Watcheth thou this video: Geraldo thinks O’Reilly stripped Obama of his majesty.

Here’s an interesting exchange between Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera regarding O’Reilly’s interview with our monarch er president. Seems Sr. Rivera believes President Obama has “majesty” and should not have to answer to inquiry.

In America we do not have kings or queens. We are supposed to have servants of the Republic, those who uphold our Constitution. In all my years, I never recall any president being referred to as having a “majesty.”

And it is indeed a fact that President Obama was once a community organizer from Chicago. Was O’Reilly wrong to say so? Can it be that Obama displays such majestic arrogance — certainly he appeared irritated by O’Reilly during the interview — because Obama agrees with Geraldo? Just consider the manner in which President George W. Bush was treated. The hypocrisy is laughable.

Have a look at the video, oh peasants of the realm. What do you think? Who’s right on this one?


  1. Col. West. The emperor has no clothes. Anyone so crass as to say so is clearly evil. Jerry Rivers is hardly an objective journalist. He is a self-serving opportunist whose only agenda is promoting Jerry.

  2. Geraldo at 3:12 – “I don’t want to play race here.” REALLY?? Is that why you called Bill “the president of most of the white guys in America” and Pres. Obama “the president of almost everybody else”?

  3. Does anyone remember how worried Geraldo was about his koi pond during the storm Sandy? He couldn’t care less about the people who lost everything they had. It’s typical of his ilk. Protect the lying Preezy! They are losing the war on Americans and they know it.

  4. Yo, Geraldo – yeh, you with your butt-fat injected in your face – His Majesty has no clothes! Obama is NOT accountable to the American people. He has openly bragged that he will ignore Congress and make his own legislation, he was elected through massive voter fraud, he lies with impunity on every issue.

  5. Heroda hasn’t been himself lately ever since he posted that lovely selfie in the mirror trying to look so sexy. And the big O has a Im the best complex ( fair & bal., crap) so they compliment each other. Ignorant fools…!

  6. Sure seems to me that Geraldo didn’t think this all the way through… majesty, for pete’s sake 🙂 lol Bill was polite and did a good job. BTW…. he’s not the ‘pres of the white folks’, lolol… Also, ditch the goatee Geraldo… doesn’t work for you.

  7. Geraldo should’ve got on his knees in front of Obama sense he Loves him that much… wipe the drool off your chin Geraldo… I Think O was to easy on The President… most of the time O’s stopping them when their spreading BS but not this time…

    • If O hadn’t ‘interrupted’ Obummer as many times as he did, only 1 question would have been answered, or should I say, replied to! Obummer never did come close to an answer, on ANY question! Double-speak at it highest!!

  8. What the ?????? Geraldo, did you move to Colorado? Rocky Mountain High? Psssst….we are not in England, No King other than Jesus!

  9. This is how they deflect the true question… trying to say that you didn’t give him the respect of the office…..well the last sitting president was called a nazi….I think Bill gave him the respect that he has earned…..He is not above me…..He represents me to other countries period…. and a lousy job he is doing…….

  10. People are equal. We all have different skill sets and jobs however we are equal. No one is better than anyone else, no one. I put no man on a throne.

  11. Majesty?!? I guess Obama is a king in his own eyes. I think Bill could have pressed harder. No “deference” should be shown when speaking to a liar.

  12. Geraldo was so far off base , When I saw the Geraldo and Bill O’Reilly talking and Geraldo started in with this BS about Bill not giving Obama respect I though Geraldo has absolutely last it. Bill was very respectful to the President and the office he holds, But the questions Bill was asking where great questions. Here in the USA even the president has to answer to the people. We are not a country where the King answers or bows to no man. That is not the kind of government we have. Geraldo came off sounding like some one who believe Obama is above approach or the laws of this country. Even to president has to answer to the constitution and the laws of his office and of this country . The day that someone becomes above it we will no longer be a nation of the “WE THE PEOPLE”.

  13. One time my husband ran a parachute section for the survival school. Geraldo came to do a segment on the school. They needed a helmet for him so he could ride in the helicopter . So they called my husband for a helmet. He sent some over. They called back, we need a larger helmet. My husband looked until he found the largest helmet he had. He sent it and told them if that didn’t fit maybe a trash can would. 🙂

  14. Geraldo seemed to think O’Reilly needed to treat Obama presidential . . well Obama didn’t look presidential . . . he didn’t even have on a tie. In fact, his whole presidency has been far less than presidential!!

  15. Aw, Geraldo is just still sore because many people are still laughing at him over his “Al Capone’s Secret Vault” debacle on LIVE TV.

  16. If anybody thinks Rivera is a Republican has been spending to much time in Colorado, he has said he is for open borders many times, he is for abortion, on his radio show years ago out West he thought California should be ran by Mexicans. the only reason he hangs around with Fox is because of the Money of course but the Demacrates don’t like him. I was working in California for a while years ago when he had his Jerry Springer type show on in the LA area and some ole boy took a chair and busted his noise with it.

  17. This is the problem, he’s no better or worse than any other person on the planet.. Obama holds the office of the President, but he is still just a man. He has flaws, foibles and blind spots just as we all do. He has no majesty, no aura, no magic juju. He should be treated with deference but not adoration.

