CBO says 2 million will lose jobs because of Obamacare and your government thinks that’s great news

Jason Furman

This week I’m in Washington DC and maybe you didn’t hear about it, but there was an earthquake here yesterday. It wasn’t a physical disaster but a political one and the epicenter was the White House.

Yesterday the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office released a report stating that Obamacare will cause some 2 million Americans to lose their jobs. According to a report by Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times,

Obamacare will push the equivalent of about 2 million workers out of the labor market by 2017 as employees decide either to work fewer hours or drop out of the job market altogether, according to estimates released Tuesday by the Congressional Budget Office.

The analysis set off a furious debate in Washington. The White House argued that the reduction is positive because it means Americans will forgo jobs or extra work to stay home with their children or strike out on their own as entrepreneurs.

Thanks to our friends at C-SPAN, you can view the video here.

This administration has more spin than a Maytag and endless weak stories to cover lies. But yesterday, watching Obama’s Chairman of his Economic Council try to explain it’s a good thing to lose your job or work less hours because you’ll be receiving more government subsidies or taxpayer largesse was unconscionable.

White House chief economic adviser Jason Furman said the health care law is about giving workers more choices and having more quality family time.

“Maybe a spouse who wanted to be part-time so they could spend more time with their family now is able to do that,” Mr. Furman told reporters. “Somebody else who wanted to start a business and become an entrepreneur and was terrified of doing it because they’d lose their health insurance, is now able to do that too, and switch and take a chance on creating jobs and growing the overall economy. So there’s a lot of new choices that this will facilitate.”

No Mr. Furman, Americans are fearful of starting a new business because of the horrific economic situation resulting from Obama administration policies and the regulatory environment that presents more obstacles than access to small business growth. And I don’t think any of the long-term unemployed would say they’re delighted to spend more time at home.

Americans were told Obamacare would create more jobs. That is a lie. Now Obama and his progressive socialist acolytes are working on “fundamentally transforming” the American work ethic.

Hard to believe the Democrats simply “misspoke” about this one. Nancy Pelosi said Obamacare would create nearly 4 million new jobs. President Obama stressed how this would be good for our economy and not add to our debt or deficit. So who is paying for the Obamacare ads?

You may recall our quick lesson on the Cloward-Piven strategy which is focused on ending poverty in America by overloading the welfare system to the point of collapse. The insane objective is to eradicate poverty by having the government provide direct income.

Sounds to me that’s exactly what the CBO has uncovered. The intent of the Obama administration is to force Americans into job loss or part-time employment and then provide government compensation. Obamacare is not a failure, sadly it’s doing exactly what it was intended to do, collapse the healthcare industry and health insurance markets.

The American people will not agree with an insurance bailout as written in the insurance corridor clause of Obamacare (I hope). Therefore, this nation will be forced into a single-payer system, Medicaid for all. And, that ladies and gentlemen, will just plain suck, regardless of what social utopian liberal progressives believe.

As Mr. Dinan reports, “The CBO said the number of workers dropping out of the labor force will grow from 2 million in 2017 to 2.5 million by 2024. Although part of those numbers are attributed to job cuts, the vast majority represent workers who decide it makes more sense to stay home or work fewer hours, weighing the higher taxes they pay in the workforce versus their qualifications for benefits if they drop out.

Welcome to Obama’s America where you choose government largesse over hard work. And as long as the progressives supply the government benefits, guess for whom those in this dependency state will vote? Of course voters will keep in power whoever feeds them. And that’s the insidious plan behind all of this. Power – over you, my friends.

We were told Obamacare would increase jobs and help the economy, not true. We were told we could keep our health insurance and doctors, not true. We were told it was meant to provide affordable health insurance, not true. We were told it would provide coverage to those without health insurance – but more people lost their insurance and most are just signing up for Medicaid. We were told it wouldn’t affect the debt or deficit, but the original cost of Obamacare in 2010 was $940 billion, and now it is over $1.7 trillion, and rising. We were told there would be a $2500 decrease in premiums, nah.

It all sounded good in theory, because liberal progressives are academics who don’t live in the world of reality and practical implementation — just like the “War on Poverty” which after $20 trillion has only expanded poverty.

Yep, an earthquake hit DC yesterday. But the real question is, will the tremors reverberate throughout the nation and shake people back to their senses?


