Speaker Boehner, find the courage to establish a Benghazi select committee

This morning I had a chance to visit with a former colleague, someone for whom I have the utmost respect, Virginia Representative Frank Wolf. Rep. Wolf is the author of House Resolution 36, which calls for a Benghazi select committee with subpoena powers to formally and singularly focus on the incidents surrounding the US Consulate attack in Benghazi Libya.

Rep. Wolf shared with me today that he now has 182 cosponsors, all from the House GOP. One has to ask if the Democrats are more aligned with their political party or truth? The 182 cosponsors represent approximately 80 percent of the House Republican conference, and according to former Speaker Dennis Hastert, meet the standard of the “Hastert Rule,” a majority of the majority. Yet this piece of legislation is blocked from being brought to the House floor for a vote.

Rep. Wolf and I mused — actually we both became infuriated — considering how in the State of New Jersey Democrats have established a select committee and are pursuing subpoenas against Governor Chris Christie over traffic lanes being closed. Is it possible that traffic lane closures are more important than the abandonment, murder, and lying that hangs like a dark cloud over the events of September 11, 2012? Have we become so degraded that we do not see the utterly despicable hypocrisy of the Democrats in New Jersey and the liberal progressive media?

Over the weekend, we witnessed the arrogant dismissal of President Obama, who has already referred to Benghazi as a “phony scandal,” as he chided Bill O’Reilly, stating that Benghazi, among other nefarious actions, are just talking points driven by Fox News. The belligerence of President Obama has been enabled by a House GOP leadership reluctant to stop the diluted process of five different committees who must ask for information by way of FOIA requests. Just yesterday before a House Intelligence Committee hearing, Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, and others were asked when will someone be held responsible for the incidents surrounding Benghazi? The question was met with nearly 10 seconds of silence.

Losing an American Ambassador is not the new normal. Abandoning brave Americans to die is not the new normal. Supplying arms to Islamic terrorist and jihadists and running a covert weapons program is treasonous and represents high crimes and misdemeanors.

And liberals, just stop it. Stop telling America there is nothing there. You all know that if it were Speaker Pelosi and a Republican president, there would have been a select committee, an incessant screech calling for impeachment, and calls for imprisonment. If Democrats can become frenzied over the closing of traffic lanes and create a select committee to investigate a Republican governor, we all know what you would do in this case to a Republican President — lying hypocrites that you all are.

However, I am beginning to develop an even stronger concern about House GOP leadership, primarily Speaker John Boehner. Speaker Boehner, you know very well, your approach on this has not been effective. President Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as the entire Democrat party are laughing at you. You have a majority of your conference supporting this select committee — explain why you do not? It can’t be that resources do not exist and there’s not enough time.

Here is my recommendation. Select five individuals to make up this committee, three Republican and two Democrat. We don’t need a committee of pontificators who will not get to the bottom of this. I recommend you select from House GOP Representatives Jim Jordan, Jason Chaffetz, and Trey Gowdy as head of the Select Committee. I really don’t care who the House Democrats are since they lack any integrity and concern on the matter. They’d all be the same. If you do not want a select committee, then appoint a special investigator with subpoena powers. I would be happy to volunteer. All I ask for is a staff of five and cranberry juice.

Whether you pursue a select committee or special investigator with subpoena powers here is the initial list to be called: President Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Leon Panetta, General David Petraeus, John Brennan, Victoria Nuland, Michael Morell, General Carter Ham, General Martin Dempsey. As well, they would need to have their Chiefs of Staff prepared for subpoena and testimony. This would be a public hearing and all subpoenaed would present themselves in person before the committee.

Speaker Boehner, this should make you angry — angry at what happened in Benghazi, which cannot be the new normal. I implore you to find the courage to make the right decision and establish the select committee with subpoena powers on Benghazi, and operations in Libya. If you cannot find the courage to do so, Americans will see it as one of two things: cowardice or complicit. Neither are good, combined they are disheartening.

Speaker Boehner, Thomas Paine once stated, “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in the crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it NOW, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

The choice is yours, summer soldier and sunshine patriot, or will you win the love and thanks of all Americans? One thing I know, in keeping with the finest traditions of our Founding Fathers from Virginia, Representative Frank Wolf has earned the love and thanks of man and woman, especially those who lost their loved ones at Benghazi.


