Under Obama, US debt up $6.666 trillion. Does that creep you out?

Strange coincidence about our debt, if you ask me. According to CNS News, almost a year to the day from President Obama’s inauguration, the US debt has increased $6.666 trillion.

When President Barack Obama took office on Jan. 20, 2009, according to the latest numbers released by the Treasury Department, the debt of the U.S. government was $10,626,877,048,913.08, according to the Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Public Debt. As of Jan. 31, 2014, the latest day reported, the debt was $17,293,019,654,983.61—an increase of $6,666,142,606,070.53 since Obama’s first inauguration.

Yikes — just too many “6s” for my liking.

Bear in mind, the total debt of the United States never exceeded $6.666 trillion until July 2003. So, in a little more than five years of the Obama presidency, the U.S. has accumulated as much new debt as it did in its first 227 years.

And what exactly has America gotten for this absurd increase in our debt? That is correct, Nothing — but increased poverty, food stamps, and the expansion of the welfare nanny-state. This is the “fundamental transformation” of America. Is this the “change we can believe in?” Nope, this is a nightmare and an abject failure to which we allowed ourselves to be sentenced. It’s a simple statistic, and I wonder how many will understand the dire fiscal situation in which Barack Hussein Obama — no one else to blame — has placed our Constitutional Republic.

Damn, this sucks!


  1. This does not surprise me. When Obama came on the scene, he was nothing but a Junior Senator, a no one, to win the election of the Mightest Nation on the planet. I was struggling with who I should vote for. I didn’t really like neither candidate. So I prayed about it, asking my Father to guide my when I vote. I recieved my answer during my quite time worshiping my Lord. In my spirit I was told to vote for Obama and of course I said ♡♡why♡♡ to which Father did that Obama was the forerunner of the anti-christ. He would destroy America and prepare the way for the One World System. Just as John the Baptist came before Jesus and paved the way for Him; Obama was going to prepare the way for the evil one. The anti-christ is a fake Jesus. His coming will be nearly identical to the arrival of Jesus. He will ride on a horse, followed by his fallen angels, he’ll even be carrying a bow but its a cheep fake. So as hard as things are now; things will only get worse, but do not be afraid because your redemption draws near.

    • I was redeemed 2000 years ago when Christ died on the cross and how a Christian can even rationalize supporting someone with their vote who voted for infanticide twice (partial birth abortion) is beyond me. I think the devil was talking to you that night.

      • Actually Barbara is right, America has been high on the hog and eliminating truths from years back. We were a Nation of God’s Will but moved away from Him around the Wilson days. God is speaking clearly these days and this fall from grace has been predetermined and inevitable. Now, God did not tell me to vote for Obama and I didn’t, I’ve also not prayed for this Nation as although they have ears to hear and eyes to see they do not, which is pretty clear by some posts here. Deniers of the Holy Word are still plentiful and required by the Word to bring about the End Time. Obama is not the Anti-Christ but is indeed preparing the way. You want to look toward this New Pope who is slowly turning to the Worldly Devises to bring about the END! Okay so deniers feel free to mock, it’s okay you were put here to do just this, but know for sure…..”EVERY…. Knee will bend.”

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    • barbPinkard You Aare so right Carolina, if everyone would read their Bible, they would see that we were already told these things would come about. If you don’t have Jesus living in your heart, Please do it right now, all this stuff won’t mean a hill of beans to you….All you have to do is ask him, He is waiting for everyone that will ask….It is so eazy.

      • I’ve known Jesus as personal Lord and Savior since a young age. HE’s all I need. This life is just a vapor. I’m looking forward to living with Him forever. Right now I pray “that His Kingdom come as it is in heaven”.

  2. It sucks that people were distracted by an historic first, and voted for this historical event without vetting his background, rhetoric, voting record, or anything for that matter. A complicit media machine got behind him and never asked a tough question of him while trashing everyone else reasonable enough to challenge him. Racists and idiot liberals have their first black president now, and doubled down on him! Unfortunately, he’s the wrong guy for America. 6.666 is not creepy, because it rounds to 6.67, and will only accelerate upward.

    • What sucks is your ridiculous insinuation that a Presidential candidate was not vetted. Do you really think that the Republican party is so much asleep that they would allow this to happen????? Was the Tea Party asleep also???? How about the American public?

