Black conservatives afforded no safe quarter

It’s the morning of my 53rd birthday and I awoke with some thoughts that I felt needed to be shared.

Last night, I appeared on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox. The topic was the recent verbal attack on Senator Tim Scott and the GOP by North Carolina NAACP Executive Director, Reverend William Barber II. Opposite me was a young black Democrat strategist named Richard Fowler. In retrospect, what amazes me now is that Mr. Fowler could not even bring himself to speak out against the heinous words of Rev. Barber to describe black conservatives as “ventriloquist dummies” and “mouthpieces.” Mr. Fowler responded to Sean Hannity’s questions by simply stating that Rev. Barber has the right to free speech.

And so it goes for American black conservatives — we are afforded no safe quarter from white liberals and worse, black liberals. It goes all the way back to the first true black conservative, Booker T. Washington, and the vicious attacks he had to face from whites as well as blacks – including his onetime friend, WEB DuBois. Even to this day there are those who refer to this brave man as an “Uncle Tom” and “sellout.” A brave man who founded a black institution of higher learning and convinced whites to support that endeavor, which still stands today as Tuskeegee University.

Here is a leader in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Rev. Barber, attacking “colored people” who seek to advance their race based upon a certain set of principles: faith, family, education, entrepreneurship/free market enterprise, individual liberty, and national security. Why?

Why is it that Senator Tim Scott, Justice Clarence Thomas, Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Condoleeza Rice, and others are hunted and disparaged just because of their beliefs and principles?

Why at the 50th anniversary of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream” speech was there not one single accomplished black conservative invited to speak and be recognized?

Why is it that President Barack Hussein Obama is elevated to a glorified status, when in April 2009 he cancelled the DC school voucher program for deserving young black children in the nation’s capital?

There is a true fear of black conservatives in America and our existence is seen as a threat that must be destroyed. It’s not a matter of attacking our policy positions, principles, values, and love of God and country. It is about destroying us personally, our character, our families. It’s truly an all-out assault, as Justice Clarence Thomas referred to as a “high tech lynching,” – and from the same political party who gave us literal lynchings.

Black conservatives welcome open debate but we never get that opportunity because as we gain national attention it’s not about what we know and our intellectual freedom. It’s about a vehement desire to see us damaged beyond repair. And the attacks do not always have to emanate from the opposition party and ideology, of Democrats and progressive socialists. There are times when a black conservative must be aware of the political adversary to the front, as well as their believed colleagues to the rear.

I know one simple truth, as more of you gather and grow our website audience and social media presence, there are those who see this double-standard. Instead of engaging me, or others, based upon my thoughts, perspectives, ideals, and principles of governance, the debate becomes one of personal assault, and that includes my own family.

Is it any wonder there are so many black conservatives who reside in the shadows, as they see what occurs? To them I say I am more than willing to suffer the attacks, assaults, character assassinations, and lies in order to save my beloved Constitutional Republic, and strive to ensure a better future for my daughters.

It is often a very lonely walk and there are times when I do not know if I can take another arrow. But then I am reminded of the dog tag around my neck with the verse from Joshua 1:9 (NIV), “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

And from Isaiah 54:17 (NIV), “No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the Lord.”

So as I begin my 53rd year on God’s earth, I know the attacks and assaults will continue. Predictably, they will increase in intensity, and be vitriolic and vile in every way. And they will seek to hurt not just me but those whom I love the most.

I can only trust in God, just as I am sure Josiah T. Walls, Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, and all the black conservative trailblazers before me did. I encourage the next generation of black conservatives, like a young man named Josh I met Thursday at a Starbucks in DC to stand firm and strong. There is a higher calling and mission for which we must be strong and courageous in the midst of the fiery darts and arrows of those who seek our demise. The reward is greater as you earn the love, respect, and regard of your fellow countrymen, and fellow blacks, who will see your perseverance in the storm.

I don’t know what lies before me, politically or otherwise, but I trust the Lord will see me through it because He would not have brought me to this place to abandon me. In the end, we are just shadows and dust — but if possible, we can leave a legacy. I hope to leave one of faithful, steadfast, and loyal service to America.

To those who wish to destroy me, well, it’s obvious, your true intent is to destroy this nation. So to Reverend William Barber II, the NAACP, Richard Fowler, and those who wish to hate me and are plotting the next assault, I say thank you. Thank you because when you tell me I am weak that is when I am the strongest.

I am proud to be the son of Herman Sr. and Elizabeth Thomas West who 53 years ago today, brought me into this world. I am the embodiment of their legacy and I seek daily to bring a smile to their face above in Heaven.

As I always state, you don’t get flak, you don’t get attacked, unless you are over the target. Thank you all for your birthday well wishes. God bless you and God bless these great United States of America.


  1. Failed politician and one-term loser Allen West is not sure what his future holds.

    He may actually have to… get a job! Imagine that!

  2. Wonderful article from a true patriot. Actually it brought tears to my eyes. Happy birthday and many more to come…always stand tall.

  3. Thank you for being “the man in the arena” doing battle. You will be one of the examples for my son. Incidentally, he is black.

  4. Sir, Your courage and convictions shine the light on those who sink to epithets against you! They are seen for the mean spirited small souls who have sold out their race and their country for dubious gain!
    Col. West, you are not alone! Millions of us have seen your integrity, your unswerving service to our country! WE will not see you marching alone! We stand with you and against the demented souls who follow the Socialist paths to destruction!

  5. Well said Colonel. I sometimes think somewhere along the way we forgot the principles that built this nation and the ideals that allowed men like Lincoln and Frederick Douglass to take on slavery and win. Somewhere along the way minorities forgot which party actually fought for us. Or did that party forget that we were significant? This is why I often find myself questioning why we have parties. Perhaps we should return to electing people based on character and record and not what letter is after the name.

  6. It is men like you that make this country great. I thank you for your service and please know that I support you and all that you believe in.

    Happy Birthday Col. West!!

    I wish you many more to come!

  7. Personally I believe that Freedom of Speech was given us by our founders for the sole purpose of finding treason and Colonel I think it is time to kick arse and take names … Ready to Serve, SIR !!!!!!!!!!! Saluting

  8. I have family members who hate Republicans because we are the party of “old, white men.” Even though it’s very untrue, it’s hard to understand how this age-, race- and gender-discrimination is justified in their minds.

  9. Mr. West, I hope you don’t consider “Mr. West” to be disrespectful! It is meant to be respectful! You were Mr. West, before a Colonel, and before Congressman, and I fully respect “who” you are, even more than what you’ve done. As I read your comments, I was reminded of how much I disdain hearing someone called “Reverend”, go on to spew out a bunch of anti-God, disrespectful, vitriolic rhetoric. Their comments totally reveal their true character, and it not of God. Thank you for being a “light” in the midst of darkness! God bless you, Sir, and Happy Birthday!!

  10. Put your name in for the 2016 Elections… I’d be honored to see the title “President” in front of your Last name 🙂

  11. Mr West, I admire your courage and will, to stand proud for your beliefs! God bless! It is absolutely ridiculous to be expected to be of aparticular political party, religion, etc…based on the color of one’s skin, or nationality.

  12. Happy Birthday. I believe in everything you stand for so that must make me a racist. Comical. Would vote for you in a heartbeat.

  13. Mr. West, I admire you very much. I feel for you that the U.S. has deteriorated to its present level; it’s making many of us sad that so much gumption, logical reasoning, decency and love for our country has disappeared, mostly due to this present administration.

  14. The likes of William Barbour III and others must attack black conservatives. If the truth spread throughout the black communities about their real oppressors, Barbour and his cohorts would be the ones being attacked.

  15. Thank you for the fight, Mr West. My husband is one of those black conservatives who has lurked in the shadows (I myself am white). When other blacks would sing Obama’s praises, he would just keep his mouth shut. However, the last few years, I have noticed a change in his attitude. He has become more bold in his stand and beliefs. I believe that seeing other blacks, esp you, speak out for conservative values has given him the boost that he needed. Thank you and Happy Birthday!

  16. I know you can feel the attacks ten fold because of your public stature, but all of the real CItizens of the United States have suffered under this administration. I will say this again, when was the last time you heard the president called the leader of the free world? The administration is destroying all things that made us great. Our economy, medical care, 2A rights, eduation and worst of all families. I have never seen someone so able to polarize even families against each other. I would not label Old Barry Soetoro Satan, but he is way up that chain of command.

  17. Happy Birthday Allen B. West.
    Keep telling the truth.
    We are praying that more will open their ears and eyes.
    Too many are so heavily indoctrinated by lies they don’t even realize they’ve lost the ability to look at facts and discern for themselves.

  18. I have followed you for a couple years now and with each statement you make, I am more proud of you. You are a true leader. Know that there are many of us counting on your bravery to lead this country. God bless you and Happy Birthday to an incredible man.

  19. (but I trust the Lord will see me through it because He would not have brought me to this place to abandon me. In the end, we are just shadows and dust — but if possible, we can leave a legacy. I hope to leave one of faithful, steadfast, and loyal service to America) WHAT A GREAT ICON YOU ARE? SPEAKING WITH GREAT STRENGTH NOT ONLY GOD, GIVING SCRIPTURES REFERENCE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR, THE LORD WHO BROUGHT YOU THIS FAR WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN.

  20. Happy Birthday Mr. West!!! I know you will continue to fight the fight and be an example to others! One day soon I hope we can call you Mr. President!!!

  21. Happy Birthday, Mr. West! If we are Christian, Independent , Republican, Libertarian, Tea Party member, we are attacked viciously.

  22. Happy birthday Colonel. You are truly a great American. This article was very well written and something people need to read. Thank you and God bless.

  23. Well said Mr. West be of good courage and know there are those who stand with you and truly believe in MLK’s dream that content of character matters and in the DOI that all men are created equal endowed with rights given to us by our creator. Our voices are heard through action by vote and sometimes by gatherings when we can. Anyway happy birthday, keep the faith and press on both spiritually and politically in that order :).

  24. Thank you for your service Mr. West. You have more people standing with you than you may realize. Standing together is what we have to do if we want to preserve the American dream for our grandchildren.

  25. It’s a shame we couldn’t have a black person like you in the Whitehouse instead of that Non-US citizen Muslim mole socialist dork we have in their now. Basically I don’t see much of anything in DC today that says American to me. We have socialist democrats, RINO’s and anti-americans. For me here is the first step the next president needs to do to get this nation back on track. As you can see the Obamanator is going to write an E.O. to help the poor and you know what that means. More taxes to help the freeloading parasite.

    If Obama wanted to do the nation any good he’d write an E.O. that abolished the IRS and it’s 10,000 pages of tax code. Go to a flat 10% tax for “everyone” with no write offs for any reason or anything and institute a 2% VAT tax abolishing “all” other …taxes completely. To make sure “everyone” pays, simply go to a cashless society so all earning, regardless of how small the transaction, are taxed at the time of the transaction and therefore eliminating the need to file an income tax return and assuring equality and fairness. This would assure every one paid 10% on their income regardless if it was $1.00 or $100B+ dollars. 8% would go to the feds, 2% would go to the state, and everyone would pay a 2% VAT tax at the time of sale on everything. The 2% VAT tax would means that those who made the most, who consequently buy the most, would pay the most, while those who made less and therefore buy less, would pay less, consequently making the tax burden equal and fair. The 2% VAT tax would replaced “all” the other taxes currently imposed upon upon society which directly controls our livelihood by controlling your ( net / disposable) income. The E.O. must also state that taxes and VAT can “never” be increased for “any” reason, “ever” and no other taxation or fines can be imposed. They are to be locked in and the country and each entity is to run on these defined funds.- Gee, what a concept.

    Oh and one more thing moron. How about balancing the budget by Dec 31st of each year or those who are responsible lose their pay, retirement and medical coverage until it is, and there is no back pay for doing such a shit-hot job.

    This is just so incredible easy to accomplish, it’s ridiculous.

    You can take your Socialist democratic party’s agenda of taxing the working class to see the parasites of this nation or of this world succeed and shove it up your 70% taxation and fines ass. You, your party and all your lackey followers are beyond stupid and personally at this time in history I see no possibility of this country’s survival or return to normal other than the complete eradication of the Socialist Democratic Party, all it’s members and RINO’s, support groups and followers. You and your cartel members have successfully taken us back to July 1776.

    By the way Obama, this photo of you fliping us off shows your true colors. It’s right back at you brotha, times two.

  26. SO Allen West proclaims a faith based approach or at least a scriptural based foundational perspective. Good for him! Seriously. I’m glad to not only hear this, but I’ve suspected as much from his behavior and words I’ve heard him speak. He has not been hypocritical in this since at all. In fact, I believe it is his foundational faith that has him so entrenched in honor and integrity. Something I fear has all but disappeared in todays world of tolerance and liberal passivity. Happy Birthday Mr. Allen West.

  27. Have a Jesus-filled birthday!! If ‘satan and his cohorts’ attack you you know you are doing something right – something they fear – or else they would leave you alone!!! I am white and support you because of your beliefs..not your color!! God bless.

  28. Happy Birthday Mr. West! Thank God for you, and I cannot say that enough. You are an inspiration…hope for the future.God bless you!

  29. The Washington politicians and the race baiters are scared to death when they hear an intelligent black conservative because if the other blacks that depend on the government starts swaying to the right what happens to those politicians?? They loose their grip on the blacks which translates to less voters for the democrat’s. They would rather keep a choke hold on the blacks then take a chance on them voting for a conservative. So as long as they can beat down the black conservative their political station is saved. They only care about the votes……..They care NOTHING else of the blacks. That is pitiful cause they are quite capable of lifting them selves up if jobs and training are available for them. However, I don’t think it will ever happen. The Clock Is Ticking and time is running out.

  30. Happy Birthday Col. West ! Blessings to you and prayers for extra protection for you and your family from God , the Father of Jesus . Thank you for your service to our country and all that you are doing now . IF only more people could take the stand and keep on fighting as you do ; the country would be a much better country . Blessings .

  31. thank you so much Mr. West..first of all let me wish you a blessed birthday today and may your day be filled with love in care of your family and may they give you a great day to celebrate your birthday of 53 years..! I totally agree with you.everything that you have said.I too am a conservative and black American and see the downfall of our country and black liberals and white turn on you on a dime if you don’t go with their agenda they are the devil in human skin and we must stand strong God is our strong’s about the Constitution living by it.. being allowed to live by it in a free country that every person in the world wants to come here to live..and we’re about to lose it for people that think they know better than us we have to stand strong against them they are not God! but they want to be and this is what we’re fighting again.I understand it very well I will never accept liberalism.thank you for everything Mr. West.. again I say happy birthday god bless.

  32. You have this white man’s support, unequivocally. IMO I think liberal blacks are scared of conservative blacks. They see them as a threat so they try to demean, discount, insult and tear them down. That’s what all liberals do to people they see as a threat.

  33. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends and get lots of presents. God Bless you and your family and Thank you for fighting for America and our freedom..

  34. God bless you hero…stay on the path..the creator of the universe is your king and he is your rock not fear! I have thoroughly enjoyed your post on fb and as a marine and a father I am dang proud to know that such a man of faith integrity n character is out there standing firm fighting for our great nation and the good of man. Happy birthday n God bless you n your family!

  35. Happy Birthday Col West. Thank you for your service to this great country that we love. May the hand of God guide you in your journey in these times of trouble.

  36. Happy Birthday!!! A true example of an American Hero that knows the meaning of Honor. Thank you sir for your services and for your fearless attitude. May God Bless you for many years to come.

