House Democrats not even showing up to their party’s party

Are the Democrats beginning to sense a turning tide? Could be. Many of them won’t even show up to their own party’s party.

According to Ed O’Keefe in the Washington Post, “Maybe it’s the snowy weather or the location here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, but dozens House Democrats are planning to skip three days of annual meetings designed to plot strategy ahead of this year’s midterm elections.”

O’Keefe says it’s a lower-than-normal turnout, and contrasts attendance at the House Republican retreat two weeks ago – a record turnout for an election year.

Two endangered Democrats from Florida — Reps. Patrick Murphy and Joe Garcia — appeared Wednesday alongside Biden at an event in Miami. They’re not expected to fly north for the meetings.

You might recall there were reports Murphy requested a private meeting last year with House Speaker Boehner to discuss switching parties. Garcia is running anti-Obamacare ads saying he’s going to “fix” the law (finally, someone is admitting it’s broken). But then again, why would you fly out of sunny South Florida back to the frigid north?

I remember attending the House GOP strategy meeting while a Member. Now if I were Majority Leader, the event would have been held down at Ft. A.P. Hill in Virginia, not in a swanky hotel, and would be oriented to team building. But that’s just me.

Seems like a bit of a lackluster attitude in the House Democrat Caucus. Not surprising – they’re in the untenable position of having to defend the indefensible with Obamacare — “liberating Americans from work and being trapped in a job so they can stay at home, get a government check, and pursue their dreams.”

Boy howdy, that is spin beyond spin and I’m quite sure some are finding it hard to stomach. Of course you won’t hear the liberal media discuss the schism in the Democrat party and the lack of enthusiasm. It must be nice to have such cover from complicit media accomplices. Just can’t wait to hear to what tricks and empty rhetorical propaganda will emanate from the Democrats gathering together — certainly not any policy initiatives to restore our economy.


  1. Henry Waxman’s resignation is telling….Democrats are resigning…their days as a majority party are over. Would not doubt if Progressives will be in the wilderness for
    at least 40 years.

    • What really ticks me off is the lousy b**tards haven’t the courage to stand up and say that what is happening is wrong and that’s why they are stepping down. Sleaze bags.

  2. They should be ashamed to what they have done to this country and some should be held responsible. We must remember progressives are not Americans, they wont to change and do away with our Constitution. They have become the terrorist from within.

      • So, your going to support the Democrats, by not voting for the Republicans, and throwing away your vote. Just like all those fair weathered Republicans who stayed home and allowed Obama to win his second term because Mitt Romney wasn’t the “perfect” candidate.

        Nice strategy you got there! Really showing them who’s in charge. You do know that the Democrats are all in favor of you making this move. Ever wonder why?

      • So, Peter, you’re going to support the Democrats by not standing up for Conservative values, & driving away your voters? You do know that the Democrats are all in favor of you continuing to be a cheap imitation of them? Ever wonder why?

        The Democrats want us to play their game. That game is Big Government. It fits right in with their natural love of cronyism & corruption. It goes against the grain of our natural love of liberty & competition. And when we play our opponent’s game, WE LOSE.

        It’s not about a strategy — it’s about disgust. People are deciding that voting doesn’t matter because we have 2 Big Government Parties. The one symbolized by (D) sells Big Government with a smile; the one symbolized by (R) sells Big Government with a frown. Other things being equal, smiles beat frowns.

        Now the Democrat Base has only one opinion on any issue: “We vote Democrat!”. I know the Republican Establishment would love to have a Base with that same brain-dead attitude, but it is not going to happen.

        If you want the votes of the Republican Base, you are going to have to convince them that you will fight for what they believe in. What they’re seeing is a Republican Establishment that seems only willing to fight against what they believe in, & that just wants to cut a deal with the Democrats to keep that gravy train running.

        That gravy train is fast running out track — SO WAKE UP! HIT THE BRAKES!

  3. LOVE the way Col West fights this 1st Amendment Battle !

    YEAH – that donkey is already laying on it’s back cryin ‘UNCLE!!!’ **__**

    btw Patriots


    It’s WAR! ~> There is to be a Conservative insurrection within the GOP … a MUTINY

    the Battlefield is the 2014 Primary season

    There are 36 Senate Seats being contested …. *WE The People* can DEFEAT the money/power of the GOP Establishment, like was done in Texas 2012, to guide the CruzMissile into DC

    #WAR ——————————–> #CrushROVE

    #BeClingers ———————————> #AmericaRISING

    Cruz Slams GOP Establishment | Conservative Byte

      • nope

        I think it will be 2010 ..but on STEROIDS this time, and the GOP Est. influence much reduced

        and so we can expect a Conservative/Tea Partier-friendly Speaker o be elected by the HOR

      • no, I disagree

        what Palin did in 2010 she will do again, except this time ON STEROIDS because the RINO/GOPe is now so exposed as LOSERS and Traitors and hated by the Conservative Base

        #BeClingers —————-> #AmericaRISING

        #WAR ———————> #CrushROVERandGROVER (in the 2014 primary cycle, Patriots! **__**)


        (Trump tweeted this soon after the 2012 election)

        Trump: Congrats to @KarlRove on blowing $400 million in 2012 cycle. Every race @CrossroadsGPS ran ads in, the GOP lost. What a waste of $.

      • I hope so, but in 2006 I was running around the track at the local Sports Complex and struck a conversation with a man and I said to him “DO you thiMk obama will win” then for the next 30 minutes this man laughed at me and went into an in depth on how this would be I M P O S S I B L E !!! No way a foreigner (at the time it was still being reveled that this obama was NOT eligible as he was born in Kenya,even adding that he suspected some dems would go to jail for allowing his attempt to go forward )
        Well back to story this man told me he was “in tight” with the Republican party, and knew some things needed addressing but overall things were O.K. there.
        This man told me he would eat his shorts IF obama won.
        I have looked for him ever since but I think he stopped going to the Sports Complex because of this conversation with him he was so adamant obama being a blip on the Political Radar and scorching me for thiiMking obama might be elceted POTUS,,,,,

      • I am starting to be very grateful that SCOTUS didn’t strike this Obamacare turkey down as unconstitutional…because the reality of this BULLSCHMIDT hitting Americans square in the face could well be enough, not just to SINK the LIAR, but also SINK Prog Big Govt policies for a LONG time and prepare the way for

        Constitutional RESTORATION


  4. Let me get this straight , dozens of dems skip a 3 days meeting in eastern shore MD? I guess you haven’t been watching the news. Back to back snow storms . Flights canceled. DC has been shut down for dems and reps, staff and gov workers .

    This isn’t the 80’s anymore . People don’t have to meet face to face. It’s called teleconferencing . All you need is a COM PUT ER with camera and mic.
    Also, you didn’t my mention where that rep retreat was held ?
    I hope you liked that GOP meeting at the swanky hotel, with big beds, private baths , private dining area, gourmet meals . Or did a fiscal conservative like you sleep in a closet?
    BTW, West, are you in the 80 deg of south florida this weekend ? Or holding down the fort in DC?

  5. They are running for the hills. Falling like flies. Like the rest of us, they likely sense (or perhaps have inside info) that something big and bad is about to go down in this nation.

  6. I don’t ever want to see another Democrat switch parties. If Republicans think they need a Democrat seat to switch, run a Republican, and take it. We don’t need anymore Democrats in the Republican party.

  7. . They could see the handwriting on the wall. They are starting to jump ship. Will the Republicans throw them a life preserver. Or not we’ll just have to see.


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