Obama administration relaxes immigration ban on refugees who have supported terrorism

I am sorry to have to report yet another event that makes me question not only the Obama administration’s intent and motivation, but more fundamentally, its allegiance. Naturally, this latest action by the administration is receiving little attention.

Now you would think refugees and asylum seekers who have provided “limited material support” to terrorists might be barred access to our country. But not according to the Obama administration. On Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security and the State department wrote new exemptions for the Immigration and Nationality Act which narrowed a ban to exclude refugees and asylum seekers who had supported terrorists.

Thankfully, not everyone in DC thinks this is a good idea. As reported in the Daily Caller,

Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions offered a scathing rebuke of the Obama administration’s decision. Senator Sessions is a stalwart champion in the fight against amnesty for illegal immigrants and protecting our sovereign Republic. He stated, “Not only is this a national security issue, but a financial issue: those granted admission gain access to federal welfare programs funded by U.S. taxpayers. It seems the Obama Administration has forgotten that our immigration laws are meant to protect the interests of Americans.”

Last week, Speaker John Boehner said immigration reform legislation will not happen this year due to President Obama’s penchant for unilaterally and selectively enforcing only those laws he approves. Do you realize how seriously frightening this is? After all, it is a violation of the president’s oath of office not to uphold the Constitution and faithfully execute the laws of this Republic – and the Speaker of the House says it as a matter of fact.

Senator Sessions said,

“In light of these and other facts, it is thus deeply alarming that the Obama Administration would move unilaterally to relax admissions standards for asylum-seekers and potentially numerous other applicants for admission who have possible connections to insurgent or terrorist groups. This includes terror groups not yet designated: al-Qaida was not designated by the Department of State as a foreign terrorist organization until 1999 — long after the first attack on the World Trade Center.”

A Department of Homeland Security official explained the reasoning behind the exemptions, saying “These exemptions cover five kinds of limited material support that have adversely and unfairly affected refugees and asylum seekers with no tangible connection to terrorism: material support that was insignificant in amount or provided incidentally in the course of everyday social, commercial, family or humanitarian interactions, or under significant pressure.”

I absolutely agree with Senator Sessions, as I’m sure many of you would when he said,

“The DHS does not have the authority to eliminate portions of the law, stating the department’s claim, leaves one incredulous. It is one thing to approve a waiver in a particular case with uniquely compelling circumstances; it is entirely another thing to declare a plain legal requirement is null and void. What is the point of Congress passing a law if the Administration abuses its ‘discretion’ to say that law simply no longer applies? This is yet one more instance of the Administration rewriting U.S. code through executive decree.”

Many of you are asking, what can be done? We need lawsuits to be filed against President Obama by Congress, regardless if the DC Circuit Court is now stacked with his selected cronies. We also need citizens who can prove legal “standing” to file lawsuits against this unconstitutional administration, which means they must demonstrate concrete evidence of invasion of their legally protected interests.

Most importantly, we need those who are concerned for the future of this Republic to cast the correct vote in November to ensure there is a conservative House and Senate a year from now on Capitol Hill. In which case, if this lawlessness continues from President Obama, there is a Constitutionally-established method to return him to Chicago.

What can possibly be the motivation and intent of eliminating the law barring entry into America for those who have offered support to terrorism, regardless of degree or circumstance? I will leave it up to you to determine the answer – but it’s just another aspect of the “fundamental transformation” of America.


  1. I am not sure, but, I don’t think there is anything n the Koran about
    jihad. I am not interested in these people, but, I am sure the Jihad
    was started by Mohammad himself. He conquered many countries with Jihad
    and also by quiet assimilation into the population, and took the
    countries from within. Check history, I am sure this is what happened
    and what is happening today in America. Many countries are starting to evict the steady flow of Muslim. Otherwise their country is no theirs any longer.

    • Islam has always targeted the economies first. When a country can no longer feed it people it collapses from within. Then they will murder all that do not convert to Islam. That is what Obama is doing to America now.

      I have read articles stating that England also is beginning to realize that the influx of Muslims into their country was a very bad mistake. I guess that hacking to death of the soldier on a public street might have solidified this new awaking.

  2. Obama is a Muslim Mole anti-America scumbag to the max and does not have America’s interest in mind what so ever. This idiot should have been gone long ago along with Biden and Polusi and the entire Socialist Democratic Party cartel, RINOS voters and supporters.