  37. Happy Birthday, Col. West. They cheated you in the last fraudulent election, but you are meant for better things.
    One day soon election fraud will be exposed and a simple, fair process will be put in place.

  38. The black man and woman has a great Christian heritage in America and unfortunately has of late begun leaving that heritage behind. You are carrying on something of great value. Keep fighting the good fight, brother.

  39. There are those who judge with a false lens of corrupt anger, and malice, and their are those who judge as MLK dreamed that we would be judged; by the content of our character. I thank you Colonel West for withstanding the arrows and showing true character in a day when character is no longer heralded as king. Happy 53’d birthday, and Godspeed with all that lies ahead for you.

  40. i’m Black Conservative and I’m constantly attacked but i would to thank you Allen West for standing for what you believe giving us conservatives motivation

  41. Sir, first thank you for your service, second thank you for the courage to stand up to people who “hate you for the color of your skin” third thank you for articulating, to all conservatives of color as well as white, that the only way to truly achieve the American dream, was clearly defined by the founders and all believers that followed, and lastly “Go Vols”

  42. Happy Birthday Colonel! May you have a blessed day! Thank you for all you do to keep our country free now and your past service! God bless you!

  43. Christians who are true Christians are conservative because that is what the Bible teaches. Those who voted because someone is black is making their black skin a god. “There will be no other Gods before Me” says the Lord.

  44. I watched the Hannity show last night and came to the same conclusion about Mr. Fowler. You have a mass of support behind you, Colonel. Keep up the fight! Happy Birthday.

  45. Happy Birthday Col. West. If we could instill your values and dedication to all Americans this would truly be a great country once again.

  46. Sorry I didn’t know yesterday was your birthday. You are one of my favorite people and I want you to know that I believe that, even though you are confronted with all kinds of negativity from the left, that you are making a great impact on many people.

  47. Great article, brother! Happy, blessed and joyful birthday! May the Almighty God you love and serve protect, prosper you and your Family all days earthly journey. FIGURATIVELY speaking ” we are shadows and dust…” in reality you are”” the light of the world, and the salt of the earth”” – without you- us – the tasteless evil devil worshiping communistic dictators would devour each other without God’s grace which is extended to them so far… Continue , please your great service to the country, you are needed ,and the good Lord is with you.

  48. Happy birthday sir, you are being a great role model for young people. They are finding out that there is honor in standing up for the rights of the citizens of America. I am hoping with great hope that you are getting ready to run for office. I have a son who is career military and I know that the military is a great teaching tool for discipline, for patriotism, for understanding of the importance of the constitution of our great nation and what it means to be willing to die for our rights. Its not a black/white issue…..I”m white…. its a right and wrong issue..

  49. First of all, Thank you for your service to our country, second, Happy Birthday! Your message brought me to tears, please know that some of us would love to see you in the office of President of the United States. How great would it be to wake up and know that the person in charge of our great country was a Christian, intelligent, and had known what our military is worth to us. Someone that would bring our nation back to the place it was before all this craziness that has taken place since Reagan. You are not alone sir, you are well loved by many. God Bless you and keep you strong to keep fighting for the rest of us.

  50. Happy Birthday Col. West … I Stand With You … Not in front, not behind, but at your side … I; as you refuse to become any liberals new slave. Thank you for your service to this U.S. of A.

  51. Happy Birthday Allen:
    God Bless and Hang in there Allen, like they say, it ain’t over till it’s over.
    It’s guys like you that opened my eyes to the democratic party. The
    whole democatic party is just an illusion of trying to make a person think
    they are for the people when in fact, it’s just the opposite!! So, I give thanks
    to you and people like you who are standing strong for what you believe in..

  52. Dream team 2016. Ted Cruz President, Ben Carson VP, Allen
    West Sec Def, Sara Palin Sec State. Rand Paul Sec Treasury, Trey Gowdy Speaker
    of the house.

  53. First Happy Birthday Mr.West! Thank you for your insight and courage for all concerned Your voice is heard and I can only pray that the numbers will rise, see, believe and stand for the America it was meant to be!

  54. Happy Birthday Mr. West, I determined when I was in high school that I would do everything in my power to overcome the prejudice and ridicule of black Americans. I sat at the back of the bus, I drank at the “coloreds only” water fountains. when asked why? I replied I was thirsty and the water was available. As a result I have had many friends in the black community and I have been richer for the experience.

  55. God bless you, Sir. Jesus, please bless Col. West this year as never before. Broaden his audience. Renew his strength every morning. Give him wisdom and a voice. We need your help, Heavenly Father, with this perplexing issue that faces America – the great capture and deception of the majority of blacks to a lie and to liars. Where is their freedom? How can they be set free?

  56. I join you in your walk as an Officer and U.S. Citizen. We both took the same Officer Oath. I am white and face many ofthe same issues.

  57. Happy Birthday Allen! Today is my birthday also. I turn the big 60! I also am thankful to God my Father, for my earthly mother and father, for the life they have provided for me, though not always easy, yet blessed! And I am also thankful that God has allowed all but one of my 13 siblings to still be alive and well. My parents are 89 and 87 and doing well. My siblings range from 47- 68.
    Don’t let the insignificant little turds like Fowler and Barber disturb you! Just stand up and speak louder than they are and don’t stop! You see, that is their game; he who speaks loudest wins!… and yes, this is usually true with the low information out of touch citizens of our country. They need facts! give them to them! The more you can stay in the view of the citizenry and the louder and more confident you speak, the more people will see them for who they are…. you just have to open their blinders!!! Blessings to you and your family!

  58. Happy Birthday Col. West ! Everyday you give me hope, so today I hope that you have a Great Birthday. God Bless you and your family !

  59. Col. West happy birthday. I enjoy reading your reports, articles and statements. You say so beautifully what many are thinking and can’t quite articulate. You have a beautiful family and I’m sure attacks against them are not only hurtful to your heart, but downright frightening in this world of hate. I’ve been praying for you as I’m sure many others have too. Like our true Master you’re the quiet in a great storm. He has given you many gifts and thankfully you’re using them. There are many behind you that have your back so keep pushing forward sir. You mentioned your parents. They must’ve been incredible people…leaving a legacy of you and your family. Have a great day and for goodness sake….be careful on that bike! You have many enemies that are afraid and you have friends you are leading, even if they are quietly following and steadily pushing with you. BTW race is a nonissue for me… I’m a Christian, conservative, white female 55 yrs old. In this world I don’t have a lot of influence but I DO have God and prayer. I’ll continue holding you up in prayer.

  60. Happy Birthday Col. West! You are one of the most articulate and truthful voices in politics today. You give me great inspiration as a conservative who is greatly discouraged by what’s happening to our country. Keep up the good fight and God bless you!

  61. Birthday wishes of everything good for you and your family. You are a true american hero. You have a courage that is rare among men. You know what is right and what is wrong and you stand your ground even when you are outnumbered. The people who you would expect to understand and support you become your enemies just because you don’t agree with their ideas. If you had been elected as the first black president I believe you would have recognized the opportunity to bring white people and black,brown, and all colors together and further Dr Kings dream. Our POTUS has divided our country to the point where I fear a revolt may spring out of the seeds he has planted. Don’t despair when these left wingnuts throw darts at you, you should worry when they start treating you nicely.

  62. Happy Birthday! You are a great American. I am thankful for your perseverance and your courage! Keep on pressing on! It’s a comfort to know there are strong patriotic men like you out there going against the evils in the world! Thank you!

  63. I’m amazed by how un Christian like these so called reverends are…and racist. Happy Birthday Mr. West! You would certainly have my vote!

  64. Happy Birthday young man. May God continue to bless you & your family. Now please run for President. You may only be slightly older than Mr. Obama, but you are surely a lifetime wiser, as well as honorable & with integrity.

  65. A very happy birthday, Col. West. I am proud to be receiving your newsletters. For a young man, you have the code of decency and honor that my generation was brought up on. I would be very proud to vote for you if you decided to run for the presidency. Thank you for keeping us informed of the happenings at the White House.

  66. I’m a 59 year old white redneck who would be honored to follow you into battle sir! Happy Birthday! God bless! It’s men like you that will restore our Contitutional Republic!

  67. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR! I just turned 53 myself 10 days ago. YOU sir are a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT, a Title I also share. WE believe in the Constitution, Liberty and Justice for ALL, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and a LIMITED Government. Keep up the good fight Allen. There are many of us who believe in you and are ready to support you. WE know the truth. MOST people are not racist and don’t give a care about the “color of their skin, but the content of their character”. That is what truly separates us from our Liberal counterparts. THEY are the ones preoccupied with Race. THEY are the ones who throughout history have tried to keep Black Americans “on the plantation”. The reason they do not invite accomplished Black Conservatives is simple. They see all of you as the Biggest threat to their stranglehold on the Black community. Conservative Black Americans who do not concern themselves with ONLY race could one day turn the Black Electorate back to their conservative roots and FREEDOM from government control within the Black Community is the Liberal Socialist Elitist’s biggest nightmare. If they one day lose the support of the Black Community, they will NEVER hold power ever again. God Bless you sir and good luck in your political future. Many of us are ready to join YOUR army.

  68. Happy Birthday Mr.West,Your high moral character shines very bright in such a dark world we have these days.May God richley bless you in all your endeavors.Thank you Allen for always standing for Your God and your country.

  69. In Jesus’s name I pray protection over you, your family, and over the great Americans, especially our black American conservatives, and their families who are diligently trying to preserve our Constitution and to heal America for which
    it once stood for. Amen

  70. Mr. West i wish you the best I am excited that you will be running for public office again. I hope that it will be for the presidency. I have a concern though and didn’t until today.
    My concern centers around your comment

    ” The reward is greater as you earn the love, respect, and regard of your FELLOW COUNTRYMEN AND FELLOW BLACKS, who will see your perseverance in
    the storm.”

    Why must there always be a divide? Why is there always color identity, will anyone ever get past this, you included? Isn’t that what your entire article about? The world would go crazy if a white man with your influence had said “FELLOW COUNTRYMEN AND FELLOW WHITES”. Please lets just let it go.

    • Mr. Crabtree, unfortunately our current administration is constantly pushing the divide between races. If we have more than 1/2 of America voting for the Commander in Chief merely because of his skin color, we need to reach out to the black community and show them true, not skewed, facts. Everyday, there is some liberal from the media brainwashing people into believing conservatives hates blacks…Where did this come from? If you hear it daily from major news channels, our black community is going to think this to be true. It is important that Col. West wins the hearts of our black community.

      • I agree, but is there not a way to bring the blacks into a conservative mindset without using the lefts tacics of racial divide? Didn’t Jesus win the the hearts of people buy merely being a an example of what a true loving human should be? Can’t a black leader be an inspiration to ALL men and women by being and example. That is why obama was elected in the first place, everyone believed he would be the great Uniter. We were fooled.
        I am tired of coddling and apologizing to the “black community” get over your stuff and move on. Mr. West should be above these arguments and take the roll of a uniter, character not color.

  71. You keep up the fight Sir rational respectful Americans both white and black are behind you…by the way i left a polite but to the point message on fowlers face book page just prior to posting this

  72. Happy Birthday Mr. West. Please consider running for president. If you can withstand the attacks of character that the left will throw against you and your family, I encourage you to run. This country needs men like you at the helm again.

  73. Thank you, Herman Sr. and Elizabeth Thomas West for bringing Allen to us for we need him more than ever! God bless you to bring us victory over this mountain before us. Be it cast into the sea in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen.

  74. Happy Birthday Col West, keep up the good fight. Continued prayers for you, our military, our brothers of truth, freedom and God.

  75. Good Morning, sir! Happy birthday to you. Every post you make increases your stature as a conservative and a loyal American. I have published a book, RAW WIT AND WRY WISDOM, quotations for conservatives, and I realized I have collected none from you. My web site is if I might publish some of your longer posts there.

  76. Colonel, what if you had woken up today imprisoned, held indefinitely without any of your Constitutional rights of due process? No quick and speedy trial by a jury of your peers. No right of habeas corpus. After all, that is exactly what you voted for with the NDAA 2012. You have vehemently denied that that was in the bill. Is it just stubbornness on your part? Is your ego so big that you cannot admit to making a mistake as a junior congressman? If I heard that admission from you, I would once more be a big supporter. But how can I support someone who would vote to take away my rights as guaranteed by our Constitution?

  77. Run for President of the United States of America. We need a strong, conservative, experienced and Christ centered leader, with military leadership skills and experience in America today. Hey, look at that, I just described you, Colonel West. All joking aside, run for President. America needs your strength, example and convictions of faith. In 1932, a polio stricken Franklin D. Roosevelt step up to lead America out of the Great Depression and through the toughest parts of WWII. President Roosevelt knew about living in daily affliction. He also knew, polio wasn’t an excuse to give up. “The only thing we have to fear, is fear it’s self- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes effort to convert, retreat into advance.” FDR’s 1932, first inaugural address to America, as the nation was in free fall into the Great Depression. Stand firm on your beliefs, Colonel West. Happy birthday.

  78. Happy Birthday, Mr. West and many returns of the day. I am very happy that you are a Conservative, we, the People, NEED you! We will stand by you!

  79. “There is a true fear of black conservatives in America and our existence is seen as a threat that must be destroyed.”

    Only by those on the far left who wish to destroy our constitutional republic and turn this nation into another socialist ‘workers’ paradise’ ala USSR. Those are the people who fear you because they are afraid you will set an example for other black Americans to follow and lure them away from the government plantation. Those of us on the right not only don’t fear you, we respect and honor you for your courage and strength. As others have said, I would follow you into battle for the heart and soul of this country though that path leads through the gates of Hell itself. You, Sir, are an inspiring leader, a man of honor and integrity (something we haven’t seen in a leader of either party since Ronald Reagan), a man of vision and a man who knows and is willing to face the dangers menacing our country in the 21st Century. I strongly urge you to run for president in 2016. You are so much more qualified than the usurper we have now that it’s not even the same playing field. I would consider it a privilege to vote for your and if I ever got the opportunity to work with you I would consider it an honor. If you would take up the message of Ronald Reagan, that inspiring message of the shining city on the hill, one of optimism and belief in the true spirit of America and the dazzling future we still have before us you can beat any Demonrat out there. To win you need to speak of a future for America where everyone has the same opportunity to ADVANCE THEMSELVES through working for the American Dream. Do that and you can make Barack Obama a footnote in history as what he is – the worst POTUS in history and a man who defrauded the American people in the biggest con game in history.

  80. Congressman West is one of the finest officers I have ever taught during 15 years on the faculty of the US Army Command and General Staff College. His academic report that I prepared in 1997 reflects performance of the top 1% of all officers I have personally taught there over the years. He still reflects that performance and I am proud to have served on active duty with him. It is too bad we do not have a lot more like him in our military today. God bless him!

  81. Well said, Sir! Sincere best wishes on your birthday and praying God’s blessings on you as you fight the fight to help preserve our once great nation. Don’t give up, Sir. We are with you!!!

  82. Happy Birthday!!! Illegitimati non carborundum!!

    The Leftist mindset is a weird thing and to some extent can never be parsed by conservatives. For them, success is failure, dependence is freedom.

    The Dems set out to seduce the black community away from the true path in the 1960’s just when it was breaking free of the past. Now it has to think of itself as a new immigrant class – immigrating to the free economy and emigrating from the welfare plantation.

    A lot of us are counting on YOU, Col. West, to take the hill. It will be a privilege to work in your campaign for president.

