Where is Obama’s outrage over Afghan “war on women?”

19-year-old Aisha had her nose and ears hacked off by her husband. She now lives in the US. (Reuters)

As we wind down operations in Afghanistan the question is, “did we make any difference?” Sure, Osama bin Laden is dead — then again so is Saddam Hussein and his sons Uday and Qusay, but al-Qaida is in control of western Iraq’s al-Anbar province. During my time in Iraq and Afghanistan, I remember the most difficult thing for many of us to stomach was the treatment of women.

The most rewarding sight for me during my two-and-a-half years in Afghanistan was watching little girls in their uniforms walking off to school. Nothing infuriated me more than reading reports about a Taliban attack against a girls’ school — funny thing, you never heard about that in any liberal media reports. How many front pages were dedicated to Abu Gharaib by the New York Times? And these liberals want us to take them seriously when they start droning on about a damn “war on women?” I have seen it with my own eyes, and it is repulsive.

So as we prepare to depart Afghanistan, and President Obama is more concerned with campaign promises and politics, I must ask, what will happen to the women of Afghanistan?

According to a report in The Guardian, a new Afghan law will allow men to attack their wives, children and sisters without fear of judicial punishment, undoing years of slow progress in tackling violence in a country blighted by so-called “honor” killings, forced marriage and vicious domestic abuse.

This is in a nation already considering the return of stoning as a punishment for adultery. Perhaps Sandra Fluke and Nancy Pelosi should visit Afghanistan to understand what a real struggle for women’s rights is — nah, that would require courage. It is an Afghan war on women.

According to The Guardian, The small but significant change to Afghanistan’s criminal prosecution code bans relatives of an accused person from testifying against them. Most violence against women in Afghanistan is within the family, so the law – passed by parliament but awaiting the signature of the president, Hamid Karzai – will effectively silence victims as well as most potential witnesses to their suffering.

The traditions of Muhammad established the level of judicial subservience facing women in Islamic countries, where they can be summarily divorced after their husband repeats “I divorce you” three times, and they have no rights in defense.

Furthermore, it takes three men to offer defense for one woman, as her voice alone means nothing. Barbaric? Absolutely, but hardly mentioned in our news.

As the Guardian reports, under the new law, prosecutors could never come to court with cases like that of Sahar Gul, a child bride whose in-laws chained her in a basement and starved, burned and whipped her when she refused to work as a prostitute for them. Women like 31-year-old Sitara, whose nose and lips were sliced off by her husband at the end of last year, could never take the stand against their attackers.

Countries that spent billions trying to improve justice and human rights are now focused largely on security, and are retreating from Afghan politics. Heather Barr, Afghanistan researcher with Human Rights Watch, said: “Opponents of women’s rights have been emboldened in the last year. They can see an opportunity right now to begin reversing women’s rights – no need to wait for 2015.”

What will become of the female Members of the Afghanistan parliament? Those who are serving in the Army and police corps who will now not even be protected from their own husbands? What does it say about our values? So what, we killed Osama bin Laden, but we find ourselves afraid to take on a 7th century ideology that degrades women in the 21st century — shame on us.

President Obama, you and your party like to give lip service to women’s rights. Let’s see what you have to say about this issue after you and the First Lady sit with your daughters in that nice taxpayer-funded movie theater in the White House and watch “Honor Diaries.” I’ve watched it with my wife and daughters. It’s horrific. After you view it Sir, join me in the real war on women. I’ll be waiting for your phone call — quite sure you can get my number from the NSA.


  1. First of all he is a muslim so no he would never be outraged. Second,he also perpetrates it here in the US. One example is he pays the women who work for him less than the men who work for him and do the same work.

  2. So depressing. It almost seems like we started out to fail in Afghanistan, and then Obama came into office and worked even harder to make our efforts a complete disaster, totally ineffective, crippling our military by reducing their number, taking meals away, and showing his utter disdain for our military, for women, and for the truth. Meanwhile, his worshipers actually believe his lies. Sad.

    • We did turn them around till barry got involved. Then he changed it all around to the point where we are just guarding the poppy fields. They regressed because of barry

      • Considering we essentially put it on the back burner in order to fight in Iraq, is it no wonder there wasn’t anymore progress? By the time we returned to “surge” against the Taliban, all of the initial momentum and public support was gone, and we were left with a singular military objective under our CIC: pull out!

  3. Mr.obamas agenda is to continue taking our nation apart whilst giving speeches full of blatant lies and spin to an American audience that is programmed to believe anything he says. His boss, and owner of the Democratic party,Mr. George Soros, has said publicly that America is the only obstacle standing in the way of the New World Order. He hates America, God, and he is a tyrant. He is one of the richest and most powerful people in this world. And he is in our White House, pulling Obamas strings and hiding behind his puppet.wake up America. It s never too late.

    • “taqiyah” An Islamic belief that allows some one to lie when the Muslim faith is being threatened. He may be an American or he may not be American, but he does practice Taqiyah in his own way!! Regardless of definitions it all comes down protecting one’s own ass in the face of a threat!!.

      • What does that have to do with anything? Of course your side is deflecting bec you have no response to my post. So tell your friends to stop with the insults and sit this one out.

      • My nane comes from a joke from the comedian Gorge Carlin. He was talking about those crazy rich people who leave their animals money after the owners die. He said ” what do you call a generous cat? ” A PHILANTHROPUSSY.

