Has Petraeus stepped into a Clinton minefield?

I subscribe to several military email networks and this week they’re lighting up about one very big story — the revelation that former Army General David Petraeus supports Hillary Clinton as President.

According to a New York Daily News report by Adam Edelman, “Former Army Gen. David Petraeus, who has traditionally stayed away from political endorsements, appears to be eager to support a Hillary Clinton candidacy, a new book alleges.

“She’d make a tremendous President,” the former commander and CIA director reportedly says in the new book HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton, by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes. “Like a lot of great leaders, her most impressive qualities were most visible during tough times,” Petraeus adds.

If I recall correctly, during a CBS 60 Minutes interview current National Security Advisor Susan Rice was asked why she did the Sunday talk show rounds after the Benghazi attack and not Secretary of State Clinton. Rice’s response was along the lines of Hillary Clinton had a very emotionally draining week.

Hmm, so you wanna be the Commander-in-Chief, but ya had a bad week and were just too exhausted to answer questions about the murder of a US Ambassador and three other Americans? Yep, that certainly is a display of impressive rigor and resilience during a tough time.

Perhaps General Petraeus was referring to the tough times of logging all those frequent flyer miles as President Obama alluded to on another 60 Minutes interview with the former Secretary of State.

I think we can all agree the “reset button” with Russia and President Vladimir Putin demonstrates great leadership and has obviously borne fruit. Not.

According to the new book, the unlikely pair became friends while Clinton was Secretary of State. Apparently, soon after taking office, Clinton invited Petraeus to her Washington home to drink wine and discuss Middle East issues. The night was so enjoyable, she invited him over again the next night to continue their chat.

So what do you think of this liaison? Seems like General Petraeus wants to be relevant again. He was a good general but failed to avoid the minefields of politics.

He should never have accepted the CIA position in the Obama administration. It’s widely known in military circles that General Wesley Clark, while not highly regarded by many retirees, is a close acquaintance of the Clintons as well. Seems there may be some “jockeying” for future positions in the event of a HRC administration. I would suggest General Petraeus beware the minefields.

He might do well to study the career trajectory of Generals Colin Powell and James Jones for additional insights.


  1. The GEN is an elitist. Has an affair which he knows is wrong. He is just bucking for some gov’t job when hillary and her wife are elected.

  2. Let me see, a disgraced Sec of State married to a impeached President, a disgraced General with keeping it in his pants issues and the ever present impeached President wanna be first man of the house with keeping it in his pants issues. Sounds like a great platform to run on for a Liberal Presidential race but don’t forget to hide your women!

    • That disgraced Sec of State has consistently higher pole numbers than any rep presidential candidate tu jour. it’s so sad your party is so desperate to discredit Ms Clinton, , you have to go back 16 years for any info. Wow !!! And you people cry foul whenever anyone brings up Bush and the war he started.

      • That disgraced Sec.of State has a Benghazi episode that is fairly recent, and resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans. (What difference, at this point, does it make?) Obviously, to America-Haters, it doesn’t matter…but to Americans who understand what is at stake, it is VERY important.

      • And your side is going to hammering it and hammering it and hammering it until when? That’s all you have . Hillary is going to go on TV and answer all your questions, clear it up for the country and move on. You people will never except anything she saids and will continue with your “unanswered ” questions or “new evidence “.

      • And this is our fault how, exactly? It’s the fault of the party who fosters the atmosphere of supression…dumb them down in bad schools filled with unionized teachers with little incentive to TEACH, and let them eat out of their hands…they will be our stupid sheeple FOREVER!

      • Except she will lie and side step and accept very little responsibility…at this point WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?

      • what rock have you been hiding under to think we have to go back 16 years for corruption from her? And even if you were correct, which you are not, why would 16 years passing absolve her from her disgustingly poor leadership and criminal transgressions. She was removed from the Nixon hearings years ago because she was unethical. Get a clue she hasn’t changed, just a better propaganda machine!

      • Don’t even waste your time arguing with imbeciles. Progressivism truly is a mental disorder. There is no logic to their reasoning and facts are their kryptonite! Proof positive right here, heh? LOL Don’t even engage the troll. Ignore. Ignore.

      • It’s funny how people who stand up to you and call out your crazy talk, turn to “imbeciles” when you can’t come up with anything to defend your position.

      • Most recently 4 in Benghazi. So much for the professional politician, Hillary.

        What difference does she make? The difference between right and wrong and she is wrong.

      • You have to explain to me what right and wrong is. Bec as soon as people start throwing money around, taking sides, asking favors, things get a bit fuzzy. Look what’s happening the Gov. Christie. He’s in hot water in NJ, but he has raised big bucks for rep governors. And that’s with the liberal media on his back.

      • Do you hear yourself talking? I can’t believe you give the liberals and the liberal media such power over your life and forced you to accept it. Obviously you are capable of questioning info that is presented to you. Internet is free, censorship is illegal. Nothing can force you to do anything. I’m not a where of a standard issue weapon given to all liberals for use of persuasion.

      • I agree with you completely about forcing people to buy it. I think O-care is a great idea, but it should have been a choice. That said, all pres use the media to support whatever agenda they have. ALL. I think the media has been fair with O care coverage.

      • Then you really are not thinking. The media has been a lapdog for Obama & ObamaCare. The MSM is NOT asking the tough questions. You are delusional if you think the MSM has been fair.

      • No I give Bush lots of credit . I’m one of these Amers who support all presidents no matter what party. I guess I’m old school that way . This country is too divided and it’s only going to get worse. I wonder what will happen if the reps take over . Who’s going to be the enemy? They can’t even agree within their own party . GOP just agreed to lift the debt cieling . Guess who is threatening to hold it up?
        That!’s okay, man. Do like the demos with Bush and blame Obama.

      • No I give Bush lots of credit . I’m one of these Amers who support all presidents no matter what party. I guess I’m old school that way . This country is too divided and it’s only going to get worse. I wonder what will happen if the reps take over . Who’s going to be the enemy? They can’t even agree within their own party . GOP just agreed to lift the debt cieling . Guess who is threatening to hold it up?
        That!’s okay, man. Do like the demos with Bush and blame Obama.

