Media double-standard on display with Nagin corruption coverage

Photo: NBC News via BizPac Review

Yesterday, former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was found guilty of 20 out of 21 counts including bribery and conspiracy. I’m always curious how the mainstream media will cover these stories. Hat tip to Michael Dorstewitz at BizPac Review for collating the “big three” responses.

WORLD NEWS 2/12/14 
[6:42 p.m. EST] GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: And back home, down in New Orleans today, a conviction for the former mayor Ray Nagin. He became a household name in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The face and voice of a city in ruins. But today, Nagin was found guilty of corruption for accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes and a family vacation to Hawaii in exchange for lucrative city contracts.

[6:47 p.m. EST] SCOTT PELLEY: Today the former mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, was found guilty of 20 of 21 counts in his corruption trial. Outside court today, Nagin said he’s innocent, but he was convicted of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and truckloads of granite for his family business from contractors seeking work after Hurricane Katrina. Each count carries a possible penalty of three to 20 years in prison.

[7:21 p.m. EST] BRIAN WILLIAMS: Ray Nagin, the controversial former mayor of New Orleans who rose to public attention during Hurricane Katrina has been convicted on federal charges of corruption and bribery. Found guilty today of accepting payoffs for city contracts, guilty of 20 of the 21 counts against him, he faces decades in prison now, sentencing date has not yet been announced.

Not one of these reports mentioned Nagin was a Democrat. There was a similar pattern during the episode surrounding former Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. And as a matter of fact, how many of you remember former Louisiana Congressman William “Cold Cash” Jefferson, was a Democrat?

Yet recently we had North Carolina NAACP President Rev. William Barber II referring to black Republican Senator Tim Scott as a “ventriloquist dummy” and black Republicans as “mouthpieces.” Imagine if Nagin had been a black Republican mayor?

Wrong is wrong regardless of who is committing the crime. But it sure seems we have a serious issue with black Democrat corruption. It was Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Ca) who funneled stimulus funds to One United Bank where her husband sat on the Board of Directors. Of course Rep. Waters was rewarded by being elevated to Ranking Member on the House Financial Services Committee. I guess the media missed that.

There is a clear double standard enabled by a complicit liberal media. If you are a black conservative Republican it’s open season, year-round. But if you’re a black Democrat, you have cover, regardless of how corrupt or incompetent you may be. The most obvious example of that resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


  1. “Cold cash” LMAO! Silence from the black democrats back home. If fact the silence is so deafening I can no longer hear the crickets.

  2. We are so used to how the lame stream media handles stories that we already know that if the color or political affiliation of a person in not mentioned it means that they are black democrats.

  3. My husband and I went to New Orleans and volunteered after Katrina. It was devastated and the main thing on the minds of the politicians was to get the bars open. They were not concerned about the peoples homes. The work was back breaking. We stayed for 7 days and I can tell you I have never seen so many defeated people. They were literally living under blue tarps in alleyways. There was black mold on walls of homes 4 feet from the floor. Most that live near the sea wall that broke lost everything they had and they were the poorest of the poor. The mayor left and went to Texas, left the people to figure things out on their own. Then the idiots reelected him. Never in a million years know what they were thinking. Now we can see why he came back to LA and didn’t stay In TX. Came back to bilk the gov. out of tax money.

    • the black people would vote him in again ,as long as he is black ,the white people proved that is not what they do ,but they were stupid enough to vote Obama in two times

    • during katrina, the media also failed to report one TINY little detail about why new orleans flooded:

      lyndon baines johnson (democrat) arranged a deal for his wife ladybird, whereby she would purchase land adjacent to new orleans and sell it back to the government, so that the government could build the mississippi river gulf outlet (also known as “Mr. Go” or “that big damn dangerous flood corridor”)
      everyone knew that Mr. Go would one day deliver a hurricane storm surge directly into the city. it was an absolute certainty.

      of course, by the time katrina hit, lyndon baines johnson (democrat) was already dead and gone.

      but did the media blame lyndon baines johnson (democrat)?
      no. they blamed george bush.

      • Very interesting….And I have to say, the last sentence makes me scratch my head….I’m just a dumb @@@ from Oklahoma, but I have enough sense to know George Bush could not have stopped Katrina. How can an intelligent person even consider blaming Bush for much of what they have?

      • Shirlee according to many Dems, just about everything is Geo Bushes fault. From Katrina to the China Earthquake blame Bush, he was the fall guy for Obamas awful first term, eventually the history books will show that B Obama was the worst of the worse,,,,

      • Now it is no longer Bushes fault it is all the white people who are so prejudiced against him that is making him fail in his second term. He is the most arrogant whining person on the planet. I saw an interview the other day and every black person there said he was doing a good job, and blamed whites including Bush for every failure Obama has had. I may be wrong but I do believe that race relations were a lot better before O took office.

      • Johnson also kept the war in Nam going because Lady had a huge interest in the airplane industry. They were so crooked the couldn’t walk straight.