      Then, you rattle on,

      “A complicit media machine got behind him and never asked a tough question of him while trashing everyone else reasonable enough to challenge him.

      And on, and on:

      “Racists and idiot liberals have their first black president now, and doubled down on him!”

      In summary:

      1. Vetting of a Presidential candidate was not done
      2. The media machine of the United States of America got behind him trashing anyone that challenged the candidate
      3. Racists exist on both sides, and idiots are plentiful on both sides as well.
      It may may be a surprise for you, but color does not determine the performance of an individual. Black, white or pink, is totally irrelevant.

      I don’t care about any of the bullshit that you use for your pity party. Reality is, if someone is leading the country in the wrong direction, the American public will vote accordingly, and the Senate, Congress and Supreme Court are there to act in a manner that is deemed appropriate.

      I normally don’t reply to a lot of stuff I see posted, but the level of sheer logic of your comments just irked the crap out of me. Get tired of hearing, reading and listening to that level of shallow thinking.

      • The freshman senator from Illinois was not properly vetted. He was thrust upon us as a messiah that would push us into the ‘post-partisan era’ – BZZZ! Wrong. There was no ‘on and on’ between my two quotes. Item 3 of your summary is insulting, while 1 & 2 were correct. There is no pity party going on here, just truth, and that seems to have pissed you off. Get well soon. Sorry that logic irks you. Don’t read me.

      • My apologies if you found item 3 insulting, it was not meant to be. After I came back here an read it again, I can understand how it can easily be insulting.
        So again, please accept my apologies, and have a great rest of the weekend.
        Can’t help to sneak in one last comment David, and please don’t take it as insulting or offensive.
        Truth is a highly relative word, by that I mean the Taliban sees it as one thing, the Pope sees it as another, and someone living in a cardboard box under a bridge has a totally different view of things.
        Anyways, enjoy the rest of the weekend. and take care.

      • Under such circumstances, assuming that the action is not being precipitated by a horse with a full bladder, I would be in total agreement with you, and would kindly request that you recommend a facility specializing in behavior modification…
        Glad to see that you have a good sense of humor.

      • I am offended by the antichrist insinuation.
        The rolling debt count is like watching the mileage change on a car’s odometer.
        Pointing out that on one random day it briefly had three sixes in a row, which is a naturally occurring event as numbers add up, serves no purpose other than to rile up the most crazy of his supporters.
        That is/was my comment.
        It is absurd and misleading.

      • You keep
        using the word crazy. Someone who does not look out for everything is in my opinion
        crazy. Or does it build you up by putting other people down?

      • Someone who does not look put for “everything” is “crazy”? Mend your own fences. Waiting for some jackass to mend them for you (metaphorically speaking) is crazy. Expecting a different result (from what history shows) when you allow a megalomaniac to try and rule you is crazy. Some puppet pretending to be your king is crazy.

      • I think you better go back and reread the article and while your at it stop and think about how much this country (we the people) is in debt on the national debt. Over 17 trillion is not a mild thing nor a joking or laughing matter. Stop and look at how this is sinking this once God loving country to a third world country which used to be the richest in the world and now there is no way it is with that much debt.

      • Offended, really? The series of sixes was the difference in debt between two points in time, and yes numbers can be manipulated to show anything. I think you only read the headline and commented.

      • No… I read the whole article and the comments which were expected.
        As to the article…
        “strange coincidence… too many sixes”
        Hmmm… what is he insinuating?

      • One need only read through the comments here, or on CNS where the article originated, to see that courting religious fanatics was, in fact, the response they got.

      • Remember what you write … GOD will … Stay tuned in to your shame … GOD’s word is real … Enough said … Enjoy your trip

    • Brendan, if anybody is the antichrist is Barack Obama, in fact that name is mentioned in the Bible, as being the antichrist.. Obama is just a brain dead, pot smoking gay, In fact he is not a president at all, he NEVER ever proved he has a legal document proving he was born in the United Stated. What documents he showed as a birth certificate are fakes and forgeries. As for Mr. West, he is looking out for the hard working people, who doesn’t depend on welfare to live, we worked all our lives. Mr. West just wants our Country back the same as we do, and not run by egotistic pot-smoking tyrant. I was Democrat, and I voted for the tyrant the first time, till I got all the information on his crazy agenda he has planned for this Country. If you follow Obama’s crazy ideas for this country you are a traitor as well as all the other Kool-Aid drinkers and pot smokers.

