Black Democrat attacks Justice Thomas for having a white wife

As we mentioned previously, black Conservatives receive no quarter, and here is the latest installment.

Black Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, and his wife Virginia Thomas were recently attacked by Alabama Democrat State Representative Alvin Holmes for having a white wife.

According to the Washington Times, ” While on the floor of the Alabama House of Representatives, state Rep. Alvin Holmes, a black Democrat, explained why he so dislikes Clarence Thomas: because “he’s married to a white woman.”

Rep. Holmes didn’t help his situation when he spoke to a reporter for the Anniston Star. Holmes said he was misinterpreted, but added that Justice Thomas was an “Uncle Tom.” “I said some people might say I didn’t like him because he was married to a white woman,” Mr. Holmes told the Anniston Star, before including the “Uncle Tom” addendum.

Does anyone hear any criticism from the mainstream media? Did President Obama come out and denounce the use of such horrible words from Holmes, or Rev. William Barber — after all, wasn’t it our first (half) black president who said we didn’t need such vitriol in our political discourse?

Last week Justice Thomas told a crowd at Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida that the “worst things that have been done to me, the worst things that have been said about me, [were] by northern liberal elites, not by the people of Savannah, Georgia.”

But obviously it’s not just white northern liberal elites. Justice Thomas, along with many other black conservatives, must endure the unrelenting ugliness from black liberals. As we’ve mentioned before, North Carolina NAACP President Rev. William Barber II referred to Senator Tim Scott as a “ventriloquist dummy.” And the silence from organizations like the NAACP and the faux black leaders such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others is deafening.

I believe this to be a calculated white progressive socialist tactic — use liberal blacks to denigrate and attack conservative blacks who don’t tow the line of servitude to white liberals. After all, hundreds of years ago, blacks were captured and sold into slavery by other blacks from conflicting tribes in Africa.

Right here on our Facebook and website pages, you can read vicious comments from blacks who forgo a discussion of the issues to simply dispense their personal vitriol.

The hypocrisy is to me unconscionable. If white conservatives — actually white anything — challenge President Barack Hussein Obama’s policies they are admonished as “racists.” We are already beginning to hear “sexist” and “misogynist” hurled at those questioning the qualifications of Hillary Clinton.

But where are these liberal voices when black conservatives are hunted down and disparaged? Where is the “liberal tolerance?” The bottom line is this, liberal progressives — black, white, Hispanic or whatever – simply do not want opposition. They do not want political discourse. They do not want any challenge to their agenda. They demand abject obedience, subservience, subjugation and silence, and will destroy anyone standing in their way. They are American totalitarians and will use any means necessary to achieve their ends. Liberal progressives are the most hateful individuals in America — there is no other explanation for their actions.

Just last week while running through my neighborhood in PGA National, a white liberal woman riding in the passenger seat of a car, recognized me and flipped me off. I suppose that reflected the sophistication of her communications skills Her action didn’t depress me, but it certainly emboldens me.

I have no doubt the attacks will keep coming, with ever-increasing viciousness, as they attempt to disparage my honor and service to this country. Black conservatives know this will always be the case, but we will neither relent nor surrender.

Please don’t tell me how progressives are so compassionate and welcoming. What a crock. And to the leadership of the NAACP: you hypocrites are hardly seeking the advancement of Colored People. You’ve become like the tribes in Africa who captured and sold their brothers and sisters into slavery. You serve only your own self-interest and the white liberal Democrats — who have a history of enslaving blacks, whether physically as it once was, or economically as it is now. You should be ashamed to bear those chains. Black conservatives stand freely and independently. Join us.


  1. Racism is only precipitated by the Democrats. The race card is always played by the Libtards, they have no other way of attacking anyone. They should be ashamed of themselves.
    They however see nothing wrong with the race card game, Why these people who put if forth are not called on it as hate speech, is wrong the should be either sued or arrested for it has a hate crime.
    Then again His highness barry and his minion holder are for it so that explains a lot.

    • Patriot, you are right on the money. You know what is funny though? To hear a white liberal teach me about racism. LOL. They tell me that I don’t understand what racism is. I will give them some credit. They are right that I have no clue what racism is according to their definition because it doesn’t exist. I can’t know it if it doesn’t exist. This is the reason they hate black Conservatives. Just us being around, destroys their entire belief system.

  2. great article. another person whom I see get ripped to shreds on a daily basis is david webb. an amazing man but the vile things said by liberals to me is unbelievable. the liberals are truly mentally ill.

  3. I do not think Thomas was the first Black Justice? I love the man and what he stands for. He is brilliant! But I think Thurgood Marsh was the first.

    • He didn’t say Clarence Thomas was the first black Justice. It is in the context of the sentence that should have a comma after “First, . . .” It’s an editing error. The first black Justice was Thurgood Marshall, not Marsh.

      • And the old Kluxer, the late, but unlamented Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia (a Democrat stalwart regarded by liberals as a great HERO because he was a fierce critic of George W. Bush) voted against BOTH Thurgood Marshall AND Clarence Thomas – but the libs hotly denied that The Kleagle was a RACIST.

  4. He isn’t the only man in Washington to marry a different race. Honestly, why does it even matter? So long as they love and respect each other, they are good for each other. I did a little digging and found that while not in the majority of office holders, many do have mixed marriages and it is split along party lines. So why is it okay to attack Republicans for doing what we want? Were we not hoping for a world where race was not an issue? Perhaps we should reinstate the laws that banned these marriages. I’ll walk down to the courthouse and turn myself in today.
    This is ridiculous and should be stopped. It is hard enough these days to find someone you are willing to live with, support and sacrifice for. Why would any reasonable person put limits on another as to where to find that person. Our president is the product of such a union, should we denounce him for this? Well, he has done enough bad without that non-issue, but the point should be the same.

  5. I am not a Clarence Thomas fan because of his ties to and support of Monsanto. It’s infuriating that liberals will stoop to using blacks against each other but even more so that we allow it. I get just as angry at the puppets as I do the puppet masters.

  6. This is truly a nonsensical and ridiculous frivolity to attack someone’s credibility on. I mean, what about the fact that Thomas used to be an Executive at Monsanto?

    Oops! Did I say that out loud?

      • A LOT. In fact most of our government is controlled by the bio-tech giant; it’s the reason they have such a strong presence here.

    • if you’re going to dislike/disagree with someone in power, do it on the merits of his actions…Thomas should have recused himself from ruling on Monsanto because he was a lawyer for them and they are destroying the country with poison to make money. Now THAT’S a reason to dislike a person,

  7. It’ll never end. The left perpetuates this and the mass media either fails to report on it or spins it. Picking on the Romney’s grandson and now calling Justice Thomas an “Uncle Tom” because they don’t share their progressive agenda. But it seems to be ok to hurl insults across the aisle as long as you’re with them. God forbid if you’re a conservative/republican/libertarian and do the same. They’ll sic the media on you, blow it up on front page news and you’ll be branded a bigot, racist, homophobe, sexist, etc. It seems to me that those that demand tolerance are the least tolerant of all. God help us.

  8. When people use “Uncle Tom” as an insult, it’s clear that they’ve never read “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

    “There are in this world blessed souls, whose sorrows all spring up into joys for others; whose earthly hopes, laid in the grave with many tears, are the seed from which spring healing flowers and balm for the desolate and the distressed.”
    ― Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom’s Cabin

      • If I’m liberal bec I followed the elections and watched the news and kept myself informed to make a proper decision of who I want to run this country ? I guess I am. What do you call someone who doesn’t pay matte nation to the world around them?

      • How does someone with a name like philanthropussy defend women(‘s respectability? Your name is insulting to women. What is more, I am half European and half Asian. whatever my ethnic background I don’t consider myself one over the other. I DO consider myself ALL American though, and moreso than either of my two races. I believe Mr. West is simply pointing out that some people, like Sharpton, Jackson and Obama forgot that about themselves and the rest of black Americans. shame.

      • First off, my name has nothing to do with a female body part. Secondly I guess you have an issue with Pussy Riot . Thirdly, can’t see your face very well, so I can’t tell if you have Asian features. People may see you as exotic. Which is not a bad thing to be in this beautify obsessed culture.
        Maybe it’s due to the fact that you are European, but racism is alive and well on this country. Please don’t think bec the US elected a blk pres we are colorblind. Just like racism in Europe.

      • I have no idea what pussy riot is but I do know what pussy and philanthropy means. I agree it is alive. Folks like Jackson and Sharpton make sure of it. Now here’s an interesting thing. While I’m half white, blacks who like me often ignore that and say I’m Asian. Blacks who don’t like me consider me white. So where does this racism exist again?

      • PHILANTHROPUSSY came from a joke about rich people who leave their animals lots of money in their wills. What do you call a cat who does charity work?
        Again, I’m not sure how long you’ve been in this country or where you live, but racism is a love and well regardless who’s in the house white. Ask a black or Latino person

      • How long she has lived here or where she lives has nothing to do with her stance on racism, typical of you to deflect and attack the person instead of staying on topic

      • my life been hated on by whites for being half Asian, but I have been hated on enough by blacks for being half white.
        Another thing here. I’be never

      • If I may jump in here, Philanthropussy, try getting out of the house and experience what goes on in the world around you, rather than just read about it on the internet. News papers, TV and internet reporting is almost always slanted.

      • I do sweetheart, more than you think. Also there are lots of conservative news sources. Breitbart, Fox News, Nat Review, Newmax, Worldnet Daily, The Blaze, Michelle Malkin. I’m hoping this isn’t the only place you are getting your news.

      • And of course Obama walks on water, I forgot. Herman needs to keep his mouth shut, but that part of him is irrelevant to his ability to run the country. Just like as much as I didn’t like Bill Clinton, his antics with his aid had nothing to do with his ability to run the country, just his ability to control his own behaviors sexally.

      • if a president sets himself to be blackmailed he cant run the country…it does get in his way…you don’t think that all the women he assaulted were not paid off to keep quiet? who knows how many more are out there? Yes it does get in the way of running the country when you leave the leaders of countries waiting while you’re fooling around with your intern and a couple of cigars…

      • Oh please, you want to get into the Clinton BS . Like the reps never had any indiscretions. Where do I start? Vitter, Schwarzenneggar, MCCain, Riuliank, . More, that ‘a from the top of my head

      • Don’t add text to my posts, I never wrote anywhere on any of my post “let’s nominate Cain for pres”, these are your words not mine. But since you brought it up, I do feel Cain would be a viable candidate as would West. Getting back to your post of Herman Cain harassing women, anyone can make accusations, Cain is a man and women can say no, if the line gets crossed that’s another issue. The beloved JKF (not the airport) slept around , before & during his presidency, as did Bill Clinton , Carter lusted in his heart, and Barry is a closet gay man (okay I just made that last part up, to get your goat).

      • Sorry dude, I quoted you directly from your post
        Secondly, you do know what it means for your boss to sexual harass you. You don’t no, or out!!!!
        Thirdly, do you want me to list the fine representation of family valued rep who have stared themselves? Schwarzenegger, Riuliani, Vetter, Gingrich?

      • Sorry Dudest, you didn’t quote from me, I haven’t mentioned Cain until you brought it up. Men have penises & women have Virginias, get over it. Accusations are easy to make and used often to slander.

      • Accusation, by gold diggers.
        What’s good for the goose is good for the ganda.

        During Bill and Hillary’s White House years, the rumors about Hillary’s bisexuality continued to fly. Secret Service agents told stories about Hillary having more affairs even than Bill. At a 1993 Gay Rights rally, one of the activists stood on stage and screamed to the crowd, “I’m going to tell you a secret. Hillary Clinton has had a lesbian affair. At last we have a First Lady in the White House that we can f***!” Once again, the mainstream media politely ignored this claim. Lucky for the Clintons, in a pre-internet age, if the media didn’t report something, it didn’t exist.

        None of this means anything as long as it doesn’t interfere with the job.

      • You need to stop getting your news from the Nat Inquirer. Plus, so what if she were gay. How is that bad ? Believe it or not gay people can make major decisions just as good as straight .

      • I have absolutely no problem with gay people, not my place to judge anyone’s sexuality, that’s between the consenting adults and that’s the point, period.

        I live in the most diverse place on earth.

        Did you read the last line of my last post “None of this means anything as long as it doesn’t interfere with the job”. I see you get defensive at the mention of Hillary Clinton’s possible indiscretions, why are women left out of the sexual accusation game. Why has the media not reported on this. In the grad scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter.

      • I admire those CONSERVATIVE men. The color of their skin doesn’t matter to me. What counts is that they love our country and would guide us by our Constitution.