  1. This is beyond corruption. Extortion 17 in which Seal Team 6 was lost and Benghazi are both events that never should have happened. Speaker Boehner MUST be put on the spot as to why he will not have a special prosecutor for this. He is protecting the President and this is wrong. The families and the people want answers. The President and Hillary Clinton should be held responsible.

  2. LTC West. Keep hammering on this issue. This is one issue that shouldn’t be shuffled to the back. Our men died while Obama lied. The truth needs to be known. Of Boehner won’t push the issue, it should be hung around his neck along with Obama and Clinton.

  3. If that many are sponsor that move why can’t they initiate a move to remove him as speaker since he does not represent the majority of his party???????

    • I will vote for him if he first charges Ovomit with murder for causing the murders of Stevens, the two brave SEALS, and the other man, then charges Ovomit with fraud for his phony BC, then charges Ovomit with treason for his multiple acts of treason. In these times, Americans are either for the Constitution and the rule of law, or they or part of the problem. There is no middle ground when our very survival is at stake as it is now.

  4. I use to have respect for Boehner. Now I find him to be NO BALLS Boehner. Sad. As bad as No nuts Harry Reid. That’s OK Allen. Both are up for mid terms. I hear that there is a change coming. New blood that is coming out of Kentucky. Funny how the Bluegrass state is going to turn the tide in the congress and senate along with Texas.

  5. I don’t know what else can be said to convince “weepy weak sister” Boehner that select committees are essential to get to the bottom of Benghazi and other scandals if the American People are to continue to have confidence in our government. Right now, the only reason there is not riots and fighting in the streets is that Americans are disciplined and law abiding. How much longer can that be counted on?

  6. COWARD he is, he ” trusts” barry … he has enabled every bad thing this admin has done and congress.. terrible speaker.

  7. Boehner is a disgrace. I wonder what his father would think of him? He and the Rats just like him, think they will be in with Barry and his bunch. Got news for ya Boehner. Your a useful Idiot! When they achieve what they have set out to to to America, You and the other useful Idiots will be tossed aside, to the curb, to the trash dump!

  8. COL West, with all respect Sir, we do not need another government “committee”, for they are just a show that never accomplishes anything except to distract the people from the real issues. In this case, we know what happened and why. I can tell you that the WH was watching the live video from Benghazi from a drone, so they knew exactly what was happening. What is worse, when the SEALS sent out their distress signal on the emergency frequency which you know is the ultimate call for immediate help, Ovomit ordered the relief teams to stand down thereby sentencing Stevens and the SEALS to death. To put that act into perspective, if you or I had done the same thing, we would have been charged with murder for we could have prevented the murder of those brave SEALS, plus we, like Ovomit, had a DUTY to do everything possible to come to their aid.

    No Sir, we do not need a committee. We need someone, somewhere with the integrity and courage to charge Ovomit with murder, treason, and fraud. Short of that, anything less is an insult to the two SEALS plus is an insult to every Veteran who has ever died defending America.

    • Mike, I’m sure that all the americans including some that tasted the Ovomit kool aid , agree with you 101%. It’s sick watching this Idiot, coming on TV with smile on his face and regurgitating the same BS, over and over again! Mr. O’Reily did him a good favor, accepting him on his program! I lost confidence on Mr. O’.

    • And, now what do Christian Patriots do now.

      PRAY’… On bended knee, We are taller than trees….PRAY for Our Great Nations RECOVERY from the existing Liberal, Socialist, Marxist, and somewhat Muslim, IMPACTon Our still FREE NATION, and That We might Praise and Thank Our Creator, for This Gift We Call, “”l America”.

      FLY, OUR COLORS, VOICE OUR CONSERNS, PARTICIPATE in “NONE” VIOLENT “, PRESENTATIONS to Our GOVERNMENTAL… Elected Leaders, eg, … The present; POTUS, his Administrative CZARS, and The DEMOCRATIC led SENATE, and BY ALL MEANS, “VOTE”, …Our CONSCIENCE,… for those that PURPORT..to return To Our Nations CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION,…Prayerfully Prescribed by Our Fore,and FOUNDING FATHERS Measures, in the form of, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence.