  3. He’s ready to declare Marshall Law. Obama’s the real Terriost. Another dirty tactic of this administration. To many False Flags .HE WANTS TO DISARM, WE THE PEOPLE!!!!

    • I am expecting Marshall Law at the very first excuse. We will then see how much our armed forces have been compromised and how real Americans will stand with patriots against a corrupt government.

    • If you rightwing nuts are going to rant ludicrous BS, do it with correct spelling. It’s MARTIAL law, not Marshall law. HAHAHA

    • I really don’t think that most americans are going to give up their weapons for Obama. it’s are right and as it starts : we the people : we all should stand as one against Obama and his cronies. the united states is our country and we should fight to protect everything about her!!!

  4. You know, every day Obama proves more and more, that HE IS IN A CELL, and is “fundamentally” taking down America. God help us all !!

  5. Am I the only one that feels Obama wants to turn this country into a 3rd world country that he grow up in? He needs to get impeached and I don’t understand why EVERYONE is so scared of him. He continues to break the law and the constitution as no one does ANYTHING!!!!!!!! WHY????

    • He needs to be removed for the fraud and crimes he has committed — not impeached. If he is impeached much of what he has done remains intact. If he is removed for crimes or for fraud in his qualifications to run, then those laws and orders are dissolved.

      • He cannot be removed except by impeachment and conviction for “high crimes and misdemeanors”. The charges can, and should, include the fraud and other crimes attendant on his election, but more importantly must encompass every unconstitutional and illegal act he has perpetrated in violation of his oath and abuse of his office. As for whether any of those acts could be overturned, especially legislation he has signed, I don’t have an answer. Certainly his executive orders can be overturned at any time by any successor of a mind to do so.

  6. I, for one, DO NOT want to see “The OBUMMER” returned to Chicago! I want to see him sent to “Fort Leavenworth” for the remainder of his life! He has committed numerous acts of Treason, but “Hanging by the neck until dead” (the legal punishment for treason) is far to easy for him. Since he never held a viable job he needs to be trained to work…. at hard labor, for the remainder of his days!

    Maybe after a few years he will understand how the bulk of Americans EARN a living, and learn some respect for your constitution! MAYBE, but I doubt it!

    • He can go to live in his favor Country, China, he may get a good job there as community organizer. Plante of hard labor camps over there.

    • If convicted for treason, he should receive the maximum penalty, both as an example to others with the same designs, and to prevent him from continuing his following from behind bars. Do you really think that he would hesitate to be a center for disaffection? He would get a real giggle out of being the force that continues to divide. Look at the example of Mumia abu Jamal – a quarter of a century after he shot down a cop in cold blood, he’s still got people trying to plead his cause, and, no doubt, will succeed in being freed once his lawyer gets approved for his DOJ Civil Rights appointment. In Obama’s case, it would not only be the 85% of black voters trying to spring him and spawning riots; it would also be every Muslim in the country, and an excuse for even more outright jihad against America be those outside of it – a true excuse for further terrorism against us. And Obama would laugh about it. If we succeed in legally getting rid of him, for treason and other crimes against the American people, he should never again see the light of day.

  7. I don’t know about the rest of you, but i have had no doubt at all where Obama’s loyalties lie for quite a long time now!!!! waiting for everyone else to wake up!!!!

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    • Men appointed to top national security positions by Dumbya Bush apparently haven’t woken up.. Sec of Defense Robert Gates, FBI Director Mueller, NSA Director Alexander.. none of them has resigned in protest or said a word. MAYBE THEY ARE TRAITORS! Did you ever think Dumbya would appoint so many traitors??

  8. The Boston bombers had limited ties. The Kremlin tried to warn DHS and they were ignored. Americans have already been killed by the inadequacies of security. The families of the Boston Bombing victims need to file suit against the President’s actions. The President wants to tear a gaping hole in U.S. national security while keeping the NSA’s eyes trained on law abiding American citizens.

  9. Don’t forget Obama’s good buddy, Bill Ayres, who was not only a terrorist bomber, but who said twenty million Americans would have to be slaughtered to make their Marxist takeover successful.

  10. why is anyone surprised?he put the muslim brotherhood in charge of homeland security(a title that should make anyone over 50 s blood run cold)and congress let him!how many public acts of treason,is he allowed?

