Michael Behenna wins parole!

In what has to be a true miracle, Army 1LT Michael Behenna has won parole. Apparently he was notified that his clemency request was denied but the parole request was granted.

Michael was serving a 15-year sentence for unpremeditated murder of a known terrorist in Iraq. His trial and sentencing had created a firestorm and grassroots movement. I went to Ft. Leavenworth to speak at a rally on his behalf and have met his mother and father on several occasions.

Congratulations to the Behenna family; Michael is coming home. Michael, God has rewarded you for your faith as he heard yours and many others’ prayers. Next we have to get justice for 1LT Clint Lorance.


  1. Liberals and political correctness are ruining this country and our military. It’s getting to the point where they are afraid to do the job they are being paid to do for fear of going to prison! This is ludicrous!

      • Were you there? Did you see what happened, or for that matter have you ever even been in a war zone? My son has, and some of the stories he’s told me will chill your blood and he said he can’t even tell me all of it. Don’t judge these men and women unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

      • You are making assumptions about me.
        He murdered an unarmed naked prisoner and he disgraced the uniform worn by countless men (including myself) that wore it with honor.

        The prisoner may have been guilty.
        But those of us who were American soldiers know that we hold ourselves to a higher standard.
        We are not the Waffen SS or Roman legionairres.

        We do not fight to preserve the values that make America truly great by compromising those very same values.

      • Making an assumption would be saying you don’t know what you’re talking about because you haven’t been there. I didn’t know, so that’s why I asked. Again neither you nor I were there, we don’t know what really happened. What I find amusing is that they think they can put conditions on war. Which is essentially useless. Sometimes in wartime you have to make split second decisions that can mean the difference between life and death. If he did indeed do what he did, I’m pretty sure he did it to protect his fellow soldiers by attempting to get information out of this man.

      • I am also sure that the lieutenant killed the prisoner out of frustration and because he felt the prisoner was going to be a threat when released…
        but as much as I understand what he may have been feeling, it does not excuse killing an unarmed prisoner.

      • You have mentioned a number of times that the prisoner was stripped. I take it that you mean he was naked when shot. Since I have never read that anywhere but in your comments, could you tell me what paragraph and line that information is in on the indictment.

      • You’re sure, are you? I am getting more and more sure that you were a REMF, and probably chucked out on a G/OTH Discharge.

      • You’re very young, and naive and that’s understandable. But know that if the shoe had been on the other foot, not only would Lt. Behenna have been killed, but he would have been horribly tortured beforehand. There are simply no rules when you’re dealing with people as bloodthirsty and ruthless as the Taliban.

      • I am neither young nor naive and unless you served longer than me, I’m not sure how you presume to know what a soldier’s responsibilities are better than I do.

  2. Great news but his career and life remain besmirched for the simple act of doing his job. If our troops are going to continue to be handcuffed by these idiotic rules of engagement then we should bring them home now. No US troops should ever be used as target dummies for those who wish to kill us all.

    • And it’s 1, 2, 3, what are we fighting for?
      Ask me I don’t give a dam,
      Next stop Afghanistan
      And it’s 5, 6, 7, open up the pearly gates
      ROE won’t let us fight
      Whoopee we’re all gonna die

  3. We need tp persevere to get justice for all warriors who were sent to do the dirty jobs, that most would not even consider doing, including the panty waist politicians. Their wars were not managed by warrior chieftans but by lawyers who did the bidding of the politically correct and had many of these brave soldiers charged and imprisoned on ridiculous charges that fly in the face of war fighting.

      • Lt. Calley was the platoon leader. the buck “starts” with him. If you want to go up the line, bring in Capt. Medina, the battalion and Regimental commanders, fine with me. They were guilty of cover-ups if nothing else.

      • I know the story of lt. Calley, but alls fair in war. Go see Lone survivor, goat herders gave them up, they should have been shot on sight. A battlefield is a battlefield and in Vietnam, civilians were killing our soldiers left and right. Don’t give me that holier than thou rant. War is war and the enemy is the enem

      • When you fight the bad guy, you can’t afford to become the bad guy. Babies, mama sans and old people are not the enemy. If you get a chance, hit You Tube and watch a ten part series called “A Face of War”. Old WW 2 marine goes to the Nam and follows around a Marine Rifle company for a month circa 1965 (before I was in the Army 1969). Very telling and perhaps the closest you can come to really experiencing the whole Vietnam thing. Those Marines did not go nuts though they had the provocation. Good leadership makes all the difference. .

  4. Let’s pray the next president will pardon him as well! Makes much more sense than the drug dealers, mafia leaders, and political chess pieces that have been pardoned in the past. This guy is actually innocent of any wrong doing.

  5. This is great news, but he’s still a “convicted felon”, which will affect the rest of his life. We need real leadership from the top down. Lawyers do not belong on the battlefield.

    • If people keep raising hell he can get his record wiped clean. Everyone take the time to message your state reps and insist they do something to end this travesty against one of our own.

  6. This soldier should get a medal for killing Muslim terrorist trash. He will ultimately be pardoned when we get rid of Hussein Obama and elect an American President.

  7. Allen, thanks for speaking out and supporting our troops! If we could only put you in the White House, and someone like me or any of the people who also support our troops on your staff, then the whole world would be a lot better!

  8. He should have been pardoned. That’s what happens when you have a Nancy for a president. #TryObamaForTreason #FullPardonForBehenna

    • Scratch the Republican from the statement. Patriot…that is what we need. Boehner, and many other RINO’s have destroyed the Republican name. I want leadership that represents the people, not rules them. I want leadership that embraces the Constitution, rather than poking holes in it, skirting it, and in some cases flat out defying it.

    • We need a constitutional conservative patriot. Republican doesn’t mean much any more, take Johnny Boehner RINO all the way.

  9. We live in a era of ignorant liberalism. The Bible speaks of what was right is wrong now and what was wrong is right now. America is the Beacon for the rest of the World, but we need moral leadership.

  10. My heart goes out to this hero. What he has been thru is a travesty of the military justice system. Thank god for good americans

  11. I bet if he were to come out as “Gay” and lament his struggles on the battle field and live in the Army, he would be Herolded as a HERO by the current POTUS and pardoned immediately for all the wrongs he had to endure…

    • Why are we in a combat zone? I thought there was an objective. It is no to win! It must be to support and enhance the self estime of the enemy.

    • Even the motorcycle scouts should be treated as a theat. They cell phone back to enemy the location of our troups ect. They ride out very openly because under our rules for engagement, we can not fire on them. How about relieving them of their cell phone signal.

  12. pardoned, given a medal, Monies for his troubles, anyone having a hand in putting him in prison get to do twice the time that he did. that’s almost fair-u can’t undo what’s been done

      • Our moral superiority is what truly makes us a great nation.
        When we start condoning shooting prisoners, we no longer are morally superior.
        We can not compromise our values in order to defend them.

      • Whether a terrorist, or a child murderer, or a rapist…
        You say you’re not sure what the American way is.
        We don’t shoot prisoners.
        That’s the American way.

      • Give it a rest you sound like a broken record. Have you been living in a cave? Do you know what terrorist do to people, ours as well as their own? They tie your hands behind your back and cut your head off. They blow up schools full of little girls. They gas their own people and come to this country and fly planes into buildings to kill thousands of innocent people. Do you still think they have a right to walk the earth with decent Marines are who there to protect and defend you? You sound like a enemy sympathizer. Shame on you. Maybe you should spend some time in a terrorist prison camp. Me thinks you would change your mind!

      • I’m sorry you don’t understand American values and principles if you think that we need to shoot prisoners.
        We are Americans… we kill barbarians without becoming barbarians.

  13. The rules of engagement are so ridiculous that I would not recommend anyone enlist in our military. Why make yourself a sitting duck?