    • Another question, what ever happened to “NEVER LEAVE A MAN BEHIND? Put the “TRAITOR” obozo, in SHACKLES and TRIE HIM FOR TREASON and DERLECTION of DUTY for starters!!!

  9. The question that begs itself…why does Speaker Pelosi have more clout? Why is Obama more immune to accountability than Presidents before him? Why is this happening? Explain that, please, because the American people are tired of hearing the rhetoric, and want action. We know what’s wrong. What we need is leadership to fix it.

      • you’re funny. you’re the perfect obama dupe. You go on and on and say nothing because you know nothing on your own. No committee investigating talked to “Killery Klinton”. Only a brain dead, low information voter who supports obama believes that was a complete look where Americans died. I bet you believed him too when he said that for three years, he read from a prepared statement from a teleprompter, but he ‘misspoke’….ahhh ah ha ha ha but that’s okay too..now that we have government intrusion into private homes in defiance of the constitution….well., I”ll be gone, but here’s hoping you and your fellow obamadupes have fun being slaves to the elitist federal government.

      • The thing about information is it’s not quantity that matters but quality. No committee ever spoke to Rumsfeld about the 13 embassies that got bombed under Dubya. No conservatives cared about their privacy when Bush signed the Patriot Act. If you leave it better not be to Canada, they have socialized medicine.

      • Then you are one of the ones to blame for not demanding it. This is 2014 in the event you haven’t noticed. People ARE speaking up because we’re tired of the lies and deceit. If you’re still going along with it, you’re part of the problem. Wake up for Pete’s sake. Your country is crumbling. It’s time for ALL OF US TO UNITE. Get rid of the garbage on Capitol Hill, and get ALL of the progressive traitors OUT OF OFFICE. Excuse my passion, but we need to stick together and forget party lines. They’re using it against us.

      • You’re been too nice to the liberals/Socialists/Communists. They love to be dressed with the camouflage cloth named “Progressives” . You see we always been “The Conservatives”, like or not we keep it. How many times they changed their party affiliations? Pathetic and fake phony Liberals!

      • I’m not going anywhere. Im staying here to marginalize low information voters who got obama re elected and to do the same to people like boehner who has become just another part of the problem that is killing the free market capitalist system that has made us the most giving country in the world. and you, as all libs do..change the subject and go to bush which of course is filled with tpyical democrat lies, deceit and fraud. you mention the embassies but ignore boston and fort hood…typical liberal bullshit….and besides..canada’s too frigging cold.. lol

    • A Nation that killed 52,000000 babies, kick God off the Schools, accepted and promoted perversity, eventaly will see destruction with in! The devil it’s getting all the help from the fake christian, like Pelosi and, Reed, Marry, Jo, and the President! 2014 is is time to vote.

  10. Mr. West, we know for sure that will not be any straight shooter on this comitee. No way the the Rinos will pick or aloud Jim Jordan, Jason Chaffetz, and Trey Gowdy.I wish, but not counting on it.

    • if they stick the generals ousted by obama and give them clearance, they will come up with the real information. they know the buttons that need to be pushed and where the skeletons will lie and where theyve hidden people that they didnt want to talk. and mr west will make the info stick….

  11. The Speaker is nothing but a coward RNO. If it wasn’t for the TEA Party, this joker wouldn’t be Speaker nor would the Republicans be the majority.

  12. “If Democrats can become frenzied over the closing of traffic lanes and create a select committee to investigate a Republican governor, we all know what you would do in this case to a Republican President — lying hypocrites that you all are.”

    Love it!!! Now Colonel West, tell me how you really feel!

    Point is, no one died in the GW, while Obama blamed a damn video for two weeks. Time for Richard Milhouse Obama to pay the piper.

    Hey Boehner, think Pelosi believes Obama’s to the right of Nixon?

  13. Boehner and McConnel are being blackmailed.
    Obama’s NSA spies have uncovered something they do not want made public.
    I suspect a “threesome” with Nancy Pelosi. :->

  14. How can we be so critical of Senate leader, Harry Reid stopping decisions from being brought to floor for a vote when GOP controlled House speaker is doing SAME, Boehner SHOULD HAVE TO EXPLAIN..