    • So, are you recommending that he not use his increased media exposure to stand for them now?

      He is making a pointed effort to get the word out here and now, how does that in anyway put him in the wrong?

      Are you insinuating that he is disingenuous because you lack historical reference of his proclaimed stance?

      • Your assumptions are just that unless substantiated with facts. Perhaps you’d consider giving the topic its due diligence, and consider his documented voting record, as it pertains to protecting women against domestic violence?

        I do not know if he spoke out for the rights of Afghan women then, but he did so here today. That should not be propagated as anything but a step in the right direction, and is consistent with his past stance against domestic violence here in the U.S.

      • “You don’t know if West spoke our for Afghan women rights” Then why do you think I’m wrong? I asked if he did, you said you don’t know.
        Also, West takes every oppountunity to surround himself with male service members. But, when it comes to women doing the same job, he wants to limit them. I guess he thinks women are patriotic enought to want to service their country.

      • You proposed that he did not speak for them while he was in Congress, which was unsubstantiated.
        He did co-sponsor bi-partisan legislation that took decisive steps towards strengthening the protection of women stateside against domestic violence, ensuring program funding through 2017. Had his constituents consisted of Afghan women, one can only assume that he would have stood up for their protection as well. Since he only served one term, what he was able to accomplish seems pretty significant, while his continued efforts to further the cause commendable.
        The column here reflects his desire to see the President use his position to affect foreign policy in a way that might help further the cause globally. His unrelated position on the unlimited serving of women in the military is another topic all together, but it does come from the perspective of a infantry commander who served the position on the front lines of combat, and not from the safety of your arm chair.

      • That’s nice, but I said Afghani women.
        Secondly, I was in the Navy, on a ship with men, and excepted to do the same job as a men. Mr. West cliams to worked with so many leaders while in the miliatry. I wonder how many women came to him looking for help after a sexual assult or after being told they were going to be sent home early bec they reported an assult.

      • I appreciate the spirited trolling, but might take you a bit more seriously if you took the time to spell check on occasion, much less to fully consider what is being discussed. What the Afghan women face from their own men is abhorrent; what our women potentially face at their hands is unspeakable, and should honestly be considered before willfully subjecting any of our own to such atrocities.
        That being said, as a military leader, LCol West would have had to follow the order of the law of the day. As an infantry man, he would have viewed his female soldiers as one might see his little sisters, and guarded their welfare with a determined vengeance. Or so that was my experience in the Marines, and saw reflected in the small unit leadership of his Army Rangers. To pose anything less would be an assumption at best, short of substantiated evidence.

      • I’m not too sure about that. He doesn’t have anything nice to say about women in the military . So why would I think he would want to help a woman if he doesn’t want them around.

  4. …so why is there not significant outrage agaiinst the sanctioned abuse/murder of women in Afghanistan? Why aren’t people of all political views pushing this Admin to be RESOLUTE in standing against such treatment??? And maybe some will say “In a past administration, that president or the other party didn’t do so much.”

    But it’s here & now…what is this Administration/Congress doing???

    • It is not a part of the agenda for barry and the UN. There is no outrage by the MSM because they are afraid of islamists not to mention the fact that they are just a propaganda machine for barry and company

    • There is very little chance ours guys would win a war there ! Without dropping bombs !!
      These people know the terrain they are experienced guerrilla warfare! Can climb mountains and hide in holes Have the people terrified .. Kinda like Vietnam Nam a war with no end! We do not belong there!
      We need to. Straighten America! Feed our own poor and hungry!! I wonder how many of these brave soldiers have families back home using food stamps!!
      Stop all trade with these countries! Send no money! The people who need it don’t get it!, goes to buy more guns and ammo!
      Bring our soldiers home!

    • Vlad, please tell us about the Colonel’s “anti-women agenda.” Cruel accusations are easy to cast. Impugning a man’s honor and character is easy. But in the end TRUTH really will win out. Also please tell me how is the Colonel being crude. I don’t see it.

    • How would you explain his co-sponsorship of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2012 then? Less crude would be to ignore the million dollar slander ads that the House Majority PAC ran against him, and to objectively consider his documented voting record.
      He did unabashedly put the rights of the unborn before those mothers who might feel determined to abort them; if that is what you consider crude, how might you consider those who would willfully end the life of their unborn children? Inconvenienced?

      • the Act of which you speak was largely redundant and most of the programs for women were placed on hold for the sequestration. while he did undo most of the sequestration “cuts” I dont know about those you refer to. I certainly know about the cutbacks to the military tho. His first Press conference was to say, while smiling, that he did not have time to look at all the cuts… that was some time ago.

      • According to votesmart.org, the Sequester Replacement Act of 2012 was passed about a week before HR 4970, which West Co-sponsored.
        It required that not only would current or former spouses be considered when defining domestic violence, but intimate partners would be included as well. This widened the protections for women domestically by a considerable margin, by addressing the statistical likelihood that non-married couples are sources of violence as well.
        If that was the only amendment, it was worth fighting for; additional changes saw that violators of protection orders, and abusers of underage/elderly faced an additional 5 years of jail time, which was a bonus for sure. It’s safe to say that he had a smile on his face when these provisions made it into the final law as well…

  5. I am a TEA conservative military supporter, but what exactly can we do that we are not already doing;.? The millions of $$ given to warlords and Afghan Governors to provide our security and to let children go to the schools we build there. This has not worked. money and lives gone. what next.? it is sad but we cannot fix this.