  11. What will it take for America to get worked up into a white hot anti government rage? I’d have thought the NSA spying on us instead of our enemies would do it. But no one seems to care. This President is so stuck on himself and so sure of the media burying his crimes he continues to commit them with impunity. The IRS attacks on conservative groups never stopped. No one cares about that either it seems. Now he’s letting terrorists into the country. What a surprise. One of the head ass kissers at DHS is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Barack Obama is trying to fundamentally change the last best hope of man on earth into a utopia of socialism where a man is paid for existing and no one pays for their sins. Unless, of course, the sin is political dissent. Then even if you are dying from cancer and can no longer afford treatment because of Obamacare you still get an IRS audit for making people aware of your plight.

    Beyond all the things we know about how many are there and how bad are the ones we don’t know about? Is this another deal with the Muslim Brotherhood? Let terrorists into America to destroy infrastructure to declare martial law? More false flags coming our way? Or is it a diversion to make us look in one direction while he slips something by unnoticed? Sounds crazy as hell. But He wasn’t above attempting to have Chris Stevens kidnapped to exchange for the Blind Sheik. Nor was he above targeting a 16 year old boy who’d never even been charged with a crime for death by drone strike in Yemen. In my book that’s murder, plain and simple. So our President has no moral character, thinks our Constitution is an “imperfect document,” and part of his fundamental change in America includes allowing terrorists into the country. You figure out what he’s doing.

    • ” Let terrorists into America to destroy infrastructure to declare martial law?” With the cooperation of how many Americans in various agencies? If people in top positions -.. like the Director of the FBI and NSA ..don’t resign in protest, does that mean that are traitors? Do you rightwing nuts ever think about how crazy your BS is?

      • I think that these people are to be held responsible because of personal gain, or just plain fear of stepping out and taking a stand. They are letting this happen. We have been brainwashed to obey and trust the system. This is the first leader of the US who is in conflict with the constitution, and does not have the interest of America at heart. He holds everything that is America in contempt. American people just cannot grasp this idea, it is like seeing an alien. We have become complacent and lazy, we cannot conceive that anything could threaten us, especially from within.

      • I agree with you Pam ,we have all fallen a sleep and it’s like we can’t wake up and stop this disater before it is to late..What and where can we find the wake up pill for this relaxed American people….

      • Your name clearly identifies your IQ 12! You are so ignorant when it comes to what is happening in our country. Educate yourself and do something or we will become another “Hilter” led country!

  12. Why is this a surprise. The man is a traitor, and a fraud. He was put into office by hijacking it. Maybe the first time, he might have gotten the votes. This last election was a farce. By the end of his reign there is no way to tell what is in store for the American people.

    We don’t have to worry about the enemies that we can see, but the ones that he is legally smuggling into the country. This man and his henchmen are a bigger threat to America than any one like North Koreas posturing dictator.

    • And he’s has been/ is being aided and abetted by so many men Dumbya Bush appointed to top security positions.. Sec. of Defense Robert Gates, FBI Director Mueller, NSA Director Alexander.. shocking.. shocking.. And Dumbya Bush won’t speak out about what a threat Obama is. He must be a co-conspirator.

  13. OMG, what is wrong with Obama Bin Laden? Does he think we can trust those terrorist if they swear to be nice?
    AINT Gonna happen. THOSE ‘refugees’ will one day either commit an act of terror, or support someone who does.
    AT any rate, they will NOT be productive members of our society, will not add to OUR culture, and WILL not add to our safety.
    I suspect another 9-11 will be in the works with allowing them in. NEXT time, it may be more than 3000 killed due to political correctness run amok.

    • Nothing is wrong with him, he and his allies plans are advancing without a hitch. Even the tea parties most out spoken are not truly aware of how close we are to oblivion .Our economy is tanking, and we are fighting among ourselves. This country is about ripe for the harvest by our worst nightmares.

    • Geert Wilders tried warning the Netherlands and now look at what’s happened to them. Muslims took over and demanding the Constituion be rewritten for -THEM. Watch his short documentary on youtube title “Fitna” by Geert Wilders.