  18. I recall the interview he had with a pro wrestler and said that their display was all fake THEN the wrestler bitch slapped the idiot and set him on the correct path apparently he forgot , again running his mouth with nothing of importance to say..

  19. Geraldo just verbalized what we all know to be true. The liberal media refuses to ask obama a real, substantial question. Funny I don’t remember that attitude from the media when Bush or Reagan were president. In true liberal form, they deflect from the actual answers to O’Reilly’s questions and talk about something else entirely. Geraldo is no reporter. He’s a obama supporter.

  20. Obama has done nothing to earn the respect of American people, he doesn’t respect them so why should I respect him. Geraldo was nothing but a shyster when he was with ABC. Remember Al Capone’s tomb. He and Obama are alike both shysters, who don’t deserve anyone’s respect except subservient people.

  21. Geraldo you need to be put out to pasture. Bill Oriley gave Obama more respect than Obama gives the office he holds!! Obama is a community organizer and is still a community organizer in my opinion.

    • I have to agree with you Yvonne. I think Bill O’Reilly was doing his job and I feel he did a great job. I watched the interview and felt Obama tended to belittle Bill and try to dodge answering questions. If Obama organized any community like he has this country..I would hate to see it!

  22. Gross!! It appears anything less than a fully tossed salad with olive pits, croutons, and blue cheese crumples would have fallen fall short of Jerry Rivers standards.

  23. Obama has no affiliation to the history or the life blood of this country. He is the usurper that was dishonestly funded to destroy this country. If the citizens of this great nation do not fight back, your offspring will wonder why.

  24. Just wait, Jeraldo may find that mafia a treasure yet. Everything he has done since that huge fail has been just as meaningless and juvenile.

  25. I’m surprised Geraldo did not think O’Reilly should have bowed and knelt before his majestic eminence our Emperor with no clothes.

  26. Even if you think the right is unfair to Obama and think he’s done a great job, you have to admit, when you start throwing out words like “majesty,” it’s a sign of how they’ve inflated the guy to a larger-than-life stature.

  27. R. Rivera is just another social media pundit that believes that Obama represents the embodiment of their utipian dreams and aspirations, and no facts to the contrary will unseat them from worshipful devotion because truth is irrelevant in pursuit of their socialist ideology.

  28. Geraldo is just the deliberate loser to O’Reilly. His soul purpose on this show is to be the idiot liberal to make O’Reilly look good. Fox news is just dumbed down conservative propaganda for the masses and the only people who are wrong in this are the ones who take this show seriously. Forget this debate, it’s just some conservative idiot defending himself to some liberal idiot. Nothing has ever mattered less than the content of fox news.

  29. I agree with Bill O’Reilly 100% in this very short debate with Geraldo Rivera! Unfortunately Geraldo was wearing his race ‘feelings’ on his sleeve and his take on the interview with President Obama was through Hispanic eyes and not the eyes of true blue American jounalism at its finest as portrayed by Bill O’Reilly!

  30. Rivera’s got his head so far up Obuttwipe’s a$$ it’s pathetic. Majesty ? He ain’t a king. He supposed to work for us

  31. I think Geraldo Rivera should get canned by Fox News…he is such a liberal and I get sick and tired of him denigrating the conservative journalists on Fox News and there is NO MAJESTY to anyone sitting in the office of the President….if they can’t take the “heat” of journalism, then they NEED TO GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE, and Obama is NO DIFFERENT…Geraldo needs to be sent back to Cuba/Puerto Rico, whichever of those 2 islands he or his precedents came from and Obama can be sent back to Kenya!!! I am sick & tired of anyone having to “mamby pamby” the LIAR who sits upon the THRONE HE HIMSELF made….as for me and other CITIZENS of the Great United States, whether black, white, red, PINK, the person in the White House IS NOT ROYALTY! So go get a friggin shave Geraldo & quite trying to look like some young stud….to many damn grey hairs in your friggin whiskers!

    • canning every liberal from a network would not be a fair and balanced network… you need the lunatics to balance the perspective. you need both sides to avoid being another MSNBc

  32. The only thing I could see that Geraldo was wrong about was that there have only been 43 men that have been president, not 44

  33. Don’t take this as a compliment to O’Riley… because I believe that he
    played soft ball with Obama all grateful that the anointed one graced
    his presence on him… but Geraldo is so far left of the left leaning
    O’Riley that he ignores the fact that in this nation it is the
    responsibility of the press to question our nations leaders especially
    those that hold the highest office… as Geraldo himself has done to
    former presidents… and all this garbage that O’Riley represents white
    males and Obama represents just about everyone else, just demonstrated
    the racial divide that this nation faces because of the mixed race
    person holding the highest office

  34. A long long time ago, I can still remember when Rivara was a reporter. But now it has come to pass that he is just a real big ass.

    • He’s not even smart enough to be a lib….. and that’s saying something.
      He spends his time trying to meet so-called celebrities so that he can talk about how he knows them and hangs with them….. What a pathetic way to spend one’s time. That’s how he got semi-famous.

