NBC Olympics coverage celebrates Russia’s Stalinist past

In the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, host countries get to spotlight and proudly display their history and culture – generally glossing over their less happy times – which Russia certainly has had.

Strange then, that commentators from the United States of America during NBC Olympics coverage would not only gloss over but celebrate Russia’s Stalinist past. Like that old song, it’s one of those things that make you go hmm.

Hat tip to Matthew Balan at News Busters who writes,

NBC whitewashed Russia’s communist legacy in the lead segment of its Friday broadcast of the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage narrated the network’s lionization of the largest country by land mass: “Russia overwhelms. Russia mystifies. Russia transcends. Through every stage of its story, it’s resisted any notion of limitation. Through every re-invention, only redoubling its desire to cast a towering presence.

Dinklage continued with a glorification of the Marxist-Leninist totalitarian state that slaughtered tens of millions of people between 1917 and 1991.

Most troubling of all was this line: The empire that ascended to affirm a colossal footprint; the revolution that birthed one of modern history’s pivotal experiments.

I don’t think the Bolshevik Revolution is something to be celebrated, but then again, that’s what revisionist history is all about. I wouldn’t consider Marxism, Socialism, or Communism one of history’s pivotal experiments – is it a “pivotal experiment” to allow a totalitarian regime to murder its own people?

There was a reason Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union an “evil empire” and demanded Mikhail Gorbachev “tear down this wall.” His stalwart stance and condemnation gave courage and strength to those who lived behind that wall.

I remember going behind that wall as a young Army Paratrooper, 1LT, when our Infantry Company Team participated in the Berlin Brigade Urban Combat training facility. We had one day of R&R during the three-week deployment to cross through Checkpoint Charlie and enter East Berlin. It was there I was awakened to the difference between liberty and freedom, and communism and subjugation. I knew then what I was fighting for and why I had a position on freedom’s rampart.

We cannot afford to forget the history of the Soviet Union realizing that modern-day Russia has only existed for 22 years. There are clear indications that former KGB Agent and now President Vladimir Putin would love to return to the days of the former Soviet Union. After all, just look at what is happening in Ukraine.

I hope the future of Russia is one of liberty and not one of regression. The history of Lenin, Stalin, and Khrushchev cannot be dismissed, nor repeated. It is a history that should not be whitewashed but honestly told.

I look forward to the day when America and Russia can find common ground for cooperation but right now, one country is led by a brutal strongman and the other by a weak Marxist/socialist. I’m afraid any united future with that combination is going in the wrong direction.


  1. I was watching this…well for a few minutes. It was so disgusting that I switched back to Fox News. If this is what I’ll be seeing, I won’t be watching much of the Olympics.

  2. NBC has not done there Job in this country for the past 5 years. The media is like a commie state and we get new President things will change for Good. Freedom is not Free NBC we must all fight for our Rights. And not Listen to NBC or CBS or MSNBC or any Media does not tell the truth about this Administration. God Bless us all and lets keep fighting for our Indpended and Our Liberty. Viet Nem Ex Army Ranger.

  3. Seriously? When we hosted the games, did we showcase slavery or the trail of tears? This is about the athletes and politics should not be a part of this event, period! NBC ruined the Opening Ceremonies with their excessive commercial breaks and political commentary. As the president of the IOC stated, “Have the courage to address your disagreements in a peaceful direct political dialogue and not on the backs of the athletes.”

  4. What do you expect of this society that we live in? Amerika is almost where the communist party want us to be! After nearly 100 years of communist professors teaching kids that become communist professors that teach more kids that become communist professors that teach……….. Now we have forced socialized medicine, which is the beginning of the end of our Republic. We have allowed it to creep up on us through ignorant masses that care more about their tennis shoes than they do about their political leaders. We have allowed liberals to open our borders to increase the votes they get. Because now you can not ask someone for ID to prove they are eligible to vote and they steal my vote by signing next to my name then they vote for Obama and Pelosi. Then, when I come to my polling place to vote they say I have already voted and deny me my constitutional right to cast my vote. They have increased their welfare base so that they will continue to get more votes from those that will sell their freedom for living off the government tit! Add to that just plain old Chicago style voter fraud of dead people voting democrat and conservative votes vanishing, and conservatism does not stand a chance! Ever notice how conservatives are the only politicians to give in to the liberals and never the other way around? We need the Tea Party to stand our ground to prevent things like a president that changes laws and makes laws on his own w/o congress, in violation of the constitution! I am raging mad at liberals, the Republican party, and our communistic media! WHAT THE F( )CK……………….