  83. Happy Birthday Colonel. The answer to the question of why the libs so turn against Black Republicans is: They are so brain washed and have been sold a bad bill of goods. They forget that it was the Dems. that voted AGAINST the abolition of slavery and the the Republicans so fought and won the battle for the abolition of slavery. Are the Black liberals so short sighted that they don’t see that they still are under a form of slavery. That of the slavery of the mind, controlled by the white liberal democrats. There must be a piece of the puzzle missing here.

    • And the black democrat liberals who primarily reside in Hollywood and have attained a fortune on the backs of all Americans.

  84. I am white and am sick of even having to use the words, that differentiate white from black or any other ethnic word….we are Americans, we all have different views…but we are more the same than different. Happy Birthday and God Bless YOU for ALL YOU do in His Name and for Americans. PLEASE consider being our next President….

  85. For every individual that stands behind “Our Beliefs” and wants to be a Leader in “Our
    Country” has to talk to “All the People”. Not just on TV, on the Internet and the Big Cities, but you need to go out to the small Communities. You have to speak the facts, explain what is going on and answer questions. You have to put yourself in each individual’s life, their struggles, job or no job. Instead of wanting to take away, help “Our People”, “Our Country”, then gradually start fixing the system. Other words, don’t
    blame the people for what “Big Government” has done.

  86. God Bless you Allen West & Happy Birthday! Keep on Keeping on! You are one of my inspirations in the messed up society! I know you will go far in your fight for this country and the Conservative cause. We are most certainly in a fight for our freedoms and our great country. You will persevere because you are strong in body and mind! Don’t forget that God is always on the side of right! God Bless!

  87. Allen West is big threat to Liberal domination. Even a small threat (Chris Christy) they attack it to death. There is no doubt in my mind that Allen Westvthe man for the job. It’s a daunting task, but I believe Allen West has taken the reigns. You go colonel. SALUTE

  88. Happy Birthday Col West. I wish you would run for President in 2016 because we need a strong, conservative, christian man with a military background in the White House. I could have added black man but race is NOT the issue, America needs men and women of character and conviction to lead us.

  89. You’re right on the mark brother West! Happy Birthday and may God continue to bless you and your family even in tribulation to come! And if you need a vacation, come visit Idaho with her Majestic mountains and Gorgeous Mtn. Lakes for some peace and tranquility. Yours, O LORD, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty, indeed everything that is in the heavens and the earth; Yours is the dominion, O LORD, and You exalt Yourself as head over all … 1 Chron 29:11.

  90. Sounds good Mr. West. I think of my parents who were my greatest inspirations in my life as well. What you say and my life’s experiences resonate but many of those people you mention are not what you think. Take the former Monsanto Corporation’s top Lawyer & Legal Council Clarence Thomas. He sits on the supreme Court and rules over a significant Monsanto Case. He rules that he has no conflict of interest. And on and on and on… Monsanto, of all the corporations that exist, it would have to be from a Genocidal, Psychopathic, Murderous, lying, Criminal Toxic Chemical Cabal. These Eugenic loving Corporate Chemicals and their hired minions have caused the Death & Destruction that you seem so concerned about. GMO’s should be immediately removed from our cancer-causing “Food” Supply. We are being Soft-Killed by the chemicals in our Food, Water, & Medicine. These names that you mention are just paid off psychos that don’t have a clue that they are causing massive deaths with the thoughtless actions that they get paid to act out. Mr.West look at how our soldiers are being treated. 10 tours of combat! I thought Vietnam was Bad with 1 or 2 tours. I’d like to work with you Mr. West as I came from a military childhood, education and travel and my mother gave 2 Husbands to Our country. Both of my Fathers died due to military service related causes. The America I was taught about and lived might have just existed in my mind all those many years ago but It still lives inside me and in others such as yourself as well. We are Patriotic Brothers who stand proud of the people that really make up what America is all about. I fight for my Brothers and sisters Daily. That is our country . The Dreams of my Fathers curse through my thoughts and live within my Heart. We were born to continue our ancestral journey of those who came before us. We owe it to our parents and others as well, to stay true on our Journey of Life and like my buddy Andy says, “Once You Know, How Can You Not Know”…….and, “Knowledge Without Action, Is Not Knowledge” *so remember, ” The Only Thing Evil Needs To Succeed, Is For Good People To Do Nothing”…Let’s Unite and Save America… . sincerely, Hon. Ralph I. Coffman . Independent United States of America.

  91. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Colonel West. Thank you for your words, and for all you do. I pray for you and for other true conservative spokesmen and leaders, that minds and hearts will be open to your message, and that you are protected and blessed by God.

  92. Lt. Col. West, thank you for your service, I know I’m on here almost daily asking you to give even more of not only yourself, but of your family. I have prayed God would bring America a great man to be our next President, honestly the only one I see is you. But now I feel almost guilty asking this of you and your family. I will stand behind and beside you and your family in whatever decision you make. God bless you and Happy Birthday.

  93. Happy Birthday Colonel West! When I last felt this low about our country’s future, Ronald Reagan came to the rescue and, seemingly overnight, rescued us from the liberal assault upon our freedoms and democracy. I have been praying for another leader to rise up and lead us away from this path of failure and moral collapse. Each day I am more and more convinced that it is you that God has chosen to be the one to show us the way, may He give you the strength to persevere!

  94. Happy Birthday, Colonel West! It is a true honor to be encouraged by your continued faith in our Country. The only salvation for our Country and the traditions that we all hold dear is for blacks and whites and people of all colors to fight against the evils of mediocrity. We are Americans and are truly exceptional. You inspire us all, thank you!

  95. The fact is that the average man’s love of liberty is nine-tenths imaginary, exactly like his love of sense, justice and truth. He is not actually happy when free; he is uncomfortable, a bit alarmed, and intolerably lonely. Liberty is not a thing for the great masses of men. It is the exclusive possession of a small and disreputable minority, like knowledge, courage and honor. It takes a special sort of man to understand and enjoy liberty — and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies.

    – H. L. Mencken, Baltimore Evening Sun (12 February 1923)

    You’re my kind of outlaw Allen. Thank you.

  96. You are a wonderful courageous man and make me very proud to be an American. Thank you! God bless you Allen West and have a very happy birthday.

  97. Happy Birthday to you! You handled yourself professionally as expected, Col. West on Hannity. Fowler kept trying to justify the attacks on blacks who do go with the status quo. Indeed, it is through the grace of God and God only that we have any hope of living through the attacks, while still able to maintain an outlet. Without God, all intellect, wisdom, strength, etc is meaningless.

    Speaking of Booker T. Washington, I’m almost done reading his book, “Up from Slavery.” It is proof positive that even during those days discrimination and hardship that he went through, people will develop respect for you if you stay with God, stay determined, and are not a complainer. He was a real educator, the type that embraced work, unlike our current “educational” atmosphere does. He embraced manual labor every step of the way in his life and never looked down on it even when he received his education at the Hampton Institute.

  98. Happy Birthday Colonel! We NEED people like you that stand for God and Country. THANK you for what you have done, and what you continue to do to keep our Constitution and America safe from the Progressives. Stay STRONG! *salute*

  99. I have soooo much respect for you and admiration!! God Bless you and your family always! I pray that many will read these words of yours and that their eyes will be opened to the truth therein! It is so refreshing to hear truth spoken. To God be the Glory! May He continue to give you strength and wisdom!!

  100. Happy Birthday from a generation older. The sad part of this strategy by the Liberal Democrats is they continue to discourage Black Americans from thinking for themselves. Certainly not an objective you want to “Have a Dream” for.

  101. Happy birthday. My observation is most Democrats have talking points and they don’t vary off those. They don’t answer questions or give any thought, they just talk “talking points.” Mr. Fowler seems to be doing the same thing.

  102. The truth is that they hunt out and disparage those you mentioned precisely because of the color of their skin, this coupled with your and their beliefs and principles.. it is a bastardization of the MLK “I Have a Dream” you are being judged for the content of your character due to your skin color. They are the bigoted racists and they attempt to defile the righteous truth and mingle it with their wickedness. They even edit and rewrite the word of God to serve their purposes.. woe unto them.. they will be judged for this on judgment day and held as the false teachers and for the tripping up of the blind. by the way Happy Birthday Sir… and God Bless

  103. mr west, first i want to wish you the best happy birthday, i’m not really good with words, but i just want you to no everyone has the right to there own feelings, but i have the upmost respect for you, and i want to thank you for what you do to help us americans, i’m not going to say i understand why some blacks are angry with whites,i gre w up in chicago in the 40’s and 50’s very poor, sir i don’t hate any body, life was hard, i guess what i am trying to say ,, is,,keep doing what your doing sending love and respect AN AMERICAN

  104. The Democratic Party was the originator of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) the infamous gang of racist thugs who beat and hung black men. They deny this, but it is an established FACT. The same party denied blacks the right to vote and encouraged bigotry in housing, transportation, employment and education.
    In modern times this party has used inducements (entitlements) to gain favor with black voters, but only to ensure the furtherance of their governmental positions and agendas. This ploy has worked well, but informed black voters see the hypocrisy and deviousness for what it truly is – a power grabbing scam.

  105. Colonel West..Happy Birthday! I am not a man of financial wealth but I am a man of prayer. I stand with you in prayer. You are a trail blazer and a man of character. We need men like you to lead this country out of its dismal condition. Never give up you have more people standing with you than you’ll ever know. You are being attacked by the worst kind of racist, a group of people of your own race that cannot handle you affiliating with any group that puts the love of country over their own race. They are blinded by their own color and unable to see beyond to the greater good of the USA. And even beyond that, they do not know what it means to “maintain the unity of Spirit in the bond of peace” as the Apostle Paul stated in Ephesians 4:3. This is all about spiritual warfare. The battle will be won in the Spirit first, then we will see it manifest in the physical realm. God bless you and keep up the good work.

  106. I wish a very Happy Birthday to true a Patriot, Christian and warrior – Allen West. Thank you for your efforts to protect our America in the past, present and future. God Bless!

  107. Happy Birthday Mr. West. I have the highest respect and love for you and your stand with the American conservatives. I was raised in the mountains of West Virginia and was about 8 years old before I ever saw a black man but I had a father who taught us to love and respect all Gods children of any color or race. Keep up the good work and I hope that the stars align so that before I die you can be the President of this United States.

  108. Happy birthday, sir! Liberals preach “tolerance” but speak the language of hate, division and personal destruction. They are being exposed to the phonies that they are. Thank you so much for standing so courageously for our country, constitution and for God, which means you are standing up for us. We’ll stand for you too and will be here for you. God bless you.

  109. Marking the 48th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech,
    a 30-foot tall statue of America’s beloved civil rights leader was unveiled.

    The artist? Peoples Republic of China sculptor Lei Yixin.

    Some reviewers criticized the Chinese sculptor’s stoic and unsmiling depiction of King, saying it was too similar to Lei’s many representations of Mao Zedong.

    That’s right – Mao Zedong.

    Did Jackson or Sharpton scream to high heaven about using a Chinese sculptor to create the sculpted image of Dr. King? Did they question why, nationwide, there wasn’t ONE African-American artist deemed good enough to sculpt the image of the civil rights leader? An artist who would dedicate his heart, soul and mind to creating a masterful and loving depiction of the historic American hero?

    Or did you hear – silence?

    This, sir, is why you and your conservative contemporaries are demonized. You escaped Plato’s cave, discovered the truth, and returned to educate and perhaps free your brothers and sisters from a lifetime of indoctrination.

    You love America and everything it stands for. And you’re not afraid to say it. Even if it means standing alone.

    You’re a troublemaker.

    May God bless and strengthen you, Col. West.

    Stand strong,

  110. I wish you luck, happiness and riches today, tomorrow and beyond.As you look back on yesterday, may your memories be warm ones. As you celebrate today, may your heart be filled with happiness and joy. As you look ahead to tomorrow, may your deepest hopes and dreams come true for you! Happy Birthday ! as for me i value your in put and out spoken ways kee up the good work !

  111. Sorry Mr. West, but you do not represent the black community in this country. Historically, black conservatives have only acted as mouthpieces to the Republican cause. The truth is, the Republican party doesn’t represent any minorities. Forget the platforms and stereotypes, just look at conservative legislation. Any piece of law that has ever been to the benefit of a minority, has been a “Democrat” creation. BTW guys, The Democrats in this country aren’t even liberal, they are moderate conservatives. Republicans are just extremists. Learn what the difference between liberal and conservative is. Socialism is a buzzword that no one seems to understand. The Democrats and Republican are the SAME THING. They differ on 5% of the issues that are completely blown up by the media.

    • either you’re wacky or you’re in the wrong party….”The Left” are takers and only come up with programs for minorities to get the vote…pure and simple

    • Mr. West represents what the black community should aspire to; not the racism peddled by Sharpton and Jackson, nor the divisiveness peddled by BHO, or the dependacy on government fostered by the UN Progressives better known as the DemoRat Party. As Fred says, the Dems buy votes with the handouts, pure and simple.

    • If you were really concerned you would not speak of laws for the benefit of minorities. We should pass only laws that are for the benefit of the whole country no matter what color you are. If it is Okay to pass a law for blacks, it is then Okay to pass laws just for the benefit of whites. Is that what you really want?

    • Why should any law be passed to benefit any small group of people? The only purpose of government is to foster an environment that everyone, including blacks can find opportunities in such as work or entrepreneurships and take care of themselves. Then you won’t need the huge Democratic plantations of poverty where countless people simply exist to suck the government teat.

  112. Thank you so much for your beautiful words. It is easy for me to forget the unique position you are in, that you live with every day as a black conservative. In my early school years, I saw the abuse the bullies in the black community heaped on the students who wanted to do well, forging a strong picture of “iron against iron”. It was a disturbing reality and even more so as an adult as I feel helpless to make a difference. I bless you in Jesus’ name, I ask for favor and protection to be upon you. And I thank you for your work.

    • “I saw the abuse the bullies in the black community heaped on the students who wanted to do well”….ahhh classic thinly veiled racism you Tea Partiers are known for. Stop acting like you care.

      • I care based on what’s in a man’s heart and I won’t STOP!. I guess Suzie’s comments hit you because you are one of those bully’s that peddle mediocraty?

      • They call it acting white. And you’re cast out of the hive if you do it. But it’s the same for any race and peer group. The elites of the group decide what or who is cool and use the fear of rejection to rule the group. Like progressives.

      • I’ve seen racism in all groups, the least of which is the Tea Party. Your comment leads me to think you are Democrat, the worst offenders of racism.