      • Hey, you know da’ English language, heh??? Your grammar belies your inept usage of our language and thereby reflects your low, low level of education. You’re making a total fool of yourself, but rock on……we all could use a good laugh! LOL LOL

      • Wow, that was quick. You caved in too easily. I always know when your side can’t come up with anything better, so this deflect and insult.
        I am not encumbered by the structure of words. I am freeformed.

      • So other than an inept wife who tolerates a randy husband (who is also a serial sexual abuser and violates most laws pertaining to sexual harassment), she is known for taking a job with Rose Law Firm (similar to Michelle Obama being hired by a large hospital for a no-show job but to channel political pork to the hospital)….and her corrupt $100K in cattle futures, and a total zero accomplishment as a Senator…and inept bungling as Sec. of State…what has she accomplished (and, at this point, what difference does it make??)

        I recall the left wing loonies trying to drag out stories about Bush’s Air National Guard service (and how Rather and friends FORGED documents to smear him)…and the left wing was oh-so-ready to trash GWBush for events that were more than 30 years in the past…but they came up EMPTY. Yet if conservatives go back 20 years to show a pattern of ineptness and corruption – you guys squeal like stuck pigs, and complain about us going back to the past. HYPOCRITE is thy Name!

      • I think you people are peaking too early. It’s going to get difficult to maintain the rehash of the rehash .

      • You republican conservative people. What do you think I mean whitie? Sorry, I don’t see color and respect all races.

      • If it’s “pole” numbers…perhaps Bill’s girlfriends stripper poles…but if it’s “poll” numbers….just wait until we are deep into campaign season….polls of today mean nothing.

      • Go back even further – the witch has been a known dishonest entity since the early 70’s when she was summarily fired from the Watergate investigative team. You reference “Bush’s war”, that would be the one Killary voted for? Yep, same war. And it is “du jour: and “poll” numbers. Why should we settle for someone with such a checkered past? Surely there is SOMEONE in this country without all the negative baggage who can do the job. If your party didn’t have the media cheerleading for whatever loser you put up, this would not even be an issue.

      • I said you guys cry when anyone mentions Bush, not agreeing or disagreeing on war, just the meer mention of it makes you poeple gag.
        As for her checkered past. I hasn’t stopped her yet. Her numbers are still high and you people still consider her a contender.

      • you really need to go do some research about WHO started the “war” the demonrats kept on about so damned insane having WMD’s and AMERICA HAD to do SOMETHING that OLD whore polesi is on record saying this, the demons kept on and on until they got what they wanted WAR because of the WMD’s NOT because bush wanted it so badly, and NO I am NO big fan of bush so don’t even bother with that sh**….you dimwits just do NOT get it do you ?? Clinton is a liar and a MURDERER not once but several times and IF you think her past has NO bearing on her now or future you really need to wake up !!!!!!!!!!

      • So it ok for you to bring up Bush but not for me to bring up Hillary’s and Bill’s past, deal with it or go somewhere else. Let me see did any of his business partners die under strange circumstances or anyone bring up questionable ties to money making schemes? Bush did not go to war with out Senate and Congressional approval but fact is lost on you. Did Bush spend more time with his pants down than up in his life like ole Bubba! You can spin your veil anyway way you need to keep yourself in the dark but she is a joke!

      • You reps are going to have to find some hard cord deodorant to hind the putrid smell of desperation. Rehashing nonsense . You do know you have two years to go and you are using up your best info. Pace yourself.

  3. “Like a lot of great leaders, her most impressive qualities were most visible during tough times,”? Where was she when the embassy was attacked?

  4. Petraeus had to switch to the donkeys – they were the only ones willing to forgive him for cheating (like they forgive their idol donkey presidents) – he’s only worried about his own cheating self! Democrats (My X party) are just LOADED with liars and cheats and frauds! It’s what they do. (pitiful) So happy being an Independent once again. Keep up the Fight Col. West! We need honest brokers in politics! They are rare and precious things! 🙂

  5. My first thought when I heard that Gen. Petraeus thought HRC would make a good president was that the Clintons must really have something on Petraeus to make him have said that.

    • Petraeus, as well as all members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, had to be informed of the administrations illegal running of guns from Benghazi to AQ linked Syrian rebels for months before the Bhengazi attack. Petraeus then contributed to the cover up by both signing off on the fraudulent “talking points memo” and then lying at least once to a congressional investigative committee. So yes, if Clinton goes down, she takes the ship with her. (And for that reason, she will never drown.)

      • And if Hillary rises, so does Petraeus. “What a sticky web we weave when we practice to deceive.” I agree, its probably about Benghazi. The lady doth protest too much…”What difference does it make???”

  6. Wait a minute just last week he was saying that the affair was manufactured and he was forced to resign to protect his family……and to keep him from going in front of congress……..now Hillary would be a great president. Guess they are still blackmailing him and his family!!!!!

  7. THIS is how you get a great post or government job if the person you endorse wins. He is just as ambitious and conniving as any other politician I guess.

  8. And yet she is the one that attacked him over Iraq … Sir, what the hell happens to our stars when they rise in the military? I think they get too far removed from the troops.

  9. Wow……I wonder how much he got for that endorsement. As far as I am concerned, to endorse this “woman”, (and I use that term lightly), he has stabbed all those that served under him in the back.

  10. The once honorable General Petreaus has now jumped the shark into politics and at the same time lost all credibility. Sad, I felt he did well as an Officer in the Military.

    • Politics certainly ain’t his game.

      Just as one must have loyalty to one side during war, one must also have loyalty to one side in politics. Maybe we all saw him as a conservative (like Colin Powel) but he is not.

      Just as Powel is testing the Democrat waters, so is Petraeus. Perhaps Shillary knows that he’s bisexual, but in the military world he’d be seen as gay.

      Watch him come out of the closet and be supported by all the Democrat Party.

      He’d become more important than God himself if he did that (whether it were true or just a political move).

