Obama on Fox: “What will you do when I’m gone?” Well, for starters…

On Sunday, President Obama on Fox asked Bill O’Reilly, “what are you (Fox News) going to do when I’m gone?” Well, I can’t answer for Fox News but America will celebrate Obama’s departure. We’ll begin to repair our broken economy and get Americans back to work. We’ll reverse his welfare nanny-state expansion, regardless of his insidious comparison to the GI Bill and dismissal of his policies.

We’ll work to develop our energy independence, not just on state and private lands. We will restore our defense capability and regain our global respect and regard that has been so tarnished by his weakness. Lastly, we’ll find a statesman and leader who can respect our Constitution.

President Obama, you entered the office with the hope of a nation. You will depart with our disdain.


  1. What an ego Obama has, lol… FOX was the leader far and away before this putz came on the scene and will be the news leader long after he’s gone. As for you Colonel, let’s do it, behind you all the way!!!!

  2. Mr West, I love your optimism and I hope you’re right (correct). However, look at what is being propped up in front of us as potential presidential candidates for 2016! I saw a segment on FN yesterday showing all sheep cheerleaders for Hillary (the big “C”). Some people mindlessly follow…..

  3. Number one, celebrate.

    Yes – there will be loud and prolonged rejoicing throughout the Land of the Free, when The People are LIBERATED from under the Yoke of The Pharaoh ….

    DEO VOLENTE .. may it be SOON.

      • I think the same

        America celebrates on a National Holiday when she was freed from the English Tyrant, so she should also celebrate when she is set free from an _________ Tyrant ….

      • hey booboo!

        how am I pretending?

        does not my disqus profile state my background/location for those interested?


      • oh ?

        well you appear to care wee booboo, cos you trail me around the blogosphere as soon as ya get off work … warnin folks about me and attempting to counter my messages … hmmm …

        why are you so frightened of people reading what I have to say booboo?

        Americans more than any other ‘people’ are used to the free flow of information and opinion, within their precious 1st Amendment Arena

        Americans are used to reading /hearing words/speech … evaluating and then ignoring/opposing/accepting/encouraging as the case may be

        this weak/feeble attitude of yours is quite unworthy of a person born free in Constitutional America y’know booboo

        (I assume you ‘are’ American?)

        btw am I your baddest poster? .. **__** .. am I the one who gives you Tools the worst trouble? **__** … do you have to trail anyone else around like you do ‘me’? **__** … YEAH …


        #BeClingers —————-> #AmericaRISING

      • I know booboo ….. you make me feel soooooo important

        runnin after me, yapping at my heels like a little doggie

        here booboo … here booboo … heel now, be a good gilr



        btw – we will get to the bottom of the Benghazi scandal y’know, even if we have to wait until Boehner is replaced

        #wearethepeople who continue to DEMAND #Benghazi answers. Why has The Media colluded w/Obama 2 cover-up this scandal?


  4. I think America will be primed perfectly upon his departure for an even worse regime…that is if he doesn’t declare martial law before the election essentially suspending the constitution so he can stay…never know. I am surprised every day at the ever renewing brashness of the Democratic party.

    • That is my fear. That Obama will try and change the constitution so that he can be elected over and over again. I really think he wants to be the dictator of America as opposed to just the president.

      • Mark, you are correct. He already has a Democrat Congressman from NY working on submitting a bill to Congress to do eliminate term limits for the Office of the President! We are on track to lose our sovereignty There should be term limits ADDED for U.S. Senators and Representatives and keep the current term limits for President…..just my thought after seeing so much crap coming out of the District of Corruption in the recent past.

  5. I believe that FOX will continue to do the news in such a way that allows you to decide as they report it. It will remain fair and balanced of course and I also believe that they will be the only outlet that reports the total happiness and joy throughout the country as he walks out of the White House. Of course the others will broadcast some crap about all the things he did (nothing other than divide a country) and the obstruction he had in doing his job from those damn Republicans. Sir you are right it will be a much better place and we can again achieve that greatness once had and make it even better,

  6. Beautifully said. Thank you, Bill, for echoing the heartfelt sentiments of millions of us who are dismayed beyond belief by what this person has done to our once great Country. Right now, for me, I am looking at Allen West to be the man to do the job to turn things around and put us on the right path back to prosperity and our military might. Sure do hope he runs for president in 2016. Right now, I see him as MY/OUR best hope. What say you???