      • It seems to me Behenna took a calculated risk knowing he’d most likely end up in jail. Why did he do that? Because the system consistently fails to protect our soldiers. It places the “rights” of terrorists above the lives of low level soldiers who have to do what they’re told. Sacrificing in the name of democracy has it’s limits – there’s a line where the principal morphs into an empty ideal of pseudo-morality. It plays out on the battlefield, it begins in the Whitehouse.

  14. I gotta ask, what government ass h**e did that to a soldier who’s job it was and which he swore a an oath to do do what he did? What is wrong with our government? This soldier’s conviction needs to be un done and he should get a lot of cash for the torment and loss of his rank and job. You need a petition signed, just send it to me I’ll sign it a heart beat.

    • The president did with his new “rules of engagement” the man just put the lives of all our boys in jeopardy. We need to send that jerk to Afghanistan, put him in the middle of the fray with an unloaded gun. I am pretty sure he would run with his you know what in his hands and go crying to his momma michelle.

      • Right and I don’t have the slightest doubt that Obama is laughing his head off about his policies which have made our troops, sitting ducks.

      • Alright Mr. Holier-than-thou. Maybe you served and maybe you didn’t, but your little song-and-dance about “shooting prisoners” is a load of crap, a straw man argument, and really effing annoying. Given that the 1LT was a Ranger, serving with the Regiment, my guess is the guy has a pretty good handle on stress, and what he needs to do, and what his left and right stakes are on the ground out there. My guess is when he shot that T, given all of the evidence presented in the case, the T had it coming – but some pissant field-grade decided he was going to make an example of this fine young lieutenant. Hence, the kangaroo court martial.

        I had guys like you in my platoons from time to time. The usual fix was a couple of good long rucks thru Manchu country up above Casey followed by a couple weeks of running Buddha Hill. I might spend some extra time on you, though… I’m thinking sandbags, M-17s, and flak vests…

      • I guess you forgot the Code of Conduct..

        Also… the LT was Ranger qualified (tabbed… but no scroll) serving in the first Brigade of the 101st, not in a Ranger Battalion.
        You can go ahead and question my service or what kind of soldier I was.
        If you think killing prisoners is okay, you’re telling me what kind of soldier you were.
        Also, I didn’t know MI weenies did ruck runs… good for you.

  15. It’s only half a victory. He is home, but his life will be forever overshadowed by his conviction. We send these service members there to kill terrorist and then prosecute if they don’t do it in a politically correct way. It is a load of bullshit.

  16. The next president should give him a full pardon and restore all military benefits…and allow him to go back on duty with his lost time included if he wants to do it (and all back pay). We certainly can’t expect that from the current president.

  17. Wonderful News, Yes the next step is exoneration.These men’s hands are tied by an administration that hates the military. May he be blessed and ultimately cleared.

    • I have a question for you since you have the 101st ABN patch as your avatar.
      this lieutenant served in 3/327.
      How is shooting an unarmed prisoner okay?

      How is that not dishonoring the 101st?

      • I was with the 101st as well. Since when was allowing your troops to be killed ok by letting a known terrorist walk? As a leader I would have done the same sucking thing. Spend time in jail or write to next of kin. Pretty sure, Brendan IF you a we ever you went in the infantry nor a leadership position
        ‘re read the Geneva convention again…this time add the part about what makes an enemy combatant. What are the rules for ones who engage with no identifiable markings…then get back to us

  18. Put Sarah Palin in the WH and these wrongs will be put right. Sarah loves America and our troops. Her son and mine are serving.

      • I have been out for a number of years, but yes.. .I was in the Army.
        My avatar is the photo from my old military ID

      • Maybe we shouldn’t take prisoners. Maybe our government policy, just for once, should be to WIN a war. Maybe all those hot-shot military leaders in the Pentagon who are so willing to lick Obama’s boots should make it policy to shoot our enemies on sight and take no prisons. And yeah….I understand that it is possible to get some info from prisoners, but when the administration wants them treated with kid gloves, what’s the point?

        We are dealing with ideologically driven maniacs who would annihilate America if they had the chance…..and if Obama has his way, they will get that chance. To win…THEY should be annihilated.

        We need someone like Gen Patton who said:

        “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

        ”May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t.”
        Gen George Patton.

  19. What is the difference between what he did, and dropping a Hellfire missile on a terrorist from a drone? The person that pulled the trigger?

    • Not a darn bit of difference……except obama controls the drone strikes and he is president and can do anything he wants to do……just ask the pos

      • I will tell you this.. If I could get close enough to the pos to ask a question I would most def NOT ask any questions but start in with the ass kicking he so richly deserves…, if he never gets up again.. well hell not my problem, he shouldn’t be such a girl..

  20. God bless you 1LT .Michael Behenna, I am sorry you have gone through this and I pray you will be more than blessed in your life.

  21. This is fantastic news!!! Let us keep praying for the others like Corey Clagett, Derek Miller, Clint Lorance and so on. They ALL need to be free!! 🙂

      • I believe you all are missing Brendan’s point… it’s not about being a terrorist or not, it’s not about ROE in a firefight. It about acceptable conduct under prescribed rules of warfare once an enemy combatant is in custody by US Forces. With that said, if you shoot a detainee, regardless of who he is or what act of violence he is suspected of, then you can NOT do what the LT did. For the record, I served in Iraq from 2004-2009 and in other combat operations prior to that, and yes I have killed enemies in a firefight. So, I have been there and done that, but the point of fact remains the enemy was in custody.

      • First of all I want to thank you for your service! We are in a different kind of war as to what I was exposed to in Korea. They shot at you and you shot back.Today they strap bombs to their bodies. They use women and children to kill men,women and children. I do not know how I would react to the pressures that you and the rest of our men and women in the Military are subjected to in that area. I think, just (my opinion) maybe a lesser charge should have been levied.

      • I do agree .We as Americans should try to get along. On that note we should never,ever forget what the terrorists did on 911. God Bless…Amen

      • The issue is Brendan’s generalization. He assumes all prisoners are harmless. Anyone who has ever done SERE or any MP who has ever handled detainees knows this is bullcrap.

      • If he was a terrorist it don;t matter if he was clothed or naked!!!!Nimrod,,he was the enemy,………..and in war your job is to kill the enemy!!!!!Been there done that…

      • You know nothing of our code of conduct if you don’t know the difference between an active enemy combatant and a prisoner in your custody.

  22. Did anyone here actually read about what happened? He disobeyed a direct order from his superiors and killed another man in cold blood. Even if the guy was an enemy, a direct order was disobeyed. How many soldiers in here can tell me what happens when you don’t do what you’re told in the military?

    • Only if it is an unlawful order. That was not an unlawful order. He was ordered to release the prisoner, not take him out interrogate, stripe and shot him. That is not the conduct of a Soldier. Not now, not ever. You do that, you might as well join the enemy.

  23. And what of the commanding officer who told him NOT to kill a terrorist? I’m having trouble coming up with info on that individual. Was the wrong man charged with the wrong crime?

  24. led pavement the whole damn thing is a sham…with rules of engagement as they are they should all dis-obey orders and stand down until the usurper in charge is out of office…

    • Which rules of engagement do you disagree with?

      Do you think stripping and shooting an unarmed prisoner in your custody is a good thing to do?

      • read lone survivor or specifically several of my spec ops friends who recently left the service because of the insanity of having to get permission from people not on the scene to engage the enemy!

      • You need to research the timeline. You’re making it sound as though the terrorist was in a jail. He wasn’t.

      • Bill you are right from the excerpts I read from the trial the prosecutors expert witness gave the best explanation of what happened and the prosecution ignored it. a group of officers with no combat experience convicted him….the whole things smells and why in the world would they release him if they had a real case…also in a civilian trial he would have never been convicted because there was no witness. Sounds similar to allen wests story except he didn’t have to pull the trigger….