  6. I am definitely not an Obama supporter, but this is one area where I don’t think Obama or any American can make a difference. I’ve said from day 1 that in both Iraq and Afghanistan things will return to as before once and whenever we leave. We can’t change the ideology of Muslims. Our goal should have been to look for Bin Laden and then come home. All one has to do is look at their violent history, and they call us the infidel, wow!

    • Couldn’t obama at least condemn this type of savagery, Along with the main stream media, If george zimmerman had done this it would be all you would here about.

    • I agree, But to allow it here in America? WRONG! And this is what they. Want!! To be allowed to to practice their law here!!
      My heart goes out to these women and children! But how much aid do they get? How many who go there to help are slaughtered? Innocent victims!
      Australia has already said the Muslims have to go by Australian law, not their Shari Law !! If they do not abide by this they are deported !!
      Now why don’t we do that here!
      While in Rome do what the Romans do!
      All we have done is throw money billions we don’t have to built schools, bribe officials etc and nothing has changed! ,

      • I totally agree
        with you. After 9/11, I naively thought something would be done about our
        immigration laws and the tightening of border security. I was disappointed with
        even how little the Bush Administration did in this area to protect Americans.
        However, the Obama Administration, like most things, has taken it to a
        whole new level. I visited NYC 2 years before 9/11 and I have a
        picture of me standing on top of the World Trade Center. I also visited
        again three years ago and saw the site of that terrible event and the 9/11
        museum, which brought tears to my eyes. For the life of me I can’t understand
        what our government is allowing to happen under the current
        administration. This President’s actions and decisions are putting us
        in more danger than I believe some of us realize. While I was in NYC
        I also visited the Statue of Liberty where engraved is the following
        quote, “Give me your tired, your poor,

        Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

        The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

        Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:

        I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” Bypassing
        Congress, Obama last week once again used executive order to ease the rules for
        people trying to enter the US, including those who have limited access to
        terrorist groups, according to Fox News. Maybe in addition to your tired, poor,
        and homeless, we should now add drug cartel members, terrorist, sex-trade traffickers
        and other criminals, or whoever else wants to come, so long as they’re not
        Conservative of course or one of those evil Tea Partiers. He has kept the
        border pretty much open anyways since he took office so he mine as well make it
        legal. Of course, an even better option would be for those in office that are supposed
        to be part of that whole “Checks and Balances Within the Government plan,”
        might remember that our country was founded on such a principle and finally put
        an end to this abuse of power before we return to a tyranny far worse than what
        we had under King George III of England.

    • You must have no knowledge of what Iraq was like under Saddam, or seen the glittering lights at Christmas, the happy Christians, the well dressed, well educated women. The finest medical care in the middle east, the excellant social services. Perhaps you need to study Afghnistan before we helped overthrow the Russian backed government. We put the radicals in charge.

      • I am very aware of what life was like under Saddam and I am very pleased that the world has been rid of one more tyrant. But I am also aware of the ongoing fight between Sunni and Shiite Muslim factions that have been going on forever and I don’t see that ending anytime soon. Furthermore, I am aware of the Muslim faith and their regard toward women. Unless Americans stay in Iraq and Afghanistan indefinitely then there will be no watchdog to minimize the fighting and the total disregard for women. We occupied both Germany and Japan after WWII and it was worth it, but their ideology was not the same and they were willing to change. I am knowledgeable of both countries and I know that while you can change circumstances, you can’t change a cultures beliefs and that is why I don’t want to see one more American soldier die and I want to see our troops, including my cousin, come home.

  7. Sir you are a man. A man’s man, and a woman’s man. And we have far too few men in America. Thank you for being an example to all young males. Thank you for keeping at the task to which God has called you. I hope and pray that “men” and “aspiring men” rally to your call and we turn back to God and His principles which gave us this nation and sustained it for 238 years. He is after all our only and best hope for deliverance from the destructive course upon which Obama and his ilk have put us.

    Keep forward to the objective.

    There will be national repentance or there will be national death.

  8. The US can not go into a country and start passing laws and demand a culture change. The best was a can is establish safe medical care for women and babies . Pre/ post natal care, a safe clean place for delivering babies , cancer screening, general hygiene , sex ed. I bet the infant mortality rate and women dying in child birth went down.
    PS, a lot of this info , the rep party doesn’t want women in this country to know .

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      • According to FOX IT’s a great place to work. Lots of minority upward mobility, educational reimbursement, stock sharing , they love employing older workers and the disabled , encourage volunteerism and having the pleasure of working for a company that represent Amer hard work and determination .

    • “a lot of this info , the rep party doesn’t want women in this country to know ”
      Nice sound bite along with your other garbage.. Try again, but the Rep party wants all those things for woman, but with responsible access as part of personal liberties and responsibilities, and with sound financial footing.
      “The US can not go into a country and start passing laws and demand a culture change.”
      Anti-Semitism was part of Nazi Germany’s culture and laws… Soooo we should have just left those laws in place?
      Japans suicide culture and laws against foreigners were part of their culture.
      History says you are not only wrong but an immoral fool. A country can and often should, at the conclusion of a war, do what must be done to reform a corrupt culture.