    • I was with you 100% GW until you got to the last line then you stepped in the gutter. Why not just leave gutter talk in the ghetto.

  5. Your last paragraph is excellent. However, given obama’s disdain for putin I don’t think that will happen. What I worry about more is obama emulating putin and others like him, which he is certainly trying to do with his socialistic agenda. As to “whitewashing Russian history”—-first of all I was disgusted by NBC’s comments in general; but mostly, just as the President of the IOC said, right now, for the next two weeks LEAVE THE POLITICS AT HOME. This is about amazing athletes and about “sporting competition”. We all know who and what Russia was/is. Unfortunately, right now my/our Country isn’t doing much better. Let’s get through the olympics and let our young people do what they do best and also pray that there are no “crisis” that would cause any of this to end in tragedy. Normally I agree with Allen West 100%. This is one time and place I do not totally agree.

  6. Seriously, the USA has been doing the same genocide and nobody says a word about it here in america….I don’t agree with communism either but let’s get real here. Our corrupt government causes death and despair all over the world to fatten the wallets of the Elite…We the People sit back and let them do whatever they want obviously….So We the People deserve what we get if We the People don’t get off our cowardly asses and STOP them….

      • you enjoy trolling? nothing better to do? you can’t even engage a discussion without attempting to insult the person making the comment.

      • How can you take anyone seriously who starts off a comment by saying the US is committing genocide. That is totally off the wall as well as being untrue!! Or Gloria, are you telling us that animals are better than you which is what petsnpeopletoo is insinuating.

    • The only thing we deserve is peace and freedom, plus a honest government. That’s what we deserved. To imply anything else, is plain wrong!!!!! Nobody deserves that!!!!

  7. I am very disappointed of the ignorance of the comments about Russia. Putin is the strongman because Obama and the CIA are trying to overthrow Russia. He is only going after the foundations that are foreign trying to undermine and destabilize Russia. The Russian people have more freedom than we do. When the the time of communism was being shown in the ceremony. Did anyone see the propaganda train? it is good the Russia did not ignore that part of history last night even though it was a very dark time. At least during the opening ceremony. At least it was not a occult pro gay love fest at the Grammy Awards or the Illuminati occult sign at the Super Bowl. Sochi was a class act to watch.

    • George W From an extremely conservative individual…YOUAREAFUCKINGMORON !!! Please go and be sterilized for the protection of the human gene pool!!!

      • your reply is disgusting. dispute the subject not the person it makes you look as small minded as you obviously are

    • Do you have any actual working knowledge about the history of Russian communism? If you do, do you actually expect us to think that their propaganda is harmless? Propaganda is meant to turn the minds of the ignorant and young to thinking communism is somehow OK, because they can have fancy parades. Communism stifles all things that make us human, like our creative thinking and ability to succeed by our own efforts. They aren’t playing a game. They will soon be allied with our enemies in the middle east so that they can over run us.

    • Medvedev, “I will transmit this good news to Vladimire.”

      What was Obama talking about? Dismantling our nuclear offense and that is after dismantling our missile defense..

      What’s the matter?? Didn’t hear that one on MSNBC???

  8. My wife grew up in a communist country and fully agrees that the difference between AmerICAN, and cOMMUNism is like night and day. However, she says that what has been happening since Obummer became president is leading into the same morass she and her family had to escape from.

    • Since she had a taste of the real thing first hand, she knows the difference. Unfortunately, our brain dead young and those in denial or just plain communistic thinking want and desire for us to be on that same playing field as the deprived peons in communist countries. There are few wealthy in those countries. Most are impoverished and constantly cold and sick and working long hours and then drinking it off at home.

    • If such a thing is possible. Hitler didn’t have as long to do his slaughtering, soooooo, had he had a few more years, it would have gone off the scale for the dead count. These types of people that kill masses have a ‘spirit of antichrist’. Some day when the real Antichrist shows up on the scene, the body count will once again soar for those who don’t bow down to him and take that well known Mark of the Beast.

  9. Name one nation who has not had it’s HORRORS. As many who disagree with the comments made during the opening ceremonies we should remember that we are guests in a nation and should show proper respect. How would that make America look if we were to make comments about Russia’s past in a negative way. Who are we to bring up and bash another’s countries history during a world event that is suppose to be peaceful. That would really give the world something to talk about…”Oh look how America condemns and thinks they are better”! I really don’t think we need to leave a bad taste in the mouths of the world against America more so than they already have. Are we forgetting why all the athletes are there? It is not for politics but to proudly represent their nation in the hard work and determination each one has given. My grand father was born in Russia. Need we constantly bash everything! Leave politics out of the Olympics! Seriously!!! Appreciate the athletes!

