Who knew? Apparently Trader Joe’s sells racist groceries.

PAALF leaders met Monday on the vacant lot which was slated for a Trader Joe's prior to the company's withdrawal this week. (Andrew Theen/The Oregonian)

Forget “Aunt Jemima” pancake syrup or “Uncle Ben’s” rice – what’s really offending the black community in a neighborhood near Portland, Oregon is Trader Joe’s. Maybe it’s the Hawaiian shirts?

According to OregonLive, the residents of a predominately black community near Portland, Oregon have told Trader Joe’s (purveyors of organic and free-trade products, along with the low-priced wine affectionately called “Two Buck Chuck”) to essentially chuck off.

The supermarket chain planned to build a store on a vacant lot in Northeast Portland, but bowed out after protests from the Portland African American Leadership Forum.

What really irked the Forum? According to a letter sent to Trader Joe’s, the store would “increase the desirability of the neighborhood,” for “non-oppressed populations.”

Well, we certainly wouldn’t want to make the neighborhood more desirable, would we? And we certainly wouldn’t want to provide more jobs in an economically-depressed area – or award the construction contract to a minority-owned business (as Trader Joe’s did). After all, we just heard from the government how our quality of life is vastly improved by not having to work at all.

Leftists and our illustrious First Lady decry the fact that low-income, minority households have limited access to fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods. But in Oregon at least those households don’t really want what Trader Joe’s is selling – guess those free-trade bananas and coffee are just “too white.”


  1. “increase the desirability of the neighborhood,” for “non-oppressed populations.”
    They don’t want white people moving into the ‘hood, increasing their property values. Makes perfect sense :-/

    • That still wouldn’t increase their property value. I seriously doubt it would bring in any desirables just because a Trader Joe’s was constructed.

    • poor people can’t efford high property values. Unless, you want to increase their section 8 payment or you want to push them farther back to the jungle?

  2. ????? I don’t know what to say, As in I am speechless of the ridiculousness of these people. Trader Joes can come over the river and set one up in Vancouver. I doubt anyone would complain over here.

  3. I can’t believe what I just read… what kind of people think that way? I am glad trader joe’s backed out.. this is a real shame… and a black eye on the community… oh wait, was I being racist?

    • Im rather looking forward to them segregating us out of their neighborhoods, im afraid of the ones around here, to the point i cant shop in peace anymore! they play the knockout game here, and many people have died from it!

  4. The residents who actually live in that neighborhood were all in favor of the Trader Joe’s store being built on that long time vacant lot. Portland African American Leadership Forum (PAALF), made up of non-resident activists, interjected themselves and started making extortionate demands on TJs. It appears that PAALF was trying to emulate Jesse Jackson’s racket of shaking down businesses based on race baiting. TJs did not want to play that game, and backed out of what would have been a real improvement and opportunity for the neighborhood.

    I had no clue at all that a vacant city lot was ethnically preferable to a viable store that sells good food. Whoaa! Who knew? On the plus side, if there is no TJs in NE Portland, then there are likely to be more TJs Sea Salt Caramels available in SW Portland.

    Luckily I am able to access the TJs in suburban Beaverton. I feel like a vulture as I haunt that store waiting for the TJs Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, which they only stock for a short time before Christmas. Then the battle is on as the grandmas and I vie for those boxes of buttery smooth caramels drenched in Belgian chocolate, then sprinkled with crunchy rock salt from the Dead Sea. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels have just the right sweet-salty balance for a decadent treat. A buttery smooth caramel is enrobed in luscious dark Belgian chocolate. The finishing touch is a sprinkling of crunchy rock salt from the Dead Sea. With no TJs in NE Portland, it would appear that there will be no danger of the diversion of that limited availability item to that area of town. So, more for me, and none for those dweebs from Northeast!!!

      • They only have them in stock for a short time just before Christmas, and usually if you don’t get there that week, you are outta luck. Even I can’t buy them now, and am rationing the meager stock I have left.

      • Like the Candy Cane Jo Jo’s….only for the Christmas season. It’s over and I ate my last Candy Cane Jo Jo last night. Jo Jo’s is their own brand of cookies for those of you who do not know. I finished up my last box of breakfast cereal last week. Hope to be able to make the long drive to the nearest Trader Joe’s this week.

  5. I cannot believe what I just read! How ignorant and self-serving can one organization get? Do we want to improve our neighborhood? NO, we want to maintain the status quo and have our Nanny provide for us! Astounding.

  6. Sooooo, we are going to claim racism by being racist in not accepting a white owned store, denying jobs and better food choices to the residents of the community Gee, didn’t we fight against doing something like this where the roles were reversed? Sounds more like someone was looking to get their palms greased, and when they didn’t played the race card

  7. I guess they would rather the young men hang out in the hood than to have a job at Trader Joe’s. Liberals do not want solutions. It ends their reason for being.

  8. That is probably the dumbest thing I have ever read. What the heck is wrong with people, they protest everything and contribute nothing.

  9. Hey Trader Joe’s . . . come build one by me! I make regular trips to one of the stores in Illinois to stock up on ‘three buck Chuck’ (wish it was two buck Chuck, but it’s $2.95 a bottle – a bargain for a really decent bottle of wine). The locals in the community will still have what they did before . . . a vacant lot. How’s that working for you? Oops . . . was that racist?

  10. OK I give up. Everything that is done is in some way racist. Jesse Jackson has the best system for a shake down to make money. He even said he could make a case for milk being racist. After all it is white. Just for full disclosed I met Mr. Jackson once and will admit he was pleasant to all who wanted to speak with him. No cameras or microphones were around.

  11. Isn’t this how the Borg started? The collective would provide all you needs and wants… all that has to be done is to continually increase the size of the collective. Until they ran into Captain Picard !!!

    • Try to stick to reality. You do know Star Trek is/was fiction, right? About as smart as Rafy using Yoda as an example of an intellectual.

  12. Let’s be real. This was an extortion attempt rebuffed by Trader Joe’s. The press conference was just to save face and mark their territory.

  13. Wow…….yeah, let’s not do anything to try to help bring these people jobs or make their property values go up….smh.

  14. Yep…”black leaders” are the worst thing to happen to “black folk”. Why don’t their”leaders” open a grocery store for them?

  15. These Americans want to remain segregated, they do not want to assimilate to a diverse neighborhood. They are the low life of the American Blacks!!!!

  16. Sometimes you read things and you just want to be on the first flight to inhabit the moon. This is one of them !
    I cannot believe I fought with Dr King for equality for all. We actually thought the opportunities for education and opportunity would be utilized. Seems we were wrong.

    • They did not want what Dr. King advocated. Dr. king wanted equality to allow opportunity and responsibility for all. The democrats and their black counterparts wanted dependence and votes, just like Lyndon Johnson stated when he saw congress [ Republican led ] was passing the civil rights bill. Lyndon knew if he vetoed the act, the Republicans had the power to override the veto. He caved to save face, and as president got the credit.

      • Unfortunately you are right in more instances than I like to think about. Some successes, and trying to have hope for the future for all of us. I am thinking we will have to totally fail before any of us care enough to do something to save this country. We have let the fools take over and it will indeed be a long climb back up for our children and grandchildren.

  17. Here in Canada we had a woman who went around from barber to barber, looking for a man that refused to cut her hair. Finally she found a Muslim man who did not want to cut her hair for religious reasons. Bingo! Off to the nearest Human Rights Commission she hastened, and got a nice, juicy settlement.

    This stuff insults everyone who really suffered from bigotry, and does more to promote disharmony than anything else.

  18. Part of the letter not quoted by Col. West.
    “The property in question was assessed at $2.9 M and was offered to Majestic Realty for $500,000, which amounts to a nearly $2.4 M “subsidy.” This subsidy primarily benefits the Roski family, one of the richest families in the country. It secondarily benefits Traders Joes, a national corporation. It mandates no affordable housing and no job guarantees from Trader Joes.”

      • Or maybe the liberal Democrats want to be able to say there are no jobs available to maintain their control over the black community?

    • I don’t dispute your quote, but DO dispute the idea that a vacant lot would be properly assessed at $2.9M. On Long Island, yeah, but in THAT neighborhood? The $500,000 tag seems much more reasonable unless property prices in that area are sky high! Property values across the country have been depressed for years.

      As for a mandate for affordable housing ~ what has that to do with building a Trader Joe’s? Trader Joe’s is a MARKET, not a housing complex. And job guarantees? Who would Trader Joe’s hire OTHER than locals? Would they transfer employees from out-of-state locations to work in a dangerous neighborhood?

      Sorry if a rich family making money is offensive to you or anyone else here, but the wealth of the rich finances projects like this for the rest of us who need a job.

      • Great logic and well put, however the blacks you talk about live in this crap hole because their brains are in their colons and cant see a good think if it aint brown and it dont stink!

      • I think your assertion is not entirely correct. Take Harlem and Brooklyn in New York, for instance. White folks started moving in and remodeling old buildings and now the property values have gone sky high in those neighborhoods which means rents increase as well. Plus, the neighborhood that has been all black for generations isn’t anymore. That is their beef. The injustice and hypocrisy of this is that the reverse (when whites do not like their neighborhood or property values changing) is never an acceptable. If one is allowed, so should be the other.

      • “A new Trader Joes will increase the desirability of the neighborhood to non oppressed populations, thereby increasing the economic pressures that are responsible for the displacement of low income and Black residents. The choice to not provide family appropriate affordable housing above the proposed Trader Joes retail space is consistent with a long standing series of actions that between the 2000 and 2010 census displaced over 10,000 people out of Inner NE Portland”

      • Family appropriate affordable housing above a retail store is a concept that went out in the 30’s or 40’s. Quit beating that dead horse. It appears as though what you are saying is that it would better serve this neighborhood if NO improvements were made and all businesses would leave the area and everything possible be done to make the area as undesirable as possible. That kind of liberal, Democrat thinking is what’s holding your people back, NOT white conservatives. You badly need to reassess who your real enemies are. Think about it, if your community ever actually became financially successful and mainstream the liberals and socialists would no longer have an agenda attractive to you and would cease to exist. Al and Jesse would have to start working for a living for a change instead of being parasitic on their own communities. Or, to make it simple, liberals WANT you to remain poor, ignorant and uneducated, and hateful and fearful of whites.

      • “What I suspect is: These protestors have been living off taxpayer dollars for YEARS! A thriving business in the area would mean that WORK (that dirty four-letter-word) would be available right under their noses and they DON’T want that to happen!” And Allen West job is to reinforce those prejud… I mean suspicions.

    • How in the hell can you keep a straight face and say that a vacant lot that was vacant for 20+ years was worth $2.9 million? If so then why was it vacant? $500,000.00 was really stretching it. If it were going to be used for “affordable housing” then why wasn’t it already done? Trader Joe’s owes no one those things. This country isn’t Communist YET in spite of Obama’s best efforts.

  19. I hate to say it, but this is an instance of why a lot of whites don’t care about racism anymore. It is like “Crying Wolf”. Anything and everything that happens to a black person is because of racism. I believe in equality, but am tired of useless whining.