  1. Maybe Obamacare would let a clueless community organizer have time to run for president, because he wouldn’t have to pay for his healthcare.

      • Uh, they won’t have income therefore they will be supported by the government, aka, taxpayers….duh!

      • Perhaps everyone should just stand up and fight for their rights then?! Stop buying gasoline, stop paying taxes, start taking care of themselves by homesteading and gardening n making their own clothes, and hey going without all the toys and stuff we all think we need! Then what would the government do!?

      • I, for one, would be more than willing to do the very things you speak of in effort to fight for our rights, fight for our health (politically/financially driven FDA) & teach our children how to survive via good old fashioned hard work & being self sufficient. My resistance lies within the inability to compete for said survival without enough people doing the same. Nor do I feel it would make any difference in the fight w/ the government w/out enough people agreeing to conform. When an adequate number of citizens in my area are willing, I will certainly be on board.

      • I, for one, do not have access to the raw materials that I need in order to make clothes. Second, I do not have the knowledge of how to make my own clothes. Third, I live in the city, so homesteading is not an option for myself. Some of us are simply not built for homesteading and, as an autistic person, it would be too overwhelming for myself for me to learn how to do each and every single one of those things in my life, so you can take your living in the middle of nowhere logic where the sun does not shine!

      • If not the government, then who? If they cannot work, who will pay their bills? Feed them & their families? Put clothes on their backs? If they lose their job because employers are cutting back, the same fact will make it difficult to find work elsewhere, leaving them unemployed indefinitely. If I had to guess, I think this is pretty much why he said that.

    • Mike, my question is this. What ever happened to PRIDE? I grew up poor and my Dad worked hard and when his useless union went on strike, he did three part time jobs (he was a highly skilled professional) AND his brother helped him out just as he helped his brother out when he an alcoholic, got him into AA and helped him thru school to be a CPA. That is what people did. To go on food stamps was DEMEANING and he would never do it. Besides, back then, they had means testing, which was if anyone in your family worked? THEY helped you. Food stamps and welfare were for the desperate, temporary and not ever meant to be lived on forever. Thank you Obeyme. Take another vacation and spend 500,000 an hour on us while we have not had one since our honeymoon. My husband works and sleeps and works and sleeps and will never retire. Thanks OBEYME. So, whatever happened to PRIDE?

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      • Pride is still there; just getting harder to find. It’s in that young man out there in the bitter cold dressed in the silly Statue of Liberty outfit, twirling that sign for the Liberty Tax Service office for what has to be miserable wages. But he is certainly eye-catching with all the stunts, dance moves and tricks he does with that sign. (I ALWAYS give him a thumbs up- and , if I didn’t have a CPA, I would do my taxes at that office.) A rare level of pride these days, but it is still there to be found.

  2. Small businesses are facing drastic losses in revenue due to the inability to generate foreign commerce due to absurdly high shipping costs. Due to incompetence, mismanagement, and other economic forces (shrinking dollar, etc.) it is impossible to conduct international business that involves shipping to other countries. Consequently our dollars flow liberally outbound and foreign dollars are prevented from flowing inbound. I have lost approx. 80% of my sales die to this dynamic. One ounce to Canada $10.00 first class air = impossible to sell product to Canada.

  3. Sure more people will want to start businesses. Not true. If you quit your job to start a business now you are bridled with one more expense. Health Insurance. Young, healthy people may say I can do with out insurance while my business grows and becomes solvent. The burden of insurance will mean fewer people will be able to afford to start the business.

  4. I cant think of a more shameful administration in my lifetime since JFK. To think people will be better off not having work…who is going to help feed and cloth the families?

    • I thought the aca would allow people working to choose their health ins plan according to the tiers of what their monthly income was, and then the costs of trips to the ER for non-emergency issues and such would quiet down.


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  6. What a total idiot! In other words, this guys doesn’t even have a clue what he’s talking about. Any job losses should be a red flag to anyone that something isn’t working. I get frustrated everyday when I read the articles and comments about this Administration, yet they’re still sitting in office. Everyday they are there is a day closer to the ruin of the U.S.

    • You’re referring, of course, to Mr. West, who can’t tell “I quit” from “You’re fired.” Or so he pretends so he can trick people like you into believing his fantasy and buying his products. I too am frustrated every day when I read the deceptive articles and comments about this administration from pretenders like Mr. West.