    • I have news for you. We are better. For all of our faults, at our country’s heart is the desire for people to be free to think the way they want to and to express their thoughts without fear of reprisal or being locked away in Siberia with just mice to catch and eat. Try reading the real books about what the USSR was all about. It was for brainwashing all of it’s children and taking any vestige of God out of public life.

      • Can I come to your house and bash you for your past?? It’s called RESPECT! Your missing the point the Olympics aren’t about politics, it’s about the athletes. I love and honor my country and think this is the best country in the world. My family have fought in wars for our nation, including my son who served 3 front line tours in Iraq with the 101st Airborne. That does not give us the right to condemn another country in their own land during a peaceful event. How dare you speak to me about not knowing about Russia’s past and America. My grandfather was born in Russia, I think I know a little about my heritage!!!

      • Nobody here would have been bashing Russia’s past if NBC hadn’t been praising it. And if your granddad said it was wonderful in Russia, he’s been lying to you, All we want is for NBC to simply report the Olympics and praise the Olympians, not Russia. Why is that so hard to understand?

      • So, what happen if the Olympics was in Germany? ABC should be putting Hitler on the pedestal? Or would be more proper to talk about the present generation? It’s plant of good things to be talking about the Germans, and the Russians people, and leave the bad guys a side.

      • Since when is God a requirement for parents to teach about? You teach your kid what you want, and I will teach mine what I want. Teaching children how to be good to one another and not teach hate can go just as far in their lives than teaching about a god.

        Besides, move on. How long are you going to hold it against Russia for their past?

        I work for a huge German company, own BMW products and even live part time in Munich. Half of my ancestors came from Belarus and got out before the pogroms and the Holocaust. So should I continue holding a grudge for something that happened over 60 years ago?

      • Sounds to me as though Germany is reverting back to their past of complete control. How long will it be before another Hitler appears? Or another Kaiser Wilhelm? Put the blinders on. I doubt it will be as blatant as Hitler, but it’s creeping up on Germany,

      • “at our country’s heart is the desire for people to be free to think the way they want to and to express their thoughts without fear of reprisal or being locked away”

        Is that right?

        “Try reading the real books about what the USSR was all about.”

        If we’re going to bash the USSR for their past, perhaps we should also read some books about our past, for comparison, since as you said, at our country’s heart is the desire for people to be free to think the way they want to and to express their thoughts without fear of reprisal or being locked away.

        Lets look at how “our” country was born…We didn’t systematically evict, murder, relocate, terrorize, or otherwise forcibly remove countless thousands of people that were already here, did we? Oh? We did? Hrm. Ok, well that was a long time ago. A really long time ago. We changed after that.

        What’s that? Slavery? We enslaved possibly millions of people to do our work for us? Well maybe, but it’s not like we hung them if they ran away. We didn’t kill any of them…oh, we did? Well shoot. We changed after that.

        I mean, certainly there is nothing in recent times where people had to fear for their livelyhood, their safety, or their families safety because they think differently, or express themselves differently. That would be discrimination, and that obviously doesn’t exist in America today.

        ….sister, I have news for you. It doesn’t matter if you improved your society today, or 100 years ago. Improvement is improvement. You don’t bash others for having a screwed up history, mainly because we ALL have screwed up histories. You’re not helping anything when you do that. No one is saying we should forget it, but we don’t hold it over their heads like some arrogant snot nosed prat. The second you think you’re better than someone else you’ve forgotten just who you are. Arrogance is NOT becoming.

        Oh, and news flash ~ Germany (you know, the guys who brought us the Nazis, WW2, and the deaths of millions of people) competed in the Olympics in 1956. 11 years after VE day. Half the time that the current state of Russia has existed.

        You want to hate them for who they were? Who their predecessors were? Who they are now? Fine. Fill your heart with hate, if it pleases you. Just stay out of our Olympics. We don’t need your kind here.

      • Whatever, why are you still here if the US is so bad? I’m not saying love it or leave it, but if it gives you pain to live here you should start by giving your land back to the Indians and move to a less painful place.

      • Here in America, he fought for America in WWl. The point is the Olympics are about the athlete’s not the politics!! Ahhh did you miss that part?? Did I ever mention 1 time I thought Russia was great?? Not hardly!!! But that does not give us the right to go to a peaceful event in another country and say negative things about them, past,present or future. It’s suppose to be about the athlete’s not the country!!!!