  11. I still think the Clinton’s, and perhaps the administration has something on this guy…the contents of this book shall remain a mystery to me…I ain’t buyin’…

  12. General Petraeus is probably sexual relations with Hillary. You know,what’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander, except in reverse.

    • No, he has better taste than that when it comes to his mistresses, if you remember his humiliating downfall when he crossed swords with Obama and they decided to destroy him. Shrillary looks a lot like his wife.

      But wasn’t it Shrillary who called him “General Betray-us?” I don’t know about you, but I pick my friends better than that. Sure makes me question his judgement.

  13. Gen. Petraeus… Jesus waited for them to come and nail him to the cross for our sins… I see you sir have sold your soul to the devil for money….

  14. Sometime around this is when Clintons C-12 Huron crashed at Ahwaz international airport while secretly meeting Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad . The landing gear collapsed and navy seal commander Job W. Price was killed and Hillary received a concussion. We were told price committed suicide and Hillary had a concussion from a fall…find story at http://www.SaveAmericaFoundation.com

  15. Petraeus is a sell out to his oath. All once respect I had for him vanished well before this. He was used by Obama and now it seems Clinton got her hooks into his soulless being. I predict that he will go the way of Clark, Powell and others who violated their their sacred oath to the country. General McChristal seems to have the right stuff after all.

  16. As you said, I think this is his way of trying to get into the political game. Since there’s not a clear cut GOP candidate, he figures his best bet is to hitch his wagon to Hillary.

  17. Some one has yet to put together any criteria or evidence of same that would qualify this person for anything. She had a great education that has been used to circumvent the law perhaps she is presidential after all.

    • alnga, Hillary is DEFINITELY Presidential because she has the same appeal/popularity as Obama prior to his run.

      Don’t forget that JUST because she has NOTHING on her resumé except for the Benghazi which at best the democrats call an accident which couldn’t be preventable and at worst an accident that WAS preventable (like Congress says) but is DUE TO the “fact” that the Republicans cut expenses to the embassies for the extra needed security details “that Hillary wanted” and “said over-n-over she needed”.

      Where the truth lies on that I have NO idea but the democrat voters most CERTAINLY are not going to hold the Benghazi event against her (like the POTUS did). Remember that Obama was extremely popular with the crowd, the blacks, the minorities and the women and some (of the poorer) white voters too.

      He charmed them. He bought their souls (with Obama phones in Ohio). He won the Presidency on his good looks. The Democrats think Hillary is “good looking”.

      She’ll have every single vote from the women, likely minorities and blacks, and maybe some of the (poorer) white population too. It’s a winning Democrat formula.

      If she throws in some Hillary i-pads for free to everyone in Ohio, then she’s a shoe-in candidate. The Democrats do what works in a modern-day society.

      We conservatives do not. No goodies, no freebies, no hand-outs. No free cookies for the masses.

      We haven’t learned.

  18. the one question we need answered is when he said this> lead time for a book from major publishing house runs quite long… he may very well have said this when he was still part of the Obama/Clinton Administration & thusly parrotting the party line??

      • What REALLY happened at that moment and in the week prior to the Benghazi event which made a Congressional investigational panel find that it was preventable??

        Did she really not answer the phone? Were she and the President even there? Where was VP Biden who should take charge if the president does not or cannot, and the Sec. of State does not or cannot? This definitely brings Biden into the fray, too!!

        Was this a set up to make the Republicans look bad for reducing money for security details at the embassies… because the other embassies were hit that day as well… on 9/11/12, NOT just Benghazi, but apparently the Cairo embassy too.

        Did the POTUS tell his brother about the security lapse at the embassies who then told the Muslim brotherhood? We know his brother is in cahoots with the terrorists, even al-Qaida perhaps, but some radical group in the least.

        Or did the POTUS tell the Muslim brotherhood himself about the security lapse and they went Forward with that information and hit all the embassies based on first-hand knowledge, and the POTUS arranged it so all the important people in the WH would NOT be present to respond to an early morning call from the Navy for special op. reinforcements.

        These two conspiracy theories involving the POTUS or the POTUS and his brother may be far-fetched as apparently there is no link between WH and the embassy terrorists, but perhaps evidence just has not come forward and as usual is being covered up in the typical Obama WH administrative fashion.

        And WAS there a call from a Naval commander stating that help was on the way to the embassy and “someone called it off,” or is that someone’s imagination? Did it really occur? Was that really said? Were special ops. truly on their way? Or, did someone really call it off and a cover-up was initiated in the normal Obama administrative fashion??

        Or again, did Hillary just not answer the phone at 3 AM? With the lies coming from both Hillary and Obama, and the likely massive cover-up to squelch all the lies and real information on the Benghazi event which took place prior to the last Presidential election, we may NEVER know the truth about it.

        It is most unfortunate that an administration like this one would go to such great lengths to hide the TRUTH from We The People just so that they could go on sitting in their seats of power.

        We MUST rid them of these seats Nov 2014 and 2016.

      • If he were being blackmailed, don’t u think he could find a way to reveal that somehow?

        Don’t u think that he could become a whistleblower… like say, Snowden?

        Or, do u think if he were to reveal that he is being blackmailed he will have to go into hiding for life like Snowden so that he is not knocked off perhaps by the Hillary crew-monsters?

        And if people are saying General Petraeus is doing favors for the Hillary-meister, for Killary, by knocking them off, then why should he be afraid of Killary in that if he stops ‘working’ for her she won’t have her designated hitman in him to knock him off anyhow?

        Or do u think that petraeus has done something so badly, like execute or place a hit on someone himself which the Clintons have found out so that they have blackmail info on him for the rest of his life/military-political career?

        Inquiring minds want to know.

      • I’m a neoconservative actually Duane.
        I’m just trying to get at the truth as to why Betrayus has become a turncoat.
        It’s in our best interest to know if he did it because she slept with him, or he killed someone so she has blackmail material, or if he is willing to kill for her for money, or if he is just “cuddling up” with Hillary because that’s what he perceives is the best way to re-start his career.
        Read my post again. I know it’s long and confusing, but essentially it says what I just summarized in the paragraph above in brief.