      • “The Argumentum ad hominem, or simply ad hominem argument, applies to any argument that centers on emotional (specifically irrelevant emotions) rather than rational or logical appeal. An ad hominem argument occurs when one attacks the person making an argument rather than the argument itself.” Is that in any homeschooling curriculum?

      • Just try to use less Latin, I think he (Black Tes) is confusing “ad hominem” for “add hominy”. Talkin about hominy makin me hungry!

      • your definition is correct. But I remember the Nixon eera and the media feeding frenzy over Nixon’s spying on the other party (the main actual complaint). Our Chicago media regularly discusses the NJ investigation into whether Christie got traffic snarled. And our Chicago media rarely mentioned the Benghazi issue (I personally only saw photos from a British paper…of the burnt out embassy…tho maybe I missed that night.) And the Chicago media also rarely covered the IRS issue…of were they targeting conservative orgs. And so on with most claims against this administration. Barely mentioned on most Chicago media…usually outright ignored. So I wonder…were the committees similarly corrupt? Note above what happened in a recent hearing Per Col. West “…Just yesterday before a House Intelligence Committee hearing, Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, and others were asked when will someone be held responsible for the incidents surrounding Benghazi? The question was met with nearly 10 seconds of silence…”

      • If you don’t like Israel, think of this scenario:
        would you rather be a Muslim in Israel?
        Or a Jew in most Muslim countries?
        Where would you even SURVIVE longer?

      • i love israel and its people. one of my prayers is to go to israel and be baptised in the jordan river. kerry is supposedly talking for the usa telling israel what they have to do or else. and he surely is not talking for me. he needs a muzzle…..

  15. LTC West might have been a great soldier, but he totally sucks as a Congressman or a blogger. Maybe someone should explain to him that comparing one state assembly comittee investigating lane closures and five Congress assemblies investigating an international incident is what people who went to school call a false equivalency.

    • I believe that’s the “POINT” LTC WEST Was making in that “How could what would be “Normal” City op’s even compare to “DEAD AMERICANS”??? The dnc apparently will stop at “NOTHING” to “DESTROY” our “REPUBLIC” up to and “INCLUDING” LYING, SPYING TREASON AGAINST THE DECLERATION OF INDEPENDENCE along with the decimation of the “BILL OF RIGHTS”!!! oboma must be “STOPPED” before we ALL BECOME “SLAVES” including our children and grand children!!! CIVLE WAR IS COMMING If “WE THE PEOPLE” continue to be “LIED TOO” and put in harms way!!! Brovo LTC WEST, Keep up the hard work, “UNITED WE STAND”!!!

      • State assembly have their priorities and Congress have other priorities. It’s like asking why mall cops don’t investigate the mob. Is that simple enough? Probabaly not since homeschooling curriculum must be light on critical thinking.

      • But that is it exactly, priorities. Why is Boehner not making this a priority to get to the bottom of. He does not have to personally, but can appoint a committee to get to the bottom of what took place over there.

    • There is indeed a false equivalence, as our media (our local Chicago stations) regularly downplay (or mainly IGNORE) the five Congressional committees…and they regularly go back to the Christie/traffic issue.

  16. if the speaker will not do his job its time for him to go home and do what ever it is he use to do. He has been in Washington to long. we don’t need politicians we need leaders

  17. WOW! That will scare the crap out of them, a “Select Committee”, next it will be a “Task Force”, and then we can expect to see a “Blue Ribbon Panel”, then who knows? Boehner is not the man for the job, he has no grit, he has to go!
    This pansy approach will be a total waste of time, and my tax money.
    The democrats are professional at jolly mandering, and the republicans don’t have a clue how to counter it. More investigations that go no place, that is about it.

  18. I don’t mean this as a conspiracy thing or a joke. I’m serious. Has anyone else wondered if the white house has something on this guy. Remember that he hasn’t just stopped working against obama, but he has been working against us on the right. What do they have on Boehner?