  35. Rivara should be fired. Calling Obama Majesty says exactly where Geraldo stands. Fire him Fox News immediately. O’Reilly did the job a reputable reporter is expected to do. He doesn’t quiver asking direct questions to get to the truth.

  36. I just can’t believe Geraldo said that (and i’m paraphrasing)– [this was just a debate between to opposite factions where OReilly was representing the white male side of things and Obama was representing “everyone else.”]?! How can Geraldo make that kind of statement? Does he really believe that crap? Obama doesn’t represent me, and I would say that I am demographically on the opposite end of the spectrum as OReilly–white, single mother from the South.

  37. Heraldo doesn’t always debate Bill,but when he does he likes to sport a Vandyke.He might also want to be a Prince among the King.Our President Barack Obama and Bill O’reilly are both grown men.What they also have in common besides height is the fact that they are presumably both Americans.One is holding all the cards and the other is only attempting to get some truth by way of facts.

  38. Geraldo? Since the gulf war he has nothing but discontent for the people. GW Bush threaten him after he was giving out strategic locations of the troops in Iraq. O’Reilly?

    He is just about ratings and selling his books. Obama thinks he is the king of America. Hopefully after the mid terms. the senate grows some balls and starts to charge him for crimes against the people with his magic “Pen and Phone” and not worry about racial backlash and do what is right. . Both Geraldo and O’Reilly are just glory hounds. No real interest outside of that.

  39. Remember that picture Geraldo took of himself in a bathroom wearing nothing but a towel? He said it was the tequila…wanna bet it was meant for obama?

  40. Deference to the man –sorry —the man has NO majesty–we are HIGHER than any person that holds a public office THEY WORK FOR US.

  41. Geraldo reveals his WRONG idealism of what the President is supposed to be in a Republic. When he said that Obama is a “direct descendent of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln…” he reveals that he believes the President is royalty, majestic, like a monarch or king. The President is NOT a king, he is not majestic. George Washington would slap Geraldo for talking about him like he was some pompous king. Think about it, Washington fought to FREE us from the rule of kings.

  42. i didn’t watch the state of the union because why listen to more BS come out of obummers mouth.. geraldo is moronic to say the very least.. i think he needs another chair.. idiot

    • Hahahahahha….I forgot about that one until you posted it…sheesh, I remember watching that in the mid 80’s with my parents…what a figgin joke that man is!

  43. Who has respect for Bill Clinton the womanizer who shamed the office of the president of the United Sates. Geraldo is like any other liberal in todays world the only argument he can come up with involves race. Nobody cares If the president is black, green or purple they care about what this president is doing to this country. Obama is so arrogant that he can’t be counseled or reasoned with because he thinks he knows what is best for every person in the country and he certainly doesn’t know what is best for me and my family.

  44. Geraldo is a RINO – or a wanna be Reagan Democrat! I think he should look at himself the way he gets drunk and tweet naked photos of himself! It just continues show how we move the line and not hold people accountable for themselves!

  45. Geraldo….Obama was elected because he was black. Who voted him in….the white people. When 85% of the black community voted for him…it was the “make it up to the Blacks” WHITE people that put him in ONLY because he is black and he is a terrible president because all he is is a great talker without depth with the backing and blessings of George Soros and Peter Lewis, now dead.

  46. Oblamer has no integrity and therefore he deserves no repect. Obama and his wife hate America. Doesn’t anyone remember, “God Damn America?” That wasn’t just a slip of the tongue from Obama’s mentor of twenty years, that sentiment dwells deep in their souls.

  47. …and this is why I do not like Geraldo. O’Reilly riles me at times because he really does act like he is smarter that every other human being, but Geraldo just looks for racism behind every tree. This man or any other POTUS should never be thought of or referred to as majestic. This is the USA and people died to escape people who thought and were actually majestic.

  48. Excuse me if I’m mistaking, but isn’t the proper way to conduct any American interview, to do it as equals. Americans do not show deference to the President. He is our employee. Why do so many people think that the position is royalty?

    • That’s putting it kindly…… He’s a babbling low-info ratings seeker with the character qualities of howard stern mixed with al not-so sharp tongue….
      It’s beyond me how he gets a radio show.

  49. Okay I will re do my comment. I don’t like the race card being the issue of conversation, black, white, Hispanic, are all Americans. Obama hold the highest office, as commander and chief. Race has nothing to do with what is wrong. it was the lies he told, the cover ups, the media propaganda. Geraldo, Obama is not a king, and unless you give proof of his birth, don’t claim he is a direct dissent of Washington, or any king. I would need proof, which you have not provided. But I think it very low and demeaning to claim, we do not understand. First off I do understand, I survived two riots, I dealt with white hatred of other whites as well, I dealt with Latin Kings. So don’t tell me about how hard life is, I worked and supported myself, I raised my child, I grew up poor, so what a lot of people do, Germans, Irish, Italians, Jewish, all started here poor and made something of themselves. So it is not race, it is the lies, and his arrogance that hurt him, look at the video of Chicago people Americans saying the same things, they are black/ white/ Hispanic and Asian. We are addressing his actions. I still remember you getting your nose broke, I think you lost senses

  50. From Wikipedia:
    Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution, forbids the United States from granting titles of nobility.