  14. Ok, Mr. West, I totally agree with the fact that this administration is far beyond criminal. But, tell us, all Americans, in plain language, what is it that we can do? How do we do it? Do we need an uprising? A revolution? Its obvious to me that law suits and letters to our senators or congressmen are not going to help. So, what do we do? I am more than willing to do what must be done before this worthless POTUS and his equally as worthless FLOTUS destroy America. Help us do what needs to be done…guide us and we will step up.

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      • Pam, I posted the web site and another one with an article and video, showing where Syrian Refugees were being brought in under the radar and not having to go through customs. They both were removed (not the first time). I wouldn’t mind if they sent me an email telling my why. Now, I’m wondering what the real reason is and why they are not letting posters make their own decision after going out on it.

      • Possibly because you are actively preaching the overthrow of the government? I’m sure that Col. West is unwilling to be perceived as being a participant in it by permitting its promulgation on his forum, insofar as he needs to maintain political viability. Does this sound plausible to you?

      • I’m not the only one posting this site. In fact I’m mild compared to most post. I’m not actively preaching about overthrowing anyone. Besides, there has been many more before American Spring. If you go out and read, you will see it’s going to be peaceful. Personally, there is a lot of good information on this site as well as other sites, regardless of the American Spring being set up. What are your suggestions?

      • Sadly, Reba, I don’t have any. In actuality, I probably do Col. West as much of a disservice. But I’m worn out with it, and all I can do anymore is speak my piece, vote when the time comes, and pray our nation is delivered from her enemies before my time is up.

      • I think everyone is frustrated, angry, tired, scared and our brains are swirling with all of it. I even think we are in shock with everything going on in “Our Country” and we can’t wrap our brains around it. Our biggest question is: how come our Elected Officials are not doing something about everything this Administration is doing? “Our Country” is standing up and saying “NO MORE”, but it is falling on death ears. I think its best that the Republicans don’t try to Impeach, because that’s
        what the Administration wants them to do, because it will stir up the people. I personally don’t think we will have an election in November. Posting is good; it helps us get it out of our system and creates good conversation and ideas. 🙂

      • He has none because he sees no danger. Americans have never been faced with this threat before. So it is something out of a science fiction novel. But Hitler happened and the Jewish people did not see it in time. Does history ever repeat it self, I thinks so. We may be powerless to stop it but I don’t plan to help in the down fall of America.

      • I’ll give him the chance. As you say, we have never been faced with anything like this. I just keep wondering, where is our Military, FBI, Secret Service and Police? I just don’t believe everyone that is in these Departments is dirty.

      • I don’t either. I would hope that when it hits the fan for real, that the patriots in the military and all departments,right down to our local police will stand up for America. My prayer is that there are real people out there that have the power and knowledge are developing a plan for a worst case, last resort action. But to reveal themselves at this stage of the game would just result in being put in Leavenworth. After all there are a lot of disillusioned military brass out there that Obama has fired in his efforts to destroy our defenses.

        I myself am retired law enforcement, I asked my friends this question. Would they stand with the government and arrest their friends and family and people that they have grown up with and are neighbors. Their answer was,NO!

        Time will tell.

      • Thank you for your service.
        My brother-in-law who was in Law Enforcement died while on duty; hit by a drunk driver who was stopped earlier by another officer. It’s a hard job, but honorably. I agree with you a 100%. I think people are tired, stressed, frustrated and our brains are at the point of over saturation. Hard to phantom why this is happening and why it isn’t stopped. It’s like hitting your head against a brick wall. Those who believe in our country and are plain stubborn, will keep on.

      • something tells me that the peaceful American Spring demonstration will be met by a hostile homeland security to create fear or show the rest of Americans what will happen to them if they go against this administration. Obama will have people infiltrate the group cause problems and break laws then have them fired upon and issue his martial law. I have nothing to back this up with just a gut feeling and the proven actions of this would be queen obomo of the muslim terrorist sisterhood

      • Yes, I hate to say it, but we are so far under that we will either be led like a lamb to slaughter or another war to take our country back. Only time will tell. All I can say is, it is a place to start, and it may start more than just peaceful protest.

        There is nothing to make the willfully blind see.

      • It’s amazing how many others feel the same way. I think they will be able to handle it and in some ways are expecting it. All I can say is the people better be prepared.