    • There are a bunch of whites that still stand up for even those blacks who are mentally challenged in that department. They all just need to open their eyes.

    • TJ accepts EBT cards. Maybe it’s the happy go lucky, positive, upbeat attitude of the employees? I’ve never seen a sad faced employee in the many years that I have been going to Trader joes

      • But how is that possible? Apparently, according to these protestors, you aren’t the right color to shop there. Hmmm… something doesn’t add up. Maybe these protestors only want a business if it is owned and operated by a black liberal. That’ll never happen.

      • Trader Joe’s employees are happy because the aren’t entitlement crybabies! They work hard and pay their way like ALL should. To put it in to the words of the apostle Paul, “if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either.”

        Perhaps the community doesn’t want Trader Joe’s to bring jobs in because jobs mean….work.

  20. Absolute pure insanity! Liberalism is indeed a pervasive and self destructive mental illness that must be treated quickly with a prefrontal lobotomy.

  21. When David Dinkins was Mayor of NYC, a Korean family opened a deli in the Bronx.
    Yes, THAT Bronx.
    They kept long hours, the neighborhood patronized their store, and they were
    very successful.
    However………they also disproved the argument – by black agitators – that it was
    not possible to create a successful business in that area. So the Koreans had
    to go. They were harassed and bullied….and Dinkins didn’t lift a finger to
    help them.
    The result? The Koreans closed their business and went back to Korea. And the neighborhood no longer had a clean, well-lit store in which to shop.

  22. Trader Joe’s got the heck out of there, rather than stick around and having their employees get robbed and shot. You would need to be awfully brave to work there after sunset.

  23. Publicly endorse the position that Legacy Emmanuel Hospital must relinquish the still vacant property on the corner of North Russell and Williams, and bequeath it to the African American Community in the form of a community land trust. Formerly the location of a Black business district, the Emanuel Hospital expansion razed and displaced hundreds of African American homeowners and businesses on this site almost 40 years ago. ->

    They are demanding the land, I guess they see this as reparations. Soon will have a Reservation for this community.

    As America Splits….

  24. This is the craziest thing I’ve heard from a black neighborhood. I thought their excuse for low unemployment is because there were no jobs !!! Trade Joe’s should have sued them, and built their store anyways. I’m sure a lot of people would have wanted a job there.

    • Why, I think them pulling out will make their so called leaders very unpopular there now, unless they really are that stupid. Lots of blacks just lost their chance for a decent job because of stupid leaders.

    • Suing them just makes them martyrs and gives them the opportunity to play the poor, oppressed minority once again being attacked by “the man.” Trader Joe’s took the appropriate action.

  25. These people are this way because there leaders al sharp and Jackson there ignorant we had same thing here happen just imagine if a black man was told we didn’t want his bus here because it will ruin the area they be burning the city down

  26. I have too many African-American friends, I mean real friends, to lump them in with those who are supposedly speaking for Black America. Those so-called leaders are doing a terrible dis-service to the greater community. Oh, by the way, I’m not “white”, I am pink with splotches. We are all unique creations of a loving God as the Apostle Paul says in Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s workmanship . . . ” and the Creator has the best “quality control” in the universe.

  27. F’n idiots!!! If the neighborhood wants to not have influx of capital or have a vacant lot filled(which combats urban blight ) or likes the idea of disallowing local(black)businesses new locations for new store fronts and all the other benefits of having a respected major chain store move in and renovate the area… Well, it is apparent that this area does not really want or need help. Others do. PLEASE CONSIDER PHILLY. WE WANT AND NEED ANY HELP TRADER JOE’S CAN BRING.
    It makes all that better that everyone I have spoken to likes the store!
    Thank you. Please come to Philadelphia. We are not stupid. We want you here!!!

    • You are wrong these, blacks have just as high of IQs than any other nationality. They have just been dummy downed by leaders of their own race. After all if they can came racist they can get dummy points and Shapton, Jackson and the President want lots of dummy points makes them feel powerful..

    • No, I think you do! Black is a skin color nothing more! Get real, your a part of the problem when you make statements like this! God created all men and women, and Jesus was dark skinned, and he saved the world by His sacrifice. Don’t be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution, love all Americans, we are not a color, a religion or a politcal party, we are soley Americans!

      • It seems as though you are only HALF right. Black is an attitude. It is their chosen way of life. They chose to listen to “music” that spreads hate. They chose to act like thugs, even if they aren’t. They chose to blame everyone else for their problems. They attack any black who doesn’t agree with their view of the world. They attack any black who is successful and works hard. They chose to act out when they want something they didn’t earn. The list of things that are wrong that they chose is a long one.

      • there is plenty of proof that the average IQ of blacks is 85, thats in America, where blacks on average have about 12 percent European DNA, its lower in Africa, but Aborigines have the lowest IQ, like around 70. The Nazis didn’t say that about the Jews. They believed the Jews to be smart, but evil and corrupt, because Germany was in a major depression, and pretty much the only people that had money at the tie were Jews, who owned banks and such, so they were blamed for the hardships. Is the education system really that bad?

      • Damn! You’re so smart that you don’t even know that African blacks and Aborigines are not even the same race. And the Germans most definitely did say that the Jews were an inferior race, sub-human in fact. If you’re going to be Aryan brotherhood type slime then at least educate yourself about your cult’s origins. By the way, what’s the average IQ of the typical inbred, white trash Aryan brotherhood loser?

      • Have you heard of reading comprehension? I never said they were the same race. Aborigines have up to 6 percent Homo Denisova dna, other wise I would have said “blacks in Australia” instead of Aborigines, which is a different race. When did I have ever state I was a racist? When is it racist to point out facts? By the way for my recent job I had to take the wonderlic and scored a 44, if you look at the conversion charts that would be a 148, not sure how accurate that is because I remember it being in the 130 range a while back. I still don’t see the relevance of IQ and how that would make someone superior. Go read up on Hitler and his views on Jews, you will be surprised. They owned most of the banks at the time, over 50 percent of theatre/arts, and were 75 percent of the judges in Germany. He did not like this because they were only 2 percent of the population. Not to mention the German people were struggling but because the Jews introduced things such as pornography and other decadent things into German culture (sound familiar). He may have said inferior, but not in terms of intelligence, maybe moral intelligence. Zionists convinced Britain into getting the US into WW1 in hopes of getting Palestine. They were losing the war and were going to give it up if it were not for the American help (of course they didn’t get Palestine until after WW2, So “technically” Britain got the US into both of those wars, but FDR supported WW2, sending billions in aid to Britain while they were “neutral”, not to mention ships, allowing Americans to serve in British military, cutting off supplies to aggressor countries etc.) and they managed to do fine when the German economy was falling after ww1 (and seem to be doing more than fine right now as well, still only 2 percent of the population, Look at how many positions of power they have) In fact at the beginning, Hitler was sending Jews to Palestine, and letting them transfer their money. Funny what you read in revisionist history books, and the only response you have is name calling.

        Let me state my original post more clearly. Aborigines have the lowest IQ scores, but blacks are not far behind. It does not make a person good or evil/better or worse than another race to have higher/lower intelligence. Moral intelligence is another thing. Doing what is right and what is wrong. Can you say that for yourself? Do you think God is going to judge you on your intelligence or the content of your character? But I expect more name calling, even though you don’t know what ethnicity I am. I could be Japanese

    • Not racist at all. Asians have the highest IQs as a race . Followed by whites, Hispanics and blacks. You might not like it but it’s not my fault.

      • Not all Asians, The Chinese have the highest IQ’s. And blacks are also the most detested race on earth because of their actions and the way the live.

      • You’re both just as much an idiot as the people who ran the Trader Joe’s off; probably even more so. You two need to hook up, get naked and compare ss tats and the rest of that inbred white trash Aryan brotherhood bs.

    • Actually, Yes…I will need more evidence to support your claim. You know evidence…not opinion…evidence…something that can be proven in court.

      • The squandered opportunity to earn a living, pay bills, and provide for their families wouldn’t cause someone to think: W…T…F?

  28. TRADERS JOE’S Are better off in the long run. The raciest black leaders are doing them a favor. The store would be a target for shoplifters from miles around. And the possibly of workers being killed by stickup teams. Thats what you get when you try to do Some good. I bet they welcomed Mc Donalds with open arms. Meanwhile Mickey D’s food is killing them.

  29. Maybe the democrats could buy the land and build a chapter of the KKK there. At least they would be aware who started the race wars

  30. I want to know why that lot has been sitting there empty for that many years. What’s the matter? No one can get a loan or come up with something to build a business there? Or they just want to keep on being lazy and bumming off the government?

  31. They do not want white folks moving in and increasing the property values which will increase their taxes and rents. Regentrification has been forcing minority people out of the neighborhoods they have lived in forever all over the cities in the US.That is a legitimate concern. However, it would be nice if some leadership helped the people in the neighborhood see that by improving their neighborhood they will also get better schools and more opportunity for their children, eventually leading to a better life for everyone. Where is the smart politicians who will commit to ensuring that these people can stay in their homes until they, or their children, can raise their economic status? Instead, the mindset of helplessness, dependency and low expectations is perpetuated with these kinds of maneuvers. Besides, it is racist in the sense that when the situation is reversed and blacks and black businesses cannot move into white neighborhoods, the screaming and discrimination law suits start flying.

    • I guess we have to ask why there are still segregated neighborhoods where some skin colors aren’t welcome. And that door swings both ways.

    • I am white, and came form a poor family, and was raised in the worst parts of town. why i dont continue to live like that? because i wanted better for myself. i wasnt handed anything. i worked the crappiest jobs, i lived in the crappiest housing, but i put myself through school, and married a good black man who did the same. the opportunities are there for all people, regardless of color, the people in those neighborhoods did that to themselves, and passed those same values to their kids. until they want more for themselves, and stop demanding another race hands it to them on a silver platter, you cant blame it on a politician or another race. white people alive today never owned a slave, and the need to make them pay for people they never even knew did, it needs to stop. if they want to blame someone, they can go back to Africa and blame the slave owners that beat their ancestors ass, then sold them!

    • CAt, they cant have it both ways… This is what leadership looks like. A Business is taking the lead to help the neighborhood and fill a need. Either these locals want to live in a slum or have businesses who actually want to invest in them, move in and hire them and their friends and neighbors thereby raising the standard of living for those who may actually want to work.

      There already was a smart politician who entreated Trader Joe’s to move in and help restore the neighborhood! What you are describing is giving them another handout/bailout to keep them in their current situation until when?

      And i find it extremely offensive that you offer a false straw man argument attempting to state that in the reverse whites would reject a minority owned store. here’s a clue, I dont care what the owner’s race is!!!, In fact no one cares what race the owner is as long as the business is successful and well-run offering needed goods and services.

      Now by their own ludicrous actions, they have condemned their own neighborhood figuratively and literally preventing anyone from making a better life, and continuing the generational dependence on the state.

  32. come to my town, we would love to have you here. As the saying goes, once again, “you can’t fix stupid” I bet there are a lot of people pissed off at those few protestors. Again the needs of the many are screwed by the wants of the few.