  113. Happy Birthday Mr. West!
    What I don’t understand is … Why, in this day and age, with all we’ve been through and as far as we’ve come, does skin color STILL have an impact? Why are we STILL referring to ourselves as black or white? And better yet, WHY are we STILL identifying ourselves with a “political party”? I say we get rid of the “titles”. It would give others less ammunition.
    I had a very dear friend, we’ll call her Lyla, I love her to pieces! We met at K-mart where she was working as a CS rep. I was doing merchandising for a video company and one of my assignments was in the store where she worked. The connection was instant and grew into an amazing friendship. We talked about almost every issue in the world while working together, except…..race issues. To me they were a “non” issue so I didn’t see a need to censor our topics. I didn’t realize they were an issue for her though. The first time we touched on one of those topics, she appeared a little uncomfortable. I asked if there was something wrong and she just waved it off and told me “No, I’m ok”, so we moved on and chatted back and forth. It made the work go faster.
    The next time was after she left K-mart and took a job with a club store. I was doing some shopping and had run across her while she was stocking some items. I gave her our customary hug and began to tell her about my cancer test results, I had been diagnosed with kidney cancer and then lymphoma. She took her break so she could cry with me. When she asked how I was coping, I told her that I was ok emotionally but financially, I was devastated. I was already over 3k in debt and this whole thing was just beginning. I went on to say that Obamacare had raised our insurance premiums and deductibles so much that we could now barely afford to pay those, let alone bills that weren’t covered. I guess my rant included my distaste for our president because at one point she asked why I hated him. I told her that I didn’t “hate” anyone, but I really disliked Obama. She then asked me the unbelievable question……”Is it because he’s black?” I was flabbergasted! After 5 years of friendship, did she really ask me that? I gave her that “look” that says “how ridiculous” and asked her “HOW can you say that? I don’t like the man because he’s a liar!”.
    Well, that put such a dent in our friendship that she barely talks to me anymore. She’s cordial when we see one another, but nothing is the same and to this day I have NO IDEA what I’ve done wrong! The only thing I can think of is that she saw me as “white” that day and hasn’t been able to get past it since.
    My point is: THIS is what Obama is doing to this country, he is dividing us by feeding the hate between races. I miss my friend, but am determined to make her see that between us there is no black or white, only friendship and love. If we can help our friends see past our skin color and judge us on what we do NOW, not what was done before we even existed, then I believe we can find a way to eliminate all of this for good!

  114. I shared your post on Face Book! I said wouldn’t it be a “kick in the ass” if you and Dr. Ben Carson became President and Vice President of the United States! You are two of the most qualified leaders and would quickly get our country back to Christian and moral principles that we used to have. Happy Birthday and may God Bless and Protect you.
    I also happen to be White.

    • Christian and Moral principles? what about everyone else? Must I be forced to follows what you think is moral? For a party that wants small government it seems like you’re only making it bigger by forcing your religion down our throats…..

      • Living your life by what is right and wrong is Moral Principles which has nothing to do with religion. Look up the definition.

      • Yeah, like ObamaCare and forced payment for contraception and forced paypayment for abortions through Planned parenthood and not allowing Christians to pray in the military. So tell us how anyone has forced any religion on you.
        BTW, ObamaCare will increase the size of government control of our economy (GDP) from about 25% to over 40%, I’ve read. Sounds almost like a religion, doesn’t it?

      • No that was Nancy Pelosi and her religion and she did force it down everybodys throat. It’s called Obamacare.

  115. your being destroyed by the left because of your skin color….that is “The Left” has always been “The Left” and will always be “The Left” stay strong because you are on “The Right” side

  116. Happy Birthday, Allen.
    You are a good man. Good statements above. We need you on the national political scene. Love of Country and defense of the Constitution should be the highest prerequisites for national office and I have no doubts about where you stand. May God be with you…and America.

  117. “Don’t burn out; keep yourselves fueled and aflame. Be
    alert servants of the Master, cheerfully expectant. Don’t quit in hard
    times . . . ”
    Romans 12:11-12, The Message
    Happiest of Birthdays young man!
    Would you please consider a run for the White House? You sir, have the character to lead this Nation to a better place. You have shown, time and time again, the ability to experience, reflect, and critically analyze those experiences – applying the result in generalized and sometimes universal ways to make change. Anybody can make change happen, but most do so without first examining and experiencing the needed transformative change within themselves. Thank you for giving consideration to the thoughts shared.

  118. Happy Birthday Colonel West! And I hope you realize, we are all under attack (i.e. all whites are against Obama because they are racist) for having a stance other than liberal, democrat or RINO…the fact that you and other black Americans are under such conviction to go against the flow is evidence you are lead by a strong conscience regardless of the persecution. Your parents are most definitely proud. We are all in this together and a good way to look at our detractors is to realize they are being lied to, they are being misled, they are being bribed and they are being manipulated (forgive them for they know not what they do) pray for them, bless them before departing their presence, because the only thing that will open their eyes is our Heavenly Father…

  119. Happy Birthday Colonel. Steadfast and loyal in word and deed. You sir are a role model for all Americans regardless of color. Enjoy your day and rest up for the challenges that are to come your way.

  120. Happy Birthday Col. West. I admire you for your tenacity. We conservatives see a bigger picture than basing politics on skin color. Keep up the great work.

  121. Happy Birthday Sir, and thank you for your service. You are a true patriot. A storm is coming in this next “mid-term” election. I hope we will get out and vote and take the Senate and House and hopefuly take our USA back.

  122. As a retired Army officer with 23 years of service, I salute you LTC West. You are a soldier with courage and conviction. You make us proud to be an American. You are standing in the breach, on the front lines, of the greatest battle our nation as ever faced. And victory cometh from the Lord. Keep the faith, my brother.

  123. Happiest of Birthdays to you. Welcome to the first week of February birthday club. Mine was the fifth. We must continue to speak out and keep our country strong and great.. Yes, I’m with John, wish you represented us in California.

  124. Happy Birthday, Col. West! We have that in common along with the same political viewpoint. I am very thankful for your service please continue to fight the good fight. I love your bike screams Patriot. God Bless! Make a Great DAY!

  125. Thank you for speaking the truth, Mr. West. And Happy birthday. And I might add this to your commentary. When the socialist left wing is out of facts, they can only hurl non-factual personal insult. “When they run out of acts, smother them with innuendo.” Should be their motto.

  126. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Col Allen West & many more!! Your a fine man of God,Vet, patriot and much more and it is all good..With all due respect, Please Sir ” ENDEAVOR to PERSEVERE” We need you more than ever!! USN OS1 Stuart Alan Johnson

    • Running mate – Dr. Ben Carson! A doctor and a soldier in the white house instead of all these damn lawyers and politicians!!!

  127. You are our George Washington on Christmas Eve before crossing the Delaware; bold, unafraid and with a firm reliance on God.

  128. Happy Birthday to you Mr. West! I believe that the liberal blacks have to attack you because you stand for America’s ideals & believe in our Constitution! That makes you much better than the liberals are! Really, what have the democrat liberals ever done for the blacks in America? Nothing, all they do is make the black dependent on handouts instead of encouraging them to stand together & live the American dream!

  129. Happy Birthday! It is the love of God in Christ that leads me to celebrate life. It is this love that causes my position to be decidedly Pro-life. And I endeavor to remain creative as being spoken into existence by such a God implies. Thank you for your stance and your courage to be ridiculed, etc because of your convictions.

  130. to you Mr west I say you are not only a man of sprit and honor but also a man of morals and god and our great country could use a lot more
    like you

  131. God Bless you, COL West! It’s funny how black liberals and liberals in general love to run on the coat tails of Dr. King. When he said,”I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” he wasn’t speaking for simply blacks but for ALL human beings. The liberals can’t wrap their warped minds around that though.

  132. Happy Birthday, Mr. West. Just know that when they’re throwing mud at black conservatives, it will come back and stick to them. God bless you.

  133. In the liberal, leftist mind there is no such thing as a Black consevative. Because as “progressives” they want to keep the African American race dependant on Government, handouts, freebies,programs to stop their advancement,. They don’t want faith based, families but split households because they fear the strength these families carry, in life, in faith, in want of jobs, in education of how the liberals are basically keeping them as Slaves to the government.

  134. Beautiful, heartfelt post Col. West! It brought tears to my eyes. I wish you the most blessed and wonderful birthday and year ahead.

  135. Dear Mr. West:
    You are not black, not white, not yellow, what you are is an American. A true leader, an honorable man, a man who has served his Country well. Those of us who, you included, share our love of Country, of our Constitution and our history stand by you. We have no color because American’s are Red, White and Blue. The colors of the flag we fought under, the color of the flag we are buried under, and the color of those men of honor who will bring this nation back to its honored place in history.
    A United States Armed Forces Veteran

  136. Another pity piece from LTC West. Want some cheese with that whine. Boo hoo conservatives can’t take their own medicine black or white. Cry me a river.

    • Your Sir wouldn’t know honor if it stepped up and hit you in the face. You’re not at a level where you can talk to a man like Mr. West. You should contain your comments for those at your level, provided you can find something that low.

      • All I see is another black man playing the victim. Doing exactly what he decries when done by Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Where you see honor I see hypocrisy.

      • Victim? Let me guess … all attacks against Mr. West are made up, some fake story like all the other fake scandals the rethugliKKKans come up with, right? You don’t know how to compare apples and oranges and this is why we have morons in the White House and congress right now. All I see in your comment is another stepford liberal, is the hope and change making you angry? Everyone in this world is attacked, but when the attacks are so blatantly hypocritical, it’s infuriating.

      • Where you see hypocrisy I see a man speaking out before its to late, just like t

        First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Socialist.

        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.he author of the following:

      • I wonder what would happen if West or Carson were to put on a hoodie and walk down the street in the dark? I bet West would be the first to pull out the “Do you know who I am” card.

  137. Happy Birthday, Sir! Thank you for fighting for America in both the battlefield and you continuation here at home. You are definitely a gentleman and a scholar and are additionally kind and brave. Hope you have a good day and a year full of blessings!


  139. First, I want to say happy birthday Col. West. Second, they are hypocrites and without good black Americans like you sir, the black would truly be doomed. I am willing to be your daughters are some of the prouds young people on God earth. You are a great man so keep up the good fight and don’t let the hypocrites bother you. If more black conservitives would step forward it would shut the mouth of ignorant people like the Rev.The black people that are being quiet out there are the ones that need to speek out because they are the good people of their community. They only ones we ever hear from are the ones that want everything given to them. Hang in there Col. not only do the black people need you but so do the rest of us that truly love our country.

  140. allen west is so insignificant, the voters of florida rejected him, the naacp doesnt like him and he just keeps rambling on. i think he and allen keyes are in a contest of which one can get the honor of being the best uncle tom to the republicans,

    • If your gonna try to throw racist terms around learn their use. He would be an Uncle Tom “TO” his own race or “FOR” the republican party. You’re old enough to know better. Of course you only see race and party.

      • If he is insignificant, why did you waste your time pointing that out? Maybe you are trying to be significant by attacking a person who is much more accomplished and important than yourself.

      • He’s significant enough to get under your skin. So the NAACP is your measure of significance? I prefer relevant measure such as the fact people are here getting his commentary black or white. They like his ideology not his color, that is what Dr. King fought for, or did he? Do you think these people are here because of his color? How about in spite of it? Or are these people here because the respect his ideals, which most of which were Dr. King’s as well.You do know he was conservative, right? He didn’t call on leaders to demand welfare, or even affirmative action. He wanted equality.

    • When people like Rev. Barber and other high-profile liberal/leftist blacks attack people like Senator Tim Scott in such crude terms (“ventriloquist’s dummy”) – or use the kind of vitriol that Harry Belafonte and others used to smear Colin Powell, Condi Rice and Herman Cain, it’s the modern-day equivalent of The Fugitive Slave Act (one of the most infamous laws in US history, passed by a Democrat Congress, of course). The liberal Establishment doesn’t like it when blacks like Scott, Cain, Rice, Powell (when he was still a part of the Bush administration), or Clarence Thomas or Allen West or Mia Love are too “uppity” and don’t “know their place” (i.e., happily staying on the Progressive Plantation currently run by Overseer Obama and serving their liberal masters). So when these free-thinkers escape from the Plantation, sort of like so many modern-day Frederic Douglasses, the rulers send out their tame, docile thoroughly BOUGHT AND OWNED house slaves like Barber, Belafonte, and their ilk (the REAL “Uncle Toms”) to insult them and try to intimidate them into returning to the plantation and behaving themselves like docile little good boys and girls.. It must have worked in Powell’s case – but Scott, West, Cain and the others want NO PART of putting the chains back on and letting William Barber, Harry Belafonte, Barack Obama and the other so-called “leaders” who have sold out the masses of their own people TELL THEM WHAT TO THINK.

  141. Col.West…what a breathe of fresh air you are…I pray that god opens doors for you, as it someone like you who we will see change…never change your heart and thank you for your service to our country…our current leader..falls short in honesty, honor, integrity, accountability, loyalty…and is self serving! Not great traits for a leader…but my hope is with people like you….. to be the change….. we all want to see in this world!

  142. I admire you greatly. It is so sad that people can’t see nor do they seem to even want to see the damage obama and his cronies have done to the black (and are still facing daily). Thank you for your service

    • would you care to elaborate on how he has done so? He is not calling anyone names for their beliefs or creating a hateful agenda towards anyone who thinks different then he does.

      • No but he spends over a 1000 words moaning about how he’s been treated. How he’s been called a mouthpiece and ventriloquist’s dummy and Uncle-tom and blah blah blah. All because he is black and is a conservative. People are calling him names and attacking his family. Why don’t black people love him like they love Obama and whine and moan and bitch.

      • “Why is it that President Barack Hussein Obama is elevated to a glorified status, when in April 2009 he cancelled the DC school voucher program for deserving young black children in the nation’s capital?” Maybe because he is the President of the United-States.

      • That Is what is wrong With the President, not Col. West. Obama is Liberal, West is Conservative. Obama has hurt many of people, of many races and social classes.

      • so you have never criticized a US President in the past? You have not stood for what you believe in against the norm of society and been chastised for it? What I do know is he is working on making all of us self reliant and self responsible for our actions, show me where Obama, Jackson, Sharpton have done that.

      • Man you must not have seen the folks in Chicago (black by the way), see some people see deeper then skin tone they see what is really the core of the matter of someone. I guess you think it is okay a black person is called names because they do not follow the crowd and the bread crumbs being offered them.

  143. Col. West, just keep on doing what you are doing! Many of us out here support you 100%! thank you for serving our country in so many ways!

  144. The only arrows you deserve are for picking the Broncos!! lol We have your back Col West!! I think you are awesome… Keep on fighting the good fight!

  145. I’m so tired of the Blk convers whining. All you do is go on FOX, point fingers and say “they don’t want to listen to us.” You claim to have a better message for BLKs but consistently miss oppurtunies to get that message out. Nobody invited you to speak at MLK 50th? Did you ask to speak? Empowerment! I do volunteer work inderprivileged parts of Miami. Where are your people? Where were you during the 2 presidental elections? I saw the dems. Where are you in public places? Your grass roots?
    Where’s MIa Love, she has a great story of lifting herself up. Condoleeza? Story just as compelling than Hilary. At least M. Steal goes on MSNBC. I don’t mean strategist on TV, I mean promanate real people. Blk reps have radio ads running in major urban areas. Radio? Is that your best techonolgy? Radio is dead, hello i tunes. TV good, especially during Maury. Obama has Jay Z and Beyonce. You guys have the Rock, JE Jones and LLCool J. LL was hosted the Grammy’s and is on a popular TV show. And? Sheyl Underwood who’s on that terrible The Talk show could easily be your E. Hasselback. Tell her to make sound noise. Where your Whoopie Goldberg?
    Do you know why blk people call you “uncle Tom”? Becuase you spend so much time dumping on poor blks. You are dividing your race into poor blk vs. mid class blks. Good blks vs. bad blks. With the focus of being accepted by conv whites. That’s never going bto work, hon.
    My advice is to stop your whining, get more involved in the all of the blk community, put some inspirational blk faces out there, especially in schools and stop blaming Obama for everything. Blk people voted for Obama bec he’s blk, no one is going to vote for you bec. they can’t tell that you are blk. Wake up.

    • The ones whom are awake have just read a nonsensical post. Why would he have to go to the black people, can they not seek out the truth? Must someone tell them what to think and who to trust? These are things that should come naturally to a person, whether he be black, white or pink

      • If you are talking about me, you are mistaken. I do stand up for what I believe in. I just put myself on there for yahoos to read. Plain and simple. I told it like it is.
        As for my pic , it’s of me in a Halloween custom like every other person with a funny pic.

