Jewish organization criticizes Kerry for anti-Israel comments: still no word from Wasserman-Schultz, et al

As you may know, I live in South Florida, which probably has the second biggest Jewish community in America. And of course it is a community which marches lock step right to the polls to vote Democrat. Why, even the Chairman of the Democrat National Committee and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is Jewish, along with Representatives Ted Deutch and Lois Frankel. But it’s funny — I haven’t heard a peep from them regarding the latest anti-Semitic Obama administration threat against the State of Israel.

As Sharon Schwartz of The Blaze writes,

“The Anti-Defamation League says that Secretary of State John Kerry’s suggestion that Israel will face more boycotts if it does not accept the peace framework he is proposing will “create a reality of its own” and make boycotts of the Jewish state more likely.

Describing the potential for expanded boycotts of Israel makes it more, not less, likely that the talks will not succeed; makes it more, not less, likely that Israel will be blamed if the talks fail; and more, not less, likely that boycotts will ensue,” Abraham Foxman, the national director of the organization said in an open letter to Kerry.”

Certain European companies are already withdrawing their pension funds from Israeli financial institutions. And the European Union is considering these boycott actions — further demonstrating why we shall be calling that area Eurabia soon enough.

According to Ms. Schwartz’s report, Foxman questioned why the secretary of state, as the “key player in the process” had no “similar tough talk” for the Palestinians. Israel’s Minister of Communications and Home Front, Gilad Erdan, accused Kerry of “trying to incite economic blackmail against Israel,” according to quotes published in Israeli newspaper Maariv, and said “You would expect an honest and objective broker to turn to the Palestinian side and assert that there will be a price to pay for continuing to deny the Jewish people’s right to their own state, for continuing its policy of rejectionism and for continuing to use official [Palestinian Authority] media outlets and the education system to incite against Israel.”

Naturally, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki disagreed with Foxman’s comments. And the “Liar of Benghazi,” U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice on Monday night blasted what she called “personal attacks” on Kerry from the Israeli government, calling them “unfounded and unacceptable.”

So perhaps it’s time for that history lesson again, just in case you missed it. The word Palestine has nothing to do with nomadic Arabs who wish to delegitimize Israel’s existence. The word was introduced to the region after the second Jewish insurrection against the Romans and its subsequent defeat.

As punishment, Roman Emperor Hadrian order the region to be changed from Judea to Palaestinia. This word was a derivative of Philistia and the inhabitants of Philistia, the Phillistines, traced their heritage back to the Greeks.

Even after the First World War, all inhabitants of the area were issued passports, by the Brits, under the title of “Palestine.” The original two-state solution was Israel and Jordan, but that was derailed by a terrorist named Yasser Arafat.

So, there has never been a “Palestinian” state — the term came from the Romans as a means to disgrace the defeated Jewish people. As a matter of fact, the name of Jerusalem was changed to Aeolia Capitolina — doggone hope those Aeolians don’t ask for a right to return and demand their own state.

Israel’s right to exist must be recognized. Establishing a state that has never existed just because we are too stupid to know history and have been manipulated by a liberal media machine complicit with Islamic totalitarians and terrorists is insane.

What John Kerry and the Muslim-sympathetic Obama administration are proposing is to cut the width of Israel down to 7 miles at its narrowest point. And if this Islamic-centric administration does not get its way, it is supporting economic sanctions against our best ally in the Middle East.

However, just last week Obama said in his State of the Union address that any legislation for new sanctions on Iran would get his veto — as Spock would say, “fascinating.”

What I say to the liberal South Florida Jewish community is simple: blind allegiance in elections has consequences. And you can rest assured that for those American Jews who brought forth and supported the scourge known as Barack Hussein Obama, they have done their Jewish homeland brothers and sisters no favors.


  1. When is everyone going to figure out that OBAMA’S administration is not a friend of Israel. Netanyahu is far superior to Kerry and Obama in military leadership as well as leading his country. He isn’t about to give any land up. Propaganda about peace talks is just for political reasons.