    • I worked with many of the lawsuits that arose because of Katrina and there was absolutely no hope. The government has been sponging up the money everyone graciously sent for a very long time. As hard as it sounds, my guess is that we should invite the people to stay with those in need (relocate) in order to help while a city like this is rebuilt, rather than tossing billions of dollars toward an emergency situation.

      When a city runs on liquor, gambling and tourism, you can bet someone on the upper levels is on the take.

  4. Can you imagine a ticket of Cruz and West? The medias’ collective heads would explode, but Cruz/West would bring this country back: however, with Ovomit and his cheating voting machines in Ohio, Pa, NY, CA, etc, it will never happen.

  5. are next great President and vice President of these great States of America Senator Ted Cruz ——–vice President Colonel Allen West , for a great USA

    • I think PRESIDENT Allen West, VP Cruz. I firmly believe that the head of our Armed Services should have served in the Armed Services… how can a President that has no first hand knowledge be able to identify with the soldiers he sends into war.

      • that is why we have Generals , presidents most often do listen to them, and when we get one that don,t then we are in big trouble ,but i really believe these two Senator Cruz and Colonel Allen West ,would do a great job ,they both have are country at heart ,far cry from what we have now ,and i believe they would be honest with the American people

  6. The reason there’s a national debt and not a national surplus, is because we have the debt and the politicians have the surplus.

  7. I once read. in AOL, a piece on corruption. There was a whole list of corrupt politicians. There were two things to take from that. No party has a monopoly on corrupt politicians, although the Dems did seem to outnumber the Republicans. The other thing, AOL had no problem listing party affiliation of the Republicans and omitting party affiliation of thee Democrats until you went back several years. This has been that way for a long time, but the difference now is the media seems much more open about it.

  8. I supported Col West in his campaign with monetary donations from my meager military retirement. Really appreciated his outspoken ways about the wrongs in our society. Then it came to my attention that he refused to become involved with the investigation into Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate, because (I’m paraphrasing) he has “.. political aspirations..” and doesn’t want to get involved in anything controversial. A man who puts career above his country is not someone I will support. He’s no better than the Democrats.

  9. I don’t need them to mention that he’s a democrat. I remember 2006 and his mug on tv as a democratic idiot…calling New Orleans the Chocalate city!

    • “Mayors” Brian, there hasn’t been a Republican Mayor of Detroit since 1961…..53 years of Progressive control, fraud waste and abuse.

  10. We have a national media conspiracy to protect the Communist administration. If you can’t see that by now your head is deeply in the sand or you’re one of them.

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  11. Haha maybe he can bunk with rev Jessie jacksons crooked thief of a son for the hundreds of thousands he and his wife stole…..

  12. I’ve come to the conclusion when party affiliation for something negative is omitted, it’s generally democrat. If it’s something negative about a republican it will be stated immediately after the first mention of the person’s name.

  13. It seems to me that it isn’t a black democrat / black republican thing, but rather a color blind anti republican thing. The same bias seems to be evident no matter what the color of the skin is. If it is a republican that falls from grace, or says something stupid, party affiliation is almost always mentioned. When it is a democrat, It is rarely mentioned.

      • True Pete. I think black conservatives have it worse. in addition to being thought of as a demon by libs, they are also considered traitors, Uncle Toms, tokens to be trotted out. I cannot express how much I admire those black conservatives that do not allow someone else to tell them how they should think, and the ones that speak out, such as Col. West … well…. they are the most courageous of all.

  14. And when did FOX mention it? You have no problem slamming the big 3, but no what FOX did? “Biting the hand, ” right? I went on the web this morning. Lots of video for NBC, ABC, NBC, but none of FOX.

    Also, what does NAACP have to do with this story? They can make all the statements they want, like other converative groups. I see no reason why they needed to be quoted in any newscast. If this satatement was so important to use on the news, then FOX missed it too.

  15. School Bus Ray pretty much got a pass when the media was handing out blame after Katrina, along with Gov. Mary Blanco. Both Democrats. Easier to blame all of the deaths and the chaos on President Bush – even though 1) traditionally, disaster preparations and initial relief efforts in this country had been the under local and state control, with the Feds only coming in with big bucks, troops, etc. after the fact and 2) BEFORE the storm, Bush had pleaded with Blanco to declare a state of emergency, and she delayed. Ditto with Nagin, who failed to evacuate people before the storm and who then seemed to be nowhere to be found afterward while things were going to hell in a handbasket, holed up in a hotel and launching rambling, obscenity-laced, nearly incoherent tirades in media telephone interviews and sounding like he was having a nervous breakdown. Contrast Nagin’s post-Katrina handling of the disaster recovery efforts with Rudy Giuliani’s post-9/11 performance in NYC.

  16. On the flip side, when it’s a Republican who’s charged with something, the biased news media can stop saying “Republican” enough times.

  17. Too bad Mr. Nagin didn’t have a grandfather like C. L. Bryant’s.
    Who told C. L. when he was very Afro-Centric – big Afro. Dashiki, back in the early 70′s., “I didn’t go through all that I went through, so you could be Black. I
    went through everything I went through so that you can be free.”


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