    Thomas Paine, in a scathing attack on nobility in general, wrote:
    Dignities and high sounding names have different effects on different beholders. The lustre of the Star and the title of My Lord, over-awe the superstitious vulgar, and forbid them to inquire into the character of the possessor: Nay more, they are, as it were, bewitched to admire in the great, the vices they would honestly condemn in themselves. This sacrifice of common sense is the certain badge which distinguishes slavery from freedom; for when men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon.[10]

  51. What did Geraldo expect O’Reilly to talk about during the short 10 minutes with the President that has spent his time in office running down Fox News. Was he hoping O’Reilly would kiss up to the President and try to make it look like he believes he is doing a really great job as Chris Matthew did with MSNBC. I don’t exactly think that would appeal to Fox viewers. I believe O’Reilly was appealing to his audience and his viewers want answers because were fed up with the direction in which our country is moving and our President’s role in this change, not our king. Our Founding Fathers chose to not call George Washington his Majesty or King for a reason. They were moving our country away from tyranny. Sadly, this administration seems to welcome it’s return.

  52. Please, Geraldo is nothing more than a joke in the realm of journalism….Obama might think he’s majestic, but we all know he’s nothing more than Pinocchio!

  53. Geraldo, quit pandering for air time and brown nosing Obama. O’Reilly was asking the questions and making the points that many American’s wished SOMEONE would ask and point out. Geraldo is fixated on the status of POTUS rather than the actions of POTUS that has been, and continues to be, in need of being called, questioned and pressed for truth or purpose. Nice job O’Reilly.

  54. I personally felt he was too easy on Obozo. Who cares what Geraldo thinks? He’s a sensationalist and a dirt journalist. A bottom feeder.

    • He was MUCH too easy. Obama could easily be pinned against the wall, and O’Reilly could have done it here, as well as during the campaign.

  55. Geraldo is the guy that gave US troop movements to the enemy and should have been
    shot, so whatever his opinion, he is full of crap.

  56. Geraldo is a RACIEST! He can’t even remember what he said while he was talking; his words “you are president of all the white people and Obama is the president of everyone else”! If that isn’t a RACIEST COMMENT what is! Also Obama hasn’t shown any Leadership since he has been in office! Then he says you diminished his majesty! He hasn’t any; he hasn’t even acted or upheld his oath of office since the beginning of his first term! He does not deserve the title!