    • the illegal president said he will stand 100% with the muslims – I’m converting a lot of my black southern friends with the simple question of whether they want to PRAISE JESUS or bow down to allah – there is a conservative religious CHRISTIAN black movement that is about to rise and stand for God of the Holy Bible – and we will march hand in hand across the USA

  2. Mr. West, sir, once again thank you for understanding and explaining to people that do not know the history where the term Palestine is derived from. The frustration for us that the world keeps insisting Palestinians are a nation is beyond bounds. As for liberal Jews, it is best not to call them Jews. They have rejected all connection to their heritage and people. Their religion is liberalism not Judaism.

    • Exactly! it should be known that religious and observant Jews are for the most part, very conservative. Just as there are rules to be followed in the Torah, there are rules to be followed in the Constitution. Religious and observant Jews know to follow the law and appreciate a country that does likewise. Assimilated Jews base their actions on leftist ideology, originating from the Jews who immigrated from Russia prior to the Russian Revolution and saw Marxist ideology as a way to finally get equal station and status in whatever country a Jew found themselves in.

      There can only be a one state solution. Any so called “Two State Solution” is doomed to fail. As Colonel West says “there has never been a ‘Palestinian’ state” so no need to create one now, especially when it’s creation puts the whole region and perhaps the whole world, in terrible jeopardy.

  3. It’s unlikely DWS will say anything.. She only complains about things she can lie about.. I saw her interrogation the other day, no matter how her question was answered, she couldn’t comprehend the answer.. Voter lists need to be clean to omit people who are not long eligible to vote as registered, more-so that a campaign to generate a larger problem with more ineligible voters…

    I also have to complain about her hygiene appearance.. She looked as though she slept in her clothes and based on her hair, hadn’t bathed in a couple weeks…

  4. I’m going to bore/irritate the hell out of people here with this, but I have to get it off my chest. Sorry in advance for the verbosity.

    Not to go too far off topic, but why are we standing up for Jews in America, and Jews aren’t standing up for Jews in America? Does that make any sense whatsoever to anyone here?

    Can anyone tell me why every Jew I’ve ever met in my entire LIFE in the USA, save the few journolists on Tea Party sites, are Democratic Socialists?

    They’re all full blown Fourth Riech Socialists. The same ideology that terminated half of them. They are all for it. They can’t delink Government from Religion/Faith. It’s like they can’t fathom a society without a collective.

    And then you look at Hollywood, and their movies, and TV shows, and funding, and these dhimmi muslim nutlicking PACs and Orgs- it’s just dumbfounding.

    I love our God, but I have to tell you something. God’s people want to die. At some point, I’ve got to cut bait. I can stop a suicide.

    By the way, if any Jews are reading this. Understand something with absolute clarity. Christians are your one, only, and immutable friend. They are your children. You are their parents. You may call them names and curse them behind their back for acting on scripture in the Torah, but at the end of the day- they are the only friends that you have.

    And the Obama Administration are NOT Christians. Socialists are NOT Christians. Communists are NOT Christians. Muslims are NOT Christians. Stop trusting them. Just today, Obama met with the Muslim Brotherhood, again, in the White House. They are very proud of their muslim roots. Do not trust them. They are not US.

    • As a Jew I agree with almost all of what you said..Unfortunately alot of the older jews are this way,which I will never understand after everything they have been through. But know this now we are not all like that. We will stand up for America and Israel. We know Christians are our friends. We will stand by you and fight for you and ourselves this time.. Most of us will fight to the end. We believe in America it is our country and we will not let the Muslims take it over without a fight!!!!!

      • I don’t know as many younger Jews. They are mainly 45 and older. I don’t know why. I’m not in that age group. I should have been more specific. So that’s accurate enough.

        If the ‘younger’ people are different, then that can only be positive. But, OMG… the movie/tv media, run primarily by Jews as it happens(I’m not being ‘race/religionist’-it’s a fact), are so not helping. I’m worried that they’re mind wiping the younger generation. And their own people at that.

