The new cultural meme in America. Are we ready for this?

The latest economic report from the Congressional Budget Office, released Tuesday, says the health care law will cause Americans to work fewer hours — enough to be the equivalent of 2 million fewer jobs in 2017. The latest number is nearly three times as high as the budget office’s previous prediction.

This was then followed by a nervous rush by the Left to justify the need for “less work”, For “hanging about,” for “discovering our passions,” for smoking a big fat (now legal) joint, and for relying on the sweat of YOUR NEIGHBOR’S BROW and not your own to finance these “internal endeavors.”

So this brings me to a biblical verse on that subject -2 Thessalonians 3:10 “For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.”

America was founded upon the blood, sweat and tears of those who mercifully, and in cases unmercifully, did not avail themselves to daily sloth and laziness. Here are some notable quotes by Democrats seeking to make you comfortable with the CBO report:

“What we see is that people are leaving their jobs because they are no longer job-locked,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told reporters after House votes Tuesday afternoon. “They are following their aspirations to be a writer; to be self-employed; to start a business. This is the entrepreneurial piece. So it’s not going to cost jobs. It’s going to shift how people make a living and reach their aspirations.”

We have a slim sliver of people in this world who are destined to be great writers, singers, ball-players, renowned artists, or people with “special entrepreneurial” aspirations. For example, I have an appreciation for art and music — especially vocal talents, however, my personal ABILITY at either of these worthy “forms of expression” are limited — especially in the vocal arena. I am, however, committed to my clients which ALLOWS me to pursue financially my “hobby” which is art. And mind you, I can do this without relying on the government to subsidize me or dis-pleasuring those within earshot the sound of my singing voice. Talent for the arts is “God given” and innate. It is not developed through massive unemployment. Talented individuals are seldom thwarted from greatness by having to support themselves and their families. Pelosi, in any other historical setting, would be some old evil, nutty, rich aunt who everyone humors by patting her hand and whispering “Yes dear” while hoping to be included in the will.

“Through FAFSA [Free Application for Federal Student Aid], the Department of Education provides more than $150 billion every year in low-interest loans, in grants that you don’t have to pay back, and work study programs that can help cover your educational expenses,” Michelle Obama offered. “And I was a work study student all throughout college.”

“Gaming” the system while these cherubs are young will only intensify when they get older. Hint, as the “worker bees” retire, who will be left to be the “mark” of the game. In other words, who will pay for all of this? As well, how many Liberal Arts degrees must the American taxpayer be on the hook for in the long run?

So, to the writers, and others, who are whining “Why do the Republicans want us to work all of the time?” And the leisure studies professor who cited “These lofty sentiments mixed with the ordinary delights: slow meals together (Ralph Waldo Emerson), conversations in the evening (Henry David Thoreau), dancing the night away (William Ellery Channing), singing in the choir (Jonathan Edwards), “observing a spear of summer grass” (Walt Whitman), reading and talking about books (Robert Hutchins), playing amateur sports (Fannia Cohn) and walking around Central Park in the dead of winter (Elizabeth Hasanovitz).” What would you expect from a professor of leisure studies — no wonder these kids can’t get jobs?

Leisure and hobbies are not meant to take the place of good work for self-reliance, and education is an enabler of such, not an adult playground. The massive “welfare state” that is being ushered in is the meme that will undoubtedly change not only the culture but the expectations of the citizens of the United States and usher in — well history will repeat itself and in ways not intended by the Founders of this country nor God.


  1. How insightful. I’d be honored to shake your wife’s hand, Sir. Your children are wildly fortunate to have you 2 as parents.

  2. Well, said, Angela! I would just like to say that Christians need to look up for our redemption draws near. I know that God has to have certain things in place for Jesus’ return. I can see His light at the end of the tunnel we are now in. Just as God did not let Sodom and Gomorrah, He will not let Americans continue to live such a life as you have described for very long. Looking forward to His coming!

  3. Great essay. Obozo stated five days before the 08′ election that he intends to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” amid the cheers of the sheep ad lemmings in the audience, and he meant it. This is what we are seeing now. Why does he want to do this? Because, in my opinion, he hates the foundation of this country in every way, period. What gives that charlatan and liar the grounds to pursue such a path and what foundation does he have to be an egomaniac when he has done absolutely nothing to get there? Does he think he is Napoleon, Churchill, Lincoln or any truly great leader in history?? What a total joke. It is time to do whatever necessary to stop his march to the total destruction of this great republic. Who is going to do it? Congress? No, we the people. The day is coming. Count on it. November is the key. Freedom!!!!