      • He didn’t kill anyone but he sure as hell covered up the lies about Benghazi. He then immediately retired under pressure by the Administration because of an extramarital affair (they had known about for some time).

        It was totally out of character for him to lie, which makes me ask why lie about that, at that time?… Blackmail, maybe?

        FWIW.. trolls can be of any political persuasion. I don’t make a distinction.

  19. So sad the left can’t process all the infractions of the people that lead them (they don’t lead me, except by force)…If we, as concerned citizens, could figure out what fuels their thought process, and how to encourage a paradigm shift, we will have cracked the code of why this country is spiraling down at warp speed…

    • They are fueled by selfishness and ignorance. Selfish by voting themselves never-ending entitlements and handouts, and ignorant by not knowing (or fully understanding) how a free, capitalist republic actually works as envisioned by the founding fathers.

      • Although I’m a neoconservative, I’m very fond of the ‘teachings’ of Thomas Jefferson because I have found him to be quite a conservative ‘Democrat’ (although he was probably more like a Democratic Republican anyhow).

        So, one of the points of Jefferson was on corporations. He did not hold these in very high regard. He felt that corporate interests would never have the People’s best interests in mind.

        He always thought that corporations would put self-interest first and everyone and everything second such they would get so big and powerful that one day they would rule the land rather than the People.

        In many respects he is correct because many corporations today give massive donations (to both parties) for candidates’ campaigns and contribute immense amounts to PAC’S (political action committees) and super PAC’s to influence politicians on Capitol Hill in the Congress.

        I’m not saying that Capitalism is not a great economic system, because I really believe that capitalism with it’s corporations and free market/free enterprise system, if done in a mostly Laissez-faire way is terrific, but it is not without its faults.

        Wouldn’t Jefferson be amazed today to see how his statements have turned out to be SUCH an accurate prediction of Corporatism (along with its associated, problematic cronyism) in today’s modern world…!!!

    • Supposedly NO democracy has survived more than 250 years, so maybe it is just inevitable.

      Former President Adams said there is more blood spilled in creating and maintaining a democracy than in both an aristocracy and monarchy.

      Given that Americans do not have a fondness for blood, I doubt many are going to want to fight for the maintenance of a democracy. Words are good but actions are stronger.

      With the dissolution of freedoms daily over the last 5 1/2 years, we’ve seen very little actions and very much words. But, I’m certainly as guilty as the rest.

      Perhaps is just too strong for We The People at this point… and we’ll just have to accept the inevitable.

  20. Two things:

    1) They have more on him. It’s quite simple. Carrot and stick.

    He could never jockey above “perfumed Prince” Wesley Clark, who has been aiding and abetting Clinton murdering since at least Waco. He will take what he can get, though, especially if the alternative is more revelations about his personal life.

    2) “Not.” This should be avoided. It reads as juvenile. I find it impossible to believe this would exit Colonel West’s lips.

    • You couldn’t really mean as far back as Waco? Do u think she needs another lead military ‘hitman’ in her life to beat back ‘the incoming tide’ which occurs with all politicking?

      • If I recall correctly he was the military commander that loaned military hardware to aid in Waco.

        I don’t understand the second comment. I don’t think she needs him for anything except silence. But since she owns him she’ll use the asset if it comes up.

  21. He’s sleeping with her…. Everyone knows Bill is not sleeping with HC. He’s too busy with the younger ladies in his life to sleep with this run down old hag

    • My first thoughts too. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. General Betrayus is endorsing her for something she did for him earlier.

  22. Betray-us Petraeus! Fitting for a wannabe butt-kissing has-been. Once you go down the adultery road, you’re ONE OF THEM! Such a cozy, warm and fuzzy group of infidels, wouldn’t you say? Hmmmm?

    • Someone must convince a group of extreme Muslims to break into the White House and clean up our mess. Its the only way to return to normalcy I’m afraid and restore the balance of government. Perhaps the Capitol building too.

    • Probably a swastika too: she’ll put Obama in as her Secretary of State and Eric Holder as her G/A in the Dept. of Justice.

      What a nightmare!

  23. Troll much Owen? Do us all a favor and walk into the path of an oncoming bus. Since we are all going to hell, we might as well meet you there.

  24. People get exactly what they focus on. Dependency and Anti-Biblical Precepts – A Tyrant. Freedom and Prosperity – An Apolitical Citiizen Statesman who upholds the Constitution and most Biblical success principles (ex. Do unto other as you would have them do unto you).

    • Hmmm. Sounds quite reasonable. Wonder if there is any proof, research or study results on that. Probably the proof is in the pudding: If we didn’t have a tyrant like now, we’d probably have the other. But

  25. ATTENTION MODERATOR: Please observe the comments from Owen J. Ferguson…they are insulting, offensive and are adding nothing to the discussion.

      You want to have the right to silence someone else, taking away their freedom of speech because it hurts your feelings. Get over yourself. That’s what Leftists do. If you don’t like what he is posting, then don’t read what he posts. Don’t try and limit freedom of speech, lest it come back to bite you in the ass. You do not have the right to not be insulted.

      Friggin douche nugget..

    • And he is trying to reinforce that notion with his endorsement of her. The question is, how will people remember Petraeus…as the good military officer, or as the cheater? If the former, then his endorsement will be meaningful and perhaps he will have a chance at a comeback. If the latter, then his endorsement won’t help and his chances decline. Thus, it is now going to be in the GOP’s best interest to play him down every chance we get and/or malign him in the same manner the Democrats did before. Everyone hates a turncoat.

  26. No doubt Hillary Clinton has photos of the General with his mistress is some very compromising positions. It was a set up from the start. NOW, as long as he is useful to Hillary and Obama he will be Blackmailed. When he is no longer needed, he will be eliminated. The General needs to expose his blackmailers.

    • And risk further embarrassment? I doubt he’ll have the balls. It’s political strategy which he is most unfamiliar rather than military strategy.