      • No. He wasn’t in a jail.
        He was set to be released.
        But he was still in custody of the lieutenant who shot him

      • As a Viet-Nam ere veteran,,I disagree with all the damn rules of engagement!!!!They got more of my Bros. in uniform killed than anything else..And hell yes..If hes a terrorist in my custody,I’ll put a bullet in his brain pan,,,naked or not…And another thing..if you had ever been in war and watched you buddies get blown apart you might know what your’re talking about!!!!Ass-hole..

      • You sound like a poser.
        if you were a Vietnam era vet, instead of questioning if i ever served, you would have recognized my avatar s being a photo from an old military ID

      • Brendan, war is hell. You’re correct that he whacked an unarmed terrorist. But that terrorist was the prime suspect in an IED attack that killed two of his troops a few weeks prior.
        This type of situation is what the Geneva Conventions are written for. To ben protected by them requires that the individual wear a visible symbol (American flag for us), cary their arms openly (terrorists hide among the civillians), and that they obey the conventions themselves, which terrorists don’t.

        You’ll have to be satisfied with the amount of time already served. He’s been in prison since 2009.

      • i am satisfied with the time he served and I do understand his mindset when he did what he did.
        But i am responding to the comments here from people who never served who think that American soldiers should shoot prisoners.

      • Discretion is the better part of valor, but there’s something to be said for a young officer seeing his men get cut down and wanting a little payback.

      • Brenden is right. I served two tours in Iraq and I took a lot of prisoners. I never did anything like that. Stripping, then shooting a prisoner, how is that justified? He executed that prisoner. The Iraqi was suspected, not caught in the act. There is no justifying what he did.

      • I agree with you. I yield to the guys who were “there”. I did 25 years in subs, no combat.
        I’d rather we not shoot prisoners as well.
        I’m just saying that war is hell and the guy served several years in prison already.

      • Theres no such thing as murdering a terrorist!!!!!!A terrorist is a murdering piece of crap that will kill anybody,women/children,,,it don’t make a difference to them they just want to kill somebody..If you capture one,,kill him/her on the spot..don’t give them a chance to kill you or someone else!!And stripping and shooting him is a lot more humane than what he would do to you..Don;t you just love bleeding heart liberals??

      • bleeding heart liberals?
        You think not killing prisoners makes us bleeding heart liberals.
        You don’t understand American values at all

      • No.
        I’m glad he’s not in jail any more and i hope he has a happy and healthy life.

        My gripe here is with those who never served, leaving ignorant unAmerican comments that shooting prisoners is the right thing to do.
        You know, as well as I do, that the 101st is an honorable and proud division with a distinguished history (still being written) and you know that it isn’t just our military might that makes our Army so great.
        What makes us truly great is our Code of Conduct and that we are morally superior to these barbarians.

        We don’t compromise them for convenience.

        i am glad he is free now and can move on.
        There can be a million excuses for what he did… but none of them make it right.

      • Hey,Naked men can kill too…Also,you were not there…Stop your ranting….Thank God your not in the service anymore… I feel a lot safer knowing that…Sign MOM

      • You know Brendan has all the LDRSHIP posters framed and hanging in his house next to his awards case with his highly prized and polished National Defense Service Medal LMFAO.

      • Brendan, obviously, you don’t know what the rules are of the Geneva convention are. Technically anyone caught attacking US forces or their allies can be executed on the spot…but for pansy bass rails that always throw insipid pass ROEs that make it impossible fot the troops to do their job. Anyone that attacks col. West for doing what he did while he was there never dawned a uniform, nor had any family members there. If more leaders had done the same there would less american deaths.Screw all ROE, war was never nice, or sanitary like liberals want it to be. The longer a conflict continues the more casualties. Be mean, overly aggressive get it done and bring the troops home.

      • I don’t think Brendan is being completely honest here… I think there is more to his story… Why is he not supportive of the LT considering the circumstances… is he Islamic

      • 1. My problem is with people dishonoring the country I love and the uniform i wore… and phony patriots who think it’s okay to abandon our principles when convenient.

        2. No… I’m not a muslim and “Islamic” is not a noun.

        How on Earth did you come to the assumption that I was a muslim just because i opposed killing prisoners?

      • Naked men can kill too…Also,you were not there…Stop your ranting….Thank God your not in the service anymore… I feel a lot safer knowing that…Sign MOM

    • We fight to protect our way of life and preserve our values.
      You can’t compromise those values in the name of preserving them.
      The United States Army does not condone murdering prisoners.
      When we do, we lose what makes us truly great.

      • There was also information that the government failed to disclose during the trial that went along with his claim of self-defense. He never got a fair trial in the beginning.

  25. the Lt. was put into prison during the bush admin. Yes, that mealy mouth, candy-ass, panty-waist, QUISLING, progressive pile-of-RINO-DUNG “BUSH” could have, should have stopped this INJUSTICE in it’s tracks. Hey ledpavement it’s the duty of American Soldier to disobey any unlawful/unconstitutional order. Remember Nuremberg. He was protecting his men. Hey Col. West, love ya man, but never heard back from you. Did you vote for NDAA?(anti-4th Amendment)

    • Actually he was relieved of his command on July 31, 2008 and charged with premeditated murder. Then in November of 2008 he was returned to Fort Campbell where he was assigned to security duties pending his court date. His trail started on July 28, 2009. Obama was sworn in on January 20, 2009.
      Then his attorney’s appeal, stating that the government failed to disclose information that would account for the shooting to be self-defense was rejected by the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces was denied on July 5, 2012. There were two presidents that should have done something about this.

  26. Congratulations, LT. You never deserved a single minute of that bogus CM. Now – how do we deal with the politically driven, politically correct commanders, DOD civilians, and members of Congress that signed off on the ridiculous ROEs that our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines suffer under? ROEs that require those good men and women to put their lives and the lives of others at risk of life and limb to “protect” locals – despite clear and present danger having been established?

    You want a trial? Court martial the officers, and try by jury the civilian morons who write these morally compromised “Rules of Engagement”. There is your trial.

    • While the Rules of engagement are strict, that really has little to do with what this LT did.
      he shot a prisoner in his custody.
      Would you really want the rules changed to allow shooting prisoners?

      • Have you read the case? The T in question attacked the LT, who fired on said T in self defense. Given the circumstances, given the nature of the T, and given the area of operations, the answer to your question is a resounding yes, shoot the sonofab*tch if it saves even one American life.

      • If by “these people” you mean the Tangos, sure we can! Our guys on the ground can promise to give them a nice, painless death whenever possible! ☺

      • For record, 98G3L. We did MI support for RNGR, Group, and a couple of the other units. They weren’t back behind the wire, and they weren’t dealing with indig farmers – they were dealing with the real bad guys. So, given that you appear to be prior, I am sure you know where you can find my sympathy for Mansur.

      • Haha, I like how he admits he’s a POG, but then tries to quickly dress it up with Ranger and SF sometimes being within shouting distance…”Yeah man, I sat on a FOB while real men walked past my computer station after their briefings on their way outside the wire. Hell, I was practically an honorary Ranger myself!”. Jackass. It’s like trying to put lipstick on a pig. You’re still a POG.

      • Why would I need to worry about a PRD13? That’s why they are POGs like you. And only POGs says SE Asia scrub. That’s cool, do you have a GWOT Expeditionary Medal too??? LMAO. Stop trying so hard to sound hard scrub.

      • Dying of curiosity, hero … WTF are you taking a swing at me for? You some twisted-on-the-inside soup sandwich 11B who failed out of RIP or something?

      • And, what do real soldiers call SE Asia, Johnson? Poor little POGs like me are just dying to know … 불쌍한 이 강아지같은 인사과 신병…

      • Oh, my bad…so you were a POG in Thailand? Because ACTUAL Vietnam vets don’t walk around saying they served in SE Asia, they say they served in ‘Nam. Similarly, Iraq vets don’t walk around saying we served in SW Asia. Your POG status has just been upgraded to douchnozzle.

