are a bunch of occupy movements types.

      • Sorry but I dont care to have a bunch of brown shirts arriving at my door after I say what I would like to say…Again..I am PREPARED…people need to realize that the FRAUD, CORRUPTION etc that has put this all in motion is VERY real.

    • He’s not satisfied with 99% favorable coverage — He wants 100% favorable.
      This is a flagrant violation of our First Amendment!!! I hope some of these news organizations sue for their Freedoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ideologues on both sides are confounded by their ideology. What they fail to see is that the further the pendulum is pulled in one direction the harder and quicker the swing in the other direction.

    That is another beauty of our Constitution. It perceived this with the checks and balances concept, which not only applies to the three branches of government but extends to us as citizens. If the citizens truly understand this Constitutional concept, they would not want a polarized country because as one ideology gains power and twists the laws in that favor, the antagonists could regain power and use those twisted laws to their favor and detriment of your ideology.

    • There have been gross violations of ALOT of Amendments lately…and nothing has been done about it. So I wouldn’t hold my breath NOW!

  20. I keep thinking about how the liberals will sell this idea. I can imagine that they’d start out saying that it’s just to encourage public service announcements about issues such as diabetes and obesity. You know they’ll pretend it “for the greater good” in order to get a foot in the door and then grow it into government control of the media.

  21. I am a US citizen. This is exactly what we need. There are lots of horrible things going on that I don’t want to know about and I need the government to protect me from them. I have a son. There’s lots of violence and sex on TV and I need the government to block it so he can be protected. I wish I could stop him from watching TV but what can I do? I’m just his mother. I need the government to intervene and help raise my child.

  22. Well this sounds like more republican rhetoric to me & I wouldn’t be surprised if Faux News wasn’t behind it . They will do or say anything to distract the American People to what is really going on behind closed doors !!! I for one refuse to get caught up in yet another Conspiracy Theory . And as for the gentleman who posted Obama will get what he deserves & his family too . Tell me just what has Michelle & her teen age daughters down to merit ill will from anyone ? Are you in fact a racist who believes the only good N***er is a dead N***er ? Because that is exactly how you are comeing across !!! Shame on you !

      • >The liberal mind brought all the violence into our public consciousness.

        >But, in this case the intent is to indoctrinate the American public and squelch unfavorable press to Obama,

        And you call the other one stupid? Man… you people…

    • Are you serious? If the only thing that cares to those in support of
      this page is skin color -as you so obviously believe- then why would we
      be supporting a black man? Are you truly an idiot? Who brought up the N
      word? YOU did! Who brought up race at all? YOU did. No one said anything
      about killing Michelle Obama or her girls. But YOU did. I say you are
      the racist, you’re the bigot, you’re the fool.

    • “Operation Mockingbird” was around before the current administration, or the prior one, its just now that most ppl are realizing this has been going on for a long time and this why the merging of corporations and governments is called fascism as defined by Mussolini.

      We have the symbol of the fasces on some of our money and in some of
      our government buildings, and we build them to look the Roman ones
      and wonder why we act like a Club of Rome puppet state.

  23. Never thought to see a time when communities should bring back an old fashioned way of correcting errant thinking: tar and feathering and riding the person befouling a community our of town on a rail. America has long been consider a place of safe harbor for the world’s down trodden. But, those aiming to trample our rights have no right to escape tar and feathers.

  24. All we do is talk about whats happening to us and not one Leader for Us USA Patriots Has Taken Obama Out Of Office Yet ! We All Know he is corrupt and an imposter..look at how all the,chemtrails have dumbed us all down! Pray People.

  25. I am outraged by this blatant disregard of our constitution. How long must we endure this? Please keep on doing this Mr. West . Finding news that truthful in our nation is getting more and more difficult.

  26. This is designed to whip FOX news and a few others in line.
    They can’t stop Fox’s audience from growing so they must find a way to force them to censor their content.
    It’s just not good for Obama when the public can see the truth!

  27. Obama will continue to destroy our country and what it stands for until someone in the GOP takes him on and starts impeachement proceedings period. With Obama, the Constitution stands in his way to total government control and destruction of our freedoms.

      • Alot of bad things have happened, and no one did anything.

        They killed Andrew Breitbart with the CIA heart attack gun,
        look up the video of congressional testimony involving the weapon.

        They killed Terrance yeakey, and michael hastings, and a long
        list of others associated with the clintons, and they don’t get
        touched because they are part of the new mafia.

        Same thing for their $32 trillion stashed offshore.

  28. Thanks for the link to sign the petition. I was happy to do it…only wish I had money to donate to the cause. Anyway, my TV stays on Fox News when not on Animal Planet!!
    That is, of course, where I first encountered Colonel West and appreciated his contributions to many debates and discussions.

