Media hypocrisy of Chris Lane murder case

Anyone remember Delbert Belton? How about Chris Lane? But I bet you all recall Trayvon Martin.

It never ceases to amaze me how the liberal progressive media conditions us to focus on what they believe to be important “news” based on their ideological and political agenda. I’ll never forget the constant media attention — and at times wrongful reporting — surrounding the Trayvon Martin case. There were marches nationwide and it seemed the entire country descended on Sanford, Florida.

Remember Delbert Belton? Just a World War II Pacific theater veteran who survived Okinawa only to be beaten to death by two black teens in Spokane Washington. Heard about that lately?

Chris Lane, well, he was the young Australian college student here in America on a baseball scholarship in Oklahoma who was gunned down last summer. Today those charged with his shooting death are due in court. And of course there’s no big lead up, no outrage, no protests.

According to ABC News,

Three teenagers accused of fatally shooting an Australian baseball player as he jogged down an Oklahoma street, allegedly because they were bored, are expected in court Tuesday for a hearing that could reveal details about the case. Police allege that Chancey Allen Luna and James Francis Edwards Jr., who are both 16, and Michael Dewayne Jones, 18, randomly targeted and shot 22-year-old Chris Lane last summer. Each teenager is charged with first-degree murder.

ABC News claims Chris Lane’s death garnered heavy media attention in America but I would have to disagree. The shooting occurred back in August 2013 and hardly received the coverage and attention as the Trayvon Martin case.

Just as a reminder for everyone,

Lane was shot while jogging down a tree-lined street near the home of his girlfriend’s parents in Duncan, about 80 miles south of Oklahoma City.

Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford said it appeared to be random and that Jones gave a detailed confession to investigators. They saw Christopher go by, and one of them said: ‘There’s our target,’ Ford said in August. “The boy who has talked to us said, ‘We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody.”

I wonder if the races were reversed would the media coverage be different? Is this a federal hate crime, and can we expect Eric Holder to get involved, like his Department of Justice did in the Trayvon Martin case? Will media outlets descend upon Duncan, Oklahoma? Heck, what has happened to the teenagers charged in Delbert Belton’s beating death?

Am I the only one who recognizes the hypocrisy?


  1. I remember him Col. Unfortunately, those who DO see the truth are few. God bless you sir. Oh, and please run for president.

  2. Many of us notice it, but be careful Allen West, an intelligent black man is often called out by the “inner city” types by names I need not repeat if you dare tell the truth about things. What makes it even worse is this type of argument also brings out haters from all cultures who only see race not what actually happens.

  3. No, you aren’t the only one. But, no matter how loudly the right screams, the screams fall on deaf ears and no one in the media is around to even give a sign language version of the atrocity. May God bless us all… I thought you, as a black man, might have more clout than whites, but in this situation, it doesn’t look like it. Maybe you can see if ‘The Kelly File’ will run it…i’s worth a try.

  4. Hypocrites, they are. One should expect no less from the media, as they are scripted by the Regime and report what they are told and withhold what is not in the script. This incident was evidently not in the script and not what the Regime wants us to see. Those in the media that disagree are cast aside and discredited as mere disgruntled employees.

  5. This is because we have hypocrites and frauds in office and when it was posted as it was they say it’s not race it’s boys being board. When killed the man in the parking lot local official said its nt racist.BS.

  6. Mr West, the media is so biased because they are in the pocket ( and probably the bed too) of out only closet BI-Sexual fake president. HE tells them what they can and can’t say, or talk about . What I want to know is why the HELL someone has not arrested HIM for supplying false documents to even run for that office????? And whose job was it to VET this POS??? Sebilieus, of course. No wonder she is latched onto his private parts. The whole damn BUNCH of them are sickening, and they ALL need to be in jail.

  7. It’s only news when the victim is a minority. The left wing media want blacks to think of themselves as victims and that only big government run by democrats can save them. Lies!

  8. I agree, but am reminded that we have “hate crime” legislation–and that is really wrong! We need to have certain acts forbidden by law, and it matters not the reason. Anyway, we can’t really determine the reason a person does certain things, but we can assume motives and so on. Still, the bottom line is what did they do? The “hate crime” stuff is not good justice and should be done away with. Talk about inequity! I’m astonished at how our country accepts practices that are beneath it!

    • I agree with you! There’s only so many crimes – all of which are covered under the basics: rape, assault, murder, fraud, and so on. A very short list that covers virtually everything. Special rules for special people make special problems for everybody.

  9. No it’s not just you. You are spot on, reporting on Black on White crimes do not exist. However is it is White on Black, all the race baiters’ (Sharpton, Jackson) would be commenting in a split second.

  10. I’m surprised that no one has noticed that a hate crime is only chargeable if you are committing a crime against a recognized minority. I have not read the law but based on my experience with federal employment it is a fact that there is no discrimination if you are not a member of a protected class. I would bet it is the same framework and regardless of whether the perpetrators are full of hatred they can’t be charged with a hate crime unless the victim is a minority.

    • Carrie, you are correct. Unless you are a member of a “recognized minority” you cannot file a suit for discrimination, nor can you claim that a “hate crime” was committed against you. White males who are straight have no standing in our society.

      As for Chris Lane, perhaps he’d be getting more media attention if his parents hired a rabble-rousing civil rights attorney who is a personal friend of Obama’s and Eric Holder’s the way old Trayvon’s parents did so they could cash in on his death. Maybe, but I doubt it.

  11. Yes it is noticed by many people Unfortunately, as a white male I will be chastised by the left suggesting I am a racist. Sadly, it always plays out with the same result.

  12. Holder probably gave them the guns anyway, they where no doubt bored because they were not able to rob anyone of their I Pads or smartphone, eimagine being only able to own a free Obamaphone and how their fellow thugs must have looked down on them. This country started blaming everyone else after “West Side Story” Remember the spic statement song “Hey I’m depraved because I am deprived” The media and Islamaobama and Gay arse Holder are partly to blame as well for ordering the media to stop reporting minority outrages.

  13. No, you are most definitely not the only one who recognizes the arrogant hypocrisy. Thank you however, for this post pointing it out. Maybe, just maybe, it will open at least 1 person’s eyes and make a difference.

  14. According to Obama, Trayvon could have been his son. Have you ever heard him say the same thing about any of our troops killed in our conflicts overseas?

  15. No you are not, and I always feel betrayed by the media, they are untruthful and prejudiced . their main focus is to sell papers, but thank God we have other sources of information. The same coverage was given Rodney King, but very little was said about Reginald ( the white truck driver who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time) he was beaten and left permanently damaged, by young black men because he was white I guess. Is that any different than killing a black man because he is black?

  16. I feel betrayed by the media on both sides. Yes, they ignore the race in these killings, and then they ignore the racism experienced by Richard Sherman after his emoting to Erin Andrews in that famous interview right after the Sea Hawks won the game to get into the Super Bowl.

    How selective!

    It makes me want to scream! Why, oh why, can they not be even handed?

  17. The media is racist, period. They want black people to feel like victims, and they assume that all minorities come from poor neighborhoods and broken homes. Had George Zimmerman not come from an affluent family, they wouldn’t have called him white, they would have called him Latino, and it wouldn’t have gotten as much coverage. Then you have Roderick Scott who commits the exact same crime on a Caucasian thug and is acquitted; the media was silent for that, too. I’ve brought it up before to a few guilty white liberals (feelin’ guilty that they’re white), and they basically proved how brainwashed society is from this bigoted media coverage.

    • Yr soo right Kami Killdren..the biggest racist, crybaby so called victims are exclusively BLACK AND ONLY BLACK,,NO OTHER RACE CAN CRY WOLF AND BE EXCUSED FOR THEIR RACIST BEHAVIOR BUT THE NIGGRO !!

  18. A minority kills or attacks a white , well , it was just a robbery ., not a hate crime . Black ministers scream over black on black crime , and you idiots allow it …so , Im to say these good Christian men are okay with black on white crime . They prey , but I do to .

  19. There was a ton of media coverage on these cases! You are an ass if you think what happened with the kid getting killed. Your problem is you think you are relevant. You say these crazy things about the president and black people. I guess you think the right wing likes you because all you do is slam black people.

    • There was/is nowhere near the coverage that the TM case had….and btw did you notice how white people didn’t riot when OJ was acquitted? Most crime in the US is committed by blacks (read your newspapers….which happen to be predominantly left-leaning)…so it is okay for any person of any ethnicity to comment on the offenders.
      You are seriously delusional. And btw, you’re welcome for the freedom to spout off you unintelligent opinions as both Allen West and I are war veterans….what have you done with YOUR life?

    • Louise, you are an idiot. He does not slam anybody. He mentions the truth. Being a White Guilt liberal, truth is not your strong suit. The true racists are the Democrats.

      • you are right,,they are and have been since blacks were being used for slaves …and to mention slaves they were owned by black people before whites started using people had black slaves and still do in Africa

    • Ton of media? When nancy grace and the rest of the a-holes at CNN cover either of these black on white murders 24/7 the way they did the trayvon martin case, I will consider your bullshit point of view. I wonder if the alternative media hadn’t shown a busted nose, bloody headed Zimmerman would you even know he got his ass kicked?

    • Please tell us, what crazy things does the colonel say about barrack and black people. Do you have any crazy examples?

    • Louise apparently has blinders on. The media picks and chooses the stories they wish to cover. To think other wise is just wrong. I don’t know any of the names of these boys but Trayvon and Zimmerman are household names.

    • I like Mr West because he is fair and truthful ..most people that say bad things about him is because he is talking about the truth that they don’t want to hear and they don’t want to see for their own reasons..right is right…as obama hitler says…PERIOD…

  20. As a general rule, if a violent crime is committed and the perpetrator’s race is not mentioned, he is not white. If a political scandal erupts and the political party is not mentioned, the party affiliation is not Republican. But I thank you Lt. Col. West for inducing a conversation on this matter. In this “land of the free,” conservatives of Anglo descent are feeling less free every day to speak freely (whether we are right or wrong is not the point). Thank you for your continued leadership – you’re a great role model.

    • that’s right, we’re all less free, forget separate but equal, no-one drinks from drinking fountains anymore. think I heard it would have been Rosa Parks 100th birthday. not such ancient history. the Natives probably won’t let the whiteys forget about those tainted blankets and broken treaties either.

  21. Why do you act so surprised about the hypocrisy Col. West? This is how the MSM always reports the news. That’s why I watch Fox News.

  22. I live in Duncan Oklahoma, and I know most of these boys. You tend to get to know kids when they are trouble makers. James has been asked to leave almost every place in town and never come back. Bored? I’m sure he was, he had nothing better to do than to get into trouble. BUT it was caused by his own fault. He could have had things to do in our town, if he would not have caused so many fights. In this and most cases I blame these parents, I had a child that was not all that easy to raise, and he pushed me, he has bipolar, but I kept him in line and out of trouble. It can be done. Michael used to be a good kid, until he got with this group of kids, then he got into the drugs and it just went downhill from there. But the fact is this, there was only one child that didn’t have anything to do,( so to speak) the others could have done anything else that day. My hope is that they pay dearly for what they have done, Chris lost his life for nothing. As for Eric Holder getting involved, I think he would have as would have Al Sharpton if all these boys had been black, but Michael is white, and they didn’t want to stand up for white boy.

    • So they did cover equally? When were Chris Lane’s parents on the view? dr phil?
      Why wasn’t the killer’s rant about hating Whites relevant?
      No where near equal. Remember Antonio, the baby who was shot between the eyes.
      Also barely covered by the media.

      • I didn’t say they covered it equally, I said if they had all been black kids, and they are not, then Eric Holder and Al Sharpton would have been all over this taking up for them. And yes James said he hates whites, however he was with a white boy, BUT it is relevant and will be used in court, and isn’t that where it really matters? Trust me I hope these boys NEVER see the light of day again.

      • I am still trying to figure out which one is the “White Boy”. I see two black children and one that looks Mixed race. If he is white, 100 Percent completely white, that picture is sure dark.

        I am not being a Smart alick or an idiot, and I wish these boys would fry for what they did. People just keep saying he is White and I don’t see White like Me, I see mixed.

  23. Mr Allen West and who ever else reads this…. the outrage about Trayvon Martin started because they did not arrest the perpetrator after the crime was committed and there was no investigation of the shooting of an unarmed boy. It seems to me these guys were arrested, after an investigation!! Race was mentioned with Trayvon because blacks have been getting killed with out punitive actions for years and yes black on black crime as well. If these guys do not go to jail then you can compare it to Trayvon Martin. You are such a sell out!!

    • The Trayvon Martin story was made up out of whole cloth. If you want to educate yourself, check out the videos at pokerfacedtodd or YT, especially the ones about the step-mother and the father’s girlfiend.

    • Allen West wants you to call him a sellout or an Uncle-Tom. That will make more white people buy his book. That’s also how his supporters will discredit your arguments and that’s why they expect. Why would he publish that on the same day he published an article about black history month.

      • Are you having reading comprehension problems today, or did you simply miss “Today those charged with his shooting death are due in court”? And it is Black History month.

      • Sir you are way off base. I take it that you do not know LTC West (USA, ret,). I never had he pleasure of serving with him but have friends that did. The only color Allen West sees in o.d. green as we ALL bleed red on the battlefield. The fact that he is black and a conservative seems to scare those filled with hate and bias, but he speaks the truth and that hurts many that do not want to accept reality. True that O.J. walked because the police force planted evidence but he still killed two, though I can accept the boyfriend’s death as being at the wrong place at the wrong time with another man’s wife… In Texas, I am guessing that more than likely there would have been no charge against O.J. for the death of Ron Goldman… Trayvon Martin was a young thug that took a fist to a gun fight. Blacks ALL over the U.S. were outraged as they wrongfully assumed Zimmerman was white; his mother is Latino so with that misplaced logic then Obama is white as well, so when he goes publicly to support T. Martin, the odds are if he had a son that son would have similar sin color as Zimmerman! Now, Zimmerman is an idiot and a want-to-be cop that couldn’t cut it. However, being an idiot does not make you guilty of murder when the evidenced showed that Trayvon was the aggressor and f^*#ed up by attacking someone that was carrying a weapon… Sad that Martin’s young life was ended so early, but he made some poor choices as many Americans do daily. But what was wrong was race merchants like Rev Al and Jesse J. and then Eric Holder jumping all over the poor black teen race card when the truth is that Zimmerman had an initial pass as dad is a judge in the area; key though to American justice is there is no statute of limitations on a murder charge. The liberal authorities jumped all over the case without factual evidence and over-charged the case. Zimmerman being an idiot will come back to haunt him if he doesn’t clean up his act… And please refer to the Tawny Brawley case where Rev. Al had to pay damages for his role in that race farce and do you recall Jesse bad-mouthing Jews in NYC? Please know your subject before you spew hate… What are you another Spike Lee… who by the way will being paying out a large sum for wrongfully publishing an innocent white couple’s address as being that of Zimmerman’s parents; but again he roots for the Knicks so what do expect from losers… LTC West is an honorable man and a hell of a combat leader… Maybe he should run for Commander-In-Chief as h would be America’s true first black President!

      • Gheez where to start. I guess I should start by thanking for your service as I don’t know the first thing about being a soldier. That being said Zimmerman was acquited by a jury of his peers, that’s going to have to be good enough for the time being. But just like OJ he still killed one person. Second thing is Zimmerman IS white. Latino is not a race but a culture and the common bond of that culture is the Spanish language. There are Latinos of every shades of every color from Spain to the Dominican-Republic. Third Al Sharpton and Allen West are the same kind of race merchants, they just have a different clientele. And yes Spike Lee was dumb to publish that couple’s address. Finally there was no case in Trayvon’s death because there was virtually no investigation. No canvass of neighborhood, no one checked his cellphone, comptetent police would have known the shooting victim was one the phone with someone before even questionning Zimmerman.

      • All the facts and evidence in Trayvons death was against Trayvon. Why do you think Sybrina hasn’t filed a civil suit yet… All the evidence that was suppressed and not allowed in the trial would be allowed in the civil suit and Sybrina doesn’t want that. this means that all the text messages in Trayvon’s phone about drugs and gun buying would be allowed in. further, they would have to investigate who tried erasing Trayvons phone information after they had it in police custody/evidence. They would also question where Tracy Martin really was on the night of Trayvons death, Trayvons step brother chad would again be questioned because he was not home as they claimed he was.. Trayvon assaulted the bus driver on the way to see his dad and that evidence wasn’t allowed in trial. Trayvon purchased blunts at the 7-11 the night of his death and it was caught on video and that wasn’t allowed in the trial ( you can see this on Youtube). Sybrina the proclaimed Mother of the Year by the black community gave up trayvon at 2 years old to be raised by Alicia who was Tracy Martin’s girl friend. when Trayvon came back to live with Sybrina at 16 years old she kicked him out of the house about a month before his death as he was living with his uncle. I could go on and on… Sybrina will not file civil suit because once the truth comes out she will be sued by every one who donated money to the fraud Trayvon Martin foundation.

    • Well, we know that the O.J. Simpson jury didn’t sell out. They let a murderer go knowing damn well that he killed his wife and the waiter friend for one reason only, he was black. You are pathetic if you think a person is a sellout for seeing the truth and standing up for it, regardless of racial preference.

    • Trayvon wasn’t killed because George Zimmerman was bored you a$$!! He shot him because he felt he had no choice since his head was being slammed repeatedly into the sidewalk. And trayvon wasn’t some innocent teenager who never did anything to anyone! Hate crimes have been perpetrated against whites, Asians, and others for years. Only recently has those been classified as hate crimes against non blacks and still black on white crimes are listed as only crimes of opportunity. Early 2000, new York black man caught killing white women around subways and when questioned his response was he wanted to see what it felt like to kill some white folk. Still no hate crime. If you don’t apply the law equally then what use is it. I say chargethem and give them the chair like everyone else. Want more… Rodney king… What happened to him was wrong and those involved should have face the consequences of their actions but what about Reginald Denny… How did he deserve being g pulled out of his truck beaten and left for dead!?? He didn’t do anything wrong, didn’t even confront his attackers. Who were vividly caught on video enjoying themselves beating him. No outrage, NO RIOTS, NO PROTESTS! Want more… The latest “knock out game” no out cry of hate crime while it was blacks doing it to whites but the moment that a white guy does it to a black man … OH MY GOOD LORD!!!! HATE CRIME HATE CRIME!!! YOU POINT YOUR FINGER AND CRY RACISM AND YOU AND YOURS ARE THE VERY RACIST THAT ARE KEEPING THE CYCLE GOING!!! Col West isn’t the sellout!!! You are just a bigoted racist scum no better than the kkk or the black panthers!!!!

      • White people with your attitude must just fear black men..and with Trayvon’s case…boys. If a white guy follows a black guy….he is protecting the neighborhood,..but if it was a black guy following someone…oh he is about to rob them. Zimmerman was following him in a car and Trayvon was walking. If you followed me and got out of your car…I would beat your ass too!!l

      • Go back and reread the facts in the case. Stick to the facts rather than recreating them how you see them. I know that is the liberal mindset to recreate reality in your own eyes. This isn’t how things happened. He also was not a vigilante but employed as a neighborhood watch security guard.

      • No white people dont “fear” black men or boys just dont like it when they do follow them to rob them or carjack them or worry if so e other kind of violent crime is about to happen. Unfortunately national statistics show exactly what you are claiming … a incredibly high rate of violent crimes committed by blacks. It is very unfortunate that it is like that. You blame all your woes on the white man and take no responsibility for your own. When you have a man ( notice I said MAN ) like Col West trying to lead you by example, you mock him and call him names. I try to teach my kids to look past it all at the person as in the man or the women not by their color or look. How many times a day do you tell yours how its the white mans fault or how many times a week. As for Trayvon, there were over 400 calls to that area during that year for problems(and no not because of him) and like 8 or 9 in the week or so leading up to that incident. Matter of fact I do believe it was just days before when zimmerman called in a report on a black man in and around homes that the families were gone. And low and behold the police catch the black man with stolen property from those homes. So it wasnt like crime was non existent. Its people like you, sharpton and jackson who are causing the most harm to your cause. Col. West leads by example, not standing out on the corner of the hood tomorrow, but trying hard to do the right thing. Quit being part of the problem and be part of the solution. Dont bethe sheep being lead by racist people. Be the one leading the sheep away from those in your own community who are keeping that same circle going that you are point your finger at everyone else at and crying wolf!