      • Only if your basis is a figment. Certainly not when considering reality. Here have another mug of special coolaid Terry Harris.

      • If that’s true Greg, then add to that number, all who DID lose their job because of the ACA.
        You think it’s a positive thing that people are losing the incentive to work full time?

      • This is only in cases where people have been trapped in a job because it was the only way they could keep their health insurance. Now they can retire or whatever AND SOMEBODY ELSE CAN GET THEIR OLD JOB!

      • Greg, it appears you have been brainwashed by the Obama administration. If you read my post you then read that I want a full time job, but had to settle for part time after a year of looking for full time with no success. I wont share my employers name for fear of losing the job that it took me so long to receive, but they are primarily only hiring part time workers now and the ACA is the reason. There are other businesses such as David’s Bridal Shop and Staples, just to name a couple, who have already had their hours slashed and I highly doubt their employees are thrilled. Do you honestly believe Jason Furman announcing this news is a coincidence as we move closer to the Employer Mandate? Have you seen the cost of the ACA plans? I have and their not affordable. Did you see your insurance premiums go up this year or maybe you were sent a letter like me forewarning you because they had to comply with the ACA that your premiums would increase significantly. I had no choice I had to get a lower premium plan on my COBRA, which means a much higher out-of-pocket and a hope that this year I’m much healthier than last. I’m 52 and divorced, I can’t just retire. This is hurting real people and sadly there are some that are so blinded by their devotion to their political party that they won’t see the truth till they are directly impacted.

      • I’m sorry about your situation, jaswim, but it sounds like you’re aligning yourself with the party that loves to battle the “free stuff” that might help someone in your current situation. If your only earnings are from 29 hours a week of minimum wage work, you’re going to be under the $12,500 minimum for Obamacare exchange plans. But you should be eligible for Medicaid if you’re in a blue state that accepted the Medicaid expansion funds or one of the red states that accepted the funds. If you’re in one of the other red states, you are kind of out of luck. Or, if you can boost your income above the $12,500 mark, you should be eligible for free or nearly free health insurance through Obamacare. I wish you luck. I’m actually in a somewhat similar situation except that I’m older and eligible for Medicare, Social Security, and Walmart greeter jobs.

      • Definitely under the amount you listed, but get this, you have to make at least $11,500.00 to be eligible for a subsidy. As soon as I find a second part time job that will be true, however, I really don’t want to buy into a health plan that doesn’t have a payment system built into it or a system to go back and make corrections. I have to question what they were thinking. I’ve also read some of the views of the architects of Obamacare and their downright scary, no thanks. As for Medicaid, it’s out, I’m in the red. As far as party’s go, I’m an Independent voter, and currently a disgusted one. Will never vote Democrat again because of what I see that party has become, but not too thrilled with the Republican Party either, but am growing more fond of the Tea Party. I feel both parties and big business have passed unfair laws and sent so many of our jobs overseas and they have done it at the expense of the American middle-class. However, I believe the current administration, in addition to being corrupt, policies have put the country in grave danger of completely destroying what is left of the middle class. I very well may have to except some help from the government eventually, however, that is not what I want at all. I want the opportunity to work full time again with benefits like I have in the past. I don’t believe it is a coincidence that I started looking for job a year before the Individual Mandate kicked in and for the first time in my life I could not find full time work and had to settle for part time. In my opinion Obamacare is another job killer. Regardless that we disagree on the cause, I think we both agree that the economy stinks and I thank you for your words of support and wish you the best as well.

  7. Its the same old story, the less workers, the less income to the Government in taxes, Medicare and SS. So, if we have these P/T workers paying very little to the Government funds, where is the money going to come from years from now when they retire, among other lack of funds. So, the big Insurance Comp. go down for lack of income, they will lay people off and it gets even worse. BO and his boys have it all figured out, the US is going down right before your eyes. Help us Lord………..

  8. Anybody in Congress who has been sitting on their hands and letting this insane Administration get away with everything truly needs to be replaced by someone with a modicum of intelligence and courage…and that includes Boehner!

  9. Speaking of “living in the world of reality,” the CBO is talking about people QUITTING their jobs. Not LOSING their jobs. Mr. West needs to take a cue from Emily Litella: Never mind.

