Awesome video: Arlington flyover by civilian pilots

For those of you who think Big Government has all the answers, just take a few minutes to watch this video. Two Air Force Pilots, Major Howard V. Andre Jr. and Major James E. Sizemore, were buried in 2013 at Arlington National Cemetery and were honored with a flyover by civilian pilots — the US Air Force claimed budget cuts prevented an Arlington flyover. But the civilian pilots stepped in make it happen.

The Air Force pilots were killed in action over Laos during the Vietnam War and their remains were discovered in 2012 and returned for proper burial at Arlington. This Flight of Honor was truly awesome for the other pilots to plan and conduct.

It is and always shall be the indomitable American individual spirit that will sustain the greatness of America. Last Fall when the federal government placed barriers and obstacles in the way of World War II Veterans during an Honor Flight visit, those veterans said heck no, and breached the obstacles.

When government fails we find a way to care for our fellow Americans. We find a way to honor our veterans. We find a way to honor our Fallen. God bless America!


  1. If the action relates to respect, patriotism to our mother country, honesty, integrity to what is good, truth, and American, traditional, Christian, values, O and his WH want nothing to do with the project. His specialty is muslims and their “rights” in this country. Never mind what they do in their own countries. What a twisted phil. is O’s.

  2. The Military needs to say screw you to the idiots in government when it come to honoring our Military either dead or alive , past present and future Veterans. I am a Vietnam Vet,

    • Thank you for your service during a war that many of our veterans are given bad names for serving during, you were performing your duty as a soldier and that’s all you knew to do, Once again thanks for your service!
      – A 20 year old who is a lot smarter and wiser than most, Keith E Brown

    • The military patriots have been replaced with Obama cronies in preparation of martial law. There is no one manning our defenses anymore.

  3. Why is the budget always full enough to fly the 0bamas wherever their hearts lead them but not enough when it comes to very short memorial flights? It’s time to tell the 0bamas to stay put or pay for it themselves when they get antsy for another vacation.

  4. Mr. West – – EX Gov. Retired Martinez came on board and openly supports the White House Boyz of Floirda – when will you do so publicly?

  5. Pretty sad when fly overs are denied due to budget constraints when the State Dept can spend a couple hundred grand on booze to beat year end budget constraints.

  6. It’s a shame American morality has decayed to the point
    hero worship is showered on rude, crude, low life scum bag drug taking Hollywood
    types and the HERO’S who made it possible slip away almost unheard of.

  7. As a veteran, my tears clouded my response, but I can say this, the brotherhood of the military came through again, and whatever is wrong with this president is seen more and more, and let’s all pray we have not fought and died for what he is doing to us now. God, help us help ourselves at our greatest time of need.

  8. We pick our own HEROES. I say thank-you to the pilots that did the fly over even though it was not shown on the video. And I say shame on the Air Force. Think about what you have become.

  9. This was better…however the budget reasoning is bull crap. Pilots have to fly cross country to retain proficiency . There is no difference between choosing Arlington as a interdiction point or any range….

    • I do not understand why some use names like Ghetto Monkey and sasquatch on Allen Wests site in their comments. Y’all give the impression that conservatives are racists. Their are some racists in all parties and walks of life for sure, but do you believe these remarks belong in a post honoring the burial of these War Veterans? Oh, your not conservative or supporters of Allen West. Gottha.

      • As much as I dislike the Obama’s politics and lifestyle , I have too agree. Racism has no place on this or any other reputable site. It gives the impression that you are a Liberal….

      • I apologize if I offended anyone, but that woman makes me lividly angry every time I hear about another of her “vacations”. She is nothing but a filthy leech and is a poor excuse for a First Lady!

  10. Libs are the true enemy of free America, of good, and of good Americans. Providers of free handouts to the lazy, stolen from the most productive, are the heroes to their selfish thievery and dependence.

  11. They have to cut the AF budget to allow Mooch to fly on vacations (note plural) on AF planes. She’s so much more important than our veteran heroes. NOT…

      • Were we in the financial shape back in the 50’s as we are now and did we have too borrow the money from China to do so?? Also the movement of security personnel and support personnel / vehicles were not as many or as expensive.
        All Presidents did use AF1 for the families but not when the country is hurting with so much debt and as often as this family travels.

  12. Just read where Obama authorized $195,000,000 for a muslim holiday. Too bad we have no money??? Can this country withstand 3 more years of this idiot in charge

  13. When you have an idiot in charge who NEVER served in the military, what else would you expect…. He has his own agenda and doesn’t care what people think. These moments like this, honoring those who actually tried to do something for our country unselfishly, need to be recognized. Obozo and his cronies are a laughing stock to the world. Does Frankenlosi still fly on our dime? Penetta flew home all the time too on our dime. What a pitiful bunch of people running our country… It’s disgusting and no wonder more idiots like Karzai can thumb their nose at them and do what they want. Very sickening….