      • White people don’t fear Black men in a one on one physical confrontation or stand off.. White people fear black men in being shot and jumped by 4 or more black men sense… blacks never attack one on one, they always attack in packs. so you tell me who fears who…

    • What about the case with the military veteran? I think the other point to make out is what they are being charged with? In some instances when it is white on black they call it a hate crime. When it is black on white, have they ever categorized it as a hate crime, no. Now why is that?
      I can understand the initial range of emotions because as you say there was no investigation at the beginning. But what accounts for the media coverage of the events and the comments from the community. Who was it that went so far as trying to give out the address of the ZImmermans? That was after the initial reaction.
      Why does it seem that liberals want to continue to fan the flames of hatred and racial divides. And don’t talk to me about not understanding the issues about racism. I work overseas and experience racism on a weekly basis.

    • Wrong! There was a police investigation, interviews and under Florida law, Zimmerman wasn’t arrested. The trial proved that the police should have never have charged Zimmerman in the first place.

  24. Is Colonel West using the proverbial race card here? Say it aint so Joe. You can’t be doing what you decry from black liberals that would be hypocrisie.

    • He is focusing on the hypocrisy of the media not on the law. In your opinion was / is is the media coverage different? Why is that?

      • What do you expect the police to do when TM had no ID, didn’t live in the area and his “father” was missing in action. How would you have named TM under those circumstances?

      • Canvass the area, callback the last caller on his phone. You know, police work. His father was a block away I don’t get the reason of the quotation marks.

      • Do you honestly not know any of the facts of the case. The phone was locked. the police had no access. Further, how does a father make a statement to police officers the morning he found out Trayvon had died that he expected trayvon to be in custody or juvenille detention? These are factual statements made on record by Tracy Martin that was not allowed in the trial but would be allowed in the civil suit.

      • The police canvassed the area. The phone was locked. His “father” was out of town at a convention in Orlando. The quotation marks “father” was to note that he was barely nothing more than a sperm donor in his son’s life.
        You really don’t know much about this case do you?

      • No, Zimmerman should never have been charged in the first place. It was the race baiters along with the agenda prone media with their incompetence that created that circus.

      • No, he resigned due to racist extremists. Now that the facts have been out since July 2013, there hasn’t been any wrong doing by the Sanford PD proven. If you lived in Florida and have studied Florida statutes concerning self defense, you wouldn’t be posting ridicules unproven assertions.

      • Vlad99…. the trial only reinforced what the police said all along and that it was a justifiable defense killing. All the blacks that support Trayvon did not even watch the trial and have no clue of the evidence. Ask any black about Trayvon and they still claim Zimmerman was told to stay in the vehicle and that is wrong and false…

      • Yes, I suggest you listen to the non-edited 911 tape and you will hear all the truths about what was really said that the black media continue to lie about. Zimmerman was never told to stay in his vehicle. go listen to the 911 tapes and get back to me…

      • Seriously dude Zimmerman was acquited by a jury of his peers. I don’t really have the stomach anymore to retry that case. So.. whatever.

      • trayvon martin should have been in jail. He was suspended for possession of stolen property. They chose not to charge him. He was suspended for possession of illegals drugs, Again they did not charge him. His dad took him up to that town to his girlfriends house to get him away from the people he ran with. Why was Zimmerman on patrol? A rash of break-ins in the area, which coincidentally coincided with martins arrival in the area. This kid was a problem. Obama has ordered schools to stop disciplining black kids, this is what happens when they obey

      • Maybe he should have bee in jail but he did not deserve a death sentence. Only a police officer can be on patrol Zimmerman was going to Wal-Mart with a loaded gun. When you let schools discipline your kids I will let them discipline mine. Grab your gun go take care of every black problem child in America.

      • Only a police officer can be on patrol. Whatever Trayvon did he did not deserve a death sentence. Even if he did it wasn’t up to Zimmerman to give it. How about you grab your gun and go take care of every problem child in the US.

  25. This lack of attention is identical to so many other cases.. I am so tired of the media telling us what they want us to know and how we should think. I’m surprised what they did report wasn’t filled with the normal BS about how the three were deprived, society failed them, they never had a chance – nowhere will you find the media calling it like it is – murdering thugs… There needs to be some frontier justice administered to some of these punks..It might not deter any others of their ilk – but it would damn sure cut the recidivism rate !!!!!!!

  26. Should we ” the white people”, closed the eyes to all the crimes committed by blacks, just because they are blacks? In the month after the policy was ruled unconstitutional shootings spiked nearly 13 per cent while gun seizures fell almost a fifth, the figures show. In the 28 days up to September 8 there were 140 shootings across the city, compared with 124 over the same period last year, according to NYPD statistics. The Socialists/Communists knows best how to combats crime, but only if they’re committed by the “Whites”

      • I’m sure they’re all nnocent. And I bet the one white kid in this case gets off scott free. Don’t you? Pshh!

      • Michael Jones is white. The other two boys are black, don’t know why you think any different but that is the truth.

      • They get convicted of more crimes proportionately. No one knows who commit the unsolved crimes. Well maybe you do.

      • There are more blacks who commit crimes than whites or Hispanics/ Asians……….because it’s the only way they think they can get what they want. Kind of like a ransom…… give me what I want……..and I’ll let you have what you want. They also could care less about others as well as themselves. Have you ever watched a gang member stay behind with another who’s been stabbed and needed to go to the hospital………..rarely to almost never. Why………because they don’t care. A few movie actors/actresses and famous music icons are just the same………….all they want is to be rich and famous………… in turn……..they do whatever it takes to get that. Even if it means…….doing evil deeds.

      • I grew up with gang members. Some had to hit the corner at 10 years old because it’s the only way they could eat. It’s not like in the movies.

  27. And this is why we carry guns. When an animals like these have you in their sights, you better plan on shooting first. You’re not going to have time to call the cops…only beg for mercy on your knees while they laugh and execute you due to their “boredom”.

  28. we all notice but the liberals think it is the right thing to do. This is why I do not read MSNBC or any of the other liberal news they put out.

  29. It is quite simple to the minds of liberals and the media, racism flows in only one direction, so there is no such thing as reverse discrimination. This occurs within the job market as well for some jobs. If the hiring / interviewing supervisors are Hispanic, chances are you’re not the one they are going to hire when the other two they are interviewing are Hispanic as well.

    • “reverse discrimination?” discrimination is just that, it doesn’t quantify reverse, forward, sideways or with a twist of lime. they need to see wrong is just wrong.

      • the phrase, “reverse discrimination”, was not coined by me. It is just another way of referring to the occurrence of when whites are discriminated against. You are right, discrimination is discrimination, but liberals and media don’t care to see or report when certain racists are discriminated against.
        Reminds me of the phobia that use to exist with reporting spousal abuse when it was the husband being physically abused.

  30. It’s all a sign of the time. Those who have control of what we see and watch based upon their political beliefs. It’s all about the promoting of racism, homosexuality, lesbianism, immorality, perversion, diseases, sexual crimes, hatred. anti Christian,, murderers, violence, theft, Satanism, cults, drugs, one sided politics, judgment of others, inferiority, superiority, dishonesty, pedophile’s, lack of pride, lack of intelligence, uniformed, being lied too, lack of patriotism, and no respect!

  31. It’s high time this race hoopla was put to rest in the United States. The U.S. was not the last country in the Americas to abolish slavery, and there are countries around the world that didn’t make slavery illegal until the 20th century.

    We have African Americans, Italian Americans, Latino Americans; why do you not hear of Irish Mexicans, African Mexicans, French Jamaicans, African Brazilians, African Cubans, Latino Argentinians, American Liberians, etc, etc. Let’s drop the qualifiers and just be USAmericans.

    The media has played a major role in keeping racial dissension alive and creating it if none exists. Our media has deteriorated to hyping anything from celebrity gossip to sporting events way beyond its importance. Other than chicken little reactions, they won’t tackle the real serious stories and issues.

    Race is much more a factor in liberal minds and the liberal media because they won’t delve into the real problems. They won’t look into the reasons people are killing each other with little regard for human life. they won’t call attention to the fact that our country is looking more and more like the Soviet Union, Germany or other totalitarian regimes.

    We have a majority of white voters in this area, but our Texas State Representative Jim White won by a wide majority, and everybody is very happy with him. I’ve never heard anybody mention or even care about his race, just the great job he is doing representing everybody in this area.

    I wish we had more people in Washington representing the people and respecting the U.S. Constitution.

    • well said….there are a lot of people which need to grow up and really put this hate behind us. Typically a good President will set the tone for this, get along attitude and encourage personal development towards a better understanding of all people. This President is hell bent to destroy this country and convert it into his socialist experiment.

      • until there is a fair base that everyone starts from- health care, nutrition, education- We will always be at each other’s throats- one brother will always be held down by the other- whether it’s based on ‘race’, economics, gender, skin color, nationality, religion or whatever. so while the 1% keep the rest from having the basics, the 99% just keep robbing, begging, & murdering each other over the scraps.

  32. When asked about this, Sharpton said there was no need for protests because the justice system worked, yet this ignores the basic issue.

    According to the DOJ Bureau of Justice Statistics report, “Homicide Trends in the United States, 1980-2008,” the homicide victimization rate for blacks in 2008 was 19.6 homicides per 100,000 – 6 times higher than the rate for whites (3.3 homicides per 100,000), and the offending rate for blacks was 24.7 offenders per 100,000 – 7 times higher than the rate for whites (3.4 offenders per 100,000). 93% of black victims were killed by other blacks (7% killed by members of other races), while 84% of white victims were killed by whites (16% killed by members of other races). According to the report, white on black homicides accounted for approximately 4% of black homicides, while black on white homicides accounted for nearly 12% of white homicides. Using the logic Sharpton and Jackson regularly employ, the evidence given in this report is counter-intuitive; since whites outnumber blacks significantly, the incidence of white on black homicides (assuming that whites are inherently ambivalent towards blacks and are always on the prowl for opportunities to exercise their Stand Your Ground rights against black victims) should be correspondingly HIGHER, yet the objective data clearly demonstrate that this is not the case. In fact, it is significantly lower, demonstrating that whites are NOT looking for opportunities to victimize blacks.

    It is this very disparity in victimization rates that makes the statistically rare occurrence of white on black homicide such a troubling reality for Jackson and Sharpton – it simply doesn’t comport with their assumptions. Instead of using their time looking for such rare occurrences and then trying to pass them off as evidence that white folk are out to get blacks, they need to take a close look at what the objective data have to tell them about life in so many black communities – and then use their energies to find ways to change that reality.

    • ez, they know the numbers just like you do. They do NOT want to change it. Where would Jessie and Al be without the promotion of hate.

  33. I have a problem with this article-and it comes from a word in the first line in the second paragraph. They should have used quotation marks around the word progressive. I have seen nothing that we can consider progress from the media!

  34. Doesn’t matter what your race is if you attack or threaten somebody or their family a bullet is what you get and deserve!!! 2nd Amendment all the way stand your ground #new America # country is a disgrace# vets in charge

      • or Bush….as long as you never accept any responsibility…Reminds me of obama and hillary..always some elses fault

      • The ones complaining of religious persecution are definetly christian. Why do you assume I have a chip on my shoulder?

      • nothing in this story said anything about religious persecution ,and if they are truthful its not complaining its pointing out facts ,and I didn’t assume anything your post made it clear .(WHITE Christian males & cry me a river ) you seem to have left out the coalition of Black southern Baptist, and other African-American religious leader that pointed out the same thing on many other interviews

      • Ok I’ll pretend there’s not a whole industry of christian grievences being peddled in those same media and remove christian. Deal?

    • Nah, Vlad, those owners are probably not Christian…they are Socialist like our current government is leaning. Socialist who want two categories of citizens….the poor and the very wealthy….no middle class. That way they can rule the poor and continue their privileged lives.

    • Are YOU serious? WHY are you making an off-hand racist comment? A black man should be the very last to do so! That innocent man did not deserve to be killed – whether his skin was white, black, brown, or yellow! EVERYONE deserves respect.

      • Nothing in my post was referring to this young man getting killed. Anyone with half a brain knows it is a senseless crime. His killers are going to jail but West is complaining how white males don’t get coverage. It’s horseshit. Cry me a effing river.

  35. The founders saw it as essential that a free press be OUR watchdog on government and responsible only to the people. But today that same press (we call “media”) is more than content to let us roll our eyes and wail about them booting that ball and instead doing the bidding of big government AGAINST us. So, when do we get fed up enough to do more than roll our eyes and wail? When do we admit to ourselves that…

  36. The liberal ass socialist media is like having a domestic terrorist in your ear all the time. Between all the news networks and the UN along with the socialist democratic party we are assure the mutual destruction of the U S of A. We need no enemies, we have them all living right here.

  37. I have to admit, this story doesn’t bother me in the least. I spent my formative years in a neighborhood where I was the only paleface and routinely came home with bumps and bruises, a couple of broken ribs, a couple of concussions, once had to talk my way out of getting shot in the head, had guys I thought were my friends join the crew that was beating me up. But so what? We already know it happens. We don’t need the clowns called media to tell us.

    When a crime happens, and the perp was pale and the victim dark, that’s Eric Holder’s purview. We can’t expect him to jump on every crime. But there are some crimes committed by whites that I would like to know more about, like the Conrad Alvin Barrett case. 27 is a little late in life spend energy on a combat move like that without being paid.

    At least these perps are being brought to justice, likely by the State of OK.


  39. they have to Mr. West it wouldn’t help their agenda or be PC otherwise . and yes even the MSM knows it they and their viewers are just in denial of facts and truth

  40. Interesting, I’ve heard plenty about this story but the Colonel claims he hasn’t heard enough? So who’s to blame? The ‘Liberal Media’ that he despises? How about the network where his backside stews and belittles anything he doesn’t agree with, while the idiotto heads just nod along? It’s easy to ‘blame’ those that don’t agree with your views as being Liberal or progressive, or something else that spits off your tongue.

    But here’s a question for Mr. West; When our government was ground to a standstill (at the cost of $24 Billion dollars, and who’s going to pay that back?) and all Americas Federal employees were furloughed, we experienced a national salmonella outbreak. Virtually every network covered it for a week…..every network but one. That network was the one who was thrilled at the idea of all our food inspectors being out of work and their glorious Free Market was left to run on its own – or run amok. But let’s get back on-point:

    These three guys are going to spend the rest of their life in jail, maybe even pay for the life they took with their own – our justice system works pretty well and they will come to a reasonable decision.

    • As for the shut down:it takes two to compromise.That’s how politics works,give and take. Your glorious president wouldnt even meet with Republican leaders to discuss a solution. He knew he could blame the shut down on the a Republicans and flew off on another multimillion dollar vacation. He knew the brainwashed masses would buy it and blame the Relublicans. He was in a win / win situation and played you like a fine tuned fiddle.

    • thats funny Exitableboy8.. I follow all national news and I haven’t heard one thing since the incident occurred last year… Maybe by your ignorance you heard it only once and decided it was enough… but let me guess, you couldn’t get enough of the false narrative driven media coverage of Trayvon Martin…

      • Trayvon has nothing to do with the OK case. Nothing. All you can do is compare it to Trayvon because it advances your narrative, yet your premise is weak and almost incoherent.

        Like most adults when hearing something of importance all I need is to hear something once, however I’ve heard the OK story dozens of times. When there’s new information I want to hear that too. Are you saying that you need to hear something over and over before you comprehend it?

        PS, sorry for using big-people words. They must be hard for you to comprehend the first time around.

    • And nobody on any other networks stews or belittles anyone they disagree with? Please!!! And didn’t the President himself say that he refused to negotiate with the other side on any issue during the lead up to the shutdown which contributed to it? Yes he did! And I’m glad you said the system works pretty well and we can agree that it worked well in the Martin case as well! The question never was whether the “system” worked well or not, the question is how is it portrayed in the mainstream media? So, you’re either confused about things or you are deliberately clouding the issue! And to suggest that the Shutdown caused the outbreak is ridiculous and to say it was nation wide or a “crisis” is the misrepresentation of the facts we have grown to expect for the left! The fact is less than 300 people across 18 states (most of which occurred in California) were affected and of that number 43% required hospitalization during the shutdown. In 2009 while the Government under Obama was fully functional we also had a Salmonella outbreak that affected 22,500 and killed 9! What do you have to say about that?

      • Typical right wing low intelligence response. I never said the shutdown caused an outbreak, that’s your deliberate misrepresentation of my comment. I said the people in charge of monitoring and reacting were off the payroll courtesy of the Right’s stupidity. Are you suggesting that the 2009 outbreak was Obama’s fault? You probably are. By the way, an 18 state breakout is a National issue.

        And as far as the shutdown goes, don’t try to shift blame. This was 100% a tea party job. Your idea of negotiating is acquiescing. Another typical tea party idiot move.

        It’s time to grow up and back away from the whiners table. Lest ye forget Obama won TWO national election and he deserves to be able to govern like it. You’ve won what?

    • The idea of the sequestration was Obama’s. He is the person that thought it up. He had months to work with Congress on the budget problems but, chose not to.

      • Typical loser rewrite of reality. The President NEVER said he wanted a shutdown – you morons practically begged for it. Acquiescing is not negotiating and that’s all you know. Temper tantrums by not getting your way. Even my 2-year old learned the futility of that.

      • Typical loser liberal that can not handle the facts. Obama thought up the sequestration to get the debt ceiling raised months earlier. He never wants to negotiates. He only whines and blames someone else for his failures. He has never taken credit for his failures or lack of leadership.

      • Bob you need to bring more than this, otherwise it’s just Foxed Up News blather. Cruz, Lee, McConnell all pushed for a govt shutdown (of course now all three deny it). Congress has control of the public checkbook and told the President to do what they wanted or they were shutting down the Government. When the President refused to be taken hostage the republicans shut it down. There’s absolutely no discrepancy in this. The President does not have the authority to shut down the entire government – short of Marshall Law. However once the funding to run the government is halted the President makes the decision of what runs and what gets shut down. In this case virtually all aspects of government were defunded. Once the salmonella outbreak occurred the President opened the FDA under emergency control.

      • You did not dispute the fact that the sequestration was Pres. Obama’s idea and that he did no negotiating in the months between the debt ceiling being raised and the time the gov. shut down. So he is just as responsable if not more for the shut down!

      • Wow Bob, do I need to hit you over the head with a club? Let me be perfectly clear about this: The government shutdown was 100% orchestrated and caused by the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party. Boehner, Cantor, McConnell – they all went along with it. President Obama had no part in the shutdown beyond saying ‘I will not be taken hostage by the Petulant Party’.

        “Give me what I want or I’m shutting down the government” is not negotiation, it’s the act of children. Here’s exactly what happened in terms you might understand:

        Cruz: Give me what I want or I’m burning down your house.
        Obama: No

        Cruz: OK, Give me what I want or I’ll burn down the second floor.
        Obama: No.

        Cruz: Then give me what I want or I’ll burn down your shed.
        Obama: No.

        Cruz: See? He refuses to negotiate with me!!!!!!!

        Welcome to Republican politics.

  41. Actually there are two cases involving black people who were shot by white people for knocking on door asking for help. The media reported on the cases, but now only limited . Secondly a 68 y/o Marine vet was shot by a white cop when his medical braclet went off by mistake. Also, who is it the media only covers little white kids when they go missing . The only tine I hear about minority kids going missing is local.

    • Sorry Phianthropussy but the case involving the black man knocking on doors in the middle of the night asking for alleged “help” has a huge backstory than open/shut picture that you are trying to portray.. Not even close to the realm of the the shooting death of the white austrailain and beating death of the white military veteran… What are your thoughts on the the 2 black teenagers that just broke into a house and murdered a 51 year old white man or the the 3 blacks that broke into another house and beat to death an 80 year old white man.. Why is there no White violent flash mobs anywhere and only black? Why are 75+% of all homicide/violent deaths by blacks in a country when blacks only make up 13% of the entire population?

      • Hon , we could go back and forth quoting cases. What is the backstory with the black athlete knocking on a door ?
        Tge story was about the media. . West was cherry picking to prove his point , just like me .

      • I brought up 5 valid facts and you completely went the other way. As usual, all your side does is Deflect. West augment if the media is BS.