  10. When I worked 60 hours a week it was not for insurance. It was for the money. Employers are the ones cutting workers back to 25 hours a week to avoid having to pay insurance as required on Obamacare as well as dropping the number of employees. Most workers don’t want their hours cut, but this is what “you have to pass it to see what’s in it” gets you. This bs about people quitting their jobs to spend more time with their families is so patently stupid I can’t believe he said that. Who on earth would quit their job in this economy? Most people I know are on pins and needles afraid of losing their jobs.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more, speaking as someone who very much wants to work full time again, but was only able to find part time work this past year after I moved. Wonder why? I am currently looking for a second part time job because I can’t make it. Once I get my second part time job I will be working close to sixty hours and what was that Jason Furman said about being able to leave behind 60 hour work days? What a bunch of lies!

  11. They act like privatepay health insurance is some kind of new thing. It has been available for decades. The only new thing is that you are FORCED to buy it even if you don’t want it. Oh, and that the government will now have access to your private medical information.

  12. Is anyone really surprised? Honestly? Am i like the only person in America who knew Obama was a lying sack of crap? That anything he promised was a statement that the exact opposite would occur? Not hardly. Anyone with the sense God gave a rock figured this out a long time ago. But Mr. West I think you’re missing the biggest part. The article makes it sound as though Obama wants what is best for America it’s just his definition of best is a communist state. Let’s couple this information with the trade deal worked out with Iran. His ties to The Muslim Brotherhood and George Soros. His obvious disdain for Israel and white Americans. The fact that Muslim terrorist has been removed from FBI training manuals and the NSA monitors American citizens but not mosques. His bow to the Saudi King. The apology tour. His statement at the UN the “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” The total silence out of Washington about the mass slaughter of Christians worldwide that Prince Charles commented on. Not favorably. His attempt to remove Christian belief from being spoken of in the military as he makes them all but combat ineffective. His attacks on every individual liberty Americans enjoy. His attempt to rule by Executive Order. The absolutely crushing burden upon business of gross regulation through EPA and the employer mandate of Obamacare. And these are just the examples I can think of off the top of my head.

    To me it is pathetically obvious that Obama’s goal has been the destruction of America from day one. He has used the Democratic platform to promote his fundamental socialist change. The useful idiots in the media cheered. People draw parallels between Obama and Hitler. Well Soros was with the Nazi’s as a teen and has stated that was the best time of his life so there may be something to that. Look at Europe and the problems many nations are having with the economic burden and skyrocketing crime caused by Muslim immigration. Val Jarrett, Obama’s closest advisor, was born in Iran. He has projected an image of weakness to our enemies. He has failed to secure our borders. He has left our nation in a state more vulnerable than at any time in our history. Yet people love him because he gives them money.

    I don’t think Obama or anyone else will be able to take away the freedoms of Americans. We don’t all believe in the same God, the same rules, or the same values. But we all agree that we should be free to decide for ourselves. So for now all we can do is post opinions on the internet and write letters to our representatives. I mean if Snowden’s revelations didn’t outrage America enough to bring down Obama it’s unlikely anything else will.

  13. Richard you are so right. This is all part of POTUS’s plan for the demise of America and not into a European socialist state but far worse. While the cool-aid drinkers might like that stupid statement those paying the way doesn’t! But financially breaking everyone but “his selected few” is all within his plan! As stated on Fox yesterday, that statement was pathetic and worse excuse they’ve heard for his failures! Either way two things need to happen.. kick the left out of office this November and elect people into office that will have the strong spine to truly fight this leftist agenda, not just block it but knock it off the radar! Elections have consequences…and this election has to have good conservative, Reagan type consequences!

    • You are everything that is wrong with the American political system today.

      The President doesn’t have a “plan for the demise of America and not into a European socialist state but far worse.” Can you prove that he does? Furthermore, what is a “European socialist state?” Do you realize there are dozens of countries in Europe, each with their own types of government?

      I won’t address your grammar concerns because they speak for themselves.

      I’m not saying your heart is in the wrong place or the right one. I’m saying that you, in fact, are a “cool-aid” drinker. You have gobbled up every bit of the stories, lies and conjecture that institutions like Fox News are feeding you. Watching TV and agreeing with radical entertainers (mind you, the same can be said for any major American news network on television) is NOT the same thing as being an informed political activist.

