Dems introduce bill to restore veterans’ benefits for LGBT discharges

The same folks who voted to cut the 1 percent Cost of Living Adjustment for retirees and service-disabled retirees (because we were costing the government too much) now want to retroactively provide benefits to those previously discharged under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

According to a report in Stars and Stripes by Matthew M. Burke, “A bill that would upgrade the service records of gay, lesbian and bisexual troops discharged due to sexual orientation and open the door to veterans’ benefits has been introduced in the Senate and referred to the Armed Services Committee for review, officials said. The Restore Honor to Service Members Act was introduced Jan. 30 by Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y. The bill mirrors one introduced in the House in June by Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., and Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Wis.”

Should it pass, the bill would instill the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell into law. All service members who were discharged because of their sexual orientation would then receive a “timely, consistent and transparent” review, and those who served honorably would see their records upgraded. This would open the door to benefits.

The defense priority of liberal progressives and the White House is clearly on display. Yesterday we did a report on the Pentagon’s edict allowing beards, turbans, and hijabs in the military. Now we have another piece of legislation providing insight into what the Obama administration deems “vital national security interest.”

This is a purely political maneuver to gain and maintain support of the LGBT community during the mid-term elections and use against anyone not supporting it.

Well I’ve got a better idea. Michael Behenna was granted parole just this week. Why not give him restitution? I also find it a gross hypocrisy that Hamid Karzai releases Taliban killers with American blood on their hands but we still have imprisoned men who were faithfully serving the country they love — such as LT Clint Lorance and others. Not to mention the absolutely despicable treatment of Marine SGT Larry Hutchins who has been “rearrested” for another trial in a case for which he had been previously acquitted.

Obviously, the LGBT lobby in America, albeit quite small, has the ear of the Democrats and President Obama. We sorry saps who followed orders, served, sacrificed, and were discharged honorably (and yes, that does include me) don’t have the lobby power and are just cannon fodder.

Say what you may, but the national security of these United States of America is not a priority for President Obama and the progressive socialists. Politics is their mantra, appeasing collective groups is their calling card. All the while, we are watching our military readiness being decimated.


    • But it could also cost them votes. Think about how many soldiers out there who are losing that 1% are going to feel about this & where their vote will go. And in all honesty. How many gays could there be in the military when compared to strait ? like 100 to 1 ?

      • What about the Gays that were not discharged,Stayed in the closet,Could they sue for mental anguish? Could that be next?

      • Could be. Man !! I’m so glad I don’t get so butt hurt over everything that went wrong in My life. I would be a walking bundle of nerves by now. This generation is so sensitive about any little hardship or any little disagreement, that to challenge it would be unspeakable & unbearable. It might even land you in court. lol

        It makes me sick to see what has happened to My country. I once was viciously patriotic about my country. I believed the hype. Now everything I believed in is gone. It’s all about not offending some candy ass now. WTF ?

        This country wasn’t built on the principals that the liberals now preach. It was built on hard work & hardship. And for the last 60 years it has been ever so mythotically picked apart. Now We face an economy that is so thin that it could crumble beneath our feet at any second.

        But HEY !! just as long as We don’t offend anyone .. right !?

  1. maybe its time we started a real veterans lobby. all together we are a hell of a voting bloc. im getting real shaky having the vfw and legion do this. seems they are missing the big picture

  2. Then those discharged under the weight management program should also have benefits restored because they couldn’t/wouldn’t meet the standards, those who were discharged for failure to salute the flag for religious reasons should have their benefits restored, and the list goes on and on… Obama and the Democrats will do whatever it takes to bankrupt this country as quickly as they can.

    • what person who gets discharged for their BCA or weight has ever been denied benefits? I’m pretty sure they aren’t NJP’ed or Courts Martialed out. It’s an admin sep.

      • There were many in the 80’s under the RIF’s at the time that were Article 15’d for not meeting standards and some chose to fight and proceeded Courts Martial proceedings. Not everyone rolled over. Not every branch of the military proceeded with same way nor do they still today.