      • The story is about media hypocrisy . I listed cases to dispute that claim. BTW, West only mention the old vet’s case bec the 3 boys were being arraigned on that day. Have you heard him talk about that before?
        I make no accuse for any of those murders. It was awful and if found guilty they should go to jail. But I will admit, the Aus kids should have run faster. You didn’t address the black Marine vet that was shot by cops when his medical alert bracelets went off .
        Flash mobs are normally non violent . Sure you can find more violent ones, but you can find violent cases in little league baseball games, too.
        As for why blacks commit more crimes, I am not a socialist or a physiatrist . So you have to ask a ack person like Mr West. He’s a black and probably has a couple criminals in his family.

    • The media just went crazy the past several months non-stop constantly reporting the tragic story of the missing young black autistic boy in New York…..

    • Really, I get the Amber Alerts for missing kids, and they appear pretty equal to all races and genders, and there was tremendous national attention paid to an African American autistic child who couldn’t be found just recently, as well as a young girl. I think you’re not paying attention.

      • I’m sorry, but you are wrong about the equality in reporting missing children. Since you gave me no info on the autistic boy, I looked him up. There were a couple if cases, but thru were all local . I’m talking about national exposure. Like Jon Beneot, Cassis Anthony . Elizabeth Smart, Ayla Reynolds, Gabriel Johnson. Haleigh Cummings , and more. All little white kids.

      • One. You gave me one missing minority child. What about Ayla Reynolds , Haleigh Cummings, Lindsey Baum, Elizabeth Smart, Cassey Anthony, Madeleine McCann, and Natalee Holloway. In fact they are still talking about Holloway and McCann. All cute white kids. Can you prove me with more missing minority kids ,

  42. No Mr. West you are not the only one who sees the hypocrisy. The hypocrisy is designed to be very visible. It is designed to create racial tension and divide the people of this nation. And it works very well. I’ve often thought this might be the case but the Zimmerman trial proved it for me. When NBC played Zimmermans 911 call where stated this guy is up to no good … I think he’s black. They edited out the dispatchers question which was, what race is he, to make Zimmerman appear to be a racist. That type of yellow journalism gave rise to the standards of ethics that journalists are supposed to abide by when reporting information to the public. As for protestors, well just attempting to start a group for the benefit, or to ensure the rights of whites will bring liberals with pitchforks and torches looking for a tall tree to hang their short rope off of.

    • ‘to ensure the rights of whites will bring liberals with pitchforks and torches looking for a tall tree to hang their short rope off of.’- a deplorable, baiting analogy. strange fruit is not so distant for some of us.

  43. I wonder why Sybrina Fulton hasn’t filed a civil suit yet? could it be that she is afraid because if she files the civil suit then all the evidence that wasn’t allowed in the criminal trial regarding Trayvon’s criminal history and cell phone texts dealing with drugs and guns will be let in the trial for the world to see.. Not too mention that Sybrina and Tracy Martin will be shown to be liars and dead beat parents as Sybrina gave up Trayvon when he was 2 years old to be raised by another woman and when Trayvon came back to live with Sybrina she kicked him out of the house a month before his death.. Parents of the year will be exposed for liars and dead beats…

    • Jeff, Fulton settled privately with the homeowner’s association where the shooting occurred, for seven figures, before the trial even began. She got her payday. They raced to trademark ‘Justice For Trayvon’ before his funeral was even held so they could ask for money from anyone using the phrase, as well.

      • That is another valid point… The only reason that Sybrina and the Tryavon band wagoners wanted an arrest whether it was justified or not was so Sybrina could file a law suit against the Home Owners Association. Sybrina could not file a lawsuit unless an arrest was made and it did not matter if the arrest was justified, they just needed the arrest to get money….. Further, Sybrina made more money from her world wide Trayvon grievance tour begging for donations than she did from the HOA settlement,

      • I work as a federal agent and have a law background. Further I am white and my wife is black and I have a mixed son so Im not some crazy white pride or race baiter. The statement I made is common knowledge. Further, It was a strategic move by Sybrina and the lawyers to get an arrest at all costs and file a quick lawsuit against the HOA because they knew that their only chance for a lawsuit payday had to happen before the case went to criminal trial because they knew that as soon as the evidence would come out in the trial their suit against the HOA would fall apart. The HOA on the other hand settled early and relative cheaply because they did not know how the criminal trial was going to play out and it could have costed the HOA alot more money if a conviction had been rendered. The HOA was playing the odds settling early and cheaply for just over a million. Why do you think Sybrina and the lawyers settled for such a small amount in a wrongful death suit? they knew it wouldn’t hold up in court once the evidence and facts came out.

  44. It’s crazy to see you all go back and forth. Things have happened to both races and for some a longer period of time. The media will broadcast what’s trending and sensitive. To go back and forth about this is pointless and we will all have different views. I believe there has been a lot of injustice in our country but the only thing we can do is try to make it better by coming together. Absolutely no one is better than the other and we all have issues but just as people did when coming together with tragedy we face as a country we need to do that on daily basis. Open your minds to understand those that jave been raised to think blks are less because of a news story or theirs parents views. Also understand a person who has been raised with witnessing violence, drugs use, death, police brutally and what type of impact they may have on a person. Every one has a story…and one is not less than the other.

  45. Mr. West. You’re not the only one who sees the hypocrisy here, but you are the only one with stature who garners media attention and can speak for the rest of us.

  46. I don’t think that most Blacks realize that when Obama leaves office (if he is not impeached before then) it will be at least another 100 years before a black will ever be elected POTUS… Obama and Holder royally screwed the black community and they don’t even realize it… I have no issues with a black president as long as he is fair and impartial for all races which Obama/Holder are racists….

    • Although I agree with most of your statement I’d have to say there are a few individuals that I personally would vote for that happen to be black. The fact our current potus has developed a mentality of division and hate isn’t the fault of a whole race. I’d love to just get a competent leader in there. I don’t care if they’re black, white, brown, orange, green, or blue. I don’t even care if they’re man or woman. I just want an experienced, competent, leader in the office.

      • Please don’t get me wrong.. I also believe that there are many fair, educated and good Blacks in politics but it’s just unfortunate that Obama’s and Holder’s legacy will make it incredibly difficult for any other qualified black to succeed. They will unfairly suffer the blacklash of Obama’s failures as a person and President.

  47. Don’t forget your ol’ buddy: “”At least author Colin Flaherty is tackling this issue (of racial violence) in his new book, White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.“”

    — Allen West

  48. Colonel, Look into the murder of my friend MSgt David K. James (USAF Ret.). DJ was one of the best men I knew at SOCCENT. Murdered in front of his 8yo daughter. The murderer Trevor Dooley was using the Florida stand your ground law. No outrage for DJ’s murder, very little media attention, nothing nationwide. Happened in Valrico Fl 2010

  49. No you are not the only one who noticed; however am glad you steped forward to point it out; being white, and a veteran (retired) I would be shouted at for being a racist.Thank you Col West, proud to have served (not with you) with those of your stature; thank you for youor service.


  51. In these two cases, however, the police aren’t releasing much evidence before trial. That said, in both cases, the perps can’t get life without parole because of a controversial 2012 SCOTUS decision about which many may not know…Miller v. Alabama (which banned life without parole for minors). That already came into play in the murder of Colleen Ritzer (although few knew that SCOTUS was the one who forced Massachusetts’ hand there).

    When the trials start, and if there isn’t coverage at that time, then the issue of lack of coverage can be revisited. At this time though, there are much more important issues worth covering.

  52. Allen West – I commend you for speaking out on a controversial subject. Race is still a very tender subject in this country, and unfortunately the mainstream media tends to exploit that tenderness. The Trayvon Martin case is a murky one to the unbiased eye, and the evidence just simply wasn’t there – which makes the issue all the more heated. The Chris Lane case is open-and-shut. That may explain some of the lack of coverage. That said, the pure heinous and obvious racial motives behind the murder should have been met with more outrage on the part of Americans. It is a shame the media goes overkill on murky cases (albeit, deserving of the national eye), and glosses over the ones that actually depict more obvious racism.

  53. What’s even more disturbing is that two of three black murderers of the australian baseball player had anti-white hate propaganda on their social media profiles but yet the police quickly said it wasn’t a hate crime despite this. Funny how Zimmerman grew up with black children, tutored black children, went to prom with a black female, rallied for a homeless black man beaten by a policeman’s son and still he was called a racist and people claimed the trayvon death was racial with zero evidence other than Trayvon had used racial epithets to describe Zimmerman as state by Rachel Jentel. funny how this works.

    • When you are dealing with murder and the killer is a minor, there is no chargeable hate crime as there is nothing to which to upgrade the crime. The hate crime discussion would have been relevant if the killers were at least 18 as the punishment could have been elevated to capital punishment, but because they’re under 18, the maximum sentence possible is a minimum sentence to be determined by the judge (with a maximum of life)…it’s life with parole because of a 2012 U.S. Supreme Court decision (Miller v. Alabama).

  54. I am sorry you cany handle the truth being spoken. We all grew up with an opportunity to learn to reading writing except the coons refuse as they see english as a “THE white mans ways”,

  55. You are not the only one. There are many of us who see the hypocrisy. Unfortunately, the news media does not broadcast all sides of a story, or even the facts.

  56. A friend of mine posted this about this article:

    Ok…so we want to talk about media hypocrisy. Where is it? What else do they need to report? These knuckle heads were arrested, will be tried, and most assuredly be found guilty in the court of law. The real outrage in the Zimmerman case was garbage police work, and a media that made it into a race case. Zimmerman was never arrested until there was outrage, and protest. But we don’t talk about that. Let’s not be naive, the main reason why this was even news was because of the “stand your ground law”. Folks will bring up how blacks commit crimes against whites and then attempt to show a disparity in coverage. Are many so blinded that they think coverage is an issue…lets try this…JUSTICE. Justice was not served in the Martin case. Justice has not been served for Kendrick Johnson (how many know about that if not do some research). Justice has not been served for Alfred Wright..and the list goes on and on…btw where is the media for them?

    • you do realize the SYG law was not used as a defense before, during or after the trial in the Zimmerman case. Further, the trial and evidence only proved what the police initially stated and that was there was no evidence to arrest zimmerman. The outrage you speak of to arrest Zimmerman was only because Sybrina and the lawyers wanted to file a lawsuit against the HOA. Go back and look at all the statements Sybrina and the lawyers made stating that all they wanted was an arrest. They didn’t care if the arrest was justified, the arrest was needed as a basis to file the lawsuit to get money. There was no racial component in the Martin/Zimmerman encounter. Race was injected by Sybrina and the lawyers. IN regards to the knuckle heads you claim got arrested and will be tried so there is justice is pure BS…. two of the three murderers that were arrested had anti-white hate propaganda on thier social media profiles but yet their crime is not considered a hate crime? Zimmerman took a black woman to prom, lived with black children, rallied for a black homeless man that was beaten by a white policeman’s son, voted and canvassed for Obama but yet he was labeled a racist and a hate crime? WTF? the evidence in Martin case justified Zimmerman’s actions that night. There is ridiculous amounts of evidence against Trayvon that was not allowed in trial and still the evidence that was allowed still showed Zimmerman as innocent. Ruck1b, You are speaking out of your ass with absolutely no clue of what you are talking about. I guarantee I could ask you facts about the Martin Trial and you would not have a clue other than what you were told by the false narrative of the media. You probably believe the still untrue lie that Zimmerman was actually told not to get out of his vehicle. don’t you? lol

      • Did you actually read was was written or what you wanted to see. The key word my friend is Justice. Take of your blinders. People wont agree on the Martin case its that simple. It does not bear on my life, but the disparity of justice that is in or country does. Its funny that the only thing you dealt with was the Martin part. Martin was not the focus, the focus was the ridiculous notion of hypocrisy in the media. As was asked in the post, what else do you want them to report? Do you have the same disdain for the known and blatant hypocrisy in our justice system?

      • The blind hypocrisy that I see is how the media will refuse to post the race of blacks ( I refuse to say African-Americans as there is no such thing) in certain crimes like knockout game attacks which are specific racial targets in the attacks. Further, out of the hundreds of black on white knock out attacks none were considered hate crimes but the one White on black Knock out attack is considered a hate crime by the DOJ. Hypocrisy is all over the media, the justice system and Obama’s administration.

      • This has got to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard in my lifetime, and I have heard some dumb crap. Do you realize there are folks here from Africa that gained citizenship…hence African American. Also black is not a race, just like white is not a race. “Blacks” are Africans that lost their cultural identity because of hatred. Africa is a collection of countries, and many blacks will never know where they orginate. So all we can claim is Africa. The fact that you made such a outrageous claim doesn’t even make me want to deal with the rest of your gibberish. You have proven yourself incapable of rational thought.

      • Let me educate you a little bit. anyone that has emigrated to America and later became a US citizen giving up citizenship is by definition a hyphenated- American if they choose to be called that in America.. most people that have emigrated however are happy to American and now only claim American. Someone that was born in America is just an American. Do you see the difference. If you were born here you are just American… you are not African-American, Irish-American, Asian-American, etc….. Futher, President Roosevelt addressed this very situation on Oct 12, 1915 in New York when he unequivocally stated ““There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans, I do not refer to naturalized Americans.” You can read the rest here
        Most blacks that were born in America that incorrectly try to claim they are African-American have absolutely no clue about anything in Africa, they do not know territories or history. You have just proven yourself to be an uneducated uniformed idiot who doesn’t even know the difference of what a true hyphenated American is or what it entails. You have lost all credibility so I would just stop commenting if I were you. I am white and I know more factual black history than you do. how sad is that?

      • I will educate you.. there is no such thing as a hyphenated American. People that have emigrated to America and claimed citizenship here in the USA by legal definition is a African-American, Irish-American, Asian-American, etc.. but for someone that was born in America regardless of their ancestry or heritage they are American and only American not a hypenated American. President Roosevelt made this clear in his speech in 1915 that there is no such thing as a Hyphenated-American… you are either American or you are not… you should research some history. Here is a fun fact for ya.. not all blacks are of African ancestry as some are of Caribbean descent. Whites that have emigrated from South Africa are emigrated African-Americans by legal definition. Just because you have African ancestry when being born in America does not make you African-American. It is not a race issue or an ethnicity issue.. Its a nationality issue and if you are not happy being an American and just an American then leave. Whats even more funny is that most blacks that claim to be African-American or complain about slavery have no factual knowledge of their ancestry of slavery and have no knowledge of Africa. How sad is that this white man knows more about black history than you do?

      • You have not educated me. I fully understand not all blacks are from Africa. But then again many were brought to the Caribbeans.I fully understand that whites from Africa are African Americans. Let’s not be naive or feign ignorance. Your comment was pure foolishness. The fact is American isn’t an ethnicity. If you want to say that then we are all Spaniards. American speaks of citizenship not ethnicity. Just because you are an American does not mean that you disregard your origins. That’s like saying you have only a mother and no father or vice verse. Just because someone says something that sounds good and stirs the feel goodness inside of you does not make it true. You are American, but what is your ethnicity or will you pretend that you don’t have one?

      • No America is not an ethnicity but thats not the point Im making. the point Im making is that most of the blacks that were born here in America and claim they are African-American have absolutely zero knowledge of their ancestry, heritage, African history, slave history, and/or lack knowledge about anything Africa (political/history/people) but they are all quick to proclaim African-American. The term African-American wasn’t even coined or pushed until 1987-89. It’s a flavor of the moment in history to be called African-Amercian. You can be an American with an African heritage or descent , or an American with a Asian heritage etc.. but there is no African-American or Asian-American, etc…… Just like the one drop rule from the early 1900’s.. Blacks and whites fought so hard to remand and rid of that term but here in the present blacks and half white-blacks are now quick to embrace it and claim it. WTF? Blacks and many whites have fought such a long time for everyone to have equality and be considered equal and just as soon as we begin to reach this equality label the black community is quick to make it known to be different and seperate themsevles as African-Amercan instead of just American. It seems like the closer and harder everyone pushes for equality the farther the black community pushes away.

      • Why do you think Black have no knowledge. My friend you have just diminished your credibility with me. The only reason why blacks can only claim African is because they have no knowledge and wont ever have it because it was stolen from us. Now on to your equality statement. Fight for it when it come to the justice system then we can be on a decent path. Until then…you are just talking hot air.

      • What was stolen from you…? your own ancestors sold you in to slavery… Further, blacks have progressed far more as a people to an extent living in America far more than people in the African countries have. In reality blacks have benefited much more having left Africa..and nothing is stopping anyone from going back… further, I could go on the street and ask almost any black that claims they are African-American to tell me something about the country of Africa.. tell me anything factual about Africa and I would bet most would not have a clue… Knowledge isn’t stolen from you or blacks.. its laziness that prevents you or any black from learning the culture or true history… You can’t steal knowledge or take away education. its a losing argument my friend.

      • You do realize that your black African ancestors sold you in to slavery… so tell me what was stolen from blacks. Blacks have have benefited and progressed far more as a people living in America than the people remaining in the African countries. and you do realize that blacks can go back at any time, nothing is stopping any black from returning. Further, no one stole blacks ability to learn their history they just don’t bother to do so. I bet I could go on the street and ask most blacks who identify themselves as African-Americans to tell me something factual about African history or something about the countries/continent of Africa and they wouldn’t have a clue. Do you realize that everyone who lives in America immigrated or emmigrated at one point in time? only the native-americans are truly from the America continents. why do people who are considered white not feel the need to hyphenate their ancestry/ethinicity before American? we have no one claiming irish-american, spanish-american, or the catch all european-american, etc,,,, Whites have the same sense of pride and different ethnic backgrounds as blacks (african/carribeans) do. why do blacks feel the need to seperate themselves from every other American with hyphenated labels?

      • Here we go…I hope you realize that slavery isn’t an issue to me. The treatment of the slaves is another story. The fact that you fail to realize is despite being sold, that does not diminish in the slightest the horrors nor the fact that our culture was basically ripped away from us. What part of Africa can a black person go to, considering they don’t even know what tribe they were apart of. You are clueless, but think you have a clue. Take your time and read this. Black people’s cultural identity was stolen. You may not like this, but it is true. Consider this….blacks didn’t make the labels…whites did to separate themselves. Sadly ignorance like yours furthers divisions because you speak as if you have some type of clue. Wake up my friend. Despite being american we still have a cultural background. This can’t be avoided no matter how much we try to cover it up with we are American lingo. Of course we are Americans, but as stated before…American is not an ethnicity, but a citizenship.

      • Let me clear a few things up for you.. In regards to labels, In the past that my have been true that whites made the labels but in the present here and now the label making is from the black community which continues to try and seperate themselves from everyone else. As I said earlier that blacks want to seperate themselves with the label of African-American and not just American, etc.. that african-american label was started in 1987, very recent…. It’s obvious you didn’t even read or try to comprehend what I wrote earlier.. Every person, race, ethnicity that immigrated and/or emigrated to America has a cultural identity and unique ancestry just like blacks.. Blacks are not the only ones that are privy to a past culture and history… and this is where your ignorance and people like you continue the racial divide. Blacks think that their identity and history is somehow unique from every other race/ethnicity and its not as a majority of you still think you are owed something when everybody else had to work for what they earned. Not everybody came to this country willingly in the past as there were white, spanish slaves just as there were black slaves. Anyway, You claim you couldn’t go back to Africa because you wouldn’t know what tribe your from but it’s the same thing if a white went back to wherever they were originally from trying to determine thier family tree/ancestry…. but what difference would it make if you knew what tribe you were from or not as you would still be back in your own culture and be able establish new roots just like if a white went back to Ireland not knowing their ancestry they would still reestablish new roots. You keep claiming the black culture and identity was stolen? What was stolen, what was ripped away, why can’t you get it back or resume whatever it is you think you lost? Why can’t you bridge a gap from the present to the past? Listen, It’s a great privilege being a part of something bigger such as being an American citizen(nationality) that encompasses all walks of life equally but still being able and allowed to stay true to your culture and roots. Name one other country where you have this kind of freedom and opportunities. ps… I know a lot more about black culture and history than you give me credit for as I am married to a black woman and have a biracial mixed son.