  7. What will we do when he’s gone? Get screwed over by the Hildabeast. She’s going to be the next “leader” unless the republicans learn from the last two presidential elections,

    • Learn what? that we live in a nanny state that needs to be hand fed? If we elect another leader like the one we have (and that is if he doesn’t deem himself King as he supposes before then) Hitleri will finish us off.

    • A little less rasicm, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia would go a long way to make the republican image better. Just saying.

  8. Yes WE will! Let’s patiently wait, continue to fight against the stupidity, and plan for a better future. It would be impossible to do worse than what’s been done over the past few years. But in order to win we have to convince conservatives that it’s worth going to the polls to vote. We need to get out and vote.

    • We need to have informational meetings, write as many “letters to the Editor” as possible. There are a many great ways to “educate”. But most of all, we need to get APATHETIC NON-VOTERS out and voting. I read lots of talk on-line, but who of us will get out and actually DO something to help change the direction our blessed country has taken? You and I and everyone who reads this and other posts. We need to get this message out to whoever will read or listen and then ACT! That is the only way we can take America back.

  9. Not sure I agree with you Colonel. Hilary (the devil herself) is waiting in the wings to continue the liberal destruction of America.

    • Think positive! NEVER GIVE UP! Hitlery Clinton will NOT win! She should be in a Federal Penitentiary with Osama bin Obama, Law-Shredding Holder, Rat Reid, Loony Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein and the rest of the District of Corruption minions!

  10. We need a President and Congress that respect the constitution, will reduce taxes, create a flat tax system that everyone can understand, send less of our money to foreign countries, quit spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need ( Mars Rover ), increase mfging inside the USA by increasing tariffs for goods imported to the USA, cut off corporate welfare, cutoff welfare to lazy citizens who can work but won’t, uphold marriage one man one women, eliminate abortion except where the women’s life is in danger. I could go on but I’ll run out of space.

    God Bless America

  11. We have 2 years. In that 2 years we first off need to go deep into the urban core and educate there. So many Black Americans voted Democrat in both of the last elections simply because the presidential candidate was Black. We first need to educated these voters that when they vote Democrat they are actually voting against themselves. For years the less wealthy and those of the urban core have been deceived into thinking that because the liberal democrats are so willing to give handouts it means they care about them. Well, that is just not the case. What they are doing, especially the Obama administration is trying to make a people dependent upon the government for their very existence. This way you will always vote their way and instill the same values in your children never questioning the motives for fear of being “cut off”. They take away any self esteem and leave you begging for more handouts. So we need to secure these votes from the registered as well as the unregistered Black population. We need to teach them that this liberal administration wants to possibly weed them out by being one of Planned Parenthoods biggest supporters which in turn kills more babies than any disease ever. Whats more is that in New York alone 85% of all babies aborted are black babies. We need to educate these people as to why the Republican party was founded in the first place. We need to educate them that President Lincoln that led the Slavery Abolishment movement was a republican. There are many Black americans that don’t know some of the basic facts surrounding the republican party. We have a lot more work to do in order to get our country back, but this will get us going in the right direction. Oh, and by the way I am a Black American and a Republican!

  12. I know what I’m doing when he’s gone.
    Throwing a HUGE PARTY.
    maybe sing…”Ding Dong, the Commie’s GONE.”
    If the next president is a Republican, it’ll be an even Bigger party !

    • SB_Smith, The next president has to be republican.. We can do it, but it will take some special work. We only have 2 years !!

    • 11/2014 is only months away. Don’t fall for the Lib “change of focus to 2016”. Obamacare will be hitting some real lows, and Dems need to be voted out, replaced by new GOP, in order to unite Congress – we can repeal Obamacare – it needs to be done soon, as it is is costing citizens by the day! And Impeach O.