      You can do much better to support your cause. This is just pathetic.

      • Well sir, you are the typical rude leftist, correcting me because you’ve never mistyped anything in your whole life, guess that is why
        you took your “guest name.”

        Second you assume to know all about me, my resources for
        getting my information etc. You know nothing about it or me; you just know how to attack the person instead of discussing the facts and issue. Your effort to be superior is a failure and pathetic!

      • Obama’s actions seem to make it fairly clear that the welfare of this Nation is NOT his top priority. He has stripped our military while increasing his private army (known as the DHS), he has driven this nation deeper into debt while doing nothing to improve the economy, he has greatly exceeded his Constitutional authority with his “Executive” actions, he has plainly stated on television his intention to do whatever he has to in order to bypass Congress and push his agenda. How about you offer some evidence that he is NOT planning the demise of America. Anything at all that clearly shows our Nation and our Citizens are his priority.

      • You, J-Man II, are a without question the typical rude statist and a hypocrite as well. I just love how you made reference to some nebulous grammatical error in offering an otherwise hollow rebuttal and then yourself misspell ‘Kool-Aid’; probably because you’re ignorant to how it was the term even made it into popular vernacular.

        Also quite typical of you self-professed ‘Liberals’ whom in fact instead want to control everybody else, you rail off on a tangent of how it is you believe someone else thinks while offering to your own self an explanation as to the origin of why it is someone else sees things differently than you being a result of watching Fox News.

        You’re a bigot. The worst kind of bigot because it is as a Democrat, you somehow think of yourself as being immune from being a bigot.

        You’re no liberal. Instead it is you are a hypocrite.

      • The “proof” you ask for is in plain sight for everyone to see. It is Obama’s own actions from day one! A timeline of intentional destruction and disaster for this country. Trillions wasted! No thought of ever reducing our debts. Stacking our federal government with communist radicals and his puppets. Issuing more “executive orders” than every president in our history, put together! So far, over “one thousand executive orders”in 6 years. Why? Because Obama refuses to obey our constitution and rules of law! Obama is a “criminal and an outlaw” seeking to be a dictator! He must be removed from power immediately before he starts a bloody 2nd civil war in this country. We are running out of time for a peaceful resolution of his daily acts of high treason!

  14. Of course, bottom line, Obama is about to pull the biggest scam on Americans yet. It is called Genocide. He has plans for a whole lot of Christians and Americans to die. I don’t think it matters to him if they are black or white. Obamacare already says that the death panels will say whether you live or die. Expect this: All people with incurable, very expensive treatment options will be given the pill, all people with birth defects that prevent them from being “viable” will be given the pill. Every one 75 and over will no longer get any medical treatment, they get the pill. This is a fact. Now you think if you lose your job, Obama is going to “take care of you” NO NO NO to believe that is to die. First and foremost his agenda includes reducing the population. I hear anywhere from 50% to 90%. How do you think he will accomplish that. The FEMA camps that are already up and running. We will go like the Jews, sheep to the slaughter. No one is stopping this monster, so I have resigned myself that I will be dying real soon! Good Luck you all need it. God Bless America.

      • Bluesmama, I completely agree with your assessment of Shirley Nanos. If you think for one second I’m going to sit by and let ANYONE lead me off to slaughter without taking out the whole damn crowd that attempts to enter my house then you are sadly mistaken. You enter my domain, without my permission you get rolled out on a gurney.

      • Of course you will not live to see the clean up! THEY will come with Kevlar and heavy weapons in SWAT style!

    • Shirley….. You could have a point here, however, before he pulls what you
      just described, gullible older americans may well be swept up in this “myra”
      thing, thus fleecing as much hard worked for dollars as is possible. This
      also sounds way too familiar to ‘Agenda 21.’ There’s a faction thriller out
      there with the same title by G.Beck. Recommended daytime reading as
      opposed to drifting off to sleep with some of the instances from the book
      still rattling around in one’s head…………

      • “MYRA” can go into the same cess pool that ObamaCare belongs in! Our IRAs and pensions are already at risk of “redistribution” under this TYRANT. Someone has to fund his millions of new Democratic Voters when HE signs HIS Amnesty!