      • Let me clear a few things up for you.. In regards to labels, In the past that my have been true that whites made the labels but in the present here and now the label making is from the black community which continues to try and seperate themselves from everyone else. As I said earlier that blacks want to seperate themselves with the label of African-American and not just American, etc.. that african-american label was started in 1987, very recent…. It’s obvious you didn’t even read or try to comprehend what I wrote earlier.. Every person, race, ethnicity that immigrated and/or emigrated to America has a cultural identity and unique ancestry just like blacks.. Blacks are not the only ones that are privy to a past culture and history… and this is where your ignorance and people like you continue the racial divide. Blacks think that their identity and history is somehow unique from every other race/ethnicity and its not as a majority of you still think you are owed something when everybody else had to work for what they earned. Not everybody came to this country willingly in the past as there were white, spanish slaves just as there were black slaves. Anyway, You claim you couldn’t go back to Africa because you wouldn’t know what tribe your from but it’s the same thing if a white went back to wherever they were originally from trying to determine thier family tree/ancestry…. but what difference would it make if you knew what tribe you were from or not as you would still be back in your own culture and be able establish new roots just like if a white went back to Ireland not knowing their ancestry they would still reestablish new roots. You keep claiming the black culture and identity was stolen? What was stolen, what was ripped away, why can’t you get it back or resume whatever it is you think you lost? Why can’t you bridge a gap from the present to the past? Listen, It’s a great privilege being a part of something bigger such as being an American citizen(nationality) that encompasses all walks of life equally but still being able and allowed to stay true to your culture and roots. Name one other country where you have this kind of freedom and opportunities.

      • I think you have misconstrued my points and frankly I believe you just don’t want to admit you are incorrect. Better yet you would rather remain in your ignorance. Here is the issue as simply as I can express it for you. Black American’s can’t trace their roots. As I stated we come for a continent that is has numerous countries. I will never know what actual country my ancestors originate because those that oppressed blacks made sure to rid us of this cultural identity. Whites, cannot make the same claim. You can at the very least trace your lineage back to a country. This is done easily through asking previous generations.

        Also the fact is labels to exist, take off those rose colored glasses my friend. The fact is the very papers you fill out express this. Not one paper I have filled out have are you American on it. Of course I’m American, but our own government testifies against your point. You are also bringing up strawmans. No one is talking about the freedoms and opportunities that are in America. But if you really want to talk about that, then these freedoms are not even that old to Black Americans. Let me sum it up for you. Your point of African American not existing is silly. You have yet to prove this point. Everything else you have stated is just sideline mumbo jumbo. Your point has been disproven. At the very least admit that you misspoke.

      • first you choose to ignore obvious facts. Not all white and other races of people came here on there own as some were brought here as slaves just as blacks were. Further, You contradict yourself by the very point you try to make in regards to your claim of being African-American. You make it very clear in your arguments that being American is a citizenship not a race/ethnicity which is true but then you try to state your case as to why African-American is a valid representation of what blacks in America are. Think about that point and ponder it for awhile and if you are smart you will see how foolish and contradicting you sound. African-American was only started recently (back in 1987-89 timeframe) so there is no rich history to support why that term is justified nor it’s meaning. Ethnic descriptions used in hyphenation with ”American” are only used for immigrants or first-generation Americans. If you emigrated here and became a citizen then you are a “blank”-American. Further, you keep up with this rhetoric about culture and history was ripped from you but then you turn around and claim that you don’t even know what tribe or your ancestors are so how can you still claim that anything was ripped away and taken when you have absolutley no knowledge or clue of what you supposedly once had that you keep complaining about. It’s the same thing when blacks claim that they their supposed slave ancestors worked in the cotton field with absolultely no proof of what their ancestors actually did. For all they know thier ancestors could have been house servants or whatever else and not all slaves were abused and tortured. It’s amazing how you speak so confidently in generalities as things being fact when you readily admit in your own statements that you don’t know.

      • You have proven that you have a difficult time at comprehension. Your argument against it based off of what. Being an American. Again, you admit that being an American is not an ethnicity…so what are you arguing against again? You are just giving strawman arguments. Try that with someone else my friend.

      • LMAO.. I think it is you that has the reading comprehension. You are making and continuing an argument that you yourself have no answers to. It has nothing to do with being an American as the point is that there is no such thing as an African-American unless you emigrated or are a first generation. what can’t you comprehend. You talk as if the term African-American has some deep rooted meaning that truly identifies what a black a person really is but the fact that African-American was only coined and began in 1987 proves otherwise. You argue that this and that was stolen from blacks but you have no knowledge of who your ancestors actually were so how can you possibly claim anything was stolen and your way of life destroyed if you don’t even know where you truly come from. You could be from the Caribbean or Haiti or somewhere else other than Africa for all you know. Further, not every non-black that was brought here as a slave or an indentured servant can trace their roots as you so easily claim through their ancestry. The black man’s plight is not unique to anyone else that was brought here unwillingly but somehow you try to claim it is. So as the argument began and somehow you sidetracked it.. There is no such thing as an African-American or any kind of Hyphenated-American unless you immigrate and are born in first generation or emigrate.

      • Further I talk about blacks not knowing their African heritage because it is truth. You are either being willing blind or maybe its something worse. I tend to lean towards the latter. It’s nearly impossible to confuse what I wrote. Please top with your strawmans.

      • You also probably don’t realize that there is an attack on the second amendment. Attacking stand your ground laws are very good ways to further try to disarm citizens. Wake up a bit buddy.

  57. First of all, the police work was fine and was borne out by the verdict. The police chief was smeared by the media.
    Second, the case was NEVER about the stand your ground law. It was never brought up in the arraignment, or any court proceedings. The news media doesn’t like the law so they campaign against it. They also like anything racial that will stir people up. Even if they have to make it racial.
    Third, the only reason the case went to trial was because of politics and public pressure. I have friends (a lawyer and a judge) in the legal community in Jacksonville who told me unequivocally that there was a meeting in state’s attorney Angela Corey’s office and they decided they had to go to trial so there wouldn’t be black backlash or even riots. They didn’t even think they could win.
    I think justice was served in the Martin case. The state didn’t prove it’s case. But the media didn’t see it that way so they didn’t report it that way.
    And for what it’s worth, I think the Kendrick Martin case has been appallingly handled. That’s why the feds have been called in to investigate.

    • Do you know what happened to the charges against Angela Corey? That seems to have disappeared from the media’s radar. Of course this was a case based on politics,

  58. Again, you’re absolutely right, but calling them “liberal progressives” is like calling them “rock star superheroes.” When you call them what they want to be called, you affirm their self image.

  59. I have noticed it too.And it stinks to high heaven.The liberals are all over a “white on black crime” but not on a black on black or a black on white crime.Only race get called on white on black crime and that is very racist.

  60. Thank you! Thank you VERY much! No sir, you are not the only one to notice. It’s just we ‘little people’ are powerless to change the media focus except to turn off channels not airing what we deem news worthy.

  61. No, you’re not alone in noticing such inconsistencies. They are so common that many of us are tempted to just shrug and move on.

    • Its idiots like you that make people think the worst of america.. so what would you call those white kids going to pre schools and killing those kids?? Huh with automatic guns??

    • You’re disgusting, and more than likely a liberal plant trying to stir up some racial tensions over here. Get a life, scumbag!

  62. It’s true that it’s there. But there is no reason to have these cases publicized. Just shows that the media is here to divide us, and they are doing a great job of it based on your views. I see this and understand they are actually doing this on purpose. United we stand, Divided we fall, remember this.

  63. Hypocrisy? Were these suspects questioned and then released? If they had been, then it would be like the the Trayvon Martin case, but they weren’t. They were arrested and detained and now they’re being tried, the way it’s supposed to happen. There’s no scandal. That’s the difference.

    • Do you have the first clue of what happened in the Martin case? Not what the media “reported”…but what REALLY happened? Like there was proof that Martin waited for Zimmerman to confront him, not the other way around? That Martin HAD BEEN an outstanding student…but was seriously slipping, and becoming more vicious as time went on? Admit it, you got played along with most of America, because you never bothered to look up the facts.

      • No one knows what happened, except GZ and TM, and he’s dead. People can speculate either way. So maybe TM did wait for him to confront him. If I was walking home at night and some guy gets out of his car and starts following me, I might have done the same. How could I know that he was an armed wannabe cop with a history of violence and assault charges. Maybe GZ tried to take things into his own hands and detain him until police arrived and TM fought back and it escalated into a fight resulting in GZ drawing his gun and shooting. It’s all speculation.

      • one question dude! How does a 16-year-old get money for gold teeth?? Why isn’t anyone else asking???

      • If you have a history of violence and assault charges you cannot purchase a handgun LEGALLY and get a concealed weapons carry permit.

      • Interesting facts – TM ran and got away, he came back thats his fault. That is why he is dead! I agree its sad that an young man(not a kid) had to die. However IF TM had the right to walk in the neighborhood so did GZ. Also another fact GZ is clearerly heard on the UNEDITED version of the 911 tape saying he is going back to the mailboxes to wait for police. TM NEVER NEVER NEVER Should have come back. Also if you see the UNEDITED pictures of GZ his head was cracked and nose has broke, obvious was hit before he drew the gun. You liberal racist idiots kill me! Guilty no matter the facts! This young Aus. man was here going to school, he was jogging and these little thugs killed him. Why was there such a fast arrest? Cause they probably did something stupid to get caught and rolled over on each other! There should still be the same coverage! Also if you look up statistics there is more black on white crime than any other, the media just doesnt talk about it.

      • The writer of this article is comparing these two cases and asking why the media isn’t treating them in the same way. I’m saying it’s because they aren’t similar in any way, and that’s why the media isn’t sensationalizing it as it did with the Trayvon case.

    • The reason they werent is they flipped on each other!
      Still should have the coverage, the faked 911 tapes, the fake photos- Oh my bad thats just MSNBC that does that!

  64. you are not the only one What sucks is that the man was a veteran of the pacific theatre of WWII and gets killed at home and nobody cared

  65. This is heartbreaking.. but im afraid i have to say theres no sandal here.. you see george Zimmerman murdered Trayvon and as we speak he is a free man/murderer who after released found himself back in court On ASSAULT charges.
    Whereas i guarantee you the suspects in the case mentioned above will probably never be free again.

    • You are wrong, Nella! George was getting his head beaten into the sidewalk and shot in self-defense! I hope you never have to defend yourself that way!

      • So you really believe that he had the sense to grab his gun, while having his head smashed in? Not really trying to make my comments about that incident but people really need to wake up.

      • Its obvious he was hit before grabbing the gun otherwise, he would have a broke nose or his head smashed use some since her people.

      • What the heck are you talking about. Its obvious that he had his gun already out. No one has the type of recovery ability. This isn’t X-men or some hollywood movie.

      • Really? How do you figure he already had the gun out, I know for me if someone started at me I sure as hell wouldnt get hit. Also are you trying to tell me someone that is scared and injured wouldnt have the since to grab a gun and shot? Happens all the time!

      • If someone is banging your head against the concrete you would not have the sense to grab your gun. Your brain is being rattled, the gun would be the last thing on your mind…if you are still conscience. Man people these days have been watching hollywood too much.


        You are correct no one could ever shot after being hit in the head. You made your point! No one very out of instinct has ever pulled a gun and just shot in a general direction. Good point thanks for clearing that up (yes sarcasm) – Just like someone trying to save a child couldnt do something extrodinary to save that child like lift a car.
        So since you cant understand this, people do things that unexplainable. Military folks, cops and firefighters do it all the time. Get over your closed mind self and understand, yes a young man – NOT KID is dead sad. But from testimony the UNEDITED 911 tape and TM own GF – he ran. He came back – he is dead his fault. If someone attacks me or my family I would do the same thing. TM could have called 911 but didnt he called is BFF.

      • He wasn’t jus thit in the head…According to the “facts” his head was being bashed into the ground repeatedly. The fact is you can’t understand simple biology. Let’s make it simple. If your brain is constantly hitting your skull your senses will be inpaired. Instict will cause you to grab the persons hands. How about use your common sense, instead of regurgitating half-baked nonsense. Stop letting Fox, CNN, or what ever “news” source do the thinking for you.

      • Ok you are right no one ever does it! If you say so! Because you know how everyone will react to every situation. It has nothing to do with the news it had to do with the facts. Hit in the face, if I am holding a gun and someone charged at me I sure as hell am not going to let them hit me. If nothing else I would have pistol wipped him to keep him from getting to me. Biology has been proven wrong mulitple times. Lifting cars, fighting off animals, living though falls, but your right no one could ever draw a gun after being bashed in head or punched in hhead. Good day.

      • You really have no clue. Listen superhuman feats are possible, but this isn’t the case. There would have been no way for Zimmerman pull his gun out if he was getting his head bashed in like he said. Because he would not have the sense due to his brain getting rattled inside his head to reach for it. So the only logical idea is that he had his gun out already.

      • I won’t because I mind my own business. I would never go and provoke a fight with another man who was minding his own business and not breaking the law if I knew I couldn’t fight. Zimmerman earned that ass-beating and like so many other pussies who like to talk the talk but can’t walk the walk, pulled on weapon and shot a kid who was only defending himself.

        What did Trayvon do? But some skittles and a Snapple in a for “whites-only” store?

    • First of all, the assault charges against Zimmerman where dropped, because his estranged wife admitted there was NO assault. Secondly, the Jury found Zimmerman ‘not guilty,’ that he shot in self defense. Are you really comparing these two cases? That’s pretty damn ignorant on your part.

      • Your lack or reading comprehension is ignorant. I commented on the comparison made by the guy at the top of the thread. The prosecutors haven’t decided whether to pursue the criminal charges because his girlfriend didn’t want him charged, not that he didn’t do it. Reading is fundamental, try it sometime.

        Zimmerman stalked and started the fight and after he rightfully got his ass kicked he pulled his weapon and shot that kid lie the true coward that he is. Why was that nut-job Zimmerman sneaking around at night harassing private citizens?

        You simply a racist idiot.

  66. Why aren’t Delbert Belton and Chris Lane’s deaths, counted on the Southern Poverty Law hate map, there are only crimes against people of color; hate is hate!

  67. I live in Oklahoma and have not seen anything at all on even the local news casts here since this ugly crime happened last summer.

    • The Bible also says , “Judge not lest ye be judged.” All I am saying is that you cannot possibly know that “The Lord is very displeased!!!” You aren’t him and neither am I. Only he can know his heart.

  68. It’s not whether one is more important than other. It’s the type of crime and how it was comitted, or by who. Zimmerman shoots a unarmed kid, does not even get arrested. The two crimes you describe are cold murder; ruthless. The assailants are caught and will end up in jail. Also, Trayvon Martin’s parents were resilient (I don’t blame them) which led to so much media involvement. Murder is murder but when someone can do it, to an unarmed kid, black white Chinese or any other, and get away with it, we can’t really compare, and i don’t mean the person who died, but the case.

    • “Unarmed kid”? Did you see what he did to the man’s nose? Do you know that these unarmed kids are responsible for a large percent of the violence in the country and that that age is prime for fighting and dying in our wars? “They will end up in jail” for this “cold-blooded murder”?…. They should be slowly tortured to death for this bs. Lane was not “unarmed”? The old feeble man was not? You are a robot

      • You and the people that are agreeing with you are scary. Zimmerman was an armed stalker violating the rights of Trayvon Martin. You are upset because Trayvon was able to defend himself when attacked for no other reason than being black? Seriously? What if he was a young girl hidden under the hoody instead? Now imagine what would have happened if the ethnicity were reversed?

        Zimmerman was acquitted because of a bad law. How do you carry a gun, harass a private citizen who was minding his own business, provoke a fight and then after getting your ass kicked, pull out your handgun and shoot him?

        After Zimmerman was charged for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend police found had a .380-caliber handgun, a 9-mm. handgun, a Glock 19 handgun, a KelTec 12-gauge shotgun, and an AR-15 assault rifle in the home with over 100 rounds of ammunition.

        So you are worried about the unarmed kids? Your sweeping generalization and inference of who is responsible for the majority of the violence in our country without delving into the socioeconomic factors is fairly ignorant.

        There isn’t any difference between Zimmerman and those three kids.

      • George was acquitted because he was in fear of his life when he shot a thug. That “bad law is the law of self defense. If George was also black and not Hispanic how would you cry then? You chose the wrong thug to rally around.

      • You are an idiot. Zimmerman put his own life in danger by harassing and stalking an unarmed private citizen. If you so much of a pussy that you need to carry a gun to a fist-fight that you started then you shouldn’t be starting fights.

        The “stand your ground law” was intended to protect the Trayvon Martins of the world from the George Zimmermans of the world.

        I don’t care what color either of them are and I’m not rallying around Trayvon. I don’t know them or don’t care. .

        If I saw George Zimmerman stalking me today and knew he was armed because he is a pussy who likes to start fights even though he can’t fight just so he can twist a bad law into a self-defense I would drop him like a bad habit.

        Not because he was Hispanic, Black or white, but because he was an armed, dangerous pussy who is a threat to every living creature walking the streets.

        Go ask his pregnant girlfriend who had George point a shotgun to her face.

        You chose the wrong pussy to rally around.

      • Interesting facts – TM ran and got away, he came back thats his fault. That is why he is dead! I agree its sad that an young man(not a kid) had to die. However IF TM had the right to walk in the neighborhood so did GZ. Also another fact GZ is clearerly heard on the UNEDITED version of the 911 tape saying he is going back to the mailboxes to wait for police. TM NEVER NEVER NEVER Should have come back. Also if you see the UNEDITED pictures of GZ his head was cracked and nose has broke, obvious was hit before he drew the gun. You liberal racist idiots kill me! Guilty no matter the facts! This young Aus. man was here going to school, he was jogging and these little thugs killed him. Why was there such a fast arrest? Cause they probably did something stupid to get caught and rolled over on each other! There should still be the same coverage! Also if you look up statistics there is more black on white crime than any other, the media just doesnt talk about it.

      • So you were there at the fight and saw Trayvon leave and come back? So Zimmerman UNLAWFULLY STALKED, CONFRONTED AND THEN PROVOKED Trayvon but it was Trayvon’s fault that Zimmerman shot him?

        Liberal racists idiots kill you?

        No, nut-jobs like George Zimmerman do the killing.

      • Listen to the Unedited 911 tape, listen to testomony of his girlfriend (female friend) she even said he ran! So if he ran and GZ went back as stated on the tape yes that mean he came back. How did he unlawfully stalk anyone? Did he not have the right as neighborhood watch to follow TM? Liberal media kills! Race baiting making it worse than it already is!

      • I also its funny that anyone would believe that if GZ had his gun pulled already he would have sustained the injuries he did!

      • The “Stand your Ground” Law was not invoked in this case. Get your facts straight and stop listening to the media

      • Zimmerman was not an armed stalker. You are a misguided fool to believe so, he was employed as security because of the increase of break ins and crime in the neighborhood. Do some actual research instead of media hopping please.

    • Just so you know trayvons parents were resilient only up to the point when the h.o.a. settled out of court before the trial really got any where. They got their seven figures and rolled on.

  69. It happens with “hate crimes” against gays, too. We all heard for months about the Matthew Shepard case, the gay man who was beaten to death by two hetero men. Did you ever hear about Jesse Dirkheising? He was a hetero 15 year old who was kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered by two gay men. Nope, doesn’t fit the media’s agenda.

    • Pure unadulterated ignorance. Shepard was killed because he was gay. Dirkheising wasn’t killed because all gays are murderers.

      • I am not sure I follow your logic. Shepard wasn’t killed because all hetros are murders either. Some gays are apparently rapists and murders of hetro males. The Press is, at this juncture, more likely to report more broadly on stories that fit their particular political or social bent. How is this even a question?

    • The DIrkhising case resulted in justice (the killers both got life without parole—one was convicted and the other pled guilty to avoid the death penalty)—what more could one ask for that doesn’t sound like liberal entitlement or a demand for special rights?

      • My point was that the media didn’t give the story the same treatment as the Shepard story. Maybe a reading comprehension course would help you out.

  70. I don’t fault the uninformed and emotional people who don’t understand that this focus on crimes between the races is just a strategy by the right used for political capital. But, people like Allen West, Ann Coulter, Beck, Limbaugh, and others who stir the pot knowing full well what they advance as truth is actually pure BS propaganda are DISGRACES as human beings and definitely as Americans. Our founding fathers would be ashamed.

    The TM case got so much media coverage because THERE WASN’T EVEN GOING TO BE CHARGES OR A TRIAL because black people dying is not as important in the justice system as proven by hundreds of years of injustices.