    • I would love to have a Trader Joe’s in my So. Ca. town. I have to drive 35 miles to get to the nearest one. Soooo, when I am there, I stock up. One of the long-time checkers in the TJ’s that I go to lives in the town that I live in. She loves the company so much that she makes that drive 5 days a week. The company is well run, their products are very well liked and their employees are always helpful. And….I’ve never seen a disgruntled customer in the store. Oh, and here’s a new one….I have never once seen a kid out of control there. There seems to be a different kind of customer at Trader Joe’s. Hooray!

  33. They refuse employment just handed to them by this company, then blame the economy on why those youth are playing the knockout game. so which is it? you dont want to work, or you just want to raise your kids to be killers?

  34. Let’s not improve the neighborhood by bringing quality products and jobs because it’s just easier and more profitable to continue to blaming everyone else for their situation. Leaders in that community would have no way to make a living if they couldn’t exploit their own people.

  35. I am white, and came from a poor family, and was raised in the worst
    parts of town. why i dont continue to live like that? because i wanted
    better for myself. i wasnt handed anything. i worked the crappiest jobs,
    i lived in the crappiest housing, but i put myself through school while i worked, and
    married a good black man who did the same. the opportunities are there
    for all people, regardless of color, the people in those neighborhoods
    did that to themselves, and passed those same values to their kids.
    until they want more for themselves, and stop demanding another race
    hands it to them on a silver platter, you cant blame it on a politician
    or another race. white people alive today never owned a slave, and the
    need to make them pay for people they never even knew did, it needs to
    stop. if they want to blame someone, they can go back to Africa and
    blame the slave owners that beat their ancestors ass, then sold them!
    the same people that were too lazy to work and will never amount to
    anything today, who never amounted to anything yesterday, will be the
    same people in those neighborhoods who never amount to anything
    tomorrow. too bad that is how their children are learning how the world

    • More power to you. Also Col. West did not come from a rich family and he made it. So did Herman Cane make his own. I am what some would call a red neck cracker but I respect both of them. I am not down on black people any more than I am any one else that uses there race or what ever to live off the government.

  36. Moonbats. Complete moonbats who are being enabled by the “entitlements” that are rapidly destroying what is left of this nation.

  37. Duh Uh, Say What?!? Apparently, Common Sense, Martin Luther King’s Teachings, Our Lord Almighty’s Commandments & Biblical Teachings have left the Community.

  38. F’in ridiculous! If you can’t afford to shop there, then go back to shop and steal at your WalMart. Stop crying the racist crap, you blacks are the most racist “people” in this country.

  39. What would have made these community leaders happy. A chicken and watermelon joint ? A store that I’m sure would have agreed to hire a percentage of employees right from the community. Along with some of those unemployed youths that Obama wants someone to be Thy Brothers Keeper. Change is hard. time to move forward and abandon the projects and slums for all Americans and integrate not only by race but by economic standing.
    Its not impossible to adjust property tax rates to make sure everyone pays their share but not more than is reasonable. If someone is going to move into a boarded up house and fix it up why should it matter what color the skin.
    The only thing making their neighborhood more desirable would do is drive down the crime rate for everyone.

  40. I think that those so called leaders wanted to buy some of the units there and then have white companies move there which will increase the resell value

  41. Again with the half truth, West. The black community was objecting to the “gentrification” and the subsequent displacement of exsisting residence and attracting wealtheir people. The letter was to the city who was to sell the land, valued at 2.9 m to a realestate company for 500.000 with a subsidy of 2.4m.
    “Rather than invest in proven methods to stop displacement and EMPOWER the Afr Amer comm,”
    If Trader Joe comes in, it will attact more businesses. That’s a great idea if the area was abandoned. This area was low income families and where do they go if they are pushed out?
    I didn’t run across the word “racist” in the letter. And BTW, Trader Joe’s sells expensive gourmet foods. Fair trade foods are expensive. I don’t know many lower income people that can efford caviar.

      • I think he thinks his audience would take his word for it and not investigate . I knew he’s statement wasn’t truth anyway. They built a TJ near work . It’s really cool if you like the fancy stuff . Lots of fresh food flown in, local growth, the BS artisan stuff. I go if I’m planning a special meal. I can’t see a poor person going in there to shop.
        The same for mid class people that don’t want Walmart in their community. Jobs are there, not at the expense of small businesses.

    • That is a backward way of looking at it. If a white community played the same record to a group of black investors for the same deal you’d have Holder hopping up and down in a frenzy. Economically diverse communities are the answer. Not economic segregation.

      • There were several big cities doing something similar. It was more moving low income into middle class neighborhoods. The idea is to break the cycle of poverty. Welfare, education assistance alone can’t do. It seemed to be having positive results so I’m sure the whole idea was scrapped in favor of more blocks of low income housing. Economic prison camps.

      • Well if your read the article it said , the city wanted to sell the land , valued at 2.9 for 500,000 with a subsidy of 2.4 m. That’s a whole lot of money leaving the city coiffeurs.

      • If it starts an economic trend and there is community planning its a decent investment.
        What’s going on now isn’t working.

      • Maybe take that 2.9m that is burning a hole in the city’s pocket and use it in the community . If you read the statement , that’s the AA community suggestion.

      • Just moving low income jobs into low income housing accomplishes nothing. Neither does pandering to the community that change has to be bad. While TJ’s isn’t going to likely provide massive employment or single family income its a start . Its time to bulldoze these enclaves of poverty not the people in them. Change is hard. Probably why everyone is still willing to throw the same old solutions at the same problems and expect this time its going to work.

      • Okay . I’ve been thinking about examples that may illustrate what I mean about West’s banana remark and I came up with this one. Let’s say I ( a women) am writing an article about a woman that did something dumb. At the end if the article I say, “maybe if she wasn’t on the rag. ”

      • Where’s the comparison? Just keep stretching, maybe you’ll convince someone other than “Rafy” but I seriously doubt it.

      • You just don’t get it do you? That $2.9 million is someone’s pipe dream. If the lot is worth $2.9 million then why has it been vacant for 20 years?

      • If the city or TJ comes back with some sort of community outreach program, that would be great. Scholarships, community gardens , reinvestment into the community type things.

      • Why should they? They are not required to do so in a WHITE neighborhood. Once again, you don’t really want equal rights, you want to be catered to and bribed.

      • No it’s not…it does not represent money in the city coffers, while it is a vacnat lot it is a libaility. the city has to maintain it, if they sell it for $500,000 that is 500,000 in their pocket as opposed to a cost plus they have a business that will generate tax revenue plus add jobs to the community….it’s 5000,000 in and nothing coming out.

      • And the poor blacks go where when they can afford where they are living ? Also , do you think a poor person can afford to shop at TJ’s?

      • I am a senior and shop often at tj’s. it is not a high priced store,like nugget,whole food,raleys etc.traders cheerio’s are just like the other brand and amost $2,00 cheaper as is milk and many others.

      • TJ’s is no more expensive than any other grocery store…it is far from a high end store…most of the “poor people” near me shop at Safeway…poor blacks…whites all colors their food stamps spend just the same at any grocery store. The fact is, to be poor in the USA is more like middle class in most countries in the world…80% of the “poor” in the USA live in a heated and air conditioned home, own one of more television sets, cell phones and one or more cars. the biggest health issue for poor people in the USA is not hunger, it’s obesity…too much junk food (more expensive than healthy food) and not enough work…color makes no difference

      • The land has been a vacant lot for twenty years. Whoever said it was worth $2.9 million is insane. As a trashed out, unused vacant lot it’s value is ZERO. Use your head instead of spouting the party line for once.

    • except in turn, poor blacks aren’t being pushed out into nowhere, they are many new section 8 places to live that are mixed in with middle to upper middle income families

      • Generally it’s poor people who are upwardly mobile get the opountuniy to live in mixed communities . You can’t can’t be a gang member-ish. Single mother’s with some sort of job, or kids with good grades. This mid to hi income communities want things to stay “safe.”
        Just like the houses built by Habitat for Himannity. It’s not everybody. You have to have some sort of on credit and a job. They have a mortgage with these families .

      • Again, what’s your point Anyone with any sense at all doesn’t want to live with “gang member-ish.” I have never understood why the black community puts up with those parasites. You outnumber the gang bangers, put a stop to their bs, don’t wait for someone else to do it.

    • They can afford it. After all they got free phones and in some cases free housing and a food stamp card. I see them in our stores with there free phone in there ear buying steaks and food we can not afford whip out the food stamp card get in there boy friends nice new car and go back to the crib to do there weed and what ever. True there are some that need it but there are a lot of them and not just blacks that are having baby`s for bucks and live off the tax payers.

      • That free phone is not an I phone. It only makes calls and texts. And there is a limit on minutes. The phone is the equivalent of that free phone you are when you sign up for a cel plan . It’s had no apps, no camera, internet, nothing. It’s worth 20$.

      • There is a lot down here that have a smart phone on the plain.
        I sat across from two of them in the doctors office talking about there new Obama phones. Then went up and was bitching about paying there two dollars to see the doctor. It cost me 120 and I have insurance.

      • I really doubt your story. The Obama phone is not an I phone. It just makes calls and texts. No apps, no camera, non internet. Plus it has an limited amount of hours on the plan. I sold my old I phone 1 for 100$. How much do I get for a phone that does nothing.

      • What’s your point? I don’t even know why the thing texts. It’s free, it’s paid for by taxpayers, people that actually work for a living. It should provide only limited calling for absolutely necessary calls. If you want a Smartphone with all the bells and whistles then GET A JOB.

      • That you could be right as she was texting but it was a big phone to just be for calls and texting. It should be a phone for just calls that are needed as said. How many minuets would some one need for calling 911 or what ever.

      • In the black language , we call poor blk people who are classless – “ghetto fabulous “. I know you have seen them . Poor, but can afford to go get her hair and nails did. Put everything on credit cards they never pay . Get all dressed up shop to shop at Walmart with two carts. One for food, the other full of her 10 kids she had before 16. Do you think a ghetto fab women would be caught dead with a phone that does nothing but make calls?

      • I will say it is not just blacks that do this. I know one three kids three different fathers not marred to any of them the baby does not even know his dad and uses ever one and the government for any thing she can get. And she is white.

      • Yes, I was going to mention that in my next post. The gov will not pay for a smart phone. I would love to find out how people with no job pays for their cel service. I pay 135 for two phones and bought the cheapest I phone I could get.

      • To who. This government wants every one on welfare so they will vote for them. They don`t realize or to lazy to care if they are controlled by a socialist government as long as they don`t have to work. They are like dogs and cats. You keep them eating out of your hand and they will keep coming back for more. Like now they are not going to vote some one in office that mite take there free stuff away from them. You ever tried to walk up to some ones dog and try and take his food bowl while he is eating. Same thing the give me bunch will never vote some one in that will take there phones, food stamp cards, and all the rest of the stuff they get not working. Why do you think Obama and the rest are fighting so hard for amnesty and to let convicted felons vote. Cause every one of them will vote for Obama Or Clinton yes I said Obama cause that will be the next thing to appeal the law that says a president can only serve two terms.