      • You, are simply put, a moron. It HAS been proven that Alcohol and prescription drugs are much more dangerous than pot. So get off your HIGH horse. Another thing, if your going to mention stuff from the bible, just remember. The bible promotes murder, slavery, mastery over women, and other horrid things. And if you read anything about an antichrist, you missed the part where they said there will be MANY antichrists at the same time. You personally can NOT prove anything about our presidents documents so drop that topic as well. All in all, what you are, is the dog that the people you love and promote would rather see you chained in the back yard. I can break that down as well, you all BARK and no BITE. You lash the world with your tongue out of IGNORANCE

      • You called the president a gay pot-smoking antichrist with a forged birth certificate.
        It is people like you that make it very easy for mainstream America to marginalize and dismiss most conservatives in this country.

      • Brendon … I could care less what you or mainstream media think or say … GOD’s Letter is real … and it is you that better get a grip … Although … It appears … You may already have the mark of the beast … Enjoy your trip dippy

      • I didn’t say anything about the mainstream media… learn how to read.
        I said “mainstream America”… as in most average Americans.
        The conservative movement loses credibility when kooks start talking about the antichrist and conspiracies.

      • Republicans thrive on lies, misrepresentation, brainwashing and hate, then turn-a-round and go to church on Sunday and call themselves Christians. Republican politics is the lowest level of ignorance and shame this country has to offer.

      • Great Post Lisa!!! … Although … Obama is not the antichrist … But he is building the path for the antichrist … I am thankful that you do know GOD’s letter … Keep reading and learn much more about the End of Times … GOD wins in the end …

  3. The number don’t bother me but lets sit on our butts pay for more vacations and allow this man to do a heck of allot more damage than Nixon but let not get rid of this guy. STUPID AMERICANS WHERE DID OUR POWER GO! I don’t want to pay his check.

  4. I guess I just want to know if the interest on this RIDICULOUSLY INSANE debt is a fixed 1000-year mortgage rate, or an adjustable rate [controlled by the FED] with a big balloon payment just around the corner? I think that matters when thinking about tomorrow, and 2016…

  5. When other nations abandon the dollar as the money standard most of us will be dead broke. And that won’t be long since they can’t be happy about O. printing so much money.

  6. Obama’s $6.666 trillion debt is creepy enough for any reasonable person. His additional creep for the ten year cost of Obamacare is downright smelly. It is also a debt, that if it follows the usual pattern of government creepishness, will turn into several additional Trillions of Dollars.
    Those who believed Obama could do great things must be very disappointed. His legacy is most pronounced by his success with keeping unworkable plans in constant motion. Obamacare, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, GSA scandals, the IRS Treasury scandal, NSA, and I am sure others have a much more startling list than my poor effort.
    Marvin Fox

  7. Looking back to where that $10Trillion debt originated: when Clinton left office, there was a surplus in the treasury. The teig blew through that like water through a sieve, then started spending more, which is the $10Trillion plus that you mentioned. $6 Trillion in 5 years, after having paid off half the previous debt…that’s not a bad record!

      • It didn’t matter who came in as President after GW Bush, they were going to inherit a mess far greater than any President before. People just don’t get it, especially Republicans that listen to people like Karl Rove that took an idiot and make him President twice. It only goes to show how easily the Republican party can control their puppets.

      • It’s not about listening to any person or party. It’s about the NUMBERS. Rhetoric is cheap. The debt isn’t.

      • It goes deeper than numbers, far deeper and you fail to understand it. Less people paying taxes due to the massive baby boomers retiring and they want their money. The Republicans fail to admit this and have spent the US into near bankruptcy. There was NEVER an talk of the national debt under any President other than Obama when it was the Republicans that were the major cause with their war machine under Reagan, GH Bush and finally GW Bush (the man responsible for Texas debt as well). Know the facts and don’t listen to clowns like West or Ted Nugent (see what that ignorant POS said today – the party of hate that will never another in Washington until it stops the ignorance, hate and disrespect.

    • The debt started to roll when Reagan spent record amounts to arm the US to the teeth. Remember, “star wars”, the program that the Russians couldn’t comply with that sent their country into bankruptcy while we borrow trillions to keep it going? The GH Bush came along and continued massive military spending (he also pardoned all Reagan’s Iran-Contra jail birds too). Reagan is the main start of the downward spiral with Republicans spending trillions we didn’t have and this went on until a dummy was elected. Karl Rove, the puppet master, did one heck of a job with his tactics and many fell for it hook, line and sinker. Republicans sent us over the edge, no one else. It was a runaway train out of control under GW Bush. Let the record show the truth. Hillary Clinton will be the next President so get used to it kids.