    • If nothing good can be said about Russian Government, they should not said anything at all! Why praised one of the most despicable man(Vernon) in the Soviet Union history. Typical Liberals, they could’ve talk about the people of Russia,not the Criminals!

    • How about NBC just reporting the Olympics. It is not necessary to praise Russian history which, even before the Bolsheviks took over was nothing to write home about. Katherine the Great? OMG!

  10. Never forget what they really are. Has it only been 22 years since the wall came down? Gosh, time flies when we are all so busy. Russia is making it’s come back, so be on guard.

    • The Wall was in Germany. Russia is not the only communist country in the world and what the Arab nations who bring Horror upon their people. It’s about the athlete’s not politics!! Appreciate them not the country in which it’s being held. Look what America did to the African’s, The American Indians, The Chinese all who were brutalized by our government. We do not have an unstained history!

      • That’s funny, Joe Bobby. East Germany was part of the Warsaw Pact, but no more a part of the USSR than Canada is part of the USA because they belong to NATO.

      • Man you live in a make believe world. Russian had total control of east germany. Who did Regan tell to tear down the wall, mmmmmmmmm I think it was a russian. All of the easter european countries or mostly all were totally controlled by russia. We have no control over Canada.

      • we do not have an unstained past but the America I use to know was for growing and accepting life and liberty now it is just about power and taking away to give to the elite government.

      • Have you forgotten that before WWII started Russia and Germany had a non-aggression pact? They were both covering their backsides. Uncle Joe Stalin was canny enough to finally realize that when the US came into the war he would be on the losing side. The reason they lost so many was because they were ill-equipped and trained and had inferior arms. But then, that’s the Communist style. Everything has to go through a thousand regulations and reports before anything gets done! Sound familiar?

      • And Stalin just finished executing all his top generals and a good portion of the experienced staff. Russa lost more soldiers because Russia was completely incompetent for much of the first two years of war and sacrificed people in place of tactics. Patriot mom, you might want to pick up a history book once in a while, and not one written by some communist from Harvard or where ever you got that myopic point.

    • Perhaps you forgot that Russia aided Germany in the conquest of Poland, invading Polands east right after Germany and stealing some of its territory. Likewise, they just finished a war against Finland stealing their territory and occupying than annexing the Baltic countries of Latvia Lithuania and Estonia. You might also take a look at the fact that Russia would have been cut to pieces had the Japanese joined in the war against them since they had practically zero defenses in the east and that the US, with China, Austrailia and Britain bore the entire brunt of suppressing Japan while Russia was able to concentrate just on Germany.
      Please continue to tell us about your version of history, I would LOVE to have something to laugh at.

      • Perhaps you should look to the fact that the European theater was won with Russia’s assistance. You can bring all the bad out that you’d like, but at least admit, Europe would all be German if it were not for Russia. As with most worshipers of Mr. West and his hatred, I don’t expect you to give anything but a limited response.

      • Awww, how cute. Its just so quaint when one of your kind shows up.
        So Europe would be German if not for Russia? Hmmmm.. So you feel that because the USSR helped win WWII, which no one has disputed, that’s just what you are obviously attributing to people, that Europe would not have been liberated without them. Please tell me Clausewitz, where can I find your thesis that examined the economic and strategic situation for German in the spring of 41 – prior to the invasion of the USSR. Can you explain why that since the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement wasnt worth the paper it was written on to either the USSR or the Germans that even had Germany not invaded the USSR, the USSR would not have invaded Germany? Can you explain what the dynamics would have been for Japan had that happened? Can you explain what were the chances the Nazis were going to make some great technological leap in long range bombing to make up for their severe deficiency in that arena? Can you explain how long a German controlled Europe can last with no foreign trade since their trade routes would have been cut by the US/UK fleets?
        Defeat of Germany was inevitable based on what they were doing to the Jews and everyone else, the uprisings in Poland, France, Netherlands, and so on weren’t going to go away. Italy wasn’t ever going to hold North Africa and Germany lacked a Mediterranean navy to sustain itself there, which means a surrounded ‘german europe’ constantly undr pressure on every boarder and internally. The USSR participation merely quickened the defeat and changed the circumstances of the peace. Until you can show some definitive proof that Germany had some way of sustaining a European empire under the circumstances that made even Napoleons empire collapse your argument has no foundation. You fall into the continuous followed logical fallacy of using the result to prove itself. Because the USSR participated and spent so much in helping to liberate Europe it was essential for the USSR to participate in the liberation of Europe….. Do you have ANY evidence to prove your circular argument?