  9. Obama is half black president? West, come on. What does it matter if he’s racial . Does thaft make him less of a person ? Does he wake up and think , today I all be thinking white, tomorrow will be black day ? Do you question a bi racial service member if they are feeling white today? West, you do realized that 43% of black people have white blood in them. Abd 13% of whites have black blood in them? And why don’t you tell your flollowers how that white blood got into these 43% of blacks? Not all where treated with such violence , of course.
    And, West, you did know the Thomas Jefferson had 4 biracial children with his house slave? And one of Moses’s wives was Ethiopian.

      • Thanks for deflecting . I know a lot of black people and none of them call Obana half black. But West has a problem with it.

      • He needs to explain what blk is bec as I said before 43% of blk have white blood. Look at Freeman, he’s lighter than Obama and Freeman saids Obama Ian my blk enought ????

      • You read whatever you want into something rather than what is actually said. Where does it say West has an issue with it? again, you seem to be the only one with an issue that he’s pointed out as half black. The point is he’s half white too. but then liberals always like to twist things with their own spin rather than use what’s actually there.

      • What does the point that he is half black have to do with who he is? He identify himself as a blk person . A blk person would never make issues if he’s blackness , only white reps and West. West had made other statements questioning Obama’s blackness

      • What a hypocrite you are. It’s ok for you to deflect me because my parents are immigrants though, huh? I think he’s deflecting you on grounds of your being a hypocritical, racist idiot. Thank you for exposing what an @$$ you are through the course of your conversation.

      • You hate on Europeans. You deflected my comments and called me a foreigner, because my father came from Europe when he was 15 then married myVietnamese mother after he joined the Marines at 17. Yeah, racist hypocrite. ‘Nuff said.

      • I would have thought you would have realized I was joking about the snobby Europeans and the green cards.
        You need to look up the word Racist. You are not taking my word for it, so check the dictionary.
        Does enuff said mean you are going to connect me again? I hope so bec you are boring and I’m tired of repeating myself .

      • Barack Obama is exactly 50/50 black/ non-black, unlike the other mixed percentages you cite. He has claimed his blackness, and in his book, explains how it was a conscious decision to claim being black and shun his white half. That is why people make a point about him being half black. I have no doubt that one day some stupid liberals will try to sell us on a candidate and try to make us forget about how horrible the 44th President was, because *this* President will be (80-100%) *truly* the first Black President!

      • The only people who question Obama’s blackness are white people . A black person would never discredit someone bec of his color. As they would discredit any children from Thomas union or romney’s black grandchild . The MSNBC woman thought that child was a publicity stunt .

      • Who is questioning his race here other than you? And for the record Mr. West is black. So your point on white folks is mute.

      • I questioned why West a blk man would make issues of Obama half blackness ? You are half Asian. Do you think it’s a big deal?

      • As I stated before , you are not Amer and have no idea what it’s like to grown up in this country. Say whatever, you have nothing valuably to add to my conversation. You are fired. I will not answer you back . I feel it would be pointless .

      • First of all this is how stupid you really are, he is a guy. not a female. look at his avatar. Second you cannot fire anyone who does not work for you and as I have said you are not an American

      • If I called him and women I an sorry. Don’t call me stupid, never in my conversation with you have I insulted you .,of course when you people have your backs against the wall you resort to attacks .

      • Okay then, your a Moron. projecting again.I am not the one saying outright lies, misrepresentations, projecting, deflecting, changing and twisting other peoples words to suit your own end. You have attacked me in the past and I call you out on it, you don’t like it when I do that’s tough, you pick on and insult others all the time. you do not like it when you get it back

      • I do not lie , everything I say can be corroborated. And I do not insult . Even if you people call me named to refuse to stoop so low.

      • Let’s be honest. The real reason you won’t answer back has nothing to do with anything except that you’re full of $#!+ and nothing else, you hypocritical racist.

      • Not only do blacks discredit someone because of race to especially do it to other blacks. Like a Democrat you see what you want and read what you want and hear what you want even if it has nothing to do with what is actually there

      • And whites never discriminate against others , even within their own race, is that what you are saying ? Also I quoted directly from Obama’s statement about Trayvon Martin. I didn’t cherry pick , go read it yourself

      • you cherry pick everyone else’s posts which was what I said, deflecting again that’s all you know how to do. Whites discriminate against whites? show me or tell me of an example

      • I csn’t believe I have to explain it to you. white rich- white poor. White north- white south. White men – white women . White straight – white gay., do you need more ?

      • You lie, you twist words, the other people’s since you do not know our language well enough. You’re a fraud a pretender. You cannot argue a point because you have no good stance on anything.

      • that’s right show me here post you Birth certificate here. I called you stupid because you are lacking in intellect

      • I am not stupid enough to give a troll my email especially on a public forum. Ypou do not know how to speak the language you don’t type the language well, you use words that mean things other than the way you use them. That tells me you are a foreigner. So your argument is invalid

      • Me too, but because my dad came over from Europe after his dad escaped a concentration camp when my dad was 15, according to you ‘ not American. you hate Europeans which makes you racist. since my opinion can be deflected based on that, you’re also a hypocrite.

      • What part of your enuff said was actual enuff said? I hope you got it all out . This is the last time I reply to you. You are the only one left and I really don’t want up continue. If you feel you need to tell me your life story or continue arguing with me , knock your self out. I will simply delate anything your write.
        Take my advice and go outside.

      • Already did. Went shopping even. My phone lets me do that. Also, you asked for an elaboration. You also said you wouldn’t respond to me because of my European descent. You hypocriteand racist.

      • You’re a true coward, you racist hypocrite.That’s unAmerican. Is that why you cover your face in pink? To show. what a commie you are? All the while running away with your face hidden?

      • You do know people like to wear customes for their avatars, right. If you want me to send a pic of how I really look, simple send me your addesss. And why are you one of my followers? Are you a gilton for punishment ?

      • Yes I realize that, It was a typo, she is deflecting from the fact she is not from the US and so therefore in order to keep you from figuring out she is from a foreign country she claims you aren’t from The US. it is something that trolls do a lot of.

      • Actually, I’m the son of a Marine and a natural citizen, though both my parents are immigrants. You’re right. I don’t know what it’s like to grow up black. I do know plenty second hand. I also know what it’s like to grow up as the only halfbreed running around. I also know what it’s like to grow up on base where all the kids and adts got along just fine despite being of all races. I DO know what it’s like growing up AMERICAN.But then, maybe that’s why we got along on base. People remembered they were Americans first and everything else afterwards. Maybe you’d have fewer issues in life and with others if you remembered that too. But then, I’m just a foreigner to you, you racist bass turd.

      • . I live in Miami Beach and Europeans around here are snobby. When they need to be taught a lesson, I ask them for their green card. They have to carry it everywhere they go!!!!!!!!
        Also nobody’s white in SoFl.

      • Two fallacies here. The MSNBC woman was black, and West is black. So, how is it that only white people question Barack’s “blackness”, or make jokes about someone black, whatever???

        That makes no sense.
        “A black person would never discredit someone bec of his color.” This statement is patently false, also. Not only can you NOT speak for all black people everywhere, ever. You should be able to concede the fact that this likely goes on all the time. Or did you mean to say “A black person would never discredit [another black person] bec of his color”, because that is possibly statistically less likely, although probably happens daily in America somewhere, also.

      • Why can’t he be our first black president? Why does he have to prove anything? So the next pre has to prove that he’s (or she) is 100% white.
        Also, you know in 100 yrs from now, your great grand kids will be learning all about Obama, our first blk pres. There will be no mention of his treason, dictatorship, birth certif, nothing, bec history is kind. His presidency may be a chapter more or less. He may not be a Reagan, Kennedy, Lincoln type of pres. Or a Jackson, Hyde, Mason type of pres. It doesn’t matter. He’ll just be regular old Barak H. Obama , 44. And you will be…. dead and forgotten.

      • No, don’t you remember when Bill Clinton was our “First Black President”? That sounds so ridiculous to type/say, but it’s what they said back then. Anyway…
        History is not always kind. Our Founding Fathers are disparaged, or their wisdom is lessened, every passing year, in every new textbook that comes out. They were not altruistic at all. They were merely selfish rich (white racist) landowners, who only wanted to lessen their taxes to the Crown. Etc., etc. Liberal revisionist history is extremely damaging, it is NOT KIND. I’m looking at news stories THIS WEEK on TV on how the memory/legacy of Ronald Reagan is being trashed. Liberals are trying to paint him as a misogynist, never mind that he nominated the first woman to the Supreme Court!
        LIBERAL history is kind to LIBERAL presidents! That is all.

      • I only wish we liberals had the power you people think we have. I know it’s better for you to have a common enemy than to admit to your failings.
        We Luba aren’t rewriting history. A couple months ago, Iit’s your oary that a minimizing his more moderate achievements . I wrote a post about how I admire Reagan, even thought I never voted for him, I do see him as one of the best pres. And most liberals we agree. At least the one ‘ who lived thru the 80’s. I also write today’s reps are NOTHING like the Reagan’s reps. He actually worked with demos. Today’s reps are way too angry and divided.
        Clinton was called the first blk pres. bec he grew up poor in the south and while he was gov of AK, he did a lit for the poor Blks.

      • As American of Eurasian descent. I acknowledge both my ra es and put America first. Our president does neither of these things.

      • Why? My opinion doesn’t matter to you’re racist views anyway, hypocrite. Besides you can’t comprehend what you read anyway.

    • What are you babbling about? Did you even read the article?? The article was pointing out the absolute mind-numbing hypocrisy of the left in general on the subject of race. And it was pointing out the SPECIFIC racism of Alvin Holmes.

      • I did read the article . Why did fe call Obama half black. A black person would never make an issue out of someone being bi racial .

      • He was pointing out the inconsistantcies in this liberal’s thinking. To Alvin, it’s obviously OK for Obama to be the result of a mixed marraige (as he’s a supporter), but it’s NOT OK for Clarance Thomas to have a white wife. He’s racist. Col. West was pointing that hypocrisy out.

      • I fully understand that. Is there anything wrong with being ‘Half black’ ?? I certainly don’t think so. Col. West certainly doesn’t think so. If English is not your first language, then I apologize, but you are not comprehending what you are reading. West is pointing out the FACT that Obama is from a mixed marraige (HALF BLACK). There is obsolutely nothing with that FACT. Col. West made NO statement to the contrary (that there is anything wrong with being half black, half white, half yellow, red or half purple plaid)

      • He’s made statements about Obama’s color before . On FOX, he said ” O doesn’t share the same experiences that a young men who has seen and understand what the KKK represents in this country ” so West , only southern blks are truly blk?

      • you really love to misinterpret what he or anyone else says. For your information the KKK was democrat and all over the country not just in the south

      • Oh please that argument is so old and you people haven’t thought that thru very well . Yes the demo were the party that repressed bks. But things changed in the 50’s . The demo platform changed to more civil rights, and the south demos changed over to the reps . So why would racist demos go over the tolerate reps without a change in the rep party ?
        Think Kennedy and Johnson. Plus. If the south was so racist. Then why did West want to represent it in congress? Bec things have changed.

      • that is alll propaganda and you believe it. The Democrats are the party of racists and perpetrate racism among the black community. Kennedy and Johnson where the biggest socialists going. We have all these people on welfare thanks to them. They liked putting people on the government programs. they weren’t for the down trodden they were for bigger government. They did and would do anything and every thing they could to enlarge government. West was from South Carolina he couldn’t and no one person can represent all of the south. That is not how the government works.

        The South was racist there is no denying that. but with people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and barry in the white house and Eric Holder all inciting racism among the low information voters. Racism is here to stay.

        Complete your words please. At least that way you will seem at least a little more intelligent.

      • If I agree with you would you leave me alone?

        You are so right!! Wow, you really got those libs. You are so incredible.

      • “” O doesn’t share the same experiences that a young men who has seen and understand what the KKK represents in this country ”

        That statement doesn’t make grammatical sense. So, I doubt you copied that from an actual source. Find the source, and forward it / link to it so the efficacy and context can be determined and verified.

      • Do you find the term derogatory? I don’t. It’s merely a description. There’s lots of sick terms people use that he could have used but didn’t. The judge is called an Uncle Tom. Is that not derogatory? Yet no one is calling them out. It’s all about the hypocrisy, bottom line.

      • You seem to be the one judging the most. No one but you is concerned, including we biracial folk that you don’t consider American or have any value in our opinions, you racist hypocrite.

      • How many times do I have to say this!!! You weren’t raised in this country, what do you know about being black? It’s a fact, or are you trying to pass as American?

      • Boy, are you dense. He’s told you he is American. He was raised here or on American bases overseas, maybe, at least some of his growing up. But he was raised as a proud American son of an American Marine and his American wife. It just so happens his dad was born in Europe and his mom in Vietnam, but they became Americans. Just too bad so many immigrants won’t assimilate nowadays like his parents did.

      • That’s a crock of bull. I have several bi-racial great grandchildren, and, some of their worst treatment comes from racist blacks.