  19. Speaker Boehner’s lack of resoluteness…is tacitly saying “Well, things aren’t all that bad.” He would get roasted in the media if he stands up, but so what. He is getting roasted anyway.

  20. I don’t care what anyone has on anyone! Come clean and let the “People” decide. Do your job that you were Elected to do and follow the laws.

  21. Lt. Colonel Allen West should have been our Commander-In-Chief when Americans were attacked in Benghazi!!! He would have shown the world how a patriotic American President would respond when Americans serving our country are attacked by enemy forces. Allen West in 2016!!!

  22. Every American should be demanding the truth! If you do not want to know the truth of what happened in Benghazi, the other two incidents with our Seals and the White
    House, you need to move to another country.

  23. We should start the petition and the phone calls to demand Speaker Boehner appoint a select committee NOW! I agree with Mr. West’s choices. Yes, it does make me extremely angry that they jumped on Christie like they did because of their lack of concern over these other scandals which are horrendous and even treasonist! I have noticed that they will harass any conservative that they deem a threat. That is why they hate the Tea Party and Christie! Dems are out of control!!!!!!! I am sending my email to Boehner NOW!!!

    • The downgrade of the Muslim MD who murdered his fellow service men and women from TERORIST attack to that of a “Workplace Incident” should also
      be taken into consideration! Also Mr. Obamas failyer to speak out against the Muslim / Islamists beheadings and church burnings bear scrutiny in light of his influence in overthrowing the Egyptian government and his recruitment of RINO McCain to try and broker reinstatement of the dethroned New Muslim Brotherhoods front man who enabled the nonMuslim murders!

  24. Washington D.C. politicians, from both parties, (with but a few exceptions), are selfish, cowardly, hypocrites. Their only concern is “winning the next election”. And they are willing to sell out their country to stay in power. This is why our country is in such debt and constant termoil. This government, by it’s own actions, is pushing our country into a civil war. A war that will end in the extermination of our federal government, and the imprisonment of many politicians for crimes of corruption, treason, obstruction of justice and conspiracy. Any new federal government must have many more safeguards built into it against criminality, excessive power, and secrecy.One man shouldnot be allowed to “hand pick” unelected cronies to positions of power and heads of important federal acencies and courts. These positions should be appointed by totally independant and nutural organizations. Lobbyists should be banned. They are nothing more than “legalized bribers”! What’s the difference between a “politician and a prostitute”? A prostitute will tell you their “price” up front. A politician never will, and you won’t see the bill until after they are “long gone”! Does “Dodd Frank” ring a bell?

  25. A resounding yes to your questions, Colonel.
    The only way politicians will regain the peoples’ trust will be to lift the veil of corruption by investigating these scandals. All of the scandals. It goes for both sides of the aisle. Governor Christie needs to be investigated just as Obama for Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and the IRS.

  26. Geez…let me tell you why. There is nothing new to discover. Period. You guys need some new talking points. Think up another faux scandal

    • #wearethepeople who continue 2 DEMAND #Benghazi answers. Why isn’t there Select Committee protection 4 witnesses? pic.twitter.com/g7UIAZbHqj

  27. #wearethepeople who continue 2 DEMAND #Benghazi answers. Why was there conspiracy at highest level of Govt 2 LIE? pic.twitter.com/TIgGq3o3BQ

    #wearethepeople who continue to DEMAND #Benghazi answers. Why did WH give ‘stand down!’ order 2 military units? pic.twitter.com/bGcovvDBo9

  28. no way out
    you seriously need to remove yourself from under the desk in the Vice Pres’s office…just because you work for Organizing for Anus’s or whatever he is calling hope you change this week and get paid to try to defend his royal nakedness doesnt mean we dont realize how blind you are….

  29. not often to i hear or see a dimicrat who is interested in the truth at least not on the hill and regretfuly its getting to that point with the dimicrats and the so called consertives expiley the rino”s

    • You loose your credibility when you use childish words
      in what could be thoughts spoken from Big People mouths.
      Dimocrats and Repuklikins to describe fellow Americans is bush!

  30. This article was a disappointment because I thought it said Speaker Boehner finds the courage to establish a Benghazi select committee. It’s shameful that we are still waiting.


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