  14. These are the good stories that we seldom get to hear. These people are the difference between those who use political clout are a punishment and those who use freedom to make a difference.

  15. And yet they can afford fly overs at NASCAR and other sports events OR too fly Mooch & Be-Rock all over the world golfing or Skiing . Your returning Vietnam Nam vets were dishonored then by the public, now it’s the Government that dishonor these returning veterans. So glad to see the people giving the honor these two fallen warriors deserve .

    • Jimmy the military is not flying over the NASCAR events. They did not in 2013. The flyovers were done by private pilots and on their dime. Just wanted to set that straight. I can’t vouch for the other flyovers. I do agree the government dishonors our returning vets. Thank God for the private pilots that step up and do the job!

      • I stand corrected Mr Harris. I see that the last military flyover at a Nascar event was last March 2013 at Las Vegas. Seems like the sequester cancelled military flyovers at all sporting events including NASCAR but not for the Obama’s …..

      • I was eluding to the fact that the sequester suspended military flights over NASCAR events as well as all sport events because of expenses but did not stop the Obama’s using military aircraft to fly all over the world . You might say this latest use to fly Mooch to Aspin too Ski and Be-Rock to California too play golf with old friends could be classified as a sporting event…..

      • This is not new. It’s the SYSTEM that’s messed up.Eisenhower used to use AF1 to fly Mamie to the Elizabeth Arden spa and back and besides flying to the spa in Phoenix, Mamie asked Maine Furrier to give her a $1800 beaver coat for $385, and they did. Jackie Kennedy spent more money on clothes than other other first lady since Mary Lincoln, And Clinton and Eisenhower both played more golf than Obama. Gerald Ford skied regularly at Vail and Beaver Creek. They all spent money on stuff that they didn’t need to. You really should, if you are interested in what the ladies spent, though, read both volumes of Carl Sferrazza Anthony’s book
        “First Ladies The Saga of the President’s Wives and Their Power”.

      • All of that probably is true. However the difference is that THIS administration is crying poverty and claiming that it cannot do military flyovers – NOT EVEN to honor deceased veteran heroes, as in this case — but yet, no expense is spared, apparently, to cater to the recreational demands of our globe-trotting, high living First Family.

      • I don’t disagree on what you said except maybe the part of Clinton playing more golf than Obama. What I’m saying is that Ike and Kennedy was a different time in America. We were not up too our eyeballs in debt and going even further toward a total collapse of the Dollar.
        Another thing is the Kennedy’s entered the Whitehouse already wealthy, the Obama’s obtained their wealth in office. I have no problem with Mooch spending her money on clothes or anything else as long as it’s her money.

  16. Thank you for sharing this. As usual haven’t seen anything about this on the news. I have hope again that when you become our President, America will once again be together as one under God, God bless you for everything you have done and all you and your family have, are and will do!

  17. Our no class traitor president send our money to the Muslims Brotherhood who hate us instead of to our own troops who die for us. I have seen the Enemy and he is Obama. A world class liar who betrays our country Violates our laws., Impeachment is far from the Punishment he deserves. This country has to stop accepting liars and thiefs for politicians.

    • All politicians are liars. And foreign aid should be cut across the board.
      But I have no idea what you think impeachment will do. Calling for impeachment doesn’t remove anyone from office. It didn’t work with Andrew Johnson or Bill Clinton, and it won’t work now.

  18. You have NOT seen the failure of this administration as of yet ! – for their plans have NOT come to a head as of yet as well , for to them a complete take/over of this absolute wonderful Nation is the only way so as for them to be able to say – mission complete , agenda has been completed to a point – We have the majority of the American enemies installed into the fema camps and any and all weapons have been confiscated and neutralized , We will proceed forward so as to conquer any Christian that dares to organize any amount of people’s beyond the number of 5 civilians in a single group ! – People is this a hoax – Is this coming from someone that desires to have Our Nation taken over and squeezed to the point of no return of a real society of real true Americans – or is this coming from One Paranoid idiot ??? – I live in El Reno , Ok. and Yes on east highway 66 halliburton has been work’n on an area between highway 66 and East – West Interstate 40 for some time now , and there has been workers there but not much work that has been visible to anyone that drives by – But with only the plumbing being eyed One would think that this is not a regular halliburton yard , For even I , an experienced oil-field worker does know that downhole pipe and specialty tools does not need the plumbing that has been put into the ground on this location – It looks to be more like a camp or some type of a housing project – Yea this does make One wonder – Does it Not ?