      • I am 51 and ill tell you now i will not walk I will go down fighting and I know many who will. But I agree if it wasnt for jewish people Obama probably would not be president now

      • I appreciate that. Alot. Truly. I’m tired of getting constantly kicked from all sides- including theirs. It’s demoralizing.

      • Durka, as I stated earlier on. PLEASE don’t call the “Jews” in Hollywood Jews. They rejected their religion, morals, ethics and heritage long ago. Their religion is liberalism. As an Israeli-American conservative Jew, PLEASE do not consider them true Jews.

      • I agree with you Susan. I have a friend who is the same age as I am, He has told me of the times he watched the Jewish Women Men and Children herded like sheep to the railcars in Rotterdam, His words to me were, “If only they had Guns” The whole of Europe was under Nazi occupation except England at this time and our backs were against the wall when the Real Americans came to our assistance and many of them were Jewish and had the option not to fight in Europe but they came anyway knowing their capture would mean death. The real Jewish people are in Israel and as a Christian I will always stand fast with them. The Liberal Jews are Obama acolytes not worth wasting my breath upon.

    • I can tell you that I know many Jewish people who voted for Romney who are very anti-Obama.
      I can also tell you that I know a lot more Jewish people who think Obama is great. I really think they are just misinformed (due to mainstream media) and have their heads in the sand.

      • I would agree with you- except- Jews aren’t stupid. 69% of American Jews voted for a Communist/Muslim in 2012. Something is wrong, and it’s not ‘education’. They have good jobs- have access to the same information we do. So what is it? I don’t know.

      • Jason, what you need to understand is that Hollywood “Jews” reject everything Jewish: morality, ethics and decency. They are hypocrites who are extremely wealthy and want to pretend they care about the common folk. They take Jewish values of fighting injustice and pervert it in every way. PLEASE do not consider them Jews. They don’t consider themselves Jews — just liberals obsessed with communist idealism.

    • It amazes me that 4 out of 5 Jews in this country do not stand with Israel. They are Gods chosen people and God said there would always be a remnant, but they will have to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior or they will go to hell with all other non believers. Christ said every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord. They better realize that we Christians are the only friends they have in the US. However the bible says that money is the root of all kinds of evil and that is proven over and over again in Hollywood where a lot of them live. I think that Obama is the only president in history that I can recall sucking up to Hollywood, even more than Bill Clinton did. It’s disgusting.

      • I’ve always pondered about the chosen people part. Not because I’m envious, but because I don’t know what it means- in reality. Chosen for what? At this point, my gut tells me that they were ‘chosen’ be Abraham’s Son, Isaac.

      • Jason, we’ve been chosen to sanctify God and honor his laws. We brought God’s 10 commandments to this world – sorry Phyllis not Jesus. Can you imagine if people of the world followed only 5 of the 10 commandments: Do not murder, steal, covet another’s wife, home, property, do not lie, bear false witness, what a wonderful world we would have? Because us Jews represent these basic values, we have been tortured, murdered, had our property stolen from us, and Europe attempted to eliminate us during the Holocaust, we’ve been burned alive refusing to convert, had our babies thrown in the air and nazis shot them. Yet, we will not deny our path God has chosen us for. We will always stand for God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for righteousness, moral values, ethics and decency.

      • Christians follow the same Commands. In fact, they have 2 extra beyond that. There are 12 for us. Like the apostles.

        So again, what is the point? The Jews did not create the Commandments. Yahweh did. More Catholics died at NAZI hands than Jews. 1.2 to 1, in fact. That isn’t a basis for being chosen.

        OK. To sum it up, in the scripture, Jews are chosen because they got the Commandments. If that’s it, then.. OK. That’s it.

      • Sorry Hugh, Christians do not follow the very first commandment. “I am the Lord your God, there shall be NO OTHER GOD BEFORE YOU”. You all have put a human, a Jew named Yehoshua before God.