  42. So are they upset that the neighborhood values would go up or are they upset because the neighborhood might not remain a predominantly black? The first excuse would be ludicrous and the second would be racist. Which is it??? What it really is one groups agenda. Keep the neighborhood poor until ‘the government’ creates more low income housing. This ensures the neighborhood stays poor, which gives them more to complain about. Disgusting! The people in this neighborhood should realize that this so-called activist group only intends to keep these poor Americans poor, regardless of color. Gentrification has nothing to do with it!

    • I think it says pretty clearly in the letter that no job mandate is required from Trader’s Joe or affordable housing above the store. But they still get a 2.5 mil subsidy, looks like welfare is bad only when it helps black people. But hey why let facts get in the way of a good race-bait?

  43. I find it interesting that a presumingly black man would use the word “Racist, ” when there is no mention of that word in the statement. And use the word “banana” when describing follow black people.

  44. If the same business had turned down a request to instead of requesting to build, would the same people have protested? Would the company still be called racist? I wonder?

  45. Good afternoon, I live in Portland and have watched this unfold from the beginning. PhilanthroPussy, I’m going to say this in the most PC way possible to help your liberal mind understand. You obviouly don’t live in Portland and have no clue what the hell you are talking about. Why do you find it necessary to comment on something that you’ve read online in a city you have no idea about?
    Here are the facts. The lot in question has been empty for over 20+years!!! Next, the area that is in question was designated a economic growth area in approximately 2005 to help grow minority owned businesses and bring back a better environment than what was existing. See, the area they are talking about was populated at the time by a large gang community and many nights the area was riddled with bullets and police sirens. Do you want that back??
    As the new businesses entered the neighborhood, with the help of the city commission by lowering the cost of the land (As they were doing with Trader Joes), it became apparent that the area needed an “anchor” store to be able to draw the type of foot traffic needed to support the new businesses. Oh, I forgot to mention, the majority of those business are owned and operated by African Americans and other minorities.
    This lot is on a large busy street. The PAALF got pissed off because the city didn’t come to them to be involved in the process. Most of the people in the PAALF are young and straight out of lobbyist and political positions…also known as having no clue about business….anyway, they wanted the city to put low income housing on the lot. It wont support that kind of building as there isn’t enough room. In addition, the area has become an area of new growth because during the recession, many builders started building houses on flag lots and other lots that had never been used. This has created a neighborhood mixed with minorities and younger “hip” people.
    PAALF held the news conference because they were trying to save face in the light of many African American business owners in the area voicing their anger at the PAALF driving out what they needed for the area.
    This comes down to a small group of people that didn’t like what they thought was best for an unused lot, that have no clue about business, pissed off because they couldn’t put their signature on something a neighborhood needed.
    Portland lost the chance for economic growth, for new jobs and to enhance a neighborhood that truly needed it, and instead, we have a small group of people (less than 60 in PAALF) wanting some free press accomplishing driving it away. This is a huge failure for our city!!!!

  46. This type of (all too common) misguided racist sensitivity, is absolutely turning those who would listen and act, into stone deaf lawn gnomes.

    Loathe to dismiss as “silly” in a more thoughtful situation,it brings what might be another real issue to the crying foul league.

    • You can thank the fogged out, medicated, stupefied liberals for destroying many otherwise nice areas of this country. When they’re done ruining one place, they move on and pollute another county/state/region……..lovely people………..

      • So true…it’s as if they salt the very soil underneath them so that nothing grows. TJ’s would be a boon to the area–quality products, reasonable prices and jobs. Wouldn’t want that now, would we…

  47. If Trader Joe’s refused to locate a store in that neighborhood instead of being forced out by Portland African American Leadership Form this very organization would have lead the cries of bigotry and racism.

  48. How stupid this is!! Since when does organic hurt you! Our country is short of demise! Youngstown Ohio we want a Trader Joe please black and white, anyone and everyone need good clean food!

  49. It’s weird how all the people saying black people don’t want that store because they are racist and don’t want to work. But they have nothing to say about the 2.5 mil subsidy that will go straight in Trader’s Joes profit margin.

    • Rafy, the $2.5 million subsidy will never hit the profit side of the ledger for Trader Joes. How can it?? Once again, know what you’re talking about before writing stupid rambling crap. The city was trying to incentivise Trader Joes to move into the lot that had been vacant for 20+ years. In order to do that, they lowered the cost. Trader Joes still has to pay out $500,000 to build on it. How is that profits?? thats an expense…granted a reduced expense. If you also know business, they are going to depreciate the cost of the buiding over a 10 or 20 year period. That means they will have to be there that long. If the store doesn’t make a profit and they close, they are still on the hook for the land cost, the cost of building (the actual brick and mortor) and all the inventory and displays in the store. You’re focused on just the lot cost….their is much more that will go into getting the store open than that. See, the city is helping them lower their initial overhead to IMPROVE a neighborhood…its called improved economy!!

    • Rafy, How do you think cities encourage companies to move to their location? t’s a competitive market; that’s how companies and JOBS grow. It DOESN’T happen when lazy people live on Welfare and food stamps; people who don’t want to work and want to wallow in their victim mentality. And, yes they ARE racist; they don’t want whites in their neighborhood. It defies logic that the residents of that neighborhood DON’T want to IMPROVE their neighborhood and BETTER their circumstances. Trader Joe’s is a very successful business that pays well and offers good benefits. They sell healthy foods and would have brought jobs and quality products to the neighborhood. Blacks who think the warped way the residents of that neighborhood do are CHOOSING SLAVERY— by being totally dependent on the government. The Democrats have used it to contain Blacks and control their vote for many years now.

  50. I can not believe what I am reading….it defies logic. I wish we had this opportunity in Jacksonville, Fl. We would take it in a New York minute.

  51. Of course TJ’s is racist to think that poor black people might actually want to work… and what incentive do they have anyway when welfare probably pays more.

  52. Portland African American Leadership Forum ? Sounds like the cover name for another Alinksy styled race baiting communist front group (cadre of community organizers) that the Subversive-n-Chief started out with like the Industrial Areas Foundation and the Gamaliel Foundation.

  53. Here is a much bigger threat to black America than Trader Joe’s:
    A number of black activists journeyed to Phoenix to support AZ immigration bill SB1070. One of the quotes was “ILLEGAL immigration is the greatest threat to the American black man since slavery itself.” The American black community has the highest unemployment rate in the country with the American Hispanic community close behind. Why on earth would black president tolerate 25 MILLION ILLEGAL aliens to take our jobs?” “Stop stealing the civil rights legacy of black America. ILLEGAL aliens and their supporters are hijacking the civil rights movement, and as they do, they’re displacing the American black.”

  54. They need a Burger King and more fries. They don’t cook anymore anyway. Only the upper 1% white folks cook at home anymore and they buy only organic for their chefs to prepare.

  55. the store would “increase the desirability of the neighborhood,” for “non-oppressed populations.”
    Read more at http://www.allenbwest.com/2014/02/knew-apparently-trader-joes-sells-racist-groceries/#0dBtXQtUB32wu536.99
    the store would “increase the desirability of the neighborhood,” for “non-oppressed populations.”
    Read more at http://www.allenbwest.com/2014/02/knew-apparently-trader-joes-sells-racist-groceries/#0dBtXQtUB32wu536.99
    the store would “increase the desirability of the neighborhood,” for “non-oppressed populations.”
    Read more at http://www.allenbwest.com/2014/02/knew-apparently-trader-joes-sells-racist-groceries/#0dBtXQtUB32wu536.99
    the store would “increase the desirability of the neighborhood,” for “non-oppressed populations.”
    Read more at http://www.allenbwest.com/2014/02/knew-apparently-trader-joes-sells-racist-groceries/#0dBtXQtUB32wu536.99
    the store would “increase the desirability of the neighborhood,” for “non-oppressed populations.”
    Read more at http://www.allenbwest.com/2014/02/knew-apparently-trader-joes-sells-racist-groceries/#0dBtXQtUB32wu536.99
    the store would “increase the desirability of the neighborhood,” for “non-oppressed populations.”
    Read more at http://www.allenbwest.com/2014/02/knew-apparently-trader-joes-sells-racist-groceries/#0dBtXQtUB32wu536.99the store would increase the desirability of the neighborhood for non-oppressed populations”

    Ooh .. RAAAA-CISTS!! (I get to shout it for the first time ever .. feels good).

    Translation: “We don’t want white-ass honkie crackers, spics, and chinks moving into the neighborhood when they see we got a bitchin’ ‘Joe’s of our own!”

    To think that I have actually had a number of black people swear up and down to me that “black people can’t be racist.” When in reality, black Liberals are THE most racist, hateful people I have EVER encountered!

  56. Phalanthropussy…take off the stupid Burka then you could see better…I have a free phone and it does have a camera. I have it for emergency only since I am disabled and need to be able to call for emergencies. Don’t tell me there isn’t anything special about the phones that poor can get as long as they set on there butts collecting from all the free things they can get from out Liberal leaders. If I were Trader Joe’s would have told them all to go to hell and built anyway!!!

      • Ok let’s use your logic and say I and my white brothers and sisters, say calling Saltines “Crackers” on the labels, and in conversation is racist, and we demand it be removed, forever! Along with the Pillsbury Dough Boy, Cracker Jacks, Snowflake detergent………. Where does it stop? Now factor in every other race ,and the products they find to be racist. These perceptions change over time so we will all constantly demand these things be changed! Hey, here is an idea, you don’t like it, don’t buy it! Your skin my be black, but it is definitely not thick!

      • First that’s silly. I’m going to go to the garden dept at Homr Depot and tell them to change the name Hoe bec it sounds like whore. You used a deragatory word , plain and simple.

  57. It must be a set up! Black organizers want to show Trader Joe’s how powerful they are by stopping new jobs from being made and the Black people of the neighborhood support this? They must be very stupid and Gov controlled. They should be better then this but apparently they have hit ground “O” and want to stay there! Trader Joe’s will just build somewhere else! They have not intention on fighting against the same people that they are trying to help. These people are beyond help.

  58. Racism is a White disease only, according to the minority community. No matter how radical the view, no matter the amount of hate speech against the White community, It has nothing to do with racism. Yeah, right.

  59. How incredibly stupid and racist this group truly is! Those “non-oppressed population” folks will bring money and success into your dismal neighborhoods. That’s not my opinion, but a fact that can be verified by simply examining neighborhoods in large metropolitan areas across the United States!

  60. So the blacks want us to stay on our side of the proverbial tracks. It sounds like what they fought against in the sixties, a dividing line between white and black areas. How sad.

  61. this story is very interesting because he we have a black man in the white house and the black race doesn’t want a grocery store to build in there town what’s wrong with this picture?

  62. Gentrification is what they fear, being priced out, pushed out of their neighborhoods, I’ve seen it happen in many neighborhoods in NYC (Williamsburg Brooklyn, we’re have all the Latinos gone). As I do understand their fears, I believe they are missing out on an opportunity to build from within the community as was the plan of Trader Joes. What has this group of protesters accomplished for their community, but too remain impoverished.

  63. It’s like throwing a life preserver to a drowning person and watching them push it away. You can’t save everybody from themselves.