  13. The trouble with this logic is:: What if Hillary is president? It may be more of the same. I still say that if she wins the nomination, the voters are silly enough to elect her.

    • The silly lefty younger women will vote her in just because she is a woman. That is the only reason they need. Terrifying really.

      • Not just that, but because she is an ex-pres;s wife. I don’t think they even need to be leftists or women. They would just think it is “cute”!

      • “Silly” is the wrong descriptor…….”STUPID” is much more fitting if they vote for Hitlery Clinton. She is just as bad, if not worse, than Obama. C’mon…..we don’t need two consecutive Presidents that are hell-bent on destroying the USA!

  14. 1008 days until Election Day. When Obama’s gone, provided his successor doesn’t try to further his insane and disastrous agenda and policies, we’ll turn things around and un-fuck our country. At the first sign of recovery, the 0bama zombies will declare the success to be theirs, and try and convince us that we just didn’t wait long enough, spend the requisite amount of money, etc. They’ll still be gaming every government handout program they can, and troll the blogosphere in their waking hours. They’ll still be angry and hate filled, but unlike today, opportunity will be theirs should they decide to grow.

    • You wouldn’t notice if his poilicies were furthered or not. As long as the black man is out of office you wouldn’t care either way. I seem to remember no Republicans complaining when Bush ran this country into the abyss and beyond. We were brought back from the void by this administration but venom and hatred is your thanks. Bigotry is blind to truth.

  15. It’s one thing for every politician to have told a lie or two, or hide a skeleton in the closet; but Obama is a total corrupt pathological liar. He will not admit – even to being Liberal? Obamacare is working??? Benghazi – he told sooo many different stories, so many times – “it was terror”, The View – was it terror? “we are researching”? “People were held accountable”??? WTH??

    Think about it: in 2010 bipartisan meeting – Obama agreed millions would lose their insurance – and didn’t care. Behind closed doors, last minute – passed huge reform that MAJORITY CITIZENS NEVER FAVORED (I think that point is important). Continually, lied about it and made promises”you can keep…..” NOW THIS IS KEY: It was intended part of Obamacare for people to lose coverage, he KNEW it would happen, HE DIDN’T CARE? WHY? And come on…. his “apology”?? Was not.
    “I’m sorry people are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances from me”?? NO, PEOPLE ARE FINDING THEMSELVES LOSING DUE TO YOUR LAW.

    Don’t underestimate this corrupt man. He is accomplishing his own agenda, which we can only guess is destruction of this country – as THAT has been the result. He’s come too far (considering his credentials, or lack of) to not be in total control of what HIS INTENTIONS ARE. If we can’t Impeach, send him to jail, or Recall due to a totally deceptive campaign?

  16. Liar Obama says he’s not liberal? Maybe not? He’s damaged the Lib/Dem party with his poor leadership/failed programs/this Dem. president will go down in history as the worst president in our history. And, all he’s done is blame everyone else? Wow. And, his Lib lemming followers are too starry eyed and ideological to realize it, yet. Wonder how long it will take? 11/2014??

  17. On Sunday, President Obama on Fox asked Bill O’Reilly, “what are you (Fox News) going to do when I’m gone?”
    Had I been O’Reilly I would have said “cart wheels”….

    • And I wish Republicans would all take an exploration trip into the middle of the sun but we can’t all get what we wish for.

  18. I hate to say this, but all these liberals are going to do their best to get Hillary in the white house…let me tell you, but I know so damn many crazy dems still loving their Obama…I live in California where the dems run rampant!

    • You have my sympathy for living in CA but I’m in NJ, not much better. We just need to get the message out about how he is destroying our country and their vote for Hillary will continue it’s destruction, joblessness and bad economy! They have to vote for the future of their kids and grandkids not their love-affair with a false leader!

    • I feel your pain, Tisha. We’re in “fly-over country” in California, so our vote never counts. If anyone wants to know what the country would be like under total Democrat control, just look at California. We’re no longer the “golden state.”