  27. It’s obvious General Petraeus does not detect leadership qualities in individuals as one might expect considering his past experiences and long career in the military. Of course, this is the same General Petraeus who cheated on his wife.

    • We really better use that information (dirt) against him to further mar him, IF we want to put even a dent in Hillary’s presidential run. Perhaps he was having a second affair with Hillary…? I think we need to allude to that possibility given their close acquaintance, time alone, the environment in which they were together and their friendliness around one another.

  28. General Betrayedus is more like it. What a piece of work! I feel the same about him now as I feel about Colin Powell both careers pissed down the drain.

  29. Hillary is a slippery one: Once u have the military between your sheets, you pretty much have them by the balls. She’s as calculating as the next politician and as manipulative too. To say that she is not looking three or four moves ahead is to truly underestimate her. And now Petraeus confirms she would be a great leader, POTUS and commander-in-chief. I think we just lost the 2016 presidential election. Thanks petraeus.

  30. I’m having a hard time getting my head around the concept of her being a great leader. What has she ever done as FLOTUS, a senator from New York or as Secretary of State that demonstrated the first quality of leadership? I thought leaders stood up and took responsibility for the actions of those under their command. She seems like a contortionist in the way she squirms to avoid accountability. Now he had said great liar I could easily understand that

    • Were it not for Bill, we would not know who Hilliary is. You’d think that fact would not sit well with the Women’s Liberation Movement.

  31. I think we have lost focus of the real reason the republic was established the way it was back in the day. She (HRC) can’t get to the White House without votes. Put out the word through channels and not elect her. I promise I will not vote for her. I would have more respect for her if she would stand up and say “Hey I screwed up Benghazi, and it is my fault and the advice of my staff’s fault that those 4 American Souls were murdered”. But until she admits that she made bad decisions, I think her chances in 2016 are hopeless, as long as we the people exercise the right to vote with our hearts. I speak as a person that has protected dignitaries in combat zones. Support should have been sent to their aid and it wasn’t plain and simple. Somebody should be held accountable. Godspeed to Mr. Allen West, and keep up the good work.

  32. He was a Great Leader in who helped turn the tide in Iraq & Afganistan with his counter insergancy doctrine! But as West said he’s walking in a Mindfield, With a blindfold on! After he left the military he went downhill Fast! Washington is more dangerous than any battle feild he’s ever been in. Unfortunately he has Become a Causality in Washington already! “The Lowest for of Life on the planet is a Politician the Lowest form of Politician is a Liberal Democrat” G. S. Patton!

  33. Look, Petraeus served his country honorably. Thank you sir for that. However, as these men climb the military ladder they become more and more immersed in political ambition (not all, but too many). He is doing nothing more than jockeying for political position. I feel that we now have way too many quasi-military/political leaders in the Pentagon. He KNEW that this comment would stir up things a bit and thrust him into the spotlight. Don’t underestimate this man. He is a very savvy and smart man.

  34. Too many are so eager to pat Hillary on the back, hoping it will gain them favor or more..It may gain them something, but they will never again be able to move about without watching their backs..

  35. Would not the election of HRC while still married to WJC constitute a blatant violation of the constitutional 2 term limit ? Such a matter has never presented before. Even if they were to divorce, the clear inescapable reality would be a 3rd term as POTUS for WJC.

  36. Maybee Gen P was just the next in her line of bed warmers, Bill had his and Hillary has had hers. and it is pretty well documented that Gen P. likes the females

  37. On the other hand ( assuming Killary to be the next Commander in Chief ) he might be trying to get Killary to rebuild our military, that Obama has decimated…ergo that would make him a patriot…( On its face this picture may not be as it appears…)

  38. I suspect Petraeus is being blackmailed into submission just like numerous other senior military officers and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Chicago politics at its worst.

  39. They are both “dark agenda” — birds of a feather. Petraeus shows us that his moral compass and political instincts are missing or pointing opposite of where they should be.

  40. Petraeus is a lot like Colin Powell…he is impressed with the size of Hillary’s balls. Colin Powell says that the Tea Party candidate has no chance at the presidency and that we are all racists because we don’t support Congress’ latest attempt to pass an amnesty bill. Let’s prove him wrong! Petraeus….better go buy some fungicide!

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  42. Just more of his dirty linen getting washed out. He just keeps going downhill. And one upon a time (like in a fairy story) he was a well liked and respected man. Not any more. His oath means nothing to him, all he things about is what can I GET, sounds like a while powell does he/it not. So I add the title of traitor to his name, sorry to say.

  43. Did I miss something? Patraeus is a civilian and can endorse whomever he likes. I don’t like any of them but I like all the chatter about irrelevant sex even less.

  44. I truly believe that they brought out the allegations of his affair and possibly passing secrets to his mistress as a way to shut him up about Benghazi. I also think they’re holding something else over his head to get him to endorse that witch. He’s been compromised – just like Boehner, McConnell and Gingrich.

  45. Oh BS. She called him over to discuss his options and blackmail him. The next night was to hear his answer to her offer. I think you can see his response above. Sell out!

  46. A great General has taken another step in the wrong direction. Having an affair and leaving the CIA post for a political affair with former Sec of State is not the direction I thought this man would have taken.

  47. I always believed that Petraeus’ affair was brought out when it was, so they could get rid of him, because he was too good a General. I still believe he is a man of courage and honor when it came to America (who slipped up in his personal life). Knowing how dangerous the Clinton’s are, if he’s going over to her side, I can only wonder if his family has been threatened. The Clinton’s and the Obama’s scare me to death!

  48. I see Hillary Clinton as a ruthless person. She so far has not admitted to mistakes in Benghazi, which makes her unelectable in my opinion. But Democrats think differently and what I think carries no weight. I think Gen. Petraeus seems to be “feathering his nest” with Hillary. Disappointing, yes, but what I think doesn’t matter.

  49. The truth may be vulgar, but, is he porking the pig? When he was nicknamed “Betrayuss, it angered me, but maybe he deserved the nickname!

    • Actually it won’t if you have any type of base to your beliefs. If all you care about is how you are viewed by DC then you are correct, but I disagree with this at least for normal folks with strong beliefs.