      • You need to do a bit more research before speaking, Who were the 1st African-American Senators and Representatives, and What was their party? Enough said!

      • Doll, for the last time, I’m giving suggestions to West about getting the blk conv message to more black people . I don’t care who was what. I’m talking about GETTING HIS MESSAGE ACROSS YO MORE BLACK PEOPLE.

      • I Agree – I am of Mixed heritage, but what love to have more hear of Col. Wests’s Sayings, which is why I where it throughout social media. Best way to do so these days.

      • Yes . If you read my post, it said their party was doing radio ads. They should move towards social media like Obama did in 2008. He was the only one using Facebook abd twitter back than. Later McCain caught on bec of Megan, but he didn’t understand it yet.

      • But us mixed races (WHICH IS ACTUALLY MOST OF THE POPULATION IF YOU STOP TO THINK ABOUT IT) would care to look at actual historic events. Think of the First African-American representatives, and look at the Civil Rights Movement in the 60’s. Very FEW Democrats were for such. I won’t even start about What the TOTAL Americans have done to our Native American People (including Blacks, the Native tribes were here first).

      • You are what a racist and a traitor to you REAL race IS! Tell me your Real Name? I have told you mine.

    • You do not actually research the FACTS! The Slavery was ended by who? the Republicans. FACT! Who tries to end the Jim Crow laws? Republicans! FACTS! They were the ones who helped forward the civil rights movement, or you too young or HAVE FORGOTTEN?

      • I’m not talking about the white reps. I’m talking about the blk conservatives getting THEIR message out.

      • Racist Much? I am of a mixed race, do not actually say I am of one, although I could be Cherokee, Dine (or Navajo to outsiders, or of African descent?)

      • The message of the blk conversant repub to other blk people who have not had the opountuniy to hear it properly

      • You put forth some good facts. Now, let me tell all what happened in MO; our legislature had passed Prop. C, in 1996 a not so great concealed carry bill, which was going to be voted on by the people. In my research, I found out how we lost our gun rights; a few years after the civil war, all three branches of government was controlled by Democrats. Since they wanted to keep recently freed slaves from defending themselves, they passed a law in to repeal carrying a gun concealed.

        To tell how ridiculous things got, a Federal Judge came on TV and said, “If Prop C passes, gang bangers will be carrying Uzi’s into Walmart, legally.” If he believed that, he didn’t deserve to be a Federal Judge, and if he lied about this, he didn’t deserve to be a Federal Judge, and should be kicked off the bench, either way.

        We had been trying to get a clean bill through the legislature, for several years before that, but it took till 2002 to get concealed carry, and that was after term limits.

    • Blacks voted for Obama because he looks black. He is actually half black. He knows nothing of the black experience in America. He was raised in luxury in Hawaii. Went to exclusive schools. The reason blacks voted for him was because he knew how to play them. What is Allen West supposed to do to be black enough for you?

      • You do know there are plenty of wealthy black people who have more than ou will ever have . Bkack people who have studied in Europe, ride horses, speak multiple languages . The first US woman millionaire was a black woman . Condelisa Rice studied Russian. I think you liinit peole too much.
        Plus , your issue with Obama’s color is ridiculous . A black person would never say another black person is not black enought.

  146. Happy Birthday! Col West I am a 63 yr old white woman and I would be honored to walk beside you. I see you as a man concerned about the downfall of his country and that has no color other than red, white and blue.

  147. Happy Birthday! I am reminded of Psalm 91:5-11. Praying for you and your family.
    5. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

    6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

    7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

    8 Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

    9 Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;

    10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

    11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways

    • Vicki, your comment and quote of Psalm 91: 5-11 is appropriate, however, I would have used verses 14 -16 to describe Mr. West as I see it in my life with the Lord.
      14 Because he loves me,” says the LORD, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. 15 He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. 16 With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation.

  148. My Question is Why isn’t the population of Black Americans against the Democrats, They have shown through out the history that they are NOT for Black America in any way, let alone any other American (as we all our in the end American’s regardless of ones color) . How has the Democratic party continually brainwashed the United States Population into thinking that they care about the American People in anyway. And history is there for all too see, but it seems most turn a blind eye to what has come before.

  149. I’m Happy that a man of your integrity can stand up for what ifs true! Happy Birthday and I hope a many for yourself and your family.

  150. Happy Birthday to an awesome individual.. Just know the attacks you receive, are from people that are afraid of you, because you live in the truth, you believe in GOD and this Country and also know that there are more people for you, than against you.. This Country needs more Allen Wests…..God Bless..

  151. God bless you Allen on this Birthday and everyday! Praise God that He upholds you and gives you the courage to help others stand. I appreciate everything you do and say. I look forward to shaking your hand some day. In this life or the next!

  152. Happy birthday, my twin brother from another mother. You are a true inspiration to me. Keep up the good fight. You are winning.

  153. Happy Birthday, Colonel! Keep “speaking truth to power.” THAT will really tick off people like that NOBODY, Barber!

  154. what you are writing resonates with all the people. Even in oz as in australia they got the signals but not the message. I aint sure how much we need to get bankrupted to realise what is happening.

    • мʏ вυɖɖʏ’ѕ ­­­­­­e­­­­­­х-աιғ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ мαĸ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ѕ $7з αɴ нօυʀ օɴ тн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ ιɴт­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀɴ­­­­­­e­­­­­­т. ѕн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ нαѕ в­­­­­­e­­­­­­­­­­­­e­­­­­­ɴ օυт օғ աօʀĸ ғօʀ 9 мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн н­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀ ƈн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ƈĸ աαѕ $17891 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ ιɴт­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀɴ­­­­­­e­­­­­­т ғօʀ α ғ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ա нօυʀѕ. тн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ օʀιɢιɴαʟ ѕօυʀƈ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ SaveJury&#46com

  155. God Bless You MR. ALLEN WEST- I know that you will never stop educating Americans and America. Keep telling the truth please,,, I have learned Soooo much by listening to you. Thanks-Happy Birthday !!!!!

  156. I cannot but notice a fair amount of self-pity in your honest comments on the way you are treated. By introducing your color of skin as a matter of discussion on the whole topic of not being recognised as a true American politician, you are falsely distracting the general public from the plausible fact that your political ideas are largely not shared by many black voters. Complaining about it will only make things worse. It is better to lend your eyes and ears to the thoughts of your opponents and acknowledge that everyone, including yourself, can learn more from his mistakes than his accomplishments. Sincerely yours, Peter

    • Looks like you missed the points of just why “your political ideas are largely not shared by many black voters”. It’s too necessary for the Dims to treat them like mushrooms….keep them in the dark and throw the manure of lies and low expectations upon them while they throw trashy goodies their way to keep them in line, only for votes. The real truth is that it’s those courageous persons mentioned by Col West who truly progress while we watch, under Obama’s policies, those trapped in that herd mentality accepting even more abuse and joblessness and destruction of their own next generations by his paid for abortion policies. It’s enough that crazy militant Islamists willingly kill off themselves, but for groups in this great country to willingly agree to do the same is certainly telling.

  157. Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing your feelings. I can’t even imagine the horrible remarks and the blacklash that you’ve been dealing with, and without a doubt 100% of us will never comprehend the battles you’ve endured. I will pray for you and would like to share the Biblical verse that helps me in tough times. Ephesians 6: 10-18.

    Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and the power
    of the might.

    Put on the whole armour of God that ye may be able to stand
    against the wiles of the devil.

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against
    principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of the world,
    against spiritual wickedness in high places

    Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may
    be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all, to stand.

    Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth,
    and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

    And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of

    Above all, taking the shield of faith wherewith ye shall be
    able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

    And take the helmet of salvation and sword of the spirit
    which is the word of God:

    Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the
    Spirit and watching thereunto withal perseverance and supplication for all

  158. Happy 53d Birthday, Col. West! Stand true to your morals, values, and everything you hold dear to your heart, Sir. One old soldier to another, You are not alone, ever!

  159. I pray 2016 brings strong black leaders to the whitehouse. I am white but the lost need to be elevated from the gutters democrats have put them in. I pray our future generations embrace their own power, exceeding even the harshest critic.

  160. It’s the same thing as always with Democrats. They’re only projecting their same-as-always belief that black people can only “know” as they’re told, and so if they’re saying something, someone had to put them up to it. For Democrats, even to imagine otherwise would amount to a slippery slope towards acceptance of the Declaration and the Constitution.

  161. Col. West~~Happy Birthday to a Great American~~with your brilliant leadership the Live Free or Die Brigade will fight these sons and daughters of Satan until Hell freezes over~~Then we’ll fight’em on the ice~~and Win !

  162. Mr. West it gives me hope to hear your words. The people that you speak of that attack you have, by their anger, their hurtful words, and the volume of their voices become the most visible and identifiable representatives of black America. I would think at some point they would realize that by their anger, words, and loudness, they drown out people like yourself that show true leadership, not by words, but by their deeds, and the quality of their character. Their actions are divisive, counterproductive, and do everything they can to point the finger instead of shaking the hand of their fellow man. It reminds me very much of the history of labor unions in our country: once absolutely necessary to guarantee fair wages, safe working conditions, etc., for the average laborer, they have become so drunk with power that they would rather negotiate a company out of existence than try to find a common ground where all can live, prosper and enjoy a future together.
    I urge you to stay the course, and hope that you and others like you will prevail over the angry few that would seek to represent black America in a counterproductive way. May God bless your efforts sir!

  163. Happy birthday! I recall when Alan Keyes ran for President and he was not even invited to a debate, in Georgia, even though he was an official candidate. I DON’T recall any black activists protesting about that. Maybe it should be called the NAACPWAWU. (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Who Agree With Us)

    • Alan Keyes was running the advancement of Alan Keyes the republican party. Don’t understand why it should be a concern for NAACP

      • That’s never been the way he’s been portrayed….rather his truth too has been twisted by the progs….just like the truth in the history of the Dims towards Blacks. You’re living their lie, apparently swallowed hook line and sinker by yourself. Interested in a bridge?

      • MLK Senior was a Republican. MLK Jr. associated with the Republican party but never actually joined. As much as he hated the Democrat party, he didn’t fully trust the Republican party either.

  164. Allen West is: “vile, unprofessional ,and despicable,” “a coward,” “characterless,” and “not a Gentleman,” and should “shut the heck up.”

    • I appreciate what you accomplish by being the only one here resorting to name calling. That is, I appreciate what you accomplish for us. See, our words about the left carry but a fraction of the punch you give them by making yourself our example.

      • Yes, I understand that. Have you ever called someone stupid? Does that mean that you’re stupid? How does calling her vile, unprofessional, and despicable make him so?

        I’m sorry, Vlad, but I’m just not following your logic.

      • By your own logic, you are Vile, unprofessional, and despicable because you have called Allen West such.

      • From: Z112 West, Allen
        Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 04:48 PM
        To: Wasserman Schultz, Debbie
        Cc: McCarthy, Kevin; Blyth, Jonathan; Pelosi, Nancy; Cantor, Eric
        Subject: Unprofessional and Inappropriate Sophomoric Behavior from Wasserman-Schultz

        Look, Debbie, I understand that after I departed the House floor you directed your floor speech comments directly towards me. Let me make myself perfectly clear, you want a personal fight, I am happy to oblige. You are the most vile, unprofessional ,and despicable member of the US House of Representatives. If you have something to say to me, stop being a coward and say it to my face, otherwise, shut the heck up. Focus on your own congressional district!

        I am bringing your actions today to our Majority Leader and Majority Whip and from this time forward, understand that I shall defend myself forthright against your heinous characterless behavior……which dates back to the disgusting protest you ordered at my campaign hqs, October 2010 in Deerfield Beach.

        You have proven repeatedly that you are not a Lady, therefore, shall not be afforded due respect from me!

        Steadfast and Loyal

        Congressman Allen B West (R-FL)

      • So… you say he’s vile, unprofessional, and despicable because he and Debbie Wasserman have issues? Is she like your idol or something? Not sure what this has to do with your personal feelings for the man.

      • By that logic, you are “vile, unprofessional ,and despicable,” “a coward,” “characterless,” and “not a Gentleman,” and should “shut the heck up.” Because you said that about Allen West.

        Seriously, how does saying that about Wasserman make him those things? Is she your idol? Are you butt hurt?

  165. let us begin with Happy Birthday!!!! and next address those that they cling to the niche the have created for themselves in society where they can stand tall on others backs. They profit dearly from the decline of others and will not tolerate and will even attack, demonize and trivialize those who threaten these ideas. this is their bread and butter, brother

  166. let us begin with Happy Birthday!!!! and next address those that cling to the niche they have created for themselves in society where they can stand tall on the backs of others. They profit dearly from the decline of these folks and will not tolerate and will even attack, demonize and trivialize those who threaten these profits. this is their bread and butter, brother

  167. This post allows us to see that you are human and vulnerable like the rest of us! The difference between you and so many others is that even when it hurts, you STAND UP and say hit me again! It takes courage and perseverance to endure, and most humans do not have the wherewithal to continue on this path you choose to walk. May the Lord continue to guide you and support you as you accept his plan for you. Thank you for all that you do, and happy birthday. I pray the Lord chooses to bless us with your presence here on Earth for many years to come. It is men like you who make us proud to be American. Thank you for your service.

  168. Thank you Col. West for your comments. You are also one of the trailblazers and I know you will stand, stand firm in your faith and your love for this nation. Many, many people of all races are heartbroken over the way our country has lost its way, but few are brave enough to speak up. Please keep up what you are called to do. God will honor your efforts. Those who are fighting against our constitution should be charged with treason. The constitution was forged by God inspired men. It may not be perfect, but it is the best document every written by any country in this world. It is neither obsolete or in need of change and I say America Bless God.

  169. Colonel West, you did more than your share to contribute to the climate you decry. Yourself afford liberals or even moderates of your party no safe quater. You afford our President no safe quater. You are not attacked because you are black or because you are conservative. You are attacked because you are a public figure. Right now you sound like you can dish it out but can’t take it. In the schoolyard that’s called a coward and a bully. Still nice to see you feel the sting.

    • Vlad99……………you are respectfully ………wrong! You have forgot one thing in your train of thought. If Congressman West is being attacked because he is a public figure……………..ask yourself this? Why? He does not hold any position now except his stature as a great patriot, black and conservative. I, as a Marine Veteran from 66-69, wounded multiple times would also be proud to have this combat 82nd. Airborne trooper as my commanding officer to this day. That is how much I respect this guy!

    • Well, Vlad99, I respectfully disagree with your schoolyard defintion of “coward and bully”. Someone who ‘dishes it out and then can’t take it’ would (to me) be a plain ol’ hypocrite…I guess a bully might have this quality, except their reaction would NOT be to show a sense of downhearted concern of such “hate tactics” being used on the playing field. A coward would NOT be putting themselves in a public arena as a target either. I have not seen Col West attack or “dish it out” (as you would put it) to fault a person’s, politician, or even YOUR character because of your beliefs, so his “cant take it” does not even relate to what he “dishes out”. You have made some very good points here about safe quarter. Here again, I feel the need to DEFEND Col. West’s CHARACTER?! Here again, someone calling him a “coward” and a “Bully”?! Enough said. I believe your intentions are good–just misplaced perhaps. Your adding to that VERY stereotypical playing ground in which Col West is concerned. Have a good day Vlad99 & God Bless!.