  57. Oh my God people. Did you really watch and listen? This is a prime example of the way most Americans citizens are thinking and acting when it comes to Obama. Its like they are under some kind of delusional spirit. Why do so many people truly believe that its disrespectful, offensive, right down wrong, to ask this president anything. I don’t care what political party you are so faithful to, I believe that anyone and everyone is starting to see that something just don’t add up with our government offiicals. Both parties. You would have to be absolutely stupid, or you just don’t give a damn, or you’re under some kind of a delusional curse, or so heavily medicated, not to see we are headed for disaster. Its time we accept the fact that our government ( both parties ) are hell bent on destroying us and our country. We may not agree as what each other sees is the problem, but if you will be truly honest with yourself you’ll see there is a big problem. I cant believe that our constitution is being shredded right in front of our eyes. and we are not marching on Washington and protesting in the streets. What has happened to the pride the American people use to have for this great country.? When did we convince ourselves we shouldn’t question our government? Why do we feel like we should tolerate everybody, why are we allowing all these foreigners that are in America illegal to demand any rights, any kind of benefits, anything at all. Who the hell do these people think they are? And why the hell don’t we all stand up together and put a stop to this. When did the America people decide its alright to not work for your money, its alright that there is a large group of 19yr. olds to 35yr.olds not having to do anything at all for themselves, and they are being cared for by working peoples money. When did this become acceptable to you? Why are you an I watching the very destruction of our way of life here in America and are doing nothing to stop it. Are we just to damn sorry and lazy to make a stand for what is right. Do we see how serious this has become but we’re hoping someone else will fight the fight for us because we don’t want to be bothered with it? Are we so caught up in the arguing between each other that we cant see that’s the plan of this government, to keep us occupied on issues that don’t matter, so they can do what they chose, change our laws with a ink pen, hide the unlawful decisions they are making, in the name of helping the poor, helping the unemployed, helping the elderly, helping the sick when in reality they aren’t helping anyone but themselves. Someone would have to be completely blind, deaf and dumb not to see exactly what is going on here. Are we ready to stop the fussing with each other long enough to seek the truth, accept the truth, and stand up and change that truth. None of us wants to admit we were wrong, we want to hold on to our truths and beliefs to the point of allowing ( because of our pride) the very destruction of our way of life here in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. When did simple common sense leave us? Why cant we make a decision about anything? Yes people its got that bad and the majority of us don’t even see its happening and if we do, God forbid we question anyone. God forbid we say no we wont allow our government to continue to lie to us, we wont allow our government to change our laws for their benefit and not our benefit. That we stop allowing people from other countries to come to America and tell us what we have to do for them. How our lifestyle has to change, here in America, to accommodate their religion and their beliefs, and their desires, and their wants, their rights, ( what friggin rights ) I thought I would point out they have no rights in case you weren’t aware of it. But the hardest truth we have to look at an accept is we have created this monster ourselves by looking the other way when important rules were being broken, not caring over this small lie, not caring over all these behind the door meetings our government has been having for years concerning us the American people. When did we start believing that our government knows how to take care of us better than we do? Why have we become such cowards that we allow so many others outside our country and within our country to tell us what we are going to do whether we like it or not. By now Im hoping that I have stirred something within you to make you ask yourself why are we sitting silent and watching our very way of life disappear? We can not afford to waste anymore time allowing the evil corruption that is our government to continue. We can no longer look the other way as our rights and liberties are being stripped from us. Our government does not belong to our officials to do whatever they chose to do. It belongs to us the American citizen. Our government is not our boss. We are their bosses. They are suppose to answer to us in all things. We are not bond by the laws while our officials have no laws to obey. Remember they work for us. Im asking with all my heart and a little bit of common sense, for each American to stand up and fight for each other. To fight to get our government reporting to us and obeying our constitutional laws,not making new laws that apply only to us and not them. The ideal that our government officials are above the law can no longer be acceptable by the American people. Stop being faithful to these parties. Understand the democrats or republican party are not faithful to you. They don’t give a damn about you and me or our families.Stop believing that lie. Its as simple as that. Stop. Our officials do not care about us. They don’t care if you are unemployed,they don’t care if your position at work has been changed from full time to a part time position, because of this Obamacare. They aren’t concerned about allowing all the millions of illegal immigrants into the United States. All its about to our government is secure votes. They are not concerned about the hardship this will cause to the American people. They are not going to be the ones affected by this we are, the American people. At this time our government officials don’t believe any laws or rules apply to them, only us. So whats going to happen is you and I and our children and grandchildren will have to deal with this mess while our government will turn a blind eye to our suffering. They will continue to live life large as we struggle to feed our families. As we struggle to pay our bills. They will continue to be able to have health insurance while we struggle to pay our health insurance, and if we cant pay it ,we will struggle to pay the fine because we cant afford obamacare insurance. So they are going to fine us money because we don’t have any money. Please open your eyes and refuse to any longer believe the lies. Please lets stop fighting each other and come together and fight our real enemy, our government. Please refuse to be faithful to a political party that’s doesn’t give a crap about you or your children. Stop the delusion. Stop believing any government official is doing anything for you. Its not happening and hasn’t been happening for years. Stop not caring about whats happening in our world today. Stand up for whats right and lets stop this madness. Noone else is going to save us. We have to save ourselves and our families. Please lets put our differences aside, and join together, and save ourselves an our country. We are Americans and it time we start acting like an American.

  58. Oh B S herald. He is accountable to the people. the people have the right to ask him anything they want to ask. Every president has been grilled. No exceptions.

  59. Geraldo is not objective and he has taken the same position as every devout Obama supporter: “you’re not allowed to question the actions or words of Obama, and if you do, you must be a racist.” What a bunch of BS. He even referred to O’Reilly as the “king of the white guys in America.” That’s an actual racist statement if I ever heard one!

  60. It’s frightening how these people react to a “personality” rather than to the office itself. It seems clear they could easily fall prey to a dictator….perhaps already have.

  61. So Pres. Obama should not be called “a community organizer from chicago”

    NOW we know why most of the press does NOT ask Pres. O the normal tough questions a President should be asked…they do not want to Question His Majesty too hard.

    So…Geraldo keeps talking about the social divide. MEaning what??? No serious questions allowed from “the other side”?????????????????????????

  62. Wait Obama himself ran on the fact that he was a community organizer so what the heck. This president has done NOTHING, never worked, never owned a business, has no idea how to create jobs, Hay if this communities in Chicago are so great, how about Geraldo move to these happy places and live there.

  63. Only once in 5 years has anyone (read: ANYONE) gone nose-to-nose with the President on a host of issues (Jake Tapper might have done this once). Obama is not transparent – this is why we need to have these questions answered. I was delighted to see him squirm a bit while being questioned by O’Reilly. I sound like O’Reilly when I write this but our President has a lot of answering to do. Here’s the point: many of us do not trust him – we do not find him trustworthy on any level. He’s duplicitous (have you read his transcripts from his speech on Thursday regarding religious freedom? Sheesh), weak willed and panders to certain sectors of the public. Any doubters out there? Answer this: was anything resolved regarding the IRS, NSA, Benghazi and ACA scandals (why wasn’t Sebelius fired?).

    Rivera was wrong – O’Reilly was pointed but also deferential. Rivera is old enough to have seen press badger previous presidents…but not this one. This is why so many foreigners love our country – we hold office holders accountable with our questions and by our vote.

  64. This is such bull and really, when has Geraldo’s credibility been that great. I remember back when his credibility was on the line and he lost all of it.

  65. This “president” never had any “majesty” to strip! He is the most incompetent boob EVER to hold the office! And the fact that the likes of Bill O’Reilly could make him become so defensive and unsettled, is simply further proof of the low caliber of the man who is supposed to command the highest respect in the nation. Instead he is the laughing stock of the country, and the world.