      • I read their budget statement a few weeks ago.They actually have a budget surplus for the first time in a while there. Overall I would say they are doing a hell of a better job than your last republican governor. If thats how total democratic control looks like then they have my vote.

    • I am sure that there are many thousand good logical people in California and I feel for you. I just don’t believe I could continue to live in Mexcalonia.

      • You could move to Russia if you don’t like it in the states. At least there you won’t have to worry about a black man “taking away” your rights.

  19. What will we do when POTUS.. CELEBRATE!! Then get down to fixing the mess he has made of our country, economy and free-market place!

    • Which mess would that be? The fact that he has presided over one of the longest stretches of job gains in American history (43 months) or that the market and millions of 401ks have more than doubled since he took office. Or maybe that for the first time in American history people can get health insurance even if they have preexisting conditions and 10 million people now have insurance because of the healthcare law. Either way your fooling yourself if you think the economy is worse off now than how your messiahs Bush and Cheney left it.

      • Can you share the facts that you are claiming- a 43 month, longest stretches of job gains in American History? Does your proof, if
        you have any, include the “underemployed”… you know the folks that
        unemployment long ago ran out or that they’ve just given up on looking for jobs after all these years of the Obama economy of no jobs? If you did, the true facts/numbers would show unemployment numbers in double digits! Those in the baby-boomer generation, who have lost their jobs or can’t find one, has opted to take Social Security early to pay their bills or keep their homes! That’s the makings of a great job market? Really?
        His claims are all based on their own skewed data to fit the
        narrative he and his cronies want them too! Obama Care will throw even more folks out of full-time or even part time jobs thus there will be far more “unemployed or underemployed” but his numbers will never show the real picture then either!
        I pray all those folks shafted by this guy’s policies will VOTE
        the Democrats out of power and I pray you “profitglutton” will educate yourself with the truthful facts not the cool-aid poured out by the bought and paid for lame-stream press like NBC, CBS and ABC!

      • First of all, it was your Republican messiah Bush who shafted all these hard working Americans in the first place so don’t act like the financial crisis started with anything Obama’s policies have done. Maybe if you opened your eyes to see that your Republican overlords are trying to double down on the policies that cratered the country in the first place then maybe we would be in much better shape today. But no, you would rather have someone with a conservative label by their name trashing the country than someone who actually knows what they are doing in office. If you had any sense of patriotic self-preservation you would petition for your messiahs to shuttle themselves to a one way trip towards the sun so that people who know what they’re doing can actually get to work and fix this country.

  20. How arrogant for asking that question. I, for one, will be cheering and thanking God for helping us get our country back. Please everyone, vote !!

  21. Not if Hillary gets elected or some other progressive! Watch your voting places for illegal voting! We can no longer trust the officials it seems.

    • We have to pull out all stops to make sure that Hillarey (Killary) is not put into our White House. I want to live in America, but should she be Obama’s successor I’m afraid I would have to leave for an island somewhere.

  22. We hope and pray that this is what we will be doing , but sadly obamas departure from the white house might just end up being so he can hand the office over to another liberal or possibly a RINO . of course america would still be better off then they were through the obamanation years. Even an american liberal is better suited to run the country then someone who is not even a citizen of that country . Considering the amount of hate that our pretend fake president has for america I can safely say that only another illegal none american islam loving memeber of the muslim bro hood could possibly do as bad or as destructive of a job as the obamas . If ( GOD forbid ) hillary or some other traitor .. I mean liberal . Or the GOP sends in christy or another RINO just like him and they win then the country will probably not do a lot of healing or mending. Either or would make sure that the islamic or muslim brother hoods agenda to make america an islamic nation .

    • Anyone would be a better president even Joe Biden. As bad as Biden is but still better than Obama. Obama is worse than carter, bigger liar than Clinton, more scandalous than Nixon and the worse commander in chief than Lyndon Johnson. Obama the very worst president in the history of the United States. He will go down in history as such. His kids will have to live with that. That their father tried to destroy the most blessed and beautiful country in the world.