      • Sweet. Because, I was never in Vietnam. That would be my uncles’ generation, asshat. There was a lot more going on than just Iraq and Afghanistan, bright boy. Thanks for confirming your Leg status. Oh, and thanks for the upgrade – are you going to fill out the ID-10 T or do I have to do it for you?

      • I am also glad he is out and can now move on with his life.
        And I also sympathize with him.
        My concern on this thread is those who feel we should be in the business of shooting prisoners.

      • Perhaps you should go out there and read about what happened. Then read how information was not allowed in the trail that would have confirmed he killed the terrorist in self-defense. This guy never got a fair trail.

      • One last point: this, “Would you really want the rules changed to allow shooting prisoners?”, is not anywhere near the reality of the situation, nor is it even a valid argument in this case. It is just an emotional plea on an overly general subject. The false argument goes something like this:

        FOR: “the LT was justified in defending himself.”

        AGAINST: “the man the LT shot was a prisoner! Are you for shooting prisoners at will?” (false rationale: all prisoners are helpless)

        FOR: “Of course I am not for shooting prisoners at will. That is ridiculous” (the subject of the argument has now been changed; it is no longer the LT – it is killing any prisoner)

        AGAINST: “Well then you can’t be for what the LT did! He shot a prisoner!” (again, the subject argument has been changed and is now being assailed on the emotional plea that shooting a “helpless” prisoner is immoral – this is called a straw man argument).

      • Only the one being attacked knows the level of resistance which needs to be applied. The Lt. did what he had to do, and that is ok with this law abiding citizen.

      • Ted, although many of us have different opinions than Brendan he has just as much right to voice his opinion as anyone else. 12B4P

      • I didn’t delete Brendan’s comments or blacklist him from the site. I simply suggested that he take a break from commenting on this article, since every comment was essentially the same thing …

      • Cops in America would never shoot a prisoner ? Maybe I was thinking of the ATF, surly they would not attack and burn innocent men ,women and children which simply disagreed ( WACO ). There is only one person which knows the truth as to why and what happen and that is the LT. God will judge him for right or wrong. Glad to know at least one has escaped the stupid roe laid out by obama.

      • It all depends on whether or not keeping the prisoner alive will jeapordize the men under my command. We don’t go rogue but we have been in similar situations that civilians will never understand no matter how many movies they watch.

  27. I believe you all are missing Brendan’s point… it’s not about being a terrorist or not, it’s not about ROE in a firefight. It about acceptable conduct under prescribed rules of warfare once an enemy combatant is in custody by US Forces. With that said, if you shoot a detainee, regardless of who he is or what act of violence he is suspected of, then you can NOT do what the LT did. For the record, I served in Iraq from 2004-2009 and in other combat operations prior to that, and yes I have killed enemies in a firefight. So, I have been there and done that, but the point of fact remains the enemy was in custody.

    What separates our military from the rest of the world is our honor and conduct under austere conditions and circumstances. At times it is this code that creates hardships for us to do our job, but it is what makes our cause worth fighting for in the end. All of us in those situations have lost brothers in arms and dear friends, but we rise above our primal instinct for revenge to be a better men despite the barbarianism of those we fight against.

    • thank you Ed. A reasoned response from someone who has been there. Most on this page has the mob mentality with no idea of the discipline that exists within the armed forces. That discipline is what molds individuals together into a military unit. Again, thanks for your response.

      • We are not dogs… we don’t rape their women or shoot their kids for sport like some of these terrorist bastards. We follow a code of honor for a reason, for when the times do become difficult…

      • Marvin….all I said is you have to take the fight as it is given to you. Honor is a great thing but sometimes you are faced with circumstances beyond your control which is what happened in this case. The rules of engagement are now so stringent that our military can no longer carry out their duties. Do they need oversight? Yes! Do they need the flexibility to do their jobs? Yes! If confronted with terrorists, do they need to become a pansy? NO!

    • Agreed. Being in Iraq also and all over Baghdad for 15 months on patrols, there are rules you must follow to keep your men from becoming a death squad. It’s what separates us from the bad guys. Once the leadership loses the discipline to carry out war with honor, it is only a matter of time before their Soldiers or Marines follow suit. A military court of his superiors & peers said he committed murder; the sentence should have stood. I am sure this guy was an outstanding Officer, but there are a lot of outstanding Soldiers that serious commit crimes that are serving time. I had three that went to prison 🙁

    • He was attacked and the terrorist was trying for his gun.PERIOD.Get a clue the man is a hero and thats the wrong thing to be in Obamas world.

  28. Then they should be brought in D thaty NOBMASSHOLE cant RELEASE back into the MURDERING WAYS THEY WERE ARREED forcause THEY ARE DEAD

  29. Sorry bad Keyboard I Said , THEN THEY SHOULD ALL BEOGHT IN DEAD , That way OLE cant RELAEASE to continue what they got arrested for in the first place because THERE DEAD

  30. Hey boys,Naked men can kill too…Also,you were not there…Stop your ranting….Thank God some of you are not in the service anymore… I feel a lot safer knowing that…Sign MOM

  31. I’m just happy the Lt. gets to come home. I certainly won’t lose a minutes sleep over the POS that he shot. I would be glad to do it myself whether it was provoked or not. These people are troglodytes that will keep returning to the battlefield as long as we keep releasing them. They will never give up on their quest to take out as many of our boys as possible. So kill every last m’fing one of them we round up for all I care. These throwbacks will keep laughing at us and shooting our boys in the back if we continue pussyfooting around with ROE’s and the PC bullshit these de-balled generals concoct

    • One day at JSC, an AF Colonel asked me if I ever lost sleep for the over 200 opfor I sent to hell. He flew non-stop bombing missions in Iraq and estimated that he took out at least 1,000 per bomb for the first few days of the op. He said that he stopped counting when he got to a million. It sure puts things in perspective.

  32. Thank goodness. I hope there’s a very long line of companies offering him a job after a long vacation in a sunny clime. The fight for clemency will continue.

  33. should have never been convicted, but I for one am very thankful for all the pressure and help in securing this young mans release and return home.

  34. Personally, I did not see with my own eyes nor did I hear with my own ears what happened. If our Military and Elected Officials held back evidence, that says a lot. Look at what has happened in the last 5 years. I would not serve now nor would I suggest anyone else serve. To serve a President who he is putting individuals in positions in and out of the Military, who don’t support and protect the ones that “protect him” and “Our Country”; I don’t think so! This young man has to live with this himself and he is the one that has to answer his maker. Who are we to cast stones? For all of you that have served and are serving now, Thank you is not enough, but you know where our hearts are.

    • Reba, Thank You you said it so well as a Veteran i still have people walking up to me and saying Thank You for your service. My friend Brian also a Veteran and I have been posting this simple statement to remind people to ……………….. THANK A VETERAN EVERY DAY !

      • You’re more than welcomed. It’s the Military Brat in me and it will never go away. It just angers me, what has happened to our Military, what the Politicians have done and how some in “Our Country” has forgotten our men and women. I keep hoping everyone including Businesses will start flying our American Flag everywhere and Honor all that have or is serving now. I miss how our Country was after 9-11. I think we should campaign against businesses that don’t fly the American Flag and if they don’t start to sale more American Made products, we will stop spending our money in their stores. It’s time to stand up! Saying that, I also tell everyone I see in uniform “Thank You for Your Service”. I love seeing the surprise look on their face, and then their smile.

      • As a Disabled Vet [Army MI Officer], I ALWAYS Thank EVERY SOLDIER I SEE – tonight at Cracker Barrel, w/ my wife, we thanked a SFC in BDU’s who was with his family – THEY ARE THE TRUE HEROE’S OF OUR NATION. “Always Out Front!” ~ M.I. motto.