    • мʏ ƈօ-աօʀĸ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ’ѕ ѕт­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ք-ѕιѕт­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ мαĸ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ѕ $6з нօυʀʟʏ օɴ тнɛ ƈօмքυт­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ. ѕн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ нαѕ в­­­­­­℮­­­­­­­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɴ ғιʀ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɖ ғօʀ 5 мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн н­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ ιɴƈօм­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ աαѕ $20428 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ ƈօмքυт­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ ғօʀ α ғ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ա нօυʀѕ. ɢ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­т мօʀ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ ιɴғօ SaveJury&#46com

  50. I used to have respect for Petraeus but not since he too the position, he later regretted, from the lying Obama. now he would really be studpider to sign on with the Hittary!

  51. He is really kissing the political butt.Everyone knows HIGH RANKING OFFICERS get promoted and keep their positions by kissing the politicians butts.

  52. There were generals that supported Hitler, too. They actually were the reason their country was just about destroyed because they joined the Hitler ranks. Such people are actually traitors. Wanting to advance themselves at the expense of their country.

  53. If it’s true then she blackmailing him with something more then the affair he had. Black mail is the only way the DEM know how to win and get away with so much. One needs to ask “WHY” is he supposing her? WHAT is she offering him? What is he hiding? He won’t be the first or the last one to fall from grace…

  54. Tell me it isn’t so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has to be blackmailing him. This formally great man just keep falling deeper and deeper into the Dem gully!

  55. Hillary has never seen touch times. She will because Benghazi is not going away contrary to what so many democrats would like to have happen to it. Disappear! History can not disappear anywhere until the truth is known and is accepted as the truth. Hillary remember Nixon and your brief “NO President ever had representation when impeached” you trying to hang Nixon out to dry without representation! Hillary all you know how to do is lie! Know this, Hillary the truth will set you free but will not make you president.

    • Gail,
      Actually she worked rather hard when she was younger. From what she says about herself, she worked every day at her father’s pizza shop along with the rest of her siblings.
      Pell grants existed back then for people to go to college. [I don’t know whether she got one]. She went to college and worked her way through college as well.
      She went to (Yale?) law school where she met Bill, her future husband. He was Arkansas governor and then President and she was First Lady. Prior to that I think she said she was a practicing lawyer, but I do not know what type. Her resume’ now includes Secretary of State, one thing just as Obama had one thing, Senator (and community organizer). Glamor and charm will get her the Presidency IF she wins, just like Obama and NOT credentials. Her husband was the one with the real credentials.

    • Gail,

      The other sad thing is that Hillary may get in on lies. Obama did and is still getting by on lies.

      She will the same thing if she becomes President. The question is, how do we stop the Liberals from believing all these lies which they just keep dishing out like cat food to a cat or dog food to a dog?

      So far we conservatives have not cracked the code for proving to the liberal public that they are being inundated with lies. But like Goebbels, hitler’s minister of propaganda said, tell a lie big and often enough and the public will believe it.

      The liberals are the public who have bought into the big lie that keeps getting told over-n-over.

    • Gail,

      Regarding the Benghazi “affair,” which I wrote more about further below, the Dem’s could care less about this “phony” scandal.

      The liberal sheeple really DO believe the lie(s) that have been told to them by the POTUS and others.

      ALL bad things about their “black” POTUS is just NOT true or is simply “racist” and against black people.

      There is simply no way to bring these people to their collective senses. Although they CANNOT change history, they can as usual just ignore it.

      Remember, those of us who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

      Especially when we are a nation of sheeple.

  56. It seems the military was infiltrated, I suspect they are now purging the ones they could not turn, thus the 200 retired during this presidents term so far. I suspect most general officers remaining, as probably likely to renege on their oath.

    • Someone once said Obama was asking top officers to their faces if they would kill an American and then wait for the answer.

      If they said no, he fired them. If yes, they kept them. Apparently he gave no more specifics than that.

      He is trying to hone a force that will listen to his command without reservation, without thought, without making any decisions of their own as whether or not what they are doing is morally right.

      Remember this became a problem to soldiers after the war when interviewed at the Hague while on trial for war crimes. The interrogators wanted to know why the soldiers didn’t first determine whether or not it was morally the right thing to do (in killing the Jews).

      One soldier after another just said they were taking orders (and orders ultimately went to the top). Just yesterday Obama wanted to use a drone attack to fire upon an American ‘terrorist’ who has betrayed his country and therefore his citizenship and because of his location could not be captured.

      It didn’t indicate in what country this American was or whether he was in a foreign country at all, but it was implied he was in Syria, Yemen or the Sudan because there was plenty of fighting going on.

      When one reporter asked if this American could be in the USA, the answer was that information could not be given because they did not want to ‘tip their hand’ to this American as to where they would be searching for him, his name and when the attack would come because they didn’t want to lose the element of surprise which is important in any attack.

      With all the Obamabots in the military, it makes me wonder every day if we aren’t getting closer to the nation which Hitler built.

      It certainly is disturbing to me.

  57. Damn!!! Going over to the dark side Betrayus!!! The only thing worse than the “gay loving, pot smoking, draft dodging, womanizer”, is the person who married him!!!

  58. Sounds like ole Hillary was hunting some new schlonge besides Slick Willy’s. Maybe Billy Boy was to busy banging a new intern or something.

  59. just another officer who, seeing the future of politics, forgets that he was a soldier. You know, I just cant see David Hackworth, John Ripley, David Grange, Ray Smith, Chesty Puller, Jerry Boykin or Tony Herbert trying to weasel their way into the Clinton Camp.
    Just wondering, when you get up that high , do you lose all common sense and your balls, or just common sense ?
    I remember when Jim Webb started his run for the senate. And one day on tv I see Jim Webb, Pelosi, Harry Reid and other dems at a photo shoot/luncheon of some sort. I remember thinking, you know if this was 1970 Pelosi and others like her would have dog-cussed Jim Webb and spit on him as he walked by.
    Does power mean that much to some people ? Never has to me. I still have to look at myself in the morning when I shave.
    God help this nation.