  15. I cant believe people are still defending his policies….. It is obvious to anyone WHO IS AWAKE what this administration is doing.. JOHN 3 :16.

  16. This is so unbelievably stupid that it’s hard to realize that these people are making the laws of our country!!! Not representing the country but running normal people into the ground!! Maybe these idiots can afford “to stay at home with the family” but normal hardworking people have to work to support these families.. One comment that I heard was that “well there is Medicaid” but someone has to pay taxes to keep this dead horse floating. It’s so disgusting..

    • Re: It’s so disgusting …
      Yes, and scarey too!
      Scarey, in that there are so many who will never know or care enough to find out about this great American scam, where they will go like “sheep to the slaughter” to the genocide that obamacare will cause for the talked about “New World Order”

    • On top of it all fewer and fewer Drs. will take a new patient on Medicaid. In fact many are dropping patients already on it.
      My own Dr. is currently keeping Medicare patients like me. BUT we were warned of increased co-pays for certain labs and medicines!

      • You are so right Jacqueline. I am 67 and worked for 50 years to make a life and keep insurance and pay taxes as I should!! Now, my taxes are sky high to pay for people that either are not or can’t work and my insurance is almost unaffordable!! Welcome to Obama’s America!!!!

  17. Is there no way to stop these people who are fundamentally destroying our nation. I am sick that these idiots keep running their mouths spouting the party crap of it is all gonna be better when we all have the same thing. That is socialist clap trap. The elite get the best and whatever they want and the common working people get the scraps if there are any that the elite don’t want. Screw Washington, Obama, Pelosi, Reid and any of these other idiots who seem to think we believe anything they say. Many of the DC elite are very wealthy and worry for nothing and never will. It is all about power and control. Remove the lot of them and find patriots. People willing to really tackle real problems and find solutions instead of saying we need more money for the poor. That sooner or later runs out.

  18. IMPEACH the B*****D. The Corruption, Lies, letting our Ambassador DIE because this Usurper didn’t want to send military in and draw attention to the Benghazi attack, which would have affected his re-election. The Lying Hater told us Al Qaeda was “on the run.” And here they were, attacking our embassy. Wouldn’t look good for his re-election now would it? TREASONOUS! and is grounds alone, for IMPEACHMENT.

  19. I honestly believe that just like Jay Carney, Jason Furman made the statements he did to cover up for more of Obamas lies. I moved and spent the last year looking for a job. I seldom received interviews for full time work and finally added part time as an option with the hope that it will eventually progress to full time. Once I added part time my phone began ringing off the hook and I had a job within two weeks. I’m not alone, I have friends who have experienced the same problem finding full time work. I have a newsflash to Jason Furman, part time jobs don’t pay as well, they include few benefits, and most don’t offer to help pay for your health insurance. I won’t be working less hours, but more because I can’t make it on a minimum wage jobs at 29 hours a week and I am looking for a second part time job as a result. If I didn’t have money in an IRS, which I had to take from, and wasn’t living with my elderly mother who needed my help anyways, I would have never made it through this past year. Many American’s that are looking for work today are having a difficult time finding full time employment, others have already had their hours cut as a direct result of Obamacare, and lastly I believe this administration is well aware that a lot more people are going to find themselves in the same boat I’m in and contrary to what Mr. Furman suggested for most of us this come as very bad news, not good. I believe they are very aware that for most of us this is bad news, but before things get out of hand as we move closer to the employer mandate deadline, why not send another willing traitor out to lie to the public and make American’s believe were not losing our hours, but were choosing to cut them now instead since this ACA is so great. For many of us, this administration has already destroyed the American Dream.

  20. Let me get this straight. Jon Doe is lucky enough to have a 40 hr a wk job and company health. In comes the ACA and his company health goes away. Now John looks at the ACA insurance at 40 hrs and finds how REALLY EXPENSIVE it is! He discovers that if he drops to 28 work hours he can get the insurance as a LOT less with subsidies paid by his fellow tax payers. He understands that the second option after PREMIUMS are paid leaves him with approximately what he would earn if he keeps the 40 hrs and pays full rate ! So, he opts to take the subsidy and spend more time helping with his kids homework! His company can now hire another PART TIMER to make up for his dropped hours and collect his dropped wages!
    WOW, and their are Democrats who claim this is a good thing?????