      • I’m talking about West not you. Keep up Betty. No one mention your or your family. And when racist blacks react negatively to your grand kids , what do you do?

      • Are you nuts! I grew up in the 60’s, and bi-racial children were treated horribly BY THE BLACKS as much or worse than by teh whites. Most parents I knew at the time were not racist as in they didn’t object to their kids dating other races (unusual for the times), BUT they were concerned about the children.

        And even today, it still happens, ironically enough, it’s usually the BLACKS who diss bi-racial kids and unions…as in you are deserting your race…like it’s any better than any other race. Proud yes, overdone no.

      • Then why did people freak out over the Cherrios commerical ? I would really love to hear from bi racial people

      • No you don’t. We’re just foreigners to you, you racist. But for the record, I know plenty besides myself and we all believe being American comes first.

      • The only people I saw freaking out was the liberals, making up stories about conservatives not liking it. (MSNBC)

      • No, I read the you tube comments . Lots of N- words . You need to stop watching FOX. They don’t give your best interest .

      • BS. All my half black friends will tell you they get more acceptance and respect from whites than they do from blacks. It seems to me the only ones making an issue are those who are scared to admit he’s half white, you racist hypocrite.

      • Wait , you gave friends???
        Why do they have to be half black? Why not half white . I would think if blk hated them so much, your half blk friends would want to ID themselves as hf white.

    • I seriously doubt Obama ever wakes up feeling white. He’s just another racist. If not so, explain some of the stupid remarks he’s made, like,” if I had a son, he would look like Travon”. As president, he should have kept his mouth shut and let the judicial system do it’s job, instead of helping folks like Jessie and Al stir the pot of division.

      • I think you need to go back and read the statement and stop cherry picking . He said there are very few blk men who not had the experience of someone fearing them. Including him. He also said the jury has spoken and we must respect their decision .
        . I wonder if West was wearing a hoody and walking walking down the street if anyone white person would think twice about him? guess what , not everybody knows who West is. But I bet West would be the first to pull the WYKWIM card.

      • You should stop projecting, stop “cherry picking” yourself, that’s all you seem to do. If you actually had substance to what you post people might have respect for your opinion

      • I don’t question another person’s ethnicity . I would question why someone would . What dies tge fact that he’s not 100 % blk have to do with anything. What us black anyway? Do white people know ? Do black people know ?

  10. That’s exactly what they want! They want silence “smart conservative opponents”!

    Where is the MSM outrage? They are accomplices, there is a little left of journalism! Are they “MSM” being paid to indoctrinate us? What’s wrong with them? It is appalling!

    Just hope people will make a better decision in the upcoming elections. Our country is being divided and our liberties took from us.

  11. while I find the articles written by you Col. West to be well written I don’t think Justice Thomas whom I admire is the first black Justice ,I can’t remember his name but he argued Brown v the board of education then become Justice – am I wrong ? if so please correct me

  12. I wonder what would happen if someone came up to him and said, “You’re right, Alvin Holmes, black pepole should only marry black people”. ?????


    • I think they’re a beautiful couple. Always admired Judge Thomas and loved
      his humor; which had come out during his nomination lynching.

    • Copied to challenge… COL.WEST IVE CALLED YOU ON A LOT OF THINGS AND IVE AGREE WITH YOU ON A LOT OF THINGS..NOW IM CALLING YOU OUT AGAIN…YOU MADE LIGHT OF A RACIST ISSUE BUT INSTEAD OF OFFERING A SOLUTION YOU ADD FUEL TO FIRE..YOU CRITISIZE SHARTON AND JACKSON WHEN THEY SPEAK OUT AND WHEN THEY ARE SILENT. end quote… Lt Col West’s statement – And the silence from organizations like the NAACP and the faux black leaders such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others is deafening.

      He made a POINT, not anything more than an observation. I think you are saying he criticized them without giving some solution to their silence… I don’t see any solution for an observation other than, THEY should condemn the unjust and blatant silence of not holding both sides to the same standards…

    • I am super glad Col West pointed out BHO is 1/2 BLACK-the other half is WHITE-This makes his appeal to BOTH “RACES” EQUAL. And what if BHO had married a white woman? You think the liberals of either party would have forgiven that? They needed Michelle to sell abortion and seal the deal to already subjugated and statistically inproportioned Blacks who are abortion-at-risk. You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself and the rest of what was once STRONG BLACK AMERICAN, but is now chattle on the NAACP’s auction block. Sorry, but this is a hard truth a sad fact, and I say with the understanding that the white slave trade is in full boom today at any truck stop. It’s time for America to stop protecting it’s dandy’s and start protecting her babies, there is no reason not to except for dumb pride, and insanity.

  14. the “tolerant” left who tells us we must accept all the perversion of the gay mafia, race bait inc’s social justice demands, and of course all the ILLEGAL ALIEN equality demands.

  15. This is the left doing what they do best putting their foot in their mouth. But if a White liberal marries a Black woman they keep quiet

  16. WOW !! Just …wow ! I am awe struck by the hypocrisy. It’s like staring into the sun & telling others around you to not do the same. WOW !!

  17. This is the hypocrisy of the Leftists, who talk about Acceptance and Tolerance constantly. Leftists are more like Islam, the so-called Religion of Peace and Tolerance, lol, then turn around and cut everyone else’s throat for any reason at all. Both perversions should be banned from American Shores. And if the SHTF, it might just happen!

  18. We all know there is no worse racist than a black racist. They really disgust me. I would have a problem with a white woman who would marry one of those black liberal racists. I would have a problem with a black woman who marries one of them, so, does that make me racist.

  19. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Allen West! What a breath of fresh air for a man to speak up for principles and truth and see the liberal commies for what they truly are! If the US does’t wake up, we are all in trouble! My life is coming to an end in about 15-20 years and I worry for my grandchildren!

  20. They can’t stand to see a black person be successful ( and no, getting elected in an all black district, JUST because you are black does not count; i.e. Sheila Jackson- Lee)

  21. Stories like this bring tears to my eyes. Literally. If multi-racial marriage is not a great example that people of all races can get along, what is?

  22. My siblings and I were raised to understand that there is no one person on this earth that is unequal to another. Neither of my parents were racists and being born in 1954, I got to see my fill of racial inequality and even at the young age of 10, l was questioning why people were being so mean to people just because they had a different color to their skin? To this day, and yes, I am almost 60, I still cannot understand the indifference and the intolerance that people exhibit. I am very disheartened to see that people of any color would choose to get on the train with people who obviously want to keep them in a less than acceptable light. I have wondered this many times and wish that someone would start a grassroots movement among the impoverished in this country to enlighten them to the fact that they are only someone else’s meal ticket, and nothing else matters other than getting their vote! These people choose to gather their votes by less than honest means have got to be exposed! Just because you do not have means doesn’t equate with brainless. That is exactly what all the liberals want, including those who are supposed to be speaking on your behalf, i.e. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, to name a few. Please, to all of those who believe that where you are, living in less than acceptable surroundings, start listening to those who are trying to help you. Stop listening to those who promise you everything and deliver nothing! Racial inequality should not even be a blip on a radar screen today! We all should live as one people as God has ordained.

  23. Thomas is not “the first black Supreme Court justice”. How can I read past the first sentence of this article when it’s clear the author is ignorant?

    • You have a very myopic anal view when reading an article and stating an untrue fact about the 1st and 2nd sentences. No where in the article did it say or even suggest Thomas was is the first Black SCJ. I do not know what article you read but here are the 1st and 2nd sentences to the article.

      As we mentioned previously, black Conservatives receive no quarter, and here is the latest installment.

      Black Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, and his wife Virginia Thomas were recently attacked by Alabama Democrat State Representative Alvin Holmes for having a white wife.

      AFV now please do us all a favor and go back to playing in the street.

      • He fixed it and I’ll take credit. I saved a screenshot of his original post so give me your e-mail if you need me to prove your two time disgraced hero is a unintelligent loser.

  24. Now it’s not just white crackers, it’s also black conservatives, the progressives are on the march. Be careful what you wish for. There are consequences that you will not like.

  25. The NAACP, Jackson, Rangel, the Bozo, Sharp keep stirring the Pot to benefit themselves. They could care less about their people.

  26. It is the proverbial whip Col, and the slaves are the conservatives black and white the liberals and their agenda is the Slave owner they are reviving the plantation just in a different fashion. We will all be slaves to this administration and it’s ilk. I believe they have groomed Obama for this role and I think all these tactics have been planned. Is it me or does it seem all these liberals have been schooled in their talking points and their spin. They are like carbon copies of each other like robots barking out the same orders. I find it all very disturbing.

  27. As long as 99% of the media allows, and or encourages a total bias, while participating in, creating, and maintaining a double standard, we will be ruled by liberal democrats. If something does not change this pattern we will become a giant Detroit! All patriots need to prepare for a new American Revolution!

  28. I got to hear a dispute between Allen West and John Sununu. John Sununu was way out of his league. Allen West was saying all the things those of us in the Tea Party hope he would say. I didn’t get to speak to Mr. West immediately after the talk, but later that evening I interrupted his dinner to tell him that I really appreciated him. Interrupting his dinner was more awkward than I anticipated it would be, but he didn’t seem to mind.

  29. People can call themselves whatever they want. Your either good or bad. You choose the side you want to be on. It doesn’t have to be the Democratic side, nor the republican side. You just need to do whats right, and if both sides are wrong ,then choose neither. This is America. Land of the free! I don’t need to choose a side right now. Its like choosing to swim in a lake with bacteria that can kill you in a matter of hours or jump off a cliff with no parachute. I’d rather stand alone as long as I know what I’m doing is right. Those who stand tall stand alone and I’m ok with that. I have respect for you Mr. West and its not because your a Republican, its because you tell it like it is. I admire that.

  30. Black people are the most racist people in America today. Isn’t a Cadillac and a white woman the pinnacle of a black man? It was when I was growing-up. I doubt things have changed much.

  31. I think there is questionable reporting; possible misquoting and at the very least plausible misinterpretation about comments associated with the judge and his wife. I would have preferred clarification from Mr. West and his organization on this important matter.

  32. Who cares what an Alabama State Rep thinks? Plenty of moron politicians keep getting elected. Scotus Thomas is a great American, as are you sir.

  33. I hope that some day soon most blacks would wake to the fact they are still slaves to the likes of men like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the NAACP, this is not what MLK wanted for his followers ………….

  34. These ppl have labels for everything. We live in a psychobable world, nothing is just black or white unless you are a whittie or a (can’t even say it without offending) We are beyond “politically correct” we are just ignorant!!!

  35. Allen, there are ignorant wind bags on both sides. Black bigots, white bigots, conservative bigots, liberal bigots…

    Bigots are bigots.

    Luckily as each generation passes this is become less and less an issue and it is just going to take a few more generations before these types of people are so rare that they will be to afraid to spew this kind of garbage in public. I’m a liberal and I can assure you this schmuck doesn’t speak for me on matters of politics anymore than Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton speak for you on race.

    This is something that liberals and conservatives need to fight together to eradicate. Rather than marginalize people for having a different political ideology (diversity is a good thing) why don’t we just start marginalizing bigots instead?

    PS – Justice Thomas was not the first black Supreme Court Justice. That was Thurgood Marshall 🙂

    • Why do you add the P.S.? No where in this article does it mention that Thomas is was the first black SCJ. Your argument, which I agree there are morons on both sides, lost credance once you added the P.S.

  36. It just goes to show that liberalism/progressivism/socialism/communism/marxism/fascism and all the isms are a form or expression of a serious state of mental illness

  37. Well, he should be ashamed of himself for marrying that white blue eyed devil. LOL, LOL. They can say what they want. They are just upset that he’s still with the same woman, without a whole bunch of bebe kids running around from 5 different women. Paying no child support, living it up in some Section 8 housing, getting hooked up by ole Uncle Sam with some free check every month. But hey. Blacks cannot be racist let the Liberals tell it. The hypocrisy of Liberals never ceases to amaze me and frankly it just grinds my gears and torques my jaw. Yes, my wife just so happens to be white. I didn’t go out there looking for a woman based on skin color. I wanted a woman who loved the Lord Jesus Christ, and this is the one, who was absolutely crazy enough to marry me, LOL. I love my wife, and if a Liberal thinks that they can degrade my wife or my child, they had better get ready. As you can see, I’m not the PC type of man. THEY ARE FILLED WITH ALL STUPIDITY.

  38. It’s a liberal’s duty to keep the classes distinct in order to keep themselves relevant. Why is marrying a non-black an issue? It’s considered a betrayal of the cause of black power. No room for dissenters, as if they own the values and thoughts of all blacks. It is a form of slavery – “you belong to us”. Socialism is like a religious cult – very dogmatic and controlling.