      • read the bible from the beginning – Israel is Jacob the sons of Israel are 12 one of them is named Judah (you call Jews) another famous one is Joseph – he and his sons recieve the Blessing, yet the savior comes from Judah where Judah has kept the WoRD – the Torah (teachings-instructions-laws as best they knew and have kept the words intact since they were handed to Moses- they did not listen and Moses said ‘You may not listen to what I have told you but Yahovah will send another and Him You must listen to – Yahsua (Jesus) said If you don’t believe Moses how will you believe me? Educate yourself you will be surprised how long this Esau- Jacob or Ismial- Isaac war has been going on and believe it or not you are in it. Choose before it’s too late… ignorance is just ignorant, doesn’t count.

    • He’s a bit of a nut most times, and creepy, but sometimes he nails it. I don’t know his deal, but every so often he’s got a moment of clarity.

  5. If we dont fight we will be bowing down to muslims..All you libs what till you see what they will due to the women and the gays. Stop following a president for the wrong reasons. Stand up and stand up now before its too late and take back our country.The country my father fought for when he came to this country..and came legally.This our country keep your arms and inform as many as possible. America is ours and Israel belongs to Israel!!!!

  6. American liberal Jews are not Jews… they are a bunch of atheists who claim to be jewish so they can find yet another way to be offended. They do not follow the Torah, they do not respect the Law set down by God. They are liars and hypocrites. They are the people who give true Jews a bad name. These animals are the ones who would have been Nazi collaborators…. saying how that those other “Jews” just don’t understand.
    They are constantly trying to “reinvent” the Torah because it does not fit their disgusting and immoral lifestyle. Sorry, God’s word is God’s word… and whether you like it or not, you’ll burn because of it… His words, not mine…

    • I honestly can’t tell myself. I’m not Jewish, so differentiating between them on religious grounds is not possible for me. That, I think, should be their problem to work out.

      I do definitely notice a difference between American and Israeli Jews in personality, or temperament- or just.. something.. Heart?

      The Israeli’s are more like Americans I know in the South.. Like Ronald Reaganesque, Independent, ferocious, gun slinging, no BS Americans..

      The one’s here.. they sound foreign. I don’t even understand their jokes, because jokes need to be partly true to be funny. And they’re so detached from reality, that no part of a topical joke is funny- because it’s not true.

      It’s just something I’ve noticed while talking to them- “Oh, did you know Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house? No, because she didn’t say that you moron- that was SNL” Anyway, does that alter their religion? I don’t know. I can’t say.

      On the flip side, I’m Roman Catholic, and when Catholics step out of line I break my foot off in their ass(Like the current hippie sorta Pope & his ilk), because at least I know what makes a Christian a Christian. And “Give unto me what is Caesar’s” ain’t it.

      • All I can say is take my word for it. I know both.. I have family that are both…there are those who are true Jews, they are the ones who follow God’s word and those who only say that they are Jewish because it makes them feel good.. but they are in no way Jewish except by birth, they don’t follow any of God’s laws. But the minute something is said that involves Jews or Israel, they immediately become experts with strong opinions based on nothing… hypocrites….

    • You have told 100% truth! you should see how they treat their wives and children who are not Jewish. as long as they worship the ground they walk on and take their crap, they are okay. the minute you dont want to be abused by them anymore. the whole family gathers together to use their monies to make sure you lose everything. true democrat style.

      • You should chose your words more carefully. The Lord said He will bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel. When He says “Israel”, He means the people and the country!

      • Jody…can you quote that scripture please, I cant seem to find it in the bible.
        And if you would please, tell me about the blessings we recieved since America has blessed Israel for decades now.
        Would those blessings include, abortion? Pornography? Homosexuality? Decreased I.Q. ? Children killing parents? Children killing their school mates? Drugs? Divorce? …..perhaps Obama?

      • Brendan, my dear young fellow, if you want to see fight anti-semitism, I can direct you to many web-sites I support which fight legitimate ant-semitism. In the responses to Col. West’s articles, you are not getting anti-semites, you are getting those of us, Jewish, Israeli-American me who served in the Israeli military, telling you that our American left is our greatest enemy both to America and to Israel. I assure you there is nothing Jewish about the American left. They have replaced their religion which survived thousands of years with leftist ideology and have consequetly lost their moral guide. (I will be happy truly to refer you to sites my friends in England and Australia refer me to. They are friends I grew up with in Israel).