  4. First Lady Angela Graham-West, you will make a difference. I swear God put you two together to lead our Great nation back to being the Greatest nation she once was! I can see your family puts God first, and everything else falls into place. I would like to share something with you, but not through a public post . I have tried over and over to contact the Whitehouse, my senator’s office, etc . but not even a call back. I worked in a field where I have come up with an unbelievable idea that would make the postal service a very lucrative business, it would create another 80’s era boom, as we know, the computer, Internet, cellphone superhighway, created by the Vice President Al Gore, lol. I want to help my country, but I can’t find anyone who will listen. I might not be famous, or the smartest but I know how to manage big business. Please contact me so I can give this to you, our President elect and first lady! God bless you and your family! ☆★☆★☆★★☆

  5. First, I am from California and I have to apologize for the likes of Feinstein, Boxer, and Pelosi; they do NOT represent a good number of Californians. For lack of
    better wording, they are idiots. America’s citizens are not going to be leaving
    jobs in search of their dreams because Obama Care has freed them from jobs they
    have stayed with based on the need of medical insurance. What you will see occurring down the road are individuals having to take up a second job, borrow to the hilt or declare bankruptcy to pay the huge deductibles for their own insurance
    and for the increase in taxes to pay for the subsidies of others.

    To borrow from your article Mrs. West, one can have a conversation in the evening during a slow meal together AFTER they have finished their day’s work. In my home this was the family dinner hour in which we caught up on each other’s day’s activities, spent time with our daughter without interruption ensuring open communication with our child. Books were read in our household; children’s books at bedtime, school books as we over saw homework, and since we did not allow electronic games in our home and television watching was limited, books were read for fun.

    I love this nation with my heart and soul; this is how I was raised and how I raised my
    child. I urge all of us to work individually and collectively to reestablish what it means to be an American, to strive for a better life and to work towards it. If we do not, we will lose what was once the greatest nation on earth.

    • I raised my kids the same way and they are all working, raising their kids the same way, but there are many who have already drank from the Govt well so long that is all they know and raise theirs accordingly. When all the 40+ have aged and died, what kind of America will there be? I am so worried about my great grand children for the America they will live in. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would see America attacked. And never did I think we would have a President who is killing our country. And never did I think we would have a Congress who would be complicit in the killing of America. But that is what we have today. I don’t think the young people want to change this. I pray that they will come to their senses soon. People in my generation were patriotic, loved this Country, would die for this country and what is stood for. Now it is not like that?

      • JP

        I firmly believe that a change can be made but it has to start with us. Encourage your grandchildren to work study hard, ask their parents to give them chores for the only reason that is it teamwork that makes a family survive. My daughter recently married and I have openly told them that when they have children, do not send them to visit Grandma/Grandpa with anything that plugs in the wall or takes batteries. We will be busy playing outside, reading, baking doing things together.

        I am only 56 years old but the changes that have happened in the last 8 years have changed our country faster that the first 49 years of my life. If we want change,we MUST become instruments of change no matter what the cost is. As much as I respect Allan and Angela West, they and others who are like minded, cannot save this country alone; we must all fight, at what ever level we can, along side of them. I for one will.

  6. OK, now I do not know which one of the West’s is my favorite! Seriously, last week some crazy secular progressive feminist ,whose name I never bothered to learn, pretty much said stay at home women were useless in a society. NOW the fools are saying it is just fine to stay home, work less, collect from the government and play. Oh my hell, they are totally devoid of brain cells and will spin just about anything no matter how crazy they sound!

    • Yes, of course women who have the ability to choose to stay home are completely useless but the ones who have to stay home because they don’t have a job have been liberated. Do you see the difference between choice and liberty?

  7. It is sad that thought like this is somehow lost. If it is we are too. I know it is not….the producers are being out shouted by the enablers who convince the takers that they some how deserve it. And they give up so much potential in their blind belief of the central planners. Speak louder AND carry a big stick….before the cosmic 2×4 comes crashing down on us all.