  15. With his arrogance and total disregard for the Constitution and his use of clearly illegal & unconstitutional executive orders with total support of the Democrats in Congress and a Supreme Court lacking the balls to overrule his unconstitutional actions, it’s not unreasonable to believe that he will execute an executive order abrogating the constitutional 2 term presidential limitation and declare his intent to remain in office indefinitely and thereby becoming a dictator instead of an elected President, with the full support of Democrats in Congress!!! For those who may think that this is a bunch of boloney; I ask “Who is going to stop him?” With the Democrats controlling the Senate and the Attorney Generals’ office; impeachment is impossible!!!! Should the Supreme Court attempt to intervene, he would simply have them arrested! Sooner or later, the people will turn against him and that doesn’t bode well for him just as it didn’t for the French Royal Family!!

  16. This is just another step in the ongoing efforts to legitimize what US policy has traditionally defined as terrorism. Remember the FBI Touchstone Document on Guiding principles for counter terrorism training?

    ” mere association with organizations that demonstrate both legitimate (advocacy) and illicit (violent extremism) objectives should not automatically result in a determination that the associated individual is acting in furtherance of the organization’s illicit objective(s).”

    As Diana West and Clare Lopez have said, Uncle Sam has joined the jihad!

    They are going after our most effective tools for fighting terrorism by changing the defintitions of terrorism and material support for terrorism. There are ongoing efforts to delegitimize the findings of the Holy Land Foundation trial and don’t be surprised when you see them take Hamas and Hezbollah off the designated terror list.

    What can possibly be the motivation and intent you ask? Well its one of two things. To “fundamentally transform” America into a European style socialist state or into a sharia compliant Islamic state. At the rate we see Europe succumbing to civilization jihad my guess is the latter.

  17. This would be a violation of Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution. “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

  18. fundamentally speaking no one will go against Obama because the liberal media will throw the race card and put the accuser(s) on trial and not the President. Regardless of how much evidence there may be to prove the President has betrayed the American people and the constitution the liberal media will not report anything fairly thus guaranteeing that any case brought up will destroy the accuser only and not the President. No one can win. Only removing the democratic majority from Congress can stop him….and believe it, even if the Republicans win the house and senate in the fall it will still be seen as ‘racist’ nothing else. Cynical and pessimistic I know but I base this on the last five years of observing the mainstream media in action. Just my opinion.

  19. There can be no reasonable explanation for any president ever signing an executive order for this purpose. The only logical conclusion anyone can draw is that this is an action by an arrogant, out of control, power crazed lunatic, who enjoys kicking sand in the face of the vast majority of the American people. Many of whom voted for him twice.

  20. You remember when Barack Obama told the Russian president
    that he would be able to work with Russia. That was America giving up the Middle
    East. Syria Obama talked about redlines then ignoring his own claimed he didn’t say that. In Egypt he backed the Muslim brotherhood 100% Egyptian people through the brotherhood out Obama gave Russia Egypt. Then Iran. Russia already had Iran but Obama stop the sanctions knowing very well it just assured them the ability to create
    their bomb. There hundreds of examples things Barack Hussein Obama has done to
    harm the American economy and the American people. Look at the simple Keystone
    pipe that would create up to 20,000 jobs and keep North American oil in North
    America at least until it is refined six years Obama has prevented that simple
    job creator the actual only shovel ready jobs and would help America.

  21. I want this man out of office more than anyone, but I don’t want to get his followers riled up with an impeachment statement right now. There is no chance in Hades that he will be impeached now, but if the republicans take over the senate in November we can demand he be removed. What is this man trying to do to our country? The middle class is taxed to death and we are tired of giving our money to the illegals in this country. They need to get our borders secure and send these illegals back!

    • I’ve been telling Congress, including Boehner, that for a long time. No one is making a move. Nonewhatsoever. Something has got to get their attention tho…angry people in their faces might do it.

  22. Fast and furious was the start knowing Hamas and Hezbollah is working with the cartels Obama/Holder shipped almost 3000 auto weapons south. They had to end their game when border patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered! They had planned to create a great deal of chaos in the border states they thought they could turn Americans against guns. They closed down that operation and moved Benghazi Libya they
    continued to give away guns to the enemy!!

    • We need answers on the murders of Brian Terry, the Benghazi Four and…why we have so many fools in this Country who were so easily convinced to vote for obama.