    • Really makes a lot of sense huh? No, not at all and in the long run this person is losing a lot more. Yes, I agree that family time is so very important and that should have been thought about a long time ago when greed and keeping up with the Joneses was a big issue to have but now people and families are losing both and it is going to get worse. If the dems are so concerned with parents having family time then they should stop saying that the kids belong to the government and to eliminate Common Core as it is just the opposite.

      • Well, hopefully, these people who’s jobs were chopped up to preserve the companies will spend that extra time at home with the kids by teaching their children about a TRUE Republic, and how to avoid becoming a communist nation.

    • “CRAZY” isn’t, “GOING EXACTLY” according to the DNC “SOLUTION” if that’s what ya call it. Ummm lets see, I can go from being fully “SELF SUCIFFECINT” TO requiring a healthcare “SUBSIDY”, sounds completely logical if I lived in any one of the “COMMUNISTS” COUNTRIES!!! Fourtunantly, communism “DOES NOT WORK, income equality doesn’t WORK, and listening to obozo “DOES NOT WORK EITHER!!! All I know is someone (true patriot) to restore our “GREAT NATION”, guarantee it “WON’T be a Democrat, all the dems want are “spineless” PEASENT’S”!!!!

    • Yep. Democrats are largely parrots, and they don’t even pretend to understand the words they are fed to repeat. Besides, a nation that is dependent upon its government for food is much more easily turned Communist, since the people will not usually bite the hand that feeds them.

  21. I am so sick of the idiocy and the stupidity of this administration. Just when I think they can’t get any more stupid, they rise to the occasion to prove their is no end to their idiocy. It is a creepy feeling to know that our Country is run buy escapees from an asylum for the incurable mentally insane.

  22. Be assured, our enemy has permeated our government at all levels…For fifty years the Dems have used the exactly same policies as common drug dealers, who front-load their victims with freebies, to hook them for life.

    • WAIT! Wait, wait, wait, wait! WAIT! I thought the government IS the drug dealers! Obama/Holder gun-running Mafia play? Mideast Opium for guns? I was under the assumption that the government of the United States has been taken over by the Mafia and the drug Cartels! Why ELSE would Obama entertain the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in OUR White House? Gotta make those deals somewhere! I will sick the neck out there to surmise that nearly EVERY government of the world is now being run through crime networks. While I am NOT anti-government, I AM anti ‘Mafia-for-Government!’ What do you EXPECT when Bugsy is running the country?!

  23. Democrats=Lowering the standard of living for legal Americans on a daily basis…but remember, “A gramme in time saves nine” and it’s for “The Greater Good”….

    • “A gramme in time saves nine” and it’s for “The Greater Good”….This is a communist remark in the fullest and if one thinks about it in the context of what is happening in this country can see it. So sad that anyone would adhere to this.

  24. sorry but I have the feeling that he is selling our nation into slavery, eventually the one we owe so much to financially will want to collect and then everybody will be working …for free, they will provide shelter and food but they will get to tell us how to live, what we can and cannot do. what we can and cannot have where we can go etc. they will end up controlling every aspect of our lives.

    • cimmeron, your “CORRECT”, “EXACTLY”. Going according to “masa” obozo’s “PLAN”!!! Now we just have to “EDUCATE” the “PEOPLE” into his abuses!!! obozo and the DNC “ARE” doing, yes kiddies, it was the democrats who founded and “IMPLIMENTED” the “RACESIST” plan of the KKK and other “raciest” policies and practices!!!

      • Jim, the Republican party was started by unhappy Democrats, soldiers and people against slavery, in Detroit, under Oak trees outside one of their towns, because the Democrat party was totally FOR the slavery plan to continue and they just couldn’t support these Dems any longer.

      • Cheryl, I went to the DNC webpage during the politicking leading up to the election of Obama. Posted on their site was a letter from the chairman of the Communist party of America, thanking the Democrats for combining their party with the Communists and the Socialists, in order to “widen their base” It was voted for by the Democrats… which ones, I don’t know. Likely their leadership. The letter was a thank-you speech. After I linked to it a few times, it was taken DOWN. Removed.