  66. I was so disgusted by this I couldn’t finish watching it. I can not and will not even refer to BHO by the title of President. He is definitely NOT my President. He is an imposter, a fake, and has no business even being in the White House. Geraldo?? Just a bug to be stepped on. O’Reilly??? Not much better. I watched his interview with BHO and wasn’t impressed by him as an interviewer. He backed down to easily.

  67. The President of the United States is not royalty, but the POTUS position has always been a position of authority, respect, and admiration. Nixon cause people to look at it a little different; Clinton cause another ripple in the respect and admiration, GW along with some media spin doctors cause it to crumble more…. BUT when Obama started making late night talk show appearance like he was just a celebrity he took the position from it’s long standing high position to him just being a good ole boy. While watching the O’Reilly interview I felt that they were talking as equals, and yet that is how Obama likes it to be. I didn’t feel that O’Reilly overstepped. He asked hard questions, but quite frankly I think he let the President off easy. Saying he was a community leader was not disrespectful. And like O’Reilly, I couldn’t even told you he said it because it was as O’Reilly said, “inconsequence” as other have said, if you look for something to be offended about you can always find it… and that doesn’t matter who you are.

  68. Let’s take off the kid gloves and start practicing EEO with Obama. Let’s channel the white half so there can be accountability. The hyphenated side of his gene pool has been given too many passes.

  69. Rivera and hi Ilk are pathetic! I don’t defer to ANY Public Servant, and that is what Obama is! Those who see Obama as “imperial” and believe we must cow tow to him because he was “hired” to hold the Office of President, are indeed pathetic and are the reason why he thinks he can toss aside the Constitution and our Rights at his will. He has asked for the job to work For the People; the People are his employers. He is an employee!!
    Rivera makes a pathetic fool of himself. And one more thing, any one temporarily ‘hired’ to be President must, himself, respect the Office he was hired to hold, if he expects to receive respect himself. To date Obama has shown no true respect for this position. He has abused it and I respect him not.

  70. Geraldo talks about respecting the President. And that O’reilly didn’t extend that respect. That is such hog wash. I would expect that from Geraldo. He refuses to come to terms with the fact that O’Bama has flat out lied about this issue from beginning to end. The very night our embassy was attacked, the President knew how it started. Panetta told him it was a terrorist attack. And he allowed Rice and Clinton to go on tv for 2 weeks saying it was because of a video. He could have stopped that. But he did not. Why? Well it all points to the fact that 1) it was election time,2) he went all over the country and over seas saying that Al Quaeda was on the run and had pretty much was no longer a great threat. And even after the embassy was attacked 2 months earlier by a rocket propelled grenade through the wall. And letters written to Clinton from Stevens, saying he and the embassy were no longer safe and he needed more support. Denied! That’s why Stevens had local militia for security. And upon attack they fled! And to say they could not have gotten help in time is also hog wash. And to answer the question, why were Stevens and others even still in Bengazi. After reports there were members of a terrorist organization there. All other embassy’s were closed because of terrorist. Stevens was the only one in the region that stayed. Why? Because they were running guns into Syria for the opposition which had ties to Al Quaeda and Taliban. And it is all about to come out. And Geraldo talks about how O’Reilly should have more respect. When this man won’t even answer basic questions. And when he does, he lies.

  71. Geralldo just played the race card! The color of the President’s skin is irrelevant, Presidents have been judged by there policies and actions since George Washington.

  72. He gives no respect, he gets none simple ass that. He disrespects the office he holds he disrespects The Constitution, He disrespects the Armed Forces and the Veterans. He disrespects and insults the people he works for, you and me.

  73. Geraldo is just another Marxist pusher. His first claim and the point he uses through out this discussion. to highlight the questions and position that O’Reilly took; was “Whites vs. The Rest of Us”. Another Low-level Race baiter.

    • Simple defense by deflection. And the diversion to race topics is a tactic that has served them well; it provides an obvious line of defense that belies a greater malevolent intent. I’d love to dispute any supposed Marxist/socialist ties, but its kind of hard when O’Reilly’s being hounded by a man sporting a Stalin tribute mask [Geraldo]…

  74. Great dialog. Worth listening to a couple/few times. I’d like to hear more about what Geraldo’s concerns are. Not because I necessarily agree with him. But because I’d like to understand where he (and others he represents in thought) is/are coming from.

  75. Seriously, Geraldo? He stripped Obama of his majesty? Really? Our president now is majestic? This says everything about Geraldo that anyone needs to know.

  76. But it’s ok to laugh at Bush having shoes thrown at him? Right Geraldo? Bill told the truth. In a supported context. It’s ok, for Candy Crowley to lie in a Presidential debate though if it supports the majesty, right Geraldo. Geraldo you are a reprobate! And your list of VIP’s that like you are Very Ignorant People!

  77. It is our responsibility and duty as citizens to hold all public officials accountable; we are ultimately the backbone of America’s entire checks and balances system. To do anything less is a travesty, and disservice to those who founded this great nation. They earned the respect that this POTUS can only assume by title only. His “Majesty” was voted into office by the people, and he should therefore have respect for those he is accountable to.