  35. Praise the Lord and thank you Lt. Col. West for your patriotism and hard work for your fellow soldiers, they truly have a friend who will watch their back. God bless you.

      • I will be 80 this year, I was Airborne in the 82nd, I spent 38 years in law enforcement. I don’t know how much of my training will come back to me but I’m in, any way I could help.

      • ABSOLUTELY, Col. West..!!!! THIS ‘NEVER’ should have even gone to trial…it’s a travesty for our Nation & those who defend her! Now, Lt. Behenna should judge Barry Soetoro & his pathological lies & malevolent actions resulting in MANY BRAVE SERVICEMEN’S DEATHS…

  36. About damned time. He should get a medal. One for fighting the terrorists in the middle East and another for fighting our corrupt govt.

  37. Thank God for people like Col West who have the guts to stand up and right that what is wrong. Thank you for serving our country. Heros like you is what made the USA the country it used to be, prior to Obama.

    • To the best of my recollection, Michael was instructed, by his superior(s), to escort an enemy combatant that had been a threat to Michael’s fellowmen. Instead of releasing him, free, at the designated point he did what he felt was what was due and shot the man instead because he would be a future threat. No soldier needs to go to war and have to worry about the job they must do by risking their own life for the sake of being….POLITICALLY CORRECT! Give me a damn break..seriously! ENJOY YOUR RENEWED TASTE OF FREEDOM, MICHAEL…thanks for your service and sacrifice so all of us are able to sleep every night in peace!

  38. It is Great that this hero was released.However, Parole is not acceptable, Maybe a true President will Pardon this man and apologize for His Country !! Thank you Col. West but this needs to go further to make sure this Hero is totally exonerated.

  39. Thank God almighty. Free at last. The trial should not have been. Clemency should have happened but did not. Parole is good 2nd best Thank you Col West.

  40. Want a farce in the first place! I’m getting so sick and tired of our good men and women who defend our nation being shafted because of the complete and total incompetence of politicians, most of who have never put on uniform to defend this nation. If anyone is guilty of dereliction of duty it’s practically all of Washington DC! God bless you! And I thank you from the depth of my soul for risking your life so I can be free.

      • Nor can I and that is why I said nothing else. I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like day in and day out to watch your own and other people die in war. But, when we start purposely killing the innocent, then we are no longer the “United States of America”. Saying that, it’s hard to tell who is and who is not innocent anymore over there.

      • I was making a statement to Joel 714 post. I never would ever accuse our Military of purposely killing the innocents. Yes, I know it happens, but I don’t think that way.

        Thank You for Your Service.

      • I agree with that. However, the question would be and is Are there ANY innocent muslims? they have 4 year olds shooting ak47’s at the Christians. Women as suicide bombers. The koran says you either are muslim or you die. If that boils down to them or me it is going to be them that gets buried

      • I don’t know. It’s awful when young individuals are taught to kill and they don’t even understand what it’s about. I remember my father talking about the same thing after he came back from Vietnam. I responded to his post, because of how he said it. It was not a reflection on our men and women. I’m no different if someone tried to hurt or kill me. I don’t walk in our men and women shoes while they are in combat, you only have my thoughts and prayers as you go forward.

        Have you seen freedomoutpost article about the UN?

      • If you’re going to GO TO WAR, then you need to FIGHT TO WIN, or you might as well NOT go to war! BO’s ROE are killing our troops — putting them in harms way — jeopardizing their lives — maiming them for the rest of their lives! THAT IS WRONG! If the enemy can do anything and use any means of killing Americans, then Americans should at the very least be able to defend themselves or THEY DIE.

        So screw the thought “you would become them.” Yeah! you have to in order to LIVE. Kill or be killed.

        Look at the “Lone Survivor.” Those men TRIED to do the right thing by letting the old man and his sons go free. Big mistake. They all died, except one, because they TRIED to do the right thing, because of ROE, because they were worried about being all over CNN and going to Leavenworth. OUR MILITARY DOES NOT NEED TO FEAR BACKLASH or punishment FROM OUR OWN GOVERNMENT and liberal media when they are at war and need to make a quick decision — KILL OR BE KILLED! It’s illogical, unreasonable, irrational to have to hesitate for even a second — you could be dead.

        What’s up with UNpremeditated murder??? UNpremeditated? What? [email protected]#$% Isn’t that what you do in war? You don’t stop and THINK ABOUT IT. You don’t PREmediate it. You DEFEND your life in a split second, and just DO IT. You should NOT be punished for it. Those that should be punished are the ones who sentenced this honorable, brave soldier to 15 years in Leavenworth for killing a @#$% enemy!!! I’m infuriated over this sort of goings-on.

      • You need to reread all my post (Several) starting with Joel714. I support our Military a million percent and then some. There is a difference killing someone to protect yourself and your troops then killing innocent people because they are “Ragheads” or any other Ethic group. Nor do I agree that someone else that is not even with you on the ground or in the air, making a decision to fire or not. I never said in any of my post that Lt should have been charged nor anyone else for that matter.

      • no-UI would become a hero to all the non muslim world. Their religion of peace teaches only hatred and death. I would make sure that every muslim camel fornicator gets his 72 virgins immediately,.Then the world may have a chance for peace without allah’s scum

      • I doubt we would ever be without Muslims, good or bad. Everything our men and women have fought for has about been undone, because of this Administration. To top it off, the US turns over the prison in Afghanistan and they let 64 terrorists go. Tell me Joel, why we are still over in the desert? Our troops need to come home!
        My apologies: I did not thank you for your service.

      • I have no idea why we are there now or why went there in the beginning. It probably has something to do with the opium/heroin trade. You are aware these substances makes it easier to pacify and control a nation, by a corrupt government. My service did not include sending muslims to hell, but I assisted a few VC on their way to gook heaven.

      • I never thought about
        the opium/heroin having anything to do with us being over there. It’s something for me to think about. You were not the only one, to help the VC to
        be on their way. Regardless where you
        were, thank you.

  41. We need a new President with the balls to pardon him and reinstate him with all pay lost. Two more years, all of you independents that left party’s join me and reinvent the GOP back into what is should be. USN Ret.

  42. Remember our beliefs in that the Army takes care alone. You just added the main reason for that saying, those of us who are brothers and sisters inarms must never aallow a injustice to befall on our members.

  43. After saying that in my previous post, with a heavy heart; it’s time to bring our Military Home. When our Military no longer has the support of its own President and others, why stay? When our Military no longer have the support of the Country we are fighting in, why stay? Then to top it off, they start letting out the terrorist. Am I wrong?

    • Absolutely! I wish they’d all just pack up and come home, because this administration has proven they will not stand behind our military when they are doing their jobs! It’s a travesty!

      • Then it is up to us, “The People”, to start demanding our men and women are brought home. I’m tired of reading about more and more being killed and for what, anymore? I can’t stand what is happening to “Our Country” and knowing we have an Administration that does not give a damn about “Our Country” or our Military. I don’t see any purpose for us to stay in the Middle East anymore.

      • I think we need to bring home our service personal from all over the world. We need to stop being the world police.

  44. I’m so happy to see that LT Behenna was able to get parole. He should have received clemency. Particularly since this administration thinks it’s OK to murder American citizens with drone strikes and no trial.

  45. What disturbs me the most is our young soldiers have to take so much into consideration before they can defend themselves. When you are later charged as this young man and several others for saving your team members lives and killing the enemy and to top it off, sent to prison for it then I say to the members of the military, DO NOT RE-UP. As it is you are not appreciated for your sacrifice and you are putting your life on the line for without the support of the leadership that sent you into harms way.

    As for Michael I’m so very thankful that you were able to see freedom once again. But it must be a bitter sweet feeling to know all that YOU went through and then ended up paying for it. I wish you all the best in your future.