        In this case of gays getting benefits restored, will we then have to look at every law that was in place since 1776 and start reevaluating everyone who was ever discharged because of a law that was in effect at the time but is has now been changed? If it was illegal when people were in the military and they did not commit to act honorably and obey the rules and then got caught, well so be it. Lick your wounds on your dime, not on ours.

  3. I can’t say I have any issue with this. There is no reason the people who were discharged because of sexual orientation should not be afforded the same benefits as other veterans such as myself and many others. As long as they served honorably, they should get all the compensation they deserve. Members of the LGBTQ community that served honorably and stayed in the closet receive benefits, why shouldn’t those that came out. There is a big difference between a criminal granted parole and a terrorist. These are Americans that loved their country enough to wear the cloth of the nation and committed no crime except breaking a trumped up an nonsense law about sexual orientation. I served with in and out homosexuals throughout my time in the military and not one of them ever did anything to not deserve benefits.

    • Well saidANYONE that served/serves with HONOR in any US armed forces and potentially puts their life on the line for OUR country and the US Constitution deserves the benefits. You don’t have to agree or approve their personal life choices.

      • lying and knowingly disregarding articles of the UCMJ is by definition NOT serving honorably for ANY servicemember.

    • I agree with you Jay Lacano. I am not a supporter of LGBT Community but, those troops served honorably and were discharged over sexual orientation which is no business of the U.S. Gov’t. They should receive their benefits and all other compensation that is due to them. Some day the Republican Party will break away from the Christian right wing and come back to their senses and really start offering American real economic choices instead of “social” choices that Democrats and the Christian right seem to only offer.

      • Are all of you old gunfighters listening to this? It used to be legal to shoot someone in self defense on the streets of your city. Now it’s not so let’s go back and charge all those gunfighters with murder. Your rational makes as much sense!! At the time of discharge they had broken the law. Now the law has changed so we go back and make their crime at the time legal? Makes no sense at all…..Only to a liberal maybe but not to an American…..

      • Heres a better anology for you. CURRENTLY it is illegal per the UCMJ for any service member to buy/sell/posses/knowlingly ingest ANY controlled substance not issued to them by a military medical facility. There are no exceptions. Being in possession of the ingredients to make Spice(while 100% legal in all 50 states) will get you kicked out of the military. Smoking weed will as well. Are you suggesting that in 20 years, when weed will be legalized, that we should retroactively re-instate all the current idiots that pop on pee tests now? HELL NO!!! They broke the laws at the time they were laws, just because its legal now, does not make it legal then. And another little, fact. They KNOWINGLY lied about their orientation and lived a false life while serving. That is NOT serving HONORABLY. Yes, I understand it was a difficult situation, but they signed a contract KNOWING the rules, and chose to ignore them anyway.

    • How many individuals do you know that have been denied a retirement based on their sexual orientation? Whether or not someone came out after they retired is beside the point…their retirement is secure.

      I believe this article, and this legislative action, is aimed at attempting to provide benefits to those individuals that did not retire, or to those that were discharged prior to a 20-year career…

      Provided they were not injured as a result of military service, they should not be entitled to any benefit, except that which is afforded to other members that served and separated…the distinction of saying you served your country, and of course, veteran’s preference in applying for a civil service job.

      • I guess the “law of the land” is only enforced by democrats when it is convenient for them. Don’t ask, don’t tell was the law of the land at the time.

      • being a homosexual is immoral and I think its wrong. Being a Christian, I am however an American as well. I side with Jay Lacano and his answer. I believe in the constitution in that All Men Are Created Equal and discrimination against people Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness because of any reason (including laws) should not be permitted. To me, the law was unconstitutional. These are people who served just like any other and should receive the same benefits.

      • Hate to point out the not so obvious. But NO where is that stated in the US Constitution. That is written in the Declaration of Independence. A document listing the lawful reasons for severing the political ties with the rule of England and it’s sovereign. Not the Constitution, which was drawn up afterward and lists the administration of and limits to, that New Nation.