    Obama’s accomplishments have been proven to be fulfilling a “transparent” agenda that defies the founder’s intent; Geraldo proclaims that we should exalt the King’s new clothes, while O’Reilly simply pointed out his true apparel: naked tyranny.

    • Ah, but we are supposed to respect Obama’s “majesty”, even as he willfully subverts the Constitution. O’Reilly stated that it is his job to seek the truth, but Geraldo could only infer that there was some kind of racial significance to their public debate pairing, one that placed them on equal footing. The president is to be held accountable to the people, not superior to them.

      If Obama had held true the promises of his pre-election speeches [regarding NSA snooping, use of executive fiat, transparency, etc…], I could understand Geraldo’s stance. Since the opposite has proven true, the only respect he garners is tied to the title he has yet to be stripped of.

  78. One cannot respect the office if the person holding it cannot command respect or deserve it. Obama has NO majesty and should be treated just as O’Reilly did — questioning all he’s done wrong and being asked for answers without softball pandering. Of course Obama will not give the answers. To do so would expose his horrible leadership.

    • Carolyn3, you’ are proof that blonds aren’t what they joke about.LOL. Just lightining up the so sad conversation that we have here. Gerald did a good deed to the American people, we need more guys like him to comeout of the closets and try to defend their King. It’s just bringing up more clearity about how dumb the Democrats are. They exposed themselves, more fun to the Comedians! As long we are not alouding them to put in practice more than they had done.

  79. Obama answers to the people, not vice versa. O’Reily has a responsibility to his viewers. Obama disrespects his own office. Rivera is a liar. Besides, O’Reilly is 10 times the man Obama is. Respect has to be earned. And only God deserves our Deference and Awe. Obama has no majesty, he’s a joke.

    • O’Reilly referenced both his responsibility as a journalist and as a citizen; both of these Geraldo openly downplayed as beneath an assumed obligation to give [President] Obama some form of tyrannical reverence. Shameful!

      • And apparently only Obama. All other presidents it would be OK to ask pertinent questions. What a biased person Geraldo is or as is the in, liberal, thing to say now, what a racist.

  80. I quit taking Geraldo serious when he was looking for Al Capone’s tomb. That being said, I think it’s about time someone from the news media challenged the President. For the past 5 years he’s had carte blanche to run over the rights of millions of U.S. citizens. It’s way past time for someone to challenge him.

  81. Geraldo is over. Just go away! He’s such a racist that I can’t stand to even hear his name anymore. Incidentally dumbo~Geraldo, he is not “majesty!”

  82. Geraldo it’s nothing more than a Liberal dressed up with a non see through cape. His is so corrupt as all his partners drinking the Obama kool aid. Of course he’s so ofended that Mr O’Raeily called his King as he is “Commuter Organizer” , what other title he owns? Muslim? Comunist? Mr. O’ was very respectful, much more than I would’ve! Be nice to your enemy, and he may decapitate you instead of, steb you in the heart, right Geraldo? Take the cape off, we all know who and which side you are! You stand on Bill Clintons side, during the Luinsk deal, why not stuck behind your King, he may crown you.

  83. This wasn’t exactly a Bill Ayers VS Dinesh D’Souza debate at Dartsmouth; however, it does expose [a layman’s perspective of] how blind reverence is being paid to Obama, despite his chosen policies and their potential long term affects upon America.

    There is no good reason to pay tyrannical reverence to any man, much less to the one who has been elected by the people to the position of President. Those great Presidents Geraldo referred to (Eisenhower, Jefferson, Roosevelt, etc.) are revered for their noteworthy service while appointed leaders of our nation, not for simply having worn the Crown…

  84. You see! The difference between us, the truth speaking people it is that ” We are what they (liberals) see. They we have to removed all the layers to get to the real thing! From where I came from we called them a”whited sepulchres” inside it’s empty or full of …….! You got my drift.

  85. Geraldo thinks Bill and Barry are “co-equals”. WOW. When was the last time Bill got to decide what laws were going to be enforced in this country? When was the last time Bill took Air Force one on vacation? Or Bills wife took Air Force Two to the same destination? I do agree that Bill threw the community organizer zing in there and the way he said it was as Geraldo describes, but that is who the man is. When he had the chance to change things when he was in the senate he normally voted “present”.

  86. Why doesn’t Fox send this idiot to MSNBC. They deserve each other. Anybody remember when the war was starting over at the sand box he gave away military tactics on TV.

  87. Geraldo Rivera is much like Al Sharpton throwing the race card at Bill O’Reilly. He said Bill was the king of the white men and Obama was king of the rest. He twisted Bill’s words to make it look like he was belittling Obama for being a community organizer. Geraldo being a Hispanic minority used his ethnicity to climb the White man’s ladder of success. He should sail off in his fancy boat heading to South America to start another life without the help of another government.

  88. Geraldo is showing his level of stupidity again. And of course whenever the left is losing an argument then it’s, “You’re a racist.” O’Reilly mentioned Obama’s past work as a community organizer in a way that was relevant to the question asked. But Barack Obama is no more a descendant of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or Teddy Roosevelt than anyone else. To even mention his name in the same sentence as those men is an insult to this nation. Those men were leaders. Washington could have been king but declined the offer. Obama thinks he’s king and so does his sycophant followers like Geraldo. No wonder the jack wagon gets away with countless felonies on a daily basis.