  7. The Jewish Community was Republican from 1865 to 1940. Then we got a lot of Leftists from Eastern Europe. However, keep in mind that Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, and Ludwig von Mises were Jewish.

    • The Great Switch happened in 1932, when Jews voted overwhelmingly for FDR. Most still do, just like so many people vote the way their parents voted.

      The one sacrament of liberal Jews is abortion. And where did so many learn that? Liberal colleges.

    • Yeah Obama is on record as saying that America is no longer a Christian nation and that America has never and will never be at war with Islam. He may have been voted into office by the deceased, but I don’t think that gives him the right to make declarations about where we as Americans stand. There is absolutely a war on Islam and they started it, but we’re gonna finish it no matter how much the liberals try to weaken us.

  8. What I LOVE about you posts, Mr. West, is that you don’t pull any punches! It’s good to hear someone speak the TRUTH! I agree with you 100%. When I heard that quote from Kerry, on Monday, I was outraged! Worse, no media covered it, or called him out on it! Not even FOX! Thank You for keeping the truth before us, and for being such an honest man. I pray you will run for office again one day…soon!

  9. JFK only does what wifey tells him to do. That is imhp. Once he gets his Nobel Peace Prize, he will “retire.” (Mark my words. I wonder if he will throw that medal over the fence?)

      • I think you misunderstand. By voting for Democrats, they are voting for people who defend the Palestinians and the Islamic terrorists there, Obama said he wants Israel to go back to the 1967 borders which would make Israel more vulnerable to being destroyed by the Muslims who want Israel wiped off the face of the planet.
        There are Palestinians living and working in Israel. If a Jew goes into Israel, he will be killed or jailed and tortured. Now Kerry wants to put sanctions on Israel as punishment for not caving to the demands of the Palestinian. Israel is our ally. If Jewish people continue to vote for Democrats here, it will be the demise of Israel. That’s why it’s sad.

      • I have no real disagreement with what you wrote.
        The person I responded to did not, however, present that argument.
        The person I responded to made assumptions about, and insulted, all American Jews.

      • Brendan, Cheryl did not say she hates Jews. She clearly does not. The sad bunch she is referring to is the Jewish left of this country. As a Jew, as an Israeli-American, I thank her for her support of Israel and I can promise you she prays for the safety of Israel. The American Jewish left is worst than many of our enemies as they strengthen them. Cheryl is our greatest ally in this insane world where the left has elected an America-hating, wanna-be-Israel destroyer to the White House.

      • Thank you, and I will pray for Israel and I will pray that the Democrat Jews in this country will come to realize just who they put in office. Mr. Obama is no friend of Israel or their people.

  10. I still can’t understand why the Jewish community can support any democrat when they do not support Israel. If we turn our backs on Israel (and this obamastration certainly has and will continue), then the handwriting is on the wall. Not much longer folks!!!

  11. I hope the Israelis are smart enough to realize what the American people knew in 2004, when he ran for president – that John Kerry is a FOOL.

  12. The muzzies were murdering Jewish people long before Israel became an independent state, so don’t use that as an excuse for war. Israel has every right to exist and the U.S.A., including American Jews have an obligation to support them.

  13. John Kerry was a coward during the Viet Nam war. Skunks do not change their stripes. As my Mother use to say. Boy! I understand that old generation now. I hope they are praying for us before God abandons us.

  14. As for the current right of the State of Israel to exist, white people in the USA need to ask themselves, do white men have the right to exist on land of the red man?

    Suppose we send all the whites back to their land of origin. But suppose once we send the ones of English descent back to England, we we find the Britons sending the Anglo-Saxons and Jutes back to the Angle of Holstein and Jutland, respectively. But suppose once we evict the Jutes from Kent, they return to Jutland to find the Danes having filled the land, so then the Jutes must send the Danes back up to Northern Scandinavia, where the Danes find the Hunnic Finns to have taken the spot. So we evict the Finns, the Estonians, and Hungarians, to all go back east to Asia Minor, and take their relatives the Turkic peoples with them, so the Germanic and Scythian tribes they displaced can have their land back.