    If you can find me some cases where a black person killed an unarmed white person and made up a ridiculous story of self defense and DIDN’T EVEN GET CHARGED…then we will be comparing apples to apples. Until then, keep this fake and ignorant outrage about the media coverage to yourselves.

    • You’re that Mo-Ron that focused on every part of that case the race baiters put out as truth but didn’t listen to the facts. It wasn’t a “white” killing Trayvon, so it wasn’t white on black. TM was a thug who got confronted by a smaller man and assaulted that smaller man. George shot him in fear for his life. That doesn’t automatically bring charges. If you don’t like the justice system we have here you’re welcome to move or point out and attempt to change it the right way, but as long as you take idiotic stances and turn a blind eye on the cases pointed out here you’re not winning me over. You become the racist you claim to hate.

      • I don’t hate anyone, first of all…not even racists. They are low information, low self esteem, immature, and scared little people. I feel sorry for them and don’t like that they bring our country down and keep it from moving forward..but I don’t hate them.

        I don’t care if GZ was white, Hispanic or half and half. The FACT is the justice system listened to a liar and demonized the black victim. This happens OFTEN. Again, I challenge you to find an instance where a black shooter made up a story of self defense against someone other than a black person..without witnesses and with injuries inconsistent with the story (the first investigating officers words) and they DIDN’T EVEN CHARGE HIM.

        My goal was not to win you over…it was to point out how shameful it is what Allen West is doing.

      • Jastin, If you were intelligent enough to form a complete, concise, or logical comment we could have a conversation, but clearly your emotional outbursts lack the intellect or maturity to form any thoughts of your own. You simply believe the legacy of racism and hate you have been taught and embrace because of your low self esteem.

        The wisdom of a person can be determined by their ability to control their emotions. — Buddha.

      • Lol im racist? Lol gosh i must be white… thus a racist because im far from white just happened to be adopted. But that doesnt matter to you lol cus im just white lol.

      • I don’t care if you are white or not…lol. If you have racist views…you are a racist. That goes for Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Larry Elder, Ted Cruz, or any other person of color who promotes ignorance, hate, and bigoted nonsense.

      • You called me a racist. Lol even thoe i never said anything racist. Lol just tired of stupid people using facts in the wrong manner. Like i said there are tons of other cases to support your views, yet you choose this one, thus race baiting just like you preached against… thats all im saying. Yet im the racist… typical and still sad. Bye now im glad you could actually get schooled in your own lessons. Nice try bye now

      • I didn’t call you racist. I said

        ” you believe the legacy of racism and hate that you have been taught.”

        Why did I say that? How about this “Shut the {uck up eric holder lover douche. Youre mad because we did what “yall” wanted only to waste time, then you sit there saying rabdom black kids killing random white people isnt a hate crime because its not the same as treyvon is completely retarded.”
        I am not fans of Obama or Holder…but you assumed I was because I am black. That sir = bigotry. Bigotry comes from a BELIEF of nonsense that has been promoted in this country around race. That doesn’t make you racist …per se..but it does mean you hold on to racist beliefs that are false.

      • So, Al Sharpton is a racist by that definition. I noticed you only called out the people on the other side of the political isle from you

      • Of course Blank Panther Party, NOI, and the Moorish Science temple (you probably haven’t heard of them) and others are racist and/or bigoted. There was no need for me to bring them up in the prior post…we were talking about a specific way that the RIGHT pushes an agenda of bigotry. The left pushes an agenda too. But, to call Al a racist because he is fighting against racism is like calling MLK, freedom riders, Medgar Evers, and Rosa Parks racists. That is just silly.

        Yes there are many reactionary blacks and minorities (including native Americans) who have a problem with the historical mistreatment of minorities in this country. Of course you say they should ignore the current racism that exists and forget the legacy of racism that was a part of the fabric of this country, but you can’t..nor should you try… control how those who experience injustice deal with it. You can’t marginalize how others feel about having to jump through twice as many hoops as their counterparts to get the same results. Why be so dismissive? If you had a family member get shot..would you tell them to “get over it” or to “let it go”?

        I don’t have a party. I think all of you all who subscribe to the dogma of political parties or ideologies are the second biggest problem in our country. There is no YOUR TEAM OR MY TEAM. That is a myth. Dems and GOP’ers at the top are ALL ON THE SAME TEAM. Divide and conquer the poor and middle class is..and always has been…the goal. The first strategy to do that?…use racial mistrust and bigotry. Guess what…it’s working like a charm.

      • Oh yeah the media demonized TM? Thats why they made his skin lighter, or try to hide his twitter and fb accounts. Or they lied about his school records…. yeah really demonized him lol idiot. They idiolized him untill they all got caught. But you just forgot about that huh?! Typical race baiter. Bye now

      • Like me? I could care less about either one. I dont care who tm is or was and that goes with gz. Im just hating the fact that your going make the TM trial your sole basis of this argument. There are tons of other examples out there to better your cause with this argument then TM. Do your research and yell out the first media driven answer you can think of. It shows lack of thought or originality. Do your research bout racism before you quote “facts” that arnt facts. Or before you recant your argument. There i had a convo with emotional outburst so you could understand what im saying without trying to point out things irreverent to this topic. Nice try buddy

      • We are talking about TM because ALLEN WEST compared the cases…not because I brought it I merely said what Allen was doing was shameful because he is not comparing apples to apples. If I am wrong about that, please tell me how. But don’t presume I was talking about racism in the justice system as a whole…because the list of cases would be too long to even list here.

        You are welcome to challenge anything that I call fact with facts to the contrary without me attacking your personally or hurling insults. if you are right..I will concede because I don’t have a political agenda or alliance. I just want our country to be better. And I can GUARANTEE as long as people are listening to Allen, Rush, Ann, Glenn and others we will struggle to move past bigotry to a country that includes and embraces everyone regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, class, or gender.

      • So what you are saying is that it was OK to confront and shoot Trayvon because after researching his background they found out he was liked hip-hop and had troubles at school? So it was a preemptive killing because all young Blacks who like hip-hop and do bad at school grow up to be murderers?

      • Jastin below are exactly the type of people you defend and believe make this country “great”. Then you believe I am the “Mo-Ron”? Lol. Get a grip.

      • What a true moron! Zimmerman was a 28 year-old and 185# man and Trayvon was a 158# 17 year-old kid. In your own words you clearly state that Trayvon was CONFRONTED by Zimmerman. The stand your ground law is to protect innocent people like Trayvon when CONFRONTED by nut-jobs carrying guns like Zimmerman.

    • Kelly Thomas. Chris Cervini. In the Cervini case Roderick Scott was charged right away but aquitted. Although I agree there should have been an initial arrest of George Zimmerman, the outcome of all these cases were the same. The only one where there was a travesty of justice was with Kelly Thomas because all of the crime was caught on tape. I don’t think anyone would argue that Zimmerman shouldn’t have been arrested initially. That’s not the point.

    • Andre Bonds…you would have a point if the evidence hadn’t shown the exact opposite of what that point is. The trial of Zimmerman was a travesty. Every assertation he made was shown to be the truth. Only blind race baiters (of which you seem to be) think otherwise.

      • What?! That is comedy. Let’s work backwards. You are saying that us fighting for equal protection under the law is “race baiting” when there is a 200 year history of us being treated as second class citizens in this country? Really? Let me ask you this…in which decade did the discrimination, bigotry, and racial injustice in the justice system go away?

        As for the GZ case. Please show me where these things were proven.

        The FIRST investigating officer said GZ’s injuries were inconsistent with his story. How can having your head slammed into the ground over 20 times only yield two SMALL scratches and 2 bumps?

        How did he reach around and under TM leg to get to a gun that was on his BACK….not his hip?

        How did he scream very audible UNINTERRUPTED cries for help if his head was being slammed into the ground at the same time?

        How did he not have ONE drop of blood on him or the gun if he shot him at point blank range while he was on his chest?

        The report said the shot was from an intermediate range meaning over 2 inches away…and at a 90 degree angle. How did he get the gun off of his back reach up to TM CHEST..not stomach..hold it 2 inches from TM and shoot him without the STRONGER, BETTER FIGHTER ever even seeing or reaching for the gun?

        Why is there not ONE SINGLE GRASS or dirt trace on ANY of GZ’s clothes if he was on the ground struggling?

        How did GZ get the gun out of a holster that was snapped, cock the gun (with one hand) and shoot TM? Is he a Navy Seal? …smh

        There are other problems with this liar’s story..including the fact that he attacked ARMED POLICE before …do you think he would not attack an UNARMED “a-hole” as he called him? Come on man. Let the race part of this go…and just focus on the facts.

    • Baloney. There wasn’t going to be charges or a trial because under the law there wasn’t enough evidence to charge or convict. As it turned out the trial was a waste of time and money. THERE WAS A TRIAL BECAUSE OF PUBLIC PRESSURE GINNED UP BY AL SHARPTON AND CO. BUT AS WAS OBVIOUS TO POLICE AND PROSECUTORS BEFOREHAND COULD NOT GET A JURY TO CONVICT.

      • You partly make my point for me. If it had been a black guy who shot TM, they would have arrested and charged him…with the EXACT same evidence. If it had been a white kid that GZ shot…he would have gotten arrested and charged immediately.

        Ms. Ware, I slightly understand the disdain that some people on the right have because some of you all believe we should ignore the racism that exists in the many different areas of our lives and just move on. Or worse, some people don’t even believe that racism exists anymore (i don’t understand that at all). But, we would not be good humans or good Americans if we just allowed injustice and bigotry to continue in our great country just because it is a TRADITION. We should fight for equality. This fight will make some people uncomfortable or even frustrated. But, the people you all on the right should be challenging is not those of us who are fighting for what’s right…but the ones who are fighting to hold on to a long legacy of bigotry and/or white superiority for no other reason than fear, ignorance, and low self esteem. Why aren’t you all “tired” of the bigots…instead of being tired of those fighting the bigotry?

      • Mr. Bonds as a white woman married to a black man for nearly thirty five years until he died, I am well aware of any racism that may still exist in this country as well as over seas. That being said I will still submit that the Martin case was all smoke and mirrors and mostly baloney. You assume that if you had been a black guy that shot TM you would have been charged, or if GZ had shot a white kid he would immediately have been charged. That is an assumption not necessarily a fact. I do know that many in the black community make a career of playing the “victim” in any circumstance instead of working to correct any perceived racial or cultural problem. There are many problems in the black community perceived as “racism” that blacks themselves could go a long way in addressing. Among these are a devastating out of wedlock birth rate, drug abuse, lack of education, deadbeat fathers that refuse to care for the children that they create and on and on. These problems are not primarily created by “racism” although Al Sharpton and his ilk would have you believe so.
        Lastly I would comment that the majority of the racism that I encountered as a consequence of being married to my husband came from blacks not whites specifically black women. I believe all racism should be eliminated yes, but I also know that will not ever happen. I also think that the other issues that I have mentioned deserve a more positive and concentrated attention from the black community.

      • Ms. Ware, with all due respect, your post doesn’t at all condemn the racism that still exists from a legacy of white supremacy and bigotry that has survived for over 200 years. You allude to the fact that racism still exists, but then proceed to imply that the racism that we experience is insignificant when weighed against the racism that you experienced. This is tantamount to “ignoring” the prejudice, bigotry, or negative effects that we experience when trying to succeed simply because of the SOCIAL bigotry that some blacks still have because they are constantly abused by people who say they believe in this country and the constitution but NEVER actually abide by the creed “we hold they truths to be self evident that all men are created equal”.

        Well that is fine for you. It doesn’t keep you from getting a job, equal justice, loans, housing, or an education. But, me fighting for a level playing field for my children and future grandchildren is not about social bigotry, name calling, or stuff like that. Although those things shouldn’t exist in our country either…they are only emotional issues like the insults you got for being married to that black guy. The issues that keep us from competing on a level playing field are much more detrimental to us…and to the country as a whole.

        Yes there are problems in the black communities that need to be addressed. But, guess what…EVER SINGLE ONE OF THEM..with the exception of how we love each other…can be solved by MONEY. If you examine affluent black communities you will find none of the problems that you do in the poor black communities. Guess what…it is the exact same for affluent white communities vs. poor white communities. The problems you see in the black communities are economic..not moral, social, religious, or even racial.

        Let me explain one of the theories of the right wing (I’m trying not to be long winded). This myth that out of wedlock births are the reason for poverty in the black community. In 1965 the poverty rate for blacks was 39%. The out of wedlock rate was 24%. In 2010 the poverty rate for blacks was 27%. The out of wedlock rate was about 75%. So, if there was a 1 to 1 correlation of out of wedlock rate and poverty, when the rate OOW trippled…the poverty rate would have also right? If there was ANY correlation then the OOW rate would have at least gone up a little bit…right? As it stands…when OOW rate went up, the poverty rate in the black community went DOWN by 30%. That means there are OTHER, more important factors in the poverty rate than the OOW rate. It is just a strategy thought up in the GOP board room in order to give right wingers a justification for their disdain and marginalization for blacks who still fight for equality. It is false and people should really stop repeating this nonsense.

        You say the economic problems in our community is not caused by racism. How about the fact that just having a black sounding name gets you HALF as many interviews as white people. Now think about the interviews that black people with neutral names get and the employer finds out the candidate is actually black? Education and Employment effect economics more than anything..and if we are considered second class citizens in both areas…of course it will affect our communities. Can and will we over come? Yes! But, again, we shouldn’t stop fighting for equal treatment just because it makes people on the right feel uncomfortable and/or frustrated.

      • You Just proved my point. The billion dollars thrown at the black community thought antipoverty programs since Lyndon Johnson has not moved anyone out of poverty. In fact under Obama it has gotten worse. So money is not the problem. Time to look for another solution.

      • You are mistaken again. First the poverty rate in 1965 for black people was 39% now it is 28%. It is only up 1% since Obama. If money was not the problem in the black community, then affluent black communities would have the same problems than poor black communities have right?

        Second, welfare is not FOR BLACK PEOPLE. That is the racial component that the right uses to get people to rail against it. Anyway, how on earth could assistance that is less than living in poverty supposed to move people out of poverty? Where do you all get this stuff?…lol. The goal of assistance FOR ALL PEOPLE…since there are as many white people on welfare as black people .and NOBODY is keeping white people from education, jobs, housing, or loans based on their skin color…is to keep people from starving or being homeless …NOT TO LIFT THEM OUT OF POVERTY.

        Lastly, my opinion is not set in stone. I will take in all FACTS that contradict my opinion and possibly change how I view things. The problem is, you have only given opinion. So, no, I am not going to change my opinion based on your opinion when I have facts, evidence, and logic that is contrary to your opinion (really the opinion of right wing strategists) that you have adopted based on how you feel rather than what is real.

        The question is…is YOUR opinion set in stone? If not, what would it take for you to change your mind that racism is not a big deal for minorities in this country and/or we should ignore it?

        Again, this is not about me…I am doing great, but thanks for your concern.

      • Ok what has crying racism done for the black community in the last 50 years? Nothing. You claim the rich black communities are doing well. I would bet most of them have an education that enables them to do well. You claim that no education , living on welfare and having kids with no means to support them has no effect on the poverty level of the community. It’s all racism. This approach doesn’t work, hasn’t worked, and will not work to lift anyone out of poverty. And the black unemployment rate has gone up under Obama. That is irrefutable. This man has done nothing for the black community as the Congressional Black Caucus admitted a while back.

      • I teach my kids that they have to do twice as much as whites in order to get the same results. That is because it is the truth. Your contention that we should ignore this fact is politically and emotionally based. That is obvious because you keep bringing up Obama as if I am an Obama fan. Obama is almost as bad for poor and middle class people as W. , Daddy Bush, and Reagan. Do you know why?…because they are ALL ON THE SAME TEAM! Only the people who actually believe party alliance and ideologies make them a part of a team believe that Dems and the GOP having different goals.

        You responded with more opinion…and what fact (unemployment going up for black people). Let me ask you a couple questions. First, why are we ONLY discussing the problems in the black community when 68% of all crime in the U.S are committed by white people…and 90% of those are committed against white people? Why are we discussing welfare for black people but ignoring the welfare for white people? Why aren’t we talking about the poverty rate for white people WHO HAVE EVERY ADVANTAGE IN THE WORLD staying the same for the last 25 years even though the poverty rate for black people is going down (until the recession that Bush created)?

        The answers to all of those questions are…there is a LONG STANDING LEGACY of disdain and dislike for black people in this country. The powers that be PLAY on that and use emotional rhetoric and propaganda as a strategy for people to continue to ignore the effects that racism has on our community. That is not to say that the racism should be used as an excuse to not succeed. I haven’t used it, no do my children use it as an excuse. But, that doesn’t mean it is OK with me that it happens. I am not exactly sure what it is ok with you, but I will continue to fight the fight that MLK was fighting until there is NO racism in the country or I die.

        The question is, would you be telling child abuse victims that “most” victims of child abuse are making it up and it really doesn’t effect them as much as they pretend it does? That is exactly what you are doing to us.

      • No one said that welfare was only for the black community, least of all not me. We are discussing the black community because you accused Allen West and some others of stirring the racial pot politically, completely ignoring the likes of Sharpton, Jackson and others of their political ideology. As far as crime is concerned a disproportionate amount is committed by young black men, given that blacks are about 12% of the population. I think this discussion was prompted by Mr. West and others commenting on the lack of media coverage of the three young men who killed the Australian man for fun. The inference from this is that the media is biased in not covering some stories with the same enthusiasm as others. Anyhow, there is no point in going around and around with this discussion. Like you I want my children and grandchildren to succeed in life and yes they are half black and look a lot like most of the so called black folks in this country. I try to instill in them that if they want to succeed in this country they will if they work for it and race need not hold them back. I will die before I will let my grandsons end up like the three in this article and I’m sure you would do the same. In that regard I think we can agree.

      • Yes we agree that we won’t allow our loved ones to end up like the guys here.

        I am not ignoring Sharpton, Jackson or other civil rights proponents. They are called the same thing now as Medgar Evers, MLK, and the freedom riders were called and for he exact same reason. MLK was called a trouble maker, a race baiter, and all other manner of insults by people who didn’t feel like minorities deserved equal protection under the law or equal treatment socially. Now it is a political strategy to hurl the same type of charges and insults at Jackson and Sharpton, simply because they fight for the rights and equality and bigots don’t like it. And now they are convincing even good people like yourself to dislike the fight for equality.

        Ms. Ware, your children and grandchildren are NOT looked at as equals in this country. Yes, I believe they will succeed in spite of the inequality. But, that does not mean you should tell them to ignore that it happens and marginalize people who call attention to it as injustice. That’s just my opinion. Take Care.

    • How about Reginald Denny… While he wasn’t killed the men who did it were clearly and vividly caught on video pulling the man out of his truck, beating him near to death including throwing a brick into the mans face and rejoicing doing it. Left the man for dead…. Video was so clear the didn’t need eyewitnesses. Caught then released. No trial.

      • You are correct. I was wrong on that. But what I am not wrong on is( and I did double check) Watson in an interview said he did not regret stomping on Denny’s head. Zimmerman does regret having to had shot trayvon. And there were 8 involved.

      • James, my friend, I really couldn’t care less about GZ or the Denny case specifically. I am simply saying that Allen West and people like him are shameful for stirring up trouble by comparing things that are not comparable just because their is a racial element. It is playing to the natural prejudices and distrust between the races.

        We SHOULD fight for equal justice under the law. I can’t even understand why there is anyone in this day and age would have a problem with that.

  71. What about the “gangsters in blue” around the country in cities like Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas and New York where law enforcement are the biggest danger to private citizens? Las Vegas Officer Jacquar Roston intentionally shot and injured an innocent man because he mistakenly believed he abused his wife? Or Metro Officer Solomon Coleman who used his badge to try and intimidate and force innocent woman to have sex with him?

    Or the ever-continuing crimes by L.A. county Sherriifs and police who just made the news again?

  72. Really, you all haven’t figured this out. Its really simple. No media
    coverage because the system worked. These fool have been arrested and
    will face trail. So let guess you think it was OK for Zimmerman not to
    be even arrested? If it was your kid no matter the color you would want
    at minimum the American system to work for your child.

      • John, the problem is he should have been arrested BEFORE the media got involved. Had it been a 17 year old unarmed white kid shot by a Hispanic he would have gotten arrested and charged IMMEDIATELY. That was the outrage.