    • Ah, but this isn’t the typical fare for liberals. This represents forcing a fundamental shift in accepted American values, and an apparent lack of determined resistance to its teachings. Both sides have traditionally spouted rhetoric about creating job opportunities, but now we are being sold [out by politicians touting] the “promise” of social mediocrity over a true empowerment of the people.
      I’m afraid that those on both sides of the isle who are marketing this hogwash are as cold and calculated as any who have tried to step into the tyrannical ring historically…

      • Oh you can rest assured that your senses are keen and true and tuned in precisely to the nefarious intent.

        As I see it, we’re >literally< standing upon the precipice of the last stage before we, the Americans, get the living crap kicked out of us by a horde of idiots not seen since the night of long knives.

        The November election will tell us everything we need to know.

        IF … that which is other impossible, which is that the worst performing partisan effort in US History is sustained, we will know that all pretense of objectivity, in terms of the last hope for peace, fair elections, have been usurped. And we can expect, shortly after that, a sea change, where all sense of passivity by the Federal Government will snap into a police-state mode.

        At least that's how I see it.

  8. One important concept about wealth, and this is important whether you’re talking about wealth at an individual level or the aggregate wealth of the nation: wealth is the product of WORK. When fewer members of a society work, less wealth is being created. There are fewer goods and services available even though the demand for goods and services is always increasing. So fewer people working because they can suck the government teat means less production, less wealth, and a lower standard of living that will be experienced most painfully by poor and even middle class households.

  9. Since when does living on the dole make an economy better? It doesn’t. Since when does staying home playing video games or whatever hobby you have make a better economy? It doesn’t and never will
    ‘My friend, the Declaration of Independence only guarantees the American people the right
    to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself!’ “This means work to earn the money to pursue it not play till you find it

      • The people who fight tooth and nail to make the most of themselves are the winners. People who sit home waiting for things to happen instead of making things happen are the losers. So are you a winner or loser?

      • Hopefully there will be people standing up like LCol West, to expose the shortsightedness of the current administration’s spin; this must be accompanied by a windfall of civilians who are willing to take a bold and prolonged stand along side of him. Otherwise, the only winners will be those doing the spinning…

      • It will only have a bearing on them if we let them have that power over our children.
        He and his ilk do not have long to wait for change. Now I am not threatening them myself however in winter if you pay any attention, you know when a Snowstorm is coming you can feel it in the air, the color of the clouds.
        barry has a Nor’Easter coming and doesn’t realize it

  10. Obamacare is the bulldozer to wreck the American economy and bring in a classical Progressive dream state as visualized by the ivory tower class. What else would you expect from the nutty constitutional professor turned President?

  11. What needs to happen is those people out of work need to start gardening and producing their own foods so they can sell or barter the excess for the things they need but can not grow like toilet paper and soap.

    • I agree…Liberals seem to love regulating everything and now they have nearly regulated our Country from existence. As they say, everything Liberals touch turns to manure!

      • as a anti-liberal I have to laugh at the thought only liberals love to regulate. As republicans continue regulating marriage, marijuana, and use federal money just as much as libs to bribe states to do their bidding. Dems want your money, republicans want your soul.

      • I know that libs are not understanding of anything that is religious but the form of marriage has and always will be for religious purposes Period. and as far as pot goes no we do not want to regulate it or tax it we just do not want to have to pay to clean up the failures that the peoples lives become when they do the drugs you so want.

      • “I know that libs are not understanding of anything that is religious but the form of marriage has and always will be for religious purposes Period”

        That’s a quaint thought and quite frankly I agree but that battle was lost when republicans refused to accept “Civil Unions.” While it may be a contract with God to us, it is now also a contract with the state. They want that same ease of joining their lives as straight people do and while it may not be appealing, what “legal” justification is there to deny that right? The DOMA will not stand because it was written specifically to deny homosexuals the right to marry. Had no law been passed at all common law could have been argued with centuries of precedent that only man and woman had ever been afforded such a right even though homosexuals have lived as couples throughout that same time period.