      • Maybe that’s why people hate Americans. Sticking their nose in other countries business without taking care of what’s happening in their country first.
        Also, West agreed with Huckabee’s comment about women can not control thier libidos. I want to know where these wild uncontrolable women are who are tieing up men and rape them? Nothing is getting done in Amer bec men are hiding or exhusted. I wonder how West is handling his wild women?

      • I believe you have misconstrued the comments by Huckabee. Denigrating people does not accomplish any of the things you said we need in your comment above. What is needed is honest discussion without rancor.

      • I object to this board stoke characterization that women are…
        All women are getting their contraception from the gov?
        Then tell Obama he needs to send me a check bec I’ve been paying it myself. Except for the time I got it free from the Navy.

      • People don’t hate Americans. This is a straw man created by the left to stoke it’s wonky base. If people hated America they wouldn’t be coming here in droves, daily. Half the globe wants their nation to emulate the USA economically, technologically, and in governance. You have been brain washed to believe that the globe hates the USA in order to help make of you a cog in the fifth column, to help undermine American esteem and foster a culture of guilt, which evolves to white guilt. If the globe hated us they wouldn’t wear our clothing styles, dream of our shores, or listen to our music, watch our movies eat our food, and on and on. Stop drinking kool aide, and smarten up.

      • in fact philanthro pussy, if you don’t like the way we do things, get the hell out…go back home to your false god and primitive ways

      • Before I go, can I ask you who do you think came and are still coming to this country. Those who were told by tyrants, if you don’t like to then leave. They came to here bec they heard you can think as you want. There’s even a gosh darn law protecting your ideas. So my dear, you are nothing more than a tyrant. You need to leave this country of non conformists, amigo.

      • Hey America!! So many people want to emulate us!!!! Is that why so many Amer billionaires gave up their passports and moved to other less taxing countries ?

      • in World War II, we were attacked by the Imperial Japanese. Then the Nazis declared war on the US, as did fascist Italy.

        Wiping them up was our business.

        Similarly in September 2001, were were attacked by terrorists operating, in part, out of Afghanistan. Iraq had invaded it’s neighbor Kuwait, and we went to it’s defense. But we “stopped the carnage”, a little too soon, and Saddam took it out on his citizens. So we were obligated to fix what we’d broke.

      • i think you might be right on this topic, we should just let the muslimes kill all the people in their country… it’s not what God wants, but they do not not know God…so if you want sharia, have fun, just keep it over there, we don’t need it here…

    • Philanthropussy. Just your name alone tells me exactly the mentality I’m up against trying to reason with you, but, here’s goes my best attempt. I don’t think this article is meant so much to mean that we should be going over there and changing their barbaric laws. Although we, and other countries should. Because as someone mentioned, it’s the right thing to do, just like we changed the cultural laws in Nazi Germany. As we did in Japan. As we did in many countries in Africa. I think it’s meant more to raise awareness of the TRUE war on women because our liberal media certainly doesn’t. No. They are too busy parroting and reporting on what the immoral liberals call a “war on women”. They want you to think that just because we believe it’s not the taxpayers place to pay for birth control pills and abortions, that that is a war on women. The liberals say they want the government to stay out of a woman’s choice when it comes to her “reproductive rights”, but then they say they want the government to pass laws for taxpayers to pay for their birth control and abortions. Can’t have it both ways. What this article is also saying is that the next time a liberal wants to use the ridiculous term “war on women”, we should show them what the real war looks like. If liberals had any shame at all, they should be ashamed to use that term for their petty arguments. It minimizes and detracts from the real abuse that women have to endure over there.

      • Mentality you are up against, really? For the third time today..
        The name came from a comedian named George Carlin. He was talking about crazy rich people who leave money to their animals in their wills. What if animals did charity work with al their money? . What do call a generous cat?
        Secondly, stop with this liberal media BS. (never) . I’ve heard plenty of reports on NPR, CNN, HuffPost, MSNBC. That’s one of the reasons I started watching AlJazeera. That’s where I heard about Malala Yousafzai, and the absolutely terrible rang rapes in India. So tell me where I’m being mislead?

      • Perhaps it was when you said, “PS, a lot of this info , the rep party doesn’t want women in this country to know”. I assume by “rep” you mean the Republican Party, Tea Party Patriots specifically. The majority of people posting here in fact, and Allan West himself being prime examples, who abhor and condemn Islamic terror on women, women being domestic animals, according to the koran.

      • Yes, the mentality I’m up against. I know your name is from a George Carlin routine. Sure, he was mildly funny. But what was funnier was his extreme twisted, liberal outlook on everything. And, your comment only proves my point. Tired of hearing liberal media? What do you call it? They have become nothing more than a cheerleading squad for the Obama administration and the liberal mindset. Name calling? Well, since you liberals are great at it, sometimes us Conservatives have to lower our language I.Q. so you can understand. So, you get your news from Al-Jazeera huh? Wow! You are a bigger moron than I originally thought. If you want to know what’s going on in the world, listen to people who have been there and seen what is going on first hand. People like Lt. Col. West. But you are blinded by partisan hatred too much to listen to common sense. “Liberal media” is all you could pick apart from my post because deep down, you know that I was right on point with the subject matter. So, you do what ALL liberals do. Find one little thing to distract from the point that you are wrong. I’ll leave you with that. Have a nice life son.

      • How do you get a Obama from a generous cat?
        I guess you want me to stick to only one news source. That’s what they call fair and balanced in Cuba.

      • first stop listening to NPR,CNN,HuffPost and MSNBC, just for openers… they haven’t been right on any topic in years….