      • obviously NOT based on the media frenzy the point you are missing is the media and the black leaders who PUSH the racial divide and sell it to make a living

      • Wanting the justice system to work for all is a racial divide? Your point should be focused on cops who didnt arrest Zimmerman…

      • LOL you are kidding me right – do you think that racism only goes ONE way and that only whites are racisits ?? come on man

      • I tend to agree with that BUT reality is the OUTRAGE was because he was WHITE , the outrage died down when it was found he was Hispanic –

      • John, we will have to agree to disagree about that. It had to do with the person…white, Hispanic, or even if he were black…was not even charged for shooting an unarmed teen. Had GZ been charged immediately after he was brought in for questioning….because “his injuries were inconsistent with his story” – first investigating officer….then there wouldn’t have even been much coverage at all.

      • Your a fool if you think that Zimmerman should not have been arrested. I dont agree with the verdict but its our system. Zimmerman’s character has shown him to be what he is really is, a punk with a gun.

      • He did not get arrested on the spot – does not mean the DA may not have brought charges in a few days – Fact is a special procecutoer was assigned and they manufactured a case because of the media attention .. bottom line that case was a trumped up media frenzy exactly what West is talking about – WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE IN DETROIT

      • Can I ask how do you manufacture a death? You make it seem as if it was made up story that someone died. And what does Detroit have to do with this, when this happened in Oklahoma. You must be manufacturing your own facts…

      • there are MURDERS everyday -where is the outrage – nobody is manufacturing the death toll in Detroit Chicago LA st loius and other LIBERAL STRONG HOLDS – INDEED the MURDERS are IGNORED by the national media and the black leaders – ALLAN WEST POINT ! too bad it goes over your head

      • I really disagree the Right doesnt want gun control… Bullets see no color… Its seem school shooting are the norm in America… Less guns on the streets equals less of the youth of America that end of dead. It a concept that you may need to figure out.

      • I am all for gun control THE PROBLEM IS CRIMMINALS DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW – as far as ZIMMERMAN , guns save more people then they kill (LIKE IN THE CASE OF TRAVON MARTIN) Zimmerman was an over zelous boyscout
        who should have got jail time for something – perhaps being an IDIOT ?

      • come on man the outrage was manufactured not the death – and please stop acting as if Travon was the only UNARMED BLACK KID MURDERED IN 2013 PLEASE !!

      • but you are kidding yourself if you do not think the Liberal media played a big role in the “manufactured outrage”

      • no just a realist – a puppet for fox news not sure what that means ? does it mean if I don’t listen to MSNBC I am a puppet ? I read all news – and I tend to lean towards reality ! do therefore based on YOUR assumption I can summize that you must be a puppet of MSNBC >?> or do only Liberals get to label people ?????

      • I only see people that watch Foxnews exclusively use the term “liberal media” I am glad to see that you exercise options when you your new.

      • yes like I said it was the Liberal media that was pushing the Zimmerman story – Fox tended to report on the reality of the situation – highlighting the facts of the case not the assumptions of the motives of Zimmerman – and the funny thing they kept pushing the race angle even when it was established Zimmerman was a hispanic indeed they created a new term a WHITE HISPANIC????

      • You do realize Zimmer man was not arrested until over a year after he killed martin right. So what are you talking about?

      • go back to sleep ”

        George Zimmerman, who says he killed unarmed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin in self-defense, has been arrested and will face a charge of second-degree murder, says State Attorney Angela Corey, the special prosecutor investigating Martin’s death.

        Corey said that Zimmerman turned himself in to the authorities Wednesday.

        The arrest and charges come more than six weeks after Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, shot Trayvon, an African-American who was 17 when he died. Zimmerman, 28, was not jailed or charged after the Feb. 26 shooting. Since then, the case has become a cause of both outrage and contention.

      • What are you disputing. Again….Zimmerman was not arrested until over a year after he killed Martin. Try looking it up…look a the dates, then come back and say ok you are right about that. You may not agree with what others are saying ,but atleast get your facts straight.

      • I did look it up – are talking about going to trial ?? WAKE U !! you can read cant you ??

      • sound out the words – The arrest and charges come more than six weeks after Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, shot Trayvon,

      • Ok..i checked and it and you are correct with the time frame. I was mistaken..I guess it just seemed that long. I retract my previous statement about the time frame and apologize for that.

      • facts that is all I care about – its Liberals who react to emotion and feelings – just like when the media jumped to conclusions that Zimmerman PROFILED martin –

      • Then start actually using facts. I gave you facts yet, you choose to ignore them. Once again, Zim was arrested over a year later…Fact.

    • The point West is making, is that when a black person is a victim of a crime by anyone who is not black, the media coverage is intense. But when its black on those who aren’t black, it’s just a blip in the news. In this case the media also leaves out the race of both the accused and the victim.

      • my local CBS news site even goes as far as turning OFF comments to many stories that have a black perpetrator. It’s so obvious its laughable if not pathetic.

      • Sounds to me LTC West is chanelling his inner Al Sharpton. Weird how Sharpton is always labelled a race-baiter when he points to these kinds of double-standards. All in together now, RACE CARD!!!

  73. Bonds, are you joking? “Black people dying is not important” a life is a life no matter what color. Blacks kill each other every day. People of that culture don’t care to grow into productive individuals. They want to pretend that they have been oppressed their entire life. When the person is only 20 years old. I’m sick of the double standard for us honky ass crackers. Blacks have more access to programs that will help them be successful human beings but very few have the desire. If you think for one second white people aren’t discriminated against every day think again. You just don’t see us crying about it because we’re to busy trying to get by and pay our bills without holding out our hand for the government to put money in it. But you go on with your stereotypical views. And meanwhile while your bored go kill someone and if your hungry pick up your work boots. Hint your food stamps are under them!

    • Jessica, you seem well meaning, but just a little misinformed. There is nothing wrong with that. The only problem is actively trying to hold on to bad information, right wing strategy, propaganda, and even bigotry without ever being objective.

      Black kill each other every day. True. Whites kill each other every day. Also true. Blacks do NOT have more access than whites for anything. Any gains that are achieved through Affirmative Action are diminished by the rampant bigotry that is still ingrained in the U.S culture. You said whites are discriminated against. That may be so on a social level. But no whites are denied housing, loans, education, jobs, or equal justice just because of their skin color in this country. For one, there aren’t enough people of color in power to effect a large number of white people. Secondly, the people of color who to succeed in corporate America or Government do so because they DON’T discriminate based on race. Because, if just ONE minority was ever found to discriminate against a white person they would be fired and black balled so quickly that their heads would spin.

      Lastly..I hope your sweeping generalization that “very few” blacks have the desire to be successful was just an overstatement because you were being passionate. Only 27% of African Americans live in poverty in the U.S. That means 73% of us DON’T. That hardly qualifies as “very few” of us being successful. You add to that the fact that just for having a “black sounding name” on a resume we get HALF as many interviews. We have only had laws for equality for 40 years (even though people ignore the laws all the time) and the playing fields are still not level…and the fact that we have dropped from 39% poverty in 1965 to 27% in 2010 is pretty amazing. We have a long way to go in the black communities in order to fix the things that are wrong. But, having MILLIONS of white people (who control 90% of everything) hating us..or even just being “tired” of us fighting for equality is NOT HELPING THE

      • You are high. If just one minority was foung to discriminate against a white person??? Jesse jackson, al sharpton…funny!

      • If you can find an instance of Jesse or Al denying a white person a job, loan, housing, equal justice, or education , I will be happy to concede my point.

        Since when is fighting for equal justice for minorities discrimination against white people? By that logic, you could consider MLK to have discriminated against white people right?

      • Its ok for you to do something because you are black.. We get it. Thats the reason you are where you are. Enjoy your’s self inflicted. Racist.

      • I have no idea what you are talking about…lol. I suspect you don’t either.

        Calling attention to racism does not make me racist any more than a person calling attention to rape makes them a rapist. Get a grip.

        The only misery, it seems, are those of you who are so upset that we want equal justice under the law.

      • “Civil rights laws will not be used to prosecute my people.” ~ Eric Holder U.S.A.G.

        Yup sounds like equal justice.

        Andre, you are a racist. You have decided “white” people judge you because you are “black.” You don’t get it brother. And before you have a kitten for calling you brother; science has proven (gnome project) that we are ALL descendant of one female and one male parent. Anyone who judges a man on outward appearance is of the most ignorant of people.

        LTC West’s boots was willing to lose his sterling career to save his men. HE is a true man of worth. The Col. came up in the deep south at a time when true racism existed. He however, through grit, determination and effort succeeded and has become one of the greatest of Americans today. It would do you good to spend some time with him.

        You seem to believe there is a difference between you and me because you have more melanin than me. I don’t get it. I actually BELIEVE what Rev. King said. I judge a man by the content of his character.

        The LTC’s character is impeccable. THAT is why I hold him in such high esteem. You may see him as a black man. I see a man.

      • I’m not sure where you got any of what you said about me. Maybe just emotional outburst. But, again, calling attention to racism does not make me racist anymore than a person calling attention to child molestation makes them a child molester…smh.

        I don’t see anyone as better or worse than another based on their skin color. I see SYSTEMATIC racism that still exists in this country and well meaning people ike yourself defending this system by marginalizing our experiences in this system. You seem to imply that I am NOT judged by the color of my skin. You couldn’t be more wrong. When I walk behind a woman in a grocery store and she tenses up and switches lanes, when i get on an elevator and she clutches her purse , when I get pulled over in an affluent white neighborhood for doing nothing, when get turned down for a loan that my white best friend gets who had poorer credit and made less money, when white people short sell their houses because too many minorities moved in and the value of my home drops, COLOR IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE. 90% of the bigotry that minorities encounter …like getting half as many interviews just for having a black sounding name on a resume…most people never hear about and nothing comes of it. So, your inadvertent support of these injustices by assuming we are being making things up for benefit is. and should, be disagreed with. It doesn’t make you a bigot, or racist…just insensitive and uninformed. This may or may not be your fault. But you can do something about it.

        As for Mr. West. If you believe advancing half-truths and political rhetoric for financial gain is commendable, that is up to you. However, even though I respect his right to do what he does for profit, I am quite confident that half of the things he promotes he doesn’t completely believe. He just says and does what is necessary to keep his fan base. I don’t consider that integrity. I am not sure why you do.

      • Never mind that less than 15% of the population commit 75% of the violent crime in this country. Care to compare black-on-white rape with white-on-black rape? And you wonder why there might occasionally be a little discrimination? Sorry, but experience is a good teacher and anyone who ignores it, does so at their own peril.

      • Bill.. 69% of all crime in the U.S. is committed by white people. You believe nonsense because you have already formed an opinion about black people and now you want to justify it with erroneous stats.

        No I don’t want to compare the black on white rape with black on white rape. If there are almost 5 times as many white people as black people and the black rapists don’t discriminate on their rape victims…it would NATURALLY be more black than white. If you want to compare apples to apples…let’s compare white on white rape to black on black rape. Guess what…a white woman is 9 times more likely to be raped by a white man than a black man. Yet, white women fear being raped by black men MUCH more than they fear being raped by white men. Why is that?

        Experience is the worst teacher in the world. If focuses on EMOTION not fact or evidence. Maybe spoiled and emotional Americans need to be taught how to control their emotions so bigotry can go away. What do you think?

      • Dream on buddy, dream on…

        From the Metapedia article on ‘Race and crime:’

        The Color of Crime (2005, second expanded edition) by the New Century Foundation

        Its major findings were stated as:

        Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

        When Blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-Blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.

        Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the
        white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the White rate.

        The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is Black and Hispanic.

        Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed
        every year involving Blacks and Whites, Blacks commit 85 percent and Whites commit 15 percent.

        Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are Black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When Whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are Black.

        Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a
        violent crime against a White than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.

        Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.

        Only 10 percent of youth gang members are white.

        Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times more likely.

        Between 1980 and 2003 the US incarceration rate more than tripled, from 139 to 482 per 100,000, and the number of prisoners increased from 320,000 to 1.39 million.

        Blacks are seven times more likely to be in prison than Whites. Hispanics are three times more likely.

        The report also stated that between 2001 and 2003 there were an average of 15,400 Black-on-White rapes. The number of White-on-Black rapes were unclear. Counting some Hispanics as Whites, there were 900 “White”-on-Black rapes. Blacks were 7.2 time more likely to commit interracial rape even after controlling for differences in population size and for the higher general rate of rape for Blacks. This may suggest a deliberate targeting of Whites.

        There were 10,000 gang-rapes by Blacks against Whites between but not a single “White”-on-Black gang rape.[3]
        A common myth is that Whites are more likely to commit
        white-collar offenses. Actually, Blacks are 3-5 times more likely than Whites to be in prison for fraud, bribery/conflict of interest, racketeering, and embezzlement.

        Link from Metapedia:

        And from Human Events:

        In New York from January to June 2008, 83 percent of all gun assailants were black, according to witnesses and victims, though blacks were only 24 percent of the population. Blacks and Hispanics together accounted for 98 percent of all gun assailants. Forty-nine of every 50
        muggings and murders in the Big Apple were the work of black or Hispanic criminals.

        New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly confirms Mac Donald’s facts. Blacks and Hispanics commit 96 percent of all crimes in the city, he says, but only 85 percent of the stop-and-frisks are of blacks and Hispanics.

        Link to back up from the above article from the New York Daily News:

    • I agree 100% There are so many things blacks get away with as far as programs. If there was a white only college or a white grant or white only loan it would be taken to court in a heart beat! Try creating WET White entertainment television and see what happens. Now as far as black folks not wanting to succeed I have to disagree and agree, the ones that always complain and whine are the problem. The young men and women I know all have good jobs and are trying hard.

      • There are NO black only colleges…that is a myth. WET is FOX and a number of other white stations who marginalize black people unless they are right wingers.

    • Jessica you are so right!! Us “Honky ass crackers” are the minority here in the USA! Heaven help us-we are the only ones that are paying our bills-only ones saluting our flag`!!

  74. It is exactly like the black youths playing the “KNOCK OUT” game and assaulting elderly white people..hardly a word said…ONE white guy knocks out an elderly Black man and RACIAL PROFILING!!!!!!! THIS COUNTRY SUCKS ANYMORE.

  75. could you imagine the media firestorm if the 99.9% knockout game of black on white, was the reverse? mostly white thugs picking on elderly/female black people? It would be a national crisis and CNN would have had 2 specials on it by now.

    • Hmm…why hasn’t the media been outraged since this 30 year old game has been primarily in the black neighborhoods? It didn’t get coverage until white people started getting knocked out recently. Interesting huh?

      • Right, as well as all the unreported black gang murders committed in such places as Chicago and Los Angeles…if the crime is within one race, where both perpetrators and victims are either white or black, or whatever; news media outlets are SILENT.

        That is intentional negligence on the part of every main stream news agency, and NOT real journalism! It’s POLITICAL PROPAGANDA. Period. Shame on them all!

      • Main stream only? Does Fox News, Allen West, Ann, Glenn, Bill, Rush, Ben or ANY other conservative “journalist” every bring up the 68% of all crime in the U.S is committed by white people? Do they comment on the same race crimes?

        I think it goes both ways…which is what I have been saying.

      • Yes, Andre, they DO comment on same-race crimes. They DO report on thses things. I’d love to know your source for the “68% of all crime in the U.S. is committed by white people” statistic, though. There was a gentleman in this comment section that posted a bunch of crime statistics. He included the url to his source. Where’s your url? I’d like to check that out for myself. How about it, eh?

      • Thank you for providing that link!

        However, if you look at the title of that table, it says, “Arrests” from 2010, four years ago. Arrests are not convictions; since the Constitution says an individual is considered “innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.” So a lot of arrests does not mean the individuals arrested are guilty of the ‘crime’ they were arrested for. Arrest just means ‘taken into police custody.’

        Try going to the Dept of Justice website and searching for recent convictions of crimes, types, and perpetrators to get a more accurate measure of those numbers.

        However, those numbers do accurately reflect the population ratios of race for arrests in 2010. Since the percentage of African Americans in the U.S. population for 2012 is 13.1% (, the FBI’s arrest numbers help even out the number of arrests by race for that particular year. The numbers across both tables would be even more accurate if you checked the Census population percentages for 2010 on the same site.

        Such stats might refute the claims of some special interest groups that say there are an inordinate amount of African Americans in prison vs whites in prison for the crimes committed by each race in the U.S. Or they might point out significant other factors that may effect the conviction rates of each race, like the economic status of the arrested individuals and their ability to hire private-industry attorneys vs the lower quality of government-provided legal attorneys for those who cannot afford a private industry attorney. This effect plays out even for lower-income white suspects who must use government-provided attorneys.

        There are likely many other factors that effect the outcomes of such criminal trials, and the fairness–or lack, thereof–of any such factor is primarily due to human nature not being perfect and not able to provide a perfect system of governance nor justice.

      • Catherine, the problem with only considering convictions is our justice system SUCKS really really bad. It is about money and politics…not about justice.

        Think about the number of people who are arrested for one thing and then plead down to something else, or get immunity for turning someone else in. Think about the number of people like GZ who get away with murder, assault, sexual battery, rape, and other crimes because there can’t be a case made. Then think about the number of cases that affluent people can buy themselves out of with good lawyers or bribing people in the justice system. Now, think about the CONVICTION rates of blacks and hispanics vs. Whites. Do you ACTUALLY believe that whites are wrongly arrested more than blacks and Hispanics? lol. Come on Catherine, you are smarter than that.

        The arrests give a MUCH MUCH more accurate picture of crime in America. If convictions are the only measure, what do you tell all of the victims who have assailants who get off? Do you tell them that there was no crime committed because their was no conviction? The crime occurred weather there is a conviction or not. How are we to measure that If we discard the FBI stats?

        And the table was 2012.

      • Not everyone arrested is guilty of the crime. The real problem is that human nature is inherently evil, so the motives and actions of EVERYONE–not merely the criminals, cops, investigators, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges–is suspect.

        It is literally IMPOSSIBLE for any human being–nor group of humans–to create any governance or system or institution that is perfect. This is all because of human nature.

        Some humans are motivated by greed, some by malice, some by–name it; everyone has their own issues, biases, etc.–whatever.

        It’s not merely money that corruupts. Human nature, itself, is corrupt, naturally.

        That said, the problem with arrests is, the police detain (aka, arrest) LOTS of people in connection with crimes–all they can do is go on who APPEARS to be guilty. A lot of times, that is only circumstantial evidence, not proof of guilt by any means.

        Anyone whose heart is corrupt enough to commit a crime is certainly corrupt enough to LIE about it, or to cover their crimes up. That’s why it’s so hard to determine who committed a crime. However, circumstantial evidence is not direct, irrefutable evidence, so does not guarantee that the person arrested is guilty of the crime.

        So arrests are not an accurate portrayal of criminal activity. Our Constitution guarantees that everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

        From the outside, there is a LOT of misunderstanding by lay-people. I was a cop for 8 years, then went to college and studied criminology. I know what I’m talking about here.

        There is simply no way of creating perfection in such an imperfect world, because we’re ALL imperfect. Only God can create perfection, and He has. Regardless of the outcome of any trial, God knows the heart of every person; He knows who is guilty and who is innocent. And every guilty person WILL receive his/her appropriate punishment, on the Last Day.

        Even if we humans can’t find a way to convict and punish the guilty party, God will do it.

      • There is a LONG way between our justice system and perfection. It would be a LOT better by taking the money and politics out of it. Lie detectors should be admissible. They are no perfect, but they are over 90%.

        With all that being said…the original statement was that propaganda about race goes both ways.

  76. Get this. The University of MN has had something of a crime spree on campus night and day w/ assaults mugging etc… They had a town hall on it for solutions and black student and faculty groups proposed that there should NOT be any reference to race when reporting a crime!!! You can’t make this crap up! That’s what came out of a stop crime town hall.

  77. Where are Jessie, Al and Louis when a murder like this takes place. They are ready to start a riot when the situation is reversed, maybe they were on vacation from their part time jobs.

  78. This is about media bias not equal rights between races. Allen has brought up yet another true observation that most media couch potatoes don’t notice because they are more concerned with entertainment.

  79. It seems to me that the issue with Tryavon Martin was because the guy who shot him was not charged until there was a media outcry. It was perceived as ok to gun down a young black man. In these other cases, those doing the shooting are being held accountable for their crime.