  19. My plane was part of that fly over….as a matter of fact….my jet was the one that broke off into the clouds during the missing man formation.

  20. Oh wow… this was so cool… Probably the best flyover at Arlington EVER..all their vintage planes..even the one these pilots flew in 45 yrs ago. Brought tears to my eyes.

  21. thank you to the wonderful volunteers that did the flyover may God bless you.
    Thank you , thank you, thank you for loving this beautiful country.

    honored with a flyover by civilian pilots
    honored with a flyover by civilian pilots
    honored with a flyover by civilian pilots

  22. We care. They were MY generation and to this day and beyond they are loved and. missed. God bless us all who love the U.S.A.

  23. People should step up and take care of each other, and not expect the government to do everything for them. That’s never going to happen because the government is run by politicians, who are ALL idiots, not matter what side they are on.

    • Why should veterans not have a flyover by the military? Jayne1955, was you in the military? I was in Vietnam from 1966-68 and seen good soldiers die. They ARE NOT asking the government to do everything for them as you stated. The next time you see a veteran, don’t thank him, give him the finger because that must be the way you feel.

      • Royal my brother . . .chill man. I think you’ve got your reception cables all twisted in a knot for nothing. Miscommunication is a tool of the enemy bro. I think what jayne1955 was saying is that we can’t depend on “our government” to do the right thing any longer. It’s all being run by these desk jockiy politicians who haven’t a clue and could care less about such things as honoring the fallen soldier. If we wait for them to do anything, Hell will freeze over first, so it’s up to the brothers in arms to step in and carry out the mission without the government oversight. No harm, no foul bro. . .Best of luck to ya. Jimmy, DaNang, 67-68

      • THANK YOU! If you want this done right, you can’t trust anyone connected with politics to do it. They’re all morons. The way these guys did it was way better than anything you would have gotten from the government.

      • I was born in ’55 and have a brother and cousins who served. Don’t you dare tell me to give them the finger! You just can’t depend on politicians to do anything the right way. They are all idiots on both sides. If you want it done right, it has to be done the way these guys did it.

  24. DEO GRATIAS for the multitude of Americans who never, and *will* never, forget the lives which have been sacrificed for their #FreeAmerica

    • You’re not an American. Please, for the love of OUR country, please stop pretending that you’re one of us.
      You are not and American. and NEVER will be.

      • In what way am I pretending booboo?

        Do you have problems comprehending pronoun use?

        btw – people can read my disqus profile if interested in my background location

        and booboo …

        why are you so frightened of people reading what I have to say?

        Americans more than any other ‘people’ are used to the free flow of information and opinion, within their precious 1st Amendment Arena

        Americans are used to reading /hearing words/speech … evaluating and then ignoring/opposing/accepting/encouraging as the case may be

        this weak/feeble attitude of yours is quite unworthy of a person born free in Constitutional America y’know booboo

        (I assume you ‘are’ American?)

      • You’re a known liar.

        Sorry toots. My family has been in this nation since colonial times. So, let us leave at that, you fuzzy little foreigner.

  25. Thank you for the story Mr West. It is the people who make a nation and it takes people who will plant a tree that know they will never enjoy its shade.

  26. Only two things seems to make me cry. Babies being hurt(abused) and the flag presentation ceremony. I just went through the latter. I couldn’t keep it together. It breaks my heart.

  27. if POTUS and FLOTUS can be flown separately to their vacation destinations paid by TAXpayers money, there is NO Reason why this cant be afforded to our war heroes!!!!! all they do is spend the people’s money!!

  28. Bittersweet – bitter that it shows another example of Obama’s disdain and lack of respect for our military, sweet that it shows how fellow Americans will go that final mile for those who have served our country. Kudos to the men who put together that final flyover for the families and showed the respect their commander in chief wouldn’t do. May God bless them and the families of the pilots.

  29. Owebummer needs to vacate the office. He is not my President…. He is a Illegal Holder of the Office… His day to be celebrated on is “APRIL 1st”.

  30. Another reason we need to put the breaks on big government. They is no comparison between private industry problem solving and big government interference. Government can not solve problems, it only creates problems. Private industry is the answer to our problems. See another incident that proves me right.

  31. Can’t afford a fly over for American Heroes but we can finance 24 attendants for moocha, 70 something czars for odumbo, supply our starch enemies, Muslim Brotherhood, with money and weapons. Does this make any sense to any of you out there? At this point I am thoroughly confused.