      • Col. Ripley presented a very good argument as to why females should never be allowed to be in close combat positions back in 1993 time frame before the house armed services committee. Also their is a book out about him. Great read. Col. Ripley is one of the finest examples of what a Marine Infantry officer and a leader is that I can think of. I would have liked to have served under his command. I did meet a SGT who had served under him at Lejeune. He said Col. Ripley was a stud and the best officer he ever served with. All infantry soldiers/Marines should read his story. We need a man like that as president.

  60. Clinton invited Petraeus to her Washington home to drink wine and discuss Middle East issues. The night was so enjoyable, she invited him over again the next night to continue their chat.
    Read more at http://www.allenbwest.com/2014/02/petraeus-stepped-clinton-minefield/#OMYWqyWUuvvH4dfb.99
    Clinton invited Petraeus to her Washington home to drink wine and discuss Middle East issues. The night was so enjoyable, she invited him over again the next night to continue their chat.
    Read more at http://www.allenbwest.com/2014/02/petraeus-stepped-clinton-minefield/#OMYWqyWUuvvH4dfb.99
    She invited him to her Washington home to drink wine and talk Middle East issues and it “was so enjoyable” she invited him back the next night to continue their “chat”!!! Read between the lines (or sheets)!!!

  61. She invited him over to her Washington home to drink wine and talk Middle East issues and that “was so enjoyable” she invited him over the next night to continue their “chat”!!! Read between the lines (or sheets)!!!

    • Wikileaks reports that, yes, they were between the sheets (likely) as apparently they had an affair together. Perhaps it was nothing more than two visits for glasses of win…and the chat of course.

  62. Well, we know that HE isn’t a faithful husband, and we know SHE has a husband who prefers pretty young women… honestly, I couldn’t care less whether their is MORE to their relationship than just “friends”… but I DO care about the MORALS of each of them, especially when THEY have LIVES in their hands… and I don’t trust EITHER!!!

    • “SHE has a husband who prefers pretty young women…”

      You might want to get your eyes checked, he might have preferred pretty, young women at one time, but that was a long time prior to this event, at no point should pretty or attractive be used in the same sentence to describe Monica.

      Hillary would make a lousy President and Petraeus appears to have a desire to return to some form of relevance, but in reality he should just remain retired.

      • Okay RedWing55, point taken… “pretty” may have been the least accurate word I could have used… but compared to Bill’s wife Hillary, I think we can all agree Monica was a slight improvement… but “Young and Dumb” would have been a better choice of words, lol.

  63. Is it possible that Petraeus is seeing something I cannot see? I know she is a gifted person and politician, BUT is that what we need? Is that all we need. I dont think so.

    • Hillary is mainly gifted at destroying anyone who gets in her way. We don’t need HER phone and pen. She has been waging war on Bill’s women for years. She’s very scary

      • Why isn’t ANYONE talking about this, (except me). On all the
        major TV news stations. 15,000 SAMs missing. 3,000 recaptured immediately.12,000 still missing during our tryst with NATO in Libya. On the news for all of 5 seconds
        and then not a second more. I have my spouse as a witness. We saw it together on the news. I said to him, “this cannot be a mistake.” During the second presidential debate, (2012) Romney went after the POTUS on Benghazi. He climbed in the poles. It is
        policy to clue presidential contenders in on major national security matters,esp. if they come close to treading on something particularly sensitive. During the third debate Romney said not a word about Benghazi. Probably cost him the election. He made
        a decision that getting the SAMs back was more important than winning. I am not sure I agree. In hindsight, the SAMs are still missing. We had a smaller than usual security team at the embassy so that we would not bring attention to the
        larger than usual CIA presence in Benghazi-
        there to get the SAMs back. Fast and Furious on steroids? Stevens refused more security because he in particular had relationships with the fringe terror groups and was on board with the program to get the SAMs back. Just prior to 9-11 he did ask for more protection and it was denied. Issa almost let it slip on one of the Sunday
        news/interview shows.

  64. Perhaps Mrs. Clinton is the latest Paula Broadwell in Petraeus’ life, hmmmm? (Incidentally, the surname would better fit Mrs. Clinton. Meow)

    Perhaps a little Hillary tit-for-tat (no pun intended) for all the steppin’ out embarassments by ol’ salacious Willie.

    And perhaps the D.C. grapevine that has buzzed for decades about Hillary’s lesbianism is all just gossip. Hmmmm.

  65. It seems you’ve failed on any number of fronts Mr. West. Political and militarily. I doubt that the General’s Petraeus and Powell , haven’t the slightest idea who you are.All the best on your goofy endeavors here.

    • Given that he’s a former congressman and that congress reached out in sympathizing with him over what happened in Iraq in 2003, I’d say that there’s a very good chance that Petraeus and Powell know who Allen West is. And I can see that you are a typical uninformed liberal.

    • welcome to our daily liberal troll. Sorry but you have had too much of the obamassssss kookl aid and it is effecting you memory on history, or you only read common core books, either way lack of both brain power and common sense can really do a person in. Have a good day. And watch out Hillary might want you for a treesome.

    • Seems the “No way out” is getting free of what you call sensible. If you insult a patriot like Col. West to defend two perfumed princes like Petraeus and Powell, then you deserve the screwing you get from political hacks that do not care about the people or the country, but only their selfish desires.

  66. Anyone who supports Hilary is as insane as she is. She thinks nothing of it to kill for Americans. No one in their right mind will forgive or forget that. Murderous witch.

  67. Hillary probably saved him from a worse fate than he should have gotten from his affair. Perhaps she is even aware of more of his “shortcomings”…now he is indebted…and will pay with his allegiance.

  68. Um isn’t this the same SoS that referred to an active 4 star general as “General Betrayous”? Have aliens stolen our memories?

    • I think we Republicans over here will wish U best of luck in 2032 since we plan to hold the White House from 2016 till 2024 with one Republican candidate and then from 2024 till 2032 with another.