  29. …and many in the media, both news and entertainment, will welcome this. Like many others, they love the “great man” and surely they know they have done no wrong and have nothing to fear. Only the enemy of the moment will be targeted, never them, for they are friends and the great leader will always love them. People believing this very thing died on the night of the long knives, were hauled off to the Lubyanka or Gulags or Stalin’s cargo ships never to be seen again, celebrated the hundred flowers campaign and then were targeted for re-education by Mao, they never learn and they go to their fates protesting they love the “great man” and wondering why the great man does not know, when that “great man’s” name is signed to the order used to haul them away.

  30. Col., it is not only FUBAR but also BOHICA!
    [For those not familiar with military parliance, BOHICA means Bend Over Here It Comes Again!]

  31. Why is this news? Except for Fox, all the others “report” what they are told to do. We all know that. I was under the impression that this was the new norm. Not having censors in the newsroom but what’s the difference? Fox news goes pretty light on Obumer’s antics. They too treat him with kid gloves.

  32. This is what Dictators or Communism does so that the people only hear and learn what the gov. wants them to hear and know. Can you say Heil Hitler or rather Heil obama.This is unconstitutional of course bo doesn’t believe in the constitution.

  33. And the racist Constitution-hating Marxist sonofabitch in OUR White House continues to destroy OUR Republic. The fifth columnists have taken over and Senator Joe McCarthy is proven to have been right.

  34. TIME TO STAND UP TO THE GOVERNMENT!!! News & Media Organization MUST now tell the Government – WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT COMPLY!!! These News Outlet MUST continue to broadcast the unbiased news & REFUSE TO ALLOW THE GOVERNMENT TO ENTIRE THEIR ENVIRONMENT!!! The Government MUST be told NO YOU WILL NOT CONTROL US!!! If & when the Government attempts to control a News Station, such as Fox or any other Station, these stations MUST have “armed” security on the property to stop the entrance of the Government & should the Government then attempt to “force” there way in – Security must then ELIMINATE, WITH PREDJUDICE the individuals who are attempting to enforce the Government tyranny & oppression. In other words the time has come- these Communist Criminals MUST be ELIMINATED!!! THE TIME IS NOW – KILL OR BE KILLED!!!

  35. Busy little bees, ceaselessly seeking out problems that are just waiting their enlightened solutions. Thinly veiled solutions, that whittle away at freedom under the guise of “fairness.” The word ‘fairness’ has got to be the most redefined word in recent years, and only the superior mind of a Liberal Progressive, is capable of such an awesome responsibility. If it doesn’t serve to advance their ideology, it becomes a high priority for change, and change it they will…

    It’s pretty clear for the enlightened among us, to see a need for monitors here in the U.S.. They will surly ensure an uncontested “fairness” for all.
    A number of Utopian Societies throughout history have implemented similar monitor systems with great success, and we could learn from their example.
    The former Soviet Union, China…
    One only needs look to North Korea, and its use of similar monitors, to fully understand the benefits of a truly Utopian Society, you don’t see their people complaining… about anything… and they live in a manmade hell on earth!
    They must truly be happy, or they would certainly demand change…
    And to think, we could already have the very same thing here in the U.S., if not for those crazy alarmists, and their conservative, Constitutional beliefs.

  36. Reading about stuff like this just would make one scream at the monitor screen. Who came up with this idea? That is the person or entity that needs to be investigated. Its bad enough that some important stories that happen in our country we have to read about in British or French papers. We the American people are being treated like mushrooms,,,we are being kept in the dark and are being fed b*llsh*t. Communication is always the first things that taken over in a takeover.

    • The decided to make it the 1st amendment for a reason. Problem is buying up the media is not too hard for the ppl puppeteering the government. What is kinda odd is then we the taxpayer have tax money used to bribe the said media to lie to us, some big irony there. “Operation Mockingbird”

  37. Masha’Allah! Brother Obama will stop your Zionist propaganda stations and anti-Islam hate speech.

    أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله و أشهد أن محمد رسول الله

    • “Brother Obama”? I have to laugh at that because you are a very ignorant Muslim and being duped just like the rest of the Obama supporters. He, like the rest of the elitists, are only there to serve themselves. Oh, and by the way, as for those 72 virgins all your martyrs are going to get…too late, our forefathers have been putting it to all of them for years, there aren’t any left.

  38. This empty threat is meaningless. The mere fact that it is being touted will certainly help Hillary with her coming coronation for Queen. After all Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife should be President of the Islamic Socialist Republic of America.

  39. If the maladministration tries this, even the journoclowns at the NYT ought to show these fools the door. If our media hesitate, I’d be glad to do it myself.

  40. Well they don’t want to lose the funding from “operation mockingbird” or the new name for the state run media, lol. The deeper down the rabbit hole you go the deeper
    the hole appears to go. Quite a deep hole has been dug for this nation and most ppl are just now seeing the tip of the iceberg.


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