  32. Just more BS from the Muslim president ….. but we can spend millions flying his dam dog around and his family on vacations …. not to mention his kin folks here illegal on welfare …. OH I forgot Obama is illegal also !

  33. Of course there is no money for anything worthwhile and honorable when the oblamos are spending millions on vacations and golfing. Not to mention all the salaries for michelle’s assistants (that are not necessary). This is the worst family EVER to reside int our white house. Selfish and egotistical A wipes!!

  34. Major Howard V. Andre Jr. and Major James E. Sizemore, get to finally rest in piece, GOD bless all of our service men and woman past and present!

  35. Oh gosh, yeah I teared up massively…almost full out bawled…Rest in peace Airmen and thank you for contributing your life to my freedom!

  36. That’s right … blame the Air Force instead of the guy over half of you voted for in 2008 and 2012. Look in the mirror and blame yourselves.

    • we do have a jackass in the White House , he cuts back on everything then gives his wife a birthday party that cost over a million dollars then we get the bill. The illegals gets everything and the military gets sh8

  37. You want to know why I have absolutely no
    respect for the present administration? Those who paid the ultimate
    price for this country are disrespected routinely by this administration
    on the issues that matter most. Thankfully there are those
    who stand up and stand forward to fill the void purposely created by a
    man and an administration that holds our military and those who serve
    and have served in utter contempt. I salute these individuals for being
    there when their nation’s leaders failed them even in death. Semper
    Fidelis. Semper Vigilantis, Semper Memoria.

  38. Another example of how our government is taking care of our Veterans and hero’s. It is good to see other Vets coming together to pull this off. I become more and more ashamed of our “leaders” (Who haven’t a clue what leadership is!) Maybe if obama had foregone 1 party they would have “found” the money…

  39. The enemy of the people and decency is being defined every day by the current administration. This slight is almost as bad as fencing off the WW2 memorial to the honor flight participants.

  40. Our Commie Czar and his followers will not be forgotten when they are out of power. For something’s Americans will not forget. Especially its veterans.

  41. Whoa there…help me understand: What do you mean by using the sensationalist headline “Air Force Says No…” and the language “claiming budget cuts” help our veterans? Are you forgetting that there are USAF veterans too? All due respect, but if you are insinuating that a fly over was refused for any other reason, that budget cuts were not a factor in such decisions…if you intend to pit one branch of the military against another…how are YOU contributing to bringing OUR nation back together? Surely we can’t bash one party for not following a budget then turn around and expect another to exceed theirs? I have respected and been aligned with much of what Mr. West has said to date…but this could very well be a deal breaker for my support if indeed he intends to malign ANY of our military men and women, past and present, who sacrifice EVERY day to defend our nation.

    • @Be Accountable. As a 20-year Air Force veteran, I didn’t read the article the same as you. I didn’t see any pitting of one branch against another. @AF Retired. I don’t believe the AF had an option. If they did a flyover for one, it would be expected for all, and replacing flyovers with training missions is not prudent.

  42. Unbelievable. I was a fighter aircraft crew chief and worked the flightline for 20 years. We flew missions every day. Hard to believe the AF could not give up a few “training missions” to honor a fellow Airman or any service member who gave the ultimate sacrifice to his/her country. It is Shameful !!!

  43. Ah yes, budget cuts. But there is plenty of money for 18 million dollars worth of vacations for the royal couple isn’t there!!! Just another slap in the face to our military by a man who wouldn’t make it pas the first day of basic training in any branch. Can you say “recycle”?

  44. Where’s the fly-over? $56 billion a year on nuclear weapons, the F-35 7 years behind schedule and billions over budget yet the plane doesn’t meet mission requirements and has fatal flaws according to even government inspectors.

  45. If you want a fly over, then this is what should happen. Stop demanding the government save money and then complain when they do. BTW – this comes out of the AF budget not the executive branch. 22 years of service and multiple deployments – I do not feel slapped. Lets stop whining about the little [email protected]#$. We have no manufacturing jobs! We are in incredible debt; teens are murdering at alarming rates – wealthy and poor. We have people being assaulted for the way they park or drive, children killing children over “Flappy Bird” or because they “feel” bullied. Our nation has no moral compass. This story is irrelevant to the bigger picture. Please LTC West, report relevant news – do not become another Huffington Post.

  46. Unfortunate that the “missing man” formation had to be flown by jets designed and built in a communist country. Or, on second thought, maybe it was more appropriate.

  47. It is awesome how fellow pilots did on their own what the government didn’t want to do. And flying is expensive in itself, so that act was not only time, but money.

    Thanks for this 🙂

  48. At the air show in Owensboro, KY, last summer there was a Canadian F-16 participating, and I assume it was because the USAF could not attend.


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