    • O’Reilly would have had a tough time mentioning Obama’s past work at anything other than “community organizing”, wouldn’t he? I think what upsets Geraldo is that when you mention “community organizer” that’s equivalent to saying Obama never did anything else before he became president. Kind of like during the first election, you just couldn’t mention Barack Hussein Obama’s middle name. Now you can’t mention “community organizer” without really ticking off the leftist worshippers.

      • Why doesn’t anyone refer to him as a former professor of Constitutional Law? Even the liberals don’t want to go near that land mine. Because a) He never was and b) anyone who can read at sixth grade level can tell he is ignoring the Constitution as if it doesn’t exist.

  89. What could anyone expect from geraldo…..he defended oj with avengence….he used the race card than too l was all done listening to any thing he had to say since than.

  90. i’ve known of this guy since he was a cub reporter in new york in th early 70’s! Nothing this brainless moron would say suprises me !!!!!

  91. I watched that interview and I was thankful that someone actually had the courage to ask him these questions. Geraldo is trying to push more into it then there was. Geraldo is the example of all that’s gone wrong in journalism. He sounds like a total idiot on here.

  92. Jerry Rivers always the total racist. An Obama sycophant is all he is. Jerry wishes so bad he was born a white man even though he hates whitey.

  93. Geraldo diverts the discussion from the issues Bill O’Reilly asked…notably one dealing with the poor and the breakdown of their families. O’Reilly wasn’t respectful enough (says Geraldo) of the president’s MAJESTY> (And yes…Geraldo said “majesty”).

    So…let the poor be once again ignored…or maybe let the eat cake…!

  94. Geraldo needs to go back to sleep. he couldnt be more wrong. I can see how this idiot showed the enemy our strategy now. He is just an idiot.

  95. Who cares what Geraldo thinks? Aren’t you sick of all these blathering idiots who have nothing better to do than criticize anyone who may have offended their Obammy? Evidently they still have their heads up in their lower quarters or they haven’t been hit by the economic disaster caused by their beloved Obammy….

  96. Stripped him of his (simulated) “Majesty”? …. Well, good. …. He’s not a king, and there’s freedom of speech, even towards the Pres. Plus the guy on the left, with the hypocritical grin didn’t even realize “You are a community organizer from Chicago” is a phrase in the present tense, nor did he even get tense. Why? Because he’s still and acts as a community organizer. Only his “community” got a lot bigger.

  97. O’Reilly should have said: “Why didn’t you get to interview Oh-Bhamma, his Majesty?” Instead you just sit an criticize an unimportant phrase in the interview. But…. Geraldo (which is pronounced as Heraldo in Spanish), could you have done a better interview? Could you have even gotten the 10 minute interview?

    Mr. O. thought he could handle O-Reilly and stump him. O-Reilly got him good. Left him with an embarrassed smirk on his face 🙂

  98. Spoken like a true socialist Geraldo. In the words of Richard Pryor..”I got some ‘stuff’ too..If you respect my ‘stuff’, I will respect your ‘stuff’ too!” or words to that effect. Point being, The people are to respect the Office of the President, but the man in the Office needs to respect the CITIZENS he serves. We Do NOT serve a president and if there be any majesty, it still belongs to Jesus Christ.

  99. How can someone so intelligent, as Geraldo Rivera, be coming off as such an incompetent jerk, with Bill O’Reilly? Granted, O’Reilly is a pompous individual at times, but he has his good points as well. Mr. Rivera, was wrong on this matter.
    Bob Mullen

  100. O’Reilly is right. Rivera is making a mountain out of a mole hill because that’s the only thing the can do when they are upset and don’t have a leg to stand on. I mean, if you want to make the opposition look like a jackass, the first thing you have to do is play a little “pin the tail on the donkey”. Generally, to the left, it doesn’t matter if the tale is properly stuck, so long as it sticks. This time it didn’t anywhere but in the minds of other leftists who already don’t like O’Reilly. I don’t always agree with O’Reilly, I don’t always disagree with Rivera but this time, O’Reilly is right, Rivera is fishing for a left leg to stand on.

    “I don’t believe presidents have any ‘majesty'” For that, Bill O’Reilly, Kudos, Dittos and Atta Boy.

    “He (Obama) is a direct descendent of George Washington, Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower.” Question, Geraldo … which one of those past presidents to you believe Obama has any respect for? Which of those past presidents had as little regard for our Constitution or the American people as Obama has displayed in all his “majesty”?

    • You sum it up well…… He’s not so successful…. Many listen just to to bring their blood pressure up to the point of smashing their radio. Then there’s the lack of intelligence problem he has……

  101. Geraldo has the right idea of showing our respect towards Obscumbo by exposing our asses when he walks by! For those of you who are too young, Geraldo was the first person to have a butt-tuck on live television a couple of decades back! HE was showing us his brains and displaying Obamas majesty with a face lift for his butt!!


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