  39. Col West, we had better get back to Masser Democrat’s Plantation. They are going to send the Overseer’s with their dogs after us. Overseers? Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farakahn, etc. Dogs? NAACP, National Democratic Black Caucus. Sorry guys, I’m not usually this rude, but the last couple of days I haven’t had time to vent. So forgive me for my venting friends.


    Problems categorized as racial could arise from bigotry, prejudice and racism. A bigot is a person who is intolerant of ideas or people not like him while being strongly partial to his own particular racial, religious or political group. A prejudiced person is someone who has formed a less-than-favorable opinion or attitude about a person or an idea before really giving the matter any though. In other words, the prejudiced person has “pre-judged” the person, the group or the situation. Funny, isn’t it, how neatly “pre-judged” and “prejudiced” fit together? Then we have the racist. A white supremacist would be a racist. He believes that whites are genetically superior to virtually all other races.

    Now we have virtually blended the meanings of all three words; racist, bigoted and prejudiced. People who are bigoted, prejudiced or both are now commonly called racist, even thought they harbor no feelings of racial superiority.

    The fact is, we no longer have a word in our language to describe one who believes in the inherent, genetic superiority of one race over another. The word “racist” has been so overused and misused over the past 20 years that it truly has become little more than a mild re-probation of virtually any white person who has said something that causes even the slightest bit of offense in a minority, usually black, community.

    So … let’s get the Webster’s people on this, and throw in a few Funk and Wagnels while we’re at it. Maybe Jesse “The Sloganmaster” Jackson could take some time out from blackmailing American corporations and Al Sharpton could stop trying to beat the Guinness record on lies long enough to give this worthy project a shot.

    Come to think of it, wasn’t it Jesse Jackson who suddenly decided some years ago that all of the problems faced by black people in America would be solved virtually overnight if we would start calling blacks “African-Americans?” OK, so he’s good at coming up with cute slogans and nifty phrases. Work on this “racist” thing, Jesse! You’ve so bastardized the word “racist” that we need a new one.

    Could you get back to me on that?

    Oh … by the way …you do know that I’m a racist for even bringing this up, don’t you? (Boortz)

  41. I have a question, why do black people want to refer to themselves as African Americans. And for you grammar freaks, my cat attacked my keyboard and my period key does not work.

    Why are they not just Americans. I have done some researching and am Scot-Irish. I think these designations separate us instead of unite. I would say that 95% of blacks have never seen Africa and their Ancestors are as far removed as mine. For recent immigrants I can see the designation.But after so many generations, we are Americans.

    We are all Americans and need to start having a common goal, the strength of America. If we cannot have a common goal, how will we ever be one people.

    • I know nothing about Africa. I am just American, but if anyone wants to be hypenated, I suppose they can. I don’t care what people do if they keep it to themselves an not try to force it on Society. If they try to force it on me they are likely to get their feelings hurt.

    • The same reason Asians are called Asians, Mexicans are called Mexicans. Black is not a ethnic group, it is a color in a crayon box, just like White. Neither term denotes ethnicity. With that being said, why do you care?

      • Your not comprehending what she is saying. She said why do blacks separate themselves by using the term “African Americans” instead of just “Americans” to identify themselves.

      • I did understand, and it wasn’t “blacks” who initiated this change originally. It was a way of correcting the name of a race that isn’t synonymous with an origin. Had she said why do Chinese want to be called Chinese or why do Hispanics want to be called Hispanic along with just the African American question, it could be perceived differently. Most “races” are two to three generations American and have never seen their home country either. I bet she is one of the people offended by the Pepsi commercial. Goodness. Difference doesn’t equate to non-unity. We are all equal and can celebrate difference without denouncing heritage. That is what makes our country so great.

      • That is not the point. After as many generations that most blacks have been in America they should be just Black Americans, not African-Americans. Why do I care? I ask why because it is a division, when you have been here for several generation,why do you think you are African? First generation immigrants I can understand.

        Until we are able to put such distinctions behind us there will never be unity.

    • Because Black’s will never put the race card down and face the simple facts that they are unable to assimilate because at some very basic core level they do not measure up.

      Poor Impulse Control
      They Lack the ability to percept actions and consequences and think
      in a future tense or plan.
      They at their very core refuse to accept that black skinned men are the very
      people who sold them into slavery to begin with, whites just took advantage like anyone else would have at the time in history.
      I could go on and on and on …….

      Where you find a white majority 95% or higher you find prosperity where you find a black majority in any major city you find everything that is wrong with america drugs violence bastard children being raised by bastard children generation after generation with no end in sight.

      The problems facing blacks should be very familiar they stare directly in the mirror at the start of every day right at it.

      You own your problems the white people saved you, more end more each day whites in america are really wondering why.

      We saved your black asses once at great cost to american treasure and lives “The Civil War” no stop making us regret that decision each and every day.

      • Atlas and this one’s for you because your intelligent level is astronomical. This is a little reminder that no one ever speaks about.

        You’re all racists for dragging and entertaining this nonsense. I
        don’t usually post on these political scream forums. But, as I read the
        article and glanced down the page and seen the comments you had, I had to let you know that the most intelligent people on the face of this earth happens to be white. Here’s where their intelligence level was set at (lets say 150 years ago more or less).

        Let’s gear up the boats, travel across the blue seas, steal, murder,
        rape and torture black people; pay blacks who would be interested in
        helping them collect slaves; sailing in boat loads of men, women and
        children to be used as slaves to build America; used as servants,
        slaves, sex objects, torture devices, medical experiments and breeding (because blacks were considered chattel). Now, as time went on, the whites realized something “DUH… (as they scratched their heads in disbelief), look they’re reading, writing and fighting back. They want to be free. So they fought and fought and finally!!! WALA, things have made a 360 degrees turn. Now, flying through the years and hard work in trying to kill off blacks, they’ve proved unsuccessful, and look, who’s that? Sitting on the thrown, a black activist MLK, wait and there’s another, and another, they started popping up all over the place. Now, sitting on the highest thrown in the U.S. is a black president. See what karma can do to people when they label themselves as being most intelligent? I tell you the brilliance of man is incredible. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. I would like to give a warm and special thanks to all you hillbilly, race baiting, white AND black hate monsters. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve OUR country, help build America, give us our freedom and all the tools we need to succeed. LOL hahaha,
        Thank you. Great post Allen West!!! You Rock! You have our vote on
        this end. 😉 God Bless America land that I love, God Bless America,
        our Home Sweet Home!!!! 😀

  42. Yet they would never go after their Liberal NFL,NBA,RAPERS or Tiger woods for their white women… Hummmmmmm Wonder why that is?????

  43. If the Bible teaches one thing, it’s how to recognize evil. The most used tool that evil has employed to gain power over God is the false accusation. The serpent convinced Eve to disobey God; by claiming that God was trying to keep her down, and not letting her know the ways of the world. Today you can see men using that same evil; to discourage other men, or to gain followers. It’s sad; but the people who it seems use this tactic the most have a name proceeded by the word reverend. I always thought a Reverend was a spiritual leader, who spoke of God teachings. It seems lately that not a holy, or inspiring word leaves the mouth of a reverend. It is only false accusations that you can hear. There is one who preaches the accusation, but he is not the God of the bible, he is the lesser being that tried to put himself above god. The true accuser. In the commandments God said, thou shall not bear false witness. That is the false accusation. The ones who use this tool are not teaching the words of God. They have other motives.

  44. My better half is Black I can understand how he feels , you get down to it People are total Jerks . I didn’t realize how bad People really were till I saw it first hand .

  45. Too bad that the blacks are so color blind! Wasn’t Obama mama white? Do they attack him for having an Black African father, & a white Communist mother? I thought not! What does race have to do with anything anyway? It is the character of Obama that makes him dangerous! He wants to enslave all American’s so he can continue to steal from our Tax $$$$$$!

  46. “I have no doubt the attacks will keep coming, with ever-increasing
    viciousness, as they attempt to disparage my honor and service to this
    country. Black conservatives know this will always be the case, but we
    will neither relent nor surrender.” ~~ How can you not love a man like Allen West.

  47. The NeoCons dredge up these stories. First of all Clarence Thomas is considered a non-person by the black community. When a black unfairly denigrates another black, he is referred to as a “Thomas Clarence”

  48. This is just silly. Mixed marriages are not tied to political affiliations as they are on both sides – blue and red. No one cares who any of these people are married to, the more important things are they way they vote and whether or not it hurts or helps their constituents or in this case, since he is a Supreme Court judge, the entire US population. These types of conversations and ignorant rants are what keeps us stuck on stupid instead of progressing. Not sure how this is tied to slavery or indentured servitude which is what Africans were when they were “sold” initially, not counting the ones that were stolen but I will just stop there. Doesn’t seem to be the platform for such a historical intellectual conversation, not sure how I ended up here.

  49. I was raised to be “color blind,” as my father calls it. I don’t care what anyone’s color is – I look at their actions. If I could, I’d vote for purple and green political leaders if they’d get the job done right. I’m so tired of the white vs. black and black vs. white attitudes out there. After all, didn’t Dr. King himself say that his dream was for people not to be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character?

  50. We can Thank Obama, Jackson, and all the other racists (ignorant) people in the world. We are all Human Beings, and should be treated as Humans. I have always said I do not care if you are purple with pink polk a dots. We are all humans. As long as they do their jobs as they are supposed to . Is all I care about. Besides Obama is 1/2 Black and 1/2 White. So Obama has no reason to be racists against Blacks or Whites. Let us be judges by our actions, not by the color of our skin!!!

  51. Beautifully, gracefully, and powerfully said. Why can not the black conservative leaders in this country unite together to create a powerful front like the race baiters Jackson and Sharpton? We will follow you. Run for president, though that is a terrible curse to lay on anyone.

  52. I am lost for words – I intensely dislike racists black white pink yellow. There is no place for the language from any politician. You are a disgrace Mr Homes and do not deserve to hold the confidence of the people who voted for you!

  53. This land wants to do away with Racism, BUT they just Won’t let it gO..Oprah Winfree said ,,racism will die when old White people die…. Have ya seen that on the NEWS…NO.DON’T THINK SO….NOW ,,the higher up folks in government callin each other names,,, in the schools we have …ZERO TOLERANCE WITH EVERYTHING,,,,DICTATED BY THE STATE….but the well EDUCATED HIGHER UPS,,,,ACT LIKE FOOLS. From the pres. to the lowest person in the administration are the lowest ever………GET WITH TH PROGRAM PEOPLE …PRACTICE WHAT YOU ENDORCE.,,,WHAT YOU PREACH,,,oOH,,, E CAN’T TALK RELIGION…..

  54. Definition of prejudice (n)= irrational dislike of somebody: an unfounded hatred, fear, or mistrust of a person or group, especially one of a particular religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual preference, or social status… SIGH, such a shame they are out there!!!

  55. I wish this was blasted all over the News and Newspapers. Do you know how many people are in a mix marriages or relationships? Can you imagine the repercussions this would have? Truth be known, I bet there is a lot more Democrats that feel this way. Talk about Republicans screwing up while running for an office, this falls in the same category. This is right up there with good ole Nancy saying: I don’t know why women want to marry, yet, she is married, has children and grandchildren. Amazing, but this man did us a favor, if it’s handled the correct way.

    • I am English and I lived in a town of 72,000 people in those days and there where maybe 20 black girls from Jamaica and Trinidad who were recruited as trainee nurses. Only one of the girls (an Indian from Trinidad) who married a black fella from Barbados! the rest married white English fella’s, most of us were “Rusty” colored from all the damn rain. The girl I married was the most lovely thing ever and we had 3 Kids from a blonde to a coffee colored girl and a fabulous looking son. My son is marrying a white blonde girl and my daugter marries a mixed race man and has three of the most amazing girls . My blonde daughter was raped and died in Edgewater Florida, commited by a black man. Ihave seen it all, however the only predudice was from blacks and Indians in Trinidad. All my friends in England married colored girls from all over the world and once again never a problem from white people but always minot hostility from minority groups. Racism is black against white!

      • I’m sorry for your loss. No reason except for an individual being
        Yes, there are more mixed marriages then people realize. I don’t believe any of us are one race, but a mixture from the beginning of time. I wish people would keep referring to others as Black, White, Green, or whatever. It just irks me that individuals keep referring to Obama as Black. He is not and the sooner people stop calling him Black then he will not be able to use it against “The People”.

  56. Alvin Holmes is an embarrassment to intelligence to start with and definitely an embarrassment to black people in this nation. Unfortunately there are many cotton pickers like him around who refuse to leave the plantation.