      • Okay , I’ll stop listening to the 5 or 6 or 10 independent places I get my news and only listen to FOX. Only listen to FOX. Only listen to FOX. Only listen to FOX. Only listen to FOX.

  9. And the Liberal defend the mutilation and murder of women because they want to do the same as the Afghans. They to are scared of women. That is why obama is promoting islam in this country. They hate women and Dogs. To me Dogs are far more superior to islamists, They have much more compassion and understanding.

  10. It is a shame that those on the left keep screaming about a “War on Women” when this is going on. I will always call bs when I hear this from a liberal. I will throw this in their face. When they come back with, uh, er, em, well… my answer will be this. This is what I expect from a Neanderthal.

      • Come on Vlad99. Have you no compassion for women that are truly discriminated against or is everything just a Liberal talking point to you? As members of the Human Race we should care about and try to protect women and children everywhere. That is what being an American means to me.

      • Of course I have compassion for these women. They are more than being discriminated against they are being persecuted. But if that’s the topic of the discussion than we should have it in proper context. It’s intellectually dishonest to use what these women go through and try to make a comparison to what republicans are doing.

      • Wrong, just plain wrong. We have groups that want to bring Sharia to our land. This is what will happen, oh wait it has already happened in our country. The news stories are out there. Just look them up, or are you too afraid to read about them? Are you too afraid to see that mutilation crimes against women in this country from pukes who come from these other countries that sees no wrong in doing this to women, will prove your point wrong? I call bs on your explanation and raise you, this is what I expect from Neanderthals.

      • It is the “media”, the propaganda arm of this administration that their charge is the Reps have a war on women when in actuality it is the Dems who keep women down and use them because they are stupid enough to keep believing the talking heads…the people don’t want to learn for themselves thus let the media think for them.

      • Just a few comments back you were defending Muslims…do you see Christians doing this or Buddhists or Jews..NO…this is ALL muslim and we should purge them from our country and send them back to the desert where they belong.

      • Vlad99…….It’s not only the Republicans it’s also the Democrats too.You are right about those women being persecuted persecuted is a long way from being discriminated against though, I would say that is like comparing apples to oranges there is no comparison. I often read stories such as these and I think in my own mind if I was born into that kind of life with no hope, I would end it. How these women survive and exist, I can not even begin to understand. America is by no means perfect in regards to how the women are treated BUUUTTTTT WE have come a long way, is there more work to be done? of course! But compared to what these muslim women endure; America is head and shoulders past those third world countries.

      • yessir…even we women protect the men..if they are innocents, no matter from where..”to serve and protect..”

  11. As the United States was complicit in the overthrow of the woman friendly
    Russian backed government of Afghistan, one would think a lesson had been learned. Sadly, no. Saudi backed radical Islamists have turned Iraq into a hell, and with out help, will soon do the same in Syria.

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    • You re so right. We should have left the Russians alone. They probably would have lost anyway eventually but they would have got rid of a lot more Muslims than we did.

      • we haven’t gotten rid of any.. we just give them taxpayer money to buy stuff to make bombs, that they can send to the USA…

    • And the rest of the Middle East and North Africa and then on to Europe…see France and the UK and what is going on there…and of course here in the USA..see Dearborn and lots of other places.They come in with lots of wives and kids and go on welfare and food stamps and overwhelm the locals. They think we are stupid not to do the same…they laugh at us and infiltrate all over.

      • Vlad, we know that Islam tells people what to do, they cannot think or make a decision on their own, they are subject to “leaders”, they are not free… I believe that is called a cult!

      • i know they hate Jews, Americans and Christians, and want to kiull all of us , because we are infidels….it is NOT a religion of peace…they are the most evil people on earth..

      • Not all, not any more than Westboro represents Christ/Christians truthfully. The real problem is is that is a ‘system of belief’ where faith and law and government’ are one, that is the real evil when pushed by zealots and the uneducated. I have encountered Jews, Americans and Christians that can be equally close minded. Our biggest threat is from their infiltration of our government and their slowly gaining access to our legal system where sharia is creeping in…..that is the real danger. We have those in our own government that are bigger haters and greater threat than the average Muslim.

      • your point is well taken and right on… but my point was that they claim that it’s a religion of peace, but all the ones i hear and read about are far from being peaceful…. when you have a religion that wants to kill people, that cannot be deemed as peaceful no matter how you interpret it.

      • They did not physically attack mame and murder ,sodomize and immolate our Benghazi Ambassador ….come ON!!

      • Sams, my response was to ted j based on his statement, ‘they are the most evil people on earth’. As in the whole of Islam, my response merely stated that an entire group cannot be categorized by the actions of extremists. At NO point did I contest the validity of the savagery and heinous acts towards our Ambassador and three other Americans, nor did I ever suggest that those acts did not occur.. My family is military and well aware of the threat of extremists within Islam and IF we had a president with the scrotal mass of a flea then perhaps we would have those that are guilty standing trial- instead of our president giving aid to those associated with those terrorists.

      • And I stand with my response to your public forum open conversations. You cannot compare them to Westboro Baptists for the things I cited. The number of W, Baptists in Christianity is tiny compared to Radicals in Islam
        All postings are open to all commentators and it is not 1 man alone that is responsible for those not standing trial although he is quite culpable in his special Islamic Fundamentalist forwarding way.
        I have been following Brigitte Gabriel for 10 years and Act for America, and when that formerly astute REP King was on his game his efforts against Radical Islam in America and the ever emerging efforts to bring Sharia here . Look at Detroit and our Military I bet yo could give some stories about that would make us hush .