    • This isn’t you’re average amount of hate. Its that all consuming, logic-defying, primal hate held by most retadlicans. This hate is called bigotry.

  23. He’ll go down as the most hated President in history. What a legacy, eh? I don’t drink but on rare occasions. On his last day in office, I’ll buy a bottle of champagne and drink it in celebration!!

    • Too bad his kids will have to live with the fact that their father is the most hated person because of his failed policies it is ruining our country, people are suffering because of Obamacare . He will go down in history that he had tried to transform our country into a socialist/ Marxist govt. But he failed because all the people who truly love this country did not allow him and he failed. That’s what history will say.

      • I remember the first time I saw pics of the girls with ‘daddy’ – it was from Parade magazine and the pics looked like they had just been taken a week before. Have you looked closely (like when they are all walking)? You can feel the disconnection and the girls used to act like they didn’t want to be near the man – just my observation.

      • I have always thought the younger one was deathly afraid of her alleged mother. And I say alleged because I still tend to think the moochie is what happens when a sex-change operation goes sideways.

    • The most hated President. That title still belongs to Bush and Reagan. And I for one praise God everyday that they’re gone and that my family survived their monstrous reign.

  24. The people will be dancing in the streets across the country to celebrate freedom from the most oppressive administration, goodbye to the most incompetent, biggest liar and the most unworthy to hold the title president. Goodbye to the liar in chief, the biggest snibbling whiner.

    • What freedoms have you lost since Obama came into office? The NSA was established by your overlords Bush and Cheney so thats one scapegoat crossed out. Face it, its not his policies you hate, its his skin.

  25. What a celebration that will be. Fireworks, hot dogs, hamburgers, millions of parades, etc. Then comes the hard work of getting out of office everyone this shyster put in. We also might want to account for all the gold in Fort Knox before we let him out of our sight. And then get into law a provision that states – no congress person, senate person, president or other politicians may live at public expense for the rest of their lives. No secret service will be provided, etc.

  26. Historically nobody from either party has the guts to undo what democrat presidents have done. Each dem president has added new step in the “progressive plan” since the Fed reserve in 1913. He achieves his step, no matter what. Then we all whine about it and accept it. I envision by the next election……..EVERYONE will be so busy scrambling for their federal subsidies, so they can afford healthcare, That the next “progressive” step will be in place before they know what is.
    In case you didn’t know, the next progressive step is to replace obamacare with a single payer plan. Everyone hates obamacare, but by the time it collapses there will be no private health insurance/healthcare industry left. Only the government and its freshly printed money.
    On the side, Obama promised to “reform” education and property rights. That of course means set laws in motion to strip you of your choices in schools and make it more difficult to own property. Agenda 21 does those things and is already in motion in several states.
    Obama just made a speech where he applauded “progressives” going back to before 1913. And you probably only knew the word progressive for 3 or 4 years?
    CLinton expanded everything he could, but spent a lot of effort on homeless solutions. This resulted in forcing banks to make bad loans. (1998 legislation) This resulted in American bank collapse and financial catasrophy world wide.
    MY POINT? The banking laws passed during Clintons era. Were never repealed! It will happen again and again. The next time the housing markets crash, everyone will be begging the government to give them healthcare. Check mate.

    • The next time the housing markets crash it will be because of Republican tax cuts for the rich, two or more unpaid multi-trillion dollar wars, and vast deregulation policies that will further enrich the wealthy while crushing the last yolk of the middle class. But this time there will be no bailout. There will be only pain and you will have no scapegoats to blame but yourselves.