    • Justice Has not prevailed. What we have here is Pseudo Justice. Justice would be a a Full Pardon with Rank and all rights restored. That would be Justice!

  46. My question remains why he has only gained parole when a). He should NEVER have been convicted (We still enjoy the privilege of self defense despite ROE.) and b). Why not a full pardon? I was of the impression that one of the responsibilities of an officer is to protect his men, therefore he was faithful to his command initiative.

  47. I was there in Leavenworth with you LTC West! We’ve all been disappointed several times when Michael’s case was brought before the board for clemency. It’s time now for prayers of Thanksgiving that this fine young man has finally been released. If I remember correctly, the rally was for the Leavenworth TEN! We were told then, that there were far more than ten soldiers there who, because of the outrageous ROE, were serving time in prison for having done their duty! They should ALL be released!

  48. 1LT Behenna being charged and convicted on these ridiculous charges show what a pack of nutless wonders are running the military these days. The way things are going, with female troops in combat MOS’s, open homos, and rules of engagement even the Austro-Hungarian Empire would have found laughable, we won’t be able to fight our way out of a wet paper bag.

  49. The sad thing is he will still have his murder conviction. To be classified as a criminal is bl##dy disgraceful. He will have still be dishonourably discharged, loose all his benefits and will not be receive treatment down the track if he get’s PTSD. A miscarriage of justice has occurred as the Prosecutors Officer withheld crucial information to the trial that could have found him ‘NOT GUILTY.’ And not to be granted a clemency is a further portrayal by the military hierarchy and Obama administration. This is disgraceful and a travesty. You serve your country prepared to sacrifice your life and you get done in a vindictive manner for unpremeditated murder of a known Taliban terrorist threatening to kill you.

  50. Hopefully one day he will receive full vindication. This is no way to treat the men we ask to go into harms way for our country. Looking forward to the day when we have a President who loves and respects our military.

  51. The good news is Michael is a hero and a celebrity. Deserving more appreciation and love than that guy who bombed the World Trade Center and is now a University Professor. I think Michael should write a book and hit the big time.

    • And yet this POTUS that despises the military took time out of HIS Christmas vacation on Christmas day to visit military members and their families. Yeah, he ought to be shot for such a despicable act…huh!?!

      • That was, of course, AFTER he was criticized for going to bed and getting a good night’s rest, then leaving for vacation during the Bengazi incident.

      • No one it totally evil, and where there is time for a bit of political posturing and photo op, no politician in the world will pass that up. Hell, Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian, non-smoker, and liked children and dogs.

      • M2churc…the story you pointed out seems to support the fact that the former Lt. violated his orders and, in fact, shot an unarmed naked prisoner.

        You are correct. War is NOT a game. That is why is is essential that solders follow orders and respect the chain of command. Had the former Lt, followed the orders he was given, as opposed to going rouge, he would have never found himself charged with murder.

        Of course, since you are some one who obviously never served in the military, you can’t possibly begin to understand…

      • Apparently you only read the parts you wanted to….. Charge him with violating his order, (they never did that) but they could have. The prisoner was only unarmed because the Lt. Did not let him take his weapon. I served in the Army and reserves from 1987 to my ETS date in 1995 further proving that your propensity for assumption makes it difficult for you to project any wisdom on this case.

      • I was not there with the Lieutenant and the prisoner… but that does not change what i wrote.
        The US does not kill prisoners
        It goes against the values and principles we uphold.

      • Retired Army with over 30 years. How about you? And BTW – just because someone posts that they are a veteran doesn’t mean they “fought”. There are guys who washed out of boot camp with injuries – who can claim to be “veterans” who are receiving VA comp for the rest of their lives. And NO, I am the furthest thing from a lib – read some of my other posts.

      • No. It’s from my old military ID.
        You stated earlier that you were in the Army for 30 years.
        You should recognize pictures like that.

      • They haven’t used name boards like that for years. So why are you posting an old military photo? That aside, did you read how the military prosecutors withheld exculpatory evidence in violation of the Brady rule. The evidence came from the
        prosecutor’s own forensic analyst who made statements that his analysis of the
        evidence corroborated Behenna’s self-defense plea.

  52. Obama may hold the office of the Presidency, but he is no Commander in Chief as far as I’m concerned. Never has a President been so disloyal to those in uniform.

    • And yet, this disloyal POTUS took time out of HIS Christmas vacation time on Christmas day to go visit military members and their families. Yeah…that’s pretty disgusting alright! SMDH

      • None. We don’t put the position of the POTUS at risk that way…regardless of who’s in the White House. DUH!!

      • Oh REALLY? Obama’s “right war” in Afghanistan. He’s too chickenship to visit troops. But a real Commander-in-Chief would visit his men in a show of support and solidarity – of which Obama has absolutely no frame of reference. So here’s a couple that you as a service member should remember:
        Nov 27, 2003…Bush makes Thanksgiving visit to American troops in Baghdad.

        Dec 14, 2008…Bush visits Camp Victory
        So, DUH back at you.

      • President Obama visits Iraq on April 7, 2009, Afghanistan on March 28, 2010 and again on December 3, 2010. Afghanistan on May 1 & 2, 2012. So apparently he’s not “chickenship” either. P.S. In The Old Corps it was “chickenSHIT”…not ship.

      • Seems a lot of Presiden’t do that, ever thought it might make them look good and it could be more for political reasons. I guess you consider cutting some of the pay of retired military as honorable. Maybe you even believe Ben Ghazi is just another phony scandal. More than likely, I’m betting you have been brainwashed.

      • Benghazi DID happen. Four U.S. citizens lost their lives. That’s pretty shameful. Under the watchful eyes of the previous Administration ELEVEN U.S. embassies were attacked and FIFTY ONE citizens lost their lives. Where is the uproar and outrage over THAT. Maybe I’m not the only one here that is brainwashed.

      • Were we discussing President Bush? I don’t recall this article being about him, nor do I recall my mentioning him. You have no ideal what my thoughts on his Presidency is, if you did you would know I’m an Independent voter who is fed up with both parties and am wanting to give the Tea Party a chance. I will say this, however, if President Bush had pulled half the stunts this President has pulled thus far, I believe he would have been impeached. I am aware that he overrode Congress as well, but the decisions Obama is making is having a dramatic impact on it’s citizens. Obamacare is just one example. I looked for a job this past year and could only find part time work and contrary to what he has recently said it is not something I have chosen so I can take up hobbies and spend time with family. I have bills to pay and I want full time work. I want to keep my doctor, insurance, and a chance at full time employment again.

      • I can’t name a single public school district that I know that doesn’t have a constant need for school bus drivers. Approximately $1600- a month take home PLUS benefits. You won’t be able to “keep your insurance” if the policy no longer meets the Minimum Requirements under the law. You will have to buy a new policy. Visit the Healthcare Marketplace and see how affordable it really is. P.S. The reason THIS administration appears to have been so much worse than all the others before it is that we didn’t have worldwide social media interaction before.

      • I appreciate the info. about bus drivers and that is something I considered. However, due to required medications I have to take now, that is no longer an option. As far as the Marketplace, I tried visiting it numerous times and could never get through the process. Finally found out what insurance companies were providers in my area and personally called them and I’m sorry to say I was extremely disappointed. I stuck with my COBRA. It cost less and offers better coverage, however, it is more expensive than last year thanks to having to comply with the ACA so that I can help pay for services which will never apply to me. As for your last comment, 1) I’m really not sure what you mean, and 2) if you can’t see the dramatic changes that this President is making to this country with his pen and phone, then I don’t know what to tell you. Obamacare, Common Core Curriculum in Education, Targeting Conservative Groups, NSA, and just today, news that he now wants to monitor the news media. My guess what he really means to say is Fox News and any other news station that questions his decisions. These few examples all have the same thing in common, Big Brother, control of the people, and loss of freedom.