  64. LTC West, another good article!! Did u vote for NDAA? hey, fiveseven: I have a rifle with that insignia on it. Bought it back in the 80’s, less than 300 rds thru it. it’s one of my Armageddon rifles. Back to the subject at hand: well what do you expect from……….

  65. The nearest to us T J/s is many miles away from us. It is a challenge to visit it because of distance. One of the things that impresses me is the diversity of the employees. Do the idiots in Portland not realize the store would have meant jobs?

    • The more jobs that are available, the less excuses they have to stay home and watch TV all day… They definitely realized that there would be more jobs…That’s what scared them off…

  66. I am so tired of everyone in this country who is just looking for a reason to be “offended”. Give it up! I know there are some racists out there, and there will always be people who don’t like other people for one reason or another. But racists did not elect DumBO. I may not like DumBO, but it has nothing to do with his race. I don’t like Biden, PIglosi, or Hitlary, Reid, McCain, or McConnell, either! DumBO has so polarized the nation that eating fried chicken, watermelon, or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are “racist”. Since when can inanimates feel anything? We have so many more important things to worry about – like getting good health care, closing our borders to terrorists, and educating our children. Why do these ridiculous accusations over non-issues even make the news.

  67. the problem is, others start moving in the neighborhood, the costs goes up for everyone and the people living there can no longer afford to live there and have to get up rooted and move on to where they can live. i seen it in calif. the people up above napa valley in clearlake country, the cost of rent for a old dipladated trailer to live in had reach a 1000 a month, just from the movement of people up and away from san francisco and napa valley. true it was not blacks but poor people in general that were being squeezed out, but your ghetto with a new buisness will do the same thing.

      • your like the property owner who worries about the property value but not planning to sell or buy it, the only three kinds of people who worry about property value. 1. the one selling a property, 2. the one buying a property and then the third, 3. the one who just wants to brag how much his property is worth.

      • That is dumbest remark from you yet. If you do not try to better yourself than you have no one to blame but yourself. Didn’t realize trying to better oneself is a crime. Thought process like you have is the reason we have places like Detroit!

      • So with your thought process it is better not to build anything in poor areas. Because it may raise value there.Seems legit if you would like to keep an area in need of growth from getting it .And with growth chances to better yourself may come with it.Makes perfect sense now. Keep ghettos the way they are people are happy there.

      • 4. The one who pays taxes based on property value, 5. the one who wants to take out mortgages based of property value.

    • ever give it a thought some of these oppressed people would like to have a job, and better themselves? It has to start somewhere.
      I read that up to 10 other small businesses would start up in that shopping center and ones nearby that were being planned. More jobs, more opportunities.

      • They do not want that, they would rather live in squalor and whine for hand outs and use it for an excuse and sympathy. Hugs is the promotional director blame it on anything but the people who choose to be irresponsible.

      • it is just the same as you tea baggers who say raising the minimum wage would jsut cause the prices to go up and take away jobs. more jobs more income and not everyone can do it and get squeezed. think about the old people who live there and cant afford the increase in cost.who cant work because of age or what ever reason.

      • What about the minimum wage going up that will put a big squeeze on the elderly also,but I just know you would be just fine with that. WOULDN’T YOU.Wages go up and so does everything else.

      • I own a small business, and I have been paying $10 plus in wages for years. I have to pass on any increases to keep my company afloat. I know that type of thinking causes issues with people like you, because you think everyone should be able to get something for free. I can pass on those expenses only so far. Eventually customers will ether no longer wish to have my services because they can not afford it. If business has an increase in cost there will be an increase in pricing.

      • People who say this are so ignorant. Its not as easy as it sounds. There are so many environmental factors working against young kids and teenagers and unless they have a real role model or more sense in their brain than the average person, its a constant uphill battle.
        And plus, all you educated privileged white people don’t want to work entry level jobs anyway so stop complaining that minorities are taking away your opportunities.

      • Raising the minimum wage DOES NOT help with a decent living. It only raises the prices of everything. If they have to pay people more to make something, don’t you think they will raise the cost of that product in order to make a profit. I worked a 40 hour week in the 60’s and cleared about $35, paid rent, utilities, and bought groceries and still had money left over. When I retired 2 years ago, I was making more money in one month than I made in a whole year back then and never have any money left over.

    • OH please! The government has so many programs for blacks and immigrants!!! They have voices in government! White people have no voice.

      • That’s probably the most idiotic thing I’ve ever read. Have you taken a look at your state senator or house rep? How about starting with your mayor? OK maybe he’s black but look at EVERYONE else on his council and now tell me that white people don’t have a voice in government.

      • They don’t because Dems do everything for minorities and immigrants and so do Republicans. Whites throwing other whites under the bus! So I think you are THE IDIOT who needs to check yourself!

    • I understand your point and agree to an extent,. ignore all the ugly. Though I don’t agree with your personal attack on West, and want you to know it undermines an otherwise understandable arguement.

    • I think everyone is giving you a hard time without realizing the validity of your point. To be frank, there are NO TJs in the ghetto. Building this store alongside 10 other small businesses no matter how great this is for the small businessman, its going to drive existing residents out of the community because they can’t afford to live there anymore!!
      People are bashing and saying that this community doesn’t want to help themselves to this opportunity but that’s just not true. I think they’re stuck in a lose-lose situation! 1, low income households can’t afford to shop at TJs anyway. 2, say they did build this store and the 10 other small stores, just because there are more jobs you really think that minimum wage paycheck is going toto help these people afford their now sky high rent or mortgage?! The value of the community has increased and so will their property taxes.

      I’m not sure what the correct solution is but slowly edging out a poor neighborhood with a multi million (billion?) Dollar corporation isn’t it.

  68. It says that they could well afford to pay the full price so they should because the family can afford to. I am sure for that kind of money they can buy and build in a area that will not be as subject to robbery shop lifting and possibly having there store burned the next time something does not suit the black community around it. I would think they were doing them a favor building there if it was free. Most stores will not even think of building a store in a community like that. As for the owners of TJ`s being rich. I never had a poor person give me a job.

  69. besides west, your insignificant and just trying to be significant and yet cant find footing to start with. even the people in florida rejected you at the polls.

    • The Florida people that rejected West? The same ones with the “hanging chads”, that kept counting and counting and counting, but couldn’t make the result any different. Finally the Supreme Court had to tell them to give it up; you’ve counted the ballots four different times, under all conceivable conditions; stop it all ready, you lose.

  70. Democrats and Liberals want to keep the black man POOR & DEPENDENT on government hand outs.

    Wasn’t it Lyndon B Johnson who said “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” – Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force.

    • A long time California corrupt “O” crat, Maxine Waters, or as she describes herself, “This old liberal”, is realizing obummer is a fraud. She states “He’s one of us, but he has done little to nothing for us”. Black unemployment, around 16% and over 40% for those under 30. Why? One reason is the sky high, school dropout rate. What jobs can these dropouts get? Mostly low skilled, entry level or “McJobs”. Why can’t they get these? ILLEGAL immigration. (plus they can’t speak Spanish) Maxine is finally seeing that obummer is handing out the goodies to Hispanics in order to suck up for votes, and there’s nothing coming to the Black community.

      • Tell me how is “He’s one of us but he has done little to nothing for us”. Facts are he’s 50% white(which we know he hates) 43.75 Arabic (which we know he embraces)and 6.25% Black (which he uses as a front to keep fooling Black Democrats) So how on God’s green earth is he ‘ONE OF THEM”?

      • Hey Fred, it was a direct quote from Maxine. She was just pussy footing around calling him worthless. Another – Rep. Maxine Waters the California Democrat, last week told a Detroit crowd that she was frustrated with the Obama administration’s approach to the economy, urging voters to “unleash” her on the White House.
        How many times have you seen, “The first black president” or “They only hate him because he’s black”?
        If his color wasn’t played up to the max, he wouldn’t have been elected the first time.
        Regardless of the racial breakdown, thanks by the way; obummer is like a skunk; half black, half white, and everything he does, stinks!! Or, something in Washington stinks, I think it’s BO.

    • I am so GLAD that I am a Republican/Concervitive. Using the “N” word when it comes to people of color is very wrong. I don’t know about any one else,but we punish our children when we hear them use that word.

  71. I’m guessing fresh fruit and vegetables are white mans food, may be that’s the reason why white men out live black men by 6.33 years? I’m sure it has nothing to do with black on black crime!

  72. This is another prime example of backward thinking, for prime example see “hugs4u” comments. It has become an excuse for those who wish to live in squalor and to claim racism or alienation of some sort. They want to be taken care of and exist as they do. It then becomes about them and they get some perverse satisfaction from claiming these things. They do not want to better themselves, why would you not want a better life for yourself or your children!

    • Isn’t he a prize? Thinks that it’s a good thing to not have appreciation in home values, not have construction jobs provided through a minority contractor, not good to have a new, more convenient store to go to, not provide tax revenue by the store and increase in property value, and not provide permanent employment for many local people. How perverse can your thinking get.

  73. Another fine example of those choosing not to help themselves will cry foul only when it brings attention to their inability to help themselves. WTF.

  74. Excuse me, Bananas & coffee are to White? That is the DUMBEST thing that I have ever heard of in my whole life.
    How can people be so damn STUPID as to think that.
    Maybe if they went to School & got them selves an Education they would learn that Statement is full of Bull Crap.

    • May I rewrite your offering in the English of an educated person?
      Excuse me, bananas and coffee are too white? That is the dumbest thing that I have ever heard in my whole life. How can people be so damned stupid as to think that? Maybe if they went to school and got themselves and education, they would learn that that statement is full of bull crap.
      Now, is this of any help in your getting educated?

  75. Can’t you people reading this article not recognize sarcasm when you see it? This is not Mr. West’s opinion, he is only reporting what is going on. After the comment he made about “Leftists and our illustrious First Lady” I very much doubt that he is a fan of Obama or any of his ideas.

  76. When I was a young boy, one of my favorite things was to go to the local arm of the Chesapeake Bay and catch Blue Fin Crabs. The crabs would end up in a big pot of boiling water and then on the family table. What took me a long time to realize is that, as I threw these crabs into the bushel basket to take home, I never had to worry about putting a lid on the basket. Why, as soon as a crab would try to climb out and escape his fate, another crab would latch on to him and pull him back into the basket.
    What do we have here? You have a company taking a chance to “increase the desirability of the neighborhood”, helping them out of the welfare basket; and then they let the Portland African American Leadership Forum pull them back into the pot of poverty and ultimate destruction.
    Of course, much to the glee, of the jackson’s, sharpton’s, obummer’s and all the other race baiters.

  77. Ok, clowns. Tell me if this is far fetched. TJ finds vacan lot in poor blk community. Goes to city and says sell land cheap to city developer. We will build stores and as well as roads and security to attract non area people with $$. In x amount of time city will get millions from retail taxes. In 5 years, store becomes successful, other companies want in, land value raises. Land owner looks for more local land to buy (with same sweet hart deal), sells that land that new stores. Somebody wants to build apts and homes. Landowner buys more land in area. Where do poor people go if city saids “you have to move bec we sold the city land”?
    The BLK community already has a long list of broken city promises. What makes them think the city has their best interest.