      • “Can you explain what were the chances the Nazis were going to make some great technological leap in long range bombing to make up for their severe deficiency in that arena?” – Are you serious? You are aware of what scientists were responsible for rockets and the A bomb, aren’t you?

        “Defeat of Germany was inevitable based on what they were doing to the Jews and everyone else. . . .” – Really? Again, you are aware it was Russia who founded the first concentration camp and liberated it.

        “You fall into the continuous followed logical fallacy of using the result to prove itself.” I guess from your perspective, the end result has no significance.

        Lastly, the only evidence you or I have is the end result. WWII ended and Russia holding their advances off helped significantly.

      • ” Are you serious? You are aware of what scientists were responsible for rockets and the A bomb, aren’t you?”
        The US atomic program was almost complete by 1945, when the US / UK interrogated the Nazi counterparts they were years behind the US program. Hitler was famous for fickle investing and parsing out money on too many different things, somehow the Nazis were going to make some great leap even though they lacked the resources to do so? there losses in heavy water in Norway were critical and nothing to do with the Russians. Further, the soviets did little to do actual damage to the Nazi infrastructure and relied heavily on the US / UK to do it.. It wasn’t a red star on the bombers systematically wrecking Nazi roads and cities in Germany.
        So because the Soviets liberated the first concentration camps that means what exactly???? The people in those regions already knew about them. Clearly you missed the point, so let me make it clear. a regime that systematically is killing its own populace wont last long, either through internal revolt at the consequences or through the destruction of its intellectual base. Hitler had how many attempts on his life, you think those wouldn’t have continued? Do you think that eventually it wouldn’t have succeeded? DO you think the successor wouldn’t be smart enough to recognize the strategic situation?
        The end result has no significance on ‘what might have been’. You cant use the end result to prove that all factors were necessary to get there. Again, all you have done is proven that the USSR did stuff. You have YET to make one single example of where the USSR was essential to the defeat of the Nazis…
        You cant even make an affirmative statement in your own post, “Russia holding their advances off helped “significantly”‘. But NOT essentially.. That’s the burden YOU have to prove and haven’t even begun to address.
        You want to make this argument that the USSR was essential and you haven’t even bothered to make a single valid argument that can even be discussed.

  11. Well, communism in the Soviet Union was a [failed] experiment, and I would say that those years were definitely pivotal in the history of the 20th century. I supposed we could have insulted the host country by pointing out its previous stature as an evil empire, but I’ll leave that to the likes of Mr. West because he’s so adept at it.

    • the way it was said it would be like any nation glorifying slavery or murder or anything along those lines, surely you understand that.

    • I suppose by your rational the Khmer Rouge was also a failed experiment?
      Just so you get it, an experiment is not repeating the systematic abuse of power and slaughter of peoples in order to hold on to your own power. That’s been done countless times over, so you can claim its an ‘experiment’ all you want, but its not. The pivotal ‘event’ was the blood bath that started in 1917 and lasted until the fall of kremlin. And no amount of name changes will replace the fact that it was just another group of men wielding power for their own gain and willing to do anything to keep it. Call it communism, socialism, imperialism, anarchism, monarchism or whatever ism you want, its not an experiment.

      • There was nothing experimental or new about Pol Pot’s regime in Cambodia. I agree that the Soviets instituted a blood bath in their own country, but calling it an experiment because it was an implementation of a new theory of government is not an endorsement.

      • Communism / Socialism isn’t new, its the same idea under a new name.. Look at what the French Revolutionaries wanted and did. Very similar concept and very similar result. Redistribution of wealth, common property under ‘the people’ and so forth has been done before and it always leads to the same thing. Its not an experiment, because its wasn’t a new idea, it was an old idea under a new name. If it was an experiment than it was to see how many times you can wrap the same vindictive and greedy murdering with a new name and get people to believe its a ‘new idea’.

  12. Why would any station concentrate a pre Olympic video package on the bad a country was responsible for. While I understand the desire to make all things political, this story should be concentrating on all the good that comes from the sport, not the politician or politics.

    I also found the interview with the president unnecessary. Besides the softball questions, it was mostly not relevant to the Olympics – other than the excuses being made for not attending either of the events since he took office.

    The reason I watch the Olympics is to experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. If I want to watch propaganda, there are plenty of other programs that are dedicated to it.

  13. LTC West: Those that can’t see what is wrong with celebrating Russia’s Stalinist past sound an awful lot like Hillary Clinton saying “what difference does it make?” when asked about the four Americans murdered in Benghazi.