        Well, not me ,but…
        Yes I have said from the almost beginning that that scrotal minimalist of whom you speak is not a religious Muslim, just a political one to destabilize the county and then the world . Neither is he and Atheist even politically. He works for the darkside so to speak.
        My family is Military too and my Father just barely dodged that bullet in the Pentagon that September day and so did the rest of us here in the Metro area.
        I saw that removed u tube in 2007,- the you know who Deception and so did many.
        I have had my eyes open. I have had my prayers to the sky and my nose to the grindstone .
        I hope i have not just been spinning my wheels.

      • I read the article…did you? Do you support these mutilations in the name of Allah? If you do then I know that you are just another sub-human hiding behind your religion…and a coward!

    • Nothing peaceful about wanting to kill everyone who doesn’t have the same religious beliefs… More like a religion of insanity and hatred.

    • Obama knows all about Islamic violence against females. As a muslim, he knows that the koran deems female human beings no more than domestic animals, saying that 99 of 100 go to hell. Only men are human beings in Islam: Obama knows this, he witnessed it first hand. He has nothing to say about it, as women are only dogs, and he himself is a very special man, a born king, with…proclivities.

      • You don’t really believe Wright is a Christian, do you? Not with all that hate he spewed while in the pulpit… I am not judging, this is discernment from what I heard out of him. I’ll never forget his ranting of “Not GOD Bless America…GOD damn America!”

      • how do you know that Wright isn’t a muslime, i think that after his G– damn America comment, he is not a Christian…

      • Very simple, Jeremiah’s messages about America and whites in America are not that far off from what Muslims think about America. These sermons would have served to fuel Obama’s already formidable anti-America feelings.

      • I don’t think Obama is a Muslim. I think he is a godless Communist. He will use any religion to advance his agenda.

      • He is a political Muslim. He surrounds himself ( but not frequently with illuminati “stars” He otherwise is in some solitude I think. He is not an atheist ,he goes with the bad guy, and in front of his bad guyS

    • I doubt the obama’s will watch Honor Diaries, either. They’re too busy spending taxpayers money and planning their next vacation.

  12. This isn’t a partisan issue. No American citizen is subjugated like women in Muslim countries. We have it better than most in the World. But many Americans whine because they are jealous and lust after what their fellow citizens have. All of the losers are fighting for the scraps from Obama’s table. And missing the bigger picture. The Super Rich in America are getting richer because of Obama’s policies. Obama has not helped the middle class one bit. He has helped the poor by adding to their numbers. Misery loves company. President Obama is not for the poor or the middle class. If he was the stimulus would have created jobs and small businesses could borrow money. Where did all the Billions in stimulus money go? Look at the former Soviet Union. In that country you were either very poor or very rich. There was no in between. That is where we are headed if we don’t unite and stop it. The Power Elite believe that they are better than us and President Obama is one of them.

    • that is just what barry wants for this country…moochie better watch out…she won’t be so high and mighty when he can smack her around or kill her if she steps out of line…somehow these liberal women think it won’t affect them,,,they are helping bring their own demise upon themselves and their daughters.

      • Ginger: I like your post and I agree! But really can you imagine having had taken vows with that racist white hater treacherous biitch moochel! I shudder at the thought!lol!

  13. I suppose I am cruel, but why not solve this problem with something called the “BOMB”? Just like we did with Japan? At least the Japanese had TRUE honour! These muzzies seem to NOT have ANY honour except a PSUEDO VERSION OF IT among themselves – which is so TOTALLY INCOMPREHENSIBLE to those of us from – dare i SAY IT???- CHRISTIAN VALUES????

    • Have you ever read the accounts of the death marches or what was done to POW’s, that is hardly an apt comparison or else your understanding of what constitutes ‘honor’ is amiss. Not all ‘muzzies’ are the same and as a Christian you should make that distinction- I know try to do that myself as I don’t like being lumped into the same mold as Westboro or some of the other cults that have/had masqueraded under the Christian banner. Do you?

      • Mate we are talking about real Islam here, not the pretenders who do a bit of ramadan and think Islam is a lot like Christianity. Jihad and Sharia is Islam and as such is a high crime against humanity. Hunt ’em, kill ’em (all adult male Muzzies that is).

      • “Male muzzies” have mothers who are also responsible for raising them. Like it or not, the mommy muzzies are also to blame for this.

      • Yes I know Kathryn, but the Code of Chivalry dictates that one cannot and should not harm women and children if at all possible. We must not stoop to the sub-human level of Islamists.

  14. Not true.
    You are being deliberately misleading.
    The media (even your hated liberal media) has reported on the treatment of women there.

    What would you like Mr West?
    Should Obama expand the war in Afghanistan and should we just stay there forever?
    Should Obama break the withdrawal agreement made by the Bush administration and send a few divisions back into Iraq to also stay there forever?