  57. Freaking AMEN! I have been having this argument with many people for a few years now. I am a white male. And because of this I am labeled a racist. These Liberal halfwits are pulling the strings of black “leaders” to do their bidding. It angers me that they cannot see that they are being played like fools. Oh well. One day they will see their folly. And Mr. Thomas? Who cares that he married a white woman? How can this be an issue? Probably it’s the liberals, who can’t find a nice neat label for his kids to fit in…

    • When there were laws against blacks and whites marrying THAT was racism. Sounds like this racist wants to go back to Jim Crow laws to keep all the blacks on the plantation.

  58. Where are our Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons and Preachers? Why do we not have anyone to go out and talk to people about issues, leaving the crap at home and just give the facts?

    • Because those people ARE the race baiters that seek to divide people by race. Sharpton and Jackson are the modern heritage of black slave traders in Africa of the 17th through 19th centuries.

      • Where are the Conservative individuals to help bring us all together?
        Where are the Conservative individuals to help bring us all together? They are only on TV or Internet. They need to be out in the Communities talking face to face to the “People.” That is the biggest problem with the Republicans and Conservatives; they do not know how to talk to the people.

    • Democrats/liberals do NOT use facts, history, statistics; they rant about skin color/berate a person’s character. It is a deflection from the true fact that democrats are a bunch of racists, hate-mongers, covet-encouragers, jealousy-pushing, power over people pushers. Look at their leader obama.

  59. It seems to me there are more black racists than white. They refuse to get beyond slavery, there were white slaves also. But put the past behind and work to better the future for all. The so called leaders keep the hatred festering rather than encouraging family values and education.

      • You’re all racists for dragging and entertaining this nonsense. I don’t usually post on these political scream forums. But, as I read the article and glanced down the page and seen the comments you had, I had to let you know that the most intelligent people on the face of this earth happens to be white. Here’s where their intelligence level was set at (lets say 150 years ago more or less).

        Let’s gear up the boats, travel across the blue seas, steal, murder, rape and torture black people; pay blacks who would be interested in helping them collect slaves; sailing in boat loads of men, women and children to be used as slaves to build America; used as servants, slaves, sex objects, torture devices, medical experiments and breeding (because blacks were considered chattel). Now, as time went on, the whites realized something “DUH… (as they scratched their heads in disbelief), look they’re reading, writing and fighting back. They want to be free. So they fought and fought and finally!!! WALA, things have made a 360 degrees turn. Now, flying through the years and hard work in trying to kill off blacks, they’ve proved unsuccessful, and look, who’s that? Sitting on the thrown, a black activist MLK, wait and there’s another, and another, they started popping up all over the place. Now, sitting on the highest thrown in the U.S. is a black president. See what karma can do to people to label themselves as being most intelligent? I tell you the brilliance of man is incredible. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. I would like to give a warm and special thanks to all you hillbilly, race baiting, white AND black hate monsters. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to service this country, help build America, give us our freedom and all the tools we need to succeed. LOL hahaha, Thank you. Great post Allen West!!! You Rock! You have our vote on this end. 😉 God Bless America land that I love, God Bless America, our Home Sweet Home!!!! 😀

      • Serious, so you are saying that black conservatives don’t carry with them the same terrible past as the liberal blacks? Of course they do, they just choose to make the most of themselves and not always play the victim like the liberal/ progressive would have them do. They can become educated, own a business, be a proud military member, marry whom theychoose to and have a good life dispite having the history of a people who ashamedly were mistreated in our countries past.

      • Stop dragging racism. Become a non-labeled American. Just be. I will not continue to entertain this thread due to the ignorance of history lacking facts.

      • His own people ? Guess what hon, Africa is composed of different countries and people. Look on a map. Secondly, ” his people” sold their enemies into slavery. White slave owners still bought slaves, out them on a ship, chained together unable to move and going to the bathroom where they stand , subject to rapes, beatings and throw over board. . They say that over a million salves were throw overboard. Later sold, seperated families.

      • My post from yesterday.

        You’re all racists for dragging and entertaining this nonsense. I
        don’t usually post on these political scream forums. But, as I read the
        article and glanced down the page and seen the comments you had, I had to let you know that the most intelligent people on the face of this earth happens to be white. Here’s where their intelligence level was set at (lets say 150 years ago more or less).

        Let’s gear up the boats, travel across the blue seas, steal, murder,
        rape and torture black people; pay blacks who would be interested in
        helping them collect slaves; sailing in boat loads of men, women and
        children to be used as slaves to build America; used as servants,
        slaves, sex objects, torture devices, medical experiments and breeding (because blacks were considered chattel). Now, as time went on, the whites realized something “DUH… (as they scratched their heads in disbelief), look they’re reading, writing and fighting back. They want to be free. So they fought and fought and finally!!! WALA, things have made a 360 degrees turn. Now, flying through the years and hard work in trying to kill off blacks, they’ve proved unsuccessful, and look, who’s that? Sitting on the thrown, a black activist MLK, wait and there’s another, and another, they started popping up all over the place. Now, sitting on the highest thrown in the U.S. is a black president. See what karma can do to people when they label themselves as being most intelligent? I tell you the brilliance of man is incredible. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. I would like to give a warm and special thanks to all you hillbilly, race baiting, white AND black hate monsters. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve OUR country, help build America, give us our freedom and all the tools we need to succeed. LOL hahaha, Thank you. Great post Allen West!!! You Rock! You have our vote on this end. 😉 God Bless America land that I love, God Bless America, our Home Sweet Home!!!! I’m a black woman with a Chinese husband (LAND THAT I LOVE, GOD BLESS AMERICAAAAA, MY HOME SWEET HOME) 😀 as I sing to the geniuses of the U.S. LOL bwahahahah

    • Joan, its hard to tell a people to get beyond slavery. Slavery was not that long ago. Racism still exist and now even more so. Both blacks and whites hate each other equally. The only way for anyone to put anything behind them is to stop dragging it on, just like anything else, it will diminish (out of sight, out of mind). We should not depend on “so called leaders” to encourage family values and education, that’s something that’s taught at home. What we need is people who will put our country first before all others, and take care of whats right here, every place else should be secondary.

      What’s bothersome to me is the fact that a man can fall in love with a man, get married and live happily ever after, but a judge with some color marries a white “woman” he gets blasted for it. Sounds a bit twisted to me. I think we have way too many things to think about besides 2 men fighting for their sexuality. How about getting together and fighting for lower taxes, tougher laws on pedophiles, etc.

      • You do know the civil rights movement was 40 years ago, that means there is still a generation of black people who remember what it’s like to be oppressed . West has made many statements about living in oppression the south. I am not disagrees song with you, only supporting you.

      • Yes, I do know that as I still have family members who lived it. We are still under the Civil Rights Movement and will always be. Civil Rights was never about just blacks, it was, and is, a fight for all rights (equality). Blacks are still oppressed because they choose to live down to societies expectations. Meaning, by some, that certain behaviors of blacks is expected and they treat them as such. Blacks are more racists than any ethnic background I know, blacks hate blacks, blacks hate whites and everything else. It’s call envy, shame and low-self esteem. I do have to say… People using the word nigger/nigga does not show high expectations by calling their fellow brother a nasty vile name that was used by people who tortured. I congratulate the Judge and wish he and his wife a happy life together. WAY TO GO!!!

      • Don’t forget about C. Rice. Let me check back on what I said. I do not recall mentioning any specific names. The is good and bad in all ethnic backgrounds, unfortunately, blacks live down to society’s expectations. We can not controls the evils of ones doing. I can not include a handful of black people that have succeeded in life because they worked hard, been invited in, learned the system, mastered it and changed what they seen fit… I wish them well… I am talking in general. We can agree to disagree day in day out, bottom like is blacks needs to step up their game. West, Herman Cain, Carson, etc. should be good role models to the young black youth and any other minority group, and any ethnic background. When’s that going to happen? Many black families are from broken homes themselves, but they sit around waiting for that opportunity instead of going to get it. Living proof is right here in the U.S.

      • West and friends don’t do anything for poor blacks but talk . They complain about Al Sharpton and Jackson, but I never see West at a the same news conference giving his opinion. He complain on Fox that no one invite him to speak at the MLK 50th. If I felt I had an import message, I would have call the originators and insisted my message on blk conservatism must be heard. No one can heard you, you need to go to them. I thought he was a leader?

      • What are successful blacks suppose to do? Give to those who chose not to be successful who choose to reap the benefit of those who succeeded? Anyone of us can become an Allen West, an Al Sharpton, a Martin Luther King. How many of them do you see trying to do this? There are and were blacks who came from poor families and succeeded. I would call that AWESOME!!!! God Bless America, Land that I love. God Bless America, our Home Sweeeeeet Hommmmmme… 😀 Proud to be an American, at least I know I’m free. 🙂

      • Let’s take little old 55 y/o me who works 40 hrs a week, maintain a household and still finds time on weekends to mentor young black intercity girls. I teach them to read and write. I talk to them about their future . Just by telling my story of working hard , getting a degree, setting goal to hope I show them a different way. The only time I see a politicans is during ekections for photo ops. I would LOVE to see West come down to talk to these kids and share his message ..

      • Ok, let’s take a 44 year old woman like myself who works 7 days a week, 10 hours a day, whose a wife, mother, business owner of 2 business, licensed realtor, who volunteers my time to instruct and mentors parents, teachers and children 7 days a week. I don’t understand your point. It doesn’t matter to me if West or any other person of any other ethnicity comes and take to kids, it would be nice, but as long as I am doing my best in helping those in communities, I can sleep well every night knowing that I am making a difference. You should feel the same way, thank you Phila for your dedicated work to the community.

      • If these blk conservative rep would go to the people they claim aren’t listening to them instead of crying on FOX, maybe their message would get thru. Put your money where your month is. If Jesse is doing a press conference, then do one too . If Obama says ” I am a blk man”, don’t go on FOX and call Obama a racist. Go on a blk TV show and do it. Who is West talking to when he calling Obama out? Blk people generally don’t watch Fox.

      • Blah! I don’t entertain myself with these politicians. It’s like a comedy. As long as “we” are doing what “we” need to do in order to help others and ourselves, we can sleep good at night. Back to the headline of this article… I am happy to see this judge happily married and wish the same for everyone. People will always find something to argue about or disagree, black, white, spanish, chinese, all of them. If these political leaders are not going to reach out to the black communities that’s their loss, I will continue to support what I believe. 😉

      • 1000 billion percent correct about that !!!!!! Let me tell you something . I am a liberal, but I do believe in empowering people without a handout . I was watching an interview tv with the rep candidate for Nj senate. The interviewer, a liberal , asked the rep a “gotcha question ” “What about that poor single mother, blah blah. The rep said sonething I will never forget. He said when his father died, his mother went back to work abd did what she had to do upport 3 little kids without the help of the gov.,this was in the 40’s before welfare . The interviewer was left speechless and quickly changed subject . It got me thinking about poor people , both blk and white why they don’t do that ? What’s holding them back? I don’t have the answer yet and I don’t think any of you clowns do either.

      • Oh, I would thought with your mentoring skills and all, that you had answers. Here’s one answer, perhaps appearing on one of these shows yourself? But you would need some speaking skills, there’s an app for that. I am neither a Democrat or Republican. I vote for purpose not party. Nice talking to you pussy. I’m out! 🙂

      • How come? They’re black aren’t they. Some live down to society’s expectations, some of them don’t, just like any other ethnic “group”.

      • Then since I have no idea what you are talking about, tell me how exactly a black person acts ? Bec I have seen blacks with degrees who own business , blacks picking up their kids at privite schools, black doc, teachers, policemen as well as hanging out on the street selling drugs. Somehow you group them all together

      • Oh, my apologies, did I imply that you did not know what you’re talking about? I don’t think so. Actually, YOU just listed the ones who live down to society’s expectations and the ones that don’t.

      • Okay so next time clarify what you mean by black . Poor disinfrancised blacks or regular old hard worker blacks who contribute to amer society.

      • Oh but I did…. and I quote ” Some live down to society’s expectations, some of them don’t, just like any other ethnic “group”.”

      • LOL bwahahahaha, called me on what? LOL hahaha, re-read the post. Enjoy your day. Thank you for the morning laugh…. lol GOD BLESS AMERICA, LAND THAT I LOOOOVE, GOD BLESS AMERICA, MY HOME SWEET HOOOOOME… 😀 LOL Called me out, HAHAHAH, in stitches. READ MY FRIEND READ!!!

      • Thank you pussy!!! 😀 I see your mentoring needs a little work. I would never suggest ANYONE like you to be a mentor a child. God help those kids.
        HEY PARENTS!!! BEWARE!!! Philanthropussy (aka Pussy). Watch your kids!!!!! This person is not wrapped to tight. This person does not know how to have a decent conversation with people. Please for the sake of your children BEWARE!!!!!

    • Never! We have no one that calls them on it. Neither Bonehead nor anyone else will get up and go point by point on what they have done or are doing. They do bites here and there and that doesn’t tell the American People anything.