      • Please explain how loaning trillions to dead beats for houses they cant pay for is the fault of republican tax cuts? Forcing banks to ignore proven lending strategies bankrupted them. The banks didn’t mind though because back in 1998 and later the bad loans were insured by the federal government (you). Free money for everyone led to sky high house prices (a bubble that burst) . Obama is still bailing banks out. But if it makes you feel better “blame bush and call me a racist”.
        If Clinton would have accepted Osama bin laden when Syria offered him to us twice! 911 would never have happened. The people and the DEMOCRATS would not have demanded bush DO SOMETHING! Clinton was too busy building his legacy to respond the first time the WTC was bombed (1993) by Bin laden.
        Of all the wars in our history only two were launched by republicans. the others all by democrats. And I noticed while Obama continued those wars and vastly expanded them, your only focus is on someone else making some money. Obama has troops in 100 countries and pulling triggers in 15 war zones.
        You do understand the reason there are no jobs in America is because taxes and regulations have driven the businesses out of the country?
        Whining about Tax cuts for the rich is a socialist scam. Republicans lowered taxes for everyone. OBama raises taxes for everyone. When Clinton and then Obama raise taxes on everything from income to energy, I guess liberal socialists think everyone with a paycheck is rich? and only people who make more than 250k heat their homes? Only bankers buy tomatoes cigarettes and gasoline?
        Turn the rabid socialist TV off and look at what 80 years of Fabian socialism has done to your country.

      • Don’t give me that socialist crap. If you had a shred of intelligence you would notice that this so-called socialism has been built through the “redistribution of wealth” called taxes. Roads, schools, bridges, and even the military you republicans adore are all the product of the system which you all claim to hate. Obama paid for his healthcare reform act. Bush expanded Medicare, the NSA, surveillance programs, and government more than almost any President before him. He’s the socialist you should be hating whose unpaid wars and tax cuts for the rich contributed over $3 TRILLION to the deficit and still continue to increase it today. And lastly the housing market crash came about as a result of market deregulation. Bush gave mortgage companies free reign to deceive the masses for the sake of profit by any means necessary. Obama has presided over one of the longest stretch of employment gains in American history. He’s done this with overwhelming Republican opposition. They haven’t introduced a single jobs bill since 2010. Power is all they want and they’ll wreck the economy and shut down the government to get it. Try looking beyond skin color and through your veil of hatred and you would see the good he’s done.

  27. If you believe Obama’s comment; “what are you going to do when I’m gone”? Then you truely do not understand what’s happening behind the scenes. That “comment” was meant to “put you at ease”, to believe that he really intends to allow another presidential election, that he will leave the whitehouse when his “term is up” like every other president in our history has done. Obama knows that if you are “put at ease”, chances are that you will not spend your time or your money preparing for what he has planned. What’s really happening “quietly, and unreported by the national media”, is the governments preperations for an all-out civil war on our streets. Obama is arming local police departments all over the country with “assault vehicles and tanks”. The feds have recently received over 2600 “Am Ramps”, (armored assault vehicles with machinegun turrents), for use only against lightly armed civilian targets).He has ordered various federal agencies to “arm up”, including the I.R.S. who are now trained and armed to the teeth. Homeland Security has purchased “BILLIONS” of rounds of ammo causing a shortage across the country. Numerous other “preperations” have been made during his first term, to build hundreds of “F.E.M.A.” camps around the nation, concealed from view within military bases military bases. Supposedly built to house “refugees from civil disasters”. Some photo’s were obtained of these “camps”. They look more like W.W. II Nazi concentration camps, with guard towers, high fences topped with razor wire. (facing inward, not outward). Ask yourself, why would any president make all of these “preperations for a civil war”, and then just “walk away, leaving them for someone else to use”?

    • Im sure he will allow another election where some way he will ensure Clinton is voted as the next president even if the votes are 99% to the republican

      • 99% republican huh? You must be of the republican variety that are averse to facts. You guys were demolished in the last election cycle because people hate you. They hate what you represent and the evil and bigotry coming from your base. Republicans only see color when it comes to politics. That has been made abundantly clear in these last six years.

  28. Actually the only ones who have tried to aggressively change the constitution are the Republicans. They passed Citizens United because for some reason they thought it would be a great idea to have corporations buy elections. They sought to overturn the Voting Rights Act which means they are in favor of voter oppression when it suits them. They want to take this country back into the pre-Civil War era. They have no shred of respect for the Constitution when someone who doesn’t look like them is in the Oval Office. Luckily in about two generations most of them will have died off and a new, better America will be born.


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