    • One day you too may wake up and smell the truth…esp. about yourself and the delusion you apparently enjoy living in. Trouble with libs is that there’s not an original thought allowed in their herd mentality….they’re already terrorized….of each other…. if they dare step outside of the accepted and ordered talking points. You need to thank people like COL West for being brave, not only on the material battlefield, but where it may take even more courage….on the battle field of principle and faith where the real hard spiritual battle goes on for the eternal souls of each and every one. “Still nice to see you feel the sting”? The real essence of lib thought….hatred born of jealousy.

    • Black conservatives like Allen West get more than just attacks for ideology. I’ve heard liberals refer to him as a “traitor to his race.” Stupid, but it happens. The left hates conservatives but they really hate black conservatives who aren’t controlled by the liberal agenda.

      • Rev Barber and people like vlad are examples of those trying to please the overseers, such as Jackson and Sharpton, of the Liberal Dem plantation.


  171. Col. West, we in the Tea Party endure these same slings and arrows everyday because of our conservative beliefs. We are accused of racism, hatred of women and children, stupidity, ignorance, etc. It doesn’t matter what color you are, the Democrats will find something about you to try and intimidate you. I, like you, say bring it on. I will not give up the fight.

  172. You know Col West, sir, I went to wish you a hopefully well celebrated birthday, and then I noticed something on your FB page that I have been noticing on many other GOP facebook pages (one of my former HS classmates is running for TX Lt Gov.–Todd Staples),… a pattern of liberal based (Dem.) posted comments, and they all seem to adhere to a specific format such as it being a one-liner, come-back (“gotcha-haha”) character attack that has NOTHING really to do with the subject matter at hand. There is usually only one of these such comments showing on any given subject post. It’s almost as though ACORN has posted job openings at the local colleges for parttime work; having a list of internet GOP sites in which to leave such comments. I know that sounds ridiculous, but after being in a business for >17yrs which uses mass marketing techniques–it just kind of jumped out at me. Hmmm… Kind of like Dem’s known to send out plants to Tea Party rallies and then insure they have a cameraman to take pictures of said “outrageous fanatics” of TP members. I dont know, but I’ve found if the Dems really have nothing factual to back up bad policies, broken promises, or just plain bad judgement, they tend to find such over-the-line tactics as “OK”. Do NOT get discouraged…there are plenty of those –black & white; male & female–who honor your courage of fair play, and sticking to the Golden Rule of life. From– one of your white, single mother, businessladies of Texas! Come on over.. your invited to do some tubing down the Guadalupe anytime…we’d vote for you! I sent the same kind of invite (as many others did as well) to Glenn Beck. I think he’s glad he moved.

  173. I join with millions of others, wishing you a very happy birthday. Sir, I stand behind you for your beliefs and commitments in the movement to secure and protect our nation’s Constitution, the protection of our military and educating the millions of Americans who either have not been taught or neglected to learn of our nation’s true history. GOD bless you, Sir….

  174. Happy Birthday, LTC West! Libs always give away their feelings of inadequacy and inferiority by telegraphing who they feel most intimidated and threatened by. Keep it up, West. Most of us are very glad that the Libs aren’t calling you “friend”..

  175. Happy Birthday, Col. West. God bless you and your family. And know you are not alone, we are behind you and you are not fighting this battle for yourself, you are fighting this battle to give your precious girls a better future. Hopefully, they will live in a world were anyone can be a Conservative without being bashed by those who fear us.

  176. Hang in there, Colonel! You are needed in this nation, and to quote another great leader, “And at such a time as this!” (Ahasureus)

  177. Colonel great post from the heart and soul of a true american patriot who loves his country with duty honor and patriotism I admire your “equality” and your honorable being its a trait most men miss in their lifetime Happy Birthday and many more to come. Your legacy will be a great one that will be one of history books god bless you and yours retired US Army MSG John Reardon III

  178. You are awesome, Col. West. I understand the loneliness. I am a single Mom who refused to leave my daughter at school today because in order to go to class, she would have to endure an illegal search of her person. I am threatened with family court because I took her out of school against state law. But I see searches of an 11 year old as a violation of her 4th amendments rights. Her constitutional rights do not end at the door of a school. I do not know what to do. It is so easy to not make waves. It is harder to stand on principle and freedom.

    • I would have done the same thing! Find a Conservative Attorney that
      supports the rights of the people. They normally will do it Pro Bono and see if other parents are willing to join. I can’t imagine any parent letting their child be searched for no reason. Who knows, maybe someone on here will know an attorney.

  179. ThThere is a true fear of black conservatives in America and our existence is seen as a threat that must be destroyed.
    There is a true fear of black conservatives in America and our existence is seen as a threat that must be destroyed.
    There is a true fear of black conservatives in America and our existence is seen as a threat that must be destroyed.
    Black conservatives are only a threat to those who need victim status to provide them with their political power. Once you show your true equality, no one needs the race mongers.

  180. The “threat” of conservative blacks is that you will lead others to realize they do not need the race mongers help. You are already equal, and the more who realize it is a threat to their political employment.

  181. Please, Col West: Living among these liberals is not easy. We are watching as they challenge everything this country ever stood for. The liberals are on a move, and we know the ultimate results of their efforts…….it won’t be good. Meanwhile, we have some wonderful people in this country, like you who we pray will continue to offer support and encourage those of us who want our freedom back. Please continue to be in touch with us all…….we need your guidance and common sense. There are so many fine people – black and white – who know that Mr. Fowler and his type have signed on to a movement that will only hurt them. I see it everyday in the people I meet who are not interested in a race issue; they want prosperity and opportunity for everyone in America. Thank you for your continuing efforts.

  182. Happy Birthday, Colonel Sir. May God Bless you and your family. Continue the fight for Yeshua Ha Mashiach will soon be here.

  183. The man should remove the title Rev from his name. A disgrace and no way representing God’s kingdom. “Love thy neighbor as yourself” was not part of his gospel.

  184. Colonel, I pray that someday people will be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Meanwhile, know that many of us have the utmost respect for you and appreciate all that you do to stand in the storm of the progressives and prove daily that we can be American’s first and everything else last.

    • I totally agree with Michelle Col. West!!! Continue to stand strong and courageous – as you have MANY standing behind you!!
      May God continue to use men such as you with character, integrity & courage to help bring us back to being that ” shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere”: – as in the words of Pres. Reagan. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Col. West and may you have many, many more!!! God bless!!

  185. My Skin is Olive colored. I have Cherokee & England blood in my veins. I have to put white on anything that asks my race. I put Cherokee down once on an official documents when I had to get food stamps. They cut my food stamps by $100 & nothing else had changed in my financial situation. Needless to say, I was extremely upset. I am sick to death of everything being about race. I am tired of white racists, black racists & every other color of racist. I am sick & tired of what a few stupid white people being held against all of us. I am tired of what a few stupid dark skinned people do that is held against all dark skinned people. If those of us who want this crap to stop would force the others to shut the hell up & speak out against that type of behavior to them, I believe we could get a handle on this. But the ones who want a race war will continue to urge all the ugliness towards each others race unless we take a stand & say “NO MORE!” I am sick to death of all the hatefulness. I raised my children to realize that all kids are raised differently & color makes no difference & there are many like me that have raised their kids the same way. I look around me & see mixed race children. So who is going to be hurt the most out of this? Its the children of the mixed race, their parents, & anyone else who loves them & cares about what happens to them. I was hoping they would be the salvation of everyone from all this hatred of each other. I mean, after all, no one can fault them of either race. I was so wrong. Sometimes I believe those poor babies have it worse than all of us on trying to get by. Please take steps to stop all this bad stuff between the races. God loves us all & he made us the color he wanted us. He doesn’t play favorites. We are all expected to live by his rules & no one gets a “Get out of hell free” card.

  186. It’s not a fear of black conservatives, or any conservatives for that matter. I have a lot of respect for Condoleeza Rice and her principles and beliefs, for example. It’s your attitude and perspective, your criticisms about things that don’t meet your “agenda” that make me not want to follow your “lead” – it’s about thinking & being smart!

  187. Colonel…We Stand with you. Former Navy Silent Service, CEO/President, Grandson of a Louisiana State Senator, Son in-law of another great Louisiana State Senator. I am humbled Sir!

    • Hannity is very careful when picking liberal punching bags for his show.
      he makes sure not to bring any on the show that can actually stand up to him.

      • Gee, Brendan, maybe he should pick you next time. Um, never mind, no one even knows who you are so I guess you would get flamed far too quickly.

  188. Colonel West, I hope you had a wonderful birthday today! Doesn’t it seem ironic that, in a time when conservatives are characterized as being close-minded and “exclusive,” liberals are exactly that themselves when they won’t tolerate conservatism among blacks. Of course they hate conservatism among whites, also, but they just can’t allow blacks to choose conservatism. I would really like to see you run for president, Sir, but then I fear for you. You are an awesome, inspiring person, a patriot, and a wonderful writer!! (I’m a retired high school English teacher.) I will contact you on FB, and will be glad to do what I can to help should you decide to run for president. (I’ve submitted my email address.) I will also keep you and your family in my prayers.

  189. If it’s true that you don’t get flak, you don’t get attacked, unless you are over the target then Barack Obama must be right over the target. I can’t think of anyone who is getting more flak and getting attacked more often from various quarters than he is.

    • Anyone attempting to destroy this country should be catching flak from every direction. Too bad the neocons refuse to join with conservatives and oust the pretender before he does even more damage than has already been done to this great country.

  190. Happy Birthday, sir. Stay strong and know that there are many, many of us who respect and admire you. God bless you and your family.

  191. Was just about to tell you the same thing, until I got to your last paragraph and you already said it. Black, white or pink & green striped, Barber and his kind have no bootstraps, only blame. They step on the backs of their brethren to attain position. They may attain position, but they gave away their character and integrity.
    Happy Birthday, Colonel West and may God continue to bless you with wisdom and spirit.

  192. In our post we are always describing a person by their color. Maybe if we start using the word “American” instead, we can get others to follow.

  193. I hate when black liberals play the race card to claim they are victims just to distract from their failings…
    And I hate when black conservatives do it too.

  194. Happy Birthday Colonel West! We love your integrity, and your commitment to our country and our Constitution. We honor your service, past and present. It grieves me that you and the Tim Scotts and the Clarence Thomas’s of the world have to endure such luddite, inane attacks. I have one more verse for you, Isaiah 41:10 “I will strengthen you and harden you to difficulties; I will help you, I will hold you up and retain you with my Victorious right hand of righteousness and justice”. That Sir, is for you.

  195. Happy Birthday, Colonel West and may the Lord Bless you! May the year ahead be paved with blessings for you and your family. I love your writing for today and continually post you on my FB page. Hope and pray you become our next President, I would be so proud!

  196. You are a strong , brave man. You would do well to run for President. We need a strong leader to bring this country back to it’s former glory. Happy Birthday Sir. May you have a blessed day.

  197. It’s interesting that many of the nay-sayers here feel the GOP is “racist” for being against President Obama’s policies, yet feel it’s okay to spew the vitriol seen here (so that’s not racist??). To say Democrats are “racist” for not voting for Rep. West in his last bid for office would be silly, as we understand there is difference in ideology.
    To say Black liberals are “racist” for not voting for Ronald Reagan would be equally as laughable. Clearly, this is lost on many detractors here. Conservatives and Liberals will rarely agree on ideology, hence the different political affiliations available to us in America to freely choose, based on our opinions and beliefs.

    The “trouble” with that is it’s rare that a Conservative can bring up a topic without a ton of detractors making personal remarks about the messenger, not the message. Maybe it’s because they can’t, otherwise you’d stop seeing the kind of mean personal comments on this thread, and more disagreement on the points made with evidence to back up your assertions. That rarely happens on the boards I frequent. Your progressive media is a prime example. MSNBC, NBC and their ilk rarely present the “news” but rather play the dreaded race card, as was evidenced by the segment LTC West was featured on last night and the genesis for this column.

    But what could Mr. Fowler have said? What’s truly racist is that he doesn’t have the freedom to veer from the Leftist narrative lest he be called the many names we are. Look no further than Stacey Dash or other celebrities of color who have posted conservative sentiments online. Everyone is fine until they do…then the cursing, “self-loathing” comments, and personal attacks begin.

    When Tamera Mowry-Housely discussed the names she is called because she is married to 1) a White man, who 2) works for a conservative news outlet, she got little sympathy from the Left…just more hateful comments piled on. RG3 is engaged to a White woman. Nothing said about that until he dared say something resembling conservatism. Other athletes are in interracial marriages, but no one cares…unless that person is a conservative. “Racist?”

    If Democrats can’trhetoric that Mr. Fowler did last night, they’d have to :::: gasp :::: trot out the same old tired actually discuss facts. Facts like:

    * We have a bi-racial President whose policies are hurting the very people he claims to care about. Black unemployment is double and treble that of our White counterparts.

    * We have a bi-racial President who put the kibosh on the most successful educational program in D.C. serving the very disenfranchised Black children he claims to be serving simply because it was a voucher program.

    * We have an administration *on record* as targeting conservative groups by a governmental agency (IRS), and everyone involved still has their job (unless voluntarily resigning, as Lois Lerner did).

    * Four Americans died on Hillary Clinton’s watch — and they want her to run for the Presidency. And we still have no answers.

    * ObamaCare is causing more job losses (CBO report out this week states this as fact), perhaps as much as 2 million plus.

    * Areas under *decades* of Democrat rule are in shambles in terms of financial solvency, education, etc. See Detroit, Chicago, and Oakland as proof positive of this.
    So yes, of course, trot out the name calling when you cannot answer these facts with evidence to support your biased claims.

    The beauty of being an American is supposedly freedom and liberty. Unless you are a Black Christian Conservative (or, in my case, worse, as I must tack “woman” at the end). What’s “racist” is being told by Black liberals you must think like they do. Where is the freedom in that?

    The Black liberal community has called me a sellout, etc. The White liberal community is no better, having called, me a “dumb Negro” (of course, not in the “racist” sense….*eye roll*) and a “neocon wh*re” (nope, no sexism or racism there…sigh…). A White person calling a Black person something like that, you “enlightened post-racialists?” And conservatives are the “racist” ones?

    But, Marie, you say….there are racists everywhere. Sure we Democrats have a few, as does the GOP. And you’d be right about that, except you have so much hatred for us that you can’t see the hypocrisy in how you treat us based on that truism. Newsflash: there are racists and hypocrites at the gas station you patronize, your local market, your bank….on and on. But, you still go there, no? I have no problem calling out racism when I see it, regardless of political affiliation, why can’t you? Clearly, Mr. Fowler is lacking the courage to do so, to his shame.

    I know Senator Scott (and his mother) personally, and I can assure you he is no one’s “ventriloquist dummy.” Further, he has shared with me many of the sentiments Mr. West has in this article. I know Mr.West personally, and his beautiful family, and they are amazing patriots who have served this country and have the right to speak freely, whether their detractors like what they say or not — yet they too, truly have suffered for their beliefs. And that is so wrong in a country that is so proud of their “freedom.”

    I understand the truth LTC. West’s post, having experienced it first hand. You don’t agree with my politics, fine. Do so without resorting to name calling or presuming to understand my life or background. I disagree with the liberal ideology, but can do so without being ugly about it and attacking the person. Pick a position and let’s discuss that rather than tearing apart the messenger who has the freedom in a country he fought over two decades for, to speak his own mind, and share his own opinions and experiences. And until you’ve walked in his shoes as a Black Conservative (as I have), you can’t speak to the veracity of his experiences.