    • Black Civil Rights leader Hosea Williams (RIP) once decried one of the unintended consequences of the Civil Rights Act: the destruction of black neighborhoods. Now, even given the chance for improvement they would rather have the poverty. I’d venture that improved neighborhoods would upset the flow of government assistance to the area. Maybe they fear self-sufficiency. It’s hard to get your kid to move out of the basement how hard do you think it is to reverse 4 decades of carefully crafted dependence by the Left?

      • All this time, I thought you were left 🙂 sorry about that, I couldn’t help myself, it was ment to get a smile out of you.

      • That’s fear talking, it hasn’t happened. The community leaders could lhave been the watchdogs of this project.

      • A situation like this doesn’t happen over night. There is no info of any negotiations .
        I have to go. If you want to continue Friday, okay. But you know my position and I know your’s . Either way, chow!

      • No I have a day job. Not much was going on at work. I am a roadie for a band. I work at night . Right on I’m on tour with ELO. In two weeks I join Justin Timberlake. My boss offered me justin Bieber by I told him he’s a bad influence on me.

      • We’ll said, point taken.
        I’ve lived long enough to see change, slow but steady, being black, a minority, or sexual orientation is not an excuse to fail, the blood of those who fell before us paved the way, it’s up to each to choose the path. our bill of rights somewhere it is written “pursuit of happiness” not a garraunty of it, only the ablity to pursue it.

      • My best attempt at deciphering your posts, because your second demonstrated another significant lack of knowledge concerning English, here is how you should have wrote it (free of charge! I added * by every correction so you can learn):
        Great,* what do you think about* what I wrote. Does the situation that I presented* make more sense* than West’s* take?

        Now to answer you. No, since Trader Joe’s is offering affordable and healthy food to the community, hiring minority workers to build it (and very likely to staff it) the “poor” will benefit by having steady income that they earned. Additionally, by improving local infrastructure and attracting more businesses they will be a direct cause of more employment of local residents. Your logic is the typical progressive liberal logic and is why our country is not growing.

      • Read the article – they hired a local and minority owned contractor to build it, and Trader Joe’s hire local workers and stresses diversity (go to any Trader Joe’s store and look around). Every Trader Joe’s store invests itself in the local community going out of it’s way to cater to local groups. The one near my house for example takes up valuable shelf space to have Kosher meat and wine, despite the fact that Jews only make up a small portion their customer base.

      • TJ is just that start . What happens next ? The city has already shown they don ‘t care about the community. What makes them think the city won’t kick them out when land prices go up?

      • A city cannot say, oh we don’t like you – time to move. If they own property then it is their choice to sell, if they rent then their lease protects them from sudden evictions.

      • Public housing is different.
        City can do whatever they want, bec these people have no money to fight city hall .
        Eminent domain js when the city or gov can come in with any excuse they want and take your property. Look it up. They will gave you what they consider fair market value .

      • You may as well give up… She wants to live on welfare… There is nothing you can say to change that… She has already given up on the idea of taking care of herself.

      • Philanthropussy, Is young and full of passion, but sometimes passion blinds us from reality. As a youth, I was liberal, I grew up, raised a family, as I learned lifes lessons, I became conservative in my thinking. Time changes everything.

      • It asked where you got your info? I think it’s funny how everybody is ragging in my grammar. But no one is arguing against my statement . deflecting as usual.

      • If you had read both my replies you would see that I addressed both issues, the first being you embarrassingly horrible grammar and spelling. The second being your biased and wrong statements.

      • I forgive your gramma and typos, as I hope others will forgive mine.
        My stand on this issue is , this community, besides losing a great opportunity, has shown in their actions to be bigots.

      • That fish js a goldfish and you need to feed your family.
        Where do they go when the city sells their homes out from under them? And js anyone going to help the elderly?

      • Mine makes more sense. The community is protecting itself . They are not being lazy, this a form of self preservation . What would you do?

    • Everything you just described would improve the area and bring thousands of jobs…The “poor people” are supposed to get jobs, so they won’t BE “poor” anymore…Why do you want people to stay “poor”?

      • The reason it’s PT is that obummer, with his unaffordable don’t care act, has caused employers to reduce a 40 hour work week down to 29 hours to avoid oppressing penalty’s.

      • I think it’s disposable that large company would rather save money, than help their employees and give them healthcare. If you can’t afford simple healthcare , you only go help when needed. My healthcare pays for check ups, breast exams. In July I broke my leg and had to stay at hospital for a day. I did have to pay deductible. I pay a family rate , but my son hasn’t used services this year.
        I can’t imagine what I would do if I didn’t have insurance .

      • I’m thinking you mean deplorable and not disposable; regardless, it’s not a company’s job to provide insurance or any other benefits. A company’s job is to make a profit for its owners and stockholders.
        If a company can make more profit by retaining better employees, then it would consider benefits. Treat employees better get better results, unfortunately many companies don’t feel that way. Ask anyone in China/

      • Actually , There are plenty of Chinese millionaires. China is the biggest market for BMW’s and luxury items. Sure there are people working in factories and farms, but there is big mid class . Not saying I want to live there if that’s your next move.
        I have to go, if you want to continue Friday, okay . But I think you know my position and I know your’s. Either way , chat later .

      • What? I completely forgot . I did buy cards though . I write them out tomorrow, thanks for reminding me.

      • It is not your employers responsibility to provide you with healthcare, especially if doing so eats so deeply into their profits that they cannot keep their doors open! It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you are the most employable you can be and if that means moving or taking an educational course or training, then do so! Obamacare has merely made health insurance more expensive for everyone…it has not improved healthcare one bit!

      • You do know i’ve on this same subject for 6 hours. I’ve answered whatever questions you have hours ago.

      • Don’t worry your little head about it dear. Considering I didn’t ask you a question, I really didn’t expect an answer! And I’ve seen the nonsense you have posted repeatedly on here. I just figured you might want to know that you are owed nothing from an employer, except what you negotiated as your wage when you started the job. Healthcare certainly isn’t part of the deal unless your employer has decided that your efforts are worth the expense it will cost him…as you are barely literate, I can’t imagine your worth to a business would be very high!

      • I started at 9, EST. Now it is 9pm.
        Where’s my OT? I’m going to sleep If you want to continue , we can start Friday , but I will not change my position

      • Of COURSE you aren’t going to change your position…people like you have no concept of working your way out of poverty and moving up the ladder of success, you depend on others to provide for you and are unable to think beyond that minimal check. Welfare HURTS people’s ability to thrive, it keeps people living in poverty their whole lives, it prevents people from thinking for themselves and even worse, prevents people from experiencing the rewards that hard work and personal responsibility provide. You have shown that you do not learn, even from those who have had experience in growing a business…so remain ignorant and poor. I’m pretty sure no one on here cares what you do and I know I don’t!
        BTW, unless you are one of Obama’s Canadian paid posters, you don’t get OT for participating on these boards…it’s all strictly voluntary.

      • This P’s worth to a company would be a liability. Her only worth here is to articulate in a most inarticulate fashion, the vacuous thinking of many like her, while trying to ridicule a person with the stature of Col. West.

      • Tee-ed, why you trippin? I turn on my cel this morning and I see you left me 10 messages in the span of 45 mins. That’s crazy ex girlfriend behavior, don’t you think?
        I see your message came at 6:05 this morning. What did you strick out AGAIN with the ladies? I think it’s terrible that a bar full of women who has been drinking for free at ladies night can’t see what a great guy you are. Maybe you should find a sports bar with guys who like to talk about football, trucks and these strappy heels SJP wears. Or, do you think Olivia Pope will influence nat sec since she’s sleeping with Pre Grant?
        I hope mommy gave you a big kiss on your forehead when she tucked up in last night, bec you are a good boy.

      • You are becoming more and more revolting. I have been iced in near Atlanta, and have found it amusing to agitate you into dumb and dumber attempts at proving you are way in over your head here. You are obviously ill-equipped to even understand my attempts to nudge you toward an improvement in your writing, and therefor the thought that goes into it.
        As to your street talk, such as “What did you strick out ..”, I can’t even begin to comprehend it, although I do speak five languages. Once you are capable in one, please get back in touch.

      • Okay, now I understand…You guys force jobs away because you would rather stay on welfare…I’m sorry, I was having a hard time understanding your position because I can’t imagine human beings demanding to be fed and housed like pets…What a horrible trap the Dems have laid, but you are proving that it still works very well.. How incredibly sad

      • Half the country is working multiple part time jobs in order to keep those welfare rats supplied with their freebies! You think anyone is going to feel sorry for them if they are forced off those freebies and into living like the rest of us working American’s? I can’t squeeze out one tiny bit of sympathy for a single one of them!

      • You think you are so funny. You are the disease that is killing our country. The sad thing is your statement is the truth. Why should you do anything. “poor me. take care of me. poor me”.
        If you have been talking about this for 9 hours that is too sad. The way the liberals run around talking about how its just terrible people are on welfare and poor. That its not fair and they dont want to be on it. Well, there you go. The truth comes out. They like it. Thats what they want. They dont want to work. They dont want to get off of it. They want to complain they dont get enough when they live better than people who are working their ass off to support their family. Because, regardless of what you think, its not every one else responsibility to take care of you just because you “dont want to work”.

      • The are many poor people, who have no benefits and somehow live to raise a family, see their children grow to have their own family’s and so on and so forth, and this is done without depending on government handouts that do nothing more than enslave those that take it..

      • Do they rest of your rep buddies know that ? Bec everything I read is about lazy Blks who scam the system.

      • Wow, Philanthropussy you’re reading about lazy blacks who scam the system, I haven’t read that, sounds very racist and bigoted to me. I live in NYC where the benefit scam is very diverse.

      • PLease using the “racist “word. You people have twisted that word around so much, it has no meaning anymore.

        You need to read your follow posters to see who they think is the problem. You may live in a more diverse area and come in connect with diff people. Most of these clowns don’t even bother to get to know people. “Oh, yes. I have a blk friend” If they really had blk friends THEY would have asked them questions about race.

      • Yeah people are racist, bigots, Jew haters, so what, it’s a free country. I’d rather a person be honest with their hatred to my face then be a hypocrite behind my back.

      • Okay, now I understand…You guys force jobs away because you would rather stay on welfare…I’m sorry, I was having a hard time understanding your position because I can’t imagine human beings demanding to be fed and housed like pets…What a horrible trap the Dems have laid, but you are proving that it still works very well.. How incredibly sad.

      • I don’t know, it think I made my case very well. Stop saying the dems. We have had 4 rep presidents and they didn’t do anything about gov welfare. It’s still here .

      • If you were a grasshopper, I would put you in a jar with everything you would need. A stick , grass, water. You would be so happy. Wake up everyday and thanks me . Day 1 , day 2, happy bug. Then 3 day, you would die due to lack of air . I sucked all the air out while you slept.

      • True, the Reps let the welfare rats stay on welfare in hopes of getting a few votes from the welfare rats or at least avoid being called racists, but at least they aren’t constantly increasing the spending or introducing new welfare programs as the Dems are! Obama has put millions more on food stamps, disability and other welfare programs and has not worked to get a single one of them a decent job! At least TJ wants to give people jobs…BTW, those getting welfare checks can work for low wage jobs or part time jobs just as well as the rest of the country…after all, they are the idiots who voted his guy into office and hold responsibility for sinking this countries economy to this point!