  4. Are they also going to reinstate the benefits of those who were discharged because of marijuana use while stationed in Colorado? There’s a group out there for any exception they want to make. The military is NOT a civilian employer. They have regs that limit our free speech, free expression, etc. That type of reg is to promote a cohesive force, equipped to meet the mission. We know this when we enlist and we abide by those regs because we AGREED to by contract. Those who flaunted the regs for their own agenda are NOT some sort of social hero and deserve neither recognition for it nor compensation for it.

  5. OK, now that marijuana is legal in some states, are they going to provide restitution to those that were charged previously with possession of marijuana and release all of them? This is getting out of control. The law was in place when they were discharged, therefore they must face the consequences. You were wrong at the time, therefore we owe you nothing.

    • Never take council of your fears, Tim.
      We The People can make things better. Google American Spring. Be in D.C. on May 6th for the million man peaceful protest of the government (The POTUS and congress) with their anti-Constitutional ways.
      We will be demanding the resignation of:
      1. the POTUS,
      2. Eric Holder,
      3. Harry Reid,
      4. Nancy Pelosi
      5. John McCain
      6. Mitch McConnell
      7. John Boehner
      8. Dianne Feinstein
      Please COPY this announcement and SHARE with all your friends.

  6. Thankfully I believe this is a fake article since I cannot find it anywhere else on the internet , I’m guessing whoever wrote this article just wanted to stir the pot a little , I’m a veteran and a conservative by the way , but I have to call bullshit for what it is when I see it .

    • You’re right, but the real question becomes, how can we change them to vote Republican instead of Democrat? The GBLT’s, the legalized illegal aliens (the Hispanics), the minorities (racial), the women, the poor, the jobless, the forgotten…

  7. Let’s keep looking for more ways to tank this economy as far as humanly possible before the end of this regime! >>>extreme sarcasm<<< It's like someone stays up nights looking for ways to bankrupt this country even further.

    • Of course they do or more likely it was all planned in the first place and the sheep media and other elites think they are going to be specialy treated when this country is completely socialist. If the Muslims have anything to do with it, most of them and all of the LGBT will be done away with.

    • Rocky,
      I think the biggest problem with this regime is that they are taking the wrong approach to fixing this Economy.

      The democrats are big believers in nobel laureate Paul Krugman who believes strongly in Supply-side economics (whereas the republicans believe in Milton Friedman and Demand-side economics).

      Thus, the Dem’s believe in tax-n-spend and the Rep’s in tax cuts-n-spend cuts. This is the crux of the matter.

      Under Bush, the jobs economy (and the market) improved greatly whereas under Obama, the stock market has improved but the jobs market is lagging far behind.

      Recently, the debt ceiling was increased obviously in anticipation of increade spending with the characteristic increased National Debt to follow.

      Obama CONTINUES to kick the can down the road, a problem not for us, but for one generations down the line.

      Their lives may be completely squandered.

  8. What the hell does sexual orientation have to do with pay and benefits? Or is Obama having flashbacks of his days in the Greyhound bus terminal and equates sex with money?

  9. LGBT are free to do as they feel personally, but they keep wanting things equal. How is equal when you keep asking for more special treatment.

    • On marriage equality: a straight man like you or me is free to marry any woman who is willing and of age; a gay man has the same right, to marry any woman who is willing and of age.

      • The marriage thing is about taxes. Marriage should be between God the husband and wife. The government should throw out the marriage license and then insurance and government can figure other ways to deal with ppl living together. That said that isn’t the subject today. I’m talking about when they put bakers out of business when they could easily walk to another bakery and get a cake. Like when they want a law is reversed they want retroactive benefits. Can you imagin if evey law that was repealed all of a sudden the military had to give retroactive benefits. The money would eventually be insane.

    • We, the older Conservatives have been sounding the alarm for many years of this day but we were shut down by our own neighbors, friends, and others. Now the chicken has come home to roost!