    • They already put our federal landmarks/parks under the UN. Thus, when the loans come due, they only thing they will have to give China et al are our cities, our state parks, our personal lands…

  25. Can’t say that the ACA hasn’t created a multitude of new jobs; unfortunately, they are all part time positions created after reductions from once full time positions in an effort to keep under 30 hours.

    • Use your logic, Cheryl. The Liar–In-Chief lies about everything. He has been caught SO many times… So if you believe a thing that comes from him or from the support of him, then you choose to believe a liar.

  26. So the loss of millions more jobs “is a good thing”? That depends on “where your comming from”? If you are a sworn enemy of America and freedom, like muslim terroists, communists, democrats and Obama, then, “that is good news”! Don’t be suprised if this administration next tells you that your untimely death “would be good news”! You’ll probably be in heaven, and, you will no longer have to watch your country going down the tubes….

  27. History has shown, over and over again, that the path to slavery, poverty, starvation and genocide, begins once government has “total control of the people”. That means government has “disarmed the people”, slammed the door on free speech, ruined the economy, and intimidated them to the point that every individual is dependant upon government for their basic sustenance. Once that happens, you are no longer even “human”. You have become so many “cattle”, to be managed, milked and/or butchered, at the government’s whim. There will be no “middle classes”, there will only be “the few, rich, ruling class and butchers”, and the “cattle”. If you vote democrat, “Moo to you”!

  28. This is what Obama calls “Hope and Change?” More like “Change and Destruction.” If this President continues on his current path, his legacy may be remembered as the one who caused the collapse of our nation.

    • which is EXACTLY why he was paid for by the Saudi king. And placed into position by whomever he got the money from to cover his past completely. Its the PLAN. He will be forever famous in the Muslim world of radicals. Obama wants to be immortalized. This is how he is planning to do it. All narcissism wants that.

  29. If the Obama Regime wants to make part time or just not working to stay eligible for healthcare and other subsidies (SNAP) acceptable, let’s look up the works of another Progressive such as H.G. Wells. Is Obama trying to separate working Americans into Eloi and Morlocks?

  30. The liberal socialist Democrats, those we used to call communists, are so kind and thoughtful, its hard to believe that folks like that exist in our World. Of course its easy to say its no problem when a person has no job, when you are making a quarter of a million dollars a year, plus fantastic perks. They seem to have some idea that they can keep their high paying job, and all those poor dumb snooks out there in the public domain will support them by paying taxes Don’t they realize that its pretty difficult to pay taxes, when you have no source of income. We can’t print money like the government does, for they tell us that is illegal. If we can’t find jobs, we cn’t pay taxes If we can’t pay taxes, we can’t support our government officials in the manner they have became used to. What we need, is another revolution to establish a government like the one our Founding Fathers established, and the liberal Democrats, have destroyed, and send working class people to Washington to run it for us. Part time work of course. One of the first thing we need to do when the revolution is over, is to send our military back home, and train every able bodied American one weekend a month, to become proficient in the use of military weapons. We must reduce the so called “Military Complex” Eisenhower warned us about. And we must reduce the Execitove Branch of our Government back to somewhere near what it was before WWII. In their lust for power, and the lackadaisical attitude of Congress, the Executive Branch has continuously added unneeded and costly Departments. Those lie FEMA, HOMELAND SECURITY, NSA are kist a waste of money and manpower. Other agencies like the FBI, BATF, BORDER PATROL, US MARSHALS,etc should be combined, eliminating several offices.

    • Lloyd, look at Mars. It once had water upon it, and it is believed, an atmosphere. I can PROMISE you, had there been these things on Mars- (the water is a giver, so why not better atmosphere?) the REASON they are now gone forever is because they had a government full of POLITICIANS. Take a good look at Mars… same Progress coming to an Earth near YOU!

    • Indeed! In fact, Obama would try to sell you his flatus, and claim it will revolutionize the GAS industry! -And, he would be able to purchase people to stand in front of you and make the same claim with a straight face!

  31. Maybe Jason Furman needs to spend more time with his family. We need to get rid of these people and get our country back. I hope its not too late.

  32. How will they strike out as entrepreneurs without financial backing? Under current conditions, I wouldn’t want to start and try to grow my business. Government entities want too big a chunk. When will the dems realize that the less working taxpayers, the less taxes collected?


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