    But then we notice that the Germanic tribes had actually displaced Celtic tribes to take the land. So how do we fix it all?

    Easy, we start at the beginning by having the Romans pay reparations to the Etruscans, the Ostrogoths pay reparations to the Romans, the Huns pay reparations to the Ostrogoths and the Scythians, and so forth, until eventually, we have world peace.

    All right? Let’s get ’em!!

    But closer to the point:

    Personally, I consider the indigenous people of what’s now called Palistine to be the Canaanites, distantly related to the Hebrews, and who apparently spoke a Semitic language called Akkadian. The actual Hebrews apparently came from the other side of the Caucasus mountains, going south east after the dispersion at Babel, but may have stayed one culture with the future Canaanites long enough to maintain their Semitic before going separate ways. Then Abram was called to travel west from Ur to somewhere in the region between Egypt and Salem.

    The other indigenous group would be the Hittites, who had meandered to Canaan after Babel by way of Asia Minor. The trick with them is that like the Aegean Greek Philistines, they spoke an Indo-European language very closely related to Sanskrit. And that’s where Abraham bought a sepulcher from the Hittites to bury Sarah.

    So, the real indigenous people there the Canaanites. We should really have the Jews pay reparations to the descendants of Rahab. Oops! That may come across as blood-libelous, since her most famous descendant is Jesus.

    But Seriously, since we’re talking about race and such…

    I consider it likely that the term “Aryan” originated in Canaan between the Hittites and the Philistines, as a derivative of “Arya” meaning “Noble” in Sanskrit, also and Ind-European language. The noble class also is where the king got his best warriors, called today in modern English, the Knighthood.

    Since the God of War, at least to the Greeks, was Ares, I think it likely that the term “Arya” connoted a noble warrior class, not just any nobleman. Thus Sir Galahad had he encountered a Hittite or Philistine, or other eastern language related to Sanskrit, would have introduced himself a a knight, whereupon the Easterner would have opened his Sanskrit-English dictionary and said, “Ah that means ‘Aryan’!”

    Of then Sir Lancelot would have protested by saying, “No! I am not Aryan, I’m Christian! I do not fight for Ares!”

      • Easy. Romans 2:28. I Peter 2:9, I Peter 3:6 tell it all.

        But still, I know I’m in the minority who quote those.

      • There is no way that the Israel of today is the Israel of prophecy. The Israel of today is the synagogue of Satan

      • Oh, and how could I forget the most revelaing prophecy about who Israel is today?

        Exodus 19: 5. `Now then, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be My own possession among all the peoples, for all the earth is Mine;
        6. and you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’ These are the words that you shall speak to the sons of Israel.”

        Revelation 5: 10. “You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God; and they will reign upon the earth.”

        Hebrews 5: 4. And no one takes the honor to himself, but receives it when he is called by God, even as Aaron was.
        5. So also Christ did not glorify Himself so as to become a high priest, but He who said to Him, “YOU ARE MY SON,
        6. just as He says also in another passage, “YOU ARE A PRIEST FOREVER

        Romans 2: 28. For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh.
        29. But he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that which is of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter; and his praise is not from men, but from God.

    • My dad’s ancestors immigrated from County Kerry, Ireland and my mom’s from Messina, Sicily. Since both places suffered from multiple invasions and changes over the centuries, wonder where I’d be deported to?

      • In a truly eugenic society, you would have to be disposed of for being impure, or, you could possibly be recognized as a pure race of your own.

    • And to think, Jon, the land Israel now claims (and holds) as its own was “given” to them by the wise ones of the time…their own land so they could live in peace. Well, given as well as won in defensive combat when they were attacked. Now the “wise ones” are at it again and the outcome is predictable—chaos and bloodshed—again.

      • Yeah, I know. Man never seems to know when a war is over. But then… the war really never looks like it’s over either.