        And exactly what “drug” do I want? The one with cancer curing properties that desperately needs to be researched so I don’t die of an easily curable cancer or the treatment of my cancer? The anti-nausea medication that for current chemo patients can be a literal life saver? Maybe I need the anti-epileptic treatment so I can get out of bed and raise my children. Maybe I need the chronic-pain treatment for my back and sciatic pain that keeps me in bed when I’m not at work. Or maybe I need the anti-anxiety treatment for the panic attacks I suffer that isn’t treatable by other meds. Maybe I just want to get high.
        Quiet possibly the “drug I so want” is the freedom to decide these types of treatments with my doctor and simply keep politicians out of my doctors office. And don’t regulate or tax it, all the better that’s the kind of Reagan Conservatism I like to hear about, less regulation.
        Maybe while the uppity white ladies are getting drunk on vodka, swallowing their Xanax, getting their Vicodin for that real bad migraine they can look down their nose at druggies like me who just want to get high. Cause Lord knows their “medication” is nice and legal and safe. Must be nice to always be on the republican side of things, I simply can’t walk the road with blinders on.

  12. Mrs. Graham-West, you are spot on. Can’t wait to have you as First Lady! Also can’t wait for Libs to find themselves having to sell off their art, their houses, cars, personal belongings, etc, etc just so they can pay for their obamacare insurance plan and still be able to put food on the table. Putting a Communist in the White House will come back and bite them, if not haunt them for the rest of their lives.

  13. Thank you Mrs. West. 1st for being “spot-on”, and then having such a fine husband, and sharing him with us. Hoping to see you two in the White House in the not to distant future. It would be a blessing have decency bought back to our country! Alas, me thinks our greedy politicians will wake up one morning with a gun pointed at their heads, and it’ll be to late for them. As I recall, that is the way of Communism/Marxism!! Let’s continue to pray that our Father in Heaven will intervene, as only He can, and show them who’s the “real” King!

  14. Not true Mrs West.
    The CBO report predicting less people in the overall workforce has nothing to do with lost jobs or people being lazy… but people not having to work extra hours or extra jobs to maintain insurance.

    In other words, an old man won’t have to work until he dies at 80, but might actually be able to retire first.
    A working family man won’t have to take a second job just to afford insurance.

    But, go ahead and call them lazy… and deliberately spin the CBO report (even though the CBO clearly explained this point) just to make it fit your political narrative.

    • brendan – you must be kidding. maybe you are getting your healthcare for free, but there are countless people who have seen their premiums, deductibles and co-pays skyrocket. so….mr brendan, how exactly are they going to pay for that??

      • Brendan, the 80-year old man would have the benefit of medicare, which covers just about everything. Don’t be fooled by the spin.

      • That’s just it, we are supposed to care for those who can no longer care for themselves, as they did for us when we were too young to care for ourselves. Its a natural cycle of life, not this nonsense about providing for the maturing young and capable well beyond our once reasonable social statutes of obligation.

    • Brendan please take your blinders off. The “spin” is coming from the WH. Just like it did with “a few bad apple insurance companies” are the problem with the website, The full impact of job loss won’t even be seen until 2015 when the employer mandates kick in. If this concept of Obamacare actually worked well then the why has so much been spent after the fact trying to tell us how wonderful it really is? Because if it really was good and cost effective then it would be selling like crazy, which we know it isn’t.

    • Brendan, the costs of that individuals insurance still exist, even if he or she does not pay it directly from their own check, or have it covered by their employer. That means that it has now has to be (by law) subsidized by the government; unfortunately, the only way that these funds are collected is through taxes, which LCol West points out must come from other tax payer pockets.

      There is no deception here, except for the idea that the government is a source of funds; the government can not generate wealth, it is completely dependent on the people for its revenues.

      • I remember taking my kids out once and having to tell them we couldn’t afford something they wanted, to which they replied that i should simply go to the ATM and draw out more money.

        I am sure Brenden understands how to use a credit card, but perhaps he hasn’t realized the effects of compounding interest; perhaps he has a family that would simply whip him out another card if he ran out the first, willfully assuming his financial burden while doing him the injustice of not making him earn his own way.

    • Brendon…..old men do not work until they are 80 because of insurance….they have Medicare at age 65……they may work until age 80 in order to continue to put food on the table, pay the utility bills and enjoy a few niceties in their “golden years”. The fallacy that is now the talking points of the left is just that a fallacy…… order to stop working and cut one’s working hours and still pay one’s OWN expenses would mean you worked and saved for a rainy day. Otherwise, you stop working and are now dependent on the government for not only an insurance subsidy…..but also welfare…….either way one becomes 100% dependent on the government and the people who are still working and paying taxes that are used to pay the subsidy and welfare…….what is going to happen when those people also decide they want to take it easy and stop working…..where is the income stream going to come from……..this type of cycle is not sustainable and has failed over and over again. Put 3 working people in a circle….remove one with the other 2 supporting the one who stopped working….that means the 2 who are working will have less so the one who is not working can have life sustaining things like food, heat, shelter, etc. Now let the 2nd worker stop working… 1 person is supporting himself and 2 others. Now the 3rd person says “what the heck”, why should I work and support the 2 freeloaders…..I will quit too. No one is working and the tax pool is no longer being feed…..what will happen to the 3?