    • The issue was that he was black, period. Zimmerman wasn’t charged for a reason, and it was born out in a court of law after who knows how much of taxpayer money was wasted on prosecuting him. Ignored by the hypocritical press were the actual facts that Martin was a thug who was on drugs and who was beating Zimmerman to death, and got what he deserved. The media ignored these facts because they didn’t fit their narrative, just like the facts they ignore now that these animals killed a WWII veteran and an Australian college student because the liberal utopian society dream is nothing but an abject failure.

      • No a thug is not limited to skin color, and even though a lot of people view the N word as being black it is not. Look up the true definition sometime.

      • Does Merriam-Webster have the true definition? Or are you
        speaking of the origin of the word? “Inner City” “Ghetto”
        as well as “Thug” is all now culturally synonymous with the N word.

        Is this the true definition you were making reference to?

        N Word as defined by Merriam-Webster

        1 usually offensive; see usage paragraph below:
        a black person

        2 usually offensive; see usage paragraph below:
        a member of any dark-skinned race

        3: a member of a socially disadvantaged class of

        Origin of the N word

        alteration of earlier neger, from Middle French negre,
        from Spanish or Portuguese negro, from negro black, from Latin niger

        First Known Use: 1574

      • I always assumed the word just came from illiterate hillbilly slang. Potatoes = taters. Negros = niggers!

      • I’ll admit, I was being kinda joking and sarcastic, however, half of my family are from an impoverished and semi-literate part of Appalachia, including my mother. And they really do talk like that sometimes.

      • Uh, I think you’re mistaking that word with the word, “niggard,” which Webster’s defines as, “a singy person; miser.” Webster’s does not include the “N-word.” However, I submitted it into the search paramaters of and found this: Unfortunately, you appear to be wrong on that score, sir.

        I wish such words were never used. It’s a term of pure hatred, and has no place in American jargon, much less in any language.

      • Don’t forget the young man and woman who were brutally attacked and killed by a group of blacks that received almost NO media attention, although it was one of the most heinous crimes of the past 50 yrs.

    • He was not charged in the beginning because it was obvious Martin was beating the heck out of him. Do you not think you would pull the trigger if you had a gun and a boy with a man’s strength bashing YOUR head into concrete????

  80. This is about laziness. Folks that thought Travon’s murderer was a criminal protested, called the press, and did anything they could to get attention. All the folks that wine about this case, including the author, are too lazy to go protest. Yea… You’ll write a crap blog article, but you won’t get on a plane and protest. You won’t rally the troops, you won’t call CNN till they respond.

    You are lazy! Quit bishing

    • The people who championed Trayvon’s case beyond the initial police call were acting out of racism and attempting to rally support for the black agenda. If people chose to address the racial hypocrisy and be more than “lazy” as you call it, then we would likely have a large-scale race war in the country to address the staggering imbalance in criminal participation and economic devastation that the politicians ignore to soak up minority votes.

      This nonsense isn’t sustainable and will eventually end up being much more than a conversation.

    • Actually , it was brought to people attention thru social media, then into the community, then the media picked it up.

  81. Thank you Allan, it means a great deal to us here in Australia. We were all so shocked to hear how Chris died and many are still coming to terms with such senseless violence. Cheers mate.

  82. Wow as a historian and grad student it is poignant and saddening to see exactly how racism and prejudice, through the lens of media manipulation, affect us in many different ways that we may not even be aware of.

  83. The perpetrators who murdered Chris Lane were promptly arrested and charged with murder. George Zimmerman wasn’t even arrested until weeks after committing murder. The amount of media coverage is neither here, nor there.

    • Maybe because there was credible evidence that Zimmerman had done nothing illegal since he was defending himself? These guys clearly committed murder.

      • I find that “credible evidence” rather hard to believe, considering that Trayvon Martin was unarmed.

      • Explain what you know about the Martin trial and I will honestly correct you on what is not fact and I will even direct you to factual court transcripts to help you clear up any mis-understandings. Be fore-warned there is mountains of credible evidence and it isn’t pretty for Trayvon.

      • Everyone must accept the Zimmerman verdict , like we all accepted the OJ and Casey Anthony verdict.

      • I guess you don’t really know anything about either case do you… The evidence in the Zimmerman case was evident as was in the Anthony case. the reason why Anthony was found not guilty is because the Prosecuter overcharged the case (just like in the Zimmerman case) and the body of the little child was to badly composed to determine cause of death.

      • You said one jury was stupid. Some people would disagree with you.Everybody has their opinion.
        Stop jumping to conclusions .

      • Once again, the jury of the Anothy case was interviewed after the trial and they gave the most absurd answers that a competent intelligent person could never accept. you will have to research it because there is too much to list. Bottom line of the Zimmerman trial, the evidence and facts are what they were and they were damaging to Trayvon. The jury in the Zimmerman case wanted to find Zimmerman guilty but they coudn’t because the facts and evidence didn’t support that believe. I suggest you research the facts of the case and not just what the media falsely told you.

      • Yes I know. I watched the precedings everyday. I was talking about how people thought that the jury was wrong in OJ and Cassie Anthony. Anothny was over changed and OJ got off bec he was OJ, Robert Blake too.

    • There was no evidence to arrest Zimmerman. the court trial proved that. but obviously you have no clue about the facts and details of the trial other than what mis-information you have been told by the false narrative of the media anyway.

      • That’s what I thought until last summer when I saw a news special about the case. It broke down the evidence and the performance of the prosecution. It said that OJ’s team did a great job of planting doubt. I wish I could remember the bane of it .

      • That’s what I thought. But last summer I watched a TV show on the Crime Network. They reviewed thee case from the time of the murders to the end of the precedings. Marsha Clark talked about how her office didn’t handle the DNA info properly . They didn’t explain to the jury as well as OJ’s lawyers tore it apart. I wish I remembered the name if the show or I would tell you . Very interesting .

      • George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the court trial. To be charged with murder there has to be evidence to warrant an arrest.

    • It’s unfortunate but in today’s society this is what most of the blacks have brought on themselves for whites and other races to fear them. All the reports everyday of the violent flash black mobs attacking people and shopping malls, the 10 person black knock out attacks on people, the hundreds of gang shootings everyday by blacks and then in the middle of the night someone is awoken by a dark figure banging on the door talking crazy,etc.. what would someone think in that situation? You expect someone to wait until a thug breaks in before defending your family. I highly doubt that is was a simple knock looking for help.. they were probably banging on the door screaming to come in. You bring up these situations that are not even in the remote proximity of 3 murderers who were racist and bored that decided to shoot someone in the back for the fun of it.

      • Sure it’s their fault they got shot same as with Trayvon. And they where banging so hard that Wafer had time to get his shotgun but could not place a 911 call. And it’s because black perps are so underreported in the media, that’s what made these two morons so paranoid. And Rodney Black was so scared he shot two people from a distance on their own property. For touching a shed that did not belong to him and did not contain any of his property.

      • Not saying it’s their fault.. Im saying that we were not there to witness what happened but put yourself in the situation of where you are woken up in the middle of the night and there is a dark figure banging and screaming at your door and you think they are trying to break in to harm you and your family.. What would you do?

        Im only saying that if there is now prejudices about being afraid of blacks by other races it’s because your bringing it on yourselves by allowing the black gang bangers and feral youths put that label on the black community.

      • Well Wafer never said anyone was screaming and still shot through a locked door without warning. Even said the gun went off by accident before being advised by his lawyer that it would end him in jail. Hopkins brothers where shot in broad daylight from a distance. White criminals however are just criminals and don’t put any lables on their communities.

      • Very proud ! I was In fear for my life. I am a single woman, living alone. My house backs up against woods, I just had knee surgery so I can’t walk very well, the lights on my front door are on a timer and go off in 30 sec. I could see how is was, so I SHOT, officer. boo boo. I didn’t know he was white, bec I am colorblind to all races.

  84. What about the Seattle Hospital???? Has anyone read this:
    It’s so sad Obama is the reason one of our top hospitals for children is asking some serious questions and wondering if they will be able to continue treating the children who come to them. THIS is the face of sadness America, looking at us and asking questions. What is going to be our response? Will we be like Boehner or will continue to be a voice for what is right and make a difference? The choice is ours and ours alone.

  85. If we HANG obama in public, shoot to kill any and all protesters, and show on T.V. obama soiling himself, then maybe we will begin to get back to business in America. Until this happens we will be wallowing in this slime pit we call the USA.

      • Not secret service but someone is watching and listening. there are trigger words that will raise flags and be investigated. Don’t be surprised if someday some of the people on here that don’t know how to conduct a respectful race discussion have people knocking on thier door. believe me it happens.

    • Talk of assassinating a sitting President and killing American citizens for exercising their 1st Amendment rights? Go back to communist China you hack! That’s about the most Un-American thing I’ve read. Dumbass!

      • Yes, Fox speaks truth and unbias.. something people like Tucker hate because it doesn’t push their race driven agenda.

      • Your deluded if you honestly think Fox is an unbiased media source.

        Just because the bias leans in the direction you favor does not make it “unbiased”. You’re a fool Jeff.

      • all the racists are on MSNBC.. Melissa Harris-PERRy who made fun of a black child adopted by a white family, tried to claim ObamaCare is like the N-word and just gave a speech at a college about how she knows when something is racist because her racist radar detector goes off… SMH.. not too mention you have Al Sharpton and the fired Bashir.

      • Are you really going to suggest Fox is devoid of racism?

        Are you really trying to say just because MSNBC has racist members that somehow makes Fox an unbiased news source? Maybe I got that part confused but you are pointing out MSNBC’s racism after I said Fox was bias as hell.

      • Do you understand what “/sarc” means? Mr. Google might be able to help you. Give it a try before you post something else stupid.

      • I assume that you are not a fan of the news. I learned about the murder of a young man who was out for a run and was shot and killed for the hell of it.
        These unnecessary killings have no justified reason at all, whether be shootings, beating, bludgeoning, being stab to death, dragging behind a vehicle or having some idiot dropping a heavy object into your window while driving on the highway.
        The one station that covers these crimes is Fox News, besides the local news.
        It is a shame that you close yourself off from a good source of the news. I am fairly sure you don’t watch international news reports either.
        For a starter try CCTV News and dialog I don’t agree with all they have but it is important to hear from the other side.

      • The little tag at the bottom – “/sarc” indicates that I am being sarcastic.
        I don’t watch anything but FOX…no need for your lecture, eh?

  86. Actually no outrage here… why because these people are in jail… George Zimmerman was freed after killing a child in cold blood. But hey all things being equal maybe we should free these guys base on the outcome of Trayvon’s case…. I’m just saying!

    • Zimmerman defended himself from a drugged out thug that attacked him. The three POS’s that are in jail should be charged with hate crimes considering that 2 of the murderers had anti-white hate propaganda on their social media profiles. It’s funny how most of the Trayvon supporters know absolutely no facts of the case other than the lies that Sybrina and the lawyers told. Ask any Trayvon suporter about one fact of the case and they don’t know and get it wrong. Zimmerman was never told to stay in the vehicle. The 911 tape clearly states that was never said but ask any Trayvon supporter and that is the first thing they will tell you… smh.

      • How about Renisha Mcbride, you are familiar with that one? Or maybe the Hopkins brothers. What do you think of the coverage on that?

      • I do not know about the Hopkins brothers incident and I will not comment on what I do not know. I only comment on what I actually know and have a thorough understanding of.

      • you would find it acceptable if I quickly googled some info about the incident without thoroughly researching it to give an educated thought out response.. This may be the how you and others act on quick reading but I don’t .. I need time to research all aspects, facts and positions before i render my thoughts on a matter such as this..

      • I have read and researched both stories and I don’t see a racial component. The old man that shot the black brothers clearly had some mental issues but those back woods West Virginia people are very territorial. I did not find anything that said it was racial. The old man should be in jail for the rest of his life.

        In regards of the Mcbride case, I again don’t see a racial component as from what I read and understood the man shot through his closed locked door without seeing who was behind the door. No where could I find that it said that the man knew it was a black woman and shot because of that.. either way this POS should be in jail for a long time…

        If you have some links that have more details about these cases I will be more than happy to read to get another POV..

      • Just to show there’s no double-standard in coverage. Nobody hyped those cases because the victims where black and the shooters white. The fact that you had to do research before forming an opinion proves my point.

      • I agree with your statement.. but the difference between these stories and the Zimmerman/Martin case is that the Family didn’t try to potray the victims as children with old photos and inject pure racist hatred as a motive with no basis for the deaths. Regardless, the McBride and Hopkins brothers deaths are tragic and reprehensible acts by these POS’s that committed this.

      • It’s in his public Toxicology report. Trayvon had THC in his blood and had signs of brain and liver damage from excessive “codeine” Lean/Syzurp use. this is all public knowledge. google his tox report.

      • Do you know what the half-life of THC is? THC in the system does not mean he was on it during the altercation (never mind the fact that marijuanna hardly makes anyone “drugged out”)

        As for the “tox report”, you’re just regurgitating crap. Here’s the autopsy, page six.

        “Liver: No diagnostic abnormalities”

      • Do you actually know what you’re talking about or are you just parroting conservative “sources”?

        “Focal fatty metamorphosis” does not equal liver damage. It certainly does not equal “drug abuse”.

        The fact that the liver had “no diagnostic abnormalities” should be telling. This wasn’t a diagnostic abnormality.

      • Yes, Fatty liver has a variety of causes such as alcholism, steroids, drug use (to include weed) and overdose, and toxic poisoning. We know trayvons history of drug use with weed and codeine abuse so it’s not hard to draw a conclusion as to what caused it. .

  87. When Mr. Meets talks about “media hypocrisy ” does he also included FOX news into the same group? I went to their website and put in Delbert Belton, Chris Lane and Ken Chamberlain in the search archive section .
    Belton mentioned- 17x
    Lane -1
    Chamberlain -0
    Trayvon – I stopped counting after 25x
    FYI, the last time FOX mentioned Mr. Belton was 9/13

  88. the bottom line is…The media gravitates towards the story that will bring the most drama and controversy. Stories that involve black suspects and white victims are not stories that the media wants because they are cut, dry and simple. The suspect is sentenced to life or the death penalty….no drama and no suspense. Stories involving a white suspect and black victim is a whole different ball game. Now there is the suspense of how it will play out, because the media already knows it will be a ratings magnet because the suspect will most likely get off.

    The whole statement about media hypocrisy is outrageous and a cheap gimmick for the author to get support from whites #coonery #buffoonery

    • Then please tell me why it received attention from the DoJ? And why wouldn’t there be any increase in ratings over a shooting involving a elderly veteran. Pandering to the elderly and veterans seems to be a worthy goal, at least to politicians. And if politicians are doing it there must be some power in it.

      Good angle, wrong conclusion.

      • This is literally a 100% accurate explanation of how media works. It’s about money and a compelling story line. Are you really so stupid that you can’t grasp that?

      • You’re proving my point. I wouldn’t go make an off base racist remark towards you. Nor would I accuse you of being a psycho off your meds. I exist in the civilized part of society. Feel free to join me any time.

      • You’re condescension and holier than thou attitude is undermined by the fact that you’re comments and thought processes are literally retarded.

        As a rule, lumping people into stereotypes based on religion/name/race/skin color is ILLOGICAL. You’re a moron.

  89. Still waiting for an apology from Sharpton in his lynching of the Duke Lacrosse players that were found innocent because the black stripper/prostitute was caught lying and then shortly after murdered her live in boyfriend.

  90. There was a story I had read ( I will post the link when I find it again) about a law professor at Harvard or one of the IVY schools that took all of the facts and evidence in the Trayvon/Zimmerman case and represented the case to his classes and other legal professionals (racial breakdown of those given this case were 60% white/ 20% black/ 20% other). No names were used in the case and the races of the of the involved switched. Zimmerman’s character was now a Black male and Trayvon’s character was now a white male and they presented all the evidence as it was in the actual Trayvon/Zimmerman case with fictional locations so it was not known it was based off the Trayvon/Zimmerman case. 94% found in favor of the black male.

    • This story is entirely made up. I’ve seen it and other similarly fictitious stories. Do you always believe everything you read when it agrees with what you already believe?

      • First of all the story isn’t fictional… it is a well known professor and I will post the link for you and others to decide.

        Further, I don’t need others to tell me what I believe is right or supported. I watched the entire trial of Zimmerman. The evidence is overwhelming it was a justifiable defense killing. It’s unfortunate that Trayvon’s past wasn’t let it in to the trial because it would have been incredibly damaging to everything they tried to claim.

      • I just read what you linked and everything they are discussing is pure conjecture. They are not citing any specifics and speaking in generality. That so called study, er.. discussion is lacking in any factual substance or basis. Further, the discussion is from Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations and Cabot House, that tells me right there of the close minded biases permeating the discussion which is why no facts are cited.

        In regards to the link, I am searching for it… I found it long time ago and I never thought I would be engaging a race debate and the needing to reference a simple article I came across many months ago.

      • The only point I hoped to prove with that link was that the viral story you brought up never actually happened.

        Its 2014. With a few minutes of google searching I can find nearly anything, yet with various key words and searches I couldnt find anything about your story? Strange…

        And this isn’t a race debate as far as I’m concerned, although the article is obviously race bait. I’m just here to counter the bull you’re quite literally making up.

      • There is no bull and nothing is being made up. there is many things that i have come across at certain times just surfing the net that appeared to be benign at the time that all of sudden seems important now that I can’t find. If you follow anything on this blog I have not written anything that I can’t back up or that I have thorough knowledge discussing. talk to your buddy Vlad and he will tell you.. he brought up a case of race I had no knowledge of and I admitted it and wouldn’t comment on it. I could have quickly googled info about it and made an un-informed comment about it but I didn’t.. I only comment on what I know and can intelligently discuss.

      • Since you only comment on what you know and can intelligently discuss how about you address the link to the autopsy on the other comment below since it completely contradicts the claim you tried to make concerning “liver damage”

      • Here ya go buddy

        Go to page 4 under the Hepatobiliary system, second sentence where it states ” focal patchy yellow discoloration, due to mild fatty metamorphis is present. on sectioning, the hepatic parachemya is yellow brown, homegenous and congested”… AKA LIVER DAMAGE…….

    • I saw something similar where a white kid and black kid where shown sawing off the chain off of a bike. Passer by always thought the black kid was stealing the bike and asked him if it was his, took his picture and threatened to call police. In other hand most offered help to the white kid without asking any questions. People have prejudice big whoop no one knew that. Did that professor get a nobel prize?

      • yes, I have seen those and I have underwent questions like that in my psych eval for my job as a federal agent. It is unfair how most people perceive certain situations.

      • You know why it was in your psych eval? Because you carry a gun. You have training average Joe doesn’t you don’t think that a paranoid yahoo may fall victim to those prejudice and shoot someone he wasn’t supposed to?

      • Ofcourse.. there were many questions like that asked in several different ways to see if you would still answer the same.. I am also married to a black woman and have a biracial son so I do have experience and knowledge that most white’s don’t have and will never experience.

    • Sounds like BS to me too. I doubt that Ivy league students would fall for that trick even with the names changed. It would still be obvious to about anyone that it was just the Trayvon Martin case except with the races switched. After all, this case just happened last year.

      • The whole situation was changed around to fictional places but had exact similarities to the Zimmerman/Trayvon incident. Futher, it just wasn’t one incident given to them, there was multiple scenarios given from different cases along with the this case. The goal of the study was to see if racial bias played an overwhelming factor in the justice system.

  91. Why is is that every time I see a stupid blog post about a crime that’s not getting the same attention that the Trayvon case did the stories cited have one HUGE KEY DIFFERENCE

    These people were arrested following the crime. George Zimmerman was NOT arrested immediately and it was THAT specifically that would spark the huge media circus it would become.

    • The man that shot Mcbide was arrested 5 days later. So when a bunch of black people protest, that’s a media circus. But when the Tea Party protest, that’s a demonstration .

      • OH, YEAH, you people have taken a word that used to have meaning , corrupted it, taken ownership and thrown yet back at minorities under tge guise of “I’ not racist, I’ m color blind, I have lots if black friends. You minority are the racist ones” Guess what ? You’re only fooling your people .
        First, nobody is colorblind . Everybody has their own sense of preconceived notions of people. Racist, sex, what you look like ( dumb blonds), where you live ( CA farout liberal , loud NYer, dumb southerner), etc.
        Secondly, if you white person really had a blk friend, then you would have heard their stories of discrimination and you would have seen behavior of other white towards your blk friend that you found ” interesting “.
        So cut the [email protected]@t out and stop using thT word when you do mean up be racist.