  23. Impeachment will not work! The only thing that will work at this moment is that our Military takes him and his Administration out the door. How much do you want to bet on that happening? When he started removing our Generals, Officers and cutting back our Enlisted Personnel, that’s when something should have been done. I also don’t think we will have an Election in November. It’s heating up fast and I think he will be implementing Marshall Law sooner than we think. The Administration is out of control and getting worse by the day. They have been preparing for years and the People are now turning.

    • The Sergeant-at-Arms can take Obama into custody. Problem is, he looks like an Obamabot himself. Watch Obama eliminate the S-a-A’s position too while Obama is in office.

      • What are the S-a-A’s positions?

        No surprise there. If someone does they would have to have a crap load of people. Who knows how the Secret Service, Police Force or anyone else would respond. Just know way to know what or how to do it.

    • There is an old jail cell in the Capitol Building. They ought to throw obama in it. And then, once we take back the Senate, bring obama, Holder, Soros, Jarrett and Hillary up on charges, prosecute them and send their bee-hinds to Leavenworth. For good.

      • That’s our biggest problem! We use to have no doubts about our Military, now we don’t know if our Military would do it.

      • The House can impeach obama thru Articles of Impeachment and then the Senate could move to convict him. It is critical that Republicans be voted in and take back the Senate.

      • I don’t think we will have an election in 2014. As I said before, we are going downhill so fast that I think he will do something before then.

      • I fear the same as well but also have faith in God and my fellow countryment, such as LTC West, to give us the strength and courage to lead the way for us to deal with this madman…our Congress, our military, our fellow Americans. We must join forces, eat or be eaten, lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. It’s no longer just the other guy who is suffering from job loss, it’s no longer just a neighbor out of work…it is US. It is YOU. And we can’t afford to NOT make some noise over it and demand answers and very direct swift action!

      • I don’t think he will stop this election, but I do know he and his Chicago thugs will be out in force affecting it. He won’t stop anyelection unless he cannot get a democrat (communist) congress that will make him president again in 2016. Then he will cancel the elections. But watch your back when you vote and don’t count on the count, they’ll rig it at every step.

  24. How can he just change the requirements? It is a law isn’t it? He can’t just change them willy nilly and put the USA in danger!!!!!

    • He is trying to force the hand of the House, before the elections. If he can stimulate sufficient outrage before November, he is then counting on energizing his base to get out and vote to secure the Senate and flip the House to protect him. I can’t tell you how much I hate this man, and how I pray for God to deliver us from the evil he embodies.

      • Bingo! That is what I believe has the House on lock down. If they act on anything the Pres will not deal and will veto anything they do. Obama will not budge an inch and puts this on the Republicans and Tea Party as their incompetence. They are just trying to keep him from doing more damage and hold the line until something can be done. Obama is operating as a dictator.

  25. Yall so lacking in sophistication yall let the directors label Islamic extremists as those responsible for the exploits of 9/11. On one hand yall want to accept with blind allegiance what’s directed opinion from shadows, rather than to even communicate with the only dude we have for that. It does not make someone a patriot to fight against the names of things, and/or at the team level outside of the Olympics. Yall don’t even have the sophistication to check the lies of former director of the F.B.I., Robert Luskin, connecting criminal insidiousness to the 9/11 contexts, too, with proven post-dating of documents that were used to trick a panel of judges in the federal court also shut down by the attacks, to trick them into thinking the motions had been docketed late. It was proven that they’d been post dated for the 9/11 context, again, then shut down. Proving this brought the former director with his codefendant pension thieves into a New Haven courtroom in defense of themselves on a point in 2005, committing perjury, and connected to further organized crime through bridged police/gang court employee roles in corruption through time as well. We need to sustain reason, truth, and functioning, not broke litigation tactics on the street, and as fronts for criminal insidiousness fluent thorugh the systems of our nations. _:l

    • Anthony, from lack sophistication: your post sounds interesting, but please rewrite. Be a little clearer in your statements and expand a little. It’s hard to follow what you are talking about and who “yall are not communicating with or about”. Would be happy to have a conversation with you, if I understood what you were saying and getting at. 🙂

  26. ummm… i read a lot of anger in that piece about exemptions written into the immigration law… but missing from this article is what exactly the exemptions are and what the law states.
    This is poor presentation.
    I’m being told to be outraged over an exemption in the law, but the exemption is not cited… just quotes from a politician saying it’s bad, without saying what “it” is.