  60. Holmes is a hateful racist in the grand tradition of the KKK and should be carefully watched to be sure he is not party to racist violence as he is obviously ignorant and possibly violent.

  61. Alvin Holmes, Rev. William Barber and the other liberal black sellouts are the REAL “Uncle Toms,” happily shuffling and dancing for their masters on The Progressive Plantation, including the Head Overseer, Obama. People like Clarence Thomas, Tim Scott and Allen West are modern-day Frederic Douglasses , breaking their chains and escaping from The Plantation, because they want NO PART OF being told by the likes of Holmes, Barber and others of their ilk such as Sharpton, Jackson, Belafonte, et al, WHAT TO THINK.

  62. We’ll stand together. As people of principle have done for centuries. There will always be evil, it is up to the rest of us to oppose it, and I would move stamp it out.

  63. every body sit down and shut up! it is no ones business who marrys who ! you married the person you wanted for husband or wife ! did you ask if it was ok will anyone??????
    did you ask the press or other people in goverment? sweep you own door step before you inspect your neoghbors

  64. Everyone should know by now when a black man leaves the plantation and goes conservative, it’s proper to hold a liberal public lynching. Damn those uppity negroes all to hell!

  65. Much like the first public lynching of the man, when he allegedly discussed pubic hairs in the work place, we just can’t have that. But a serial rapist like Master BJ Clinton can be called “the first black President”, and his lovely wife who led the bimbo-patrols to publicly lynch his victims isn’t sexist at all!

  66. White Mayor of NYC has a black wife; what does the dunce think about that? Oh, white Mayor of NYC is an avowed socialist who got elected by the lowest turnout of voters in NYC history; the conservatives, independents stayed home so the dunces elected the socialist. DO NOT sit home if you are against what the democrat/liberal/socialist party is doing to America !

  67. I am so tired of racial comments from the liberals! I admire Justice Thomas. Everyone in this country has the right to choose any race they want to marry. It is no business of ours, but liberals always make everything their business.

  68. Would someone please tell Rep Holmes that using the same reasoning he should hate/dislike BHO because Obama had a white mother. Remarks and reasoning such as Rep Holmes are so racist and uncalled for in America, but they are what gets people such as himself elected to office.

    • I don’t see why anyone would dislike Justice Thomas for marrying a white woman. Obama’s mother was white and she dated or married??? a black man. I have always respected and admired Justice Thomas and I believe he has a sound marriage.

  69. When racism is in reverse–a black criticizing someone because they are white or married to a white–it becomes invisible to the so-called news media. No matter what anyone says about Thomas I always have liked and respected him. He has been a solid addition to the Supreme Court and has served his nation and its citizens well.

  70. Wow. That was great. Our own attorney general want look at the racist group called Black Panthers – the black KKK for interferring in elections. Office memos that try and persuade people that blacks aren’t capable of racism. Well the black population is actually one of the more racist populations out there. They will just as soon drop a N bomb on another black as they would drop a honky or cracka name on a white person. I mean I have known this since I was a child. I grew up in NC foster care system. I lived with every color except India Indians. I have caught racial crap from every color. White racist would talk crap because I lived loved and ate with different colors. Black racist would accept me as a black then say racist remarks around me about other whites simply for being white. When I would ask mama why she said those things because I was white and she would reply ” Child you are one of us” but I wasn’t. I cant help nor blame myself for being white. I have zero white guilt. I was taught to ride the system well past its intended purpose. I wanted more than section 8 housing and I get bored sitting around all day and don’t want to get involved with other dead beats that usually get shot or end up in prison. No thanks I wanted more and because of my plight I was all on my own to achieve any of it. Now I was rejected for food stamps when I applied after foster care kicked me out but since I worked full time at minimum wage I made too much to receive aid. However all I had to do was work under the table or just stop all together and benefits would just start pouring in. Then I would qualify for more than what I wanted. At 19 with no family I paid all my bills (I started work and paying taxes at 14 with a workers permit) and worked 5 plus days a week (I have continued to do so and I am now 39 – to include 6yrs in the US Army, 2 degrees and currently work as a project manager). All I wanted was 150.00 a month in stamps. No but we will reward you for doing nothing as we punish you now for pulling your weight. I had one family member find me and try to adopt me but was denied since he was a single male yet 2 gay guys were introduced to me at one point as an option. WTF!!! I have been tested on locked up and “treated” by the NC Government. The biggest monkey on my back my entire life has been the government (mothers maiden name is Carolina – as in North Carolina – always a treat to explain when asked for that info). Not my abusive parents, not my economical struggle and not my time during the military. It is and looks like it will continue to be the government. We as Americans have allowed the groups to walk freely amongst us. We have tolerated them and now they have bolstered their numbers have virtually all the media support they can handle. Because we have been tolerant and their stance is to be intolerant there is only one option left. May the best group win and purge the rest. When you have distance between two sides of an argument you can both still survive. When the world is over populated and no escape from social media modern times demands a fall out to restore balance. Reagan shut a country up for almost 30 years with no war but a strategic placement of bombers. Its time we shake up ourselves. X saw through the BS and broke away only to be gunned down. The Black Conservative is the last true minority in this country. Your a bad ass Allen. I might not agree with everything you say and im sure the same can be said for me but it doesn’t take much to see where you stand on behalf of our once great nation. Keep it up and make us great again.

  71. Uh, Skinner, you need to stop watching the Kool Aid sites like Fox. The Bush DoJ dismissed criminal charges against the NBPP. The Obama DoJ pursued civil charges and won injunctions against Minister King Shabazz.
    What didn’t happen was the Bush DoJ did not pursue voter intimidation against armed white men who were intimidating Hispanic voters in Tucson, Arizona, in 2006. No nightstick. A Glock. Over 100 mentions of the NBPP on Fox and not ONE SINGLE MENTION of voter intimidation in Arizona by armed Minutemen.
    Kind of flips your little fairy tale on its head, doesn’t it?
    And, Allen, … it’s “toe the line.”

  72. Dear Alvin Holmes
    FYI; Your president was born from a White Woman’s womb. Therefore, if you believe Obama’s birth narrative, that means if it weren’t for a White woman, Obama wouldn’t be your president. Please be fair and also direct your comments to all the Black athletes that date and marry White women.

  73. Hoorah, Colonel, I agree with you 1000% on your assessment of the libs and those fools, of any color or race, that go along with their attempt to enslave us all. So, Colonel if you ever need someone to guard your six all you have to do is shout “SCOUTS OUT!” and you’ll see me acomin’.

    May the Great Spirit watch over you and yours and guide yours and their steps for all eternity.

    US Combat Veteran: Vietnam, ’68-’69; Door gunner, 228th Avn. Bn. (ASH), 1st Cav. Div. (AM) and former Armored Cavalry Scout (19D30) and damned proud to have served and would do it again if this wonderful country and its people ever needed me. (However, not under BHO and his Socialist Regime.) Enlisted into the Army Dec. 20, ’63 and retired out of the Id. Air National Guard Apr. 1, ’92.


  74. The more the liberals fear someone, the more they smear and disparage them. It’s like a thermometer for their fear. Clarence Thomas is on the “we really fear this guy” list…
    It’s pretty pathetic how low they will stoop to find something to use in their smears, they obviously haven’t looked around them, especially in the Hollywood and entertainment groups where interracial marriages are a “ho, hum, yawn…” reaction.

    • Liberal progressives don’t have to dig for things, they make most of it up. They lie and lie and accuse. Watch the candidates and see that they do not talk about issues but only character assassination. Pure evil. That is the democratic party.

  75. Rep Holmes is a racist through and through, if he thinks like that! If you peel back the skin on your hand, and then peel back the skin on someone of a different color, everything underneath that skin looks the same for both of you. As MLKJr has sort of stated…it is not the color of your skin…but your character that counts.
    Dr. Ben Carson has stated that when he opens a patient’s skull to look at the brain…he cannot tell what color that person is. They all look the same, underneath that skin and bone.

  76. Hey, our so-called President is half white…why doesn’t this Democrat say something about Michelle being married to a Malado!

    • Go to the dictionary and lean to spell, Mulatto,know it’s meaning and then come back and make the disparaging remark again against our First Lady, it will sound so much more, intelligent, don’t ya think? Try spell check LOL

      • Ronald, you have exposed yourself, and now we all know that you are what the article is about a liberal progressive. The worst that can be found in a human. Or are you still human. It may be that you have learned and absorbed enough evil that you are now a full fledged Demon. The lowest ofthe low where there can be no redemption. Only devils, demons fear that place as they are food for devils.

    • Posted on 11/13/2008 8:59:40 AM by Turret Gunner A20

      Barack Obama is going to be the next President of the United States. He is an AMERICAN president, not an AFRICAN-AMERICAN president. There’s no disrespect intended here … but it’s time to pay some attention to the words of a former president on the issue of hyphenization:

      “There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans, I do not refer to naturalized Americans. Some of the very best Americans I have ever known were naturalized Americans, Americans born abroad. But a hyphenated American is not an American at all… The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities, an intricate knot of German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English-Americans, French-Americans, Scandinavian-Americans or Italian-Americans, each preserving its separate nationality, each at heart feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality, than with the other citizens of the American Republic… There is no such thing as a hyphenated American who is a good American. The only man who is a good American is the man who is an American and nothing else.” Teddy Roosevelt” (Boortz)

      • Turner A20, Teddy Roosevelt, did and wouldn’t accect hyphenation names today or then, especially from Black Americans, because in his eyes we didn’t exist as Americans, though through the blood, sweat and tears of my ancestors, made this nation what it is today. Americans all of us, can call attention to our native land. There is not an American today that doesn’t have a ancestor that is native to this land, only the Native American. President Barack Obama, identifies as a African-American, he is the first Black President of the United States of America, your President and mine. Just a George Bush was your President and mine. it is not whether I voted for President Bush or not, I didn’t, I still did and do, respect the office that he was duly elected. I did adhere to the laws he helped passed. To disrespect a person that identifies as a African-American, as I am, is to disrespect my identity as a American. If someone can’t accept my identification as a African-American as the President does, that person or persons can just jump off a cliff, like I really care what you or Teddy Roosevelt said.

      • Mr Jordan, I think the point that Ms. Paige was trying to make was that We are all one People. That We the People must come together as Freedom Loving Americans. Our History is deep and troubled but We came through it. And if we are to continue to survive we must get rid of internal strife and division. To be divided over ideas kinda forces a middle ground between us. But to be divided over looks is ridiculous. I grew up in a mixed neighborhood in S.Dallas, it wasn’t easy but we learned that there were no real differences by our color. I have friends that I love deeply of all races and I have and will fight for them just as they have for me.

        As for Mr. Obama, I don’t agree with his work. Not because of his looks but because of his ideas and policies. I think what he represents is bad for our Country. Honestly I would promote and vote for Mr. West if he ran for President. up until the time he changed his policies that would be contrary to what has been established.

        This Constitution is for all Freedom Loving People. and as for another “old white dude quote”, ”

        Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams..

        “People in their entirety not just white ones”..

      • Vet4u, your response to my opinion and observations have been the most civil of responses since i first posted on this site. I still don’t agree with many of you have to say, just the same in the name of civil discourse and debate, i welcome you anytime to debate any issues that we don’t see eye to eye. I am more inclined to have a civil discussion with my fellow Americans, no matter what is their political stripe. So, thank for you for
        response. I will leave you with this and this is my final word, Allen West is not good for the Black community nor for the country because unlike you, he can not and will not have a civil discussion about his beliefs and stances. Anyone that lives in this nation has a right and a privilege to live and vote their concious, our allies and enemies don’t have the opportunity. Name, calling, the President or even a fellow American is uncivil and vile. If I have offended anyone by calling them names, I do apologize and mean it, unlike Ted Nugget who is without a doubt a virulent racist and homophobic. God Bless the United States of America and all that hold the office of the President of these United States, may they have the vision and steadfastness to govern with fairness and equality for all Americans and her allies throughout the world.

  77. Col. West..the next time someone flips you the bird, just point your finger at them, and start laughing out loud. Believe me…I did that to my ex husband, the narcissist..and he did not know what to do! They are flabbergasted when someone shows them just what they are….laughable!