      • Musical chairs is all fun and games, unless the rules are bent to allow for the winner to have his/her chair taken away in the end as well; the only true winners then are those running the game.
        So it was for the dominant tribes in Africa, who were more than happy to supply the Europeans with slaves until their enemies were depleted; at that point, they themselves were forcibly put into bondage, a hard lesson we must not allow our youngins to forget, lest we [willfully choose to] share in their dismal, cyclic fate.

    • Any human being that actually thinks another person should have to pay for your medical, food, shelter, school is part of the problem. Nothing is free and it takes 6 full time employees to support one welfare recip. Common sense and basic math is what is lacking in your statement.

      • Speaking of common sense… you completely misread my comment.
        I never said anything about welfare recipients, so your rant about supporting people on welfare has zero to do with this.

        I wrote that the CBO report predicts that less people will be working loner because cost of living (insurance) rates will go down…. meaning a man can support his family working 40 hours a week instead of having to work 60 hours.

      • I currently pay $488 per month for coverage for husband and self with a 90/10 ratio and a $3,500 deductible. Now If I chose to go with AHA, I would pay $378 a month, with subsidy covering the cost over that amouth, have a 70/30 ratio and a $12,600 deductible. Please explain to me how on earth I could work less hours ? I may not be a math whiz, but this just isn’t adding up.

    • Oh, and you’re wiser than Mrs. West because ????? You look to be the age of my grand children. At 74 I cannot afford to retire because my business is decreasing, requiring me to pull from my funds meant for retirement. I have been self employed since 1971 and have paid for my own insurance easily because I was quite able to earn sufficient funds to enjoy a sound life. I’m no longer able to do that…

      • i am wiser than Mrs West on this matter because i actually heard the CBO spokesman explain this point when asked and I know that Mrs West (and others) are being misleading.
        Also… age does not equal wisdom.
        As to my age… the photo you are judging my age by is from 28 years ago.

      • And, your picture looks like a mug shot. You are correct, others are being misleading, Mrs. West is not. Your propaganda regarding the benefits is far out-weighted by reality that is being reported on a daily basis. The CBO spin, er, explanation, which follows contains some interesting language:

        “We wrote in the report: “CBO estimates that the ACA will reduce the total number of hours worked, on net, by about 1.5 percent to 2.0 percent during the period from 2017 to 2024, almost entirely because workers will choose to supply less labor.” The reason for the reduction in the supply of labor is that the provisions of the ACA reduce the incentive to work for certain subsets of the population.”

        “Workers will choose to supply less labor.” Or, more accurately, they will get laid off because they are lazy. On the flipside, employers may take advantage of this trend by decreasing full time employment, slashing wages and cutting benefits because they know they can play the members of an increasing labor pool against each other (yes, the available labor pool will increase as more jobs are shifted to part time). The real victims to this approach will be those who want or need to work full time, as well as those small business owners who see erosion in their sales because demand for their goods / services will decline due to lower overall earnings.

        To put this into perspective regarding the economic impact, the economy will see a potential $74.3 B annual shortfall from current levels due to workers “choosing to supply less labor.”

        Approx workforce 155,000,000
        Participation Rate 63.20%
        Adjusted Workforce 97,960,000
        Avg Hrs Worked 1,790
        TTL US Labor Hours 175,348,400,000
        Avg Hourly Wage $24.21
        Total Productive Wage $ 4,245,184,764,000
        Projected CBO Reduction -1.75%
        Potential Impact to Economy ($74,290,733,370)

        So, $74B potentially pulled from an economy that is already anemic. This analysis does not take into account the further economic impact of this shortfall, which will result in business closures, increased unemployment along with a further erosion of purchasing power, increased personal debt and declining savings rates. Not to mention the increases in tax rates that will be necessary to prop this monstrosity up…

  15. Of course we all look forward to not having to work as many hours in order to earn sufficient money so we can live a sufficient life. However, many people are being very careless with the meaning of words and he who controls what the words means gets to control the outcome of the debate.