      • no – but celebrate the principled fight to END slavery and push for equality of opportunity across the board, in The Land of The Free

        …. celebrate the lives of Leaders who sacrificed all within this arena, in both the 19th and 20th Centuries ….

      • Is this the theme of what is being shown and discussed, it seems that the era is being glorified. Not shown as a period of dark coming into the light.

        All LT Col West is saying, Putin was KGB and it appears that he might be missing the glories of his past.

      • It was and example, Russia celebrating their dark past would be as bad if we compared to our dark past…. I was agreeing with Col West opinion. But I don’t see why I bothered…..

      • Your response is too truncated than, as you come across as disagreeing with him, or at least that’s how I read it.

      • I have that problem, because I always want to keep my post short. So my long suit is not in condensing my statements. I do much better with dissertations, alas.

      • I understand, apologize for my reaction. Its tough to balance the response to some people as they come off with completely irrational and/or illogical arguments and spending too much time responding has a point of depreciating return and a feeling of degrading yourself sometimes. I can sympathize with the desire to keep it short and to the point to avoid much argument its certainly the more intelligent path. Again, apologize for my misunderstanding and curt response.

  14. Forget the past and just maybe it will seem like it never happened. Remember the past to never let it happen again. Exorcize your free choice for liberty, freedom and justice.

  15. I need to borrow an expressive word from Sarah Palin ~> UNFLIPPINBELIEVABLE!!!

    and I suppose all those MILLIONS of Russians MURDERED under Lenin, Stalin et al … were just ‘bumps in the road’ as the *pivotal experiment* was carried out???

    talk about REVISIONIST HISTORY!!!!!!!!

    no NBC – communism was no ‘experiment’ – it was deliberate, intentional, ORCHESTRATED TYRANNY, … and meant to last indefinitely …

    I suppose pics of Lenin, Stalin etc give NBC *tingles up their legs*???

    This news network is a DISGRACE to America

    • Don’t forget when bush Jr invaded and 500,000 children were killed. When Madeleine Albright was asked about the killing of 500,000 children in Iraq. She said that the outcome was worth the loss of life!! Really!!???? Obama same way in Libya. And don’t forget drone murders.without trials. It goes on and on.Russia was horrible and you’d think people would have learned by it but rather by history repeats itself. Tyranny has always failed in the end!! God save our country amen!!

      • DEO GRATIAS for The US Constitution which makes these matters clear

        and hopefully The Judicial Branch will become more involved wrt dealing with the ‘Barry’ problem … soon

      • Forgive me if I don’t hold my breath!
        The retaking of our republic will be only by the work of the proletariat…ooops, make that the PEOPLE!

      • true

        and WE The People are currently blessed with trusted and principled Leaders ~> LTC West, Palin, Cruz, Lee et al

        when the time is right, and they call, a STAMPEDE of patriotic Americans will answer …

      • the DOJ is a rogue faction

        but someone with standing has to take the steps needed

        all eyes look to #3 in the separation of powers = Speaker Boehner, who appears to be stonewalling, unwilling to do what is best for the country

        so – if 218 HOR members unite, they should be able to remove Boehner, and elect a replacement

        or else the country will have to wait until after the midterm cleanout of Obama enablers (on both sides of the aisle)

      • You are a FLIPPIN IDIOT! 500,000 children killed? What planet do you live on?? And President Bush was not a JR moron!

      • post your links to these ‘numerical facts’ and other statements Phil

        methinks some lefties are leading you up the garden path …

        post your links and we will analyse the content wif ya and help you to understand


      • Funny, when I was IN Iraq, I didn’t see any of that. Can you tell me where these 500000 children were killed? I can tell you where the thousands of Kurds were killed and the thousands of Shia killed by Hussein, on top of the thousands of Iranis, Kurds, and Shia gassed by Hussein using Sarin, Mustard and other chemical weapons.
        Let me ask you something, had Hitler stopped at Czechoslovakia, would you have been okay with the Holocaust only being done in Germany and occupied Austria / Sudetenland? Sounds like you would since you seem perfectly happy to rationalize the systematic execution of millions by somehow assuming there is some moral equivalency to the consequences of ousting a tyrannical regime….

      • Seriously, dude… You need to delete this post because you look like a retard! When I was in Iraq, the only dead children were from the Hussein Regime and Al Queada. They all ran to us for protection! Obviously you weren’t there, pussys never are… Where do you get your “facts”? Daily Kos or Media Matters? 500,000 children? What a delusional moron…

      • And of course you do not challenge that ridiculous exaggeration of a number because it helps you make your point! Research that number before you use it because it is unreal, false and ridiculous. Just like your belief in socialism that we can all live equal. Why am I even wasting my time on you?