    Where is that “tolerance” Democrats are so (in)famous for?

    Happy birthday, LTC. West! Thank you for your continuing service to our great nation that allows you the freedom to speak out as you do, and as I pray you will continue to do!

    • I posted this earlier. “In our post we are always describing a person by their color. Maybe if we start using the word “American” instead, we
      can get others to follow.”
      In our Country, we no longer have Black, White, Brown, etc. Our whole
      Country is a variety of color and no longer is it one ethic group that receives
      benefits of some kind. It is every Ethic group in our country now that is hurting.
      Not everyone is an American, but when we speak about someone, I wish we
      would use the word “American” instead of their color. It’s not always easy, but I type my post in Word first and take my time. I’m personally tired of the Democrats and individuals using race and dividing “Our Country”, after we worked so hard for change. I hate our Elected Officials that constantly use a select group to get their policies through. Our Elected Officials should be for “All the People”, not just a select group. I’m just burned out from this Administration that has torn “Our Country” and “People” apart. Like you, I would like to have more input from individuals that post about the issues. I’m sure we have a lot of individuals with different knowledge that can contribute.

    • This has to be the most on point and truth filled post I have seen in some time.
      I applaud you for saying what needs to be said. Shame on those who just refuse to ignore the truth of what you have said. They say pride cometh before a fall. Sadly the liberal ideology is some day going to get their karma as what goes around comes around. I suspect by time they all wake up this country will no longer be free. To me that is truly sad

  198. So thankful for all the people who stand for faith, family, love for God and for our country. It is a shame that black conservatives are being targeted as they are and I appreciate your stance and your voice as you let others know what you believe. Happy Birthday and thank you for your service to our country.

  199. Happy Birthday Colonel.. Many more

    Got a hunch you’re going to be thinking about Joshua and Isaiah a lot this year..The liberals and the GOP establishment are going to throw everything they have at the conservative movement this year.. and you’ve got a bulls eye on your back..

    On the other hand, there’s a lot of conservatives depending on you for leadership..

  200. Colonel West Happy Birthday. I want to first say I have no clue what it is to be a black conservative but I am a white female conservative and I find it very hard to argue any points of my beliefs with a liberal who does not want to argue values but instead they want to argue choice unless it is my choice that is of concern then they just want to have their choices and then order those choices on me. For instance abortion, they want the choice to abort babies even when I say that abortions for the women that actually have been raped or impregnated my incest is only about 1.5% and I say what about the other 95% that use it as a way to fix their poor choices and decisions and then I have to pay for these abortions out of my tax money. Or if the liberals dont like guns instead of not owning one themselves they dont want me to own one either. What right is right, whats wrong is wrong. Abortion on this level is a violation of an innocent and defenseless human right. It is your responsibility to control your uterus if you do not want to get pregnant, we all know what causes pregnancies and how to prevent unwanted pregnancies, ignorance should not be a right to take a life away that was created because you made a poor decision over and over again. This is not a religious issue but a serious breakdown in the right to life and and human rights. I am just so appalled at the liberals because they seem to not have any values except their self serving ones and Im not really sure those equate to a stronger Nation much less a stronger community. Just keep up the good work Col. West. I will support you and I love to see you on TV here and there. I watch and listen to you every time I see you are on because it helps me to make my arguments as a conservative stronger. Please run for president. I will vote for you as well as many other people I know. You are a true American Patriot that this country desperately needs as a great leader like yourself.

  201. Thank you Colonel. God Bless you in your journey which many of us are taking with you. If God is for us, who can be against us? Happy Birthday!

  202. Mr. Allen B. West, thank you for standing up for America and it’s citizens. You are a leader among men. America needs you in the Whitehouse. You are the man that can and will turn every thing around. You can make America the country that it used to be. By the way I am a white man, however I do not see color, just Americans. Mr. West, America needs leadership, not change. We need a Man like YOU that will do the will of the people. A man that respects our military men and women. In my opinion this administration is doing the will of all minorities and not doing the will of the majority. They have forgotten that this great country was built on Christian principles. When God is pushed out of America, there will no longer be The America that I have loved for over 70 years. Mr. West please consider running for The Next President of America., God bless you and God bless America.

  203. Allen West is the embodiment of all that is GOOD in this Nation. Those who choose to smear, denigrate and revile him BECAUSE he is a black man who uses reason, critical thinking skills, and HONOR, ought to be ashamed of themselves… BUT, we all have learned these past 6 years, that the only ACCEPTABLE black man in the eyes of the Socialist Liberal’s narrow minds, are those who tow the Progressive Democratic Mantra, like the one who currently sits in the White House. The fact that Barrack Obama has done more damage to Black American’s lives, with his idiotic belief system and policies, yet he is STILL “Hailed” by 95% of African American’s, is more than sad… it is a tragedy! I can not comprehend this mindset, it is as if those 95% WANT to stay down-trodden… they have no one else left to blame for their misery.

    • Not only is West strong and honorable but a damn fine Steadfast Loyal American. Been a long time since someone like him has come around.

  204. I do not feel the Federal Government should not be involved in education to start with. As far as the Reverend Barber, there will come a day when a higher power will make him see how wrong he is and it will not be someone on earth. You cannot call yourself reverend and have that kind of attitude, especially if you are a man of the lord.

  205. Rumor has that a Supreme Court Justice happen to mention something about the President having Marshall Law. What is that all about and why are we giving him the power to do that. Will we have a bunch of mutes sitting there and not doing anything about it? What can we do to prevent this from happening?

      • Brendan, There are many things a lawful President under the Constitution “can not” do. Like change established Laws of the Land with a stroke of his pen! This unlawful President has disregarded so many of our laws, altered so many of our laws it would take pages of single type to list them all.
        He just signed another change in his own Obamanation Plan to “save” Democrats in this years elections!

  206. Col. West, I looked up a verse when I started reading this and ended up finding two that we, as conservatives, can claim: Ps. 56:11 “In God I have put my trust, I shall not be afraid. What can man do to me?” and Ps. 118:6 “The LORD is for me; I will not fear;
    What can man do to me?” I will be praying for you and your family. We know that those of us who make the Lord our refuge and make Him our dwelling, NO EVIL WILL BEFALL US nor disaster come near our dwelling (loose version of Ps. 91). He puts His angels as guards around us as well. We must take a stand for liberty and freedom, no matter the color of our skin, man or woman, young or old. Keep the faith, sir, and happy birthday – God give you many more.

  207. Happy Birthday… Thank you for setting a great example… Those that you mentioned, Dr. Carson, Condi Rice, Tim Scott and all the others do more for your race than those others who fear you and the others for your strong positions and desire for the success of this great country. If you are ever out at Stanford to see Dr Rice at Hoover hopefully we could meet. It would certainly be one of the greatest honors that I could have…

  208. As you rise in favor with conservatives, the liberals and media (but I repeat myself) will go wild(er) with their criticism and vitriol. It’s one of the ways you’ll know you are doing well. Happy birthday, and many more!!

  209. Mr. West, I too, am upset by those who do this to you and other Black Conservatives; what can we do to help? Yes, I am an older white woman, but surely there must be something we can do. There is a verse from a Christian song that I have come to love: “Let your courage rise with danger”. I know yours will continue to do so. Please do let us know what we can do for Black Conservatives, and last but not least, Happy Birthday!

  210. Mr. West, I hope with all my heart that in one of my future visits to your wonderful country in the near future I may meet you in person, and greet you with the following” Hello Mr. President” – Happy Birthday, and best wishes from down under.

  211. They are attempting the same racial divide and conquer scheme in Canada. But… The majority here are not fooled easily. Seems only one solution is available. “The People”,no racial and or ideological indifference will be tolerated in moving forward to incarcerate those whom seek to destroy the common sense, common law for “All” spirit. True family values and to stop the thuggish behavior of those who help to push for this fake political correctness narrative. Be well sir. Well defined thoughts above.

    Canadian Freeman

    • Brendan, after reading some of your posts here, it is apparent that you are a troll. I would suggest that you leave the discussion mainly because you do not realize the type of followers that Col. West has on here. Take me for instance – 4 years in the 82nd Airborne, 4 more in 10th SFG(A), and now a retired cop. For some reason I doubt that you could stand against skill sets like that, and I’m sure that there are MANY more on here that make mine look trivial in comparison. Think about it before you open your mouth, especially if all you care about is disrespecting one of my brothers.

      • Sharon, I don’t know if I’m reading this wrong, so please correct me if I am. Are you saying that I don’t know how to properly respect Col. West? Or was this statement aimed at Brendan?

      • I stand fine against those skill sets… though I never had a long tab.
        You, however, make presumptions about mine.

      • There is one huge difference between you and I that any fool can see from a mile away – I do not troll others web sites. Men of honor see no need in that type of activity. However, I have no problem pointing it out when I do see it.

  212. ALL THE WAY, SIR! Just know, that as you travel into the political abyss, old troopers such as myself will have your back.

  213. Happy Birthday to one of our National Treasures. Thank goodness you have the strength to persevere, and God Bless you and your family.

  214. Happy Birthday May you have Many Many more………..We need more people like you who want to protect us all against what’s going on around us. God Bless you always……..Have a Great Day……….Looking forward to seeing more of you on TV. I always enjoy hearing you…….:-)

  215. Happy Birthday and God Bless You Sir! Keep up the fight because this nation is in dire need of men like you. I will continue to pray for you.

  216. Happy Birthday and God Bless you and your family. We appreciate what you are doing and stand with you. I will keep praying for you and all those who fight the good fight.

  217. Happy Birthday to You! AND MANY MORE! God is still on His Throne and I sense a Major Breakthrough Happening! Don’t grow weary in Well Doing… for in “due season” you WILL reap, if you faint not! I pray for you everyday, as do many others! Dear God, Please bless, protect and prosper Lt.Col Allen West and his Precious Family and loved ones! Lord, please expose the works of darkness and the lies of those who attack him. God, Please shine on him and show the beauty and dedication of his heart! Remind those around him of his value and determination to continue his service to this great nation… his record and life! In Jesus Name I pray! AMEN

  218. God Bless Col Allen B West. Please run for President. We need many more good people like you in this world. Happy Birthday!

  219. These race bigots and agitators have the audacity to put “Rev.” in front of their names.

    Happy belated birthday Col West, may you enjoy many many more!

  220. You Sir are a True Patriot. Happy Birthday to you. Thank you for your service to this great country. Keep fighting the good fight. God bless

  221. Colonel West, I commend you for standing tall in the face of the Left’s bigotry. Not only do you help to give fellow Black conservatives cover by taking the slings and arrows yourself; you also have the guns to return fire.

    The roots of Black conservatism run deep in our history. Eventually we will overcome the lies from the Left theater claim otherwise.
    Keep fighting the good fight! You are gaining ground, and that’s why they can’t stand you.

    “I recognize the Republican party as the sheet anchor of the colored man’s political hopes and the ark of his safety.” – Frederick Douglass

  222. I would believe that God gave you the strength of character to prevail in your pursuit of life, but I wouldn’t count too much on a day to day protection. Happy birthday and remain true to your self.

  223. You don’t get attacked unless you are over the target pretty much sums it up. We have to start taking insults as compliments as we move forward to save our country.

  224. You are a great man. They are scared of you sir….that the truth will come out about them and people will believe you. Then their regime will crumble like it should! Happy Birthday!

  225. What an awesome article, testimony, goal, and uplifting message to all those who truly love our country, family, and most importantly who depend on the only one who delivers us from evil, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

  226. “There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.” – J.R.R. Tolkien.
    The forces of collectivism, resentment, envy & hatred – the Left behind it’s mask of good intentions – is the gathering darkness which must always be resisted.

  227. The problem here as I see it is, not what you stand for but the title you hold so dear. Conservative! I am sick and tired of all these labels. Conservative, liberal, tea party, and all the others. Both parties have great ideas but are so party minded they wont get together and work things out. I am not involved in neither party. I am not a liberal or conservative. I am a FREE THINKER and wish all of us would get together and win some elections. To be honest have integrity know right from wrong and not worry about being politically correct. Don’t you think that right is right and wrong is wrong! Truth be told this is one reason we are in the shape we are. If there is no right or wrong or truth what guides us along life’s journey? If you believe truth is relevant or there is always a grey area to find. We need to get back to real core values. The Ten Commandments and prayer back in schools is just a start. Believe it or not when these two ideas were enforced or put where they should there was less violence and children had something to build on. Maybe I am being naive but in my opinion this is true. I love America and want her to be strong and have a good moral compass to guide her citizens!

  228. Many people, me included, have a deep respect for you and your efforts to return decency and common sense to our government. Keep up the good fight and thank you.

  229. Tim Scott is a brave man. At least the commentator pressed Fowler to have the courage to condemn these attacks but like the good little token liberal Democrat he is he wouldn’t do it. Unbelievable. Unfortunately those of us who watch Fox will have to see much more of him since he’s a “contributor” anytime they want that so-called balanced opinion. To Fox that means a Dem. vs. Rep. set-up rather than individuals who are themselves capable of a fair and balanced view..(For example: K. Powers who is a Dem. but is also capable of seeing when another Dem. Is being illogical or unreasonable).

    • Barber is entitled to his opinions same as Sarah Palin. Allen West never condemn anything his conservative friends are saying. Cry me a river.

      • How’s life on the progressive left’s plantation? . . are you recieving all those free benefits that you feel you’re entitled too?

      • I suspect he agrees with his conservative friends! I have certainly not heard him saying anything I could honestly disagree with and I would not expect him to waste his time condemning someone who thinks just as he does! But yes, Barber is entitled to his opinion…regardless of how hate filled and wrong headed that opinion might be.

  230. This is what Allen West had to say to is colleague in Congress and now he is crying about critics:

    From: Z112 West, Allen

    Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 04:48 PM

    To: Wasserman Schultz, Debbie

    Cc: McCarthy, Kevin; Blyth, Jonathan; Pelosi, Nancy; Cantor, Eric

    Subject: Unprofessional and Inappropriate Sophomoric Behavior from Wasserman-Schultz

    Look, Debbie, I understand that after I departed the House floor you directed your floor speech comments directly towards me. Let me make myself perfectly clear, you want a personal fight, I am happy to oblige. You are the most vile, unprofessional ,and despicable member of the US House of Representatives. If you have something to say to me, stop being a coward and say it to my face, otherwise, shut the heck up. Focus on your own congressional district!

    I am bringing your actions today to our Majority Leader and Majority Whip and from this time forward, understand that I shall defend myself forthright against your heinous characterless behavior……which dates back to the disgusting protest you ordered at my campaign hqs, October 2010 in Deerfield Beach.

    You have proven repeatedly that you are not a Lady, therefore, shall not be afforded due respect from me!

    Steadfast and Loyal

    Congressman Allen B West (R-FL)

      • hand to hand, I fear no man and despise the coward with a gun.

        I was born in this land… before its was stolen from us by the pale faced man

      • you have no fear, because you hide in your mother’s basement behind a keyboard. Better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are stupid than to open your mouth and prove them right.
        My son is part Mohawk Indian, proud of it too and he doesn’t brag nor use it like crutch or say stupid things like you.

      • Nothing would make me happier than stand in front of Allen West and give him a piece of my mind. What is he gonna do? Mock execute me?

      • Not too much, it seems you dont have much to spare… If she attacked you as she did him, you’d probably react the same… or not, you dont seem the gentlemanly type….