    • Brendan, you need to re-read the article. The anger is not about exemptions written into the law. It is about unilateral action on the part of the administration to waive requirements of the law.

      • brendan makes for a bad whiner. Always needing things pointed out to him and until someone does, he whines. Typical Lib.

      • No. I’m just an independent thinker, not a sheep following the herd.
        If someone writes an article stating that a few new lines in a law are outrageous, I would like to see what those lines were.

    • The law currently does not allow people that have been associated with acts of terrorism to enter the country. The President changed the law to allow people that supplied “material” support for terror into this country. In other words, the law is written to keep all known suspects in terror activities—even those who provided food and shelter to terrorists—-out. Now we will allow those who are known to have helped such individuals commit acts of terror through their material support into the country. It is really not that complicated. Furthermore, the President does not have the authority to amend laws passed by Congress. He only has the authority to decide how to implement the laws that Congress has passed.

    • Muslims with ties to terrorist organizations, genius.
      Once again here’s Brandon trying to deflect and cover up for jihad.

      • learn to read.
        i never defended radical muslim extremists.
        I pointed out that what was missing from this article that expressed outrage over changes to a law.. is what those exact changes were… not an outraged interpretation, but the actual text.
        For all the outrage over the change, the author couldn’t be bothered to quote the part of the new law that he’s outraged about.

      • I can read just fine thank you, and I have read many of your post’s and almost all of them are deflection, misdirection and moral equivalence in regards to Islamic terrorism.

      • “moral equivalence in regards to Islamic terrorism”
        since you seem to read into my comments that I defend Islamic terrorism… let me clear it up for you so you have no misunderstanding about where I stand on the issue.

        Radical Islamic terrorism is a very real threat needs to be wiped out.
        there is no excuse or justification for anything that these backwards savages do
        They are a cancer on humanity that needs to be removed.

        I hope that is clear enough.

        Going back to the article that this thread is about…
        Before I get angry at a few new lines of legislation added to an existing law, i would like to see what those lines actually are, and not what an angry editor tells me they mean.
        That in all his anger over these new sentences added to the law, he neglects to quote the passage that makes him angry makes me wonder if he is not exaggerating its meaning.

      • Thats right, moral equivalence.
        Anytime there’s a story about Islam, here comes Brandon saying that the Christians do the same thing, that terrorists are not real Muslims blah blah blah.
        I don’t read into anything, I’ve read what you post.

        in regards to what the senator is speaking about, instead of trying to discredit why don’t you look up the information for yourself. Because you don’t want to know..
        Any relaxation of our immigration laws are a huge mistake. The federal government is not inforcing the laws all ready on the books. Now they are talking about easing the policy to allow people who have ties the terrorist organizations in to the country.

      • I’m sorry you can’t understand what I wrote.
        I never said Islamic terrorist were not real muslims.
        I did, however, day that not all muslims are the same.
        If that is something you can’t understand, I’m sorry.

  27. Why does West want his supports o do the work for him? He’s the one with the influence , he worked in congress and knows who to contact directly without red tape. Do you know how easy it is to start an on line petition?

    • so you are a give me person, You want everyone else to do the work for you while you sit home and reap the benefits. That’s what got us into this mess to begin with. You have a phone you know how to write to your Senator and Congressman. Fight for the Freedom you want just don’t sit home ad do nothing

      • If you must know I DO contact my representatives when I have an issue. I volunteer with various local or state campions , both dem and reps candidates , I Facebook and tweet news people, senator , congress people. I get political emails and messages , even tweets from West.
        A web petition is easy to start and accessible to everybody with a computer . More people hear about it and get involved .

      • you change your story pretty quick. First you said why should it be you. Now you tell me you do? Somehow I do not think so. But I digress.
        The more involved fighting the good fight the better off Conservatives are. It is that simple. Whether Col. West has a voice in congress has little to do with the accomplishments of what we need to do. If he has the backing of all of us, then his voice means more

      • I don’t understand what you think I said. I initially said, West worked in the congress, he knows how to get info to the right people without going thru red tape. If he wants his followers to change things, then help us. Where? To who ? He on social media already.