  10. This insanity is done for one reason which has nothing to do with restoring Disabled Veterans’ Benefits; it simply makes the Bill so horrendous that no one of sane mind would vote for it and that means Republicans. Our Comrade Democrats know this and will go to any lengths to get Republicans blamed for being the bad guys by voting against it. The ‘Progressive’ Communists know no bounds whatsoever!

    • The thing about Politics is that it is a dirty business. And it certainly takes tactics. The Democrats are truly about blaming the Republican party.

      It has been their predominant tactic for years. Remember, everything which has gone wrong in Obama’s Presidency is still “Bush’s fault” and anything, and I mean no matter how small, is to Obama’s credit. It’s practically criminal.

      Some of our strategies could be to compare the Obama and Bush Presidencies and SHOW: 1. how Bush did better (like with the budget – the rate of rise in his national debt) compared to Obama, 2.
      Also, one can show ALL Ob

      • We are not dealing with rational honest good people. We are dealing with a group of people with evil intentions who employ witchcraft: lies, deception, bogus stories to destroy any opposition, propaganda, even murder. The Republicans are never going to win against this adversary, they have no clue who they are dealing with.

  11. If there is and insane asylum somewhere that all the patients are missing, they have been found in Washington DC running the government.

    • Lol.

      “The only difference between the insane people in the asylum and me is that I’m behind these walls and they are behind those walls.” ~Albert Einstein.

      “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.” ~Albert Einstein.

      Which makes me believe that u are right Pam: the POTUS and Congress, Dem’s and Rep’s alike are indeed insane.

      For the past 5 1/2 years, they continue to raise the deficit ceiling, spend excessively and raise the National Debt to ever-exorbitant levels, but keep getting the same result.

      Now that all the Democrats are going to do it again, with the blessing of the RINO’s McCain, McConnell and Boehner, do they REALLY believe that they are going to get a different result?

      It’s truly insanity!!

    • That’s the plan, but what’s the strategy? How do we convince the voters out there who are BLIND to Obama’s wrongdoings that we need others in office?

  12. Well folks I hate to tell you but “We The People” most of us put him in office despite the fact that we knew what he was as a senator. He did nothing then and he has lied through his teeth ever since. We have a chance to change the scenery in DC this November and we need to do that.

    • Keep dreaming of November 2016, this dictator is going to take-over the country way before that, there is not going to be an election I think.

  13. Well, the Dem’s successfully played the race card in the pass, now I think that they are going to play the “sex” card into the future. We may think it wrong or unfair, but we better find an answer to all this nonsense. If we don’t our credibility may continue to decline. It’s quite possible this is why the Dem’s cut COLA’s in the first place, so with the money they’d save, they could pass it along to these former GBLT discharges and gain even more of the gay vote. And if the Republicans let them get away with this ONE-TWO punch combination, one to the gut and one to the face, then we are REALLY going to be hurting!! 🙁

    • One answer to the Republican problem is perhaps to:

      PERMIT Civil Unions between GBLT’s, but to continue to recommend PROHIBITION of Gay Marriages, according to principles of the Bible and Christianity and the Church,…

      … and Legally according to the first Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. In this manner, perhaps we can gain some of the GBLT vote of which we have none now.

      • Civil Unions yes, with benefits. Gay marriages no. The problem is the libs are toying with the grande majority to appease the minority. Marriage is a principle of the bible. Why would anyone want to join something that wasn’t met for them?? I wouldn’t. Would you not be living in a lie? So, what should be done? The answer: Create your own traditions!!!!!!!!!!!!! ………Stop violating the majorities traditions, period. Look at the boy scouts, it’s their tradition to not allow gay scout leaders around little boys. The chance of gay sexual abuse is far far greater than a straight leader, point blank. As parents, we don’t want gay scout leaders. Here’s an idea… about Gay Scouts of America or, whatever. What, exactly, is this war on tradition? It divides us more, pisses off the majority and creates social dysfunction. Gays are equal, but not the same, they are different. Create your own organizations. Think about this…..if everything was gay, and straights wanted to join the Scouts but only GayScouts was available, what would happen?? They would create their own tradition and not be a part of something they don’t belong to.