      • LOL Allen West is one of the most direct, honest, self thinker that Congress has seen in a long, long time! Our founders would be proud of the way he has stood up for himself and for fellow conservative thinkers. To accuse Allen West of being anyone’s mouthpiece is joke and shows just how little you know about the man!

      • So he should not cry when he has some direct, honest self-thinking patriot who thinks America is better without him in Congress. He might have been a great soldier once a long time ago. Now he is nothing if not a mouthpiece. He is charged by his corporate sponsors to go and sell conservative gospel to the blacks. Comes back with his tail between his legs talking about “they don’t want to listen”. Maybe the Colonel should get out the proverbial kitchen since he can’t take the heat.

      • cleary West is confused and quite possibly shielded from the black american experience to spout the rhetoric he obviously “believes”. I hope he takes a look at the videos of young black men being gunned down in the streets of the u.s. by the police and “patriots” that he is so readily to go around the world trespassing in other countries to defend

      • Oh, I forgot. West does like wearing a uniform of brutality so he can beat up people and (pretending to) murder them in the streets. What a soldier. And they let the jerk retire from the gestapo without being punished

      • Police and Patriots ? your young black men are murdering each other . And any innocent that gets in the way .
        And if you have a problem with the Presidunce’ foreign policy , take it up with the Presidunce . Or President Bush .

    • So he showed his courage and addressed it directly to her…she should have granted him the respect to do the same instead of talking about him behind his back!

    • Where is your problem ? Wasserman has repeatedly displayed not only her lack of intelligence and morality , but she has done an excellent job of demonstrating her disdain for the truth ,and that she is a rather foul sort of racist . Troll .

  231. I don’t particularly care about ones personal life and I have always found the intrusions into the personal lives of public figures inappropriate. Now when it comes to policy and position I am all for open debate. There is only one problem with this. Liberals have nothing to debate with beyond the belief in their own infallibility. Pick an issue. Gun control for example. The liberal position that civilian firearm ownership is a uniquely American problem and because of it we have by far the highest murder rate is a total lie. This was propaganda started by the Soviet Union during the cold war. Two reports recently reached the conclusion that gun control does not have any positive effect on crime. It has the exact opposite effect of what liberals claim they want. These studies were carried out by the CDC at President Obama’s instruction and a place known around the world as a haven for liberal thinkers: Harvard University.

    Of course these two studies were never covered by the main stream media. They don’t fit the leftist media agenda. You figure there has to be some very wealthy and powerful people pulling the media strings to censor the news the way it is right now. Despite the huge advantage liberals have in the public relations provided by the media the country is still more or less in the middle. And now we get down to the heart of the matter. the Democrats count on the minority vote. They pay for it with welfare programs and such. But when blacks begin to realize that what the Democrats are offering isn’t a hand up or opportunity but a means to opt out they get angry. And so they should. The Democrats offer a life of do little, have little, and let your God given potential rot. Those who refuse that offer like Dr. Ben Carson are the liberals greatest fear. For if black conservatives get a chance to speak to the young black men and women the Democrats stand to lose their base. Their policies are total failures. All they have is the race baiting and free ride folks left. For them it’s all or nothing. So what do you expect Mr West? You represent a threat to their existence. A legitimate one. So please stay strong and in 20 years you may have the fnal laugh. When there is no Democratic party left.

    • “These studies were carried out by the CDC at President Obama’s instruction and a place known around the world as a haven for liberal thinkers: Harvard University.” Ted Cruz grauduated from Harvard.

      • Lot’s of conservatives have graduated from Harvard…that means nothing when we are talking about the halls of that educational institution being staffed with liberal thinkers!

      • I was referring to faculty members and general political leaning as was stated by M. falling321. But allow me to respond on behalf of Mr. Cruz.Yes Mr. Cruz did indeed graduate from Harvard. One of his professors, who happened to be part OJ Simpsons dream legal defense team, was asked how to get to Mr. Cruz by his Democratic enemies. The response was that Ted Cruz is deeply principled. Now can you name me a leading figure from the Democratic Party about which same thing can be said? Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein, Reid? Maybe Queen Maxine Waters or Chuck Schumer? Good luck on that one sir.

      • Vladd99, what is your point exactly? I’ve read all your rants and they are literally getting dumber and dumber. Why are you bothered so much by blacks who are conservative?

  232. As one retired LTC to another, I’d follow you into the very jaws of death, knowing that we would prevail. And Happy Birthday.

  233. Justice will prevail as will the USA — keep the faith and HAPPY 53rd! Lot’s of good years ahead to make a difference.

  234. Happy Birthday Colonel West and know that there ARE many strong American’s standing behind you, ready to take up the Flag and our Constitution the minute you declare yourself ready to lead!

  235. Happy Birthday Colonel West and many more. You are still sorely needed by our country, Sir. May our Lord bless and keep and guide you.

    • if you knew the origin of the republican party and the role that they played in support for freedom and equal rights for all americans originating during the civil war you would not have made that statement, also if you had read the book uncle tom cabin you would know that uncle tom is being depicted as a man who was without principles and a lowlife, but he was just the opposite of this, but you do not know this because you only repeat what you have heard other people say, you are so confused that you have no idea that you are being mislead, and this can only be rectified by you reading and studying the origin of the political parties and the role that each party play in support of individual freedoms.

    • Conservatives have no need to make note of someone’s color , Character is what matters .
      Stop smoking those outhouse scrapings , troll , and you’ll see the world ( And yourself ) much more clearly .
      Ook . Yup . That is what you have been avoiding all these years , isn’t it ?

  236. Happy Birthday Colonel West. Thank you for being an honest, forthright, articulate voice for all conservatives. I pray that God continues to give you strength to persevere. We need your representation in government, and I hope that one day you will be returned to office.

  237. We get Fox on DISH 205. Yesterday, the schedule showed Hannity at 9:00 CST and repeated at midnight. I set my Auto-Tune for the 9:00 CST. What came on….repeats of The Five. Same for the midnight repeat. Does anyone know anything about this and WHY???!!!??? Sorry I missed you Col. West, and Happy Birthday.

  238. Col West Sir. I want to take a moment of your time to say Happy Birthday.

    You are a true Patriot, A man among men. I have the utmost respect for you as a leader and a conservative.

    I know the questions you have are rhetorical, but I need to say this, The left attacks Senator Tim Scott, Justice Clarence Thomas, Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Condoleeza Rice and You, because you pose a threat to them. You are more intelligent ,more successful and you stand for what’s right, they do not.

    Winston Churchill once said:
    “You have enemies? Good! that means you’ve stood up for something in your life”

    Please keep up the good fight. You are over the target! Bombs away!
    One more thing as a 60 year old Caucasian. I would be proud stand by you in any circumstance.

    The Patriot

    • Happy, Happy Birthday to you Mr. West. To “The Patriot” I totally agree with what you have said. I am a respector of the blacks as I have grown up with them. I am a Caucasian. I seem to keep reminding everyone that obammy (barry soetoro) is NOT “BLACK”, HE IS ARAB. He has PRETENDED to be Black in order to USE our American blacks for his own personal agendas, which he has been doing all along so that they will belong to obammy’s Communist agenda. HE HAS BEEN LYING ABOUT HIS RACE FROM DAY ONE!!! He has hated the USA and he was out to destroy us from day one. Mr. West you are one of the best people in politics. I like to listen to you when you are on Fox News as they are out for the truth. May God Bless You Always and Keep You Safe.

  239. Happy Birthday Col.West,I have been following your political career, I like who you are and what you stand for! A true American with Love of your country and know you should be in Washington, with more like you to get us back on the Right Course! I hope for all of us you will stay in the political arena and will become our President soon.

  240. Your writting makes me feel good, Mr. West. I cannot understand why anyone is so against you and why these people want to destroy you and others like you.
    I hope your Birthday was a wonderful celebration. Happy Birthday.

    • I know for sure why he’s taking such fire. He’s right ON THE TARGET. A man of authentic integrity steel character and sharp intelligence poses a real threat to the left. What they have are hordes of shallow, self-interested opportunists willing to pander to the weakest elements of human character in order to amass greater power.

      Think about it – Their side gains political power only when the constituency for gov’t dependence program is is growing. They are able to channel that political power only through the type of person who’d as soon throw you under the bus as look at you if you aren’t useful to their personal aspirations.

      Men of authentic strength & character are frightening to people who feed on weakness.

  241. How about running for President , or even on a ticket as Vice President ? you not only have far more experience than the man occupying our White House , your morals are clear and strong , and something our America is in dire need of .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry !

  242. , UNCLE-TOM!!!, UNCLE-TOM!!!, UNCLE-TOM!!!

    Col West might have been a great soldier once a long time ago. Now he is nothing if not a mouthpiece. He is charged by his corporate sponsors to go and sell conservative gospel to the blacks. Comes back with his tail between his legs talking about “they don’t want to listen”. Maybe the Colonel should get out the proverbial kitchen since he can’t take the heat.

    • You realize, of course, that you’re exactly what he was talking about: screaming your hatred while offering nothing to substantiate your position.
      Then again, that’s exactly what the liberal Obama disciples do. Get a life, bro!

    • Vlad99, Great example of just what Colonel West describes above. You offer no reasoned arguments to support your point of view. You simply resort to name calling — the tool of schoolyard bullies. If you are an adult human being you should be ashamed of yourself for acting in such a puerile manner.

      • Puhhleeeeze Allen West built his brand on name-calling now he’s acting all self-righteous because he is getting a taste of his own medicine? Cry me a effing river. Newsflash: LTC West is not being attacked because he is conservative, he’s not being attacked because he is black. He is been attacked because he is a public figure. That’s the lot of a lot of pundits and public figures it comes with the territory. So he can safely put his race card, and persecuted Christian card away.

    • We are just so thankful that there are people just as yourself that not only proves Colonel West’s point, but are so blatantly and unabashedly proud to parade your glaring example, that it makes for easy fodder for the rest of conservative blacks to see that we must make our voices heard even louder. You’re owned and don’t even know it.

  243. Thank you Mr. West! I hope more and more good men follow you as you lead us to the principles which made our country great. It can be great again with just a few good men to lead! Give me a man who has a stout heart and soon there will be 10 thousand more — as the song goes!

  244. Those who shout Uncle Tom are the real sell-outs for they don’t want standards, they just want to do whatever they want to do. They have no virtue, only selfishness. What will they do if our way of life is destroyed? Christian values and the Judaic and Greek traditions are what is holding, but if they are destroyed, then what will you have Mr. name caller? Just angry emotions and your hatred!

    • Sorry to disappoint you but I have plenty of standards. Christians don’t own virtue. Poor black people are tired of holier than thou self-righteous millionaire clowns expressing their opinion on how they survive. We are fed up with the plantation talks, no one here knows what a plantation looks like. None of you knows what servitude feels like, but talk about it like you just escaped a slave ship. Don’t be surprised that you are not taken seriously and expect the shouts of Uncle-Tom.

      • Yet, you prefer the Democrat plantation masters keep you poor and dependent, while black Barry has his foot on your neck and whistles through his big pearly whites. Liberals, are extremely terrified of any Conservative thinking minorities, be they Black, Hispanic, Native American Indian that can speak and think for themselves and aren’t part of the Democrat keep you poor and dependent plantation master who only cares about your vote and nothing more.

  245. Again the good Colonel West nails it. The veil of hypocrisy is lifted further and further every time conservatives of color expose these race baiters and harbingers of their own intolerance for what they are. If only more people were not so afraid of the backlash from those who have drank the Kool-Ade and haven’t realized that liberal democrats have been using them from the beginning to advance their racist agenda by keeping them dependent on them (modern slavery), there would be a crescendo of voices spotlighting these hacks for what they are. Until then, they will continue with their antics, and posturing to their own detriment.

    • Oh please how about dropping the “black conservative” gimmick. Black liberals only call themselves liberals. Insisting on the black part makes you a token. You are just the black face telling those prejudiced white people they are right in their prejudice. Good for you if one of the “good blacks”, but personally I’m an individual first and foremost.

  246. To Vladd99: Lumping all whites into the category of being racist serves no one. My family is biracial on several fronts: black, Hispanic, & Vietnamese. Guess what? We all get along and respect each others heritage. Family gatherings are loads of fun.. You speak of prejudices while you wallow in your own..

  247. Isn’t it naive to expect the ultimate prize (leadership of the free world) to be surrendered in a gentlemanly way following a rational discussion? I’m afraid that blood must literally be shed before the “Progressives” give up their war.
    Stalin’s formation of the USSR included abrogation of his peace treaty with Poland and the slaughter of any Poles that had any education including all High School teachers.
    Oh, and Happy Birthday.

  248. Right on Colonel West!
    When I watched your “Sunshine Patriot” speech you had my attention… when you called out the marxists in congress you had it more! Keep fighting! You have my support!

    It’s all about liberty… and you walk the talk.

  249. Happy Birthday, Colonel West! Thank You for standing up for your beliefs (and mine) and this great country while having to endure the attacks. God Bless You and give you strength. (I would love to see you or Dr. Ben Carson run for our highest office! What a change you could make!)

  250. Happy birthday!! Thank you for your past and continued service to OUR country. May God bless you with all the blessings He has in store for you today, and everyday.

  251. Years ago I saw a movie that had a line I could not forget. It went, “Some people must pay a terrible price for liberty.” Every once in a while I am reminded of that line. In these times, Black Conservatives are paying that terrible price. If what is happening in our government under the Obama Administration continues, all conservatives will be paying that terrible price.
    I thought Allen West paid that terrible price when he saved the lives of his fellow soldiers in battle. Twice paid liberty is thrice earned liberty. The third earning is knowing liberty is still worth fighting for after a free man has paid for it twice.
    Marvin Fox

  252. Happy Birthday Col. West. As for the attacks, it appears that they (the communists) are using Saul Allinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” strategy against you and anyone who is against their agenda. It is no longer a black conservative thing vs: a black liberal thing, it is really a battle between good and evil and it knows no color. The commies are going for broke and it’s winner take all. Keep yer powder dry and watch your six. Fear not because there are millions of patriots standing beside you.

  253. Happy birthday, Col. West. There are many of us who understand what the liberals actually stand for and we choose to stand with you and the other black conservatives. It is ironic that those who claim they are so transparent will do anything to destroy someone who disagrees with them, including blatant lies, illusions and innuendoes. The party of slavery, segregation, the KKK, lynchings and black church bombings does not want to let the truth be known. After all, to Alinski devotees who want to destroy the nation of our Founders, there is no limit to what is done to those opposing them. They are “evil” and darkness cannot stand the light of truth to shine or more citizens will actually begin to see the “darkness” for what it is. “The end justifies the means.” is their mantra and guides their every thought or action. I applaud you for holding to the principles of our Founders that have been validated many times as true today as when they were conceived. Our prayers are with you.

  254. So are we going to wait until it is too late before we take back our country? Who of real influence is going to step up and lead us? Communist`s is what we used to call the people they now label democrats.All it will take to suspend the next elections is another powerful false flag worse than 911 in New York. Now is the time Sir, we can not wait any longer.

  255. For those of us who are students of history hopefully most of you were fortunate to notice how most of the great leaders share at least one commonality; they were all hated; including Jesus of Nazareth.
    You don’t read much about it where George Washington is concerned; but with men like Lincoln, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Reagan, Booker T Washington, Fredrick Douglas Martin L King…. the list is long. For most of these people they are spoken about in much more positive glowing terms, but during there times as they stood for what was right, they were all hated.

    No doubt, Col. Allen West and Dr. Ben Carson will join this elite list of leaders.
    It is my place to thank God each and every day that this country has such men.


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