  16. Russia’s great experiment had been done before. Only it produced mass genocide of over 120,000,000 dead in the Jue’s 80 year empire.

  17. IF ole barry the Dictator wannabe of Socialism is not Impeached, this will be US! He is driving us closer daily, while his obamabot Idiots stand by and cheer him on, Foolishly thinking they will Escape! They won’t!

  18. It’s amazing how many comments here reveal a limited knowledge of history, in general. But then, ignorance it a product of our educational system. NBC did glorify the host country and should have approved a less “creative” script, but then again, consider the source…
    Putin is former KGB and undergoing a personal transformation. Putin warned us about several threats which went unheeded by our brilliant political appointees and bureaucrats. The close proximity of the Olympic site to terrorism centers, is a major concern for athletes safety. Let’s wish them luck and God speed…

    • Actually, NBC did nothing but criticize the host country, revealing the announcers ignorance of Russian history, arts and culture. As for the close proximity of the Olympic site to terrorism centers….not any different than the Olympic games in Salt Lake City, Athens and London–countries and cities which had terrorist blasts months before their games.

  19. “The history of Lenin, Stalin, and Khrushchev cannot be dismissed, nor
    repeated. It is a history that should not be whitewashed but honestly
    Read more at http://www.allenbwest.com/2014/02/nbc-olympics-coverage-celebrates-russias-stalinist-past/#tM388JRFHVJrb3Mg.99

    The Olympics’ opening ceremony is not the appropriate forum to highlight the atrocities of Lenin, Stalin, and Khrushchev. I think the narration was diplomatically worded for the occasion. Now, I do believe there are plenty of appropriate forums where discussion does, in fact, whitewash communist Russia’s past & yes, even, present day.

    • I agree. It wasn’t the time or place, and I think the segment did show the removal of individualization and the propaganda of the era. I don’t agree with you COL on this one.

  20. If there ever is needed proof of how far left the bosses of NBC lean … this is it. It makes perfect sense now that they fired Jay Leno … the only late night comedian to have the “balls” to actually make fun of this socialist dictator. I will never watch Leno’s replacement. I say “boycott” NBC … we have the president we have because of the cretins like those who rule the airwaves at NBC and the other major networks.

    • I am Definitely going to boycott the obamabots, wherever they are found!! Just like Coke and Subway, I am done with them too,after supporting barry and moooochie and her sham organization that Subway has recently promoted!!

      • Chik-fil-A is the only product I buy, now, and they’re treading on thin ice since they gave out food to the deadbeats who got stranded on the freeway.

  21. One communist celebrates another. They will never learn that all forms of communism has been a failure. That includes the first place that it was attempted, the Mayflower Compact.

  22. http://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2013/12/a-tale-of-two-protests-ukraine-and.html

    US Senator John McCain reaches new depths in an already truly disgraceful career


    associating with literal Nazis to support them in their goal of guiding Ukraine, its wealth, and its people into the arms of Wall Street and London. McCain’s support for sedition worldwide for similar purposes has seen him visit other nations such as Egypt in his capacity as chairman of the IRI


  23. Both the strong and the weak are collaborators in a deceitful story, authored by Moscow, titled “Let’s Destroy America.” Read prophetic scripture. Moscow is simply implementing that now infamous phrase, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” It’s time to attack Communism’s cancerous core. We can begin by praying for Russia’s spiritual healing, the freedom of its people, and a cleansing of the world from Marxist-propagated error. This evil has caused enough deceit, death and destruction. Only its exposure and absolute demise will enable a path to peace.

  24. Pinch me to let me know it was a bad dream by celebrating mass murder – genocide. This confirms what I suspected for a long time – the KGB is running NBC.

    • as someone who has observed his 80th birthday, I wonder who these “old people” are that you characterize so badly. I did $upport Col. West during his run for the oval office.

  25. Still socialist communism … and has a bad past … nothing to celebrate … But walking brain dead Liberals will love it …

  26. I’ve watched the opening ceremonies twice and listened to the commentaries. I didn’t hear anyone celebrating Stalin’s behavior. It wasn’t whitewashed nor ignored; the pageant showed the forcing of the Russian people into a uniform mold and the squashing of individual opinions.
    Remember when Tito justified his strongman tactics in Yugoslavia as being necessary to maintain the country’s unity. When he left we were/are again reminded of where the term “Balkanization” originated.