  78. there you go racist is on the rise between the black people, and its going to get ugly in the days a head we better be ready for something bad is going to happen to America

  79. Alan, carry headlines that tell the truth! Alvin Holmes didn’t say that he hated Justice
    Thomas because he married a white woman, that is a lie! He called Justice Thomas a “Uncle Tom.” A very disparaging label but one that has many,many instances of showing up in his personal and professional life since he has been on the bench. Justice Thomas has blamed his lack of notoriety on black folks that don’t think he is up to the task as a Justice, I think they are correct, but the criticism doesn’t come just from some black folks and democrats. Justice Thomas, like many of your tea-party cohorts, will vote on issues that are directly against their self interest and Justice Thomas has not made on vote without being covered by Scallia or Roberts, all conservatives. So no, you are wrong and despicable for leading with that headline, Read the article and have other sources that are conservative and liberal to substantiate your headlines! Justice Thomas is married to a white woman so what, so am I, no shame in my game. What my wife agree upon is standing up for black folks and other diverse people of color, with that in mind, it is the opposite of what Justice Thomas has shown black folks since he has been on the bench. A conservative African-American is much like any other black man or woman in this country, the majority of my black friends that are republican are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. That last phrase is where you and Justice Thomas agree that is not a feasible stance to take, because you both believe that you both pulled yourselves up by your own bootstraps, that too is a lie. You both were brought into this world by black parents. Justice Thomas was a old country boy, that was extremely intelligent but as my friends have told me he was socially inept at law school, thus kept to himself. Self loathing I think the phrase was used. If you find yourself hating your heritage then that is self hate and that will manifest itself against those that can feel your pain and be of help to you in a depressed state. The main point persons, for this are you and the Justice. I am sadden by the pandering you both do, to make yourself feel good and powerful among our white american brothers, you two think that by pandering to them that will empower you both. Nothing is further from the truth, I think you hope that the “South will rise again”? Nope, “Da Na Da, nothing”, the US Census projects that by 2040 the minority population of this nation will be the majority, it is my hope that you both will wake up, that is if you both aren’t dead and resurect your relationships with your people instead of pandering to folks that just hate you for being black.

    • First Ronald he did say he hated Justice Thomas. he said that in the states congressional session. After wards he claimed he didn’t say it. he was recorded on a video camera. So that a democrat like you cannot deny the facts as you normally do. Jesse jackson a card carrying race baiter and anti freedom pig as is Al Sharpton and several others. Facts and truth Ronald, reading comprehension helps a lot. I think third grade is where they focus on that, so maybe you have to go back to that.

      • I stand by what Alvin Jackson said, he didn’t hate Justice Thomas, he said he was a Uncle Tom, to that comment I agree as I stated before. Why is it that conservative knuckleheads like you go off topic. I think because the angry white guys like you and Uncle Tom’s like Alan and Clarence make you feel empowered, Oh, a word a third grade education couldn’t possibly possess. Why do you all, you Mr. Clapp wanted to call Black Leaders, even if they are irrelevant at this moment, names, yes Jessie caledl Jewish people Hymies( I think that is the spelling), Rev. Sharpton made some mistakes as well. Now, me I am a Cal Berkeley educated Black Man and no Sir, I don’t use race bating in my language, I do call racists like you out because you hide behind some anonymous name and continue your vitriol. So, Mr. Clapp, interesting name. 2040 is not far off, if you are still alive, I know that the next 300 years we won’t treat you like your ancestors treated mine. Beware of what you say, how you say it, you may become a enslaved white man in the 21st century, that wouldn’t be too cool would it?

    • divide divide divide, the modern black liberal will be the cause of the next civil war, the modern black liberal is never happy and sees a white boogie man around every corner, the modern black liberal is an eternal victim…no one is holding you back and everything wrong in the black community is the fault of the modern black liberal — eventually all the white folks will get sick of all the crying and whining of the evil white boogie man–it’s so old dude– the sad fact is if black libs would low their guard and shake a white man’s hand and start a healing process, you would be amazed of the peace that would result – but you won’t, you are so brainwashed by the victim-hood and the race hustlers

      • Rollersen1, the modern black liberal or progressive if that makes you feel better is not the victim here, you are. Why would a grown ass man, I think you are grown and maybe even mature to understand what I can bring to that thick brain of yours. We, black people didn’t bring the system of a racist society into this nation, you did or better yet your ancestors, the thing is you continue to perpetuate the system and wonder why blacks and other minorities are mad at you. If you want to make this nation better, find something positive to say and do something postive to improve race relations instead of calling names. All Back Americans are not liberals but we all believe in a system that is fair, is that a liberal, so be it. Your time as being the supreme master of this country and the world as a whole is coming to a end. Yes, you are the boogie man because you and yours aren’t doing anything to change the foundationof a the racist system we all live in. Change the system, respect people based on merit and not a old white boys system of nepotism and cronyism and then and only then when people can compete fairly, will this nation be a beacon to the world.

      • wow, blame your black ancestors, African slave owners sold your ancestors into slavery…not me. When will you be happy? We have a black prez, black attorney general, blacks dominate every sport but hockey, and maybe baseball, black CEO’s & business owners, Ben Carson was the top brain surgeon in the world. Speaking of Ben, what a role model for ya’ll, his mother and even he refused to be victim and look what he accomplished. The sad fact is, you probably see him as an uncle Tom, and that is exactly why your community is where it is…You and your community will never be free unless you unshackle yourself from hatred and resentment

      • blacks (anthony johnson) legalized slavery in america, not whites. most slavery was brought to brazil. the american colonies were a tiny fraction of slavery. slavery still exits in africa today where it began. plus, the irish were enslaved and treated worse throughout history. you don’t hear them still claiming the system is racist and stacked against them. you make excuses to justify the fact that you havent done anything with your life

    • “,,,, it is my hope that you both will wake up, that is if you both aren’t dead and resurrect your relationships with your people…”

      Really, Ronald? Do you see Allen as having “his people”? I see him [and I think that he would concur] that he is a man for “all people”.

      Further, you are not “Africans living in America”. You are Americans whose ancestors came from Africa… maybe. Wise up.

      • OMG Thank You for stating that towards him.
        Also I’m sick and tired of ‘African’ or the ‘Culture of African Americans’ as being connected to physical skintone.

        Skintone, has nothing to do with it.

        When your American, everyone is your people, especially if your Christian Conservative like me.

        Everyone’s struggles, become another’s struggle. Period.

        Allen West, doesn’t view himself as a skintone, or solely apart of ‘African American Cultural Identity’ …

        He views himself as a American, with all His American Brother’s and Sister’s irregardless of cultural differences. And skintone isn’t something he focuses on as the Liberal Left does and make a point to constantly reinforce as a unresolved major issue.

      • I agree, Ave. Further, ol’ long-winded [windy] “Jordan” accused Allen of lying… “Alvin Holmes didn’t say that he hated Justice Thomas because he married a white woman, that is a lie! He called Justice Thomas a “Uncle Tom.” says ol’ Jordy.

        No. Allen didn’t lie. Allen said,

        “According to the Washington Times,
        ” While on the floor of the Alabama House of Representatives, state
        Rep. Alvin Holmes, a black Democrat, explained why he so dislikes
        Clarence Thomas: because “he’s married to a white woman.”

        And that’s exactly what the “Times” said. No lie.

        Btw, I like your logo, “Ave”.

      • LoL … “Ave’, is my full name in acronym format.

        It’s also a nickname pronounced ‘Avay’ … 🙂

        Thank you for liking it, and thank you for your support and understanding 🙂

  80. You lead Sir and I shall follow you. I hope you and your family are all well and God’s loving hands protect and guild you and yours.

  81. The administration refuses to acknowledge the greater Black on Black violence occurrence, even with statistical proof. Why would you expect them to acknowledge Black on Black racism, after all it is illogical. But even more important, it doesn’t fit their agenda of enslaving their constituents.

  82. Barack Obama is going to be the next President of the United States. He is an AMERICAN president, not an AFRICAN-AMERICAN president. There’s no disrespect intended here … but it’s time to pay some attention to the words of a former president on the issue of hyphenization:

    “There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans, I do not refer to naturalized Americans. Some of the very best Americans I have ever known were naturalized Americans, Americans born abroad. But a hyphenated American is not an American at all… The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities, an intricate knot of German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English-Americans, French-Americans, Scandinavian-Americans or Italian-Americans, each preserving its separate nationality, each at heart feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality, than with the other citizens of the American Republic… There is no such thing as a hyphenated American who is a good American. The only man who is a good American is the man who is an American and nothing else.” Teddy Roosevelt” Jesse Jackson’s experiment in nomenclature (yes, he started this mess) needs to end.


      • Ok… But I’m gonna embarrass ya if you don’t separate me from the rest of the Americans.. 🙂

        I heard it overseas when people would ask if I was an American too, and my shipmates would say, “God No!!! He’s a Texan!!! 😉

      • Dave, you really need to lighten up, with everything going on in the world right now who really cares what color your sqeeze is.. You want to bring me back on topic talk about Sams coming out as gay and making him/her a hero in comparison w/ Pat Tillman now that’ll get me going.. (that was a discussion on fox sports)

    • Term limits, Dear. The puke CAN’T run again thank GOD! BTW, it was the Democrats that made Presidential term limits so Reagan, our GREATEST President, couldn’t run a third time. The only Naturalized American is a NATIVE American, aka Amerind.

  83. My God people get over looks!!! If we were all the same color would you hate me because I’m a 6’2″ 285lb Texan? Would I hate you because you’re not??? (actually Yankees do tend to annoy me.. ) 😉 I often wondered where the lines are drawn for two different color people, ie.. Me as a white man can I date a brown woman? How about an Asian or even a dark skinned Italian??? WHAT IF MY GIRL FRIEND IS JUST PLAIN UGLY????? :'( WHAT IF I’M UGLY???? Oh I am.. 🙂 God tells us to look at a persons heart not his/her appearance..

      • Ms. Paige, you can only flirt with me if you’re a 6’2″ 285lb Texas gal, I mean really what would the neighbors say??? What would my parents say? What would my dog say????? 🙁

      • Ahh what the heck, I read some of your post.. You can flirt with me anytime you want.. The neighbors are scared of me, my parents gave up on me, and the dog stays outside.. 🙂

      • Sweetie, you’re a grown woman. (I hope) in which case you don’t need my permission to do most things.. Unless of course you want to come to my home, dine with me, cut in line in front of me, babysit your kid(s) etc…

        How old are you Ms. Weeks? 🙂

      • That is wonderful that I am constantly on your mind. I have not eaten out in years and do not miss it, I have no intentions of coming to your “Man Cave,” and I do not need a sitter nor do I need to be one. My 26 Year-old son is in Afghanistan right now. Thank you for the offer though.

        Out of curiosity…what war are you a Veteran of and what branch did you serve and how long did you serve?

        No, Libtard, There is no “We” in getting a room. I have my own and like it – A LOT. 🙂

      • Ah.. Mi-lady I think thou protest too much.. And I’m not that old.. But I was involved in the first ship to ship combat since WW2. That picture was taken in ’88 I was a gunner on the USS Wainwright. in the PG..
        And I will be praying for your son.. It’s hard on a parent, normal ones anyway. When the CNN helos flew over us after sinking the Iranian DDG Joshan I was told my dad hooted and hollered.. Only way to make him proud was to get shot at…
        No Man-Cave visits huh? Well it’s probably for the best but I will cherish these moments always even though my poor pitiful heart has been crushed, for no woman dares to spend time with me because I am so ugly.. :'(

      • Vet4u, i am 67.5″ tall @ 110 lbs. I am not from Texas, do not care what other people or animals think. “Other people’s opinions are none of my business.” 🙂

    • I would not hate you for being a 6′ 2″, 285# Texan. You would scare the crap out of this 5′ 9″, 195# Cheesehead! I tend to suck up to things that scare the crap out of me. No shame, just survival. Besides, your a Texan!

      • Oh, and not to be critical of a “Cheesehead” but I think that’s “You’re” a Texan.. (Mama didn’t raise no fool).. 🙂

      • Often (more often than I like) my fingers are faster than my brain. CRAP! I hope that doesn’t mean I’m infected with Democrat Infused Participation Syndrome (DIPS)! I need to read some Limbaugh quick!!!

  84. I’d be interested to know if Holmes dislikes the thousands of other black men who marry white women, or just the ones who are conservative? What a racist prig!

  85. The Racist in Chief is gearing up for a full blown Marxist State. His Puppet Master Valerie Jarrett and the ghost of Hugo Chavez are grinning from ear to ear. Just wait till the blood of citizens begins flowing in the streets!

  86. Please … don’t anyone approach me, email me, Tweet me or in any way communicate to me your belief, as moronic as it may be, that I am somehow “disrespecting” the office of the presidency. It’s the actual president for whom I have no respect — not the office he occupies. 0bama is a stain, a skid mark on the presidency.

    Frankly, after the disclosures of the past few days I don’t understand why hundreds of thousands of informed Americans aren’t marching down Pennsylvania Avenue with torches and pitchforks right now.

    The long and short of it? Everything that 0bama and his dog washers have told us about Benghazi has been an intentional, premeditated lie. If lying to the American people were a crime, 0bama would be in jail.

    Just what have we learned the last few days? Well, I’ll try to keep it simple here. After all, informed Americans already know what the score is … so I’ll imagine that I’m addressing the Playstation/skateboard crowd here.