        PS, I don’t want up heard who YOU gave been discriminated against . Mulitou

      • Well, I think the Tea Party protest high taxes and government excess, while the blacks all too often protest in support of the criminal element amongst them.

      • That is not true. There are many blacks in the Tea Party movement. They are not attention seekers. Try going to a meeting and you will see that the Tea Party is a conglomerate of all races, all ages, and all people. Any intelligent person would want to end this power grab by the democrats. It is not healthy for any one, not even those who voted democratic.

      • I’m sorry I didn’t make myself clearer. I was being sarcastic . I know there are plenty black member of the TP. In fact, Mr. West is one if them.

      • You do know Allen West is a black member of the TP movement . In fact, the TP was one of his first supporters .

      • I wasn’t talking about Allen West or any other blacks who aren’t rioting or protesting in support of black criminals. Maybe you haven’t noticed but, rarely do whites come out en masse to support a known or suspected criminal in their own neighborhoods like the blacks have for people like Trayvon, Rodney King and others.

      • You said black in your usual white person- broad stroke description kind of way. West is black, but I guess you have good blacks and bad blacks.
        There have been plenty of whites who have come out in support of “criminals” The West Memphis 3, the FL woman who got 20 years for firing a warning shot, what about all those white people who stand in front of prisons protesting against the death penalty ? It’s all a matter of perception .

      • My statement stands as is. I don’t understand why a people would defend someone they know has harmed others. Do they want these folks living in their neighborhoods?

        Protesting against the death penalty is stupid, unsocial and un-Biblical. If on death-row, presumably one has been found guilty of murdering another human. That is to say, he/she has proven their inability to play nicely with others. We don’t really ‘rehabilitate’ and it’s pointless to ‘punish.’ They need to be removed to prevent their further cost to humanity or the possibility that they would escape or (all to often) be set free to kill or main innocent people again. Don’t get me wrong, all races have people who commit heinous crimes. Those who do should be dealt with in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

      • People have different prespections. Columbus was a hero, some think he started genicide . Jessie James is a folk hero, also a thief and cop killer, everybody loves the mafia, but their are criminals .
        The state of AZ pardoned Jessie James of all crimes. But Joanna Chesinard who also kilked a cop is on the FBI most wanted .

    • Zimmerman was not arrested because the police investigation dictated that Zimmerman acted in self defense thus no arrest which was further proved by the acquittal in court. the evidence was damaging to Trayvon and his family. Why do you think Angela Corey bypassed the Florida Grand Jury and sanctioned a trial on her own.. the grand jury would have thrown the case out.. It’s amazing how many people pro-trayvon comment on the case with no factual knowledge of evidence and court proceedings. the only thing the trayvon supporters constantly state is that Zimmerman was told not to get out of the car which is False and unfactual as the full unedited 911 tape disproves it.

      • Here I’m talking about why the Martin case became a media circus and social frenzy and cases like the one this blog post about don’t. Not the reason Zimmerman was or was not arrested/the circumstances of his trial.

      • My bad my response was supposed to be to JIms_blog… I was just trying to point out facts as we don’t need that racist talk epithets on here.

      • Circumstances they called FACTS!Holder Paid Al Sharpton to gin up racial hatred and no one is calling what the lane attakers did was a hate crime!Holder put out rewards to all his friends and anyone that could say he did anything racist in his life and Holder still hasn’t had anyone come forward to say any different!

      • 2 of the 3 murderers had anti-white hate propaganda on their social media accounts.. but their act of murder was not considered a hate crime? Zimmerman had zero history of racism as he canvassed and voted for obama, rallied for a black homeless man beaten by a white teenager son of a police chief, took a balck woman to prom, lived with and tutored black children and they claim Zimmerman was a racist… Zimmerman did more to help the black community than most blacks do in a lifetime or not at all to help. smh

    • Maybe because of the facts That Trayvon was the “ATTACKER”and that Zimmerman sued them for and they was found guilty of false arrest and had to pay his defense Lawyers !

      • I’m sorry you can’t wrap your head around the very basic factors behind what makes a story newsworthy on a national level, and further more what characteristics allow it to be exploited into a media frenzy.

    • And, if you remember (which you clearly don’t) the reason Zimmerman was NOT arrested is that they had NO REASON to arrest him! That’s the HUGE KEY DIFFERENCE!

      • You believe what you want, it’s all about how you feel, the truth doesn’t matter, does it? Typical racist, inverting the story to suit your own agenda.

      • Carlos inverted the story? So what really happened is a teenager stalked and killed Zimmerman?

        Why are you going to pretend that white on black institutional racism isn’t a real thing?

      • John our discussions have been pretty intelligent but why now are you dumbing down the facts. Do you know what stalking is? If Zimmerman was hell bent on stalking and killing this kid why wasn’t his gun out the entire time? why call 911/dispatcher and remain on the line the entire time telling your where abouts and what you are doing.? Why only one clean shot fired and not emptying the entire magazine if intent on killing someone? Why does forensics match up with the claim of Trayvon being on top with the sweatshirt hanging down and the bullet angle matches up with what was stated happened?

      • I was just trying to point out Eric’s fallacies. Carlos didn’t invert the story, although in a legal sense (the sense that your getting at) the use of the word “stalked” is inaccurate.

        To be honest I’ve never denied Zimmerman shot Martin in self defense, or suggested Zimmerman was racist. Personally I think Zimmerman overstepped his authority and put himself in a position that caused a physical altercation, an altercation that he found himself on the losing end of and thus in danger, and because of the nature of Florida’s stand your ground laws he got off innocent.

        I think he shouldn’t have initiated the altercation. I think it’s sad a child died. I think it’s despicable that both Martin and Zimerman have been vilified on the national level they have been. Zimmerman made a mistake. Martin was a young man who felt threatened.

        I only ever came here to talk about media bias, since this stupid blog post was trying to drum up race debate along BS lines.

      • I have no issues on sidetracking other issues and discussing race and perspectives as long as it can be done civilized and the people that I am engaging actually understand and know the facts of the situation that is being discussed. Talking with You and Vlad I have had no issues in discussing any situation because it has been done intelligently and with facts. With that being said I wouldn’t make any comments on the McBride/Hopkins case without knowing everything about the case. I just cant stand people that come on here or any forum and make a blanket racist statement that is so factually wrong and ridiculous. You would think that after a year with all the facts and evidence presented in the Trayvon/Zimmerman trial that there would be no reason for everyone to not know the facts, but just reading some of these pro-trayvon statements it mind boggling. People constantly come on here and unequivocally state that Zimmerman stalked a kid and killed him but present nothing factual from the trial and evidence to back it up or promote a thought provoking argument.. All they do is regurgitate what was wrongly spoon fed to them almost 2 years ago and run with it.. No dialogue and bridge can be built if people don’t put any real effort in to it…

      • And I disagree with you on the authority that a security guard has. He is after all, the next step to a police officer. And people who live in complexes where there is trouble, rely on their security. Martin was not threatened. He, chose to go out looking for a fight, and lost.

      • Zimmerman was a security guard for that complex. There was no need for anyone to do anything. The kid got home and then went back out. It came out in court that he instigated the incident. He went for the gun. And yes, a person is considered innocent without more valid proof that he had intended to murder someone. I believe it went down as it was told by the girl on the phone. She said Trayvon got home, but chose to go back and then threw the first punch. After that first contact, he was basically responsible for his own death.

      • How is it that Zimmerman (prior to this incident) helped the black community more than most blacks do in their lifetime to help? Zimmerman lived with young black children growing up, he tutored black children in school and after school activities, he rallied in support of a homeless black man that got no justice or attention after he was beaten by a white teenager who was son of a police chief, he canvassed and voted for Obama… but yet a drug using violent teenager with a laundry list of criminal issues is all of a sudden proclaimed a poor victim when all of the evidence, statements and facts point to the fact that Trayvon was the attacker. Rachel Jentel even stated on record that Trayvon struck Zimmerman first and referred to Zimmerman with racist remarks. What is so difficult from you trying to see the truth.? Why did the family of Travyon present the public with pictures of him when he was 13 years old instead of the current pics of him at 6’2″ with tattoos, gold teeth, and flashing gang signs? If this kid was such an angel why the cover up and hiding of his past and what he really looked like?

      • No he did not stalk. He was a security guard, doing his job. Zimmerman had every right to phone in to the police, that there was someone walking close to people’s homes, and find out what they wanted him to do. Zimmerman was the one who got jumped, as told by the girl on the phone with Trayvon. Deliberately trying to twist the facts doesn’t make you right. And God hates those who would false witness against anyone.

      • It’s like you read what I wrote then got mad for the wrong reason and turned around and corrected me on something I didn’t say.

        I’m talking about WHY this became a media frenzy. Reading comp, it will do you wonders.

      • They were on the phone with him for most of the time prior to him being jumped by Trayvon. They had no proof that he had done anything wrong and the girl on the phone with Trayvon supported the idea that he jumped Zimmerman. Parents need to teach their children that self-defense is when you are attacked, not in your attacking.

      • Was this meant to be a reply to my other post perhaps? It has little to do with the post you actually replied to.

        And as far as I’m concerned, in a true life or death scenario my self defense is preemptive. If someone is going to attack me I’m not going to be put at the disadvantage of being hit first.

      • My “reading comp” is just fine, perhaps your writing is the problem. I can’t (even now) figure out your point.
        There was ZERO reason to arrest Zimmerman. Dead body does not equal arrest.

      • You can’t figure out my point because your retarded and dead set on getting your message across. I’m not talking about why or why not Zimmerman should or should not have been arrested at the scene, I’m talking about how the story found its way under the national spotlight.

        You’re so hell bent on defending Zimmerman that my very explicit point went right over your head.

      • First of all, I am not retarded nor am I dead set on defending Zimmerman. The real reason that the death of Chris Lane vanished from the news so quickly is that by and large the media doesn’t want 3 young black men being shown to be the vile murderers that they are. They would have to point out that they were just “bored”. It doesn’t fit their agenda to have criminals of any color except white. Period. They also don’t point out the rate of children born out of marriage, the drop out rate in school, the unemployment, etc…THAT”S WHY IT’S NOT IN THE NEWS!

      • Hey guess what

        There’s already a stereotype of black people committing violent crimes against white people.

        There’s already a stereotype of black people BEING criminals

        That’s why black people committing crimes isn’t a national news story.

        It’s not about an agenda. It’s about views and money. If it was agenda driven Fox news would have blown this up because their demographic and agenda loves this kind of thing. The fact is it’s just not a compelling narrative.

        Now white guy killing an unarmed black TEEN? And seemingly getting away with it?!?!

        A story of ironic injustice ripe for mass exploitation.

    • He was not arrested because the police chief did not have incriminating evidence to charge him. And indeed he was found not guilty…

  92. I’m from Oklahoma (although I live in Texas). I think these teens are going to be a little bit more inconvenienced than just bored now. I hope justice is served, saw the original reports and photos. A person should be able to go out jogging without some kids killing them. I think it will go first-degree capital murder.

    • son, not sons. He was talking about the unarmed child that was shot by Zimmerman. Not these people. Completely different story, but how can you tell them apart, right?

      • That child was not unarmed. He grabbed for Zimmerman’s gun, and that made him armed. He should never have jumped another person. Not raised to be a decent human being.

      • To be fair, he was being followed at night by another person, he didn’t exactly “jump” Zimmerman. To suggest that Martin instigated the altercation is dishonest.

        If someone was making the appearance of chasing me while I’m alone at night you bet I’m going to turn around and confront them.

      • What are your thoughts on why Trayvon just didn’t go in house that he clearly made it to (if he was so afraid) as stated by Rachel Jentel but instead circled around to confront Zimmeran?

      • Obviously a bad decision on Martins part.

        That said I don’t think it’s out of the question to want to confront a threat with the element of surprise rather then escape into a house where the threat may still persist. Martin didn’t know Zimmerman was just a security guard after all.

      • Then he should have called the police when he got inside his home. He made the decision to attack someone else, and it does not sound like he was frightened. He sounded like a bully.

      • He thought he was tough. Likened himself to a MMA fighter. Just thought he’d confront this “cracker” and whip his ass probably.

      • True. When I heard the full story I agreed the boy should have walked away. I felt he was a teenage boy who was confronted by a wanna be cop. Both showed no respect to each other .

  93. The first place where I found an article on this recent update on the murder of Chris Lane was in the Daily Mail. One of the killers turned on the other two and claimed that they thought the gun was loaded with blanks.

  94. These murderers could have been Obama’s son’s!! Why doesn’t he get on the national news and say it! Over and over and over again!!

  95. racism is worse than…. murder… rape …terrorism …..or war ….. if you put a stop to ignorance you will put a stop to all crimes

    • I don’t know if it will stop all crimes but yes racism is disgusting and it would put an end to some crimes born out of hatred.

      • Many of the cases of racism today are black on white. Brought on by black leaders who are promoting a racial war.

      • Another example of racism that should be stopped is all the Miss Black _ _ _ _ _ _ contests across the nation. What if there was a Miss White _ _ _ _ _ __contest? There would be all kinds of outrage from the so called “black Leaders” and others in the black community!

      • What about the fact that vast vast VAST majority of people you see on tv are white (or white looking)? How many mainstream movies revolve around mostly black characters (not black oriented films)? How many mainstream television shows feature a primarily black cast (not black oriented shows)? How many more ads feature white people than black people? How many more job calls to white sounding names get compared to black sounding names? Why do so many black people learn to sound “not black” on the phone?

        Miss White _ _ _ _ _ _ contests in our country would be based primarily on discrimination.

        Miss Black _ _ _ _ _ _ are more an example of pride in being black, because the country they live in bombards them with messages that they’re different and excluded, even when it’s not so obvious as outright racism.

        The idea of white people acting like theirs a racial crisis against them is absurd.

      • Liberal HOLLYWOOD is responsible for the ratio of black to whites in movies and TV…yet they rail the hardest against racism. Oh, that’s right…they have a double-standard…

      • What? We have “black leaders?” Who? Where? And please don’t give me the standard Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They are not “black leaders”. I’m not saying you are ignorant..but your statement qualifies as such.

    • If you had ever been raped you would NOT make that statement. Racism is AWFUL…but someone can be a racist and never snuff out a life. Murders more often than not have NOTHING to do with racism. With the exception of WW2 and Hitler’s “Final Solution” , most wars did not start due to racism. Now,Terrorism…I agree that it is generally a direct result of racial /religious hatred.
      Again- as awful as racism is…it is not worse than those atrocities.

  96. Look…I wasn’t for all the Trayvon media rant. But the real difference here is that Zimmerman was and did get away with it. Where these guys are getting justice after their death! That’s why it was hubla about it.

      • He wasn’t charged…. until after all thr hubla… that’s what started the hubla…. that they wasn’t even going to look into it. He wasn’t arrested until after all the fuss. I do understand your concern but that’s real as it gets. That’s the issue with today…. hardly no critical thinkers in the world…. just face value!

      • Wow.. another person with no clue of the actual facts of the Zimmerman trial…. Zimmerman wasn’t arrested because there was no evidence to arrest him. The only reason why Sybrina and the scheme team wanted an arrest was so they could file a suit against the HOA. The trial only proved and supported what the police said all along and that was a justifiable defense. The evidence was all against Trayvon and in support of Zimmerman. SMH

    • Zimmerman was found not-guilty. And technically, he should never have even been charged. It was self-defense and was proven to be self-defense.

      • They believed a huge lie because the victim was a black teen. However, if he had been arrested and charged right away…like he would have been if he had shot a white teen…we would have never even heard of the case nationally.

      • Are we to believe ALL LIARS who say it was self defense? Of course not! There should be charges and a trial if there is no witnesses….especially when the injuries are inconsistent with the lie that GZ told (that’s are the words of the first investigating officer).

  97. When you say that Zimmerman got away with it you must think you are on a web site that agrees with you and it does not. There has never been more pressure put on a defendant, or the court, or the prosecutors, or the defense like this case produced, simply because the victim was black. Thank God justice prevailed.

  98. “liberal progressive media conditions us to focus on what
    they believe to be important “news” based on their ideological and political
    agenda”.You are so right.

    We are dealing with a VERY SICK MEDIA.

    You can’t believe anything the try to make us believe.

    • The media covers what people want to see.

      Media outlets cater to the bias that their audience has.

      It’s about money, not political agenda.

      • 100% politics of the media today ! It is disgusting !!!
        We “used” to have laws that would make certain that we would have free speech & all the true news, well…today rothschild/soros puppet’s own 80-90% of all the media today…all the tv news channel’s, major radio stations, I remember that 2400 newspapers, magazines. Our free speech is disgusting !!!! It would not surprise me if people would start boycotting certain channel’s, or company’s, or even terrorist bombing at some point. When our federal government is our #1 public enemy, that is a sickening time. I read an mini-article today on the web, that 95% of the gun-related NYC crime’s was from either black or hispanic…WOW !! That is a HUGE factor, but NYC is doing their very best to remove gun confiscations from decent, hard-working homeowners. Now…isn’t that stupid or what ??? It seems to be communist “progressive” plan. I hope the next big media racism crime is at those politicians !!

  99. As a resident of Oklahoma I can assure you the local media have ignored the case as well. It doesn’t fit their view of the “news.” I’ve heard more about a bridge in New Jersey than this case. And they wonder why their trust levels are as low or lower than Congress.

    • What news is there to report in this case that has not been reported? The prosecutor may be holding all of his evidence until trial (unless Michael Jones is trying to cut a deal to testify against Chancey Luna).

  100. No, sir, you are not. There are countless stories of black teens playing the “knock out” game against not just white people but anybody like Asians, Latinos and amazingly, their own “brothers”. We never hear the statistics on the MSM but there is some shocking percentage of blacks killing blacks in large cities. Oakland is one of them. I don’t get it and I don’t get why the TRUTH is not reported. All of it.

  101. Are you the only one who sees the hypocrisy? Not hardly. We all see it. We’re meant to see it. This has little to do with what the press thinks is important. This is about maintaining racial and class conflict. These stories are designed to foster resentment and distrust. The black woman who brutally murdered the twelve year old boy on Christmas Eve with a effin welding torch should have gotten more coverage than Trayvon. It didn’t make any MSM national outlet that I’m aware of. Despite the facts the media presents these stories in a way that makes it appear that the evil white racists, basically all of us who are not members of the Democratic Party, are keeping the other races from achieving success by any means possible including murder. If they presented the facts it would pretty much put Al and Jesse out of business. So why continue to fan the flames of racial conflict? Well in mu humble opinion, it’s much easier to control a group divided against itself than a group that presents a united front and seeks a common goal. It’s one of the oldest of military tactics yet still works as well as any and better than most. Divide and conquer.

    • Just keep stirring the racial pot pal!! Grow up. Its not about who did what to whom. JUST STOP adding to the race game. If people like you would stop playing into this crap and making it about a certain party affiliation maybe we could narrow the expanding gap between races. This is about people took someones life not about people of the democratic party reporting one side which I might add is precisely what you are doing just on the other side. Talk about hypocracy. GROW UP and write about something that will make this world a better place.

  102. Just keep stirring the racial pot pal!! Grow up. Its not about who did what to whom. JUST STOP adding to the race game. If people like you would stop playing into this crap and making it about a certain party affiliation maybe we could narrow the expanding gap between races. This is about people took someones life not about people of the democratic party reporting one side which I might add is precisely what you are doing just on the other side. Talk about hypocracy. GROW UP and write about something that will make this world a better place.

    • Krista….he WAS writing about a topic that, (if you losers would start to listen, and find a solution for) would make this world a better place.

  103. If the media does not give you the who, what, when, where, why and how it is most likely propaganda. If you are given the facts and don’t check them out, you become another statistic to bold rhetoric regardless of who wrote it. The opposite of “war” is “raw” and they stand for “words and rhetoric” or “rhetoric and words”. Both do not address communication but tyranical dictation. Just wake up and think for yourself and ask questions before you believe anything or anyone.

  104. Interesting. As an Australian journalist covering the case I can tell you it does get a lot of coverage back home and the issue of race has never been mentioned. Why would it? Also, it’s important to remember there’s currently a court gag order on this case, so you’re not getting the running commentary that the cable news services (CNN, FOX et al) all want.


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