      • What record show what truth exactly? It escapes me when numerical accusations are made without presenting numbers. How about the record from the US Treasury which shows the following:


        Debt as of 30-Sep-1980 (Carter to Reagan): $907 Billion (using closest inclusive budget date)
        Debt as of 30-Sep-1988 (Reagan to Bush): $2.602 Trillion (using closest inclusive budget date)
        Debt as of 20-Jan-1993 (Bush to Clinton): $4.188 Trillion
        Debt as of 19-Jan-2001 (Clinton to Bush): $5.728 Trillion (contrary to popular belief, the debt burden increased during Clinton’s terms)
        Debt as of 20-Jan-2009 (Bush to Obama): $10.63 Trillion
        Debt as of 21-Jan-2014 (Obama incumbent): $17.28 Trillion

        In other words, the governments records show, continuing to 2016 with roughly $500 Billion a year as per the CBO economic outlook (which is short because it fails to include intragovernmental obligations), then increase in debt in the 2 terms since Barack Obama took office will be around $8.15 Trillion compared to the $8.183 Trillion debt for all 5 terms of your runaway train presidents, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, combined. Just exactly who is the runaway train?


  8. Just think where we would be under a Republican! After Bush’s fiasco I would have never wanted anyone to take office due to the everlasting destruction that man caused America. To this day, no one in Texas (where I live) can name one positive thing GW Bush did for the people of Texas during his 8 years as governor. We went from a surplus to tens of billions in debt. His actions to go to war in Iraq was the start of the downward spiral we never recovered from. Not to mention Bush gave us the worst recession since the Great Depression, bank failures and bail-outs, his Republican war profiteers that made billions…..shall I go on?
    After what Bush did to this country, the Republicans will not will another election in the foreseeable future. Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the US, so get used to it children. Few want the part of hate, lies and corruption to lead this country.

      • Sorry if a little history of the truth bothers you. Most Republicans are very short memories and if you remember correctly, not on Republican was arguing about the national debt or the money wasted by the Republicans in their wars and no bid contracts.

    • If Bush was still President, we would be free. If Bush was still President we would still have an awesome Military. If Bush was still President, we would have no doubts of being protected if we were attacked again.If Bush was still President we would have people that were proud of their country and the people still proud to call it their country. If Bush was still the President, we would have a President that cared about the American People and Our Once Great Country. Was he perfect, NO! Now we have a president that does not respect anything about Our Country, does not care about the American People except for certain groups of people. We now have a president that has an agenda and to take us down to our knees and that’s all that matters to him.

      • The Republican brainwashing machine is working its magic on you very well. Sad your party of hate is just that, full of lies, misrepresentation and evil. Bush lied about going to war and people trusted him until the truth came out. Any President that goes to war on lies, false information and not as a last resort is evil. Then the Republican war profiteers moved in and cashed in on the war machine. You can have your Republicans but I assure you, it will be a very long time before another has his way in Washington. What Bush and Cheney did to this country was dishonor to all Americans and its allies. All those men and women died for nothing because of a lie – the biggest con job in US history and you were part of it!!

      • I’m not the one that is brainwashed and full of hate. I can see the wrong done in previous administrations, but you can’t see anything, but your hate for Bush. You won’t talk about any of the issues facing “Our Country”. Your title, Dr. Feelgood MD; are you a Doctor, a Vet or Active Duty?

      • Bush lied to America and went to war based on a fabricated lies allow our military to be killed in action or maimed for life. Then these people gave no bid contracts to Cheney’s old company Halliburton. If you think this OK and can live what that man did, you are no better than he is. Military force should always be used as the very last resort, after everything else had been tried. The man is a murder, war criminal and should have been jailed after his impeachment. It is people like you, that allowed this to go on, taken for a complete sucker to the end and cowardly enough to do nothing about it.
        This is the reason, you will not see another criminal Republican in Washington for many years to come. You and you party of cowards should be a shamed of yourselves. It’s not about me or who I am, it’s about you and your evil party of war profiteers, con artist and haters.


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