      We are kicking out all the B-U-M-S in the White House and the Congress including your POTUS and your Majority Leader in the Senate, Harry Reid by then.

      So, say too-da-loo No-way-out because there is going to be No Way In for your candidates!!

  69. Is this the very same General Petraues that Ms. Clinton refereed to as General Betrayus, or is the same General Petraues that spilled secrete information to some bimbo?

  70. Are you thinking her Benghazi efforts were steller? She turned her back on our Americans when she could have helped. No way she should be president

  71. General Petraeus, just lost my respect. Could it be that Petraeus has some involvement with Bill & Hilary’s Hit List, the permanent one.

  72. I am afraid the respect I had for him went right out the window. My son in law served under him, and I will be curious to see what he has to say. He really respected the General. This may change his mind. He should have stayed away, and not gotten pulled into the black widow’s web.

  73. What has she got on him? I mean, she seems to have a treasure chest of research on all potential opponents. She decided to take out the big fish first, Gov. Christie. Hmmm. Who better knew about the goings on of DC elites to bag the General out of his Army career? Is he just so enamored with keeping his life and the wife status quo in DC that he would tandem free fall with Hillary? Watch your chute, General!

  74. …man, I smell something. these two were alternately disgraced. you would think both would try to distance themselves from each other. an unholy alliance?

  75. The pro America, constitution oriented Generals are being drummed out of the military. Kind of makes you go Hmmmmm about Patraeus, who Hillary once called General Betrayus.

  76. Patraeus seems to have joined the ranks of the bought and paid for, the scared to be honest, something smells to high heaven list. Shame on him!

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  78. Yeah right, she invited him over for wine and to talk about Bengazi, more like they were making sheet boom-booms. Now he’s following her around like a little puppy lapping at her heels.Best thing Gen. Betrayus can do is keep his mouth shut and his johnson in his pants.

  79. If Petraeus and Clark just disappeared from the scene very few would cry about it. They are notorious leftists as is Powell, who is a backstabber.

  80. Till my last day on the planet, I will say that Sec. “What Difference Does It Make” Clinton would have found the difference if her bacon (or Rice’s or Obama’s) was on the line then they would have started WWIII to have saved their yellow butts. “Impressive qualities?” MIA – yeah right. Now add Gen. “Fired After The Election” Petraeus to the mix and it gets fishyer than Sea World. SecDef? Naaa. Damaged goods.

  81. I think she must have a gun to his head…..Lord knows many people have met there maker when they got too close to this bitch……….

  82. He better worry more about falling out of favor or trust if a scandal breaks out under her Presidency. Ask the families of over 100 people who were mysteriously killed during Bill clinton’s presidency who all had one thing in common.Information relating to nefarious or illegal dealings of the Clinton’s.Look up The Clinton Body Count.whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/BODIES.htm

  83. Don’t know whether he’s just “in the bag” and drinking the kool aid or if he’s in her pants! He should know better!

  84. Maybe he’s eyeing the VP role. Would help Clinton’s credentials to have a former general be a VP. And, my, would that be scary!

  85. Remember back when everyone was labeling him as BE TRAY US rhymes with his name and see WE THE PEOPLE were correct. Maybe a hot date with Hillary since Bill can’t be there. How about his violation of the Uniform Code Of Military Justice for Adultery.

  86. Petraeus is, has been and always will be a traitor to his uniform. He’s a political stooge paid for by Clinton. Hillary’s leadership consists of her ability to hire killers to murder her adversaries.

  87. He should step back and evaluate the body count that exists in her back yard. Seems there was no discrimination with regard to friendship, a colleague, associate or casual acquaintance. Should someone have privy to sensitive information, they then had a target on their backs. The dead don’t talk. The list’s length is astonishing.

  88. Petraeus is cooked…stick a fork in him…I feel betrayed. He can’t be that ignorant. I guess he sold his soul.
    I have read that all the top generals are political animals rather than principled Constitution defending soldiers….and i hope that most in the military will not obey an UN Constitutional order for the sake of America.

  89. I think Petraeus is vying for a Secretary of Defense job in a prospective Hillary administration.

    Petraeus is a political animal, you don’t make it up the ranks to his level without being so.

    One of Hillary’s biggest failures was Benghazi. There is some sort of quid pro quo going on whereby Petraeus helps to partly remove the stain of four brave Americans in exchange for some form of reward.

    And if you are included to “a willing suspension of disbelief.”

  90. what is his problem? First he was forced to resign (so they said) amidst scandal and then he comes back not too long ago and said he was forced into resigning to protect his family. Now he is endorsing her and wants to be a part of her admin.

  91. Hilliary Clinton was the most antimilitary person in the White House. She was responsible for military members not being allowed to wear uniforms in the WH. She also had a policy that when she cruised the hallways folks stood next to and faced the wall – no eye contact. Her Secret Service detail had to be changed on an almost daily basis because she found fault with anyone and cussed them out like a sailor. I would like to think the General is smarter than to become involved with the Clinton machine, but then there was another 4-star who seemed to do quite well with their style, aka GEN Powell.

  92. I think Patreous is a traitor all during the Benghazi situation. It is his fault that nobody knew anything about his secret CIA Annex where two former Seals were Killed. He should be brought up on charges of not telling the American people the truth. I think that affair he supposedly had with his auto biographer , who was also married and had small children, ws all a setup by the Fraudulent Obama Administration . They wanted him out as CIA Director and this was his way out. Have you noticed nothing has ever been said about the Patreous Affair from either side. Patreous is a traitor and should be locked up not fullfilling is Oath of Office to be honest with the American People , like his liar of a friend Hillary Clinton

  93. Birds of a feather. Vince Foster, Jim McDougal, Paula Jones, Monica Lewisnky, Gennife fFlowers, Kathleen Willey, Paula Broadwell, not available for comment

  94. I used to think Patreous.was worthy of respect, but this one is over the top. He would have done better sticking by his earlier sidekick, the military historian, at least least SHE had sex appeal. Liberal American leadership will continue cleaning out military ranks until there is no one left loyal to God and Country (until there is no one left loyal to our Constitution). TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA!


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