      • yeah it just happens to be at the all time high under this one. Disgusting that you would actually prefer to do nothing and collect a check. What will you do when its gone? Because at this rate it will be. Why should people who work hard, take responsibility for themselves/their family (and struggle) so people like you can just hang out watching tv all day. This is what it all boils down to.

      • you would rather sit on your ass and get barely anything , than work for a living and possibly get some where in life? if that is the case you are in treason and need to be shipped out of America.

      • There’s nothing I would love better than to find a rich husband and sit in my ass all day. Esp if he’s real old.

    • Provided that your area is governed by corrupt “O” crat officials such as:
      A jury just convicted former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, The 57-year-old (Black) corrupt “O” crat, on 20 of 21 federal corruption counts. Prosecutors say he took hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of bribes; also was charged with accepting thousands of dollars in in payoffs from another businessman, his help in securing city contracts.
      The corruption spanned the time before and after Hurricane Katrina struck in August 2005.
      Interesting how the federal money for levee repairs never repaired or reinforced any levees??

      • In a poor community , where the city has prove not to give a damn about. The city sold land to largest real estate comp at reduced prices. Property successful and they go back for more land and same sweetheart deal. All available vacant land sold, what is left ? The land under the poor people, they are poor, nothing they can do, no money to file law suit anyway.

      • Focus. Stay on the subject. We’re not talking about real estate companies. We’re talking about a retail store that is actually hiring people to fill decent paying jobs that would benefit a community, perhaps to allow these poor people to buy their own house and benefit from the rising values; or even more out of an impoverished area.
        Unless of course, you have the corrupt officials, that most likely these poor people helped elect, as in my post below.

      • The city sold the land to a real estate com, which would sell that land to TJ and bring in more stores. Which will eventually push poor people out. The city gas sleazy shown the community they can ‘to be trusted.

      • OK, I read the article again, for the fourth time. I see nothing to indicate a sale to a real estate company. It would more likely be a community development organization working with federal funding to help the surrounding community, in this case, predominately black.

        BTW: the description of “Fair Trade” in bananas and coffee means that the workers in these very labor intensive crops, are somewhat protected as to minimum pay, safety and working conditions. Both bananas and coffee are heavily sprayed with very toxic pesticides. Trader Joe’s probably also sells “Organic” bananas and coffee that are not sprayed. Has nothing to do with race, even though the workers may be predominately black.

      • The company is called , Majestic Realty. It’s in the newspaper article .
        I have to go. If you want to continue Friday, okay . But I know you know my position and I know your ‘s. Either way, it was fun. You kept me on the toes. Chow

      • Forgive my logic, I understand you are not familiar with logic so I will type slow for you. If the land was so valuable, why hasn’t it been sold to someone else? The reason it was sold ‘cheap’ was because it was only worth a ‘cheap’ price BECAUSE of the neighborhood. If you let a bunch of parasites infest an area, they will depreciate that area’s value. TJ was the only company prepared to RISK their capital (capital=product of work, apparently another term you are unfamiliar with) to eventually make a profit in a move they felt would benefit the area. Obviously bringing investment to an economically depressed area is bad in your mind (small as it is). Obviously TJ would never consider offering jobs and opportunity to those poor black folks in that area who are content to continue to live as parasites off of the government dole (aka welfare). How dare TJ, or anyone else for that matter, deign to think providing opportunity to work and raise oneself out of poverty and dependence is a good thing or desired by anyone. Silly me, I’ve now convinced myself that poor welfare parasites are good for the economy and the nation as a whole. How else could socialists and communists get elected without the promise of more government freebies? Please consider performing a post-partum abortion on yourself and any other family members afflicted with your racist liberalism disease.

      • Sweet heart , I’ve been on this same subject all day . I said enought . Whatever , you win. I don’t know what you won, but I hope it makes you happy. Read my old posts. I stand behind every word .

      • Actually, you could not be more wrong about the final results of business moving into area’s where there are poor IF those poor are willing to work instead of sit at home waiting for their government check! The area around TJ’s in Richmond, VA is booming because business IS coming back, apartments ARE being built and locals have JOBS if they wanted them…and if they didn’t want them, they moved on to another HUD neighborhood and kept their check, their housing allotment, etc. And good riddance to them because where there are poor, there is high crime and no city wants or need that.

      • are you mental… push poor people out ? it will give poor people a chance and making money and feeling good about themselves . what your propose is idiotic. you want to keep the poor down and not help them. jobs help people get what they want.

      • You do know I’ve been talking about this subject for 9 hours right? I think I addressed this at hour 4.

      • Actually a lot of blk soldiers stayed in France ( esp Paris) after WW2. The French loved black men and treated them better than this country did so they started, even after the army told the French people not to trust Blks soldiers. There was actually stories in newspapers written by army officers about theiveing black soldiers .
        Blks bought jazz music to Paris and later the rest of Europe.
        I was commending on your use of the word Paree.

      • Get ready, hold on to something. After fighting with you clowns for the past 48 hrs. I changed my mind.
        Shape up or ship out, I would say to these community leaders.
        Let TJ come in, those who want jobs get them, those who don’t- adios.
        “it’s the mentality of being poor” I don’t understand. I don’t think have it naturally. You learn it. Black people needs to see successful blk people not sports stars, rappers, singers. Real people. And not super blk business people. Reg mid class blks. College ed, pro’s, stable family. I know I keep ragging on West, but I feel he has missed so many opportunities to get his point across to blk people. If he would do a tour of inner city schools and simply tells his life story, kids will flap. Bring a doctor, business student, reg blk mom. NO BLAMING anybody.

        P.S. If I had a strong leader like West around when I was in the Navy, I would have stayed longer.

      • One of you clowns said something I couldn’t ‘refrute bec I once said the same thing to my son about making excuses.

      • Mine can fend for themselves, no longer reliant on me or the wife. That’s what comes from a conservative upbringing.

      • I got one that won’t leave. Fool keeps on getting scholarships. Going for masters bec nothing better to do.

      • That’s great news, let him get that masters,wait until after graduation to kick him out or start charging him rent,food and utility’s.

      • I’m getting the feeling something is up with this whole TJ deal. First the city said the land is valued at 2.4m. In the ghetto of Portland, they say 2.4m.
        How long was the property vacant? And did anyone try to do something with it before?
        Why does a luxery gocery store want to do business there? Are they that civic minded that they are willing to spend HUGE $$$ selling a store in the ghetto to people not living there?. Pave roads, visible 24 hr security, lights on poles, cameras. Police on 24 hr notice? Won’t it be cheaper and easier to find some space in the suburbs?
        PLus, don’t you think TJ’s wants people from that community to shop there? It’s very expensive and most foods are unfamiliar. Tofu, seabass at $21 a lb. vegan Greek yogurt, free range chicken. humus chips What????? red pepper thai lamb sausage?

      • Trader Joes is not a luxury grocery. It sell from mostly local farms and it’s own brands, it’s prices are affordable. I think you’re confusing Trader Joes with Whole Foods.

      • Bring music to. In means into clubs. It was Ww1 blk soldiers who brought jazz to Paris. The radio and blk soldiers in ww2. VOA during Cold War .

      • Well maybe your poor souls should get jobs. Unlike what our evil government lies to you, there ARE jobs out there. Nobody wants to do farm work so our farms go under. Nobody wants to finish school so they end up being dumb abusers of the system. So we should pitty them? Not one bit!

      • Did they sell your land or something? This was a vacant lot, obviously not offering income opportunities, mixed income spenders, and no one was living on it if it was vacant. The city does not have to give a damn about you or anyone else, that is each person own job and responsibility. If the city does not give a damn and you want them too, vote smart next time.
        Why and how would you file a law suit for the city selling land that belong to gee, the city? What would you sue for…”they sold land they owned”…that would be like my neighbor deciding they did not like the person I sold my land to and attempts to sue me so I cannot sell my own land.
        Why are you worried about a sweetheart deal? If this is a poor community then obviously the residents of the community are not going to purchase the land. Why not allow them to make any deal they want on their land, especially if it has potential to create jobs, income, community structure, and proseperity?
        You are fixated on development but obviously you want poor communities to remain poor.

      • Land has no value unless someone is willing to pay for it, a business that will service the community and bring jobs to it, sound like a good deal. The real issues is that the black leaders of this community are creating fear, this is used to control the community. What is it they fear “white people” coming to shop in their community (Racist), what! they don’t have Trader joes in white communities in Oregon?

      • Why hasn’t anyone brought up the point of how is TJ going to attract people to the ghetto? Do you think that a person not from the area needs caviar so much, they will automatically think to go to that particular TJ’s. Get in their car at night, drive to and thur the ghetto and leave their car in a parking lot. Come out juggling bags of groceries and a purse, unlock car doors, put the groceries in the trunk, get into my car and drive thru and out of the ghetto? I do that is my safe neighborhood and am still freaked out at night.

      • I made this point to you on another post, but it is worth repeating. Trader Joes is not a high end store, it is all the things a liberal could ask for. They sell their own brands, sell mostly from local farms. You are thinking “Whole Foods” perhaps.

      • Dave, you are showing you are completely out of touch with the times . It’s gin abbf juice, son. Catch up

      • Girlfriend, it is NOT I that am not up with the times. The NEW era is anti liberty and myself and thousands of other patriots will, in time, Halt and reverse the new age of communism. We will NOT allow it – and those who promote it – to remain!

      • Every generation of emigrants that came to America, worked hard, learn to speak the common language besides the language they already spoke These immigrants managed to raise a family, see their children off to school for a better education than were they came from. Those born here on government dole, generation after generation can’t seem to make this transition. The only thing holding these communities back are their own community leaders and themselves. Opportunity is knocking and all that is needed is to open the door.

      • No one needs to speak for them, the community should get involved in their community, Start by attending town hall meetings, see for themselves what is being offered, they can then make their own decisions. These so called Community leaders are holding back the very people they claim to represent. I’ve had my share of community leaders in my own community, they stand there in their piousness, as they see themselves as knight of the round table, fighting everything to the point of nothing accomplished. examples: NYC, “2012 Olympics”, a “Jets stadium” along the West side highway”, The closing of “Saint Vincent’s Hospital”, all these not happening, because our community leaders, stood up proclaiming “we need low income housing”, “We need to raise minimum wage”, “the sky is falling”. So no 2012 Olympic, no jets stadium, and no Hospital, instead of Saint Vincents they built a 450 unit luxury high rise. So much for the community leaders who most likely take payoffs.

      • No one need speak for them, they should do something for themselves, such as attending local town hall meetings, and get the facts and not take anyone’s word for it.

      • Hey, food stamps, welfare, free medical, no need to work, who can blame the blacks? They have it made in the shade!