      • As a tax professional I have a direct line to the Marketplace. If you can provide me with the county and state you live in I can see ALL the plans being offered. If you can let me know how much your annual deductible was/is on your current plan I can even narrow it down for you.

        2) EVERY President all the way back to Abraham Lincoln has used Executive Orders (it’s nothing new – I can provide you a list back to Herbert Hoover if you want). Common Core Curriculum is a result of No Child Left Behind which was enacted by the previous administration. Liberal Groups were “targeted” by the FBI under the previous administration. Personally I don’t have a problem with the NSA listening in on any of my conversation (cellphone or e-mai) because I don’t talk sedition. BTW a cellphone is just a little radio transceiver. You can actually buy a scanner at Radio Shack and pick up cellphone conversations your own self.

        SSDD….no better – no worse. As long as those idiots stay in DC and stay the heck out of my neighborhood we’ll get along just fine.

      • Appreciate the offer of help, however, I live in a state that did not expand Medicaid and I also make below the $11,500 a year that would allow a subsidy. Besides I like my current plan and I want to keep it as long as the government will allow. I agree that every President has used Executive Orders, however, Obama is showing no signs of even attempting to work with Congress first and some of the changes he is making sound very familiar from a course I took on WWII in college. Changing healthcare, Common Core, wanting to monitor the news media, and very much wanting to get a hold of our guns, as a History major in college, I’ve seen this pattern used in past histories and it has never ended well. I am also aware that Common Core is a result of No Child Left Behind. I can assure you I could not stand NCLB, as both my sons went to school under that program and as a result, both my sons required outside tutoring. Common Core is even worse, however, and if you don’t believe me I will be glad to give you a list of books to read of which most are written by educators themselves, unlike most those involved in developing and writing Common Core. Finally, I have a major problem with the NSA listening in on my conversations and it’s not because I’m talking sedition either. My problem is 1) my tax dollars are being used on this program and the only people who need to be targeted are those they suspect of terrorism, 2) For every Plain Jane and John Doe they listen in on, time and money is wasted that could have been used targeting those who legitimately need to be listened in on. and 3) My ancestors fought in the American Revolution, they fought against tyranny, they fought for our freedoms and opportunity. Spying on plain every day citizens has no place in a free society, nor does targeting groups, rather their Conservative or Liberal and this goes against everything my ancestors fought for and I believe in as an American.

  53. First these young men & women are trained by our military to kill. Then they’re sent overseas to do as trained against those who hate us, who we can’t trust, who we have abused & bombed. And when they do so, they are sent to prison … by us!!! This is insane! I’m happy for his family & community, but he is effected for life. And, he is just one. How many more won’t get this result?

      • We are not the Taliban or Al Qaeda.
        We fight barbarians… we don’t become them.
        And we certainly don’t compromise our values in the name of defending them.

      • You can call it whatever you want, I guess. That doesn’t mean how you define it is what it really is. You still come across as a sycophant for the left (look it up) and one who really doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Your profile states you had some army time. Are you one of those disgruntled former enlisted men with a hard-on for all officers? Did you ever serve in combat or are you an armchair quarterback? Just wondering……

      • I appreciate that, Brandon & I appreciate your service. Thank you. What would you do with a prisoner who you knew, upon release, is going to attack you & everyone from your country he can? Isn’t that why there are still prisoners being held at Guantanamo? Unlike wars of the past, where we or the other side go home & the fighting is over, these wars go on & on & move all over the world. How can prisoners be released before the threat is over? Now we know it will never be over, so now what?

      • I was very interested in your comment, so I looked at some of your other quotes and comments to see what your “leanings” are. You seem to support the liberal agenda all across the board, and argue as nonsense all of the conservative talking points. I don’t know the particulars of what happened with this young man, but I’m happy he can put this behind him and move on.

  54. Everyone who is concerned send him 5 bucks for his pain and suffering (build him some front money to get started again in civilian life the Army and the white house is not going to help, period)

    • l don’t have much but l would be more than glad to send this young hero what ever l can to help him start a new life after his government screwed him .Someone please if you know how to set up a fund do it .

      • There is a way you can fund this man, The site is called GoFundMe.com
        I am trying to get funding for my daughter Hannah Swimley through this. It’s legit and gets the word out there

  55. This country is on it’s head when this brave soldier is convicted of unpremeditated murder of a terrorist, but our President has his own personal hit list and brags about being ‘pretty good at killing people’…May this man and his family quickly reform the pieces of their lives and be able to put this injustice behind them.

    • Study the truth about Islam and its mandatory jihad against the US ~ the original Muhammed Ali etc. also was “pretty good at killing people” who did not support him and his ambitions !

  56. Of course clemency.is denied. The leaves him a convicted felon and therefore prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm. Keeping guns out of ‘the hands of dangerous people’ like war heros one executive clemency denial after another.

  57. He would have been hailed as a hero in WWII or Vietnam !! He also needs to be vindicated of that crime and given an honorable discharge. I salute you,Michael!! Thank you for your service!!!

    • A hero in WW 2 was a man of the caliber of Dick Winters of Easy Company, Knowing Liebgott had no use for Nazi’s he sent him back with seven prisoners but only gave him one bullet correctly assuming Liebgott would have killed them along the way. or Eugene B. Sledge. Read Sledge’s book, “With the old Breed” or better, look up his interviews on You Tube especially the one where he talks about the corpsman who dissuaded him from pulling the gold teeth of dead Japanese, to quote Sledge in later life, “That man saved my soul”.

  58. Open season on Democrats November 15, 2014…..Be sure and get your license and be ready to vote!!! Likely a good haul this year!!! Would love to see jail time for some Democrats!!!

    • If only “they” didn’t control the ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES. Once paper ballots were eliminated, they put whoever they wanted in office including the Kenyan, Muslim ILLEGALLY occupying the WH. GOD forgive us all for NOT doing whatever was necessary to eliminate an ILLEGITIMATE, NON-NATURAL BORN CITIZEN FROM BEING POTUS.

  59. ‘bush’ that progressive pile of Quilsing-RINO-Dung could have stopped this injustice in it’s tracks. But Noooooo. Brendan, your such a ‘brendon’. thx 4 ur service, but, it looks like you haven’t learned much about COMBAT. I received my lessons on my South East Asian Vacation

    • The Bush’s were the beginning of the end of Republican Conservatism. When the Republican Party forced George Bush on Reagan I knew we were in trouble. Anyone besides me believe the party was maliciously infiltrated by Liberal Democrats to destroy it from within.

  60. Thank you 1LT Michael BehennaI am so happy that you are out of there & I pray to God that your friend 1LT Clint Lorance will also be getting out of there very soon as well.
    To bad there isn’t more unpremeditated murder of many terrorist,with no one getting caught.
    President Obama is an A-Hole and a Racist against ALL American’s.

  61. What am I missing here? A soldier is imprisoned for killing a terrorist? Isn’t this what he was in the service to do? And yet Afghan militants who killed U.S. troops are released from prison. 1LT Michael Behenna is a hero and should have been treated as such. The ones who should be in prison is Obama and Hillary Clinton. They are responsible for drone killings against Americans and deaths of Americans in Benghazi. Thank you Mr. West for helping Mr. Behenna and his family. I wish you were our president.

  62. I hope some Patriot gives him a well paying job. Job well done Soldier. You took out the enemy. We still have the enemy in the White House though. Time to impeach.

    • Impeach? Wrong! Indict, Try and Convict him for sabotage, impeaching will legitimize his presidency and I’m certain you do not want to do that.

      • ynot202 ~ correct ! we do not want to do anything to legitimize Hussein Obama as POTUS ~ he was never qualified, and is an arrogant imposter. Back in 2008, since he was not qualified, and McCain conceded, Independent candidate Alan Keyes was the one who should have beeen sworn in.