    Here you go … after Ambassador Chris Stephens and three other Americans were killed in Benghazi, 0bama and his team were telling the American people that this was simply a demonstration that got out of control, a demonstration by Muslims upset with a YouTube video. It was a lie. He knew it was a lie.

    We have now learned that within an hour of the attack on the consulate in Benghazi 0bama was told by then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that a terrorist attack against Americans was under way in Benghazi. What’s more, our Dear Ruler was told that the attack – the assassination of an American diplomat and the murders of three other Americans — was being carried out by two al Qaeda terrorist groups.

    You see, 0bama had a bit of a problem here. It was an election year. He wasn’t even near finished with his “fundamental transformation” of our country. He had no accomplishments to speak of. The economy sucked, job creation was lagging, people were dropping out of the workforce, Americans were starting to get an idea that 0bamacare was going to be a disaster. He had NOTHING .. nothing except the millions of Americans he managed to add to the government teat. Oh … and he had the media. Now 0bama had been prancing around the country on the campaign trail telling anyone who would listen that “Osama bin Laden is dead and al Qaeda is on the run.” The media was dutifully repeating this line at every opportunity. So suddenly, less than two months before the election, 0bama is presented with a situation that, if widely known, would certainly show that al Qaeda was most certainly NOT on the run. In fact, it was out there assassinating a U.S. ambassador.

    So what to do? After all, 0bama has a fundraiser in Las Vegas, and nothing can be allowed to get between him and some more campaign dollars. So 0bama gets his brain trust together at the White House, and they come up with this absurd story about some YouTube video getting some Muzzie turbans in a wad over there in Libya — then 0bama hops on Air Force One and heads for Las Vegas.

    Now to this very day you have liberals slamming George Bush for not erupting into some sort of a frenzy in front of all those school children in Florida when he learned about the Muslim attack on New York City and Washington. But 0bama running off to Las Vegas? That gets virtually NO adverse reaction from the media. And why? Well .. because the media was 0bama’s other ally when the Muzzies attacked in Benghazi. Obama didn’t have to worry about what the moochers and parasites would think. They were and are only worried about their next government checks. But 0bama had the media, and he knew it. Whatever story he came up with he could depend on the media to take that story and run with it – to parrot it incessantly and to defend it if and when information to the contrary came forward. Now we have that information to the contrary – big time. And the media? Well, except for Fox News, they’re pretty much ignoring it. After all, they have Chris Christie and that lane closure thing to obsess over. Christie, you see, was a threat to Queen Hillary, and if the mainstream media gets to chose between a story that damages Hillary and shows 0bama to be the wretched, unqualified, incompetent liar that he is; or to destroy someone who might present a threat to the media’s next appointee for the presidency —- well, you know which way they’re going to go.

    Disrespect the presidency? Get real. There is no better way to show your respect for the office of the president, and your love for this country, than to do everything you can to expose 0bama. I may not have a radio show any more — but there’s always this blog and Twitter — and I’m just getting started.

    (Boortz 2014)

    • Wow!!! I totally agree, but the Country’s not ready for civil war yet. And until we experience what our grandparents dealt with in the ’30’s and ’40’s I don’t think the majority will care. We’ve become fat and complacent. “Don’t run for office because”..
      1: They’re all crooks and lairs.

      2: It’s too expensive.
      3: It’s too hard

      4: (I was told I was too honest)
      5: Don’t want to bear up to the opposition scrutiny.
      6: Too hard on your family.

      My response is:
      1: Don’t complain when your Freedoms are taken because it was too inconvenient to fight.

      • Too hard??? Just take a look at Ukraine. Those people with nothing but rocks and sticks are kicking cops asses. Did you see the video of the tank they blow up? They brought their gov to it’s knees and the USA packed full of guns can’t bother to get it together.

      • Ok, you understand I was listing the excuses I’ve been hearing. My answer was at the bottom… As for the Ukraines go gettem baby!!! As for us yes we are packed full of guns but it hasn’t gotten so bad for us as to start fighting yet.. We still are able to elect our officials at the polls I think..

      • Putin’s needs the Ukraine gov to favor Russian, people in the south are more towards the Europe. I wonder why a former soviet block country would not influence of a great leaders like. Putin ? The north favor
        The soviet . Even after talks , fighting continues . We will see what happens next

      • Like I said on the air and a lot of people agreed…America needs to stay out of this, we were not nor have we been asked by them for help and let these people thin the herd. I know that sounds harsh, but it is reality. America needs to stop suffering from the “Rescuer Syndrome.” We treat other countries better than ours. We have enough problems in our own back yard. Fighting for peace is like fornicating for virginity.

      • Vet4u, not everything is all about you or me. When I address someone, they know it. Have you ever heard of a “Generalized Statement?”

      • Ms. Paige, not to argue with you dear, but you’ll notice the comment is directed to me through the comment hierarchy. But it’s ok.. :0)

    • Paige, this was well written, controlled (given the effort it takes ME to be controlled over the unbelievable, juvenile, ignorant, useless crap that issues from liberal elites, I am awe struck!), accurate, and absolutely fantastic! I find myself having an enormously hard time generating any respect for the office, or any other DC office for that matter, so my efforts in that direction are limited because I just can’t stand the lying, self serving, socialist, willfully ignorant, two faced, greedy, childish liberal element in America with a special hatred for their leader, King Bobo! I have never made secret my willingness to introduce my knuckles to any libtard (or ‘tards) at any time, anywhere. I hate them and will not pretend otherwise. The ONLY reason they enjoy ANY success in this country is the freedoms that enable them to spread vitriol and ignorance at will. They are simply louder and more stubborn, like a spoiled child at a mall. They exhibit the very definition of “King Baby Syndrome” (I want what I want when I want it!). I do not allow them in my house and I challenge them whenever the opportunity arises. (sometimes to the embarrassment of my poor long suffering wife) I keep asking the State DNR office when they will be opening a clear open season on them with no bag or possession limits. They seem polite, but unconvincing as to the creation of such. In any event, THANK YOU for a well presented serving of fact and honesty! God Bless You!

  87. Benghazi, Benghazi and more Benghazi. Keep Benghazi and Hillary will keep the White House. Most Americans don’t give a zero about Benghazi. We are too busy working and trying to raise a family to be involve in gossip. If Benghazi is all Republican have for Hillary, I guess we will have the first woman president. I feel sorry for Clarence Thomas. He is not even the first black in the Supreme, T. Marshall was. Obama is the first black president and Martin L. King is our hero. Clarence Thomas is cursed since most of us, Blacks, dislike him. He will never be a hero in my community. We consider him a traitor who conspire with the other supreme judges to suppress the black and minority votes. It has to hurt when your own race reject you. Poor Clarence.

    • Racist POS and totally stupid and ignorant to boot!!!! Blacks like you don’t deserve to be in a Country like America … Moocher’s and Takers that’s all you are … go back to where you call home … Africa!

  88. That is the truth. Racist politician do not want BLKs to know that they can make it. Those politicians love keeping their own constituency down in the farm.

  89. Reverse the colors and this would be Front Page with the Left calling for his ouster! Hypocrits ! ~Rick Magee, “MOLON LABE”

  90. Here we go again, West. Half black president? I guess you forgot YOUR own history. If a black person is not as black as a Nigerian school girl, odds are they have white blood in them. As I can tell, you ain’t all black, West. Guess what, somewhere in your linage there was a bi racial child. who was probably told they weren’t completely white or black. How do you think they felt, West? I think you are disparaging his life. Oh, what, you are talking about Obama, so things are different.
    And speaking of interracial couples-

    • The important thing is that Barack Obama was not raised in a black family or a black neighborhood. Unlike my own niece and nephew, who are “half white”. One of them identifies mostly as black, but calls herself “yellow”. The other is just himself, neither white or black. Their father is a good man whom I’m proud to call my brother in law.

      BTW, not all Africans are as dark as Nigerians. The very name of the place comes from the latin for “black”. But most of those who were bought by Muslim slavetraders from the black tribes who captured them, and sold onto New England ships for sale in the Americas, were not from Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia or Ethiopia, they were from West Africa, where the natives are not as dark as their East African counterparts.

      • I’m glad you know how black people act. Every black person does have the same upbringing, grew up in the same type of neighborhood and acts black. A black family would not dare move into an white neighborhood and raise kids in fear of growing up too white.
        Also, thanks for the black history lesson. did you learn that in your “How to be black” class?

      • The point is they don’t all act Ghetto, which is what some seem to be defining as “blackness”. My friend the Army Lt. Col. certainly didn’t, but he was from South Carolina. I used to to tease him that we might be related, since his last name and two of my great grandmothers’ maiden names are the same. Another former coworker is from Michigan, and shattered my preconceived notion about urban Blacks by being a pheasant hunter

        My niece and nephew certainly aren’t Ghetto either. Does that make them “not Black enough?”, like the Alabama legislator, and many others, are saying about Justice Thomas?

      • You don’t have to care.

        But where I’m going is that there is no one “culture” of nominally black people which defines all such people. No politicallly correct criteria. Yet Col West, Justice Thomas, Thomas Sowell (a very bright man) Ben Carson, etc, are attacked as “not black”, or “Uncle Toms”.

        Why? I thought we had free speech in this country.

      • Good points, El. ‘Least, you got “Philo” on the run… “they” always do when they have no leg to stand on…[one-legged run = hop hop hop].

        None of these race-baiters will ever “see” the facts, because they like the place of “poor me”, “help me”, “give me”… it’s just too ingrained.

      • [[ acts black ]]

        How do you ‘act black’?

        [[ A black family would not dare move into an white neighborhood and raise kids in fear of growing up too white. Also, thanks for the black history lesson. did you learn that in your “How to be black” class? ]]

        You’re not too bright.

      • Andy because it is true for too many American BLACK YOUTH! If one can understand what a young person is actually trying to communcate, then are ostresized by the ones who think the patois of the ghetto is something to be proud of! ( just AX one)

  91. I love how conservatives don’t understand that every black man in America has faced racism, and that is exactly why they need groups like NAACP

    • And you seem to think that no ‘European’ or English, Irish, Scottish, French, Canadian, German, Italian or other European Nationalities haven’t !!!

      I love how Liberal’s like you seem to think that I haven’t suffered ‘Cultural’ and ‘Physical Discrimination’ … based on superficiality, skintone, and political beliefs.

      I’m European, Native American Indian, and Middle Eastern.
      I’m Light or Fair Skinned.
      I’ve suffered bigotry too.

      Don’t forget that African Americans aren’t thee only ones that suffered enslavement, prejudiced let alone any other form of discrimination.

      Everyone has at some point experienced bigotry.
      African American’s don’t even deserve the constant ‘Race Card’ and ‘Excuses’ used by the Liberal and corrupt Progressive Left.
      To get their point across.
      Or whatever ridiculous Agenda they want to force through.

      Which isn’t necessary sense ‘racism’ isn’t the issue, division is, mostly ‘cultural division’ and lack of accountability and honest leaders.

      As for example, your lying in Chief ‘Barack Obama’…
      Who constantly has shown complete contempt, disregard, and attacking stance on European Nationalities, African Conservatives, and Christians in general.

      Explain to me how are President and are Social atmosphere is getting better and less divided?

      I like how you don’t ‘understand’, that African Americans don’t deserve a parade, a month to themselves or constant representation because they suffered. They aren’t the only one’s that suffered.

      So why, if you have any common sense, does African Americans need special treatment over every other Nationality for past historical sins of slavery, and or present legit bigotry? Isn’t that kind of bias?

      If were going to talk about discrimination, why don’t we included EVERYONE?

      Not just one Nationality, one ‘Culture’, or one ‘People Group’.

    • Julio Read s a little bity about discrimination in America. ALL races that came here suffered trough it! Even the Irish were HUNG!

  92. You think Lt. Col. West never faced discrimination? Or do you think he’s “not Black”. The only not Black black person I know, is Barack Obama. He didn’t grow up in a black community or a black family or with even one black parent. He grew up with an Indonesian Muslim step father for a while, but otherwise his upbringing was all white. His white grandparents, his white mother (sometimes). He went to a mostly white, and somewhat exclusive, prep school.

    He is a Faux Black. IOW, he pretends to be part of the “Black Community”, but he’s not.

    There’s more to being “Black” than having a black baby daddy. Lt. Col West had an entire extended family, on both sides, and neighborhood, who didn’t let him get away with anything, but gave him lots of support and encouragement.

    I once had a discussion about “white privilege” with another retired black Army Lt. Col., he finally came to the conclusion that we weren’t really different colors just different shades of the same color, and since I was the one being laid off, maybe I didn’t have so much privilege after all. That was after we shared photos of the houses we grew up in, and he found out that my parents were factory workers. Our growing up was not so very different. Both were similar to the environment that Lt. Col. West describes in his book.


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