  14. I hope none of yall are banking on obama leaving in 2016 , he has no intention of doing it. He is testing everyone right now with his usurping of constitution ,, and getting away with it daily. When election time comes watch him try . He is not giving up control , he thrives on it.

    • I agree, he is cooking something grand for the “dumb American sheep,” the powers that be have set-up the stage for a dictatorial take-over. It’s going to happen in a day…before we get to election, hope the liberal blood flows–they brought us down.

      • Yes, and not a word was said by the government and there were no IRS investigations into those who criticized him, of which, I was one of the worse! Today, Obama will sic one of his Gestapo units, like the IRS, NSA, DHS, FEMA on someone who says anything about his highness or his Sasquatch Racist Skank.

  15. They were discharged due to lying, not just being a pervert. They were untrustworthy, they brought the moral down when they were caught, all records should stand as is.

    • Not all lied.
      That was kind of the point of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell before the repeal.
      Service members weren’t asked their orientation so they wouldn’t have to lie.
      That’s why, even in the above article, it states that each individual case will be reviewed.

      • Don’t ask is just a democrat rule to allow those that will lie to infiltrate our services and damage the trust that a unit needs to fight strong. I know, I saw the damages first hand. Thy had to escort these liars off the boats at gunpoint. Submarines are called boats for those ignorant. Oh, the armed escort was to protect the perverted.

  16. This would set a dangerous precedent for all people that have been discharged. Imagine the “benefits bill” in 20 years when weed is legalized everywhere.

  17. I think our readiness is being reduced by rather more than 10% – so “decimated” no longer applies. (“Decimation” was a means of discipline in the Roman Legions, wherein precisely one in ten men where executed.)

    But, if we’re going to do that, then why don’t we just upgrade ALL separated military personnel who did NOT get an ELD, admin discharge, or BCD to “Retired Honorably” – and that would probably still cost us less than Congress does!

  18. There hypocrites they are just being PC interlopers . This is such a shame what frauds we have thank you 51% of you morons who voted for a fraud

  19. If one was discharged because of a third party outing, I’d argue that (s)he should have benefits restored, as the violation wasn’t of his or her own doing. However, if one’s own actions ran afoul of DADT at the time, benefits should remain revoked, as violations of the policy over which the violator had control can’t really be forgiven. (A decision would thus be done on a case-by-case basis.)

  20. NOTES:
    “The greatest risk to our country right now is the National Debt.” ~a General of the USA.

    To make sure that the stock market does not crash again which always causes Congress to panic and spend exorbitant amounts as it did in 2008, we must have the safeguard, the Glass-Steagall Act reinstated.

    This will outlaw subprime lending, derivatives, bundling and selling of bundled mortgages on the market. This is what lead to the Housing bubble and bust. The law was removed in ~1998, 1999 and has NOT been reinstated.

    In other words, our climbing stock market is EVERY BIT AS vulnerable to collapse as it was six (6) years ago.

    That should frighten anyone into acting.

  21. Mr. West…
    Now that gays are allowed to serve, do you believe that those who were discharged for being gay (without lying about it) should be denied the right to have their discharge status changed?

    I agree with you that the cuts to COLA are terrible…
    but why should that prevent the discharge status of some gay service members from being changed?

    • because, at the time, it was the law of the land, and they committed the offense knowing the penalty for doing so.. To wit-those in Denver and Washington State who were arrested and Imprisoned for pot possession did not have their sentences commuted and their records wiped clean when they legalized pot in those states. It was illegal when they committed their crimes and the penalty was within the limits of the law.

      It’s unfortunate, but this is nothing more than political pandering.

    • You are assuming that the original prohibition of known gay persons in the military was bad. But what if it was not “personal” but was based on wise principles?

    • Yes, they lied to enter the service knowing that if found out, they would be negatively discharged. Fraudulent enlistments are just that entering under false pretenses or a lie. Most military forms as well as other government forms have perjury as punishment for signing a false statement. Maybe they should just be charged with a crime. I have no problem with the abolishment of a ban on Gays in the military as the law is now written but the law at the time stated differently and it was the law of the land. Being the law of the land meant that making/signing a false statement was a crime.