      • LO!. It’s going on six years in to the man’s presidency and you pathetic losers are still crying and whining that he is not legitimately POTUS. Keep on banging your empty head against that wall, idiot.

  63. Hell, if we’re going to start throwing people in the brig for war crimes, shouldn’t POTUS Barry be first in line? Aiding and abetting the enemy, collaborating with the enemy, high treason, murdering of U.S.citizens abroad to name a few for starters?

  64. Parole is justice for this soldier? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he got it, but I don’t think of it as justice. Justice would be a pardon, reinstatement, and restitution for his suffering.

  65. As great as this country has been in the past, especially in the way its political system was put into place and has lasted these 394 years, I’m still outraged that our Founding Fathers didn’t put in place something where the POTUS has to answer to the people for illegal and injustices as deemed by them. Who does he answer to, that is NOT under his control? The answer is NO ONE, and to me, that’s a huge flaw in our government. Even the POTUS needs to answer for his behavior to someone besides GOD. The arrogant bastard is getting away with murder and no one is doing a dam thing about it. If anyone says something, HE fires them. What kind of system is that? Tyranny.

  66. LT Michael Behenna, I’m a retired Navy Chief…saluting you for your faithful service to the undeserving. I’ve prayed for you…honor God…He will never leave you or forsake you.

  67. The man kills a known TERROIST and he is tried for murder why @$$ #!%&☆☆☆ is responsible for that? He is a Hero not a murderer!

  68. We are, at least until the recent “pen and telephone” codicil, a nation of laws, a system far better than a government of men [see China, Hamas, Russia]. We, in the Army operated under UCMJ and I have felt its lash. There is a law higher than that, God’s Law. Our system in usually congruent with this Higher Law, but not always. Bearing all of these in mind at once, is often necessary in order to operate properly in the combat arms parts of the military.
    There is a law higher than that, and it comes into play when a soldier gets into a situation where all the laws say, “If you do it, your tit is in the vice-grip wringer.”
    It often comes down to the individual soldier. That is what we got/get the big bucks for. Right? We contemplate our actions in the face of all the adversity, sentencing, Joe Biden wisdom and on and on; and we do what we believe is Right.
    I have no idea of the circumstances of Lt. Behenna’s situation, but I do know what went through his head. Thank God we have men like that.

  69. We thank you for your service to God and Country my brother. Those of us who have served fully understand that when elected officials dictate the rules of war to us there will be consequences. During WW2 they gave Eisenhower and McCarthur full power to get the job done. During Korea however they imposed unrealistic guidelines, hence the reason we still have an active war zone now know as North/South Korea. They refused to let us attack Hanoi, citing diplomatic reasons. Politicians will never learn that in an active war zone politics does not work. In our current conflict we know not who the enemy are for they wear no uniform of state, hence the real issue. When orders come down that you are not allowed to fire even if being fired upon until cleared to do so shows how bad things truly are. They order us into areas to wage war, yet restrict us on how we may do so. They do not realize that the ones we are fighting do not abide by the civilized rules of war, they instead hide amongst women and children and then open fire. You were punished for doing what was right, you protected those under your command and I would gladly take up arms and be one of those men.

  70. Thank you Michael, and thank you, Allen. It seems rather plain to me that Lt. Behenna’s Captaincy is LONG overdue. Perhaps after the coming election we will have a Congress that can take care of that commission.

  71. Obama has ordered the killing of a number of “known” terrorists, including American citizens and most likely a few innocent civilians with them…. Why are he and his attorney General not in prison?

  72. God has blessed 1LT Michael Behenna.. Please remember American Patriot’s stand up with you, and will always be here for you, and your family. God bless you and I thank you for standing up for America remaining American, and yes so very much for my Family and friends too. Semper Fi

  73. 1. One, keep in mind there are many service members that get booted/jailed all the time for spousal battery, rape, theft, insubordination, etc; not every Soldier is an angel. 2. A panel of officers found him guilty, which means he probably did something wrong. 3. The ROE is not that freaking hard – positive identification of a hostile act or intent before you engage – if we ask our police force to do this we wouldn’t have so many people being killed in this country for simple turning around or asking for help. 4. Taking someone handcuffed and killing them is not war, it’s murder. 5. Our military was flooded with gang-members, thugs, etc at the height of the war, if you want to turn Iraq into a murdering ground, ignore the military’s Law of War.

    • Jail our President. He is summarily executing terrorists. I applaud Lt Behenna for trying to find out intel that the “Intel” folks did not. His men and his butt are out there on the line not the intel wieners! Scratch one terrorist! Well, done

  74. Originally heard of Michael’s situation from Michael Savage years ago and am thrilled to hear the good news of his parole. Thank you, Michael Behenna, for your service; and thank you to Michael’s parents, Allen West, Michael Savage and others who have helped to bring an end to the wrong-doing done to this man.

  75. He willfully disobeyed his direct orders, and like our despicable friend EX Col. Allen West, took it upon himself to conduct an unauthorized and amateuristic “interrogation”. He is a murderer, and will carry that shame to his grave – parole or not.

      • My drink is Bourbon. I don’t wring my hands – I handle stress by drinking, you guessed it, Bourbon. And as far as I know, I own no oxen. In your pathetic and lame attempt to pigeonhole me based on your own ignorant, delusional preconceptions, you only pigeonhole yourself as the backwards-assed, religiously deluded clown you are.

      • You may have forgotten to add that I am also a misogynist, racist, hater, who clings to my guns and religion.. Now how about telling us what you are or are not. We know you are an “intellect”.

      • A human being can’t be an “intellect”. But I can be, and am, an INTELLECTUAL.
        Why do you insist on doubling, and now tripling down on THE STUPID? You’re really embarrassing yourself here. LOL.

      • LOL! “Taking umbrage”? You obviously don’t even understand what that word means. That would indicate that I was in some way upset or insulted by you, when in fact it is quite the opposite – I’m thoroughly enjoying mocking one of the dumbest people I’ve yet encountered on this website full of the uneducated, bigoted, and willfully ignorant – in other words, anyone who considers that buffoon Allen West anything other than a failure, a joke, and a criminal.

      • This is not the venue in which to air your sick sexual fantasies, idiot. Go back to your trailer park and mind your own business.

  76. Hey West, you ridiculous asssclown: Whatever happened to the “78 to 81” communists in the House Democratic caucus that you asserted? Did they all disappear into the same black hole of idiocy as Donald Trump’s team of investigators that found “news you wouldn’t believe!” about Obama’s birth certificate? LOLOLOLOL!
    Here’s the thing, dumbass: If you in fact have knowledge of communists in our Congress, you were and are derelict in your duty as a congressman by not naming names. You know what dereliction of duty is, yes? Granted it’s not directly covered under Articles 128 or 134 of the UCMJ (not sure why those two particular articles come to mind – LOL).
    Come on, you pathetic little weasel: Give us some names. Put up or shut up. Of course, any name you provide will need to be accompanied by proof of your allegation. LOLOL! And that’s the rub, isn’t it? By not naming names, you insulate yourself from being challenged and held accountable on your ridiculous lies.
    Surely, SOME of these commies must still be in Congress – even though you, AREN’T! Buh-Wah Ha Ha ha Ha Ha!! What a joke you are.

      • What is this now for you, quintupling down on THE STUPID? Want to know about me, just check out my profile. It will tell you all you need to know.

      • It’s amazing how much we have in common and still disagree. I am also a Veteran, Father, musician, Luther. I am not a Luthier, although I do play a 12 string guitar, close though, Luther is my first name.

  77. (Mr.)? DogmaDestroyer,
    What country are you emailing from? Come on Man…you gotta be Osama Obama sending this stuff out. What is your mission? You sound like Agenda 21.

  78. Dogma has never served, prefers to hide in a narcissist mirror and wave his hair while holding VERY close to his beloved narcissistic POTUS. They all sleep together.


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