      • If I was deflecting you’d know I was. You change your stances like I change under wear. You attack West as a giver, then claim your an action citizen. Anyone can say they call or write their reps. but not everyone changes their spots

      • Doll, let me make myself clear bec either you are confused or you deliberately want to start a fight .
        West said in his article , “what can be done about Obama? We need to file lawsuits. We need citizens to prove legal standing .” Great, we are in. Tell us how we, these citizens you just riled up, can stop this treasonist pres, if you want us the file a lawsuit against the gov, how? Who’s going to pay? Point us in the right direction . You were in the gov, you have friends .

        An on line petition is a start . It shows you have people behind you and are serious.

      • okay at least you are trying, very trying. If that is the case you want to make consult your lawyer. Oh and I am not your Doll

      • Oh yeah , you’re a lifelike plastic party doll. The kind that lonely old guys play with. Only you’re Muslim because they blow themselves up.
        Please don’t tell me I have to explain the joke to you.

      • typical of a lousy troll you have to stoop to low grade poor jokes to try to insinuate you are better? HA HA You are as bad as a libtard you can’t even argue on the merits of the post good for you

      • So you are not a doll, or voodoo doll, or plastic sex doll . That only leaves a Ken doll with non detectable genitalia.

      • This is your best?? Go back to school. because as far as I am concerned you should change your name to Dumb Ass Troll

      • You are agoblin, hobgoblin, gnome, halfling, demon, bugaboo, ogre a half whit, A sycophant a hack, a fake, a loser who pretends to be intelligent. A projectionist a person who through their own self indulgence attacks people for no other reason but to make themselves feel better than others.

      • BTW, stop using the word patriot. You people have hi jacked that proud word and twisted it into a hate word used only to divide and blame. They are to blame and we patriots are the only real Americans.
        You do know there are plenty of “patriots” resting in military cemeteries who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their America. Gay, straight, bi, black, Muslim, white, female, male, first gen Amer of illegal parents, everyone. And they aren’t seperated in different groups. No, they are mixed together. And on Memorial Day, we honor ALL of them.
        So find anyother word that fit you unproductive instigators. Clowns sounds way better.

      • You are projecting again! You know nothing about me and that will not change. You’re a pussy and that won’t change either

      • At every opportunity I’ve had with you, I’ve shown endless limits to my intellect . You can’t keep up. That’s why you spent so much time whining about how stupid I am.

      • And you have been reading my drivel for two days now. If you didn’t find anything interesting about my post, you would have last interest a long time ago. Or is it a case of having to be right all the time?

      • Learn how to spell it isn’t last, it is lost. and I am laughing AT you.You are not interesting in fact you are by far the dumbest troll I have ever met. I just like hearing you make a fool of yourself

      • 2 days! You are worse than a crazy ex girlfriend. Do you have other friends or am I the only person giving you attention?

      • I was giving suggestions. I can’t believe you people don’t know what I’m talking about. Please reas my other post on this subject. I feel like I’m going around in circles.

      • I agree. It is very reassuring to hear someone of Colonel West’s stature and life experience articulating so clearly what many of us feel but are unsure of how we should express it.

      • I never said you were stupid Pam.
        She’s changing her position first she attacks Col. West then claims she is his friend. she needs to make up her mind

      • Sorry, I agree on that. I was also thinking that she was condemning petitions, I was just saying you had to start a process somewhere. got in the middle of your conversation.

    • A petition??? Seriously???? These petition systems are either a ruse to spread political propaganda or to get donations for a cause. I signed a number of them a couple of years ago—then stopped when I saw the pattern.

      What Colonel West is saying is that Congress that a person must show they have been materially harmed in order to have standing in court. In other words it is not enough to merely angry.

      • West was working for PJ Media GENtv. He couldn’t get something together there ? Right wing news outlet with social media.

    • That line of thinking is the problem. Who can do more, one man with some connections? or millions of people flooding phone lines, sending letters and marching on the Capitol building demanding justice?

      • One man on social media with names, numbers, address. He post that to his followers. I thought you people would understand what I’m talking about. ow do you get your info?

      • That’s the smartest thing I have ever heard from your side. I applaud you. Don’t think too hard, it may be LIBER-ating. Get it.

      • I used to be on the left and doing research into what is real for my self, is what brought me out of mental slavery.

  28. another fine article col. west. a lot of good comments folks, but what do you expect from a mulatto, Marxist, muslim. Save a few members in congress the republicans are taking us to socialism at 50mph and the democrats are taking us to Marxism at 100mph


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