      • Exactly when did they lie to enter the service? You do understand what the “don’t ask” part of “don’t ask don’t tell” meant, right? There were no forms in which they declared themselves to not be gay.

  22. The premise of “don’t ask, don’t tell” was flawed to begin with. Today, the US is being damaged…from within, from this and other bad ideas. We have a population that (mostly) thinks as the powerful tells it to think. FEW question the underlying assumptions for ANY new idea pushed on us. If I say it’s my “civil right” to rob, pillage, and take slaves…because maybe it’s an inherent tendency (as shown in my Viking ancestors)…could I maybe get special privileges (labeled as “rights”)? If I had enough powerful connections in the media, the educational system…bet I could get this equally ridiculous idea through.

  23. It’s simply rewriting a wrong . These men and women joined the military to serve their country just like anyone else. Trained, worked and fought valiantly like everyone else . Only they had to live in fear.
    So West, how many gay people did you serve with or took orders from? I bet some were drinking buddies or people you admired. West, you do know there are plenty of gay soldiers resting on military cemeteries along side straight ?

    • The problem is that they enlisted fraudulently. They knew their perverted orientation was against the rules and joined anyway. They lied on documents.

      • It’s still don’t ask, don’t tell . As for gays being perverted, do you know how many straight men asked me to do something sexually out of the norm? Is a finger in the ass by a woman to a men different from man on man?

      • It was a clear cut question on the application. We either answers truthfully or we lied. We were told that any lies would mean a dishonorable discharge. We had to look the shrink in the eye and say no, probably a few other things that I forget. I did only enlist twice, 15 years apart. As an infantry paratrooper.
        All people are perverts in one way or another. Homos are just extreme public bathroom stranger sex freaks.

      • Well at least you agree about the fraudulent enlistments. There should be no reparations of dishonorable discharge. They knew what they were risking when they applied for the job while lying about their perversion. So glad you agree with me about something.

      • These married men who get their stick waxed in public restrooms are lying to their wives, kids and community. They can also be blackmailed and/ or get and pass diseases.

      • But if they enlist in the military ( at least a couple of years ago) they would be frauds. Now it is ok to be a pole smoker.

      • No, I’m trying to remember what I SAID FOUR MONTHS AGO. Usually I tell people I have a time limit and have moved on, but I guess you caught me at a good time.
        I believe if you really want something, you do whatever you need to do to get it. It was a lie, but it never hurt anyone. Moreover, gay people in the military is nothing new. . Not just in the US, but around the world and time. They served for the same reason everyone served, FOR THEIR COUNTRY. I wonder how many gay servicemembers are laying in military cemeteries.

      • You can prance round in high heeled combat boots now. I’m talking about a few months ago when lying on the application was illegal. We are without consequence now (unless they want to persecute you/us personally) So we agree that lying on the application should not be grounds for reversal of policy. goo, fine done.

  24. It’s being done for a reason LTC West. They are purging our Military of our best Leadersship of all ranks through forced retirement, political and religious harassment, even using threats of false war crimes charges. The folks supporting the Obama Regime have one thing in mind and one thing only, to bring down the USA and institute a Communist or Socialist Government plain and simple. With the purging of our military it removes the threat of having our Military Leaders telling the Obama Regime, They will not support an over throw of our Constitutional Republic to institute a one man rule. Folks think I’m nuts, but if you add up what is happening and what has happened to other country’s in the past you can see a disturbing pattern. Think about folks.

  25. These people were not discharged for ‘being gay’. They were discharged for ‘violating military regulations’.
    They don’t deserve an upgrade.

  26. I also find it a gross hypocrisy that Hamid Karzai releases Taliban killers with American blood on their hands but we still have imprisoned men who were faithfully serving the country they love

    Could you please explain where the “hypocrisy” here is? I was unaware that Hamid Karzai was an official of the federal government of the United States.


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