    • Or, Brendan, how about we go into a war with our eyes open, and call it “war”, and play to win? Crush the enemy until they are so utterly defeated that their only recourse is to respect human rights. The United States is the absolute greatest at pretending to go to war in the defense of this people or that cause – yet we never seem to get the job done, and always end up back home, licking our wounds, minus thousands of our beloved military, and trillions of our tax dollars. Let me give you a clue sir. If I had been a witness to what happened to this young woman, and had the means to do so, I would have killed every single adult who committed this heinous crime and those who stood by and allowed it to happen. I realize their are millions and millions of people out there who don’t give one single damn about human rights, and that’s their prerogative, but I’m not one of them. And I did not see any mainstream media coverage about crimes such as this. I have seen coverage on the internet. But, for all you know, Mr. West may not watch a whole lot of mainstream media – I certainly don’t. So for you to state that he is deliberately misleading without some sort of proof is a stretch at best. As to your second point, or questions, I think my first point covers that. If we had gone into Iraq and Afghanistan under the guise of ending human rights abuses, and putting an end to terrorism in that region, period, it would have been a much different outcome. Sadly, our government is more concerned with making a buck and grabbing more power than it is with protecting human rights. If you need proof of this, research Rwanda. On a personal note, thank you for your service, and all the best to you and your family, sir.

      • Some one lost the book ” The Principles of Warfare” I studied when I went through basic tng. My orders would have been “Find them, Kill them, Come home”. We win when the enemy can not support more losses and the population demands the end of the war. We have stopped short in all wars since WWII. We might hurt some one’s feeling if we really fought and supported the troops.

      • You have done the young student a good drubbing sir! He’s well deserving of your attention. There is nothing I could differ with you in content but maybe give him some direct sage wisdom to walk away with. Thanks, your comments are well worth the time to read! Brendan needs help for sure and for certain.

    • The only media reports on this type of Islamic sanctioned misogynistic attacks women with the true nature of Islamic barbarism is the underground websites like Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs and quite frankly Allen West. What do they get for their efforts? They get labeled bigots for reporting on actual stories of Islamic abuse of women. You’re not going to hear about this on MSNBC, CNN, or even Fox news. Because it doesn’t fit the agenda, and you know it.
      I wonder? Did you know that acid attacks are starting to happen in the United States? No. You don’t know, it because the media won’t report on it. Not that you would believe it if they did.
      Why do you always try to cover for jihad?

    • Good lap dog. Give ovomit support, denigrate this country, Christianity, and freedom. The press only reports what is approved by Valarie or someone like her in the black house.

      • You’re a clown who is too lazy to even do a search and see for himself what the media is and is not reporting.
        People like you are bringing down and dividing this great nation

      • ….and again we have in the Left Corner Brendan! You are the one wearing the Mask or is that just painted on? Divide what, who, what, where, how, why? You just painted with the broadest stroke a man’s comments that were very specific and to the point. Your arcane unrealistic assessment of someone you think you might disagree with makes me wonder if yon writer is but a TROLL in Conservative Clothing? I will did further to give light to this child of putrid thought and give aghast a breath of clean air. The dungeons of the legions schools that berate and trample thought have affected this one greatly. Get to the point but make sense when you do it.

    • If the Democrats would just drop that line of lying crap about conservatives, republicans and tea party people being engaged in a “War on women” that would be a big plus. I think you missed Mr. Wests point entirely. His article points directly to the hypocritical lying efforts of the Democrats to convince lazy minded individuals that their opposition hates women, is engaged in a so-called “war on women (A complete fabrication). But, since the Democrats won’t drop that lying line of crap, I suppose it would be hopeless to think they might also drop the lying crap about the opposition being racist, grandma and child haters, too. I remember when the Democrats counted on two things to wind elections: Ignorance and short memories. They have changed in recent years. Now their foremost tactic is the inspiring of and creation of hatred which they claim to hate. Apparently, it’s working. That is how this country got to be more divided today than we have been since the Civil War.

      • It was not intended to have anything to do with the article. It was intended as a response to your comment. It also was not intended to be overly critical of you, either. Just a couple of observations.

      • Brendan has a hard time thinking beyond his own view setting. Me thinks he’s trying but stumbling a bit in spite of himself. This one has great potential, but he must THINK through thoughts and perceptional cognitive reasoning to prevent his emotionally reacting with Socialist Minded Drivel. He intends well, he’s just not versed well with pen, in this case type. He’s going to think me his enemy, but alas, I’m not the villain he seeks. Bwahahahhahhhaaa!

      • Sorry Joe, I couldn’t help but bu_t in. He doesn’t care about intentions but what he can determine for himself emotionally what he thinks you mean, not what you intended to mean, because he’s educated and smarter than you or me. I’m trying real hard not to tear into this child man and remind him of how irrelevant his emotional tripe is. Please be patient with me and HIM!??? or not. I appreciated your comment and understood what you intended it to mean. Simple and to the point.

      • YOU have nothing to do…….with the article or his comment. Bwahahahah…..(evil laugh) just for you! Please engage brain before opening mouth. Your blathering is deafening at best. The buzz of mediocrity kills the incentive to communicate without malice! Yes, you can feel the rage……MINE you idiot, not yours!

    • Where was his request to expand the war? Obama has broken every agreement with our allies so why should he keep or revoke anything with a little upstart country like Iraq or Afghanistan?? and BO never carried one wit about anything Bush did or said unless he could state that he would do the opposite. So where has you WILD imagination taken you. That coaster ride has no end Brendan. You are misleading and I won’t be as kind as Joe has been. It is this type of stupid thinking that has almost ruined this country through idiotic rules, regs, and laws that only hinder and impede rather than get at the heart of the problem. Now, I ask YOU, what was the problem___________? What was his implied solution____________? How did you get where you are from here? Tell yourself because I already know. I don’t need to hear it even if you figure it out for yourself. I’m being obscenely blunt and not mean spirited. You can either learn form this or scream yourself to sleep.