    • It seems there is a whole group of people who consider it a personal affront that they didn’t hang Stalin in effigy during the opening ceremonies. The Soviet era was 70 years out of 1000. This same group would be horrified if a foreign network made a program that highlighted slavery in this country, which was 250 years out of our 400, all the while waving the Confederate battle flag.

      • The Soviet era is very recent history—and may be coming back. The last former slave died in 1948; much of Russia’s adult population lived under communism and may not realize that it’s making a comeback through Putin’s stealth moves.

  27. Roger, will you say that a little louder please!! I didn’t hear anything like what Mr. West is trying to portray of NBCs comments. We should not be trying to dangerously drive a wedge, but rather build or maintain a bridge of relations. Especially when the WORLD has come together for this event which might strengthen unity or lessen animosity among of us all!

  28. The real problem is Matt Lauer’s subsequent comment…any moment changing history for better or for worse is pivotal. Where I have a problem is that Lauer then extolled the Soviet past.

  29. The major problem I see with this years Olympic team is they are wearing the American Flag! If anyone really knows the rules of the flag this would not be part of the “uniform”. Every Olympic person representing the United States has disrespected the flag of the United States! So, in my opinion which King Obama has not been able to take away from me is you are conforming to his rule! The America flag is never to be worn as a garment although there are a lot of people that wear it including the Olympic Team. I guess they don’t know any better just like the rest of Americans!

  30. The Soviets, the National Socialists and the Fascists all worshiped the same ideological founders, read from the same ideological texts, hated capitalism and capitalists, because in monarchical Europe most very successful capitalists got super rich principally by gaining favors, grants and monopolies from the ruling semi monarchical governments.
    They governed using the same totalitarian principles and techniques, shared the same socialistic goals and all became as absolute and ruthless in their power and rule as the worst monarchical and “divine right” systems they purported to replace and all allegedly in the name of the people, the worker, the poor.
    They simply differed on whether the spread of socialism should be centrally controlled from Russia with the state owning all the means for labor (so called communism and international socialism) or local nation/culturally based socialism controlling the means of labor absolutely though law and regulation, dictating the direction of all enterprise, picking who would be allowed to conduct business and who would succeed and heavily taxing the proceeds of all they allowed to operate again all in the name of the “people.”
    The Russian Soviets killed more of their own people before World War I than were killed by the German National Socialists, the Italian Facists and all Axis proxies in all of World War II. They were also instrumental in fomenting, exploiting and continuing the debilitating and murderous Chinese Civil War before during and after World War II principally by heavily funding and arming Communist factions within China.
    It only took 70 years for the Soviets to come apart cause all the Marxist based economic “truths” and processes were not truths at all and so they destroyed their ability to produce great wealth, their system proved infinitely more vicious and brutal and even less beneficial to the people than the ruling systems and capitalistic systems they replaced and by the third generation of the Russian/Soviet Empire the only folks, who still “believed” in the ideology were the ones, who held position and favor within the ruling system. Russians still loved being Russian. They just no longer believed the ideological lies that had governed them for 70 years.
    Are the Russian good folks You bet! Are the Germans and Italian’s good folks? Absolutely! But even the best of folks can get it disastrously wrong. Even the guy, who penned ‘All men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights’, continued to own slaves in spite of his most treasured beliefs.
    At the point the mistake is realized its probably best to recognize the disaster and its source but it’s probably not a good idea to institutionalize national/cultural or racial ‘mia culpas’ indefinitely of even for more than a couple of decades.
    Forgiveness not forgetfulness is the cornerstone of better relationships and longer periods of peace.

  31. Of course NBC is in love with Russia. Never met a
    Russian they disliked or an American they could cheer for. I watched the
    USA v Russia hockey game. TJ Oshie scored an overtime win in the 8th
    round of the overtime shootout—nice goal. Beat Sergei Bobrovsky
    cleanly. However, through the whole game when Russia scored (only twice)
    NBC showed Vladimir Putin clapping and smiling. When the US scored—no
    Putin. Gee, wonder why. Would it not look good to have them show their
    darling Putin all sulky and glum when Oshie (a good Warroad, MN boy)
    scored? Those pinkos (a little old man cold war lingo there J
    ). I would have liked to have seen the look on old Vlad’s face when Oshie
    put the winning goal past Bobrovsky. To top it off, every time a Russian
    scored the announcer about peed his pants with excitement. There was
    excitement for the US as well, but usually you do not act like you are in love
    when another country scores. J
    Oh well, they have been in love with Soviet and now Russian leaders for
    years. Sure, there are a lot of great Russian hockey players in the NHL, but they are playing for the other side when the Olympics roll around–don’t act all ecstatic when they do well against the home team.


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