    Just a few hours ago we were told to worry about “income inequality”, as if it was somehow a bad thing that Oprah earned more money than her stage hands did. But when people scold us that thanks to income redistribution (aka: ObamaCare) far more people can live a satisfactory life without having to work, what they are not telling you is that this whole scheme depends either upon 1) creating massive amounts of money out of thin air; and or 2) finding people like Oprah who will continue to create enough wealth that can be taxed away from their bank accounts into the public treasury.

    For a variety of reasons this is not “sustainable”. Either way, it ends badly. And worse, it always must employ coercion of victims in order to gain the assets to redistribute. Socialism never creates wealth, it can only act as a parasite and predator to claim the wealth of others. We are seeing the mask come off the left. This will not end well.

    • Why teach a man to fish for himself, when you can make him dependent upon the government to provide him with another [more industrious] tax payer’s catch.

    • It may be more of a fascist development really. At least I read an article to that effect recently. Time has come for dramatic social outcry against big government and this “gentry liberalism” as Fred Siegel puts it. Mr. Siegel’s new book The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism has Undermined the Middle Class is strong on key points of identification of turning points toward a slow decline in American society. It is weak on some important problems with capitalism today but still well suited to its task. One major point, which I make also in my work, is the faithful following of Fredrick Nietzsche by many liberals including Obama. This is the current fight.

  16. I am pretty sure that Ralph Waldo Emerson would be especially horrified at the state of America today, as would so many others who are no longer with us.

  17. Why all the talk… where and when will the uprising, the fight happen to put an end to the destructive mindset of this current administration? Mr. West sir? Thank you for at least getting the message out.

  18. Bread and Circuses should work very well to keep the masses docile and voting for the right rulers.
    If they don’t want the B & Cs, we will just have to nudge them into it by making it harder and harder to work and compete.
    We can do that easily enough – socialized medicine, instituting the “bribe for position policy” to contract work and finance new loser ventures or appointed political positions, and of course, the old tried and true fanning of class, gender, and racial resentments.
    Onward, Progress – someone else will do the work.

  19. And all can be artists and musicians , because just like the Greeks , we will have a class of slaves to support us . Ook ! No ! , not Slaves ! They’ll be political prisoners . And that is OK . Yup , and anyone can qualify .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry !

  20. Government college loans are a scam, my son-in law pays 10% on his Obama loan, not allowed to refinance with a private lender (the wife pays 2.3% on her loan private lender). He was told that after ten years the balance of the loan would be forgiven. After starting his teaching job, he found out that the school he teaches at does not qualify him for the loan forgiveness. If he should miss payments, his wages could be garnished, he could lose his teaching certifications, they would also go after the spouse’s wages, also take away her certifications, put leans on their house. A government of mobsters, using gangster tactics, but it’s legal because they are the government. Each work three jobs to live to feed their two kids, because of the extra work, they do not qualify for the $3000.00 child deduction so got hit owing $6000.00 to uncle Sam. One job pays for child care and health insurance, the other student loans, mortgage, food, clothes, housing and heat are considered discretionary by the government.

  21. I think Jonathan Edwards would be vehemently opposed to having him be associated with the vice of sloth…

    “Slothfulness in the service of God in his professed servants, is as damning as open rebellion; for the slothful servant is a wicked servant, and shall be cast into outer darkness, among God’s open enemies, Matt. 25:26, 30. They that are slothful are not “followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.” Heb. 6:11, 12″

    -Jonathan Edwards, from Christian Practice in “Religious Affections”

  22. quit your whining, shirkers. God has given you the ability to get ahead in society, and how do you use it? To scorn and look down on others, whining and dragging your feet at every opportunity to contribute to the society that has given you all that you have, resenting and despising your fellows whom God has gifted in other ways. Shame on you. Yes, talent for art is God given, but, and don’t strain your brain trying to think, the art does not do itself; it requires that the artist have both the time and the energy to actually learn, practice, and produce it. That time and energy which is all too often squandered toiling just to barely survive, come home dragging and collapse, while the likes of you, who never have an original idea or produce anything meaningful in your lives, STILL sneer and call us “underachievers”. You house slaves disgust me. Signed, the field hand who feeds your lazy pretentious whiny ass.


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