      • Welfare is a form of slavery, it holds the poor down, for fear of losing the benefits and makes slaves of taxpayers who foot the bill. This is not a black or white issue as welfare is a diverse program and by no means do they have it “Made in the shade”. Programs like this were meant to help those in need, get a hand up but not a hand out.The Welfare program has not accomplished it goals and has become a lifestyle, past on generation to generation. The problem with these programs is that at some point when the number of people on the program out number the ability to pay fr it, everything collapses.

        “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” “Margaret Thatcher”

    • “TJ finds vacan(t) lot in poor blk community. Goes to city……We will build more….attract non area people with $$. —-
      So you would prefer that people with money only spend money in their communities? So basically according to this build in flourishing areas but not poor Black communities, yet still hand over tax dollars to aid in assistance. Good one, your logic is outstanding.
      “Other companies want in land value raises…..new stores. Landowner buys more land…” —–
      Gee imagine that, jobs, economic improvement, improved property rates, ability to improve outlook of community and so on. With better economic improvements comes better schools, better communities, and overall quality of life.
      “Where do poor people go if city saids (says) ‘you have to move bec(ause) we sold the city land?”—-
      If the city OWNS the land the city has a right to what is prosperous for the city and community. So basically you are saying it is the poor persons RIGHT to be taken care of and not their responsibility? Charity is not obligated and neither is hand outs. If you are living on city property and they city wants/needs the land for job creation, real estate improvement, taxable income, fiscal needs then they are acting in their best interest for the CITY.
      “The BLK community already has a long list of broken city promices. What makes them thing the city has their best interest.(?)”—-
      Maybe if you do not own something you do not have a real right to demand how it is used. Best interest, so if the city eliminates job growth, income opportunities, fiscal growth, and continues to dole out the money to these communities they have their best interest in mind? Seriously, you think in “suburban White communities” it is fair to build and expect them to work and pay taxes so poor people can live on CITY LAND and collect a check for privilaging the city with their existance on city land?

      The poor should be taken care of but not at the expense of others. Being poor does not give you exemption of responsibility. Why do areas prosper that have businesses, mixed income, homes, apartments, and commerce? It is because they have economic structures, fair market value is increased, and INCOMES from these establishments that are built. Why do poor communities seem to fail because they object to such things. Easier to rely on another than actually accept what you have and WORK for more. Not all poor people have your attitude thankfully or else no one would move up and out of poverty. You on the other hand have an entitlement attitude towards the poor – entitlement to reap benefits from others work, others sacrifice, government doles that come from working people, and communities that allow proseperity and growth.

      • Jez, that was long. I list interest after two iines. You do know I’ve sent all day debating thus subject. Abd you are coming in when ? Maybe I already gave that answer at hour 4. Go back and rad ALL my post as well as other’s to me .i’m thru baby . It’s miller fime.

    • If that much development is going on, why are there still poor people living there! They should all have good jobs in construction, retail, real estate, etc! And then they can easily move into one of those new apartments or homes!

    • So your ideal results will be to continue living in your own cesspool of squaller and stink. If it were a muslim store you would be jumping at the opportunity. If it were a Jewish store you would let them build it, rob and kill the manager, then burn it out. White racism? YUP! We know how you do!

    • Someone builds a factory, people apply for jobs, the community grows, family’s grow, teenagers perhaps get a part time job and learn work ethics, graduate high school attend college perhaps or go into some other form of work, have their own families, they will need housing to live in. Life’s continuum. Liberals advocate for dependency, while Conservatives advocate for independence.

  78. Trader Joe’s is a fantastic store that offers healthy and very good quality food, often at very affordable prices. The owners of the chain make it a point to cater to minority needs, such as the needs of Jews in my area. They stock Kosher meat and wine at VERY competitive prices to other stores in the area, even though we represent a very small portion of their customer base.
    Black community groups like this one earn influence and power by helping people get on welfare and food stamps, once people are not dependent on them for food and rent money they lose their power. Hence why they don’t want their community to improve.

  79. Ms …pussy sure has a lot of time to troll the internet. Must be on the dole. The idiocy of the Portland protest is self evident. They have severely damaged the future of their ‘hood. End of.

    • Troll? You did notice I was having great conversations with people . Maybe if you came in earlier you would gave joined in.

      • Really ? You stay with me fir a long time , amigo. You saw me as a charity case or someone who FINALLY gave you attention bec no one else will, loser

      • Philanthropussy, I don’t agree with you on the main topic, but I applauded that you are posting as a liberal on a conservative thead. It’s easy posting when you’re part of the choir. This thread would be boring without some misguided opposition.

  80. It is so sad to see that most black people failed to see that “black leaders” has no best interests for the black community. They are only there to keep black people in back of the bus while they drive and then promote their family members to take over. Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton.

  81. Wow, Trader Joe’s is racist! And here I thought they just sold good products for a very good price! Dang, guess that means I’m a racist too because I’m certainly NOT going to stop shopping there! And I kinda doubt any of their black employees are going to stop working there!

  82. I am not African American but do live within 15 blocks of this land. It’s more about a sweetheart deal for the land purchase given to a foreign owned company when a local Portland or at least Pacific Northwest owned company would have been preferred by many residents of this community. The property was worth three million and the city ‘sold’ it to a California developer for five hundred thousand dollars. Low income housing was proposed, but the city would have none of that. It’s a complicated redevelopment area that requires a little more thought about land use choices than it was given. This article has simplified an issue without giving it the scrutiny and in depth information it deserves. The very fact that an African American group organized opposition to the ever creeping white gentrification of an historically black neighborhood in Portland and WON is awesome! Will city planners continue to seriously take notice of a generally ignored minority voice in this primarily white city? We can only hope.

    • you don’t want jobs? you don’t want your economics to raise ? so they sold it to an American company for a lot less money than they coulda sold it to a huge company that out sources….. your right that’s racist trying to help a poor neighborhood do better create more jobs..smh

      • Try ni66er. Why do you think justen knows so much about ni66er’s, he is one. His father was a ni66er, although it could have been any of the ni66ers in his building even his ni66er mother is not sure. He hates himself because hes about as ni66er as you can get.

      • Agree or disagree, but since you probably do NOT live here, don’t begrudge us – black or white – having a voice in its use. City Hall certainly listens when upscale neighborhood home owners (from the likes of Irvington or Hollywood) object to proposals that affect them. Is it not equally important that they listen when less affluent residents like us (from the King and Woodlawn Triangle neighborhoods) speak too? The question was: Will city planners continue to seriously take notice of a generally ignored minority voice in this primarily white city? Frankly, I would be delighted if more people not directly affected hope and work towards this because that would mean they might more clearly understand the basis for the question. Portland has more than enough all white neighborhoods. The entire city is so white …it’s kinda weird. The diversity of this neighborhood in question is unique. Many believe, myself included, it benefits us all if we fight to keep it that way. Organized opposition to ‘gentrification’ is the only way one can even hope to win this battle.

      • I love it, that word “gentrification”, I remember when white people fled a black community’s is was called “white flight” and white people were racist, as when they fled NYC community’s such as Brownsville, Bushwick, and East New York. In a small neighborhood “Canarsie” (name after the Natives who lived there,side note:sold Manhattan to the Dutch for 60 Guilders) in Brooklyn, NY back in the 1970’s there were riots.Canarsie is now an affluent black community, made up of educated family people, who emigrated from some island in the caribbean. Good thing they didn’t start out being born here.

      • Canarsie is not “affluent” …it is a run down black middle class area…Canarsie was affluent when it was White…95% plus percent of the American jews and Italians ran out of there between 1990 and 1995…..
        Not only was White flight “racist”..(due to murder, rape, robbery, gang attack warfare) White “gentrification” is also “racist”…
        Can you believe that these White yuppie braindead imbeciles pay 600,000 for a worthless crumbling destroyed former crack house in Brownsville and stupidly feel guilty about pricing out “the people”… ?
        When the Whites fled those Brooklyn slum areas in the 1950’s and 60’s I’m sure the negroes who bought their houses for 25 cents on the dollar felt guilty….

      • The Black family’s who bought in Canarsie, were affluent, bought at inflated prices, the real estate people “block busters” (one broker got firebombed, but survived) made out like bandits, after that the white population fled and prices fell, real estate brokers made quick turnovers. Today the market is good in Canarsie, is still a middle class community, not as diverse as it once was. Canarsie had a lot of mob ties back in the day (watch Goodfellas, “Bamboo lounge”, corner Ave N & Rockaway PKWY ),

      • Canarsie has a lower population density (less crowding) than New York as a whole, and also has a higher per-capita income as of 2011, the latest data I find.

      • agreeing or disagreeing with what happened is only conversation without commitment… the people who live there are the ones that will either benefit or suffer from the consequences of the decision. not anyone else.

      • Part of the debate reflects uncertainty as to how much shelter any community should against change. In most areas I’ve lived in, change has been never-ending. Making one area static is conceivable but it will come at an expense. And, what happens when a black, or other ethnic person, wants to move to another place and wishes to sell her or his house at the highest market value? Will there be a restriction on who can buy the property based on that person’s race? What about the people who live in the King area now, and want the area to increase its desirability and status. Is it justifiable to “keep them in their place” and force the area to remain not much wealthier than it is now. At some point, calls to keep the King area as it is now borders perilously close to apartheid.

    • Thanks for getting some of the truth about this site posted. There is also a problem with drainage and a sewer pipe which runs directly under the area that would house the store. Had this been a truly good deal for Portland and for the neighborhood, there would not be the opposition that we’ve seen. I am not black, not a resident of Portland and not looking for arguments. I saw the original post and emailed it to some relatives who do live in the general area. They both sent me more detailed and factual information. Not everything we see on the “net is the truth, or the whole truth. Research what you read before passing it on as gospel.

    • “The very fact that an African American group organized opposition to the ever creeping white gentrification of an historically black neighborhood in Portland and WON is awesome!” This has to be the most outlandish line of bullshit I ever read!!!

      • I thought this land was an historically Indian territory. Am I wrong? Did other races come first to the area, only to be displaced by the Indians? Please clarify the history for me.

    • I see maybe 10 people in the photo, doesn’t look like a massive protest, but I’m sure the negativity surrounding this has caused Trader Joes to back out. Good luck with your empty lot.

    • 1st off the Property isn’t worth 3 Million. Unless someone is willing to pay 3 million for it isn’t worth anything.
      2nd why should any business that is willing to hire and sell to anyone put you in such a fit? ?

    • The grounds of the community rabble rousers complaint is that it would make the community desirable. If it were a sweetheart deal, that’s a different issue. They didn’t seem to mind that. The only complaint was white customers.

  83. The Notion of displacement is also known as “Aggression by Population” in different parts of this world. The fear of the current population is they will not be able to keep up with the new more affluent population. Just look around the world, this is nothing new. However there are 3 books that I would suggest reading for those with the desire to… 1) Inspiring “Bible” 2) Motivational “The Magic Story” 3) practical “God speaks to a farmer”

  84. This is absolutely the dumbest stunt I’ve seen yet from professional race baiters. Oh well. More Trader Joe’s for everybody else.

  85. this what i am saying the president of this country doesn’t know anything he said he taught history I wonder what history he taught because the history of America is that God did something to bring the pilgrim here in the USA he is not even come close to know the history of this nation what’s that telling you? it tells me that he is full of crap