  15. Dear Brendan, bluntly put – yes to expansion. The rules of engagement in Afghanistan were BS and troops should have had open authority to intervene wherever they saw fit from Day 1. At this point it’s too late, however, safe have should be offered to Afghan women – door-to-door. Male objectors should be shot dead on the spot. Islam is a crime against humanity and is openly at war with humanity. Time to realise it….

  16. excellent points ginger & terrylrt1. ‘brendan’ there are no words?? Great article Col. West, please keep-up good work. I never did hear back, did you really ‘vote’ for the NDAA to help the mulatto, marxist, muslim put the final nail in the coffin of the 4th amendment/

  17. I note with approval, Colonel West, your reference to Islam as a “7th Century ideology”, not a “religion”. After an extensive study of Islam, and the life of the Prophet, I came to the same conclusion years ago, following my deployment to the Middle East. Since then, I have always used the term “ideology” when discussing the political and social dimensions of Islam, with both Christians and Muslims. In my opinion, Islam is a more dangerous ideology than either Communism or Socialism.

  18. What are you doing taking all the hope away from these women. What if it was your daughter would you do that/ What is wrong with you keep them safe.

  19. Colonel West served in Iraq and Afghanistan and saw these terrible things with his own eyes. I would say that his views on who is really waging the “war on women” carry a good deal more weight than the nonsensical DNC talking points regurgitated by liberal politicians and media scribes, or by progressive trolls on internet bulletin boards and blog sites.

  20. I agree that the left ignores this issue and it’s complete hypocrisy. Thank you, Sir, for keeping this issue alive. Laura Bush does work with these women, but more needs to be done.

  21. Another example of selective outrage. Similar to people that are upset about the U.S. history of slavery but do nothing about slavery currently in other countries.

  22. The left doesn’t ignore the real issues, they subvert and placate those principles that are of a sound and substantive nature because they will not deal with the truth without changing it to something they can manipulate to advantage. It isn’t about the women, it is about them, but you have to peel away the layers of subterfuge and lies, but usually you can simply follow the money trail to their lair. When they turn on each other (when they have no one left to subvert) it is extremely ugly. So, you can never say they ignore the issues but the exact opposite is true. They are all over it, changing it, coloring it, making it out to be something that it is not, leading you with it into a trap of their choosing. They aren’t honest, it isn’t in their nature to do so, so don’t ever expect them to be. They are filled with hate but must project that image upon everyone else in order to smile before the magic mirror of the press and their own mirror at the end of the great hall of self absorbed reprobates. They don’t believe the emperor lost his clothes because to admit that is to admit they have themselves become naked and exposed to the truth because they threw the clothes away to be just like the emperor. They act much more like lemmings and expect the rest of humanity to be as stupid as they are. Everyone but them isn’t allowed to think or function without their permission.
    So as we watch them approach the cliff above the waves breaking on the rocks, and we notice how giddy they are to be able to jump in to swim, we find that we have stood too long without giving warning (as if they would listen) and we see the sharks, barracudas and such waiting to dine on our carcass as well as theirs. They live in a land totally created within the halls of their we minds (they see them as great halls of progress) and their fairy tale ideas inspire them and emotionally driven reactions seem to spur them on all the more. We need to learn to shove them off, walk the other way and choke the sharks that would eat us alive with their carcasses rather than having them shove us off while smiling blissfully thinking thoughts of the masses they dream of controlling. They are a deadly mental disease which those afflicted seldom come to their senses long enough to seek help. Those that do are ridiculed and scorned, persecuted as vermin and mentally deficient. You just need to understand how a child understands their state of mind…”its opposite day Dad, what ever someone says, it means the opposite of what they are saying.” I’m just beginning to see the light of day on this and the view, isn’t pretty. My country is in a mess, people are confused as to why those they have entrusted their future with have turned on them, stolen from them and look disparagingly on their plight which those public servants caused to be. Allen West is almost an anomaly but I’m so glad he and others like him are there. They are making a difference and so are most of you. Thank You to each of you, but make sure you get others involved so the horrific tragedies of these women don’t become common place in our country as well.

  23. Obama outed again but by President Carter. He pays women less in the White House. He is not for real. We knew it . This is fun Go Carter this may be your new administration. Tell it

    • | 4/6/14 8:26 AM EDT Updated: 4/7/14 4:41 PM EDT

      At the White House on Tuesday, President Barack Obama will sign two executive actions on equal pay, as Senate Democrats move for a show vote this week on the Paycheck Fairness Act — launching Democrats’ first large-scale coordinated message effort ahead of this year’s midterms.

      One of the new executive orders on Tuesday, Equal Pay Day, will prohibit federal contractors from retaliating against workers who discuss their salaries — a move one White House official called “a critical tool to encourage pay transparency.”

  24. The Democrats outrage against violence against women can be found in the Bill

    S. 47: Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013

    Introduced by Sen. Patrick Leahy [D-VT] on January 22, 2013

    It passed the House 286/138 total with 199 dems for the bill and 138 republicans against .
    All republicans in AZ. voted against this bill.
    Nice try to promote the P.O. in Az. republican woman as a crusader in this effort.


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