    • You are obviously well read and, although I could quibble over certain of your points, you deserve commendation for such a concise resume of history. However, I could suggest that you read further into “the land of the red man” to learn more of its history of tribal domination, slaughter or enslavement of the weaker, and massive displacements of the vanquished. It’s not only not a pretty picture but it’s also a good example of the red man being no different from, and certainly not nobler, than the white man.

      • Oh, I know that. I had no intention of commenting on precolumbian Americas specifically.

        I was only discussing the logistical futility of deporting a nation from where it has settled to an assumed earlier point of origin, especially after it has become a meling pot for over 100 years.

        As for what life was like in the Americas before the colonial period, yes, there was war, atrocity, slavery, and even genocide, as some tribes completely eclipsed others.

  15. Still surprised and saddened that many American Jewish votors do not stand up to Pres. O on his support for the continued reduction of Israel.

    Is there anything this President can do to Israel – that would awaken their anger?

  16. I love it how some folks seem to lump all American Jews into the mix of “democratic socialists,” as one person so eloquently put it. I say that facetiously for those who don’t recognize sarcasm in text format. As a Jew born in the US & having one parent who is a Holocaust survivor, I was taught & raised to vote for the “right guy,” whether Republican, Democrat, or independent. I was raised to always do the right thing. Thank G-D since I started voting I have yet to vote Democrat/left or however you want to term this part of the electorate. Most Jews I know vote pro-Israel, whoever the candidate is. I live in that Wasserman-Schultz’s district. I will NEVER vote for that witch/liar & her kind…ever. The left today make their living DUPING the gullible & stealing from everyone to suit their purposes, which is to make our glorious country into a Socialist-nanny state. Those who know Communism/Socialism (Cubans, Russians & others from the former Soviet Union, Venezuelans, Koreans & anyone else who lived under the fist of suppression) recognize what’s happening to this country. What’s happening is that people today vote for free stuff instead of what’s right for this country. Why work when they have folks in DC who will give them their livelihood for free? Meanwhile, this country is losing their middle class faster than ever because of useless programs they have to pay for but receive no benefit from. As for Israel, I will always be pro-Israel. Obama, Kerry & the rest are idiots for issuing threats to a country who will always defend her people. Out of the ashes of almost 7 million Jews from the Holocaust, the state of Israel was born. The Left here want to make deals with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, & Iran but Israel is constantly being reprimanded by same said IDIOTS. Israel will do whatever she has to to protect her people, no matter what Obama & his mouthpiece moron Kerry have to say. SO, for those who lump all American Jews into the Left, you need to re-think your words. I find them insulting & ignorant. There are many more on the Right than you realize.

    • My in laws are GOP Jews from Massachusetts. Can’t say the same for the rest of the family. It is true. Jews like blacks as a “voting block” can be depended on to support Democrats. Not 100%…no one is claiming that though the Democrats think it’s true to hear them talk and to see them attack any conservative who should be “one of theirs”. The attacks on “white” conservatives, while often quite vile are nothing compared to attacks on conservatives the Democrats deem “theirs”–blacks, Jews, Hispanics, gays, women (especially single ones), …Apparently only white males are expected to be Republicans. But good for you, Cheryl. You are an independent thinker and conservatism is a natural fit for independent thinkers…no matter their “group” status.

  17. Well said, Allen, but to underscore or amplify your remarks, remember that it was a Southern Protestant lad, (Pat Boone), that had the knowledge and inspiration to write these words: “THIS LAND IS MINE, GOD GAVE THIS LAND TO ME….”.
    Perhaps he knew his Bible & history better than most Jews living in Southern Florida.

  18. As poster ElmiraFudd said, “Jews are leftist before being Jewish,” which is why they support anti-Israel Obama and why it is wrong to condemn leftists who happen to be Jewish for their “Jewishness” rather than for their leftism.

    I also agree with poster Jon Blackburn that the only way to straighten out the present world mess is for everyone to go back to square 1 and start over.

  19. So thats why you pander to the jews at the expense of your own integrity …you live in a primarily jewish district and you need their votes …just more of the same Col. …When you support the Jews you are pounding a nail into the coffin of Christianity


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